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Ricardo Rodriguez

Ricardo Rodríguez de la Vega (14 February 1942 – 1 November 1962) was a Mexican racing driver who competed in the 1961 and 1962 Formula One seasons.

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Should have signed Firmino last summer. That's not hindsight either. Him and Ricardo Rodriguez were at the top of my wanted li…
Ricardo Rodriguez, Ferrari 156. His brother Pedro is in the background, also in a Ferrari. 1962
Manchester United 'interested in transfer deal for Wolfsburg's Ricardo Rodriguez
...or Verrati at CM. Ricardo Rodriguez or Kurzawa for left back, Depay or Pedro to play wide. Lacazette as another striking option.
“don't do it Ricardo Rodriguez Cruz 👨”he aint cruz 😂😂
Is that Ricardo Rodriguez and Ken Shamrock's love child?
He's good but the best young LB in the world? Ricardo Rodriguez, Bernat, Alaba, even Moreno?
Ariel, ADR, J.R And Goldberg!?! I wonder if Ricardo Rodriguez charges to announce your name ADR style!?!
has pleased players at Bayern with the capture of Ricardo Rodriguez.
has delighted the fans of Bayern with the signing of Ricardo Rodriguez.
ricardo rodriguez should have been in your latest vid he cleared the similiar to Sagna
Ryan Bertrand, Van Aanholt and Ricardo Rodriguez are all better + younger.
This Bradford guy Meredith is just great. Pace, cross, O, D. Reminds me a lot of Wolfsburgs Ricardo Rodriguez
My new sounds: Yankees Report: Alex Rodriguez Interview with Rickie Ricardo on
Reportedly Ricardo Gareca has asked defender Alberto Rodriguez to sign with a team- any team...
Ricardo Rodriguez comments on NXT training schedule and Bill DeMott , Calls NXT a " Nazi Camp " and hints at B...
Pogba, Ricardo Rodriguez & Nathaniel Clyne would be my top 3.
Ricardo Rodriguez, been class for 2 seasons with Wolfsburg
Many clubs are interested in Francisco Ricardo's brother. 19yo, great prospect
As always it is my absolute privlage to call Mr. Ricardo Rodriguez my mentor and friend.…
I would take Ricardo Rodriguez over all of them. He's got size and speed
Talking education reform with my friend Ricardo Rodriguez, who works for the State Senate
linked again to Baba. Here's everything you need to know about him:
has delighted the fans of Liverpool with the signing of Ricardo Rodriguez.
Would happily replace him with Ricardo Rodriguez
Did not hear Ricardo Rodriguez talk about why Del Rio left many months ago?!
When you search for Wolfsburg star Ricardo Rodriguez... *Mexican music playing in the background*
has delighted the fans of Dortmund with the signing of Ricardo Rodriguez.
You can hear my discussion with Julio Ricardo Varela in regards to Michelle Rodriguez' insensitive remarks...
In the summer we need to sign:. Isco. Abdennour . Ricardo Rodriguez . Pogba/Kondogbia . Brahimi/Koke . And sell:. Kolarov. Fernando
I remember crying when Ricardo Rodriguez got "injured"
Will do! Ricardo Rodriguez for me personally. Pellegrini hasn't been a good buyer, other than Dinho no one has performed.
No chance! That Monaco lad we're always linked with, Gaya and Ricardo Rodriguez maybe. And a winger! How could I forget.
has pleased players at Manchester United with the capture of Ricardo Rodriguez.
Would like Moreno if he had Ricardo Rodriguez introducing him before every game.
Bangkok Glass' coach Ricardo Rodriguez calls on TPL refs to learn rules better, after match v Muang Thong
I liked a video from Alaba Ricardo Rodriguez & Danny Berrios Musica Cristiana
Danilo for RB. Alaba for LB but as Bayern won't sell, I'd go for Ricardo Rodriguez (Wolfsburg) or Jose Gaya (Valencia)
A L'il Nite Music: "Taken"... live at Joes Pub duet by Alicia Witt in NYC featuring Ricardo Rodriguez on Bass
Adding him to Ricardo Rodriguez, De Bruyne and Luiz Gustavo will surely make them a shoe in for a Champions League spot.
