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Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan (born December 13, 1962) is an American football head coach for the New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL).

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Just ask the Jets fans if Rex Ryan backs up what he says!!!
Rex Ryan : We're going to change the math in our favor
Rex Ryan : Football is an easy game made complicated by coaches.
Rex Ryan : You want to change that [the protection] up.
Rex Ryan on being reactionary on pulling guard play : We let our players play it
Rex Ryan on handling a double team : We're trying to tie his legs up
Inadverten whistle, and 15 yard penalty on Rex Ryan... I'll take it
Jim, I'm taking that rando anthem singer over Carrie Underwood all day. Yours, Ray Lewis taking Rex Ryan over the Hood
ESPN is set to assign Beth Mowins & Rex Ryan for its MNF opening doubleheader on Sept. 11. Media column: https:/…
A Beth Mowins - Rex Ryan booth is going to be incredible.
Rex Ryan was an example of a coach that came in guns blazing and said what he wanted. Gotta win or you become a joke
Rex Ryan on hot seat: give him playoff ultimatum, per report
04-28 Rex Ryan hires Rob Ryan to coach defense; will be 20-year reunion
Apparently, espn's broadcast content will now feature:. 6 hours of Rex Ryan wearing a Clemson helmet. 6 hours of stephen a…
Bro that's like half their staff lol Herman Edwards,Rex Ryan then guys like Louis Riddick and all those former players
Terry Pegula has fired Rex Ryan, Dan Bylsma and Tim Murray. Soon to follow is likely to be the Bills GM in forced seclusion, Doug Whaley.
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Rex Ryan is the ESPNU analyst in the booth right now with Beth Mowins calling the Florida State spring game. Another job to fail at LOL!
Dan Byslma, Tim Murray and Rex Ryan now all being paid millions to do nothing. Working for Pegula is like winning the lottery.
rex ryan was in tally and I missed my opportunity.smh
Rex Ryan said jabril peppers wish he was as good as Derwin
Report: Rex Ryan gave brother Rob run of the place during Bills disastrous 2016
I have officially watched the Spring Game & the /Rex Ryan audition tape. My thoughts tomorrow 3-6
Not a big fan of Rex Ryan as a head coach but he got this one right.
Rex Tillerson goes to Russia this week, to strike a deal with Putin?. Will this be ok with McConnell ? Ryan?. The GOAL…
Report: Rex Ryan gave brother Rob 'run of the place' during Bills' disastrous 2016.
Report: Rex Ryan was a coach with a death wish
This sums up how I felt about this entire season. An utter disaster only made worse when he brought in his brother
If rex ryan wasnt coaching he might've won yall some games.
Report: Rex Ryan dedicated 2016 season to trying to save brother Rob’s reputation
Rex Ryan, former NFL head coach, on Derwin James: "No offense to Peppers, but he only wished he was the player this kid was."…
Report: Rex Ryan allowed Rob to unofficially serve as Bills' head coach in 2016 (via )
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Beth Mowins is broadcasting the Florida State with Rocky Boiman and Rex Ryan. Perhaps a preview for 11 am kickoff Big Ten games this fall.
Rex Ryan promises to 'be myself' in his new role on ESPN's 'Sunday NFL C.. Related Articles:
maybe it's a shout out to Rex Ryan or possibly Tom Dempsey.
every game! Every game had Jeff Fisher, Rex Ryan, & ted wells with footlocker gear & whistles. it's more probable than not
Rex Ryan is 4th former HC to work at ESPN. Herm Edwards still there, Bill Parcels and Eric Mangini both work there
Rex Ryan has officially hit rock bottom
Rex Ryan in jeopardy of losing his job as soon as this week, as is Tyrod Taylor
Tonight on B&B: Beavis drinks milk with Michael J. Fox. Butthead pees on Rex Ryan. Huh huh.
Who wore it worse: James Dolan talking about Charles Oakley or Doug Whaley talking about the firing of Rex Ryan?
