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Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan (born December 13, 1962) is an American football head coach for the New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL).

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u should've went to hooters with me and Rex last night
Can’t let A Rex Ryan coached team beat us
Russell Wilson's feet are so sweet that Rex Ryan wants to play Seattle every week
The Jets would lose. Because that would only happen to Rex Ryan.
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix wants to show Rex Ryan he can deliver big hits
so, basically, Rex Ryan will watch this game several times preparing for the Bills... And he will love it!
his fall from grace has the potential to make Rex Ryan and Eric Mangini (the Man-genius) look like nothing.
Feeling as gut-punched and heart broken as Rex Ryan and the Jets felt when a timeout wiped out a game-tying touchdown.
because they got Rex Ryan volume 2 as a coach
Thought Seattle looked absolutely putrid & don't like Pete Carroll but I'd trade him 4 Tomlin in a hot minute. I even take Rex Ryan
why was ryan and robs sexuality not an issue like Rex and his fiancé ?
Rex Ryan's next speech as told by Apollos Hester: One of the most inspirational
Rex Ryan screwed up Tim Tebow's career and that's why I will forever despise Rex Ryan.
Right on, man. You know, I always pull for the Jets because of you. I also have a soft spot for Rex Ryan.
Grant "yo ryan wanna hang out?". me "yeah sure just gotta cancel some plans
I'd lick Rex Ryan's *** for an hour to have Carrie underwood fart in my face
still waiting for the Super Bowl win Rex Ryan always promises
& how sick he was when Rex Ryan said that awful profanity on Hard Knocks. That's sooo much worse than Michael Sam distraction
ha - do I need Rex Ryan to have his A game going or what !!
because it was the Super Bowl. Manning only wins big playoff games when he plays against Rex Grossman.
Give me Rex Ryan and this team is 3-0. He knows how to instill confidence. *** give me half the coaches in the league and this team is 3-0
no no, same time I started to hate Rex Ryan was the same time I became a fan all happened 2 years ago
best hope is jets season unravels too and fins hire Rex Ryan next year.
nervous about this bears-jets game tommrow. They are not the same bears team. I hope Rex Ryan is prepared! J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!
Joe Philbin is on the clock...too bad the Jets will make the playoffs this season or else Rex Ryan would be the Dolphins coach next year
Rex Ryan gets more, cause he's a clown
Would love to see Eagles with Rex Ryan as DC.
Joe McKnight being the Joe McKnight we thought he could be. In other news, Rex Ryan is still terrible at offensive personnel decisions
Jim Harbaugh is close to being like Rex Ryan where his 49er players are running the SF asylum.
He finally has a coach that knows how to use him. Played for Rex Ryan not an offensive mastermind.
We need Rex Ryan as our DC cause Jack Del Rio suck
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If that's true, we won't see him next week against NYJ, not with Rex Ryan calling plays.
I like Geno, I like how much Rex Ryan loves his team I just got sick of the *** athletes on the jets
Rex Ryan to give insight on the reason for so many broken feet.
Hire Rex Ryan away from Jets at season's end to come in and kick some ***
no doubt, he needed a QB guy, not Rex Ryan and his horde of mutant defensive turtle power,
Greg Salas surprises Jets' Rex Ryan with how he's 'bought into' playing on special teams
Depending how bad the jets or bengals end their seasons Marvin Lewis or Rex Ryan may be available for D coordinator too
Tom Coughlin has two Super a Bowl rings. Rex Ryan has a Mark Sanchez tattoo and a foot fetish.
Rex Ryan D? Naaa and Monte projected 16 so id be worried cuz that's what cutler puts up every week. But thts just me
Ryan Fitzpatrick looks like Astros trainer Rex Jones but runs like Jose Altuve.
"On everything Wiz look like a cartoon character Rex Ryan thinks he has a defense like Seattle or Carolina..
Rob Ryan looks like what Rex would look like if he got fired by the Jets went on like a month long bender.
Rex Ryan is to Rob Ryan as Albus Dumbledore is to Aberforth Dumbledore.
Rex Ryan on Sunday convo with Gruden. Said being a ball boy for the Bears growing was a great experience.
Rex Ryan sent his mama on that blitz.
I hate Mark Sanchez... Ruined Tim Tebows career, well it was actually Rex Ryan but still 😒 But this could change
From the sound of it, Darrelle Revis is gonna have to beg Rex Ryan to come back to the if he wants to go to Canton.
