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Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan (born December 13, 1962) is an American football Head Coach for the New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL).

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Grab Alvarado see how he does. Fera will have a very busy foot this season. Much like Rex Ryan's wife.
Ain't no press conference like a Rex Ryan press conference!. Reason 79 to be pumped for 2015:
The jets didn't the like of on route to like irvin by polling. 16,rex ryan claims superego liked bruce irvin up to…
The Bills having LeSean McCoy is somehow even . more amazing than having Rex Ryan
The story on Rob & Rex Ryan from is freaking funny. I’d listen to their stories about each other forever
Were the identities of twins Rex and Rob Ryan switched as babies?
"I just know good things are happening.". Rex evaluates his QBs and the team's progress:
Yes. Spoke w both Rex Ryan and Doug Wahley & they're fine with it.
Whose worse with challenges rex Ryan or Terry collins
I bet the Knicks phone in Rex Ryan and he trades their first round pick for a 30-something, over the hill point guard
Wade Philips??? Let's hope not. rather it be Rex Ryan type agresssiveness
This prevents me from having to chart coaches who are defensive minded and not calling the offense. I.E. Rex Ryan.
ok Rex Ryan is a G😂 I like him, but Chuck Pagano is the best😎
dude admit it Rex Ryan is a great coach. He built a team around Mark Sanchez and went to the AFC chip back to back
It's been 5.5 months, and it's still surreal that Rex Ryan is the Head Coach.
Rex Ryan is probably my favorite coach in the NFL
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those are better then Rex Ryan saying he was content with Mark Sanchez
Rex Ryan's old defense vs. Rex Ryan's new defense: Which unit is better?
NEW by - Safety Play in Rex Ryan's D & Why Duke Williams is Primed for Huge Year http:…
Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets: Who will have the better defense in 2015?: Orchard Park, N.Y. — Ask Rex Ryan,...
TV anchors meet off record with Darren Wilson is in talks to AP: Rex Ryan agrees to coach Buffalo Bills.
Can Rex leads to consistently win? ESPN's AFC East bloggers got together to answer:
Rex Ryan's defense promises to dominate, but will Bills' QB situation hold ... - Yahoo Sports Buffalo, Bills, buff…
The New York Jets decided to move on from long-time Head Coach Rex Ryan during the offseason after a 4-12 campaign in 2014
Saints News, 6/23/15: Rob Ryan recalls when brother Rex punched him out
I know...saving private Ryan overshadows it
Rex and Ryan need to let it go...for crying out loud that's an easy error
There are numerous players that would love to have Ryan and Rex as scorekeepers. They don't think anything's an error
Getting a kick out of listening to Ryan and Rex talk about Baker University on TV 😂
if the option existed to upgrade from Rex and Ryan, I'd decline it.
Rex Ryan should stop living in the past
Ryan: Duffy is on an 80 to 85 pitch count tonight. . Rex: what'd they say before the game, 90? 75? Somewhere in that range? . Ryan: 80 to 85
New York Jets: Todd Bowles is no Rex Ryan and it's great
Rex thought Kerry Rhodes was soft so they traded him, but he would have been the FS Rex needed.
Rex Ryan sits down 1-on-1 with Chris Brown to discuss what he learned from OTA's and minicamp.
Report: Rex Ryan once broke Rob Ryan’s nose in college for not being his wingman, went to jail h…
Rex Ryan or Mike Schopp? And if Rex Ryan do you mean he's an *** or do you mean it's all just words to satisfy the media?
Rex Ryan has signed Matt Simms, Wayne Hunter and Matthew Mulligan all in a span of a week or so. I love it.
Rex Ryan expects Buffalo Bills to sign former Jets OT Wayne Hunter: '"Yeah, I think he'll be signed," R...
Rex Ryan tattooed his leg to lure Wayne Hunter back to the Now he's with the Bills... He's horrible.
Rex Ryan is one of the best signings possible by the Bills. Ryan expects Bills to sign OT Wayne Hunter via
oh there's a point. Rex Ryan is stuck in his 2010-2011 success. Next thing you know shonn green and santonio Holmes
The will sign former OL Wayne Hunter, who was brought in for a tryout, Rex Ryan said.
