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Richard Harris

Richard St John Harris (1 October 1930 - 25 October 2002) was an Irish actor, singer-songwriter, theatrical producer, film director and writer.

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Ian McKellen turned down Dumbledore in 'Harry Potter' films because Richard Harris found his acting 'passionless'
Richard Harris ragging on Ian McKellen's acting is just a little bit delightful to me.
.So my point is.I have no idea why Richard Harris had such a low opinion of him.
I misread the article completely. It's Richard Harris who slagged Kenneth Branagh, not Ian McKellen. Gandalf's too classy for that. :)
*** Ian McKellen's a bit brutal here with Richard Harris and Kenneth Branagh
Sir Ian McKellen refused to play Dumbledore in Harry Potter films as 'Richard Harris disapproved of me' via /r/movi…
I liked a video Richard Harris and Peter O'Toole - Drinking Stories
Richard Harris was a notorious hellraiser in the same mold of Peter O'Toole & Oliver Reed & Richard Burton
Today, I am the love child of Richard Harris and Iris Murdoch! Happy St. Paddy's Pals!
Hello we have been watching Cromwell with Richard Harris & Alex Guinness. It not the full facts but still a good film.
The Long and the Short and the Tall [Jungle Fighters] *** (1961, Richard Todd, Richard Harris, Laurence Harvey) –…
Richard Harris and John Van Nostrand on intensification in via
Trivially true, and unfair. How can anyone follow Richard Harris? That's almost like following Alec Guinness or Peter Sellers.
Richard Harris is telling Johnny Carson a critic asked to do a live review with him & his co-star, OJ!. He said, "Ok, but could be dangerous"
At least you could say that Richard Harris is wearing that outfit. I think that tie is wearing Johnny. :)
Richard Harris delivers one of the best theatre anecdotes ever told on Johnny Carson.
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So many saying Richard Burton was Arthur and sang Camelot. Richard Harris, surely.
miscast after the 2nd film, Richard Harris was ideal based on the initial book.
Watching Richard Harris in Gladiator for the first time since Harry Potter. I've just seen Dumbledore killed by Joaquin Phoenix.
Sad watching Richard Harris' performance in Gladiator purely because there are no actors like him anymore
I liked a video Atheist Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins with bill maher
I wouldn't have Richard Sherman in my top three. Marcus Peters, Janoris Jenkins and Chris Harris had a better year.
Tony. How about Richard Harris and Macarthur Park after the news tomorrow. Assuming you haven't already picked a song.
Joe Jackson performing his one-man show Richard Harris Revisited. Pic copyright Gary Connolly
Bill Maher, Sam Harris & Richard Dawkins made islamophobia appealing to liberals long before Trump & his supporters did.
Recasting Dumbledore after Richard Harris passed really bothered me too.
biggest turn off is that Richard Harris is no longer playing Dumbledore
It was actually Richard Harris who said this in the doc, you'd think the biog would have at least quoted him claiming this. But, no.
"Bigbamboo: selected for Photographic Angle's UK tour" by on
2017 is China’s year of judgment, writes Richard Harris in
Great talk by Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins. I am relieved that Dawkins still exists.
I liked a video Waking Up With Sam Harris - An Evening with Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris (1)
Richard Harris and Vanessa Redgrave are perfection in Camelot!! One of my favourite musicals!!!
Should we CGI Dumbledore in the later films so he looks like Richard Harris? For consistency? No? Why the *** not? Disney thinks it's fine.
as Richard Harris once said looking around a graveyard, what they wouldn't give for a pint of Guinness
thomas delohery artist portrait of richard harris endorsed as official image of Richard Harris Film Festival 2014
thomas delohery presents award to winner of the Richard Harris portrait competition via
thomas delohery is artistic curator for The first Richard Harris Portrait Competition
You can really see how drunk Richard Harris is.
📷 thateventuality: George Harrison and Pattie Boyd, with Alistair Taylor and actor Richard Harris,...
