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Rhinestone Cowboy

Rhinestone Cowboy is the title of a song written by Larry Weiss and most famously recorded by American country music singer Glen Campbell.

Glen Campbell Glenn Campbell Wichita Lineman Delta Dawn Tanya Tucker Hank Williams Texas Roadhouse

"Mr. Driver, let me introduce your teammates: Mr. Blue Sky, Jukebox Hero, she just goes by Roxanne, Rhinestone Cowboy, Iron Man."
"Rootin' Tootin' Aaron Linde. Come out with a rhinestone cowboy get up and two six shooters.
Now that some have their Sam Hunt tickets I can announce that Sam has asked me to go on stage & sing Rhinestone Cowboy with him.
Tweeps, this next song goes out to you from and Glen Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy.
Now I'm thinking of rhinestone cowboy but it's about goth cowboys instead
Aug.2,1975 was on the Billboard Easy Listening chart with the song 'Rhinestone Cowboy'.
Ah the Rhinestone cowboy was my favourite 👌
Rock the bells in the Bay. Suddenly DOOM comes out- ripped, baggyass jeans, no shirt, belly hangin, mask on, straig…
but rhinestone cowboy on my playlist so I can cry to it later
I think Shaun was being ambitious. Knew this bloke who filled the dead air at the end of an insurance conf…
Rhinestone Cowboy by Glenn Campbell is the best song ever written, don't @ me
Woke up singing "Rhinestone Cowboy." Oh puhlease. Why could it not at least have been "Wicheta Lineman"?
Glen Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy. we're on 98.0FM and .
Howdy Partner!. Like a rhinestone cowboy, riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo!. This…
Put pandora on shuffle and in order it's played . -Breaking Free. -in the air tonight. -Rhinestone Cowboy. -Mind of a Maniac.
this song Showboat reminds me of Rhinestone Cowboy - I love it 🎶🎶
All purpose parts banner
The Rhinestone Cowboy Says ‘Adios’, our exclusive story on Glen Campbell and his family
This is a new website I've had some involvement with. And this is its first, moving story:
Country legend Glen Campbell and his family talk Alzheimer's, love and his farewell album. Warning: tissues aloft…
Strolling through the glittery reconstructed home of Loy Bowlin, the self-made "Rhinestone Cowboy," now preserved
Find em on the grind.. He's a Rhinestone. Cowboy.
Up Next: the Rhinestone Cowboy says ", thanks.".
My car can tell you that I frequently jam to Glenn Campbell's Rhinestone Cowboy
Rhinestone Cowboy playing at Texas Roadhouse and I feel like I should be at the Vandalia Holiday Tournament.
actually Dan might approve. He is that rhinestone cowboy that loves the desert and country
At some bar in Dallas. I keep requesting "Rhinestone Cowboy."
Apparently my secret identity has been discovered: I can sing along to "Rhinestone Cowboy" and not screw up the words.
Rhinestone Cowboy in the streets, Wichita Lineman in the sheets.
And we're ready to pour at too! Come drink some Dunkelweizen, Rhinestone Cowboy, and the brand new…
Yeah Alphie watch that, he ain't no rhinestone cowboy.
Really? What does he sing? Have to look him up. Is he Rhinestone Cowboy?
OMG one of our Mummies fav ..I'm a rhinestone cowboy..riding high on a rodeo 🐶😍😁
. "Getting carts of lettuce from people I don't even know". Rhinestone Cowboy
Glen Campbell - "Rhinestone Cowboy" for my Granda Jimmy,24 years gone today. Rest Easy Cowboy we miss you Xx
Bro Don King and his Rhinestone Cowboy jacket wearing *** need to sit dafuq down and shut dafuq up
It's funny you should mention Glenn Campbell--I have had "Rhinestone Cowboy" in my head all day.
I suspect you were a rockstar today. Did you wear your Rhinestone Cowboy tassles?
also in tomorrow's Thought of the Day, as well as the Biblical references, there is a reference to Rhinestone Cowboy
Everyone in Asda singing along with Rhinestone Cowboy.
Listening to Rhinestone Cowboy (it's being played at my Dad's funeral next week) & thinking of him on xx
Donald Trump is a rhinestone cowboy. All glitter and hot air.
The minute I read this I heard Rhinestone Cowboy playing in my head. ☺
Wanna hear a guy just flow over a beat listen to mf doom rhinestone cowboy
I added a video to a playlist Glen Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy
So why ISN'T there a clip of you singing "Rhinestone Cowboy"? Demand seems to be high for such a thing.
DAY 1: Rhinestone Cowboy-Glen Campbell. First one that came to Loved it, though didn't "get it" then
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There's a drunk on my bus 'singing' Rhinestone Cowboy and proposing to women - I prefer the sleepy ones.
Rhinestone Cowboy - . . . on image to install our FREE
Glen Campbell made so many better songs. Why do they always dig up that old worn out Rhinestone Cowboy?
COMING UP - Academy of Country Music is honoring its "Rhinestone Cowboy," Glen Campbell.
An IndyCamper is singing Rhinestone Cowboy to Glenn Campbell. If only Lord Turnbull had seen this side of them
On Air: Josh & Stan are Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell on The Request Show
We are Rhinestone Cowboy by Steve Hofmeyer on Taking the SA sound of home to the world
Today is Glen Campbell's birthday. You can learn 'Rhinestone Cowboy' in our guitar syllabus.
