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Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan (born December 13, 1962) is an American football Head Coach for the New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL).

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Bills are bringing back former Jets HC Rex Ryan for a second interview tonight in Florida, per league sources.
I know it's only just happened but who would you want as the new D.C? Rex Ryan? Butler? John Mitchell? Any other suggestions?
I'd have to guess Keith Butler or John Mitchell. I would love to see Rex Ryan if he doesn't get a HC job, though.
I ment we need to fire Thomas dimitroff or Scott pioli and get Rex Ryan.
Rex Ryan is the answer for the Falcons. Braves moved into your backyard though. No more drives down 75 at rush hour
My man Norman "Boomer" Esiason just broke down the issues on He's a Rex Ryan supporter.
Rob Ryan is safe in New Orleans but his brother, Rex Ryan, getting a job in Atlanta may change that in an ugly way.  Earlier this season it was rumored that the New Orleans Saints were looking at a change on their defensive staff as tensions boiled between Head Coach Sean Payton and defensive coordi…
you think Rex Ryan or Keith Armstrong? Or any others?!
Scott Pioli running our draft and Rex Ryan as our new coach. We're in so much trouble.
I'd like to see the Bills coaching staff look like this next season: HC Rex Ryan. OC Mark Trestman. DC Jim Schwartz.
Plot twist!!! Rex Ryan becomes the Giants' Defensive Coordinator. Gmen have best defense in the league and win a 3rd Super Bowl in 8 years
Keith Armstrong & Todd Bowles interview will be to do the mandatory Rooney Rule. IMO, Rex Ryan is basically a done deal.
Two thoughts: 1) The Baseball Hall of Fame finally got it right! Congrats to Craig Biggio. Great person! Great ball player! 2) If the Falcons hire Rex Ryan, I'm done! 100% Texan at the point.
Falcons need to go ahead and hire Rex Ryan, retain Mike Tice..promote him to OC and let Rex appoint his own DC + keep Keith Armstrong for ST
The only event Rex Ryan could win is a hot dog eating contest
Rex Ryan, Dan Quinn, Todd Bowles or Keith Armstrong are the only ones I'd like to see as our next HC. Rex interviews today. Hm
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The Falcons will interview Rex Ryan tomorrow. They will also interview Todd Bowles, Teryl Austin, and Doug Marrone this we…
I want the Falcons to hire one of these 3 men to be their next Head Coach 1.Todd Bowels 2.Rex Ryan 3.Keith Armstrong ! in that Order
Tuesday ’s Rex Ryan interview with Falcons could spark the hir
Marc Trestman is vacationing with Josh McCown. LOL Maybe Trestman will get a tattoo of Josh like Rex Ryan has of Mark Sanchez.
Rex Ryan advised Chris Christie on surgery via
On today's show: Teresa Guidice heads to the slammer, Jennifer Aniston is tired of Brad Pitt drama, and NFL coach Rex Ryan has an interesting fetish in the bedroom! Greg's Cowboys advance in the NFL… All The Hits
Gimme Mike Shanahan or Kubiak with Wade Phillips as DC. I would say Rex Ryan too but Bears already said no bc they are ***
no. bell, brown, and ben will be great even with Rex Ryan as the OC, he don't deserve credit for them.
lol. Let the raiders keep taking our coordinators. Didn't work out last time. I'd like Wade Phillips or Rex Ryan.
The only reason that Rex Ryan is not a coaching candidate is because McCaskey & Phillips are afraid of him. Which means he's perfect.
Rex Ryan won't even get an interview. Just more evidence that McCaskey and Phillips are the problem.
Bears should just hire Rex Ryan and get Wade Phillips as Defensive Coordinator. Restore the defense back in Chicago.
Schwartz Head Coach, Rex Ryan d coordinator get a good oc and sign hughes
flamboyant, Rex Ryan and San Fran have me thinking of Adrian Adonis
If I have a nightmare tonight it will be about Kelly leaving and hiring Rex Ryan as his replacement.
Sound FX is airing on right now featuring Rex Ryan. I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me sad, good luck sexy Rexy.
next Head Coach needs to have a vision for both sides of the ball. I don’t know who that is, but I know it’s not Rex Ryan.
Lo on Rex Ryan + "I think Rex Ryan as Head Coach and Marc Trestman as the OC is the answer for the Silver & Black…
-Rex Ryan? Really? anyone remember after Siefert before Harbaugh? Erickson ring a bell?
Jim, If you had to choose between Todd Bowles, Adam Gase, Mike Shanahan, or Rex Ryan for Bears Coach who would you choose?
49ers Video: Darren Woodson responds to report that former Jets coach Rex Ryan will interview with 49ers Sunday
--->RT Jets source on possibility of hiring Doug Marrone: "You got rid of Rex Ryan for this?" ... Pretty s…
Honestly people think Rex Ryan is a quack, but how was his Defense/team when he had pieces to work with. Conference championships.
With Haslett now gone, I wouldn't mind seeing the Redskins hiring Rex Ryan as their new Defensive Coordinator.
