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Rhys Jones

Lieutenant General Richard Rhys Jones (born 2 May 1960) is the current Chief of the New Zealand Defence Force.

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Got Conbeer,Baldwin,Nicholas coming thru.Think likes of Rhys Jones are sho…
Congrats to Tri-Monkey coach Rhys Jones for taking his first win of the year in the Newt *** triathlon on Sund…
I added a video to a playlist Rhys Jones, Jeff Miller and Jim Nelson "Soldier's Joy" Live at KDHX
.joins cast of new drama about murdered schoolboy Rhys Jones
Thinking of Rhys Jones and his family today
9 years since the passing of Rhys Jones. RIP Rhys. Gone but never forgotten
Our thoughts today are with the family and friends of Rhys Jones on the ninth anniversary of his passing. RIP Rhys.
2007. Rhys Jones(11) was shot dead. Thoughts go out to family and friends. Nine years today. Rhys R.I.P.
9 years ago today Rhys Jones was cruelly taken away from us. Today we remember him. Rest in paradise, Rhys.
Rhys Jones and Skye Dodd form the Find out more here:.
Rhys Jones apologies and a PB for George Fox too well done guys ps need to switch the predictive text off it's making words up help
BREAKING: We understand Everton are in talks with Man Utd midfielder Juan Mata, other clubs interested. https…
Fellanis form has never got going at United. We watched him run games for us. Shame, but a dirty player
I want to see Mirallas up front with Rom next season and Geri fit enough to play more than 45 minutes. Everyone forgets he isn't a winger.
If we could make 3 signings this summer mine would be Mata, schniederlin and van Dijk
Alan Jones tells Sky Tony Abbott has won this forTurnbull, via his 2013 seat tally. So Turnbull not allowed to win his own ele…
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jags will not start it will be Mori and someone else with stones money
to be honest I would like to see what Koeman could do with him but we have two class CBs in jags and Mori. But it does open doors.
. They are marching in London again.
Had an awesome time at the birthday bash. I miss you guys!
I liked a video from UFC 200: Counterpunch - Cormier vs Jones 2
There was too much beer. They shouldn't let me have beer.
Dedicating my first tattoo to the coolest man on the planet. Cmon🔴
Nights off to a great start MC for the night. The great D Rhys Jones! Only at the Carltonians!…
When you get that awful feeling in your stomach when you hear someone talking about something
also rhys ifans, zeta Jones, Tim Dalton, sketch from skins, and Mr nice
anyone with Evans, Rhys, Gareth, Jones, Gwynedd, Gwyneth or 5 consonants in a row in their names.
Emma Rhys-Jones will only miss bale's celebration otherwise it was action packed match. congo wales
Just to reaffirm my Welshness, I'm changing my name to Rhys Jones.
Love this ref, rhys boyo Jones with the whistle
If I had a patronus, it would be Joseff Rhys Jones
Sign the petition: Tell to establish pesticide-free zones around schools: via
First Tom Jones, then Rhys Ifans.. Someone wake me up at halftime when they wheel out Charlotte Church for another Welsh VT! 🙄
Best team talks ever from Tom Jones & Rhys Ifans.
Sir Tom Jones, Rhys Ifans. Great match build up by Aunty.
Not the first time rhys ifans has made me cry
...BBC have brought out Tom Jones, Rhys'll be that bird from Catatonia next or Kelly from Stereophonics.
Tom Jones and Rhys Ifans, and the music from deception. I'm ready.
Is everyone else in UK getting Tom Jones singing and Rhys Ifans doing poetry? Or is it just
BBC wheeling out Tom Jones, now Rhys Ifans. Who next? Station Officer Steele from Fireman Sam?
We've had Tom Jones and Rhys Ifans so far, next up: Ivor the Engine.
are hosting a family fun day TOMORROW at the Rhys Jones community centre in Croxteth Park!
