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Rhodes Scholars

The Rhodes Scholarship, named after Cecil John Rhodes, is an international postgraduate award to study for selected foreign students at the University of Oxford.

Team Rhodes Scholars Cecil Rhodes Cody Rhodes Bill Clinton Alain Locke Rhodes Scholarships Northeastern University Malcolm Turnbull Damien Sandow

Soon, none will have a job & these aren't exactly Rhodes Scholars. What are any of them suffering besi…
How good can you be if TRUMP watches your uneducated *** Sorry, I like Rhodes Scholars who went to Stanford better than you.
...certainly not a gathering of Rhodes Scholars 😔
Breaking News - The trash Trump panders to, these people aren't Rhodes scholars. This is right in lin…
Nothing new here! They're all Rhodes scholars! I would love to join the commentary hubby sa…
Gro walk into club and size up all the Rhodes Scholars
We're getting very excited for where we welcome the new Class of 2017! Bios:…
Yes, the special snowflakes in Cali who cou…
Here's a hint: the world doesn't need any more Rhodes Scholars from Harvard.
They're mindless drones and not Rhodes scholars after all!
Rhodes College has teamed up with Brewster! We are so fortunate to have Rhodes students tutor our scholars weekly.…
It's not like any previous season of Big Brother contained a cast full of Rhodes Scholars. (2/2)
Yes being high school valedictorians, med school internists and Rhodes Scholars, however do they find the time to m…
Thanks for visiting . 12 Rhodes Scholars in the past 15yrs...impressive Mt.A!
Who knew we'd ever have a president who could so effortlessly make G.W.Bush sound like a Rhodes Schola…
ahhh more Rhodes Scholars taking a break from their studies.
.the level of immaturity you display publicly makes Beavis & Butthead appear to be Rhodes Scholars.…
Scholars from three universities look at gender, sex and power in Africa
The flagship university of a state 30th in education is top 10 in public school Rhodes Scholar graduates & 1st in National Merit Scholars
I hear that argued often: "OU has produced 29 Rhodes Scholars; no other university in Oklahoma has had more than three."
Instead of "my university has more national championships," I'd like to hear someone argue "my university has more Rhodes Scholars."
Dr. Menaka Guruswamy has earned the rare honor of having her portrait unveiled at Rhodes House in Oxford...
A beautiful, inspiring acceptance speech by .
For the first time, an Indian woman scholar's (portrait hangs at Rhodes House in Oxford…
Delighted that fellow women Rhodes scholars will now come here and see themselves represented on the walls…
He got Dashing, Grotesque, Rhodes Scholars, Brotherhood, and Stardust over. Sit down
I guess that proves even Rhodes Scholars can be lying, sleezy individuals...…
Just kids who are on their way to becoming Rhodes Scholars.
45 makes Kim Jong look like a Rhodes Scholar. No offense to all the Rhodes Scholars out there.
If I rolled a ball down hall at the EEOB, I'd hit enough Rhodes Scholars and former Sup. Ct clerks to field baseball team.
Next Generation!. Congrats Cameron Clarke! He is 1 of the 32 college students selected as Rhodes Scholars program https:/…
Meet one of the 11 Canadians named Rhodes Scholars this year: student and future mathematical physicist Matthew J…
"Son of undocumented Mexican immigrants among 2017 Rhodes Scholars"
This is hard. Would you trade Jonathan Stewart for Jamaal Charles? I'm Rhodes Scholars. Thanks.
Look at the portrayal of mafia guys in movies. Not Rhodes Scholars by any means. Same deal. Scammers are sleaze, get things.
to when and where Team Rhodes Scholars in
Farewell in Kingston w scholars to thank Mayanka (India) and Ashley (SA)!
so why are Rhodes scholars educated for free then? To drop their grades?
Lol. Ppl thinking Africa is the poorest continent is hilarious. Dumb Rhodes scholars.
Rhodes Scholars who went down '76-ish have started their 40th year reunion here in Aspen. Great beginning tonight.
i remember when they broke up Rhodes Scholars over the MITB match..only to have Sandow to lose on his cash-in
Team Rhodes Scholars are having a very good night.
Rhodes Scholars honored with special stamp
funny how these Rhodes Scholars like Mel and Bill Clinton become rapists.
