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Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan (born December 13, 1962) is an American football Head Coach for the New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL).

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Mike Smith can leave Atlanta and go to Florida. UGA can keep Pruitt. The Falcons can then hire Rex Ryan.
Mehta: Jets GM John Idzik got Percy Harvin to possibly help inconsistent Geno Smith — not Rex Ryan: John Idzik forked over an additio...
"Harvin you need to respect Rex Ryan as a coach and Geno Smith as a quarterback" . *Harvin does *** motion for ete…
Rex Ryan is an *** Throws Mike Vick in the game for experimental trick plays and when they're getting humiliated. Vick …
I'm ready for Mike Smith to go, bring Rex Ryan in and let the offense coach itself 😂😂
John Clayton discusses Rex Ryan's future with the Jets. via
Percy has done the impossible, something Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith and Woody Johnson couldn't. Finally I feel sorry for Rex Ryan.
John Idzik placates Rex Ryan with new toy, but it's too late
With the Percy Harvin anger issue reports, he landed in the perfect spot with Geno Smith, Rex Ryan and CJ?K
New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan is usually a happy, upbeat guy, but he let his frustrations show after his team's 27-25 loss to the New...
The Seahawks stunned the NFL world Friday by dealing wideout Percy Harvin, pairing him with Rex Ryan and the Jets. They realized a personnel mistake and decided to cut their losses. So why did it happen?
NEW YORK – After a surprise Friday trade that sent 6th year WR Percy Harvin from Seattle to New York for unspecified conditional draft picks, Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan wasted no time in moving Harvin immediately past veterans Geno Smith and Michael Vick to the top of the team’s depth chart at QB, tea…
Honestly tho when Rex gets fired these Packers need to do the same with Dom Capers and upgrade our Defensive coordinator to Rex Ryan.
Rex will resign/be canned by wk13 ProFootballTalk: Rex Ryan was so frustrated he was punching the walls
If Todd Bowles does leave (god forbid) Rex Ryan next coach of our talented defense?
For what it's worth, I love Rex Ryan. What he's accomplished with the lack of talent handed to him during his run in NY …
Rex Ryan can always get a job from Nick Saban or Jerry Jones!
Have you noticed how Rex Ryan looks like a combo of Bill Parcells circa 2000, Brenda Warner circa 1999, and Ma'am from Webster?
Rex Ryan's name reminds me of a T.rex which is my favorite dinosaur. Could you imagine dinosaurs playing football. Man tha…
From the side Rex Ryan looks a lot like Bill Parcells. Might have something to do with "my team *** yelling.
Rex Ryan was hoping Darrelle Revis would be a Jet for life. Now, Revis plays for Ryan's most hated rival. The thought of Revis in a Patriots jersey has Ryan feeling a little physical discomfort.
Steelers need new defensive coordinator, should eye Rex Ry
Will fans be rid of HC Rex Ryan? Tomorrow may be his list visit to Gillette as HC: (via
Craig you see your boy latest masterpiece? No an 8th grader didn't write this
I wish Rex and Ryan could broadcast this game. Imagine that.
Red Raiders in the NFL 10.15.14 Is Amaro half a Gronkowski? Rex Ryan's thoughts on the rookie TE
if that happens I'll let Rex Ryan lick my feet...
.bringing walls in again at Citi Field, inspiring Rex Ryan to ask whether it's possible to just move the endzone closer to Geno Smith.
What does Rex Ryan and have in common? They both love a good in their thanks
Jets-NE preview: Big talk backfires ... Can Revis finish off Jets and Rex Ryan? ... The plan for Brady.
Rex Ryan says seeing Revis with the Patriots "makes him sick". Hey Rex every time you open your fat mouth you make us all sick too.
A brief history of Rex Ryan antagonizing Bill Belichick:
John Idzik and Rex Ryan might be gone after this season anyway, but my Jets better make *** sure that we stay away from this phony that calls himself a leader!
News: Patriots vs. Jets, TNF Week 7: Five most important stats you should know -
Is Rex Ryan a famous enough coach if the Jets let him go?
