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Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan (born December 13, 1962) is an American football head coach for the New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL).

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if Rex Ryan plays then they'll beat the titans
Rex Ryan praises Bill Belichick, but says 'he's going to get my very ...
I predict once Caldwell fails, Rex Ryan will be named the coach of the Detroit Lions
(2 of 2) conflicting reports concerning Rex Ryan, I misunderstood what he wrote about the subject and put inaccurate info out there.
Jon Gruden is staying in TV. Bill Cowher is not leaving TV. Rex Ryan is interested in joining TV...must be in the right b…
that can utilize that talent. Did somebody say Rex Ryan Rob Chudzinski as Ocord?
If trestman and rex Ryan get fired, but Emery stays as GM of the Bears, Rex to the Bears. They'll sell it as the new 85' bear 2 appease fans
Coaching candidates on the Jets' radar: With Rex Ryan's tenure likely nearing an end, it's time to look into t...
NEP Boston Herald: With Rex Ryan on way out, expect Jets to be fired up
Harbaugh as HC, Marc Trestman as OC and Rex Ryan as DC.
If Harbaugh does leave, Rex Ryan is most likely available...
How is Rex Ryan not a problem. How many playoff games has he won since 2008? Very confused in how he's safe.
yeah but Rex Ryan would be the head coach...
HM. I'd love to see Mark Trestman as an offensive coordinator if Rex Ryan is a head coach in Atlanta.
I want Rex Ryan as our D-Coordinator bro, yall could really use a upgrade at QB and receiver, that defense just got hit injuries
weird, last time pats will play jets w/ rex ryan as the HC...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Rex Ryan: I would tank for Peyton Manning, not Marcus Mariota
Rex Ryan's not a ring kisser, but he respects Bill Belichick's rings
I'll tell you this, it would be FUN to watch Rex Ryan deal with some of the Dolphins beat reporters. That I know.
Bears should have Rex Ryan be head coach and Rob Ryan be Defensive Coordinator..idk how that'd work out, but it'd be awesome and hilarious
Jets Fansided: New York Jets: Rex Ryan on Competing with the Patriots and Bill Belichick
if you like Rex Ryan as the HC/DC in Miami with Lazor still in place as OC. Fav if it makes you queasy.
they aren't even NFL except Rex Ryan... cuz most aren't really that fat
plot twist: Rex Ryan AND RG3 to the Bears. Good fit?
Hey, if Rex Ryan can screw up that offense with the available weapons with healthy, he deserves an award moreso than Mike Smith
Now imagine if lovie smith was still there with Rex Ryan as their Defensive Coordinator?
HS coaches don't even get college jobs. I think your looking at Rex Ryan or maybe Pep Hamilton.
Rex Ryan wouldn't allow Geno Smith to throw. 3rd and 1 no way I rely on Cutler to get it.
Some are down on Quinn but he interests me. No thanks to Hamilton. Harbaugh, yes. But get me Rex Ryan over all of them.
Pep Hamilton and Dan Quinn don't sound as good as Rex Ryan to me. Harbaugh is fine but how many picks is it gonna cost?
Rex Ryan said he gave the game ball the Jets' players gave him after Sunday's win to his father, Buddy.
Rex Ryan was given the game ball by Jets players. Then, Rex gave the ball to his dad, Buddy, who was at the game
Players gave Rex Ryan a game ball. He said he passed that on to his dad, who was at the game.
Rex Ryan, Mike Smith, Marc Trestman, Jim Harbaugh, Joe Philbin, and Jay Gruden could all conceivably be victims in two weeks.
Rex Ryan attached his wagon to Mark Sanchez & Geno Smith. Mike Pettine is doing the same with Manziel... Heading down the same path. Sad
Just realized I'm not going to see Rex Ryan try to explain himself and Geno Smith next year at press conferences and I got very sad.
