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Rich Cho

Richard Rich Cho (born August 10, 1965) is the general manager of the Charlotte Bobcats of the National Basketball Association.

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Hornets GM Rich Cho accidentally introduced Dwayne Bacon as Dwyane Wade. Bacon's reaction is great. (via ht…
Here they are in full color! Harley Quinn variant cover by Frank Cho and https…
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"[Both Kemba Walker and Nic Batum] have texted me and they're really fired up about the trade." - Hornets GM Rich Cho
"I'd like to introduce Dwight Powell to the Hornets...I mean Dwight Howard" -Rich Cho😂
Maybe just maybe when Rich Cho mention Dwyane Wade instead of Bacon Cho gave a hint of the Hornets plan to go after Wade.
Dwyane Wade/Dwayne Bacon - already has jokes for GM Rich Cho 😂😂
Welcome to the .Dwight. Recap of the trade and what Rich Cho and Steve Clifford had to say about adding Howard…
Dwight Howard zings Rich Cho for his "Dwyane Wade" gaff last week.
The one in which we find out that you don't have to be intelligent to be really, really rich
Dwight Howard clowns GM Rich Cho for introducing rookie Dwayne Bacon as Dwyane Wade in press conference
Cho blowow memba me when u rich yerr 🤗😚
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I swear to God If we pick this dude,I will lose faith in Rich Cho.We need scorers like Justin Jackson.Not a Trash W…
There's a new addition to the cast:
If I was Rich Cho from the Hornets I would trade up in the 2nd Rd and pick Berry. Perfect backup to Kemba.
So your girl could have been with any Rich *** but she chose to be with your broke *** and you still give her stress ***
Just ask MJ and Rich Cho if pigment matters.
Wonder how Rich Cho feels watching Lance Stephenson play a major role in a playoff game.
how the *** you get Rich Cho spelled right but not George or Monroe?
I can make things Happen Rich Cho can't
Ep. 22 friend of the show joins us to talk Rich Cho's vital summer + 9 draft prospects.
Hey I'm not a Magic fan. I'm stuck with MJ and Rich Cho.
Hornets shoulda fired Rich Cho after he drafted Frank Kaminsky in the top 10
I want the Hornets and Rich Cho to draft the next Paul George, I know that's a lot to ask but can it just happen, plz
Check out today's as the guys debate: NBA HC with most pressure, Rich Cho, Kaepernick in the NFL and more!…
Darth Vader is disturbed by my lack of faith in Rich Cho making the correct draft decision. I can't approve anyone he drafts.
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Thanks Sarah Rich, Stephanie Cho, David Schaefer and Liz Sanford for speaking at our Southern Con…
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Latest Show. We give out awards & discuss Rich Cho's tenure with Check your feeds!
I swear when if they suck next year I'm gonna start a Masai Ujiri (or even Rich Cho) for GM campaign.
Rich Cho should also give Pau Gasol and Ryan Anderson a call. Good options for Clifford's 4-out 1-in
You are not rich until you have something that money can't buy. .
"We want to bring as many guys back as possible." Rich Cho on the team's impeding free agents.
Exactly as described on the bottle, a rich blend of salted caramel and cho... (Millionaire)
If you haven't heard the song hot Cheetos and takis by Da rich Kidzz are you officially a worker at Cho-Yeh?¿?¿
If y'all want the 12s said call him he got all sizes cho
"He’s not going to stop playing hard because that’s who he is.” GM Rich Cho on
Rich the kid wit the dance moves lol
Poor had for 4 yrs b4 giving up on him. This, after drafting Adam Morrison & Kwame Brown. Where was Rich Cho?
Rich Cho admitted to tanking to get ping pong balls in Seattle. Bryan Colangelo admitted to tanking in Toronto
“We’ll run the same system in as we do here. Hoping we have someone there to help for summer league.” -Rich C…
Silver linings to Rich Cho letting Biz leave Charlotte: we don't have to pay him the max now I guess
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Rich Cho is weeping with vindication after this Biyombo series
At least now Rich Cho is justified in drafting Biz in 2011.
I bet Rich Cho gave Biyombo a letter like this when he decided not to give him a qualifying offer. Ridiculous...
Rich Cho just had to give up on Bis... SMH
Not sure Rich Cho was aware we were letting Wilt Chamberlain sign with Toronto.