Francesa hanging up on a caller wanting to talk about Rex Ryan had me in TEARS lol
Remember when Wes Welker made all those jokes about Rex Ryan's foot fetish at a press conference and Bill benched him and we lost
Who do you think would win in a fist fight between Rex Ryan and Sean Payton?
rex Ryan is gonna be the's the GM who is on the hot seat for some reason
Number of fullbacks drafted by Jets under Rex Ryan- 2
Number of WR's drafted in first 3 rounds under Rex Ryan: 1
So I’m such an *** that when I want to tell a father I’m in love with his daughter, I’ll show up at his house with a live Spanish monkey and tell him that I want to do to his daughter what Rex Ryan did to the New York Jets
Darrelle Revis in a Patriots uniform makes Rex Ryan sick to his stomach (via
“Who's gonna throw him the ball if he does?” Rex Ryan
about as dumb of an idea as Rex putting Sheldon on offense.
How does Revis in Patriots colors make Rex Ryan feel? (Hint: Not great)
Rex Ryan joked Tuesday he feels “a little sick to my stomach” seeing Darrelle Revis in a Patriots uniform. Just wait until Thursday night. This was always the nightmare scenario when the Jets decid...
Rex Ryan has become scared of his own offense, knows they can't score when he punts instead of going for it. QB proven he can't score.
Darrelle Revis gets dissed by Rex Ryan via
Next NFL Coach to be fired? New York coach Rex Ryan the current favorite at 3/2 ($100 pays $150). Tom Coughlin the longshot at 15-1.
Rex Ryan sick to his stomach over Revis being on the pats. Didn't bother him though when he stabbed him in the back.
New York Jets front office is giving Rex Ryan a bad resume... Woody Johnson and John Idzik want to be cheap and don't wanna invest money
Rex Ryan bracing for shock of seeing Darrelle Revis in Patriots jersey
see, rex Ryan talks too much vs marshawn lynch deserves a fine for not talking enough
Coaches Hot Seat Rankings. Rex Ryan, Mike Smith, Joe Philib and other coaches up against it to keep their jobs
Who will be the next NFL coach to be fired? (via Bovada). Rex Ryan +150. Doug Marrone +400. Joe Philbin +400. Jeff Fisher …
I didn't know Rex Ryan had a second job.
I really see Miami getting Harbaugh or Rex Ryan next year as Head Coach . which means new QB.
Rex Ryan is 15-25 over his last 40 games, with 10 losses by 20 points or more (per
Latest article up. Is Rex Ryan to blame for the 2014 NY Jets troubles? Give it a read Jets fans!
What is the problem with mopping feet. - Rex Ryan
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NY Jets coach Rex Ryan, in a season where he's been set up to fail, needs ... - New York Daily News
Column: Rex Ryan said Geno Smith was "a great pick" by John Idzik. With great picks like that, who needs busts?
Rex Ryan, admitting this is lowpt of coaching career, paraphrases John Paul Jones: "We've just begun to fight." http:/…
Jets-Patriots Preview (The Associated Press): As embattled coach Rex Ryan and the New York Jets try to end the...
Looking at the question that must be asked about the John Idzik and Rex Ryan
Rex Ryan, you, John Idzik, you, the next guy the jets hire because let's face it he'll prally need to be.
The questions that must be asked about John Idzik, Rex Ryan, Woody Johnson and the
John Idzik, not Rex Ryan, to blame for Jets mess - New York Daily News
Mehta: Rex Ryan, in futile attempt to save job with NY Jets, praises inept GM John Idzik
Plus Evander Kane is hurt. Luckily they still have Ladd, Little, and Wheeler but Rex Ryan lol
NFL Players Are Different From You And Me New York Jets coach, Rex Ryan stated that, he did not have any idea whether players are working out or not, but he is very confident that his team players will be ready till that date. This is not the first time that Belichick has missed the coaches' breakfast, since several years he was not attending for the complete NFL meetings. The Oakland Raiders coach, Hue Jackson feels that a NFL player know what his duties and how to prepare himself to play. He added most of the players are making their bodies to get ready for the next season. Several NFL players are banned from the team workout facilities and gyms due to league lockout. The NFL and NFL Players Association discussed the policy before the union decertified March 11 and league owners imposed a lockout March 12, but no details were provided regarding where things stood. The Wonderlic score of a player is useful but not the only decisive factor. Even though the Wonderlic test is administered to every prospect ...