Never rated Gibbs, Monreal's better than him. I want Ricardo Rodriguez and a this summer.
Can Ricardo Rodriguez and I just get married already?
As for left-back, I'd love Real to buy Ricardo Rodriguez of Wolfsburg. He's good in terms of goals and assists. What's better, he's only 22!
We should consider a swap deal for Monreal and Ricardo Rodriguez in the summer window. Valued at €29M by Wolfsburg.
Unless we got someone like Ricardo Rodriguez in, I see no reason to sell or buy left backs in the summer.
Watch Alaba get sold to Real Madrid and Ricardo Rodriguez join them. And then Real get stuck with a cripple a la Owen Hargreaves.
Probably would have rathered Kroos and Ricardo Rodriguez. I have a problem with the treatment of Herrera.
Gibbs had to go lol injury prone for days. Young swap plus 9.5 mill for Ricardo Rodriguez, talent
got Alberto Del Rio? wonder if Ricardo Rodriguez with him
has delighted the fans of Chelsea with the signing of Ricardo Rodriguez.
Ricardo Rodriguez is miles better than Shaw. tbh
Is Ricardo Rodriguez gonna introduce Jack Del Rio to the
we were linked with kurzawa from Monaco, Ricardo Rodriguez supposed to be a very good player too ?
Ricardo Rodriguez? Or is he not young, I think he's 23 so?
haven't seen him at his best, but i think he's a classical one, i'd go with one of Ricardo Rodriguez, Alaba and Gaya.
Will Ricardo Rodriguez be most likely to succeed ? ... Umm, Obvi .. The answer is YES! ❤️😘
am I alone in thinking Oakland missed a golden opportunity when they didn't get Ricardo Rodriguez to announce their new HC?
has delighted the fans of Juventus with the signing of Ricardo Rodriguez.
I want Ricardo Rodriguez to introduce Del Rio at the welcome press conference. That would be hilarious.
Interview by with former star Ricardo Rodriguez on his WWE departure, the wellness policy & more
You're deluded. Varane, Laporte, Ricardo Rodriguez all miles ahead of him atm
zayn malik looking like Ricardo Rodriguez
Also coming on for the 2nd half are Kevin De Bruyne and Ricardo Rodriguez- 2 of my favourites!
I've seen max arnold, robin knoche and Ricardo rodriguez but we're still
Alex Riley and Ricardo Rodriguez have hot, forbidden announcer sex after shows before crying about their in-ring carers.
WWE Ricardo Rodriguez should introduce Jack Del Rio at the press confernce. The New HC Jack DELLL RIO!!
and Ricardo Rodriguez should replace bernat
full-back Ricardo Rodriguez has extended his contract at until 2019.
The only Rodriguez we should ever consider a bid for is Ricardo !!
Ajax Cape Town v Wolfsburg at Cape Town Stadium tonight at 7 o clock. Excited to watch De Bruyne, Perisic and Ricardo Rodriguez
this is good, question tho why not ricardo rodriguez or alaba LB? also maybe Gotze RCM
if you need a right back go with Martin de Sciglio or Ricardo Rodriguez
"Esteban Ricardo Perez Rodriguez lmao 😂😂😂😂 gun him" oh mann .. not my Lil bro nico..
Robin Knoche is one of the four defenders of Wolfsburg. There is also the beast LB, Ricardo Rodriguez, there.
I liked a video Ricardo Rodriguez runs into Santino Marella and the Cobra: SmackDown,
RIcardo Rodriguez actually gives a really in depth look into WWE considering he didn't do much on TV
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BILD say that Wolfsburg are ready to accept an offer of £15M from PSG for talented left back Ricardo Rodriguez fee may rise to £25M
Watching the Ricardo Rodriguez shoot but didn't realise it was 3 hours.
or even ricardo rodriguez or aurier and RB and Ramos in the centre
LB should be Ricardo Rodriguez. Agree though, very likely.