I counted everyone by walking around and explaining to them I was "Rhinestone Cowboy" Jimmy Hyams and I got 51,386.
they're all Glen Campbell in the Rhinestone Cowboy video
Ok so opening again now with Rhinestone Cowboy, by Glen Campbell.
Ever see that movie based on 'Rhinestone Cowboy" where Dolly Parton turns Sly Stallone into a country singer? Yup.
Guess who turned down Rhinestone Cowboy before Glen Campbell was offered it? Graeme Connors!
Listen to Rhinestone Cowboy by Adam Harvey & Troy Cassar-Daley on Song best Sing Song woo wooBeats1
A very young Glen Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy on his bike in ABQ, NM in the mid 1950's.
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Dj pete live now playing Glen Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy
You just missed - RHINESTONE COWBOY | Tune in now 50s Thru 80s 4 Decades of My Faves
I've been a rhinestone cowboy for so long I can't remember
I can't stop singing Rhinestone Cowboy. Screw u,
A real rhinestone cowboy, our Stonch.
Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell was the Billboard magazine Hot 100 No.1 hit on September 6,1975
It's the only time of the year I hear Rhinestone Cowboy...
Southee into the attack and before the DJ gets a chance to pull down the volume on 'Rhinestone Cowboy', he's hit for 4. SL 205/1 (T:277)
Met Barry Sadler on first trip to Nashville in '77. Bouncer at Webb Pierce's Rhinestone Cowboy. Scary guy. Joel Sonnier was playing.
I'm sorry but Paul's jacket just makes me hum Rhinestone Cowboy.
I did however find my old David Allen Coe CD 😆 the original rhinestone cowboy will always have a place in my heart
Welcome to Birmingham. Remember to cheer loudly when that guy sings Rhinestone Cowboy.
Rhinestone cowboy is one of the illest tracks ever son.
"Rhinestone cowboy has been stuck in my head all day making me crazy" Yep and now it's stuck in mine too😐
I always pegged you for a Rhinestone Cowboy
Rhinestone Cowboy - The Best of Glen Campbell by Glen Campbell on iTunes
Maherez wearing leather gloves like a rhinestone cowboy.
'Rhinestone Cowboy' got stuck in my head while I was taking a shower yesterday morning. Weird.
I have the song 'Rhinestone Cowboy' stuck in my head. Make it stop ;-)
Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell is in Rose and Thistle, Reading.
Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell is in Crown & Anchor, Grimsby.
Has anyone checked out the Electric Hero that is on Ottawa Ave in downtown GR? Along with the Rhinestone Cowboy...
Dreambaby, a half sister to Rhinestone Cowboy & Wichita Lineman, wins the finale for Willie Mullins and
Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell from Glen Campbell - The Capitol Years 1965 - 1977 ♫
Watching documentary on Glen Campbell and I have 2 memories: poster Aunt Debbie had over her bed and Tim and Annie singing Rhinestone Cowboy
Watch out for my thinkpiece on why "rhinestone cowboy" is the greatest song ever written
I don't think it is a coincidence that Glen Campbell's Rhinestone Cowboy came out in 1975.
"Rhinestone Cowboy isn't nearly tragic enough. For a good country song you need to be crying in your whiskey"
Working my way through 'Living On The Volcano'. Terrific book, & love description of Garry Cook as a "rhinestone cowboy".
I have managed to get the chorus of Rhinestone Cowboy stuck in my head. Send help.
John singing Rhinestone cowboy with Scott... too funny
Little fella just got up and sang Rhinestone Cowboy in the talent contest... Being a proper embarrassing mum crying my eyes out!!
Listen to Rhinestone Cowboy by Madvillain, Madlib & MF Doom on
as nana pulled out of my drive way she threw up a ✌🏾️ while cranking up Rhinestone Cowboy
40 years ago Glen Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy was a number one hit on the billboard!1975 - YouTube
Hi my name is Maddie Miller and I'm a Rhinestone Cowboy
Ha! Some guy listed in the Ashley Madison hack as Rhinestone Cowboy. Can't imagine who would have an account with that name.
from one Rhinestone Cowboy to another, happy birthday man
The Rhinestone Cowboy heads out for one final, unforgettable ride. I'll Be Me
I added a video to a playlist Rhinestone Cowboy
I'm not a rhinestone cowboy with a platinum card. I got an '87 Chevy, play an old guitar
Rhinestone Cowboy was the only song my dad let us listen to whole ride from Oklahoma to Florida :)))
reinventing the Rhinestone Cowboy sample... By rule I don't touch classics, but I already have the loop cued. Progress on SC: thenicklewis
Dear Internet what even is a rhinestone cowboy. Is that like a poser of the cowboy world?
Like a Rhinestone Cowboy?. No, thank you, they get caught in my teeth.
I've been the Rhinestone Cowboy for so long, I can't remember. And I can do you every song, Hank Williams ever wrote.
"But I'm gonna be where the lights are shining on me. Like a..." - Rhinestone Cowboy by Glenn Campbell
LOLlers imagining Katherine Ryan lassoing her way around the studio to Rhinestone Cowboy.
his speech was great. Both him and Legend! But I'm sorry common can't touch Wichita Lineman or Rhinestone Cowboy!
