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Rich Mullins

Richard Wayne Rich Mullins (October 21, 1955 – September 19, 1997) was an American contemporary Christian music singer and songwriter born in Richmond, Indiana.

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We were really touched by this message from someone who recently saw the film a few days ago. Thanks for sharing Kellie: Hi, I want to say that I went to see the Rich Mullins film on Saturday in Kansas and I am so thankful for you bringing it to KCMO! God used this film for the first time in my life this morning, at age 50, I experienced God's love for me. I came from a similar childhood as Rich did and have struggled with knowing that God loves me since I was saved at age 7! I am so grateful for showing his life as it was really like and not wearing any masks or facades! He was the real deal praise God for using Riches life even after he has gone home! I hope that you will be to purchase this movie on DVD after the tour? Let his family know that this film and his life, God is and has used in so many ways, who can count them! God Bless you all, Kelle
"10 life changing albums. Take a deep breath & list 'em in less than 3 minutes. Don't over think it." Okay, *deep breath* -No Compromise by Keith Green -Troubadour of the Great King by John Michael Talbot -The Painter by Terry and John Michael Talbot --No Longer Strangers by Terry Talbot and John Michael Talbot -Share the Well by Caedmon's Call -The Wall by Pink Floyd -Jesus Christ Superstar by Andrew Lloyd Weber -Point of Know Return by Kansas -So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt by Keith Green -A Liturgy, A Legacy, and a Ragamuffin Band by Rich Mullins
Saw the house in Broken Arrow last night with all the lights on 197th Street South. Loved the Rich Mullins lyrics!
Phil Keaggy - Madeline's Song (Rich Mullins cover with introduction by J...: via
Rich Mullins was an Contemporary Christian Music singer songwriter from Richmond, IN – Read More:
Okay, Anne Didier Tracey gave me 9 interesting things to list. 1.). I was born with hydro-encephalitis (water on the brain) 2.) I have seen a bear face-to-face (4 inches) 3.) I was secretary to Pat Robertson for a day at CBN. 4.) I was married six and half years before I was able to have a baby. 5.) I danced on stage at Disneyland. 6.) I have FIVE sons. 7.) In my volunteer work for Youth for Christ , I drove the lead singer for White Heart; I discussed breweries with Rich Mullins and escorted Geoff Moore and the Distance. 8.) when I was sixteen my mom was diagnosed with final stage MS and we thought she was going to die but God healed her. 8.). When I was nine I had Rheumatic Fever and I was incurable. But, God healed me after three months of sickness through prayer and laying on of hands. 9.) I was a P.K. 10.) when I was eleven I got a standing ovation at my school talent show for singing, "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" key.
Great song by DC Talk... all 3 guys have solo careers... TobyMac and Diverse City.Kevin Max in Audio Adrenalin and Michael Tait in the NewsBoys. Happy to say I have seen TobyMac and Michael Tait. Kevin did a very cool s ong on a Rich Mullins cd..."Canticle of the Plains" cd.
What do Justin Timberlake and Rich Mullins have in common?
Awesome God - Rich Mullins w/ Lyrics: via this is my all time favorite song!!
I added a video to a playlist Awesome God by Rich Mullins (w/lyrics)
An open letter to Justin Timberlake about concert t shirts and his debt to Rich Mullins.
For all who think the cup song is new or original. Rich Mullins, Screen Door, Solid Rock Videos, 1987: via
The final miles with Rich Mullins. . Sometimes, the night is beautiful. Oh God, you are my God, and I will follow you all of my days.
I should be getting ready for my church's ladies meeting tonight, but Rich Mullins is on the radio, so. 😊
hopefully there's a replacement lined up and not the same as Mullins out Pablo in!
Rich Mullins, Love Song, Barren Cross, Stryper, PFR, Mark Heard and more, tonight at 8, on Friday Night Rock Block'!
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DO NOT besmirch the name of Rich Mullins. I'll fight you.
Mullins definitely better than Mills too, again my opinion.
. Didn't agree with Mullins either tbh.
I just need to win the lottery or become rich fast
Rich Mullins and the hammer dulcimer in chapel. and
"I never understood all the fuss about the rapture. Just live like you'll die tomorrow, & die knowing you can live forever." -Rich Mullins
"And if I sing let me sing for the joy. That has born in me these songs..." Lyric from "If I Stand" by Rich Mullins
Can only be a falling out between Evans and Nardiello. SE certainly not afraid to make big decisions (Cresswell, Mulli…
Give Thanks Rich Mullins: Are you familiar with the music of Rich Mullins? Do you have a favorite song? I ...