Has anyone booked the Rhodes Scholars on the indies yet?
Bill and Hill are CIA groomed assets and Rhodes Scholars who studied together at Oxford. Destined to be evil.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
a tag team like this would need a great name like, Rhodes Scholars
I'm actually very happy Damien Sandow signed with I honestly couldn't see him in ROH but that means no Rhodes Scholars reunion on TV 😭
Proof positive that Rhodes scholars can be complete *** too
so I'm guessing you Rhodes Scholars don't watch the news lately about vile muzzie slashers huh?
Now all we need is to jump ship and we've got ourselves a Team Rhodes Scholars reunion (maybe) I'm not giving up on this one!
Still have my hopes up for a Team Rhodes Scholars reunion on the independents.
makes Slip and Sach sound like Rhodes scholars.
Houston and BYU fans make look like a bunch of *** Rhodes Scholars
These HG's... smh. They make the people in BB16 look like Rhodes Scholars. :D
I'd like to see Johnson on that stage as well. Johnson would make the other two look like brilliant Rhodes Scholars.
We know these guys are usually not Rhodes Scholars
Yes, because we are all convinced that Black&Hispanic communities are chocked full of Rhodes Scholars&Mensa members.
Man... Some of these PokemonGO Spoofers are Rhodes scholars. "Not Spoofing" in the title, "Jailbroken" device, "Super high spawn" location.
Inspired by Rhodes Scholars. One year, fully funded Master's in China.
tonight host the intellectual saviour of the masses, at 10pm GMT. Rhodes Scholars vs The Adams in October?
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
2 Rhodes Scholars from in 2 years. shows what they're up to.
Talbott, a former Time reporter who now runs Brookings, has known Bill since the two were Rhodes Scholars in 1960s.
Tom Cotton gives Rhodes Scholars a bad name. Also, he's an *** and a very dangerous person.
Compared to Trump, they're Rhodes Scholars, Nobel Prize winners, and Mensa.
What do busy girls really be doing? Cause if you got a basic job you can't really be busy after work and you not a Rhodes scholars
if Rhodes Scholars were picked on merit would not have made it
2) It is the ship that carried Bill Clinton, Bob Reich, Strobe Talbott & the other 37 Rhodes Scholars to GB in fall 1968.
Where does West Virginia hide the Starbucks? With the orthodontists, Rhodes Scholars and people who don't use the n-word?
I liked a video Rhodes Scholars in the 21st Century
Somehow I sense his parents weren't Rhodes scholars
Malcolm X Boulevard blacks make MLK Drive blacks look like Rhodes scholars by comparison.
Pretty sure he's not attracting Rhodes Scholars at his rallies.
Rhodes Scholars should be one and if Paul London didn't burn all his bridges I'd say him and Brian Kendrick
KU has educated 26 Rhodes Scholars – more than all other KS schools combined. .
What if sports teams had to help potential Rhodes Scholars the way that profs are asked to help football stars?
As home of the Rhodes Scholars, Oxford anti-Semitism contaminates the entire English speaking world & satellite nations.
Obviously a fresh batch of Rhodes scholars.
Yeah, most Rhodes scholars aren't too bright ,however I'm sure you've learned your colors
campaigned in Maine today. Rachel calls it "electoral malpractice." Those who aren't Rhodes Scholars call it incredibly dumb.
Greatness. For eg. We have the most Rhodes Scholars and Prime Ministers in the region.
He just pulls this stuff out of his...wherever, and the Rhodes Scholars behind him shake their heads,and go YUP, YUP
how many Rhodes scholars did it take to come up with that?
Another day of "Rhodes Scholars" @ this 66k sq-acre redneck "country club". W/ what I endure I could so go Amazing Randi @ a Trump rally.
So would you be happier going 7-5 every year with a team full of Rhodes scholars?
| AM - China's first Rhodes Scholars: the journalist, LGBT activist and lawyer fighting for social… https…
Is t possible that "The Boys" in the 6 man tag on night one of BOLA is Rhodes Scholars?
I hate Rhodes scholars with a passion the man Cecil Rhodes kills my ancestors by millions for 💎💎's and he's worshipped more then hitler.