Rich Cho and Chad Buchanan told Nic Batum he needs to be less unselfish some nights. 20 points off 11 shots is what they meant.
Team Prez Fred Whitfield is from Greensboro and GM Rich Cho is a huge tennis fan. Can probably find some tickets😄
The rich worry over their money, the poor over their bread. ~ Vietnamese Proverb
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Indeed our leader's worth is only in rich value and integrity
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When that rich ex hits u up w that i miss you nd he played you so u bet cho *** ima play w him 😏💵
yall gon rob me hol on boy dont do that A Rich off a bar u gon get cho *** blew back
If you dont sit cho im only rich on the first and the third looking *** down some where 😂😂😂
They weren't scum when Jasleen targeted that poor kid,but are when rich & famous friends under attack. Cho Chweet!
It's not GEORGE Andrea it's CHO-RICH. Here in the office listening to u guys. Vamos Rafa with love fr Manila.😍
WATCH & shares about a unique opportunity for the Church
An encouraging message for YOU from and
This *** thought he was bouta get hella attention get cho *** on
Justice opens the door to conversations about Jesus
A masterpiece. Smooth mouthfeel that's buried in the rich goodness of cho... (Black Exodus)
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Deeply enjoyed this conversation with about the Gospel, justice, and role of the Church:
Rich Cho should trade Marvin Williams, PJ Hairston, & a 2nd rd pick to for Markieff Morris.
Jeremy Lin's new General Manager on the is Rich Cho, first Asian American GM in the NBA. ASIANZ IN THE 704!
Hm i wonder if D is for defense or Done cho.!
monica if youn get cho "im Egyptian my parents rich they own pyramids" *** out my mentions.
just noticed...Cho told Vega that Jane was so good that he got rich. hint at his still existing money stash?
I hope one day I'm rich enough to kill myself by eating hundred dollar bills til I suffocate on hundred dollar bills. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Melbourne FC adopts LCHF diet. CHO still critical for athletes in my view. Time will tell! It is the Dees though...
😂😂im fr , oh so you gone leave me hungry huh?!👏👏I got cho *** !
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I'm adopting little 👲 Ching 👲Chang 👲and cho... They gone make me rich freak the bull shiznyee
man u got on vans lmao annnd some busted *** jeans... Sit cho tacky rich *** down some where
I AIN'T Cho baby daddy dont be making love TO me
4 years on and still one of the greatest dance songs ever! Porter Robinson & Lazy Rich feat. Sue Cho - Hello:
I pray to God he let rich, jay, kal, cho, and myself see a million all the same day.
Like that was a freaking brilliant trade for Rich Cho. Just a shame he didn't draft perfectly.
And nobody I follow has rich parents so get cho *** up
Rich Cho announced earlier today that the hornets have now officially signed PJ Hairston to his rookie contract
Don't cho wanna be rich and be famous
Wish I had a rich aunt or uncle who old and dont have no kids and dont have ntn fi do wid dem money.cho
shut cho I'm getting a Masters in cutting grass so I can cut the rich people grass face ahh up
"If you went from broke to rich quick, you'll brag too. I'm sorry I finessed you out cho money, but I had to."-
Trying to get rich by playing the lottery is like trying to commit suicide by flying on commercial airlines.
Cho pae for church. People they walk away like they no want
Btw when Larry Jordan and not Rich Cho is the team president. I’m done with this team
Rich Cho will remain general manager and will continue to report to owner Michael Jordan
I will possibly be rich tomorrow night 👍 and be able to pay Mah fwand back 😃
Some girls only like justin bieber kuz hes rich and famous!
Rich Cho might have more power than you think, all these draft picks are his and we've passed up on some allstars
Fly me out for this Juve concert wit'cho rich ***
I wish I become so rich that I forget what a dollar looks like 😂
Porter Robinson and Lazy Rich feat. Sue Cho - Hello by Porter Robinson on
Rich Cho is too smart to bring in a fat frenchman to come in here and be worthless again
I wish i got a dollar everytime i said 'man' id be rich 👍
Such a rich, Pentecostal worship today. Thank you, Bro. Michael Brooks & son, for the musical accompaniment. God bless you!
Why do you hate your life? You're rich, you have ever... — I'm not rich. I'm just a normal person living the cho...