My mind is blown because I just found out that actor Jared Harris ('Mad Men') is the son of actor Richard Harris (1…
How did I not know that Jared Harris is Richard Harris's son? As soon as I read it, it was immediately obvious.
Did you know that Richard Harris's son, Jared, was Lane Pryce on "Mad Men" and King George on "The Crown?"
Blue Devil fun fact: Jared Harris, actor from Mad Men & The Crown and son of Richard Harris, the first Dumbledore, is a Duk…
yes, the one with Richard Harris as Richard and Robert Shaw as the sheriff, massively underrated!
Fact check: Spencer said Richard Harris was replaced by "Richard Gambon." His real name is Michael Gambon
Richard Harris was good but Michael Gambon was by far the better Dumbledore.
There better be a Richard Harris v. Michael Gambon argument in the speed round.
Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski at the premiere of the benefit play “Words and Music” by Richard Harris, 1968.
Richard Harris gets mention in today's Daily Mail
These guys (Peter O'Toole, Oliver Reed, Richard Harris and Richard Burton) look like the Hellraisers…
Good night everyone, Harrison Ford is two years older now than Richard Harris was when he first played Dumbledore.
I want those Richard Lester pants and Richard Harris jackets
On this day 14 years ago, Richard Harris, who played Albus Dumbledore in the first two films, passed away.
25 October 2002: Richard Harris, who portrayed Albus Dumbledore in the first two films, dies of Hodgkins' disease. htt…
14 years ago today, we lost Richard Harris, our original Dumbledore. Raise your wands! /*
I suspect drinking with Aickman would've been like when Stephen Grasso and I used to drink with Richard Harris
actually Richard Harris played him in the first two.
that is not Richard Harris, he only played Dumbledore in the first film. Michael Gambon did the others.
Philosopher/warrior Marcus Aurelius, played by the great Richard Harris at the beginning of "Gladiator."
The late Richard Harris, sampling his voice from the early Harry Potter films?
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Donna Summer version yday and Richard Harris last week (I think). Guess Keith West "Excerpt From A Teenage Opera"
Look at acting for example. Once upon a time working class actors like Albert Finney & Richard Harris blazed a trail across British screens.
If you prefer Michael Gambon over Richard Harris as Dumbledore I have no respect for you as a Harry Potter fan or as a human…
A hit for Noel Harrison, continuing the late 60s trend for singing actors started by Richard Harris. Lee Marvin wasn't far behind
The great Richard Harris with director Lindsay Anderson during filming of This Sporting Life. When I asked Dickie...
Richard Harris, Solutions Director, to join tomorrow’s pre-event at Finish Residence
played by Richard Harris in first film and Michael Gambon in the others.
I wanted to draw Richard Harris' portrayal for you (and many others). I will draw Michael Gambon another time :)
Richard Harris is such a better Dumbledore than Michael Gambon.
narrated by Richard Harris aka the secret husband of Lynn
Lee Fisher, Richard Harris and 2 others like your post in Big Jim's Stag Do - Full Squad Required: "Bloody ace to see everyone and catch..."
The day Richard Harris, in a bathrobe, told me stories over bellinis
was offered the role of Prof.Albus Dumbledore in "Harry Potter & The Prizoner of Azkaban" to replace Richard Harris
There's no need for Macarthur Park. At least it's not the Richard Harris version 😳😳
Oh! And I also have my mom's vinyl copy of Richard Harris' A Tramp Shining because "Macarthur Park" is the best bad song ever!
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Don't Miss the Ignite Session - Changing the Game of Fraud 18 May 16:15 w/ Richard Harris
.Jimmy Webb is wonderful...especially when he gets on to Richard Harris...
Webb's "Macarthur Park" was first recorded by Richard Harris and entered The Hot 100 at # 79 on May 11th, 1968.
In the Dee Lounge tonight at ten, with Dave Phillips, you'll hear rewind tracks from Donovan, Richard Harris, The...
