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Richard Bacon

Richard Paul Bacon (born 30 November 1975) is an English television and radio presenter. With over a million followers, he has one of the most widely followed accounts of any British personality on Twitter.

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I hate my generation much. I hate people like Richard bacon.
South Norfolk MP Richard Bacon to meet minister to make case for retaining under-threat Diss Post Office -…
Someone this weekend asked me who my fave artists are. I love so many! Faves include Francis Bacon, Richard Colman, Mercedes Helnwein & Dali
Now here's a surprise, can anyone remind me what she did about white men on when I think Richard Baco…
I agree. If Richard Bacon got work again so should Justin. I miss him on my telly
Monday is the oil that splatters and burns you when you're trying to make bacon.
Few willing to give up bacon to prevent mass shallow grave nightmare from happening to piglets still alive. htt…
If he were any more plastic, Richard Bacon would use him to cut up his coke.
Thanks to Richard Bacon he cooked the biggest and best crawfish I've ever had!!!
I wonder if Richard Bacon would be forced to change his name in our fut…
Hmmm - an all you can eat bacon breakfast. What could possibly go wrong? Honouring Sully from Richard Russo's Nobody's Fool.
These Sriracha & Brown Sugar Bacon Bites are the perfect appetizer! -…
Iam starving I've ate a snicker bar and some bacon fries all day
Richard is REPULSED by brown sauce n I was so badly burst so he brought me a roll n bacon and then brought brown sauce cause "you like it"😢
great day at aintree for my 21st! Fair play o Richard Johnson for saving my bacon on th…
You can buy a motorcycle that runs on bacon.
Richard Nixon thought too he would be in office as President "FOREVER"!
my secret agent name 'Richard Bacon' 😞
Richard Bacon, but I think that's taken already.
have to say I'm rather disappointed at the fact I emailed Richard Bacon back in February and yet to hear back
I mean... it was a CD 😝dunno what magic a record is... but it was Richard Blackwoods…
RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Stop smearing Brexit voters as haters, via
Milton Jones: Arguing with RICHARD BACON over Christianity - EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW -
"What did your Christ ever do for you? " Asked my devout Muslim pal. "Well, he saved my bacon, " I replied.
It's Wicker Man time here again. This was the view out of my window a short while ago. ...I'm sure I can smell baco…
Richard Bacon's wrap found in Blue Peter time capsule.
We need to normalise buying a serviced plot to make easier to access, says Richard Bacon
Open letter to MP Richard Bacon who voted against admitting 3000 unaccompanied children to the UK by
If you put salt on bacon you belong in the x men
Alice Bacon makes top political books of the year - - Only £14 at
'Never more relevant' | talks to and about her new book on Alice Bacon https:…
All purpose parts banner
Looking forward to showing Richard Bacon MP for South Norfolk, Plymouth's regeneration projects today, including
2015 Chardonnay Richard Kershaw fecit Smoky bacon lovely limes and butter. Want this with Christmas goose. Delish L
In my opinion: If this story is true and the Muslims in the area have a problem with the smell of bacon from this...
My constituency MP, Richard Bacon, a fat middle aged white man, has had the same stable job since 2001. Hardly left behi…
Really nice letter from Richard Bacon MP to recognising Match Funding 'Future…
miserable old gits who like stirring. Similar to those who argue you can't buy a pound of bacon from the butcher anymore.
Thanks to and Richard Bacon MP for attending our regeneration roundtable
At Wendy.s Richard the tall ate bacon
if stop giving Richard bacon air time, just like Blue Peter did
Do you like big data and not know why? Find out why data is the new bacon and how to track trends
On the next radio events diary, we say Happy Birthday to Presenter Richard Bacon! Listen for more events at
Life imitates Finnemore. “You must’ve earmarked the £25 000 you’d have given if Richard Bacon was more clued up abo…
Build RIchard Bacon? Well, OK - is it a kit or do I need to source the components myself?