My favorite Rich Mullins song--arranged beautifully and sung so well by the splendid
Playing Awesome God by Rich Mullins from the album Songs - iTunes:
"Love has come and has given me hope to carry on." - Rich Mullins
Excellent Veteran's Day! Got to help my retired Air Force brother work in his yard. Then joined my 88 year old dad who was Army Air Corps (BEFORE the Air Force was born!), his baby sister, my AF brother, my hubby Army Albert and took them to Applebee's for lunch! Back to brother's for yard work, then took the gang to Golden Corral for dinner! Was greeted by patient we met at American Cancer Society Hope Lodge - Kansas City, Pastor Elbert and his wife Sue. He only has 6 months til they will declare him Cancer Free! Then, a couple sharing our table joined our merry little crowd! She was a Navy welder who met her husband when she went to repair the submarine where he was stationed. I brought up the song by Rich Mullins, "Screendoor on a Submarine", and she sang it beautifully! Then she started singing a song done by Acapella "Army of the Lord"! BLESSED!
I've been switching between Keith Green and Rich Mullins all week. Marvelous lyricists, both.
Sometimes, you've just gotta point Rhapsody at Rich Mullins' catalog, hit shuffle, and enjoy.
There are worse things. Though I'm more of a Rich Mullins fan, myself.
Don't tell me you're not curious. I like to think that there is a Rich Mullins cassette and a lock of…
It is a Rich Mullins kind of day. And that is a good thing.
Wanted to listen to some Rich Mullins this morning, but maybe this album is better? :-/
Did a baby dedication at Church this weekend... Lots of fun. Incorporated some Rich Mullins music in singing and guitar.
Oh God, You are my God . And I will ever praise You. I will seek You in the morning . And I will learn to walk in Your ways . -Rich Mullins
Been listening to Rich Mullins... essential truths for each and every step you take. He will lead you!
Although the holy and all-powerful God knows we are dust, He still stoops to breathe into us the breath of Mullins
Playing Sometimes By Step by Bebo Norman & Rich Mullins from the album Songs - iTunes:
On the last leg of the journey- drivin through New York and listening to Rich Mullins!
Video: Hearing this song by Rich Mullins, I am so compelled by Jesus because it reminds me of who he was...
Rich Mullins' song "While the Nations Rage" from Psalm 2 is playing in my mind as I pray for the persecuted church.
Rich Mullins on the will of God: "I don't think finding God's plan for you has to be complicated. God's will is...
Sometimes by step (Album version) Rich Mullins: via Colleen Petering made me a tape of this song long ago...
The Cup Song thing began in 1987 by musician Rich Mullins. The song in Pitch Perfect "When I'm Gone" was originally recorded in 1931.
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Finishing of the first day of spiritual emphasis week with Rich Mullins' Step by Step!
Our God is an Awesome God! Rich Mullins started playing on the radio just as I snapped this shot & said it!
"Sometimes the climb can be so steep." / Rich Mullins - Step By Step Live:
in case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the movie trailer for “RAGAMUFFIN” a movie based on the life of rich mullins.
I dont believe that Christ loves me because I'm good. I believe Christ loves me because He is good. - Rich Mullins
"If your life is motivated by your ambition to leave a legacy, what you'll probably leave as a legacy is ambition." -Rich Mullins
AKG414 is ready for vocals, GracePreamp & IvorySteinway are setup & MacBook has GB for 1K takes. Remembering Rich Mullins Vol. 4 here we go!
Rich Mullins on first day back at Welch.
The World as I Remember It: Through the Eyes of a Ragamuffin book download. Rich Mullins and Ben Pearson. Do
Chesterton, Lewis, Wright and Rich Mullins - these are a few of my favorite things.
Just wrapped interview with Talked Chesterton, Lewis, Wright and Rich Mullins.
Check out the Rich Mullins film trailer.
If Rich Mullins would would've had children with, say, Julian of Norwich or Flannery O'Connor =
"Live like you'll die tomorrow, die knowing you'll live forever"- Rich Mullins
Absolutely loved singing Rich Mullins' "Creed" at this morning! Haven't heard that song in ages!
Here I'm tested and made worthy, tossed about but lifted up, in the reckless raging fury that they call the love of God. - Rich Mullins
That's it. I'm going to start listening to Rich Mullins every day. Nothing prepares my heart quite like his music.