If/when Joe Philbin gets fired I want Rex Ryan as Head Coach. If the are going to keep losing forever at least get me entertained
Predictions for what current N.Y.Jets will be doing this time next year... 1) Mike Vick...working at Pet Smart under an assumed name. 2) Rex Ryan...Life Coach in North Korea. 3) Geno Smith...Selling time shares to Snowshoe Ski area in West Virginia. You heard it here first.
Rex Ryan.. Your days are numbered buddy
Leaving the and QB Peyton Manning wasn't easy for Eric Decker.
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Jets coach Rex Ryan said Eric Decker (hamstring) is "tentatively expected" to play in Week 6 against the Broncos.
Rex Ryan is proud of his player that publicly said that he was not prepared for the game last week. So I read this as Rex is proud of his player for manning up and letting everyone know the coaching staff is not doing their job!
Rex Ryan fears blowout this Sunday against
Rex Ryan(message to the fans).we blow.both our quarterbacks can't make plays and we are just awful. We succck.
sorry brother,maybe Vick can catch a pass or two if Rex Ryan won't start him at quar…
Rex Ryan said it was written it the stars and needs to be
My dog has her a little Rex Ryan foot thing going on. She loves her some dirty socks man.
yall are notorious for chirping. 1st year w the Giants before the Super Bowl Antrelle Rolle "Id love to play for Rex Ryan"
New York Jets coach Rex Ryan praises Michael Vick for his honesty in admitting that he could have worked harder in practice last week.
rex ryan the next Head Coach at Georgia?
Time to cut ties with Rex Ryan and this circus. Does anyone have Coach Cowher's telephone number?
Rex Ryan is looking for suggestions to improve the Jets, and we're here to help via
There are too many mistakes and not enough improvement to have Rex Ryan continue as an NFL coach.  Things are tight in the AFC East. After losing to the Miami Dolphins in Week 1, the New England Patriots seem to be vulnerable this season. They are in a tie with the Buffalo Bills at 3-2, with the afo…
NYJ Star Ledger: Braylon Edwards rips into Geno Smith, Rex Ryan because he's an expert on leadership
is and has always been a better QB than Geno Smith and if you think otherwise your as stupid as Rex Ryan
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Rex salutes Vick Unprepared talk took guts via what a joke, players should be prepared to play
Rex Ryan is definitely a player's coach. If I'm on that team I'd be playing and practicing a little bit harder this week for him.
Rex Ryan admits NY Jets could have tough time handling Broncos QB Peyton ...
chances Rex Ryan is the browns dc next year?
Braylon Edwards: Rex Ryan "does not know how to dial it back and simplify." |
Braylon Edwards: Rex Ryan "wants things to work his way so that he can get the credit for it." |
Who Believes when Head Coach Rex Ryan Says him and GM John Idzik are working as a team ?
When it comes to Rex Ryan and feet, "out the door" is not how he prefers them.
3-Wide is a weekly feature in which theScore's NFL editors debate the hot topics around the league. Grab a cold towel and brace for hot takes.Is it time for Rex Ryan to start Michael Vick over Geno Smith?Michael Amato: It's not an ideal choice for Ryan by any means given that his job is on the line,…
As if Rex Ryan didn't already have one foot out the door lol
Or at least the ones that are left, as Rex Ryan would say.
New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan took a few moments to recite what he believes awaits his struggling defense Sunday.
Video: Rex Ryan supportive of his quarterbacks via
Apparently Rex Ryan's do more speech promoted Vick to admit he didn't practice like he should
Rex Ryan has Cowboys DC written all over him. Good call on Patriots too, though.
Smh missed a team meeting because he was at the movies. Please Rex Ryan, bench him for good.
