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Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan (born December 13, 1962) is an American football Head Coach for the New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL).

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Point/Counterpoint on the Shady McCoy trade: Chip Kelly is a genius, and Rex Ryan is insane.
Rex Ryan already said they were gone run it more now that he is Head Coach
Rex Ryan you dog, you got Shady playing in the back just pick up Vince Young or draft a QB maybe Buffalo can take you to certain places
Rex Ryan is so predictable it isn't even funny. He will never win the AFC East. He should just accept he is a great D C not Head Coach
Hey can you imagine if someone told you a few months ago: our 2015 Head Coach is Rex Ryan, and Kiko gets traded for Shady McCoy.
I wouldn't be surprised if Head Coach Rex Ryan of the gets a tattoo of on his other arm 🏈
When the Bills fans got happy about Shady coming to Buffalo and then they remember that Rex Ryan is their Head Coach
I would be scared of the Bills but Rex Ryan is their Head Coach and his only concern is trying to beat the Pats.
I forgot that Rex Ryan is the Head Coach in Buffalo. Buffalo might be scary next season 😶
First time Rex Ryan has ever had an elite offensive weapon as a Head Coach and he hasn't even coached a game with the Bills yet
the bills will be back to normal next year with Rex Ryan
And now Rex Ryan is our Head Coach.. Great
Rex Ryan the Head Coach bills Defense was ranked 4th in the NFL now get MCCOY. Watch out for the Bills
Well now the Bills just need to find a QB. Got McCoy and Watkins, a top 10 defense, and Rex Ryan entering his first season as Head Coach
The Head Coach is Rex Ryan. Their quarterback is terrible. [Definitely processes]
Maybe new Head Coach Rex Ryan had something to do with this trade. I still don't see Bills beating Brady and Belichek
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The Head Coach is Rex Ryan. Their RB is LeSean McCoy [does not process]
Rex Ryan great first move as a new Head Coach
RIP to Shady McCoy's football career. It will die in Buffalo NY with Rex Ryan as the Head Coach
Rex Ryan is the Head Coach. I think there is nothing to worry about
Ain't Rex Ryan Head Coach of the bills now? He dope lol
Rex Ryan already doing better as Bills Head Coach I love it
I can confirm the Buffalo Bills have agreed to terms with Rex Ryan to be their next Head Coach
New York Jets Season Recap & 2015 NFL Draft Needs: For the New York Jets, Head Coach Rex Ryan is always on the...
BREAKING: New York Rangers trade Henrik Lundqvist to the New York Jets for Geno Smith, Joe Namath, and a Rex Ryan autographed football
i never said he was a great Head Coach. You can be a great coordinator but not be a good Head Coach. Rex Ryan is another...
John Idzik and Rex Ryan will evaluate QB options over weekend. Looking like Geno Smith Week 1 starter. Mark Sanchez unlikely to be healthy
New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan: 'This isn't about one man falling short'
New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan on quarterback situation: 'I have no idea'
Rex Ryan knows *** well is the only one that can cook Revis
Buffalo Bills hire Rex Ryan as Head Coach
How about that(Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan new Ford)?
.Head Coach Rex Ryan is definitely scoring some points with western New York with this sweet ride!
Head Coach Rex Ryan is going balls to the walls for Buffalo...
Friday morning one-liners: Rex Ryan got a new truck befitting his new job as Bills Head Coach. Defensive ...
When you drive a Ford, you become Rex Ryan. When you become Rex Ryan, you become the Head Coach of…
Rex Ryan New Custom Pimped Out Bills Truck (Photos): Rex Ryan is the Buffalo Bills new Head Coach and now he h...
If you see a custom truck covered in the Bills logo riding around Buffalo, it's Rex Ryan.
"Saturday Night Fun U look like ur having as much fun as Rex Ryan at Bally Total Fitness.
.HC Bill Belichick, HC Rex Ryan and DC Rob Ryan arrived at the NFL combine together. ht…
Here's Rex Ryan in the Super Bowl 25 Thurman Thomas jersey, entering Combine with, yes, Bill Belichick
Love it! "belief" & get stronger up front! Jets coach Todd Bowles takes opposite approach to Rex Ryan via
Rex Ryan said yesterday to NFL Network Bills are “coming after Patriots.” Same day Todd Bowles said “Just beating NE i…
[Honolulu Advertiser]Bum and Wade Phillips, Buddy and Rex Ryan, Jim and Jim Mora, *** and Mike N…
Rex Ryan loose and entertaining at combine
Bills coach Rex Ryan is loose, entertaining at NFL Combine in Indianapolis.