Ricardo Rodriguez at left back if someone hasn't snapped him up
Ricardo Rodriguez opens the show and disses the Raiders as he introduces Alberto Del Rio.
If we want to go for a long term replacement for Luis, Ricardo Rodriguez from the BL please. although priority should be a CB
remember when was defeated in a Triple Threat by Ricardo Rodriguez, along with Zeb Coulter?
Radamel Falcao, Ricardo Rodriguez, Bernd Leno, Inigo Martinez, and we should have kept Morata.
Proper want Tottenham to buy Ricardo Rodriguez from Wolfsburg, quality and realistic target, sell Rose and Rodriguez can play LB and LM
Deal agreed with Xabi Alonso , Ricardo Rodriguez and Edin Dzeko sold for 35m.
Booktopia - The Surreal Adventures of Dr. Mingus by Jesus Ricardo Felix Rodriguez Buy this book online.
Ricardo Rodriguez knows how corny and wack i really am in real life... and he reminds me if it all the time.
give it to Ricardo Rodriguez or Baines.
GOAL . Ricardo Rodriguez makes no mistake and nets his second of the night. Happy night's work for the …
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Tbh Ricardo Rodriguez was small but still won del Rio matches
we've been linked with Pogba and Ricardo Rodriguez so far
and still missed Firmino and Ricardo Rodriguez?
Piszczek for Dortmund they will cash in before they get relegated or Ricardo Rodriguez, Clyne
Rofl. You're not the only one that has done that to me. 10 times mistaken for Ricardo Rodriguez last year.
Zany looks exactly like Ricardo Rodriguez it's scary
Ricardo Rodriguez is that you? “Zayn looks like one Galatasarays top boys.
Juan Cuadrado in January please or Ricardo Rodriguez. (€25m release clause).
I didn't know Ricardo Rodriguez was in one direction?
Whys that Zayn going for the Ricardo Rodriguez look
I never knew Ricardo Rodriguez was a member of One Direction!
Bony should be a priority in Jan no matter the price and another left back(ricardo rodriguez). Cech, Vorm, begovic at least one
Wolfsburg really miss Ricardo Rodriguez in these situations. It'd be relentless brilliant crosses at this stage if he were on.
surprised no big club have come in for Ricardo Rodriguez
If that's true Madrid will pick him up what a tank, Ricardo Rodriguez, or City/Chelsea
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...but Ricardo Rodriguez already knew that.
Postionally awful, ropey first touch, no awareness whatsoever. Just imagine if LFC had bought Ricardo Rodriguez instead.
So just finished playing that 3 hour epic interview that Ricardo Rodriguez did for RF video. Honesty between his and CM Punk interviews...
😂 hopefully next week 😊 I will be able to show them dudes RICARDO ARRRIBA RODRIGUEZ 😍😂
Ricardo Rodriguez, the DA elect for Hidalgo County stated he would of put Judge Nora Longoria on pre-trial...
Ricardo Rodriguez shoots on HHH, Be a Star, proof that WWE is racist: via
Remember the good ol days when the ascension was actually the brainchild of ricardo Rodriguez good tiems
Montoya is a gem..De Sciglio's form has plummeted,I like him though..Ricardo Rodriguez?
According to the new contract of VfL Wolfsburg left-back Ricardo Rodriguez will have a ~ €25 million release cl…
Ricardo Rodriguez has now scored 3 goals in 3 Europa League games this season. Not bad going for a left-back.
Can u pls make my squad its Sirigu, Dante, David luiz, Van der wiel, Ricardo Rodriguez. Luiz Gustavo, Matuidi, Diego, Lucas, Sow and Emenike
Thinking I might make Wolfsburg my new Ajax in FM15. The pull of Ricardo Rodriguez and company is too strong.
Ricardo Rodriguez is brilliant but he's not rated since he's not famous.
Ricardo Rodriguez is one LB who's good going forward... Such a balanced LB.
come to think of it why isn't Ricardo Rodriguez in your list?
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Not bad, just got Ricardo Rodriguez in my free pack this week.
