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Rich Swann

Richard Rich Swann (born February 15, 1991) is an American professional wrestler, currently working for Dragon Gate USA and its Japanese parent promotion, Dragon Gate, where he is a former Open the Owarai Gate and Open the Triangle Gate Champion.

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And they let him on TV still. At least with Rich Swann they fired him
Speaking of which, I kinda expect Rich Swann to be released some time soon.
The Usos have arrived to So Jey how has Rich Swann been?
Rich Swann is a whole lot different
Kalisto defeats the cruserweight champion Rich Swann in an amazing match here on
I'm seeing people comparing the Rich Swann and Jey Uso situations.they are nowhere close to one another.
Honestly what the *** has been going on with people have been injured from left to right Roman and Bray were…
I know its a too soon thing to do because I like the usos, but jokes kinda works so. Say hello to rich swann for me.
Is it sad that I was relieved that it was just for drunk driving? I mean, never do that, you could ha…
Considering it's only been a month since Rich Swann's actions, at least it's just a DUI.
Rich Swann vs The Velveteen Dream with Maria Kanellis as special referee at
I would say him and rich swann could re form the inner city machine guns but rich swann m…
Kendo Nagasaki vs. Rich Swann in this tearful hardcore deathmatch. Loser will speak in nothing but Simpsons quotes.
Mates gunna be insane, gunna come back a rich man I’m hoping, Cancun gunna be blazing I’ll be sure to have a bucket on 🤘🏻
BACKSTAGE CHATTER: Rich Swann and Curtis Axel will go steady!
Kudos to for defeating me with Rich Swann lmao def the most intense match ever lmao
i got a question why the intro of the theme song of Rich Swann sounds like the italian opening of the anime "Grendizer"?
I added a video to a playlist Possible update on Rich Swann's arrest and future in WWE | WWE HD NEWS
Lince Dorado defeats Rich Swann via the Superman Punch in a Casket Match on Friday Night Smackdown
At least now we know how Rich Swann is gonna get his job back if he gets fired.
Why’d Rich Swann have to beat that girl up and leave us with Cedric Alexander?
Let me add on to this...I'm equally as bored with wrestlers getting fired. Rich Swann = fired. Braun Strowman = sus…
if this was about race, I wouldn't have posted about Rich Swann suffering addiction issues as a teenag…
Kairi Sane goes toe-to-toe with Rich Swann in this sloppy submissions bout. Winner has to accept it gracefully.
Rich Swann's wife Su Yung debuted on the latest set of Impact tapings. .
Rich Swann defeated Oney Lorcan with a tope suicida at Survivor Series
Rich Swann won a submission match against No Way Jose with an ankle lock at Survivor Series
Rich Swann vs Jey Uso with Alicia Fox as special referee at
Mandy Rose won the smackdown women's championship from Rich Swann with a superkick at vengeance
Rich Swann defeated The Brian Kendrick with a crossface chickenwing on monday night raw
"not to defend them, but here is an unambiguous defense of them" category: Rich Swann openly admitting to having pr…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
At this year's Judgment Day PPV, Rich Swann adopts a new finisher, and calls it the Leisure Leg lock
Luke Harper lost a loser goes to TNA match against Rich Swann with an atomic legdrop at cyber sunday
just picked up Rich Swann's elite at Walmart only bad thing about it is trying to get the coat off 😡
Steelers need a touchdown like rich swann needs to control the strength of his pimp hand
Rich Swann won the royal rumble by last eliminating David Otunga with the mizard of oz at fall brawl
Wife of WWE star Rich Swann makes her Impact Wrestling debut: via
Stephanie McMahon says Rich Swann will be released by WWE if convicted
Rich Swann won a mask vs mask match against Dave Meltzer with a bella buster on the WWE Network for $9.99
Rich Swann won King of the ring by defeating Liv Morgan with a chairshot at vengeance
Samoa Joe was attacked backstage by Rich Swann with a kendo stick on monday night raw
Pete Dunne fights Rich Swann in this utterly ridiculous tuxedo dark match. Winner will vibrate through a wall.
Rich Swann pinned Billie Kay with sweet chin music on monday night raw
So Rich Swann might be terminated if convicted while his wife will be with Impact Wrestling.
