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Richard Dreyfus

Richard Stephen Dreyfuss (born October 29, 1947) is an American actor best known for starring in a number of film, television, and theater roles since the late 1960s, including the films American Graffiti, Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Goodbye Girl, Whose Life Is It Anyway?, Always, What About Bob?, Poseidon, Mr.

Robert Shaw Close Encounters Bill Murray Roy Scheider Richard Dreyfuss Harrison Ford American Graffiti Ron Howard Marsha Mason Happy Days Kevin Spacey Paul Newman Goodbye Girl Roy Schneider Third Kind Karl Malden Jeffrey Tambor

Ok, the Jaws episode IS great, but they keep mistaking Roy Scheider for Richard Dreyfus, and it’s breaking my brain.
Like when Kevin Spacey allegedly molested teenager, while his father, Richard Dreyfus, was in room, Franken is said…
Richard Dreyfus asks that someone stand close to it to give it some scale.…
So there is no GIF of Richard Dreyfus in The Goodbye Girl, saying “I don’t like the panties on the rod!” ? Cause that’s me IRL everyday.
I saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind as a kid in theatres even then I was like yes Richard Dreyfus go, even the…
Or, like, a thing Richard Dreyfus would pull out of the stomach of a shark.
Michael Jackson, another notorious sexual pervert and predator with a great talent! Instead of MJ use:…
That's where my playing the sunset line came from. It's a great movie with Richard Dreyfus as a music te…
Call me when you get to Richard Dreyfus mountain making level
good idea for a movie remake "let it ride" with you playing the Richard Dreyfus part
another scandal, apparently Richard Dreyfus fingered the shark from Jaws
Aw, shucks, JB. Downtown Opus. At least now we know that Richard Dreyfus will be playing him in the Reformed Broker…
Kevin Spacey assaulted Richard Dreyfus’s son while he was in the room.
Last seen escorting Richard Dreyfus into the mother ship
Al Franken and Sylvester Stallone came out today Richard Dreyfus over the weekend. It's crazy
Question ladies, *** am I supposed to do about Dustin Hoffman, Ben Affleck, Charlie Sheen, Richard Dreyfus Louie C.K? Not see their movies?
That is what Richard Dreyfus said too - caught up in fame and was an a-hole
GRoundhog day. Making incremental changes. Hopefully I will turn into his What about Bob Character and Richard Drey…
Ever notice there are no Richard Dreyfus photos in this set?
Bill Clinton is a rapist. Al Franken is a rapist. Joe Biden is a pedophile. Harvey Weinstein is a rapist. Charlie Sheen…
Been Dreyfus was groped numerous times by Kevin Spacey in front of his Dad. Richard didn't notice and…
Although grabbed Richard Dreyfus' sons package while his dad was in the room. Just saying.
Oh, that is true. Richard Dreyfus' character STILL annoys the crap outta me.
Ohh I love me some Richard Dreyfus he reminds me of a Walmart version Paul Newman…any version of Paul Newman is goo…
What a day! Alleged exual predators like George Takei and Richard Dreyfus were just days ago condemning other sexual preda…
Needed happiness for a spell so looked up Richard Dreyfus playing Uncle Louie in Lost in Yonkers,we got an UNC Louie in our family to
Yep. One of my favorite. Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfus. 😂😂😂
There was a great Richard Dreyfus anecdote on this week's Best Show in which Dreyfus refused to sign a…
Fox News host Tucker Carlson wasn't expecting to hear this. Richard Dreyfus
Saw on Tucker Carlson where he and Richard Dreyfus were agreeing on importance of free…
That’s Robert Shaw. Richard Dreyfus was hiding on the ocean floor by this point.
Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfus, first class through and through. The shark? Not so much.
. Richard Dreyfus falls victim to a strangely large, shark like, hungry hungry hippo contraption…
that Richard Dreyfus is still underrated.
that Richard Dreyfus has no acting range🤔🤣
that Richard Dreyfus can be pretty *** funny.
that despite seeming like the quintessential redshirt, Richard Dreyfus will survive every single Spielberg film.
Looking for movies about the Dreyfus Affair and found "Prisoner of Honor," starring Richard Dreyfuss, who does not play Dreyfus. Confusing.
Are you the aliens or Richard Dreyfus? This was on last weekend. Watched the third act & was pleased.
Out at sea, drinking whisky with Richard Dreyfus and Robert Shaw. . Me: This is where I got my BCG.
Can you hear Richard Dreyfus everytime you do something?
Did you have a Richard Dreyfus moment where you were inspired to write a story about your childhood?
Do you remember "What About Bob". Richard Dreyfus and Bill Murray. exposed to shallow entertainmen…
Melinda Dillon was the mother in Close Encounters, and she was great. Her performance was just as good as Richard Dreyfus and...
Describe yourself with ONLY pictures of Richard Dreyfus eating corn on the cob. You CANNOT search or download new pictures!
do you remember the Richard Dreyfus film Moon over Parador . And Kevin Klein's movie Dave?. Might be worth taking another peek featured in NBC s Science of Love
A favorite of music teachers and well "played" lol...Richard Dreyfus "Mr. Holland’s Opus (1995)"
Stakeout was Emilio Estevez and Richard Dreyfus classic cop movie from 1987
My honor! I know our country is not where we need to be, especially education wise. Richard Dreyfus was on Tucker…
Richard Gere?. You're in the clear. Richard Dreyfus? . You've got typhus.
