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Rex Tillerson

Rex W. Tillerson (born March 23, 1952, in Wichita Falls, Texas) is the current Chairman, President, and CEO of Exxon Mobil Corporation, positions previously held by Lee Raymond.

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Someone write a country song for Rex Tillerson. He could be the next big thing in country music.
Rex Tillerson says it may be necessary to take pre-emptive military action against North Korea.
Rex Tillerson is failing at every aspect of his job right now. Not managing the budget, department morale, management, or diplomacy.
"Rex Tillerson, in Tokyo, Reassures Japan of U.S. Commitment" by MOTOKO RICH via NYT The New York Times
Rex Tillerson, Trump's top diplomat, travels to Japan, South Korea and China amid rising tensions in region
Rex Tillerson used email alias at Exxon to discuss climate, says New York AG
A quiet drama is playing out in Foggy Bottom as Rex Tillerson's influence free falls, writes Robert Jervis.
It is not that Rex Tillerson lovingly cherishes his wife's facial grease, it's that Mike Pence stupidly spanks fruitflies during choir.
& Paul Ryan is a TRAITOR. Mitch McConnell is a TRAITOR. Mike Flynn is a TRAITOR. Rex Tillerson is a TRAITOR. Mike Pence is a…
Rex Tillerson . Perhaps the strongest Russian chess piece that was specifically moved to slash the State Department. Investi…
Ocean Sciences Article of the Day - Rex Tillerson won't work on Keystone pipeline issues (The Guardian)
I don't trust Rex Tillerson. As Sec.of State. He has said nothing since he was seated as Sec. Doesn't allow any press. What…
Here's why Rex Tillerson might be the weakest Head ever. Robert Jervis explains:
Aside from being Exxon chief & dear friend of Vladimir Putin, who is Rex Tillerson, and why is he in charge of our State Dep…
Putin placed Rex Tillerson in the US Sec of State position.
Rex Tillerson backed out of Keystone XL talks after a Greenpeace petition. This is your victory!
Bad day for Rex Tillerson! First the NYT, now this brilliant take-down by Bob Jervis. Worst start ever, for sure. https:…
I could do job. Watch:. The White House does not want the press asking Rex Tillerson anything at all, because Russia and oil.
.Mexican foreign secretary goes straight to the White House, skips meeting Rex Tillerson.
Very impressed by how is decimating Rex Tillerson & his destructive lack of work at the State Dept.
Why is Rex Tillerson going to Asia with NO PRESS to report what HE'S DOING? What is this White House hiding?
Rex Tillerson is an entitled rich white guy who thinks answering questions from the press especially a female, is below hi…
WHY isn't the doing anything about this White House? Why is Rex Tillerson gutting the State Dept & refusing to answer questions?
US: Rex Tillerson recuses himself from Keystone XL decision
Bureau chiefs write letter to state, expressing concern over Rex Tillerson ditching press on Asia trip
The leaks are in the White House..look at Rex are putting the American people in danger.…
Rex Tillerson to star in new Todd Haynes movie "The Great Combs and Brushes of Rex Tillerson"
. Rex Tillerson seems pretty elitist to me, president of exxon mobile and all. What happened to drain the swamp
Rex Tillerson should give up his shares on Exxon mobile so there will not be a conflict of interest.
Donald Trump sent John Kelly and Rex Tillerson to Mexico. He said they'd have "a tough trip." They did.
Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson and the shadow of Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly at the presser in Me…
A timeline of Rex Tillerson's relationship with Russian president Vladimir Putin via
Rex Tillerson implementing new State Department policy. 'Destroying Trump presidency' replaced by 'protecting the United S…
Where is Rex Tillerson? Top envoy keeps his head down and travels light.
I'm sure he already regrets taking this job.
This is probably fine by Priebus, & sold to Trump as a power move, but it's definitely part of Steve Bannon's agenda htt…
Words of flaccid US foreign minister Rex Tillerson are dismissed as huffing and puffing from a political nincompoop.
