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Rhodes Scholar

The Rhodes Scholarship, named after Cecil John Rhodes, is an international postgraduate award for study at the University of Oxford.

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This is Thomas Dowling of Beverly neighborhood, newly minted 2018 Rhodes Scholar -- watch his story tonight
Considering the time Nellie Ohr, Bruce's spouse, spent in Russia -- is she a Russian agent?. Which reminds…
Wow another Hollywood Rhodes Scholar heard from. Maybe he and Rosie can cry on each other’s shoulder. Try…
An FSL Success Story! Former student and graduate is among the most recent recipients of one of Can…
Oh yeah you look like a real Rhodes Scholar 😂😂 the poorly educated and old people vo…
Eileen Wellstone was 19 when a young Rhodes Scholar from Arkansas raped her. He was quietly removed from Oxford and the countr…
Regardless of where one comes from, "[a] leader's accomplishments are a testament to planning and hard work.".
Ok yea we have zero education. We have two former players who are doctors. Myron rolle Rhodes…
The Rhodes Scholar, Cher, probably can’t add 2 and 2 and come up with the right answer! Poor…
Wow, if only their was a Rhodes scholar who had his or her own hour news program on TV to cover somet…
It proves you can be a Rhodes Scholar & still be a dolt.
Don’t think Tyson is any sorta Rhodes Scholar...
Maddow is a Rhodes scholar, so I would hope she doesn't believe it. She knows her job i…
When you get to see a genuine Rhodes scholar like
You are an outright liar! And you have the fear of confusion?. Don't you claim to be a Rhodes scholar?.
. Ah, you must be the designated orator. Well stated. You bring such dignity to the discussion table. Rhodes scholar?
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Exactly! That's why people like Maddow are the absolute worst. Sh…
I want to read at least 20 books over break. I had a peer who read 100s during winter break and he ended up being T…
Who was that, that was a Rhodes Scholar??
ANOTHER disastrous example of Israel as an state:. Lian Najami, a proud Arab-Israeli who grew up in Haifa i…
"I feel that my responsibility both at the academy and in society is to be an advocate for positive messages." Simone Askew,…
Jelani Monroe was selected as one of the winners of the 2018 Rhodes Scholarships to study at Oxford University...
Fun fact: Only 12 colleges/universities in the nation have had a Rhodes Scholar in two of the past three years: Harvar…
NYC has a Rhodes Scholar! Thamara Jean of Old Mill Basin, Brooklyn. 👏 A product of our public schools and, you guessed i…
Congratulations to Huntsville's Matthew Rogers. The Auburn University student was named a Rhodes Scholar, one of on…
And Kim Beazley is a Rhodes Scholar as well as former am assador to the US.
The flagship university of a state 30th in education is top 10 in public school Rhodes Scholar graduates & 1st in National Merit Scholars
Hearing from Lt.Gen. Michelle Johnson, Rhodes Scholar, at Chapel Talk today. Wise and wonderful counsel.…
Aryn Frazier will head to law school after 2 yrs of study as a Rhodes Scholar at University of Oxford.
This is so smart. I'm going back to school, choosing all "A's", & I'll be Phi Beta Kappa. Maybe a Rhodes Scholar, too.
Rachel earned BA & is Rhodes Scholar w/Doctorate from OXFORD UNIV. . Hannity col…
trump is amazing...he makes W look like a Rhodes Scholar...Nixon look like Saint Richa…
Tracy Morgan said retarded people are strong. THEY ARE. There's a reason you don't call it 'Rhodes Scholar strength.'
Some college? Rhodes Scholar. Phd in political science. Of…
is a Rhodes Scholar. is a 2x college dropout . Enough said.
has doctorate in politics from the University of Oxford.Rhodes Scholar. Uses Facts. Hannity a college drop out.…
Rachel Maddow is a Rhodes Scholar with a PHD from Oxford. Sean Hannity is a college drop out.
