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Richard Hammond

Richard Mark Hammond (born 19 December 1969) is an English broadcaster, writer, and journalist most noted for co-hosting the car programme Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson and James May, as well as presenting series 1–4 of Brainiac: Science Abuse on Sky 1. Since 2009, Hammond has co-hosted Total Wipeout with Amanda Byram on BBC One.

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Richard Hammond shows off souped-up wheelchair as he recovers from accident via
WATCH: Richard Hammond back in driving seat thanks to souped up wheelchair after cheating death…
Richard Hammond shows off in souped up wheelchair after horror crash
Richard Hammond shows off his souped up wheelchair 57? You've aged apparently!
Richard Hammond shows off souped-up wheelchair in new video, as he recovers from 'The Grand Tour' accident
Richard Hammond shows off in his souped up wheelchair
Richard Hammond was probably thinking that.
The original petrolhead shares his thoughts on the Concept_One
I'll be back in action soon, says Richard Hammond after £2million electric supercar fireball - thats good news..
Grassyknoll - Richard Hammond crash video shows Grand Tour presenter hurtle into corner moments before...
Whoa!. 'Richard Hammond airlifted to hospital following car crash in Switzerland':
Grand Tour presenter Richard Hammond airlifted to hospital after crash in Swiss mountain race
Richard Hammond is the luckiest man alive, glad he's ok tho, bring on grant tour series 2!!
star Richard Hammond involved in electric car crash
SkyNews: "Ex-Top Gear presenter has been injured in a fiery in
If Richard Hammond gets involved in one more insane crash, i'm just-... ...Thank God, he's alright.🙄🤦
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Richard Hammond: Former Top Gear presenter 'airlifted to hospital' after horror crash via
Richard Hammond airlifted to hospital after car crash in Switzerland. More to follow
Really hope Richard Hammond is okay. This isn't the first horrible crash he's been in, I hope he can walk away from this one just as well.
Former presenter 'airlifted to hospital' after horror crash via
Richard Hammond lucky escape from serious car crash in Switzerland
Is Richard Hammond determined to die? Is it after every general election he says enough of Clarkson I'm going to finish it..
Luckily Hammond is okay but 2017 needs to take it easy with the retardation. via
Richard Hammond walks away from this with only a bruise on his other news, there goes £2,000,000...Mr Zu…
Richard Hammond should probably not drive anymore
Amazon star Richard Hammond involved in electric car crash
Ex-Top Gear host injured in 'serious' crash.
I really feel like Richard Hammond shouldn't get behind the wheel of a car anymore
Did you hear Richard Hammond was involved in a serious car accident again while filming for the Gand tour
Richard Hammond wants to take his test again; dude keeps crashing. Not very proficient, eh?
Crikey! Richard Hammond going too fast. Enough said.
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Richard Hammond was involved in a serious crash, but very fortunately suffered no serious injury.
Richard Hammond crashing in Switzerland whilst filming the Grand Tour.
'Grand Tour' host Richard Hammond rushed to hospital after crash
Oh jeez, not again. "Richard Hammond airlifted to hospital in Switzerland after fiery car crash":
Richard Hammond injured in Swiss crash: Jeremy Clarkson says it was the "biggest crash I've ever seen",…
'The Grand Tour' host Richard Hammond injured in car crash (from
Richard Hammond suffers serious car crash while filming for the Grand Tour
Did you hear about Richard Hammond getting in the wreck in Switzerland filming a race for S2 of The Grand Tour?
The Grand Tour, Richard Hammond has had a Serious crash while filming today in Switzerland. In hospital no details on his co…
I liked a video Grand Tour host Richard Hammond injured in crash - BBC News
*** hum...woteva. Richard Hammond is criticised for *** ice cream joke on Amazon show, The Grand Tour -
Jeremy Clarkson and James May both thought Richard Hammond was DEAD after horror crash
New post (Former Top Gear host Richard Hammond has escaped serious injury ...) has been published on Auto News -…
'Jeremy Clarkson and James May thought Richard Hammond was dead': Supercar crash sounded 'like bomb going off' -
Jeremy Clarkson says Richard Hammond's Switzerland crash was "biggest" he's ever seen .