I always sing "Rhinestone Cowboy" and "Wichita Lineman" at karaoke, but I'll prolly pass on this one.
Jonwayne didn't do too bad rapping over the 'Rhinestone Cowboy' beat in 'Marion Morrison'
Discussing the upcoming garth brooks concert Me: you and keira aren't going because yall don't know anything about Garth Trey: no I really dont...didn't he sing Rhinestone Cowboy???
Kinda weird to hear "Rhinestone Cowboy" while eating in a Thai restaurant.
Can you teach him to play Rhinestone Cowboy on the Trombone and dress him to fit the part?
Day 7: Glen Campbell "Rhinestone Cowboy" (1975) I called WGBF to request this song often when I was 6.
Oo aye don't llook now it's the rhinestone cowboy. Where you off to today, Magic Mike?
Any wannabe Glen Campbell's out there? I'm thinking Wealdstone Raider = Rhinestone Cowboy
NP on - Ian Sweetness - Rhinestone Cowboy: Listen Now at or Download App -
i always make people put on rhinestone cowboy at parties and when the chorus hits i reach Another Level
I skipped, now its Rhinestone Cowboy. lessoned learned.
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Our litter of AKC champion lineage white and yellow puppies by Pheasant Hills Rhinestone Cowboy arrived in the early morning hours.
RAY CONNIFF:Love will keep us together-->Rhinestone cowboy/Wildfire
I just introduced Eric to the rhinestone cowboy video 😂😂
So happy that was nominated for a today. Fitting accolade for Rhinestone Cowboy and family
I love how supportive Glen's family is!
That was near the end of the "Rhinestone Cowboy" era. Sorta meandered after that until Garth Brooks hit big in the 90's.
And for today's music choice, Waylon and the Rhinestone Cowboy
how bout this ol school rhinestone cowboy! Way ol school
David Hasselhoff dressed in leather,singin Rhinestone Cowboy,is quite possibly the most Fabulous thing i have ever seen! 👏😎
You won't be able to resist the charms of Daz Sampson and Glen Campbell's 2002 office party Rhinestone Cowboy remix:
Happy birthday to this rhinestone cowboy. Have a fabulous day !!
Now Playing: Rikki and Daz Ft Glenn Cammpbell - Rhinestone Cowboy [Giddy up] **to make a request visit
I have decided to stop doing things "Like a Boss" and will now do things "Like a Rhinestone Cowboy ;)
Yeah the last time I tried defying odds our old Spanish teacher would call me The Rhinestone Cowboy because of my shirts😒
Before earning nine Grammy Awards for such hit songs as “Gentle on My Mind” and “Rhinestone Cowboy,” the country
Glen Campbell's last video... got close to crying then played Rhinestone Cowboy. I'm good now
Hopefully Glenn Campbell will go back to singing Rhinestone Cowboy after this. Absolutely awful show. bbcindyre…
I'm in bed listening to Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell. Sunday night indeed
Here is your Friday song: Glen Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy -
that recording of Rhinestone Cowboy is awesome. Your voice reminds me a lot of Johnny Rotten. In the good way.
'Like a Rhinestone Cowboy' was made famous by Glenn Campbell. Glen Campbell.
"Rhinestone Cowboy" by Glen Campbell was the no. 2 hit of 1975
IMC Pick of the Day- Billboards Top 100 songs of 1975 While thinking about what to choose as a "pick for the day" in music, my thoughts went to 1975- The music of the 60's and 70's was so incredible, that it is always difficult to choose one Song, Band/Artist, or LP- So, today I chose "Billboards top 100 songs of 1975". Looking through this list, I see some amazing Artists and Tracks. Take a trip back to 1975, and enjoy some of the memories here! For me, alot of the songs are still on a constant rotation in my world! 1 "Love Will Keep Us Together" Captain & Tennille 2 "Rhinestone Cowboy" Glen Campbell 3 "Philadelphia Freedom" Elton John 4 "Before the Next Teardrop Falls" Freddy Fender 5 "My Eyes Adored You" Frankie Valli 6 "Some Kind of Wonderful" Grand Funk Railroad 7 "Shining Star" Earth, Wind & Fire 8 "Fame" David Bowie 9 "Laughter in the Rain" Neil Sedaka 10 "One of These Nights" Eagles 11 "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" John Denver 12 "Jive Talkin'" Bee Gees 13 "Best of My Love" Eagles 14 "Lovin' You" ...
Slim Whitman singing Rhinestone Cowboy sounds like a Muppet.
They found Casey Kasem. The FBI had their Top 10 best guys on the case. He is suffering from dementia though. He insists that "Rhinestone Cowboy" is the song in the country.
