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Richard Fitzpatrick

General Richard FitzPatrick (24 January 1748 – 25 April 1813), styled The Honourable from birth, was an Anglo-Irish soldier, wit, poet, Whig politician and ‘sworn brother’ of the illustrious statesman of Charles James Fox.

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They're leading the parade to the OWO and convincing us it's right and what we want and need
Why are Obama and Clinton even here? I thought we didn't let criminals into Canada?
God Richard Goyder's got more charisma and more likeability than Mike Fitzpatrick.
"Richard Sherman went to Stanford" should be the new Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard" 🙄🙄🙄
Fitzpatrick throws at Richard Sherman... Fitzpatrick gets PICKED by Richard Sherman.
went to Harvard. So did Jeremy Lin. Richard Sherman went to Stanford. We only hear how smart Fitzpatrick is
what a great line by Waddle on Richard Dent:"offense just hold them"
Looks like QB Ryan Fitzpatrick was watching historic win in Chicago last night... 😉😉😉. 🏈 meets 🏉 .
most athletes degrees are bogus anyway unless ur like Richard Sherman or Andrew luck or Fitzpatrick at real schools
Richard Kern, Leo Fitzpatrick, and New York Girls make for a good time at
Interview: Filmmaker and marine biologist Richard Fitzpatrick https:…
A true gem from Richard Fitzpatrick's 'El Clásico':. "In Spain, they kill you romantically.". Don't I know it, buddy. Don't. I. Know. It.
Gulp! Street performer Space Cowboy can swallow 24 swords in one go he tells Richard Fitzpatrick
From the new issue—"Plasma Physics: An Introduction" by Richard Fitzpatrick, reviewed by Amitava Bhattacharjee
you should tune in + listen to the amazing Richard Fitzpatrick talk more about Patrick O'Connell on RTE Radio 1
Richard Fitzpatrick's wonderful radio documentary on Patrick O'Connell is on RTE Radio 1 at 2pm - or here.
Richard Brodie gets a glancing header to a delightful right-wing cross from David Fitzpatrick to draw the Sandgrounders level
East A Football Awards Player of the Year Joe Fitzpatrick Cheverus Coach of Year Matt Perkins Windham Lineman of Year …
Bristolians! Remember Revolver on The Triangle? If so, looks like you'll love this: (via
excellent news >> MT My next book Original Rockers will be published on 2 April 2015 by Faber & Faber
It had a big influence on what I was doing back then, it sounded so magical.
Came from nowhere, out of time, sense there was so much more to come. Awful.
billy sent me a copy of the first gravenhurst ep and I played it obsessively. Amazing songwriting.
Richard Fitzpatrick says new generation will experience Great Barrier Reef in 3D like never before.
Richard Sherman and Ryan Fitzpatrick are among the NFL's Player of the Week award winners.
Browns need this one & have a shot. Here's to hoping Hoyer's response has more Brady (or Fitzpatrick last wk.) than RG3/Geno to it
Ryan Fitzpatrick's adorable son is very, very good at math!
Euclid’s Elements in Greek: Books 1-9 (with an accompanying English translation) by Euclid (Author), Ri...
Can anyone help need Richard Sherman 4qt int send please team of the week Fitzpatrick 4 days please help
great show MG but can you inject 'the king of errrm' Richard Fitzpatrick with a molecule of adrenalin
Fitzpatrick was mocking Richard Sherman's press conference where he brought up a cardboard cutout of baldwin
Ryan Fitzpatrick and Richard Sherman? Megatron should also get a card.
Richard Sherman and Ryan Fitzpatrick. I really Hope it's Sherm and Hopkins though.
Great piece on buying presents for men in by Richard Fitzpatrick. Especially first point "remember it's for HIM"!!
Fitzpatrick or Hopkins on offense and Richard Sherman on defense for
How to Take Charge of Your Life:The User's Guide to NLP by Richard Bandler,Alessio Roberti and Owen Fitzpatrick
"I am Ryan Fitzpatrick, I speak for the trees"
Ryan Fitzpatrick reportedly travelled to game on foot while pushing a shopping cart from Houston to Dallas.
yes it does. I had a dream about richard Fitzpatrick the other day but he was ignoring us in it as per usual
As a festival celebrating Cuban culture kicks off in Kilkee, Richard Fitzpatrick talks to artist Jim Fitzpatrick, who created the iconic image of Che Guevara, about his meeting with the revolutionary
Emma I'm sat at Brabyns and mr wright is here and we're talking about Richard Fitzpatrick 😂😂
Some phenomenal new footage of a Great White shark breeching in slow motion, shot by Richard Fitzpatrick our amazing cinematographer! Like and subscribe for ...
Honourable mention to Mcdowell Fitzpatrick & the late and lamented John Drake. Richard Loe was the most sinister ĺooking player ever.