Really don't want Rex Ryan for a new HC😟😖😖
So, After hearing the news the Falcons are going to interview Rex Ryan. I found what may be one of the best descriptions of why we need him
The idea of Rex Ryan with Navarro bowman,pat Willis, Aldon smith, Eric Reid, and Chris Borland Aaron lynch is frightening
Mike Shanahan to the Bears? Rex Ryan to Chicago? Perhaps...but also keep your eyes on current Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly as a possibility
Dimitroff is just here for the time being. I think he is a lame duck GM. Hopefully, Blank is searching for a replacement. Even if he doesn't replace Dimitroff. I am still going to ride for my Falcons. Something tells me something is going on or happened behind the scenes that is keeping Dimitroff around. I am kind of wondering where Rich McKay fits into this puzzle also. Hoping Todd Bowles from Arizona steps in and takes over. I dont really see TD lasting too much longer though. Rex Ryan would also be a good fit. So mad about this season, we need to do better on all fronts and put together some winning seasons and deep play-off runs. Anything less than that is not good and wont put butts in the new Falcons nest !!!
I can't wait to see if Rex Ryan can turn Colin Kaeperneck into Geno Smith. cc
Jets request to interview with Ravens' Gary Kubiak!!! The New York Jets have requested permission to interview Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak for their head-coaching opening, according to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.!! Kubiak led the Ravens to their highest offensive ranking in 17 years, so it's not a surprise that a team would be interested in him to be its next Head Coach. Under Kubiak, the Ravens finished No. 12 in offense and set a franchise record for points scored in a season (409). The Jets are looking for a Head Coach after firing Rex Ryan, a former Ravens Defensive Coordinator, on Monday. According to Schefter, the other Jets' candidates are: Arizona Cardinals Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles, Seattle Seahawks assistant Head Coach Tom Cable, San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator Frank Reich and Seattle Seahawks Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn. Earlier this month, Kubiak said he hasn't thought about getting another opportunity to be a Head Coach. "I'm consumed with what ...
I want to clarify my reason to leaning towards Rex Ryan. It's mostly because of his work on defense. During his time in New York, the Jets always seemed to have a good defense. And yes, I do understand the concern with his losing record. But to be fair, their offense was ran by players such as Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith. But trust me, I do understand the concern with getting Rex Ryan: his personality, his track record, etc. And too be honest, I'm not completely sold on Rex because of those question marks. I wouldn't mind someone like Todd Bowles because of the job he's done with Arizona's defense. Another person Atlanta is looking at is New England's OC Josh McDaniels. So again, as far as our Head Coach goes, I'm not completely sold on anyone to this point. So we'll see. Also, I did not realize Houston was going to be a free agent this offseason. Should've done more research on free agents. But I would personally place him above my last choice, Adrian Peterson. Who by the way I highly doubt has "characte ...
"Mike Smith and Rex Ryan are the same guy. Def oriented coaches that started hot and fizzled out."
No Todd Bowles or Rex Ryan. Please..that shhh is pathetic..
If my choices are Rex Ryan or Todd Bowles, I'll take Bowles. Fits city better. Rex more suited for Chicago.
49ers’ search for a Head Coach heats up: SF to interview Rex Ryan, Josh McDaniels and Adam Gase.
Todd Bowles maybe, but I wouldn't mind them bringing in Jack Del Rio either. I don't want Rex Ryan though.
as your attorney, I would advise you to give Rex Ryan a "Coaching for Dummies" book...
Former Jets HC Rex Ryan will interview with the Falcons next week, as reported.
"Rex Ryan to San Fran wouldnt be a bad pick up for you 49ers" I say we go after John Gruden
i guess you could call it that. i could see them losing and Jones bringing in Rex Ryan or some stupid crap like that
there's a small part of me that wants Ted Thompson to fire Dom Capers and hire Rex Ryan.
The New York Jets have begun the process of trying to find Rex Ryan's replacement. In addition to Seattle Seahawks Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn, w...
Scoop Jackson on ESPN's First Take this morning.Rex Ryan might like Atlanta but I believe Chicago will put an offer on the table that he cannot refuse. He already has a very good offense there, allow someone to handle them and he could coach up that defense. They have Jay Cutler which is known to be a coach killer but Rex is not scared. He relishes that challenge. If he was able to take that team to the Superbowl he would be enshrined into the Hall.
Wow! First take is confident Rex Ryan will be the Chicago Bears next Head Coach!! I can see that!!
Rex Ryan to interview with ESPN, which might be the best thing ever
Instead of a big speech in final team meeting, Rex Ryan took 'em to the movies, so to speak.
Who will be hired first: Marc Trestman, Mike Smith or Rex Ryan?. Who will find a coach first: or
THING TO KNOW Black Monday: Not another day of the year to avoid Walmart. The Monday after the last NFL regular season game, when lots of coaches get the boot. This year it was Rex Ryan (Jets), Marc Trestman (Bears), and Mike Smith (Falcons).
The NY Jets have sacked Rex Ryan, while the Chicago Bears have dismissed Marc Trestman & the Atlanta Falcons have axed Mike Smith
Owner Woody Johnson spoke candidly to reporters. Former HC Rex Ryan never lost the locker room with Gang Green. And more connections to articles about the New York Jets and the NFL.
