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Richard Curtis

Richard Whalley Anthony Curtis, CBE (born 8 November 1956) is a New Zealand-born British screenwriter, music producer, actor and film director, known primarily for romantic comedy films such as Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jones's Diary, Notting Hill, Love Actually and The Girl in the Café, as well as the hit sitcoms Blackadder, Mr.

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Curtis Granderson has hit his first grand slam since . . . last week.
Respect to you curtis... Wishing manz all da best come fight night
he's calming down now thankfully...lad said he liked dr it likes a Richard Curtis film
never fails to disappoint. Unexplained lateness, followed by a carriage that is hotter than the sun. I don't miss this everyday!
Will we see you at vets this season Curtis?? 😉
Join us at - book your place now. Speakers incl Richard Curtis, Steve Brine MP & Sir David Spiegelhalter…
I remember, it was the same year as the Michael Moorcock novel, the Richard Curtis episode & the Cha…
richard curtis i just want to say that i'm a big fan of your films. And would you make Love actually 2 if so would it wo…
Ah, yes.I believe Richard Curtis is working on the script as we speak. ..
This thread is nice, but dad in darkened spin studio*. *leaves*. "What a lot, richard curtis! Message
Me and my love! As of July 2, 2017, Mr. And Mrs. Richard S. Curtis Jr.
Richard Curtis is a master of direction when it comes to moments of human poignancy. This is piercing.
Cannes, right? . Richard Curtis ever made was 'Love Actuary'.
I know right! That's why I love Richard Curtis as a director, he knows how to fictionalise life accurately
It's such a good warm and fuzzy holiday movie. Give me Nora Ephron or Richard Curtis films and I'll always be a happy gal!
Richard Curtis killing me with brilliant romcom as always. And now I just want to watch them all
Just saw the Big Sick. Wonderful film. Just lovely. I hope Richard Curtis got a cutting from the reel!
Let's just say, if Hardy was alive today, Richard Curtis won't come calling anytime soon.
Curtis Granderson decided to end that with his first Dodgers home run, ending Verlander's bid at 5.2 IP, matching his lo…
The new guy, Curtis Granderson, breaks up Verlander's no hitter w solo homer for 1-0 lead over
And Curtis Granderson's first homer as a Dodger changes this game. No-hitter gone, scoreless tie gone.
Justin Verlander gives up a solo shot to former teammate, Curtis Granderson. No hitter on side is over.
Another fine example of why Richard Curtis names the fool in his films 'Bernard'.
Dodgers claimed RHPJordan Jankowski from Astros & sent RHP Jacob Rhame to the Mets to complete the Curtis Granderson trade.
Another great conversation with Curtis Hollinger todau
Oi comedy writers! This MasterClass with Richard Curtis is BRILLIANT
Fukin ell Curtis you're looking in good nick 👍 👌 👊 👊 👊
Yep. It's a shame all this trolling to get fights. Real…
It is a classic (despite the "is it raining" scene) But I've hated every Richard Curtis movie sinc…
A few we reckon! and should be one. 5* show at 16.10, C Cubed. Think Richard Curtis m…
Benard, you are a sad nudist, constantly mocked by Richard Curtis.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"It isn’t Richard Spencer calling the cops on me for farming while Black. It’s nervous White women in yoga pants.".
The Dodgers are now 8-0 in 2017 when Curtis Granderson attends one of their games.
Revenge-driven male model Nelson (Javier Bardem) goes back in time with manipulative Rae (Judi Dench) in Richard Curtis' latest rom-com
According to my copy of Richard Scarry's Busy Book of Official Scoring, the pop fly by Curtis Granderson should have been ruled a double.
Ben Elton & Richard Curtis at their absolute peak of comic writing powers from BA…
.place RHP Yu Darvish (lower back tightness) on 10-day DL, retro to 8/17; add OF Curtis Granderson to roster.
The Dodgers are taking a significant amount of Curtis Granderson's salary, but not all of it. The Mets ate some cash f…
Today's Dodgers lineup with newly acquired Curtis Granderson.