I met Richard Dreyfus so there is that! Lovely man. Chatted for a long time.
I'm trying to determine if Sen King looks more like Paul Newman or Richard Dreyfus?
I'm having a hard time following him. But I have a migraine, and I'm distracted by how much Risch sounds like Richard Dreyfus
Reminds me of my theory about Paul Wall - that his real voice is similar to Richard Dreyfus'
Whoa.. after Sessions, Risch sounds like he's speaking 90 miles an hour. Plus he sounds like Richard Dreyfus
Looks like Richard Dreyfus and Joel Olsteen in the room with her and Putin.
Richard Dreyfus would have made a great Ellsberg 20 years ago. Now, maybe Bradley Cooper? cc
I'd just go completely bananas with it: Throw all the money at Richard Dreyfus to return as Hooper, but he's the Quint of the story.
Thank you Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfus for making it safe to go back in the water.
Richard Dreyfus was the leading man firefighter. So enough said.
Moon Over Parador w/ Richard Dreyfus and Dave w/ Kevin Klein are two I can think of.
Richard Dreyfus hails Fox's 10-hour series as "the most current show you'll ever see."
Within one month 2 people have told me I look like a young Richard Dreyfus. I'm completely confused as to how I should feel about myself now
4)re Abbie Hoffman until proven otherwise I blieve he was legit; film The Big Fix w/Richard Dreyfus & John Lithgow tried 2 smear him was bs
he's a giant doofus and Richard Dreyfus is his dad so
tell Frosty that Richard Dreyfus and Sean Connery are both high balding, white haired, bearded celebs. He'll be fine.
Great movie great performance from RICHARD DREYFUS
.- and "Putin is essentially Richard Dreyfus, but MEAN." .hilarious. 😂😂
Yes, love that movie with Richard Dreyfus and Holly Hunter.
you could always go for Richard Dreyfus. He is not as mean 😉 lol
The ship's commander looks uncannily like Richard Dreyfus does now. Ominous.
Obsessed with drawing this shape. It's all getting a bit like Richard Dreyfus in
You've NEVER seen Jaws? (That's a great Richard Dreyfus line in the movie.)
Have you mentioned Let it Ride from 1989 with Richard Dreyfus?
it is long and very much a time period piece. Loved most of it. Richard Dreyfus used his 15 minutes very well!
and still wearing the same shirt you interviewed Richard Dreyfus in !! Hope your mum washes it for you! ha ha. X
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I will say that “Arrival” is not hampered by the lack of scenes where Terri Garr yells at Richard Dreyfus for messing with mashed potatoes
It's really great that they were able to get Richard Dreyfus to play Lars Ulrich at the Grammys this year.
Tie between Tony Bennett at LaGuardia and Richard Dreyfus speaking to a youth orchestra about Mr Hollands Opus
Richard Dreyfus got coffee beside me in the break room of an office in downtown Philly once on a Wednesday morning
Quint played by Robert Shaw is eaten by a great white shark leaving Roy Schneider and Richard Dreyfus as...
Then-. Best: Harrison Ford as James Marshall in Air Force One. Worst: Richard Dreyfus as Bob Rumson in The American President
Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfus better be involved
was that a Timothy Busfield reference? The poor man's Richard Dreyfus.
Finally watching "Madoff" TV movie. Richard Dreyfus & Blythe Danner great. Curious to see DiNiro/Pfeiffer version – wonder if they watched?
reading Erickson these days is like watching the Richard Dreyfus character come unglued in 'What About Bob?' to Trump's Murray.
Reminded of the acting by Roy Schneider, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfus.
Coolest night of my life, drinking at the Lowe's Beverly Hills & re enacting the *Scar Scene* with Richard Dreyfus!. What a nice guy 😊
I'm sure I've watched the VHS cassette of "Tin Men" more times than Danny Devito, Richard Dreyfus and Barbara Hershey have.
Hi Could you & explain the story behind the Richard Dreyfus impression?
I'm now thinking of Richard Dreyfus's mashed potato sculptures from Close Encounters...
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Feeling oddly nostalgic. Always thought Richard Dreyfus was so sexy.
reminds me of a famous scene between Richard Dreyfus and Robert Shaw in 'Jaws'. Please finish your editing before you do that!!
what was Richard Dreyfus' reaction to Carli in Iowa? "He was Bob Rumson and he was running for President!"
Have Jay ask Richard Dreyfus if he feels bad about ripping off Kevin Bacon.
I wonder if he was rooting for Richard Dreyfus in that movie.
I see Richard Dreyfus as Marco Rubio, Roy Scheider as Mitt Romney, Robert Shaw as Ted Cruz. But who's Mayor Vaughn?
Richard Dreyfus' performance as Bernie Madoff was brilliant as was his discussing the world's problems on the Tavis Smiley Show. See both!!