Well Niasse was a joke, but I think Witsel has proved himself at Liege and Benfica
I think we should steer clear mate. Us and Russian league players never work out well
Good luck / pob lwc from the walking football team
Wiltshire chilli farm have a pop up market stall
Update your maps at Navteq
"Setting a moral compass" on week is a long time in politics, they say. Today 5 minutes seems more apt
Rhys Jones: NZ needs a legal framework to ensure we take necessary action on climate change. …
Michael Gove's human suit malfunctioned at conference today.
also just realised I said sow instead of sew... You know what. . Sorry to hear about your trousers mate!
that's sow annoying :( . It's too early for jokes isn't it...
Congratulations to Rhys Jones, Harry Torn and Shane Hardgrave on winning the award.
Scientists, add your voice! Stand up to baseless attacks on science:
.+ secrecy + facial recognition = unchecked racial bias. Tell no oversight exemption for FBI
Theatre: Griff Rhys Jones to share memories of Mel Smith at the Regent: BROADCASTER Griff Rhys Jones will sha...
Ricky Quade, Dennis Carroll, Max Kruse, Rod Carter, Rhys Jones and Barry Round. Pix appeared in the Sydney Sun under my byline!
Press Release: Griff Rhys Jones to launch second Civic Voice Design Awards at w
Recording for our LTC webinar now up - Thanks again to Jean Wood , Dave Evans and Rhys Jones for sharing their insi…
.dedicates tonight's fight to Rhys Jones and Ryan Gibbons, Joe Daniels, keep on fighting, mate!
Winning weekend for all three senior teams. Well done lads!
Top ten most endangered Victorian/Edwardian buildings in England announced by today - …
Warmups still use this joke. Griff Rhys Jones tells it at It'll Be Alright On The Nights. Mark Sweet uses a variant to warm up US sitcoms.
LOTWED EP26 Taxidermy is now up with guest comedian Rhys Jones check it out!
Griff Rhys-Jones has something to say about Birnbeck Pier
Rhys Jones and Ryan Gibbons named as victims of fatal crash on Aberdare Rd in on Sunday
Tributes paid to Rhys Jones & Ryan Gibbons who're named as victims of fatal crash in on Sunday
Thorpe park on Saturday and Disney after Christmas 💕💕
Oh, and I forgot to tip my hat to for sharing that cartoon on Fb.
Rhys Jones' "Fire Stick Farming" hypothesis is widely recognized and accepted in Australia.
Still can't get over 2 lovely boys was taken away from èveryone Thinking of there family at this sad time ; ( Ryan Gibbons rhys jones .
The wonderful Lars Tharp assisting at in trying to purchase Griff Rhys Jones's goatee for the nation
Forget Ben Carson's gunslinger fantasy. The best gun safety strategy is not owning a gun—period. via
Rhys Jones, 18 and Ryan Gibbons, 20 from named as those killed in single car crash in last night
Thank you Griff Rhys Jones and all who came to support the cheetah tonight!
Our next special hosted by Griff Rhys Jones is recording Tuesday 24th November at Apply for tickets
2 teenagers who were killed when their car went into a telegraph pole in have been named as Rhys Jones and Ryan Gibbons
We're pretty excited about recording LOTWED Ep 26 with comedian Rhys Jones here's a clue...
Martin Rhys-Jones has been on remand in New York for two years over allegations he ran a ‘boiler room’ investment scam that netted £3.2
I'm sure I saw Griff Rhys Jones today in town.any other sightings of him ?
I welcomed today HRH Princess Sophie Rhys-Jones, the Countess of Wessex on her visit to Qatar and
I just told to stop funding attacks on Join me!
Wouldn't mind my student loan sometime soon
take it back. He's a very naughty boy.
John Rhys-Davies from Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones(or more importantly, Viscount Mabrey from…
Just seen the Doc by Rhys Jones;non-recognition of the critical contribution of African soldiers in WWII is shameful
Thanks to Rhys Jones for an excellent documentary highlighting the untold story of W African/Ghana's soldiers' contribution in WW2.