Need some inspiration today?. From poverty to Rhodes Scholar, the amazing journey of Caylin Moore:
Rachel Maddow graduated from Stanford Univ in Public Policy ▶️ Rhodes Scholar and Oxford…
Hey Sean, put her head between your legs and kiss your *** goodbye. College dropout- Rhodes Scholar!
End poverty! Do you remember when Bob Hawke was Prime Minister. I do believe he was a Rhodes Scholar.
Rhodes Scholar and war vet Wes Moore named CEO of Robin Hood Foundation
Do you know Mike Fitzpatrick is a Rhodes Scholar. Do you even know what that is?
45 makes Kim Jong look like a Rhodes Scholar. No offense to all the Rhodes Scholars out there.
Phi Beta Kappa at Stanford. Rhodes Scholar at Oxford with (PhD in Philosophy). Knows what a Double Negative Means,. A…
..don't forget the over-educated like Susan Rice [Stanford, Phi Beta Kappa, Rhodes Scholar]. Character is n…
She went to Stanford, was Phi Beta Kappa and a Rhodes Scholar [like Bill Clinton]. The most h…
Could be y'all never had a Rhodes Scholar is because all your best candidates keep looking up Roads Scholarship. We…
She makes Rep Hank Johnson look like a Rhodes Scholar. Hank was the one who said Guam would flip and turn upside down.
.mechanical engineering senior & athlete Kirk Smith reflects on his win as a Rhodes Scholar.
OK. No one thinks Laura Bush is stupid, either. Clinton may have been a dog, but the dog was a Rhodes Scholar. Perry? No.
Ilhan Dahir is Somali, Rhodes Scholar, and She Makes Ohio and the USA Proud -
Very inspiring young TCU athlete - Love what he has been able to dream and accomplish
Catherine Herridge is so far ahead of Kelly in all aspects of reporting that is is analogous to a Rhod…
This is an incredible story. Caylin Moore should be inspiration for anyone who wants to achieve more out of life
TCU's Rhodes Scholar Caylin Moore, in jersey, on field (back row) at Sugar Bowl for being on Allstate AFCA Good…
SCHOLARSHIP - There’s no road map to becoming a Rhodes Scholar
Omar, the First Somali-American Legislator in the US, was Sworn in Today
I know! I had admired the wisdom of this Rhodes Scholar but she isn't wise enough to see past his BS. Yawn! 🤓
Another great article featuring TCU’s Rhodes Scholar
Med school grad forgoes residency, chooses to homeschool her autistic son. Now he's a Rhodes Scholar
Read Jory's transformation story from going nonverbal to verbal and being a Rhodes Scholar along the way!…
Inspiring example for young athletes and students. TCU Safety and now Rhodes Scholar, Caylin Moore.
My mom on the Bonus Episode: Oh Hello! "Those two were kinda whiny, they made PeeWee Herman look like a Rhodes Scholar."
Found out ex-fiancee has a son who is a Rhodes scholar at an Ivy, daughter who is an intl model. I'm a bachelor. Winning!😁
The wrote an article about Capstone Fellow and Rhodes Scholar Wow!
so this dude has failed 3 drug tests admin by nfl & missed 1. I guess he is a Rhodes Scholar
"There's something bigger to fight for. I want to be part of that." Rhodes Scholar Emmie Mediate.
Autistic child becomes a Rhodes Scholar, credits his Mom.
Ahmed Ahmed is recognized by the school board. The 2013 JM grad was named as a Rhodes scholar in November.
Top story: Rhodes Scholar’s Mother Helped Him With Autism Breakthrough - WSJ see more
"Just because u live in the 'hood, the hood doesn't have to live in you." Hey get him on your team.
Rhodes Scholar’s mother helped him with breakthrough via
Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar who graduated from Yale with a law degree. Hillary graduated from Yale with a law degree 1/2
engineering student off to Oxford next year as a Rhodes Scholar.
