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Richard Anderson

Richard Norman Anderson (born August 8, 1926) is an American actor in film and television, known to TV audiences as Steve Austin's (Lee Majors) and Jaime Sommers' (Lindsay Wagner) boss, Oscar Goldman, in both The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman TV series and their three subsequent TV movies: The Return of the Six-Million-Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (1987), Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (1989) and Bionic Ever After?

Oscar Goldman Six Million Dollar Man Lindsay Wagner Lee Majors Ford Field Delta Air Lines Inc Detroit Economic Club Perry Mason

to film and TV actor Richard Anderson. Here with his one-time wife (1955-1956, divorced) Carol Lee L…
Former Delta Air Lines chief Richard Anderson is named CEO of Amtrak
Before he was Oscar Goldman on The Six Million Dollar Man, Richard Anderson was a gunslinger on Bonanza and The Rifleman.
“All I remember are the things I don’t want to remember.” —Richard Ford
Company ANDERSON W RICHARD just submited new SEC filing
Richard, please stay out of this. The Anderson's not only saved our club, they're making it even better.
Watching Richard Anderson in SEVEN DAYS IN MAY doing his shifty-eyed villain thing: HAD to be meant to be funny didn't it?. Make a good GIF
I really hope has Richard dean Anderson be Macs granddad
Was watching the new MacGyver n their old boss fired. The team was waiting for the new Boss. I was hoping for Richard Dean Anderson :-(
So would richard dean anderson make an appearance on What do you think
no. that is not MacGyver. Richard Dean Anderson is the ONLY MacGyver
not bad. maybe Im just old but loved Richard Dean Anderson
It looks like MacGuyver, if he didn't stand for any of the things Angus MacGuyver stood for. I'm talking OG, Richa…
Comic cons can actually be pretty expensive. I *really* want to see Richard Dean Anderson in London but I'm also like "but Amanda..."
Trump meets with Steve Harvey but no love for the other Family Feud hosts. No Richard Karn? No John O' Hurley. Not even Louie Anderson?
I wish Richard Dean Anderson could be his new boss that would rule!
I hope it's good like the original. Richard Dean Anderson will always be my fav MacGyver
Amanda Tapping. Michael Shanks. Richard Dean Anderson. *** it's a good year to be a Stargate fan! Thank you THANK YOU! :D
Richard Luca and Anderson Santos comes on, great players
Always said I'd never go to London for anything cos I hate the place, then bag Richard Dean Anderson 🤔☺️ Love him, so I must go
@ Showmasters am I missing something? You mention autographs are available for Richard Dean Anderson but there's nothing listed on shop?
Hello with Michael Shanks and Amanda Tapping attending Collectormania will they be joining Richard D Anderson at Olympia? Bye
And in his only scheduled European event in 2017 - Richard Dean Anderson will be at
Hey G. Is it good? I don't want to spoil my golden memories of Richard Dean Anderson.
Richard Dean Anderson and his daughter Wylie, maybe a future actress to play O'Neill
Richard Quest was giggling reporting it to Kathy & Anderson
save us, O'Neill! (But, like, Richard Dean Anderson O'Neill because that other one is ew weird)
Kathy Griffin, Anderson Cooper and Richard Quest celebrate New Year 2017 at Times Square. Kathy cuts the beard of a…
I watched Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper and I am happy with that decision
richard quest filling anderson and kathy in on the Mariah Carey Incident is GIVING ME LIFE RIGHT NOW
... will Anderson get lucky tonite Richard?
Holy Cow lovin this NYE show on CNN.Anderson, Kathy, Richard, Don and Brooke, just a fun night all cozy on my sofa
Hi Richard Quest. Love the Jacket. Kathy and Anderson, We look forward to seeing both of you NYE
📷 Richard Dean Anderson behind the scenes in 200
The world is Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin and I am Richard Quest.
Richard Quest making fun of Anderson and calling him “so butch” is my new favorite thing.