Rex Ryan was a defensive coach at K-State in 1999. Did anyone else know that?
except, will isnt going to escape this season w/his job like rex was. + WM isnt half the d guru Ryan is
WM reminds me of Rex Ryan hinging his job on Sanchez when everyone else knew Sanchez was a b…
Take Aways from the NFL 1. No matter what the players off the field problems it will not effect viewership and revenue because we will continue to watch. 2. Kind of feels like RG3 is one of those guys who will never get healthy. 3. The Bengals are one of the deepest teams in the league but Andy Dalton is 0-3 averaging 11 points in the playoffs. 4. I love Rex Ryan but if he does not get a hold on the offensive play calling he will not be the Jets coach after the season. 5.Phillip Rivers never get the respect he deserves, he been doing it for years. 6. Hey maybe the Cowboys Defense is not all that bad 7. If any coach has proven he can turn something around it is Tom Coughlin but we might be looking at the end of the Tom/Eli era after this season. 8. I should have never went to sleep on Jay Cutler and the Bears huh. 9. Even after all of this it is we are only two weeks in so enjoy it.
New York Post - Rex knows about bad timeouts - GREEN BAY, Wis. — Jets coach Rex Ryan has been involved in bad ...
Nelson has career day, Packers beat Jets 31-24: New York Jets coach Rex Ryan paid the Packers'...
New York Jets 2014 season preview: It's postseason or bust for Rex Ryan
Bob Ryan is so much worst then Rex Ryan when it comes 2 calling a defense
Rex Ryan said Geno Smith had the second-best passer rating in the league over last month of 2013. No clue what he was talking about.
coach Rex Ryan says his front seven can handle RB Eddie Lacy even if he had OL from dynasty years:
Rex Ryan is one Super Bowl away from becoming the next John Madden
Haley retired, so Andy Reid is my new HC. Rex Ryan is my DC, Norv Turner is my OC.
Rex Ryan on his gameplan for Aaron Rodgers: "I hope he gets sick. That's the first one."
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I'd imagine that the Thanksgiving food spread at Rex Ryan's household could, literally, end hunger in most West African nations.
Chris Ivory to the house! Jets score on LONG TD run... and Rex Ryan is very, very happy.
Mark my words. Rex Ryan will be holding up the Lombardi trophy.
Rex Ryan said the difference between where Geno Smith was last season and where he is now was "night and day."
Coaches I think will be gone after this season: Philbin, Rex Ryan, D. Allen, Coughlin, Garrett, Mike Smith, Ron Rivera, Jim Harbaugh.
With Super Bowl dreams, Jets boast of stunning NFL: ... Stadium, Rex Ryan and Geno Smith and the Jets wil...
Rex Ryan's marching orders for Geno Smith: "Take off where you left off." Column
Geno Smith, Jets know what Raiders QB Derek Carr faces: Rex Ryan isn’t envious of the Raiders. He knows exactly what it’s like to sta...
Rex Ryan: Carr energizes Raiders, Smith had to learn 5-step drop
Rex Ryan: Carr energizes Smith had to learn 5-step drop
Rex Ryan on Geno Smith: 'He looks sharp to me'
Rex Ryan's expectations for Geno Smith: "Just do your thing."
coach Rex Ryan on You have Woodley. You have Tuck. You have Smith, Rogers. It’s ‘whoa.’ It’s a who’s who on t…
Bryan Cox is challenging Rex Ryan for my coach ranking in Hard Knocks history. He'll need a big close tomorrow though.
Rex Ryan 'very encouraged' by Antonio Allen's progress back from concussion, still unsure about Dee Milliner f...
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Rex Ryan: "I hope he is" when asked about Dee Milliner being ready to play Sunday. Added that it's too early to tell. High ankle = tough go.
Rex Ryan: Too early to tell if Dee Milliner can play in opener
maybe Rex Ryan... Isn't a good head coach.
the "New York Jets." Where offensive talent goes to die.0 offensive talent developed in the Rex Ryan tenure.
what were you saying about Rex Ryan being unable to develop any young offensive talent? Well done sir.
Gang Green did not announce any roster moves yesterday. HC Rex Ryan had no updates on CB Dee Milliner and OLB Antwan Barnes. And more connections to articles about the New York Jets and the NFL:
The only problem w/ my stance on Ivory>CJ is Rex Ryan. If he's stubborn enough to make Johnson a workhorse, numbers will be there
“Rex Ryan has confirmed that Geno Smith will start over Michael Vick in the Jets' season opener.
