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Richard Fowler

Sir Richard Fowler (c.1425-1477) was an English administrator.

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Sorry, will not watch today as long as that *** liberal Richard Fowler is on. I'd rather die
Happy Monday! Richard Fowler joins us on today. Tune in at noon ET.
... Why would you have Richard Fowler on? He lies, openly states what he knows not to be true!…
I knew richard fowler was crazy but today he's off rails. same dude that whines about russia wants us to meet w/ kim jong. lol.
don't you guys have any say in your guests, Richard Fowler is a know nothing nobody Dem talking points puppet
doing on the Korean issue why doesn't Richard Fowler go over and speak to Kim Don Joan
I luv it that these ladies just outsmarted Richard Fowler... lol that was awesome!
NOKO & SANCTIONS:. Fowler says more talk needed?. Hey Richard. NOKO people believe their Leader. is god!. WW2 Japan's an example.
ok richard fowler you bring the marshmallows for the kumbya with NK and Kim will bring the spears..hmmm how will this end?
Nope. No Richard Fowler and his fake news
why do you guys keep giving Richard Fowler air time? He's an arrogant young punk. He hasn't a clue
Richard Fowler are you kin to Juan Williams?
Watching Richard Fowler and SMH at his level of stupidity regarding North Korea!
Richard Fowler is a guy who believes in letting the bully kill people before acting
Tuned in and the legs and shoes on blinded me to Richard Fowler for full 2 mins. 😎
For Richard Fowler and please no spin--if reporter reports classified info that threatens your family are you ok with that?
Richard Fowler needs to be committed. He is delusional. And a racist Lefty zombie.
. your answer to the extreme distress you caused over is to put Richard Fowler on !.
Whenever a host says "Let's go to our panel", it really means Jessica Tarlov, Richard Fowler & Juan Williams will spew lib garbage.
Richard Fowler is not on my list of favorite guests! Just as anti-Trump as Juan Williams
I like Richard Fowler way better than Juan Williams. Don't agree with him any more than Juan but much more rational and on point!
if we read it Richard Fowler is almost as bad as Juan big mouth Williams he comes on I turn it off
When Juan Williams is on I think " Agh could anyone be more annoying/idiotic?"Then they have Richard Fowler on...
I really do like Richard Fowler more than the moron Juan Williams on The Five👍
Please get rid of Juan Williams and replace him with Richard Fowler-
He belongs on CNN, so does Juan Williams, Richard Fowler, Jessica Tarlov and Julie R…
Jessica Tarlov is in the same category as Richard Fowler, Shepherd Smith, Geraldo Rivera, Chris Wallace, Jua…
Please keep that SOB Richard Fowler off the five and fox shows thanks
That's the f'ing truth. I actually changed it here in the office when that twink Richard Fowler wa…
Richard Fowler is a pompous left wing arrow thrower without any facts.
Putting anti Trump Richard Fowler to talk about issues is dishonest
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I'm sorry to complain but I'm watching Fox and for some ungodly reason they put Richard Fowl…
I simply refuse to watch or listen to Richard Fowler.
What nitwit at thought it was a good idea to hire Richard Fowler?
Richard Fowler says,"I high school student would be suspended for making that same comment".
Hasn't reached its affirmative action quota for the year? Why is sperm bloated twink Richard Fowler on every day?
I will never watch when you have Richard Fowler on Fox. When Fowler, Tarlov, Juan, and Marsh are on you st…
WHY is it Richard Fowler is on Fox News everyday now?! Geez, I thought they gave up the "fair & balanced " on the s…
I hope someone reads this Anytime Richard Fowler is on I will change the channel Fowler is not interesting
You need to know - the second Richard Fowler appears on Fox News, I turn the channel IMMEDIATELY. NCIS much better than Fowler.
I hope puts Richard Fowler in his place. He doesn't stand a chance physically or mentally. O…
Go back to past shows, Richard Fowler is looking to distance himself from his harsh talk directed at our presiden…
Whenever Richard Fowler is on Fox News, I change the channel. He's a complete buffoon.