"i know 'vengeance is mine' saith the Lord, but i just wanna be about the Lord's business!" - rich mullins
Fun video with Rich Mullins doing the cup game-"Screen Door!"
I'm listening to Creed by Rich Mullins on Pandora
Spotify, I love you, but Rich Mullins is in no way similar to Please stop. The sax and keyboard are killing me.
check out the new movie about Rich Mullins. "Ragamuffin".
Our God is an Awesome God. He reigns from heaven above. With wisdom, power, and love. Our God is an Awesome God. Lyrics by Rich Mullins 1988
Kickin it old school with Rich Mullins.
Rich Mullins film coming out later this year. I can't begin to explain how his music and ministry have shaped me.
Satellite radio is from space and therefore the future, right? Then why do they keep playing Rich Mullins? Awesome God is good and all but..
We were given the Scriptures to humble us into realizing that God is right, and the rest of us are just guessing. — Rich Mullins
Looking forward to the new movie coming out on the life of the Christian musician Rich Mullins called Ragamuffin
Here is the trailer to the new Rich Mullins film
New series Sunday on James, "Screen Doors on Submarines" (HT: Rich Mullins Is that Napoleon Dynamite in the video?
Listening to "calling out your name" by Rich Mullins and reading some romans before work.
I am 100% serious about Rich Mullins, I think he was one of the best we've ever had - I study the craf…
Keith Green > Rich Mullins. Love them both, both died too young, Keith has me though.
"Blue for the sky and the color green..." -Rich Mullins
My friends ain't the way I wish they were . They are just the way they are //… ♫ Brother's Keeper by Rich Mullins —
Wrapping up our COVER SONGS day with covering a Rich Mullins song --
"The Holy King of Israel loves me here in America." -Rich Mullins
Hey, Shelley. Found this on FB re: Rich Mullins film. No release date yet.
I LOVED Rich Mullins! His stuff of heaven cd is imprinted on my brain!
lifetime rich mullins fan (a word that really doesnt capture it) - how/when will I be able to see this film? thx :)
Rich Mullins' "Growing Young." Yes. Good grief, yes. (I like to think he was inspired by both the parable and Dylan's "My Back Pages.")
If we can reach beyond the 'wisdom' of this age into the foolishness of God, that foolishness will save! ~ Rich Mullins
Next to Rich Mullins’, your discography has been the most influential in my life. Thank you.
"Christianity isn't about building an absolutely secure little niche in the world where there are no minorities around you. "- Rich Mullins
Listening to Rich Mullins this a.m. and missing him. Looking forward to hearing him and Jesus when I get there.
were the newsboys the band that had the drummer that would spin around? Rich Mullins had the entire crowd singing Awesome God
never saw Rich Mullins... Saw DC Talk once & Newsboys a few times!
If I get in on the phone, I'm guessing Rich Mullins, DC Talk or Newsboys for you. (I've actually seen all of them live)
"the thing is if a person is a into good songwriting and can't get down with Rich Mullins then that person is kind of posing" - j. Darnielle
John Darnielle repping for Rich Mullins kind of makes me feel like the first twenty years of my life were...
"If I have to die, I wanna die doing something I love; I wanna die eating something I love too... like cholesterol." Rich Mullins
"Hold me Jesus cause i'm shaking like a leaf you have been king of my glory won't you be my prince of peace" Rich Mullins
"Closeness to God is not about feelings. Closeness to God is about obedience."-Rich Mullins
"Let mercy lead. Let love be the strength in your legs and in every footprint that you leave there'll be a drop of grace." ~ Rich Mullins
"Creed" - Rich Mullins . I did not make it, though it is making me.
Every day is a new day. And this one holds opportunities for us. May we choose wisely. Choose Him. And as Rich Mullins said, let mercy lead
If I fall, let me fall on the grace that first brought me to you.-Rich Mullins
Sweet time with my lady enjoying a mild August evening on the back patio enjoying some Rich Mullins
I'm on the verge of a miracle, just like the Rich Mullins song! - Prayers for tomorrow would be so welcome tonight.
"So go out and live real good and I promise you if you do, you’ll get beat up real bad." -- Rich Mullins
" . . . Run wild with the hope . . . " -Rich Mullins
"There's so much beauty around us for just two eyes to see, but everywhere I go I'm looking..." - Rich Mullins
Hey Rich Mullins' fans, Mitch McVicker of the Ragamuffin Band will be joining us as our special guest Friday at 8pm
After my last post, I haven't been able to get this Rich Mullins song out of my head.wanted to share it with...