Rex Ryan once had leg tattooed to lure Wayne Hunter back to Jets:
Rex Ryan once got leg tattooed to woo Wayne Hunter
Rex Ryan says Wayne Hunter will sign with Buffalo Bills
Only the Jets would send out a mailer touting Rex Ryan & John Idzik v
Rex Ryan had his eyes on me, and last night at Frontier. Cool pic by D&C's Carlos Ortiz.
Rex Ryan remains the NFL's best new power back, Jonas Gray, who turned it over … And finally:
Rex Ryan singled out LB Ty Powell as a player who has jumped out at him during OTAs, noting he has 4 INTs.
Bills coach Rex Ryan has been impressed by reserve ILB Ty Powell's performance at OTAs.
Rex Ryan should be on New York radio : Riffing with Raissman: On this week's "Riffing with Raissman," Daily News' Bob Raissman talks ...
Rex Ryan is once again praising Ty Powell. Says he's picked off four passes in OTAs.
Ty Powell getting all the Rex Ryan love.
Rex Ryan says Ty Powell has been a standout during OTAs.
HC Rex Ryan: Ty Powell jumps out to me on defense. Has four interceptions during OTAs. Has found a home at ILB
Rex Ryan says Ty Powell had 4 interceptions in spring camps. Singles him out as stand out on defense.
Rex Ryan :Bills drafted John Miller to be a rookie starter -
Bills fans and the city of Buffalo loves Rex Ryan. If he can have beers with Jim Kelly, he's good in our book.
Rex Ryan joked that he planned to talk to Roger Goodell about not cutting down Tom Brady's four-game suspension.
Rex Ryan, Chris Christie, Bernie Williams, Willie Randolph, and John Franco all on the same team here
Boomer is at 1b Rex Ryan is at 2b Chris Christie 3b. John franco pitching. Willie Randolph catching.
Rex Ryan made this playoff guarantee at the "True Blue" charity softball event at Yankee Stadium. Great cause. Have to give him credit there
Rex Ryan says the Bills will make the playoffs...
Instead of holding practice today, Rex Ryan will take the entire Bills team to Jim Kelly's charity golf tournament. http:…
How's this for team building? Instead of an OTA tomorrow, Rex Ryan is bringing his entire team to Jim Kelly's golf tournamen…
Rex Ryan, Kobe, Lebron, Bill Simmons. Off the top..Seems like everything they say gets billboarded.
Rex Ryan has rave reviews for John Miller, who continues to impress in workouts.
Rex Ryan took a tour of St. John Fisher today. Hear his thoughts on camp and the hiring of Bylsma on at 5
Rex Ryan giving Corey Graham first crack at earning strong safety job. Here’s my story. via
Rex Ryan in no hurry for rush to judgement in QB competition
Bigger upgrade: from Doug Marrone to Rex Ryan or Ted Nolan to Mike Babcock?
From Doug Marrone and Ted Nolan to Rex Ryan and Mike Babcock? Biggest pair of offseasons since.
Four and a half months ago it was Ted Nolan and Doug Marrone. Today it's Mike Babcock and Rex Ryan.
So we may go from Doug Marrone to Rex Ryan and Ted Nolan to Babcock in one year...
From Ted Nolan and Doug Marrone to Mike Babcock and Rex Ryan. Little bit of an upgrade
New poll by reveals Tom Brady's appeal has plummeted, now on par with Britney Spears & Rex Ryan.
Heard in Congress: customs bill (20) 'Rex Ryan has a new custom Buffalo Bills pickup and it is amazing'
John Miller running with starters, and 5 other notes from Buffalo Bills: Orchard Park, N.Y. — Rex Ryan is tryi...
HC Rex Ryan: If we ever have to play lacrosse, Chris Hogan is probably the first pick.
Column: Bad news for Tom Brady. Good news for Rex Ryan, whose Buffalo Bills will win AFC East http:/…
Column: Tom Brady suspension makes Rex Ryan's Buffalo Bills the new favorite to win AFC East
I'd have asked Rex Ryan when he intended to acquire an NFL QB to block for
Rex Ryan laughs at Jerry Glanville about Elvis tickets? "Who are these two?
