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Rich Mullins

Richard Wayne Rich Mullins (October 21, 1955 – September 19, 1997) was an American contemporary Christian music singer and songwriter born in Richmond, Indiana.

Awesome God Keith Green Brennan Manning Amy Grant John Piper

hammered dulcimer, first heard it in the music of Rich Mullins
Awesome God written by rich mullins covered by musicmanbutte
Looks like it's Rich (Mullins ) and me at men's prayer this morning . Abba thanks for being an AWESOME- how do I describe what I can imagine
I, Rich Mullins, is currently visiting LCU's campus right now😃
I think there can’t be any greater joy in life than knowing that someone’s life is richer because you lived. - Rich Mullins
Good taste has all to do with being cultured and being refined. If art has to do with anything it has to do with being human. -Rich Mullins
'Communist until you are rich. Feminist until you are married. Atheist until the airplane starts falling'.
"What I'd have settled for, You've blown so far away; but what You've brought me to, I thought I could not reach." - Rich Mullins
Listen to The Love of God by Rich Mullins on
Love is found in the things we've given up, more than in the things that we have kept. -- Rich Mullins
Watched the movie about Rich Mullins which helped me understand Rich and Brennan Manning
"Everything that could be shaken was shaken; now all that remains is all I ever really had" - Rich Mullins
Hear the story of how Rick Elias met Rich Mullins on a trip to Guatemala on Retro Spotlight coming up at
9/19 was the anniversary of Rich Mullins death - passionate about Jesus and deeply concerned for the broken. What are your 3 fav Rich songs?
.bikes the USA listening to Rich Mullins, Handel's Messiah (out of the saddle, of course) and
I am a big fan of Rich Mullins, and was always amazed by how he played it. Such a cool instrument, but yes, looks difficult.
Growing up in a fundamentalist Baptist church was like sitting on the tip of an iceberg that was mostly submerged...
baron, timmy, steph, Mullins, and J-Rich..he made all star weekends exciting
😂 Rich Mullins would prolly find this funny.
Rich Mullins will literally always be one of my "Recently Played Artists"
Rich Mullins - The Irish Sweater Story: Yes, The Awesome God guy His life story" RAGAMUFFIN" on Netflix, can relate
Never heard the music, until I met you ...
A little reflection on a powerful Rich Mullins song. Brings me to tears every time:
Rick Elias shares the story of how he met Rich Mullins on Retro Spotlight at 7AM CST at
Sept.19, 1997: brother Rich Mullins, ragamuffin-musician, died in a car accident at the age of 41. He is missed. http:…
Rich Mullins - For Unto Us lyrics and translations
Bob Geldof's one from the 80s, Brennan Manning's Ragamuffin Gospel, Rich Mullins blog (Arrow Pointing to Heaven), Bill Bryson
If it's not Gungor, John Mark McMillan, or Rich Mullins, i can't even w/ worship music
Today in Eternity, there could be a songwriting session between Rich Mullins, Charles Wesley, and King David.
"I learned more about Saint Francis from Rich Mullins, a protestant, then I did from anyone else."
Bible quote: We were given the Scriptures to humble us into realizing that God is right, and the rest of us are just guessing. Rich Mullins
"Closeness to God is not about feelings. It's about obedience..." - Rich Mullins
Rich Mullins is one of the most underrated Christian Music artist. He didn't depend on flash and glamour to bring God's word.
AN ARROW POINTING TO HEAVEN, a biography of Rich Mullins, is still $2.99 for Kindle. Don't miss this deal!
In the words of Rich Mullins . "And I believe what I believe . Is what makes me what I am . I did not make it, no it...
Calling out your name by Rich Mullins (covered by
. Hold me Jesus. Cause I'm shaking like a leaf. You have been King of my glory. Won't You be my Prince of Peace?. - Rich Mullins
I think Rich Mullins explains it well. Jesus even said it is not the healthy that needs a doctor.…
“Closeness to God is not about feelings, it’s about obedience.” -Rich Mullins
If Safe Families had a theme song, what would it be? I was thinking, "Let Mercy Lead," by Rich Mullins (one of...
God takes the junk of our lives and He makes the greatest art in the world out of it.-Rich Mullins…
I've been listening to Rich Mullins non-stop since last night. His songs always move my soul. Songs of pain & grace.