At the flower market preparing for a dig. Richard E Grant also here (a regular he tells me) refreshing a window box…
Heston goes the whole hog this Christmas with bacon and banana trifle
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
yes Richard get your bacon out u fat ***
The Blue Peter Garden had a street value of £3million when Richard Bacon was presenting.
ICYMI ep 2 of 'Richard Bacon Stateside' w/the mighty & Made for by
My biography of Leeds' 1st woman MP & comprehensive education champion Alice Bacon is out on Thursday -
John Bercow and Norman Lamb could job-share the post with Richard Bacon.
Is the Olympic commentary where ex Blue Peter presenters go to die? They should get Richard Bacon and Katie Hill on, liven the place up.
remember the time we watched Chansey strip in front of John Torode and Richard Bacon?
Watching this is always a laugh. Richard Bacon vs Psychic Sally Morgan
If Richard Jefferson is suppose to be the X-Factor on your team then you're in trouble.
A night of exploration moderates by Richard Bacon.
HUZZAH for Liza Tarbuck, a brilliant stand in for (who's a gem), far better than Richard Bacon. The Soft Cell 12" was👌
our Henry, Keith Simpson, Richard Bacon and Ann Steward were all in there
Thanks for our yummy bacon baps this morning, mum is happy! h…
Tea sorted ? Pop in homemade liver bacon & onion,mash with belgian waffle dessert
What boss makes their team bacon, sausage, egg, tomato and beans in a bun lol ? Me of course lol
Little Giant Ladders
please not Richard Bacon. If only he was as funny as he thought he was
Oh no, not Richard Bacon again please! Get well soon, by the way.
can't wait to see what Martin, Richard Bacon & Jeremy Vine can do on Netflix!
Richard Bacon vs Psychic Sally Morgan ( EXPOSED IN THE EXTREME ) via who is she kidding/ a case of BS
if you start on about Fraggle Rock I'll have to unfollow you! It reminds me of Richard Bacon on Radio 2! 😕
The Richard Bacon Thick of It episode is comedy gold.
o weird I went from Toby Anstiss to Richard Bacon followed by that weird Simon fella... Amstell?
Richard Bacon MP wants to launch right to build campaign encouraging people to register for self building
Richard Bacon MP, Chair of APPG for Self Build, Custom and Community Housebuilding and Placemaking starts Right to Build event at
Richard Bacon:'We need to work on the scale of self build in the UK. We're working with the DCLG to make that happen.'
According to Richard Bacon MP we are supposed to refer to a "housing challenge" not a "crisis". To tackle it, we need more choice
MP Richard Bacon opening up event. "Only 25% of people are interested in large volume housing as a choice".
Richard Bacon:'Only 25% of people want to buy from volume house builders. People want choice, and self build allows choice'
I wonder if Kevin Bacon realizes he is not only destroying his own career but Richard Bacons as well?
In Sheffield, watching one of our own bring home the bacon. Go Danny!
Saүing “Beer can“ with a British accent sounds like “Bacon“ with a Jamaican accent.
I'd like my eggs sunny side up and the bacon extra crispy please
So, basically Alison Rapp's firing was Nintendo doing what the BBC did with Richard Bacon.
I still don't get the bacon obsession. Stop wrapping it around everything...I don't want bacon flavor on my *** scallops!
"I thought it was excellent, and I didn't expect to." refusenik, Richard Bacon, has seen the light:
Has Tory MP Richard Bacon got any Offshore Interests to declare?
yrs of neglect/abuse (customers feeding me bacon sarnies)! decide to go back to running! how can a small slope feel like Everest
caught Richard Bacon Monday night taking the pee out of a man who said "brought" instead of bought...Hope he's not on for long!
Richard Bacon was shocking on Radio 2 drivetime tonight. Just saying.