Compliments to new Rhodes Scholar. Follow his Sunday metro column, Fit City, covering unlikely fitnes…
AO: Yale University names building after Little Rock Central High student and Rhodes Scholar who was killed in 1984.
Dear Trump,. A son of 2 UNDOCUMENTED Mexican immigrants was just chosen as a Rhodes Scholar. The kid is BRILLIANT.
Student from Arkansas selected as Rhodes Scholar for 2017: LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - A college student from Arkansas…
realize Bill Clinton, Rhodes Scholar, Cecil Rhodes used it to groom students to become politicians to push NWO~
Aussie PM Tony Abbott is a Rhodes Scholar - a recruiting ground for CFR globalists
*** abound in the RNC. Sean Spicer makes Kevin McCarthy look like a Rhodes Scholar.
It is never accurate to call BC a "Rhodes Scholar" bc he didn't complete the program.
obviously a Rhodes Scholar well versed in constitutional law. I wish he'd say this to my face in a public debate
Yeah, I'm not sure it's an act. Tony Abbott is a Rhodes Scholar, after all.
He's painted into a corner now. You don't have to be a Rhodes Scholar in politics to realise that.
And this buffoon is a Rhodes scholar. Aunty, do you even know who Gorbachev is?
Clinton (Bill) likes Stage... A Rhodes Scholar should have thought things through !!!
That's a bit like "Be a Rhodes Scholar. This is Afghanistan"
Kirby was also a Rhodes Scholar in a previous life.
Two Corinthians walked into a Seven Eleven and . . Good grief, is making W sound like Rhodes Scholar!
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Obama has a Nobel Peace Prize. Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar; Cecil Rhodes was a racist!...
Bernie Sanders attacks Bill Clinton as "obscene." True but also a Rhodes scholar.
Anyone surprised that a supposedly intelligent man (Rhodes Scholar!) has revealed himself to be so singly motivated by status/power?
Some interesting things here. Good to know I have a Rhodes Scholar as my peace maker, and my oldest friend as my...
Anyone who grew up in a trailer park dominated by two women and became a Rhodes scholar--Bill.
Well, what more would you expect from a Rhodes Scholar.
Randall Pinkett has 5 degrees- 3 engineering degrees an MBA and a degree from Cambridge. He is a Rhodes Scho…
or you could call it Rothschild connection which gives you Carte Blanche around the world Rhodes scholar, Ak Gov, Presidency
Chuck, your too cool for school (in your mind). You make *** Gregory look like a Rhodes Scholar. Don't take a second mortgage.
At this point, Trump is a Rhodes scholar compared to Bernie...
Then there is journalist/former Rhodes Scholar/Democratic Party political advisor George Stephanopoulos.
Throw them in jail, maybe. Difficult to wrap your mind around, even for a Rhodes scholar.
odd a Rhodes scholar couldn't figure out the lawyers were the only ones that were gonna get paid
Bob Rae may be a Rhodes Scholar but I'm a Fulbright Scholar. He is not smarter than me. He's not more decorated than me:))
. Magaziner is an old Bill Clinton chum (fellow Rhodes scholar) figuring prominently in recent Clinton charity shenanigans 2
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I think has a point. You shouldn't have to be a Rhodes Scholar to learn/understand primary rules.
A little, but they couldn't be anything like his when he was thrown out of Oxford and lost his Rhodes Scholar
Has anyone fact checked all of Dechambeau's math and physics he is constantly sharing? Just doesn't seem like a Rhodes Scholar to me.
Compared to other senators like Abetz & Cormann & Cash is a Rhodes Scholar.
There is truth in the ABC you don't have to be a Rhodes Scholar to see the changes.
Rhodes Scholar. First lady of Arkansa. First lady of the US. Healthcare Advocate. Congress women. Secretary of State
Bill is a Rhodes Scholar. He got into Oxford with his smarts & hard work, not his money.
Indiana Legends: Richard Lugar. He was an Eagle Scout , Rhodes Scholar, and Statesman. Another Shortridge High School graduate.