Curtis Granderson is excited to wear same uniform as Jackie Robinson. Talked about it already with family & friends.
Curtis Granderson makes his Dodgers' debut vs the Tigers today on
Curtis Granderson said he expects to mostly play left field.
Can’t say I saw that one coming. Curtis Granderson is now a Dodger
best communication device: An unstuck post-it note; The plot to a Richard Curtis movie; A conveyer-belt of your missed opportunities.
Love is in the Air ❤️😍🎈 Richard Curtis's Love Actually returns for one night only and we have Pixar's lovely Up for…
Curtis Granderson has .853 OPS including 15 HR vs RHP this season.
BREAKING: The Los Angeles Dodgers have acquired Curtis Granderson from the New York Mets.
It really has too. Wasn't Curtis whooping our *** during the post season?
Curtis Granderson says goodbye to the Mets.
Curtis Granderson was quietly pretty awesome for the Mets. Dodgers are getting great value.
The Dodgers have acquired Curtis Granderson. I'm told the deal will be announced shortly. Enjoy your Friday.
Bannon is NOT the White House connection to the US Nazis. STEPHEN MILLER IS! He's college friends with Richard Spence…
Aaron Sorkin's US presidents remind me of Richard Curtis' UK governments, a bit aspirational, but always c…
Richard Curtis skates with Philadelphia Symmetry on Fox 29 here at Hatfield Ice!
.Good to see you're a Richard Curtis fan esp as this is not even one of his jokes but a poignant plea by one of his characters!
Richard Curtis asks children to think about their food choices impact on SDGs & make changes
Life is but a Richard Curtis movie starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts @ Notting Hill
Suggestion No. 3: Marvellous Myths series by & Richard Curtis! Prepare to roar with laughter! 😂😂…
Richard Curtis didn't go from high school teacher to permanent LIVE co-host, but he did just land another TV job:
Kelly Ripa didn't pick Richard Curtis as her LIVE co-host, but your favorite teacher just landed another TV gig:…
Can we just have Hugh Grant in charge (with Richard Curtis as his speechwriter) *calls for
Richard Curtis, January Jones and Chris O'Dowd on the set of 'The Boat That Rocked' (2009)
Richard Curtis admits he never actually wanted to make Love Actually sequel as excitement builds for Comic Relief……
Richard Curtis has excellent taste in music and he places it perfectly in his films. Love Actually high: Bill Nighey
Why I love Emma Thompson and Richard Curtis. Just the story made me tear up.
Variety ♦ “Love Actually” director Richard Curtis announced in February that he reunited with the cast for a…
Directed by Michael Bay from a script by Richard Curtis, with "additional dialog" (read: Americanization) by David…
Love Actually director Richard Curtis gives final say on an Alan Rickman tribute
Richard Curtis reveals why Love Actually won't pay tribute to Alan Rickman in Comic Relief special
Richard Curtis on the fate of Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman's storyline in Love Actually 2
Emma Thompson ga ikutan reuni Love Actually. . "Ems isn’t in it. She just can’t do it," said Richard Curtis
This should be the start of a David Nicholls book or Richard Curtis film.
ICYMI: Richard Curtis confirms cast is reuniting for a short film sequel
As a reminder Richard Curtis is Martin Freeman's really good friend so Martin Freeman will definitely be in this. 😘
Richard Curtis movies get less funny and more successful over time...Will the trend continue?
It's highly unfair that the Love Actually sequel is not actually a full-length film. That's just mean!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Still deciding what I think about this... 🤔
Love Actually sequel to screen on Red Nose Day 2017 - Follow-up to Richard Curtis’s loved-and-hated Christmas r...
My thoughts on the forthcoming Love Actually 2
It'll only be a 10 minutes long, but how fun is this?! 💕💕💕
My new favourite game - writing what happens next in Richard Curtis films.
GUYS CHECK IT! Super cool thing happening for both Love Actually fans and the Red Nose Day telethon. ❤.
Will it be a fun revisit to Love Actually? I'm planning to watch it just in cases...