Rex Ryan, Mike Smith, Marc Trestman: . Which one of these recently fired Head Coaches will be the first to land a...
After weeks of speculation, the New York Jets made it official Monday, firing Rex Ryan after six seasons as Head Coach. General manager John Idzik also was fired after two seasons on the jo
Now that the general manager and Head Coaching slates are clean, expect the replacements for Rex Ryan and John Idzik to put their own stamp on the New York Jets. There will be no ‘favors’ like the one that Idzik did for owner Woody Johnson by retaining Ryan when he arrived just two short years […]
The NFL's "Black Monday" has returned. As has become an annual tradition, struggling teams fired coaches and general managers one day after the conclu... Read more: Rex Ryan, Rex Ryan Fired, John Idzik Fired, New York Jets, Nfl, Black Monday, Nfl Black Monday, Mike Smith, Mike Smith Fired, Atlanta…
Do you Jet fans think Dan Quinn will be a good replacement for Rex Ryan?...
New York Jets coach Rex Ryan fired . New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan will not be returning to the NFL team
Takeaways from a busy day for the New York Jets as general manager John Idzik and coach Rex Ryan depart.
IN SPORTS NEWS AT THIS HR: It's official, the New York Jets franchise has relieved 1 of the Head Coaches from their jobs. Rex Ryan, who has been w/ the team for at least 6 straight seasons, has gotten the axe after owner Woody Johnson said in a statement, that he was tired of the team losing time & time again, and they've yet to advance into the playoffs in the last 4 seasons. But it didn't take long for Rex to move on from the situation, as he & his wife flew back to Florida to watch his son's college football game as the Clemson Tigers were playing in the Russell Athletic Bowl. Now he awaits his next career opportunity to come in his near future.
It was a dark and gloomy day for NFL coaches and GMs alike on "Black Monday." San Francisco 49ers "parted ways" with Jim Harbaugh New York Jets fired Rex Ryan and GM John Idzik Chicago Bears fired Marc Trestman and GM Phil Emery Atlanta Falcons fired Mike Smith
.on why Rex Ryan would be great NFL studio analyst
Chicago Bears fans who want Rex Ryan are the ones who don't think you need an offense to win in the NFL.
Chicago Bears fans prepare for Rex Ryan as your new Head Coach.
**BREAKING NFL NEWS**. Chicago Bears are preparing to reach out to Rex Ryan this week in regards to Head Coaching posit…
Marc Trestman of the Chicago Bears, Rex Ryan of the NY Jets, and Mike Smith of the Atlanta Falcons.all winners of the "Black Monday" award (the traditional firing of coaches at the end of the regular season by teams that didn't advance). I'm not really counting Jim Harbaugh, as officially it's "mutual". I still think unless the 49ers get incredibly lucky with Jimbo's successor, the 49ers will regret this move for years (all of which makes me shed enough almost enough tears to moisten the wingtip of a flea). None of the dismissals surprise me- it was perfectly obvious Trestman had lost the Bears and Ryan ran out of nine lives in New York. But Smith is the one that surprises me the least- when you get ROLLED on your home turf in a "playoffs-or-nothing" type of game like what the Falcons were yesterday, *someone's* getting canned. The Seahawks have a couple of coordinators that are going to interest the Falcons, Bears, Jets AND 49ers very much at the end of the Super Bowl.
Mackenzie Alexander and Rex Ryan celebrate Clemson's victory. Rex's son is a walk-on WR.
“This morning Woody Johnson informed John Idzik and Rex Ryan that they will not be returning to the team in 2015.”This makes me sad
Happy Monday folks. It is the final Monday in 2014. 2015 will be here on Thursday folks. A sunny cold day today. I took another nice long walk to Ponside Park in my town today and did 4 laps around the track. Today is Black Monday in the NFL as many Head Coaches are given the pink slip. Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Mike Smith, Chicago Bears Head Coach Mark Trestman & general manager Phil Emery, New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan & general manager John Idzik were all fired today. The following information is from an article from Yahoo Sports: "The day after the NFL's regular season ends is known as "Black Monday" around the league, because it's when many coaches will find out they have been fired. We'll be updating this post throughout the day with the latest news, with links to more in-depth posts on each major move. 1:00 p.m. ET: Tom Coughlin will officially return to the New York Giants despite missing the playoffs for the fifth time in six years. Most recent reports out of New York indicated Coughlin was ...
Dom Capers isn't going anywhere. Rex Ryan is too brash to fit the Packer culture. Besides, why would he work under anyone?