Richard Qwest just called Anderson Cooper "big and butch" on Live TV. The best
10 minutes into Anderson Cooper's IFB dies & he's navigating a convo btwn Kathy Griffin & Richard Quest but can only hear her. 🎉
Richard Quest is starting off crazy this year Anderson. You and Kathy...Happy New Year
that you're gonna age very well like Richard Gere or Steve Martin or Anderson Cooper or Mr. Fantastic 😎
Thank goodness Richard Dean Anderson is still with us guess I'm now called his fan this year
Also picture of Ian Anderson performing in 2010
Blues Brothers, starring Richard Dean Anderson and Jennifer Garner. Directed by Steven Spielberg, music by Talk Talk. Budget: $300m
trade Jahlil for anything and I will support it. any trade. to Boston for Walter McCarty. to Dallas for Justin Anderson'…
Look your best in a Richard Anderson suit made with cloth.
We're loosely calling it The River Project, but hopefully th...
So they are asking the man they shot and who succumbed to said injuries, to TURN HIMSELF IN?. Richard Anderson O/C...
I miss Richard Anderson and the amazing safety instruction videos during his time as the CEO of Delta…
Wes Anderson & on the influence of Richard Adams, esp Watership Down
I guess the new is OK!? But NOTHING will substitute the ORIGINAL with Richard Dean Anderson! Pipe bombs m…
I've also been working with the Challengers Club in the in...
An exceptional wardrobe should represent you. Let Richard Anderson express your personality through unique Dormeuil cloths
I will cry if Richard Dean Anderson dies.
56 years ago tonight...Agnes Moorehead, Richard Anderson, Glenn Strange and Mel Allen in "Miss Bertie" on 'The Rifleman' on
Soviet architecture photo series by Richard Anderson
Richard Anderson retires as chairman, Frank Blake to succeed him. Read more: $DAL
Richard Anderson retires as Delta chairman, Frank Blake to succeed him: Delta Air Lines Inc. announced Tuesday that…
Last year's convention featured a Bionic reunion with Lee Majors, Lindsay Wagner and Richard Anderson. Here is...
I remember Richard Anderson in his role as Oscar on Bionic woman and the 6 million dollar man.who knew he created Michael Knight
Happy Birthday to Richard Anderson - Knight Rider's greatest plastic surgeon! He played Dr Wesley in the Pilot!
Richard Anderson and John McCain Working for Kingman Arizona and the Interstate I-11 the Kingman Airport
Richard Anderson wants to leave a lasting legacy with his 100% Cook Islands homegrown squad
Richard Anderson retired earlier this year.
The Holyoke Blue Sox’s Clark Eckhoff & Hunter Golden and author Richard Anderson join us LIVE in-studio for an...
Watching 'Ironside'. Lee Grant's in this one - ace - and Richard Anderson (Oscar Goldman).
Mid-Del girls helped the East to an 81-55 win in the Big All-City game. Richard Anderson scored 23 in a boys loss.
Richard Anderson, longtime CEO, retires today. My story on Ed Bastian, his successor, and the road ahead:
Delta Air Lines CEO Richard Anderson to retire, become executive chairman via
Richard Dean Anderson looks happy with it:
By richard.anderson.yyc on Instagram:
But my answer to that question would have to be, aside from the obvious, wh...
Dear Richard Anderson I have long admired your company but cannot understand why deny we were on DL80 to Brussels.
I never realized how Canadian Richard Dean Anderson sounded when I watched this as a kid. I do…
Favourite CMNM How to wash with the gorgeous Sgt Richard Anderson. Stunning
Hey there Richard Anderson can you put the machine back in the A17 skyclub? Or do I start flying United?
later tonight, correspondent Anderson Richard has an in depth investigation into the latest craze sweeping the nations moms
"Irony of Docs don't hide that they do it, but society debates if it exists"
1.Tom: There's a new MacGyver bein made. Herself: Ah very good. Who's he then?. Tom: From the 80s, Richard Dean Anderson. Great at fixin stuff
I'm going to take my dad's camera to FACTS, because mine is horrible and I NEED a good picture of Richard Dean Anderson 💁💁💁
Can't wait to see Richard Dean Anderson on FACTS, though. Not going to ask for a signature/photo because I don't have the money, but still.
What the current landscape of medical liability insurance?
What's the current medical liability insurance landscape?
Happy happy birthday to my amazing brother Richard Anderson!