New acquisitions: 2 rare works by Loy Bowlin, the Rhinestone Cowboy, an older piece by Savannah's Rudolph Valentino Bostic, and more!:
Tuesday, April 22, 2014 Glen Campbell ("Rhinestone Cowboy") is 78 Peter Frampton ("I'm In You") is 64 Mel Carter ("Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me") is 71 Larry Groce ("Junk Food Junkie") is 66 Paul Davis ("I Go Crazy") dies of a heart attack, 2008 Richie Havens ("Here Comes The Sun") dies of a heart attack (his ashes are scattered at the site of Woodstock), 2013 Jerry Lee Lewis' son, Steve Allen Lewis drowns at the age of three, 1962 Two days after being released from a St. Paul, Minnesota hospital, Eric Clapton is hospitalized in Seattle, Washington after a car crash, 1981 John Lennon legally changes his middle name from "Winston" to "Ono", 1969 The Carpenters sign with A&M Records, 1969 Ann & Nancy Wilson of Heart receive lifetime achievement awards from the American Society of Composers and Publishers (ASCAP), 2009 Herb Alpert debuts "This Guy's In Love With You", singing it to his first wife on his CBS-TV special, "The Beat Of The Brass", 1968 Filming begins on the movie version of "Tommy", 1974
Rhinestone Cowboy singer Glen Campbell, who's been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for the past three years, has moved into a care facility, according to a published report.
Sad news...Glen Campbell who has been suffering from Alzheimers has been moved into an assisted living care facility...Looks like the Rhinestone Cowboy has made his last show...he was on tour with his daughter for the past couple of years...hate to see this friggen disease take another creative mind and lay it to waste...I so hate this disease.
Tonight- Country Night at Spare Time Clifton Park and City Sports Grille, Learn 'Rhinestone Cowboy' Remix and the new Hunter Hayes Dance, 7pm. Wednesday- Shenendehowa Community Center, Learn 'Drink To That All Night' by Jerrod Niemann and 'Pontoon' by Little Big Town.
Good doctor's appt. yesterday. Neck swelling and numbness is normal. No cancer. Sluggish vocal chord will be OK too. Charley found out I love Trisha Yearwood and her cooking show and he bet me I couldn't sing a country song, so I broke out with "Rhinestone Cowboy" and my cat, Gypsy went crazy. I guess my voice is a little different.
Playing a game where space ninjas shoot strangers in the face while listening to Rhinestone Cowboy. Living the dream.
Awoke with Glenn Campbell's "Rhinestone Cowboy" in my head. Not the worst ear worm, sure; but ugh.
Don't say I never give you anything. Here's Glen Campbell's Rhinestone Cowboy. Now try not to sing along!
Glen Campbell & his band perform "Rhinestone Cowboy" at the The Convention Centre in Dublin (Ireland) on November 19th, 2011. The Goodbye Tour. I was just a ...
I was hugged by Glen Campbell tonight. Him and his wife are such nice people. It's a Rhinestone Cowboy night.
Listening to a mix from today, while I work. Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell just came on. Haven't heard this song in 20yrs.
anybody know what ever became of The Dale Davis group that played at the Rhinestone Cowboy and the Super Rig club in the 70's 80's ?
ACROSS THE POND IN 1975 Tonight's Old Gold slot at 7pm sees Martha Mawson with another in The Wonder Years series, playing music and events that shaped a generation of American baby boomers. In 1975, the Watergate scandal was still dominating the news, the Vietnam War came to an end and Bill Gates founded Microsoft. In the music world, the biggest selling singles included Billy Swan with "I Can Help" and Glen Campbell with "Rhinestone Cowboy". What will Martha focus on?
- I've heard of a rhinestone cowboy... But looked like a rhinestone pirate on tonight
Who remembers these great artist? How many times did we play these songs over and over? Do you feel real sentimental when an old tune comes on the radio? Beyond yellow brick roads,way up high in a big,beautiful balloon,walking downtown,listening to Sarah Smile,16 tons, many of these old songs and artist make you wish you could build your own time machine and even if it's just for a short time,go back and listen to these songs when they first hit the airwaves? Sorry have to go,Rhinestone Cowboy just came on...
This is a repost from Steve Smith a good friend and part of the family. Not sure why but I laughed so hard I cried for 5 minutes. Laughter is good medicine;) I hate Taxi Drivers. I had a horrible experience with one in New York City 2 years ago. I was going from Manhattan to the Bronx to see a Yankee game. And I got a Taxi who's driver was from Pakistan or as Obama says PAK-E-STAN. When I asked him what brought him to the America he said new financial opportunitys. Then I asked him what he did in Pakistan? He replied he was an unemployed suicide car bomber. He said he had been given 4 suicide bombing missions but had failed at them all. So they sent him to get practice driving on the streets of NYC. Then he looked at me with a hideous smile and said "I think I'm almost ready". Gave me chills. Then he laughed and said "just kidding I'm really here to win American Idol" and broke out singing I'm a Rhinestone Cowboy.
Rhinestone cowboy has to be the worst movie in the history of cinema.
You can judge me all you want, Rhinestone Cowboy is definitely on my favorites playlist.
Rhinestone Cowboy, believe it or not.
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It would be so tight if someone sang rhinestone cowboy with me right now.
Your blind, in the wine zone, leave you mind blown when he shine with the nine he's a Rhinestone. Cowboy!
Rhinestone Cowboy on the charts this week in 1975. Thank you Glen for great music and memories
Gotta love Monday night Chambers nights w my Memaw and papaw Collins. During the car ride Kenz wants to listen to her songs. So after 2 rounds of B B, Be my BFF and her begging for a third bc "but mom, I totally like that song"(w/ some crazy head action ) I decided that was a little much from miss sassy. So it was time for this momma to break out the country karaoke. After a round of rhinestone cowboy and a little crystal gayle, she decided to simmer down the miss thing attitude :) The other interesting conversation of the night was w my Memaw. They are way into their Native American roots and pow wowin recently. I was informed that she wants to have a " Green " funeral. I said umm, what's a green funeral? Apparently it's the new thing, no embalming, no steel box, or concrete vault. Just a good ole wicker basket. She has also requested to be buried with an acorn so she can sprout into an oak tree , her body can go back to the earth from whence it came and the deer can enjoy the fruits of her tree. Well.. ...