Rich Swann won the intercontinental championship from Rusev with a frog splash at vengeance
Pep or money? You’re an embarrassment. City have been built on oil money. Empty stadium vs full stadium. Global fanbase vs no…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Rich Swann against Jun Akiyama in this fantastic everything explodes title match. Loser has to be wheeled out on a stretcher.
Stephanie McMahon: If Rich Swann is convicted, he will be released
The Great Khali vs Rich Swann with Booker T as special referee at
Rich Swann & Shane McMahon vs Noam Dar & Elias Samson in a tag team match at
TJP vs Rich Swann vs Jey Uso in a Triple Threat Three Stages of *** match at
We saw the first cruiserweight champion of this era in Rich Swann. Bobby Roode and the Miz tore apart…
Alexander Will Face Gulak, Lesnar NOT in Creed 2, Darren Young - Rich Swann was set to face Drew Gulak in a ma…
As someone all to familiar with the, "system's" proclivity for destroying whistleblowers, in my view the disappearance/sil…
As far as who wants to connect Roman to Rich swann it's *** like you.. looking for an excuse to…
WWE wrestler Rich Swann arrested, charged with battery .
Now that Rich Swann is suspended, who will Drew Gulak wrestle tomorrow night on in the Number One Contender’s Match?
//having a Chris Brown RP account is like making a Rich Swann RP account that has a fetish of kidnapping.
I added a video to a playlist WWE Suspends Rich Swann Due to Domestic Violence Accusations!
WWE wrestler Rich Swann arrested for battering wife.
I liked a video WWE Superstar Rich Swann Arrested, Charged with Battery, False Imprisonment
Who would you like to see take Rich Swann's place for Gulak tomorrow?
Despite reports stating Rich Swann is being held without bail until Monday, a source told me he’s already been bailed out of…
WWE superstar Rich Swann arrested for battery and false imprisonment
Rich Swann might have seemed like a nice dude who was really great to his friends and to people who he worked with,…
Saw that Rich Swann was trending and knew it couldn't be good. Yikes.
Clearly, Swann was professionally silenced. The story was not debunked, retracted, investigated, or anything else, just de…
WWE has suspended wrestler Rich Swann following his arrest on battery and false imprisonment charges in Florida
What's is up with domestic violence nowadays Rich Swann and now Steven Wright gosh stop hitting women guys.
WWE's Rich Swann arrested, charged with battering wife
Lost both his parents at a young age, lived in rough neighborhoods and homelessness. But no excuse for domestic violence. Kn…
"Rich Swann Had an unexpected Heel turn" -
Yeah and saying that one person is connecting Roman to Rich Swann…
NFL's history with their felons left me surprised by WWE's response.
WWE's Rich Swann arrested, charged with battery of wife:
Will WWEs Rich Swann get convicted for Domestic Battery?: via
Little Giant Ladders
.wrestler Rich Swann arrested, charged with battery of wrestler wife.
Wrestler Rich Swann arrested, charged with battery of his wife
Rich swann has been suspended in definitely
arrested WWE star Richard Swann late Saturday night after they say he put his wife in a headlock and force…
Now that cops have said Rich Swann’s arrest was related to a domestic issue involving his wife, I’m guessing there’s a huge…
WWE Superstar Rich Swann was arrested in Florida for battery and false imprisonment at midnight and is currently still…
Rich Swann arrested in Florida, Suspended by WWE indefinitely via
Due to numerous national media requests...mugshot and arrest report for Rich Swann can be found here:
One of my favorite wrestlers (Rich Swann) gets arrested and suspended, now a good pitcher (Steven Wright) from my f…
BREAKING NEWS: WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, and per our policy, Rich Swann has been suspended i…
Tbh, though...Rich Swann is the perfect example of black kids that need guidance when they lose their parents. Your mind…
Domestic violence SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED in any situation. The news about Rich Swann is sad, unexpected & pathetic. Coinc…
Word of advice, if the Swann situation has you down, listen to upbeat music, or watch his matches on the…
Wrestling Observer Live is ON THE AIR! Rich Swann, Triple H beats Jinder Mahal, NJPW line-up, Raw, Smackdown, and more! L…
Well, in reality, none of us know who's correct. But there's currently a lot of pres…
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Funny you said that b/c I was thinking the same thing. I mean I’m still on Rich Swann b/c I’m tryin…
Rich Swann defeats Big John Studd via Overselling in a No Disqualification match on Monday Night Raw
CM Punk vs Ahmed Johnson vs Rich Swann in a Triple Threat at
Rich Swann won an eight man tag with Tommaso Ciampa with a batista bomb at wrestlemania
Curtis Axel vs Rich Swann vs Fandango in a Triple Threat on
Neville's best match was vs Jack Gallagher, not Rich Swann
Rich Swann and Sasha banks defeats Noam Dar and Alicia Fox in a mix tag team match
I like him too and Noam Dar and Rich Swann.