NYJ Star Ledger: WATCH: Rex Ryan gets game ball in locker room after Jets' win at Tennessee Titans
So maybe Rex Ryan isn't the problem for the maybe Sanchez and Geno Smith really are THAT bad.
"Too bad Brian Hoyer can't play against Johnny Manziel. Maybe they can trade them for Geno Smith & Rex Ryan?
So before the game Rex Ryan should have told Geno Smith to blow the game so they can draft his replacement? And Geno should have said ok?
Dimitroff and Smith are out. Rumor is that Mr. Blank is a Rex Ryan fan. He's sure to be available in Jan.
Rex Ryan and Geno Smith found a way to stick it to Woody Johnson 2 weeks before they are both shown the door
Rex Ryan and Geno Smith give Woody Johnson one last party gift before being fired after the season
When we as fans want the Jets to lose, they win... 👎👎👎. Rex Ryan is a joke and so is Idzik and Geno "pro bowl" flash Smith
I'm rooting against the jets so hard rn I just want a good draft pick for once I can't stand Geno Smith or Rex Ryan fire them both so trash
So I guess Rex Ryan isn't going to be coaching NY next year. Will they keep their GM or fire him too?
Might have been Rex Ryan “FIGHT in Jets-Titans. Somebody punched Geno Smith in the head”
I dont mind Norv turner. I dont even mind Rex Ryan. But there is just something about John Fox.
The Jets are a mess full stop! Rex Ryan is going to go, Geno Smith is going, They might pick up Colt McCoy from Washington
Jets will win 27 - 0 today and this will be Rex Ryan and Geno Smith's farewell "gift" to the team about to get rid of them
Yeah lets just hope Lovie Smith or Rex Ryan don't ruin it. if you know what I mean
there are very few players/teams I allow that play for. Steve Smith and CJ?K w/Rex Ryan at the helm, it happens.
Happy Birthday to New York Jets NFL head coach Rex Ryan. He was born today in 1962.
you should drive John Idzik, Rex Ryan, Terry Collins, Dillon Gee and Jon Niese to the Airport on Black Monday.
Rex Ryan is optimistic will return Sunday vs. the via
I do love that Rex Ryan lost the game on a zero blitz. Perfect.
My luck we're going to get stupid Rex Ryan as a head coach and I'm going to immediately stop being a Titans fan.
better get Rex Ryan on your speed dial, Magic... | Magic: "if you're going to lose, lose. I'm serious."
so in other words, Rex Ryan's defense has been poor, regardless of who the QB was
we need Rex Ryan maybe the team would know when the other team is Clowning them and come out fighting👊 coin toss
Payton just signed through 2017 with the Saints. That's not going to happen. My gut is saying Rex Ryan.
Just wondering what the future holds for the Chicago Bears after this season. Good bye Mel Tucker, and hello Rex Ryan? Last chance Trestman!
do you think that the Giants would be better if Rex Ryan was the coach
When Rex Ryan gets fired he's taking over for Dom Capers for sure.
Rex Ryan is a better fit than Harbaugh for the . Ryan just has that Raider swag.
People love roasting Rex Ryan, *** I do too. But I'd drink a couple hundred beers with him any day. If Im a GM the guy could run my defense
lol possibly. But i like Tom Cable as HC and Rex Ryan as DC
Who gets fired first, Rex Ryan or Rob Ryan?
Rex ryan keeps job only if he gets fat again, i miss fat rex ryan he has had moxy,the other ryan who cares?
I'd like to challenge Rex Ryan to not throw the ball once versus Tennessee. Feel the Jets would win the game handedly and in epic fashion.
there goes a decent season. Why r they screwing around. Back & forth quarterbacks. Whose the coach Rex Ryan ?
Rex Ryan is an anomaly for more than just one reason but he's one of the few head coaches to get the chance to draft two franchise QBs.
U think Rex Ryan has any tattoos of Geno Smith on his body?
If you think about Rex Ryan really isn't the problem
Will Rex Ryan be Fired at the End of the Season by the NY Jets in your Opinion?