“Rex Ryan Praises Mike Vick For Being Unprepared ?! - would have been prepared
Rex Ryan hoping for a 50 mph cross wind to stop Peyton
Rex Ryan with an .800 winning pct. in press conferences and a .500 one where it matters.
If Rex Ryan gets fired, can you see him as Defensive Coordinator with Browns next year?
My favorite Rex Ryan quote is: . "I guarantee we'll win a Super Bowl."
3-Wide: Is it time for Rex Ryan to bench Geno Smith?.
"Rex Ryan would be a great fit for The U" on Sports Brothers Radio … Click Listen Live !!
With Rex Ryan as their coach, the New York Jets will always be a joke - FanSided: FanSidedWi...
Rex Ryan said the need to be like to beat the Broncos. No seriously, he did
Rex Ryan applauds Vick for his honesty, says admitting to being unprepared "took guts." Reminds me a lot of this
Rex Ryan expects David Harris to play Sunday. Hard to get a full read on Harris's shoulder condition based on walk-through. All half speed.
His job on the line, Rex Ryan prepares for Peyton Manning & Co. - The Denver Post (blog)
Rex Ryan is sticking with Geno Smith and I'm sticking with adding extra cheese to everything! Thanks for the inspiration Rex
Rex Ryan sticking with Gino Smith he says.that's great..I'm ecstatic.
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Rex Ryan is shooting himself in the foot by keeping Geno Smith as the starter. *** start my boy Vick!
Beuerlein: "Rex Ryan is trying to take blame + deflect everything, but it is a lot deeper than just Geno Smith. There are a lot of problems"
Geno Smith Missed Team Meeting.: He was allowed to play b/c Rex Ryan says so. . . Also, Geno is a bust, an...
EXCLUSIVE: Transcript of Geno Smith's FB messages to Rex Ryan this weekend.
Rex Ryan will be asked later today why he let Smith play. Right now, looks like he gave Geno a free pass. Sends a questiona…
Rex Ryan didn't share what the discipline would be for Geno Smith, but said "He'll be treated no differently than any other player."
Rex Ryan will stick with Geno Smith after benching
Rex Ryan says Geno Smith will start at QB next week despite benching.
forget Geno Smith, forget John Idzik. I am done with Rex Ryan
Hopping on a conference call with the Geno Smith is among the players to address reporters, Rex Ryan later.
"coach Rex Ryan said Geno Smith will start vs. the a game after being benched for the second half"
Rex Ryan might lose his job because of Sunday's collapse, but it's far from the coach's fault
QOTD: who did a worse job coaching yesterday: Rex Ryan or Ken Wisenhunt?.
Rex Ryan announces next week's starting QB. Derek Jeter will lead them to the Super Bowl. .
Complete stats for NFL Week 6 for AFC East Analyst may be wrong on Billicheck and Brady. This has always been nicknamed the Patriot Division. New England Patriots back where they like it hot at the top with Buffalo Bills with Miami Dolphins in 3rd place with New York Jets at the bottom. Each year they say this is Coach Rex last year. I certainly want to hear the analyst always calling for Rex Ryan firing will the analyst do that heading towards week 6. I really like to know.
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New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan said in previous weeks that he was going to stick by Geno Smith. But after a poor showing by the Jets in...
Geno Smith misses meeting, the Jets get destroyed and it's now only a matter of time before Rex Ryan pays:
Cimini: Despite mea culpa, Rex Ryan isn't totally at fault -- but that won't save his job
The way we played yesterday, Rex Ryan should get fired before the season ends and not when it's over. My Jets got destroyed in every way possible, and now we're on a 4 game losing streak. And I don't think it's over yet. We have the Denver Broncos next game then the Patriots at their place, meaning it's likely we'll end up with a 1-6 record by next Thursday night.
If NYJ HC Rex Ryan wanted to win now, he should've started Mike Vick at QB from the start. Dogs wouldn't approve, but still...
The .um. Well I think it's safe to say Rex Ryan won't be taking the team to Dairy Queen for them after the game.
Rex Ryan says the team has not “finalized” any decision/amount on Geno Smith fine for his f-bombs. Says there have been discussions.