Christianity doesn’t answer all my questions or make me comfortable & happy. What it does do is give me a context for living. -Rich Mullins
"I really think you oughta take a leap off of the ship before you claim to walk on water." - Rich Mullins
"There are easier ways to lose money than farming. And easier ways to be boring than becoming an academic." -- Rich Mullins
I feel thunder in the sky I see the sky about to rain And I hear the prairies calling out your name. -rich mullins
Just one of those situations where I would love to see what Jesus would've said. Or Rich Mullins. 🙈
Agreed. I grew up on it. I still listen to few artists like Rich Mullins. His work has stood the test of time though.
"My Deliverer" by Rich Mullins and Ragamuffin Band on The Jesus Record. Mullins barely completed it right before he died in 1997.
He will never break His promise. He has written it upon the sky. My Deliverer is coming. Oh, my Deliverer is standing by. -Rich Mullins
"He (Rich Mullins) lived a life that made absolutely no sense whatsoever. If... There were no God." - Carolyn Arends
- Deliverer is Coming by Rich Mullins. Massive song! Morning y'all.
I feel like Xian music today is mostly "fluff." We need more lyrics where theology & life meet. We need more Rich Mullins.
“I’m home anywhere, if you are where I am.” - Rich Mullins
One reason why Rich Mullins remains a favorite:.
I'm excited about the Rich Mullins Film. He was one of the greatest poets in Christian music
To me, Rich Mullins was a Mother Theresa type- I haven't read in over a decade, but it resonated & inspired me then.
My parents are both calmly listening to Rich Mullins and I'm sitting with my headphones in blasting Stryper and headbanging.
based on the life of Rich Mullins, who rose to fame in Christian music in '90's, then gave it all away.
some afternoons you just need a Brennan Manning book and some Rich Mullins music...
I don't care if you like worship music or not, Rich Mullins had some amazing songs. He died before his time.
There's thunder in his footsteps and lighting in his fist! - Rich Mullins
Influential Album: 'A Liturgy, a Legacy, & a Ragamuffin Band' by Rich Mullins, was his 7th album released in 1993.
He came without an axe to grind. He did not tow the party line. The one who gave sight to the blind had no stones to throw. - Rich Mullins
"Please teach me how to walk the way You did Because I want to walk with You" ~Rich Mullins
Have you heard of Rich Mullins? He was the Christian Singer who wrote the song Awesome God.
There is no other album like the Rich Mullins Jesus Demos.
Morning Caroline, Thanks for stepping in. Any chance of Awesome God by Rich mullins or God Is in Control by Twila paris? Thanks.
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Rich Mullins: A Devotional Biography: An Arrow Pointing to Heaven by James Bry... via kindle $2.99 today
Rich Mullins, before he died, reminded the subculture about the difference between artists and pastors/preachers.
"Love is found in the things we've given up, more than in the things that we have kept." ~Rich Mullins
Our God is an Awesome God! He reigns from Heaven above with wisdom, power and love.our God is an Awesome God :-) ~ Rich Mullins
"...I could count on one hand the number of sermons that were a simple proclamation of the gospel of Christ.” Rich Mullins
u need to find some Rich Mullins songs. There're great
DC Talk's version of My deliverer is coming. think I prefer it to Rich Mullins'.
Listening to some old Rich Mullins stuff in the car this morning brings back good memories with
Rich Mullins. Coffee. Sunrise. Birds Singing. Faithful God Worthy of Praise. I have been up since 4.
Rich Mullins - Live in Holland, 1994 (Full Concert): via There are days I miss my friend. No matter. Peace.
Could be the theme song for Sun's message ♫ We Are Not As Strong As We Think We Are by Rich Mullins —
In the end it won't matter of you have a few scars, but it will matter if you didn't live. Rich Mullins
"...indebtedness is a condition indicative of ragamuffins--a condition we all share, until we lose ourselves in truth..." - Rich Mullins
Beyonce into Rich Mullins. iPod on shuffle win.
If you listen really closely to the Rich Mullins song Promenade (Brother's Keeper version) you can hear someone cough at 2:25 into it.
Rhapsody may classify Rich Mullins as he is anything but. Love his music. Touches the soul.
Rich Mullins. All The Way My Savior Leads Me. Bible study song, played at my parents wedding. Thanks for the reminisce.
I found your June CT column very meaningful. Great that not only Rich Mullins' music lives on, but his wit and wisdom too.
I am so excited because a friend of Rich Mullins shares the same birthday as me.
Listening to Rich Mullins. Man, I missed this for too long!