LOVE ACTUALLY reunion short film planned for Comic Relief. to be written by Richard Curtis
I have a lot of respect for Richard Curtis. Can't see him getting that many of the cast back for 20 mins (i hope)
"Amid all the cynicism, can I actually say that I did like Love Actually? Is everyone who posts here unable to e..."
. You don't think you could have used Richard Curtis in your headline?
"There is actually a cloud of sadness in Love Actually 2" wow, a film I could like less than Love Actually
Love Actually 2: what should happen in Richard Curtis' sequel
Richard Curtis is writing a sequel for
Had a wee next to Antonio Banderas. And queued behind Richard Curtis at the buffet. Both at same event.
Richard Curtis will reunite the cast of Love Actually (Grant, Knightley, Firth, Neeson, Lincoln etc) for Red Nose Day Actua…
Hugh Grant, Bill Nighy, and Keira Knightley are just some of the stars returning for the Love Actually sequel.
O. M. G. Richard Curtis just called with my wedding present: to confirm he is making a sequel of…
"We need more wire cutters!" ~ new alltime fav movie line. . From "War Horse" (Steven Spielberg), written by Lee Hall & Richard Curtis
just watching today's pointless ... Didn't Richard Curtis direct Four Weddings and Notting Hill before he did love actually ??
While I'm sure Christian Slater has interesting stories, that doesn't make an interesting cohost for Richard Curtis is it!
people bag Richard Curtis, but having Emma Thompson straighten the marital bed and then try to get on with it is powerful af. In my opinion.
It's nice. Baby Boom, First Wives Club, and, again Richard Curtis, Notting Hill are the films I watch with me mum.
Today has contest winner Richard Curtis as co-host with Michael Fassbender + Singer/songwriter at 9…
Hugh Grant's finest moment and the only part of Richard Curtis's work I can stand:.
Generally I like things by Ben Elton, Richard Curtis, David Croft and Jimmy Perry, but not Graham Linehan.
I don't wanna watch a Bridget Jones movie if Richard Curtis wasn't involved. Zero of you can relate to this, I'm sure.
Starting The Black Adder, by Richard Curtis: Listening to this in audiobook - read by th...
Boris Johnson representing us across the world as Foreign Minister is good for people who think Richard Curtis films are documentaries
One day it will be the opening scene in a Richard Curtis movie. Gove played by Steve Coogan.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
If you want to watch a great feel good film, then Richard Curtis's About Time is on Ch4 Sunday 9pm...saw it at the cinema, loved it :)
can John Hughes or Richard Curtis please direct my life
Good luck to the magnificent & Richard Curtis with today's Love the promo: .
I'm on butties and cereal bars I think! Also 🍫!
My lord it looks a long way from Ilkley to home! The Jaffa Cake and Haribo stash will be called upon a lot!
We'll setting off from the pub at 7am TOMORROW to walk back to -
Can we have lunch at during out walk?
A disproportionate increase in younger transgender people may be due to social/peer pressure - Dr Richard Curtis
There is increased pressure to treat younger transgender people with less 'gatekeeping' - Dr Richard Curtis
Coffee over, we're about to hear from Dr Richard Curtis about diverse patient groups and transgender patients.
Project Everyone was founded by Richard Curtis, filmmaker and founder of Comic Relief.
Last night's film: Notting Hill. I am always in the mood for Richard Curtis and young Hugh Grant. Always.
Ian Curtis died 36 years ago today. It took me 36 years to 'get' Joy Division. I got there in the end. Will listen to the Paradiso gig today
Save the recipe page: The most British petition for change ever, in fact the Richard Curtis of petisions for change
We now open our mail with gloves and mask, though I can't imagine why ...
Richard Curtis is very kindly on stage after someone else talked about knit ***
You look like Richard Jefferson trying to do that trick pass.
Wondered which *** would compare Victoria Wood with Alan Bennett on the tribute programme. It was that wanker Richard Curtis.
Trivial Pursuit and a Richard Curtis film with the Deerings this eve. So wonderful the way you really can make your kids in your own image.
yeah, but I'll bet a big sum of money the job will go to some knobhead like Richard Curtis
Watched the first two. It lacks that Richard Curtis finesse. You'd think he would have stepped in.