TIL Anthony Hopkins, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Dreyfus, and Kirk Douglas all starred in a film based on the real Israeli commando rescue of…
I own the DVD and sadly can recite certain parts of the film. Apparently Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfus +
Richard Dreyfus wrote an alternate history novel in the '90s on the ol' what-if-there-was no American revolution.
Hmmm I take your point but I think they're sort of conflating Richard Dreyfus and his character, Hooper.
Dump truck. Trump duck. This is my 'Richard Dreyfus forks the mashed potatoes' moment.
Richard Dreyfus is getting a pedi next to me I love him
From 1973 to about 1986 Richard Dreyfus was a big time actor. In a bunch of huge movies. People somethings forget that.
is it a tradition to become Richard Dreyfus for Christmas?
- and because we couldn't decide on which Dreyfus affair/Richard Dreyfuss gag to go with, a bit of bonus content.
It turns out I can’t help but refer to Captain Alfred Dreyfus as “Richard Dreyfuss”. So now he’s “Ally D”
do you think Richard Dreyfus will resurrect "Hey Little Goldfish" for the new Jaws?
Long associated with Liberalism Richard Dreyfus talks on the importance of the Constitution. A must read. .
. *sculpts gigantic mountain of diarrhea and earwax on the dining room table* . in richard dreyfus voice: "this MEANS something"
Ted does an airtight impression of Richard Dreyfus.
No, you're thinking of Richard Dreyfus in Close Encounters.
billboard: .TheKillers' new Christmas video features RichardDreyfuss
"Dreyfus" is trending and I'm disappointed/relieved it isn't about Richard Dreyfuss or Julia Louis-Dreyfus.
"There's something to be said for BEING present, not just getting one." -Richard Dreyfus, surreally, via
Also, I can't see that and not think of creepy Richard Dreyfus in The American President re: Sydney Ellen Wade's FBI file.
Is it just me or does Richard Dreyfus' voice make him hard to sympathize with? Even if he's a good guy, it hurts.
Richard Dreyfus in the prequel to What About Bob?
Good movie. Big Richard Dreyfus fan. Stakeout is a good one.
It's the Richard Dreyfus affair all over again.
Just finishing watching what about bob? Bill Murray character was making Richard Dreyfus character crazy
Such a great movie-Danny DeVito, Barbara Hershey, Richard Dreyfus, John Mahoney-killer sound track too
little known Speilberg movie named Alone with Richard Dreyfus and Holly Hunter (and Audrey Hepburn)
That Bill Murray/Richard Dreyfus movie “What About Bob?” Starting to ask myself that question every day.
One of the greatest movie trios of all time: Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfus, and Roy Scheider.
I can't believe Richard Dreyfus and Emilio Estevez are 5'4". This is my Thursday night.
Scaring the crap out of Richard Dreyfus with our Casio keyboard and neon never gets old
Watching Jaws right now on AMC. Love this movie. And I especially love that Richard Dreyfus just said "if we're...
Richard Dreyfus suing Disney over What About Bob profits. Previous case law has called studio accounting practices "unconscionable."
Richard Dreyfus' hysterical laugh in Jaws is the best
He's not quite Robert Durst, but I see your point. I love it because I love Richard Dreyfus.
You'll have to start carving into mashed potatoes with a fork like Richard Dreyfus to really find out what it means.
Christ I thought Richard Dreyfus was talented until I saw this. Also I did not think that.
maybe he thought you were Richard Dreyfus?
Richard Dreyfus is in that new TBS series I just watched. I assume he invested heavily with Bernie Madoff.
I never imagined professional grump Richard Dreyfus would be in a sitcom. And he's kind of funny. Glad he can do that.
Your Family or Mine on TBS it has Richard Dreyfus talking college girls going wild & I've lost track of how many time he's said scissoring
Woah I didn't know Richard Dreyfus was also a historian. Side note: that amount a shelling and they all lived?!
I can see that Richard Dreyfus looked up to Jimmy Stewart. Richard has that same earnestness in his own roles.
I think Richard Dreyfus's character in Close Encounters should be Matt Hooper from Jaws. Also, space sharks.
May we suggest reading this (just for part about Richard Dreyfus? It's why we're watching.
re: white sharks. I think it's that they hate Richard Dreyfus too.
I just want a dude who sounds like Richard Dreyfus and looks like Chris Meloni.
. "I got no spit". - Richard Dreyfus donning Jaws Scuba dive mask
Derby back in the playoff hunt. Expect Richard Keogh to get a twitch worse that Inspector Dreyfus or Jack Douglas soon.
you'd be like Richard Dreyfus in Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Richard Dreyfus has never been better
The El Salvador National Anthem sounds just like the aliens in "Close Encounters" talking to Richard Dreyfus. Which is to say, it's awesome.
Hold. Up. Richard Dreyfus was in James and the Giant Peach?
Saw Richard Dreyfus in person in a small theater play and he looked exactly like Richard Dreyfus
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ah--pop still has his-gotta run--child calls, lots to do here while Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfus & Shaw entertain!
Richard Dreyfus and John Cassavetes on the set of John Badham's "Whose Life Is It Anyway?”
Watching Jaws. Classic thriller. So good. Richard Dreyfus, Roy Scheider. The music still gives me palpitations.