I knew John Idzik and Rex Ryan would never worked out and be a disaster from start.
Rex Ryan went from Geno Smith to Josh McCown... His career won't prosper
LISTEN: Rex Ryan was in studio with Howard and Jeremy
Did you miss HC Rex Ryan on with & Listen back to the interview here:
NYJ Star Ledger: You can live in ex-Jets coach Rex Ryan's old N.J. house ... if you're willing to pay enough
Herm Edwards, Ron Jaworski and Tom Waddle discuss the Bills reported decision to hire Rex Ryan as their head
Rex Ryan and the take a chance on Richie Incognito:
The second coming of Conrad Dobler?. Richie Incognito officially signs with Buffalo Bills, says Rex Ryan is 'the man'
had to compete against? Chan Gailey, Rex Ryan, Herm Edwards & other failures.
Rex Ryan reminds me of Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush Alaska,
Rex Ryan sweats it out at lady foot locker on the regs
Rex Ryan is bad against Bill Belicheck, except in the Playoffs
🎤 when youre a jet you're a jet all the way🎤 Rex Ryan loves him some WestSide Story!
Rex Ryan: will explore all avenues for quarterback
Rex Ryan changes Jets tattoo to Bills tattoo
I guess have sports reporter have nothing else to cover but Rex Ryan making changes to his tattoo.
Rex Ryan is the definition of a clown
Nobody can make fun of Rex Ryan's foot fetish anymore
Analysis: Looking at the NFL coaches in new places now that the carousel has stopped
Rex Ryan changes the color of his tattoo on his arm from green to blue...this guy is a cartoon. You were spot on.
in that Rex Ryan pic, I'm more perplexed by the green/gold D'backs cap on the tat artist. Just looks weird.
I wanted them to snag Rex Ryan but I like the new blood of Quinn. I just hope we can sign good free agents and draft!
Thanks Coach Ryan for donating those Jets sweater of our designers can re-purpose them for the 2015... http…
Rex Ryan has the defensive tools in to be a 6 seed and shock people next year. All he needs is a QB and RB on O
Rex Ryan updates tattoo from Jets green to Bills blue (Shutdown Corn
Rex Ryan's infamous tat goes from Jets green to Bills blue. Remember, tattoos, unlike coaching gigs, are permanent.
Rex Ryan changes tattoo of wife in football jersey from green to blue
Rex Ryan alters green Jets tattoo to Buffalo Bills blue: Rex Ryan has rid himself of all reminders of his Jets...
Yea, Who's still disappointed that we didn't end up with Rex Ryan now???.
Rex Ryan donated all his old Jets gear to the Counting on to track down the person tha…
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Attention Rex Ryan: Tattoo removal surges 440% over the last decade
True story: Rex Ryan is not wearing Bills colors in his Pizza Hut ad because they too closely resemble Domino's colors.
Sorry, Jets fans. Rex Ryan has changed his tattoo to Buffalo Bills blue.
Rex Ryan altered his Jets tattoo so that it's Bills-themed now
Rex Ryan gets tattoo of wife in Mark Sanchez NY Jets jersey changed to Bills colors 
If Rex Ryan goes with a 3 front hes a retard and should be fired right away
Rex Ryan goes to Bills blue for tattoo
Rex Ryan’s tattoo of his wife in a Jets jersey got a Bills makeover (via
the Rex Ryan boob pic makes me nostalgic for my breakfast...
Rex Ryan updates his Jets-themed tattoo with Buffalo Bills colors
Rex Ryan gets tattoo of wife switched to Bills colors
Rex Ryan's sweater vests might be at Salvation Army. Clues: Near Summit, NJ, size XL or XXL, "RR" on tag
Rex Ryan got his arm tattoo changed from Jets green to Bills Blue (photo: Jordon Berry)
I'm all in on Todd Bowles, but this Rex Ryan tattoo removal story makes me nostalgic for 09/10 h…
Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan got his tattoo touched up with Buffalo colors.