HIGHLIGHTS:. 1. Performing Blasted with Richard, Liz and Curtis directing. 2. A walk in the woods and the map we made the next week
Ian Curtis, died 36 years ago today.
right now life feels like a 1960s Jean-Luc Godard movie being re-shot as a Richard Curtis rom-com...that makes me surprisingly happy! :)
ah cool I did Richard Curtis film for section B - about Britishness. Section A I did marketing online >
My wife whos coming thinks its some kind of Richard Curtis rom com,think she may be disapointed
I want to like Upstart Crow, really I do, but it needs to admit it needs more Richard Curtis, and maybe a character called Blackadder in it.
What should we keep an eye out for during our Walk?
Time for the can you tell which Richard Curtis movie this little red Ibiza appears in?
I tend to turn down books originally published as e-books. As for selling b...
"This will be a cute moment, so we'll abandon the time travel logic for a minute so it can happen" - Richard Curtis, the whole *** movie.
The fact I've met Richard Curtis and Posy 🐶 feels like a massive life achievement tbh. Can I put it on my CV?
Upstart Crow is yet further proof that without one another, Ben Elton and Richard Curtis are awful.
Love and Dozen Roast Potatoes is almost here! Like Richard Curtis on speed...
Prawn On The Lawn - Straight out of a Richard Curtis film, this wet fish counter will leave you anything but cold.
Who is daft enough to walk from to in a day? The team Sponsor them here
Richard Curtis has a lot to answer for.
It happened. I met Connie Britton. We hugged. It was massive! And then she introduced me to her assistant as 'Richard Curtis's daughter'.
This week a team of intrepid accountants from will be walking 29 miles for
"This is going to be very original Richard Curtis style rom com"
I've finally met someone who hates Richard Curtis films more than me & that's saying something. Love Actually makes me so angry!
loved Protest Song was great. Wonderful performance. Sat with Richard Curtis and Emma Freud.
This week we’re starting our epic trek through to raise money for
Honoring Sgt Richard Curtis Jackson, died 5/11/1968 in South Vietnam. Honor him so he is not forgotten. https:/…
OMG. Richard Curtis has turned into a Sith Lord. I just saw him on the Victoria Wood tribute show. That pale face! Those EYES!
Jo’s battle against malaria inspired a Richard Curtis character but she’d give it all up to have her son Harry back
So yeah. This is happening today thanks to First game since 2009. Could be interesting
We're raising money for the by walking 29 miles from on 19th May
That sounds like a quirky shot at the being of a movie, is Richard Curtis nearby?
then Richard Curtis would have to do the walk of shame
We should definitely introduce this system for General Elections.
Nah, you gotta watch a couple of Richard Curtis movies, too. Are you kidding? :-p
Rejects from several indie bands come together and release song, someone sign up Richard Curtis now!
Azerbaijan is questionable (at best), but I'm pretty certain that Australia is not in Europe. It could not be much further away
How to Get Your E-Book Published by William Quick and Richard Curtis hard cover
man in a mid-film Richard Curtis montage while he goes about his interior design business, trying to forget a quirky woman
I've often wondered which of Ben Elton or Richard Curtis put the wit and originality into Blackadder. It must have been Curtis.
so true, maybe we should just let Ben Elton and Richard Curtis write it, they probably need the money!
I'm a huge fan of Richard Curtis - there's real grief, real compassion in h...
Richard Curtis and Ben Elton, in Blackadder II... But that was for comic effect.
Richard Curtis the person who called Margaret Beckett the ugliest person in Britain in the script of V of Dibley U like him?
I’m also just a girl. Standing in front of a boy. Asking him to love her. — Richard Curtis: Notting Hill
D'you mean the Richard Curtis thing? GOOD. Rhys Ifans is 100% more of a babe than Hugh Grant.
Justin Rose looks and sounds like the villain in a Richard Curtis film.
A great Saturday Club today led by Richard Curtis and David Tanner working on craft and performance. Good job guys!
no, it's true. Heathrow is where Richard Curtis got the idea from.