So not only is Fandango Alberto Del Rio Jr., Rosa is apparently Ricardo Rodriguez Jr.
If Rosa Mendes is Fandango's personal ring announcer, she's no Ricardo Rodriguez!
Ricardo Rodriguez looks different, and forgot how to pronounce spanish.
So this chick is the new Ricardo Rodriguez?
Rosa Mendes is Ricardo Rodriguez, without the charisma?
to Ricardo Portabella on your 2012 from Jaime Rodriguez at Southwest Kia Mesquite!
- Nice to see Ricardo Rodriguez in there, having written about him for Talentspotter in July.
Ricardo Rodriguez is too unpopular for his quality.
My first Weekly Log is out! Messi’s Greatness, Bayern Problems, Ricardo Rodríguez, Zubizarreta and more:
man that table spot Ricardo Rodriguez took was NASTY!!
Ricardo Rodriguez, Chelsea picked him up on my save for like £8mil in January.
Who do you prefer more ricardo Rodriguez or schmelzer
Disappointing that Ricardo Rodriguez isn't playing today. Was looking forward to watching him
has pleased players at Real Madrid C.F. with the capture of Ricardo Rodriguez.
Wish we had bought a DM and striker earlier so we'd be in position to get a CB and Ricardo Rodriguez in January. Rate him very highly.
Is it bad that I can't tell Ricardo Rodriguez and Rosa Mendes apart?
this is the fourth one ive pointed out. the other one was Ricardo Rodriguez and Diane Neal...who was the other one?
Yep, sure does. How he compares to Ricardo Rodriguez/Kurzawa, I really can't say. He's the only one I've watched.
Alberto and Ricardo Rodriguez basically had the same story about WWE just like CM Punk did.
it was a newsworthy show with the AAA debuts of Ivelisse and Ricardo Rodriguez.
First impression based on stats, . Ricardo Rodriguez > Kurzawa. More dynamic & can do any role (def/atk) set by mgr w/ same proficiency.
Ricardo Rodriguez is introducing Alberto Del Rio on Triple A Tv Taping tonight.
Video: final final from Ricardo Rodriguez on Vimeo.
ADR...attacks Rodriguez for some reason. Looks like it was a ruse to get Ricardo's shoe, but Sheamus uses it instead, and gets a 3.
If both fullbacks doesnt count as fullbacks, i would put Juanfran and Ricardo Rodriguez there or even Luis but he is gone for 5 months now
Ricardo Rodriguez, silva wanted to leave because of bad weather and toure didn't want to stay so i replaced him with pogba lol
Just realised wasn't up for 3 days relist at 10pm. Ricardo Rodriguez plays for vfl Wolfsburg. Team name Ross FC
is he as good as Ricardo Rodriguez (now/potentially)?
Wolfsburg should give us 15m for Podolski or a swap deal with Ricardo Rodriguez
I find it so funny that Rosa Mendes tried putting over Ricardo Rodriguez & Joey Ryan backstage with WWE & it backfired completely LMAO.
New Cloudcast "Programa de Futbol al Rojo Vivo con Franco Di Perna, Willy Blanco, Fa..." up now at Check it out now!
I saw Ricardo Rodriguez in the crowd at a WWE show. No one else noticed him.
Please pray for my friend Ricardo Rodriguez.. there's nothing wrong with him he's just ugly af
Between this and comments from & Ricardo Rodriguez, I think I'm done supporting .
ricardo rodriguez top LB. get good money for luke still
Not m 100% sure why Pep chose to get Bernat.. Better left backs are around, e.g. Ricardo Rodriguez..
yes mate. I love the announcement and walk in "James The Wolf Wyatt, with his manager Ricardo Rodriguez"
Lol everyone talks about Ricardo Rodriguez' goals and assists, all his assists are free kicks and corners... meh.
why is it awful ? Anybody who watches Wolfsburg, knows that Ricardo Rodriguez is the 2nd best LB in the world.
Ricardo Rodriguez of Citrus High School gets Student of the Month...