Whether you're in Austin, or selling one, choose a with a proven track record.…
Richard Fowler seems intelligent, except he hasn't figured out liberalism is anti-American. Maybe he should move to…
So I watched The Five for the past few days with Richard Fowler the co host replacing Juan. I was not a fan but he really worked over Juan!
Any chance of replacing Juan Williams with Richard Fowler?
Let's be 100% clear. When you have Richard Fowler on, millions of Americans tune out. Juan is tolerable. Richar…
Just horrible analysis & jokes. They literally subbed Richard Fowler in for Juan Williams as "The…
Juan is just another liberal plant at Fox News, just like Richard Fowler, Marie Harf...etc
They and Richard Fowler are the token Dems, I guess.
should trade Juan Williams for Richard Fowler in order to replace sophomoric food fights with higher level dialogue.
replace Juan with Leo terell or Richard fowler
I love The Five but I don't watch anymore because of Juan Williams and Richard Fowler. 😖
. Please dump Juan Williams from "The Five"! He is not reasonable. Richard Fowler is a Liberal but you can reason with him.
please put Richard Fowler or someone beside Juan on.
Never thought there would be a day when I preferred Richard Fowler over Juan Williams.
Juan Williams is a communist and shouldn't be given a nightly platform, the same with Richard Fowler. Chng The Five into The Four.
I'll ask again, please Kimberly get that jerk Richard Fowler off your show, he doesn't respe…
Except for when Richard Fowler is on. He's not very nice, talks over eve…
As long as Richard Fowler's on your show,I won't watch it.He's a smart *** with no mann…
I wish would grab Richard Fowler by the throat ! (metaphor, folks). He almost (not quite) makes me want Juan ba…
keep Richard Fowler and Juan Williams as your permanent liberals. They're articulate, able to have a rational discussion of issues
Just do what I do when Harf opens her piehole: press MUTE BUTTON. Same with Juan Williams, Richard…
They're not they have people on like Richard Fowler waa waa Williams Marie barf tar…
please get Richard Fowler off the Five. He's a condescending lying twit. Bring back Beckel.
I got to meet the amazing team who found Richard III! Biggest archaeological scoop of a generation. Dese…
I have noticed that liberal Richard Fowler, stand in for Juan Williams on the five is a chip off the old block.
A Richard Fowler- combine insufferable arrogance with congenital snark
nothing to watch Tuesday night at 9. Richard Fowler is on again. Turned it off. We watch every evening, unless this pompous jerk on
come on, that nitwit Richard Fowler again?? said he would take Juan's place sometime!!
Richard Fowler is the Jin Acosta of The Five. He is uninformed, misinformed, aggressive, obnoxious, and just plain stupid. Fire him
Not on my TV with horrid Richard Fowler
Richard Fowler is not someone I enjoy listening to lie and twist reality.
It's bad enough we have to see Juan on " The Five " but I can't stand the far left Richard Fowler
Juan Williams is terrible and Richard Fowler is worse…
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Richard Fowler can turn a great program, like the Five, into CRAP!!! No wonder their ratings are not where they should be.
•I loathe Richard Fowler but on The Five, he's MUCH better than Juan -who talks over the others, groans, whines & n…
even though he's a democrat I must admit I enjoy watching Richard Fowler on the show he should be a regular
Never agree with Richard Fowler on but he is a great choice for the liberal seat. Smart, charming, & a gentlema…
Richard Fowler is much easier to stomach. Will not watch uninformed, whining Juan Williams and I'm a FNC fan. Sorr…
Greg - how can you stomach being in the same room with that arrogant obnoxious loud mouth Ric…
RICHARD FOWLER !!! Dig my eyes out with a kitchen spoon and put bamboo chutes under my nails. This guy is…
Can't watch The Five with Richard Fowler. He's a racist jerk. Takes away from a quality show.
"what's your problem?" To hack, Richard Fowler...fell on the laughing!!
Richard Fowler now I can't watch tonight darn it
This just in: Leftist Richard Fowler argues with math.
Finally a smart democrat on the Five Fowler however misguided.