Northern poet, Paul Muldoon, tells Richard Fitzpatrick about the power of words
Magpul pulling up stakes, heading out of Colorado Boulder Daily Camera ^ | 01/02/2014 | Carlos Illescas Magpul Industries threatened to leave Colorado after the legislature passed a measure banning weapons magazines with more than 15 rounds. And now that is official. The Erie-based ammunition magazine manufacturer said on Thursday that it is relocating its operations to Cheyenne and Texas. "Moving operations to states that support our culture of individual liberties nad personal responsibility is important," CEO Richard Fitzpatrick said in a press release. "This relocation will also improve business operations and logistics as we utilize the strengths of Texas and Wyoming in our expansion. The move is expected to happen within the next 12 to 16 months, the company said.
The world's largest living organism has been reproducing in a show which has left divers on Australia's Great Barrier Reef delighted. Coral on the reef is only in the mood once a year, when it releases eggs and sperm into the sea for external fertilisation. Underwater cameraman Richard Fitzpatrick s...
What more needs to happen for Rob Ford's life to resemble Richard Fitzpatrick of Call Me Fitz?
Richard Fitzpatrick on Call Me Fitz is just the more absurd than, fictional version of Rob Ford, even RF was only interim mayor
I'm told it was Andy Taylor and Richard Fitzpatrick
I learned more about diving from Dr. Jamie Seymour and Richard Fitzpatrick They made me Smarter Every Day I was with them!
I liked a video Studying Tiger Sharks with Richard Fitzpatrick
July 8th is World Writer’s Day.. So Who Are Your Favourite Writers in medicine??? Mine is Guyton and Davidson...
"Life doesn't get better by chance, it gets better by change." ~~ Jim Rohn.enjoy ur monday...its the only one u get this week!
Well done Andy Murray deserved winner of Wimbledon and his winners cheque. Female winner Bartoli deserved her victory,but not her equal cheque of the same value, half would have been just about deserving.
DJ Richard( Richard Rennert) is here tonight starting KARAOKE at nine Jewel Fitzpatrick and Stephanie Breiner are making the drinks and Greek has your nighttime meal specials CHECK THE BOARD!
Jerofou – Fiere Allure EP 1. Regard d’en bas 2. Regard d’en bas (Bleak Remix) 3. Fiere Allure 4. Fiere Allure (Steve Parker Remix) 5. Regard d’en bas (Sebastien San E Piano Mix) Cat No – CINMV12003 Release Date: 21.06.2013 Next up on Cinematic is an EP from Fouqueray Jérôme aka Jerofu. Over the course of the last four years, the Frenchman has honed his own intricate, rhythmical vision of techno on labels like Verboten and Cascabel. On this Fiere Allure EP we find him in a comparatively deep and pensive mood, with three razor sharp remixes bolstering the package. The title track in its original form is alive with the pitter-patter of toms and feathery percussive lines. They weave their way in and out of tribal drums and make for an elongated, shadowy techno listen. Portugal and Ovum’s Steve Parker tackles the first remix, cutting it up with searing thin synth lines and a layering in muted windy howl. It’s prickly and edgy, to be sure. Jerofou’s other original, “Regard d’en Bas” is . ...
The Wiz Movie Clip - watch all clips click to subscribe Dorothy (Diana Ross) sings "Home" as she reminisces about all t...
The traffic was queued two miles long out of Boston, all heading for the seaside. I decided to get on my bike and go down Frampton Marsh, it was lovely and peaceful, only the cows, sheep, birds, plants and the odd human being. Boiling hot and they even have a little cafe there now for all the birdwatchers, I prefer watching the human kind of bird but I still had a cuppa anyway. ha ha. The flatlands of Lincolnshire have a beauty of their own.
You were a beautiful baby and your growing up to be a beautiful woman! Just want to wish my 1st baby girl a very Happy 15th Birthday! I love you Bryanna Hernandez and we're very excited to see you in less then a week! Dad, Katelyn, Madison and Kiley Hernandez missing you!
Listen to The British Grand Prix Review by Spectrum FM Costa Almeria: John Fitzpatrick reviews The British Grand Prix. Listen to the interview here, on Spectrum 90.8FM (coastal)
Congratulations to Richard Thomas and Ashley Fitzpatrick for their engagement this evening... Awesome news!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
  The Shute Shield will this week showcase some hard knocks, as two of the competition’s most feared forward packs arm-wrestle for back-to-back wins.