Richard Hammond showing us all that he still knows how to crash better than Jeremy Clarkson and James May.…
Richard Hammond's crash was the ''most frightening car accident Jeremy Clarkson has EVER ...
Richard Hammond ‘airlifted to hospital’ after SHOCK CRASH filming The Grand Tour:
It might just be me but it seems like Richard Hammond isn't that great of a driver
Theresa May making it till the end of 2017 as PM is about as likely as Richard Hammond being able to make it through a dou…
Richard Hammond probably heard an ice cream van and tried to avoid it. ***
Richard Hammond injured in 'serious' car crash
Richard Hammond in hospital after car crash
Richard Hammond 'airlifted to hospital' after horror crash
BREAKING: Ex-Top Gear star Richard Hammond rushed to hospital after horror crash
Former Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond 'airlifted to hospital' after mountain crash
Top Gear star in horror crash: Former Top Gear star Richard Hammond has been flown to…
Sky - Richard Hammond 'in hospital after car crash'
Former Top Gear host Richard Hammond is airlifted to hospital after flipping £2million supercar in horror crash
Richard Hammond airlifted to hospital after crash
Little Giant Ladders
Richard Hammond 'in hospital after car crash'
BREAKING: Former Top Gear star Richard Hammond 'airlifted to hospital with serious injuries after fiery crash'
Swiss media reports former 'Top Gear' presenter Richard Hammond has been airlifted to hospital following a car crash in S…
Richard Hammond vows to give up death-defying stunts for the sake of his family following Grand Tour crash 11 year… http…
The A Team! Thanks Nick and Joe for the mega push! Thanks 'Richard Hammond' for the quality media work today. Com…
I liked a video Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May launch DRIVETRIBE, live!
Richard Hammond breaks his silence over SECOND terrifying crash – 11 years after he almost died:
Doctors say Richard Hammond suffered no damage to his brain in his bike crash. Because he hasn't got one.
Richard Hammond says it was 'a slight shunt'
Richard Hammond injured in motorbike crash in Mozambique 11 years after almost dying in 288mph Top Gear collision
Pint sized wanker is as self important mini tosser does. via
Richard Hammond "knocked out" in crash after nearly dying in Top Gear incident.
Richard Hammond in motorcycle accident hope he's ok.
"We don't do hospitals" Thought same until heart attack since had to relent via
Not my Little Hamster... No.Top Gear presenter in horror motorbike crash via
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Grand Tour presenter Richard Hammond badly hurt in motorbike crash in remote Mozambique after almost dying in Top Gear collision 11 years ag
The Grand Tour presenter was filming in Mozambique when he fell from a motorbike and hit his head, 11 years afte...
Former Top Gear host Richard Hammond in motorcycle crash.
Richard Hammond in motorbike crash in remote Africa -
Top Gear host Richard Hammond in motorbike crash
Richard Hammond knocked unconscious in motorbike crash in Mozambique filming The Grand Tour
Richard Hammond was knocked unconscious in a horror crash while filming The Grand Tour
presenter Richard Hammond has been badly injured in a motorcycle accident in Mozambique https…
Richard Hammond in horror motorbike crash
News: Richard Hammond injured filming in Mozambique /via /cc
UK: Richard Hammond injured filming in Mozambique /via /cc
Richard Hammond 'injured in motorbike crash' while filming in Mozambique
Top Gear presenter in horror motorbike crash via
Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May were credited as stunt performers
When did Alex Turner start to look exactly the same as Richard Hammond? 😂
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Richard Hammond's masculinity is so fragile he can't eat ice cream. Pathetic. 😂😂😂
Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May GCSE Biology for people who make SkyUI; thank you for something, give good install instructions please.
I liked a video Richard Hammond wearing a skirt
Keep ranting about Sherlock in the manner of Stewart Lee's Richard Hammond tirade.
I liked a video Richard Hammond and James May testing bike
You can bet turn a blind eye as well
I think Rihanna sold out Wembley Stadium and it was half empty because of the scalpers
that does increase security, and saves time, having the photo there. I rem…
am I the only one to think he looks like a very grey and dirty Richard Hammond 🤔😕
I'm watching Richard Hammond journey to the centre of the earth
Richard Hammond does not represent straight white men.
I'm not in Burma with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May though.