Save The Date: Mitch McVicker in Concert. Mitch McVicker, who formerly toured with the late Rich Mullins, will...
Those times you're reading a Darnielle interview and he drops a Rich Mullins or Amy Grant reference.
you know its a not so bad morning and start to the day when you discover a Rich Mullins CD you didn't know you...
I think you would enjoy Rich Mullins
Have you read the "Rich Mullins: An Arrow Pointing to Heaven?" If not, you should.
"I can't see where Your leading me unless You've led me here. Where I'm lost enough to let myself be led.". - Rich Mullins ('Hard to Get')
your songs sound influenced a little by the late rich mullins. I know you were friends. I can tell. Solid lyrics man
Listened to hours and hours of Rich Mullins music in college. Cried like a baby the day he died.
From a biography of Rich Mullins! Today, AN ARROW POINTING TO HEAVEN is $2.99 for Kindle.
"Being a Christian is learning how to love like Jesus.". Rich Mullins
Martin Luther, Spurgeon, Jack Hyles, Jerry Falwell, Keith Green, Rich Mullins, and Lance Cadel had to put up with the same thing
"This life has shown me how we're wounded and how we're torn--how it's OK to be lonely as long as you're free." (Rich Mullins)
"...And Leah was just there for dramatic effect" :(. Jacob And 2 Women by Rich Mullins.
I've not heard that I guess. It's by Rich Mullins?
"And if I don’t have to be great, that means I can fail. And if I can fail, that means I can try." Rich Mullins
I keep forgetting how great Rich Mullins was, and then I discover it again as if for the first time.
"I don't want to run from the experience of the pain, because I would miss what God is trying to teach me through it" …
"When you wash up on the shores of heaven it won't matter how many scars you had in life but if u lived it" ~Rich Mullins🎶
Wow. Amazing things happen. "The other side of the world is not so far away as [Rich Mullins] thought it was.
When rich people get bored they run for president.
Rich Mullins was actually pretty decent (at least as a non-brainwashed religious adherent). Music was nice at times as well.
my boyfriend just confessed to liking Contemporary Christian Artist Rich Mullins and i do not know where this relationship is going anymore
Listening to Awesome God by Rich Mullins, on my Echo!
I'd rather struggle everyday with someone I love then be rich with someone I don't
Why I been listening to rich homie all day from 229 to 706 to the 404.. 😎🎶
Confession: if Rich Mullins were still alive I would be fan girling over him so hardcore it would be sad...
"Remember Jesus tells us we can dress like flowers and eat like birds." -Rich Mullins
Though we're strangers, still I love you. I love you more than your mask. - Rich Mullins | LIAM 117 | Listen:
Rich Mullins - Step By Step (Sometimes By Step) - Live God takes the junk in our lives >great art via
Rich Mullins said it well... "The stuff of Earth competes for the allegiance I owe only to the Giver of all good things."
Wonderful book about an awesome life poured out as a drink offering to the Lord of …
"Sometimes God has better things in mind or something different in mind for us than what we have in mind for ourselves." - Rich Mullins
"It seems love blooms out of season." ~ Rich Mullins
"Church is the one place you should be able to go and not be ashamed," -Rich Mullins
Like Sojourners: A Tribute to Rich Mullins to keep up with this amazing project feat. students, alumni + CCM artists! http:/…
reverent respect for the supernatural and respectful fear inspired by authority. Rich Mullins penned these words and music, “Our God (6/17)
This is Christianity. . Rich Mullins on Heart to Heart with Sheila Walsh, 1992 (Complete Interview): via
Unlike the contemp. Christian music u hear nowadays, Rich Mullins songs were deep & worshipful! Sad how things aren't what they used 2 be!
"Why are we walking around church wearing masks, pretending to be perfect?" -Rich Mullins
it's the logical thing to do after the Rich Mullins movie
Feel like my entire spring has been spent backing horses second to ruby, mullins and that yank richie rich!!
we read the apostel's creed yesterday, so today turned into a rich mullins day. ♫ Creed – Rich Mullins
drove to work listening to Rich Mullins, I'd like to think I'm a just as much as he was. My soul is restless & longing for more.
Tonight nailed the beginning of Creed on hammer dulcimer- may as well have been Rich Mullins playing it.