Time we find way to properly thank Commonwealth veterans for WW2 contribution b4 they pass. Rhys Jones BBC4 prog a revelation
20:00 Burma, My Father and the Forgotten Army: Griff Rhys Jones learns about the army of West Africans his father se…
LPFC 2nds 2 - 2 Fulham Dynamos. Lampton continue unbeaten start by both teams as the boys are unlucky to draw!. Goals:. D…
Well done to the 2nd team. 3-0 winners v Royton in the Open Trophy, Luke Hibbert with 2 and Rhys Jones the other http:/…
Litreally have the best girlfriend in the world ✨🙈
Also named as substitutes are Rhys Jones, Zebb Edwards, Danny Burgess and Ben Alexander
Sat, it was an over the last bit to get info out. Rhys Jones bang in about a year for earth to travel around the John Barnes: Wiki vandalism
Eight years ago today this young man's life was tragically taken. RIP Rhys Jones
The thoughts of Everton Football Club are with the family of Rhys Jones today, eight years on from his tragic and untimely pas…
Rhys Jones presents Lewis Johnston with a wooden sculpture to mark the Druid Inn's 40 years in the Good Beer Guide. ht…
Another busy day at Cwmbran Library. Dr Rhys Jones is here today talking to some very lucky Year 4 students from two Cwmbran schools.
Don't know what's worse weekend escapes with Warwick Davies or a slow train through Africa with Griff Rhys Jones . Itv is the pits
Shirley bassey Griff Rhys Jones, Rhyl ,'re boys...
Halloween reads to feed the chills, - Rhys A Jones - Author
Hey Just watching the re-runs of Griff Rhys-Jones Mountain series, and there's Impact's very own Phil Poole leading him up Napes!
*googles 'did Griff Rhys Jones die recently or did I dream it?'*
Griff Rhys Jones should 'pack up and p*** off' over mansion tax, says Bonnie Greer | via
With facing on Friday, here's that classic Stephen Jones try from RWC 2003.
Griff Rhys Jones explores the stunning landscape of the Lake District
When the jewellers make a comment on your watch collection 💕💕💕
From the horse's mouth: Griff Rhys Jones has never grown shoulders
rhys jones Mountain on BBC2 about the Lakes.
Whole school snowball fight was very decent
Everton have reportedly made a last ditch attempt to sign Rhys Jones. Roberto Martinez is quoted as saying "he is the perfect fit for...
Why the fuss re plan to remove 6 mature pōhutukawa? This from Rhys Jones
Paul Daniels and Phil Collins also booked on. Bound to be a few votes in it for Labour
I think I might need to go into prostitution soon
When does become Here's Rhys Jones, UoA, on the
Great piece about the by Dr Rhys Jones:
Good stuff Rhys! . And if you're keen on doing more blogs, well, CAA is relaunching our website soon ;-)
Only just connected the fact that Gimli is the Egyptian guy out of Indiana Jones. And he's Welsh! John Rhys Jones!
Gryff Rhys Jones really is a massive ***
19:30 National Treasures of Wales: Griff Rhys Jones visits Tredegar House, one of the grandest Restoration houses in…
Jones is an amateur compared to the Gary-oke
not keen on gryff rhys jones, he doesn't listen, but I quite like this new Mountain programme of his.
There's a 5-part series on BBC2 called "Mountain with Griff Rhys-Jones which you might be interested in :-)
14:40 Mountain: Griff Rhys Jones explores the wilderness of the northwest highlands of Scotland.
Well done Giles Rhys Jones like this presentation. Mainly because there is a pic of me in it...
"With Baby Steps we want to engage with parents when they're most open to support" - midwife Nikki Rhys-Jones
Brawl at , seriously in the AFL they fight without helmets, bring David Rhys Jones to show them how to fight
You kissed me now you hate me makes sense 😼👌
Rhys Pugh (T8) top Brit in Jones Cup Invitational: British amateur champion Bradley Neil from Blairgowrie's la...