📷 micdotcom: Richard Hammond reached a new level of fragile masculinity by saying he’s too straight to...
Looks more like Richard Hammond to me.
James May: Why is my Caravan so big?. Richard Hammond: No its not big, its just that your car is small
I tried to find a gif of Richard Hammond saying "that's not gone well" on here but, uh, it...hasn't gone well
during an interview with David Tennant: "You really are like a good looking version of Richard Hamm…
Richard Hammond did it years ago on Top Gear!
Richard Hammond and his modified cars... Like this vw van
IMDb sits down with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May from to discuss their favorite m…
The same people who were outraged (rightly) at death threats at Gina Miller are now saying Richard Hammond should be dead.
Richard Hammond will never not be in my all time top 5 of most loathsome people I have photographed. In fact, honorary al…
After eating ribs, dare Richard Hammond lick his fingers lest they be mistaken for five stubby phalluses?
Here's a conundrum for Richard Hammond. Ice cream, but it's all over a big pair of *** and juicy sweaty fanny.
Stop moaning at Richard Hammond. Moan at the terrible script writers working on The who are responsible for the script.
Some *** men have goatee beards. Richard Hammond has a goatee beard. Ergo...
You have to pity Richard Hammond, Who's confidence in his masculinity is so fragile he cannot enjoy a Mr Whippy on…
Anyone calling Richard Hammond detractors 'snowflakes' should bear in mind we're not the ones who are so fragile we're a…
If what Richard Hammond said about ice cream offends you then there's a good chance that you're a bit of a wanker.
I think we've seen the start of Richard Hammond's presidential campaign.
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I can't really see Richard Hammond wearing this.
Samir Nasri thinks women who have sex with him are *** s & he is a macho manwanker Richard Hammond thinks being g…
Even Jeremy Clarkson was appalled by Richard Hammond's ice cream comments, so that speaks volumes.
Richard Hammond gets his hair cut at the Superdry shop.
Richard Hammond gags while explaining ‘men who eat ice-cream are *** on The Grand Tour, ep 6. Are men that watch this show bigo…
We lost Prince, Bowie and Michael in a year where Richard Hammond can't eat ice cream in fear of damaging his fragile & pa…
Islamists throw *** off buildings, not a word from the professionally offended Left. Richard Hammond says something about ic…
In this day and age, we really shouldn't have to say this...
I've just heard some guys named Ben & Jerry have called in a hit on Richard Hammond. They're offering hundreds and thousands.
Just because all ice cream men are paedophiles doesn't mean they're *** Richard Hammond needs to reassess some of these laz…
Richard Hammond frantically bats a Calippo out of his son's grasp. It is too late. His son jazz hands his way to the sandpit.
Poor old Richard Hammond. Makes a joke about ice cream and offends hundreds and thousands
Pathetic that to trend Richard Hammond has to say ludicrous homophobic (and ice cream-phobic) things. Grand Tour = Las…
Apparently Ashers are seeking urgent clarification re Richard Hammond's position on Fifteens and Paris Buns.
Has anyone got the exact right time? My kitchen clock says 9.36, my alarm clock says 9.40 and Richard Hammond thinks it's 195…
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As a *** man I'm not in the slightest bit offended by Richard Hammond's comments on because I've got a life
Here we go again. These people deserve to be offended. If he apologises he’s an ***
Nice to see Richard Hammond still trending.
Someone tell Richard Hammond that if he finds himself wanting to shag men whenever he eats icecream it's probably not the…
British TV Host Says He Doesn't Eat Ice Cream Because He's Not *** what an idiotic thing to think and actually say
Probably irrelevant but in '98 a tearful Richard Hammond bought 7 choc ices from our van + had us cram them directly into h…
Richard Hammond thinks grown men who eat ice cream are *** I think grown men who spend most of their lives fawning over…
This excerpt from a 2013 interview with Richard Hammond's wife Amanda is quite interesting.
Here's a photograph of Richard Hammond cruising around for *** men to service.
My latest for The Grand Tour's Richard Hammond is being condemned for a *** joke about ice cream.
So, Richard Hammond, how come the manliest man ever was named after an ice cream?
It's no surprise Richard Hammond doesn't like ice cream since Jeremy Clarkson will punch you for serving anything cold.…
Richard Hammond: 'Eating ice cream is *** comment on Grand Tour prompts backlash. From the professionally offended!