James Dolan probably won't but Rex Ryan is game
Rex Ryan must be on that Rick Ross pear diet
WOW my brain is so deep in politics when I saw "Rex Ryan" trending I assumed it was some issue concerning Rex Tillerson & Paul Ryan.
because having the hat in the locker was just an accident? People wouldn't have cared. See: Rex Ryan, Jay Cutler, etc
Rex Ryan has signed a deal with ESPN to appear on NFL Sunday Countdown ahead of the Super Bowl.
Rex Ryan to join ESPN as Super Bowl LI analyst
Former HC Rex Ryan will be guest analyst on Super Bowl Sunday Countdown show from Houston. htt…
You knew Rex Ryan would land on his feet:
Outspoken former coach Rex Ryan to join Sunday NFL Countdown for Su.. - KTRK-TV
I am guessing Rex Ryan's Super Bowl Analyst job is a tryout. If i was him I would wok my tail off. You need this job as nobody wants you!
We already fried Rex Ryan ...he didn't just wear a hat
Conway the Machine - Rex Ryan (feat. Westside Gunn & Roc Marciano) - now being played on Visit us and listen!
Lol of course Rex Ryan is an analyst for ESPN
Seriously!! Rex Ryan is a punch line and should grab his brother and hide
Rex Ryan appearing on NFL Countdown Super Bowl Sunday, makes ESPN the front-runner to sign ex-coach full-time.
Rex Ryan is an analyst on the Sunday NFL Countdown for Super Bowl LI. It's like they really don't want people to watch.
Rex Ryan had made it to the Super Bowl ... as an analyst for ESPN
lmfaoo Peyton manning and Rex Ryan campaigned for him lol
Has anyone had a Rex Ryan sighting lately? Need to put out a Amber Alert on him.
NFL_Patriots247 BREAKING: Former NFL head coach Rex Ryan has landed a new job.
How is Rex Ryan going to offer insight on the live? He could never figure them out with a week to prepare!
As he promised, Rex Ryan has made it to the Super Bowl. (He'll be working for this Sunday)
Rex Ryan gonna be on Sports Center this week 😃
Spent a lot of his career with Rex Ryan, who has a ton of respect for Pagano. .
I know this sounds crazy but Rex Ryan should seriously be considered...he shouldn't be a HC but as a DC solid!
💯% agree...there's about to be a bunch of Norv Turner's/Rex Ryan's/Wade Phillips/Romeo Crennel's out…
Hammond: Tyrod Taylor Should Be Texans Top QB Target: If he could do *that* despite Rex Ryan, imagine...
Rooney Rule, bring in Dennis Thurman he is from the Rex Ryan tree. Rob, or Tarver should not be any consideration
Give me Rex Ryan as DC, Rob Ryan as DL coach, Mike Nolan as LBs coach, Samson Brown as DBs coach
Anthony Lynn has gone from replacing Greg Roman to replacing Rex Ryan to replacing Mike McCoy. Busy 17 weeks.
Go for broke, make an offer to Vic Fangio, Rex Ryan, Wade Phillips & bring back KNJ as LB coach, where he belongs
Rex Ryan of college football. All talk, no wins
Rex Ryan, Wade Phillips, Vic Fangio are some names that come to mind for DC.
Who do Mark & Rich want to be the next Head Coach?. Rex Ryan. David Shaw. They are discussing now!
Coming soon: the new Three Stooges, starring: Rex Ryan, Jeff Fisher, and Chip Kelly
Rex Ryan interviewed well. I think his defensive philosophy will work well in Colonial League.
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Without a doubt they should maybe they should go for Fisher or a Rex Ryan
Bill Belichick on Rex Ryan's firing: "Just thinking about Miami" -
The Bills have fired Rex Ryan. Interim head coach Anthony Lynn will be the 23rd AFC East head coach since Belichick started…
Bills interim head coach Anthony Lynn says he and Rex Ryan were ‘raised by different mamas’
The Bills' interim head coach, Anthony Lynn, had some interesting things to say about Rex Ryan: ht…
.names Penn State head football coach, James Franklin, as a "wildcard" to replace Rex Ryan for the Bills' next seaso…
"in Russ we trust" - Kim Pegulas when hiring Rex Ryan referring to Russ Brandon
Call me crazy, but if Matt Patricia were to leave New England, I would love to see Rex Ryan become the defensive coordinator.