Who would you rather have at City,Layvin Kurzawa or Ricardo Rodríguez? Both starters for their respective clubs and 22 years ols
Then again the combination of Carvajal, Boateng, Varane, Ricardo Rodriguez and De Gea is hard to get through
Not really, EPL fans also say this. Ricardo Rodriguez is a complete LB. Amazing to watch, and good at Freekicks/Penalties.
But Ricardo Rodriguez was best LB in Bundesliga last season, why is that?
Then you must know Ricardo Rodriguez is a best Left-Back in Bundesliga.
Ricardo Rodriguez is a complete Left-Back. Both going forward and defensively. Mate you don't watch him weekly, i do.
Ricardo Rodriguez is a young left-back.Surely that title belongs to him...
i dont know why youre not after Ricardo Rodriguez..can easily get him
"Start A Fire" - Lil' Wayne Featuring Christina Milian. This song on repeat, but mainly for the chorus being...
Haven't been watching this main. Are they letting Noble & Mercury remember they were former champion wrestlers and not Ricardo Rodriguez?
even stranger than Ricardo Rodriguez and Diane Neal
Ricardo Rodriguez shoots on being buried, Del Rio wanting to quit: via
I believe we have met in the year 3012. We are not related but I believe he is a cousin to Ricardo Rodriguez (no relation)
Ricardo Rodriguez shoots on Quitting WWE, and WWE's bullcrap, Regal: via
Ricardo Rodriguez shoots on RVD, Sin Cara botching, Working with Tyson Kidd: via
yh we'll just buy Ricardo Rodriguez now who's even better and have two awesome LB's. Standard
Would cry if you sign Ricardo Rodriguez
has delighted the fans of Arsenal with the signing of Ricardo Rodriguez.
Ricardo Rodriguez could sign contract with until 2019
Miami's Angel Rodriguez wins ACC player of the week honors.
Congratulations to Angel Rodriguez, named Player of the Week.
For an example: I like Moreno a lot, but we should have signed Ricardo Rodriguez, 12m£ is a good deal for Moreno, rather had a 20m£ RR tbh
City need to sign Ricardo Rodriguez before someone snaps him up, we need a left back
GERMANY/ WOLFSBURG, Meeting with Rodriguez for the deal extension: Wolfsburg and the agents of Ricardo Rodrigu...
Ricardo Rodriguez aged like...30 years at that announcer table.
Maxwell? Ricardo Rodriguez and Kolorov both better imo
I didn't realize that these 2 people at the barber shop would be married and on my status feed. We never know who...
that's solid, I thjnk I'm gonna go with Ricardo Rodriguez once I buy one
Oh for it to be last July and Rodgers having the sense to sign, Bernd Leno, Ricardo Rodriguez, Benedikt Höwed...
has delighted the fans of Tottenham Hotspur with the signing of Ricardo Rodriguez.
Ricardo Rodriguez is good but he aint on sale *** Beranhino alone is 15 mil
. I will go for Ricardo Rodriguez,Cech,Sokratis and Benzema.
first I lose my new phone and now Ricardo Rodriguez won't sign a new contract with me, this has been a less than productive 24 hours
El Patron / Alberto Del Rio , Ricardo Rodriguez and Drew Galloway at the recent Signmania . .
Ricardo Rodriguez Shoots on WWE holding wrestlers back, The SHIELD: via
Ricardo Rodriguez on Backstage Etiquette, perks of the top guys: via
Ricardo Rodriguez on his start in wrestling: via
1 CB and Ricardo Rodriguez from Wolfsburg. A CM too. It seems Ander will leave then.
Wolfsburg are great fun. Just make sure you get Ricardo Rodriguez to sign a new deal!
Every time i watch Ricardo Rodriguez i'm not that impressed
Overheard: Alberto Del Rio: WWE is racist and made Mexican jokes about me Ricardo Rodriguez: WWE is racist...
I can understand it too then they went and turned Ricardo Rodriguez which I thought another botch by creative
hey Joey, have u got a link to Ricardo Rodriguez shoot interview?
VfL Wolfsburg have opened contract talks with left-back Ricardo Rodriguez - Early indications suggest he is set to ext…
In January or the summer we need a LB. Preferably Alex Sandro or Ricardo Rodriguez.