& = Rhodes Scholars, who "are chosen ... for their character, commitment to others & to the common good"
The Rock gets into a battle of wits with Team Rhodes Scholars: SmackDown, Jan. 11, 2013
Finally reading Zero to One re: recommendation. Favorite quote so far "All Rhodes Scholars had a bright future in their past"
Hmmm... And he was Trump's 2nd choice. I love the morons who commented "Amen" obviously they're all Rhodes scholars
. First match of the card: The Rhodes Scholars collide. I'm in for a jolly good time.
Don't they know how old I didn't remember the Rhodes Scholars
Thinking of applying for a Hear what it is like from the Scholars:
They would make Lloyd and Harry look like Rhodes Scholars.
Do you think you really need to ask that question? Guessing they aren't Rhodes Scholars
U.S. Government. If you take away all the Rhodes Scholars (Fulbright, Marshall etc) & Ivy League Secret Societies, you are left with...?
& are Rhodes Scholars,J Bishop also like Mal worked for Goldman Sachs
Yes, this is its greatest gift. Now you feel no holy terror towards the Rhodes scholars.
. In my college people who could do everything were called Rhodes Scholars
This makes hillbillys look like Rhodes scholars this is photo of muzzy dude called echo chamber
u thnk any of the Rhodes Scholars postng here evn knw what Tiananmen Sq was? Theyre still strugglng w/readng Green Eggs &Ham😃
What can we say? KU has 26 Rhodes scholars, 5 nat'l basketball AND debate champs & hella Pokemon-lots to love on the Hill!
Two more Rhodes scholars, walking home from the library.
Oh really...? they really are ignorant upper class *** are'nt they Rhodes scholars an all 😂 ..
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Found the house where all the Rhodes scholars hang out. Weirdly enough I was not invited...
goes to a scholar productive career just as her husband & Obama are known as Rhodes Scholars
Rhodes scholars Dan, I'm sure if it. Logic & reason u tried were pearls cast before swine
ego, greed and other character defects can be used to control even Rhodes Scholars
Yes, Rhodes scholars like Bill Clinton are known as people who are easily played
Tip for emotional self-harm: read the bios of the most recent class of Rhodes scholars and ask yourself why you're not [1/2]
a small but tenacious committee of Rhodes scholars
I'd list them all but I don't have that much time in my day . You're the Rhodes scholars.
well Thomas Huxley coined the term "Agonistic" & he was 1 of the founders of Rhodes Scholars, go check ur wiki lol
You ever notice the cops never shoot any black MENSA members or Rhodes scholars?
weird, WVU has 25 Rhodes scholars to date and Mizzou has...1. Facts only.
Fun fact: UGA has 4 times as many Rhodes Scholars in the past 20 years (8) as GaSouthern has years left on probation
We will now hear from engaged scholars (professors and students) at in South Africa
yer Halliburton,forgot that one, DeBeers Rothschilds,Goldman Sachs=Macquarie . go back to Cecile Rhodes,Rhodes Scholars Mal Tone
UNDERSTANDING FICTION is a fine learning book. Compiled by Cleanth Brooks & Robert Penn Warren, who met in England as young Rhodes Scholars
Order Miche Bag Online!
Sound like a wonderful bunch. I'm sure those kids will grow up to be Rhodes scholars...
.Yes, it's for Rhodes Scholars like you.
Consecutive Rhodes Scholars PM yet on shaky ground as an election nears! needs to get his act together soon.
Brown has produced 7 Nobel Prize winners, 57 Rhodes Scholars and much more.
Yep just look at all those Rhodes Scholars flooding into Europe,how lucky is Europe
reunite Rhodes Scholars and book them properly!
Like Oh my god, the 10 cent brain sorority bus just dropped off about 10 Rhodes scholars at dillons. My ID literally just dropped
Seriously.. Tyler does make Trump's spokespeople look like Rhodes Scholars.
I understand we aren't dealing w Rhodes Scholars here but is Kylie Jenner mentally disabled?
Trump attracts the best & brightest of the American voter. Rhodes scholars all
Never fails...when 1 of these Rhodes scholars attacks sum1, its all fun . But the 2nd the victim strikes back..."Stop. That aint rite".
Staying the night in Oxnard, CA tonight, home of the Oxnard Comma, and Oxnard Univ Rhodes Scholars.