Say what you want, this glove is gangstalicious!
Rhinestone Cowboy is playing in B&N right now, and I could not be happier about it.
If they middle aged women at my work spend another afternoon collectively singing such gems as Rhinestone cowboy, Stop Mr Postman and Return to sender, I may have to throw my self out of my office window.
Here are the lyrics for rhinestone cowboy. Hope you enjoy-3
Ooh I love the Rhinestone Cowboy - watched a documentary on him last week and a "country through the ages" one last night! :0)
Glenn Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy is my earworm but I'm replacing rhinestone with 9 stone!
Somewhere there's a mash-up of Rhinestone Cowboy and Brokeback Mountain being kicked around... Elton John will co-produce.
Watching Glenn Campbell rhinestone cowboy, what an amazing story, so underated by many but what an amazing artist. And guitarist.
rhinestone cowboy is now my earworm. YOUR FAULT.
That fella who sang rhinestone cowboy had me in stitches but that chrissy really good could do well in competition one to watch
Just witnessed the 2nd worst version of rhinestone cowboy I've ever heard. .
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Rhinestone cowboy just been killed on x factor
well personally, I liked the Rhinestone Cowboy ;D
Every time :) RT“Hearing Rhinestone Cowboy and instantly thinking of and .
think that rhinestone cowboy guy could have been the new Wagner
Nothing like a rhinestone cowboy I sing that in my sleep aaarrrhhh yeess
Rhinestone cowboy gotta love a bit of Glenn Campbell!!!
Like a rhinestone cowboy lol lol lol
Wow! Rhinestone Cowboy a little while ago, and now David Cassidy! This radio station is stuck in the 70's tonight!
Singing Rhinestone Cowboy at Texas Roadhouse makes me think of my childhood in Arundel with the Baumans Marilyn Bauman Alisa Bowman
Has just watched Glen Campbell: The Rhinestone Cowboy documentary which i recorded last night on BBC4, absolutely brilliant !!
"There's been a load of compromisin' On the road to my horizon" Rhinestone Cowboy by Glenn Campbell
"rhinestone cowboy" on the AT 40 now. 1975. i was 8. we lived on mclean drive off of nob hill. september of that year was not a good "old enough" family maybe remembers why.
Throwback Thursday belated--belting out "Delta Dawn" while cruising down the highway towards Memphis with my honey!! (Remembering belting this and "Rhinestone Cowboy" in my front yard!)
Any of my Swingerette comrades remember dancing to rhinestone cowboy at camp? Just renacted it. Lol.
I'm getting old its official. Tried watching two films on love, turned em both off cos they were crap.Then sat and enjoyed Glenn Campbell Rhinestone Cowboy story. Just having me ovaltine and off to bed via the stena stairlift. Goodnight john boy, goodnight grandpa.
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Ah me and mr c enjoying a night with Glen Campbell ! He's lush - line a rhinestone cowboy
Watching Glen Campbell, The Rhinestone Cowboy. Thoroughly enjoyed, and good luck with whatever the future holds( Alzheimers ) :-( xxx
The original promo video for Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell (official video). For more information on Glen Campbell: Website:
Listening to French country music, David says "wait I know this song". Rhinestone Cowboy in French! Too funny!
Rhinestone Cowboy on bbc 4, sad but I'm loving it
Another great docu on Freeview Ch 9 - BBC 4 - trumps as's about Glen Campbell who nobody realised was a mighty fine session guitarist and certainly far better than anyone knows...he spent a year on the road with The Beach Boys ...Dennis Wilson even wrote a song for him...and worked with Sinatra amongst others...he was so much more than just a Rhinestone Cowboy...and irrespective of his much publicised personal problems dealing with the booze and the drugs...he finally made it in his own right...and he deserved it as he'd cut his time regardless of what anyone thinks of him... and he's still there...
Watching Glenn Campbell: The Rhinestone Cowboy on . Amazing number of hit records he played on - as well as his own.
Good old BBC4 evening of Glen Campbell. They don't make songs like that any more. Rhinestone Cowboy was my first ever record. Still got it.
I was a rhinestone cowboy. I was a long haired redneck...
Haven't heard the song Rhinestone Cowboy in years! What makes it even funnier is I'm sitting at a Sushi Restaurant waiting in my lunch. Wow!!! Lol!
I could never get the dancing woman in Doom's rhinestone cowboy video.
i've been walkin this streets so long, singin the same old song. i know every crak in this dirty side of the runway. where hustle the name of the game and 9ice guys get washed away like the snow in the rain. there's been a load of compromison, on the road to my horizon and i'm gona be where the light are shinin on me. LIKE A RHINESTONE COWBOY. . and offers comin over the phone...
At work this morning, I had the song 'Rhinestone Cowboy' stuck in my head. I hate that song... but how do I know all the lyrics??? Stupid song...