New customer service idea… Richard Anderson and all Delta engineers must have their office chairs replaced with coach seats.
Richard Harris and Lindsay Anderson on set for the singing scene from This Sporting Life.
thanks for sharing Richard Anderson, have a great Thursday :) (FREE Automation >>
Dr. Richard Anderson with one of his adorable patients!
do not google 'fat Richard Dean Anderson'
More players that'll be workin out for scouts today are RB Jalen Richard, WR Casey Martin, LB's Brian Anderson & Anthony Swain
Oh man. Just got my mitts on the Richard Anderson cover sketches for my next book. This is gonna be a doosie...
Richard Anderson once won a game of connect four in 3 moves.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Stop Delta employee Michele Leqve from killing another polar bear.Tell CEO Richard Anderson that you do not…
Congrats to Cindy Allen and Richard Anderson honorees at tonight's Gala!
so how do we all get this message across to Richard Anderson and leadership?
"I don't think we're going to get the French to let us run their fleet," Richard Anderson says of AF. But Aeromexico and G…
Richard Anderson, CEO Delta Airlines: Delta lost our dog and we want justice - Sign the Petition! via CdnChange
FOTO FRIDAY of Leeds Castle, England by Linda and Richard Anderson. LIKE to vote for your favorite...
Want a garment that expresses your style? Ask Richard Anderson for a suit made of cloth
- When I saw in Revolution, he reminded me of Richard Dean Anderson in MacGyver.
Thank you Paul for the beautiful Fotos of Richard Dean Anderson. You can send more
3 of 5 stars to The Organ Takers by Richard Van Anderson
Richard Anderson gets some attention from the ladies... what a smoothy! Don't 4get Lee & Faith will be at MCM in Nov.
It was so surreal seeing Richard Dean Anderson alongside Don S. Davis and Christopher Judge in MacGyver before they were in Stargate SG-1.
Richard Dean Anderson and Michael thanks . can someone tell me if I am right I believe I am.
Richard Dean Anderson is really a great guy and very easy to talk to thank you for coming to Brisbane still love trains lol
Lineisy Montero walking for in a print inspired by a sculpture by Richard Zawitz http:/…
Here's a great nite in Wilmington NC 2-2-02! Filmed by Richard Anderson.
No guns but a lot of fun: Richard Dean Anderson on MacGyver
Bionic reunion - Lee Majors, Richard Anderson and Lindsay Wagner at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention.
Actor Richard Dean Anderson proudly wearing Sea Shepherd gear at in Brisbane this weekend! ht…
Another couple of photos of Richard Dean Anderson from his Sunday panel at
Not all airline CEOs are equal. We look back at our interview with Richard Anderson
Last year I interviewed CEO Richard Anderson for Now I'm using that piece in my grad prog
Lee Majors, Lindsay Wagner & Richard Anderson to appear at the 10th annual Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention,
MacGyver wasn't always averse to guns. In the pilot, he had one but Richard Dean Anderson kept pronouncing it "jun."
POLITICO Editor-in-Chief John Harris sat down recently with Richard Anderson, the CEO of Delta Air Lines:
the Richard A. Anderson Memorial Honor Medal at his new grave memorial. LCPL Anderson graduated M.B. Smiley 1966 and
Id pick Richard Dean Anderson , who would you pick.
Great interview in POLITICO Pro: CEO Richard Anderson clearly explains the trade dispute with the subsidized Gulf mega-carriers.
I like to ask Tippy Ta Lamont Jones Richard Anderson Steve Griffin to pleez give the people sum feedback on the...
"Conversations are the artefacts of risk culture"
Richard Anderson was handsome in a bland-ish way as a young man.
Richard Anderson does a lovely job as a hen-pecked man in THE LONG, HOT SUMMER.
hope whoever's taking over for richard anderson at Cowal realises they have specific tunes to play or Cowal won't work
How many supporting roles did Richard Anderson have in MGM movies? Seems like a million
Kinda funny how Richard Anderson is Walter Pidgeon's aide, considering Walt's ID Monster KILLED him in FORBIDDEN PLANET.
If it's Groundhog Day again do I need to pull Richard Gordon, Russell Anderson and Lord Byron out my hipper?