Mehta: Jets players, fans rally behind Rex Ryan in what is very likely his final game with franchise -
REPORT: Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez have talked about reuniting at Taco Bell as either a shift manager/cashier or janito…
Rex Ryan was just informed that he has been fired. Black Monday has begun
New York Jets fire Head Coach Rex Ryan and general manager John Idzik to kick off
Black Monday Wish List for Bears: 1. Fire Trestman...done 2. Fire Emery...done 3. Interview, in this order, Mike Shanahan, Rex Ryan (if Rob comes with him), Mike Singletary...pending 4. Get draft picks for Jay Cutler...pending 5. Sign either Tillman or Briggs if not both...pending 6. Trade up in the draft to get in the Mariotta/Winston sweepstakes...pending
HARBAUGH to Michigan. Tress man for the bears fired, Rex Ryan fired, ahh Black Monday
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Rex Ryan doesn't deserve to get fired !Give him an actual QB and an OC ! Geno Smith was John Idzicks guy! Fire that turd instead
So Black Monday in the NFL has started. So far Mike Smith is out with the Falcons. Rex Ryan is no longer coach of the Jets And Marc Tressman is gone as coach of da Bears! Can Dan Snyder be fired too???
Black Monday several NFL coaches got their pink slips this morning the Falcons fire their coach when they they should get rid of the GM for giving Matt " Frozen Ice " all that $$ and also for once again putting 2 gether another soft defense. The Jets fire Rex Ryan when they should be suspending the paychecks of both QBs and the rest of those soft players on that squad that laid down on coach Ryan. The Bears will continue to suffer for the way they handled Lovie Smith they fire Smith who by the way lead them to the Super Bowl and then go out hire this no name guy who could pass for a insurance agent he comes in couldn't win so they fire him and now the front office is really looking like ***
Rex Ryan wont. I would rather have Ken Norton Jr. from Seattle.
Hmmm...4 NFL coaches already gone on Black Monday from the Falcons, 49ers, Bears and Jets. Wouldn't Rex Ryan be a great fit on the defensive side of the ball for Washington? I had enough of Haslett several years's time.
LIVE on NY1: Jets owner Woody Johnson addresses firings of Rex Ryan and John Idzik.
Jets owner Woody Johnson dropped a mini-bombshell during his news conference following the firing of Rex Ryan and John Idzik: The owner would like to see Darrelle Revis back in green.
By John B Woody Johnson is speaking to the press at 11:00 AM Eastern to discuss the firings of John Idzik and Rex Ryan. You can watch on SNY and on the team's
THIS JUST IN: Jets owner Woody Johnson informs Rex Ryan & GM John Idzik that they will not be returning in 2015.
Rich Schultz/Getty Images Woody Johnson, like it or not, is now the face of the Jets. So this is how, after all the noise and fun and even the clown-show seltzer down the pants of the Head Coach sometimes, the circus leaves town. Rex Ryan gets it and so does John Idzik, early on a ...
Black Monday left little doubt about the future of Rex Ryan and John Idzik. The duo was fired early this morning by owner Woody Johnson. Woody spoke to the media today at 11am and gave his thoughts...
Woody Johnson jolted the Jets landscape on Black Monday by firing Rex Ryan and John Idzik in the wake of a miserable season.
should fire Dom Capers and hire Rex Ryan for Defensive Coordinator.
Jets contact Vikings' George Paton for vacant GM role After firing general manager John Idzik and Head Coach Rex Ryan on Monday, the Jets appear to be acting quickly in commencing the rebuild of the organization. According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, the Jets have already reached out to Minnesota Vikings assistant GM George Paton as a candidate for their general manager position. Paton spent the past seven seasons in the Vikings' front office after six years as the Miami Dolphins' director of pro personnel. As Rapoport indicates, he was pursued for the Jets' GM job last time around, too. Expect Paton to be one of many potential replacements for Idzik, fitting the bill as a candidate with the kind of scouting/personnel background owner Woody Johnson desires. -SkolFanatic
It sounds as if Woody Johnson did a Carnac the Magnificent routine at the press conference this morning: Answer: John Idzik and Rex Ryan. Question: Can you name two Jets that have gone missing this year?
I think Woody Johnson was wrong to fire Rex Ryan. He was the best coach we've had in a long time. He told the players what to do, they respected him, BUT if the players can't do it on game day shouldn't they have been the ones who got fired. My vote would have been to fire players and start over and keep Rex.
Rex Ryan and John Idzik, two more Jets that have gone missing. .
Woody Johnson fired Rex Ryan this morning, and it's hard to blame him after a 4-12 season. A 4-12 season that was largely John Idzik's doing, even though everyone deserves a little blame for such a disastrous season. Mark my words, Rex will succeed with another team in the NFL and we missed out. Rex is not only one of the best defensive minds in the NFL, he is also one of the best player's coaches around. It might not be next year, but he will be successful and can be a Super Bowl winning coach. Rex was dealt a bad hand when John Idzik was brought into the fold, and subsequently saw some of his top players shipped off to rebuild through the draft. Rex went from possibly the best cornerback tandem in the league with Darelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie to being forced to start third-string nobodies on a defense that relies heavily on it's cornerback play to allow heavy blitzing; Ryan was forced to completely change his defensive scheme to try to compensate for the lack of talent. This was all John Idzik's d ...
Rex Ryan has officially moved on room his life as a Jet. We will never forget the noble sacrifice he has made for Woody Johnson's sins
Jets announce they've fired Rex Ryan and John Idzik
Let's remember Rex Ryan in the good times (also the bad times, which he made good).