Report: Undrafted free agent La'el Collins has meeting with Rex Ryan
As if this La'el Collins situation had gotten weird enough, now he and Rex Ryan appear to have gone rogue for dinner.
Rex Ryan is having dinner with La’El Collins now, an unsanctioned meeting, as said. Tune in to
Cam Clemmons finally going to Cali. Mitchell Henry headed to Aaron Rodgers' team. Cam Thomas to play for Rex Ryan.
LaDainian Tomlinson is telling his best Rex Ryan story in Selection Square
Tony Steward to the Bills: Rex Ryan strikes again.
Guess since Rex Ryan is no longer prematurely anointing players the New York Post is taking on that role?
Andy Reid and Rex Ryan up next. Fits for Gregory. If they can motivate you to play no one can. Still may drop further.
Never realized how Paul looks sorta like a cross b/w Rex Ryan and Jerry Glanville :)
Rex Ryan wants Bryce Brown to fix fumbling problem
The started their veteran mini-camp today. I'll tell you which QB stood out to Rex Ryan coming up during sports
Rex Ryan talks about his quarterbacks: Rex Ryan discusses the QB competition April 28 at a voluntary mini...
Rex Ryan said the Bills are already dividing up reps among the top three QBs. He said Jeff Tuel isn't getting quite as many reps.
The started their voluntary veteran mini camp today. Head Coach Rex Ryan at the podium now.
Rex Ryan says today's veteran mini camp is about installing a new system. It's the next step to a continuous teaching phase.
I named my bird after Mike Leach and my cat after Rex Ryan. I'm not sure what that says about me. I like intense coaches?
AFC Men: Bills vs. Jets: Get ready for Rex Ryan's return to New York with this "Mad Men" inspired trailer.
WHOA! Rex Ryan did not bring in Tebow, it was not his call. The owner Woody Johnson wanted him & Rex played the PC game
[Honolulu Advertiser]Bum and Wade Phillips, Buddy and Rex Ryan, Jim and Jim Mora, *** and Mike …
Rex Ryan's reaction when Mark Sanchez told him he's going to be teammates with Tebow again.
Mark Cuban is the Rex Ryan of the Nba
"Hi, I'm Tom Coughlin and I have DirecTV.". "And I'm Rex Ryan, and soon I'll be working on cable."
ICYMI: HC Rex Ryan met with the media yesterday and had plenty to say. Watch it all here:
Rex Ryan is the lebron James of coaches in the sense that ESPN does pointless articles concerning him
Tom Brady's response when Rex Ryan said, "My pitch actually made it to the plate."
I'd take someone to the Capital Grill for a year straight if they could shut up Rex Ryan. Jets fans welcome to our world. What a gasbag!
Rex Ryan is one of my favorite NFL coaches. That dude will go to war and fight beside you no matter what
Breaking News!. Mike Tomlin was moved to offensive coordinator!. Rex Ryan has been hired as Head Coach!
Rex Ryan with the Buffalo Bills? What about John Fox and the Chicago Bears? Or maybe Tod...
Sheldon Richardson: Jets can be 'top team in league': Rex Ryan is gone, but Sheldon Richardson sounds determin...
Today's 'Black Monday' in the NFL: Rex Ryan, Mike Smith, Marc Trestman and ... -
Rex Ryan is about 20 feet away from me and I don't really know who he is. I'd be much more excited if it was Liza Minelli or Mr. Sam Elliott
Rex Ryan will be helping the Buffalo Bisons get off on the right foot by throwing out the first pitch on Opening Day April 9th.
Rex Ryan to throw pitch at Bisons Opening Day -
Buffalo Bisons announce that Bills' Head Coach Rex Ryan will throw out the ceremonial first pitch at their opening day on April 9.
Coming up on today's at 5:30 p ET - Interviews include Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, Rex Ryan, Robert Kraft and Jeff Fisher.
“Rex Ryan says Bills will have open competition at quarterback I think we know it won't be "open"
Rex Ryan worked out Bryce Petty and apparently the Seahawks are supposed to draft a backup QB this year.