Being in love with Jeremy Clarkson 'much gayer than eating ice cream', Richard Hammond told
People are furious at the Richard Hammond 'joke' even Jeremy Clarkson tried to back away from
.Jeremy Clarkson likes ICE CREAM. Does that mean he is G*Y? According to Richard Hammond he must be.…
NEWS! Being in love with Jeremy Clarkson ‘much gayer than eating ice cream’, Richard Hammond told ht…
Waste of time getting upset at what Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson and the other one say because all three are full time *** heads.
That's some achievement by Richard Hammond, managing to be the biggest *** on a show featuring Jeremy Clarkson.
Former Top Gear host Richard Hammond has been labelled “ridiculous” for suggesting he does not eat ice cream bec...
James May reveals how he really feels about Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson
I feel like this Top Gear Tour thing has somehow devalued my Amazon Prime membership - but Richard Hammond just sort of makes me sad.
Top Gear's Richard Hammond claims ice cream is only for *** people. Was it his main diet ??
.in light of Richard Hammond's ice cream comments, I'm keen to get your opinion on Soleros.
The thing with Richard Hammond and ice cream being *** is so stupid, what a ***
C'mon people, Richard Hammond is a *** so why even make his ice cream *** joke a 'thing', It's says more about you than it does Hammond #
Richard Hammond's douchery has managed to turn icecream into a *** icon. This is fabulous.
If enough people vote for Richard Hammond it will annoy the *** out of Owen Moans.
Just seen the Richard Hammond ice-cream clip + it seems like scripted, desperate clickbait to try to get more views
Stewart Lee says it best about Richard Hammond and Top Gear in general.
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If you haven't seen Stewart Lee on Richard Hammond you should. Spot on and funny. He is the weedy kid who stands behind school bully.
Okay but time to bring out the brilliant Stewart Lee on hating Richard Hammond (he hates him more than Skeletor)
This will be doing the rounds again soon. Stewart Lee on Top Gear (specifically Richard Hammond).
Now more than ever it's time to watch Stewart Lee on the "disappointing figure" that is Richard Hammond:
Thanks for that TV show recommendation Amazon. Not too sure Richard Hammond will be happy sharing an app with that…
We thought Owen's free icecream was a cheap ploy, but professional fragile white man Richard Hammond reveals it was…
Richard Hammond strikes me as someone who sticks to missionary & lifts his feet while his wife hoovers underneath them.…
Let Stewart Lee have the final say on Richard Hammond, he's not even a real hamster,
If you haven't already watched it, you need to see Stewart Lee on Richard Hammond...
Turns out Stewart Lee was right about Richard Hammond
I don't normally watch the Grand Tour- does Richard Hammond always dress like he's auditioning to be the Master in Doctor Who?
Richard Hammond? Jeremy Clarkson? Being intentionally offensive? Perfect excuse to share this by Stewart Lee.
Richard Hammond's world is one where ice cream is *** but driving round the world with two middle aged blokes is the height…
And here is Stewart Lee taking down Top Gear and Richard Hammond. Essential viewing.
Because of Richard Hammond, Stewart Lee is on the tl again loool 🙌🏾
It's time to remember Stewart Lee's story about Richard Hammond. Nature imitating art? .
Brings to mind Stewart Lee's line "You get the sense Richard Hammond's probably all right but he's in with a bad cr…
Richard Hammond wouldn't have voted for Owen Smith then . 🍦🍦🍦🍦
Stuart Lee got it right with his description of Richard Hammond.
Richard Hammond just gave Stewart Lee a whole new routine about him...
Love how this was the first thing that came up when I tapped Stewart Lee on Richard Hammond and chums.
Stewart Lee on Richard Hammond is all the commentary needed in order to understand Richard Hammond.
Seems like a good time to revisit Stewart Lee's take on Richard Hammond.
I suspect Richard Hammond would find this Australian ice cream very unnerving
Just seen episode when Richard Hammond says a man's *** if he eats ice cream. Seems designed to generate outrage tbh
I wish George Michael was still alive so he could tell Richard Hammond to take his fragile masculinity and shove it up hi…
Reading what Richard Hammond said about ice-cream & the death of George Michael, I'm not sure Owen Jones will survive 2016.