If Matt Patricia gets a head coaching job, could the hire Rex Ryan as their new Defensive Coordinator???
Bills_Newz. Bill Belichick weighs in on Rex Ryan getting cut loose by Bi - Yardbarker
Rex Ryan was the 12th highest paid coach ($5.5 mil) in the NFL this season, ahead of names like Kubiak, Quinn, Del Rio & Rivera.
Rex Ryan's firing in Buffalo provides reminder of AFC East stability of Bill Belichick with Patriots.
Marcell Dareus says Rex Ryan's defense was too complicated for players to grasp.
fire Rex Ryan and his twin brother assistant head coach Rob Ryan (via
Rex Ryan's failed promises sealed his fate with Bills.
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Rex Ryan when he was hired helped make Bills relevant..Rex and Rob turned things into a clown show. Both had to go.
Buffalo Bills DT Marcell Dareus says Rex Ryan's defense was 'too much detail'
Marcell Dareus: Unlike stars such as David Harris and Ray Lewis, I am not smart enough to run Rex Ryan's defense.
DT Marcell Dareus to me on Rex Ryan's defense: “It was just too much detail for a lot of guys" Full Thoughts:. ht…
Rex Ryan's legacy will similar to Jerry Glanville. Great defensive mind, colorful character, but lacked championship coaching qualities
Bold prediction: Matt Patricia leaves New England for a head coach position and Rex Ryan will be the next defensive coordinator
Matt Patricia gets a head coaching gig and Belichick calls on his old pal Rex Ryan to coach the defense, my amusing dream…
Can you ever imagine Belichick & Matt Patricia being caught with 10 players on defence is OT of a game they had to win like Rex Ryan & Rob?
Last month, Rex Ryan said he'd have to be dragged kicking & screaming out of Buffalo. Moments ago, he left 1BD in his pickup.…
Rex Ryan, Ravens nation will welcome you back. Bring Ed Reed too.
Rex Ryan has been fired from The Buffalo Bills this morning. Bob Matthews and Carl Falk talk the future of The...
Rex Ryan may have been fired but I'll always love him for sitting behind & I at the Cup final wearing a Clark Griswold jersey
Most discussed topic in Milwaukee right now: Rex Ryan
"His biggest fault became that he had to be the star of the show." — on Bills firing Rex Ryan
When some in upper management wanted to bench Tyrod Taylor, it was Rex Ryan who kept him on the field. GM Doug Whaley wants t…
And to top off a grand weekend sports wise, Rex Ryan gets sacked 🙏🏼 couldn't happen to a better coach
Bills fire Rex Ryan after nearly two seasons
Extremely messed up for the Bills Organization to fire Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan before lunch
Why did the Bills fire Rex Ryan now? He asked them to.
Rex and Rob Ryan are already on their way to screw up another NFL team
BREAKING: The Bills have fired Rex Ryan, Rob Ryan, all other employees named Ryan, all players named Ryan, and any fan…
Rob and Rex Ryan the next time they're interviewing for coaching jobs
Rex Ryan deserved AT LEAST another season. Can't blame a 17 year drought on a guy who has been there for 2.
Rex Ryan took an elite NFL defense into the gutter. So much so that even an improved offense during tenure couldn't drive a…
Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan were fired by the Bills today, creating space on the sidelines for four regular-sized coaches.
The have fired coaches Rob Ryan and Rex Ryan
Rex Ryan Fired by Buffalo Bills - Bleacher Report. Does that mean his bro us gone 2😉
Rex Ryan is the obvious choice for the next coach. It's turned in to a 1 year rotational gig.
To sum up, Bills have fired Rex and Rob Ryan and, in a business decision, benched their starting QB Tyrod Taylor.
When Rex Ryan heard he was getting the boot, he probably got turned on. Until he realized he was fired and not actually get…
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how about this scenario: Dom to 'retire' at the end of the season and Rex Ryan to replace him as DC?
Bills announced Rex and Rob Ryan relieved of their duties.