After enduring John Idzik's reign of blunder and Rex Ryan's reign of bluster, New York Jets fans now stand assured that the reins of the
Sittin in this airport for 30 minutes, we've already seen Ashley Judd, Rex Ryan, and Scottie Pippen.
look buffalo has nasty pieces if they had the right coach like chip jelly but let's be real Rex Ryan isn't an offensive guru lol
For the love of Pete Rozelle people! Rex Ryan isn't building the He's not the GM. Doug Whaley is.
he also knows u need an elite qb to succeed in the NFL. Belichick without Brady is Rex Ryan. Look up Bill Walsh record b4 Montana
Tell your pops that we want Rex Ryan/ Marc Trestman. Thanks!!
Rex Ryan and John Idzik getting together right about now would make for an excellent Pay Per View steel cage match.
Jets' next moves will probably involve getting back Mark Sanchez, Santonio Holmes, and Rex Ryan.
One under the radar signing: Tyrod Taylor/Bills. Rex Ryan can use him to run the zone read stuff. He knows how difficult…
Rex Ryan better not mess with the hotdogs at Ralph Wilson Stadium.
Rex Ryan and Marc Trestman should pair together and make a great *** couple.
“I been a Seahawks fan since the Shaun Alexander and Matt Hassleback days. FACTS” LMFAO GTFOH Rex Ryan
Rex Ryan: Vic Beasley's no Mike Mamula -- he's a great player -
EXCLUSIVE: RB LeSean McCoy in tonight. He had dinner with Rex Ryan, Greg Roman and others.
Rex Ryan had Chris Johnson, Ivory, and Geno Smith and led in NO rushing categories last year 😴
Rex Ryan's D uses 2 offline LBs, and has two of top young ones in football, Bradham and Brown. We're good
The just way overpaid David Harris solely to keep him away from Rex Ryan. The Rex intimidation factor is real.
Jets re-sign LB David Harris, per league source. Keeps him off the market and away from Rex Ryan.
Buffalo Bills trade for Matt Cassel, likely nixing reunion of ex-Jets Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez
So, Rex Ryan didn't see Kiko Alonso as a scheme fit because he can attack downhill against run and defend pass? Hard to …
I see you, Rex Ryan fan at heart. Shady has a couple years left in him but he peaked in 2013 imo
nope. I believe in Rex Ryan. Dudes a great football coach
Rex Ryan stays true to his word with trade for LeSean McCoy - Bills Blitz
what if Ryan and Brendon Skype each other from the bathtub every night while discussing fine-dining and milk omg
at 9 in the afternoon tonight I'm going to start screeching Ryan Ross and hopefully he comes back to p!atd wish me luck
I fully expect Rex Ryan to make a play for Revis and finish his career as a Buffalo Bill
Borges: Be careful what you wish for with Rex Ryan: Rex Ryan is certainly trying t...
Rex Ryan never had a rusher like McCoy, with his defense, he will win in buffalo
Rex Ryan just made another new addition to his Bills themed truck...
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Rex Ryan: Hey Bill we just signed LeSean McCoy what do you think about that?. Belichick:
they aren't going anywhere with Cassel/Manuel at the helm. Rex Ryan is a *** good coach, but he's not taking far this year
it's called a bold prediction for a reason. You clearly have no faith in Rex Ryan
Interested to learn trading LB Kiko Alonso was one of the first things Rex Ryan wanted to do when hired. Perhaps not a…
Matt Cassel will join Buffalo Bills from Minnesota as Rex Ryan continues to rebuild
From Earlier: Report: Rex Ryan wanted to trade Kiko Alonso from day one
Rex Ryan making trades all over the league, Peyton Manning takes a pay cut, the Saints release their best back & we still have a week til FA
Point/Counterpoint on the Shady McCoy trade: Chip Kelly is a genius, and Rex Ryan is insane.
It would be crazy if Rex Ryan and the started next season with: McCoy, Revis and Manning with their strong D. and S. Watkins
Rex Ryan already said they were gone run it more now that he is Head Coach
Rex Ryan you dog, you got Shady playing in the back just pick up Vince Young or draft a QB maybe Buffalo can take you to certain places
Rex Ryan is so predictable it isn't even funny. He will never win the AFC East. He should just accept he is a great D C not Head Coach
Hey can you imagine if someone told you a few months ago: our 2015 Head Coach is Rex Ryan, and Kiko gets traded for Shady McCoy.
