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Richard Branson

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson (born 18 July 1950) is an English business magnate, best known for his Virgin Group of more than 400 companies.

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Richard Branson: Richard Branson and Virgin Care: return the NHS’s money, and never sue the NHS aga...
Apologies for The Scum link - Richard Branson gets secret payout after suing over losing £82m private NHS contract
Richard Branson shows the hurricane damage caused to his luxury home on Necker Island via
1. Well alive I would go for Richard Branson because I like him and I would like to be invited to…
Richard Branson successfully sues NHS over missing out on an £82m health contract
Richard Branson's tennis tournament that is normally on Necker Island was moved here because the isl…
The ‘scandalous’ cost of letting Richard Branson into our NHS has now been laid bare via
Question - Who gets to Mars first, Elon Musk or Richard Branson?. Dean - "I think that field will have so many...
Richard Branson is parasitical scum leeching off the taxpayer via trains and the NHS. Pays little tax. Gets Govt subsidies…
Money diverted from frontline NHS to Richard Branson - bc apparently he can. (All that is wrong with marketised hea…
NHS makes undisclosed settlement to Richard Branson's Virgin Care after legal dispute
What a stroke of luck those great bastions of the poor Tony Blair, George Soros, Richard Branson, Goldman Sachs group, Ke…
Richard Branson: in the Near Future, We'll Think It's "Archaic" to Kill Animals for Food
How to change the way we eat? Answers from Ferran Adrià, Richard Branson, Marion Nestle and more
Richard Branson, Herrera,. is corp for brad pitt being a women,. look into this,. Brad, a…
This is how Richard Branson transports registered blind people and guide dogs on his trains. Forced to sit on the floor b…
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Obama spent a month there a while back & spent quite a bit of time w/ Richard Branson who promotes Bit…
.morning nick. Can you ask Richard Branson if he knows where my recordings of coronation st went on my virgin medi…
If you aren’t showing off Richard Branson’s tickets today ko insta gao kotsi 😂
Richard Branson and Tim Cook Wake up at This Ungodly Hour, and so Should You
Letting our kids fail, easier said than done.
How do you stay focused on the big picture?
Who did it* better, richard branson or jasmine from the Ikea cafeteria while he shops.
A business has to be innolving, it has to qe fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts. - Richard Branson
Live feed, Q&A with Sir Richard Branson moderated by Van Jones
That bottle on the right confirms all my suspicions about Richard Branson.
will head a 'Marshall Plan' for the — including infrastructure .
Sorry for Virgin Active hearing implant mistake
2017 was last: it’s been an incredible journey & I can’t wait to see where our brand innovates next ht…
We forget that Richard Branson’s island retreat was almost wiped out, it ain’t paying f…
Trump once told Richard Branson he'd spend his life destroying people who can't be bothered to figure out what the *** Snapchat wants.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Speaking of change we now offer complete Commercial & Residential Financing. We are also offering aquisition and har…
Can India change its transport system to become one of the world’s cleanest? http…
Richard Branson and Van Jones up next talking Second chances and employment importance.
After 22 very enjoyable and successful years, 2017 was last V Festival https:/…
Lots of requests for me to read audiobook – here you are!
Excited to welcome KSA as our partners in opening access to space to change the world for good
New investment in our space cos is progress for Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, focused on tech, education & tourism https:…
Look for the best in people all the time. If you look for the best, you’re going to draw out the best. . - Richard Branson
Change can happen step by step, every single day:
I don't call out the Elon Musk's, Richard Branson's, NASA's, & Jews of the World because I don't respect them; Eye do it, because eye do.
Do YOU believe Jordan Belfort should be on the same ticket as Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuck, Simon Synek, and...
Richard Branson: Virgin Galactic will "be in space in about four months". "Space needs a lot of companies doing...
Someone said I look like Chuck Norris. I've also been told Richard Branson, Barry Gibb, Keith Urban. Who do you loo…
Richard Branson hasn't paid any tax in the UK since he set up his 12 offshore Channel Island Trust Funds in 1975. https:/…
What do Richard Branson, Barack Obama, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Bruce Lee have in common? Find out here: .
Richard Branson says he nearly lost $5 million to a conman posing as the British defence secretary https:…
"Treat people as adults. This idea of 2-week or 3-week holidays ... is not the proper life," Richard Branson
Richard Branson's hyperloop bet is next step in battle with Elon Musk over future of
After a cash infusion from Richard Branson, is now 'Virgin Hyperloop One.' via
Sh!t is about to get real > Virgin Group just invested in — and Richard Branson now sits on the board
More heavies getting on with moving us around faster: "Richard Branson and Virgin join forces with Hyperloop One"
Richard Branson on One investment: 'Going faster than an airline' on land excites me -
Richard Branson bets on high-speed transport with Hyperloop One investment
Beck on your 6Music show today, then Richard Branson tonight, wow exciting day!