I want to stage whisper to my restaurant neighbors that Richard Dreyfus starred in Mr. Holland's Opus, not Robin Williams.
Much like the über talented Richard Dreyfus, is making a Devils tower out of his dooks
Richard Dreyfus and Cindy Williams on the big screen
Richard Dreyfus has played Henry Fonda's character from On Golden Pond in every movie since 1990.
It's mid-summer, why are Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfus wearing sweaters?
I dunno. Roy Scheider and Robert Shaw is dead and Richard Dreyfus is pretty old, so I don't think the cavalry is coming.
Monthly Classic Film Series... JUNE 14th, 6:45 pm - "Where were you in '62?" FREE - Ballston Spa High School auditorium on the big screen. It's back! We can't get away from this classic, end-of-school-year film that is fits so well with graduation time. This 1973 film is an entertaining coming of age story of four high school grads and their friends on their last night before leaving for college. Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfus, Harrison Ford, Mackenzie Phillips, Wolfman Jack and even Suzanne Somers (watch carefully) appear in this film that may have inspired the TV hit "Happy Days". "We're finally getting out of this turkey town, and now you wanna crawl back into your cell, right? You wanna end up like John? You just can't stay seventeen forever. "
What do Richard Dreyfus, Rob Reiner and John Ritter have in common on this 50th anniversary of Fiddler on the Roof?
Paul Giamatti put Richard Dreyfus out of business.
BRAIN STORM! They should do another American Graffiti with all the original cast. That would be Ronnie Howard, Cindy Williams, Suzanne Somers, Paul LeMat, Charles Martin Smith (Toad), Candy Clark, Richard Dreyfus, Mackenzie Phillips, and Harrison Ford. There could be a "rematch" race between John Milner and Bob Falfa, and Richard Dreyfus could finally meet the "mystery girl" in the white T-Bird. They made a sequel in 1978 called More American Graffiti but that has been 36 years ago. I would go see it. And of course the old music and cars as a reunion/car show theme. What do you think?
Back from Hollywood & the Turner Classic Movies festival! What a joy to share 4 days of amazing films with my son...from American Graffiti to Paper Moon to Stella Dallas to Spinal Tap to Meet Me in St. Louis to Jungle Book & Mary Poppins...not to mention hearing Richard Dreyfus, Mel Brooks & Richard Sherman sharing life stories...the best tho...seeing Gone With The Wind at Graumans, my all time favorite movie...with Thomas...doesn't get any better than that. Thx TCM & thx Thomas for an amazing & unforgettable experience!!!
And that's a wrap on the TV coverage of the Turner Classic Movie Festival. Awesome gig. Got to meet Mel Brooks, Jerry Lewis, Richard Dreyfus, and many others in one short weekend. And now I'm available for work if anyone needs me. ;-)
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one of my fav movies is a little known Speilberg movie called Always. With Holly Hunter and Richard Dreyfus
it was part of that same Streisand line from WHV...a WB movie from '87 also had Richard Dreyfus, Karl Malden, Eli Wallach
Stumbled on the Mandela Effect. Like Richard Dreyfus in Close Encounters whispering "this means something" to a mound of mashed potatoes.
What do you think about Babs in "Nuts" (1987)? I thought Barbra Streisand & Richard Dreyfus were awesome in the leads, with good supporting actors such as Eli Wallach as a control freak psychiatrist, Maureen Stapleton as Babs mom & Karl Malden as Babs child molesting step-father. One *** of a good movie
We "lost the kids" who in turn "lost" Coleton Ganz. Then we saw Karl Urban in the flesh! Also the guy trying to kill everyone in Underworld 2. Also saw 6 million dollar man and bionic woman, Richard Dreyfus, Peter Mayhew, the guy who was the Brown wizard in the Hobbit. Please do not ask me about Jessr's yellow gift. Be sure to ask his momma the story.
Richard Dreyfus, Karl Urban from Star Trek and Lord of the Rings, Lee Majors (6 million dollar man), Lindsay Wagner(Bionic Women), Peter Mahew (Chewbacca) Got their autographs today!!
It's trivia night! This evening's player chosen theme rounds are Bill Murray and Portland area progressive non-profits! Here's tonight's sample question: In the classic comedy What About Bob, Bill Murray plays plays a man with many phobias who follows his psychiatrist to his vacation home. What is the name of the book, written by the Richard Dreyfus psychiatrist character, that Bob reads, the title of which he repeats throughout the movie? Last week's winners are the geniuses Get Fact Up! Can anyone defeat them? Fun starts at 7:30!
."Stand By Me" I loved when I was 12. Then I wondered if Wil Wheaton would really grow up to look like Richard Dreyfus.
Most depressing event of the night: did a celebrity look-a-like website and here are a few of my results: Richard Dreyfus, Michael Bloomberg, OJ Simpson, Rob Schneider, Madeline Albright, Gwenyth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman and Kurt Russell. ***
Genuinely *delighted* to announce that I'm going to be hosting a Q&A 2014 with Richard Dreyfus :-)
So I got myself a ticket for this con last week... Steven Amell, Sylvester McCoy & Richard Dreyfus are also gonna be there! Woo!