The Bills fired Rex Ryan, never played for him but I love him as a coach, should've been given another year if reports are t…
Rex Ryan took Jets to AFC Championship game in 2010. Since then, no winning seasons, no playoffs for Rex Ryan coached teams
Rex Ryan cleaning out his desk, pulling a seemingly endless Italian party hoagie out of the bottom drawer.
So glad that my hired the right coach in and not the wrong one (Rex Ryan) lol
LA Rams have a head coach yet because Rex Ryan's personality fits well in LA, it's up to the players to execute the x's & o'…
Classy move by the Bills to let Rex Ryan go while he can still get a cabinet position.
BREAKING: Bills announce Rex and Rob Ryan have been relieved of their duties
Rex Ryan was a big proponent of Tyrod Taylor and fought to keep him as starter. His firing is bad news for Taylor.
Rex Ryan has been relieved of his duties as head coach. Anthony Lynn will serve as interim head coach.
Remember when Rex Ryan had no interest in the HC vacancy?
Hearing it has Doug Whaley who convinced owner Terry Pegula to part ways w Rex Ryan & pushed for Anthony Lynn to rep…
Would not be surprised at all if Rex Ryan ends up in some sort of role with the athletic department at Clemson.
Hopefully now that the Bills fired him, every other team looking for a head coach will realize that Rex Ryan isn't good enough to be one.
Live now: & on whether it's the end of the Rex Ryan era
NFL coaches on the hot seat Mike McCoy in San Diego, Marvin Lewis in Cincinnati, Rex Ryan in Buffalo, Todd Bowles in N.Y.
John Fox, Mike McCoy, Chip Kelly and Rex Ryan are all on the hot seat. But, don't forget, NFL coaches NEVER make mistakes.
Rex Ryan himself believes he will be fired, reports.
Doug Marrone has more victories this season than Rex Ryan against winning teams that weren't starting Jacoby Brissett
I happen to think Rex Ryan will be the next John Madden of TV football broadcasters.
Rex Ryan is the Eric Cartman of the NFL.
Rex Ryan's reaction to Andrew Franks' 55-yard field goal is TV gold
Bills' Nickell Robey-Coleman, Jerel Worthy say owners' vote of confidence for Rex Ryan would settle players' minds:
Rex Ryan on Jarvis Landry's hit on Aaron Williams: Those hits are what we want to take out of the game.
Rex Ryan "that Jarvis Landry hit on Aaron Williams is what needs to be taken out of the game."
Eric Wood sends message to owners defending Rex Ryan: 'We're so freaking close..this isn't hockey'
Rex Ryan shouldn't be fired because Bills are 'so freaking close,' according to Eric Wood - SB Nation
Many players are rallying in support of Rex Ryan staying in BUF. McCoy, Watkins, C Eric Wood are among a few.
$6 for what could be Rex Ryan last home game as HC
Jeff Fisher: fired. . Gus Bradley: fired. . Up next: Rex Ryan. . Also coming up on the firing line: Todd Bowles.
How do you feel about Coughlin at HC, Norv Turner for OC and Rex Ryan for DC? Or is Ryan gonna get another Head coaching gig?
Jags hire Scott and then give Cowboys A 3rd rd for Romo :) and hire Rex Ryan as the Def Cord after he gets fired
and Rex Ryan made revis who he is playing in that system revis island started and ended when he left Rex
The Bills are preparing to part ways with Rex Ryan. (via
Rex Ryan will be the coach of the jags next season with Tony Romo as QB.
Bills plan on moving on from Rex Ryan after this season, ESPN reports.
Chip Kelly goes to ECU as HC. Tony Romo to ESPN. Rex Ryan goes back to toe sucking
Rex Ryan wishes Browns 'would have given Pettine another year' - Canton Repository
Rex Ryan says is still the starting QB:
If only NFL broadcasters were as dedicated to bringing up Rex Ryan's foot fetish every game. It's all I ask.
axe Jeff Fisher. Who didn't see that coming? Will Rex Ryan be next?
rank your most hated ppl of 2016: 1 Bouchard 2 Carroll 3 Rex Ryan ?
Why is Rex Ryan still our head coach? Should've been fired in the last 24 hours
If Rex Ryan leaves then who will scout the ECC football players?
who you like to see? I'm not big on Marv Lewis or Rex Ryan -Payton maybe
Trump could face showdown over Tillerson pick
Rex Ryan assumes he will be Bills' head coach next season.