Rufus Farmer and Erica Mines of took on Bill Clinton at Philly rally for Hillary. Great job, exposing the charlatan Rhodes Scholar.
"Hillary's stupidity make Rep. Hank johnson look like a Rhodes Scholar. She was a complete failure as Sec…" — Bojac
Senior rower Jenna Hebert is profiled in American Sports Network as the 5th Penn student athlete Rhodes Scholar.
Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar, he speaks English. If he was referring to Republicans he'd have said them.…
Wonderful evening in Macon, Ga. to see Jimmy Robinson inducted into GSHOF. Great GT player, Rhodes Scholar candidate, N…
OH FFS. Are we going to remove the Rhodes Scholar program? Redact the titles of all previous Rhodes Scholars?
Robert Reich is a Rhodes Scholar, which, if you know anything about the Cecil Rhodes Scholarship/Foundation,...
His record of experience extends much further he was also a Rhodes Scholar.
Yeah, he looks like a future Rhodes Scholar.
Wills faction fight a case study:Rhodes scholar with ALP leadership potential,unaligned,to be shafted by culturally opposed faction stooges.
never in doubt snags!! 😀Wonder if they would ever consider scrapping The Rhodes Scholar Award in The States?
I was loving it. He's so smart, you know. Rhodes Scholar and all.
Today, as we remember all who we lost, we mark a somber 30-year anniversary – the loss of space shuttle
Are you next Rhodes or Marshall Scholar? Come to our info session:
More press for our favorite Rhodes Scholar, Mr Russell Bogue. Go Russell!
. Kerry makes that *** Al Gore, look like a Rhodes scholar!
Rhodes scholar asks, 'How do you leave? Asking for a friend'
And to think I once bragged about Flint having a Rhodes Scholar mayor. It's Weaver who has been particularly impressive.
he says so many ignorant things, and when he is called out people say but he is a Rhodes Scholar! He must be smart - SMAT
Rhodes Scholar same boat.. Abbott and afl boss Mike Fitzpatrick both qualified there-as
Yep. Rhodes scholar material for sure lol
Genocide scholar says Israel's teaching of the Holocaust fosters racism, perpetuates victimization and isolationism https…
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A UVA student is among a highly prestigious group that will study overseas next fall as a Rhodes Scholar.
Thank U to TRMS. Being a Rhodes scholar means nothing unless you're willing to put your life's advantages in the road. UR the best.
Wills' members demand democracy, and can win: Factional activist likely for safe Labor seat via
that typo Is gonna hurt your rhodes scholar credentials Dr
Tell your partner there Rachel Maddow ia a Rhodes Scholar.
One often comes across people who make "Anyway" appear meaningless, but I've always believed this Rhodes scholar
That's America's trouble, it's forgotten is revolutionary roots: culled from a . Rhodes Scholar, Kris Kristofferson.
Even "Rhodes scholar" loses credibility when she omits parts of stories. Misleading viewers is lying.
Colin Higgins, a 2011 MHS graduate who was recently selected as a Rhodes Scholar, was recognized by the Board of...
If someone is a Rhodes scholar it is reason to be suspicious of them, not that they are virtuous.
Rhodes Scholar Rapist kicked out of OXFORD 4 raping 19 yo Eileen Wellstone
Who should tell him not to? The man is a Rhodes scholar ffs. Let him speak and with luck the people of Warringah will judge him.
Sorry, no way Tiberius is a Rhodes scholar - just sayin'.
Yes!! Rhodes Scholar, take no dirt, bold...let's get her to tahe on candidates.
saw this for the first time on the highway way north Toronto a few days ago coming from cars and streetlights.
Dustin is heading up Model UN, soon-to-be-Rhodes-Scholar, and who knows what.
One of the strangest phenomena in nature: (VIDEO) It's called a brinicle and it looks so cool!
Rachel is a Rhodes Scholar, she is a Dr. I am pretty sure she understands Bernie can not be President!