Richard Branson announces investment and appointment to Hyperloop One Board of Directors.
Richard Branson is betting big on Hyperloop
Brilliant networkers: Denis O'Brien, Willie Walsh, and Richard Branson - and he HATES networking!
My top 10 quotes on inspiring leadership
Virgin's investing in Hyperloop One, adding its name to the company, & Branson’s getting a seat on the board. Wowza
Richard Branson's SHOCK Brexit plan: Wait for Leave voters to DIE then rejoin the EU . He does NOT even live in UK!.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
An innovative and exciting new way to travel- invest in the world's most revolutionary service ht…
Toss pot, tax exile, currently suing NHS over cancelled contracts, that Richard Branson?
Richard Branson claims Brexit will be STOPPED because Brexiteers are 'DYING OFF'
Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to
Sir Richard Branson to build futuristic train line that will carry passengers from Edinburgh to London in 45 minutes.
Richard Branson's Virgin is investing in service that could take you from London to Edinburgh in 45 minutes
Today, the Virgin Group has announced that it has invested in Hyperloop One, the startup that recently...
is all about embarking on new challenges. Well, introducing
.invested in Hyperloop 1. In 2016, he told me he sees Elon Musk "as a younger version of myself" http…
Richard Branson Wait for Leave voters to DIE then rejoin. Nothing intelligent there then. Just jokey tripe
Introducing - the world's most revolutionary train service
He didn't wasn't Richard Branson then it was another company . When it was run by Bran…
"Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients." ~ Richard Branson
If you need some non-fire reading: Richard Branson invests enough in Hyperloop One to rename it Virgin Hyperloop One
UPDATE 3: is making train to go across country in 50 minutes @
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off Richard Branson and Virgin Group invest in Hyperloop One: Hyperloop, the…
Billionaire claims that Britain is "sliding down and down" following the vote:
Richard Branson takes another bet on the future with Hyperloop One
Universal Basic Income will protect us from the threat of AI
Treat staff how you would want to be treated. Lead millennials with confidence.
Hyperloop One rebrands as ‘Virgin Hyperloop One’ after investment by Richard Branson
How did Richard Branson make his fortune? - Learn how Virgin Group tycoon Richard Branson earned his billions. ...
Richard Branson on kitesurfing with Obama: I thought "eat your heart out, Putin!"
"Do not be embrassed by your failures. Learn from them and start again" - Richard Branson
Richard Branson is the 1st international investor to commit to the Red Sea tourism project- The Guardian
"Changing the world begins with a small group refusing to accept the unacceptable." - Sir Richard Branson
Richard Branson to invest in Saudi Arabia tourism project
Richard Branson to invest in Saudi Red Sea project: govt
Richard Branson to turn 50 Saudi islands into luxury tourism destinations .
Successful is all about from the experiences of yourself and others!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Richard Branson still making the same terrible joke 20 years later, an inspiration to us all
It's in an extended interview with Branson in The Times:
Richard Branson — 'If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do…
The war on drugs has failed and the opioid crisis is a glaring example
How do you go about becoming a millionaire?
"Business opportunities are like buses, there's always another one coming. -Richard Branson via
From one boss entrepreneur straight to you 👊🏽 Richard Branson
Enjoyed a fascinating visit to Saudi Arabia, a country where great change is taking place step by step
independent: 'Richard Branson wants to turn 50 uninhabited islands off Saudi Arabia's coast into a holiday hub'
My top ten quotes on inspiring leadership:
Richard Branson shares an insane old letter from Trump questioning the Virgin mogul's billionaire status
Visited incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mada’in Saleh. Privelige to see this awe-inspiring ancient ruin
Succeeding in business is all about making connections. -Richard Branson
Donald Trump writes to Richard Branson (from Branson's new book, Finding My Virginity)
As a kid one of my heroes was Lawrence of Arabia. Treat to see this restored train he blew up in Saudi Arabia
Prohibition of drugs is harming public health more than it is helping it – it’s time for change
Richard Branson shares old scathing letter from Trump questioning his billionaire status
Ever wondered why is vehemently opposed to Brexit?.. of course, self interest, not the UK's. Boo Hoo https:/…
Richard Branson criticises Donald Trump after hurricanes: 'Whole world knows climate change is real'
'I doubt you're a real billionaire': Richard Branson publishes scathing letter from Donald Trump - The Independent
Richard Branson says "Listen to employees' ideas". We are proud of helping him do that at Virgin Trains.