Oxford is... dining with Tsinghua postgraduates, meeting Rhodes finalists/scholars, feeling like a plebeian in the presence of demigods 😁
yeah and the Hillary and Sanders voters are Rhodes scholars lol
No doubt Rhodes scholars. They have brains and good sense. The photos are awesome. Thanks a million for sharing these! :)
.and a few Rhodes scholars too...Here's our lighthouse, chairs, my trio! Enjoy! Come back soon.
because she thinks her viewer(s) are all Rhodes scholars when in fact they're mindless drones unaware of story facts
First time in history prize winners and scholars feared unqualified
I'm so proud to know two of these Rhodes Scholars. I'm in awe 😭😭😭😭
50 Mandela Rhodes Scholars for 2016...from 14 African countries. Three new countries including Egypt. Ethiopia and Ghana !
Malcolm Turnbull is no better than Abbott. These Rhodes scholars are *** poor, human rights ignored and battered by this horrible pair.
they even make Bruins fans seem like rocket scientists and Rhodes Scholars
See it was a mandated school book but *** (not you) on here talking like they Rhodes Scholars cause they read it.
Columbia has 27 Rhodes Scholars. Sewanee has 26. Columbia is alot bigger. POUND FOR POUND CHAMPS UoS
graduates are everything from astrophysicists and composers to Rhodes Scholars... NBD! [
Well may the lord preserve us from Rhodes scholars returning to sow new seeds of British Imperialism here.
Hey, compared to the voters, they're Rhodes Scholars.
Congrats to CTYer Grace Huckins, who was chosen as one of this year's Rhodes Scholars!
1) i own a copy of the rhodes scholars register from 1903 to 1981. It was a sweet surprise gift.
"yes and the young lady he raped while he was at Oxford? He got kicked out of the Rhodes Scholars program…" — alex http…
thanks dear but these people are like Rhodes scholars. They all have minimum of mba, multiple disciplines Hons bachelor.
This Shaka and Rhodes comparison shows the intellectual bankruptcy among"scholars".Shaka widened Zulu nation and Rhodes killed millions
Inaugural Rhodes scholars from mainland China and 3 of the 4 are female. Wonderful to see!
OH FFS. Are we going to remove the Rhodes Scholar program? Redact the titles of all previous Rhodes Scholars?
What's too far to go for religion Is it the killing of *** There's no such thing as a little bit brainwashed even Rhodes Scholars
indeed I am! Learning everyday. Quite interesting to follow the devlopments with Oriel. Rhodes scholars here are very involved
Six Rhodes Scholars have come out of historically black colleges. Oh, wait, it's now 7!
not a chance. Two Rhodes scholars at Oxford are leading drive to have his statue removed there
.is proud of our two Scholars this year. Learn about these inspiring Penn students:
Like you realize Rhodes scholars and Rhodesia are named for the same imperialist *** right?
I mean, we've had some presidents with lame honors, like Rhodes Scholars or Nobel Prizes, but a WWE Hall of Famer? That is YOGE!
Good, though the mindset about Rhodes Scholars/PhDs is pervasive. Those titles shouldn’t carry the weight they do
If I could upload all my lesson plans onto youtube, add music and people falling, some of my students would be Rhodes Scholars
Congrats to Undergraduate Fellow, Garrett Lam, 1 of 5 from named Rhodes Scholars to study https:…
200 Rhodes Scholars release statement saying scholarship 'does not buy their silence'.
Out of the last 7 Australian PM's 3 have been Rhodes Scholars at Oxford. Bob Hawke. Tony Abbott and now. Malcolm Turnbull.
3 young Albertans chosen as Rhodes Scholars, one who is First Nations. History is made. We are proud.
Lexington senior among Rhodes Scholars for Class of 2016: A Northeastern University senior from Lexington,…
Rhodes Scholars have Mass. ties Jackson, of Lexington, Ky., is the first student at Northeastern University to win…
No chance in *** any of these Rhodes Scholars does any better than the Romneybot.
OSU's football team is just full of Rhodes Scholars
a Right Wing RedState education is no match to 180 IQ Rhodes Scholars, like Billary!
Rhodes Scholars and Skull and Bones.the elite got u by the brain and the balls.