The hope that this thirst will not last long, that it will soon drown in a song not sung in vain. - Rich Mullins
"The stuff of earth competes for the allegiance I owe only to the Giver of all good things..." -Rich Mullins
Video: Rich Mullins - The Howling 1992. Honest lyrics. Not sure what else to say about this song except...
Leah Sharpe Hogsed is listening to Rich Mullins while she works this morning. There's a guy whose voice we are...
It's a Rich Mullins in a rain storm kind of night.
"Christianity is about learning to love like Jesus loved and Jesus loved the poor and Jesus loved the broken. -Rich Mullins-
I am listening to a Rich Mullins Concert.
"What we make of the Bible will never be as great a thing as what the Bible will -if we let it- make of us." - Rich Mullins
Wonder what Rich Mullins thinks about this Awesome God (Dubstep) via
This is a great little piece by on Rich Mullins, one of my top 5 artists of all time
"Being close to God is not about a feeling; it's about obedience." — Rich Mullins
What I want today: to bring me his Rich Mullins CD!!!
If you haven't heard of Rich Mullins then you're missing out
and the Holy King of Israel Loves me here in America- Rich Mullins - Here In America: via
so hold me Jesus, I'm shaking like a leaf, you have been King of my Glory, won't you be my Prince of Peace--Rich Mullins
Video: This is even more fun than the original cup song that Rich Mullins did way back in the ’80s ("Screen...
God's Grammar and 'Look! The Finished Work of Jesus' both by & The World as I Remember by Rich Mullins.
If I Stand - Just found If I Stand by Rich Mullins on for Android.
"Even if what I do is a flop, tomorrow morning the sun will come up." - Rich Mullins
There's a wideness in Gods mercy I can't find n my own and He keeps His fire burning to melt this heart of stone~Rich Mullins
Hold Me Jesus - Reblogged from Inspirational Christian Blogs: Hold Me Jesus by Rich Mullins   There are...
if you want content delivery go to church. I go to a concert for entertainment. HT Rich Mullins
I just felt like sharing this today Rich Mullins Tribute from 2004 with some of my favorites
And the ride home could only be capped by listening to the worship music of Rich Mullins and DC Talk. Love it! God is moving and working!
'You can't be tricked into the kingdom of God' - Rich Mullins
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And then from Rich Mullins straight to the disappointment of your grow-a-boyfriend?! (Annie Deficit Disorder)
Rich Mullins' music gets to me every time
"Faith without works is like a screen door on a submarine." - Rich Mullins
thanks for bringing back a little Rich Mullins!!
The 9-year-old is requesting Rich Mullins songs on his mix CD, so I figure my parenting failures are pretty well canceled out.
Lots of reasons to praise God this morning. Reminds me I need to listen to more Rich Mullins. So that's what I'm doing.
"I'd rather fight you for something I don't really want than to take what you give that I need." - Rich Mullins
It's a Michael Card and Rich Mullins kind of morning.
Rich Mullins' sticks...the legacy lives on...
Not going to lie, Rich Mullins at Bush Gardens karaoke is a bold *** choice, but I'll be damned (heh) if half the bar didn't know the tune.
About to track some hammer dulcimer on Ragamuffin film on life of Rich Mullins...priceless
Some nights, you get to meet Matt Maher and he plays Rich Mullins songs. (Props to the kid photobombing)
On a day as beautiful as today, we are made aware of wonder.
On compromising the truth in art for fame & money…"We're as corrupt as Judas & not even as economically minded." - Rich Mullins.
Nothing like listening to Rich Mullins while preparing a sermon on James. "Although foolish hearts may break they will find peace."
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"Sometime I think of Abraham, how one star he saw had been lit just for me." Rich Mullins // I'm bright 🌟✨
I just played Awesome God by Rich Mullins on at Molly McGhee's.
I am a HUGE fan of a Christian Singer/Song Writer Rich Mullins. There is a movie coming out about his life.
My friend, Scott Arbuckle, posted a link... THIS should be good!. ... ever hear of RICH MULLINS?
“I believe what I believe is what makes me what I am” . ― Rich Mullins
“It never fails. God will put people in your path that irritate you, especially if you're prone to be irritated.” . ― Rich Mullins
2/2 "...And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.” . ― Rich Mullins
1/2 Read "The Furious Longing of God" about 18 mos. ago...right after I read "Arrow Pointing to Heaven" about the life of Rich Mullins..