Rex Ryan, Mike Smith officially gone... who's on the clock?
Jets announced GM John Idzik and HC Rex Ryan have been fired.
Rex Ryan been fired.. Dom Capers doin good but I mean y'all can fire him now and take Rex to the playoffs
Jets announce coach Rex Ryan and GM John Idzik have been fired.
Rex Ryan wants to explore NFL Head Coach opportunities. If he doesn't land HC job, I'm told he believes his next destinatio…
You're right! Rex Ryan new Head Coach is much more interesting
Today is six years exactly since the Jets fired Eric Mangini and today Rex Ryan axed as Jets Head Coach leaving the Jets in the same dumps as Mangini did. Its going to be hard to replace Rex but the Change had to be made. I hope the next Head Coach is not a big clown and can bring stability and balance to the Jets and Leadership as needed. I have high hopes through the tough times its just another search for the right Head Coach which the Jets have not had the right coach since Weeb Ewbank in the 60's that is a long time. Rex finishes 46-50 has Head Coach of the Jets. The Jets embrace Rex Ryan a man that is partly responsible for a 4-12 year just shows the culture the Rex Ryan era embraces. Its time to get winners in this bleeding green team and fix the mess Rex and Idzik left behind
Hey Raiders and Niners fans... who do you want to be your next Head Coach? Raiders were heavily linked to Harbaugh, but $48m is winning that battle for Michigan. The rumor mill could include, your interim remaining, The visor returning to coaching, or even Rex Ryan. Niners fans, Tomsula is a very sexy name to the Niners front office, as is Josh McDaniels apparently. Thoughts, wishes, fears?
Rex Ryan delivered speeches fit for Hollywood as HC & yesterday his team played until the end
Rex Ryan. He'll prove WJ wrong for firing him. Hey, Woody. Bruce Coslet, Rich Kotite and Eric Mangini are available
Rex Ryan. Better than most out there. I hear Rich Kotite, Bruce Coslet and Eric Mangini are looking for work
Rex Ryan or Mark Trestman the jets need a real offensive coordinator the Bears need not Jay Cutler
“Column: Rex Ryan's final message to players fell on deaf ears Great article, sad to see Rex era pass
Greg Cosell 's Film Review: How Rex Ryan 's D pressured … From Yahoo Sports: If you ask around the NFL, you 'll fi
should hire Josh McDaniels as their Head Coach and offensive coordinator and Rex Ryan as their Defensive Coordinator.
Rex Ryan really going to be Head Coach of Bears? His daddy won Super Bowl as DCoord
Rex Ryan coached 6 season and had a 45-50 record. In 4 seasons Harbaugh got to within one win of Rex at 44-19-1 AND got his team to 3 straight NFC championship games and a Super Bowl. Both are likely to be shown the door at the same time. Makes complete sense.
as a 49ers fan all my life; today is truly a sad day. Today showed that it is truly the ownership that is and will always be the problem with the 49ers and sadly I think the Oakland Raiders will win another Super Bowl before the 49ers will as long as the York family is in charge. If they need a Head Coach I would suggest Rex Ryan, Jim Tomsula, Tom Cable or Hue Jackson but since the York's want "yes men" chances are it will be Josh McDaniels (this guy *** as Head Coach) or some other *** kisser who *** ..
Yo I love Dom Capers as a Defensive coach but Rex Ryan tho
Rex Ryan don't deserve to get fired. The GM does. They need to hire a good offensive coordinator
If the know what is good for the team, they will move Rex Ryan to D-Coordinator and hire an Offensive HC like
Rex Ryan is also cleaning out Mike Smith's office.
The last six years have been the most fun I've had as a Jets fan in my life. Rex Ryan is solely responsible for that.
Rex Ryan wasn't afraid of Belichick, got to two AFC title games with Mark Sanchez, and rolled past his foot fetish videos…
I want Rex Ryan to crack two beers at midfield and drink em and yell THIS HAS BEEN THE REX SHOW before leaving the stadiu…
What if Rex Ryan became the new Head Coach ?
I heard a rumor that Rex Ryan may end up as the new Head Coach of the . If so I may just have to give up on them! DC yes, HC, NO!!!
Last weekend of the NFL season. Look for Rex Ryan and Jim Harbaugh to be fired tomorrow morning. As much as I want Harbaugh to coach the Raiders, it is looking like he will go to back to his alma mater, Michigan, to coach the Wolverines. Tom Coughlin will be safe for another year given all the injuries.
Jay Glazer just reported that a Jets advisor called Rex Ryan's agent to ask about a different coach for that job. The Jets…
Thank You Eric Mangini&Mike Tannenbaum for building a roster that went to 2 AFC Championships.Rex Ryan deserves no appreciation nothing won
he better not bring in Rex Ryan or promote Eric Mangini
some much for a rock star coach...Rex Ryan now? Or Sean Payton?