Rex Ryan announces that Geno Smith will be the starter week 1 at home against the Raiders.
Rex Ryan said IK Enemkpali has a foot injury, which is why Jason Babin played so late in tonight's game.
Rex Ryan " It's the Snoopy Bowl determines who rules the city". And the Jets wonder y their such a dysfunctional franchise
The only way Mike Vick will start for the is if Geno Smith is just flat out bad and Rex Ryan just has to make a change.
and he took over bill king time slot. And he said Rex Ryan didn't know what he was doing as nfl coach. Can't stand the guy
Rex Ryan on Andre Williams: "Yeah, last time I saw him he was getting smoked by Clemson." |
Snoopy Bowl trash talk! Rex Ryan, Damon Harrison fire back at Andre Williams for "real New York team" comment. |
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Rex Ryan still won't name a starter for the regular season (though everyone knows it will be Smith).
coach Rex Ryan when asked about naming a starting QB: "I already told you guys: it's Geno Smith. He's the starter for this week."
Being a coach doesn't seen hard. Offensively I think I'm Chip Kelly.. Give me a month in the tape room and I'll be a mini Rex Ryan
Geno Smith will play with the starters for the entire first half and that first series in the third quarter, Rex Ryan says.…
Geno Smith rises above as Rex Ryan rips defensive backs in NY Jets' 25-17 preseason win over Bengals
if Rex Ryan wants his job and wants to win vick will start smith not ready to be a starter give him 2-3 more years he'll be great
Geno Smith, Michael Vick, Rex Ryan, Andy Reid Jr, and John Idzik for Sanchez straight up
Congrats to Harry Truman, Gomer Pyle, Rex Ryan, and Ol' Dirty *** for HOF induction!
words of wisdom from Rex Ryan. A graduate of the Mike Francesa school of Knowledge. :)
Jace Amaro dismisses Rex Ryan's advice: "I'm not going back 30 years to see how Ditka played"
How in the flipping world can a site post an article about coaches being on the hot seat & have Harbaugh next to Rex Ryan and Jason Garrett?
Rex Ryan switched places with Jets' reporter during his press conference. » .
Jets coach Rex Ryan now open to using Michael Vick in Wildcat package: If only Tim Tebow had been on the field, Saturday’s Jets pract...
Rex now open to using Vick in Wildcat package |
"The best place to be is where expectations are high" -Rex Ryan
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fans: This is why fans love Rex Ryan. He's a normal guy that can coach his *** off. So refreshing.
Rex Ryan doesn't rule out using Michael Vick as change-of-pace quarterback
Rex Ryan Lets Reporter Hold Press Conference (VIDEO) Apparently Ryan was bothered by the endless questions
Rex Ryan took the reporters seat at a press conference where he talked about getting questions about quarterbacks and Tim Tebow.
Rex Ryan flips the script and plays the role of reporter today. Take a look:
This is great: Jets head coach Rex Ryan plays reporter, plays Rex, fields questions.
Hope Pettine doesn't do this you guys
Patriots fans have no love of Rex Ryan. But you have to admit, he seems like a decent guy:
Rex Ryan just hopped at flight to Cleveland
Rex Ryan sends reporter to podium, sits with media at press conference
Rex Ryan turns tables on media during presser
Yardbarker: Video: Rex Ryan flips the script and acts as a reporter in press conference
Smaller Dexter McDougal could be big for Jets - CORTLAND — Rex Ryan thinks Dexter McDougle can...
Rex Ryan switches places in press conference, acts as a reporter
Rex Ryan turns tables on media durin pressr
Photo of a reporter and Rex Ryan trading places today at a press conference at
This is fairly awesome. Rex Ryan turns the tables and grills ESPN's Rich Cimini.
wasn't aware he had a type yet. Rex Ryan's type yes
Rex Ryan not planning change-of-pace role for Vick ..NYJets NFLNews
Talking about Huskers night and Ryan said KU night is the last college night. Rex dropped a "save the best for last."
The jets didn't something like on route to finicky irvin in interest. 16,rex ryan claims guy liked bruce irvin to...
WATCH: Rex Ryan switches places with media, interviews reporter ...
Mike Pettine is and will always be trash. Should be kissing Rex Ryan's shoes.