Richard Curtis has built whole scripts around less.
Aww James could be straight out of any Richard Curtis movie script. Well done Kate!
8. Vincent and the Doctor. Looks gorgeous, and is as good as you would expect a Richard Curtis episode to be
Yes, it's a contender too along with every other Richard Curtis film other than Four Weddings and a Funeral.
last seen as "Flustered Notting Hill Resident" in Richard Curtis' hit, "Hugh Grant Falls in Love with a Pole with Two Kids"
GROUNDHOG DAY reboot except it's a Garry Marshall-Richard Curtis coproduction where bumbling white hetero couples hook up in Punxsutawney.
amazing isn't it! Also amazing that's it's clearly Richard Curtis's best film and gets hardly any headlines or exposure.
Is this being scripted by Richard Curtis? Here’s more love:
The Persuaders script signed by both Sir Roger Moore and Tony Curtis via
One wild ride: The No. 41 has a surprising history in the Sprint Cup Series
Dissertation title: 'I live in Notting Hill, you live in Beverly Hills: Trasatlanticism in the Films of Richard Curtis.' Excite!!
In conversation with Richard Curtis - the man behind Blackadder, The Vicar of Dibley, Four Weddings and Notting Hill
Interim boss Alan Curtis is not expecting Manchester City's Ivorian striker Wilfred Bony to return to Swansea in Jan h…
Bowie came to see Rowan, Richard Curtis & me in our west end show in 1981. He congratulated me on my script & *** on the music
have not seen it. Richard Curtis has made some good films though
"ABOUT TIME" IS ON!. I LOVE Richard Curtis almost as much as I love Aaron Sorkin!!
Amazing film. I absolutely love Richard Curtis films. Can't believe it took me so long to see this one.
Fun Fact My second favourite film of all time is a Richard Curtis film... About Time.
Couldn't help it, I saw About Time on my Netflix front screen and had to watch it. I LOVE Richard Curtis and it did not disappoint at all.
Love The Vicar of Dibley. when will you and Richard Curtis bring us The Bishop of Dibley? No excuse now! 😊
Just weeping a little from watching Oh to live in a quirky, smushy Richard Curtis world. Nice film for a soaking wet jan night.
“These new interactive TVs are really good! > I have a SMART TV :-)!!
Todays tv has been very pleasing on the eye Tony Curtis, Gregory Peck, Richard Gere and now Jude Law 😍
These new interactive TVs are really good!
I think I need a lie down after that
I'm not quite sure what happened there. In a mixture of shock, excitement, jubilation.
Being a Seahawks fan shaves years of your life
Richard Sherman called for pass interference.
Spot did look a bit generous. Seems like that's the way it's going to go for both teams then.
Adam Thelein in man coverage against Richard Sherman. That went as expected.
Richard Curtis again. (of course.) Based on Roald Dahl. Director Dearbhla Walsh. (yes seems to be her name.) :o)
I love Richard Curtis as a writer and wanted to see this one but it vanished from theatres really fast. Glad it’s on Netflix
As a rom-com aficionado MAN UP is the best one to come along in years. could be true next Richard Curtis.
"These are the best days of our lives.". The Boat That Rocked (2009) dir. Richard Curtis
I would literally do anything for Richard Curtis. Anything.
Now he's talking about 'his' council estate in East Norwich. I wonder if he realises he's currently on a train to Nottingham.
"If you say that's orange and I say it's *Insert expletive of choice* orange. Is it still orange?" Well yes, that's kind of how colours work
"Now because I sound like a racist, you will think I'm a racist", that was the last 15 minutes of racism-filled ranting that did that!
Great performance, an away win and no Yaya to moan at. A perfect day
Update your maps at Navteq
Overheard on the train: "Now I'm no racist" followed by a 15 minute expletive filled rant about refugees from Syria on 'his' council estate.
I have been living in London for a full year now and so far my experience has resembled a Richard Curtis film in absolutely 0 ways
Man City fans doing the 'Poznan' away at Norwich today.
