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Rich Dad

Rich Dad is a brand established by Robert Kiyosaki for a series of educational books and games about personal finance.

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"Taylor you need to become rich and famous so you can buy me new furniture " lol dad
Nowadays good things mostly happen as side effects of petty fights between rich and powerful people.
"An idea to make money is to steal rich ppl's dogs from their backyards & wait for the reward to come out to return it ***
A few yrs ago my dad's kidneys failed & we weren't sure he would live. Last week he danced w/my sister at her wedding th…
My dad was a union electrician & my mom stayed home until high school... Success doesn't come from rich parents, it comes from hard work...
Read then all! Rich das poor dad was a very good introducing!
Hey Gary I just started the book Rich Dad Poor Dad and he talks about acquiring assets Young, what do you think he means by that?
Homes are owned by Vulnerable Families + Root Base of Banks Economy MUM n DAD . Shares are Held by Internationals =…
I just wanna get rich and tell my dad he can quit his job
Im rich becauae my dad invented both small and big business.
It's like cat in the hat mixed with rich dad
Reading your book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" halfway in and I've really learned a lot about what I need t…
Shes totally rich because her dad invented the toaster strudel
My poor dad's priority was security. My rich dad's priority was learning.
first step how to be a millionaire: basahin mo yung "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kyosaki -Fabie
. It cool. "Oooo how much?". Not like something like that matter much for Kanon. Rich Dad does wonders.
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Don’t miss Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and the Rich Dad team as they give a powerful and hard-hitting financial...
if you're interested in some basic financial education, start with reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki... golden
read Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Suze Orman books and watch her old episodes.
I've traveled all over the world and America is the easiest place to get rich. ~ Robert T. Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad
There are many ways to describe a man's life work, doctor, lawyer, teacher on & on, but the Greatest joy in life is simply…
Getting an early start on with my Dad, cooking and camping outside. Wishing all the Dads out there a
My dad has mixed some of your favorite songs no lie?
My dad is going through a mid life crisis and needs more likes and favorites so give him a follow!. Insta: rich_viking. FB: Richard Campbell
Here's my Dad & I working the garden today. Been planting garden with him for 30 years.
Pls if U are the cute guy I curved at the wedding reception at starview hotel Abuja,I'm very sorry my dad was giving Me the l…
I'm making $1 bets with my dad about what's going to happen on Wheel of Fortune. I'm about to be rich af.
New 2014 Toyota Camry, my dad is the best.
Wish that i was rich so i can buy my dad something great but i guess this will do 🙂
Beautiful day down the shore working the garden w/ my Dad.
Actually, "shady rich dad of the bad boyfriend/fiancee"
When you can figure out how your assets can earn money while you sleep, you will be the doctors worse enemy,...
If he was so rich why did his dad have to bail him out of his casino in19 90s with 3m poker chip purchase.
Summer (to her dad): my first words were 'Rich girl is by Hall and Oates'
Faux leather keepsake box is finished in a rich chestnut...
If you think having a very rich Dad can solve everything, this is what actually happens to Donald Trump’s children: https:…
Dad was like imagine if I had my permit to grow weed we would be rich from all these pot heads ahah
Having to put your dad to bed on a Saturday night and holding him while he's sick has got to be a joke well played babe xoxo
If youve read the best-selling book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki, then you should know…
I just started following Rich Dad on
Mom: Lex you walk like your dad. Me: you mean I walk like a rich white man?
Further insights on my sports memory with Dad. "Happy Father's Day" by on
I'm talking about mindsets. read rich dad, poor dad by Kiyosaki
Love how my dad texts me like 'I've put the heating on for you darling' yes Rich😂👑
Tana just told her Dad that women like rich old men & he said "I'm rich that's my name"- Richard Mongeau
Everyone should read Rich Dad Poor Dad it's very interesting. It talks about the history of taxes & how the rich become richer.
I told my dad that if he takes a corporate job then we can be rich. He said "if we get rich then you won't get fafsa" . I was like *** u rite
None of these daughters are getting married to rich men. Why is the dad still acting like they can tell the youngest who to marry?
I'm so happy my dad agrees that I should be a rich Doctor❤️🤑
At the pool and there is the dorkiest looking dad with a giant gothic tattoo across his stomach. Life is a rich tapestry.
We are excited to have . RICH HINMAN VS. ADAM LEVY . with JEN CONDOS and JAY BELLEROSE. back tomorrow night!. Sunday, June 19, 9pm. Bring dad!
This is outside their house, it's beautiful! Im excited to travel with Dad, Rich is staying with Khan
If my dad didn't get injured i'll probably be the rich.
I trust your dad's people not to be *** with a whole lot of money. Rich *** leaders scare me to death! In Hollywood mostly.