For those who have never heard of EWA, some alumni include Adam Cole (Won his first title at EWA) Drew Gulak, Rich Swann and Luke Gallows
That'll be why Rich Swann doesn't use that move anymore. Bloody ***
They had him on once and lost to rich swann but never back on, could have some quality matches! His mat…
Rich Swann shot on Dana Brooke with the styles clash in parts unknown
Enzo Amore interrupted the wedding of Rich Swann after the undertaker's dong went off at saturday night's main event
Rich Swann meets Noam Dar backstage. Noam and Alicia Fox say they have the last laugh.
And if they had to recover Rich Swann... also would have marked out. - RevRay
Nikki Bella defeats Rich Swann via the Clothesline from *** in a Capture the Midget at The Mall
Rich Swann won a loser goes to TNA match against Austin Aries with a triple jump moonsault in front of 50 people in an armory
Rich Swann defeats Shane McMahon via the Sweet Chin Music in an Empty Arena at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory
Rich Swann defeats Dana Brooke via the East River Crossing in an Iron Man Match on Summerslam
Epico won a last man standing match against Rich Swann with a yes lock on vince mcmahons bear skin rug
Bayley defeated Rich Swann with the kick that won him the world championship at extreme rules
Bray VS Dean will be so god. TJ Pelicans VS Rich Swann is SHOOK
Rich Swann performs a brainbuster on Konnor. He thought it was groundbreaking, but Corey Graves said it was a shoot
Poor can expect to die 20 years before rich in rural US ‒ study
Rich Swann won a *** in a cell match against Aliyah with a slap to the face at no way out
Rich Swann Vs. Noam Dar. 3/5. Hard fought match that sold an injury.
Nia Jax was attacked backstage by Rich Swann with an angle slam at fastlane
2 Cold Scorpion is fun to watch. He brings extra flavor to the card with dancing & high spots like Rich Swann
Here's a drawing of Hope you all dig it!
Ich mag das Rich Swann reveals why he sent gifts to Alicia Fox: WWE 205 Live, April 18, 2017
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TJ's match with Rich Swann was awesome last night.
I remember Rich Swann, Noam Darr, Ali, Cedric Alexander, and the list goes on, but does…
was fantastic. Rich Swann Vs TJP was probably the best match of the night.
Tye Dillinger won money in the bank after hitting Rich Swann with the big ending at vengeance
Fantastic match between and Rich Swann!! TJP makes Swann tap!
I didn't know rich Swann was at raw lol he's strong for a guy his size lol
Just met Rich Swann and Akira Tozawa! . (Covered my face and fat🙃)
Just met Rich Swann and Akira Tozawa!! Thought there might be more wrestlers, but still cool to…
The meet and greet is with Akira Tozawa and Rich Swann. In, get pics and autographs, out again.
Austin Aries defeated Rich Swann to retain the Cruiserweight Title
Rich Swann won a ladder match against Rezar with an angle slam at new years revolution
Unfortunately, Rich Swann has pulled out of BOLA. We can't pick a substitute; so, we're leaving it up to you from this list of alternates.
Rich Swann defeats Harley Race via A hanging Spear in an I Quit Match on ECW
Rich Swann is Zack the black ranger
A new Ride Along is coming. Focusing on The Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher & TJ Perkins with Rich Swann
Rich Swann won the universal title from Jack Swagger with the Zig-Zag at Survivor Series
I've loved Adrian Neville since I first saw him, but I'm really gonna miss Rich Swann as champion.
Zack Sabre Jr., Kevin Owens, Kalisto, James Ellsworth, Konnor, Jack Gallagher, Rich Swann, TJ Perkins are RUMOURED to be in the Rumble
I just imagine Rich Swann convulsively dancing in a hospital bed.