Lately, nothing as made me happier than seeing "Special Appearance by RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON"
I would forgive Delta Airlines for 3 years of homelessness if I could get 1 apology from Richard Anderson and retiree flight perks.
they have lots of money and are the champions of england... incase they didn't make you aware of that Sir Richard!
Hey Richard Anderson Tell your team to stop making funny safety videos and fix the on your planes
CEO Spotlight: Delta’s shares have soared since Richard Anderson took the controls in 2007: $DAL
By Richard Anderson : richierichthe2n TeachBoomBeach molt_CoC what is something in the fame you think …
I've always wondered, did you ever get to meet Richard 'the *** machine' Anderson from the XFM days?
Richard Anderson and Alan Doshna interviewed by Richard Rossi on 12/03/14.
U & Richard Dean Anderson should so some bit on
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Daniel: Your hair always been that way?. Jack: What way?. Daniel: Never mind!. U & Richard D Anderson have great comic timing.
And thank you all for not making fun of me for crying about Richard Dean Anderson.
MacGyver. Richard Dean Anderson once came to Milwaukee & I sobbed because I couldn't get his autograph.
Moonrise Kingdom (2012) dr. Wes Anderson. “We're in love. We just want to be together. What's wrong with that?”
Richard Dean Anderson will be a guest in November,
I assume he is the one who is a Richard Dean Anderson character?
Why does the reporter's voice sound like Richard Anderson as Oscar Goldman at the beginning of Six Million Dollar Man?
CEO Richard Anderson says airline will cancel its order for 737-900ERs due to stalled talks with the carri…
$DAL General Update: DAL CEO, Richard Anderson, today issued a statement supporting nomination of Andy Slavitt for US Administrator of CMS.
Richard Anderson''s latest interview on all week here: A direct link to the interview:: …
"Detroit Metropolitan is a nice airport but Richard Anderson should get out more if he truly thinks it is the best airport in the world"
Delta CEO: Gulf carriers a threat to Detroit jobs: Speaking at the Detroit Economic Club, Richard Anderson sai...
Richard Anderson yep. And Seven can't get a simple postcard.
CEO Richard Anderson gave a great speech for the Detroit Economic Club luncheon at Ford Field today. ..
What's long term strategy? Looking forward to hearing Richard Anderson in a few!
Richard Anderson takes Delta on a higher altitude flight path. Read II:
Richard Anderson has plans for Delta to fly HIGHER --
Hosted O'HARA years ago @ Egyptian with Richard Anderson as guest who is still with us. Not surprisingly, he admired Tracy tremendously.
Get your tix today to see CEO Richard Anderson on 6/23 at Ford Field.
meeting on 6/23: Restoring fair competition to the skies w/ CEO Richard Anderson.
More new friends from the Anderson Collection: works by, from top left, Harvey Quatman, Richard…
I watch feeling baffled & hating its pretentiousness. Yet I still watch, mainly for Gillian Anderson & soon Richard Armitage.
don't know mate; aren't you friends with them? If not - maybe Richard Anderson who's putting it together for CR can help ;-)
Richard Anderson, Delta's CEO, gave up his seat on an oversold flight, making it possible for Jessie Frank to pick her daughter up from a
Talking about MC GYVER why don't Hollywood makes new episodes? . Mr Richard Dean Anderson is maybe (cont)
grand Budapest hotel screening at sxsw with richard linklater interviewing Wes Anderson. I mean all those words say why.
LOL, they updated the Richard Anderson intro.
There are overhead on this flight. Guess we'll see video where Richard Anderson gloats about sitting at the founder's desk everyday.
Richard Causton - Piano Quintet: (the broadcast also includes music by P.M.Davies, Simon Holt and Julian Anderson)
OK so who do you think has the best *** - Becca at Huntsman or Becca at Richard Anderson ?
Google won't search for Richard Anderson because it knows you don't find Richard Anderson, he finds you.
TV Confidential airs tonight at 8pm ET 5pm PT on Indiana Talks. Join us along with our guests Richard Anderson...