MY BEST FRIEND IS ENGAGED! so insanely happy for Richard Thomas and Ashley Fitzpatrick!! tri pod added another support : )
Smenchy Smench, Chris Logue, Tim Parfitt, Paul Henderson, Stephen Grant, David Andrew Phillips, Steven Davidson, Stephen Lithgow, Calum MacInnes, LA Conway: Hey Folks I'm trying to make some music memories - I used to play this song on 'nights out' in King George IV Park 'way back then' - can you help me add to this list? Also - feel free to add anyone else who may have been in earshot :) Muchos Apreciados mes amigos :D xoxo
In support training at work. After lunch, we have been given a game to play before training continues. The game? Mafia. Beau Fitzpatrick, Sam Rankin, Alister James Newstead, Richard Wielga
Jerry Fitzpatrick Tony Marcum Thurman Moore Dave Richard Copley on our way to sin city
Steve Parry introduces the comedy session at Dangerous Ideas for Dangerous Times
Happy birthday to my Aunt Dawn Menzies Bulwer, the homie Richard Kofi Awuah-Boadu, Keyondra Ruth, Starrene Rhett Rocque, Itallo John, and William Fitzpatrick Jr!! enjoy YOUR day!!
Is it August yet? Can't wait till the Heartland Challenge!!!
Had to say goodby to JOONAH FITZPATRICK TODAY 20 YEARS One of the best DOGS I ever had he will be missed .HAPPY TRAILS JONAH.
The 5 winners of a pair of tickets for the big one on Saturday against the Cats are: 1. Joan O’Gorman, Shanbally, Ballypatrick, Clonmel, Co. Tipp. 2. Joseph Fitzpatrick, Golden Grove Road, Roscrea, Co. Tipp 3. Cormac Healy, 25 Castleknock Avenue, Castleknock, Dublin.15 4. Sean Mulrooney, Mill Park, Roscrea, Co. Tipp 5. Richard Lyons, Tullahay,Grangemockler, Carrick On Suir, Co. Tipp. Well done to the winners and hopefully we will be having a few more draws before the year is out.
Glastonbury was good to me. My friends were even better. Thank you Sarah Fitzpatrick, Jimmy Vincent Carla Clegg, Andrew Mc, Dan Brooks, Joel Harris, Shelly Harris, David Kane, Richard Denahy, John Haynes, George Gallop, Cheryl Ward, Salvatore, Emma and all the faces I hadn't seen in so long - I am better off for spending time with you all. my back is killing me, my feet are swollen, my carves are like bricks my shoulders and arms are sunburnt, I no longer have a mohawk. I wish every sat night could be spent in the Shangrala followed by a stone circle sunrise.same time next year.
Just getting spoilt now, only way to do a concert is VIP it-different world. Great day with Christopher Dalton, Mike Brady, Martin Thomas David Fitzpatrick, Tim & Richard. BIG ,Big Thanks to Kyra Oates for tickets and passes.
Gladstonbury tomorrow, bit of Janet Kay. Would rather of been at Glastonbury with Richard Lehane. But sure she'll get us all singing along. Sharon Gammell, Bernadette Fannon, Anna Hickey, Michelle Fitzpatrick
Wishing all my family and friends a safe and happy Canada Day weekend!!
My phone says someone is calling me from Australia. I won't pick up unless I know who it is. Just sayin' o.O
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I'd rather have bad times with you Than good times with someone else I'd rather be beside you in a storm Than safe and warm by myself I'd rather have hard times together Than to have it easy apart I'd rather have the one who holds my heart ~Luther Vandross~
New books on our work table just waiting to be finished processing and covered! Call Carmen or anyone at the Library, message me on FB, whatever your current means of communication to get your name put on the list for them, when they are finished. That way they won't have to travel to another library to get their first check out! We bought them with Jay, Oklahoma in mind! I see James Patterson's Second Honeymoon (regular print and large print); C.J. Box has two titles: Force of Nature and Breaking Point (both large print); Elizabeth Adler has two titles out: A Place in the Country and From Barcelona With Love (also both large print); western writer Johnny D. Boggs has three titles: And There I'll be A Solder, Summer of the Star and Legacy of a Lawman; Janet Daily has Merry Christmas Cowboy; Jeffery Deaver has the Kill Room; Lisa Jackson has Tell Me; Diana Palmer has Protector; Elin Hilderbrand has Beautiful Day; Alison Kent has The Second Chance Cafe. I think we have something for everyone with that v ...
End of the day,after working hours, commuters rush to the trains leaving Colombo, capital of Sri Lanka. This train is transporting passengers from Colombo to...
LMFAAAOOO I'm so doing this from now or text!! Frankie Richard Fitzpatrick-Holbert no more Lindsay Lohan we're Jake from now on!!
  With Super Rugby taking a break for DHL Australia 2013 Lions tour, this weekend’s Shute Shield teams will again be laden with HSBC Waratahs, with eight lining up in Sunday’s final Round 12 clash between Eastern Suburbs and Sydney University.