Watching les Mis in bed now that's a decent Sunday
Here's a little thought for you: Never not believe in yourself. Dreams are made up of desire, patients and perseverance.…
Dr Rhys Jones with Wildlife Trusts Wales cheque from People’s Postcode Lottery
[She placed the glass back down on the bar top and tapped her fingers implying she wanted another] Rhys. He was -
There are loads. I had no idea. Griff Rhys Jones on Wind in the Willows sounds lovely.
Late change for as Jason Tovey replaces Rhys Jones at full-back in the warm-up
Late change to starting XV as Jason Tovey replaces Geraint Rhys Jones at fullback.
Late change for Dragons v Exeter as Jason Tovey comes in at fullback with Rhys Jones dropping out after the warmup.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
with Gareth Rhys Jones TODAY from 5.30pm at Havana Republic
WOOLFY: It was the year Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones got married, while Ali G made his first TV...
Please, I've never forgiven Carlton for pinching David Rhys Jones and Bernie Evans!
Rhys Jones Paralympic athlete speaks to Dosbarth Aur about his recent achievements and gives advice
looks like he's been watching tapes of Roy Jones. Great showing so far tonight! 👊
Best male actor Welsh language goes to Rhys Parry Jones for Garw
Best Male Performance (Welsh Lang) goes to Rhys Parry Jones for Garw (scooping the prizes tonight )
did he?? Ooh bet he would have been good, saw Griff Rhys Jones do it too - not bad :)
A massive congratulations to Adam Pikett, Victoria Walton, Rhys Jones & Luke Pikett on winning the award…
Happy 19th birthday Rhys Jones that goal was for you young man
It's been 7 years since Rhys Jones tragically lost his life when he was shot on his way home from football. RIP. http:…
Rhys Jones,Jordan Ashley Jones,,we hav choice of 4 films to watch on holiday,either,,INBETWEENERS 2,,SIN CITY 2,,GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY,or LUCY at cinema..wat u boys reckon??
RIP Rhys Jones. A life taken far too young. A blue who will never walk alone
Mt Barker missing Hammond, St Jack and Fisher, Ryan Ballard coaching only while Rhys Jones misses for Royals
Pre-release bad news! I've just spoken to the suppliers and Hasbro head office and had it confirmed that we'll only be receiving 20 prerelease packs per day. To avoid dissapointment please post which days you plan on attending and which colour (we only have 4 each colour) pack you would like the most. If you post on here and are not at the store by 12 and haven't contacted us on the day you will risk having your place go to someone else. So far we have the following places confirmed Saturday Ian Hartwell black Sammy Najim white Rhys Jones white David Cunningham white Ben Jones white Alex Walker blue Ben morjaria red Sunday Ian Hartwell white Lucykate Boardman white Stephen Edwards green David Cunningham Also I've reserved a spot on each day for Anthony venables as I haven't been able to contact him yet.
Very Sobering episode of Rhys Jones's Wildlife Patrol this Easter Monday, with a lesson from Italy, Otter CSI & painting the town red in Bangor.
Rhys Jones (took some time from crushing online poker tourneys to talk to PokerNews.
Rhys Jones joined the School of Social Sciences (SOCSI) in March 2014 as a Lecturer in Quantitative Methods (FE). He is also part of the new Cardiff Q-Step Centre announced last October. Prior to c...
Very pleased with my lifts tonight. 140KG for a double and 150KG for a single on bench to finish @ 83KG bodyweight. Cheers to Aled Jones Ⓥ and Rhys Jones for making sure I didn't kill myself
Good to see Rhys Jones back in North Wales, wonderful scenery Great Welsh Adventure.