Poor guy. I guess he will have to settle for just traveling the world and hobnobbing with powerful people.
02-16 US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (front,L) and...
Spotted on Rex Tillerson's first G20 meeting and trip to Europe: the resistance!
Sec. of State Rex Tillerson in Germany meeting with world leaders today. ~ Kick *** and take names Rex!
US ambassador to UN contradicts Trump's position on two-state solution
State Dept cut out. NSC staff cut out. Nobody w/actual knowledge about foreign policy allowed to have input.
French foreign minister emerged from meeting with Tillerson to describe Trump ME policy as “confused and worrying” http…
Sr State officials are so out of the WH loop they are asking foreign diplos w contacts to Trump what's going on
More incompetence: Rex Tillerson was forced to stay at a sanitarium in a German village for G-20 . cc…
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Rex Tillerson a friend of Putin's lifting Sanctions against Russia again ties to you Trump
Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon are running the country.
US to UN contradicts position on two-state solution.
John Kerry successor and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will today make his diplomatic debut at a G20 gathering in…
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the US may work with Russia after meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister
Out of the loop: Rex Tillerson finds State Department sidelined by White House
Rex Tillerson to meet Russian counterpart at G20 in Germany
2014 Photos:Rosneft President Igor Sechin (Putin liaison in dossier) Hosts Meeting at Rosneft HQ in Russia with Rex Tillerson
President Trump overrules Rex Tillerson, rejecting Elliott Abrams for deputy Secretary of State
Just in: Rex Tillerson meets with Mexico's foreign minister and they agree that Rex will pay a visit to Mexico City…
And Ben Carson, and Rex Tillerson, and Nikki Haley... this is a common theme folks opposing Trump nominees have been using.
In case you were wondering about Russia... This is what Trump and Putin are up to: Exxon Mobil, under Rex Tillerson, brokered a deal with R…
Rex Tillerson, former chairman & chief executive of Exxon Mobile, is confirmed as Secretary of State:
I opposed Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State because I questioned his ability to put U.S. interests above ExxonMobil
New US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson has sets collision course with in South China Sea.
Rex Tillerson, we will hold you accountable as Secretary of State to uphold & protect human rights around the world https:/…
“I will always represent the interest of all of the American people at all times.” - Rex Tillerson . Secretary of State
ask Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Rudy Giuliani, Rex Tillerson, Roger Stone - who knows how many more.
Rex Tillerson is talking tough on Russia inside his private Hill meetings
Rex Tillerson talks tough on Russia in private Capitol Hill meetings
Jed Clampett, Senate confirms Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State in 56-to-43 vote
YES! Thank you, -- Please do the same re: Rex Tillerson. Stay strong. Margaret Chase Smith would…
Senate approves Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State
U.S. Senate confirms former CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State by a vote of 56-43
Dems & (I) have made Exxon's Rex Tillerson the US Sec. of S…
The Senate has confirmed Rex Tillerson to be Secretary of State. Revisit on the former Exxon Mobil CEO: https:/…
Our great Secretaries of State: Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall, Daniel Webster & now Rex Tillerson. FU USA
Senate confirms Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State
Sen. Tom Carper opposes Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State.
Rex Tillerson is already facing a revolt at the State Department over Trump's immigration order https…
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WOW my brain is so deep in politics when I saw "Rex Ryan" trending I assumed it was some issue concerning Rex Tillerson & Paul Ryan.
A brief chat with Elon Musk about climate change, Rex Tillerson, and Donald Trump
Let's get this straight:. 1) Rex Tillerson visits State Department. 2) Immediate mass resignation of senior officials.…
Catch me pullin an Arya Stark at night saying my list like "Donald Trump. Mike Pence. Betsy DeVos. Rex Tillerson. Jeff Sess…
but you had no doubts about Rex Tillerson or Jeff Session . We have to take another look at your judgement.