Spending this evening with actor Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development) with an intro by Richard Dreyfus!
Are you telling me that literally none of these old Navy guys are Richard Dreyfus? That's poor staffing by Michael Bay.
Here's a true story: I wrote my tale "Snow," about a snowfall that never ends, in 1995. I wrote it during the worst snowstorm deluge we have ever had -- eleven major storms in one winter season, with other minor ones sprinkled in. I was using a dedicated word processor made by Radio Shack at the time, a P.O.S. in retrospect, and I composed it on our dining room table with my back to our deck: the snow was piled up six feet against the sliding glass door, almost to the top. I was on fire; the words were flowing out of me like poetry. And then, when the story was almost finished, I forget to save it and when I turned the machine off it went away. Into the ether, poof, gone, deleted. I recall how my friend Charlie Grant used to write his computer-generated novels in one swoop, all the chapters as one file, which scared me to death, and I also remember how the Richard Dreyfus character in the movie version of STAND BY ME turned off his computer with a flourish after finishing his story without saving wha ...
I was struggling to find a movie to watch. And then I thought, "where are the Richard Dreyfus movies?" And then it was easy.
So in American Graffiti, Richard Dreyfus' character becomes a writer. Then in Stand By Me he is writing a story about something that happened to him and his buddies when he was young! I know. I just blew your mind. Doing everything I can to not finish my homework. But these things are important!
watching Paranoia starring Harrison Ford,Gary Oldman ,the always great Richard Dreyfus and the other Hemsworth brother. Pretty good so far but keep waiting for Ford to tell Oldman to "GET OFF MY PLANE!"LOL
Blue clouds arrive in Philadelphia. Expecting Richard Dreyfus to start building mashed potato replicas
Where's the movie with Richard Dreyfus, Albert Brooks, and Dustin Hoffman? Anyone else have some movie Dream Teams they'd like to see realized?
They should do a sequel to "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" where it's just 90 minutes of Richard Dreyfus in a cage at the Pluto Zoo.
I usually sympathize with villains but when watching "What about Bob?" I just don't get what Richard Dreyfus is making such a fuss about.
"Richard Dreyfus what's his name again Fredrick Douglas " lmao 😂
Coconono killed in tragic *** explosion. Richard Dreyfus seen leaving the bathroom.
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fact file 101: the arguments between the characters Hooper and Quint in the film "Jaws" are half real. Richard Dreyfus hated Robert Shaw. The director found this out and exploited their hatred of each other
Special thanks to John, clubhouse "manager" and Richard Dreyfus of the front office for making good things happen.
Trying to stop a marriage between 2 people who make each other happy. He's a worse villain than Richard Dreyfus in Whose Life Is It Anyway?
The best part is that you can see exactly how Richard Dreyfus got to this point. We all have a person that everyone else loves but we hate.
When I'm irrationally mad, I talk to myself the same way Richard Dreyfus does here.
Richard Dreyfus officially degenerates into nothing but screams and grunts from this point on.
The constant cackle Richard Dreyfus has as he signs the paper and goes back the car is awesomely evil.
Richard Dreyfus is committing Bob involuntarily. He's a worse villain than the Nazi that stabbed Adam Goldberg in Saving Private Ryan.
Okay, now Richard Dreyfus is REALLY losing it and the movie kicks into high gear.
See, I could understand Richard Dreyfus going all Stray Dogs on Bob for challenging his manhood, but all he cares about is being annoyed.
Richard Dreyfus in this scene is basically me whenever I'm around people who are having fun.
Hands in the pockets Richard Dreyfus acting like he didn't just try to drown Bill Murray. A worse villain than Hitler in Inglorious Basterds
I love how Richard Dreyfus is already unraveling, less than 40 minutes into the movie.
I love how condescending Richard Dreyfus is, like, all the time. Such an ***
Richard Dreyfus stole these old people's home. I'm telling you. He's a worse villain than Benedict Cumberbatch in 12 Years A Slave.
And then Richard Dreyfus tried to ditch him. Man. He's a worse villain than Loki in The Avengers.
Oh man is there anything funnier than Bill Murray standing in the middle of town just screaming at the top of his lungs for Richard Dreyfus?
Richard Dreyfus in this movie is twice the diabolical villain Bane was in TDKR.
Kathyrn Erbe, aka Detective Woman Who Isn't Goren on Law and Order: Criminal Intent is Richard Dreyfus' daughter in this, you know.
Oh man, Richard Dreyfus is so hateable in this movie.
Daddy's a big to do. Frat movies. Animal House (makes it look like the misfits act like that, but it's the prim and proper set). Porky's. And what else? Speaking of drag racing. Watch AMERICAN GRAFFITTI with Ron Howard and Richard Dreyfus. Was that the precursor to Happy Days???
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Moon Over Parador is one of Paul Mazursky's best pictures. The cast is awesome and Richard Dreyfus is great as the neurotic actor. A gem.
I've been waiting for this for years. When Richard Dreyfus walked toward the mothership in "Close Encounters" I wanted to ride along. My old friends know I went to Devil's Tower & threw Reese's Pieces around my campsite during a full moon. I'll just say good-bye now and hope.