I wouldn't be surprised if Head Coach Rex Ryan of the gets a tattoo of on his other arm 🏈
When the Bills fans got happy about Shady coming to Buffalo and then they remember that Rex Ryan is their Head Coach
I would be scared of the Bills but Rex Ryan is their Head Coach and his only concern is trying to beat the Pats.
I forgot that Rex Ryan is the Head Coach in Buffalo. Buffalo might be scary next season 😶
First time Rex Ryan has ever had an elite offensive weapon as a Head Coach and he hasn't even coached a game with the Bills yet
the bills will be back to normal next year with Rex Ryan
The Bills get shady McCoy for a guy that was hurt all of last year! Rex Ryan pulling out all the tricks, but will still suck!
And now Rex Ryan is our Head Coach.. Great
Rex Ryan the Head Coach bills Defense was ranked 4th in the NFL now get MCCOY. Watch out for the Bills
Well now the Bills just need to find a QB. Got McCoy and Watkins, a top 10 defense, and Rex Ryan entering his first season as Head Coach
The Head Coach is Rex Ryan. Their quarterback is terrible. [Definitely processes]
Maybe new Head Coach Rex Ryan had something to do with this trade. I still don't see Bills beating Brady and Belichek
The Head Coach is Rex Ryan. Their RB is LeSean McCoy [does not process]
Rex Ryan great first move as a new Head Coach
RIP to Shady McCoy's football career. It will die in Buffalo NY with Rex Ryan as the Head Coach
Rex Ryan is the Head Coach. I think there is nothing to worry about
Ain't Rex Ryan Head Coach of the bills now? He dope lol
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Rex Ryan already doing better as Bills Head Coach I love it
I can confirm the Buffalo Bills have agreed to terms with Rex Ryan to be their next Head Coach
New York Jets Season Recap & 2015 NFL Draft Needs: For the New York Jets, Head Coach Rex Ryan is always on the...
BREAKING: New York Rangers trade Henrik Lundqvist to the New York Jets for Geno Smith, Joe Namath, and a Rex Ryan autographed football
i never said he was a great Head Coach. You can be a great coordinator but not be a good Head Coach. Rex Ryan is another...
John Idzik and Rex Ryan will evaluate QB options over weekend. Looking like Geno Smith Week 1 starter. Mark Sanchez unlikely to be healthy
New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan: 'This isn't about one man falling short'
New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan on quarterback situation: 'I have no idea'
Rex Ryan knows *** well is the only one that can cook Revis
Buffalo Bills hire Rex Ryan as Head Coach
How about that(Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan new Ford)?
.Head Coach Rex Ryan is definitely scoring some points with western New York with this sweet ride!
Head Coach Rex Ryan is going balls to the walls for Buffalo...
Friday morning one-liners: Rex Ryan got a new truck befitting his new job as Bills Head Coach. Defensive ...
When you drive a Ford, you become Rex Ryan. When you become Rex Ryan, you become the Head Coach of…
Rex Ryan New Custom Pimped Out Bills Truck (Photos): Rex Ryan is the Buffalo Bills new Head Coach and now he h...
If you see a custom truck covered in the Bills logo riding around Buffalo, it's Rex Ryan.
"Saturday Night Fun U look like ur having as much fun as Rex Ryan at Bally Total Fitness.
.HC Bill Belichick, HC Rex Ryan and DC Rob Ryan arrived at the NFL combine together. ht…
Here's Rex Ryan in the Super Bowl 25 Thurman Thomas jersey, entering Combine with, yes, Bill Belichick
Love it! "belief" & get stronger up front! Jets coach Todd Bowles takes opposite approach to Rex Ryan via
Rex Ryan said yesterday to NFL Network Bills are “coming after Patriots.” Same day Todd Bowles said “Just beating NE i…
Rex Ryan loose and entertaining at combine
Bills coach Rex Ryan is loose, entertaining at NFL Combine in Indianapolis.
I knew John Idzik and Rex Ryan would never worked out and be a disaster from start.