Michael Mann isn't happy with Elon Musk's support of Rex Tillerson
Rex Tillerson supports a carbon tax. This is what is really needed to move the needle.
Vote no: Betsy Devos, Steve Mnuchin, Ben Carson, Mike Pompeo,Rex Tillerson. Leave the ACA alone. Do not support Trump's disregard of facts
BREAKING NEWS  . Marco Rubio to vote for Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State
Marco Rubio says he voted for Rex Tillerson because he didn't want to "create unwarranted political controversy"
Marco Rubio backs Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State
Senate Foreign Relations Committee votes 11-10 in favor of Rex Tillerson's nomination for Secretary of State
Rex Tillerson won Senate Foreign Relations Committee be Secretary of State when it voted 11-10 to send his nomination to the full Senate.
ICYMI: The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 11-10 to recommend Senate confirmation for Rex Tillerson as Secretary…
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee just voted to make Rex Tillerson — a Putin-loving, Big Oil tycoon — our country'…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Former ExxonMobil chief executive Rex Tillerson won the backing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Monday...
Senate Foreign Relations Committee votes to confirm Rex Tillerson, nominee for sec of state on 11-10 party-…
BREAKING: Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida says he'll support Rex Tillerson's nomination for Secretary of State.
Dancing in the Kremlin tonight. Here comes Rex Tillerson, dropped sanctions & plenty of $$$ for plutocrats.
Former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson won approval from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for Secretary of State.
After all types of tough TALK on Rex Tillerson, McCain, Graham, & Rubio have all said they are voting to confirm him as Secr…
JUST IN: Senate committee votes in favor of Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State
Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson confirms full support for "Syrian Kurds" and describes them as "greatest allies".…
Marco Rubio is supporting Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State
Sen. Marco Rubio says he will vote to confirm President Trump's nominee Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State.
.voted to confirm Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, so we brought him the spine he must have left at home…
Senate panel approves Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State via This man is a good man. Congratulation sir
CLIP: protesters at Senate Foreign Relations Cmte meeting on Rex Tillerson to be Secretary of State.
Foreign relations committee backs Rex Tillerson as US Secretary of State, paving way for confirmation by full Senate https…
Senate votes to approve Donald Trump’s Secretary of State pick Rex Tillerson
Rex Tillerson wins Senate committee’s backing for Secretary of State
Tillerson clears first Senate hurdle: Senate Foreign Relations Cmte votes to confirm Rex Tillerson, nominee for Secre…
Top Dems comes out against Rex Tillerson... EXXON should NOT be Secretary of State
Meanwhile both John McCain and Lindsey Graham say they now back Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State?…
Sen. John McCain will vote in favor of Rex Tillerson, despite concerns about nominee's relationship with Putin
didn't John McCain say how dangerous Rex Tillerson is? We need to remind him adamantly!
Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham have decided to back Rex Tillerson's bid for Secretary of State.
Sen. John McCain tells he plans to vote in favor of sec. of State nominee Rex Tillerson, notes "this wasn't a…
Rex Tillerson is so pro-Russia and pro-Putin even Lindsey Graham is going to vote for him.
Lindsey Graham and John McCain will support Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State
Rex Tillerson receives backing to be Secretary of State from key senators
Senator Graham says he's supporting Rex Tillerson nomination
Sen. Lindsey Graham says he will vote for Rex Tillerson; cautions against President Trump cutting State Dept. budget htt…
Fixed it for you: I have no doubt that Rex Tillerson will serve our oil barons' interest as the next Secretary of
Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson to get committee vote on Monday
Interesting pairings at lunch: Sam Alito next to Jeff Sessions, CJ Roberts with Rex Tillerson
Flynn is already "butting heads w/members of Mr. Trump’s team, including Rex Tillerson,... Gen. Mattis and Mr. Pompeo".…
The New York Times: Donald Trump said he wanted Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State all along…
Rex Tillerson's parting gift to Exxon Mobil: $6 billion acquisition of Permian basin oil and gas interests
.SenJohnMcCain on supporting Rex Tillerson: "Barely, yes. I am."
