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Richard Armitage

Richard Lee Armitage, KCMG AC CNZM (born April 26, 1945) was the 13th United States Deputy Secretary of State, the second-in-command at the State Department, serving from 2001 to 2005.

Matthew Clairmont Aidan Turner John Proctor Lee Pace Red Dragon Captain America John Thornton Tom Noonan Ralph Fiennes Thorin Oakenshield Valerie Plame Matthew MacFadyen Raul Esparza David Copperfield Joseph Nye Orlando Bloom

I was fortunate to interview Richard Armitage back then!
It began life that way. Richard Armitage is definitely in it.
Iain Armitage, who plays Young Sheldon, is related to Richard Armitage, but NOT the ACTOR Richard Armitage, the POLITICIAN Richard Armitage.
except it wasn't Scooter and VPOTUS Cheney, it was Richard Armitage...
Richard Armitage up in that train scene in North & South and every time I'm like
In the final season-end twist, we’ll find out that “Philip Giraldi” is a pseudonym for Richard Armitage 😮
As I was reminded last week... Richard Armitage... non jew. Scooter Libby... jew
📷 return-victorious: iamjaynaemarie: ROFLMAO. This is why I love Richard Armitage
Fabulous Paleyfest interview w/Richard Armitage. One of his best: Class, charm, intellect, the 'look'.🤩Bring on S2!
A black and white tragedy, starring Richard Armitage, Moon Bloodgood & Ramon Rodriguez.
Didn't help that Richard Armitage forced Pakistan to help out after 9/11…
Richard Armitage in Strike back.Was so sad when they killed him off, BUT it was so he could do The Hobbit…
Richard Armitage interview part 3:RichardIII with Marlise Boland I love this intervie…
This just proves that Richard Armitage's voice needs to be in more things. Same with Graham. So much r…
Dear RA(not Richard Armitage...yes, I will always make this joke): We are on day 4 of this current flare up. You can go away now. I'm done.
Also, hilariously, Richard Armitage was a major Iraq hawk and is an avid powerlif…
I'll do a period drama version tomorrow! Colin vs Richard Armitage, maybe
G is fawning over Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne...Ive been trying to work out his daemon! Do any of you do th…
I went through this with Richard Armitage reading The Lords of the North - then I found it for $22 before AudioGo went under.
Richard Armitage...especially as Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit movies
Tribute to the Line of Durin Richard Armitage I miss them.. sometimes very much.
Please allow me to introduce Richard Armitage.
Meraviglioso.. “You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope...I have loved none but you.”JA Richar…
Update: Change for Charity fundraising for bday. My blog post will be live at 12:04am August 18th!.
He's Richard Armitage. It's literally impossible for his to stop.
I do find it odd Ben looks like Richard Armitage here and not Ewan.
Richard Armitage voices the main character do u see why I am invested
Richard Armitage as John Standring in Sparkhouse, BBC sweet,loving,honest John one of my favorites…
I live it too. We too less selfies from Richard Armitage at the moment. 😍😇💚🙋
I think Richard Armitage (he was great as John Thornton in North & South) or Poldark himself Aidan T…
Remember scooter Libby, everybody knew that was Richard Armitage that outed Valerie Plame,…
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> Mind you that Scooter didn't leak Valerie Plame's cover - that was Richard Armitage, they knew it and screwed Libby anyhow.
I want the BBC to remake North and South one day so I can be Margaret but then I'd want Richard Armitage to be my Thornton
Richard Armitage in North and South is the hottest Richard Armitage.
Just rewatched North and South. And all I can say is, *** you Richard Armitage." 😂😂❤❤.
Benedict Cumberbatch (don't judge me) Richard Armitage (he's the reason I actually started watchin…
I am not the only person who envisions Richard Armitage as Matthew Clairmont, right?
Not a trace of Richard Armitage in this picture. It's 100% John Proctor. Thanks Angelika.
Richard Armitage ’s final scene BOTFA. Jackson" “He was literally not able to stand up anymore”
Richard Armitage ’s final scene BOTFA. Jackson"... if he looks exhausted on the film, that’s not…
in the cast video game dubbing Richard Armitage and Graham McTavish.