Appa Cho is so rich. He'll open a new academy & later on he will petition me here. My papers are on process right? we'll meet soon.
Stay with your *** Y'all will make it through. The rich *** don't really want cho *** !! Don't be greedy!
Don't play for keeps ; can't trust these nigggas get cho money first ; rich homie baby
For Executive of the Year, let’s discuss the apologies owed the Donnie Nelson and the Rich Cho
Pulse today includes ESPN's Sean Farnham at 4:30 looking back on Duke/UNC, Bobcats GM Rich Cho at 5:30 on the Gary Neal trade & David Scott of the Charlotte Observer on the Charlotte 49ers.
I may be jumping the gun, but the Charlotte Hornets/Bobcats may have a decent squad this year. Josh McRoberts, Cody Zeller, Ben Gordon, Al Jefferson, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Kemba Walker, Bismack Biyombo, and Gerald Henderson. Also, they have Rich Cho as their GM who was pivotal in building the OKC Thunder!! And...they have Mark Price (one of the greatest shooters in history) and Patrick Ewing (one of the greatest big men in history) on their coaching staff. Wow, I'm thinking they'll finish slightly over 500 this year. Maybe 42-40 which would be good.
Rich Cho is trying to fill Marty Hurney's shoes
Report: Patrick Ewing joining Bobcats - - Report: Patrick Ewing joining BobcatsFOXSports.comThe Bobcats will almost certainly lean on Ewing&expertise as a former center to help develop the low post games of Byron Mullens and Bismack Biyombo. Charlotte hasn&had a true dominant center and general manager Rich Cho said earlier this offseason ...
let me call my buddy Rich...Rich Cho
Trade winds blowing through Toronto As the NBA season approaches its half-way mark, trade chatter is picking up around the league. The Toronto Raptors have several players whose names have come up in trade rumours, including Andrea Bargnani, the former first overall selection of the 2006 NBA draft. ESPN Insider has recently listed the Charlotte Bobcats as a potential landing spot for the Italian power forward. The Bobcats are desperate for an upgrade at their big man positions, and while they might not have enough resources to acquire someone like DeMarcus Cousins or Al Jefferson, Bargnani’s services would certainly be within reach. However, general manager Rich Cho has identified rebounding as an area of need, which should effectively eliminate their interest in Bargnani. He is the third worst rebounding seven-footer in NBA’s history, beating out Bard Sellers and Nikoloz Tskitishvili. The Bobcats are expected to be active around the trade deadline as Michael Jordan has given both Rod Higgins and Cho ...
NBA News: Compilation of Top News and Rumors for January 18 Atlanta Hawks believe Josh Smith's presence in Atlanta could be a powerful lure for Dwight Howard this summer. (Source: ESPN) Atlanta Hawks GM Danny Ferry is in "win now" mode and he'll try to add an All-Star alongside Josh Smith rather than trade him. (Source: CBS) Brooklyn Nets are interested in Utah Jazz F Paul Milisap. (Source: Sam Amico) Brooklyn Nets Kris Humphries planning to sue woman who claimed he gave her herpes. (Source: Huffington Post) Charlotte Bobcats Rod Higgins and Rich Cho are aggressively pursuing Memphis Grizzlies Rudy *** (Source: Steve Kyler) Dallas Mavericks, Houston Rockets, Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks, Toronto Raptors, LA Lakers have interest in Josh Smith. (Source: ESPN) LA Clippers have the best bench in the NBA. (Article: John Schuhmann) LA Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak has is said to have called the Minnesota Timberwolves recently about F Dante Cunningham. (Source: ESPN) LA Lakers Mike D'Antoni would call a play for C ...
Thai version of Teresa Teng's ever popular song.
You worried bout cho followers u need to get cho DOLLARS up
You talkin rich but cho pockets in the struggle
As much fun as it would be, not sure I envy Rich Cho's job. A lot of work to be done to make this roster respectable.
looking forward to go to P.G to live
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I'll be on 3Talk this afternoon. Please tune in, I'd really appreciate it!! 16:34 on SABC 3... Love!!
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Would Sam Presti do Rich Cho a solid and donate Eric Maynor to the Bobcats?
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Do you believe Te'o was duped? I don't. I find that preposterous.