Cargill Inc., one of the largest global agricultural companies, has joined Richard Branson, according to a...
"The likes of Sepp Blatter and Richard Branson, bodies like wineskins, being repeatedly straddled by lobotomised be…
Richard Branson: Hurricanes are the 'start of things to come'
The 1 thing that Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Arianna Huffington do to be more productive... via
A glorious evening at the at the with talks by Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington. This is...
Richard Branson and Lewis Hamilton worried about climate change and damaging the planet is like me offering help wording better comparisons.
Richard Branson shares photos of Irma’s destruction, and is now raising money for the victims
I'll have a word with She'll build Richard Branson a new island out of egg boxes & a pair of Valerie…
Richard Branson calls for 'Marshall Plan' to help Caribbean recover
Virgin boss Richard Branson says the Virgin Islands need "an enormous amount of help"
Richard Branson's son appeals for help on British Virgin Islands destroyed by Hurricane Irma - via
Richard Branson shares pictures of what Hurricane Irma did to his island home
Richard Branson shares images of Hurricane Irma's "unforgiving" damage to the Caribbean
Richard Branson reveals Irma devastation on Necker Island via the Android app Obama buddy
“The luckiest people & businesses are those that are prepared to take the greatest risks”
Richard Branson’s number one tip on how to convince someone your idea is a great one | -
Richard Branson urges British Virgin Islands residents to brace for Hurricane Jose
Billionaire tax exile Branson appeals for British taxpayers to help rebuild his luxury island paradise. Er...
A simple idea to free up more young people to start up their own businesses
Sir Richard Branson reveals devastation caused to Necker Island home by Hurricane Irma
Branson reveals devastation to his Necker Island home. Can't he afford Aid Plan to rebuild Necker?. via
Hands up if you are devastated for Richard Branson that his private island is wrecked. Nope thought not.
Richard Branson reveals scale of Irma devastation on his ‘paradise’ Necker Island as he…
Oh boohoo poor Richard Branson & his wrecked island, remind me to feel sorry for the MULTI MILLIONAIRE while people don't have any houses...
Sir Richard Branson shares images of devastation on Necker Island as he appeals for help for region.
Sir Richard Branson backed partners with in
Are we supposed to feel sorry for Richard Branson and his wrecked Island, Necker...let me think about that for a minute...
Cor, I bet everyone is worried about Richard Branson's island this morning.
'Very, very fortunately it held firm,' writes Richard Branson from Caribbean
That's my sort of bunker! Branson emerges from wine cellar bunker after Irma 'devastated' his private island
COXIBLAQBLOG: Billionaire Richard. Branson reveals images. of 'hug...
Richard Branson's home is just a shell after Hurricane Irma destroyed everything via
Honestly WHO cares about Richard Branson's 'devastated' Island...let's concentrate on those who have NOTHING left.
Richard Branson reveals extent of damage to Necker Island via
Richard Branson reveals damage to Necker Island after Hurricane Irma destroyed it
Richard Branson reveals devastation to Necker Island home
"Any fool can make something complicated." Sir Richard Branson. -
Richard Branson reveals images of 'huge' damage on Necker Island
“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.” . – Richard Branson…
Mobilising BVI recovery with govs & aid agencies, then heading back to BVI to continue recovery effort on the ground ht…
Hurricane Irma really is storm of the century – but urge all in path of Hurricane to prepare & stay safe too http…
In Puerto Rico mobilising aid efforts for BVI & Caribbean. Comms still largely down in BVI after Hurricane https:…
.coordinating aid to local BVI families & communities affected by Hurricane donate to help ht…
This is why Sir Richard Branson thinks time for to get back to @
Richard Branson shares photos of 'huge' hurricane damage on Necker Island.
Necker damage huge, but BVI story is not about Necker - about 1000s of people who've lost homes & livelihoods htt…
Richard Branson reveals scale of damage to luxury Necker Island resort
‘Tax exile’ Richard Branson facing calls for his knighthood to be scrapped COULDN'T COME SOON ENOU…
The British Govt must NOT bear the cost of rebuilding Richard Branson's Necker and Moskito Island's homes. It is his sole responsibility.
Richard Branson has survived Hurricane Irma on his private island
Richard Branson built his house to withstand 200mph winds and it was leveled. No cute…
Richard Branson's Necker Island home destroyed as hurricane strikes Brexit did it eh Richard!👏
Richard Branson's luxury home completely destroyed by Hurricane Irma | Necker Island
Necker Island: the celebrity paradise Richard Branson would do anything to protect via
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Richard Branson's son reveals Necker Island home destroyed. .