Watching welsh adventure with Griff Rhys Jones... Brilliant 󾮗
Part of the cloisters in Gloucester Cathedral (taken by Rhys Jones)
Rhys Jones from Cwm South wales can you please play Jumpin jack flash by rolling stones
Since I will be mostly attending Rhys Jones / Terry Downes's 2nd stag on Saturday night, anything I write on Sunday morning may be blurry. And as you know, on Sunday, we celebrate the ninth birthday of my only son, the heir to my throne, my wingman, Jac Morgan. So here goes, his term report over the past year. Jac is still confused by colours. The answer is simple, Jac. Cardiff City - blue, Wales - red. He seems to be advancing in biology. Many a time I've walked into his room and he's hidden his wi-fi-enabled iPod from my suspicious gaze. I can't remember pictures of Michelle Keegan being part of my Welsh Literature homework. Clothed or unclothed. He still retains most of his milk teeth. I think I should punch him harder in the future. He still has a tendency to answer back. I think I should punch him harder. He has a strong grasp of the class system. Parents are to be used, sisters are to be abused (verbally). Great advances in history this term. He now knows that Jonathan Davies plays for Wales and the ...
I am now allowed to announce that in this Summer of Wildlife 'Rhys Jones's Wildlife Patrol' will move to prime time viewing (7.30pm) on BBC One! I am currently speechless. I can hardly believe we are now on network television! Thank you BBC Wales, Wales and Co, Ian Durham, Ceri Wyn Richards, Sian Thomas, Christina Macaulay, Martin Ingram, Adrian Davies and of course my partner in crime PC Mark Goulding (and all the hundreds of other people I have obviously forgotten to write here - please forgive me!!).
Looking forward 2 Rhys wedding tomorrow. A few pints with Green, Doc, Jones the boot and Ant n Dec!
you probably don't even know what a pun is, I think it's a bit beyond your intellectual levels
Looking forward to jones knocking the shiyt out of sonnen tomorow
Most Promising Player of the Year - Sponsored by Nominees: Lewis Jones, Owen Williams, Rhys Patchell, Rory Watts-Jones
Acrylic on board by Simon Rhys Jones (1951 -) ‘Still Life with Figures’, signed and dated ’74. 89cm x 119cm
Doorstep" ). Also appearing in "The Unnamable II" are John Rhys-Davies from the Indiana Jones films as ↓
it could be fixed.No more controversial buffoons- Phillips,Starkey,Crow/Rhys Jones.Tougher qustioning of politicians
Buzzing for sportsmans tomorrow night
Comedy booking that got out of hand? A bit like Gryff Rhys Jones
they usually have one place for a tw*t, last week's tw*t was Ghriff Rhys Jones, this week's is...
Feeling very grateful for having such an amazing boyfriend this evening! 😘
Alcohol is the cure for everything.
'Extraordinary confusion' of firefight blamed: Defence boss Rhys Jones has blamed "the extraordinary c...
in my opinion it still hurts me he threw away the CL 2007 and let Alonso go. But with his Hillsborough and Rhys Jones givings
Thanks you Danny Williams, Rhys Jones and Chase Landon for being the best visiting me from Canada thanks mates :)
Seeing the rest of the lineup it's obvious Farage is the comedy guest designed to provide fact free drivel like Rhys-Jones last week.
Nathan Rhys Jones offers up his Clio for the last slot before the break See you at 6
Chris Moorman and Rhys Jones finish second and fourth respectively in a €2,000 EPT Berlin side event.
Rhys mate, I would just like to inform you I am currently in the gym training legs
biggest game of the season on sunday and I hear this, scum
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I will have to step up to the plate, hope he is alright
"Sale's Danny Cipriani in hospital with mild concussion after being hit by a bus
Well done to Rhys Jones (Year 8) who competed in the London mini marathon on Sunday. He came 41st out of 300.
3rds for Sunday.Will,Matty,Gwyn and Emyr Evans,C and N Hughes,Rhys,Nathan Jones,Ryles,luke Thomas,and dids.