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Rex Ryan and this defense with Alonso playing in it! Deadly
Rex Ryan has Jets tattoo re-inked in Bills blue: Matt BradwellBUFFALO, N.Y., Feb. 3 (UPI) -- Rex Ryan ...
Rex Ryan changes his Mark Sanchez tattoo from Jets green to Buffalo Bills blue: When Rex Ryan was fired ...
ESPN's Schefter says that Rex Ryan will try to lure Darrelle Revis to Buffalo
Revis got a ring I know Rex Ryan eating ice cream & skittles right now like the Nutty Professor
Surprise it was Rex Ryan that called that play
Tonight has consisted of my uncle and neighbor talking about how Buffalo will be going to the Super Bowl next year because of Rex Ryan
If there is one person excited about Rex Ryan going to Buffalo, it would be the guy who owns Anchor Bar,
saw Rex Ryan at Wegman's this morning super bowl Sunday. I see only irony go Bills!
The location of the Ark of the Covenant, how Stonehenge was created, how Rex Ryan still has a job with Jets - World's biggest mysteries
next year it'll be Rex Ryan vs. Herm Edwards
.on Rex Ryan spreading the word about the (& pizza) at the
Remember when this was going to be the Raiders coaching staff?. HC: John Harbaugh. OC: Marc Trestman. DC: Rex Ryan. LB Coach: Todd Bowles
How excited are the Bills to play for Rex Ryan? Let one of their running backs tell you.
.tells that they're already predicting huge results through enthusiastic Rex Ryan:
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Fred Jackson says that Rex Ryan can get the over the hump.
AUDIO: RB talks with about Doug Marrone, the & Rex Ryan:
Rex Ryan: Trying to get an All-Star staff together. Fortunate that my owner has deep pockets.
of course Rex Ryan would star in a Pizza Commercial that fatso can't stop thinking about food lol
.excited about prospects of playing linebacker under Rex Ryan:
Mike Francesa actually enjoys doing the radio contest on's like he's talking about Rex Ryan tattoo of Sanchez.
Tom Coughlin is a better coach then Rex Ryan
Bowles on his personality compared with old coach Rex Ryan's: “Sarcastic side, comedy side, a serious side.” Said he was a male "Cybil"
"Our balls are pumped up and ready to go" Rex Ryan's opening statement that St. John Fisher College
ESPN Video: Frank Caliendo conducts an interview as Rex Ryan with Caliendo as Bill Belichick.
Our conducts an interview as new coach Rex Ryan and Patriots coach Bill Belichick. »
that's like an NFL team with no QB hiring Rex Ryan...wait.
Not sure what Greg Roman and Rex Ryan could do with Trent Richardson, but I would take him for a 8th round pick.
Rex Ryan: "OC Greg Roman is an outstanding coach"
I guess Mike Maccagnan didn't agree with the A+ grades Rex Ryan was giving out for the last couple of drafts.
How did Rex Ryan keep a straight face when this reporter asked him this question? 😂😂
kromer and Greg Roman on Rex Ryan's staff...gotta love it
New 49ers coach, John Fox to the Bears, Rex Ryan to Bills... who is the best fit for their new team? Who will have the better season?
NFL hot seat watch Rex Ryan could be the next Head Coach out after Dennis Allen's firing
Crazy to think Marvin Lewis, Rex Ryan, Mike Smith and Jack Del Rio ALL coached the Raven's defense when the team won the Super Bowl
Rex Ryan on Bills: “We’re going to build a bully, and we’re going to see if you want to play us for 60 minutes”
Eric Smith / Rex Ryan brings his defensive staff to Bills
Colin Cowherd. Sports with intellect! View on Todd Bowles, Rex Ryan, the Lottery and Life
Geno Smith gift-wraps win for Patriots as Jets cant win one for Rex Ryan - Newsday
If a combination of Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith got Rex Ryan fired in New York, why in the world would he want him back in Buffalo?
Jets fans should be happy Rex Ryan left, that way Geno Smith won't start every week
ProFootballTalk: Rex Ryan is walking into an eerily similar situation: Cris Collinsworth discusses the Bi...
Ask 'em if they know who Rex Ryan was talking about when he mentioned John Hannah & Russ Francis yesterday.