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Mama always told me boy Count cho Blessings!
YOLO, clo money I be gettin rich I got cho grandma on my d*** abuses me.BLAH BLAH
My dudes 4 life rich or poor I luv des dude
You wasn't raise like that dat ain't cho bckground!
yeah rich is like a different species of Mexican
I would go with coach Dunlap, the effort and improvement is showing and it all leads to him and Rich Cho
Cho... Go buy tan timbalands to wear with ma black clothes
rich cho makes draft/talent eval calls now. Nothing in his article is news to anyone How bout some support instead of old news
Bobcats are Undoubtedly "The Most Improved Team in the NBA" if not All of Sports. Credit: Mike Dunlap, Rich Cho, MKG, Ben Gordon.
you had Sam Presti and Rich Cho...two guys who have a certain model in mind
Look, I’m trying. I think. Rich Cho is here, doing whatever Rich Cho does. We drafted the right guy in MKG. Kemba and Bismack are probably going to be above average for a different team. But I can’t lie. There’s no glory in being Brendan Haywood’s post-amnesty crash pad.
Michael Jordan has given up control over the Bobcats to GM Rich Cho.
It has come to this: MJ, greatest player ever, is handing over bball operations to a "Moneyball" GM, Rich Cho, who ...
Since Michael Jordan took over as owner of the Bobcats in the winter of 2010, things have not gone particularly well in Charlotte. The team reached the playoffs that spring for the first (and only) time in franchise history, but digressed the following year, as Larry Brown was fired and the Bobcats wound up 34-48 and out of the postseason. And last year, the bottom dropped out, with Charlotte’s 7-59 performance and .106 winning percentage, the worst in league history. But, according to an article in ESPN The Magazine, things might be changing for the Bobcats — at least when it comes to the structure of the front office. For too long, the Bobcats went with a bare-bones approach to scouting on both the pro and college Michael Jordan has reportedly given basketball operations control to Rich Cho with the Charlotte Bobcats. (AP Photo) Now, though, the team has committed to a more thorough approach, with Jordan and his whims stepping aside and allowing general manager Rich Cho and his staff to make decisio ...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Chairman Michael Jordan & GM Rich Cho: sign free agent Allen Iverson this summer
Henry Cho, Marty Roe & Rich Guzzi are on the Brent Peterson Celeb Golf Classic guest list - are you?
"likes the deep, rich, committed love. Not the light, fluffy high-school love."
how about gerldmaine LOL. Me to. Cho hungry. Rich girl can SIOL!!
Bully Beef again! Cho Bloodclaat why mi cyaan be rich
...or the good time to eat a soup on the street for some crasy rich guys in Rolls Royce! @ Cho Tan Dinh
Check out what Rich Cho wanted to do from the first day he arrived with the Bobcats in regards to being mediocre --
they say "LUDA, why you always rappin bout cho cash?" cuz im rich bioootch and if you don't like it kiss my ***
Some rich guy: "Are you sure Agent Cho? Cos I can make one call and your career is toast"
Especially when talking about Batman. There are certainly some dark, deep, and character rich Batman stories.
Ima get rich or die Tryna make it too da top.
Good morning melanin rich people! Mother Nature loves to see you shine. So get cho shine on
This cake looks rich “Kicking off bday week...props to for the beautiful cake!
I got like...2000 at my confirmation. Lol. I was cho rich.
With Dunlap, MKG and Kemba, CHA is well on the way to building the healthy culture Rich Cho wants (by
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We all cant ball out like yhu, wit cho rich *** lol
But is Michael Jordan or Rich Cho in charge? I'd submit that Cho is in charge in light of the MKG pick. TRob had MJ written
You might not want to add Rich Cho onto that list. You're clearly talking Michael Jordan when discussing CHA.
GM Rich and team executive Rod Antawn Jamison has stated that, "to say there’s interest on both sides is definite."
Walikelas lu Bu Rio loh wkwk “00:00 saturday now ,still can't believe the holidays will over
someone distract Rich Cho and call Jordan, quickly. A Dukie to play in Charlotte. Sounds like a match made in heaven.
ever heard of a fan maybe?. maybe you should invest in one. Wit cho rich asssz
CLE free agent F Antawn Jamison had a good dinner meeting in his hometown of Charlotte with Bobcats execs Rod Higgins and Rich Cho tonight.