Next match: Alberto Del Rio (c) (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship!
What does anyone see in Ricardo Rodriguez? He looks like a drunk David Garett both on and off the pitch.
Main Event: Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) d. John Cena (c) and CM Punk in a Triple Threat match IN THE CELL to win the WWE Title.
do you go to any Indy shows? Evan Bourne and Ricardo Rodriguez are in Peru il tonight for Dream Wave Wrestling
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Get to see Evan Bourne and Ricardo Rodriguez professional wrestle tonight. Not vs. each other either
Was also 'too easy' back in the sixties when Ricardo Rodriguez and Chris Amon made debuts as teenagers?
Is Bayern Munich going to swap Xherdan Shaqiri for Ricardo Rodriguez in the winter transfer window?
Just take in how I got totw Ricardo Rodriguez in a gold pack when I'm making a bundesliga team and I needed a LB 👀
UEFA Europa League Posted on September 19, 2014 by john Everton return in style as Spurs, Celtic held(AFP) Everton marked their first appearance in Europe since the 2009/2010 season with a 4-1 UEFA Europa League win over Wolfsburg, while Celtic and Tottenham were held to draws in tricky away assignments. The Merseysiders were ahead after just 15 minutes at Goodison Park when Ricardo Rodriguez put through his own goal after deflecting a Steven Naismith shot before a close-range header from Seamus Coleman made it 2-0 on the stroke of half-time. Leighton Baines added the third from the penalty spot two minutes after the break with Kevin Mirallas firing home a smart fourth two minutes from time after a fine pass from substitute Samuel Eto’o. Rodriguez grabbed a consolation for Wolfsburg with a curled free-kick past Tim Howard in the Everton goal in injury time. The English side went top of Group H after rivals Lille and Krasnodar drew 1-1 in France.
Watch the video Ricardo Rodriguez free kick freezes Tim Howard during Europa League match on Yahoo Sports . The USMNT and Everton goalkeeper was left flat-footed on a goal by the Wolfsburg player during the opening match of the tournament.
Cassie is like the Ricardo Rodriguez to my Alberto Del Rio. :)
|| Guys Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez are now on PuertoRican wrestling. (WWC) Ricardo is on a feud with this+
And that's why I want Moreno or Ricardo Rodriguez at Chelsea instead of Filipe Luis
– Shaul Guerrero, Ricardo Rodriguez and Yoshi Tatsu have been working out at the Team Vision Dojo Wrestling...
The biggest shock is obviously Francisco Rodriguez, who is the brother of Ricardo Rodriguez who played for Switzerland at the World Cup.
Mysterio is in Limbo,Sin Cara, Del Rio, Ricardo Rodriguez, and Vickie Guerrero are gone from the company. Wheres the Mexican love,
Kieran Gibbs is solid and Monreal OK but I do feel in 12 months time if Ricardo Rodriguez hasn't been sold then AFC should go for him.
Ricardo Rodriguez released by World Wrestling Entertainment after four years on main roster
if we just signed aurier, origi, ricardo Rodriguez, back up gk a top cb and striker we would have one *** of a team..
Ricardo Rodriguez n hummels..I know im pushin it..but just maybe..
FIFA World Cup 2014: Here Are The Names” Who Makes Team of the Tournament: Fifa World Cup 2014, Arjen Robben, Bastian Schweinsteiger, James Rodriguez, MaschJavier erano, Manuel Neuer, Mats Hummels, Neymar, Philipp Lahm, Ricardo Rodriguez, Thiago Silva,Thomas Muller, World Cup Brazil, World Cup Team of the Tournament. The thrills and spills of the 2014 FIFA World Cup have enraptured not only the soccer heartlands of Europe, South America and Africa, but […]
From earlier, article on Ricardo Rodriguez in short - he's magnificent
need a left back Ricardo Rodriguez of Wolfsburg has some of the best stats around.
I think we should buy Ricardo Rodriguez just to *** off juventus. They're mocking it.