Richard Hammond with the facial hair keeps reminding me of Barty Crouch. Which makes no sense since he had none.
First thoughts on The Grand Tour: Who drew on Richard Hammond's beard?
YES!! You get it!!. I NEED more of that. Richard Smallwood, Fred Hammond, Donald Lawrence, Daryl Coley... the greats…
you're Richard Hammond, I'd rather be James May tbh
Richard Hammond teaching Top Gear how to show respect driving by the Cenotaph PMSL
Watching Top Gear and I'm strangely attracted to Richard Hammond... or is it not strange?? 😂idc
Richard looks really uncomfortable being in
Clarkson used to be the offensive one, now they can say what they want Richard Hammond is coming across as a right ***
Richard hammond's beard has just been appointed to trump's cabinet
Oh that burn against the new Top Gear by Richard Hammond on the Grand Tour.
Richard Hammond from the right or wrong angle reminds me of teabag from prison break.
FUN FACT: Since his near-fatal accident, Richard Hammond has been unable to understand the hob position diagrams on ov…
At least Richard Hammond slowed down around the Cenotaph in London 😄
Loving Richard Hammond's dig at Top Gear when driving past The Cenotaph on 😂
Richard Hammond's lucky escape on The Grand Tour ten years after he nearly died in Top Gear crash
Me: "Richard Hammond is 47 years old? And an inch taller than me.". Wife: "He has a chance then. Just kidding, I don't do old ***
"This is the Houses of Parliament. It's a bunch of houses where we keep all our *** " Well, Richard Hammond isn't exactly wrong there 🙄
Richard Hammond gives a sly dig to Top Gear by Showing respect for the Ceno…
watching Richard Hammond take the Landy up the dam jockey. Not seen it before. 👍
Overheard: Richard Hammond: Jeremy, the big question is does she like you? ‘Cause if she doesn’t like you...
Hammond all the best Bonny lad tell ya two amigos the same please
Love the dig that Richard Hammond had at Top Gear regarding the Cenotaph on 😂😂😂
But Richard Hammond is the sweetest human ever so it balances out
Richard Hammond has dig at Top Gear's Cenotaph blunder in The Grand Tour
Take a tour of London's most respected monuments with Richard Hammond this week on
Richard Hammond has dig at Top Gear’s Cenotaph blunder in new episode of The Grand Tour
is it me or is Richard Hammond a bit OTT? Like he's hyper!
Then Jeremy you should live with one awful fact - Richard Hammond is flying around the world for FR…
"Motorcycling is special, the best thing possible..." couldn't said it better ourselves
"Instead with old fashioned morphine instead of cocaine" - Richard Hammond
If there is one thing I want to do before I die, I want to review cars with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May.
Shhh, there's a bustle in my hedgerow - Richard Hammond
I've decided to be Richard Hammond's constsbulary partner. Simply because we own the mustache. Fact.
Here's my number one selling point for an Amazon Echo. You can have Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May all try to wake you up.
Richard Hammond grants Emilia’s Rays of Sunshine wish to go in a pink Lamborghini!
speak for yourself 😂.Vermonters are more attracted to cattle
A photo of Richard Hammond at 5 and 34 years of age. At the same time.
People I want to see as next Doctor Who:. - Richard Hammond
Mindy Hammond on health and safety measures
Do you prefer The Grand Tour over Top Gear? Yes, I think it's a great improvement. What do you think?
Poor old Thrones never does well in our polls...
😂😂😂😂 i get rhem sometimes because of Yorkshire as well
Richard Hammond hiding in the bumper of an Audi TT on The Grand Tour
presenters lose their heads in Sydney.
think I dislike Chris Moyles as much as Richard Hammond dislikes Nissan Jukes
So I'm an episode behind or whatever but even I was starting to get annoyed by Richard Hammond's car and his donuts. 😩😩😂😂
"I think a basic level of fitness can help the body cope with all manner of incidents.". ~ Richard Hammond
Is it just me or did iOS 10.1.1 knacker your iPhone as well?. Mine's crashing more than George Michael and Richard Hammond combined.