Watching Mutiny on the Bounty. Directed by Lewis Milestone, starring Marlon Brando,Trevor Howard, and Richard Harris.
I'm trying to figure out why I UTube "McArthur's Park" by Richard Harris. Its a all time classic that stands the test of time. Your welcome❕
Cake by the ocean ? Macarthur Park, Richard Harris proved Cake and water don't mix.
On this day in music history: April 22, 1968 - “Macarthur Park” by Richard Harris is released.
Listening to "Macarthur Park" by Richard Harris. He sounds a bit like David Clayton-Thomas from Blood, Sweat and Tears.
what was it about 60s musicals that made producers think that casting terrible singers like Richard Harris & Peter O'Toole was a good idea?
Cromwell (1970). looking forward to watching this in a bit . Richard Harris , Alec Guinness
The round table sessions are started, with Xerox debaters Richard Harris and Richard King
No, I'm not. I believe in what thousands of scholars of Islam say over people like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins.
Well that's irrational & intelligent Atheists like Sam Harris & Richard Dawkins don't agree with you.
When we engage in generous behaviour we activate circuits in the brain that are key to well-being ~ Richard Davidson h…
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Jonathan Livingston Seagull, narrated by Richard Harris (Full/Hi Quality) the greatest :-)
an Irish actor did it first and better, Richard Harris, Man in the Wilderness
Remake of an old Richard Harris movie!!
New atheists must become new vegans: Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and the extra burden on moral leaders
T3 | UCR ties this game up after a Richard double and a Harris RBI single...still threatening with a runner on 2nd, 2 down
Enter to win a fabulous trip to the Outer Hebrides to enjoy the Harris Tweed Festival!
That noise is Richard Harris spinning in his grave. Munster heritage
Just opened the amazing Bellota Iberico ham, expertly hand carved by Richard Harris, our experienced master...
The Richard Harris Folk and Blues Show bit late but here's the shows trck listings and link
I always wonder what the movies would have been like had Richard Harris not died. He was such a good Dumbledore
Not exactly an in depth interview just a silly fill in. I've read lots on this & King Arthur was deffo Welsh or Richard Harris
I liked a video from Richard Harris - Macarthur Park
Most people consistently choose unhappiness over uncertainty. Richard Schefren, Internet Marketer
The SJW left & campus liberals would have you believe Richard Dawkins & Sam Harris are worse than Kirk Cameron/Franklin Graham/ISIS.
Clint Eastwood with Richard Harris and Saul Rubinek on the set of 'Unforgiven' (1992)
Richard Harris Macarthur Park on the ipod for the duration of, should mellow the frayed nerves.
It's hard to question Dumbledore's logic when his words come from Richard Harris's mouth.
Singer/songwriter/actor Richard Harris gets a pale ale named after him in hometown Limerick, Ireland.
The Unforgiven is a fantastic movie Dave. Richard Harris is brilliant as the mercenary English Bob in this.
Richard Harris and Lindsay Anderson on set for the singing scene from This Sporting Life.
Utter utter Jimmy Webb madness. Google the lyrics. Bonkers: Macarthur Park by Richard Harris
Headmaster Albus Dumbledore (as played by Richard Harris) and Deputy Headmistress Minerva McGonagall
Richard Harris' son? Great... in 20 years he can be Dumbledore when the time comes for Harry Potter remake.
Sales hiring is a pain-point for & high-growth companies, Richard Harris shares his tips on meeting quota
We're all clear that as good as Sir Ian is, Richard Harris might've been even better. And Brian Blessed as Juggernaut.
catching up with Robert Knox, Dave Legeno, Richard Harris, and all the others.
what if when Richard Harris died they replaced him as Dumbledore with Jared Harris in old man make-up
.became the 4th outfield player to go in goal for us since entering the FL (Richard Harris & Paul McCarthy).
