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Rhonda Rousey

Ronda Jean Rousey (born February 1, 1987) is an American mixed martial artist and judoka. She is the first and current UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion, as well as the last Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Champion.

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I had a dream last night that was building up to the fight of Andre Agassi and Rhonda Rousey vs a Redneck guy and Hulk Hogan.
5 times Rhonda Rousey seriously inspired us:
Who would've thought Rhonda Rousey and Veronica Corningstone would ever have something in common.
I sincerely hope that Sam Elliot plays Wade in Rhonda Rousey's Roadhouse and spouts awkward innuendo about her male love interest
Last week a marine asked UFC champ Rhonda Rousey to his Marine Ball... AND SHE SAID YES... but had a few...
Josh Mathews trying to sound cool by mentioning Rhonda Rousey.
And Now Kevin Smith is on the Rhonda Rousey for โ€˜Captain Marvelโ€™ Bandwagon
IMO is the most dominate athlete on the planet regardless of sport/gender since Anderson Silva. Yes I kno who Rhonda Rousey is
Now that Miss Piggy has free time she can train her Karate chops & take on Rhonda Rousey in the Hogtogon
You know that MTV show Bully Beatdown? I'd love to do that against Rhonda Rousey. I'd be a millionaire afterwards
That is like taking an *** whopping from Rhonda Rousey and Cris Cyborg. LOL
Nick Carusone thinks Rhonda Rousey would beat lebron, Dwayne Johnson, and Floyd Mayweather in a fight.
Why does Cari Champion look disgusted with Rhonda Rousey for calling out Floyd for his habitual woman abuse?
Hopefully, "Mile 22" with Mark Wahlberg, Peter Berg, Rhonda Rousey and Iko Uwais will be so much better than Michael Mann's "Blackhat".
Rhonda Rousey the MMA fighter, spoke with Jesse Palmer about her.memoir "My Fight/Your Fight." .
I'm about to watch Rhonda Rousey and The Rock take on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania 31. I am content๐Ÿ˜Š
I always forget Rhonda Rousey trains in Glendale. Then I'll be watching a vid of her in the gym and I'll see Brand blvd in the window lol
Rhonda Rousey will play jump rope with your fallopian tubes.
laila I heard your fighting Rhonda rousey I know your gonna win cause its in your blood
Rhonda Rousey finished UFC 184 so fast, it can fit into a single Vine on
"Madonna was Kim K before Kim K" Madonna was Rhonda rousey before Rhonda rousey ๐Ÿ˜‚
If Laila Ali fights Rhonda Rousey It'll be like when her dad fought Holmes. I want to see Rousey/ Mayweather. LOL
I swear I feel like going Rhonda Rousey on People right now
Rhonda rousey mentioned u in an interview...conservatives should be shaking in their boots that you have her in ur corner
Apparently woman are weaker than men.he must not know Rhonda Rousey.
Alright is official, Rhonda Rousey has made it into my "exception 3" with my wife
You can't have a girlfriend that can kick your *** unless she's Rhonda Rousey.
I want to put him in the "arm bar" like Rhonda Rousey does her opponents, just to see how it feels to do it. He won't let me. Oh poo. ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ’ฉ
Rhonda Rousey is so scary how tough she is.
"There is nothing sexy about a drunk girl. You really don't know how dumb you look" -Rhonda Rousey
The 14 second Rhonda Rousey challenges on sportcenter are the best!
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Rhonda Rousey is the single scariest woman to walk this planet
no one will ever beat Rhonda Rousey! shes Bad *** ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
Hey... Guess what? Rhonda Rousey literally beats people up for a living. No one is surprised she can make Jimmy Fallon *** himself.
Gotta salute for the legendary sneak peek on Rhonda Rousey today, you cant learn that stealth, some are just born with it
Watching Rhonda rousey on jimmy Fallon I would rather take on someone with a gun than her empty handed
Dudes, I'm gonna look like Rhonda Rousey someday
a bigger mismatch than me trying to take on Rhonda Rousey
Why is Rhonda Rousey so gorgeous. I seriously love her.