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I bloody love the chemistry between James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond. I'm so pleased to watch
Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond from the now not so cool
OH EM GEE! Massive headstones of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond have arrived in Sydney!…
People of Vicenza. Richard Hammond is 20 minutes away. Give him a warm welcome
I liked a video from Richard Hammond Wildlife Spotting - Africa Special - Unaired
who cares!! Jennifer Lawrence is down to earth, gorgeous and so funny in her interviews 😍😍😍😍
Is anyone else finding Richard Hammond really annoying on the Grand Tour?
As much as I feel sorry for the lad, what's this doing on the front page of a national Newspaper?
Out of the 3 "environmentally sustainable" cars, Richard Hammond wins. At least his country version brings nature to him! :)
Did an audience member really just say "check the ashtray" to find Richard Hammond 😂😂😂
Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond certainly have got big heads.
I'm gonna hit the mute button and imagine that this is Richard Hammond elucidating on the dangers of Crystal Meth…
I've no confidence in either goal keeper at the club, we really do need to get a quality goalie!!
Why aren't Leeds putting a player on the back post for corners ffs?
Richard Hammond knocking down that house is me on too much coffee
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
HOLY MOLy RICHARD HAMMOND IS SHORT!! Here he is with the amazing drivetribe team via
. Sounds good, Free travel when your accompanied by Richard Hammond
If it weren't for Top Gear, Richard Hammond would read books on CBBC
First images of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May on Loch Ness: The Top Gear trio have arrived on Loch…
Gear, presenter Richard Hammond compared an electric effects".[60]
Richard Hammond and James May just opened - amusing swipe at relaunched Top Gear, and numerous plugs for new show
First time I heard it was years ago by Richard Hammond on the show Top Gear. Hilarious!
I added a video to a playlist Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May - Grand Tour vs Top Gear
I finally got to see The Grand Tour by Former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond & James May
calling Richard Hammond and may new show "Grand Tour" is just too good (Top Gear, tg, Grand Tour, gt)
Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond are best known for hosting the BBC's Top Gear but they're no...
Stewart Lee on Top Gear and Richard Hammond is pure genius
Motoring presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May’s return to the small screen has been a long wh…
- Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond & James May Show Us the last 24 hours
Not sure if it was being on the internet but Richard Hammond looks shorter than ever. Should avoid standing next to Jeremy Clarkson!
Ladies and gentlemen, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond nd James May are back in a new Motoring series calld The Grand Tour! Thank me later😊
I am enjoying the Grand Tour. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May - this trio just works.
Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May celebrate with friends and family following their Amazon Prime debu…
Richard Hammond is like my favourite person though
Finally got around to watching The Grand Tour, and all I have to say, THANK GOD FOR Jeremy Clarkson, James May AND RICHARD HAMMOND.
James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson are my heroes.
A great reception for a great man. Well done and fans. Cant believe it's been 5 years. Always missed.
The Grand Tour episode 1 review: The best of Top Gear with a bigger budget
yep it's AMAZING! better than learn english watching Top Gear on TV(i love jeremy clarckson, James May & richard hammond!)
Richard Hammond is back in the driving seat! via
Richard Hammond has so many perfectly working out careers it's enviable
I saw Hammond was trending & I assumed Richard was being a *** again. Turns out they're all talking about Phillip. who's being a *** again
Lizzie described Richard Hammond and James May as 'limp bizkits' and q frankly a truer word has never been spoken
Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May had a Grand night out to celebrate show's success: на
is evidence that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are the best at what they do.
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. Re: Trump/Pence voters. Feels like we're almost at that "Now you're John Hammond" moment.
Richard Hammond shot for whilst provided the props.
I hate all 3 of them bellends lad especially Richard Hammond!
Redknapp is the football equivalent of Stewart Lee's take on Richard Hammond.
I've missed Richard Hammond being on my TV. He's been a constant presence since I was a child...
Overheard: Richard Hammond: Do you think Star Wars was based on a true story? James May: No, but I think...
sorry Phillip Hammond or Richard Hammond? Much more pressing matters for infrastructure at the moment. Seems too low key.
Richard Hammond compared an end of Pokémon Company as the game fully playable in China can speak to release in TV Guide's
Richard Hammond with me later for In Conversation to transmit this weekend together with Martin Kemp
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