Richard Branson is riding out Hurricane Irma on his private island
Richard Branson's luxury Necker Island home completely destroyed by Hurricane Irma | Metro News
Richard Branson's son says 'all humans' safe on Necker Island following Irma
Richard Branson's Necker Island home destroyed as Hurricane Irma obliterates swathes of the Caribbean -
Richard Branson's Necker Island COMPLETELY obliterated by Hurricane Irma as his son reveals everyone survived...
The rich also cry. Richard Branson's Necker Islands home obliterated by Hurricane Irma.
Richard Branson rode out Hurricane Irma in wine cellar on Necker Island
Why does Richard Branson look like Willem Dafoe regenerating into Julian Assange
Is that the island belonging to Richard Branson the Anti brexiteer
Richard Branson decides to face Hurricane Irma as it heads towards his private island.
"We will retreat to a concrete wine cellar under the Great House"
Quite possibly the most Richard Branson thing he’s ever done
Richard Branson to remain on private island as it faces the eye of
Richard Branson will brave Hurricane Irma on his island resort - NY Daily News
staying put.. While plans to reconstruct his 😆 https:/…
Richard Branson, who owns and lives on Necker Island, had vowed to ride out Irma. He went through the eyewall.…
Most 3-year degrees could fit into 2 years, reducing costs & increasing opportunities for young people
A global rethink is needed to make higher education faster, more affordable & accessible https:…
Pretty stupid. he can hop on private jet, wait out storm. oh well if he dies . he dies "Richard Branson"
Richard Branson is staying on his private island through Hurricane Irma
staying put.. While plans to reconstruct his 😆
Richard Branson set to bunker down with Virgin staff in wine cellar of Necker Island home as Hurricane Irma nears
Richard Branson is locking himself and his staff in a wine cellar and waiting out Irma
Richard Branson, worth $5 billion, is riding out on his private island called Nectar. He's hunkered…
I will be on Necker alongside our team if Hurricane hits, as I have been each time we’ve got a hurricane here htt…
"We are expecting to get the full force of the hurricane in around five hours' time, when we will retreat to a...
Sir Richard Branson and his team have hunkered down in his wine cellar on his private island, Necker Island, in...
I'm just glad to find out Richard Branson will be riding out Irma in his wine cellar on his private island.
I liked a video Richard Branson bunkers down in his Carribbean island home´s cellar as Hurricane
This must mean Richard Branson, who stayed on his island in the BVI, is basically in the eye right now.
did you notice the eye of Irma just passed over Richard Branson's private island? He's there in his wine cellar today
Richard Branson is refusing to leave his private Caribbean island ahead of Hurricane Irma
Eat the rich. (And then wash them down with their own wine.).
I labeled Richard's place on RadarScope to show he took a direct hit by Irma. Hope Mr. Branson is ok.
Richard Branson is set to bunker down with Virgin staff in Caribbean via
Richard Branson plans to ride out Hurricane in his private island’s wine cellar
I liked a video What happened to Billionaire Richard Branson on his tiny Island?? Hurricane Irma
Richard Branson to ride out Hurricane Irma in wine cellar
Richard Branson refuses to leave his Necker Island resort despite oncoming Hurricane Irma
Wait, does work-life balance even exist? Ask Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Steve Blank
Bitcoin wallet start-up Blockchain raises $40 million from Google, billionaire Richard Branson
"If people are not calling you crazy, you are not thinking big enough." - Richard Branson
'No longer kill animals': Bill Gates, Richard Branson back 'clean meat' start-up via
We're SO happy to host Sir in conversation w/ of on 10/14! Get your tickets now!
"When people are placed in positions slightly aboie what they ixpect, they are apt to excel." - Richard Branson
My four top tips of how to dream big:
"Excellent leaders believe their people come first." - Richard Branson
Richard Branson hosted the greatest minds in to discuss the future of technology
Which is why Richard Branson gave up his airline & Al Gore his buffet
"Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again.". – Richard Branson
"I believe that in 30 years … all meat will either be clean or plant-based" — 😮.
is such and inspirational leader. Oh what I would do to have a few moments of his time!.
What I’ve learned from hearing thousands of pitches:
What has so many investors and successful leaders so excited? Meat that doesn't require the slaughter of animals. http…
"Good brands reflect the histories of the time and the group of people that made them." - Richard Branson
Three things I look for in pitches:
Would be interesting if Richard Branson and David Neeleman would join forces and start a new airline company.