Rich Swann is going to defend a championship in front of 60,000 people. That's so cool.
I liked a video from Leni and Luan dance to Rich Swann's WWE Theme
Rich Swann better get that mic work poppin for real
You know there is some racist white guy whose son loves rich swann and he is dying inside
Neville talks about his resurgence in the WWE Cruiserweight division and his thoughts on the current...
can you explain why the WWE Champ is on the back row of the poster next to Rich Swann?
For me the best are TJ Perkins, Noam Dar and Rich Swann 😊
Breaking News: Rich Swann became the Champion on tonight.
hey Rich Swann I grew up in foster care, the streets, my parents gave me up after adopting me. My father died on Xmas day…
Will Neville become the true King of the Cruiserweights? via
Good guy Rich Swann mocks Bad guy Neville by calling him "Dumbo"
My 2 favorite cruiserweights as Rich Swann battles Tony Nese on 205 LIVE!
It's official Neville will challenge Rich Swann for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at the
Rich Swann gets the win over Tony Nese in another awesome Match
MAIN EVENT: WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann vs. Tony Nese this is gonna be a good one
I know... I've got pro hardened Heath Slater and Rich Swann lol
At the I will prove to all of you ignorant American fools that I am in a league of my own. By hearing Rich Swann and +
Also, I want to see what unfolds between Neville and Rich Swann
Rich Swann vs Neville for the Cruiserweight Championship at
why WWE makes me not like Rich Swann???
Imagine Rich Swann coming out singing All Night Long right now to challenge Mundo
Watched the rest of that episode...the way neville threw rich swann at the apron was savage actually factually
Rich Swann retains his Title against Tony Nese Results -
This should be a great contest between the two top WWE stars...
I'd rather see TJP in it than Rich Swann
Rich Swann said Neville has ears like Dumbo and the crowd BOOED. Part 128 of ''WWE can't write dialogue for good guys'' h…
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Sasha, New Day, Rich Swann all black champions.. If only Naomi can *** herself the women's championship one day.
This guy is delusional if he thinks Charlotte is a better athlete than Cedric Alexander, Rich Swann or Tony Nese.
Who would've thought in 2016 you'd be watching Noam Dar, Jack Gallagher, Cedric Alexander, Tozawa, Rich Swann, Tony Nese & Drew Gulak in WWE
Out of the group of Cruiserweights WWE has signed my favorites are Gran Metalik, Cedric Alexander, Rich Swann, Tony Nese
Rich Swann, I cannot handle tour Bret Hart shorts.
Watched all of Monday Night Football and didn't see Rich Swann once.
Rich Swann a future star. Moose prospering. Darius killing it. Aerial on her way. Shane Strickland still killing. Ricochet killing.
And now it magically works. Jason Lee vs Rich Swann.
Rich Swann v Jason Lee - . Swann already in & might I say, he's quite the athlete 👀
Rich Swann is my pick. He will defeat Jason Lee.
when is wale making the Rich Swann Sb Lows though!? Those will keep me going ALL NIGHT LONG
did you see my sweet Rich Swann dance after??
Ospreay and Jack Robinson had a match against Rich Swann and Ricochet! Check it out!!
is a troll the feuds are rematches from last take over hints "The End" we still have guys like rich Swann there
Ill fill out the Bullet Club with Gallows. And Rich Swann
True he hasn't found a right opponent. He should fight Neville, Rich Swann, Gargano
I recently read "Swann's Way." Rich language, first rate observation of human interaction, but yes, very slow.
If I had a dollar for everytime Cam told me to get out of my feelings, LAWD I'll be rich.
Smackdown Just signed Rich Swann and JBL as color man
"I've seen you somewhere. Wednesday nites, right? I swear I've seen you on TV? You're that Rich Swann guy from NXT!"
I still say there's big money in a No Way Jose/Rich Swann Tag Team
No way Jose and Rich Swann should be a tag team
...somewhere. Wednesday nights on TV, right? You're that Rich Swann guy from NXT!"
Loling at Matt calling Sydal, Evan Bourne, and Ricochet, Rich Swann from NXT.
sincerely appreciate it, the other side to a top 10 would be & Rich Swann
Rich Swann has done it a few times in PWG
You're that Rich Swann guy for NXT right? .