UK:Monday 15th June 7:00pm Richard Dean Anderson in MacGyver - Second series of this classical show on CBS Action
Yes I was, I played a waitress in a diner. Richard Dean Anderson is a dreamboat on and off the set.Wonderful to work with!XXX
Richard Dean Anderson's farewell letter to the cast and crew of MacGyver
Potential new tagline for "Thanks for choosing Delta. Oh, and your dog lives in Russia now."
The last film of Donald Sinden, Richard Briers, Bill Pertwee, Frank Thornton and Rona Anderson.
Impress at your next black tie event in a custom Richard Anderson garment made with luxurious Dormeuil cloth
I prefer the ones with Richard Dean Anderson. I think the chemistry was much better.
Branson/Virgin Atlantic from DTW via Funny, no Richard Anderson to be seen! He's afraid of DTW
HOT TOPIC: Ethics & end of life care with Richard Theriault, DO - 2015 MD Anderson Physicians Network Symposium.
15 insights from recent Natural Gas articles by Richard Anderson
Our top ideas to finish Richard Dean Anderson's sentence! :)
I'm reading Richard Anderson's memoir tonight while Perry Mason is on Guess who was the guest star? Richard Annderson!
Richard Anderson: At Last… a Memoir: Next on TVC: Actor Richard Anderson and film historian Alan Doshna will j...
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Join us this week as we welcome Richard Anderson (The Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman, Perry Mason,...
His Excellency Akbar Al Baker and Richard Anderson will both be at the conference. This could be interesting.
"Wear a smile, it's the best makeup money can buy."Richard Anderson on his
Wonderful cover yet again from Richard Anderson (I would even say slightly better than the pictured sketch by...
Surprised no one has called out Richard Anderson, aka Oscar Goldman from Six Million Dollar Man, as The Chief.
that's for sure, "Seconds" w/Rock Hudson? Very strange film, Richard Anderson was in it too.
Treating myself to a episode - Lady in Waiting. Oh look, Richard Anderson! Steve Austin can't be far away!
Guardians of the Galaxy concept art by our superlative former coworker Richard Anderson:
Loni Anderson, Richard Dean Anderson (McGyver), and I grad'd from same high school (they're older).
The defender George Taft has dedicated his first senior goal to friend Richard Mayne who died on fligh…
Panthers won't miss a beat if Anderson comes in
Richard Anderson scores 15 points in the second quarter helping Midwest City to a 40-24 halftime lead over Del City.
GALLERY: Gary Anderson celebrates as he beats MvG 6-3 to reach the World Championship final!
I would like a MacGyver remake, but instead of diffusing bombs he's raising a toddler. And also with Richard Dean Anderson. K thanks.
well done Gary player tonight. Now for The Power v Barney. What a night of darts :-D
This darts semi is fantastic.looking like Anderson now but van Gerwen needs to show us why he is the World Champ
Anderson-MVG semi final, on the cider and listening to Richard Harris' 'Macarthur Park'. You wouldn't believe how amazing the mixture is :/
Richard Dean Anderson wanted to become a professional hockey player, but he broke both of his arms while playing hockey and>
I don't usually enjoy being photographed. This was an exception. Compliments of . Richard "MJ" Anderson a.k.a Sprinta!
Stargate was a great show until Richard Dean Anderson left.
Coaches at times "kill talent"..You look at Anderson at Man utd and Alex Ferguson comes into your mind. You look...
bur-burmpt. I'm sorry, but we have Richard Dawson, Louie Anderson and John O'Hurley.
Pvt. Richard B. Anderson, who dove on a live grenade to save his fellow brothers during WWII.
tyler_says...(BLGH+DWQE) and that is why if richard_anderson himself arrives at my door i am joining green_peace and giving him the ...
tyler_says...(ATXQ_RCBR) or else richard_anderson goes back in time or scott_bakula goes to ...
Somehow Richard Anderson managed to figure out another way to make worse.
Silva vs Belfort by Richard T. Slone Pick yours up today!!
Met a legend of TV Richard Anderson aka Oscar Goldman from the Six Million Dollar Man.
Thanks for adding me, recently at the Detroit Comic Con I had the pleasure to meet Lee Majors Lindsay Wagner and Richard Anderson. Richard was highly gracious and spoke to me at length and answered many questions. I also met Lee's wife faith, she is a wonderful person and was very helpful during his signing work.