Richard Fowler is a jack *** not watching the show I like the five but he is messed up
Why do you have an ignorant contributor such as Richard Fowler on your network? He, Smith & Neil Cavoto should go!
You mean like Joe Trippi and Mo Eliethee and Juan Williams and Richard Fowler? I could go on, but you get the idea. Or do you…
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WHY must Richard Fowler's filibuster? Great job Abby Huntsman pushing him to answer "Who's in charge of the Democrat Party!
There u go sugar coating how u feel about Richard Fowler, tell us how u really feel about that POS
Please tell Richard Fowler it's , President Trump, Mr. President, the President and not Donald Trump or Trumpster
Richard Fowler has to be the dumbest sob on earth, he is a sickening piece of garbage and Fox needs to throw him out with the garbage
Richard Fowler needs 2 b umemployed at least by Fox. He has never made 1 unbiased non hateful comment about Trump or the right.
Why do you have Richard Fowler on your show? Every since his comments during the election (way off) his credibility is a zero.
Time to get busy, when that mental midget Richard Fowler comes on I reach for the off switch. Pavlovian response.
Richard Fowler I'll argue anything for the sake of it
On Fox bashing Trump it's Repulsive Richard Fowler throw up time.Gotta Mute. Fox Family love sticking it to Trump with the Racist Boy.
Enough from Richard Fowler already. He's nothing but an elitist..smug..know…
There goes Fox News again, paying 'RACE PIMP' Richard Fowler $ to come on TV & call all Conservatives RACIST.😠
Anybody else tired of Richard Fowler and his stupid smirk as Fox contributor?
Wait until SD comes to town with Clayton Richard and Trevor Cahill. Actually, I feel the same about…
An ignorant leftist spokestard, I really don't understand why Fox keeps trotting him out.surely more educated conman could be found to voice the Marxist Manifesto with some flair.
you can put Richard Fowler on his own show for all we care Fox is as fake as all the rest Drop Dead
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Please for the love of God replace Bob on the Five. I'll take Richard Fowler or Geraldo ins…
My updated now includes Judge William Orrick & Richard Fowler: Anyone you care to add?
Getting really tired of seeing rude, interrupting Richard Fowler everywhere on
Are you a or a kind of person? Richard from will help find your home.…
Richard Fowler, a disrespectful rude commentator. Cuts others off never shuts up & has most annoying smirk/personality. A jerk sums it up.
Richard Fowler is caustic to the point of being poisonous
You should ask that question about Bob or Juan Williams, even Richard Fowler. Then my answer is no
Jesse GOOD...Beckel and Juan BAD. Bring in Richard Fowler as a foil to Jesse, it…
Zak Petkanas is always annoying Never agree with his point of view! Would be great to NOT have him on Same goes for Richard Fowler
Looks like Fox's insulting " Richard Fowler" ... Why did you give your viewers this guy and Har…
I will as long as no Marie Harff, Richard Fowler or any other crazy lib. Good luck Eric!
She's just there to help reaffirm WHY we are conservatives.. You know..…
Do a poll on Richard Fowler and S.Smith stay/go
I'm sorry to say that the LEFT already took over Susan. I wish you had more control but don't see Richard…
Sorry to say the LEFT has already won their targeting conservatives at FOX w/ the likes of Richard Fowler…
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I hope learns before too late. Tired of the LEFT controlling their news as much as CNN/MSNBS of late! Rich…
Richard Fowler needs to learn to shut up and stop talking over people which seems to be the tactic of Dems on F…
If Richard Fowler is willing to be our ISIS negotiator with an office in Syria, I am willing to give…
My new sounds: Richard Fowler Hour One 04-24-2017 on
Richard needs education I mean more then grade 9.)
Looks like he could be Richard Fowler's Dad.
Murdock kids: Keep running off the stars and all you will left with is Geraldo, Juan, Richard FOWLER and Beckel AND…
Mix it up.kind of your signature not wearing bow ties.and lastly NO MORE RICHARD FOWLER..I chan…
And I am sick of Marie Barf giving her opinion like a Celebrity Star on world affairs on Tucker. This morning another puke Ric…
We're now learning how far LEFT Fox has be leaning of late we really need another source of REAL news and less Richard Fowler's.