ROH or NXT! Oh man, if you did Adam Cole, Dalton Castle or Trent? I'd die. OR Johnny Gargano, Rich Swann or Finn Balor!!!
Rich Swann vs Prince Devitt, given to me by WWE. What a time
Ricochet will face Rich Swann and Matt Sydal it a Triple Threat Match at IWE Indy Night Raw Tokyo Dome!
If you told me a few years back that Samoa Joe, Devitt, Rich Swann, Kevin Steen and El Generico would be on NXT, id of laughed
I guess losing Zayn, Owens and Itami all at once will do that. Excited for Rich Swann and Biff Busick
Need to get drifter Elias Sampson involved as well as Rich Swann and Biff Busick
Rich Swann and Biff Busick just got signed to NXT, so might as well brush up.
Rich Swann won't appear on 9/18 at at the Broxbourne Civic Hall due to commitments w/ WWE.
I just thought about his, and I 100% want Rich Swann in the New Day.
ndependent wrestlers Rich Swann and Biff Busick have been signed to with WWE, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter
Trevor Lee versus Rich Swann, what a way to kick off this years SummerSlam.
More people know me by Rich Homie Swann than they know my actual name
Rich Swann has been hitting the gym
Always down to chill with rich homie swann :)
Rich Swann been shot. Thats so weird.
WWE likes Rich Swann. The one black guy who sings, dances and acts a fool in a non stereotypical fashion.
WWE is said to have high interests in independent stars Biff Busick and Rich Swann. They had meetings at the most recent WWE tryouts.-JE
>the sheets saying WWE are really big on Biff Busick and Rich Swann. PLEASE SIGN THEM
you guys hear about Rich Swann and Biff ?
WWE is reportedly interested in signing Biff Busick and Rich Swann!
I'll deal with my problems by becoming rich
WWE is interested in Rich Swann. I'm so hyped for this.
Rich Swann in NXT would be good. Biff Busick would be nice as well. But I'm more of a Rich Swann guy.
WWE is reportedly interested in independent talents Rich Swann and Biff Busick , watch for both to receive tryouts before the end of summer
"Rich Swann is on WWE's radar". Imagine 20 thousand people doing the whole "ALL NIGHT LONG" singalong.
Indie wrestlers Biff Busick and Rich. Swann are reportedly on radar in a strong way.
Rich Swann is EASILY the nicest wrestler I have ever met. Actually, he's probly one of the nicest people I've ever met.
Ultimate Warrior DVD, Austin has Beer with Flair, Biff Busick&Swann wwe tryouts -
any truth to the rumor that both Biff Busick & Rich Swann are on the WWE'S radar?
If brings in Rich Swann, take some of that Cult of Personality money and put it towards All Night Long
If we just followed Hov's blueprint, we'd all be rich.
Biff Busick and Rich Swann are the next Indy talents on WWE's radar. Maybe WWE will decide to become partners with CZW instead of Evolve.
I hope Biff Busick and Rich Swann sign with WWE.
Rumour: Rich Swann could be heading over to NXT in the future. This will be a big addition to NXT
Good to hear Biff Busick & Rich Swann seem to be in WWE's sights. Two guys I'm really hot on. Especially Swann.
really hope Rich Swann gets signed to WWE. one of my favorite guys to watch right now and he deserves it
WWE finally actually *interested* in Rich Swann?. Been waiting for this news All Night Long.
WWE are interesting in Rich Swann and Biff Busick. per Dave Meltzer
"Rich Swann and Biff Busick are said to be strongly on the radar."
I am more excited for Rich Swann vs Trent? At BOLA next weekend after just watching their Evolve 45 match
I've had the pleasure to watch Rich Swann take raw ability and grow into a true superstar and a valuable leader in the locker room.
watching Threemendous IV and Andrew Everett vs Rich Swann is pretty fun so far. not sure why people who were there said it wasn't good
I always thought Rich Swann would be a good heel.
Rich Swann singing all night long! YES! Nothing better than Lionel Richie songs in my opinion :)
Taping a podcast right now but watching EVOLVE and Rich Swann as a heel is great
This match is all Rich Swann so far as Gargano keeps hesitating and refuses to fight back
Heel Rich Swann is going to take some getting used to. Kinda the point I guess.