“It does not do to dwell on dreams, Harry, and forget to live.” –Richard Harris ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’
I can't choose Richard Harris was stellar but so was Michael Gambon
I still say Ian McKellen would've been a better Dumbledore than Richard Harris and Michael Gambon
The best "Red Desert" trivia:. While making this film on location in Italy, Richard Harris experimented with LSD...
Richard Harris can win at solitaire with only 18 cards.
Everyone sees the street level SJWs, try seeing the end of level bosses. Richard Dawkins/Sam Harris are the SJWs.
I will forever think that Richard Harris was the best Dumbledore even if he was only in the first 2 movies
he had a very Richard Harris as Action Man look about him back then.
yes in 1971 with Richard Harris as the Man in the Wilderness. RIP
Superb film. Alec Guinness and Richard Harris are both terrific.
agree completely about Richard Harris. Haven't seen that movie 'Cromwell' in decades, must watch it again
Sitting down to watch Cromwell now all the girls have gone to bed. Richard Harris was a *** fine actor.
can we take Josh Norman out of the Patrick Peterson, Chris Harris, and even Richard Sherman discussion now?
I wonder what the series would've been like if Richard Harris didn't pass away.
Also: Richard Harris sang Donna Summers' "Macarthur Park," years before her.
Richard Harris with a top jacket on in Heroes of Telemark. ...I'd deffo wear that
I just heard my wife refer to Richard Harris as "everyone's favorite Dumbledore" and I'm sure that's grounds for a trial separation
On at 1520 on BBC2: The Heroes of Telemark with Ulla Jacobson, Richard Harris and Kirk Douglas and directed by the great Anthony Mann.
Richard Harris can chew all the scenery he wants but Oliver Cromwell was a right bellend.
how good would be singing Richard Harris - Macarthur Park
Rourke, Marisa Tomei, Sharon Stone and Richard Harris are four of many film stars in my work... have a look. Rourke
it's a great pub. Famous watering hole for Richard Harris, O'Toole, Burton and infamous journalist Jeffery Bernard. Recommended!
Aye but was Anita Harris yer mammy? Richard Harris yer uncle and Keith Harris & Orville your cousins?
I was by the ghost of Richard Harris. Adams & McGuinness by Joe Pasquale & Paloma Faith respectively.
I really loved Richard Harris's portrayal of Professor Albus Dumbledore... :'))).
Best sports movie ever: 'This Sporting Life' by Lindsay Anderson, starring Richard Harris.
what dumbledore are you talking about? The long white Richard Harris beard or the shorter Michael Gambon beard?
Was filming the Wild Geese with Richard Harris and Richard Burton 'wild' off set? Rob Allan, M9 Stalls
“Beautiful behind the scenes shot of Richard Harris and Maggie Smith shooting the first movie.
Richard Harris and Maggie Smith shooting the very first scene of the films.
Michael Gambon was good but Richard Harris just nailed it, for me.
Richard Harris and Michael Gambon both represent a different side of Dumbledore and a different perception of him ♡
Richard Harris died 13 years ago today (25th October 2002). He was the original Dumbledore.
for Michael Gambon as Dumbledore . FAV for Richard Harris as Dumbledore .
Film Limerick shorts to screen at Richard Harris festival: THE two short films commissioned during City of Cul... http…
Robert Graves, Desmond O'Grady, Frank McCourt now, tomorrow, Richard Harris! Do come join us for the unveiling.
Richard Harris, Andy Watson and 156 other people recently liked your video.
Richard Harris did this in "A Man Called Horse." Of course, that was a movie and he wore a prosthetic chest
Richard Harris , AleC Guiness, Robert Morley and a young Timothy Dalton as Prince Rupert of the Rhine
Macarthur Park - Richard Harris or Donna Summer won't rise if left out in the rain! Dedicated to !
Richard Harris was only replaced because he passed away. Calling him a "frail old man" is not very respectful.
Today is my brother's birthday! His bday buddies include Richard Harris, & the Queen of Genovia - Julie Andrews!
In Memory of the late Richard Harris' Birthday today, he portrayed Albus Dumbledore in the first two films.