Yo who you got as the greatest female athlete of all time... Rhonda Rousey or Lola Bunny in Spacejam
I don't mean to be a creep but dam. Rhonda Rousey got some tatas ๐Ÿ‘€
Just saw a clip of Rhonda Rousey on Jimmy Fallon Show and... Well *** .. She's one fine looking *** kicker.
Why on Earth would anyone want Rhonda Rousey to brake their ribs?
What's up with ESPN and Rhonda Rousey, every 5 mins they're talking about her. *Changes Channel*
Rhonda Rousey is every aggy white girls role model
Cyborg signed with lets see if she can make 135 and fight Rhonda rousey
My man Golic gives Rhonda Rousey her 1st LOSS! > video
Rhonda Rousey in my eyes is the most beautiful woman in the world ๐Ÿ’ฏ
*** ya I'd love to see Rhonda Rousey beat Laila Ali!
Rhonda Rousey is kinda hot when she's not in the octagon
I love me some Rhonda Rousey! I wonder if she'll go on a date with me and then be my security at my show?
Finebaum and Rhonda Rousey talking is the weirdest thing
I haven't seen all the Fast and Furious movies but gonna see Fast 7. Why? Because I can.. And Rhonda Rousey.
I want to slap Rhonda Rousey's butt just to see how quickly she breaks both my arms and legs.
I can't wait for furious 7 and I'm so excited Rhonda rousey is in it!
"There is no '5 minutes ago.' There is no '5 minutes from now.' There is only now. Being present in the moment." - Rhonda Rousey
Ill have Rhonda Rousey fight my fights lol
Is it just me or does Rhonda Rousey look like an in shape version of Mama June from Honey Boo Boo?
Seth said Rhonda Rousey looks like an oyster?
Rhonda Rousey was on tonight show last night. she's freaking gorgeous man.
my baby Rhonda Rousey took pacman to beat Mayweather. Lol she still mad he didnt know who she was
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After she broke her toe, MMA fighter Rhonda Rousey's mother made her run laps around the mat for the rest of the night
Rhonda rousey kind of fine.. But I might be scared to smash lol
Rhonda Rousey *** is perfect in a tight dress.. PERFECT
"Ronda Rousey considers herself an "ovarian goldmine." I think Rhonda and I would have some beast kids!
If you cheat on Rhonda Rousey kill yourself. Otherwise you getting beat to death by a woman. *** will have a field day at your funeral!
I wonder what it wud b like to date Rhonda Rousey. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Whoa! MMA fighter Rhonda Rousey is getting t-shirts made that have "Don't Blink" on the front. Now that's confidence!
MayWeather 40-0, Rhonda Rousey 11-0 but they trying to make her the American Dream
I would love to feed Rhonda Rousey a steak dinner, wait for her to digest, then jump on that ***
Am I the only guy who thinks Rhonda Rousey is very attractive.
S/O to the UFC fans who spent $60 to watch a 0:14 second Main Event of Rhonda Rousey vs. Cat Zingano!
Rhonda Rousey just beat Frank Dux record in Bloodsport!
I hate Nancy Grace.. I which Rhonda Rousey would kick her ***
Rhonda Rousey is a beast. She demolishes this chick Alexis Davis.
Pete Holmes (Comedian) interviews Rhonda Rousey (top UFC Fighter) and I laughed a little too loud in my office
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Fallon Fox responds to Rhonda Rousey's Comments about Fighting against Transgender Women
Why is Rhonda Rousey the only one with ripped clothes so her boobs are conveniently exposed
Rhonda rousey is so awesome In Expendables 3 and Not to mention she lookin gorgeous as fuaaark
Rhonda Rousey loves Pokemon and plays every day. We are more perfect for each other every day. What a babe.
Rhonda Rousey on Fashion Police... Wut she know about fashion? She's pretty tho.
The nurse on "one flew over the cooco nest" looks like an older version of Rhonda rousey!
Rhonda Rousey is on Fashion Police right now ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
I caught myself being mad sexist. I can't stand Rhonda Rousey for all the same reasons I like a lot of other male athletes.
I've come to conclusions that after seeing expendables 3, Rhonda Rousey is my woman crush. Forever. ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Rhonda Rousey she fight in the UFC "What celebrity do i look like the most? Serious question though"
At the movies...gonna watch Rhonda Rousey ' s movie...I think there a bunch of other people in it too.. :)
Assuming it's a woman you could get away from and wasn't capable of really hurting you for the sake of argument. Not a Rhonda Rousey.