Jets claim Rex Ryan doesn’t have to make the playoffs to keep his job: Jets owner Woody Johnson tol...
Woody Johnson says playoffs not a necessity for Rex Ryan to keep job: Could Rex Ryan really miss the playoffs ...
Woody Johnson could keep Rex Ryan around if fail to make playoffs -
Woody Johnson says Rex Ryan will be evaluated after season
Woody Johnson tellin' Rex Ryan what QB will play during games? *** shame!
Rex Ryan reacts to Jets owner Woody Johnson stopping short of a vote of confidence
Rex Ryan gots to be the worst coach ever. Geno Smith ***
Rex Ryan says Mike Vick was brought in to push Geno Smith, believes he’s done it thus far
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Kind of wish I was hearing Ryan and Rex.. Also, I keep looking in the bottom left for the pitch count
Next coach to be fired could be Rex Ryan. are 1-3. Secondary *** Offense not good. Time for a change
Feels weird to watch such an important game for the without Rex & Ryan calling the game. Amazing to see that crowd, though.
If I'm Rex Ryan I'm hoping I get fired then I'm taking the job with the best roster and going to win a Super Bowl.
ye a Idzik has made it clear to me that they're trying to build around Rex's defensive ideologies
The reason Rob or Rex Ryan's defenses don't have any picks all based off scheme. Hard to intercept balls with back to QB in man all game.
No but seriously, Chris Johnson needs to start balling for my fantasy team. That's all that matters right?
Rob and Rex Ryan's defenses are the only teams in the NFL without an interception.
Rex Ryan to stick with Geno Smith as Jets starter
Mehta: If Rex Ryan continues to stick with Geno Smith over Mike Vick, it could cost him his job -
Rex Hudler and Ryan Lefebvre need to announce this game
time to give payback to the Jets and Rex Ryan for those playoff losses and laughs they provided SD can play him out of a job
Rex Ryan, upon learning he's not allowed to bench Geno Smith, because the GM drafted him .
wanted to look at Bill Cowher wasn't interested, Steve Spags took job, and Rex Ryan was like I'll come along.
The (1-3) are next for the (3-1). A scouting report on Rex Ryan's team:
Little Giant Ladders
John Idzik wasn't 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice for I think same thing could be said for Rex Ryan wasn't GG 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice
I would be pretty excited if they got a proven coordinator like Rex Ryan next year. Defense is way too predictable this year
NYJ Newsday: Geno Smith, Rex Ryan not concerned with negativity from outside
agreed. The most disappointing thing about this is that they just spent two early picks on 4-3 DL and Rex Ryan is going to
Brian Baldinger "Philip Rivers has told us before that the toughest defense he's played is a Rex Ryan coached Defense."
I honestly like Rex Ryan Lol if he wouldn't mind settling for a DC spot I would love to have him
Jets have lost 3 games this Season. Raiders have fired their Head Coach, I think it's time for Rex Ryan to go. Bring back Tim Tebow.
I'll take Rex Ryan in Chicago as a replacement DC
tbh I don't think they think Geno or Rex are the main problems
when Rex is Rex, he's Buddy Ryan, okay. Buddy Ryan.
“no one wanna listen to me” Rex Ryan need to step down as Head Coach and just be yall defensive coordinator
Rex Ryan will be coaching the next year.
After the game tonight switch to FSKC for Live w/ Ryan, Rex, Monty &
I even mentioned a few times, I wanted Hue Jackson as my Jets OC under Rex Ryan. Think those two would hit it off.
There's a small window where it makes sense for Rex Ryan & Jets to insert Mike Vick. It starts in San Diego.
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Rex Ryan: It’s possible Chris Ivory will get more
Saints DC Rob Ryan: 'Nobody’s doing worse than the Ryan brothers' via
Rex Ryan is the man for the Michigan job, and I'm not saying that because he's my favorite coach.
NYJ Star Ledger: Rex Ryan agrees with his brother Rob: 'Nobody's doing worse than the Ryan brothers'
would you take Rex Ryan as our Coach ?!
it would be insane John Idzik fires Rex Ryan then Idzik turnsaround and makes it rain in FA w/ new coach he has.