I keep forgetting my step dad is rich 👀
mum and dad say we smell of us and Dey be vewy rich if Dey cud bokkle and sell our scent 😽😽
"My poor dad said he could not invest because he had no money. My rich dad said, invest your time when you have no money.…
I hope dad is one of these rich menses from Bentonville or Rogers that's stepping out on their wife and children.
Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Magic of Thinking Big changed my life
Just saw this on Amazon: Rich Dad's CASHFLOW Quadrant: Rich Dad's Gu... by Robert T. Kiyosaki for $10.54 via
Televised stock cars races should use "AT" or "RD" designations next to names to let us know; Actually Talented, or Rich Dad.
WEST LA FLC: . Today in our workshop we covered the cash flow quadrant from "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"…
Robert Kiyosaki, world renound author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad", International speaker & financial…
Wish I had a rich dad so I never ever had to work or do anything.
You see a rat, but I see a hardworking dad just trying to feed his 4 teenaged turtles
Money isn’t the goal; money has no value. The value comes from the dreams money helps achieve. -. Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad😊
Haven't said it that dad's eldest brother's wife is adopted by her rich relative and went travelling with them and still a lucky woman.
"Hija de Don hector sois ud verdad" i would be rich if i got a dollar every time someone told me this lbs . Ppl love my dad 🙄😅
Rich kid in school who drive a sport Mercedes said his dad won't buy him a new phone because his iphone 5 is working
he looks like he WANTS to look like he hangs out at the station selling pot but his mum and dad are too rich
Pretty sure I backed it up on your dad @ Volcano's or Odell's back in the day
Rich dad,poor dad sound like a good book .
You know your dad's rich when he drops 15 grand on a ring.. 😂 unreal
I'm not rich just because my house's gate is electrical gate . My dad did that just to keep our safety
Rich uncle, poor uncle. My own version of the two sides of the coin of Mr.'s Rich Dad Poor Dad.
The Naval Academy graduated McCain because of his dad 5th from bottom McCains stupid rich girl Loser & Fraud
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Author of Rich dad Poor dad one of The best finance book for the last decade given us major shout out…
Robert Kiyosaki, author of the World's personal finance book "Rich Dad Poor Dad", was at our event…
No but really.I'd be rich if I had a $1 for every time I got asked where my dad Nestor is sex
Today I was able to listen to Robert Kiyosaki the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad share some of his…
My dad is yelling like Rich Rod is right now. Omg
The brides dad came up to me and told me all the guys here are rich .. . Ok
Was driving hm, thought to call & tell my dad, then remembered he was dead too...burst into tears, momentarily lost control of my car on 83
Dad says he's gonna come to GV tomorrow so we can get lunch. Aight cool Rich
Charlie Rich, Jr performs in honor of his Dad, 2015 inductee to the Memphis Music Hall of Fame
One of the BEST SELLING book . 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' . Have you read or heard of this book before?. When I first...
Author of 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' therealkiyosaki ! . "I'll listen to him over anybody that ever…
My dad's canny rich but he misspelled paint
My dad said "Get rich and flex as much as you can" 😈💰 I gotchu Pops
Remember when Static Shock friend's Richie's dad was racist as *** Old shows got deep.
Kylie looks like Kendall's 23 year old stepmom whose married to her dad because he's rich
Get a behind the scenes look at the essential elements to a winning deal from Kim, myself and my Rich Dad coaches. Join our exclusive...
Took my dad and grandpa to the NLCS game 1 Mets-Cubs!!
Whenever my dad & I watch baseball he tries to play match maker. "He's 21 only 5 year difference and he's rich im ok with you marring him"
When my dad says no because my mom said no
This is my dad, holding me and Uncle Rich. I seriously feel like this…
If I had a quid for every time my dad text me asking where I am on a night out id be a very rich man
Had you read Rich Dad and Poor Dad yet? Napolean Hill is that dude I listened to some of his stuff before.
Creating a property investment business has been the goal since I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad in 2004.
One of my greatest accomplishments is getting my Dad to admit he likes Rich Homie Quan
When you find out your dad owns cookout sandals
I hate when we're cutting yards in a rich/white ppl neighborhood and the "americans" give me and my dad dirty looks.
Get out of my rich dad timeline bih
My dad just asked me if I've ever listened to Rich Homie Quan, and told me he has listened to him and likes him as an artist
kenya has rich mofo so this dad came to the daughter graduation in a chopper.ata Rao alitii .
I added a video to a playlist Robert Kiyosaki(Rich Dad, Poor Dad) on Network Marketing
Hinny is the type of Mum and Dad who would spoil their kids but also teach them discipline cause despite being rich af, they faced adversity
*walks by Louis Vuitton*. Dad: "look at that nice purse you're not gonna get! maybe if you marry rich"
That'd be awesome but won't happen. My dad works 100+ hours a week and my mom works 40. We ain't rich lol
Listening to John legend, while reading "rich dad poor dad" this is my saturday... Enjoy ladies and gents
lily Baylis pls Rich. Sorry to hear the sad news bud
Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad is truth. Even if u start w nothing, know u are rich and find ways to make money.
