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Rich Eisen

Richard Eisen (born June 24, 1969) is an American television journalist who works for NFL Network. He is married to Suzy Shuster, college football sideline reporter for ESPN on ABC.

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Great interview on the Rich Eisen Show. Spot on about Sergio.
time to switch to Rich Eisen. Keep SAS (the NY know it all) and we will keep switching the station.
Among the guests on today's Rich Eisen Show: ESPN "Pardon the Interruption" co-host Michael Wilbon. NOW on...
Rich Eisen is also amazed by Marisnick's game tying HR.
Rich Eisen: There's only one player with red numbers in each of the first 3 rounds of Sergio Garc..
Will Tiger play again in 2017? According to Golf Channel's Notah Begay, there's a chance. Check out what he said:…
Never knew Rich Eisen was a translator
Tiger Woods still may return to competitive golf this year, according to good friend Notah Begay. Hear what he said…
I wish Brockmire was on the 16th tower, Rich Eisen
Golf Channel's Notah Begay III divulged some interesting news about the Tiger Woods' potential return this year:…
I'm 90 percent sure Rich Eisen from the NFL network and Vince Vaughn are voiced by the same person
Hearing Rich Eisen talk about James Dolan will always be funny
Tiger aside: The report Notah gave to Rich Eisen is as positive as I've heard/read in a long time
I like Rich Eisen very much though. That guy is the best. He IS NFL network.
Sounds like Rich Eisen is Tony Romos PR/agent promoting how great Romo will be on CBS
The Rich Eisen Show is on the air! Michiana's Sports Leader, 96.1 FM WSBT!
All purpose parts banner
Missed anything from or on Thursday? Download or app for all content! 📱:…
Adam Schefter Thinks the Jets (No. 6) Will Be the First Team to Draft a Quarterback.
This Chris Sale guy is pretty good, huh (from 8/1/2016)
"Next time you order kale try using a silent "K," it tastes so much better!" - Rich Eisen. Wish I could take credit for that one.
Who will the Jets take? Adam Schefter joined The Rich Eisen Show to explain.
Adam Schefter: Jets will be First Team to Draft a QB
The New York Jets will be the First Team to Draft a QB, told today.
Bill Walton joined The Rich Eisen Show to talk about him Gray saved his life through a spinal injury.
Served in Honor of Mr. Rich Eisen, Primo and Secondo will prepare Chicken Parmigiana: Masters Club D…
Talking Romo retirement and latest news w/ LIVE now!. 📺: . 💻: 📱:…
Fav Announcer have 2 Kevin Harlan an Boomer MNF radio is GREAT & worst 2 Kenny Albert and Rich Eisen (what a Smug *** DELETE
Bilas joined The Rich Eisen Show today to break down the NCAA hypocrisy on display last night.
honestly Rich Eisen is an awesome guy
We're just hanging out on a Friday evening with Emmitt Smith, Kirk Cousins, and Rich Eisen. No bigs.
Joel McHale's smugness is only surpassed by Rich Eisen's. And neither has earned it
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I like Andrew Siciliano & he does a great job, but when is Suzy Shuster going to host another Rich Eisen Show? She is great!
Oh! I saw/heard that clip from the Rich Eisen Show - good to hear what he said!
Hank Aaron said on the Rich Eisen Show "there are no shortcuts in life. Take one step at a time."
How long is Fritzy going to handle bookings for the DP Show and Rich Eisen? Tell them to stop trying to recreate your show!
Someonw explain to me why Rich Eisen has a radio show. It's just a carbon copy of the DP show every single day
...and here I am at 2:30 am watching a recording of the Rich Eisen Show when I should be getting laid in this moment. Imma kill myself.
Jonathon Simmons. Wow what a story this guy has. Good for you and your family son. Go on the Rich Eisen Show and tell your story.
will go from Michael Jordan (Sep 3) to Rich Eisen (Sep 10) to Tom Brady (Sep 17) for honorary team captains. Not too…
Huge topic on the Rich Eisen Show last week.
No Orioles game today but the sports talk continues all day with The Dan Patrick and Rich Eisen Shows from 9-3 on WARK
why does rich eisen sound like Homer Simpson so bad?
If its Rich Eisen it would be wear a toupe
2nd round WR Sterling Shepard will be targeted "frequently" ... via
I wouldn't be Shocked if Big Brother was doing someone a favor just how Dan Patrick did a favor for Rich Eisen.
Well, really, any of them. :p I was referring to Rich Eisen though!