Rex Ryan need player u got no wr and why we got one mike clan brother on first take u already have clan memba skip there
If Bill Belichick can pull Tom Brady from a game, Rex Ryan can bench Geno Smith.
C'mon. This isn't Rex Ryan's fault. Look no further than Geno Smith & the secondary.
Rex Ryan: for the love of god. Just go to Tampa 2. Play to the strength of your personnel. QB: Smith or Vick. Ask don Shula for 72 play book
Rex learned a lesson about cursing fans; he hopes Geno Smith does the same: FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Rex Ryan hud...
Rex Ryan and lovie Smith should be roommates in the off-season
Rex Ryan says he feels good about Geno Smith. Don’t think he saw same game I saw this weekend
Rex Ryan says he thinks both S Calvin Pryor (thigh) and Antonio Allen (leg) will be fine. Expresses more concern on WR David Nelson (ankle).
Rex Ryan would take Suh in a heartbeat!.
Hey, Josina Anderson's at the Jets game! Now would be a good time to ask whose feet Rex Ryan looks at in the shower.
"If it's not a clear view, then check the ball down." - Rex Ryan on what he wants from Geno Smith.
Rex Ryan wants no turnovers in red zone (of course) and for Geno Smith to either let it rip or run. Not three progressions, simplify calls.
"A gift from god indeed, uncle Greg. Why does Geno Smith suck so bad?"you, me and Rex Ryan all wonder the same thing
Geno Smith’s uneven again, but Rex Ryan still has his back
New York Jets coach Rex Ryan sees Ndamukong Suh as an updated version of a Hall of Fame defensive tackle, comparing him to the Warren Sapp of now.
ICYMI from yesterday: Rex Ryan, sticking with turnover-prone Geno Smith ... for now via
My favorite player was Rex Chapman and I love Rex Ryan. But both of them are letting me down right now.
Martellus Bennett saying he was disrespected by Rex Ryan is laughable. Here's what he said.
The Bears usually cover on Monday nights while the Jets usually play OVER. See the latest Jets-Bears MNF betting odds preview.With Matt Forte stopped in his tracks and No. 1 receiver Brandon Marshall pulling down only one catch, the Bears clawed out a tough early-season road win thanks to a slew of Jets miscues, a pair of beneficial calls, several clutch third-downTough spot for the Bears with Green Bay looming. Rex Ryan's Jets convert third-and-a-foot to ice the game late. Jeff Dickerson (0-2), BEARS 27, JETS 24. Bears exploit a suspect Jets secondary to steal a second straight game on the road. Jon GreenbergAll the latest Chicago Bears vs New York Jets week 3 news & notes.Kev over at our SB Nation Bears blog was kind enough to sit down and answer a few questions for me today. Read below to find out what he had to say about the Bears defense, and how he would attack Chicago if he were
Martellus Bennett of Chicago Bears -- Rex Ryan quip put me in zone
Don't worry, Martellus. . . Rex Ryan knows the name 'Bennett' now
Geno Smith: "Coach I had 3 guys open on that play!". Rex Ryan: "We are wearing Green, Geno.". Geno Smith: "Oh."
John Gruden is going to give Rex Ryan a foot rub and then bang him.
Rex Ryan really got Vick and Chris Johnson on the bench bruh... Like *** !
Rex Ryan's D and Chip Kelly's O would make the ultimate team
My mom just told me that Rex Ryan is my 4tg cousin
He's brash, loud and sometimes foolish, but to say the man can't coach some football would be way off base. New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan catches a bad rap for his antics and shenanigans but when it comes to motivating a team, the guy gets the job done. Starting his Head Coaching career on fire and establishing the ground-and-pound identity, Ryan's teams won games by running the ball down the opposition's throat and keeping their offense from doing much of anything against his top-notch defense. [ 690 more words. ]
Did not know Mark Sanchez was on the eagles lol tf. Guess Rex Ryan didn't like him in bed no more
“y'all ready to catch this L on primetime?” You sound like Rex Ryan... Ahead of yourself
Rex Ryan on Bears offense: They have two monsters and they don't mind feeding it to them, regardless of what your coverage looks like.''