Rex Ryan went from Geno Smith to Josh McCown... His career won't prosper
LISTEN: Rex Ryan was in studio with Howard and Jeremy
Did you miss HC Rex Ryan on with & Listen back to the interview here:
NYJ Star Ledger: You can live in ex-Jets coach Rex Ryan's old N.J. house ... if you're willing to pay enough
Herm Edwards, Ron Jaworski and Tom Waddle discuss the Bills reported decision to hire Rex Ryan as their head
Rex Ryan and the take a chance on Richie Incognito:
The second coming of Conrad Dobler?. Richie Incognito officially signs with Buffalo Bills, says Rex Ryan is 'the man'
had to compete against? Chan Gailey, Rex Ryan, Herm Edwards & other failures.
Rex Ryan reminds me of Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush Alaska,
Rex Ryan sweats it out at lady foot locker on the regs
Rex Ryan is bad against Bill Belicheck, except in the Playoffs
🎤 when youre a jet you're a jet all the way🎤 Rex Ryan loves him some WestSide Story!
Rex Ryan: will explore all avenues for quarterback
Rex Ryan changes Jets tattoo to Bills tattoo
I guess have sports reporter have nothing else to cover but Rex Ryan making changes to his tattoo.
Rex Ryan is the definition of a clown
Nobody can make fun of Rex Ryan's foot fetish anymore
Analysis: Looking at the NFL coaches in new places now that the carousel has stopped
Rex Ryan changes the color of his tattoo on his arm from green to blue...this guy is a cartoon. You were spot on.
in that Rex Ryan pic, I'm more perplexed by the green/gold D'backs cap on the tat artist. Just looks weird.
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I wanted them to snag Rex Ryan but I like the new blood of Quinn. I just hope we can sign good free agents and draft!
Thanks Coach Ryan for donating those Jets sweater of our designers can re-purpose them for the 2015... http…
Rex Ryan has the defensive tools in to be a 6 seed and shock people next year. All he needs is a QB and RB on O
Rex Ryan updates tattoo from Jets green to Bills blue (Shutdown Corn
Rex Ryan's infamous tat goes from Jets green to Bills blue. Remember, tattoos, unlike coaching gigs, are permanent.
Rex Ryan changes tattoo of wife in football jersey from green to blue
Rex Ryan alters green Jets tattoo to Buffalo Bills blue: Rex Ryan has rid himself of all reminders of his Jets...
Yea, Who's still disappointed that we didn't end up with Rex Ryan now???.
Rex Ryan donated all his old Jets gear to the Counting on to track down the person tha…
Attention Rex Ryan: Tattoo removal surges 440% over the last decade
True story: Rex Ryan is not wearing Bills colors in his Pizza Hut ad because they too closely resemble Domino's colors.
Sorry, Jets fans. Rex Ryan has changed his tattoo to Buffalo Bills blue.
Rex Ryan altered his Jets tattoo so that it's Bills-themed now
Rex Ryan gets tattoo of wife in Mark Sanchez NY Jets jersey changed to Bills colors 
If Rex Ryan goes with a 3 front hes a retard and should be fired right away
Rex Ryan goes to Bills blue for tattoo
Rex Ryan’s tattoo of his wife in a Jets jersey got a Bills makeover (via
the Rex Ryan boob pic makes me nostalgic for my breakfast...
Rex Ryan updates his Jets-themed tattoo with Buffalo Bills colors
Rex Ryan gets tattoo of wife switched to Bills colors
Rex Ryan's sweater vests might be at Salvation Army. Clues: Near Summit, NJ, size XL or XXL, "RR" on tag
Rex Ryan got his arm tattoo changed from Jets green to Bills Blue (photo: Jordon Berry)
I'm all in on Todd Bowles, but this Rex Ryan tattoo removal story makes me nostalgic for 09/10 h…
Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan got his tattoo touched up with Buffalo colors.
Rex Ryan and this defense with Alonso playing in it! Deadly
Rex Ryan has Jets tattoo re-inked in Bills blue: Matt BradwellBUFFALO, N.Y., Feb. 3 (UPI) -- Rex Ryan ...
Rex Ryan changes his Mark Sanchez tattoo from Jets green to Buffalo Bills blue: When Rex Ryan was fired ...