Ok wow rhinestone cowboy everyone's flashing their boots love it y'all
I was thinking about something that happened when I was a little kid in Tampa(1975-1979). Mom(Gail Tanner), Dad(Joe Tanner),my sister(Laura Tanner Ard), and I were all at Disney World riding Space Mountain. I remember mom and Laura were in the front and dad and I were in the back car(there is only a front and back seat). I, being little, was scared to death. Dad made me sing with him to help me get over my fear. His song of choice was "Rhinestone Cowboy." It is funny how the little things you don't think matter, do. Remember that when dealing with family and friends. Things you don't think will matter, often do. I have many fond memories of hanging in Chris N Cheri Brown's basement(when we were both still single), shooting pool and listening to the records, including Chuck Berry and Monty Python Sings. Some very fond memories to this day, even though that was also over 23 years ago.
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I can't tell which is better. Rhinestone Cowboy, or Uptown Girl.
Melissa Patton, tell Marc I thought of him today. They just played "Rhinestone Cowboy" over the speakers. He LOVES that song, ever since he was little.
Margie Beard- Another memory popped into my head from Hee Haw! Remember the Hager Twins? I can hear them singing "Rhinestone Cowboy". This was the suit they wore!
Had a great weekend at the Covered Bridge Faiinting Goat Show and the weather was great, we even got some much needed rain Sunday morning! My Silky boys did good--Grace's Farm Blackwatch got Res. Gr. Ch. Junior buck on Sun and R.C. (Hobby Hills Rhinestone Cowboy) got Res. Gr. Ch. Senior buck on Sat. My Myo boy Bending Tree Ranch Novak got Res. Ch. Senior buck both days and Reserve Grand Ch Buck on Sun. So proud of these 3 boys!!
Got in my car today, turned on the oldies station & started driving. Heard the last part of "Don`t You Want Me," another song comes on. I don`t recognize it, but it`s catchy. I got the head bopping & fingers snapping. I`m digging this song. Then, the chorus came on & I heard, "Like a Rhinestone Cowboy." I stop immediately. Really? Then I get right back into it. Something something something something, something something something RODEO! Lol I guess me & Glen Campbell are homies now. Learn something new everyday. Lol Song is still stuck in my head. Lol
Oh my did I just hear Rhinestone Cowboy on the radio?!I believe I had that on a 45 record back in 1970 something. Just trying to stay awake on my long drive home from Monterey.
Its bad...we are singing Rhinestone Cowboy.
Thanks or great week all, great fun keep practising the karaoke, rhinestone cowboy
I think it's time to take the record player away from Jeff and get him back to CD's et. al. cause he seems to have bought a bargain Glen Campbell record and thus we are listening to "Rhinestone Cowboy." Takes me back to those days when no one would dream of wearing rhinestones on their jeans because those were exclusively for the Rhinestone Cowboy.:)
Is watching Top of the Pops on the cinema!!! " love wars!!!"... "Move closer"..."devil women"..."on my own"... "Rhinestone Cowboy"..."coming around again"
Ok. So I've just had a bath. Starting hearing the Rhinestone Cowboy song playing from the living room. Got out to investigate to find the laptop switched itself on still closed & was playing the song by itself on YouTube. Mother Carole Fisk-jones it's another bloody sign!!! Lol x
according to todays replay of American Top 40, on September 13th 1975 the number one song in the country was Rhinestone Cowboy. Consider yourself informed!
Just heard Rhinestone Cowboy on the radio. I've got a cassette tape from the 70's of my brother and his friends singing this. "Fun" is alot more expensive today.
'Rhinestone Cowboy' by George Canyon Lmao this is my jam right now
Rhinestone Cowboy was a US hit for Glenn Campbell in 1975. Here's a cover version by a Thai cruise ship singer.
Hamilton Collection
I wish people would stop calling Bush a Cowboy. He was a Connecticut Yankee, in Rhinestone Cowboy garb. I'm a...
iTunes shuffle is on and Glen Campbell's 'Rhinestone Cowboy' popped up. Man, I love my eclectic taste in music.
Rhinestone Cowboy, my Mum loved that song. She had a thing for Glenn Campbell.
One of my all time favorite songs. Rhinestone Cowboy would be the first favorite :) . I know, I know ya'll are surprised it's not a Rick Springfield song aren't you :)
Any good songs I can sing loudly in Walmart to embarrass my kids with. I found this works to make them behave almost immediately after warning them over and over again. The only song that kept coming to mind was "Rhinestone Cowboy." What's up with that?
Wichita Lineman – The Music of Glen Campbell September 26 and 29 – 2 pm September 27 and 28 – 8 pm Starring Aaron Solomon Guest starring Leisa Way & Randall Kempf Audiences will take a trip down memory lane with the songs of pop and country music legend Glen Campbell along with friends from "The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour" television show, including Anne Murray, Johnny Cash, Bobbie Gentry, Roger Miller and Kenny Rogers. Mega-hits by country rocker Tanya Tucker and The Beach Boys also round out the bill. Audiences will be treated to such toe-tappin' hits as By The Time I Get To Phoenix, Galveston, Gentle On My Mind, Southern Nights, Rhinestone Cowboy, Delta Dawn, Dreams of the Every Day Housewife, Snowbird, King of the Road, and many, many more! Don't miss this incredible concert starring acclaimed singer and multi-instrumentalist Aaron Solomon and the incomparable Leisa Way, the star of Rhinestone Cowgirl, Sweet Dreams & You Give Me Fever. Tickets are $40 (all inclusive) and can be purchased by cal ...