Richard Bacon rocks! nearly as much as Mansfield and much better than the taciturn Mr Mayo
Happy to attend Thanks for conversation. Interview w/ at
I'm sure Richard Bacon is s nice guy. But he's far too shouty. Hurry back Simon Mayo
don't want to lose Simon Mayo but if I do Richard bacon very good! ;)
Richard Bacon asks 'what's new' since his show began. What's new for me is I discovered how much Richard Bacon annoys me
please can we never have Richard Bacon on ever again. Ignorant, idiotic (eg Panama papers) & sometimes just plain rude to people.
Electronic Device Insurance
I think I speak for the nation when I ask you nicely to not put Richard Bacon on again...ever
Richard Bacon is so doing the wanker sign while he talks to this geezer
I love how Richard Bacon asks every caller if they're named in the
please no more Richard Bacon to sit in for Simon Mayo.His arrogance and lack of ability ruin drivetime! Sorry
Well Simon Mayo you better sharpen up, Richard Bacon has livened up your show & some. It's more of a show than a format 🎤🌠
Nope. I still can't get away with Richard Bacon... Soz, Rich.
Richard Bacon is awful on Radio 2 right now but he was just raving about Hamilton and LMM so I can't hate.
I think my childhood crush of Richard Bacon has come back whilst listening to
Richard Bacon asks what we don't want to hear - the answer is - HIM
Good to hear Richard Bacon wanting to be jailed! Wonder if he feels the same about drug users who let down millions of kids?
What's worse than Richard Bacon doing drivetime on ? Richard Bacon doing all request, cringeworthy radio!
I wish Richard Bacon would sod off back to America and stay there, he's useless & annoying! 😠
did Richard Bacon just call a caller-in a "tax dodger!" on live radio lol
Richard bacon is keeping us sane on our mammoth drive from Liverpool to bexhill! Thank you :-)
Richard Bacon is trying too hard. Simon Mayo has nothing to fear.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Day 2: Tom hit Richard in the face with a golf club, I put choc sauce on my bacon pancakes thinking it was maple syrup & I'm still white af
get this rubbish off the Radio. Hurry back Simon Mayo. bacon rubbish
Had to change stations can't be doing with Steve Wrights ego & as for Richard Bacon!
I had lunch today "with" John Bishop and Richard Bacon. And Stephen Fry's brother.
Please, please Radio 2. No more Richard Bacon on drivetime. A major irritant.
Thought I was picking up North Norfolk digital with Alan partridge but it's just Richard Bacon on
The 99th and 100th Richard Herring podcasts with Cariad Lloyd (inspirational) and Richard Bacon were both brilliantly funny listens.
Richard Bacon, Tory MP for South Norfolk, voted to reduce support for sick and disabled (ESA) by £30 per week
Rock stars yes but Angus Deayton and Richard Bacon didn't get great treatment by the BBC.
Richard Goodstein, like all liberals, is a total *** If pork products offend ISIS should we stop eating bacon? Blaming Trump is a lie.
Trio of Cheeseballs- Bacon Jalapeno, Toasted Coconut/Pecan Habanero and Dirty Martini~ This was almost the most... https:…
WELCOME BACK my friend.boy did I miss you.Richard Bacon is ok,but not you.:-)
Richard Dawkins is on a winning streak.
These Cool Cats are COOKIN' so SIZZLIN' HOT, they're BACON!!!. Dig that tasty "Fat-Back Beat"!!!
Richard P. Bacon caught in his civvies. [Callback!]
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Hey was I imaging things or did I spot Richard "blunty" Bacon on the show the other morning?
Look out I think we're about to see the TOAST Richard Sherman like a water chestnut in bacon..
Every morning Richard orders an omelette with bacon, cheese, mushroom and onions but this AM he added pecans to his order. . o_0
In total agreement here. I love bacon, but come on!
Here we go Richard Pokorny bring on the bacon sandwiches
Just got a bacon burger to join the hype with Richard
But, but, but -- in .41 seconds, I got 11,700,000 hits for bacon bourbon.