Hmmm. I wonder how many future Rhodes Scholars were made good In Chicago this week? Lets check in with this past weeks Chicago Shot Clock a…
Trump makes Jeb & all the other GOP candidates look like Rhodes scholars.
Sharing my entrepreneurial journey with Mandela Rhodes Foundation 2015 scholars next Entrepreneur and…
couple of Rhodes scholars coaching up this one for our teams
more so if they are Rhodes Scholars.
Poor, uneducated people shop at Walmart. Did you think it was Rhodes Scholars?
Just over a week to go before interviews start to select our 2016 scholars! Congratulations to all shortlisted applicants
I understand what you're saying but you have to know their background. These aren't Rhodes scholars.
.By comparison to GOP candidates, Dems are Rhodes Scholars
that's bc the people in the office (one we called "Fat Butt") won't Rhodes Scholars
I dug around once to find out if Rhodes Scholars come out of private schools. Not the case, far as I could see. Public/Cda
wasn't born with as big a silver spoon as some, but Oxford Rhodes Scholars have good networks.
yeah but I am not dealing with Rhodes Scholars here. Plus they like pretty colors.
Since the year 2000, UAB has had more Rhodes Scholars named than any other university in Alabama.
Any new Scholars getting lost around this beautiful city? Terrific new map available:
When I look at the childish GOP candidates... I'm thinking they look like Rhodes Scholars.
do Rhodes Scholars run on the field to defend a coach? The Haden/Sark relationship is a bizarre one at best
"All Rhodes Scholars had a great future in their past" -
dude so full of himself ... Rhodes scholars aren't immune from stupid acts or their consequences.
Absurd? What do you know about Rhodes Scholars? I'm waiting for your list of skills.
Vitter and Jindal were both Rhodes scholars, so your Paw-Paw was onto something.
It's Rhodes scholars like this that make me confident we'll win
Breast Cancer Awareness
All are Rhodes Scholars. What bright, intelligent eyes. Didn't the Bergdahl 5 have the same eyes?
Rhodes Scholars, Oxford, and the Creation of an American Elite, Schaeper, K, Sch
looking at the list of Rhodes scholars not much of an accolade
They *both* should have been Rhodes Scholars. I read they didn't accept women at the time.
Easy way to think about selection bias: Imagine UK study of Rhodes/Marshall scholars reaching conclusions about American student values
feel free to send out this link of Rhodes Scholars that proves Florida State has more than Miami
feel free to send out this link. The number of Rhodes Scholars from all schools. FSU 5. UM- 2
I think Joyce mounting the argument that because Turnbull and Abbott are Rhodes scholars they will end up talking to each other/ being cool
Atleast you guys still lead the nation in national Rhodes Scholars?
Hey any of your Rhodes Scholars tackle or coach?
And Rhodes scholars are foisted back on turdworld for subversion ex:cc:
appreciating a new generation of Rhodes scholars: This on HT
"All Rhodes scholars had a great future in their past." An unconventional path - by choice or necessity - immeasurable gains
Which tag team did you have the most fun in, Miz and Mizdow or Team Rhodes Scholars?
Do you think you'll ever reform Rhodes Scholars with Cody?
God knows we don't want any Rhodes Scholars!!
Exeter College is home to a number of Rhodes Scholars. Find out more about Rhodes Scholarships!
Cecil Rhodes and all his Rhodes Scholars were lizards, as were Ted Heath (jet black eyes), Benazir Bhutto, Michael Gove - I can believe that
Jefi Knights are the Rhodes Scholars of science fiction - a tool for the imperial centre to inculcate and control colonial citizens.
drivers here make potatoes look like Rhodes Scholars
No idea who his mentors were. Many decent Rhodes Scholars shouldn't be disregarded just because of Abbott's antics.
Thats why we elect Rhodes scholars and the head of Harvard law review.
I liked a video Team *** No attacks Team Rhodes Scholars during a follow-up evaluation with Dr.
No, no, I totally get it. (Antinomies?) I had a job in college that included "helping" edit Rhodes Scholars application essays...
To the current Scholars coming for the problem solving techniques session this evening - best start warming up the brain cells now!
are you insinuating that Kentucky s players aren't Rhodes scholars
Commends the university on number of Rhodes Scholars and National Merit students.