Christianity is about learning how to love like Jesus and Jesus loved the poor and Jesus loved the broken. [Rich Mullins]
It's the pretending to be perfect that breeds inauthenticity in the church. But He loves us still. [Rich Mullins]
Or you may desire to wander in the void a while longer. >:). That Where I Am, There You May Also Be Rich Mullins:
" . . . Run wild with the hope . . . "—Rich Mullins
Happy Easter. Jesus is risen, I'm awake, & Rich Mullins "Creed" is on PreService playlist at Bldg D.
Rich Mullins was actually pretty good, too. His barefoot, cut-off-jeans sermons were one of kind:
May peace rain down from Heaven, Like little pieces of the sky... Peace to you, Peace of Christ to you- Rich Mullins Happy Easter
"Can you just imagine worshipping alongside David, Keith Green, & Rich Mullins? "Easter Song" by Keith G…
I dearly love the music of Rich Mullins, but there are depths in Sufjan's music that he never touched.
Reflection for Easter Sunday - Rich Mullins, whose presence on earth I miss every day, said something that...
Let mercy lead. Let love be the strength in your legs and in every footprint that you leave there'll be a drop of grace ~ Rich…
Up way past my bed time, but I'm watching old videos of Rich Mullins on YouTube so life is fine.
I may falter in my steps. But never beyond your reach. "God You Are My God". Rich Mullins
One of the great songs from Rich Mullins - Surely God Is With Us. Listen as he considers the paradox of the Gospel.
I believe [struggles in faith] are necessary & even fruitful b/c its in the midst of struggles that u come to know God better. —Rich Mullins
Rich Mullins - Make Me Up lyrics and translations
Good piece Kevin. Still buzzing after last week. Mullins is a master & rich owners mean best stock. Up Golden!
For the JLin fans who are Christian: Any Rich Mullins (music) fans? I love his stuff.
Listening to Rich Mullins "The Color Green", and praising the Lord for a Godly man like Patrick! Happy St. Patrick's Day!🍀
Rich Mullins loved the Irish culture and Celtic Christian spirituality.
Christians do not die. They simply change their residence. Rich Mullins
Songs by Rich Mullins, Word music, sheet music and lyrics, christian music
Yea I voted Five Iron Frenzy over Rich Mullins. Give me at 16/1 upset.
We're not saved because we're good, we're good because we're saved. ~ Rich Mullins
No matter how frustrated I get with my native religion, I can always go back to listening to Rich Mullins. He was original in worship cliche
I just voted for Rich The Kid for the 2015 10th Spot. Vote here:
If it were possible, I'd love to have a really long meal with Rich Mullins, Francis Schaeffer & Jack Miller
The great Rich Mullins to bring some perspective to your afternoon:
If you really want spiritual nourishment you should go to Church. Those people care about you & you don't have to buy a ti…
"If faith is all we got, then maybe faith is all we need." ~ Rich Mullins
"I don't believe God chose you and blessed you so that you could heap those blessings upon yourself." ~ Rich Mullins
It's a really well-made film on Rich Mullins' musical career. I think you'd like it! It's on Netflix.
Keeps me aching with a yearning. Keeps me glad to have been caught. In the reckless raging fury. That they call the love o…
There's a wideness in God's mercy. I cannot find in my own. And He keeps His fire burning. To melt this heart of stone - R…
.Rich Mullins' solution was to take home the equivalent of the ave. worker's salary and give away the rest.
Whoever is in charge of recruiting horses for Rich and Mullins is an absolute genius.
“In the end, it won't matter if you have a few scars, but it will matter if you didn't live” – Rich Mullins
There's a difference, you know,between faith and playing make-believe.One will make you grow.The other one will make you sleep Mullins
The late Rich Mullins was the most vulnerable-genuine believer I've ever met. Maybe u can relate?
My big years were 1998-2004, so Rich Mullins was basically our Buddy Holly.
"Ok, so it's basically Spotify, but it's only for covers of Rich Mullins songs."
"Oh God, you are my God, and I will ever praise you!" - Rich Mullins (1955-1997)
... Rich Mullins was a good 'un. He truly lived his faith. "Faith w/out works is as useless as a screen door on a submarine!"