Everybody I know says they need just 1 thing, but what they really mean is they need just 1 thing more. Rich Mullins h…
Pitch Perfect cup song? No way! Give a little love to Rich Mullins!
Mumford & Sons. Rich Mullins. Jesus. Brushing with the devil. The verge of falling. Facing Goliath. Stocki Surmises …
Love has come//And He's given me hope to carry on - Rich Mullins
Last night had a scene reminiscent of the Soloist movie. Mentally ill street guy playing me Rich Mullins songs under a canopy in the rain.
Photo: "So much beauty around us But just two eyes to see Everywhere I go I’m looking." Rich Mullins - Here...
Congrats on a successful day! Our God is an Awesome God to borrow from the great Rich Mullins! Have an amazing week!
Should have posted last week, but late is better than never and Rich Mullins is always worth sharing
Did you know someone by the name of Rich Mullins?
Love this - Rich Mullins and the Ragamuffin Band live -
lol Brian Burke just asked me where the frozen waffles are
"What I'd have settled for, You've blown so far away; but what You've brought me to, I thought I could not reach" - Rich Mulli…
Couldn't sleep; started browsing YouTube, sort of without aim. This may or may not be a wise thing to do, but sometimes you come across valuable thought provocation.  I am a person who loves articulation of thought as well as getting ideas REALLY NAILED down. I don't like having my beliefs up in the air, in terms of not knowing why I believe them, and I tend to obsess over thoughts and ideas, presuppositions, criteria, etc. I even use these words too much. I've always been of the expressed opinion that every thought needs a basis - a foundation, a bottom line, a compass. Beyond this, I like systems - not necessarily methods - but schematics for governing the way I approach knowledge. Things should have an order, a rhyme, a color code, a syntax ... particularly matters of depth, matters about God, about faith, about morality, etc. So, I'm browsing YouTube, and I come across an old Rich Mullins concert at Wheaton College in 1997. The guy is so relaxed, unassuming ... disarming. I remember him as being the ...
❗MY WAY❗--Sometimes a hit song becomes so identified with a singer, it becomes that person's "theme song." For example, Elvis Presley had a lot of hits, but "Hound Dog" is probably the song most strongly identified with him. A generation or two ago, "Thanks for the Memories" was Bob Hope's theme song, and "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" has always been Aretha Franklin's song. These days, Boyz II Men are associated with "Motown Philly" more than any other single song. And say the name Sheryl Crow, and most people will think of the song, "All I Wanna Do." The song "El Shaddai" is pretty much associated with Amy Grant, who made it a hit. "Awesome God" will always be Rich Mullins' signature song, and "Friends" has become Michael W. Smith's theme song. Well, one of the most famous singers of all time, Frank Sinatra, had a hit song called "My Way." Even though he'd had many hits before that, "My Way" became his unofficial theme song, maybe because it summed up Sinatra's life: "I did it my way!" Actually, though, "My Way" c ...
There used to be a discussion board online where people posted memories about Love 98. Someone put this list on it. We've never figured out who did this. Do you know? - When WART in Plainfield decided to change from country to Christian radio, because of all the offers to buy the station to program Christian. - My next door neighbor, knowing that I was out of work, telling me I should apply when WBRI finally bought that station in Plainfield. - Hearing "Solar Man" Roger Holloway play CCM. - Hearing some guy named Sallee talking about the death of Keith Green. - Listening to a special tribute to Keith Green that following Saturday night. - Driving down 465 on a Saturday night, after a bad relationship had ended, and hearing Rich Mullins "Verge of a Miracle." - Mike Bush helping me get a suicidal kid in touch with a suicide prevention hotline late one night. - John Porter Wynn endorsement spots in every commercial break. - Sandi Patty singing the Romar jingle. - Skate nights at U.S.A. - First meeting Gary A ...
What is your favorite Rich Mullins song?
Pinterest just told me "my friend" Rich Mullins joined the site. Didn't know it was popular among the deceased.
Making/Being Made . (by Rich Mullins, Release Magazine Fall 1992) . . The Bible is a very great book. It is the...
Pre 1987, Rich Mullins, (Awesome God), used the cup game as the rhythm to his song Screen Door
Rich Mullins - Here In America: Thought you might be interested in these vids.
That is part of a song by Rich Mullins called Sometimes By Step.
Can we have more Rich Mullins Dub Step in our lives
For some reason I get the feeling this is not the REAL Rich Mullins.
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"If you want a religion that makes sense, I suggest something other than Christianity." - Rich Mullins
your "Kansas prairie" shot reminds me of rich Mullins "calling out your name" song. Thanks for the great pictures
The music of Rich Mullins sits particularly well with me in the deadest hours of the night.