Happiness is catching up on news at a con to learn Richard Armitage, Graham McTavish & Timothy Omundson will all be…
Remake "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" as an adventure TV show starring Kate Bosworth, Richard Armitage, and Ansel Elgort
Fangirling almost fandom-free: Richard Armitage in The Crucible at the Music Box Theatre
Richard Armitage ...short hair😍and the beard🔥❤️. sexy beARd appReciAtion. Photographed by Keith Clouston for Recognis…
Richard Armitage, Joseph Nye & Co are dancing a jig. "SDF destroyers join US carrier for drills as it nears Korea."
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
“EXCLUSIVE: Richard Armitage has joined the cast of Julie Delpy’s My Zoe, which is being sold at the...”
Two of my favorite actors Richard Armitage and Aidan Turner in "The Hobbit". I really hope they will work together…
I find Kili more attractive than Thorin, but Richard Armitage more attractive than Aidan Turner.
I liked a video An Interview with Richard Armitage – narrator of "David Copperfield
Richard Armitage is Matthew Clairmont! He is so cute...
Get thee to the Santa Barbara film festival this weekend, Richard Armitage fans
Just perfect to be Matthew Clairmont... so Beautiful Richard Armitage 😍😍😍
If Affleck quits as Batman, who would You like to step in that role? I would love to see Richard Armitage
Hope to have it available for cinemas also in Italy asap!😄😍 Richard Armitage
A further picture of Richard Armitage via
Lee Pace and Richard Armitage just hangin. I'm clearly not a slick paparazzi 📸😳😍
Proabably my favorite thing to come out of the Hobbit film(s)
I rather fancied Richard Armitage as the Doctor. But I fancy him anyway. 😍
(I was trying to think of things/people I find sexy and Richard Armitage is always b…
Richard Armitage’s Dolarhyde is fantastic too. . I always loved Tom Noonan’s in Manhunter. & Fiennes in Red Dragon too to be honest.
I've seen half of it? Enough to know everyone is in love with Richard Armitage
Yesterday, I had a little self-care via Richard Armitage in North and South. Worked out quite well. ;-)
I liked a video from Hobbit 2- Benedict CUMBERBATCH, Martin Freeman, Richard ARMITAGE
I watch it annually for my fix of feminism, social equality and Richard Armitage 😍
Richard Armitage isn't in the book though... 😉
📷 Richard Armitage in “North and South” (2004) as John Thornton in black and white…
I never got why we needed Tauriel. I didn't like her. I was surprised how much I liked Richard Armitage as Thorin.
i need to see Richard Armitage as Cyrano de Bergerac before my premature death
Hard 1 considering most well known UK actors have had small roles in Dr Who over the years, but I'd go with Richard Armitage.
Who? Richard Armitage? You kidding? Richard is beautiful. Ben Affleck is ugly.
I still wish Richard Armitage was batman instead of Ben Affleck. Richard just has such a nice voice and a great nose shape for Batman.
Resistance is futile when you look like Richard Armitage wrapped in Matthew Clairmont!
You've got to have baddies that you can boo.
The "personal is political" and that doesn't end when one becomes famous. In a world of Kardashians, be a Richard Armitage. :)
Following Lisa's departure, Richard Armitage (that's him in the pic) has become full time brewer here at Riverhead.
We've gotta love Richard Armitage, hey . 'In any conflict with China "We would expect you .
Richard Armitage, Michelle Forbes, Richard Jenkins & esp Rhys Ifans do fabulous work in the spy drama Berlin Station
Wrong, it was Richard Armitage who worked for Colin Powell.
to be clear on N&S: Richard Armitage or Patrick Swayze?
Richard Armitage (Deputy Secretary of State) and Mr Frank Miller (NSC Senior Director for Defense Policy and Arms Control). 286. The
Great guest actors in that episode: Shaun Evans, Richard Armitage, Phil Davis, etc.