I am booked to sing at the Market Square Boardwalk in Saint John on August 6th and the KV Jazz & Blues Fest on August 30th! This is the year I will debut at least one or two of my own songs. :-)
Richard Fitzpatrick... Lema you are indeed a jewel my only regret is that we did not have more time to spend together but I have a feeling we will both be looking down the road at "Diamonds Are Not Always A Girl's Best Friend" The MOVIE!!! 4 hours ago · Edited · Unlike ·
Laura Lapthorne shared the following link and had this to say about it: Please share.local STOCKWOOD Jack Sealy Tasha-Marie Sealy Luke Fitzpatrick Rob 'Ruups' Fitzpatrick Kelly Mcgill Danielle Sampson Richard Pitman Lesley Hale Wayne Roberts
UPDATE 7/1/13 10:55 AM EST - Dierks' estimate is $225. Bluebelle has an appointment today, it seems she may need some dental extractions with her spay. We have a chihuahua mix still at the shelter that is undergoing cherry eye surgery tomorrow at a cost of $140. We brought 7 total pups up and they are all in foster care. Next transport we have 7 more coming, that are in temporary foster in SC. In the meantime, we still must provide for their daily needs, on top of the medical we are facing. We are nearly halfway to goal. Any help is so appreciated and 100% tax deductible!   -   UPDATE 6/28/13 5:59 EST - Ok. Change of plans. Dierks broke with vomiting and diahreah. Was admitted to Wade Hampton Vet Hospital. All fecal tests were negative, however it is being treated as parvo for now. IV fluids, Cerenia, Nutrical. The other 4 small puppies listed below AND a jack russel were exposed to Dierks, so are in quarantine and will come with the NEXT transport. We are taking 3 other mixed breed puppies this transpo ...
Left horn lake at 7 went to hernado , then Southaven , then olive branch , then Southaven , then Memphis , then horn lake , then walls , then holly hills , then Memphis , then holly hills , then walls , then olive branch , then hernado n just now got in the house !!! OMG wa a time we haven't wasn't as fun as last time cause Chase wasn't there , wonder what happened to that *** , then Tyler couldn't come but overall it was cool , acted a fool on olive branch and Southaven Walmart !!! And McDonald's !!! But goodnight/morning everyone
After 30 years diving the world’s best reefs, underwater cinematographer Richard Fitzpatrick still rates the Great Barrier Reef as his top spot.
Shark researcher Richard Fitzpatrick has been in the business of catching and tagging sharks for research purposes for almost 20 years. Methods for catching the sharks have been refined since those first times when Richard would "jump into the water with the shark and tie a rope around its tail by h...
Friday Topic Spraying Rates What are people now spraying at? There seems to be a big variation of the rate people use.
Via Betsy Sharkey It was a risk for director Richard Linklater to go so dark in "Before Midnight," the latest round of the romantic musings he began with his stars, Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke, nearly 20 years ago. The illusions of a more pristine love in "Before Sunrise" have been shelved so that the tipping point in a relationship can be laid bare. A devastating fight is the centerpiece now, the teasing flirtations a distant memory. Though the gauzy beauty of the earlier films remains, as does a sun-drenched European setting, this time Greece, what you will remember, what you will feel compelled to talk about long after, is the fight. It sears with an intensity that rivals another classic battle between the sexes, "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" Though you needn't have seen the earlier films, it helps to know how it began. Jesse (Hawke) and Celine (Delpy) were strangers on a Budapest to Paris train. Young, beautiful, bright, both having a serious go at adulthood but carefree enough to seize the moment ...
BVSC elected Councilors voted 5-4 against formally opposing Shooting in National Parks last night. A well presented and rational motion put by Richard Barcham didn't seem to impress Councillor Allen, Fitzpatrick, Britten, Mahwinny or our Mayor Bill Taylor... It would've cost our councillors nothing to send a message to the NSW Govt that shooting in our national parks is inappropriate but their rather cowardly decision only fosters the real danger to the public and threatens sustainable tourism in the long term. shame.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
BREAKING: 49ers WR Michael Crabtree tears achilles in practice today. Here was Jim Harbaugh's reaction: [MUST SEE]
I'm thinking of serious brass band repertoire that would be suitable for a Remembrance Day Concert. Any suggestions welcomed.
More proof the Roman Catholic Church controls America: Evangelicals and Catholics Together is a 1994 ecumenical document signed by leading Evangelical and Roman Catholic scholars in the United States. The co-signers of the document were Charles Colson and Richard John Neuhaus, representing each side of the discussions. It was part of a larger ecumenical rapprochement in the United States that had begun in the 1980s with Catholic-Evangelical collaboration in para-church organizations such as Moral Majority during the Ronald Reagan administration. The statement is written as a testimony that spells out the need for Protestants and Catholics to deliver a common witness to the modern world at the eve of the third millennium. It draws heavily from the theology of the New Testament and the Trinitarian doctrine of the Nicean creed. It does not mention any specific points of theology, and instead seeks to encourage what is known as spiritual ecumenism and day-to-day ecumenism. The document was signed at a time wh ...