McCain leaning toward voting to confirm Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State. AFTER INCRIMINATING *** COUP FAILS!
Sen. Rand Paul says on CNN that he'll vote to confirm Rex Tillerson. "I was very impressed."
Senator introduces Secretary of State nominee, Rex Tillerson on Capitol Hill this morning. Watch here:
Here are 10 questions the Senate must ask Scott Pruitt and Rex Tillerson. via
Recap of Rex Tillerson's Senate confirmation hearing for Secretary of State
We strongly reject the nomination of Rex Tillerson for United States Secretary of State. Our statement:
via I can read too. Rex Tillerson loves Putin and so does Trump.
-Rex Tillerson deserves support, as does your president . of "Three Amigos"
Rex Tillerson wants to bar Beijing from the South China Sea islands.
China pushes back after Rex Tillerson takes aggressive defence posture on South China Sea islands
"Beijing should be denied access to islands it has built in the disputed South China Sea!" —Rex Tillerson
China can't have access to the South China Sea islands they built, says Trump nominee Rex Tillerson. ht…
Rex Tillerson, Trump’s Secretary of State Nominee, Has a Dangerous Idea for the South China Sea | The Diplomat
Not content with just poking the Panda, Rex Tillerson decides to steal its food and poop in its cage; Says China ...
'No access': Rex Tillerson sets collision course with Beijing in South China Sea
“Don’t put Exxon in charge of the State Department”: Protester interrupts Rex Tillerson's confirmation hearing
A vote to confirm Rex Tillerson is a vote for Trump's dangerous relationship with Vladimir Putin.
When asked during hearing if Vladimir Putin is a "war criminal," Rex Tillerson says, “I would not use that term.”
Rex Tillerson grilled by Senate hearing over Russia, nuclear weapons and climate change - ABC Online
Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson says risk of climate change does exist
Things heat up as Sen. Kaine grills Rex Tillerson on climate change: 'Do you lack the knowledge'?
Senator Tim Kaine challenged Rex Tillerson on his climate change views
Rex Tillerson just made Trump's position on climate change seem like a hoax
Marco Rubio joines Cory Booker with sharp questioning for Rex Tillerson in his way to be the upcoming John McCain.
Green News: Even Rex Tillerson thinks Trump is wrong on climate change
Rex Tillerson looks like a villain from Fraggle Rock
engaging Rex Tillerson conversation how the world needs the ANWAR SADAT of TODAY to make peace w Israel NOT thru UN!
Sen. Marco Rubio asks Rex Tillerson if Putin is a war criminal. . Tillerson says no. . Rubio isn't having any of it . https:…
Happy to see Marco Rubio ask some real substantive questions to Rex Tillerson who would a disaster as Secretary of State
Marco Rubio: Is Vladimir Putin a war criminal? . Rex Tillerson: “I would not use that term.”. Rubio: Let me describe Aleppo...
Little Marco Rubio is the equivalent of a chihuahua jumping as high as it can to bite Rex Tillerson (T-Rex) in the ankle.
Rex Tillerson punting on Russia hacking questions from Marco Rubio by saying he doesn't have clearance
Marco Rubio attacks Rex Tillerson over scope of Moscow threat and sanctions
Marco Rubio grills Rex Tillerson for refusing to call Putin a war criminal via
Marco Rubio wastes no time asking Rex Tillerson about Russian "internet trolls" -- that's the most pressing issue of the day,…
Sen. Marco Rubio grills Rex Tillerson on his ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin
Robert Gates has as a PAID client Rex Tillerson. Wonder why he supports him?