He was a Rhodes scholar for being punched in the head. Certainly not for Geography!
it's gonna be a tough choice! what exactly is the Rhodes Scholar? I've heard of it, but I'm not exactly sure what it is
Hope all is going well at Oxford for our 87th Rhodes Scholar. Are you able to join me tomorrow in London for an alumni dinner?
EXCLSUIVE: Rhodes Scholar Sherona Forrester on her past, present and future:
Klansmen are no Christian than a bullfrog is a Rhodes Scholar!
Did you know wifi signals are carried by light in the microwave frequency range?
Blue Origin plans dozens more test flights before carrying people aloft.
Edmonton student first-ever First Nations Rhodes scholar from Canada
Rhodes scholar consultants hearing how to work with thanks to the generosity of
Names in the News: A former Wilson High School student who went on to Harvard and became a Rhodes Scholar visi...
Congratulations to MSU women's soccer team captain Sarah Kovan, who has been named a Rhodes Scholar:
Oh, good! A Rhodes Scholar and wanting Rhodes' statue taken down; what would Cecil John Rhodes make of that, I wonder! SMH
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Too late! Oxford University damaged its standing on the day it accepted Tony Abbott as a Rhodes Scholar
Virginia Squash fourth year Russell Bogue's selection as 2016 Rhodes Scholar featured on US Squash. Check it out.
"I could have been a Rhodes Scholar except for my grades." . [Duffy Daugherty]
U of A pupil first First Nations student to be named a Rhodes Scholar
Rice has a Rhodes Scholar! Congrats Tom Carroll. Carroll is a senior double majoring in biochem & classical studies.
Congrats Kevin for being selected as a Rhodes Scholar--BRAVO!!
Congrats to Charleston Catholic alum, Jennifer Head, for her nomination from WVU as a 2015 Rhodes Scholar.
I never thought it possible, but John Kirby is making Marie Harf look like a Rhodes Scholar.
Pat Haden is a Rhodes Scholar. He's also a terrible leader of an athletic department …
Tom Herman please. Let the Rhodes Scholar hire the Mensa.
Hey I may not be a Rhodes Scholar but I can tell when someone's drunk.
He's a Rhodes Scholar! . No, actually. I'm saying I don't understand and I'm trying to.
You can be a Rhodes Scholar but you can't pick a head coach out of a box turnips..Way to go Pat Hayden!!
Thanks for answering my questions about
Right on, Joel. Why does SC keep hiring Pete's ASSISTANT coaches and expect them to be good HEAD coaches? Duh. Rhodes Scholar...
Rhodes Scholar concerned with style and media handling? Never got that.
If people knew had a problem, why did and Mr. Rhodes Scholar hire him? Esp. after the Kiffin debacle
apparently Rhodes Scholar does not apply towards individual evaluation.
"Who would fire such a reasonable and intelligent man? Don't you know he's a Rhodes Scholar?"
The world according to Ramona: Rhodes Scholar = someone who travels alot.
These transient vortices are in the way of my steady-state solution! Grrr...
you have to be *** smart to be a Rhodes scholar. He just didn't end up being right for the AD job
Aside from the fact that he is a Rhodes Scholar?
Pat Haden is a freaking Rhodes Scholar. As my Paw-Paw once said, there are a lot of really dumb smart people in this world.
How massively huge, complex and difficult is big time college football? A Rhodes Scholar has effed up a wet dream in
Hillary keeps putting a new spin on things just keeps twisting the truth to her favor, Husband Bill was a Rhodes Scholar
it’s astonishing to me that he was a Rhodes scholar.
He's not exactly a Rhodes Scholar, is he now!
Ever wonder how we got the lunar rover to the moon?
Good only. Roads Scholar is street smart. Not Rhodes scholar. WAH WAH. Irshaad.
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You don't have to be a Rhodes scholar to know Sarkisian had to go
Too bad Rhodes Scholar Pat Haden didn't notice that BEFORE he signed him.