Richard Fowler has completely lost it and even wants Linda Sarsour . supported by Dems in this countr…
Oh, you forgot to mention it was Richard Fowler, liberal ***
PLEASE no Maria Harf, Richard Fowler or any other libs. We know what they think and we think its crazy.…
Embrace Muslims like Richard Fowler & relocate to Syria!
Why is Richard at one of the best agents? He's from here, so he knows his way around.…
According to Richard Fowler if we don't say radical islam it'll just get up and walk away. Apparently he has some empirical evidence LOL!
I don't know who's worse Richard Fowler or that ***
Richard Fowler has finally lost his mind and succumbed to the attempted radicalism of Amer…
Richard Fowler is not my brother. He's a Racist scumbag. Nothing more nothing less.
Finally a voice of reason. From now on ANY show with Richard Fowler as a commentator I WON'T B WATCHING. HE PROMOTE…
Hey Richard Fowler, move to the ME and you can embrace them all you want! Take Linda & Hum…
Richard Fowler,since you are so in love with Islam Muslims,live with them,you are what they call One…
The next time you have Richard Fowler on as a commentator I'm shutting you off. His BS is LUNACY I RE…
I hate to say it but those of us that can't stand Richard Fowler had a lot to do with that. Show is amazing Fowler needs to go
I am appalled that American universities stifle speech they consider "hate speech", but Richard Fow…
I could not possibly agree with you more. Hardcore Liberal. Richard Fowler woul…
Satanic Liberal Progressive..Richard Fowler, should stay off the air !
Dumb answer Richard Fowler, you never have an answer that includes a solution!!!
Richard Fowler is a pin head & a *** ! I'm not taking advise from a guy wearing an ear…
Richard Fowler says Trump admin should 'just tell the truth.' Never heard him say that about Liar in Chief Obama.
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Liberal, biased tool Richard Fowler was on FOX this morning during which he tried to push Islamic acceptance.
I saw it as well. Fox also paraded Richard Fowler & Marie. Needless to sa…
Now is inundated with the likes of Richard Fowler. Marie Harf all over Fox too. Very few shows left to watch.
Richard Fowler is a blight on FOX. One day I'll switch to NBC. This mouthpiece is good for pissing people off. Nothing else!
Jessica Tarlov is annoying ,and usually wrong between her and Richard Fowler fox is almost…
just turned off Fox News Stirewalt and Richard Fowler in the panel
Richard Fowler and the new jerk Congress's from California, Geez wonder what that are going to say, this is stupid programming
It's so obvious that your not going to get a straight answer from Democratic strategist Richard Fowler he would uphold murder
Juan Williams Julie rogenski Richard Fowler and Maria barf should have knee pads while standing in front of Obama
SIGHHH Robert Zimmerman, Richard Fowler. How to ruin a good show. Leftover horrible heads from Megan. Please get rid of them.
They need to boot him, Juan, Beckel, Geraldo, Shep, Richard Fowler, Marianne Marsh, Robert Zimmerman . . . How's that!
Richard Fowler & Robert "Botox" Zimmerman on the same show makes is unwatchable for me
please get rid of Richard Fowler, He is so RUDE talking over you. Send him and Juan Williams to CNN
Fox, you are part of main stream media. Juan Williams, Richard Fowler, Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelly, etc.
Stopped listening to Jehmu & Richard Fowler as racism is their primary weapon and defense. Shallow people!
Can someone ask Richard Fowler about the failing City of Chicago? Rahm Emanuel & Mike Madigan
Richard Fowler said he's not worried about Comey reopening investigation but was completely unhinged both segments w Ford
Richard Fowler on says Kelly Ayotte is failing because "Trump is toxic". Ayotte is her own disaster.Trump voters despise her
Megyn Kelly to Richard Fowler: "The question here is whether the vice ch... via Richard Fowler is an ***
I watched young Richard Fowler use the 'Alt-Right' brand to shut down a conservative Kevin Jackson. Smiling like he had won
Zimmerman goes beyond intolerable. Yet, like you stated, He is represented too much on Fox channels similar to Rich…
Richard Fowler got an assist management job w/o a high school diploma.