She is going up way too fast. Getting ready for her brothers big day...
my grandpa is *** My dad goes by Rich, so I got Trey
Also the people who earnestly give all the high school graduates they know that "Rich Dad Poor Dad" book.
I HIGHLY recommend for people to read Rich Dad, Poor Dad.
Lol if your dad is rich , that doesn't make you rich you just have a dad who has pees
Only on chapter 3, and Rich Dad Poor Dad is already one of my favorite books.
"I grew up here and in England," he explained. "My dad was a bit rich but didn't want to put down roots so we bounced around."
Best part of dad class thus far is this lunch break
I thought this single dad gig was supposed to reel in the ladies?. Whats that u say?. Oh. U meant good looking, rich single dads.
They have a mom and a dad who BOTH work. We aren't rich by any means, but we make sure they have what they need.
Wow my Rich ex-step dad offered to take my sister and I school shopping, looks like I will be shopping instead of getting nothing^^
suho looks so good in the overdose mv I love my rich blonde dad
We love the rich dad radio for global economic news :) log in and listen up >>
U kidding? Dad left him wealthy,BUT Donald went against Dad's advice, went to Manhattan; got RICH. How many fritter away $$?
2075. Fam surrounds my deathbed. "Dad, does dying scare you?". *Kmt shut up you *** boy, just Rich Homie Quan still going in?*
How come the popup party sounds like some rich kid wanted to watch ifnt but couldnt so she asked her dad to get them to perf at her party
Dating a guy solely based on looks is so stupid. There are more important things like "Is he rich?" or "is his Dad hot too?"
Harry and his gold MacBook. My dad is so rich! 😭 He's, probably skyping Zayn, by the way. BEANIE! 😍
there is no dependency between earning money and getting married when your dad is rich :P
It looks like seolhyun took a selfie with her rich dad and hot stepmother.
Too many people buy things they don't need with money they don't have to impress people they don't know ~Rich Dad Poor Dad
Check out my latest podcast with Tim Ferriss . Listen now at:
I know that mum and dad think I'm a mess, but it's alright because I am rich as ***
Spoiled son burns Ferrari so rich dad would buy him new one
The book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad taught me that life is a bully and I should never to allow it push me around.
A suggestion for everyone is to read 'Cashflow Quadrant', and 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki.
Rich Dad's Conspiracy of the Rich: 8 New Rules of Money by Robert Kiyosaki, used
On page 89 of 239 of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert T. Kiyosaki
Rich Dad's Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money - Robert T. Kiyosaki - Google Books
I'd rather welcome change than cling to the past - Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
“There is a difference between being poor and being broke. Broke is temporary. Poor is eternal.” - Rich Dad, Poor Dad
In 1997, in Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I stated, 'Your home is not an asset.' Real estate agents sent me hate mail. Robert Kiyosaki. .
I'm a big fan of Robert Kiyosaki and his Rich Dad - Poor Dad series of books. W…
If you’ve read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kyosaki you’ll have heard about the CashFlow Game. Play it with us
Excited for the Rich Dad, poor Dad Seminar by Robert Kiyosaki !
My list of books to read this year; one book a month:- 1. Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz (finished) 2. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki 3. Raising Freethinkers by Dale McGowan 4. Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman 5. The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma 6. The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida 7. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey 8. Corporate Chanakya by Radhakrishnan Pillai 9. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz 10. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg 11. Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus by John Gray 12. Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy
I am browsing [Rich Dad, Poor Dad Quotes by Robert T. Kiyosaki]. Have a look at it!
5 of 5 stars to Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki
Free Online Reading Books | The Tao Of Badass - Reading Books Robert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad, Very poor Father Revisited As I re-examine Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Father, Bad Father for the third time, I commenced to recognize a ton of GEMS in there! In simple fact, I started to understand that classics like this and other folks these as Consider And Expand Prosperous experienced been browse by individuals generally a lot more than the moment in buy to extract the treasured nuggets of details so richly buried in them. Bill Bartmann, a billionaire, had study Believe And Increase Rich numerous situations and so experienced Alex Mandossian, an Web internet marketing guru. Free Online Reading Books. Your Finest Energy - E book Assessment Get related to your biggest likely, the power to pick! Discover how to acquire gain of each excellent circumstance by resourcing your power to choose. Be empowered to refuse to permit adversity halt your forward development. Know how to attract your existence out of despair in the m ...
Robert Kiyosaki is the founder of Rich Dad company and Cashflow Technologies, Inc.