"If Jesus was cultured, if He was as civilized as most 'Christian' people wish He was, you would be useless to Christianity"-Rich Mullins :)
Praise Jesus for sunshine, pool time, painted toenails, good books, and Rich Mullins.
Love me some Rich Mullins music. That guy knew what it's all about.
Mullin, the controversial former Metro Airport CEO, has been unemployed since the airport board fired her Oct. 31, 2011, just two months into a three-year contract that was to pay her $250,000 a year. If Turkia Awada Mullin had stayed in her Wayne County job for another week, she likely would have q...
Ragamuffin - The True Story of Rich Mullins Amy Grant, Brennan Manning... not bad for supporting actors... lol :)
yes! Thank You, God, for Rich Mullins and the music he sang while he was here. Looking forward to singing with him again!
Sometimes I think the best thing about the internet is that I can listen to Rich Mullins whenever I want.
An evening listening to the amazing Rich Mullins! Thanks for the reminder
When you read or hear that Jesus loves you, do you think, yeah,so what?Think along with Rich Mullins! Enjoy- I did!
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Rich Mullins: Thank You: via rest in peace Rich..thank you for giving to the lord
I love Rich Mullins, and I often hear traces of his influence in your music!
Coffee with my bride before I go work with the editor of locking picture today on the rich Mullins movie.
This morning I got to perform The Good Confession on--get this: the piano Rich Mullins used for the Liturgy/Legacy album. Geeked out.
Today I celebrate that God gave us Rich Mullins and yet I lament that it's been 15 years since we've heard from him.
Faith without works is nothing. Rich Mullins' Screen Door says it all - in the best way too:
'Ragamuffin' Official Trailer: via will this movie do justice to the life of Rich Mullins?
I'm not sure I can put into words how much I want to see this film. The Story Rich Mullins lived out--his...
"And now the morning comes, and everything that really matters becomes the wings you send to gather me to my home." -Rich Mullins
- for all the 90's Christian music (Rich Mullins andJars of Clay) we are doing in church today. It's a throwback Sunday.
Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.) ripped President Barack Obama on Monday, saying he's "not fit to lead" because of "vengefulness and lack of a moral compass." Bridenstine made the comments on the House floor while addressing a number of recent scandals, including the Internal Revenue Service's targeti...
Les would be 98 on Sunday, and to say that he's got great 'sustain' on multiple levels is a tribute to his inventiveness and musicianship.
A Tribute to Rich Mullins by A Ragamuffin Band, along with Ashley Cleveland, Mitch McVicker & Phil Keaggy. It begins with a touching story by Ragamuffin bass...
Why does the tilted kilt have a fake Marie Davis working there there is only one Alisha lol. This girl made me miss my girl so much miss you sexy face
"When everything that can be shaken has been shaken, all that remains is all you ever really had." - Rich Mullins
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
We hope you’ve had a chance to catch AGR’s newest daily program called A Positive Word. We produce it right here in our own studios and features a little something different everyday. It runs about 2 minutes in length and might feature comedy from Tim Hawkins or Michael Jr. or an uplifting scripture or quote. This week we are focusing on the words of Brennan Manning and Rich Mullins. Rich was the great Christian singer and songwriter (we play many of his songs on AGR) and Brennan was a wonderful writer. He wrote many books but his most famous was The Ragamuffin Gospel. That book brought Rich and Brennan together to form a strong friendship. Brennan passed away this past April. If you’ve never read one of Brennan’s books, you should, and the Ragamuffin Gospel is a great place to start. On today’s Positive Word you’ll hear some of Rich Mullin’s testimony. The show is on at 3:30am, 12:30pm and 8:30pm (Eastern Daylight Time). Please post your thoughts on the show and radio station. Thanks so muc ...
Been having a music time out here the past hour and a half or so, enjoying brand new speakers and receiver upgrades to my home sound system. It's like hearing stuff for the first time all over again. Started with Rocky Mountain High, Calypso, and The Eagle and the Hawk off JD's "Live at the Sydney Oprah House" cd. Such powerful vocals and instrumentation with orchestral backup, and so well recorded; just about brought tears to this JD fan's eyes. Then popped in U2's "War" album. The conviction in "New Year's Day", "Refugee", and "Surrender" grabbed the ol' heart like never before, and I've heard these dozens and dozens of times. Then, one I haven't heard in many years: a few songs off Phil Collins' "No Jacket Required" for more of a highly polished, high-tech production sound. Gotta stop for now, but looking forward to some Rich Mullins, Chuck Limbrick, and maybe Beethoven's 9th or Copland's "Appalachian Spring" along with some favorite bluegrass. What a gift good music is!