TIL that in addition to a young Keira Knightley, Sophia Coppola and Richard Armitage were also cast as background characters in The Phantom…
“ Misty Mountains Cold “ by Richard Armitage and the cast of
Movie Pilot thinks Richard Armitage should play Young Dumbledore. They also think Lee Pace should take a whack at i…
NYT also liked reviewer calls Richard Armitage 'best John Proctor I have ever seen'.
Yes! First show to mercilessly kill off characters. I like Rupert Penry-Jones the most, but Richard Armitage is also terrific.
Richard Armitage, Matthew MacFadyen, Russell Crowe & Luca Ward W/ Jay Ryan, best 5 acting voices in the world - imo, obviously
Happy Birthday to James Corden, Richard Armitage, and Tori Amos from us all!!
My amazing friend Richard Armitage is fundraising for Anthony Nolan. Donate to Richard's JustGiving page
Notable Republicans like Condoleezza Rice, Brent Scowcroft, and Richard Armitage reportedly not voting for Trump:
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I see an Elizabeth Gaskell in the upper right corner! North & South?. *sigh*. [Goes to Netflix to watch Richard Armitage...]
A suspenseful remake of "Diabolique", starring Richard Armitage and Kyle Gallner
I like Mads Mikkelsen and Richard Armitage. Since I saw the cast for American Gods I hate Brian Fuller
Does anyone know if the play The Crucible starring Richard Armitage as John Proctor was ever released on DVD?
See Hank Paulson, Richard Armitage and Laura Bush. Has Kissinger endorsed her already. He did for SOS.
Richard Armitage: white shirt, green pants, blue door.
📷 fringeofmadness: Richard Armitage as John Thornton in North and South (4 / ?), probably killing...
John Thornton, that is Richard Armitage. . My ideal man.
You know Hillary ain't a liberal when the Koch Brothers,Richard Armitage and Rupert Murdoch support her rather than the Donald.
Handy guide for recognizing trolls in the Richard Armitage fandom
I think that when Tolkien created Gollum and the ring, he even express...
I try to keep at a non-obsessive level of fitness. It's not about look...
I wish Daniel Craig would stay but if he won't then IMHO the next James Bond should be Richard Armitage.
Hmm I think we're talking about different people 😄 I was referring to Richard Armitage deleting b/c trolls were scolding him.
Richard Armitage is an amazingly handsome Dwarf; one of my very few man-crushes, right along with Vigo's Aragorn.
Richard Armitage deletes original response, posts new one
"Guacamole . Punch my best friend in the face. I like drinking milk. Richard Armitage is a rich Bish. Plants". (sings my life)
if there is one thing you must know about me, its that I love Richard Armitage so much and im unapologetic about it
Richard Armitage doesn't say a word, not a single one, in his first episodes of Hannibal and yet he's so powerful as Dolarhyde, so loud
The war we are fighting today against terrorism is a multifaceted figh...
I would not suggest the U.S. should sit down with the North Koreans bi...
There's a tiny part for Richard Armitage in cap first avenger. Out of Chris and Seb, i like Richard too.
I've become one of those actors who find it difficult to say 'no' when...
nope, it's just the power of Richard Armitage.
Richard Armitage makes for an oddly sexy dwarf. I must be tired.
I think most conflicts do end with negotiated settlements; some don't,...
Also??? Richard Armitage and Helena Bonham-Carter was in it??? Like?? Omg?? Also Alan Rickman, bless him.
I met Richard Armitage today. What a lovely guy. Looking forward to working on this movie with him. Fun times
Tolkien made dwarf sign language because, you know, it's too loud to t...
Hey media guy, check out the British Mimi Series North & South. Answer will be there. Richard Armitage ?
When you say "Thorin Oakenshield was hot in a Jewish sort of way" & it turns out he's Richard Armitage in prosthetics
I think, as a general matter, clearly, the United States globally supp...
I want someone to love me the way I love Richard Armitage
I saw Alice in Wonderland 2 today and I had to cover my mouth when Richard Armitage appeared 😄 I'm such a fangirl when it comes to that man.