Who is ahead of them? Having a hard time thinking of anyone. Rex Ryan maybe up there.
Jets coach Rex Ryan in 2010: "You have the quarterback, who I used to say can throw a strawberry through a battleship, wit…
Rex probably Belichicking with that injury report.
He needs a four touchdown 350 yds performance. Possible? Yes, but it's going to be tough especially against a Rex Ryan Defense.
u should've went to hooters with me and Rex last night
Can’t let A Rex Ryan coached team beat us
Russell Wilson's feet are so sweet that Rex Ryan wants to play Seattle every week
The Jets would lose. Because that would only happen to Rex Ryan.
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix wants to show Rex Ryan he can deliver big hits
so, basically, Rex Ryan will watch this game several times preparing for the Bills... And he will love it!
his fall from grace has the potential to make Rex Ryan and Eric Mangini (the Man-genius) look like nothing.
Feeling as gut-punched and heart broken as Rex Ryan and the Jets felt when a timeout wiped out a game-tying touchdown.
because they got Rex Ryan volume 2 as a coach
Thought Seattle looked absolutely putrid & don't like Pete Carroll but I'd trade him 4 Tomlin in a hot minute. I even take Rex Ryan
why was ryan and robs sexuality not an issue like Rex and his fiancé ?
Rex Ryan's next speech as told by Apollos Hester: One of the most inspirational
Rex Ryan screwed up Tim Tebow's career and that's why I will forever despise Rex Ryan.
Right on, man. You know, I always pull for the Jets because of you. I also have a soft spot for Rex Ryan.
Grant "yo ryan wanna hang out?". me "yeah sure just gotta cancel some plans
I'd lick Rex Ryan's *** for an hour to have Carrie underwood fart in my face
still waiting for the Super Bowl win Rex Ryan always promises
& how sick he was when Rex Ryan said that awful profanity on Hard Knocks. That's sooo much worse than Michael Sam distraction
ha - do I need Rex Ryan to have his A game going or what !!
because it was the Super Bowl. Manning only wins big playoff games when he plays against Rex Grossman.
Give me Rex Ryan and this team is 3-0. He knows how to instill confidence. *** give me half the coaches in the league and this team is 3-0
no no, same time I started to hate Rex Ryan was the same time I became a fan all happened 2 years ago
best hope is jets season unravels too and fins hire Rex Ryan next year.
nervous about this bears-jets game tommrow. They are not the same bears team. I hope Rex Ryan is prepared! J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!
Joe Philbin is on the clock...too bad the Jets will make the playoffs this season or else Rex Ryan would be the Dolphins coach next year
Rex Ryan gets more, cause he's a clown
Would love to see Eagles with Rex Ryan as DC.
Joe McKnight being the Joe McKnight we thought he could be. In other news, Rex Ryan is still terrible at offensive personnel decisions
Jim Harbaugh is close to being like Rex Ryan where his 49er players are running the SF asylum.
He finally has a coach that knows how to use him. Played for Rex Ryan not an offensive mastermind.
We need Rex Ryan as our DC cause Jack Del Rio suck
If that's true, we won't see him next week against NYJ, not with Rex Ryan calling plays.
I like Geno, I like how much Rex Ryan loves his team I just got sick of the *** athletes on the jets
Rex Ryan to give insight on the reason for so many broken feet.
Hire Rex Ryan away from Jets at season's end to come in and kick some ***
All purpose parts banner
no doubt, he needed a QB guy, not Rex Ryan and his horde of mutant defensive turtle power,
Greg Salas surprises Jets' Rex Ryan with how he's 'bought into' playing on special teams
Depending how bad the jets or bengals end their seasons Marvin Lewis or Rex Ryan may be available for D coordinator too
Tom Coughlin has two Super a Bowl rings. Rex Ryan has a Mark Sanchez tattoo and a foot fetish.
Rex Ryan D? Naaa and Monte projected 16 so id be worried cuz that's what cutler puts up every week. But thts just me
Ryan Fitzpatrick looks like Astros trainer Rex Jones but runs like Jose Altuve.