How to Become a Self Made Billionaire in 10 Years or Less 1. Start with a dream “I intend to be, the richest man in the world.” – Howard Hughes “It does not take money to make money.” – Robert Kiyosaki Becoming a billionaire begins with a dream. One of the free gifts given to us by our creator is the gift of imagination. It costs nothing to dream. Yet, most people don’t dare to dream and those who do, dream small. “People who dream small dreams continue to live as small people.” – Rich Dad “Aim for the highest.” – Andrew Carnegie On several occasions, I have shared my dream with friends and all I got were fingers pointing at me saying; “you must be a joker.” Do statements like that deter me? My answer is no. I still continue to dream big and pursue that dream vigorously. If becoming a billionaire is your lifetime goal; then allow your mind to wander; dream big and shut your ears to critics. “I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minut ...
Network Marketing-It's an Asset, Not a Job By Robert Kiyosaki I am sometimes asked, "Why do so few people make it to the top of their Network Marketing system?" The truth is, the top of the Network Marketing system is open to everyone-unlike traditional corporate systems, which allow only one person to reach the top of the company. The reason most people do not reach the top is simply because they quit too soon. So why would someone quit short of the top? Most people join only to make money. If they don't make money in the first few months or years, they become discouraged and quit (and then often bad-mouth the industry!). Others quit and go looking for a company with a better compensation plan. But joining to make a few quick dollars is not the reason to get into the business. The Two Essential Reasons to Join a Network Marketing Business Reason number one is to help yourself. Reason number two is to help others. If you join for only one of these two reasons, then the system will not work for you. Reason ...
“The idea that “it takes money to make money” is the thinking of financially unsophisticated people. It does not mean that they’re not intelligent. They have simply not learned the science of money making money. Money is only an idea. If you want more money, simply change your thinking. Every self-made person started small with an idea, and then turned it into something big. The same applies to investing. It takes only a few dollars to start and grow it into something big. I meet so many people who spend their lives chasing the big deal, or trying to amass a lot of money to get into a big deal, but to me that is foolish. Too often I have seen unsophisticated investors put their large nest egg into one deal and lose most of it rapidly. They may have been good workers, but they were not good investors. Education and wisdom about money are important. Start early. Buy a book. Go to a seminar. Practice. Start small. I turned $5,000 cash into a one-million-dollar asset producing $5,000 a month cash flow ...
“Starting a business is like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. In mid air, the entrepreneur begins building a parachute and hopes it opens before hitting the ground.” – Rich Dad
“Workers work hard enough to not be fired, and owners pay just enough so that workers won't quit.” ― Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
My dad said I'm grounded just cuz I said I'm more splash than him in ball. He said I'm not allowed to make up crap in his …
Poor dad says study to know a lot that's success on d contrary Rich dad says study to make connections, its Nt wt u know ts who u know.
My friend keeps going on about this 'Rich dad, poor dad' book. I think I need to invest.
"If you cannot master the power of self-discipline, it is best not to try to be rich." 227 of Rich Dad Poor Dad Book
How can a seventeen year old girl be so rich? She owns her mom's and dad'a emperor. Omg 😱😱 i dont even have 10$ on my wallet
Lol. This guy. Could've fooled me. Nice avi bruh "U think everyone is poor like ur dad. Nah I'm rich. V…
Shesh I wish I didn't have to work at checkers and I wish my mom and my dad where rich... BUT they not sooo, I grind for what I got
Dylan thinks he can beat up ppl cause Dad is Chief, Mom's rich & girlfriend's a Lawyer.
and im buyin Rich Dad's CashFlow Quadrant by never ever feel You are smart enough. read more books!
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Dad isn't rich and I can't drive, inherited this. (Porsche Panamera 4)
one day my dad will wake up filthy rich and get me a nice Maserati or a nice Corvette :') .
nah I ain't rich it's my dad's my car in the shop
Got the verse from Rich Dad, Poor Dad by showing in my avi. "The more you walk with God the harder it is to scrape your knee"
Honesty is a very Expensive Gift so Don't Expect it from Cheap People. — reading Rich Dad Poor Dad
Another rich boy makes it into Felipe Nasr. Who other than Lewis Hamilton didn't have a mega rich dad/uncle but oodle…
By their dad and old rich men pay a lot of money to collect the hymens/blood trophies just no
A broke Dad that spends time with his kids OR a rich one that sends cheques?
Most people with rich dads never talk about having a rich dad.
Big K.R.I.T. - Rich Dad Poor Dad this one of my favorite track
"At least you're pretty though. Maybe you'll meet a nice rich black guy.". Really dad?!. "Well I want an athlete in the family."
Rich Dad Poor Dad (Telugu) is a financial book that encourages monetary independence by means of doing business,...
I want to be rich just so I can buy my dad a new motorcycle or RV or something.