The best piece of advice my father gave me: listen more than you talk:
I've seen life as one long learning process - Richard Branson
"Every risk is worth taking as long as it is for a good cause & contributes to a good life". ~ Sir Richard Branson…
Ramadhan kareem to do for Richard Branson and let President DJT to my
Being considerate of others will get you far in life:
Be aware, be kind, and always think of others:
Your success in life or in business is entirely based on your reputation:
How to pitch your business – three key elements always considers:
A business is about people. A business is about making connections. A business is about finding solutions:
Speak your mind, but always think before you speak or act:
Business opportunities are like buses. There?s always another one coming. Richard Branson
Want to know all about Sir Richard Branson's Blockchain Summit from someone who was there? See Dr Jemma Green's talk ht…
Labour calls for Richard Branson to be STRIPPED of his knighthood after Jeremy Corbyn Traingate row - Mirror Online https:/…
Richard Branson just backed a universal basic income
Richard Branson thinks every citizen is entitled to a universal basic income.
A brilliant comeback by at regarding Richard Branson's incorrect statement and the sag…
If people are cross with Richard Branson for lying about Jeremy Corbyn, wait til they find out what he's (Branson's) d…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Richard Branson is pro open borders no matter the cost to the tax payer. He is also a billionaire & owns his own island. Thi…
The are in Northern Ireland where the big story is apparently Richard Branson crashing in 1987.
Air France-KLM is buying 31% of Virgin Atlantic: Sir Richard Branson says he will remain involved, but…
When Britain wakes up and finds out. Richard Branson is selling his majority stake in Virgin Atlantic
Daymond John, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson prove you don’t need to be rich to start a business
Richard Branson looks like ET going as Noel Edmonds for Halloween
Virgin active! Richard Branson is smart. Ispirational. Virgins in business. I like that
Unlock the secrets of entrepreneurs Richard Branson, UPS CEO, Founder of North Face, John Paul Dejor…
Richard Branson crashed his bike & said much about the experience, his son reminded him of Hunter Thompson's advice https:/…
Richard Branson says he's sending people to space by the end of next year, and demand is huge…
What do you think Richard Branson's surprisingly simple productivity hack is? . Find out here:…
Richard Branson's surprisingly simple hack is something anyone can do. Read more in
Christ. If I see this thing laying bricks one more time! Don't you have a Richard Branson or Tony…
And they make you shake hands with like, Richard Branson, Nicolas Sarkozy and some vaguely royal pe…
"Who would you in a movie of your life" "Richard Branson" "the founder of virgin" "No what's the guy called that was married to Katy Perry?"
Yes come on Lily Allen, Richard Branson, JK Rowling. This is your moment. Nah? Didn't think…
"There is something very sinister and dangerous about Trump's obsession with REVENGE". Richard…
That article showed Richard Branson with Kelly Rowland & he's been married to a White Woman for years 😂😂😂
Richard Branson says Trump is 'vindictive' via
because the UK is being destroyed, dismantled by the Tories to sell it to oligarchy, such as Richard Branson,…
Richard Branson: The world should not 'kowtow' to 'dangerous'
You mean Virgin Don't Care (except about making money) and never trust a man who smiles as much as Richard Branson😑 htt…
Tycoon Richard Branson has called Donald Trump is a "dangerous individual" who people need to stand up to.
Success comes much easier and more rewarding to those that focus on their passions:
So who's the vindictive one Mr Branson?.
The one look like the Warner Music Russian the new owner the other like Richard Branson from Virgin.
Spare us this sanctimonious crap...PLEASE
"If you are an and your first venture wasn't a to the club!" Richard Branson
My top 10 quotes on making it happen:
funny how they keep quiet Richard Branson taking over the NHS in England for no other reason than greed
Being the butt of the joke with Stephen Colbert
I would trust Richard Branson and the Virgin brand more on healthcare than the State any day of the week.
Branson: The world should not 'kowtow' to 'dangerous' Donald
Fantastic blog and video written by Branson himself!...
Fantastic blog and video written by Branson himself!.
Lessons we’ve found to be universally true on the path from start-up to success:
The rapacious, immoral Richard Branson - the rich must be dismantled >
If you look after your staff well, they will look after your customers. Simple.
Bringing together the very best start-up talent, investors and innovators from all over the world
Is it Richard Branson with yet another failed attempt to circumnavigate the…
What's the most amazing way to do it?
Richard Branson has a warning about 'dangerous' Donald Trump
Download our free book to learn the basics. Our full version has contributions from Richard Branson…
Why all business leaders and entrepreneurs should give a ***
[VIDEO] Obama & Wife spotted at British Virgin Islands with Richard Branson
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