It turns out I have an aesthetic. It is a brooding Richard Armitage. I need more of it!
BBC's North and South on Netflix is exactly that piece of Victorian Pride and Predjudice feeling I needed. Richard Armitage
I just finished the Brit North and South with Richard Armitage and it had a pride and prejudice feel. It was fantastic.
Will the wonderful Richard Armitage be working with you anytime soon? We would truly love to know. Thank you.😃
I went for months without realizing the HYDRA agent who dies in Captain America is Richard Armitage. . And once I realized.. I stabbed myself
Richard Armitage, how about a North & South reunion?
I want to thank Archive of our own for that mark. . Also Micheal Fassbender and Richard Armitage for having a beautiful voice.
📷 wicked-sugar: The sexy men from the Hobbit movies: Lee Pace, Richard Armitage, Orlando Bloom and Luke...
Aidan Turner really doesn't do it for me. I'm a Richard Armitage kinda gal.
Richard Armitage and Aiden Turner. Both in The Hobbit… Need I give another reason why I love this movie.
It's a very sad scene, and both Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage are great on it. They have such a good chemistry together.
Richard Armitage, or how I picture James in I SPY A DUKE ;) He'd make an excellent spymaster
People you forget are in CA:TFA Jenna Colman, Natalie Dormer and Richard Armitage
It reminds me Richard Armitage and his character in Hannibal. Loved this serial.
Watching North and South, which is 4 hours of Richard Armitage perfecting his longing stare. And yes he nails it.
📷 yungarnet: Richard Armitage - THE TONGUE Part 13 The gifs were made by the lovely circusgifs on my...
I come from very conservative parents, and we weren't particularly wealthy,...
Would Bradley/Cooper ever allow his brother to go around with a bloody face? Would Richard/Armitage? NO.
Here's to all the Richard Armitage fans this.
Richard Armitage is so frikkin hot in the Robin Hood TV series
Being thought of as sexy makes one employable, but it's not going to last f...
Richard Armitage is my absolute hero and I've managed to wangle a tribute to him in To Murder a Marquis!
I read everything that Tolkien wrote, and also read biographies of him. I w...
I support this WHOLE HEARTEDLY!!! Petition to remake all the Jane Austen movies with Richard Armitage ...
[sentimentality mode on] Award for "Best Actor to bring awesome people together over him" goes to Richard Armitage [sentimentality mode off]
📷 mrpuddingston: → “I need more Richard Armitage on my dash” (2437 of ?)
I'm not a massive fan of 3D. I've seen some good 3D, and I've seen quite a ...
I have seen Keeley onstage and Benedict too. Best of all was Richard Armitage in "The Crucible"
I share a birthday with Richard Armitage, does that mean I get to be King under the Mountain?
Richard Armitage Appreciation Society a man that loves animals? So adorable. Esp since it's Richard
Richard Armitage - The look is sleek but the jacket is kewl :) | Raddest Men's Fashion Looks On The
Here, have a pic of Richard Armitage with a cat.
petition to bring Richard Armitage back into the Marvel universe please thank you
Take a great love story with social commentary and add Richard Armitage. It's perfect. ^la
Have YOU tried via Check out Emma Thompson, Richard Armitage, Scarlett Johnasson on audiobook
Amb. Richard Armitage introduces the Honorable Wendy Sherman for the luncheon address
should do a shooting with a really handsome man again - Richard Armitage.
have you watched the adaptation of North and South with Richard Armitage? Its great
Do people really think that about my nose? I spent my whole life hating it,...
Richard Armitage. - has great angles. - could be the next Superman if he wants. - majestic. - King Under the Mountain
I love Richard Armitage so much that's what makes me stand this miserable life
Order Miche Bag Online!
When you remember that Richard Armitage is in the first Captain America movie
But you'll get Matthew MacFadyen, Rupert Penry-Jones and Richard Armitage. So... (also other great actresses/actors, mind)
Let's appreciate how awesome actor Richard Armitage is *claps hands* *makes standing ovation*
my inner Richard Armitage fangirl is screaming
Will I ever be able to tell Raul Esparza and Richard Armitage apart.