Stolen from Alex: Is this what is supposed to happen in Rugby from an article in the Telegraph: I'm sure an awful lot of this is down to expectations based on positional stereotypes. And actually I'd say those stereotypes do have some validity due to the different roles and functions of different positions. Hookers are expected to wind up the opposition. It's actually in their job spec. (Richard Cockerill v Norm Hewitt?) It's better if they can do it with some wit and style. Mooro was pretty good at it as was Sean Fitzpatrick. Props are obviously less intelligent as all they have to do is grunt, but they are required to drink more and be the butt of everyone's humour. Generally they are easy to wind up so tend to be targeted, especially by the opposition hookers. It is not considered seemly for a prop to wind up other players. They probably wouldn't actually know how to do it properly anyway. They are, however, obliged to ruffle their opponents hair when a scrum collapses, although as no one has told them ...
Do any of you have families in Oklahoma that were hit by the storms?
Hey Amy Grenier Fitzpatrick and Richard Bieringer do you wish your cat(s) would do this sometimes? :)
Look out for photos and tags from tomorrow. Sets from Take The Shot, Point Inaudible, Bad Touch plus interviews by Doc Mason will be played on Peterborough FM this Thursday evening 7pm On Wednesday 29th May from 11am - 1.00pm (2 hour special) on Brian Watson's City Buzz Show we will be chatting and playing live songs from the following and more... Marotte, Sofasonic Sounds, Backlash Blues Band, The Liquor & Poker Blues Band Andy Hughes
The 'Caring For Carmen' Auction was a Fabulous Success. The Love and Energy in the Room was Abundant and Electric! There are so many people to thank for helping make this so successful, starting with our Sponsors, Grounds for Change ( Stacy Marshall), Lydel Construction( Todd Smith) and Blue Sky Printing. Thank you to all the generous businesses and organizations who contributed items for the auction. A BIG thank you to our heartwarming M.C./Photographer and Crowd Pleaser, Paul Mooselips Dudley. And to our wonderful comedienne Bridget Young. Thank you to EVERYONE who purchased a Ticket and helped Care for Carmen.still waiting on the final number but soft numbers are indicating a $20,000.00 Profit for Carmen!!! I will be tagging some people in comments below, as a note of public thank you! Please tag and share the pictures as well.
Two things I've learned while working for the Geek Squad... 1) Technology has ruined us as people. What happened to reading books, going outside, being active? 2) People almost poop themselves when they cannot connect to the Internet... Is your farm on farmville really that important?
1 Day in Paradise -- Snorkelling with Friends. Richard Fitzpatrick. via
Starting tomorrow ima seriously go back to eating better & start working out more since summer is coming up and ima have a bit more time ! . I seriously need to change it up ! Lol .. No lie .
Helping move my grandma and sister in today Alexis Fitzpatrick Jasmine Fitzpatrick Frances Wilson Richard Wilson :/
Gas a fab night . Last night with the ladies Sarah Fitzpatrick Young & Janice Hall. Thank you both :-) xx
Any of my NY Pol friends have new info/rumors on Congressional races this year?.Especially Long Island & North Country & Central NY.(BTW...Please advise NY 21 GOP Chairs no more Dede Scazzafava's, were still paying the price of a lost seat, properly for good)
Good to be home. Nice trip to Georgia other than the Atlanta traffic. Thanks to Richard Coleman Albert Ernie Cooper Regina Holliday Fitzpatrick for a good day. A special thanks to Owen Thomason and His Franklin county FFA chapter for hosting us. They have an amazing facility.
Electronic Device Insurance
Mangos can enhance a marijuana high and allow you to get “higher” more effectively.
If you didn't catch John Fitzpatrick reviewing The Spanish Grand Prix with Richard Shanley and Dave Hay on...
Pendulum DJ Set is not far away! Listen to this promo for all your informational needs.
Published on Mar 29, 2013 Romance drama film and the sequel to Before Sunrise (1995) and Before Sunset (2004). Nine years after the conclusion of Before Sunset, Jesse and Celine live in Paris as a couple, parents to twin girls conceived when they got together. Jesse is also struggling to maintain his relationship with his teenage son, Hank, who lives in Chicago with Jesse's (now) ex-wife and who, after spending the summer with Jesse and Celine on a Greek island, is being dropped off at the airport to fly home. Jesse has continued to find success as a novelist, while Celine is at a career crossroads, considering a job in government Before Midnight: Director: Richard Linklater Cast: Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick Genre: Drama Country: USA Release Date: 24 May 2013 TRILOGY ::BEFORE SUNSET - BEFORE SUNRISE - BEFORE MIDNIGHT::
Now that we know what you think of Republicans, describe Democrats in three words… GO!