Can the Rams go ahead and hire Rex and Rob Ryan pls?
Anybody want to put money on Rex Ryan coaching the Rams next year?
NBC NEWS: Trump will announce he's nominating Rex Ryan for Secretary of State tomorrow morning, top transition source tells
Page outta of the Rex Ryan scheme there
I'd totally buy that Rex and Rob Ryan are cousins of the Ford brothers.
Here's what Rex had to say today, after announcing Tyrod as his starter
Pretty well said. Some of the fans are delusional too though. What did you think was going to happen with a Rex Rya…
Could someone just hire Rex Ryan as a network analyst already and get this over with.
Rex Ryan had his chance with the and failed, says
Buffalo will be nothing but a farm team with Rex Ryan as HC
Rex Ryan responds to swirling rumors: "To do the very best job that I can do, I have to focus on what's right in front…
in your opinion is Rex Ryan around in Buffalo, to coach the Bills, next year?
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I feel like Rex Ryan every time I call White that.
Bills fans that hate coach Rex Ryan should root for the Browns Sunday cause if they lose, he out!
For now, no shake ups at One Bills Dr. but finds Rex Ryan's tone and context curious:
what are the chances Rex ryan is fired right after last game this year
No changes at One Dr. for now, but Rex Ryan's tone and context are most curious:
Not sure why everyone is so *** Rex Ryan. He said defense would be better and it is. Last year it was 19th, thi…
it was the Bills , surprised Rex Ryan didn't get fired today instead of Jeff Fisher
Rex Ryan 'assuming' he's returning to Bills, said focus on Browns
Bills' Rex Ryan has gotten no assurances from ownership that he’ll finish the season or that he’ll be back next year https:/…
If Rex Ryan gets fired, do we want him as the Raiders defensive coordinator?
If Rex Ryan isn't fired today, it's time to admit Jason LaCanfora isn't longer worth 140 characters of your time folks.…
I tried to present a unique perspective in my latest column
Rex Ryan vows to 'block out' distractions from speculation about his job status
Players predictably say they're standing by embattled coach Rex Ryan
If we can just get him to throw it on the ground Rex Ryan style lmao
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I'm cool with letting Rex Ryan coach one more year if our defense is trash again then it's curtains.
Firing Rex Ryan isn't high enough up the ladder to fix the problem, I think they'll all be back next season.except Tyrod
Rex Ryan on his Buffalo Bills future: 'I assume I'll be the coach'
Got home from a hard days work a short time ago only to find out that unfortunately Rex Ryan is still coach of the hapless
Rex Ryan confirms that Tyrod Taylor will remain the Buffalo Bills' starting QB
Mike Leach is the Rex Ryan of college football.
coach Rex Ryan says Tyrod Taylor will be their QB this week. So no changes at all for Buffalo.
Been told Rex Ryan being axed before end of the season is on the table. IF that happens, OC Anthony Lynn likely promoted t…
Hear Rams targeting possible HCs, including Josh McDaniel. Rex Ryan prob next to go. We may lose candidates if don't make move
Jeff Fisher got fired so is Rex Ryan still coaching bills
Blame runs deep: Bills failings fall at more feet than Rex Ryan's
The didn’t have anyone ready to go in when Hogan got hurt? That was mighty Rex Ryan-ish
WR Sammy Watkins on Rex Ryan's future:. "If he's here, I would love it. If he's not, then we got to move on."
I always knew that Rex Ryan would make a great cartoon character, in the tradition of Fred Flintstone and Homer Simpson.…
With Fisher fired, who is the worst coach in the NFL: Marvin Lewis, Hue Jackson or Rex Ryan?
Rex on hot seat: 'Not signing up for a dismissal'
Rex Ryan is Donald Trump: Football Version. Lots of bluster, lots of promises of greatness. But a relatively simple man w…
Rex Ryan 'assuming' he'll keep job with Bills:
CSNNE: Rex Ryan 'assuming' he'll keep job with Bills -
The Bills' problems run far deeper than Rex Ryan:
Amid questions about his future, Rex Ryan apparently has gotten no assurances from ownership, yet
Stephen A says it is time for Rex Ryan to go.