Rhys Jones is big down the skate park
Lest we forget. Lieutenant Rhys Jones lays a wreath in Christchurch on behalf of the NZDF
Great time catching up with Rhys Jones, still makes me laugh!
Great article! Thank you so much to the South Wales Guardian! Aidan Farrelly Rhys Jones Rhydian Jones Dicky Lew...
I've only just seen this, but I love you too babe!xxx
Buy cars and get your PPI claim in. Reuters' Olesya Dmitracova and Rhys Jones report on the UK economy.
Mad Hatters Tea Party photo snaps will be on this page tomorrow (courtesy of Rhys Jones from PhotoMaestro) and...
The fact you don't see how it's influencing some of our kids (remember Rhys Jones?) speaks volumes.
Griff-Rhys Jones on Question Time. My 1984 2 minutes of hate is turning into a screaming fest at the utter twatness of him & Amanda Platell
U13's drew 3-3 today v TNS - Rhys Jones, Stephen Hope and Gethin Evans scoring for Bala. Well done lads!
Your majesty, I have a question about your revenue and customs department, what it is Liz is this, for the last year now I've been paying tax at the basic rate, I've received a letter telling me they've now sorted this which is very efficient of them, so for that, thank you very much!! What Im not too pleased about Liz is the other letter I've received telling me that I've not paid enough tax and they will now collect £1200 from me? I appreciate you're extraordinarily busy being waited on hand and foot, having maids wipe you're behind with luxury Egyptian cotton flannelettes saturated in Aloe Vera, but if you could get back to me I'd be extremely grateful! Regards & Best Wishes. Matthew Rhys Jones, aged 29 and some, Portsmouth.
Great day, so good to see Rhys Jones, Paul Mark Hawksworth, Jason Heap, Jarred Fell, Lucy Miles and Miss Jenny Brown ❤
Rhys Jones gang thug is back in prison: Drugs sting leads to cocaine arrest
When a angin bird throws a drink over you
Missoula is as dead as josh lees sex life
He's doing the new mad max film as well. He'll be sick in that
I'll second that..And he's British,even better :D
First well known voice actor that popped into my head is James Earl Jones! Anyone but Rhys-Davies, just lazy movie making IMHO.
I know yeah! I'm a keen Hardy fan. He's sick as Bane as well.
Watch the film Bronson mate,he's an animal in that
John Rhys-Davies Conversation - Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings and others are discussed.
Rhys Jones "slug" told me you gave me a present which is a joint from yesterday:L
Miss my taid more than anything,So wanted him to see my join the Army. The only thing I'm proud of
best bit of banter ever.shud have been a comedy sketch like Mel Smith & gryff rhys Jones used to do face to face
oh sick! I might be going with rhys jones. When and were's that big meeting thing about it? Do you know x
Major jealous of having an all dayer
The definition of brave? Licking a bird out on day 4 of Glastonbury!
gone through passport control now! Got the first rounds in already sorry;)
Since mitch and his mates call themselves the BTEC mad dogs
I would of but I'm in the airport now so bit late isn't it!
I will swap with you of u want then ?;)
cheers mate! Yeah course it is pretty jealous of use to be honest;)
Watching cooking shows make me realise how many foods I haven't tried
How's everyones heads this morning Chaps?
if mother will bring me I will come!
I want to drink..Might have a problem
Don't get why there sacking good english managers and getting unproven foreign ones in
You will see me soon Princess. But for now stay safe blud
omfg what the *** !?! I need to see ya I'm turning mental:'(
Asif:O You're moody in the morning though? Not fair. Does gen fi dim credit ffon symudol..Still got the Welsh;)
aw baby! Omg I have a new phone and num and need a few hi topics of ma fave ginge text meh 07751 132554
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Night in watching rivers with Griff Rhys Jones.the life of an international playboy!
16:15 Rivers with Griff Rhys Jones: Griff Rhys Jones is in London where he explores the river Lea.