My goals in life are to be very rich and to have bigger legs then my dad
The "I can kill a family drunk driving and get away with it because my dad rich" outfit
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Since my dad doesn't wanna get that big house I told him I'm gonna move out and find a rich husband
I wanna be as rich as pge, brb let me ask my dad
I'm watching inglorious *** with my dad and there's a guy with like a rich boy accent and my dads like.
We'd like to say goodnight with this beautiful photo of dear Lily and her dad, Rich Strader. Lily is the reason...
So my dad has to go to India on a business trip.. my parents are discussing finding me a nice rich Indian boy to marry me off to..
Promised dad when I was real little I was gonna be hella rich and i promise now I'll make it happen
When I was younger my dad bought me the lifestyles of the rich & famous album & paid with a $100 bill & told them to keep the change
You dont need fancy degree or a rich dad to dream big and make it happen. Its all your head, your heart and your hands.lines
My friends dad does mechanics for rich people jets.
The easiest way to get your foot in the door is for your dad to hold it open for you
I wanna know what happened with rich white boys dad
Saeng-il chukahamnida to... Exo's Dad. Exo-M Leader. Mr. "Chicken is not my Style.". Mr. "I'm rich, I'm…
"if I get pregnant we better be rich" - my step dad 💀
Literally nothing more dangerous than a psychotic, rich, white boy. Just ask my dad
This "frazzled" version of Butters' Dad required all-new art:
50% done with Rich Dad's Guide to Investing, by Robert T. Kiyosaki
Love reading this guy's books and listening to his "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" podcast. Currently reading "Why We Want You to Be Rich" and book he and Donald Trump coauthored. Want to change your perception of money and learn why some thrive and most just survive, start reading "Rich Dad, Poor Dad."
Perfect time for a reading : Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter
I added a video to a playlist Rich Dad's Robert Kiyosaki addresses 2014 5LINX Convention in Miami
Remember that book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"? Siddharth Mallya is writing a sequel to it.
Delighted to learn the Rich Dad secrets from Robert Kiyosaki live in action
Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki speaks out on the benefits of Network Marketing and the challenges of working for a paycheck
the bible isn't written by God but you probably live by it isn't it? Anyway please read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
I have been dodging the book challenge but a very serious and splendid lady in the names of Katirima O. Diana has nominated me to take the challenge of listing my 10 best reads Here we go 1. Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill (The best book about making money and creating wealth) 2. How to win friends and Influence People - Dale Carneige (I want to start reading it the 10th time, most educative buy about human nature) 3.Rich Dad Poor Dad 1&2-Robert Kiyosaki 4 Winning by Jack Welch (retired long serving GE CEO) and Suzy Welch (Almost a complete MBA through Welch's eyes ) 5. The Purpose Driven Life -Rick Warren 6. Losing my Virginity - The Official Auto biography of Sir Richard Branson Billionaire founder of Virgin Group 7. A colossal failure of Common Sense - By Lawrence G. McDonald and Patrick Robinson (An inside story of the Collapse of one of the World's leading Investment Banks Lehman Brothers and how it sparked off the credit crunch and global financial meltdown of 2009) 8. Rich Dad's Cash Flow Qaudr ...
FREEDOM:Like our Page to get further information on How To Own Your Own Life and please share this Video and let your friends know there is a Plan B Watch the video by Entrepreneur and Author of the best selling business books of all time, the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series, Robert Kiyosaki on why he believes Network Marketing is The Perfect Business then go to to get your free copy of our Ebook The 45 Second Presentation that will change your life! Below are 7 Reasons Why I Choose The Network Marketing Profession:- 1. Passive Residual Income Network Marketing provides me with the opportunity to leverage my time to create wealth. To be able to have more time and money is the ultimate goals that I want to achieve. 2. Freedom No other business opportunity to my knowledge provides me with the freedom that Network Marketing does. I can choose to work with whom I want, where I want and when I want. I am free to choose how to market my business whether it is through social media marketing, online through the i ...