Couldn't I argue that the set up for our Rex Ryan takedown on today's was a LITTLE elaborate? Tell me what I need to hear, folks...
Not a huge fan of Colin Cowherd but his analysis regarding Rex Ryan's presser was harsh... but spot on.
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Rex Ryan: 'The last team I'll ever coach will be the Buffalo Bills'
Rex Ryan to the Bills: Good Move?: . Rex Ryan to the Bills: Good Move?. Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith disc...
Former MSU safety Eric Smith joined the Jets staff last season, will follow Rex Ryan to Bills.
Remember guys. Rex Ryan said, "Geno Smith was a great pick." You want that dude as your Head Coach? He's incompetent.
Still have respect for Rex Ryan. Wasnt his fault that owner Woody Johnson hired a GM who surrounded him w/ *** like G…
Nick Mangold said Rex Ryan coached the "whole team". Hopes Geno Smith gets better with learning after getting trust in there in 2013
going full Momma Boucher this morning. Rex Ryan and salesmen da devil!
Rex Ryan has been on that sinking ship tour for a while now
Colin Cowherd says Rex Ryan is a conman, telling Bills fans what they want to hear. Harsh? Listen NOW!
I totally agree with you about Rex Ryan. I find it funny they said he interviewed very well. Of course he did; he's full of crap
Damnit stop making sense when u talk about Rex Ryan...thanks for bringing me back to reality
For those who haven't heard his thoughts, is not impressed with Buffalo hiring Rex Ryan. He thinks it was a mistake.
colin, I have a lot in common with you. Let's go to Buffalo Wild Wings and have a beer with Rex Ryan lol
Dan Patrick interviewing Rex Ryan. Two of the best characters from That's My Boy. I wish they were in character.
Still More NFL-After missing out on Rex Ryan and Todd Bowles, the Atlanta Falcons have shifted their interest to Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels as the latest candidates for their Head Coaching vacancy. The Falcons have natural interest in McDaniels because general manager Thomas Dimitroff and his top assistant, Scott Pioli are familiar with McDaniels from having worked with him when they were with the New England Patriots. Interestingly enough, the Falcons have committed to allowing Dimitroff to help in the selection of a new Head Coach, but are still non-committal to his tru future as general manager.
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Rex Ryan interested in reunion with Mark Sanchez, Dan Quinn favorite for Falcons job
How tf Rex Ryan get a Head Coaching gig when he jus proved he's best suited as a defensive coordinator???
I think the Lovie Smith example is apropos. How is he still out of work, but Rex Ryan is back in a job immediately?
exactly. Lovie Smith hasn't been rehired. meanwhile, Rex Ryan, who was terrible in NY, right back in a job?
I'm really upset that Jed York and the 49ers front office didn't make a hard push for Mike Smith or Rex Ryan..
Watching all these videos with Rex Ryan talking as Bills HC are pumping me up. Can we start next year now?
Rex Ryan, Jack Del Rio, and Gary Kubiak are all under .500 win pct Head Coaches, Mike Smith has a .589 win pct
Unbelievable that Mike Smith hasn't been swooped up for Head Coaching job when Del Rio,Kubiak, Rex Ryan+unknown dline coach got HC jobs
Rex Ryan couldn't develop Geno Smith what makes him think he can take on another qb in Manuel? He shoulda went to the Falcons
ICYMI w/ new HC Rex Ryan, on Dan Duquette, Sean Burke, Teddy Atlas and more:
Head Coach Rex Ryan on the air with us now Rex Ryan, or Biff Tannen???
.3pm Hour: Bills GM Doug Whaley on hiring Rex Ryan and ESPN's on Ohio States championship
Listening to talk about Rex Ryan today had me a good laugh..
can say Rex Ryan has a low IQ but bill Simmons can't say goodell lied?
Is it just me or does Rex Ryan look like Biff Tannen from Back to the Future?
Del Rio isn't a terrible hire, it could of been Rex Ryan.
Greg Roman + Rex Ryan + EJ Manuel = Two guys who don't have the slightest idea on how to develop a QB and a worse version of Geno Smith.
Pretty sure Colin Cowherd just called Rex Ryan stupid. (It was this morning but being replayed on TV).