Nobody should feel bad for Rex Ryan. His stress and weekly hours are going to go way down and his pay is going to go up. has reported that while New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan hasn't been told that he'll be fired, he's already cleaned out his office after finding out that Charley Casserly is already helping Gang Green search for a new Head Coach. Ryan has not yet been informed of his fate, a person familiar with his thinking said. But that same person also said Ryan had learned Casserly was contacting other coaching candidates, and that Ryan had already cleared out his office at One Jets Drive. [ 37 more words. ]
Rex Ryan has reportedly cleaned out his office
Rex Ryan reportedly has cleaned out his office. Check out this video on and you get the idea GM John Idzik might want to start packing up his digs, too.
I'm gonna be the first to say it... after this year a lot of coaches are gonne be gone. Jack Del Rio probably has a Head Coaching gig somewhere waiting for him. Can I be the first to suggest his replacement, the soon to be fired probably REX RYAN?!
Rex Ryan expects to be fired by The Jets...was that supposed to be a surprise?
Rex Ryan needs a sure thing at QB to succeed... Carr is still developing... Unless Rex comes and drafts Jameis...
"I just got off the phone with sources. Jim Harbaugh is coming to Michigan ." opens door for Rex Ryan to Raiders?
Sunday's Matchup: Jets (3-12) at Miami Dolphins (8-7): Rex Ryan said before the season that he expected the Je...
Rex Ryan has a really clean office right now.
Wouldn't mind Rex Ryan or Todd Bowles as our next coach.
Rex Ryan apparently expects to be fired next week
“Been wrapped up w/ Holidays & out of town today. Any news back home in Ann Arbor?”. Not yet. Vegas is predicting Rex Ryan.
me neither, the guy's a headcase. come to us Rex Ryan and Marc Trestman.
Well, it sounds like the writing is on the wall. At least, Rex Ryan believes that it is. According to published reports, Jets coach Rex Ryan has emptied out his office at Jets headquarters in Florham Park, NJ. The report indicates that Charley Casserley has already begun the process of vetting poten…
Maybe a Rex/Rob Ryan duo in Oakland would work. Just a crazy idea.
both sides were ready to move forward. Can't see who'll be the next coach. Rex Ryan?
Sources: Ryan expects to be fired by Jets
Imagine: fire Rex Ryan on Monday, he joins the during the bye and raises the Lombardi hand & hand with Revis i…
not sure. He should be. Rex Ryan is also a Head Coach I wouldn't mind.
it's not about alum means play like a pro play w heart Rex Ryan said it 1st play like a jet Pettine likes it
You know which soon to be fired NFL HC is happy about harbaugh to michigan Rex Ryan Drove his price up
On the upside, the 49ers might land Rex Ryan
**UNCONFIRMED*** to be fired as headcoach, tomorrow evening or via Rex Ryan.
If we hire Rex Ryan...I will be cryin. QB killer.
I want know, where Rex Ryan's going to go ?;when he's fired from the Jets.
How will we remember Rex Ryan with the Jets?? and I discuss that & more on the TOMORROW at 8a ET! http:…
So what time does Rex Ryan get fired tomorrow?
Harbaugh was the only rockstar coach left, if u hire holmgren and rex ryan u better hire *** good coordinators
Rex Ryan has cleaned out his office via
... You still think Rex Ryan is a great coach ;)
Could you imagine Rex Ryan with a healthy 49ers defense?! INSANE! Still that issue w/his offensive philosophy, which is he has none.
If this is the end, I hope another team gives Rex Ryan a chance to be a Head Coach. Any team would be lucky to have him as a DC.
*** I really tryin to figure out who we could possibly get. Is Roman being considered? Rex Ryan?
Give Rex some corners worth a *** a better O-Line and a consistent QB we are a playoff contender every year. KEEP REX RYAN!!!
Football went crazy tonight. Rex Ryan cleaned out his desk, Jim Harbaugh to michigan..
seriously u need sources to tell you Rex Ryan expects to be fired. ESPN is pathetic with their so called "SOURCES"
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
has cleaned out his office The ax man cometh?
Rex Ryan can't be good for carr unless he has a top cord lined up.
sign Rex Ryan if Harbaugh goes to Michigan.
Rex Ryan definitely stealing small items from his office right now.
Rex Ryan clears out office in anticipation of firing, mostly to avoid anyone finding his secret drawer of Snickers and sho…
We're at the end of the Rex Ryan era, apparently.
Rex Ryan has cleaned out his office - Yahoo Sports (blog)
NEP CSN: Report: Rex Ryan cleans out his office
Myers: It's been a fun, wild 6 years with Rex Ryan and Jets: There will never be another one like Rex.
eagles should try and get Rex Ryan to be their new Defensive Coordinator since our current one ***
I would like to see Rex Ryan in Chicago as a DC
I'm sure Raiders fans are disappointed, but I hear Rex Ryan will be available.
Rex Ryan cleaned out his office today 😥
Does anyone believe that Rex Ryan will be back with the Jets?
NYJ Newsday: Rex Ryan cleans out office as he awaits word from Jets
NYJ [Bleacher Report] - Rex Ryan Rumors: Latest News and Speculation on Coach's Future with Jets
Rex Ryan begins cleaning out his office
Rex Ryan begins cleaning out his office: Rex Ryan got a head start on Black Monday activities. The Head Coach has taken some items *** ..