“There is always risk, so learn to manage risk instead of avoiding it.”. ― Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
5 of 5 stars to Rich Dad's Retire Young Retire Rich by Robert T Kiyosaki
Alam mo ba na nagpamigay is Robert Kiyosaki ng FREE E-BOOK ng Rich dad poor dad? In case you don’t have copy of this book “Rich Dad and Poor Dad” By Robert Kiyosaki You can download it here: sure to SHARE this post after you download it ok? :)
A perfect for people who like helping other people - Robert Kiyosaki (author of 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad')
Rich Dad's Advisors - The Advanced Guide to Real Estate Investing: How to Identify the Hottes
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
“If you’re the kind of person who has no guts, you just give up every time life pushes you. If you’re that kind of person, you’ll live all your life playing it safe, doing the right things, saving yourself for something that never happens. Then, you die a boring old man.” ― Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
“Emotions are what make us human. Make us real. The word 'emotion' stands for energy in motion. Be truthful about your emotions, and use your mind and emotions in your favor, not against yourself.” ― Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
“Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are. Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.” ― Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad So idol this guy! ^_^
“We all have tremendous potential, and we all are blessed with gifts. Yet, the one thing that holds all of us back is some degree of self-doubt. It is not so much the lack of technical information that holds us back, but more the lack of self-confidence.” ― Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
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What the Rich teach their kids that the Poor don't. [Most Valuable 15 mins you will invest in yourself...Watch All 15 mins] Robert Kiyosaki on Oprah (Author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad") People, we must do better. We have all this opportunity available to us today, there is no reason that any of us should be all. A small investment in a home business can change your families life forever. And the money you make from that business you can invest into other things such as ~Real Estate ~Other Businesses ~Stocks ~High Yield Savings Accounts ~Retirement Accounts ~Children's Education ~Charity ~etc. Think about it. Weigh it out. Count the Full Cost. Make a decision. Take Massive Action to get results needed! NOTE: I am putting together a group of 20 people in the next week who are sick and tired of barely making ends meet. Your family needs stuff. You need stuff. Bills are piling up. The job is not even paying you enough to live like you need to. Here is an opportunity for us to see some change in 90 D ...
Rich Dad said: "You can tell a person's future by looking at what they spend their time and money on." He also said: "Time and money are very important assets. Spend them wisely." (Robert Kiyosaki - Increasing your Financial IQ)
Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money - That the Poor and Middle Clas
“You’re only poor if you give up. The most important thing is that you did something. Most people only talk and dream of getting rich. You’ve done something.” Robert Kiyosaki-Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Listening is more important than talking. If that was not true, God would not have given us two ears and only one mouth. Too many people think with their mouth instead of listening to absorb new ideas and possibilities. They argue instead of asking questions. -Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki Worth sharing :)
Since many Nigerian network marketers apparently aren’t big on being informed, educated, and knowledgeable, and evidently prefer “hype” to facts and common sense, here goes! $1 MILLION BONUS for reaching the top position in one of the fastest growing companies in the industry and featured on the Direct Selling News list of list top 100 MLM companies! FREE Mercedes to top achievers on our team! Top incomes of up to $400,000 a MONTH USD! Get paid WEEKLY! $400-$4,000 monthly car allowance! Company and opportunity recommended by Robert Kiyosaki (“Rich Dad, Poor Dad”), Bob Proctor, world renowned motivational speaker, and chosen one of the top 20 Network Marketing opportunities by! 4 award winning, rated products whose formula is backed by human clinical studies (2 of the main products recommended by Dr. Oz, the world’s most famous doctor), plus a hot new coffee product that’s better than Organo Gold (OG) and that Dr. Oz calls sensational! NO other MLM company can make ALL of t ...
Taxes. Most people don't realize that owning a home base business allows you many tax break options that are not available working the ole 9-5 job. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, read it.
The only book I've ever read outside school is Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.
Rich Dad's Guide to Investing - Robert Kiyosaki -…: to create wealth watch this video as many times you can.. enjoy
Do you want to: 1. Learn Personal finance. 2. How to use a financial statement. 3. Increase your financial IQ 4. Understand the impact of your financial decisions PLay Cashflow game! Live! Nothing beats a live game with real interaction! When: May 10, 2014 Time: 1:30PM – 4:30PM Where: Cybergate 2 (17.89) This game is designed by Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad) Contact me for more info: 0906-3645163 krizza.m.a.gonzales
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Eyers! Today’s business article Part 1 of 3 15 Characteristics of Highly Successful Investors Are you a trader or investor? Have you ever wished you were an investment whiz kid like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch or George Soros? Would you give everything just to become successful as these men? What special characteristics do highly successful investors possess that you don’t? If someone offered to explain to you in detail the basic characteristics possessed by every successful investor, will you listen and learn wholeheartedly? If your answer to the last question above is yes? Then please read on as I share with you 15 characteristics possessed by successful investors such as Warren Buffett. “The philosophy of the rich and the poor is this: the rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left.” — Rich Dad “Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It’s to see my dividends coming in.” — John D. Rockefeller 15 Characteristics of High ...
Reading the book 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad'. I avoided it for years assuming it was a dated mutual funds speech from the 90's. Pleasant surprised it's nothing of the sort, and actually confirms many of my suspicions. Love it. Highly recommend it to EVERYONE to check out.
Trying to get my summer reading together: "The Art of War," " Rich Dad, Poor Dad," "All You Need to Know About the Music Business," and a bunch of audio engineering and film books from my old art school. If you have some good book ideas hmu...
I'm expressing my gratitude to Darren Weeks - Expert at raising capital as well as a trusted Rich Dad advisor of Robert Kiyosaki, after the first meeting earlier today in Stockholm.