We reached peak bacon a while ago. And if your bourbon needs flavors infused in it...
Kevin Bacon Life Mask Life Cast in Hydrocal Plaster Very rare hard to find
No. Just ... no. Love bacon, love bourbon, but not at the same time!
Honestly. Why did bacon and touchscreens both blow up at the same time? Who's running this show, anyways.
I think bacon has finally jumped the shark
Let's ease up on the bacon for a few minutes, okay?
A farewell to The Right Honourable Richard P. Bacon, KCB in post-Polka signs.
Richard Bacon does ABC news now? What! Is there anyone American on American TV?
Richard Bacon is his name. Oy. Such a dilemma.. I do love bacon... I'll just leave my apology 4 confusing you 2 right here
Bacon & egg & I'm at the front of that bloody queue 😂😂
Richard Bacon-enjoyed your broadcasting in the am this week. Sorry you r going back across the pond. Loved the enthusiasm & accent!
enjoyed the replay segment of your week with Richard Bacon. Loved the various outfits you wore... You're adorable! 👗👠💖
Just saw a clip from Daily Show: Seemingly Richard Bacon is now an anchor for ABC news
Oh Richard! *Sends all the paracetamol and bacon*!
We are getting hungry just reading this Chestnut and Bacon stuffing recipe from Richard Cubbage.
Hi, when's the Richard Bacon podcast coming out?
Burton is pond life. Ask Sian Massey & Richard Bacon. You'd like to think Sky are above using his like, but then this is Sky.
If Richard Petty is on your bacon it has to be good...right??
When did Richard Bacon get the ABC news gig? Just saw a clip of him on The Daily Show and did a double take!
Here's my 2015 Year in Review- consisting of Dana, Kai, Richard, my family, and bacon. See yours at
its about that time of year where we get cocked with Richard and Scott...
I'm sorry but Richard Bacon of the painting programme on BBC One is now presenting ABC World News Now in America? How'd that happen?
Put Richard Blais into anything and you make it better. He's the human version of bacon.
r u kidding me with this new anchor? Richard Bacon-this guy seems like a chump-will now b turning the channel
Luke's father is Richard P. Bacon,lol. I love his suits but not his hair.sorry.
Very odd to be watching The Daily Show only to discover Richard Bacon is now an ABC News anchor in the US!
Bacon comes with a pre-printed gift tag. It's a gift from me to you.
"should promote and grow co-operatives" Richard Bacon MP asking why MPs not promoting these ideas.
"53% of ppl would like to build their own homes-> 30% in 5 years. 1m wd like to buy a site & start." Richard Bacon MP
It's no coincidence Richard bacon looks like a pig
you ask Richard to bring the bacon sandwiches and I might consider it!
Watching the latest and apparently Richard Bacon is an abc news presenter now?!
The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express. Francis Bacon.
wow Richard Bacon you got 9 to go u better get on it lol
Find out who is your real friend? - Dana Lyn Meseraull Bacon's real friend is Richard Bacon
Find out who is your best friend forever? - Dana Lyn Meseraull Bacon 's BFF is Richard Bacon
With new books out, a look at the many connections between Patti Smith and Richard ***
Only 2 more chances to see RHLSTP live this year. 29th Nov is Richard Bacon and Cariad Lloyd. It's even better live
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Ever since Richard Sherman claimed he was the best he been gettin cooked like pork bacon
I liked a video APC Home Destruction with Richard Ryan!
apart from you're not Richard Bacon anymore.
YES! Richard Bacon is my fav. Every week I'm always shouting at people to take *** Bacon with them.
My guests on 29th November's RHLSTP will be Richard Bacon (and Cariad Lloyd (Tickets:
Waffle House the best breakfast ever I miss the steak bacon cheese sandwich
*The smell of bacon, pancakes, and scrambled eggs would fill the entire place. For, Richard was cooking.*
I also remember you shouting "oi bacon love your work" at Richard Bacon at a reading fest in the early 00's good times.