What you don't know about the expendables 3 is that Rhonda Rousey's roll as Luna was actually played by her mole.
I like that with the possible exception of Randy Couture, Rhonda Rousey knew she was by far the baddest person on the set of Expendables 3.
Unless you come across Rhonda Rousey from the UFC. Then you hit that chick and run. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Armed wit bars, similiar to Rhonda Rousey! check me tf out
Definitely gotta go see Rhonda Rousey tonight.. i mean The Expendables 3 tonight!
I can think of a few women today I'd bath in their perspiration cause they're so sexy ..."Coco,Rhonda Rousey,Britney Spears..."
I beat Rhonda Rousey, she cried like a baby when i spanked her bottom when she was born. Sign her Doctor
Rhonda Rousey will fit right in with all those other "great" actors.
Rhonda Rousey won't do awkward. Well dammit. That leaves me out. /signed Ricky Gervais
The only thing tougher than Rhonda Rousey is a 12 year old UFC fan's palms.
"Rhonda Rousey will be here today on oh HEY MATTY!"
DNA evidence confirms that MMA champ Rhonda Rousey's biological father was actually the shark from Jaws.
Rhonda rousey In expendables 3 and Fast n Furious 7, will literally go watch them just to see her
all I want for my birthday is to be Rhonda Rousey
Yeah the expandable 3 comes out tomorrow&it's with Rhonda Rousey this time tonight the,teenage mutant ninja turtles&michaelanglo my fave1:D
Imagine having a lass like Rhonda Rousey man... "dean you said you would be home at 7" . "ner im stopping at the club". "get home now!" . "ok"
It'd be so sexy to let Rhonda Rousey beat my ***
Rhonda Rousey said she could take mayweather...shet...she can't beat me...
Hamilton Collection
Rhonda Rousey is one attractive lady.
Just found out Rhonda rousey loves pokemon . in other news guess who just stole my heart
... but the Rhonda Rousey IBC did not suck!
Rhonda Rousey so fine when she's not in the ring.
If movie summaries were titles : Guns and old dudes with Rhonda Rousey.
The trailers for this movie were booty af. But im bout to see Rhonda Rousey sexy *** in this movie.
TIL Rhonda Rousey thinks Buffalo Bill killed all the buffaloes in the USA.
call out Christmas Abbott. Rhonda Rousey just did it
It just occurred to me they should let Rhonda Rousey kick his *** I'd pay to see that
Makes me sick to see Rhonda Rousey in Expendables 3.
Could have done with more Rhonda Rousey mind, I love her.
Rhonda Rousey is actually pretty decent in EXPENDABLES 3, but her character name might as well be "Michelle Rodriguez Said No."
so then I take it you don't play the new UFC and get your *** kicked by Rhonda Rousey?
On a serious note: can I be Rhonda Rousey yet?! ๐Ÿ’ช
By this time next summer , I will look like rhonda rousey . End of story , Goodnite
I say this all the time but Rhonda Rousey is perfection
mmm looks like a young Rhonda rousey ๐Ÿ˜‹
Saw Rhonda Rousey today at work. I told her she was an amazing athlete and we fist bumped. I tapped.
I guess boxing gloves and workout gear make me Rhonda Rousey... which is who the employees at Chipotle thought I was. Ok!
Theres something about rhonda rousey that sizzles my bacon
Rhonda Rousey Loves Pokemon, Making Her Perfect: Be still my beating heart.
War Machine it's a good thing you weren't dating Rhonda Rousey !
Jebreal unleashed Rhonda Rousey *** on Hayes who was not even wearing a cup. She beat him senseless in seconds.
Rhonda Rousey should win... She is a beast!
Just another arm for Ronda's collection"We'll just mark down your loss to Rhonda Rousey now.
Lol I'm tired of hearing people say Rhonda Rousey can whoop Floyd Mayweather *** Lmao! He'll hit that chick so fast she won't have time to grab him! Don't forget we are still men, an she's still a women! I'm not hating I'm just saying! Lol
I like Chris Weidman (respect the LI), Rhonda Rousey, Stefan Struve, Uriah Hall, and Russell Doane.