“It is not much different from a person who goes to the gym to exercise on a regular basis versus someone who sits on the couch watching television. Proper physical exercise increases your chances of health, and proper mental exercise increases your chances for wealth. Laziness decreases both health and wealth.” ― Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
“excessive fear and self-doubt that were the greatest detractors of personal genius.” ― Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
4 of 5 stars to Rich Dad's Increase Your Financial IQ by Robert T. Kiyosaki
William shakespear once said"There's nothing either bad or good bt thinking makes it xo? In the novel '''Rich Dad Poor Dad'' Rich Dad says; money is everything... Poor Dad said: money is the beggining of ol evil... What is your opinion abt money?
SUPERRICH HEALTHY FOODS FOR OUR MINDS... New to Rich Dad? I had two dads - a rich one and a poor one. One dad was highly educated and intelligent; he had a Ph.D. and had completed four years of undergraduate work in less than two years. He then went to Stanford University, the University of Chicago, and Northwestern University to do his advanced studies, all on full, financial scholarships. My other dad never finished the eighth grade. Both men were successful in their careers, worked hard all their lives, and both earned substantial incomes. Yet one dad struggled financially all his life and the other dad would become one of the richest men in Hawaii. One died leaving tens of millions of dollars to his family, charities, and his church. The other left a legacy of unpaid bills. Both men were strong, charismatic, and influential. Both men offered me advice, but they did not advise the same things. Rich Dad Poor Dad - Contrasting Points of View Having two dads as advisors offered me the perspective of contr ...
Rich Dad's Conspiracy Of The Rich by Robert Kiyosaki now available in-store.
Robert Kiyosaki and trusted Rich Dad advisor, Ken McElroy, teach you how to do big deals, small deals, or even your first deal. Join this free online event to learn their golden strategies for building wealth.
Reading "Rich Dad , Poor Dad" nd then listening to The College Dropout is the best combination ever!
“I would rather earn 1% off the efforts of 100 people than 100% off the efforts of myself” J Paul Getty - Oil Magnate Billionaire "Those concerned about their personal financial future should give networking an objective look". Robert Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Many well known authors, including Richard Poe, Mark Victor Hansen, Bryan Tracy and Robert Kiyosaki, have extolled the virtues of Network Marketing. Entrepreneurs such as Warren Buffet and companies like Virgin, Sara Lee and Time Warner are buying Network Marketing/direct selling companies. According to Buffet, “dollar for dollar, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.” Fortune Magazine called the industry, “the best kept secret in the business world.” At Sugr and Spice we have combined this concept of direct selling with social media. We saw a gap in the market where social networks are generating millions and billions of dollars, and the only people who benefit from this are its shareholders. What about the members w ...
BOOKS: Joel Osteen Ministries Poor and Rich Dad by Robert Kiyosaki going to Bookstore
I've been blessed ever since I discovered the true Me. I started the habit that I had feared and as of now I love every bit of it. Thats READING!!! Below are the books I have read so far; 1. Animal Farm. 2. Polycarp, the Crown of Fire. 3. Surviving the Loss of Loved one. 4. Communication, Sex and Money. 5. The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork. 6. Retire Young Retire Rich. 7. How to Succeed. 8. The Own Your Life Plan. 9. The Return. 10. Tough times Never Last but Tough People Do. 11. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. 12. Secret Terrorists. 13. The Enemy Unmasked. 14. Think and Grow Rich. 15. Rich Dad, Poor Dad. 16. The Innocents Abroad. 17. How to Get Yes in Network Marketing. 18. Think Big. 19. Gifted Hands. 20. The Magic of Sponsoring. 21. In God's Name- An Investigation into the Murder of Pope John Paul 1. 22. The Blue Road. 23. Brotherhood of Arms. 24. Man of Destiny. 25. How to be Rich. 26. Master Key to Riches. :-D:-);-)
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Invest in Yourself Mar 15th, 2007 by Meri in Career, Personal Development, Training1 Comment Comments A recent article about refactoring your career made me think back to when I first read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. For those who haven’t read it, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is a personal finance book — some of the advice is a bit variable (e.g. he recommends against diversifying your investments, which I 100% disagree with), but there are some good concepts in there. One that struck me at the time as making a lot of sense was the thought that you should always pay yourself first. In the financial world, this means contributing to your savings and investments and pensions and so on BEFORE you pay your bills or buy any “extras”. This disciplines you into saving/investing regularly. The same is true in terms of your career. You NEED to invest in your own training and development first, in order to have a dynamic and rewarding career. Concepts like Google’s 70-20-10 rule are similar to this — you need ...
THOUGHT FOR TODAY: BLAME ALL YOU WANT BUT IT WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM IF THE PROBLEM IS YOU. “If you realize that you're the problem, then you can change yourself, learn something and grow wiser. Don't blame other people for your problems.” ― Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
“In school we learn that mistakes are bad, and we are punished for making them. Yet, if you look at the way humans are designed to learn, we learn by making mistakes. We learn to walk by falling down. If we never fell down, we would never walk.” ― Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Tonight's Team Success call has Paul Rogers. Paul is a living example of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad philosophy.. he's...