All of his life he's blamed someone else. Women-Poor-Non Rhodes Scholars- Australiàns etc..
I thinks the Rhodes Scholars should ask for a refund.
16 & pregnant. these two Rhodes scholars are stating obvious things. "We're too young, babies are expensive"
Three from Headed to Oxford as Rhodes Scholars via
Crazy talk. The highest job in the US doesn't require a college degree? I want Presidents to be wicked smart Rhodes scholars.
Obama's State Dept spokesgirls make valley girls look like Rhodes Scholars.
I can see why these Rhodes Scholars don't want to use their real names
It can only mean one thing. Team Rhodes Scholars.
They need to bring Rowan and Harper and Rhodes Scholars back.
Prime Time Players actually go back a while. They were together before the Rhodes Scholars
Now, THESE jagoffs make your IUP jagoffs look like Rhodes scholars:
Rhodes scholars reunion? Cody as stardust and Damien as his stunt double?
I'd love it if Cody Rhodes went and grabbed "Mizdow" slapped some sense into him and reform Team Rhodes Scholars
Cody has done every gimmick so well! From The Legacy to "Dashing" Cody Rhodes to Team Rhodes Scholars to Stardust and everything in between!
Let's see - went to Oxford as Rhodes scholars, had 3 kids, pro-privatisation, no carbon tax
Dissonance btwn disease burden and RCT diseases in global south via (team of scholars!)
Don't they teach Rhodes scholars about the French Revolution?
Tony Abbott in 17 months has forever destroyed the reputation of studies at Oxford/Rhodes scholars!
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Wouldn't it be great to see a Rhodes Scholars reunion?
any of you metal scholars know the band Rhodes was in pre-Ozzy?
Cody Rhodes has actually been in so many tag teams. Hardcore Holly, Legacy, with Drew McIntyre, Rhodes Scholars, and Goldust
the reunion of Rhodes scholars v miz and goldust so we don't have to choose between either story line
Also "kids from the WHL aren't exactly Rhodes Scholars"
5 black students have been selected as Rhodes Scholars. via roots
People are saying that the Black students named Rhodes Scholars this year should decline the scholarship because of Cecil Rhodes' legacy.
This year, 32 Rhodes Scholars were picked to receive a scholarship to pursue studies in all fields at the...
Congrats to US Rhodes Scholars elected Saturday Cecil Rhodes wanted Scholars with "instincts to…
Might have 2 B The Rock doing trivia w/ Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes when they were Rhodes Scholars
Ole Miss is home to the “Most Beautiful” college campus in the country, 25 Rhodes Scholars, two Manning’s, three Miss America’s, John Grisham and William Faulkner, has hosted a national presidential debate, and its medical center was the site of the first heart and lung transplants, but many will te…
LOL, quick switch there for Main Event, *** No vs, Rhodes Scholars for the titles instead of Cody vs, Kane,
Photos and Prof. Leonard Harris, biographer of Alain Locke, placing dirt over Alain Locke’s urn at Alain Locke Interment, Congressional Cemetery, Washington, DC, September 13, 2014. The author (Christopher Buck) watched, as Prof. Harris spoke softly, but audibly, to Alain Locke, saying words to this effect:, “For years, since 1982, I’ve looked for you. I sought you everywhere. I searched for you all over America. I looked for you in Africa. I searched for you in India. I have finally found you, here.” Photo by Takur Buck. Photo Alain Locke scholars, Prof. Leonard Harris (left) and author, Christopher Buck (right), as Taraz Buck looks on, at private reception held by the Association of American Rhodes Scholars at The Hotel George, Washington, DC, following Alain Locke’s interment at Congressional Cemetery, Washington DC, September 13, 2014. Taraz told Prof. Harris that he (Taraz) started wearing bow ties after seeing a photo of Prof. Harris sporting a bow tie on his faculty page. Photo by Takur . ...
It went OK thanks. Small group of Mandela Rhodes scholars. I'm keen to see whether they're willing to take action
I would like to raise a race of super intelligent giants. So I'm only interested in Rhodes scholars over 5'10"
Some props for a undergraduate degree and the Lehman Scholars Program (
College football players have become four-star generals, astronauts, doctors, lawyers, educators, Rhodes Scholars.
and recent Rhodes scholars gather in tribute to first black Rhodes, Alain Locke
They all will come from either people with no children or parents of Rhodes Scholars. No in between.