“Ain’t it funny how it hits you so hard in the middle of the night.” -Rich Mullins
His return is very close so you better be believing! Awesome God from Rich Mullins is on CCM Classic All Music at
we talked about Rich Mullins in church a few weeks ago how great of a guy he was.
Rich Mullins was such a pioneer, I love his music!
me with one of my all-time favorite people Mr. Rich Mullins. Miss him a lot.
Rich Mullins Creed.: via nice video,great song..beautiful lyrics
A fabulous person whom I'd love to be like in many ways: Rich Mullins - Homeless Man (complete): via
Throwing it back to 1997 with a bit of Rich Mullins
Have you seen Ragamuffin? It's the story of Rich Mullins. Great movie available on Netflix streaming.
Yes, I am listening to Rich Mullins this morning. The man had an amazing gift for writing.
Rob Halligan, Rich Mullins and David and the Giants all coming up -
I watched the Magic Mike XXL teaser while streaming Rich Mullins so I think I’ve reached internet event horizon for the day.
I'm never tired of listening to this song: My Deliverer is Coming by Rich Mullins. Ministering to me since 2006. ALOHA
Listening to Rich Mullins and remembering the Devon holiday with the tipsy turvey house remember that one
"I owe only to the giver off all good things." -- Rich Mullins
When there's nothing left, there's still Rich Mullins.
Not 100%, Rich Ricci all but said it on that he goes Champion Chase. With Mullins though, you never know!
"Sometimes the Sunday School answers are exactly the right ones." A line from the movie Ragamuffin, the story of Rich Mullins.
Rich Mullins, Higher Ground, Rob Halligan Jr. and David and the Giants - all coming up next at - Tune in : )
"RAGAMUFFIN" - 5.5 . Highlights: story. This is a poorly made film. I love Rich Mullins and his music…
my dad took me to see Rich Mullins in 1990
Chris Smither...second only to Rich Mullins and Paul McCartney in my favorite music artist list. Listen:
If you need a relaxing music to help baby sleep, I recommend Rich Mullins...she sleeps like a baby
"Jesus doesn't love me because I'm good. Jesus loves me because he's good." (Rich Mullins)
...Faith does not bring us into a smaller world full of easy answers, but into a larger one where there is room for wonder.…
A faith that moves mountains is a faith that expands horizons ~Rich Mullins
Found a video of Rich Mullins playing "Awesome God" in '97 it's L I T
If I stand, let me stand on the promises that you have brought me through. -Rich Mullins
It's a Rich Mullins morning. Which also means I'm thinking of and
"Love is all I want to see. It can make a beggar rich. It can set a prisoner free. I know He can do it for you. God knows He did it for me"
Faith without works is like a song you can't sing, it's about as useless a a screendoor on a submarine 🎶 -rich mullins
MISSING PERSON UPDATE: The body of missing person, Melissa Mullins, has been located. See link for details.
reasons Im reading this. 1. Reverend told me too. 2. RICH MULLINS
my favourite musical artist, Rich Mullins. He is missed even now.
Listening to some old school Rich Mullins this morning on Spotify!
He who would be spiritual: Both John Stott & Rich Mullins took great delight in Animals.
Just watched Ragamuffin on Netflix. Story of Rich Mullins's life. Authentic faith and music. Taken way too soon! "We aren't saved because we are good. We are good because we are saved." Rich Mullins
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"Birds have nests, foxes have dens, but the hope of the whole world rests on the shoulders of a homeless man" Rich Mullins
I added a video to a playlist If I Stand by Rich Mullins (Lyrics)
I added a video to a playlist Elijah- Rich Mullins (with lyrics)
Cause sometimes, even if you're not gonna sin, it's nice to be tempted. ~ Rich Mullins
.Penrose looked like Rich Mullins, though, so that was fun.
"You can argue with your Maker. but you know you just can't win." (Rich Mullins). Better to bow now, than to bow when it's too late.
He's good that Rich Richi. Wins all the top races with Mullins and now wins at Olympia
I've decided I'm marrying rich so I don't really need this whole school thing.
cool however Rich Mullins never wore shoes
austerity = As long as Corporations and the very rich get their tax cuts the rest of us can starve
When are you guys going to perform Awesome God by Rich Mullins? It is such a powerful song.