Rex Ryan says he's not aware of reported incident between Jerry Hughes and Rob Ryan; Kyle Williams' injury a concern
Rex Ryan says EJ Manuel will be QB this week. No comment on Jerry Hughes/Rob Ryan argument report
Rex Ryan's head coaching career has consisted of Tyrod Taylor & Mark San…
Le’Veon Bell might’ve gotten Rex Ryan fired with his monster day in Steelers vs. Bills game
Jeff Fisher and Rex Ryan need to be fired
Dope. Any features outside of Griselda? After "Rex Ryan" I always hoped GOAT would reunite you & Roc again
Chip Kelly still have his job. When was the last time Rex Ryan went to the playoffs? Still has a job.
It's a lot for me. Rex Ryan, Mike D'Antoni, Chip Kelly, Mike Conley, etc. the list goes on.
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Rex Ryan: “Mack and Miller are the two best in the league. Can do it all. Speed, power and finesse.”
Rex Ryan says it's a possibility Cyrus Kouandjio could get some reps at RT, but that he'll work at LT today with Cordy Glenn out.
HC Rex Ryan said it's a possibility for Cyrus Kouandjio to take some reps at right tackle, like Seantrel Henderson did against CIN.
is Bowles approaching Rex Ryan mark Sanchez territory?
Y now it's time for the Rex Ryan show starring Stuart Holden. Oh, Salman Khan.
Agreed Fins yes but not bills. Rex Ryan will be the ruin of that team. Adam Gase? Looks like he can coac…
I'm not really on the "fire Rex Ryan" bandwagon but his decision not to keep Jim Schwartz gets more indefensible by the day.
Rex Ryan trash talking a 2-8 football team and then giving up a TD on the first drive is the most Rex Ryan thing of all time
Jim Harbaugh and Rex Ryan are now the two most disliked coaches in the NFL.
Jim Harbaugh is the Rex Ryan of College Football. A lot of talk & caring about personal image more then finishing a season with a ring.
Cool pregame moment for Taft's Adolphus Washington - Rex Ryan made him a captain for his homecoming ...
Rex Ryan press conference potpourri via
Bills, Rex Ryan preparing for life without C Eric Wood - Bills Wire
Rex Ryan says he has yet to discuss with GM Doug Whaley whether Eric Wood will be placed on injured reserve.
Our Buffalo were in enormous trouble the day Pegula's hired Rex Ryan. No hope in sight until Ryan and Dou…
Pete Carroll thinks Rex Ryan should just coach his own team. Read Blog:
Belichick, Rex Ryan, Bobby Knight, Lou Holtz and all the coaches who got paid off black athletes and suppor…
.says Pete Carroll was right for firing back at Rex Ryan.
.supports Pete Carroll for telling Rex Ryan to "coach his own team."
Rex Ryan says he told Richard Sherman “You’re too good a player to act like an *** ”
.Pete Carroll tells Rex Ryan to coach his own team, Rex fires back. https:…
I don't care for Rex Ryan, but this just made me dislike Pete Carol even more.
Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Rex Ryan and the Jets owner all support Trump. Ban the AFC East.
Richard Sherman needs a personal foul. And Pete Carol needs to be tied to a chair and beaten by Rex Ryan.
Pete Carol and Rex Ryan got the same hair color lol
Rex Ryan didn't sleep well last night!
Assuming Shady is out/limited/however Rex Ryan decides to play with my emotions, Rob Kelly or Ryan Matthews (.5PPR)
Colin Kaepernick's starting this Sunday, and it's against Donald Trump supporter Rex Ryan's Bills. We gonna need this win for…
Terry Pegula says there is no truth in reports that Rex Ryan will be fired if the miss the playoffs
Coffee With the Coach Presented by Tim Hortons: Chris Brown talks to HC Rex Ryan about Charles Clay becoming ...
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Todd Hoffman is the Rex Ryan of mining
Rex Ryan on Lorenzo Alexander: "He reminded me of Adalius Thomas... He can rush from inside, outside, he's a dominant special teams player."
more of my celebrity thank you's...Ritchie Incognito, Antonio Sabato Jr, Dr. Ben Carson, Gov. Chris Christie, Rex Ryan.