Rex Tillerson hearing opens with strong endorsements from former Sen. Sam Nunn and former Sec. of Def. Robert Gates
Rex Tillerson 'right person at the right time': Robert Gates
PEEOTUS using Iran-Contra tainted Robert Gates 2 introduce Rex Tillerson primed by Brand Obama keeping him as SecDef.
domain names
Robert Gates gives his statement of support for Rex Tillerson's nomination as Secretary of State.
World News "We have to deal with what we see, not what we hope" - Trump nominee for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, on Chin… …
Secretary State Nominee Rex Tillerson's testimony today at 15:15 CET - here available to watch online
I liked a video How Rex Tillerson’s ExxonMobil past will impact confirmation hearing
*Incoherent muttering littered with profanity about "Draining the Swamp"...*
& ask Rex Tillerson: Will you stand up for human rights when U.S. allies abuse them?
Rex Tillerson faces a tough confirmation hearing. Here's why it won't matter
He knows. 'you need to come from a position of strength to them or you are going to have a lot of problems' -
"Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson love oil and it really hurts the working class"
Tillerson to face grilling over Russia, Iran ties at Senate hearing
Programmatic Senate testimony by Rex Tillerson, Trump's choice for Secretary of State.
In my part of the country, we call this a BRIBE. Could be why Reps wanted to remove Ethics Oversight. Investigation? htt…
Rex Tillerson and “We’ll Adapt” to Climate Change: Millionaire Oilmen Say the Darndest Things via /r/climate …
Rex Tillerson? I don't know, but with a name like this he can have a successful claim on lots of fossil fuel to be pumped out as a reunion.
Experience tells us that a good foundation is critical for success ...
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Rex Tillerson wants to be Secretary of State, but his history with Russia raises questions
Rex Tillerson also owns stock in Russia's largest search engine Yandex, which he will now divest from
Thing I like best about Rex Tillerson is that he has vast experience at pissing on all types of foreign governments.-Trump
Rex Tillerson's relationship with Putin was key to his success as the CEO of Exxon
Exxon and Trump are helping Tillerson defer a $70 million tax bill.
As the Trump/Russia dossier circulates, Rex Tillerson's SoS confirmation hearings begin today. He was awarded Order of Friendship by Putin.
Rex Tillerson will say Russia "must be held accountable," according to excerpts from his prepared remarks
Ok but what about Tillerson, this man isn't a conflict of interest by itself?
Rex Tillerson will say tomorrow Russia today poses a danger..Our NATO allies are right to be alarmed at a resurgent re…
The same Carter Page who announced Rex Tillerson in Moscow as your SecState before you told America . . https:/…
Secretary of State pick Tillerson expressed interest in Iran deals in 2016
Rex Tillerson of Exxon for Secretary of State is not showing his tax returns call Sen Corker to demand he show them 202-224-…
BREAKING: Rex Tillerson to say at confirmation hearing that Russia must be brought to account and NATO allies are right…
Several Republican senators have joined Democrats in expressing concern about Tillerson's close ties with Russia:
Leak reveals Tillerson is director of US-Russian oil company in Bahamas
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Rex Tillerson: The Scout we need at the
A new op-ed calls Rex Tillerson “the Scout we need at the State Department."
Lets see if stands by his words. Rubio holds big cards in Rex Tillerson confirmation.
Rex Tillerson's ties to Russia & Exxon = risk to our nation’s integrity & security. Plz oppose his appointment.
Rex Tillerson showed pragmatism as head of Boy Scouts - The Boston Globe
Rex Tillerson's egregious payout deal is nothing more than a golden parachute that flies in the face of
Couldn't get good pic, but Trump's pick for Sec. of State, Rex Tillerson, is in Capitol Building. He just walked to…
Yup. That's Rex Tillerson in my local Safeway shopping like a plebeian. His security guy is about 20 paces behind him. https…
Rex Tillerson agrees to cut all ties with Exxon Mobil
Exxon Mobil Corp & Rex Tillerson agree to cut all ties. More at:.