Oh yah, Tracy Morgan getting arouse for some Rhonda Rousey.
I think just by knowing Rhonda rousey is next has me scared , oh there it went ! Now I got a bruised arm
Who are you & how did you get on this show? I hope Rhonda Rousey puts you in a choke hold for ruining the show
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does know Rhonda rousey is double timing on him with you?
*** man. Rhonda Rousey STAYS throwing hands. She's out there like Iron Mike was after turning pro.
Rhonda rousey should fight gabi Garcia
Rhonda Rousey a monster on UFC lmao
I'll love to be in the octagon with Rhonda Rousey
Rhonda Rousey should definitely be tested for testosterone
Rhonda Rousey is in the next Fast and Furious ๐Ÿ˜
I would bite Rhonda Rousey on the *** get lockjaw let her drag me to death
I'm hip I played the Demo. & his character free? What about that Rhonda Rousey girl?
when rhonda rousey on my TL she blesses it lawd have mercy she fine
You're not Rhonda Rousey lol shut up
I'm loving me some Rhonda Rousey, right about now!
Give her a year to train but I want to see Rhonda Rousey fight Serena Williams
Sara Del Ray and Rhonda Rousey just had an awesome match! (In the video game. In my Universe mode). I both love and hate this game SO MUCH
I've changed my answer. Triangle choked from the mounted position by Rhonda Rousey. Lemme know if Pete agrees.
the hope solo 911 call sounds like a sound clip from world war z. hope solo v Rhonda rousey in a broom stick match.
Apparently does have the Rhonda Rousey kit lol
Gina Carano, movie star and former MMA champion, looking to make a comeback against Rhonda Rouseyโ€ฆ
" I just want rhonda rousey to take me to a remote location and armbar me till my arm falls off and we have sex until i bleed out"
take this as a compliment but you guys look like bizarro Rhonda Rousey and Seth Rogan!
This book is amazing. I heard about it via Rhonda Rousey, no one stronger then her.
Wonder if is going to sign Hope Solo to fight Rhonda Rousey?
have you belted Rhonda Rousey? I know shes black in judo just curious if she has a Gracie BJJ rank yet.
I'm killin' people with Rhonda Rousey on PS4.
why don't you match up Rhonda Rousey with Cyborg... Which would be a real fight...
Feel like Rhonda Rousey's just nutted me in the jaw though. Much throbbing, such pain.
The Mma community can be so ridiculous sometimes. And quite frankly tacky/classless. Mayweather would punch Rhonda Rousey head off if he hit her. Do you people see what he does to grown *** men with 12oz gloves on?? Imagine if he hit her with 4 oz gloves. I know we think she's tough but remember she's a woman and fights women not men. Mayweather is one of the greatest boxers of all time. She is no where near that status, and honesty probably never will be.Why even ask who would win a MMA fight?
Dana White said Rhonda Rousey would not only beat Floyd Mayweather in a mma fight but hurt him bad as well.. lol idk I did see Mayweather tag up Big Show on WWF..
To my true fight fans. Who would win this fight? Floyd Mayweather vs Rhonda Rousey.
Rhonda Rousey would get killed by Floyd Mayweather! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Who would win Floyd Mayweather or Rhonda Rousey in the octagon ?
Dana (mcmahon) White just compared Rhonda Rousey to Oscar De La Hoya because she landed a good body shot? What a d bag.
Well I don't know what to think Rhonda Rousey won again tonight but the girl she was fighting was able to get up when herb Dean stopped the fight. Two fights before with Rory McDonald and Damian Maya he let McDonald take excessive punishment before stopping the fight in a championship fight you have to give both fighters the benefit of the doubt give them a chance to recover I understand the referee is acting in the fighters best interest But tonight I think it was fixed fight. McCann was hurt and took a couple of more shot shots but she still was able to defend herself so in my opinion it was a fixed fight why kill the golden goose when you still can milk it for all. It is worth. MMA is just as corrupt as boxing or it could be even worse.
With Derek Wilson in Kansas City watching UFC. Getting our grub on & gonna watch Rhonda Rousey whip dat azz!