I think Rex Ryan got a lesson from Brian Burke on how to start talking about his new team, except for all the big words.
Rex Ryan going to Buffalo and wanting to be tough sounds like Burke with the leafs back in 2008.
Lol why would Rex Ryan go from Geno Smith.. To EJ Manual 😂😂 same players pretty much
While it is wearing its winter outfit at the moment, the field at St. John Fisher is sure to be heating up this summer after today's introduction of Head Coach Rex Ryan by the Buffalo Bills. Rex is a proven coach from a family deeply rooted in NFL football. I look forward to joining St. John Fisher College President Dr. Donald Bain in welcoming Rex Ryan, Owner Terry Pegula, Team President and Fisher Alumni Russ Brandon, as well as all of the 2015 Buffalo Bills back to Saint John Fisher right in the heart of the 55th District this summer. And take note, Bills fans: the last time the team made the playoffs, they were led by a fiery coach whose father also found great success in the NFL. Hopefully that’s a good omen for great things to come.
"Rex Ryan: "I grew up a huge hockey fan. I'm a Sabre all the way right now"
Rex Ryan looked like the older version of Biff Tannen in that press conference
I admire Rex Ryan's confidence, but he also said the Jets were going to win the Superbowl last year with Geno Smith.
Nancy Grace, Agent Carter, Rex Ryan and more trending in Buffalo this week | Buffalo -
Well friends the NFL coaching carousel continues to regurgitate the same old familiar names faces and suspects Like the classic line in Casablanca uttered by Claude Rains" Round up the usual suspects" .The Galaxy Sports Network and "your Sorce for Sports" has learned that former Arizona defensive coordinator Todd Bowles has been named as the new Head football coach of the New York Jets.4 years @ $16+ M .So the Atlanta Falcons have now lost their top 2 candidates to replace fired Mike Smith.Buffalo. yesterday named the one and only Rex Ryan to replace Doug Marrone and Rex is likely to bring about 4 or 5 assistants from New York with him...Defensive Coordinator Dennis Thurmond is replacing the current DC Jim Schwartz...Washington Redskin fans have a new General Manager as Scot McCloughan takes over the player personnel decisions from President Bruce Allen.The Dallas Cowboys fresh from their latest NFL playoff nightmare in Green Bay have inked the likeable and effective Jason Garrett to a new 5 year dea ...
“Most loyal fan base in National Football League & this team deserves a loyal coach” - Rex Ryan
Rex Ryan is the biggest *** all he does is talk he has the SAME problems he did with the jets. Ej manual = Geno Smith
Rex Ryan is like "Glen Beck with the Tea Party." Spot on! I felt like a politician/ pundit was trying to swoon me off my feet
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"The most loyal fan base in the National Football League" - Rex Ryan on the
What ESPN is telling you here is that Jeff Saturday and Jay Crawford's take on Rex Ryan is more important than Rex Ryan.
Rex Ryan is already bragging about his Bills being bullys. He hasn't learned at all. He's a side-show Head Coach.
I believe Rex Ryan is more obsessed with beating Bill Belichick twice a year than actually being Head Coach of a true contender.
What a pic from What a quote from Rex Ryan.
Rex Ryan is the santa of football. Awesome!
Rex Ryan had the opportunity to have Matt Ryan and Colin Kaepernick as his QB and chose EJ Manuel instead. Smh
““I know it’s been 15 years since we made the playoffs. Well, get ready. We’re going." - New Bills coach Rex Ryan
Do you think Rex Ryan would make an AMAZING college Head Coach with his style?
just claimed the Bills would lead the league in defense next 3 years. Now mocking Rex Ryan for saying the same thing
Right as was saying Todd Bowles isnt that kinda guy, Rex Ryan says "we are winning a championship"
Rex Ryan addresses the media after being introduced as new Bills Head Coach.
BREAKING: Rex Ryan is the new coach of the Buffalo Bills!
Bills go with 'best fit,' hire Rex Ryan as coach
The New York have hired Arizona Cardinals DC Todd Bowles to be their next Head Coach, replacing Rex Ryan who is now Bills HC
The New York Jets have replaced one defensive guru with another, tapping former Arizona Cardinals coordinator Todd Bowles as Rex Ryan's successor.