Myers: Michael Vick will likely ride Jets bench behind Geno Smith, no matter what he shows in preseason: Rex Ryan and John Idzik are ...
Haven't watched it yet but Mike Smith doesn't seem nearly as entertaining as Rex Ryan
Only good thing about Hard Knocks is it tells you it’s August and football is here. Smith is NO Rex Ryan. G D snack?
Geno Smith determined to get better: Rex Ryan isn't so sure Geno Smith needed a ...
Rex Ryan: Starters to play into second quarter of preseason opener: Geno Smith goes first at quarterback, but ...
Today would be a good day for Rex Ryan to name Geno Smith the starting QB for the preseason opener vs Colts.
Jets Staff Writer Seth Finkelstein analyzes how Rex Ryan and John Idzik have rebuilt the sack exchange of the...
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Rex Ryan makes Geno Smith starter for first preseason game
Rex Ryan: Geno Smith will start Thursday night. Stop the presses! Oh, wait, we don't have presses.
If your Rex Ryan do you start Geno Smith or Michael Vick?
To nobody's surprise, Rex Ryan officially announced that Geno Smith will be Jets starting QB vs Colts in preseason opener o…
Rex Ryan - Geno Smith will start Thursday vs. the Colts.
Video from Chad Pennington on New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan: Players love playing for him
Rex Ryan walks into mostly empty media room, smiles & says, "This is how it should be." Now he waits for group.
Top 5 Americans of all time.. Rex Ryan, teddy Roosevelt, Derek Jeter, Jesus Christ, and chuck Norris
I love the way he (Rex Ryan) gives the speeches the night before the games. - Geno Smith
Why Geno Smith must beat out Michael Vick for the to succeed and Rex Ryan to keep his job:
Rex Ryan says the Patriots need to worry about the Jets.
Rex Ryan and John Idzik will both end up being the longest tenured Head Coach and GM in Jets history
Rex Ryan started Greg McElroy over Tim Tebow. Let's dwell on this and then reconsider if he's out of the league for being Christian.
"You are going to learn a lot about John Idzik and Rex Ryan when they make these roster cuts. there is some good competition" -
Geno Smith vs Michael Vick is going to be fun to watch. Jets GM loves Smith. Rex Ryan likes veteran QB's. Interesting.
I was trying to stick with as we went over that list of top coaches in NFL but Chip Kelly below Rex Ryan and Chuck Pagano? uh-uh
Mark Sanchez didn't get out of his way so he was replaced (Geno Smith). Then they rewarded Rex Ryan with a new contract.
Add yet another chapter to the long-running saga that is the Jets-Patriots rivalry.But, here's a new twist: Rex Ryan actually defended Bill Belichick.Wait. Say what?Well, it started Thursday when a profile on Cleveland Browns coach Mike Pettine published ...
"Geno Smith: Why can't the Jets make a run to the Super Bowl? Two words: Rex Ryan.
Sports Headlines Today [Thu-03-Jul-2014] 2014 a Make-or-Break Season for Rex Ryan and the Jets - Bleacher Report 2014 WORLD CUP: Why I can never coach the Super Eagles again ' Keshi finally opened up - Osun Defender 3 Different NFL Draft Decisions and How They Would Alter the Detroit Lions - Bleacher Report 5 of the World Cup's Greatest Underdog Fairytales - FTBpro 5 Philadelphia Eagles Poised for Breakout Season in 2014 - Bleacher Report Adamawa Assembly Directs CJ to Set up Panel to Investigate Nyako, Deputy - Thisday Adidas Helps Christopher Mintz-Plasse Find the Best Party at the World Cup - Bleacher Report Agent: 'Big' PSL club after Traore - Kickoff Agent: Patosi staying with Lokeren - Kickoff Alaafin urges Nigerians to remain positive about Eagles - Daily Independent Alexis Sanchez Transfer Rumours: Latest Gossip Surrounding Barcelona Star - Bleacher Report Ambrose tips Brazil Eagles for glory - National Mirror Ambrose: We can be Nigeria's best ever team - Vanguard An Inside Look at the Complex Wor ...
Injury Jokes, Must be a jets fan. This just in Rex Ryan *** toes and Geno Smith had 21 turnovers.
Rex Ryan plans on starting Geno Smith so far
Jay Glazer never said sorry when he said on air Rex Ryan would be fired after season. Jets owned media when they kept Rex
A barely recognizable Rex Ryan looking great decked out in gear!