My man Paul Thomas posted this classic photo and said this was the best AAU team ever assembled. Any comments?
I was reading up on the late Rich Mullin who was a Christian song writer and worship leader after watching the new trailer for the new movie about him. He wrote Awesome Go and many other songs. One statement I liked that related to me was, "A lot of the stuff which I thought was so different between Protestants and Catholics [was] not, but at the end of going through an RCIA [Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults] course, I also realized that there are some real and significant differences. I'm not sure which side of the issues I come down on. My openness to Catholicism was very scary to me because, when you grow up in a church where they don't even put up a cross, many things were foreign to me. I went to an older Protestant gentleman that I've respected for years and years, and I asked him, "When does faithfulness to Jesus call us to lay aside our biases and when does it call us to stand beside them?" His answer to me was that it is not about being Catholic or Protestant. It is about being faithful .. ...
This afternoon, a young chubby boy came to me & told me that he just had an 'awesome' burger. I have been hearing this word 'awesome' from many of my young awesome food, awesome friend, awesome mum & etc. I decided to educate them during the devotion time. When I first heard the word awesome was when I was a young adult & we sang this song 'I stand, I stand in awe of you' & another one was my favourite by late Rich Mullin 'Our God is an Awesome God, He reigns in heaven & earth with wisdom, power & love'. However recently this word awesome has been made diluted that anything can become awesome including a burger. However when I looked at the dictionary about the word awesome is causing awe or terror; inspiring wonder or excitement. Excellent, exciting, remarkable & the synonyms are excellent, super, phenomenal, fantastic, terrific, wicked, bang-up, cool, sweet. We can actually use all the synonyms to describe something fantastic to us but let's leave awesomeness to God. He alone is wor ...
Kurt Osiander Exclusive DSTRYRSG.COM - 100% Submission Grappling and BRazilian Jiu JItsu all the time!
Rich Mullins lyrics - Sometimes By Step: sometimes the night was beautiful, sometimes the sky was so far away, sometimes it seemed to stoop so close, you could touch it but your heart would break, sometimes...
"His friends say, 'Ain't it awful? He says, 'No, I think it's fine.' This is the world as best as I can remember it." -Rich Mullins
Revisted Rich Mullins' intervws--he's Bn on my mind l8ly--His perspective on Christianity was difrnt but I hv 2 agree w/him.
NP: you can't judge her x Rich Homie Quan
"If it's peace that you want, you're gonna find it on that hill." - Rich Mullins
KSPU at 10pm PST tonight! Expect Jars of Clay, Rich Mullins, U2, and various spur of the moment song decisions.
Presenting indexical analysis of Rich Mullins lyricism and prose. I'm new to Looking forward to MidAmerica panel. +
It's so sweet of the PKG and KG kids in my school to sing my fave christian song to me- "Our God is an Awesome God" By Rich Mullins. :')
third day and brandon heath record "Creed" in its original style; a tribute to theeeir friend Rich Mullins
Thought you should know I'm trying to include Silverstein in my paper on Rich Mullins. And citing your blog as a supplement!
"The *** all seem to love him, and the drunks propose a toast" -Rich Mullins
Rewriting my paper about Rich Mullins as an environmental lyricist for SSML Looking forward to presenting @ conference in two days!
"I guess that's why God invented highlighters, so we can highlight the parts we like and ignore the rest." Rich Mullins on the Bible
Rocket man has gotta be one of the most clutchest apps
This view, Rich Mullins and and exercise
"Don't be good, be God's." -Rich Mullins, singer/songwriter - How often do I do things that look good out of conceit?
- he told me he thought Derek Webb was this generations Rich Mullins
"Live in a world that is bigger than your calendar,more permanent than your feelings, &more glorious than your accomplishments."Rich Mullins
"Suns that rise and rains that fall to bless and bring to life Your land." It's a Rich Mullins kinda morning.
Speaking of that, I think I'll put on a little Rich Mullins. Time to grade!
"God takes the junk of our lives, and he makes the greatest art in the world out of it." -Rich Mullins
I feel bad for people that drug deal just to get by, but I have no remorse for people that become excessively rich from it
..God loves everybody. That don't make me special. It just proves God's got no taste.' And I don't think He does. Thank God." - Rich Mullins
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