Aidan Turner and Richard Armitage even look good as dwarves. Those boys were blessed. — watching The Hobbit
TOO MANY but yes, the show with Jonas Armstrong in a hoodie and, memorably, Richard Armitage as Gisbourne.
Thorin Oakenshield played by the actor Richard Armitage.. have u ever seen such a transformation fro
Didn't even realise Richard Armitage & Jenna Coleman were part of the MCU
📷 missyousannea: Richard Armitage as John Proctor in The Crucible. In the interview back in summer 2014...
I think most five-foot-two people would be quite offended if they were to b...
I think that Vietnam, many of us who served in Vietnam thought that was ver...
Just realized Richard Armitage is in Captain America: The first avenger.
and the Samson Advantage. image courtesy of
Well that would be pretty freaking awesome too! I must say! But that is Garrett Hedlund not Richard Armitage :D
I really wish Richard Armitage had a bigger part in Captain America.
That moment you realize Richard Armitage is in Captain America
U.S. assistance provides the Jordanian government needed flexibility to pur...
thinking of you and as I watch Richard Armitage appearance in Captain America: the First Avenger 😉
Okay, that painting is called The Great Red Dragon and the actor Richard Armitage played the Red Dragon in Hannibal. I notice things.
Video of Lee Pace (Thranduil) and Richard Armitage (Thorin) behind the scenes, The Hobbit: Desolatio
No, your eyes don't deceive you!! This is Richard Armitage, our Thorin, as Guy of Gisborne here in Robin Hood, in BBC!!! 😍😍😍
thanks for the follow. Richard Armitage follower???
My amazing friend Richard Armitage is for Donate to Richard's page https:/…
i ended up loving Richard Armitage by the end of it 🙈
51 of ? Guess the Richard Armitage character & name the show. Thanks for playing ;-)
Ngl, Richard Armitage could be so attractive if he had bigger lips 😭😭😭
*weep, weep* (Although I could TOTALLY get behind Richard Armitage as Gwydion ...)
love N&S! The music is so gorgeous and Richard Armitage 😍
To survive in a profession like this, you have to have absolute discipline ...
Update your maps at Navteq
5. Bringing back some of my collages from a “Study of Forearms” Richard Armitage edition. Enjoy :-D
The whistleblower's name was mentioned in 1 of the 1st articles announcing the series: https…
Sometimes, when life gets too much I like to channel Richard Armitage and cry "I SAY, GOD, IS, DEADD" at the sky:
For the producers. Consider Richard Armitage for the new NCIS character. Up his alley.
British Yummy Bowl - Match 11 - Dan Stevens v. Richard Armitage. Before we move on, it looks like Gerard Butler...
Is it wrong that I want this audible book more because it is 36 hours of Richard Armitage performing it even...
Finished listening to David Copperfield (Unabridged) by Charles Dickens. Fantastic narration Richard Armitage
W. is not a war criminal, and Plame was exposed by Robert Novak, who got his info from Richard Armitage, not Cheney.
Cheney didn't out V Plame, *** That was Richard Armitage. Love the kool-aid, right?
there's money going on Richard Armitage but he's a little weak featured
Um, it was Richard Armitage, not *** Cheney. And yes, Hillary's was worse. 1/2
all you need is a film with Daniel Craig, Richard Armitage and Harrison Ford in and you're sorted!
I've thought about it a lot! Ruth Jones as Ruth, Richard Armitage as Nelson. Cathbad is more difficult...
Tagged by is Lee Pace of course. is Richard Armitage. is Ryan Gage. 😎😍
Richard Armitage, Jonas Armstrong, and Lucy Griffiths (It's obvious that Guy is trying to sneak off
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
"Zack Snyder met with Josh Brolin and Richard Armitage for the role of Batman."Empire magazine
The dragon and the woman. Fuller and Blake. Richard Armitage and Rutina Wesley.
It occurs to me that Richard Armitage and Julianne Moore must be in a movie together. Just seems... right? Yeah.