Any suggested questions for my interviews today with Richard Dreyfus, Gina Gershon, Fisher Stevens, Mary McDonnell, all on John Sayles?
Call for questions: today I'm interviewing Richard Dreyfus, Gina Gershon, Fisher Stevens, and (for a second time) John Sayles himself for my John Sayles piece. Any questions anyone would like to hear answered, about Sayles' films and their work therein? Let's crowdsource this mother!
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I'm telling you, Young Richard Dreyfus in Jaws was everything.
Gregg P. Sullivan Here are all my Film and TV production industry credits as well as my personal biography: My first love was Radio so I started working at NPR and WBAI then I moved over to TV and worked at Channel 5 in NYC then, ABC TV, then worked at CBS TV for 10 years, Mostly news, local, network and 60 Minutes but also worked for CBS Sports traveling around the country airing live sports events and Space Shuttle Launches, and I worked on the Soaps "The Guiding Light" and "As The World Turns". Lived in a great 2,200 square ft loft on Canal St and WBwy in Soho for 11 years before I went out to Hollywood to work in the film industry running my own film studios for 10 years where I worked with over 300 major feature films like "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" with Johnny Depp, "In the line of fire' with Clint Eastwood, "Hoffa" with Jack Nicholson, "Forrest Gump" with Tom Hanks, "Pulp Fiction" with Quentin Tarantino, Bruce Willis, James Gandolfini, John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Rosanna Ar ...
If Community came back and they'd recast the Chevy Chase role with Richard Dreyfus, I'd be totally on board.
Will you be played by Richard Dreyfus in the film version?
iPad painting - this is becoming a bit of a ‘Close Encounters .. Richard Dreyfus’ obsession :-/ http:/…
I just realized the older I get the more I look like Richard Dreyfuss in "Jaws", dammit cameras, why you gotta document this? Oh well back to playing songs inspired by the beautiful muse I have been blessed to meet... ;)
Celebrities I thought were the same person in my youth..., Paul Newman and RIchard Dreyfus, Steve Martin and Phil Donahue, Tony Danza and Chachi, John Goodman and John Candy, Alan Ruck and Edward Norton.
version of Stand By Me with Richard Dreyfus voiceover, genius 😂😂
That is a fantastic film. Richard Dreyfus is also in it.
Greg Nicotero stalked Richard Dreyfus on the set of Piranha 2 "He'd wall, I'd walk."   10% Off
"Id give up the Oscar, the fame, the money, if I could just relate to my kid". -Richard Dreyfus to me ten years ago today.
Dazed and Graffiti: Encore is playing the 1973 classic about life in '62 with Ronny Howard and Richard Dreyfus. It occurs to me that it's the same movie as the 1993 classic about 1975 with Matthew McIcantspellhis name. Both are entertaining.
Tonight we just stumbled on the old classic movie, American Graffiti- amazing that it pre-dates Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Three's Company and all those stars are in it. Harrison Ford, Richard Dreyfus, Suzanne Sommers, Ron Howard are all teenagers! The Fonzie character is way cuter too. What a fun soundtrack.Come on, Tom, let's do the twist!
Next up American Graffiti with Ron Howard and Richard Dreyfus. 1973 classic
Richard Dreyfuss Actor | Producer | Soundtrack American leading man who has played his fair share of irritating pests and brash, ambitious hustlers, Richard Dreyfuss worked his way up through bit parts (The Graduate, for one) and TV before gaining attention with his portrayal of Baby Face Nelson in John Milius' Dillinger. He gained prominence as a college-bound young man in American Graffiti ... See full bio » Born: Richard Stephen Dreyfus October 29, 1947 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
Like Richard Dreyfus says in the movie What about bob... Breathe, baby steps... Lol
Famous people on the toilet legends Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfus.RD 'it must be a 20 footer?' . RS '25 and 3 tonnes of it !'.
I just want to see Roy Schieder's face when Richard Dreyfus slices this shark open.
Is it just me or does anyone else hear Richard Dreyfus in their head when they reach for a yogurt??? I know it's a really really obscure movie reference but I'm sure Chuck Williams, Tino Magnatta, Michael Black, and Andrew Gobin will get it with no problem :)
What do Winona Rider, Richard Dreyfus, Kate Jackson and Courtney Dalzell Neville have in common?
Ok everyone, I'm having a bit of a FREAK OUT and need some good energies and is my LAST appointment with my psychiatrist, who I love dearly, she is leaving the practice. I am horrified, as it took me years to find her. I am starting to feel like the lead character in "what about Bob." (Bill Murray, Richard Dreyfus...HILARIOUS)...but only not so funny this close up. I am so hoping I will find another therapist who understands me like she does.
Have I told you about the times, people thought I was Richard Dreyfus?
Special birthday wishes go out today to Peter Green (67), Richard Dreyfus (66), Beth Chapman (46), Winona Ryder (42), and also to Mark Sheehan (37).