Wait, Byron was on the Rich Eisen Show….
Hey, maybe they can re-air Dan Patrick or Rich Eisen. I love generic radio and interviews with the guys from "Entourage."
.with a fan backstage at his Rich Eisen Show taping.
Good episode of Rich Eisen right now
Richie from vinyl on Rich Eisen Show now.
Stop throwing dirt on Duncan. Give him time to make a decision. Move on. Don't give me a reason to switch back to Rich Eisen.
I hate Dan Patrick show and rich eisen. 9-2 I turn off for real
Sam Bradford tried for deal couldn't be made
Had the pleasure of meeting Rich Eisen today! Such a great personality and pleasant person.
Rich Eisen on the decline of daily fantasy sports via
Rich or poor, friend or foe, if someone needed the shirt off my back all they have to do is ask
to quote national nonsense dude Rich Eisen " you gotta play better than the refs ref"
Tom Condon said his client was never going to be allowed to compete against Carson Wentz.
Hosmer hopes Rich Eisen can enlist Adam Schefter to help
New- Total Access: Journey to the Center of the NFL Universe (4 CDs)- RICH EISEN
Rob Manfred talks Bryce Harper and more via
he certainly meets the 'no employees taller than Rich Eisen' hiring requirement, so I guess it's a fit? Good luck!
Rob Manfred talks Bryce Harper and more: MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred joins The Rich Eisen Show and talks Bry...
Get Rich Eisen on it, he gets things done
Sam Bradford's agent Tom Condon said there's no such thing as competition with $26M rookies.
Seth Meyers told Rich Eisen his dad was happier to meet Franco than the POTUS.
No. I don't care what she says. She is no Rich Eisen.
Sam Bradford's agent insists that his client's relationship with the Eagles is doing fine.
I wonder if Urban Meyer is paying off Mike Mayock and Rich Eisen to let him talk.
I love that nod by Rich Eisen to his buddy Brent Musberger
Rich Eisen is asking Connor Cook the EXACT SAME QUESTIONS that Dan Patrick did 2 hours ago, guys.
All of em. Rich Eisen was out so it's their turn.
You can call me crazy, but have you ever seen Coach Martin and Rich Eisen in the same room at the same time?
Total Access: A Journey to the Center of the NFL Universe by Rich Eisen
I even ran a forty today. Rich Eisen would be stunned to see a big man move that fast lol.
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That's actually a really interesting idea. Like the Rich Eisen 40 but with all the drills.
I don't care what I run as long as it's faster than Rich Eisen.
KINDA?! Rich Eisen runs that at 45 in a suit and dress shoes!
Coaches who rest their stars during road trips should be fined by the NBA.
Warriors players are not going to sit via
Warriors players are not going to sit
I liked a video "The Boss" Director Ben Falcone on the Rich Eisen Show
As it should be. But for some reason Rich Eisen wanted to make sure we all knew. As if it matters. Anything to talk MJ.
Rich Eisen weighs in on an astrological draft strategy. You’re not the same
Rich Eisen due up next on Hastings and Helmer you can also live stream the show at
Rich Eisen joining us this hour on Hastings and Helmer
"He's one of the worst drivers of the golf ball on the PGA Tour" on Tiger Woods.
Former Tiger Woods swing coach says the former no. 1 is not done winning.
Yeah. He's better since he left ESPN. He's still pretty pretentious tho. I usually flip between him n Rich Eisen
too bad Rich Eisen doesn't do the whole combine, I'd love to see his score.
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when do we get the Rich Eisen manifesto?
thanks for sharing Rich Eisen, have a great Wednesday :) 🔹🆓Grow followers ➪ 🆓🔹
Hank Haney talks the future of Tiger Woods
Hank Haney talks the future of Tiger Woods via
Great interview going on with Jay Williams by Rich Eisen. Get him on your show if you can.
Great seeing on the Rich Eisen Show today!
Maybe its just me but has gone downhill. Grew up on Dan Patrick, Rich Eisen, Linda Cohn and Stuart Scott. Now? bunch of clowns
Sports anchor Rich Eisen teams up with Courtyard Marriott to remind viewers that "no one's the same without th...
. Those involved with Rich Eisen may be deported to England. HM King Ryan Stuart aka Ryan Patrick Webster
Not sure about that. I'm into sports, I know Stuart Scott, Rich Eisen, Michelle Beadle, I never heard of Erin Andrews till incident
I want less talk and more clips/back-stories. Miss the days of Stuart Scott/Dan Patrick/Rich Eisen.