Rich Swann vs Johnny Gargano is up next
Gargano tell Rich Swann he forgives him & doesn't want to fight tonight.Swann then attacks Gargano from behind & the match is on
Gargano is willing to forgive Swann, but Swann jumps him and our next match is on! Johnny Gargano vs. Rich Swann.
kicks off with Anthony Nese (w/So Cal Val) vs. Ethan Page (w/ Rich Swann), carrying the retired Open the Freedom Gate Title.
Watching right now. Ethan Page coming out with the turncoat Rich Swann.
Johnny Gargano vs Rich Swann on EVOLVE live ippv on at 8pm. New video:
Hoping totally destroys Rich Swann tonight also hope he destroys Ethan Page at some point
Rich Swann is becoming one of my favorite wrestlers to watch. can't wait to see him vs Andrew Everett from PWG
with my 8th round pick, I select Ronin Baby the team of Johnny Gargano and Rich Swann
Rich Swann vs Colin Delany vs JT Dunn vs Mattick is your opener for
great article Rich. Truly brought tear to my eye and am happy to root for him as a Jet
Rich Swann (or Richard Swann) listed as working the AULL Anniversary show in a trios opposite Flamita on 06/13:
Ricochet, Andrew Everett, Shynron, Will Ospreay, Rich Swann "Who are the top 5 high flyers on the indies today?"
word to my mother, grand mother. I just need to be rich.
Rich Swann Congratulating Jason Cade on his victory and on becoming the contender for the ACW…
Rich Swann Going for his frog splash but Jason Cade got the knees up.
Jason Cade hits Rich Swann with a super kick. .
Jason Cade hitting Rich Swann in the face with a knee!. .
Rich Swann kicks Jason Cade right in the face!. .
Jason Cade making his way to the ring for his match against Rich Swann.
Rich Swann not announced for the Evolve shows yet. If he isn't there I'll be sad.
One word can be close to describe this match on Saturday which is insane Monster Mafia vs AR Fox and Rich Swann
So this is what you get when you Google PAC vs Brodie Lee. Nice match, especially nice to see Rich Swann in such...
Crazy *** elimination 6 man has been found: . Sabu vs PAC vs Ricochet vs Rich Swann vs AR Fox vs Uhaa Nation
again, couldn't sign ricochet. I'll check rich swann out
that was a joke, Rich Swann, Ricochet and a few other flippy guys could be a good addition?
I don't care if I'm rich or poor I just wanna be happy with my life.
Was watching BOLA 2014 on the train earlier. First shop I walked into was playing Rich Swann's entrance music. Weird!
Rich Swann's Natural Born Killez tribute went All Night Long in the Street Fight highlight in this EVOLVE Recap
The Kevin Steen Show with Rich Swann is so inspirational. Thank you for what you do.
I love Rich Swann. Uhaa Nation has impressed me. I love Trevor Lee. Also I think Andrew Everett will be back soon.
In 2014, you did bring Uhaa Nation, Los Ben Dejos, Rich Swann, Jon Gresham and Lince Dorado around here. More of that
If there is a God you will make Austin Aries dance with Rich Swann next week to All Night Long.
– Rich Swann (Dragon Gate, EVOLVE) and Jeff Cobb (California independent talent) were part of the WWE tryout camp...
Mid card should be Rich Swann, ACH, Cedric Alexander, Tony Nese, Caleb Konley, and Trevor Lee.
CZ DUB! CZ DUB!. Rich Swann singing the theme song of Combat Zone Wrestling. . You can buy the Kevin Steen Show...
At SPW Collision at the beginning of 2014, living legend Sonjay Dutt and IWF Russia luminary Serg White put on a wrestling spectacle for the ages, which ended with the former falling prey to the Russian strongman’s devastating power. Having taken out one of the world’s greatest wrestlers, Serg White now sets his sights on CIMA, who is arguably the most charismatic high-flyer in Dragon Gate. The handsome graduate of Ultimo Dragon’s gym has locked horns with the likes of Jushin Liger, Daniel Bryan, Dragon Kid, Ricochet, Jack Evans, Rich Swann, the Young Bucks, AR Fox, Pac, El Generico, Evan Bourne and AJ Styles, and is certainly looking to put an end of young Serg White’s giant-killer streak.