Richard Fowler is Fox's Mark Lamont Hill. He'll call Right blacks Alt-Right, just for pushing back. Not a role model
I realized that having on Richard Fowler, that is Fox's version of Mark Lamont Hill. Who isn't a role model for young minds
Leftist thinks “terrorism” should be avoided when reporting terrorism because people associate it with MUSLIMS! https:/…
When Kevin Jackson stood-up to Richard Fowler's false stats, etc, he got called Alt-Right & "what's wrong with Amer."
Juan and Richard Fowler Libs refuse to get that. They will keep blacks hating cops, by Lib rhetoric. It's black racism
An actual thing that just happened:. Tim Sherwood: "Would Steve Bruce do a worse job than Conte's doing?". Richard Keys:…
Richard Fowler has turned Kelly File from best show on cable to Jerry Springer Show.
Richard Fowler uses his shaming of conserv. blacks, typical of black Libs, as a weapon. called out the liberal black racism
Excellent rebuttal to Richard Fowler calling you deplorable.
I would LOVE to have a liberal like Richard Fowler conduct a car stop with me to see how easy it is to ambush & shoot a cop.
Richard Fowler has a habit of loudly spouting off opinions that have no basis in real…
can public demand Richard Fowler NEVER be on tv again
Excellent job on Shut that moron Richard Fowler down!
Richard Fowler is an *** You have a gun, not obeying police orders, but give someone the chance to show papers
just when you think it can't get any Dumber out there Richard Fowler shows up with this nonsense.
...Richard Fowler is inciting a riot.,. have him arrested & get him off the air before he convinces someone to do…
Megyn LOVE your show. Really love it but if Richard Fowler is on Fox again, I'm going to change the channel.
U continue to have Richard Fowler on Ur network. It's time to give FOX the BOYCOTT. Like CNN & NFL, were gonna hit U where it hurts
Megan Kelly has Richard Fowler on AGAIN.He wants to cause racial tension while he talks over everyone.WASTING AIR TIME !!!
Richard always accuse Trump being Racist/Bigot! If anyone knows Racist/Bigot Richard Fowler is on the top of the li…
*** hum Richard Fowler again manipulating EVERY SINGLE ASPECT to make erroneous points. Have someone on who is knowledgeable
I vote that Richard Fowler become the court jester
Richard Fowler is an Uniformed Punk who likes to get women Drunk and Take advantage of them
Richard Fowler is using Fox as a platform to peddle racism each time he appears on your show. WHY LET HIM?
Please, I'm begging you, stop giving Richard Fowler a national voice. Facts are meaningless to him.
Richard Fowler U really need 2 shut up your comments R lgnorant regarding U Condoning/Justif…
Why does allow RACISTS like Richard Fowler on their network? Why don't you have KKK member on Fox, Fowler is the same thing!
I think Megyn Kelly and Fox News fuel the situation by giving attention to these anarchists. Richard Fowler is a racist, pure…
Can you get anyone else besides Richard Fowler to shill for the left? His arguments are just awful!!
Richard Fowler is using this for politics. If he cared about black lives he would have been worried about the kid who was…
If ever has that tool named Richard Fowler on again, I'll be finished with Side note: Kevin Jackson's…
I was about to finish off pansy Richard Fowler, when cut away.
Richard Fowler always makes it about race. Its not about race, its about criminals not obeying an order
Richard Fowler is part of the problem , not the cure for rac e relations in America. Thumbs down on his radio show and k…
wanted to let you know that each time you have Richard Fowler black columnist opine I turn the channel. Not fair or balanced.
Richard Fowler just lost his *** mind! He looks like a fool today...for his comments yesterday and he'll look like a foo…
- Why is FOX giving Richard Fowler 1 second of airtime? He's a name-calling race baiter - he's the problem.
Fox News needs to start pulling people like Richard Fowler they're inciting violence
every time Richard Fowler comes on, I change the channel.