My family thinks I'm so much smarter than I am. My papa just told me to apply to be a Rhodes scholar.
You don't need to be a Rhodes Scholar to figure out Writers are using incidents to target Modi. Nothng More Nthing Less.
After the example of Louisiana's governor, I'm not sure I'd advertise "Rhodes scholar. . ."
82nd Airborne paratrooper and Rhodes Scholar Wes Moore coming to on Nov 9.
Rhodes scholar and former Premier Danny Williams: Stephen Harper, a prime minister we can't trust | The Toronto Star
And to think that Pyush was once a Rhodes Scholar! Conservative thinking makes you dumb
Attend our event. Rhodes Scholar, businessman, former Captain
Is it mandatory to be a Rhodes Scholar to lead the LNP now?
His stench lingers. Abbott is manchurian, a Rhodes scholar that coluldnt string a sentence. The arch puppet, and NOT the last.
The Rhodes Scholar Rapist, was tossed out Oxford for raping a co-ed-The Clintons' War on Women
Women have been charging Bill Clinton with sexual assault since his days as a Rhodes Sc…
He's a Rhodes Scholar. Non-traditional AD's rarely succeed for long. What a mess for all.
Hard to believe a Rhodes Scholar could make two consecutive key personnel decisions as awful as hiring Kiffin & Sarkisian
For years, people have assumed that Pat Haden has integrity just because he was a Rhodes Scholar. He is, however, a USC man to the core.
doesn't get any heat b/c he is a USC golden boy & Rhodes Scholar. So he makes bad decisions W/out scrutiny
well that and I've got better head than a Rhodes Scholar ;)
If it was so easy why didn't your Rhodes Scholar AD figure it out? Best of luck against the Fighting Irish!
Has Haden made one good decision since taking over at.For a Rhodes Scholar, he hasn't exhibited brilliance.
for a Rhodes Scholar he's made some boneheaded decisions
Did study to become an athletic director as a Rhodes Scholar?
Whoa! At some point, Rhodes Scholar AD Pat Hayden has to be held responsible for his coaching hires, right?
euphemisms at this point is pretty childish. he's a Rhodes scholar, he should just be honest.
I'm sure Rhodes Scholar Pat Haden will hire Orgeron full time.
Pat Haden was a Rhodes Scholar.. *** long will he put up with the mess In the athletic dept.?
I know Pat Haden was a Rhodes Scholar and I wasn't...but I am starting to suspect he isn't good at hiring coaches.
The real tragedy of Bobby Jindal is that he's a Rhodes scholar. He knows better, but opts to pander
He was a great disappointment. Embarrassed us internationally too! It's a mystery to me how he was a Rhodes Scholar h…
Jindal is a Rhodes Scholar technocrat pretending to be a foot-stompin' yahoo.
Singapore historian PJ Thum. Studied at Harvard, Oxford, was a Rhodes Scholar, first Singaporean to swim the English Channel
I used to think Harvard University was big. Then I heard I used to think being a Rhodes Scholar was big. Then I heard
Since 2006, FSU is the only public university in Florida to have a Rhodes Scholar, and we've had three!
Red River College names Paul Vogt as new president, Rhodes Scholar who headed Manitoba's provincial civil servants for eight years
What is shocking is that Jindal was a Rhodes Scholar before he got Presidential Derangement Syndrome
my new york times best selling author/Professor/Rhodes Scholar of a cousin is here, time for my anxiety to strap on the jetpack
Myron Rolle, Rhodes Scholar and NFL star says chose knowledge and open a door to the world stage that others...
Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar. Nathanael Rothschild and Cecil Rhodes are also. I would be careful about that presence or association
Clinton=Rhodes Scholar. Obama=first black president of Harvard Law Review. Sarah Palin=took 5 yrs to graduate college htt…
David Moore (2011-14) is the third student-athlete in Michigan history to have been named a Rhodes Scholar.