Tillerson to put Exxon stock in a trust: ExxonMobil and Rex Tillerson have announced their…
Tillerson agrees to sell $234 million in Exxon shares if confirmed: Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson reached an…
Rex Tillerson to put Exxon nest egg in a trust
Rex Tillerson to put ExxonMobil nest egg in a trust over conflict of interest concerns
Susan Collins: Oppose the appointment of Rex Tillerson to the State Department - Sign the Petition!
Kerry on Rex Tillerson: “We agreed to meet somewhere down the road here so I can share thoughts.”
Rex Tillerson and Exxon had a turnaround on climate change. Was it a sincere change of heart, or a cynical PR shift? https:…
John McCain: State hopeful Rex Tillerson will have to explain his ties to Vladimir Putin
In 2013, Rex Tillerson defied the U.S. State Department and cut an oil deal with the Kurdistan Regional Government.
As Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson will hopefully follow through on his view that climate change is "catastrophic" ht…
Robert Gates and Condoleezza Rice pushed Rex Tillerson's nomination after their firm worked for ExxonMobil
Saturday Night Live Skit: Putin and Rex Tillerson drop in on a Moronic Trump via
In February, Rex Tillerson told students in Texas that he has "a very close relationship" with Vladimir Putin
Condoleezza Rice recommended Rex Tillerson to Donald Trump. That is good enough for me.
Podcast! Carl Hulse of the New York Times (on potential confirmation problems for Rex Tillerson.
Déjà vu anyone!? Trump to send Rex Tillerson to Sergey Lavrov to press the reset button focusing on economic collab…
New York Times: How Rex Tillerson changed his tune on Russia and came to…
John Goodman was so good I thought at first he was Rex Tillerson
Former candidate and senator concerned about Rex Tillerson's position…
Rex Tillerson isn't the only Trump Cabinet pick with close financial ties to Russians
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Leak reveals Rex Tillerson was director of Bahamas-based US-Russian oil firm
, before character assassination begins of Rex Tillerson, you may want to read this.…
From Leak reveals that Rex Tillerson is director of a US-Russian oil company
has it way too easy with this guy. John Goodman as Rex Tillerson is an early Xmas gift, America.
Fmr Defense Secretary Robert Gates: "I strongly endorse the President-Elect's selection of Rex Tillerson to be the next…
The former vice president is lobbying hard for fellow oilman Rex Tillerson
Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar voices concerns about Rex Tillerson's ties to Russia
Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson would rather do deals with the Russians than fight them
Wikipedia has been edited to remove Rex Tillerson's "Order of Friendship" medal from Russia but there's still video. htt…
John McCain on Rex Tillerson: "I would never accept an award from Vladimir Putin"
Aaron David Miller on Rex Tillerson, President-elect Trump's pick for Secretary of State
Marco Rubio endangers Rex Tillerson's nomination by saying he has "serious concerns".
Read PRIVATE EMPIRE author piece on nomination of ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson to Secretary of State
Members of Senate committee who will be judging Rex Tillerson have raised concerns about several issues
Term of the day: corporate statism. Rex Tillerson, Exxon C.E.O., Chosen as Secretary of State
What's Good for Exxon Is Bad for the Country - Fred Kaplan, Slate The nomination of Rex Tillerson as secretary ...
interesting analysis of Rex Tillerson from Justin Raimondo. Tillerson wants good relations with Russia:.
The known Rex Tillerson-head of Exxon Mobil- the next US Secretary of State. Corporate America is preparing to steer
Oil despots of the world rejoice. . ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson may become Secretary of State. Read
Excellent profile of Rex Tillerson, Trump's nominee for Secretary of State.
Rex Tillerson says Atlas Shrugged is his favourite book
"Rand Paul on Rex Tillerson: 'I have an open mind'"Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, a former rival of President-elect Dona…
RINOs love Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State. This is not a man who will Rino's like James...