68 windy degrees under cloudy skies this morning in WW. Hope everyone has a great day. Happy birthday to a great guy today, Eric Weiss! Please don't forget to let anyone you think might be interested that the Flower Bin is up for sale. Today in 1929 the Great Depression began, in 1971 Duane Allman died, in 1956 the Suez Crisis began, in 1618 Sir Walter Raleigh was executed, in 1947 Richard Dreyfus was born, and in 1966 96 Tears was Today is Internet Day, National Cat Day, and World Psoriasis Day. Have a great one.
Happy Birthday today to Winona Ryder, Richard Dreyfus, Ben Foster, Rufus Sewell, Dan Castellaneta, and the late Don Simpson.
So someone told me I looked like someone from Firefly while at con. So I decided to do the whole "What celebrity do you look like" thing. And I'm a 54% match to Richard Dreyfuss. T_T I'll try another one to hopefully save my self esteem
It's narrated by Michael York and reads everything out word for word, Richard Dreyfus is Moses
I'm on a porch with a boy that looks like Richard Dreyfus from Jaws & a boy that looks like Walter White Jr so my night is going incredibly.
Get well. Oh, and Richard Dreyfus, Faye Dunaway and Jeffrey Tambor are available to sub in the interim.
do the aliens come soon to whisk you and Richard Dreyfus away?
remember when Richard Dreyfus texted me
I want Richard Dreyfus to narrate the rest of my week in great detail. All of it. Poops included.
I never remember whether or not Richard Dreyfus survives Jaws.
One time I prank called Richard Dreyfus in the CNN greenroom and asked him about
If I get any hungrier I will be able to hear Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfus fighting.
Just watched liked the jaws reference, tho this film REALLY needed Richard Dreyfus.
Ah, *** he DOES sound like Richard Dreyfus! I'd rather have Dreyfus. Better Conversation.
I remember a story of him throwing Richard Dreyfus through a window back in the day.
Disqualified with prejudice against his later political views. Hear me out: 1968, James Cagney... Richard Dreyfus.
really?? *searches* I thought he was great in the Stake Out films. I follow Richard Dreyfus but he doesn't follow back.
Liam Hemsworth, Harrison Ford, Miley Cyrus, Amber Heard and Richard Dreyfus...all at the premiere of "Paranoia"---SBN-10TH
and... Richard Dreyfus is in film as well. all star cast. can't wait. dd more knows:
Any show with Jaws in it needs more Richard Dreyfus.
Say what you like about 70s Richard Dreyfus, that man sure could rock a denim shirt.
Indeed. More Seth Shostak than Richard Dreyfus :). At least he won't be so mud-obsessed.
however, I have always quite fancied Richard Dreyfus.
Roy Schneider > Richard Dreyfus this man speaks the truth
OMG who dsn't know Richard Dreyfus,Gary OLDman & Harrison Ford
Watching Jaws. Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, and Richard Dreyfus -- the perfect Trifect-R!
Masticator it is if you rate it. Is Richard Dreyfus too old?
Welcome back, Glenn..However, with the whiskers you kind of look like a cross between Richard Dreyfus & Wilford Brimley
Just watched the Goodbye Girl with Richard Dreyfus and Marsha Mason. I always loved that movie.
Enchanted by the Goodbye Girl- Marsha Mason &Richard Dreyfus on TCM circa 1977 -one of the best movies of the decade.
If you're looking for a good movie check out TCM. Neil Simon's Goodbye Girl from 1977 just came on. Richard Dreyfus won best actor that year at the Oscars for this movie. Also stars Marsha Mason, and Quinn Cummings.
This Canada Day, I'm listing Canadians who come to my mind right now: Dan Aykroyd (comedian), Robertson Davies (novelist), Stephen Leacock (humorist), Alexander Graham Bell (no description necessary), William Shatner (see previous set of parentheses), Neil Young (of course), Rick Danko (I think), Alanis Morissette (I think), Rufus Wainwright (born in the U.S., but raised in Canada), Lorne Michaels, Lorne Greene (you know both Lornes) David Cronenberg (The Fly and all that), Leonard Cohen (hal-ay-flippin-lu-ya), John Candy (comedian), Michael J. Fox (comedic actor), Margaret Atwood (novelist), Richard Dreyfus (no intro needed), Mordecai Richler (author of the novel on which Richard Dreyfus's first or second movie is based, THE APPRENTICESHIP OF DUDDY KRAVITZ) and -- That's the list for now.
A movie with Emilio Estevez, Rosie O'Donnell and Richard Dreyfus. And I'm watching it.,
Now listening to Glengarry glen Ross with Joe Mantegna and Richard Dreyfus. Ftw
Salad bar Little Dutch with Mom today--amazing woman--signing up for Tai Chi next week at 90--then on to stepmom's house to check in--all fine--then watched Bruce Willis in "Red" tonight--funny CIA flick with powerhouse cast (Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, Richard Dreyfus, Ernest Borgnine, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker)--2 thumbs up!
Roy Scheider and Robert Shaw are dead. Not sure about Lorraine Gray. And Richard Dreyfus is an ***
Just finished watching "The Goodbye Girl" by Neil Simon 1977 Richard Dreyfus and Marsha Mason...forgot how much I liked that movie.