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconc...
Outside the anglesey in caernarfon Richard trying so hard to give the impression he doesn't secretly want to join up but we all know he does. ...
AboutJason Priestley Actor/Director Jason Bradford Priestley (born August 28, 1969) is a Canadian-American actor and director. He is best known as the virtuous Brandon Walsh on the television series Beverly Hills, 90210 and for his current role starring as Richard "Fitz" Fitzpatrick in the show Call Me Fitz. Early life [edit] Jason Bradford Priestley was born on August 28, 1969 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His mother is actress Sharon Kirk. He is a graduate of Argyle Secondary School in North Vancouver. He has a twin sister, Justine Priestley, and two step siblings, Karin and Kristi. He became a naturalized American citizen in 2007. Career [edit] Priestley first started his television career guest-starring as Bobby Conrad a.k.a. Roberto Coronado Jr., a mobster's grandson, in the early 1987 episode "A Piece of Cake" from the final 4th season of the television series Airwolf, and appeared in two episodes of 21 Jump Street in 1987-8, then moved onto the 1989 short-lived sitcom Sister Kate which st ...
Justine Butler: There's no evidence that soya is harmful to humans. In fact, both we and the planet would benefit tremendously from eating more
LAST COMPETITION THIS SEASON, LIKERS GET READY Heres how it works get ur friends and family to nominate you in any of the anvilcraft wedding competition pictures for hire, by putin ur name in the comment box AND sharing the picture, in order to win tho anyone who has nominated you must have liked the anvilcraft page , the person with the most nominitions wins , anvilcraft will let everyone know every day who is in the lead, REMEMBER in order for vote to count the person who nominates you must have LIKED anvilcraft PAGE, and shared one of the pictures This prize is for WEDDING ARCH, LANTERN STANDS WITH LANTERNS, WEDDING POSTBOX OR WISHING WELL, AND SWEETIE CART WITH SWEETS all to help your day be the best it can be. BEST OF LUCK ANVILCRAFT
Hey lads hope you are all well? I've just been to visit Steve Stephen Robinsons new boxing gym down on Portmannor Road industrial estate (off Ocean Way). It's a little different and could be used as an additional venue to our already existing timetable off classes. If we were to offer a 630am Tuesday and a 630pm Friday (times could be slightly varied) who would be keen? If you are on unlimited membership there would be no extra charge it would just give you more variety of classes. There are not many barbells with it being a boxing gym so I would look to incorporate some boxing drills and make it more circuit, bodyweight and boxing based to give as much variety with our other classes taken in to mind. Nothing is set in stone but the option is there, now it's over to you guys. Thoughts?
HUGE night planned at The Ring O Bells in Queensbury tonight chaps & chapettes! paul lamb, Layla Hall & Joey Spina from Paul Lamb & The Detroit Breakdown are hosting a one off Jam Session with yours truly!! Would be awesomeage to see you all. Sean Fitzpatrick, Pete Betts, Graham Charman, Richard Kershaw, Jenna Hooson, Hazel Betts, Christine Lerman, Jason Elliott,
My loyal Seahawks! The great Bounce Inc trip is on - June 16, Sunday, 2pm. It's a big bad $16.50 for an hour, and we need to pre-book; as it's very popular (hence the booking a month in advance) and spaces are limited, if you're in, now's the time to let me know, and I'll book this week. Lauren Demarte, Spazmina Tariq, Tiger Mei, Bec Strumpet Pants, Bec Villanti, Jay Lint, Tamara Frances Ribeiro Redondo, Richard Askin, Chris Kennett, Gisela Kennet.
Those people with lockers in the library aren't losers.
Born in Newfoundland, raised in Alberta and then moved to Vancouver at the age of 16, Richard Fitzpatrick spent his childhood crossing Canada and now works for the Greater Vancouver Community Services Society (GVCSS).   10% Off
Love is in the air, everywhere I look around Love is in the air, every sight and every sound And I don't know if I'm being foolish, don't know if I'm being w...
Discovery Novel Answer to That Perennial "Earth Day" Question: "What Can I Do to Help?" Groups of citizen scientists are making pivotal contributions to research on the Earth, its place in the universe and other natural phenomena Photo of a student observing patterns of flowering and pollinators. Student observes patterns of flowering and pollinators. Credit and Larger Version April 19, 2012 Earth Day invariably triggers discussions about the enormously complex state of the planet and begs the equally daunting question, "How can one person make a difference?" But just one person can indeed chip in as a citizen scientist, who helps the scientific community unravel the mysteries of where Mother Nature is today and where she is headed. The National Science Foundation (NSF) funds groups of these concerned volunteers who collect data and share their observations and insights on a scale that full-time scientists simply cannot accomplish. "Volunteer citizen scientists are helping to generate new knowledge about ...