Today, Eric Greitens—Navy SEAL, Rhodes Scholar, & awarded-author—is onboard reading from his new book, "Resilience." http…
Meet Eric Greitens — a Navy SEAL, Rhodes Scholar and would-be governor of Missouri
Miss you! South African medical doctor & a DPhil (PhD) at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar.
I'm no genius it's so obvious, beats me how he got elected, beats me how he become rhodes scholar
'She doesn't look like she's a Rhodes Scholar does she?' GoggleboxAU
He is a Rhodes scholar, far from being an ***
OK, I'll put it like this: I doubt if we will see another All-American basketball athlete who is a Rhodes Scholar.
Not only Abbott's dual citizenship check how the Catholic Church manipulated to get their boy Rhodes Scholar. Now same is screwing country.
Being a Rhodes 'scholar' is at best meaningless, but more likely means that you have connections with unwarranted privilege
"I want you to know that as far as is humanely possible I am in solidarity with you". Humanely?. He is a Rhodes Scholar.
Really? Do you mean I should swallow my sceptic meter when I hear someone is a Rhodes Scholar? Sorry, can't switch it off!
what do you expect from the smartest gal on TV! Rhodes scholar versus beauty pageant contestant Ala
In my opinion the fact that the Shirt-Fronter was a Rhodes Scholar simply devalues ALL such scholars! His mentors were who?
Historically inaccurate and disrespectful of world's oldest living culture. Surprise, he's a Rhodes Scholar. Bob Hawke must wince.
Yet again, barely undergraduate media have been quick to judge a man who is smarter than them all. The PM is a Rhodes Scholar guys.
if this moron is a Rhodes scholar, he must have bribed the Professors, or slept with them, surely !
you bet you are I wonder when you first had it put in your head you could be PM.. whose project were you .. Rhodes *Scholar ... HA!
ewww, what a weird comment from a Rhodes scholar,
Rhodes scholar C++ did not know enough to finish the EXAM! FACT it was gifted to the LIAR PM FACT 100%just Google 'exam results4 im
was this person a Rhodes Scholar or a Roads failure ?
OMG that baby North certainly isn't going to be a Rhodes scholar is she ?
What the *** was he thinking? For a Rhodes Scholar he sure has some dumb ideas.
Serving your country is a big deal in Somehow, educating another Rhodes Scholar out of this pile of filth doesn't count.
It's the Captain's call. HE is the Commander-in-Chief, suppository of wisdom, Rhodes scholar, wish He invades Goat Island.
5 black students were honored as Rhodes Scholar, a young black woman became the 1st black or bw to get a degree
he really is the resident nutter!! An intellectual nobody! How did he become a Rhodes scholar?
.Simple question, Rhodes Scholar. Do you remember? Should I send you the screen shot?
Meet the Navy SEAL Rhodes Scholar who wants to be the next governor of Missouri
I'll buy Rhodes because I've always wanted to a a scholar :) and *** so the LGBT community is supported.
Doesn't take a Rhodes scholar to know that.
We're not talkin' about a Rhodes Scholar here ...
how is this man a Rhodes scholar? How did COS have no problem with this plan? Would have resulted in 3500 deaths
Tone, it doesn't take a Rhodes Scholar to work out the equation: ASIC+CBA+NAB=RC.
Your child could be the next Rhodes Scholar! Invest in a brighter future with Loans: 
Just because your a Rhodes Scholar doesn't mean you have "Common Sense" PM has none,
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she blocked me when I asked her if Rhodes has quota of something like that. Sagarika is a Rhodes scholar. :)
Proud to see another beginning MT Navy SEAL Rhodes Scholar wants to be MO gov
Jeb makes W look like a Rhodes Scholar.
Nobody has ever accused DeAndre Jordan of being a Rhodes Scholar.