Arizona Cardinals Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles against Washington Redskins on Oct. 12, 2014 at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ.(Photo: Rob Schumacher, The Arizona Republic) Todd Bowles doesn't qualify as a splashy hire. He's not brash like Rex Ryan or a household name. But the New York Jets' new Head Coach is one of the NFL's great teachers, whose players describe him as a genius with strategy, and the opportunity for Bowles to run his own program was a long time coming. [ 465 more words. ]
FLOWERY BRANCH – The Falcons have lost the second second interviewee during the coaching search as the Jets have hired Todd Bowles as their new Head Coach Tuesday. Rex Ryan jumped at the Buffalo job offer when the Falcons weren’t moving fast enough for his liking. Bowles, Arizona’s defensive coordin…
The New York Jets took less than two weeks to replace Rex Ryan. According to NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport, the team...
The Jets were not a bad team because of Rex Ryan's coaching! The Jets were a bad team because they had no QB and never resigned anyone that made a difference! 2 years in a row Rex Ryan's Jets went to the AFC Championship... then the FRONT OFFICE decided not to resign guys like Revis, Cromartie, Holmes etc. and not replace aging vets like Tomlinson, Pace, and Harris among others. Rex Ryan was also saddled with the likes of Tim Tebow, and Geno Smith!!! Lets not all just pile on the Rex Ryan is awful bandwagon without knowing your facts!!! And if you think the Bills will be terrible... GO LIKE A DIFFERENT TEAM! Any Head Coach in the NFL would have struggled with the lineup that Rex was given with the Jets.
Bills announce Greg Roman as Rex Ryan's offensive coordinator. Think they'll run the ball much?
What does the Rex Ryan defense mean for the Bills' players? via
The are changing defenses again - this time, back to the Rex Ryan system
Anthony Dixon what do you think about Rex Ryan your new Head Coach
I am watching national championship game and having some random thoughts like: How did Rex Ryan get another Head Coaching job so quickly? What am I missing? I don't want to say I told you so, but wondered why Denver hired John Fox? Do you think Jim Harbaugh regrets not waiting on the Denver job? I am not a Dallas fan, but Dez made a football move to the end zone and should have been a catch. If there is an interpretation question or a doubt, go with ruling on field. Go Alabama - oh they aren't playing, that is Ezekiel who torched them! I am out.
I totally understand why Coach Jon Fox is leaving the Denver Broncos. How do you have a Superbowl potential team for years and then bring in Peyton Manning and even more talent and still can't win "The Big One?" That said, how can an such a prestigious organization like the Broncos let a man like John Fox who's gone 48-13 during his tenure as Head Coach for the Broncos walk out of that door? Rex Ryan would kill for that record as a Jets coach! Dale Handley Thoughts?
Rex Ryan is the new HC in Buffalo... Conicidentally Foot Locker bought the naming rights to the stadium
I would've thought people would've gave up on Rex Ryan as a coach by now.
Bills officially name Rex Ryan as new Head Coach. MORE:
Rex Ryan and Greg Roman have ties dating back to their time on the Ravens staff.
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On a non-Buckeye note, Rex Ryan to the They might as well hire Brady Hoke to run their offense too. Worst hire ever!
Source: Greg Roman is meeting with Rex Ryan and Bills in Florida today. Uncertain whether any 49ers assistants will join hi…
Did y'all see the Bills are gona hire Rex Ryan? I guess no one cares about offensive production in Buffalo...sorry 4 ya, Sammy Watkins.
New York Bozo?...Audible to a play from Rex Ryan's playbook
Who is the better defensive coordinator Jim Swartz or Rex Ryan?
Rex Ryan is sticking in the AFC East. Ian Rapport reported Sunday morning that the Buffalo Bills are expected to make Ryan their new coach.
I'm starting to think Rex Ryan likes losing to the Patriots every season.
Rex Ryan goes from a team that has no QB to speak of. To a new team that has no QB to speak of.
With Rex Ryan the Bills Mafia now has actual ties to the mob!
I like Rex Ryan as Bills Head Coach. Get an OC and now they're golden. EJ should be fine (if he stops trying to make ALL of the plays)
Rex Ryan to Buffalo? A bit surprising, thought Atlanta had him locked.