New On pens his thank you to Rex Ryan:
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Miami should play them tough this week and hoping Rex Ryan goes out with a bang and somehow beats his arch-nemesis Hoody
Rex Ryan is a good Defensive Coordinator. Just not head coach material. However, Saints better get rid of his brother Rob during offseason.
Rob Ryan is a very overrated Defensive Coordinator in my opinion. I'd rather have Rex Ryan.. He'll be getting fired as well
odds of getting Manish's tongue out of Rex Ryan's *** . 1%
Rex Ryan says he wishes the best for Cam Newton but thinks the train wreck the Jets are involved in is way more serious.
OU should go out and hire Rob and Rex Ryan that would be fun..
Skins should get Rex Ryan as the new Defensive Coordinator! Or his brother Rob Ryan!
if we had Rex Ryan rubbing the draft picks in our face at the coin toss would've NEVER been tolerated and we scored 0
and he know's the scheme playing under Rex Ryan and he plays our most depleted position. can show our young DB's what it takes
there is no chance Sean Peyton gets fired. Rob Ryan would go first. Replace him with Rex???
Rex Ryan lost all that weight and the Jets started to suck
I think it would be hilarious if Rex Ryan ran the ball on literally every play against the
Get around Rodgers: Rex Ryan. Great defenses, never had offense to work w. GM left $21m on table.
Also free safety is 1 of our weakest spots…also Ed played under Rex Ryan's similar Def. scheme…great locker room guy
I swear, if Blank hires Rex Ryan... can we fire an owner?
Marvin Lewis pulled a Rex Ryan. What an *** I can't believe Bengals keep bringing him back
Mike Nolan you're gone. Thomas Dimitroff you're gone. Bring in Rex Ryan to coach up the defense and a GM who can actually draft talent
*** we need to fire our whole staff get Jim Harbaugh or Rex Ryan and sign Marshawn lynch
Why don't they like John Idzik?. He's getting between Manish Mehta and Rex Ryan
guesses at UM next coach with your clues. 1 Rex Ryan. 2 Doug Marrone. 3 Gus Bradley. Would Ryan's brashness work at Michigan?
Andy Reid or Rex Ryan? Having a hard time deciding who I would fire first.
Fire billy davis about d coordinator and hire Rex Ryan he won't be with the jets next season
ESPN listed Rex Ryan, Lee Majors as notable EKU alums, left me off list...c'mon man.
EAGLES FANS: If Billy Davis were to get a head coaching job somewhere this offseason, and Rex Ryan is fired, do u take Rex as D coordinator?
Rex Ryan hails from the Andy Reid school of clock and timeout management.
A thought on Geno Smith: This season is already lost & Smith is going to (potentially) be around longer than Rex Ryan.
Pettine says Hoyer "gives us the best opportunity to win on Sunday" -- words you'll never hear from Rex Ryan on Geno Smith.…
Go out and start pitching to Jim Harbaugh or Rex Ryan now if you ever want to see a super bowl with Romo as your quarterback
This is TODAY with Savannah Guthrie and Rex Ryan... MT Rex Ryan may have a multimillion-dollar TV job waiting for him
Still believe Tom Coughlin and Rex Ryan return in 2015. Unfortunately it's probably time for a chance
guy on Finebaum just said he wanted Mark Richt fired and Rex Ryan as the next coach of Georgia
Rex Ryan will be the Washington Redskins next def. coordinator
As for my an Rex Ryan, consider this: Vick, Smith Matt Simms, or Tim Tebow -- can't compete with that roster. Give him a qb and he'll win.
For you non sports people.Rex Ryan is the New York Jets' coach. He just called his own team a joke, and that is *** funny.
I dont like this depressed Rex Ryan. I want the cocky arrogant S.O.B Rex Ryan back:(
Mehta: Jets pull the runaround with Geno back in as starter - Rex Ryan’s desperation during this miserable season ...