Players linked with us today:. Moreno. Aurier. Benzema. Yaya Toure. Ricardo Rodriguez. Bony. Markovic (Medical). Origi (I…
Case of Ricardo Rodriguez reminds me of Belhanda situation. Player you think teams would be clamouring for seems to receive no interest.
Tough on Ricardo Rodriguez of Switzerland to miss out on the LB slot
BUT coutinho is so ridiculously bad at shooting. AND i bought ricardo rodriguez despite having Jose and Robinson as subs
Player Focus: Ricardo the Other Rodriguez Teams Should be Chasing - article by via -
I would rather have Aurier/Hummels/Ricardo Rodriguez... but I would be fine with those three.
Ricardo Rodriguez is the best left back out there. Can't believe Rodgers isn't in for him.
Hi Jamie, could you pass on the message that Ricardo Rodriguez and a world class centre back would be very nice. Gracias x
Ricardo Rodriguez will go for 25mp at the minimum
Who Ryan Bertrand? over my dead body. Prefer Ben Davies, Marcos Rojo or Ricardo Rodriguez
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agree but Bony could be just as good as lukaku and is cheaper, Rues absolutely and Ricardo Rodriguez from wolfsburg over moreno
why not rojo or Ricardo Rodriguez more experienced than Moreno???
Ricardo Rodriguez. I was too lazy to type it
or young gun Ricardo Rodriguez from Wolfsburg (LB) @ 21 was the best defender in the Bundesliga, two assits for Swiss in WC
Ricardo Rodriguez, the Swiss left back, he looked like a good player!
Why are we not making a move for Ricardo Rodriguez? :/ Fits FSG's policy. Talent undeniable, reasonable price. Just not British :(
how is that not overpriced? Ricardo Rodriguez is worth 10m ffs
Personally I'd love Ricardo Rodriguez at Arsenal, Good LB and had a great season at Wolfsburg making him Bundesliga POTY young too
Manchester United have contacted Wolfsburg regarding left-back Ricardo Rodriguez.
What a stunning volley by James Rodriguez!
An excerpt from a new publication of short stories by Ricardo Felix Rodriguez, “The Surreal Adventures of Dr. Mingus” …
i dont rate Blind really. Ricardo Rodriguez is great though
Ricardo Rodriguez is a g for that bump he took during the Punk vs Miz vs Del Rio TLC match.
Man we Ricardo Rodriguez yelling Roberto Nelson's name the way he yells Alberto Del Rio's
Ricardo Rodriguez would cost us between £25m-£30m.
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Why haven't Levy placed a bid for Ricardo Rodriguez or Daley Blind yet?
Ben Davies - £12M. Ricardo Rodriguez - £15M (apparently). I fail to see why our transfer committee don't see this.
My first question would be "Do you know Wolfsburg have a very good LB called Ricardo Rodriguez? Why Bertrand and not him
should be getting Ricardo Rodriguez! Need quality not quantity
How i'd love to see GIbbs and Ricardo Rodriguez vying for the LB spot in our team. Position sorted for the long term
If we're talking about wishful thinking then De Vrij, Ricardo Rodriguez & Aurier first please
sell Monreal and get Ricardo Rodriguez. LB sorted for at least 5 years.
Ricardo Rodriguez to compete with Gibbo and then sell Nacho !
BREAKING: Real Madrid and James Rodriguez have agreed personnel terms. Deal expected to be done within the next week. http…
Manchester United turned down James Rodriguez in 2010 for £5m and instead chose to sign Bebe for £7.4m
Need someone like Ricardo Rodriguez if we actually wanna move forward
Manchester United and Chelsea are interested Wolfsburg left-back Ricardo Rodriguez according to Italian...