Day off work pencilled in. Booking tickets to see The Chapman Family in Cardiff next month with Jodie Lyn Collard, Josh Tetley Thomas and Rhys Jones tonight too. Anybody else want to join?
Happy New Year Everyone! Many thanks for all your support in 2012. Its been a great year of filming and we have a healthy amount already in the can. I am getting very excited indeed as Rhys Jones's Wildlife Patrol will air Spring 2013! The countdown has begun and I cannot wait to show you what we have been up to. I would especially like to thank Everyone at Wales and Co (Ian, Ceri, Martyn, Phil and Jody) BBC Wales, Cardiff Uni, Wildlife Trusts of South and West Wales, Mark Goulding, Jenny Jones and Mark Chapron). Can I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and prosperous New Year. Thank you.
Brilliant day for the lads.! We took the lead mid way in the first half with a goal from Sion Heap, but with an almost immediate reply we were back level with Llansannan FC, but with an inform Sion Heap he took the ball down skip passed a defender and found the net again.! We then went down to 10 men with Jamie Seager losing his cool.. To which Llansannan again capitalized on this to put us both level.! We entered the second half with a tactical change with Rhys Jones coming off to be replaced by Danny Jones who made his debut.! We started strong in the second and Joel Hughes broke down the left wing, with great vision, skill and technique sent a shot from around 40 yards out on the wing left the keeper back pedaling as the ball slotted into the goal.! The lads dug deep and piled the pressure onto there team to hold the lead, we felt a barrage of pressure from Llansannan towards the last 15 minutes of the game, which was nerve racking to say the least, with the defense staying extremely strong and on the ...
Thursday 7pm-10pm. BBC’s Rhys Jones. Stand-up from Chris Chopping & Jason Manly. Music from science rap ...
So brings up Rhys Jones like it's some sort of joke. Disgusting
It was 4 years ago today that Rhys Jones was shot dead. R.I.P Little Man :(
Five years ago today an 11 year old boy was shot dead walking home from football training, RIP Rhys Jones
Today marks the 5 year anniversary little blue boy Rhys Jones passing away. May you rest in peace. Gone but never forgotten.
Four years ago today, 11 year old Everton fan Rhys Jones was shot dead in Croxteth. Rest in Peace, Rhys. YNWA.
So far he's been compared to John Hurt, Griff Rhys Jones, David Attenborough, Bill Oddie & Ted Lowe. He has multifaceted pipes.
Rhys Jones just asked who Kurt Cobain is. Why am I friends with this kid :S
You'r a vile creature Rhys Jones brush you'r teeth as jamie would say.
Griff Rhys Jones was there in my uncle johns boat on the telly last week!
My baby brother Nathan Goss is on the telly tonight, britains lost routes with Griff Rhys Jones..don't forget to watch...I have been approached to sell our childhood story to the Local gem but I am holding out for the Glamorgan gazette.x
Directed by Mike Hodges. With Mel Smith, Griff Rhys Jones, Joanne Pearce, Jimmy Nail. The story begins when three aliens get a bit hacked off at their 'friend' Bernard, who keeps making a prat of himself playing space ball...
Hugh Laurie, Griff Rhys Jones and Gruff Rees? Isn't there three of them?
Looking forward to Rhys Jones droving cattle in tonight
Phil Davis, Griff Rhys Jones, & Dr Chris star on Plus there is a Lion King performance!
with Aled Jones, Gryff Rhys Jones, Steve Jones. Who would play keyboard?
The BBC activates Random Guest Presenter Machine once more and it releases.Sandi Toksvig, Griff Rhys Jones and Maureen Lipman
Sandi Toksvig, Griff Rhys Jones, Maureen Lipman and Omid Djalilli in a boat? Is there a punchline here?
BREAKING NEWS!!! Rhys Jones has replaced Indie Sagar in the Trio's. This means that Team 6 is now; Matthew Rhind,...
10 minutes to go until with David Willetts, Griff Rhys Jones and begins.
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