Rhonda Rousey and Miesha Tate just fought for my love
Sports Talk MMA 01/02 Sports Talk MMA is back with an our 50th episode !!! Brad Barnes and Charles Smith are joined by special guest Bastos BJJ Fitness and Yoga coach Joshua Oppenheimer and Strikeforce, Legacy, UFC veteran Paul "The Headhunter" Buentello Topics this week include: -Anderson Silva's injury, will he retire ? -Rhonda Rousey's not shaking Miesha Tate's hand after their UFC 168 bout. -Bastos BJJ Midland's new Fitness and Yoga program. - What brings "The Headhunter" back to the Permian Basin and the status of his next fight. Make sure to check out the show on for a BONUS SEGMENT where Brad, Charles, Joshua and Paul make their 2014 MMA predictions. They are bold !!! E-Mail the guys at sportstalk
Look up "anecdotal evidence, why *** tell that to Rhonda Rousey or Miesha Tate
tell that to Rhonda Rousey or Miesha Tate.
I know I'm late but I just watched the Miesha Tate v. Rhonda Rousey rematch and I admit .. I was rooting for Miesha the whole time
Rhonda Rousey.trailer park mean muggin and yet classless
Warning. The picture below is brutal. Thatโ€™s Anderson Silva. He was fighting Chris Weidman for the UFC title last night on pay-per-view. Silva tried to kick Weidman and his shin just snapped. Iโ€™ve never seen anything like it. I was watching it live when it happened. Itโ€™s one of the few times Iโ€™ve spent $60 on a pay-per-view event. Actually the reason I was watching was to see the co-main event between Rhonda Rousey and Misha Tate. (That's Rousey just before the fight started) Can you believe it? Two women headlining a UFC event! If someone had told me a couple of years ago that someday two women would get top billing at an Ultimate Fighting Championship, I would have told them they were crazy. But right now Rhonda Rousey is probably the biggest name in the UFC. I always tell my daughters, that girls can do anything boys can do. Rhonda Rousey and Misha Tate are proof of that. And Iโ€™ll be honest their fight was worth every penny. (Rousey retained her title) I sure feel bad though for Anderson Sil ...
Miesha Tate vs. Rhonda Rousey - Good fight. I wud really, really love to see Miesha win but Rhonda is THE Ultimate Fighter! Peace.
Rhonda Rousey crushed Miesha Tate yet again alright!
Miesha Tate all day everyday, don't care if she lost. Rhonda Rousey is a ***
Rhonda Rousey thinks Miesha Tate is only in the fight with her because she has a "nice *** . Do you agree? -Mac-
Mark my words mma fans Holly Holm will be the destroyer of Rhonda Rousey .
Rhonda Rousey is a giant at people's pain!!
Observations from late night TV. Two Door Cinema Club is good. Rhonda Rousey is as dangerous as she is beautiful.
So just watched Rhonda Rousey on Jimmy Kimmel talk about getting into a fight at the movies. Her two friends, who just happen to coach mma and karate by the way, were confronted by some chicks boyfriends. How stupid did those dudes feel the next day. "Who kicked our *** " Lol.
Rhonda Rousey is a bit of alright.. I'm switched on..
26 more days till Rhonda rouseys vs Misha tate its on team rousey all the way
Rhonda Rousey is really pretty and she could whoop anybody's *** lol
Is it me, or has Misha Tate really got under Rhonda Rousey skin?
Cant wait for Rhonda Rousey vs Meisha Tate UFC december 28th. Hope Tate smashes some class into Rousey and stays away from her armbar. Team Tate!
Hi Emily! FYI - Rhonda Rousey is on Jimmy Kimmel tonight!!
The Rhonda Rousey hate is real on IG. Well deserved too.
I think can beat undefeated MMA Champ Rhonda Rousey! Will she ever fight again?
The 1:40 mark is why i love rhonda rousey, she's a fighter, tougher than a lot of guys I know, totally transcends gender
Even in a red Dress Rhonda Rousey looks like an angry tranny.
My prediction for Tate vs Rousey is Rhonda breaks Miesha's arm. What is yours Sensei?
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Seriously Rhonda Rousey v Miesha Tate is gonna be a blood bath... can't wait!!