The artwork of Richard Anderson, who did concepts for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY among others.
Not that I've ever attempted a cutaway, but they make me weep with joy. Richard Scarry, Jill Barklem, Wes Anderson.
Business Mogul, Mr. Richard Branson , putting some dough on drones
Dogs are my favorite people. . Richard Dean Anderson
CEO Richard Anderson please visit call centers and watch every day struggle agents face to allot seats we suffer!
Brian Anderson is fantastic at play-by-play.
On condition it involves Richard Dean Anderson as Jack O'Neill.a must!
Just saw the name Richard Anderson. Now I have to imagine (Anderson making out with Twinbrother (AU)
Church & *** Marriage should be like Richard Cardinal Cushing w/BC.
Why Branson invests in Startups - saw 3D Robotics Anderson yesterday at via
If you like wes anderson & russian literature richard ayoade's 2nd feature "the double" is on netflix and its awesome
7 stargate people are going including Richard Dean Anderson
Between these and the Brutalist architecture of all Anderson’s shows...
Delta's CEO opens the safety video. "…I'm Richard Anderson…" and I think this guy:
We love " A Home Run for Bunny" by Richard Anderson of Springfield College. Have you read this book to your young...
Gerry Anderson's Firestorm - Filmed in Ultramarionation by Jamie Anderson via
Also good to see Willie Walsh's weird crush on Richard Anderson going strong... ;)
I got Richard Dean Anderson mixed up with Roger Dean who would also be a great guest for
A quick chat with Richard Dean Anderson ahead of his New Zealand visit
My amazing friend Richard Anderson is for Cancer Research UK. Donate to Richard's page
Richard Dean Anderson in also,MacGyver and Stargate SG-1, is attending the Armageddon pop culture expo, in Auckland.
dude I broke a key off in the last bottle I tried to go all Richard Dean Anderson on. Epic fail.
Between playing Macgyver and Colonel Jack O'Neill it's safe to say that Richard Dean Anderson was my childhood crush.
Richard Dean Anderson is coming to NZ? I'm surprisingly excited by this!
A quick chat with Richard Dean Anderson aka MacGyver ahead of his NZ visit: via No. 8 Wire!
Thanx to Ralph Richard one of our founders, President Patrick Anderson & others for dropping knowledge tonight
I also heard that chair was made to be very comfortable, because Richard Dean Anderson wouldn't have it any other way.
did you guys really say John Sneider from Smallville and Richard Dean Anderson McGyver were the same guy?
Richard James wants you to support Gerry Anderson's Firestorm via
Check out my latest interview with here:
Loved Macguyver as a kid so I knew early on. Started my love for Richard Dean Anderson young...
All purpose parts banner
Hows the monster tour going say hi to my brother he's the only family I got left cept richard anderson
Do you have an online version of the Richard Dean Anderson interview that was in yesterday's paper for us fans not in Auckland?
Set those DVRs to on Sun. at 11AM for our interview with CEO & Chair Richard Anderson
Sunday we host CEO & Chair Richard Anderson. Check out our talk with him 11AM on
Jacqueline in the elite counter of Terminal 4 at JFK is amazing. Tell Richard Anderson for me!
Richard Branson invests in drone company 3D Robotics via
"What is Addiction?", Blog By: Richard Anderson, author of “From Darkness to Light: A Primer for Recovery”
It may or may not have something to do with needing to read the interview with Richard Dean Anderson that was in it today!!! ;)
I love to imagine that Richard Dean Anderson is the same Richard Anderson who continuously wrote into the Ricky Gervais show.
How fitting: On the day Apopka gave him a $350K, Richard Anderson was vacationing in Lake Tahoe: (by
Apopka\'s Richard Anderson leaving, along with other key city staffers(Orlando news)
New England like that past 15 years
you already know who I ain't even gotta say who
I bet Richard walkin around that mf like y'all got kik 😹😹😹
Very nice article on Zweig's influence -
Who are the best CEOs in America? Richard Anderson of Airlines is in the top 5
Is Airfare 'One of the Great Bargains for American Consumers'? According to Delta CEO, Richard Anderson it is.