By GLENN MINNIS XN Sports Even through all his self-inflicted setbacks and in the face of his NFL mortality, Michael Vick knows his worth. "I revolutionized the game," Vick told ESPN in no uncertain terms of his unmatched mobility. "I was the guy who started it all. I changed the way it was played in the NFL." Granted, Vick's level of modesty may need as much retooling as the offense he and Rex Ryan are painstakingly seeking to craft in New York, but the 11-year vet does speak the truth. Take your pick of Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III, and even Johnny Manziel and know that more than likely none of them would be without the evolution of one Michael Dwayne Vick. "The things I've done, I've pretty much surpassed myself and expectations," added Vick, with no apparent disrespect meant to the likes of Fran Tarkenton, Randall Cunningham, Donovan McNabb, Steve McNair, and Steve Young. But in the end, the truth is the truth, no matter how brutal it may be. And being the all-time leading rusher f ...
It continues to amaze me when I see backhanded slaps at Rex Ryan by Mike Pettine. Why do that to someone that helped your c…
Rex Ryan and Andy Reed are literally the only fat Coaches Everyone else is skinny. Ex: Jason Garrett Mike Smith Chuck Pagano…
Jets' Rex Ryan 'pretty optimistic' Chris Johnson will be ready for full participation when training camp starts
Rex Ryan hiring Pettine out of a high school coach job to log video for Ravens is NFL equivalent to discovering Lana Turner in a soda shop.
Ellis and family with Rex Ryan, Geno Smith, and son EJ with Michael Vick
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Anyone questioning Rex Ryan about giving Saban the playbook doesn't understand the football world. Guys constantly te…
Rex Ryan is so underrated, he took a Jets team with no offense to 8-8 and went to 2AFCchamp games with Mark Sanchez
Update Smith's confidence growing after OTAs - With OTAs wrapping up on Thursday, Rex Ryan and the Jets to...
To Mike Smith: I knew Rex Ryan, sir, and you are no Rex Ryan. Course Bengals were pretty low key last year too & it was good
I think Rex Ryan is definitely a whiter name than Mike Smith
I liked a video Sports Rants - Stephen A Smith tells Rex Ryan to shut up!
Mike Smith & Matt Ryan = snoozefest. Bring me back Rex Ryan.
Jets should sign Cristiano Ronaldo to replace Geno Smith/Michael Vick. That just screams Rex Ryan
Rex Ryan is rooting for California Chrome. And Commanding Curve. And Ride on Curlin. And...
Jets report: Switch to Tim Tebow now not Rex Ryan's best option - After the Jets’ game Sunday at St. Louis, they...
Confused about the Jets' QB situation? Welcome to the club. Michael Vick says the job is Geno Smith's, while Rex Ryan claims a competition. SN's Ross Tucker knows what's going on, and it's not as complicated as you think.
Forget Vick and Smith play Boyd and take Rex Ryan's running game further by only using read option with CJ2K
Rex Ryan: Vernon Davis better tight end than Rob Gronkowski - Rex Ryan is preparing his New York Jets to host the...
Rex Ryan says the quarterback job is up for a competition. Who would you start: Geno Smith or Mike Vick?
Tim Tebow is now close to two years removed from his disastrous tenure with the New York Jets, but outspoken coach Rex Ryan apparently still harbors some bad
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Why do baseball coaches wear uniforms? I don't see Frank Vogel with a jersey and shorts and I don't see Rex Ryan in pads.
Rex Ryan: Michael Vick-Geno Smith still an open competition for Jets quarterback - The Star
Even two years after his departure from the New York Jets, Tim Tebow can't catch a break from Rex Ryan. Ryan took a shot at his former quarterback in an interview revolving around his new wide...
Rex Ryan is an *** and a LOSER! Its been clear he has no Idea what talent is and what it takes to win... The Jets should replace Rex with Tim Tebow. He knows how to Win!!
Justin Blackmon or Andre Johnson to the could save Rex Ryan's job.
HC Rex Ryan compares 1st-rounder S Calvin Pryor to Jack Tatum; the former was a feared hitter & intimidator in the secondary.
At a Town Hall for STholders last night (closed to print/digital media), Rex Ryan said Calvin Pryor reminds him of Jack Tatum.
Rex Ryan told Jets season ticket holders this about Calvin Pryor: "He reminds me of Jack Tatum." (Tatum was nicknamed "The Assassin").