Anybody want to have a UFC viewing party on the 28 to watch Anderson Silva's rematch with Chris Wiedman and the rivalry of Rhonda Rousey and Miesha Tate?
Rhonda could not hide the real Rhonda anymore... - Ronda Rousey doesn t give a *** about her bad reputation
Rhonda Rousey is hot. Miesha Tate is hot. After this season of the Ultimate Fighter, I now cannot stand Rhonda and think that Miesha is hands down the better person. And then once Rhonda said that Nate Diaz is her brother from another mother, that just confirmed my opinion of her. I seriously hope that Miesha kicks Rhonda's ***
...and her opponent, current champion, and future runner up. ARMBAR RHONDA ROUSEY. December 28th on PPV
After catching up on the UFC fights my dislike for Rhonda Rousey has grown immensely! I hope she loses every fight from here on out!!!
plze,plze,plze knock the snot out of Rhonda "the child" rousey! if she wasn't being a bully she was gveing the she 12!
Flight is delayed but I am getting to hang with Rhonda Rousey and the Diaz Brothers so I can deal with this!
Beyond excited for the Meisha Tate and Rhonda Rousey fight in December. Can't hardly wait๐Ÿ˜ฌ
With all of the talk about Rhonda Rousey's behavior during TUF18..Your opinion is really the only one that matters..Any thoughts?
Ok. I always make MMA bets w my other son Chris Drzewiecki so now we have the womens bout on Dec Chris I m taking Rhonda we have a bet? Xo
might want to get Rhonda Rousey a mentor to teach her how a champion should act. She's embarrassing.
I actually watched my first reality show! The Ultimate Fighter, Julianna is a beast, I bet she could beat Rhonda Rousey.
December 28th has some major fights. Meisha Tate and Rhonda Rousey fight again also Weidman v. Silva
I pray that Meisha Tate kicks Rhonda rouseys rear end when they fight. She is such an immature child
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Paul Walker dies in a car crash. Rhonda Rousey has her arm snapped. Chael Sonnen submits a champ.
I had the craziest dream lastnight.I was part of the womens UFC fighting team and was in the Ultimate Fighter house with Rhonda Rousey and Misha Tate. So Funny! Every time I would wake up and think"that was ridiculios" I would go back to sleep and start right back whete I left off. Guess it was my inner badass coming thru! Ha! Feeling a little rough this morning.
My only Christmas wish would be Miesha Tate taking Rhonda Rousey down in Dec. Someone needs to bring her down to earth!
Gotta love Rhonda Rousey, a decorated MMA champion, Olympic medalist, UFC title holder, and hates the world LOL
Famous white people in the Fast and Furious - Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordanna Brewster, Fast7 - Rhonda Rousey, Jason Statham
I would like to give a shout out to Julianna Pena the first female fighter to win " The Ultimate Fighter" in the UFC's women's bantamweight division. As I watched this season of TUF, I saw the other contestants talk crap about her and accuser her of lying and being the coaches favorite all because she was the most honest, hardworking and the most helpful team mate in the house.And to top it off she was the best looking girl on the show which was bound to cause jealousy. The scene looked like a bunch of high-school kids singling out one person for being different. Julianna was able to use this as motivation, and through each fight she was able to prove her naysayers wrong in a dominant fashion. To cap it all off she dominated the TUF finale by TKO ing Jessica Rackowzy witch vicious ground and pound. Hats off to you Julianna you went in there kicked *** took names, got a UFC contract, made your enemies crawl in a hole and made Rhonda Rousey look like an *** Nice Guys/Girls can finish first and Julianna' ...
Has Julianna from TUF leap-frogged Rhonda Rousey as the face of women's MMA?
I like Meisha Tate a lot more than Rhonda Rousey
Rhonda Rousey has the warmest personality I have ever seen
Watching is it just me or is Rhonda rousey coming off as a douch! ?
All I want for XMAS is for Meisha Tate to knock out Rhonda Rousey,a few teeth,and that smug elitist smirk off her face.
Looking at tate n rousey...i think Rhonda is going to win. I have to find vids of her fights though...