Deon Sanders talks alot of crap to Rich Eisen but don't see him running the 40 "for charity"! Deon prob can't run a 5.94!
No kidding? So I'm in the same graduating class as Jon Hein, Sanjay Gupta and a year ahead of Rich Eisen. What illustrious company!
Rich Eisen told me the drummer of Coldplay asked him all about Johnny Football this week, wondered if that was really his…
Nate Burleson is on Tuesday's "Hollywood Game Night," along with Rich Eisen, Al Michaels and Tara Lipinski. Or maybe you don't care.
like svp is gonna be on Rich Eisen today, why not you guys, the best show on radio
Why are they making even the commercials for the Rich Eisen Show just like the DPshow? Come on audience network.
This lady on the Rich Eisen Show needs to shut up
I remember when Rich Eisen and Brian Urlacher had a discussion on NFL Network about balding
Who you think will dominate the next NFL combine?: Rich Eisen. He's going to post the fastest 40 time ever this year, just you watch.
IN the NFL Playoff Challenge I am overall in 19,206th place. In "The Rich Eisen Show" group I am 320th, in the...
thanks for sharing Rich Eisen, have a great Saturday :) (Grow followers >>
"It was one of the most exceptional runs in the history of this league" .
"The more physical team will win and that's the Carolina Panthers".
"They've got a lot of issues on the offensive side of the ball"
"They totally forget that New England is a Top 10 defense"
Best of We continue to feud with management + Rich Eisen & Paul DePodesta
NFL Network's Rich Eisen joins The Dan Le Batard Show to break down his expectations for the Panthers and QB Cam…
First Take, Rich Eisen, & Colin Cowherd are on consecutive channels. That's like sandwiching a really good burger between 2 dead rats.
Coming up today at noon on the Rich Eisen Show. Listen Live: 12:30pm - Mark Schlereth...
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When Rich Eisen calls Cam Newton the best QB in the NFL... 😳
can you please make a note to never have Rich Eisen on again? Radio Rich is no good man
Yes he was! Stuart Scott and Rich Eisen on SportsCenter!!
for 1 week every guest has to B introduced ole English royalty style by blowing a horn & stating his name. Such as "Sir Rich Eisen"
Heard about this in Rich Eisen's show yesterday!
Rich eisen is my favorite. ESPN needs more people like him. Normal people. Not *** with spray On tans and coated in pounds of makeup
How in God's green earth do you let go of Rich Eisen. I mean *** The dude has class,sas, brass and more!he's Rich frickin Eisen
No one does it better than Rich Eisen. Class, sas, brass and more!
"Cam Newton is the MVP of the league no ifs, ands, or buts about it" Rich Eisen
SVP bringing back former SC anchors like Rich Eisen and Dan Patrick on his show is all kinds of awesome.
Caught up on my Rich Eisen...almost! I want to be him when I grow up!
Charles Barkley told the majority of the NBA is simply playing for the $. https:…
"It's not a disrespect thing, it's a high intensity thing" on Brady anger.
"This is why the games I play use 20-sided dice." - on the coin-troversy:
CB Dre Kirkpatrick talks playoff loss, Burfict suspension & more on Rich Eisen Show
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
"It's just one of those epic battles" on Brady-Manning Bowl.
[VIDEO] Snoop Dogg & adidas get 'Turf'd Up' with Rich Eisen and Ryan Coogler of 'CREED'...
The only thing worse than the Rich Eisen Show is basketball talk on the Rich Eisen Show
If Greenbay beats the card's will Rich Eisen dress up like Brutus Buckeye. I am an Ohio state University fan
get Peter King on immediately to discuss his interview with Rich Eisen, high comedy regarding Manning story vs. Brady.
someone send him the link from the Rich Eisen Show.
When stations want to add it. Its technically separate from FSR with Rich Eisen in that daypart.
I don't think Keenan Reynolds ever gives a bad interview. Just killed it again, this time on the Rich Eisen Show.
Man I love and loved what he had to say on The Rich Eisen Show about the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton.
When I was in high school Rich Eisen was a sports reporter at KRCRTV channel 7 now he is a host for the NFL Network👌
he's still better than rich eisen from 11-2! The time slot that's killing ticket760
Rich Eisen: Cam Newton is MVP and no one else is close.
blocked me cuz I called her out for saying we are having a fluke season to rich eisen. Get her,
ESPN host Rich Eisen in the building
How about Rich Eisen picking Newton fro MVP? That was the most hilarious comment of the day. What an *** It is the Saints D!
was just going off what was said on Rich Eisen Show earlier,a team may have bumped their offer
hearing a mid 30s white lady named Katherine in North Carolina say swag on the Rich Eisen Show makes my skin crawl
Bottle of La Nova bbq sauce on the Rich Eisen Show
Tyreek in Houston sounds like a winner calling rich eisen
You're going to have to change your name to Spike Eisen now. Are you two related to Rich?