A nice picture of Pedro and Ricardo Rodriguez (Google). Pedro died 43 years ago today ,as pointed by http:…
and finally, my all world cup team: goalie.Ochoa, mexico ( but Keylor Navas of costa rica deserves mention, and Rais of Algeria, and really Neuer of germany)./ defenders.Junior Diaz costa rica. Had several just sensational games. Clinically perfect almost all the way through. Mats Hummels.Germany. Just solid and unrattled. Ricardo Rodriguez, Switzerland. Was pretty impressive and one of the reasons the Swiss lasted as long as they did. Andres Guardado.Mexico. Maybe as good as anyone defensively in the cup. (honorable mention to Kompany, Belgium). midfield. Tony Kroos, germany, I mean, has been sensational. Eden Hazard, Belgium, was effective the whole tournament. Excellent. Enar Valencia.really was sad Ecuador went out, because we didnt get to see more of Valenica. Paul Pogba, France. Not the most consistent, but flashes of genius. But best of all was James Rodriguez of colombia! Scintillating. forwards. Islam Slimani, Algeria. Just stupendous. Stupendous start to finish and special nod to Algeria for pr ...
I wanted to apologize from the bottom of my heart, I know that I tend to post daily videos on the progress of our Athletes, I didn't mean to annoy anyone. I'm just so proud of them, I want the World To See, Especially because our athletes are doing skills that many learn throughout many years. We now have 1 full year, we have grown faster than I could have ever imagine, we are now moving into a building that I thought it was going to take at least 5 years to get something like that. I don't consider myself lucky, I don't believe in luck, I believe in Gods Blessings and that is exactly what I have been receiving daily. Ricardo Rodriguez took a leap of faith that would forever change My Life, that was the beginning of our Journey, but it's been my Athletes, Parents of These Athletes, Word of Mouth by referring people to our gym daily, Family, Friends, and MY MAIN SUPPORTER "GOD", he has guided me daily, has given me the tools I need daily to be Successful. I will start minimizing my videos on FB start posti ...
Transfer News: Manchester United make bid for Ricardo Rodriguez: Manchester United have made a bid for Wolfsbu...
Manchester United have tabled an offer for Wolfsburg left-back Ricardo Rodriguez.
2014 World Cup Day 14 ]Ricardo Rodriguez of Switzerland clears the ball off the goal line - Hi_story
Did just advocate the signing of Alberto Del Rio's Personal Ring Announcer Ricardo Rodriguez? I think he did.
Do like to have Ricardo Rodriguez . D young lad got loads of goals n assist in his locker. Very exciting to watch
Ricardo Rodriguez, a LW, Lukaku or Bony, and a CB
Wolfsburg paper WAZ: MUFC have made a bid for Ricardo Rodriguez. Amount unknown but he'd cost €20m+. w/ Shaw, ~€60m for …
very good deal. Ricardo Rodriguez wonderful player.
I was referring to Ricardo Rodriguez the swiss left back. Papers linked utd with a move. It'll be hard for utd because of no cl
Welcome Mario! Now we want Pogba and Ricardo Rodriguez. Griezmann would be also great :)
Getting Ricardo Rodriguez would make sense considering a sale to Juve for Evra
Alberto Moreno or Ricardo Rodriguez, but both deserve to be starters...
I like Ricardo Rodriguez. Played well for at the WC.
Possibly Ricardo Rodriguez instead of Moreno and keylor navas a possibility
Really don't want Evra to go but if he does can we please get Ricardo Rodriguez?
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God no. He's so lightweight. Ricardo Rodriguez from Wolfsburg please
We take a look at Ricardo Rodriguez. The Left Back has been linked with a move to United.
if Evra is on his way out i don't see us going for Ricardo Rodriguez but Daley Blind.
Evra to Juve, Vidal the other way. Bring in Ricardo Rodriguez. Smart business
German press saying Man United want Wolfsburg's Swiss World Cup left-back Ricardo Rodriguez with Patrice Evra set to jo…
If United sign Ricardo Rodriguez, that's one less player I have to sign on next year.
And sign Ricardo Rodriguez while we're at it
Manchester United transfer rumours: Ricardo Rodriguez a target for Reds to fill left-back role?
Patrice Evra is nearing a £1.2 million move to Juventus, with the Red Devils set to bid for Wolfsburg star Ricardo Rodriguez.
Ricardo Rodriguez would be a great signing for Man Utd; could really have 2 of the best left backs in the world in a few years time
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