Why oh why do you put Richard Fowler on your show?! He opens his mouth, I press the MUTE button. Don't want his hate in my space
Here we go again with racist Richard Fowler!
I never seen a more racist person then Richard Fowler! Every words out of is mouth is racist! He's a disgrace to so…
why do you continually have Richard Fowler on the Kelly file?.
You have Richard Fowler the racist on speed dial every time you need to up your ratings by having a race baiter on . SHAME on U!
Richard Fowler is a street agitator in a suit.
Why do you do this Richard Fowler 2x this week, ugh, like a root canal 2x in a week.
Sorry ill never watch anything with that Richard Fowler guy on it anymore
wipe the floor with racist Richard Fowler.
Bet Richard Fowler will be wearing his Hillary panties
please destroy Richard fowler with a verbal barrage of facts that leaves him stuttering. That dude is devoid of any sense... EVER!
The Good Sheriff dismissed your Comment about " What Richard Fowler thinks" cause Richard dosent know his *** from his elbow
nothing Richard Fowler says would make me listen to him. I feel very sorry for him. He's pathetic. Needs help
Then if that's not bad enough Megyn Kelly brings on a bunch of race-baiting liars Like Richard Fowler
your program is a complete waste of time because you let Liars come on your program Like Richard Fowler
Richard Fowler what a raciest doesn't have a clue! Fox News you need to fire this *** A true Raciest if I ever saw one.
Richard Fowler just claimed that the only way to kill someone is with a gun.
Richard Fowler, Doug Schoen, Alan Colmes, Juan Williams, Jamue Greene, Donna Brazile, all are among the biggest liars on earth
Fox News has some very good in house folks to represent liberals and mainstream Dems, for ex Kirsten Powers. So why Richard Fowler?
why does FOX keep running out Richard Fowler? Proven incapable of any intelligent discussion?
Well done, Richard! Woot! ‘Court dismisses appeal of Warman libel judgment against website’
Prayers 4 Little Richard, the king AND queen of rock n roll .
Activist Richard Fowler on the U S drugs war: via
Winners of back-to-back Player of the Month... Bergkamp. Ronaldo. Fowler. Kane. 🎉& now, Jamie Richard Vardy🎉.
I added a video to a playlist Megyn Kelly vs Richard Fowler black protester vs white cop
I never knew goofy *** like Robert Zimmerman and Richard Fowler existed other than in movies until I saw them …
Wendy Richard died fairly recently. She was in Eastenders. Poor Pauline Fowler.
fowler FTR, Roe vs. Wade was in 1973, 42 years ago. Not 50.
Richard Fowler belongs on MSNBC where untruths are acceptable. Not on Fox which seeks balance not fantasy
Richard Fowler should bone up on 1st & 2nd Amendments. Would he like his free speech taken away?
Richard Fowler is dangerous because he implies too much and speaksx like it is fact when it is not.
No more Richard Fowler. I can't take it.
Richard Fowler has no room to talk about anyone spewing falsehoods. He adds nothing to your programming.
Richard fowler, really. did the san bernadino couple get guns from a third party? how would gun control stop that
Richard Fowler saying that the teen rudely staring at the cop was perfectly fine is a disgrace! You have no Cred RF! ht…
Does anyone else think Richard Fowler is a little faggoty
FYI: Richard Fowler is repulsive racist ostrich. Always change channel if he is on. Always!
Richard Fowler is a waste of time. He spews liberal talking points and rationalizes the liberal perspective.
Why did anchors ask GOPers if pro-life rhetoric was linked to PP shootings? Richard Fowler
Richard Fowler the problem we have is liberals like u. 1st line of defense is Americans. How many guns have u ever bought. So zip it
good job standing up to Richard Fowler another despicable liberal.
buzz Richard Fowler is very skilled at distorting the facts, uses "Abortion is law of the land" to cancel out others opinions, dialog
Thank you Richard Fowler. Must be tough being a voice of reason in the midst of stupidity.
I think we found Juan Williams replacement with Richard Fowler
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could you please stop that type of conversation, bantering over each other? Richard Fowler is typical.
really good show, no Richard Fowler, Mark Hannah, or Mr. Evil (Robert Zimmerman, so stayed with you.. Good show.