How much closer to the middle of the Pacific can you get? From a Gulfstream Jet that Obama used for his first campaign, the elusive freelance underwater cameraman Richard Fitzpatrick messages that he is on Palmyra Atoll. What a great gig when you can get it. We eagerly await the launch of your new website Richard Fitzpatrick Watch this space for Australian Scientific Imagery.
Heather Nolan, Scott Bork or Richard Fitzpatrick, does this give you any ideas?
To Vote You must first LIKE and SHARE East KY Bounce House Rental Page in order for votes to count. Then like the photo you want to vote for. The contest will last for 2 weeks. Starting on May 13th - May 27, 2013 ending at 6:00 p.m.
Happy Mother's Day to all my Mommy-Aunties Cheryl Krieger, Laura Hoffmann-Richard, Doris Lochner Hoffmann, Julie Wheeler, Kathleen FitzPatrick Hoffmann, my Auntie-God-Mommy Carla Hoffmann Gross, my Mommy-Sister Kristi Myers, my Mommy-Cousin Morgan Hoffmann, and AL of my Mommy-Friends... :) If me & Pat ever have kids I have great Mommy-examples to look up to! Love you all!!
It's time for Melbourne to be clinical in its decision-making, writes's Peter Ryan:
From Johnny Leaflet "JOHN BRUTON (Pro-Life) , IFSC & THE BANKERS CORPORATE STATE Today in the papers ex-Fine Gael Taoiseach and IFSC bankers chairman John Bruton has been advising Irish people to tighten their belts and suck up austerity. Recently, and apparently unconnectedly, he has also been using his influence to argue why Irish women should not be allowed to have control over their own bodies. Mr.Bruton appears to value the life of foetuses almost as much as he values the trillion dollar assets of the banks he represents. Just this week, it also emerged under a Freedom of Information request that his brother Richard, the Minister for Enterprise and Innovation, had argued at cabinet for a reduction in tax rates for high-payed executives in last years budget. We can only assume that 'executives' at the international banks in the IFSC, including his brother John, would have benefited from such generous changes. If you were to read section 6 of these minutes from the IFSC Clearing House Group meetings at ...
Not good enough today. Thanks to those who game to the MCG. Final scores: Melbourne 7.12.54 v Gold Coast 16.18.114.
Just flew from Hawaii to Palmyra Atoll on a Gulfstream jet - the only way to fly. Obama used it for travel during his first election campaign
Am a bit drunk right.. But this is the randomness night av had! Sat way ma bro and paul watching Ricky, now off to meet Cheryl Kirk and Richard Cobb for a drink then a dance with my bestie Gemma Fitzpatrick
Please add your names again even if you added them on last weeks healing list! But use the comment below thanks x
Sure sign I am getting old. Went to Johnnie's Pastrami to get a sandwich for lunch today. Haven't had one since returning home from Asia. Craving it... I brought it home and . couldn't eat it! Didn't taste good to me and way too big. Threw it away! Had to go to Bristol Farms to get a salad.
Thanks for brilliant day. Richard Grey dean Dean Guest Christopher Fitzpatrick Kerry 'Martin' Keaveny Heather Murray Alan Murray Kat Currums Holly Cavanagh and the rest lol. X
A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. Today, I am celebrating 11 years of marriage with an amazing man:) Richard Fitzpatrick I love you to the moon and back!
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Who would be in the Channel 10 cricket commentary team if they get the rights?
Holy crap a moli !! what a great show last night! Big Thanx to everyone at Yesterday's Partyfor having us play and all the people for coming out. also big ups to Richard Paul Ramsey and Jim Price for sitting in on the last few songs with us. what a blast. we are really gonna miss that place.
Always nice when you get emails saying what a great job your companyis doing as well as your staff!! At end of the day it is down to them that do the job and work with the clients, so big shout of of THANK YOU to - Joe Edgar , Richard Banks , Joan Steele , Innes MacDonald , Kathryn Fitzpatrick , Sarah Secker , Alex Carroll ,
(IRL) Day 17 of our interesting county facts brings us to lovely COUNTY LEITRIM! What can you add? 1. County Leitrim takes its name from the village of the same name situated close to the River Shannon. The village was an O'Rourke stronghold during the medieval period and was a place of some strategic importance as the river nearby is comparatively shallow and narrow and therefore easily forded. 2. The Irish form of Leitrim - 'Liath Druim' - means the grey ridge and is a common place name in Ireland as we find over forty "Leitrims", either as townlands, villages or streets in the country. 3. There are several beautiful lakes of which the best known are Lough Gill, Lough Allen, Lough Garadice, Lough Glenade, Lough Rynn, Lough MacNean and Lough Melvin the western shores of which are in County Leitrim. 4. Leitrim has the shortest length of coastline of any Irish county that touches the sea. At Tullaghan, the coastline is only 2.5 km long. 5. Leitrim is the 26th largest of the 32 counties by area and the smal ...