Rich Eisen said it best. I'm running out of adjectives to describe Odell Beckham at this point
just start listening to Dan Patrick and Rich Eisen they bash ESPN all the time.
I fw Rich Eisen more than any other NFL analyst. & Ray Lewis
Rich Eisen on does the WORST impression of a New Yorker. Almost insulting. Otherwise he's ok by me.
As Rich and Shaq get ready to dress up, doesn't this look like a young Rich Eisen?
I remember when was Terrel Davis, Rod Woodson, Rich Eisen and that's about it. The network has grown a lot.
You just don't like Rich Eisen, do you?
Hlog: Ex-Hawkeye Chad Greenway Vikings' Community Man of the Year for 3d time. With video of him on Rich Eisen Show.
"I think they're going to have to play a perfect game" Verne Lundquist on the chances of a Gators upset in SEC title.
Verne Lundquist says Florida needs a miracle to beat Bama: 'The CBS play-by-play man was on The Ri...
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"To paint the picture, I want to have Picasso sitting there" - Verne Lundquist on Florida's chances vs. Alabama.
Finally watched Kyle Busch on the Rich Eisen Show, he considers himself the Tom Brady of NASCAR! Also how he had to call Toyota Care!
Hi agree with don't ruin a great podcast don't bother with Rich Eisen's anymore as its not great as a in car listen
Brian Kelly to Rich Eisen on schedule: “I’d say my 12 games are harder than their 13. I’d take a 13th if they’d let me."
The woman in these hotel ads with Rich Eisen played Scott Caan's love interest in Ready to Rumble and oh god why do I know that
"Taking the field now Seahawks Russell Wilson and 49ers Colin Kaepernick, also known as not Russell Wilson" - Rich Eisen
These are Repto Humans. Feat Rich Eisen from Tvs Rich Eisen. 395 years old.
I think 1040 is Rich Eisen, not the game. 970 plays Bolts games when something on 620 preempts them. Try that?
how does rich eisen have a talk show & I don't? Cosmo Kramer had a bigger audience for his.
Hawkeyes will need killer instinct tomorrow at Northwestern to stay undefeated. Our coverage of B1G Ten football...
how in the *** does Rich eisen get a tv broadcast show when there is this great show eisen show is awful
Hey , how r u? I know you like NFL. Just curious, do you listen to podcasts? Have you listened to Bill Simmons' or Rich Eisen's? TY
I'm watching "The Rich Eisen Show" and earning great rewards from . Rich Eisen Show
I bet Bill Belichick wih come up with "Rich Eisen Report Context" ;-)
Love that they brought us Dan Patrick and Rich Eisen though. Afternoon local guy solid, but a.m drive needs serious boost.
Can't unring the bell, Huge. It's now part of the um lexicon for fans, former players, Rich Eisen, etc.
Somebody for the love of Kanye take FanDuel, DraftKings, Rich Eisen's knockoff & send it to Mars. So *** annoying
Any reason why Rich Eisen and the gang are in the studios in Culver City and not in NOLA on the field?
Michael Irvin told Pats thinking ahead to pummeling Colts in flat Dallas win.
Rich Eisen is awful and unbearable to watch. Not surprised he's uninformed about Don Mattingly.
Rich eisen cant get ahead of the jokes
Todays the best lineup Rich Eisen is comedy. Great laugh before the game
Rich eisen keep getting joke for the big head lol.
My dream is to do an entire podcast with Rich Eisen, discussing why Nick Foles is a complete waste of space. I can do it, too.
I know that feeling, but figured it out back when Rich Eisen hosted NFL Total Access each night.
I hope that cry baby that called the Rich Eisen Show calls back and weeps on air after the Dodgers win tonight.
Rich Eisen just said Bautista's bat flip and stare was out of character. No, that's Bautista. He does crap like that all the time.
Yup. Rich Eisen quoted it. After that: boom. Lol
Rich Eisen thinks he is a Daily Show correspondent.
does coach Kelly sound like Rich Eisen?
Maybe the Sabres didn't want to let people know about Eichel on Rich Eisen Show because it's BRUTAL. Eisen is awful during this interview.