Want to support music and help AU Students for FREE? Please visit and like . Anderson University (SC) Choral...
i know what you mean. Crucible and Streetcar both amazing. Saw those last month. Richard Armitage and Gillian Anderson incred
Even Richard Quest is *** ! Seems CNN has to become GNN *** News Network). Anderson Cooper and Richard Quest! :'( WHY???
0_0! Richard Quest too "So Anderson Cooper is *** wow! more people will soon start to confess but Anderson Cooper why? :'("
Gerald Anderson in the table right next to me with the Kramer brothers. Richard Gutierrez was here too. This is my crowd now~ LOL JK
Tough choice for my but I choose Ben Browder & Richard Dean Anderson from their time in Stargate SG-1
Simplify My iPhone - Sanspoint. - Essays on Technology and Culture by Richard J. Anderson - Clearing out...
Are you KIDDING! Did they just begin the rise of the Replicators?! Get Richard Dean Anderson
"Richard Sherman's numbers in high school. Anything is possible🏈💯
"For 300 points, who hosted Family Fued in 2002?" "Louie Anderson?" "Ooh, no I'm sorry, we were looking for Richard Karn."
Oh, My lusty *** *** ...what you MEANT to say was: SG-1 .gotta have Me some Richard Dean Anderson. OH YEAH :-)
Don't care if they call him Richard Dean Anderson will still be my nro 1 crush from my childhood.
Get your tickets to ARMAGEDDON EXPO 2014 - Richard Dean Anderson token via I have mine - do you
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Richard Dean Anderson was in Stargate for many years.
Stefan Zweig, Wes Anderson, and a Longing for the Past via
*comforts with vinyl records, Richard ayoade and Wes Anderson films*
do you ever wonder what Richard 'dickie' Anderson is doing from the xfm shows?
am looking for Richard you have any clues? uk subs at venue,forgot to ask. not seen him since world affair
also Richard Dean Anderson. Made for the role.
lol Richard Dean Anderson said he had a crush on her too!
oh no!! Was my first one this year & it was the best!!! Got to meet Richard Dean Anderson & the xmen stars too!
it's defo her because BBC America, Samuel Anderson and Richard all follow her!
Negatives, infinitives, commas...he prattles punctuation while France is in agony! -Richard Anderson as Philippe de Valmorin in Scaramouche
8/8/1926: Richard Anderson, best known as Oscar Goldman, in both The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman is born
Today In 8/8/1926: Richard Anderson star of Tora! Tora! Tora!, Forbidden Planet and Gettysburg is born in New Jersey
What a play by Anderson throws a deep ball, Kelvin catches it on a long grab in the corner of the end zone.
The Post still is kicking Richard Nixon around
I'll bet any quantum mechanic in the service wld give the rest of his life to fool around w/this gadget.-Richard Ander…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
WASHINGTON, June 24 (Reuters) - Delta Air Lines Inc chief executive Richard Anderson said on Tuesday he opposes reauthorization of the U
Tips for Success from Delta Air Lines CEO Richard Anderson vía
Read the Obituary and view the Guest Book, leave condolences or send flowers. | Richard Anderson, 72, passed away suddenly from cancer, on July 16, 2014, in Darrington. He was born September 2, 1941, in Everett, to Stoney and Elizabeth Anderson. He was preceded in death by his
this is true. How can I mock Richard Anderson with the Kardashians walking around?
We've got a HUGE fall lineup of fun and we'll show it all off next week during FREE fan event!
if the heat pick up Okafor to get more depth in the front, and richard Hamilton or James Anderson... ECF off rip
MRI time, fingers and toes crossed! — at St. Luke's Richard A. Anderson Campus
Happy birthday Richard Anderson!! So thankful to know u. Wishing u a wonderful day
Watch out for the downpours! Nicole here, and it's really coming down in Anderson, Greenville, and Spartanburg... http…
Richard Anderson is looking for a buyer on 2210 Miguel Chavez 1115
Check out our listing in Santa Fe, NM listed by Richard Anderson
See a video tour of one of our listings on 2 Rocky Slope Drive Santa Fe, NM listed by Richard Anderson
I can cure you of this Richard Dean Anderson thing if you wish
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