The top 3 musical artists to whom I've listened over the last month (no particular order): Rich Mullins, Lecrae, and Taylor Swift
OMGE!!! Thanx for taking the time to read it, & thanx for introducing me to Rich Mullins. God bless you.
Did you ever meet Rich Mullins? I watched Ragamuffin on Netflix and have been forever changed. …
"If your life is motivated by your ambition to leave a legacy, what you'll probably leave as a legacy is ambition." Rich Mullins
"I did not make it, no it is making me. It is the very truth of God not the invention of any man." - Rich Mullins
Saw this movie about the late Gospel artist Rich Mullins.
"I think we are all afraid of werewolves, not afraid of being destroyed by one afraid of being on." - Rich Mullins
So much beauty around us, and just two eyes to see... Rich Mullins
That's the one about Rich Mullins, right?
In honour of (and 2 weeks to Christmas Eve!) I share my cover of Rich Mullins' YOU GOTTA GET UP:
Indio, California. "There's so much beauty around us, but just two eyes to see." ~ Rich Mullins, 'Here…
Oh. And I'm pretty sure Rich Mullins would love version of "You Gotta Get Up." I know I do.
We are haunted by the ghosts of the "what ifs" who live in the shadows of the "if onlys." - Rich Mullins
Never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't cost you yours. -Rich Mullins
Who's band do you like being in more: Charlie Peacock, Rich Mullins, or Steve Taylor?
God takes the messiness and the ugliness in our lives and makes the most beautiful art in the world out of it. . -Rich Mul…
Black Friday leave you broke? Remembering Rich Mullins, Vol. 5 is FREE today! (Volumes 1-4 can be found on iTunes!)
Ragamuffin the Movie - in Cardiff next week - based on the life of Rich Mullins.
The kids are singing Rich Mullins tunes while playing with Legos this morning.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Rich Ricci hopeful more than anything. Also told me that as of last night Mullins won't be at Newbury.
Now Playing: Rich Mullins - Quoting Deuteronomy to the Devil Listen at
Creed, a song from Simply Rich Mullins by Rich Mullins on Beats Music
Music Credits To : Rich Mullins Elijah Click on Show More :-) My arts in Photography are als...
I present to you the incomparable Rich Mullins:
love Rich Mullins... And I love the rest of this quote.
My new post: the closest Rich Mullins ever came to recording a country album:
Someone compared my music to Rich Mullins. She said that though the style is different, our music shares the same authenticity.
!n honor of the great Rich Mullins, whom we lost this day 17 years ago… We miss you, Rich.
"Big deal, God loves everybody, that don't make me special, it just proves he ain't got no taste" -Rich Mullins
The Beatles did it. Cheap Trick did it. Rich Mullins did it. Have you?
“That wasn’t The Spirit. That was just when the kick-drum came in.”- Rich Mullins
Surrender don't come natural to me. I'd rather fight you for something I don't really want than take what You give that I need. Rich Mullins
"We all want to go there something awful, but to stand there takes some grace." — Rich Mullins
Read the latest New Life Worship blog by about the life of Rich Mullins.
“In love’s service only wounded soldiers can serve.” Really stirred lately by the life of Rich Mullins. Blog here: http…
You never know who God is going to use; a princess or a baby or maybe even you and me! - Rich Mullins
What does Rick Warren, John Piper, Kenneth Copeland, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Rich Mullins all share in...
I love it when quotes from Pink Floyd, Rich Mullins, Anne Lamott, and Jurgen Moltmann all make it into the same...
Date Night. Papa Johns Pizza at home and watching the movie Ragamuffin, the story of Rich Mullins. He wrote the song, Our God is an Awesome God.
"For me the greatest joy that I have is knowing that I do have a Father who loves me, and that He doesn't love me in a passive way. That He loves me so much that He sent Christ to take away the guilt of my sin, and that it is a real thing, that it really did happen. If I will experience joy in this life, it will be when I let other people know that there is a God who loves them, and He has taken away the sin that separates them. There is no greater joy than just that proclamation." - Rich Mullins
"We don't need any more nice people who are content doing nice things. What we really need are solid, spirit controlled people who are willing to be transformed by the renewing of their minds. Nice people don't want to get involved." - Rich Mullins
One of the best movies I have ever seen. "I am a Christian, not because someone explained the nuts and bolts of Christianity, but because there were people willing to be nuts and bolts."~Rich Mullins
His life was a whirlwind. His music was honest. His faith was reckless. Now you can own 'Ragamuffin,' the movie based on the life of Rich Mullins, on Blu-ray and DVD today.