According to the team's website, Rex Ryan compared Calvin Pryor to Jack Tatum at the season ticket holder town hall on Wednesday.
But only if Rex Ryan is smart enough to start Vick bc I know he still has gas left in the tank.
Mike on Rex Ryan saying teams won't want to face Jets this season: "I don't listen to anything Rex Ryan has to say before Labor Da…
Rex Ryan fell in love with the fellas didn't he?😳 Mike Vick, Geno Smith, and Tajh Boyd.
Rex Ryan: Geno Smith is no diva with the Jets - APAs Jets second-round draft...
Rex Ryan and them Jets love a black QB from Brad Smith to Geno to Vick now drafting Taj Boyd
Sam would've been better off landing on the Jets where Rex Ryan can coach him up. Rams? He'll have to be a pro-bowler to see the field
New York Jets 2014 Draft: The Good, the Bad and the Baffling: Rex Ryan is on the year-to-year plan as head coach of the New York Jets...
But it appears Rex Ryan and the love black QBs and I can dig that. Geno Smith, and now Tahj Boyd. Beautiful thing.
Rex Ryan just proved his an *** Boyd before Shaw. Has to be payback to Dabo for letting his practice with the Clem Tech football team.
Rex Ryan drafts Tajh. His son Seth plays WR at Clemson. Tajh might have a shot at the job up there. Geno Smith has struggled
Rex Ryan will have an interesting QB camp. The Jets have Mike Vick, Geno Smith & Tajh Boyd. the Jets now have Mike Vick, Geno Smith, & Tahj Boyd (Clemson). That's a lot of depth. Rex Ryan ain't playing
So the have Geno Smith, Mike Vick and now Taj Boyd. Oh Rex Ryan u just like the
Boyd joins Michael Vick and Geno Smith in the Jets QB room. It's long been known that Rex Ryan was a Tajh Boyd fan.
Rex Ryan please get cause you Geno Smith is worth a, well you know!
Idk about that. KC's D cordinator was Rex Ryan's LB coach since '09
If you've missed any of our Jets draft coverage over the past two days, you've come to the right spot. Here's a compilation of some of our best content from inside the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center walls from Thursday evening through this morning: Round 1: S Calvin Pryor, Louisville, 18th overall Read about our first-round selection in the 2014 NFL Draft, safety Calvin Pryor. Wondering what the first words were from Jets owner Woody Johnson, general manager John Idzik and head coach Rex Ryan to Calvin Pryor? Wonder no more. On Thursday night, editor-in-chief Randy Lange caught up with Pryor at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. On Friday morning, senior reporter Eric Allen talked football, nicknames and walk-up music with our first-round pick. Round 2: TE Jace Amaro, Texas Tech, 49th overall Take a listen to what Jace Amaro was hearing on the other end of the line the moment he found out that he would be a New York Jet. And while you're at it, read about the NCAA's all-time single-season recep ...
Guy at the bar just said that Rex Ryan is a "great head coach"...LOL
Rex Ryan should be fired it's the 4th round an he still haven t got his QBs weapons he deserve to be fired right now ha the jus think Eric Decker Calvin Johnson or something
Mel Kiper says Rex Ryan found McDougal himself. I'm on board.
If there's anywhere for a "talented but flawed by injury" prospect to flurish, it would be under a coach like Rex Ryan
I bet OLBs coach Mike Smith is pumped to see Amaro go to his buddy Rex Ryan and the Jets.
Loving what my boy Rex Ryan is doing in this draft
Co-LBs coach with Rex Ryan on Wade Philips' staff.
Gawwd Browns coach is really Rex Ryan son he won't draft offensive weapons lmaoo
The jets drafting Pryor makes me believe Rex Ryan will remain the coach. Why cater to the rex ryan style of defense?
I think Rex Ryan is top 5 best defensive coach in the league if not he's the best.
When asked about their first pick in the draft, Jets coach Rex Ryan replied, "I liked his footwork."
"I really think Calvin Pryor has good feet. That's the main reason I wanted him." - Rex Ryan
Rex Ryan to Calvin Pryor on the draft call: "Come here and just be yourself and light some people up." Lettts go!
who cares the jets stink. As soon as the coach gets let go it will get better fire Rex Ryan
Here's Jets coach Rex Ryan on Calvin Pryor. "This young man plays like a Jet."