Rex Ryan expects to be fired by the Jets, according to report
Hey Rex Ryan, Jenny Craig just put a bid in for you .Thanks for taking the Jets down to junior college level football.get your stuff and get out!
Head Coach Rex Ryan's time with the New York Jets may be coming to a close when the season ends, but that doesn't necessarily mean
Rex Ryan probably won’t have a job Monday, but he’s still confident he eventually will guide a team to a Super Bowl victory. “I see myself winning it as a Head Coach,” Ryan said Tuesday after Jets practice. “I definitely see it. If that happens, I guess we’ll find out.” When asked to clarify if [...…
Mike Pettine needs to hire Rex Ryan on Monday, make him the Assistant to the Head Coach in Charge of Defense, and we can still keep our Defensive Coordinator., Rex Ryan to the Cleveland Browns would be awesome in that role, but in no way does Mike Pettine get replaced for at least a few years, this guy is a good Head Coach over here.
Rex Ryan supposedly cleaned-out his desk before leaving for Miami with his team for tomorrow's game with the Dolphins. I wonder if this was either: A) A motivational stunt for his team, or B) Him daring the Jets to fire him because he doesn't want to coach this mess next season. Rex's problem is that he's got too big of an ego and mouth to be a Defensive Coordinator, I mean, what Head Coach would want to deal with him? My bet is that he's a Head Coach somewhere in the next two seasons.
The Jets would be stupid to fire Rex Ryan, he's a good coach! They just need to find better players and a solid Quarterback
Head Coaches that will be fired: Rex Ryan, Jim Harbaugh, and Marc Trestman. Possibility of getting fired: Mike Smith and Tom Coughlin. Doug Marrone should be safe in Buffalo depending on any front office changes with having a new owner.
Who else is excited about the Rex Ryan retirement game?
Looks like rex ryan has a job waiting for him in san Francisco
Rex Ryan parts ways in New York and ESPN is wondering where he will end up next, maybe S.F they say. I don't get it, he has a losing record. I don't have a losing record and the front office of S.F won't even call me back.
Rex Ryan so cole he done saying he excepts to be fired
Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan expecting to be fired Monday. »
Rex Ryan has already started cleaning stuff out of his office ».
Sources: Dennis Thurman and Rex Ryan are going to be a package deal in any coaching job Rex takes
If the Raiders hired Rex Ryan as HC and Marc Trestman as OC I could live with that.
This is why, if Jets part with Rex Ryan, he won't be out of work for long. Ryan's pressure concepts, by http:…
Rex Ryan in SF would be nasty wit that Defense. Then hire a good offensive Cordinator to develop kap. He'd fight w/ SEA
Imagine if Eric Mangini had Rex Ryan's demeanor we would of had the prefect jets coach
Santa's biggest gift could be giving Rex Ryan his walking papers so he can go coach in San Fran, would gel right with that top D
Are San Francisco and Atlanta two possible destinations for Rex Ryan in 2015?
PLOT TWIST: Rob Ryan returns to Oakland with Rex Ryan, as Dennis Allen returns to New Orleans.
I'm happy got too talk too Bill Polian about my Rex Ryan and John Idzik who is at fault of the Jets season?
My urgent advice to owner is to RETAIN Rex Ryan, who has been an outstanding coach but terminate GM John Idzik.
And had a pretty lengthly convo with Brandon Tierney(I think) about how I wanted Rex Ryan. How he was the perfect fit for what we had.
Why Jets' Woody Johnson wants to consult Charley Casserly if Rex Ryan and John Idzik are fired via
Jets 'prepare for the worst,' as potential firing of Rex Ryan, John Idzik nears, says Sheldon Richardson
Just like Hurricanes. Miami can make significant improvement with new Defensive Coordinator. Rex Ryan
Okay now that uncle Joe is staying how about we go for Rex Ryan for our defensive Cordinator
Imagine Bill Belichek takes Rex Ryan as our D line coach lol
Rex Ryan please come coach the defense
As a fan of a rival AFC East team, I hope the Jets are dumb enough to fire Rex Ryan. He's a good coach.
Great game, Jets played tough. Rex Ryan must be ready to jump off new World Trade Tower.
Rex Ryan takes final bow at Met Life Stadium with a one point loss. Thank you Rex for all the memories!
DC ESPN/Skins sports talk is calling for Rex Ryan to come to the Redskins as a defensive coach. Thoughts?
I think Rex Ryan hates the Patriots more than anything I could hate in my entire lifetime
Story of the Rex Ryan era: Good defense, lousy offense.
they've been talking to Mike Shannahan. If Rex Ryan gets fired, I wouldn't mind him being our DC.
Mark Sanchez is proof that Rex Ryan is a horrible coach. Geno Smith *** but he would be a lot better with a different coach
Keep Smitty. I don't want the chance of getting Rex Ryan!!
Billy Davis' personnel decisions make me doubt him. Deep down I really, really want Rex Ryan.