Richard Harris et Maggie Smith. and the philosopher's stone 2001
* Richard Harris - Macarthur Park * was top of the Australian Chart this week in 1968
mine is SO good this week. Sophie Ellis Bextor and Richard Harris.
A great selection of Balquhidder Bike Fest Photos from Richard Harris. Brilliant !Thank you Richard!...
Think you can get my product into the appropriate stores? ….
She certainly has her skillz, and I have mines ;)
Here's some news for ya... My adult cartoon book is ready for ordering!
why isn't everyone telling Richard Harris' character to just move to Denver or Omaha or something
You wanna give your buddies a unique & memorable gift they won't forget? I got you
does it have an evil orca hunting Richard Harris? if not, then i'll pass
I have the perfect unique gift to give to your friends
Plenty of what you like made funny in here
I'm letting people know about my book
great keynote from Richard Harris and Amiel Courtin-Wilson inspiring start got people buzzing
Excited to hear the Richard Harris talk about his new interest in agile software methodology
Q. "is film lab still running?" A. Richard Harris "conversations about creating a different model. not settled yet."
'Proof of concept is becoming more important and financially possible' Richard Harris
Richard Harris, creator of SAFC FilmLab "think about what makes your film interesting / stand out"
Richard Harris, creator of the SAFC FilmLab "if making low budget film, build development from ground up"
Richard Harris established SAFC FilmLab to be prod'n-focused, not script-focused: a guaranteed shoot creates momentum.
Now hearing from Richard Harris, creator of the SAFC FilmLab
At my funeral. Someone have the recording of Richard Harris recite Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
Alan Rickman. Jason Isaacs. Maggie Smith. Richard Harris. I bow to you and your incredible talent.
Time for to revisit this article has requested help going vegan on his podcast-Hooray!.
no. Getting tired. Bloody calvin Harris playing in the park annoying your old Bro lol
Just realised Jared Harris is Richard Harris' son and my brain decided to spill out over my laptop.
We register the newly Dean Richard Harris. Look at
The goal is not to write something spectacular every day... from "The Best Advice I Got from a VC,
Did you know: Actor Richard Harris was 'racquets champion' of Kilkee from 1948-51. Here's the statue dedicated to him
PJ2/AI5P Curacao Island. Richard (Rick) Harris, AI5P will be active from Curacao Island 24 - 31 August 2015 as...
I am trying to listen back to Richard Harris on the Joe Jackson Tapes but all I can find is
Richard Mark Harris became a secretary at Sgebf Trustee Limited. More there
frankly I see no difference between someone like Sarah Palin & Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris
.what do U think. Ann Turkel, Richard Harris, Alana and Rod Stewart. Good times. featured in NBC s Science of Love
And in case you're wondering, the bloke introducing it is Richard Williams, who was the original presenter before Whispering Bob Harris!
Mature toons for a mature housefife and followers!
Plenty of toons for you and your followers to enjoy here!
You and your swinger followers will enjoy this
Sex humor for you and your followers
How Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Richard Branson Cope With Stress (Infographic): Pressure at the top is inevitabl...
""Tell the truth to the American people", has become a forgotten relic of the political past."
Thank you to all those who sent me amazing messages re my Richard Harris documentaries last night. The responses are truly inspiring
People buzzing about Calvin Harris His real name is Adam Richard Wiles should shout Adam when there at the concert
Ah.. the late great Richard Harris as Dumbledore. Never took to the other fella at all..poor casting if you ask me.
Now we know who is in our All Black team, all attention now on to see our AB equivalent, Richard McCaw Harris
“It is not our abilities that show what we truly are, it is our choices.” –Richard Harris ‘Harry Potter
Yeah I just try to make folks laugh a little that's all... LOL!
Also I miss Richard Harris. Nothing against the other guy but you couldn't have found a better Dumbledore.