Guys guys guys. kids and their families don't watch the Rich Eisen Show
Sabres Rookie Jack Eichel promises success for dormant franchise
American rookie phenom Jack Eichel promised success for flatlined Sabres on
Get Curt Schilling off ESPN but bring Mike Tyson on my show. Rich Eisen is a joke.
Yo guys Jack Eichel on the Rich Eisen Show!
I want a job like the guys who shoot the breeze with Dan Patrick and Rich Eisen on their respective TV shows.
Omg Rich Eisen can't even say what does in 1st episode tonight!! Omg I can't wait to see for myself!!
Where do I stream Cowherd's show? iHeartRadio only gives me Rich Eisen
Hear from on on now. He joined the earlier today - full vid:
WATCH: UCLA coach Jim Mora discusses the Steve Sarkisian situation at USC on -->
Matt Kalil said on the Rich Eisen Show you didn't want to be lunch on UW against USC. You would of won a free lunch! lol
why is Robin Thick on the Rich Eisen Show???
this chick is crying right now on the Rich Eisen because of her Cubs.. Gotta love their HEART!!!
My is down. watching Bruce Feldman make an *** out of himself on the Rich Eisen Show.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Rich Eisen hates Curt Schilling but loves Warren John Sapp, Michael Cocaine Irving and Chris Lyingass Mortensen. Think about that Rich.
NFL season kicks off TONIGHT! Steelers at Patriots. Lots of pro football talk today with Dan Patrick, Rich Eisen...
The Fake Alex Trebeck is Rich Eisen and Rich Sidney. His son is Derek Sidney as Adam Webster. Killers. Just ex lords
"That's an honor," Christian Hackenberg says when Rich Eisen asks what he would think if Peyton Manning said he was best QB…
I drive all day. Heard Owen Wilson on FOUR shows...Dan Patrick, Rich Eisen, Danny Kanell and then LeBetard. Calgon!
I'm bailing on ESPN radio. Rich Eisen isn't the best option out there, and it's a good product. Fox Sports 11-2.
good JJ Watt interview on Rich Eisen Show yesterday BTW - - had a great night in there 6 months ago
Rich Eisen, Michigan man, makes a point to mention the Jets’ last pick from Ohio State was Vernon Gholston, lol.
Rich Eisen: Filling in the Jim Cantore role on NFL Network. Thank you for the weather forecast.
Great interview w/ *** Butkis on Rich Eisen Show. Check out the podcast
The podcast is proud to sponsor Rich Eisen
NFL Network's runs through all the Draft possibilities on
Last night was the final Live Read of the season Major League was a great choice and was carried by Rich Eisen's fantastic scene directions
✔ RTAmazing cast for reading of Major League last night: …
In regards to the Rich Eisen Show poll, 100% Crash Davis is the best baseball movie character of all time. Period!
Rich Eisen discussing best baseball movie character. I gotta go with Lou Brown.
excellent interview on Rich Eisen Show. Great insight. Subban's head should be on a swivel
I'm in for Roger Lodge this morning on Mike & Mike and the Rich Eisen Show in Los Angeles on AM 830 KLAA.
Amazing cast for reading of Major League last night:
Check out this cool episode: Aaron Hernandez rant
Rich Eisen hands down we see run in a suit at least once a year
My cast knocked it out of the park tonight!
Stuart Scott would be ashamed. I see why Dan Patrick and Rich Eisen left
u were mentioned on the CBS show odd couple. Rich eisen makes appearance
Rich Eisen guest starred and asked Matthew's character if Dan Patrick sent him. Pretty funny!
hi matthew. So glad you got rich eisen on your show.
Kelly Rohrbach rewarded for being SI Swimsuit Rookie of the Year: 'Model Kelly Rohrbach joins The Rich Eisen S...
ha, thx man. Problem is, Rich Eisen is messing with old time slot. 3-6pm EST is full of chicanery for me.
Tommy Lasorda doesn't want Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame Los Angeles Dodgers Tommy Lasorda joins The Rich Eisen Sh…
Rich Eisen and Dan Patrick always have models on their shows while Jay has dudes who talk sports. Jay Wins.
the little people didnt give her the respect she deserved. Like Alicia Lane- now fired Philly newsie (google her and Rich Eisen)
Thanks Rich Eisen for a fun conversation on your program. If you missed it, here it is.