I respect Rich Mullins, but I politely disagree with him on this point: "The fact is, I think if you took the whole Bible and you shook it around and melted it down and said, 'what is the essence of what this whole thing is saying,' I think it would just be that God loves you very much. That God in fact is crazy about you." No, I'm with John Piper, that if you boil down the message of the Bible, it is that God loves Himself more than He loves us, and therein lies the only hope that we might be saved, unworthy as we are. But you might say, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." So I ask, why did He so love the world? It showed how BIG His love is, the God who IS love, and thus He receives greater honor and glory due to His unfailing love for us, the unworthy. So much to unpack and explain here, and before I give another defense, I suggest you listen to this sermon and see if he's wrong. Link to the sermon in th ...
In tomorrow's music set we will have music from TobyMac, Newsboys, Mike's Chair and Rich Mullins.
America, with guest appearances from Rich Mullins, Rammstein, John Carroll, and anonymous Ad Diognetum
"There's people been friendly, but they'd never be your friends . Sometimes this has bent me to the ground" -Rich Mullins
A song for the day: Land of My Sojourn by Rich Mullins, from
Just watched the Rich Mullins film called Raggamuffin and have to say wow Rich Mullins was a true follower of Christ. Gave everything 2 Him
Fireworks display at Marvin Rich field in bean station @ 9:30 hosted by me DM if interested
One of my favorite songs on America. Really about God and country!. Rich Mullins - Here In America: via
MH Mon.: David Mullins, the brother of the late Rich Mullins, share about a new movie on his brother's life + Palmer Chinchen + Jason Wolf
"The Holy King of Israel loves me here, in America." --Rich Mullins said it best.
"So I call you my country. And I'll be lonely for my home. And I wish that I could take you there with me". - Rich Mullins
Giveaway: Win Ragamuffin on dvd - the true story of Rich Mullins Ends 7/12
Incase you were wondering :)...7 Essential Male Christian Artists From the 90s
I remember and like all these! // 7 Essential Male Christian Artists From the 90s – (VIDEOS)
About as patriotic as I get...Happy 4th y'all!. Rich Mullins - Here In America
Dominoes with the family while listening to some Rich Mullins - relaxing night.
Got the Rich Mullins bio-pic, "Ragamuffin". Highly recommend! It shows Rich unvarnished, real and flawed...just...
You can pickup an HD digital copy of the documentary I edited on Rich Mullins.
I should cover one of Rich's songs. That was it could be "Rich Mullins (Ben Mullins cover)." :) via
7 Essential Male Christian Artists From the 90s – DC Talk, Carman, Rich Mullins, and More (VIDEOS). Read more at...
Giveaway! A copy of Ragamuffin. the Rich Mullins' story DVD. .
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When all else fails, Andrew Peterson singing Rich Mullins always makes me smile.
Great song based on the Apostles' Creed. (Classic Rich Mullins song sung by and )
Does anyone remember singing Our God is an Awesome God by Rich Mullins in Sunday school and thinking it was so rock n' roll?
Great video showcasing Rich Mullins in a house church concert.
The 90s brought us CDs, the Windows operating system and the World Wide Web. But it also brought some major...
I like poetic expressions of time: "half past lonely" (Michael Franti), "quarter til tomorrow and half past yesterday" (Rich Mullins).
A song By the late Great Rich Mullins... Of his last album he ever worked on..the Jesus Record. Subscribe for music, and other things, comment, rate.
You, Third Day, Keith Green and Rich Mullins are all tops in my book. And all somewhat anti-establishment. But great music!
Just watched the movie "Ragamuffin". If you see it it is worth watching. It's the story of Christian writer and singer Rich Mullins. Fantastic.
"I think creativity is a very Christian thing. I think if we are created in the image of God that means we're going to have an impulse to create." -Rich Mullins
That He [God] left the church here, and the church is the only group of people and the church is the only institution in the world that can bring about a change. This government cannot do it, so stop depending on the government. Educational systems cannot do it, so stop trusting educational systems. The church was chosen by God to make a difference. -Rich Mullins
Great movie about my absolute favorite Christian Singer/Songwriter, Rich Mullins! I highly recommend it. If you get a chance, read my 'Ragamuffin' blog at:
Benson Henderson should at least come out to a better Rich Mullins composition, like "Jacob and Two Women".