Used to read the kids Richard Scarry books, but seeing the new ones with a pig as a butcher that sells ham, bacon and sausages I'm concerned
Richard made breakfast. Tea, eggs, and bacon shaped like Minnesota.
Bacon on Bree - Richard Bosman's restaurant, he has a place downstairs where he does exhibits etc.If you keen i will introduce
Richard smiled then grabbed some bacon and took a bite. Looking into her eyes. Then he stood up and hugged her gently.
if you listen to when Richard Bacon interviewed Alan Partridge on 5live, AP comes up with some very similar pun-based ideas.
1/2 Dreamt up a great TV show last night. Richard Bacon becomes a kind of school pet hamster for a company & employees take it in turns ...
Is Richard Bacon the voice on the Easyjet flights?
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Ha ha funny. I should be with Henry VIII eating bacon!!
1 guest for RHLSTP on 29th November will be Richard Bacon. At last the 2 *** Herring and Bacon together on stage https:/…
I thought that Richard Bacon was bad as well
or Richard Bacon If your full on ham?
I bet Alan Patridge is seething that Richard Bacon got to present instead of him.
Just for future reference this is Kevin Bacon.not Richard Bacon!
Richard bacon looks like he's about to *** himself laughing watching Matt le tiss trying to get up that ladder
so sad but chuckled when you jumped and Richard Bacon went all Thierry Henry for a second Well Done Matt on overcomin a fear
Richard Bacon is the love of my life! If only we could have competed against each other in Ravine Run!
This Thursday Richard T McQuillan playing acoustic at the cafe...Our menu;. Homemade burger with bacon, cheese,...
I know I'm fronting it but I like this trailer and I like this idea.
Lovely morning at our course. This week we made Panzanella with Bacon and thought it was yummy! Next week is Richard's favourite.
We are proud to announce that Richard Bacon will be hosting our benefit gig on Nov 22.
Thanks for reaching out Richard. That is correct, the Bacon Clubhouse is no longer a menu item in Central Indiana.
still reeling from the loss of Richard bacon. Top broadcaster
30 Something with Richard Bacon- Trailer: . 30 Something with Richard Bacon explores the...
new series looks at people whose 30’s have been their making. Discover what drives them
Bringing home the bacon: WHO report links processed meat to cancer, but peninsula butcher Richard Mitchell say...
Last day of promo work and we get to host the Wild Hog Challenge!! Fitst person that eats an…
Watching The Thick Of It and only just realised is in the richard bacon episode...
So you weren't referring to Sunderland forward Jermain Defoe or ex-Blue Peter presenter Richard Bacon? Really?
Sunday Politics East at 11am stars & Richard Bacon talking broadband & europe . Set recorder if going out
Richard guessed 115 bobby pins. We'll see here soon!
Couples should be able to apply for a - Richard Bacon MP to take his bill further
UK to ban bacon? "Consumption of pork-related products at work could seriously upset non-Christian colleagues"...
A sensible move we think. Richard Bacon MP is also quite right about the importance of
RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: What are we to make of a new report that seeks to ban bacon sarnies and microwaved sausage rolls? Pretty soon, we'd
I'm sure there's a Richard Bacon joke to be made but right now I can't quite put it together.
Richard Bacon MP's motion on is to be debated shortly. Read our blog post
Conservative MP Richard Bacon has proposed an amendment to family law which would allow couples to apply for a "no-fault" divorce
he's still there get in Ps Why does Richard Bacon keep whispering during the Duel
Why is Richard bacon whispering on eternal glory? Are they doing the challenge in a built up area 😂 mark
Richard Bacon's opened a restaurant but the menu is limited. And weird.