Who wants to join me in Miami to personally meet Mr. Robert Kiyosaki - Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.
I read in a book a long time ago that the SUREST WAY to success is to model people who've already been to where you're trying to go. Whenever I encounter someone and I want what they have, I will find a way to get to them and I talk their ear off. I remember relentlessly trying my best to meet Russell Simmons (back in college). Around that time I also got to meet Bill Cosby and even had a conversation with Donald Trump about 4 years ago. I kinda had to stalk them to see where they would be. Ha ha. And every time, I paid careful attention to their mannerisms and what they did. One of the things that I've noticed about people who have steady and continued success is that they always stay positive, no matter what. I've noticed that they read a lot. I've realized that the majority of them are entrepreneurs who stay creative and they put themselves in uncomfortable situations which keeps them on the path to growth. Most of them have read most of, if not all of these books: "Think and Grow Rich", "Rich Dad, ...
Business Insights From Robert Kiyosaki Mac AttramNov 06, 2013 Robert Kiyosaki is a man who needs no introduction. Big in stature, presence and expertise, the bestselling author and businessman started a revolution with the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book series. Robert has written over 15 books that have combined sales of over 26 million worldwide. Robert's business interests include property, precious metals and natural gas. My business partner Kurt Won and I were fortunate enough to catch up with Robert recently for an exclusive interview for readers of The Huffington Post. Is now a good time or a bad time to grow a business? The state of the economy is not the issue when it comes to growing a business. The relevant questions are always: What business are you in? Furthermore, is it adapting to the times? For example, when the real estate bubble in the United States was getting ready to pop, it was a bad time to be in the business of buying investment real estate. However, when the bubble popped, it was a great ...
1-Steve_Jobs by Walter Isaacson. 2-The richest man in Babylon by George S. Clason. 3-Think and Grow rich by Napoleon Hill. 4-The art of the start by Pierre Omidyar. 5-Core concepts of marketing by John Burnett. 6-Rich Dad poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki -am-reading-all-this-Books-
Will be posting frequents quotes from the books I read... right now its "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" written by Robert Kiyosaki
Open Your Eyes! See the world from a new perspective!. Rich Dad Interactive
When he dresses likea hot rich dad I literally want to rip of all my clothes take him by the ear drag…
“Why risk going to jail by engaging in illegal businesses when it is easier to make money legally?" – Rich Dad
After not knowing anything about and basically failing financially, I found Rich Dad. The fire was ignited.
My poor dad often said, I'd rather be happy than rich. My rich dad said, Why not be both?
How did you get to this place in life? A perspective focuses on what you were taught. Good read.
The can of Coke got me into Six Flags,. I always knew that I'd be rich, Dad
A lot of you smart people need to read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert ya minds
Latest blog entry is on Rich Dad Poor Dad and Network Marketing success check it out
Watch this global premiere event with Robert Kiyosaki and his Rich Dad advisors to learn about the 4 asset...
I feel "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". Can't even relate like that, but it's real.
book Rich Dad Poor Dad changed my view of life
Robert Kiyosaki and Rich Dad are your friends in building your business See why
The man who learns the art of sharing is the richest man in the world. He may be poor, but his inner being is rich. Dad
"The avoidance of money is just as psychotic as been attached to money" rich dad poor dad.
I would totally trade in my two loving parents for one neglectful rich dad.
Reef's CEO Mike Mauceli will be speaking @ the Houston Rich Dad event on Saturday at 12:00 PM. Be there!
rich dad poor dad a very good book its a must read. I must finish it
i'm so glad Tip put me on this "Rich Dad Poor Dad' .. talking bout a life changer
Books to read: Intelligent Investor, Rich Dad Poor Dad. These two books changed my outlook on many things.
“If the opportunity is too complex and u don't understand the investment , don't do it , simple math and common sense”. Rich da…
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fasho if you haven't read business of the 21st, rich dad poor dad. I suggest you do cus those books will put you on point
New Blog Post from >> The Two Types of Investment Income:
Im Kendrick so lames will never get a response and u only paid cuz ya girl got a rich dad and a moms im selfmade...
Rich Dad said, "The more a person seeks security, the more that person gives up control over their life."
Robert T. Kiyosaki is best known as the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. This is the personal finance book of all...
Anyone had a go at reading rich dad, poor dad?
I really need to get my hands on an actual hard copy of rich dad, poor dad. my dad's never going to read ebooks
CEO of Rich Dad Asia, back to Cambodia again. join with us.
and a,i remember now, whn i am duin bussines,my upline recomended to me, its 8 years ago,also Robert Kiyosaki "Rich dad Poor dad"
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