New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan praises the play of his team, but can't hide the emotional toll the 2-10 season has had on him as he addresses the media.
I feel extremely terrible for Rex Ryan. Woody Johnson and John Idzik are out to screw Rex over.
If Marcus Mariota goes to the Jets I hope Rex Ryan is fired first!!! Hate to see another QB fail because of him!
I would LOVE to have Rex Ryan as our coach.
Hey Geno Smith and Rex Ryan, we have something for you.
Could Rex Ryan be a Defensive Coordinator next year? Are the Bears that team? It's time for bed, right?
*** Rex Ryan really frustrated like he said *** I can't believe we're 2-10"
“Ryan can't hide his emotions following loss A will help u
Jets: 2-10; tied for 2nd-worst record through 12 games in franchise history; tied for most losses in single season under…
Rex Ryan looking like Birdman up in here.
rex Ryan is so over rated. He not. A good coach.
Rex Ryan prolly gonna be outta there.. Smh
VIDEO: Rex Ryan can't hide his emotions following MNF loss
You guys have to get rid of Rex Ryan, he's the actual problem.
Dolphins outlast Jets in brutal Monday Night...: They got it done with loads of help from the 2-10 Jets, who d...
Easy for people to hammer Rex Ryan, but he's not filling out that roster.
"Revis runs the route for the receiver." -John Gruden The only free agents I want replacing Rex Ryan are John Gruden or Bill Cowher
Rex Ryan might as well have stood atop yonder Empire State Buildin' last week an' broadcast ye Jets game plan fer Monday night’s game against ye Dolphins at MetLife Stadium. “Fer our team t'have success, we need t'run thar football,” t'Jets coach said before yonder game. “Maybe other teams can throw…
I kinda feel bad for Rex Ryan he a good coach that team jus ***
It wasn't pretty, but the Dolphins edged the Jets to stay alive in the AFC playoff race
But I put most of the blame on Rex Ryan. I think he's a horrible coach and I've been saying it for years. Whatever
I never liked Rex Ryan but I feel bad for the guy after the loss
Really hope rex ryan is gone next year along with this awful coaching staff, i think all jets fans have had enough.
I still love Rex Ryan and he is still a defensive god.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Clearly Rex Ryan must have one foot out the door.
Rex Ryan despondent after latest Jets loss: 'Man, I can't believe we're 2-10. Joke.'
"Rex Ryan looking like Birdman up in here. ,
Artesia News - Jets run all over Dolphins, but fall 16-13 - EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) — Rex Ryan is simply out of...
How Rex Ryan spent his entire day...
Rex Ryan is simply out of answers. … Click to Continue » kansas city
After tonight's bonehead coaching by Rex Ryan vs Dolphins, it's irrefutable NY has 2 worst head coaches in NFL!
: Be sure to ask Rex Ryan if he still won't kiss Bill Belichick's rings!?!? This couldn't happen to a better pompous ***
All respect to Rex Ryan. Hate it had to end like that. Good coach
For the first time in his head coaching career, it appears Rex Ryan is defeated.
I hate to say it... and it kills me.. but the way Rex Ryan coached today.. I wish we had that killer instinct ina coach
I wonder if Rob and Rex Ryan will fill out job apps together next year
Rex Ryan, please get fired and replace Jim Haslett 🙏
Who is getting fired first Rex Ryan of the Jets or Jim Haslett of the Redskins?
tonight's the night Rex Ryan reveals himself to be the alien/lizard changeling we all know he is.
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New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan responds to a reporter question about his plans for who he will be placing under center in next weeks matchup vs. the Kansas City Chiefs.
The thought of Rex Ryan and Mike Leach on the same staff... Whoa Nellie.