Gallegher and Other Stories by Richard Harding Harris pub in 1915 by C. Scribner
//Wait though... if you look up the character of Dumbledoor it says Richard Harris and Michael Gambon, not Clancy Brown
I was going to watch the Tigers game, but "Orca" is on. Richard Harris vs. Shamu!
Like when I found out that Jared Harris (Lane Pryce from Mad Men) is the son of the late Richard Harris (Dumbledore).
Hear the late, great Richard Harris as you've never heard him before Richard Harris Revisited: The Joe Jackson Tapes at 7pm
MIDNIGHT And one more song written by Jimmy Webb ... Richard Harris, Macarthur Park
A former antique print dealer from Chicago, Richard Harris has amassed thousands of artworks on the subject of death http:/…
Derek Turner has died. RIP. For film buffs, he's the guy who knocked out Richard Harris in This Sporting Life.
with all the bad rap seagulls are getting lets not forget Jonathan Livingston Seagull - narrated by Richard Harris
Don't kill me, but Michael Gambon is a better Dumbledore than Richard Harris
Parading around my unpopular opinion about Richard Harris vs Michael Gambon as Dumbledore again and always preferred Gambon
I really love Richard Harris as Dumbledore, but I also have nothing against Michael Gambon like they're both so good why people gotta hate
I imagine Richard Harris is still there performing Macarthur Park.
No disrespect to Michael Gambon, but I often wish Richard Harris had lived long enough to finish the HP movies. He was Dumbledore to me.
Forgot home much better I liked Richard Harris as Dumbledore rather than Michael Gambon
Richard Harris was bloody brilliant when he played Oliver Cromwell.he never lost that brilliance
Richard Harris starred in "Cromwell" (1971) and I couldn't help think of this tune...
now playing Richard Harris singing MacArthur's Park. Only Ken Bruce would get away with that!
Richard Harris and Maggie Smith filming the very first scene of the Harry Potter films. The first of many...
I want know what Harry Potter would've been like if Richard Harris hadn't died and he kept playing Dumbledore throughout the 8 films
I thought it was only Ken Bruce who makes me listen to Richard Harris...but no!
at Janssen's funeral two of his pallbearers where Oliver Reed and Richard Harris, says it all really!
International Visual Artist Thomas Delohery's portrait of Richard Harris for Film Festival endorsed by Harris Family
Watching "This Sporting Life" with William Hartnell & Richard Harris; the original Doctor with the original Dumbledore.
Frustrating how people are saying Christopher Lee played Dumbledore...that was Richard Harris then Michael Gambon😁 ✨
Why are so many people saying Christopher lee played Dumbledore in Harry Potter!? He did not. That was Richard Harris then Michael Gambon.
Did you know: Sir Christopher Lee (RIP) almost played Prof. Dumbledore in after Richard Harris died? htt…
Blessed to have meet up with Richard Harris's sons Jamie& Jared & his brothers Ivan & Bill in Kilkee.Lovely gents all
Anything is possible.Tribute exhibit to Richard Harris by Thomas Delohery.Coup & blessed that Jared Harris was there.
Jeff played behind Tom Watson, Richard Harris, Greg Pitzer. Can play it pretty much for life. Hey Warriors won.
I love Richard Harris but Michael Gambon is the true Albus Dumbledore
Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach.this book...just ...found me.. Audiobook narrated by Richard Harris.
Vintage Album Jonathan Livingston Seagull read by Richard Harris by vintagepoetic via via
Conservative councillor Richard Harris has been elected for the Springfield Park ward for Sandiacre Parish Council.
The late David Hemmings talks raising *** with Ollie Reed and Richard Harris on Gladiator.
Too bad Richard Harris is dead. I'd loved to have him as Roland. Danny DeVito as Harrison. Amy Adams as Alania. Julia Roberts as Laselle.
Just one of the many alter-egos given to me by the journalism experts, like Robert Lewis or Richard Harris.
Richard Harris' performance with his limited screen time was fantastic and Joaquin Phoenix was robbed of an Oscar.