That hack Robert Zimmerman again...was Richard Fowler busy?
You have just been USED! Followed by Richard Fowler (who was on point!!!) and Mark Furman who expressed an errant point of view.
She follows that interview up with Richard Fowler and race expert Mark Fuhrman.
Richard Fowler always talks about mass incarcerations. Well who is committing the crimes? Mark Furman's assessment was spot on.
Richard Fowler coming up on to try out his latest defense of cop killers. Mark Fuhrman to try not strangling Fowler via satellite
Kelly file offers us a *** black twit, little Richard Fowler but Hannity gives us the brilliance of Mark Steyn, a great mind.
Naw, just a grandstander. A hack is Richard Fowler, Juan Williams, or Tamara Holder
may have become Fox Business Network's version of Richard Fowler who ruins The Kelly File regularly.
Time to listen Megyn & Fox Exec; it's time to tell Richard Fowler never to come back, his one sided views are not helping no-one
I wish we could see Kevin Jackson as often as we are obliged to withstand the mindless blather of Richard Fowler.
Jeez, you Caucasian white males better listen to Richard Fowler and lay off HRC ! :)
Richard Fowler is A Tool For Obama: Did You See Megyn Kelly Sound off on Obama’s Selective Outrage?
And once again, Richard Fowler makes an *** out of himself on Fox's air.
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On the show we have Mark Thiessen, a former speechwriter for George W Bush, and Richard Fowler, a scumbag." -- What I wish Megyn said.
disgusting when I want to watch the Kelly file then see that racist Richard Fowler since viewers don't matter ! Turned Off
Megyn Kelly sums up every Richard Fowler appearance with her response to his latest commentary: "That's revisionist history."
Richard Fowler: "I will condemn anybody who promotes racism... I will condemn Robert Byrd."
admin pushes new rule to diversify neighborhoods. & Richard Fowler weigh in now.
Of course I am sure Richard Fowler never lived in the hood but want to sit from his home in the safe burbs to tell people …
Hello Mumbles. I got more out of Mumbles than Richard Fowler on today.
Why do you keep putting this very contrived Richard Fowler on your show? He's a double talker. Never trust a man that smirks.
why have Richard Fowler on your show if you won't let him talk? Undermines the solid points you were making...
Richard Fowler now claiming that cops are assumed to be good guys. Disgusting liar. He helped perpetrate the myth that officers hate blacks.
I just can't take Richard Fowler's Progressive LIBERAL nonsense anymore...
Richard Fowler changes his story on cops depending on which way the wind blows. What a chump.
Richard Fowler should work on racism and bias in his own community.
Now it's time for Hannity to yell at Richard Fowler and smear liberals as anti police.
I hate Richard Fowler. Please stop putting this racist pos on your show please.
“...the matron of honor for your wedding is having an affair with the governor’s chief of staff” Richard Fowler, THE KISS OF A ROSE
We are keen to interview you for a new gardening podcast for the guardian - (w Alys Fowler) please follow me so I can DM you
Walker can handle you easily..perhaps he has spoken with Richard Fowler?
Lecture tonight! Richard Thorsten from will talk about & sanitation in Fowler at 7pm. See you there:
"We are Cardiff Blues and that’s the way we are staying." Richard Holland on the name of the region. Full Q & A here.
On this week's Fowler Show, Richard breaks down the week's news to inform, empower, and help you get your voice back!
I wait with great anticipation the sage comments of Leslie Marshall..almost as breath taking as Richard Fowler..c'mon Kelly!
Why do you want to interview Hillary? You can't have a discussion with Richard Fowler , done effectively..figure that out.
There's a Mouse about the House! by Richard Fowler c1983 NEW Hardcover
sorry Naomi, but Richard is 100% wrong. A complete nonentity and left wing fool
Dana Loesch is outrageously mouthy anytime she is on your show. Would listen to Richard Fowler anytime.
Richard Fowler looked ridiculous on ur show the other day. I watch a lot of Fox & I swear the libs aren't that bright.
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