Richard Bacon aka the Bacon that isn't Kevin Bacon who's name everyone forgets
"I've never seen anything like this", observes Richard Bacon. Why would you have seen anything remotely like this?!
Did Richard Bacon just say 'take me inside Christian Malcolm's legs right now'? It's 8pm Richard. Have some dignity.
You would of thought Richard Bacon would of changed his name. Chris P Bacon. He's missed a trick there
Thanks Richard Frank for the bacontastic follow! For more bacon inspired reading goto
MP says couples should be allowed to apply for 'no fault divorce': Richard Bacon MP has…
Thank you Richard for connecting with me. I ❤ what your profile says "Jesus first, Bacon second" 😎
Richard Bacon introduces his Ten Minute Rule Bill on "no fault" watch from 13:47
Richard Bacon MP proposes 6th fact for supporting Independent certificates from both spouses of irretrievable breakdown.
"Any attempt to reform the law ... should be modest in its ambitions ... and very simple to implement." Richard Bacon MP on
Richard Bacon wins the right to take his bill further, but unless the government backs it, it's unlikely…
Fair play to Angus Deaton on winning the nobel peace prize. A shining beacon of light for Richard Bacon and Jamie Theakston.
Richard Bacon will host anything for money. First that Sunday night Watercolour Challenge update with Una Stubbs & now !
First rate coverage by BBC of no Tess Daley, proper commentary by James Naughtie & Richard Bacon being respectful to the Veterans.
Kirsty Young excellent as usual a voice to die for, but Richard Bacon needs a shave
Excellent presentation of BBC1 VEJ 70 progr by Kirsty Young and sensitive interviewing of veterans by Richard Bacon - well done all !
excellent Presentation of VEJ anniversary prog by Kirsty Young and sensitive + charming interviews of veterans by Richard Bacon
One thing I've discovered this week: Richard Bacon is a very poor substitute for Simon Mayo. Bring back the Mayo!
Dear BBC, who thought Richard Bacon was a suitable sub for Simon Mayo? He's not. He's s**t. Thanks, The UK.
Every day I look forward to driving home, its later than you think with Simon Mayo but this time Richard Bacon and the Fraggle Rock theme!
But how else would we get to see such A listers as Richard Bacon and Colin Murray!
Chris Evans celebrates new Top Gear job with One Show co-star Alex Jones and Richard Bacon.
Thirst quenching after a big bacon breakfast butty. - Drinking a West Coast Saison at -
Finally bought some Bacon Jam from Feast at Norwood.. I'm giving it a…
at this stage im just angling for a Richard Bacon style documentary where Joel meets his number one troll
No dude that was Kevin Bacon...playing Richard Bacon.
Is that basically what Richard Bacon used to do in the EE ads
can you send some bacon Jam back with the Bulldogs please mate after we smash you?
Adelaide. Berkshire Pork Skirt Schnitzel 'Parmy'. But, with bacon jam instead of nap sauce. You're welcome. Looking at y…
Francis Bacon and Charles II were who ate human fat, flesh, bone and warm blood as medicine.
Grilled Smoky Bacon just feels like that kind of night. :D...
And just some of the people Bacon is not impressed by: Gratian, Lombard, Hugh & Richard of St Victor, Albert the Great, Alexander of Hales.
I saw Richard Bacon on the train - chatted to him and his wife - nice bloke. Another day I saw Jason Donovan
Book now for 'In conversation', event focussing on 'Francis Bacon & The Masters' this Thursday
Don't miss: Explore subtleties of 'Francis Bacon & The Masters' with our event this Thursday
Get to know Bacon better with our 'In Conversation' event this Thursday at 6.15pm. Book here:
Richard just said bacon alone was disgusting & I just flipped 🙍🏼
I cannot stop watching Richard Blackwood pretending to know what zest is.