Making my way to PHOENIX AZ FOR IWF TONIGHT AT CELEBRITY THEATRE!!! AR FOX vs Rich Swann.. One of my fav matches to have that always is a lot of fun!! Since Johnny Gargano is hurt at the moment (which *** get better man) a match or two might get changed. Be there to see what goes down.
him, Rich Swann and Danny Cannon tore the house down, too much awesomeness in one ring
FSW 5 Year Anniversary Show Commercial. Come celebrate 5 years of FSW, with a studded show featuring Kenny King, Ricochet, Rich Swann and all the FSW Superstars
WWN Live Alert Johnny Gargano and Ricochet will be able to pick each other's opponents for EVOLVE 28 on April 3rd in anticipation of their Open The Freedom Gate Title Match at DGUSA on April 4th. Ricochet has already picked Rich Swann. It will be be Johnny Gargano vs. Rich Swann at EVOLVE on April 3rd. Gargano has not named Ricochet's opponent. -Roderick Strong is confirmed for the April 5th DGUSA event. -DGUSA Mercury Rising is known for the Six Man Tag Team Tradition. This year DGUSA will take things to a new level. DGUSA Mercury Rising on April 5th will feature a Six Man Tag Team Tournament. Participants so far are: -Johnny Gargano & The Bravado Brothers -Ricochet, AR Fox & Rich Swann -Anthony Nese, Trent Baretta & Caleb Konley -Fire Ant, Green Ant & Lince Dorado Last year, a new tradition started when it was decided that the winner of the fall in the annual six man could get any match that they wanted. This year, DGUSA will up the ante for the tournament. Each member of the winning team will be able t ...
This is the final edition of FIP Extract before FIP presents Everything Burns on Friday, March 14th and FIP presents Ascension on Saturday, March 15th live in HD on iPPV at for as low as $4.99! It focuses on Maxwell Chicago's mission to become a better wrestler, the Dos Ben Dejos/Savages saga, Lince Dorado revealing the true meaning of his name, the debuting Submission Squad and Blake Edward Belakus and Rich Swann wishing Roderick Strong good luck. Will Max finally find that physical "it" factor he so desires? Why isn't Swann going to be at FIP? How personal is the Dejos/Savages issue? Who did we find that's making his return? Please enjoy this edition and join us live on iPPV at!
Ring of Honor Wrestling's 12th Anniversary isn't the only big Indy event going on in the Northeast this weekend. Gabe Sapolsky's Dragon Gate Pro-Wrestling is ruining a double shot this weekend in NYC. And two local NYC area products are in big matches. Chris plugged New York Wrestling Connection the other day and two of their stand out talents are getting a chance to shine. Anthony Nese will go one on one with the always exciting Rich Swann and Trent? will challenge the DGUSA Open The Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano. Does the home town hero have what it takes to dethrone the longest reigning champion in pro wrestling? Order the iPPV to find out. -Mike
Match 3 - Davey Richards defeats Rich Swann on a reversal off of an attempted splash from the top rope. Intermission 1 now.
Davey Richards defeats Rich Swann in a AWESOME F'N match!
About to have a freakin' amazing day at PWX Wrestling's Phenomenal Debut show. Can't believe Samantha and I are going to get to see Rich Swann, Kyle O'Reily, Kevin Steen, Davey Richards and AJ Styles! Can't get much better than this!
Absolutely sick at having to miss this. Still, I have Ricochet/Rich Swann v The Young Bucks on the calendar!
Rich Swann told me you were racist a long time ago. It's all good.
The PWX Title match will be . Caleb Konley(C) vs Rich Swann in what will be a classic main event
Rich Swann giving us more audio right now and possibly more impersonations outside of Austin, Bret, and Terry Funk.
Rich Swann just did Bret Hart and Stone Cold impressions
Check out for full list of matches including Davey Richards v rich swann. 5pm sunday, subscribers exclusive
I just hit a stone cold stunner in the middle of the PWX ring on Rich Swann. welp. I'm officially the best wrestle…
Here's my taking on Rich Swann tonight for title!
Aye bruh, Ricochet and Rich Homie Swann are awesome.
Met Rich Swann tonight. He was pretty dope
Send in your questions for Davey Richards, Kyle O'Reilly and Rich Swann for their respective Steen Shows. Steenalizer
Rich Swann & are still my favourites at the moment, ultimate entertaining wrestlers.
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