Dan Patrick and Rex Ryan both went to Eastern Kentucky university
Report: Rex Ryan knew of plan to fire him before season began
NYJ Star Ledger: Source: John Idzik no influence on Rex Ryan's decision to start Geno Smith over Michael Vick
Rex Ryan says he's happy for Mark Sanchez; Geno Smith might be QB rest of the season
Mark Sanchez isn't bad, Rex Ryan and the jets made him bad
and Woody Johnson and John Idzik and Rex Ryan and...
QB change a 'raw deal' for Michael Vick: FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Rex Ryan broke the news to Michael Vick and Gen...
Report: Rex Ryan knew all season the Jets plan to fire him via
Rex Ryan says that in the game, he’ll yell about team taking a sack in a certain situation and Geno Smith now sees that, too. So..yeah
Rex Ryan won’t say Geno Smith gives team best chance to win, but says Smith starting is best thing for Jets right now
Seahawks bringing in Rex Ryan next year to coach defense right
Has New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan been coaching the entire season knowing that it was his last with the New York Jets? A report out...
Really doubt he gets fired but Gus Bradley would be my prime choice for new DC if Rob Ryan gets canned. Rex would be second for me.
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Any chance Rex Ryan picked up by Miami as D coordin. after he's released? Could he co-exist with Philbin? Could u imagine our D?
The Jets failed to let head coach Rex Ryan speak about sharing details about visiting his ailing father during the Jets’ bye.
The prevented Rex Ryan from talking about a bye-week trip to see his ailing father. -
Hey Woody, did Idzik throw the season to get rid of Rex???
Hoping Buddy Ryan pulls through. The are a shameful organization for not letting Rex give us an update.
Ryan. . . LEO Ryan Pierce, right. He's your new intern.
umm. what IF the BEAT the on this week? (PS either way here's advice to NY Jets: fire Rex Ryan)
John Idzik has put Rex Ryan in an awful place this year. He hasn't given him the talent to succeed..
I am so grateful that Colt McCoy is starting now! I hope and pray is ran out of D.C. With his one year wonder! Rex Ryan d cord
well system doesn't really matter as coach its personality and that's why he won the coach gig. Also why Rex Ryan still hc.
This is the wrong time to say something like this, but I'll take Rex Ryan over Jim Caldwell any day of the week.
The Jets are back to Geno Smith, but the decision was not made by Rex Ryan, according to a source.
if Marinelli leaves to join Lovie would the Cowboys consider Rex Ryan as DC after he is fired in offseason?
"It is always fun to come to work when they definitely care about you,". Eric Decker said of Rex Ryan. "We love coming to work for him."
“Jets announce Geno Smith will start vs Dolphins. This was not a Rex Ryan decision, per source. LOL!
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Report: Rex Ryan has known plan to fire him after season:
I’d be happy to take Rex Ryan as our DC next year if Teryl Austin leaves.
wouldn't let Rex talk about his ailing father, Buddy? Really?
do you like Rex Ryan becoming our DC next year if Austin leaves?
that was a Sanchez that was playing for Rex Ryan, he's playing in an offensive team now w/ my *** chip now
If Jim Harbaugh leaves San Francisco, and Rex Ryan leaves the Jets, do you see Harbaugh the next New York Jets Head Coach?
If we fail to make play offs and Philbin goes, do you see us going after Rex Ryan as Head Coach?
Back in October, when the New York Jets were 1-5, head coach Rex Ryan said that if he couldn’t get the team turned around, he didn’t “think for a minute I’ll be here.” On Tuesday, after another bad loss, he said, “my thoughts haven’t changed.” Stu Woo joins MoneyBeat. Photo: EPA. [ 39 more words. ]
Jets head coach Rex Ryan answers questions from the South Florida media about his decision to start Geno Smith at quarterback this week against the Dolphins along with a variety of other topics. Listen as Ryan discusses what has impressed him about Ryan Tannehill and the 2014 Dolphins roster.
Rex Ryan discusses the decision to start Geno Smith on Monday Night. . LISTEN:
“A source tells that it was actually Rex Ryan's call to go back to Geno Smith
Report: Jets prevented Ryan from talking about dad's health: Why would the New York Jets not want Rex Rya...