Grow your Bacon knowledge with our 'In Conversation' event this Thursday
They really wasted Kevin Bacon in X-Men: First Class. He would've made a great Mr Sinister. Richard Armitage, perhaps?
did you happen to notice any pigs butchering bacon? That's my personal favorite Richard Scarry image
I thought Richard Bacon shockingly poor. Whenever I chanced upon him he was being rude to someone.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Richard Bacon: it is not a perception, it is a fact that SMEs are treated differently to big business by HMRC. Says Troup o…
because he saved Endas bacon from richard and leo etc
it is so good. And if you like something extra amazing. A Nutella and bacon jam sandwich.
I liked a video from Richard Price, the "Artist"
you Richard bacon in disguise go away ***
I eat bacon and eggs for weekend treats - plus am a fan of Richar…
unlike Richard bacon this week. Get Lisa tarbuck next time you have a holiday!!!
Richard Bacon is so rude! He talks over others and interrupts during interviews. Never use him again, that's all, thank you.
I feel like Richard bacon is a secret Inverness Caledonian thistle fan. Played a song for them but not for me for falkirk
What are the subtleties in Bacon and the Masters? Join Richard Calvocoressi + Chris Stephens In Conversation, 4 Jun
Richard Bacon had a lengthy career in fishing, as well as serving in both World Wars.
. Katie the caller is correct, Richard bacon needs a slap
Richard Bacon is on radio 2, he is a complete and utter prat..
Richard Bacon - Great cover for Simon this week on the Drivetime Show - Best Wishes from Nicola & Gert
Bacon Beer Can Burgers - wrapped in bacon stuffed with sautéed green peppers onions jalapenos and garlic then...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Woman on Richard Bacon's show says David Beckham should take over FIFA. ...
I can't hear Richard Bacon on the radio without thinking of The Thick of It.
- "It's not that close to LA which is where I'm living at the moment" Richard Bacon.never changes
The wisdom of Richard Bacon: World war 2 so long ago, it's like the battle of Waterloo.
Adam Richard check this video out, looks awesome, may try that meat you brought me last week this way. . What do...
I guess Blue Peter wouldn't be allowed to apologise for Richard Bacon then either?!
Developers should be thinking more holistically to really create more sustainable communities,says IH50 Richard Bacon
I wanna wake up tomorrow morning and have Richard sat on the end off my bed in fire man outfit with bacon, roses & loubs
Van Sykes: Richard talks BBQ, blues and bacon with Van Sykes of Bob Syke's BBQ as they discuss the 6th annual ...
Richard Bacon prog. Took over finance reporter's interview, told Nigel he needed more pepper, and was I,I I.
No wait wrong way round all other broadcasters answer to & Richard Bacon
& Richard bacon 's answer to ... Great double act
does Richard Bacon ever shut up? Let your colleagues and interviews speak man!
please don't book Richard bacon again.Had to switch off last night...same tonight. Booo.
Send this self opinionated *** Richard Bacon back to Radio 1 where he can behave like a juvenile
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
A bacon, sausage & egg feast will be served up to hungry dads on
Richard Bacon you should , hospital radio is better
How do we input to aux in Ossett van need to wipe out richard bacon
17:05 Simon Mayo Drivetime: Richard Bacon sits in for Simon Mayo with music and chat.
Some even tried to give impression last night’s AD was led by them, when in fact it was Con Richard Bacon. Hansard never lies :-)
Richard Bacon MP cites evidence of exploitation of care workers obtained under in debate on contracts
Tory MP Richard Bacon calls on the Government to take action against the exploitation of care workers in debate
Hansard of yesterday's HoC adjournment debate on contracts, initiated by Richard Bacon MP
I thought we'd got rid of Richard Bacon off our airwaves. Instead, he's covering for Mayo next week. Loads of listeners will get annoyed!
oh ya that's my man bringing home the bacon! Lol
Hi Matt, just an update for you, it appears Evans & Wright are only off Mon&Tues then on as normal Weds-Fri
From Richard Bacon returns to radio with Mayo cover
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