Here's the roll call from Thursday's pension reform bill vote Share Share Related Illinois' flat tax system: Outdated, inefficient, unfair Ralph Martire "Progressive tax" is code for "tax increase" John Tillman Edgar: Blame governors, not Madigan, for state budget disaster Jim Edgar Edgar on '94 pension "ramp" bill Matt Dietrich Illinois doesn't pay its bills and real people get hurt Heather Ritter 2012: The year's reform news in review Reboot Team Please turn out the lights when you leave Wayne Kulick Why the pension cost shift and HB 6258 make sense David Harris Martire: Don't pass unconstitutional pension reform Ralph Martire Reeder: "Progressive" tax means "more" tax Scott Reeder Supporters of progressive tax have a long road ahead Matt Dietrich Madigan to unions: Where have you been? Michael J. Madigan We're No. 1 -- at all the bad stuff Madeleine Doubek Transcript of Gov. Pat Quinn's State of the State Address Pat Quinn Our TRS graphic revisited and explained Matt Dietrich Chamber CEO to lawmakers: ...
Erie, Colorado-based Magpul Industries founder Richard Fitzpatrick is making one thing clear: if Democrats in the state house and senate succeed in passing a high capacity magazine ban, Magpul is leaving the state and taking the $85 million it would have generate for Colorado next year with it.
This just popped-up in the comments section, from Magpul Industries founder and CEO Richard Fitzpatrick: This is a more complete statement.. With our distribution model, it would be difficult to enforce such a blanket policy, and would be a ...
AWESOME!!! If we all stick together, the government will not EVER pass these tyrannical laws! Magpul Industries, I salute you! Scott Threlkeld Hardcore Outdoors FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Magpul Industries ANNOUNCES IT WILL LEAVE COLORADO IF GUN BILL PASSES MOVE WOULD COST STATE 600 JOBS, $85 MILLION Denver, Colorado – February 15th, 2013 - Magpul Industries, an Erie, Colorado, based manufacturer of firearms accessories, announced today that it will be forced to leave the state if House Bill 1224, which would ban standard capacity magazines, becomes law. Th...e announcement was made to Governor Hickenlooper, state legislators, members of the media, and in a full-page advertisement to appear in the Denver Post on Sunday. Richard Fitzpatrick, Founder, President, and CEO of Magpul Industries, said that regardless of any amendments that may be worked into the bill, he will no longer be able to continue to do business in Colorado if his core product is made illegal. “Our company could not, in good conscience, ...
Magpul Industries joins the growing chorus of firearms-industry firms threatening to move millions of dollars of revenues and jobs out of their home state. In this case, Magpul chief executive Richard Fitzpatrick says that he’ll take their business out of Colorado if the legislature passes gun contr...
"My name is Richard Fitzpatrick, but you can Call Me Fitz "
In the latest extract of Richard Fitzpatrick's book, we look at Guardiola's amazing press-room rant at Mourinho: is publishing exclusive extracts from Richard Fitzpatrick's new book, 'El Clasico: Barcelona v Real Madrid, Football's Greatest Rivalry'. This piece looks at the star duo
The brain may be better suited to a split cycle of sleep, reports Richard Fitzpatrick.
Tony Law has built a loyal following despite his surreal approach to stand-up, writes Richard Fitzpatrick
that's like saying Brandon Walsh and Richard Fitzpatrick share the same values lol
Designation Report City of Miami Old Fort Dallas was established on the plantation of Richard Fitzpatrick in 1836 as a United States military post and cantonment (and not as a fortification, although it is more than probable that there was a stockade surrounding it in its early days) in southern Florida during the Seminole Wars. It was named in honor of Commodore Alexander James Dallas, United States Navy, then in command of the United States naval forces in the West Indies. The first commandant was Lieutenant F. M. Powell, who remained in command about two years. From 1836 to 1857 it was occupied much of the time by troops, but was not a military reservation. Quite a number of buildings were erected, and today only two remain. In addition to these, there were a dozen comfortable dwellings besides the slave quarters, stables, and a blacksmith forge. The Post Surgeon occasionally took meteorological observations. Fort Dallas remained in Union hands during the American Civil War and was abandoned afterward. ...
El Clasico by Richard Fitzpatrick: A history of the hatred between Spain's two great clubs..
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