I don't understand Rex Ryan dying love for safeties who struggle in coverages. I love Pryor as a in the box or robber safety
With the 18th pick in the 1st round last night in the NFL Draft, the New York Jets selected Louisville's Calvin Pryor. Pryor goes to the Jets, who are coached by defensive-minded Rex Ryan. He was t...
Jets coach Rex Ryan called Clavin Pryor "an enforcer." Says he was the best safety in the draft.
Sanchez was 2-3 and they shoulda sat him for Tebow. Instead they just released him cuz Rex Ryan is not a Head Coach
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Calvin Pryor on Rex Ryan "he’s going to be able to coach me up and teach me some things that I wasn’t able to learn in college."
The Jets will never win with Rex Ryan as coach. He is a bad "head" coach.
Rex Ryan is an extremely defensive minded coach, I think yous finally need an offense
Rex Ryan is only concerned about his D. This is why he is not a good head coach. He will be better when he is someone's D coach
*** Na. Rex Ryan still the head coach lol
it's almost a GIVEN that with a defensive minded head coach with Rex Ryan that you're picking Defense all the time
As long as Rex Ryan is the coach the jets will always draft defensively
Rex Ryan jus love defense too much lol, he needa be a d-coordinator not a head coach
Rex Ryan is a defensive minded coach so I'm not surprised
Rex Ryan is ya coach so maybe fits the description.
And the Jets draft a defensive player because Rex Ryan is the head coach and let’s face it, they’re the Jets.
Good pick. They took the best talent on the board. Rex Ryan is a defence first coach so I'm not surprised he didn't go offence.
Rex Ryan should just go back to being a defensive coach
and when your coach isn't Rex Ryan that could happen first round
Look at the Coach. Rex Ryan is defensive minded. The guy plays the way the Jets play, hard hitting smash mouth football.
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Rex Ryan loves Defense this WR group is deep dont worry Jets fans you'll get one you need D in that division.
Why is Rex Ryan still the coach of the jets
Not too surprising seeing as Rex Ryan is the head coach! Pryor is an ENFORCER and brings a mean streak to that defense!
Calvin Pryor- can play for Rex Ryan- he's lucky to go play for a great defensive coach
I thought that NYJ would go defense. Rex Ryan is there head coach. Not a bad pick.
Jets take a safety, this is the way its going to be until Rex Ryan is no longer coach, offense doesnt matter lol
Rex Ryan has got to be the worst coach ever
Rex Ryan hires the Louisiana-Monroe coach as offensive coordinator to run the two-quarterback formation
and you'll be spanking Rex Ryan even when he isn't the coach
Jets on the clock! Rex Ryan and John Idzik, PLEASE take Johnny Manziel!! Please!!
The only coach who can screw up might just be Rex Ryan.
Rex Ryan, in addition to being a great coach, dramatically increases the female fan base.
Browns new coach from the Rex Ryan tree people ninja don't wanna hear about Offense lol
Rex Ryan has a coaching tree. Who said he isn't a good coach!
Healthy Dee Milliner will be scary tho. Rex Ryan is his coach.
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he should be more scared of my jets Rex Ryan best defensive minded coach in nfl
My 2014 NFL Mock Draft is good to go, complete with the usual team and player skewerings. This year, I take aim at Johnny Football, Rex Ryan, Chip Kelly, and (of course) the Rams. Enjoy!
Hey Jay, Gannon gets it right, footwork is VERY IMPORTANT. -Rex Ryan .
Three things are absolutes in the world of the NFL : Rex Ryan talking, Jon Gruden saying "this guy" and the New England Patriots trading on draft day. According to NEPatriotsDraft...
I told Rex Ryan annoys me to no end with his nonsense, and now Matt Harvey has taken notes from Rex.
I told Matt Harvey reminds me of Rex Ryan by acting like a blowhard, which is amusing since he had 4 good months
Thanks to Rex Ryan and Sal Paolantonio for joining us tonight! Sal thinks the Jets taking the AFC East.
If you need any more evidence of the draw coach Rex Ryan has over NFL free agents, look no farther than Chris Johnson's initial conference call on Thu
well that's good cause it's just gonna be wasted money. Just like Rex Ryan.