Russia's Foreign Affairs Committee Chair endorses appointment of Rex Tillerson to Secretary of State. "Sensation… Trump…
Georgia U.S. senators react to Rex Tillerson nomination for Secretary of State via
Rex Tillerson, a Distinguished Eagle Scout, Silver Buffalo Award recipient and past national president of the Boy...
MORNING JOE: It's gonna be hard for Marco Rubio to paint Rex Tillerson as a PUTIN STOOGE
Marco Rubio: ‘I have serious concerns’ about Rex Tillerson nomination Another reason to support Tillerson
Marco Rubio seemingly opposes Rex Tillerson confirmation for Sec of State. At this point,Tillerson seems unlikely to com…
Marco Rubio voices 'serious concerns' about Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State
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Rex Tillerson has been tapped to lead Follow his and every nomination: via
Statements from Bob Gates and Condoleezza Rice strongly supporting Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State
Why does every photo of Rex Tillerson look like an aide just told him that Jason Bourne re-surfaced in Prague
Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates run a consulting firm together and Rex Tillerson is one of their clients.
Rex Tillerson is an excellent choice for Between him and Mike Flynn maybe we can finally end madness of still f…
Seriously - Patriot or traitor? Rex Tillerson, from Corp Oil Sovereign to State Dept via
Rex Tillerson, from a corporate oil sovereign to the State Department
Trump selects Rex Tillerson to lead US State Department, despite concerns about his ties to Russia
President-elect Donald Trump has selected Rex Tillerson to lead the State Department, dismissing concerns about...
Rex Tillerson, from a Corporate Oil Sovereign to the State Department via
BREAKING: Donald Trump's pick to lead the State Department is Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson.
Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson in charge of the State Department's climate change negotiations. Hard to think of anyone more mor…
Bad for the climate? Donald Trump chooses Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. Price for carbon stuck…
Donald Trump to pick Rex Tillerson as US Secretary of State via
JUST IN: Donald Trump to select ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, sources tell NBC News.
Who is Rex Tillerson? The ExxonMobil Chair & CEO is a leading candidate for Sec of State:
John McCain 'concerned' about Rex Tillerson's friendship with 'butcher' Putin.
Trump tradition continues. Gen John Kelly to head DHS. NBC reporting Rex Tillerson may be tapped Sec of State.
What do Rex Tillerson, Andrew Pudzer and Paul Ryan have in common? Ayn Rand is their favorite author
The first time Donald Trump and Condi Rice spoke was when she called to recommend Rex Tillerson for State.
Rex Tillerson was recommended by Bob Gates and Condi Rice, and is a longtime friend of James Baker. Hardly the pedigree of a Pu…
Rex Tillerson is a member of Alpha Phi Omega (APO) Fraternity, largest in USA. Internationally, is also in Philippines.
Reince Priebus blasts premature attacks on Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State
Reince Priebus: No, really, it's a GOOD thing that Rex Tillerson deals in Russia!
Rex Tillerson is a friend of PUTIN! Trump is selling America's soul to Devil Putin!
Rex Tillerson has strong ties to Moscow, secured a 2011 deal with the Kremlin to access Arctic resources in Russia
Rex Tillerson, Exxon Mobil CEO, is Trump’s pick for Secretary of State, reports say
Exxon Mobil boss Rex Tillerson 'to be US Secretary of State'
and now this guy who might be the the reason for the whole shebang. Exxon-Mobil’s Rex Tillerson to be his Sec of…
Exxon's Rex Tillerson expected to become Trump's pick for Secretary of State |
Trump to name Rex Tillerson, Exxon Mobil CEO, as Secretary of State
Rex Tillerson of Exxon Mobil set to be Trump Secretary of State pick – reports
Trump's Rex Tillerson nomination means an oil executive will oversee America's involvement in UN climate talks
ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson will be named as Trump's Secretary of State: sources
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