Richard Armitage as John Mulligan in Moving On. My cap and edit. Gorgeous bad guy ;-0
Richard Armitage as John Porter in Strike Back. A study in green ;-). My caps and edit.
I love the first Cap movie but it TOTALLY wastes Richard Armitage and Natalie Dormer
His latest role as Philip Lombard will prove his versatility. Richard Armitage and Sean Bean should get over themselves
I'm listening to Misty Mountains by The Dwarf Cast & Richard Armitage on
Tagged by 3 male crushes - Lee Pace, Richard Armitage, and RDJ
It's going down! Richard Armitage and Aidan Turner in one movie? Yes please!
Origins is really good. Richard Armitage is fantastic as John Porter.
SO thrilled abt this project! Buckle up kids! Richard Armitage, Michelle Forbes to Star in Epix Scripted Drama
Richard Armitage - Rupert Penry Jones. Kissing the lucky girls
I think Sarah Gadon or Emma Watson, Bond girls for villains Richard Armitage or even Lee Pace.(maybe
I hope the authorities are watching Benjamin Fulford, he just put out a kidnapping hit on Richard Armitage- his recent update.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Was the Valerie Plame "scandal" not used to harm Bush when we already knew the leaker was Richard Armitage?
I'd be interested in your opinions about Richard Armitage's skills of acting. ;-)
Richard Armitage as Mr. Thornton is pretty much the best thing ever.
Weel of course Sam, but another contender would be Richard Armitage who is the right age to play Bond.
Richard Armitage being interviewed by for his upcoming recording of David Copperfield. http:/…
One more Richard Armitage shot from junket. He rocked a cool pair of sneakers for the occasion.
it's been almost a month and a half since the last time richard posted a selfie. @ richard armitage aka god of sexual desire . BLESS ME
SDCC 1st glimpse of Dolarhyde scene w/ Martha, Bryan, Hugh, and the man himself, Richard Armitage 💜
I added a video to a playlist Into the Storm Pop-Up Trailer (2014) - Richard Armitage Thriller HD
"it seems like richard is afraid of the armitage army" IM CRYING WHY DOESNT HE LOVE US
Man v. Man - PBS Throwdown - Brendan Coyle v. Richard Armitage. So yesterday it looks like Brendan Coyle, in all...
11:11 richard armitage leaves me alone for ONCE IN MY LI FE
was driving to my holiday location for eight hours. Still, Urban got in, and I eventually got it on my Richard Armitage US /2
It isn't easy to stop being Richard Armitage to turn into .
-I can see the movie now: 'Savage Sword of Santa' starring Richard Armitage! :D
Richard Armitage as John Proctor, The Crucible . “I knew that by playing him, I would be changed as a person.'
Richard Armitage on set in Urban and the Shed Crew's made in Leeds
Armitage We hope you enjoy the festival & hope to see you in Berlin❤💓
.. Richard Armitage as Francis Dolarhyde is just sublime
Then again, Richard Armitage is 6'2 and he played a dwarf king so..
If I could choose the next I would go for 🎥
Out now: a transcript of our exclusive interview with on
I've listened to one -- Georgette Heyer's Venetia, but mostly because of hearing about Richard Armitage's voice.
Another oldie but good... Martin Freeman, Sir Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage, Orlando Bloom and Luke Evans http…
I'm guessing that's not actually Richard Armitage, but John Proctor. ;)
||Richard Armitage as John Proctor in that play was one of the best castings I've ever seen.
Vincenzo Natali, Adam Kane, & Neil Marshall for directing. Richard Armitage for Guest Actor
Pushed by the Obama Administration, the Pentagon, DC think tanks and Richard Armitage & Joseph Nye.
In Lecter and Graham reconcile and annihiliate through the body of Richard Armitage, as Blake's Red Dragon
//Debating if i should return to my old Young Dracula avi. Richard Armitage is a handsome man but it might be darker
A while ago, with former United States Deputy Secretary of State Mr.Richard Armitage
Richard Armitage says the world witnessed an awesome display of democracy at play in Sri Lanka referring to the ousting of Mahinda Rajapaksa
Foto: quiveringbunny: This new edit celebrates my favorite image of Richard Armitage. A fine actor. A...