Rex Ryan just don't get it as long as Brady and Belichick are in the AFC East he won't never win the Division
Bills are expected to make Rex Ryan there new Head Coach
Reports: Bills expected to hire Rex Ryan as next Head Coach on a 5-year, $27.5M deal
I actually like the Rex Ryan hire in Buffalo. There's talent there. No QB, but talent. And guys play h-a-r-d for Rex. Not a bad move
After years of despising Rex Ryan will I now have to root for the guy in Buffalo?Be great to have a Marrone vs Ryan game 2x yr
Report: Greg Roman expected to join Rex Ryan in Buffalo
Arthur Blank very much interested in Ryan. Naturally process delayed when Blank had a death in his family. Surprised Re…
Well if Rex Ryan is out of the question we need to go after Bowles
Have heard repeatedly Rex Ryan has been far and away most interested in Falcons job for many reasons. Many are surprise…
Rex Ryan, who was interviewed by the Falcons this week, is set to take the Buffalo Bills Head Coaching job, according to a…
Sources: Bills to hire Rex Ryan as coach
Rex Ryan mistakenly took the Buffalo Head Coaching gig after thinking he was signing up for the Buffalo Wild Wings newsl…
What are your thoughts Bills Hire Rex Ryan as Head Coach @
Rex Ryan has told Jim Schwartz he would like him to stay as his DC, a source said. Schwartz has coached 3-4 before, but it h…
Yes the made a "splash" hiring Rex Ryan. You know what's even better than making a splash? Upgrading at Coach wh…
Rex Ryan's set to take over 'North' in Buffalo -
Just a couple more I's to dot and T's to cross, but Rex Ryan now expected to be the next Buffalo Bills HC. First domino f…
Rex Ryan becoming the Head Coach of Buffalo is why we can't have nice things.
Just in case you wonder why the Bills have done nothing in almost 20 years (no playoffs since the Music City Miracle), It's because the organization does things like offer the coaching job to Rex Ryan!!! What planet are you on?!!?!?! 😡😡😡😡
Rex Ryan's first meeting with EJ Manuel could go something like this...
Now that Rex Ryan is the new HC of the Bills expect them to make a strong push for FA QB .. Yup you guessed it Mark San…
Rex Ryan will become the next Head Coach, confirms.
Rex Ryan went from Geno Smith to Ej Manuel... lol thats the same exact guy
Latest news: Rex Ryan is now the Jets’ worst nightmare
Rex Ryan got it sweet going to a better team
I hope Rex Ryan proves me wrong, but he would not have been my choice. Sideshow we don't need. No offensive track record.
The offensive coordinator Rex Ryan is most likely to bring with him to Buffalo is 49ers OC Greg Roman, per source.
Glad Rex Ryan is now a part of the . He's about to see what real fans look like! .
Does everyone forget Buffalo's defense is already amazing? Or does Rex Ryan give it credibility?
Would ex-Jets coach Rex Ryan try to lure Darrelle Revis to Buffalo Bills, if Revis becomes a free agent?
This man Rex Ryan wants to stay in New York so bad
I can't wait for Rex Ryan's press conference
Woke up to see the Bills getting Rex Ryan. So happy right now, gonna bring so much to the bills
BREAKING: Bills finalizing deal to make Rex Ryan next Head Coach. (via
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To me, Rex Ryan/Greg Roman a better fit for Atlanta. Don’t know why Blank moved slowly here. And doesn’t Buf already have…
Why do we think REX Ryan is a good coach now. Explain to me
Rex Ryan to the Bills is great news to me! I don't feel like he would draft a qb in the first round. I don't think the Titans or the Rams will either. Now just hope the Jets are stupid and pass on one!
Wow. Rex Ryan to become bills next Head Coach. Possibly.
It's official I am now a Buffalo Bills fan cmon Rex Ryan lets get it done
Love that the Bills got Rex Ryan. Watch out for them If they figure out the QB situation. That Defense is nasty
Please...please.are you kidding me... Rex Ryan as the Head Coach of the Bflo Bills. Com'On.seriously. I'm so sorry Schwartz.
Rex Ryan to the Bill's guess they didn't learn from the Jet's.
The Bills are close to hiring Rex Ryan as coach according to a report.