FOXBORO -- Hours before Tom Brady's weekly pregame chat with reporters at Gillette Stadium, Rex Ryan acknowledged the greatness of Darrelle Revis but didn't w
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Darrelle Revis feels sad for Rex Ryan: The New York Jets are one of the worst teams in football this seas...
LEAVING ON A JETS PLANE--Darrelle Revis took the money, leaving Rex Ryan on an island
Patriots-Jets discussion with touches on Rex Ryan, Darrelle Revis and a Border War turned Border Snore:
he is to Teddy Roosevelt what Rob Ryan is to Rex Ryan
Rex Ryan wouldn't be my favorite but he does Know Defense & defense wins championships unlike the JETS we have a QB If HardBaugh burns out
Dear fat man in the red suit also known as Santa Claus, Please make the following happen. Please let the bears fire general manager Phil Emery cut Jay Cutler and fire Marc Trestman and bring in Jim Harbaugh as Head Coach/ General manager. The 49ers don't want him and the bears can surely use him. And hire Rex Ryan as Defensive Coordinator. That is all.
Rex Ryan would want come here too! Von, Demarcus, TJ, Aquib, & Chris Harris on a defense is a DCs dream
bold prediction but Todd Bowles get HC job and I bet Arians bring in Rex Ryan to fill his shoes
Brown: Will we miss Rex Ryan after he's fired? - Comcast SportsNet New England
Rex Ryan's Jets still miss Darrelle Revis: . ESPN Jets reporter Rich Cimini says it's only fitting that Darrell...
Capt. is right! Rex Ryan can get his players to PLAY, knows our Division inside and out..will make our D elite again.. Keep Lazor
either Jim Harbaugh or Rex Ryan could fix this.
chriss what about all that Rex Ryan "innuendo"... Is that where this is going?
A mere 3 years ago there was serious talk of a "changing of the guard" coming in the AFC East. Good times. LOL
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No Filter was up a little early today so in case you missed it, we went ahead and made a video resume for Rex Ryan: https:/…
Rex's perfect Plan B? Swallow pride and be Coughlin's coordinator via
OK Jets fans it is HUMP Day and u still have hope of a win of Sunday... Not. ., But it is only HUMP Day... Reality will set in at 100 pm Sunday,... And the last time we see Rex Ryan in Gang Green Hope to see all the Patriot Fans at the Palm Beach Ale House and Raw Bar.
please no Rex ryan. I don't want to see a tattoo of julio on his ***
and Rex Ryan will be giving foot massages
Does Rex Ryan end up in Cleveland as the DC next year?
hey random thought. Rex Ryan next job should be That's a perfect fit. What do you think?
All in for Rex Ryan... I was a HUMONGOUS Buddy Ryan fan and he's a chip off the ol' block!!!
Rex Ryan has been above .500 twice and not 5 years. Now .479 career. yay.
I like Rex Ryan as a Head Coach. I really do. It looks like Jim Harbaugh may be avail after the current season. Grab him.
Rex Ryan's last shot at the pats.. he will bring the house and kitchen sink at Brady.. jets win over the pats.
I'm with Curtis... Rex Ryan works for me.
just to name a few Andy Reid, Marvin Lewis, Rex Ryan, heck some coaches do nothing but lose and keep their jobs.
Hire Rex Ryan as the new Head Coach to fix the defense. I can't recall a Bear defense that was as porous as this.   10% Off
All I want for X-mas is M. C P. Emery, and M. Tucker fired... Bring in J.Harbaugh coach and Rex Ryan Defense Coordinator
With Rex Ryan on way out, expect to be fired up -
If we don't land Jim Harbaugh I want Dan Quinn. I'd tolerate Rex Ryan but he's not exactly my Plan B
“Life after Rex Ryan: Who's next? What about Jack Del Rio for next HC??
Jets coach Rex Ryan seemingly softens on Patriots, Belichick
Rex Ryan reflects, Bill Belichick deflects as Jets and Patriots coaches ... - (blog)
jets away may get interesting this week tho. This will be rex Ryan's mini Super Bowl.
if Rex Ryan plays then they'll beat the titans
Rex Ryan praises Bill Belichick, but says 'he's going to get my very ...
I predict once Caldwell fails, Rex Ryan will be named the coach of the Detroit Lions
(2 of 2) conflicting reports concerning Rex Ryan, I misunderstood what he wrote about the subject and put inaccurate info out there.
Jon Gruden is staying in TV. Bill Cowher is not leaving TV. Rex Ryan is interested in joining TV...must be in the right b…
that can utilize that talent. Did somebody say Rex Ryan Rob Chudzinski as Ocord?
If trestman and rex Ryan get fired, but Emery stays as GM of the Bears, Rex to the Bears. They'll sell it as the new 85' bear 2 appease fans
Coaching candidates on the Jets' radar: With Rex Ryan's tenure likely nearing an end, it's time to look into t...
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
NEP Boston Herald: With Rex Ryan on way out, expect Jets to be fired up
Harbaugh as HC, Marc Trestman as OC and Rex Ryan as DC.
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