I'm probably programmed to love Glen Campbell's voice from hearing Rhinestone Cowboy played repeatedly by Terry Wogan in the 70s & early 80s
Just hope that the SGP DJ has a copy of Glen Campbell and Rhinestone Cowboy ready for the parade ;) lol
How many of you found yourselves singing along to the Glen Campbell double on Radio 2 this morning? We didn't even realise we knew all the words to "Rhinestone Cowboy" and "Wichita Lineman"! Which songs are guaranteed to have you joining in with gusto?
Listening to advance tracks of Glen Campbell's forthcoming album "See You There," which contains new recordings of "Wichita Lineman," "Gentle on My Mind," "Rhinestone Cowboy," "Galveston" and "By the Time I Get to Phoenix" with some markedly different arrangements. I guess they'll never replace the originals for me, but I'm sure enjoying listening to them right now. And that has me thinking: Which other acts have successfully re-cast their signature hits? I'm reminded of talking with Merle Haggard once and having him tell me he preferred his vocal tracks when he re-recorded his catalog for Sony Tree, because he believed he'd grown into the songs over the years. (And, in some cases, I agree with him.) Bruce Springsteen has re-invented many of his songs in live settings over the years. And Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" and Sunday's Billboard Music Award was a marvel to behold. Who else comes to mind?
Just got these, so obviously my mom has been singing "Rainstorm Cowboy" to the tune of "Rhinestone Cowboy."
I *might* be singing Rhinestone Cowboy at a wedding for reasons that remain unclear.
We play tonight at the Rhinestone Cowboy in Okc. 900 SE 59th St. Show starts at 9. $5 cover. Spread the word.
Just as I checked out the photo...Rhinestone Cowboy came on my iPod
Ridin thru town with a mattress in the bed of Zak's truck, with an alligator wearing a rhinestone cowboy hat
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Rhinestone cowboy. It is a real thing and as a fake cowboy he is correct in doing the faux cowboy style.
Like A Rhinestone Cowboy just came on the radio and I immediately text my dad. He sings that song all the time
One of my brothers thought the theme to Midnight Cowboy was "Rhinestone Cowboy" with midnight replacing rhinestone.
Soundtrack on the way to work:Copacabana, Rhinestone Cowboy, Rabbit.On the way back:Life in a Northern Town, Enter Sandman.Incongruous, moi?
My goal for today is to memorize all the lyrics to rhinestone cowboy.
I'm not sure how I got to this point, but here is Cher covering "Rhinestone Cowboy"
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Find him on the grind, he's the rhinestone cowboy 🎶💎🎶
hands down I think id have to go with rhinestone cowboy..
Took me a year to write that. The first time I recorded it, I unwittingly ripped off the verse melody of Rhinestone Cowboy..was bizarre.
Best thoughts for Glen Campbell who is facing tough times. Here's 'Rhinestone Cowboy' via
There's been a lot of compromisin' on the road to my horizon.. Glen Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy
Why do I have the song Rhinestone Cowboy in my head. *bashes side of head with palm*
You're blind In the wine zone leave ya mind blown When he shine with the 9, he's a rhinestone...cowboy
Is it me or is LinkedIn kind of like the Rhinestone Cowboy? Getting cards and letters from people I don't even know ...
From Wayne Glenn (The Old Record Collector) I just finished putting this Sunday night's Nostalgia Time broadcast together. It will air live on KTXR-FM 101.3 and from 6:30 to 10:00pm As already announced, the feature will be the Glen Campbell Songbook. I took request for this special, from Sunday night listeners last week. Included will be such hits as Galveston; Wichita Lineman; Southern Nights; and Rhinestone Cowboy. Also included will be his instrumental work on the William Tell Overture; La Bamba; and Midnight Train in which he works with Rodney and Doug Dillard and Dean Webb (no Mitch) when all were doing "union scale" work in L.A. in the mid 1960's. On April 2, 1992 I did an 11 minute interview with Mr. Campbell by phone when he guesting at the Grand Palace in Branson. He liked Branson so well that in 1994 he "bought the company" or should I say he built his own theater there! That event then gave me the chance to meet my number one cowboy idol (and Glen's too)--Gene Autry w ...
Well I've got nothing done.and now I have rhinestone cowboy stuck in my head!
jjs999jjs is playing Glen Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy [
yeah there's a few tracks that he produced that are sick. Bro ima light one up to Rhinestone Cowboy for you bruh bruh ♥
Miss my rhinestone cowboy. Ayyee. Hope your good toots! Holler! :)
I have the same aspirations. The only things standing in my way? A pair of rhinestone cowboy boots & the ability to hold a tune
Song of the day Glen Campbell Rhinestone Cowboy: via
I just noticed your midriff is showing.. Just like a real rhinestone cowboy
Like a Rhinestone Cowboy, ridin' out on a horse in a Star Spangled Rodeo!
Rhymes like Dimes, Rhinestone Cowboy, All Caps, *** Cakes, Dead Bent. His Special Herbs series is hella tight too!
so the guy who wrote "Rhinestone Cowboy" sent me a very nice email about my George Jones Weekly Obsession
“Franson just went back to the dressing room after getting into it with G. Campbell”-like a Rhinestone Cowboy.