Mandela Rhodes scholars with Kuyasa students and sponsors from Allan Gray
Speaking to Rhodes Scholars: Chris Galvin ex Chair Motorola says "18thC Scottish enlightenment is source of western values"
Proving that not all Rhodes Scholars are intelligent.
The Legionnaires remind me of a French version of the Rhodes Scholars
Undefeated, like USC. BTW, Oxy has 10 Rhodes Scholars, 25% more than USC, which is 20X larger. U know I luv SC, tho
Nah, this is mean: How many USC football alumni serve in the U.S. Senate, were Rhodes Scholars, or just have JDs ?
President Obama is the Best since Clinton, both Rhodes scholars Get the Info, think it through, make a plan, then open your mouth smart man
Nick Rhodes and ... Weird puppets? Film scholars may be divided on this...
I had a normal Team Rhodes Scholars playlist and one of the songs is Birthday Sex I am SCREAMING
Morgan State is number One among HBCUs in producing student Fulbright Scholars--132 students. Our next goal is to produce R…
lol there is no hard brothas at Tech... these are facts. Them fools all got 27 on their ACT's and are Rhodes Scholars
EvilFitBit Sez: These are dogs that listened to the advice of an evil electronic device. Not exactly Rhodes Scholars.
The women behind me are discussing celebrity babies. Couple of Rhodes scholars here
Fired up by the brilliance of the Mandela/Rhodes scholars. These are not Future leaders. They are ready NOW!
"What the Rhodes Scholarship means to me" - Scholars talk about their experience:
good. Let's hope the ppv numbers support that. But man that TMT team. Real Rhodes Scholars in that group. Lots of perspective
Just a reminder that the NFL is down with wife beaters like ray rice, but shuns Rhodes scholars like Myron Rolle...
looks like you were talking to a bunch of Rhodes Scholars today. Ugh, sentiments like this make me crazy!
Here is a list of Top female Rhodes scholars :) with only 1 Indian female. Offered without comments .
Aren't Rhodes Scholars supposed to have a talent in addition to being academically strong?
It's Game day! OU has produced 29 Rhodes Scholars. The University of Tulsa has produced 2. I hope we beat Tulsa by 27 again…
Since being established in 1837, Davidson has produced 23 Rhodes Scholars:
Did you know?The University of Alberta has produced 67 Rhodes Scholars?
The Vaudevillains is rivaling Rhodes Scholars for best tag team name of all time.
How about that. Wonder how many presidents have also been Rhodes scholars...
No Democracy Rodney Jackson shared... Every black child in grade school is taught Adolph Hitler killed six million Jews and is the worst human being that ever lived. On the other hand our children are taught “The Right Honorable” Cecil Rhodes the founder of the De Beer diamond company in South Africa who killed ten times that number of Africans is a hero and a statesman and if they study hard and do well in school they may be eligible to win Rhodes Scholarships the oldest and most celebrated international fellowship awards in the world. They don’t mention the scholarships are paid for with the blood of their ancestors. Interesting sidenote that both Clintons are Rhodes Scholars.
Northern NJ man among 32 new Rhodes Scholars - "I was very shocked when I learned I had won," Yao, 21, told The...
Really love Cody Rhodes as Stardust. I do miss Team Rhodes Scholars, though.
Hey, Any Rhodes Scholars out there learn in your studies the roots of your scholarship?
Cecil Rhodes, whom the Rhodes Scholars are named after has committed genocide amounting in the tens of millions. Worse than Hitler.
And we have Rhodes Scholars. Our dude, unfortunately, is a Rhodes Scholar. Understand and understand why he can only come up with my brother's keeper skipping his sisters. smh.
"I think between us, Bill Clinton and I have settled any lingering myths about the brilliance of Rhodes scholars." -Kris Kristofferson
Josh Whitman excited to be at a place that produces "Rhodes Scholars and national championships."
A list of the 32 American students who were named Sunday as Rhodes Scholars, according to the Rhodes Trust:
Two Rhodes Scholars will accept their degrees at today's historic ceremony:
The Mandela Rhodes Foundation apartment. A quiet space for reflection for sojourning Scholars
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