I'd actually love to see this movie. . Science reporter Richard Harris
I think the only good thing I can say about Richard Dawkins is that at least he's not Sam Harris.
Agreed! See the column I wrote for in December
just fyi you have Richard Harris instead of Winley
First winner for NTHBA is: Richard Harris 3rd place light lager
Brit said, "Richard Harris & Peter O'toole didn't do drugs. They drank. Because it's fun. I'll die of drinking but it's fun" 2/2
McArthur Park - Richard Harris . (it counts, for the lyrics alone, it just DOES)
I get smashed like God's anger when He's moulding planets/sip the spirit no ginger ale like Richard Harris/a *** raise…
Spot any Old Oakhamians on last night? Annabelle Apsion plays Violet in while Richard Hope is Harri…
I'm well aware of it:-)Limerick's own Richard Harris starred in This Sporting Life!!!
I can think of several. Though those films aren't set in a train with Sophia Loren and Richard Harris...
my favourite one hit wonder is Jim Webb's McArthur's Park sung by Richard Harris, brilliant production.
"You knew lil Trigga you knew lil Richard ohh they he gooo"
M.Harding spot on as the Bull, thought were pulling a fast one with a Richard Harris photo for a sec
Donkey Ford's and Richard Harris: 9 things only Limerick people understand...
"Filey Brigg bathed in the cool light of the moon" - Richard Harris
Anonymous said: I think Richard Harris was an amazing Dumbledore but Michael Gambon is an amazing...
Richard Harris version of "MacArthur's Park" should be played during NBA mascots dunking from trampolines
Brings back memories of that awful song 'McAurther Park ' by Richard Harris.Now I really feel sick. .
I think it's Richard Harris murdering McArthur Park that he's listening to by the look on his face.
Guys like Richard Sherman and Chris Harris have only been with one team and have no question marks
"You are where you are because of decisions you made five years ago.". . – Richard Harris
"I use TablEdit especially for learning Celtic folk tunes for mandolin and banjo." - Richard Harris, Norway
Richard Harris, Billy Bob Thorton, Rod Steiger, and the white actors in The Help on the cutting room floor.
Former Bond girl Fiona Fullerton talking about her friendship with Richard Harris
Revelation of the night - Richard Harris won a Grammy for Macarthur Park!
being such a 70s music swot here but it's a line from the hit song sung by Richard Harris "Macarthur Park"
Macarthur Park as originally sung by Albus Dumbledore aka Richard Harris
Valentine's Day update:. Ironing shirts for work & crying while listening to Richard Harris sing Macarthur Park. *Queue to the left ladies.
Weird love song... Macarthur Park, sang by *** raising actor Richard Harris in 1968.
that's the results of obeying Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris ideas ... The new atheism
you follow Richard Dawkins and Harris who go on and on about the horrors that Islamists do
> "Richard Dawkins & Sam Harris MADE this happen". The latter is obnoxious, but the former is simply letting defensiveness get in the way.
Richard Harris was a better Dumbledore than Michael Gambon. But Michael Gambon would haven been okay if he had started.
I think the proper response is to yell in your best Richard Harris voice,"Who do I have to kill to get a sandwich!"
Wheres Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins? The rise of [Atheist] fundamentalism is clearly on the rise!
Sam Harris, Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins should apologize to the parents of for what their Islamoph…
I dream of sharing a beer with him and Richard Harris in heaven.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Hey folks, I've said it before and will again. Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris are worthless frauds. New atheists are as blind as any fundies
I'm just gonna say that Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Bill Maher are to Atheism what Scott Lively is to Christianity.
he's a new atheist, fan of Richard Dawkins, Bill maher, Sam Harris
I loved Richard Harris what was he like? Love you too!
What a horrifying nation America would be if Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, and Bill Maher were in charge.
Obviously Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins believe that their statements and arguments have causality or they wouldn't make them!.
Are Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris going to organize a mass protest and rally supporting the victims of the ?.
So the hatred and paranoia that Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins spew out about Muslims has no effect on people?.
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