Rhonda Rousey is the most classless fighter ever
bro nate gave Maynard the business and Rhonda rousey needa relax lol
Wait did I hear that right? Rhonda rousey" women's fighting is the most exciting fighting in the ufc!" Is she on crack ? She is stupid it might be fun to watch from time to time but not that exciting
thanks for being professional tonight, I'd prefer you over Rhonda " the teenage bully"Rousey as the face of women's mma any day
Rhonda Rousey is so full of herself.. I am so glad she lost both the men's and women's finals. Now Meisha Tate needs to knock her out.
How sad is it that I am more exited for the Rhonda Rousey vs Misha Tate fight, than I am Christmas?
Yeah but I'm really hoping for Weidman to keep that belt, I think I'm more excited for the Meisha Tate & Rhonda Rousey fight ๐Ÿ‘Š
rhonda rousey So unprofessional. Dana White needs a new female representative. Grow up.
somebody either get Diaz some speech lessons or just don't let him speak ever. Sounds so unintelligent. Him and Rhonda Rousey.
People really don't like Rhonda Rousey... lol People misunderstand greatness
Can't wait to see how that fight between Rhonda Rousey and Mesha Tate will turn out on December 28. The hate is real between ๓พŒช๓พฎ–๓พญž
Congrats and love your professional attitude unlike rhonda cry babe huey rousey.
rhonda rousey I'm a fan and you made yourself look like a total *** Your a champ act like one
rhonda rousey *** is wrong with you? You made yourself look like such an *** on tv.
It's a good thing the TUF finale was already recorded otherwise I'd be upset bout Rhonda Rousey behavior.
Rhonda Rousey looks like a chick who would eat her own children!!!
This Fox Sports Live Ultimate Fighter Finale Show is the funniest thing I seen on television in a while. Funniest moment is when they told Rhonda Rousey she can go now.STRAIGHT COMEDY :D
Why is rhonda rousey such a cry baby. Like baby huey. Not professional at all.
Rhonda Rousey is such a poor sport. It's so much fun to see people like her lose at anything.
Rousey vs Tate. Meisha wins on tact alone. Tasteless how Rhonda addressed the panel on
And now that Rousey is gone it becomes the bag on Rhonda hour? Today's UFC more a promotion than a sport.
I do not like Rhonda Rousey. She is too stuck up
Rhonda Rousey looks a lot like Julia Stiles to me. More buff but still.
Rhonda Rousey says Gina Carano void? Umm hello? Santos?? Same chick that Rousey called out and then ran to a diff weightclass to avoid?
Rhonda Rousey has to be the stupidest chick ive ever seen on UFC!! She has no class what so ever...I sure hope Mesha Tate kicks her teeth in.
If tonight is an example of how Rhonda Rousey conducts herself in public then why would anyone wanna be near her? Stop acting!!
Diaz brothers are beasts!!! Both them always kickin ppls damm! & Rhonda rousey needs to commentate more often ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ lol
guessing some producer was in their ear saying "get Rhonda Rousey off the set, she has all the charm of a wet paper bag"
I'm sorry but I can't stand Rhonda Rousey .Yea she can fight but what a sour puss ,vindictive, poor sport she has shown to be.
doesn't look happy at all in the UFC aftershow interviews.
I went from a Rousey fan to a tate fan. Rhonda has no class
Rhonda Rousey is such a adolescent, immature baby...I really can't stand her. I really hope Mesha Tate defeats her so we can all watch her cry and make excuses.
Rhonda Rousey always seems to act like its that time of the month. I hope you knock her cocky bad attitude right out of her!!
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Something about Rhonda Rousey gets on my nerves.
I know.what does that have to do with Rhonda Rousey?
Rhonda Rousey is wack as *** ! I used to like her when she first entered the UFC but now not so much. Grow Up!!
I am watching this Rhonda Rousey and she is a capital B...but I like it!! Am I wrong for that?
Rhonda Rousey is a straight maniac.. hope she breaks tates arm again... 7 first round arm bars would be something special.
Rhonda Rousey Is a C bag I hope she gets that face kicked in so she won't be able open the *** she calls a mouth
I used to like Rhonda Rousey. Now I think she is just a stuck up wench who thinks she's better than everyone
Wow, Rhonda Rousey isn't doing herself any favors on this post-fight panel.