We have been in Norwich for an hour - and for 45 minutes we have been sitting in Nandos. We have now run out of things to do in Norwich
Would he disapprove of my single heathen lifestyle?’me and my Syrian refugee lodger. Cld b a Richard Curtis film 💕😢.
what a lovely picture from the next Richard Curtis movie!
Tracey Curtis-Taylor describes flying solo for 20 days in an open cockpit biplane
EXCLU: to star in Working Title's THE LITTLE MERMAID; Richard Curtis in talks to write
Richard Curtis is a goddamned genius
fair point. Wonder if he would have played if it was a home game. Weather maybe a factor?
Just out of karma i prefer to save that talk till its over even if only a week. He may still have time to reBeast
Think either way, he's probably done in Seattle anyway. Unless a big restructure of his contract
Well, this is 'Bridget Jones meets Kenneth Branagh meets Richard Curtis'. Think of Colin Firth and Hugh Grant rom-coms
if Richard Curtis and/or Hugh Grant starred you would have gone?!
Coldplay is what you'd get if you asked Richard Curtis to create a cool indie band.
very good film. as are all Richard Curtis film. x
Bill Nighy reciting Willy Russell's 'Brian's Nativity Play' at Nordoff Robbins Carol Service in Chelsea. Life is life a Richard Curtis film!
Ronnie Corbett and Richard Curtis are writing all my jokes for me now but I think you'll agree it's a vast improvement.
Script by Richard Curtis directed by Stephen Daldry (Billy Elliott) Thursday's film is 'Trash'. A feel-good movie for the festive season.
Olivia Olson, who played schoolgirl Joanna in Richard Curtis' popular flick over 10 years ago, has grown up now and movie-lovers are able
he was in that Richard Curtis film about operation yewtree the early years so maybe he feels like he told us so
Richard Curtis, another happy customer from Bell Ford
COOL NEWS: to star in THE LITTLE MERMAID for Universal! LOVE ACTUALLY's Richard Curtis to write script http…
Adam Curtis weekend right here in Not to be confused with Richard Curtis.…
Ha - in The Times casts Cameron's vision of Britain as a Richard Curtis film, Corbyn's as pure Ken Loach...
'You sit in front of a keyboard until your forehead bleeds'- Richard Curtis on writing (quoted by Alan Davies on
Global Brands, Igniting Social Good w/ Richard Curtis, Sir John Hegarty and Jonathan Klein of at
At Advertising Week listening to Sir John Hegarty and Richard Curtis talk…
John Hegarty and Richard Curtis on global goals Perfect ending of an inspiring day
Yesterday went to the to hear Richard Curtis & Sir John Hegarty talk about the
John Hegarty and Richard Curtis team up to push United Nations’ ‘Global Goals’: The United Na...
We made a film with Richard Curtis for to spread the word about Please watch and pass it on! https:…
Would love to see this on a campaign poster. Or at the apex of an emotional speech in a Richard Curtis film
Each week Emma Freud writes about her & Richard Curtis moving to NYC. Each week Telegraph readers tell her to *** off.
Take time out from all this madness. Celebrate the oh-so-English genius of Richard Curtis and Ben Elton
Ken Ehrlich and Richard Curtis will produce a one-hour special from the concert to air Sept 27 on NBC and Sept 28 on BBC One in the UK.
Yates then directed Richard Curtis' script to The Girl in the Café, a television film starring Bill Nighy and Kelly Macdonald.
This is brilliant. The whole book needs to be rewritten by Ben Elton, Richard Curtis and Rowan Atkinson.
The AME Church was birthed from Richard Allen and others being attacked for praying in a church.
Coming to your theaters: an ad for the SDGs featuring a llama and Liam Neeson voicing God.
Richard Curtis comes to mind. I used to work in cinema and love films and the industry. . Thanks for asking!
the movie.Directed by Richard Curtis,stars Hugh Grant as Tea drinking Rock Star who falls in some mud.Hilarious!