My mother made the mistake of asking who's hotter: Richard Armitage or Aidan Turner. After 2 hours I decided Aidan but it was hard :(
Guy on the bus looks like a John Porter style Richard Armitage, thought of you
Richard Armitage and Rutina Wesley preview the upcoming episode with Scott Thompson and Guillermo Navarro. h…
The only person in existence with the talent and the emotion to play Matthew Clairmont is Richard Armitage!
Richard Armitage was born to play Matthew Clairmont and Matthew was written for Richard!
Who agrees there is no one else for Matthew Clairmont but Richard Armitage?
Tagged by & I don't have time to get pics! 4 Fave actors: . Richard Armitage. Dustin Hoffman. Billy Campbell. Harrison Ford
Tom Noonan, Ralph Fiennes, and Richard Armitage have all played a Hannibal lecter villain.
Richard Armitage really does nails it in as the Great Red Dragon. Perfect balance between Tom Noonan and Ralph Fiennes.
Richard Armitage made Ralph Fiennes and Tom Noonan look like amateurs. & Raul was WONDERFUL. Best version yet
I have to say Richard Armitage is brilliant as Francis Dollarhyde in this season of Up there with Tom Noonan in Manhunter.
A new Post Mortem with Rutina Wesley Guillermo Navarro and Richard Armitage via
Let me think for a second. yep. Richard Armitage is Matthew Clairmont!
Richard Armitage is for Donate to Richard's page
it's a period romance based off a novel by Elizabeth Gaskell, there's a BBC mini series w/ Richard Armitage in it. :)
2014 & Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies, Matt Walsh. its worth the watch
Richard Armitage said Will Graham is 'not very handsome' HOW DARE U
need I day more...I nominate Richard Armitage 😍😍😍
Another shipment of STAGED, a short I did with Richard Armitage (THE HOBBIT, NORTH AND SOUTH) to be sent out today! http…
MAN, you were right. Richard Armitage is freaking stunning in Hannibal. And Hugh Dancy has now taken over my headcanon as Graham.
oh blimey I already have to share Aidan Turner AND Richard Armitage. Thought I might get MM to myself.
I'm just gonna say Aidan Turner and Richard Armitage.
Admit it, you've totally done the Richard Armitage-or-Raul Esparza double take. -L
Mich Levi + Butoh = Richard Armitage's Red Dragon. Can't wait to see this episode.
He mixes up who Mica Levi is but Richard Armitage said he prepared to play Francis Dolarhyde on Hannibal by listening to Under the Skin sdtk
Newswire: Carrie-Anne Moss and Richard Armitage to play Chloë Grace Moretz’s parents in...
Plame outed by Deputy Sec.Def. Richard Armitage not White House as reported by Barry Pettersen. Truth hard to get with
Just found a playlist on 8tracks which is basically poetry/prose read by Tom Huddleston, Richard Armitage and Matthew MacFadyen and i
What if there's another guy named Richard Armitage? It sounds like a common name...people need to invent new names
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark A Novel (Unabridged) by A. J. Hartley, David Hewson, narrated by Richard Armitage
(NEW) Richard Armitage in the pressroom at the 41st Annual Saturn Awards . Credit: David Edwards/MediaPunch (Corbis)
What I'm excited about Hannibal is the Red Dragon. Ralph Fiennes was amazing in the film. I'm excited to see Richard Armitage on TV!
Richard Armitage poses in the pressroom at 41st Annual Saturn Awards at The Castaway on June 25, 2015 in Burbank, CA. …
Plus, Richard Armitage took to his Weibo account as well. 😊❤️
I almost forgot that Richard Armitage is going to be in Hannibal as the Red Dragon. Aaah.
yup! My new avatar is of Richard Armitage and his Saturn Awards award!
Richard Armitage's acceptance speech - thanks to :
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