If you missed Uncle Cal's Trash Mag Headlines this morning, you missed the following : Stars who have aged well : Raquel Welch, Diedre Hall, Reba McEntire, Meryl Streep, Julie Andrews, Debbie Reynolds, Joan Collins, The Nightprowler Chuck Cannon. Stars who have NOT aged well : Woody Allen (horrible), Billy Joel (looks like death warmed over), Al Pacino (looks like *** , Richard Dreyfus and Bill Murray (I speculate that they aged one another during the filming of "What About Bob"), Kevin Sorbo (TVs Hercules looks like he is about ready to be put out to pasture); Larry King (probably all of the marriages have done a number on The King, baby), Calvin Cotton (hey wait a minute...), and Eddie Van Halen (he's been runnin' with the devil and at 58, it shows)! In other news, the man who replaced Buddy Holly as lead singer of The Crickets after Holly died in the plane crash was a SECRET SPY. Jerry Naylor became a CIA spy in the 1970s, he was known as "the singing spy". Finally, Sandra Harmon, a writer for the Dic ...
13 foot long Great White spotted of the coast of Cape Cod. Life imitating art- is Richard Dreyfus out there?
Does anyone remember a movie from about 20 years or so ago with Bill Murray and that understated actor Richard Dreyfus called "What About Bob?" Any thoughts?
Best movie lines ever? Your suggestions welcome. One of my favorites: Emillo Estevez and Richard Dreyfus in the movie Stakeout are playing a movie trivia game, trying to match quotes with movies. Estevez hits Dreyfus with this challenge: "This was no boating accident."
Just got tickets to see Richard Dreyfus and Joe Mantegna in a stage production of David Mamet's Glen Garry Glen Ross. JEALOUS??? ha ha ha! I will be accompanied by the inimitable Leva Schneider, who I'm sure will look super cute who I love even though she's a grouch
Sea World FC have put in a bid, but Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfus have to catch him first
I think my fave is the one with Will Ferrell -- hard to say, tho ... “Richard Dreyfus? What is his name? Frederick Douglas.”
Quien me ayuda a comprar on-line una pelicula que se llama: what about bob, con Bill Murray y Richard Dreyfus
It wouldn't surprise me. Still confused how they got Christopher Lloyd and Richard Dreyfus to play roles in this movie.
Two actors duke it out for space on Flashback Monday. Who's your choice? Richard Dreyfus or George Takei
Breast Cancer Awareness
Trivia question: In what movie did Richard Dreyfus play Baby Face Nelson? Answer: Dillinger (1973). That was also the tour de force of Warren Oates. And Ben Johnson played Melvin Purvis. Great film. I've seen it several times before but thanks to Henry Lukens, it is being shown again tonight on ThisTV. Compared to anything else on network TV tonight, it is by far the best choice. Last night it was Across 110th Street. The best Anthony Quinn/Yaphet Kotto collaboration. I do love old films.
Last week I went to a luncheon and listened to actor Richard Dreyfus talk about his bipolar disorder. Actually, he didn’t so much talk about his mania as gush about it. He went on and on about how how “grand and glorious” his life had been.. He knew he as a “manic depressive” because he was “thrille...
Quiz time: what do Demi Lovato, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Pete Wentz, Linda Hamilton, and Richard Dreyfus have in common?
so, in my dream, Roy Scheider and I are standing on the stern deck of the ORCA, and Richard Dreyfus is in the cabin. Scheider looks out into a sea made of boxes of Girl Scout cookies. He turns to me and says, "You're going to need some bigger pants." Show me the way to go home.I'm tired and I wanna go to bed. I had some Tagalongs about and hour ago and the sugar went to my head...
Pretty sure Richard Dreyfus was there for jc brooks... Jon Voigt from Midnight Cowboy just walked into
watching Food Network Cake Challenges always makes me want to attempt to build a cake in my living room a là Richard Dreyfus in Close Encounters. In reality, I'm just happy when I don't burn anything or myself.
Here's one of my nutty and probably stupid ideas: In The Wonder Years, Daniel Stern sounded nothing like Fred Savage, in Stand By Me, Richard Dreyfus sounded nothing like Wil Wheaton. Someone should film one of those "retrospective" movies and then can it for 10-15 years (however long it takes for the lead actor to reach "full adulthood"), and then have them come back and do the narration.
WORST KIDS SHOW EVER: It would be hosted by Richard Dreyfus, the house band would be Portishead and Wilfred Brimley would do Story Time where he'd yell at the kids about how he can't read the "damned text". Common guests would be *** Cavett, Phillip Glass, Mickey Rooney, Janet Reno and the dad from Frasier. Every episode would close with passages from J.G. Ballard, James Joyce, Ayn Rand and Aleister Crowley being read by Genesis P-Orridge, Diane Rhem and Stephen Hawking.
feel like Richard Dreyfus in a scar comparison comp with Robert Shaw now.
I don't think anyone could play the parts in that film better than Bill Murray & Richard Dreyfus.
Huh, Richard Dreyfus is in Piranha 3D clearly going as close as copyright law will allow to revisiting his character from Jaws. Even singing Show Me The Way To Go Home. He's not going to survive the prologue, is he? Oop, already dead.
Todd! Thank you, sir.but no Richard Dreyfus? Not even Roy Scheider?
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