"On everything Wiz look like a cartoon character Rex Ryan thinks he has a defense like Seattle or Carolina..
Rob Ryan looks like what Rex would look like if he got fired by the Jets went on like a month long bender.
Rex Ryan is to Rob Ryan as Albus Dumbledore is to Aberforth Dumbledore.
Rex Ryan on Sunday convo with Gruden. Said being a ball boy for the Bears growing was a great experience.
Rex Ryan sent his mama on that blitz.
I hate Mark Sanchez... Ruined Tim Tebows career, well it was actually Rex Ryan but still 😒 But this could change
From the sound of it, Darrelle Revis is gonna have to beg Rex Ryan to come back to the if he wants to go to Canton.
Rex Ryan was a defensive coach at K-State in 1999. Did anyone else know that?
except, will isnt going to escape this season w/his job like rex was. + WM isnt half the d guru Ryan is
WM reminds me of Rex Ryan hinging his job on Sanchez when everyone else knew Sanchez was a b…
Take Aways from the NFL 1. No matter what the players off the field problems it will not effect viewership and revenue because we will continue to watch. 2. Kind of feels like RG3 is one of those guys who will never get healthy. 3. The Bengals are one of the deepest teams in the league but Andy Dalton is 0-3 averaging 11 points in the playoffs. 4. I love Rex Ryan but if he does not get a hold on the offensive play calling he will not be the Jets coach after the season. 5.Phillip Rivers never get the respect he deserves, he been doing it for years. 6. Hey maybe the Cowboys Defense is not all that bad 7. If any coach has proven he can turn something around it is Tom Coughlin but we might be looking at the end of the Tom/Eli era after this season. 8. I should have never went to sleep on Jay Cutler and the Bears huh. 9. Even after all of this it is we are only two weeks in so enjoy it.
New York Post - Rex knows about bad timeouts - GREEN BAY, Wis. — Jets coach Rex Ryan has been involved in bad ...
Nelson has career day, Packers beat Jets 31-24: New York Jets coach Rex Ryan paid the Packers'...
New York Jets 2014 season preview: It's postseason or bust for Rex Ryan
Bob Ryan is so much worst then Rex Ryan when it comes 2 calling a defense
Rex Ryan said Geno Smith had the second-best passer rating in the league over last month of 2013. No clue what he was talking about.
coach Rex Ryan says his front seven can handle RB Eddie Lacy even if he had OL from dynasty years:
Rex Ryan is one Super Bowl away from becoming the next John Madden
Haley retired, so Andy Reid is my new HC. Rex Ryan is my DC, Norv Turner is my OC.
Rex Ryan on his gameplan for Aaron Rodgers: "I hope he gets sick. That's the first one."
I'd imagine that the Thanksgiving food spread at Rex Ryan's household could, literally, end hunger in most West African nations.
Chris Ivory to the house! Jets score on LONG TD run... and Rex Ryan is very, very happy.
Mark my words. Rex Ryan will be holding up the Lombardi trophy.
Rex Ryan said the difference between where Geno Smith was last season and where he is now was "night and day."
Coaches I think will be gone after this season: Philbin, Rex Ryan, D. Allen, Coughlin, Garrett, Mike Smith, Ron Rivera, Jim Harbaugh.
With Super Bowl dreams, Jets boast of stunning NFL: ... Stadium, Rex Ryan and Geno Smith and the Jets wil...
Rex Ryan's marching orders for Geno Smith: "Take off where you left off." Column
Geno Smith, Jets know what Raiders QB Derek Carr faces: Rex Ryan isn’t envious of the Raiders. He knows exactly what it’s like to sta...
Rex Ryan: Carr energizes Raiders, Smith had to learn 5-step drop
Rex Ryan: Carr energizes Smith had to learn 5-step drop
Rex Ryan on Geno Smith: 'He looks sharp to me'
Rex Ryan's expectations for Geno Smith: "Just do your thing."
coach Rex Ryan on You have Woodley. You have Tuck. You have Smith, Rogers. It’s ‘whoa.’ It’s a who’s who on t…
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