ESPN's Schefter says that Rex Ryan will try to lure Darrelle Revis to Buffalo
Revis got a ring I know Rex Ryan eating ice cream & skittles right now like the Nutty Professor
Surprise it was Rex Ryan that called that play
Tonight has consisted of my uncle and neighbor talking about how Buffalo will be going to the Super Bowl next year because of Rex Ryan
If there is one person excited about Rex Ryan going to Buffalo, it would be the guy who owns Anchor Bar,
saw Rex Ryan at Wegman's this morning super bowl Sunday. I see only irony go Bills!
The location of the Ark of the Covenant, how Stonehenge was created, how Rex Ryan still has a job with Jets - World's biggest mysteries
next year it'll be Rex Ryan vs. Herm Edwards
.on Rex Ryan spreading the word about the (& pizza) at the
Remember when this was going to be the Raiders coaching staff?. HC: John Harbaugh. OC: Marc Trestman. DC: Rex Ryan. LB Coach: Todd Bowles
How excited are the Bills to play for Rex Ryan? Let one of their running backs tell you.
.tells that they're already predicting huge results through enthusiastic Rex Ryan:
Fred Jackson says that Rex Ryan can get the over the hump.
AUDIO: RB talks with about Doug Marrone, the & Rex Ryan:
Rex Ryan: Trying to get an All-Star staff together. Fortunate that my owner has deep pockets.
of course Rex Ryan would star in a Pizza Commercial that fatso can't stop thinking about food lol
.excited about prospects of playing linebacker under Rex Ryan:
Mike Francesa actually enjoys doing the radio contest on's like he's talking about Rex Ryan tattoo of Sanchez. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Tom Coughlin is a better coach then Rex Ryan
Bowles on his personality compared with old coach Rex Ryan's: “Sarcastic side, comedy side, a serious side.” Said he was a male "Cybil"
"Our balls are pumped up and ready to go" Rex Ryan's opening statement that St. John Fisher College
ESPN Video: Frank Caliendo conducts an interview as Rex Ryan with Caliendo as Bill Belichick.
Our conducts an interview as new coach Rex Ryan and Patriots coach Bill Belichick. »
that's like an NFL team with no QB hiring Rex Ryan...wait.
Not sure what Greg Roman and Rex Ryan could do with Trent Richardson, but I would take him for a 8th round pick.
Rex Ryan: "OC Greg Roman is an outstanding coach"
I guess Mike Maccagnan didn't agree with the A+ grades Rex Ryan was giving out for the last couple of drafts.
How did Rex Ryan keep a straight face when this reporter asked him this question? 😂😂
kromer and Greg Roman on Rex Ryan's staff...gotta love it
New 49ers coach, John Fox to the Bears, Rex Ryan to Bills... who is the best fit for their new team? Who will have the better season?
NFL hot seat watch Rex Ryan could be the next Head Coach out after Dennis Allen's firing
Crazy to think Marvin Lewis, Rex Ryan, Mike Smith and Jack Del Rio ALL coached the Raven's defense when the team won the Super Bowl
Rex Ryan on Bills: “We’re going to build a bully, and we’re going to see if you want to play us for 60 minutes”
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Eric Smith / Rex Ryan brings his defensive staff to Bills
Colin Cowherd. Sports with intellect! View on Todd Bowles, Rex Ryan, the Lottery and Life
Geno Smith gift-wraps win for Patriots as Jets cant win one for Rex Ryan - Newsday
If a combination of Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith got Rex Ryan fired in New York, why in the world would he want him back in Buffalo?
Jets fans should be happy Rex Ryan left, that way Geno Smith won't start every week
ProFootballTalk: Rex Ryan is walking into an eerily similar situation: Cris Collinsworth discusses the Bi...
Ask 'em if they know who Rex Ryan was talking about when he mentioned John Hannah & Russ Francis yesterday.
Couldn't I argue that the set up for our Rex Ryan takedown on today's was a LITTLE elaborate? Tell me what I need to hear, folks...
Not a huge fan of Colin Cowherd but his analysis regarding Rex Ryan's presser was harsh... but spot on.
Rex Ryan: 'The last team I'll ever coach will be the Buffalo Bills'
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