Had an enjoyable night listening to Stormy and Adrian playing some Bob Dylan and Rich Mullins and then listening to the guys of Mendingwall. Also I got to see lots of students, library patrons, and old friends. Compliments of Sounds of Summer - Athens, Tennessee and Athens Area Chamber of Commerce!
If you're looking for a movie to watch, rent the movie "Ragmuffin." It's the life story of Rich Mullins (the guy who wrote "Awesome God"). It's very good and moving.
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The music of Rich Mullins has been precious to me for years, and is even more so when I consider the life, ministry,…
I have come to appreciate even more - Rich Mullins.
Covenant of the Cross is pleased to present a very special screening of the film "Ragamuffin", based on the life of Christian music artist Rich Mullins. The movie starts at 2:00 p.m. in the Sanct...
Reminds me of Rich Mullins' lyric - stories like that make a boy grow bold...walk straight.
Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God. For a thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night. — Psalm 90:2 and 4 Time cannot contain You You fill eternity Sin can never stain You Death has lost its sting And I cannot explain the way You came to love me Except to say that nothing is beyond You Nothing is beyond You Nothing Is Beyond You -- Rich Mullins, Mitch McVicker, Tom Boothe
Got a solid 7hrs of sleep last night after watching the Ragamuffin movie about Rich Mullins, eating ice cream and drinking beer. Showed up at the shipper bright and early. Obeyed their rule about turning off my truck(only because if I didn't they wouldn't load me) and proceeded to sit in my own swamp of sweat in the humid Lake Charles, LA sun for 6hrs while they fixed pallets they broke and tipped over. Slipped over to the truck stop, got a shower and stood in the cold water for 45min. Got out refreshed, feeling good, ate, took a 3hr nap, and hit the road. Good day past about 14:00. Off to bed finally so I can make up drive hrs tomorrow.
I saw an e-mail advertising that the "Ragamuffin" movie was being sold at Walmart. This is a movie based on the life of Rich Mullins. After I watched it, it wasn't what I expected but it was better than I thought. This movie is not for the sterile clean-cut Christian. It's a messy biography of how one can be messed up and still be used of God. The Holy Bible is full of screw ups who were used. Isn't it just like God to use those kinds of people? I found it inspiring for a screwed up dude like me!
Thank you so much to everyone who has watched Rich Mullins Film I am so blessed by you all!
Watching Ragamuffin the Rich Mullins story with Angela Stoneburner, Katrena Millard, and Brian Heinrichs
When you face Jesus in heaven HE may ask you one question."DO YOU BELIEVE I LOVED YOU? Ragamuffin- the true story of Rich Mullins
Really liked the ragamuffin movie about Rich Mullins. Great message. god is awesome and he loves us dearly.
"Some of us are so afraid that God's not going to look at us. So we're out there doing all sorts of things to get God to take notice, but folks, God notices you. The fact is, He can't take His eyes off of you. However badly you think of yourself, God is crazy about you. God is in love with you. Some of us even fear that someday we'll do something so bad that He won't notice you anymore. Well, let me tell you, God loves us completely. And He knew us at our worst before He ever began to love us at all. And in the love of God, there are no degrees, there is only love." -- Rich Mullins
Here's one of the most popular praise songs of all time. Awesome God by Rich Mullins.
This looks awesome!!. RAGAMUFFIN-film of Rich Mullins' life. . Way cool!.
Did you know Rich Mullins entertained at the 1987 Junior Senior banquet?
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Watching the Rich Mullins documentary. Thank The Lord for people like him.
“God is a wild man. And I hope in the course of your life, you have the chance to encounter him.” – Rich Mullins
That time I went through my Keith Green phase. KG, Mahalia Jackson, and Rich Mullins. My top 3.
Have you heard about this new movie about Christian artist Rich Mullins? Read about here -
"I define wealth as 'how free are you to give and receive?'" - Rich Mullins
"I know there's bound to come some tears up in your eyes, reach out to Jesus - hold on tight... " ~Rich Mullins
I can't wait to see this film about musician Rich Mullins - his music still stirs my heart to
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