What the *** is up with Rhonda Rousey. I use to like her but she's a total a hole.
Grow up Rhonda Rousey!! Boo hoo you won't look at the camera you don't want to talk to anyone quit the roids you might become human and even a woman again!! You suck
Rhonda Rousey is a broken human being.
Loving the giants/Yankees all my life...I have equally detested the cowboys/red sox. After the poor sportsmanship of Nate Diaz tonight, I add him to the list of equally detested. Hearing rhonda rousey stand up for him, watch out...rhonda you may be added next. Good fights though.
Rhonda rousey gives judo a bad name way to cocky complete biotch!! Sorry I love judo and respect all fighters.
I love Live tv lol a chick in the crowd telling Rhonda Rousey to pull down her skirt oops
I know everyone hates Nate Diaz but I hope he wins, and I hope I'm watching when Rhonda Rousey gets punched in her eye and her mole pop's
I just finish watching the Ultimate Fighter!!! Who really think that Rhonda Rousey is going the let Mesha Tate win, after watching both of her fighter lose???
I really don't like Rhonda Rousey. I hope Meisha Tate kicks her butt in the octagon. She's such a mean, cold person!!
Sweet! Both of Misha Tate's fighters Male/Female has beat Rhonda Rousey's fighters to win season 18 of the Ultimate Fighter! Wouldn't it be a kick if Tate beat Rousey in December?
Rhonda Rousey can kick my *** anytime. .oops I wrote my thoughts again. Dam it!.well she can!
Man I hate Julianna Pena. Rhonda Rousey better whoop Miesha Tates *** aww this years Ultimate Fighter got me mad ugh.
Almst time for some chicka UFC...not no Rhonda Rousey but it'll do...Bro night!!
Rhonda Rousey looks like an ape in that red dress that she is wearing tonight... She does not represent herself or the sport well!!
Why can i not find the Rhonda Rousey Meisha Tate fight lol i have been watching whole season ufc finally on now but why can't i see their past fight so can see what to look forward to Dec 28 smh
Why does Rhonda Rousey face always look like she cased a fart through a bag of nails? New goal: become bad *** jujutsu fighter and beat Rhonda up! She's Such a B word..
Looking forward to the Rhonda Rousey/Misha Tate fight.they hate each other.
FINALLY getting around to uploading photos from our trip in July to Las Vegas for the 2013 UFC Fan Expo. First photos: Papa Tex with Alyssa & Tracy. 2nd photo: Alyssa & Tracy before entering the expo. 3rd photo: The girls with the current UFC Women's Bantamweight champion Rhonda Rousey. Last photo: Girls with another lady with power, Cat Zingano!
Rhonda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate, this Saturday provided by Earth Defense Force
Miesha Tate defeating Rhonda Rousey at UFC 168 in Vegas December 28th. Now that would be a great end to the year!
After seeing the way Rhonda Rousey has acted on TUF this season, not only do I hope for Miesha Tate to win, I hope she hurts her so bad that it ends her career
Watching from last night and I have such a lack of respect for Rhonda Rousey after seeing her on this show. Martial arts instructors work so hard to instill good sportsmanship in the kids they mentor and she completely lets it's all down. For someone who is supposed to be a role model and who is supposed to be a major face in the UFC she is a really horrible example of how to act. I didn't like Miesha Tate before this show and my opinion has changed about both.
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Dana Brody from homeland is Rhonda Rousey is 10 years.
How big of a star is Rhonda Rousey becoming? Just her on the cover of Maxim at the convenience store!
I don't care how tough Rhonda Rousey is. I bet Michelle Rodriguez could enter Thunderdome with Brock Lesnar and walk out.
Props to whoever booked Rhonda Rousey on the edition of The Jeff Probst Show airing today. (I didn't know he had a show)
Rhonda Rousey on the Jeff Probst show in a few min
4 things Rhonda Rousey can teach you about your companies brand.
He'll yea I'm ready for the Ultimate Fighter, Rhonda Rousey coming out and training just makes this episode even better โ˜บ๐Ÿ‘
Rhonda Rousey roommate to fight at Tuff-n-Uff's Mayhem in Mesquite on March 23. Get your tickets now.
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