I think about Rhinestone Cowboy off Madvillainy at least once every couple weeks.
Official video of Glen Campbell performing Rhinestone Cowboy from the album Rhinestone Cowboy. Buy It Here: Like Glen Campbell on F...
Glen Campbell playing Dueling Banjos with his daughter Ashley. Then he sings Wichita Lineman and Rhinestone Cowboy at the Ozark Empire Fair in Springfield Mi...
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Stream the band's new EP, and hear the drummer and founding member's thoughts on longevity, epitaphs and iTunes.
- Let's hear Rhinestone Cowboy by Glenn Campbell Or Pinball Wizard by The Who
Rhinestone Cowboy & Wichita Lineman my all time favourites - I have even been known to do mean Karaoke version of both. Ha ha.
Sing us a song Glenn Campbell, 'Rhinestone Cowboy' is a good one
Glen Campbell doing Rhinestone Cowboy on the Val Doonican Show in 1981. There was I time I'd have sawed my nuts off rather than enjoy this.
Bryan telling me the reason I like Debra Winger from the Rhinestone Cowboy is because we shared the same hairstyle back in the day. Did he forget we were leaving for a retreat?? Calling me out on my age, not wise:)
LMFAO! Ann Hyatt of course had to share with my girls from the 70's Val laughed tears running down her face, My long commute to and from work, along with my dependency and need to be entertained, got me thinking about some of the horrid music that was born of my era (the seventies). I always complain about my kids’ generation doing remixes and remakes of some of our greatest music, but then I remember. There are many songs that deserve to stay buried in the seventies. Take that as your queue, Sirius XM, and never let them cross your airwaves again. As examples, if I may: Abba’s Waterloo: Really, Napoleon? Paul Anka’s Having My Baby: Hm. Just wait 5 years until the relationship falls apart and the DNA testing commences. Debby Boone’s You Light Up My Life: Debby. This song is as nauseating as your awful lifestyle lift gone bad. Glen Campbell’s Rhinestone Cowboy: I will give him a pass, because I think this was during his Tanya Tucker bar room brawling years. Captain and Tenille: I boycott anything ...
Well Rob you have brought back some memories here today. I was expecting Glen Campbell's Rhinestone Cowboy tho. We had a lot of fun with that one and I can still hear you singing it to this day. Still think I have the recording around here somewhere. Yeah folks Rob was quite the 'crooner' back then. Rob and I used to play the old 45's and albums at different speeds and try to sing as fast as we could. Rob, remember how you used to tell me how silly I was? Then was that, "play it again dad." We had Alvin and the Chipmunks beat all to *** Well, I thought we did anyway. Rob was quite the little character folks. One time I was having a nap after supper and just about to doze off on the couch and comes up with his little plastic hockey stick and whack, " dad are you awake?" ( something like that.) Well I was then. Wasn't too happy about it at the time but today it's a hoot. The this time - i was laying on the floor with my headphones on listening to a Moody Blues concert ( right on!) and again was ...
Tim's Tips Irish Champion Hurdle Day, Sunday 27th January. Race 1 (1) Urano (2) Smithfield €€€ 1 pt win straight forecast €€€ A below average maiden for the Jumping HQ of Irish national hunt racing. However there is a stand out horse in the shape of Urano. A Triple time bumper winner when trained in France by Andre Couetil before being sold privately to Mrs M Macmahon. Since then it has been the bridesmaid on 2 occasions. Firstly to 'Ally Cascade' and on its last run a 2l second to the highly impressive 'Ned Buntline'. A RPR(racing post rating) of 131 will make this ex French gelding a very tough nut to crack. For the big players 4-6(tissue price-RP) would look a serious win ticket as I feel it should be trading around the 4-9 mark. However I am going to go for a horse to chase it home. Again I do like horses who have been alloocated a mark for their maiden efforts to date. One such animal is the recently acquired 'Smithfield' from Noel Meade. Placed on 2 of its 4 runs in maidens to date with ...
West virginia mountain mama take me home like rhinestone cowboy 2
I've been cooped up for 3-1/2 days. We went out, this evening, for Jessie's birthday dinner and, then, stopped at Wil Jenny's, in Overland Park, to hear some friends perform. Ok, we just had the giggliest, funny experience.I guess all of the "wanna-be-rhinestone-cowboys" in Johnson County don their $500.00 Stetsons, patent leather cowboy boots, their pressed and creased jeans, and their tailored sportcoats to go whoop it up at Wil Jenny's on a Saturday night with their wives and girlfriends wearing sparkle-butt, sprayed -on jeans and cleavage-evacuating thin jersey tops that, shall we say, make the case for them being way too cold!!! They all turned and stampeded out at 9:45.I'm thinking they were heading out for a big hootenany whoop-it-up at the Leawood Country Club.kind of like being "over the rainbow", in reverse.
Listening to techno from my iPod with my grams and she asks "what's wrong with this song, is it skipping?"
I'm really tempted to invest in a rhinestone belt and cowboy boots
Forced to listen to rhinestone cowboy twice in 10 min. How's your night?
Cerrone should one day walk out to 'Rhinestone Cowboy'
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Like a rhinestone cowboy and star spangled rodeo!
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