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"Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real." — Deepak Cho
That's probably what Rich Cho is aiming for. Building the Bobcats like he helped build the Thunder.
Did MJ and Rich Cho make the right decision? The NBA draft Chronicle (Part 3): The Analysis
The Bobcats rebuilding efforts, coordinated as they are by rich cho, seem anti thunderian I.e. going after dragic/jamison
To be honest, I was surprised Rich Cho would've wanted to eat up so much of his cap space this early.
$8.5m per. Devin Harris/Rodney Stuckey money. Cats can't trump that? Shame on you Rich Cho!!!
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It's just so sad, they go rid of Neil Olshey.if we could have landed Rich Cho
WATCH: 2012 NBA Draft news conference with Bobcats President of Basketball Operations Rod Higgins and GM Rich Cho
General manager Rich Cho says it will take "something enticing" for the Bobcats to trade away the No. 2 overall pick in the NBA draft.
Cho open to dealing Bobcats' No. 2 pick for 'enticing' offer: General manager Rich Cho says it will take...
Note to MJ, Fred Whitfield, Rod Higgins, and Rich Cho. If you want me to plop down some loot for season tickets you had better put a good product on the floor. I have your back and will support you but.c'mon man!!
Tomorrows guests: talks college fball at 810, Bobcats GM Rich Cho at 845, Tyler Zeller at 910, and at 930
The Charlotte Bobcats’ new database scouting system is Charlotte Bobcats general manager Rich Cho’s baby, an Internet-friendly system that took six months and a six-figure cost to develop.
GM Rich Cho engineers scouting database for Bobcats
Looks like someone read your book - Charlotte GM Rich Cho engineers scouting database for Bobcats.
Charlotte’s scouting database is better than yours. Way better. - NBC Sports: Bobcats GM Rich Cho comes at his j...
The problem is, that people will always put everything on Jordan... What you do not realize is that Rod Higgins and Rich Cho handled this entire process, they made the list, they did the interviews, Jordan and Chris Polk were only in on second interviews... Cho and Higgins gave their recommendation and Jordan approved... Cho and Higgins run basketball operations, not Jordan... Jerry Sloan withdrew his name, Brian Shaw did not want the job, he is holding out for Orlando or Portland and if anybody knows better than Shaw, Jordan knows that the triangle offense is not working here... People want the big names because its sexy, you get a name you know and for a second you are convinced things are going to turn around when the truth is, it always doesn't pan out with the sexy hire... you blame the Bobcats for not hiring the sexy name you know, how do you know those guys wanted to be here, how do you know they were right for this team, how do you know their schemes, offense and defense were going to be good for ...
Mike Dunlap will be successful in Charlotte if two things happen: Michael Jordan lets him coach and Michael Jordan lets Rich Cho manage.
I told him as long as you arent touching any of the bobcats players yo bro did u know Rich Cho touched Kemba Walker?
GM Rich Cho talks with Harrison Barnes, Andre Drummond and Thomas Robinson at lottery
Is it too early to hope that Jordan strong arms Rich Cho into taking Harrison Barnes with the 2nd pick?
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Jeff Goodman thinks it happens. I want a trade up with Rich Cho for the 2. absent that, my hope is that TRob is Paul Milsap2.0
Two former people at the draft lottery: Rich Cho and Dwane Casey.
Rich Cho needs to stop pretending that Bismack Biyombo was a good pick.
I feel in 2 yrs Micheal Jordan & Rich Cho will have the back as contenders a little luck & its a go
The Bobcats announced Monday afternoon that Silas, 68, would not be back for a third season. Bobcats president of basketball operations Rod Higgins and general manager Rich Cho plan to begin a coaching search immediately.
So the Charlotte Bobcats only produce 7 wins this season. Yes, Michael Jordan is a great basketball player, but as an executive no. Jordan needs a general manager and head coach who can actually get quality players and work with the ones you got. if they are going to be competitive in the NBA Rich Cho and old man Paul Slias is not working out.
Jeremy Tyler making Rich Cho look bad with 8 straight points in the paint.
Kevin Pritchard and Rich Cho just watched Billy Hunter's press conference and texted each other like, "Yup"
Rich Cho hired as GM of Charlotte Bobcats, Charlotte Observer reporting
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