The Buffalo Bills are putting the finishing touches on deal that will make Rex Ryan their next Head Coach, sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.
Ralph buys the team. Jim Kelly becomes QB. Rex signs as Head Coach. Epic moments in Bills history. Someday you will tell family about where you were when you heard future hall of fame coach Rex Ryan signed with the Bills.
Rex Ryan is the new coach in Buffalo. He is going to haunt the Jets twice a year.
The 2015 NFL season hasn't even started yet, but they already suffered their first loss. They didn't get Rex Ryan.
Rex Ryan after his interview with the Bills!!!
Why in the *** if you suck as a coach in the nfl and people see you every week suck why does other teams pick you up aka rex ryan you need your toes sucked
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According to Adam Schefter and other media reports, Rex Ryan is expected to become the next Head Coach of the Buffalo Bills. Filed...
My first NFL prediction of 2015. Woody Johnson will quickly regret firing Rex Ryan. The Bills just took a major step toward respectability.
Rex Ryan has agreed to become the Buffalo Bills' next Head Coach, a person close to the situation confirmed to USA TODAY Sports.
Who ever gave Rex Ryan a job should be fired
Can someone explain to me, why is Rex Ryan a good fit for the Bills? I am not feeling the love!
I have hated Rex Ryan with every fibre of my football loving being for a decade. I guess I have to figure out how to like him now.
Wow rex ryan to bills. Guess Super Mario is gonna earn his check
The Rex Ryan Withdrawal is over! Time to become a half assed Buffalo Bills fan.
I respect Rex Ryan's commitment to hating the Patriots. Go Bills!
Rex Ryan are new coach, don't know if I like this
So...Rex Ryan, eh? Not quite sure how I'm feeling about that.
Only in America can you get fired from one job and end up making more money in the next. Rex Ryan fired by the Jets and hired by the Bills for 5 yrs, 5.5 million per year. The Bills are going to be a terror on Dfence.
OK, lets see here. Yesterday everybody wanted Rex Ryan. Now he is a jerk because he signed with the Bills. I don't believe he was even considered so why the hate? smh
Note to Bills fans - Rex Ryan is not a Head Coach, he's a defensive coordinator. To him, offense is something you stop - whether it's theirs or yours!
Rex Ryan staying in division with Buffalo Bills...God help us
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I don't think the bills new owner is looking out for bullalos best interest by hiring rex ryan a losing coach
Haters are gonna hate regardless, but I think this is a good move on buffalo's part. Rex Ryan always leaves his heart and soul in his team and on the field. He has the kind of fight we need to make something work with this team. Welcome to buffalo!!
As a die hard Jet fan, I am a big fan of Rex Ryan and what he did while he was with the organization. Now he's on to the Bills and we have to play him twice a year. But what I can't wrap my head around is why in the world would he take the Bills over the Falcons job?? Seems as if ATL was all in on Rex, good offense, & he's a defensive guru so he would have fixed their defense in no time. The Bills are no different than the Jets. QB situation is terrible in Buffalo. Don't get it.
ESPN's Adam Schefter reports the Jets were prepared to fly to Seattle to hire Seahawks DC Dan Quinn as Head Coach if the Seahawks lost to the Panthers. Jets owner Woody Johnson had the private jet gassed up and ready to make the cross-country trip. But the Seahawks took down Carolina, and the Jets will have to wait at least another week before they can speak to Quinn for a second time. It appears Quinn is the overwhelming favorite to succeed Rex Ryan. - Source: (Rotoworld) - Auto Posted by HN Bot
Well it looks like Rex Ryan will be the next Head Coach for the Buffalo Bills. While some don't care for him due to his bombastic style and runaway mouth, many annalists say he is a very able coach. I think the Bills are sending a statement by their actions that they are serious about the teams future as opposed to hiring and breaking in a low budget work in progress assistant collage level coach. With that all stated why do I feel we are making a deal with the devil? I guess we will see. Go Bills.
Rex Ryan took the Sanchez led Jets to the conference championship twice and beats New England regularly. Give him this defense and a decent QB and I like our chances. Can you give me a good reason why you hate this move?
Hard to picture Rex Ryan as bills new coach
Everyone lets chip in to get Rex Ryan's wife unlimited pedicures.that will keep him happy & winning.
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