Holy lord this girl on the Rich Eisen Show...swooon
You know when you pause the Rich Eisen Show for a half hour to make BFast, you finally sit and..DVR switches to HouseHunters :-(
Excited to announce that Rich Eisen has just joined tonight's LIVE reading of for and
IT’S COMING- The is coming & the playoffs are set. Join for the latest.
Rich Eisen can't crack six seconds in ...
ESPN stopped being great once Dan Patrick, Rich Eisen, and Ketih Olberman no longer worked Sportscenter SVP is BAD
Ex-Patriot Convicted! Join the sports talk discussion with the Rich Eisen Show(11a-2p) and Jay Mohr Sports(2p-5p)...
we really went behind the burnt orange curtain on this one! (yalls feelings on Rich Eisen, Cowherd)
is the draft going to live on the NFL now channel? Rich Eisen Show is?
Rich Eisen Showmy all time great is sid bream sliding into home plate ahead of Barry bonds throw to win the nl playoffs
Rich Eisen delivered a tearful goodbye to Stuart Scott on NFL Network. …
STREAMING NOW- is live on and you should really check it out. Seriously, you...
Former Notre Dame basketball coach Digger Phelps joins the Rich Eisen Show this afternoon at 12:30 on Sports Radio 1400 WSJM.
I've listened to the Charlotte station online at work. Pretty good station. Rich Eisen is really good.
so my rich Eisen blast was for you then. F'ing up the hrs & your game plan
and from today's Rich Eisen Show . Listen ->
ICYMI: we did a little Q&A trivia with Matt & Tim Hasselbeck today on The guys had fun with it . Listen ->
Man I found out before Sunday School but when I saw the tribute on ESPN and Rich Eisen on NFL got real!
My work listens to the national radio guys. filling in for Rich Eisen. You need to bring him to 710, he's good.
Which Brother knows the other brother best? & played on
I wanna see you run the 40 like my man Rich Eisen!
If you believe owners, remember what Jed York said about Harbaugh and his future with the on the Rich Eisen Show this year.
now fritzy lost weight he could kick's Dan's *** and go to the Rich Eisen Show lol
The second best QB in the AFC South is hosting the Rich Eisen Show today.
Jim Harbaugh coming up on the Rich Eisen Show now
I think Lowell should pull a Rich Eisen and do the 40
Jim Harbaugh on just after 12:00 today with Rich Eisen​. LISTEN: . Pic / getty
U of M Football coach Jim Harbaugh joins Rich Eisen at 12:07 on Sports Radio 1400 WSJM and online at
Eagles: LeSean McCoy said on The Rich Eisen Show team made \"panic move\" replacing him with DeMarco Murray, Ryan …
Def gonna listen to Matthew Hasselbeck sit in on the Rich Eisen Show today.
Tuesday's Rich Eisen Show will be hosted by Matt Hasselbeck (Xpost from /r/colts)
Rich Eisen . “14. Something that inspires you always?”
Isiah Thomas "I didn't leave college, I left college basketball." On jumping to the pro. Was on Rich Eisen Show today.
[Footage from NFL Network in 2012]: Rich Eisen's immediate reaction when the Jaguars drafted punter…
Thanks like Rich Eisen I love mine. They like you do so much for us.
TUNE IN- is about to crush the spirits of the Kansas Jayhawks. Check us out at the top of the hour:
Michael Sam is CFL level talent. When your forty only one second faster than Rich Eisen.
so does that make Rich Eisen some secret drug lord?
3:25 SportsCenter update: LeSean McCoy appeared on Rich Eisen Show over weekend, discussing Eagles off-season moves.
seems like every time I turn on somebody is guest hosting for rich eisen
If doesn't get it together, I'll switch to Rich Eisen.
Brady Quinn on Rich Eisen Show in 5 mins (Mike Hill guest host): Will Mike Hill ask him about conflict?
you're doing well filling in for Rich Eisen today, never really heard you before, but solid :)
KXIC's Rich Eisen Show is on now and scheduled to appear in the noon hour is comedian/actor Guy Torry---who will...
I have no interest in following Rich Eisen. Why did you think I wanted to follow him?
Aw, snap, "There was talk that one of the 105 ran the 40 in six seconds. You know, Rich Eisen time.”
Did the Eagles push the panic button this offseason? LeSean McCoy thinks so
I remember it happening but no details. Arif why were you feuding with Rich Eisen again?
I want to see Rich Eisen race Jimmy Thomas in the 40! Who's your pick? 👟
Slow Watches? Everybody can't be that slow can they? They're in "Rich Eisen Territory"!
that's brutal. Those are borderline Rich Eisen times
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