Filmmaker Richard Curtis' Project Everyone aims to reach 7 billion people in 7 days on upcoming
Actor launches world's first global cinema ad campaign
Ending poverty and inequality via are the only things I'll sacrifice more Richard Curtis films for.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Pirate Radio - Richard Curtis | | Comedy top 100 horror movies of all time
Phwpt! Next you'll be saying that all Richard Curtis films are full of twee, English stereotypes and. Oh.
"You can't be happier than happy" Richard Curtis tells a group of school leavers. And his gap year tip? "Don't die"
cinema ad masterminded by Richard Curtis features Liam Neeson.
Joy Division's performance in the next episode used a hologram of their late great singer Richard Curtis, but the VT was lost
Richard Curtis chose - No Poverty as the one that means the most to him.
Richard Curtis, Sir John Hegarty, Freida Pinto and Chiwetel Ejiofor at the http:/…
Richard Curtis Freida Pinto & Chiwetel Ejiofor in for "to make people watch laugh share and act"
So a line that serves London is "Top Priority" whilst the main line serving the Northern Powerhouse is left as is.
- First Ever Global Cinema Ad for Global Goals. Our seminar at Cannes Lions with Richard Curtis, Sir…
Wise words Richard Curtis - we should shift our attention away from Kim Kardashians butt to getting rid of globally poverty!
LIVE on Richard curtis doing his global goals thing.
the wonderful Richard Curtis - the world can be changed by a handful of passionate people
LIVE on Mariella Frostrup richard curtis Chewitel Ejiofor and Freida Pinto launching at Ca… https:/…
Cannes Lions 2015: ‘We could be the first generation to end poverty’: Richard Curtis
Fab night launching Project Everyone's global cinema ad with amazing Richard Curtis and
Packed room for John Hegarty and Richard Curtis talk with
Frieda Pinto, Richard Curtis & talking about our plan to end poverty & fight inequality http:/…
Liam Neeson to play God in global cinema ad with 'to-do list for planet'.
"We really could be an extraordinary generation who achieve extraordinary things" - Richard Curtis on the potential for…
Take a break and watch a Richard Curtis movie. 👌👌
The world is changed by a small group of people fighting hard, Richard Curtis
"I've given up on the film business & decided to go into the making life better business" Richard Curtis h…
A little behind the scenes pic of today's John Hegarty/Richard Curtis press conference
First session this morning at 10am with Sir John Hegarty & Richard Curtis https…
British film director Richard Curtis has joined forces with BBH’s Sir John Hegarty and actors Freida Pinto and...
last 4 speakers - Charlie Higson, Sheridan Smith, Danny Baker and Richard Curtis. Not bad for a Tuesday!!!
4 big names to finish: Charlie Higson, Sheridan Smith, Danny Baker, Richard Curtis. Brilliant day here at
Just remembered how good this piece by Richard Curtis is on The Curse of Hugh Grant
Richard Curtis' to target 7bn people in 7 days with global cinema campaign
Own it on June 8th! Richard Curtis and Stephen Daldry deliver a pacy thriller with Our 4-star review:
Yep, easy for that to turn a bit Richard Curtis, but Elizabeth Moss nailed it.
Where's Richard Curtis? Milliband needs a Notting Hill like apology "I'm just a guy, standing in front of you Nicola"
Sounds like the plot of a Richard Curtis film: "Saving Danny".
I cannot explain how sexy I find Hugh Grant in the early Richard Curtis (etc) films
Ye have seen two episodes now and ye should be thankful for the lord's Richard Curtis, Ben Elton and Rowan Atkinson...
The gradual degradation of the romantic comedy from the Nora Ephron/Richard Curtis heyday to what we see now is a crime.
Forgot to post this on Sunday... we met Richard Curtis (writer of Love Actually, Four Weddings etc,…
& I meet Richard Curtis. I talked about Blackadder. Dec asked about Bridget Jones.
Richard Curtis, Director of Bridget Jones and Love Actually gives a speech on employee engagement
tell ronan keating that Richard Curtis did NOT direct Notting Hill. It was Roger Michel.
has tonights been scripted by Richard Curtis? the last contestant looked like in womens clothing at first glance
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