.profiles a Rhodes Scholar Navy SEAL who worked with Rwandan refugees and runs a nonprofit for vets http:/…
regarding leadership. It's not pure intelligence, remember Abbott was a Rhodes scholar, but vision and charisma and the
Is there anyone less capable of performing his duties than Bobby Jindal, Absentee Governor? How did he ever get to be a Rhodes Scholar? UGH
.with a great profile of Eric Greitens, the Jewish Navy Seal and Rhodes Scholar running for MO gov…
No Rhodes Scholar So why are you taxing us far more as a % of GDP than Labor ever did
Rhodes Scholar/"can't be the stupid party" Bobby Jindal's relentless courtship of the "Obama's not a real 'merican" vote has been something.
A Supreme Court Justice, the Dean of UofMs Law School, a Rhodes Scholar, 2 more profs, and me
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is a Rhodes Scholar who hates "elites"
I am starting to discount Rhodes Scholarship now that I know is a Rhodes Scholar - he is what Marisa Tomei is to the Oscars.
We are so proud to have posted our 200th profile. No. 200 is Hila Levy, the first Puerto Rican Rhodes Scholar
Issue of out-of-control teens was discussed at 1925 school board meeting Leith Knight Published on January 30, 2009 Moose Jaw - Out of the aftermath of the First World War stepped the newly-liberated female, free from most of the hangups of the Victorian and Edwardian eras. She had discarded long skirts, shingled her hair, wore makeup, and was smoking cigarettes and ragging and jazzing her way through the dance halls. Locally, the new morality had been eagerly espoused by the high school crowd, becoming the bane of parents, teachers and school boards. One upset mother, in a letter to the Moose Jaw Times, complained that the young ladies of Central Collegiate (then the only public high school in the city) looked like chorus girls. They spent every recess plucking each other's eyebrows and painting each other's faces and, while in the classroom, were forever writing notes to boys, she wrote. The mother put the blame for such "appalling conduct" squarely on the shoulders of the teachers who, she said "apathe ...
From Geneva Day School's preschool program to a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford--congratulations to Maya Krishnan! We so...
DUMB girls on Fox News -- For the past 10 years FOX News has had higher ratings and the largest audience numbers (for news and business/political "talk" programs) than all the other TV and Cable news channels combined, which includes: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and CBS! Some folks claim that FOX's higher ratings are only because FOX purposely hires a lot of female "reporters" who do nothing but sit around in short skirts and merely "read everything off of a tele-prompter". Bottom line: The next time you hear someone criticizing FOX News for supposedly having a "bunch of dumb gals" as eye candy . . . Check out their qualifications...let them speak for themselves! Brenda Buttner She graduated from Harvard University with honors with a bachelor's degree in social studies. Buttner went on to be a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University , where she graduated with high honors and a bachelor's degree in politics and economics. Shannon Bream She is a graduate of Liberty University and earned a Juris Doctorate with honors . ...
"Im just bout that action, boss". -Rhodes Scholar and Philosopher . Dr. Marshawn Lynch.
Ridwan Hassen, son of African refugees & graduate of South Cobb High, is named a Rhodes Scholar. Congrats!
Smriti Irani failed twice in 12th; Sagarika Ghose is a Rhodes scholar. Modi never went to college;. Manmohan is a D.Phil …
Ridwan Hassen, Rhodes Scholar from my alma mater, on the front page of Atlanta Journal today.
if he was an athlete he'd be a world beater as it is he's a Rhodes Scholar
That he is. Isn't he a Rhodes scholar? I thought he wasn't like that but sold out to win as a Republican in LA.
A tribute by his sister to Eric Anthony Abrahams, Jamaican Rhodes Scholar & President of in 1964:
I suspect that the Rhodes in Obama's cabinet is a relative of the Rhodes Scholar foundation founder.
This guy is an unbelievable moron, what a joke, & he is a Rhodes Scholar, what does that say.
Incendiary.. there we go. Don't let the doorknob hit your Rhodes scholar educated *** on the way out,
not always. I know a woman physicist rhodes scholar.
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