Jets sign former Titans RB Chris Johnson NEW YORK -- Always fast on the field, Chris Johnson is looking to quickly prove his critics wrong. Johnson met with the Jets all day Tuesday - the first team he visited - and stayed in town to watch the Knicks-Nets game in Brooklyn before signing Wednesday. The Jets announced the move, but didn't release terms. In a text message to The Associated Press, Johnson confirmed it was a two-year deal. ''I have a fresh start,'' Johnson told The Tennessean. ''Now I am going to go out there with a chip on my shoulder. I know a lot of people are doubting me.'' Johnson was told by the Titans of their decision April 4, ending a six-year stint in Tennessee during which he became one of the NFL's most exciting running backs. The former 2,000-yard rusher will team with Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell to give coach Rex Ryan and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg a deep and dangerous backfield. The Jets also have Mike Goodson, who is dealing with legal issues and recovering from to ...
Jets are really shoring up that locker room leadership with Chris Johnson and Mike Vick. Combine that with Rex Ryan.
Rex Ryan is a defensive genius took a Mark Sanchez led jets team to AFC championship game twice one LT fumble away from superbowl
Roster Reset: AFC East The AFC East remains Patriots country. Sure, this has been the case pretty much since Creed ruled the charts, but New England has gained serious in-house separation in recent years. The Jets were a worthy challenger in Rex Ryan's early era in New York, but have since faded to the middle of the pack. The Dolphins can't seem to get out of neutral, and are just trying to move forward after last year's ignominy. The Bills are, well, the Bills. The Patriots have -- by light years -- the division's best coach and the best quarterback. Now they have the division's best cornerback in Darrelle Revis, who joined the team in free agency. What did your mother tell you about life not always being fair? There will come a year where the Pats will be knocked off their division perch. We haven't seen anything happen in the last few months to tell us that's coming in 2014. In our Roster Reset series, Around The League will rank teams in each division based on how much they improved this offseason. Th ...
All 32 NFL teams were in attendance Wednesday for LSU's pro day. QB Zach Mettenberger was the feature attraction, impressing onlookers with his quick recovery off November ACL surgery. Boots on the ground reported he looked good throwing the ball and displayed the ability to roll out without any noticeable limp. Mettenberger didn't go through any agility drills, but looks like a player who will be ready to play in 2014. Head coaches on hand included Chip Kelly (Eagles), Sean Payton (Saints), Rex Ryan (Jets), Mike Tomlin (Steelers) and Mike Zimmer (Vikings). A number of general managers were also on hand including Ruston Webster of the Titans, Jerry Reese of the Giants, Rick Spielman of the Vikings and Mickey Loomis of the Saints. WR Odell Beckham Jr. also shined, and is raising his draft stock with his impressive blend of athletic skills and playmaking ability.
Alright Jets and Giants fans who wins an arm wrestling match between Rex Ryan and Tom Coughlin?
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Sean Payton, Marvin Lewis, Bill O'Brien, Rex Ryan, Mike Zimmer, Chip Kelly and Mike Tomlin are all expected to attend LSUs Pro Day.
"I have a funny feeling Ed Reed is coming back, To me im like, is that Rex Ryan bringing back one of his boys?" -
got this from espn... most beautiful thing I've ever read! I have Wood. Upgrade at QB, consistently strong defense can help Jets challenge Pats: The NFL is middle school chemistry. You have variables and controls. The variables create different outcomes, while the control is that unchanging element, the thing you can point to and say, "Well, we know that didn't cause the fire." And in a league where constant turnover is law, few controls exist. Bill Belichick is a control. Peyton Manning is a control. The controls allows at least some level of certainty. It's something the New York Jets have lacked -- at least on the surface. Consider the coach. Rex Ryan's persona seems to dovetail with the mixed outcomes -- near-Super Bowl seasons, the lows of last place -- and it's all tattooed across the back page. The overall mixed results, a 42-38 mark in New York, would imply Rex is a source of instability. But when you dig deeper, you realize it's the opposite. Ryan is one of the NFL's true controls. What he does - ...
The New York Jets may have averted disaster with the addition of Dimitri Patterson, but Rex Ryan 's defense needs stellar play from the cornerback position in the long term—not year-to-year veteran Band-Aids...
New York Jets coach Rex Ryan fired back at Tony Dungy, saying "he unfairly judged me" -
Rex Ryan says Jets may use a package with Geno and Vick on the field at the same time. Not the "victory formation", I'm g…
"Rex Ryan is reportedly perturbed they haven't invested in one of the big name cornerbacks." - Mark Kriegel, NFL Network
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