Rex Ryan says Shaq Lawson will *not* start upon his return to action. Lorenzo Alexander has that job.
Never pulled so hard NFL team as today ... Hope the Buffalo Bills and Rex Ryan destroy Colin Kaepernick and the San Francis…
Asked by Fox host Curt Menefee if it is time to give Rex Ryan some love after 3 wins, Terry Bradshaw said "love, love, love Rex Ryan"
Rex Ryan, on if Lorenzo Alexander will be a starter once Shaq Lawson returns. “The question is whether he’ll be a starter in…
.68INCOGNITO on the essence of Rex Ryan. Listen to AlbertBreer’s podcast:
.on the essence of Rex Ryan. Listen to podcast:
"Rex Ryan as your football coach or Jerry Jones as your team owner"
If the Bills defeat the Rams, it'll be the 1st time a Rex Ryan coached team has won 3 consecutive games in a season si…
BUF. -Rex Ryan ruined a elite defense. -0-4 . -Haven't been to playoffs in 21st century. -Traded farm for Watkins https:/…
Amendola really crying about what Rex Ryan said. Sounds like David Backes
Conspiracy theory: Bill Belichick threw the Bills game to improve the chances he'd coach against Rex Ryan later this year (and next).
Rex Ryan: 'God, it feels good to finally win' in Foxboro by
We give Rex Ryan a lot of credit for being a defensive mastermind, but Mike Zimmer is an elite defensive coach.
Resurgent Bills D has reinforcements coming (The Associated Press): Rex Ryan's defense is ... :
10-3: Rex Ryan and and Eric Wood with the Media
hey floated this out, lost to keep Rex Ryan employed
Rex Ryan says Shaq Lawson on track to make his NFL debut in Week Seven - Buffalo News
Stephen A. says *** no' to giving Rex Ryan an apology - ESPN Video
I am so tired of this Affleck acting and his Boston guy schtick. He born in CA "Ben Affleck reaction to Pats loss"
Rex Ryan expects Shaq Lawson to return in Week 7 after shoulder surgery:
I've got some chocolate chip cookies to send to Rex Ryan and the
Top 5 of my most hated ppl in the nfl Rex Ryan, Jerry jones, Sean Payton, Drew Brees, Phillip rivers
"I will not apologize. I will not take back what I said.". - stands by his criticism of Rex Ryan.
Rex: 'BSing the whole time' about having 'sources inside the New England Patriot building'
Rex Ryan gives Bills 'Victory Monday' after Patriots game, but players showed up anyway
Rex Ryan clears air over Patriots 'sources' quip: Bills coach still all smiles after his team sco... Tscent
Rex Ryan clears air over Patriots 'sources' quip
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Rex- "I think the big news is that Ryan O'Reilly is back with the Sabres. I look forward to seeing the Sabres play too."
Gotta give Rex Ryan credit for having his Bills ready to play. No Rex jokes this wk. 16-0 win over the Pats. No Brady but still surprising.
Andy Reid and Rex Ryan would be too scared to try and ice a kicker.
Bills​ fans, the motivation for Rex Ryan to try and keep winning!
I'm sure this quote from Rex Ryan today must make proud.
.plays campaign manager to sell the positive and negative Rex Ryan.
Rex Ryan clears air over 'sources' quip on Pats
Jeff Fisher holds out his arm at shoulder height and says he's known Rex and Rob Ryan "since they were about this big."
Rex Ryan gave the Monday off. . The whole team showed up anyway. .
Ben Affleck had a fantastic reaction to finding out the Patriots were losing to Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills
Rex Ryan: Dan we need ya. Carpenter: [slides out from underneath a 1996 Ford Torus] No Problem
ICYMI: Rex Ryan beats Bill Belichick, Jeff Fisher is 3-1 & doesn't know what to believe in anymore
Congrats to the Rex Ryan and the Bills on their Week 4 Super Bowl victory... We'll see them again Week 8 with Brady.
Rex Ryan shows off hat at press conference:
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