Just spoke to a source with direct knowledge of QB decision who said it was actually Rex Ryan that wanted to go back to Geno …
Did Rex Ryan know he would be fired?
The story about Rex Ryan not being able to talk about his father is sad. I would walk away if i was him.
GM John Idzik planned to fire Rex Ryan all along, per a report
With each passing week, it's looking less and less likely that the Jets will retain head coach Rex Ryan after the season.
Rex Ryan jealous that the the Bills got buried under 6 feet and he didn't.
he saying you ain't got dem hops, yo fat *** do that Rex Ryan credit card jump ***
A mailbag from that raises this question: Could Rex Ryan be the next head coach at Rutgers?
This Rex Ryan quote shows he knows his time is running out with the Jets.
MT: If Rex Ryan goes - no more pass rush butt plays! Remember that gem from a few weeks back??
Rex Ryan: "Seems like Brian Hartline has been there since the Don Shula days... I love the way Jarvis Landry plays; he's…
Rex Ryan tells Dolphins reporters that Jets are starting Geno Smith vs.Fins because they want to give Smith a chance to …
On Rex, agent leaks, Idzik and the disaster scene going forward:
Geno Smith is back as the Jets’ starting quarterback. The Jets announced this morning that Smith, not Michael Vick, will start on Monday night against the Dolphins. Jets coach Rex Ryan met with both Smith and Vick this morning and informed them that he has made the switch. Vick had a disastrous game against the…
Benching is the worst thing the can do now. Rex Ryan just sealed his fate with that decision.
Rex Ryan wants to coach but the gm didn't want him to succeed and now we have another wasted season
Joe Caporoso on the ugly end to the Rex Ryan era
Been lot of rumors that rex ryan might be new head coach for Rutgers that would interesting
I like Rex Ryan the Defensive Coordinator, not Rex Ryan the head coach. But when Lebeau retires, Keith Butler takes his place
The Jets are 2-9 and few people -- outside of some cynical Dolphins fans who are just expecting a collapse because of recent history -- are giving the much of a chance Monday night against Miami. But Jets coach Rex Ryan, speaking to Dolphins media today, assured that his team won't be a pushover. "C…
I feel like we are the NFC East version of the Jets. And speaking of the Jets, trade RG3 for Rex Ryan! Lol
Rex Ryan decides to go with wack Geno Smith for dolphin gam, am done with the jets this season, rex Ryan has brought the team to a laughing stock of the NFL. He is fascinated with Geno and won't give any one an opportunity. He stuck with Geno the first games and the record went straight down, VICK played a few games and pulls him, doesn't even let Sims tryout.. You've ruined the season what is it going to hurt to try out Sims? Someone give rex the news everyone has been waiting for, a pink slip
Rex Ryan has run out of tomorrows with the Jets
please get Rex Ryan next year. And PLEASE beg Hue Jackson to come back as OC or vice versus
I hope the Jets do us a favor and fire Rex Ryan so the Bears can fire Mel Tucker and bring Rex in for this super bowl run.
Rex Ryan says team will address quarterback position tomorrow. Will answer Vick/Smith tomorrow
Rex Ryan protege doin masterful coachin job in
Rex Ryan out of miracles, five weeks from a pink slip - ESPN (blog)
Its a must that the Chicago Bears go out and hire Rex Ryan this off season as the new Defensive Coordinator!
''That was a horrible performance. We didn't block, we didn't tackle, we didn't do ANYTHING.'' ~Rex Ryan
Rex Ryan is dreaming if he thinks he can't be fired mid-season unless he has whatever blackmail photos Mel Tucker does
Rex Ryan or Hue Jackson taking over the falcons next year?
I would love to see a combination of Hue Jackson and Rex Ryan in Atlanta,.
Rex Ryan *** at developing QB's and Chip Kelly is good at covering up their flaws = the story of Mark Sanchez.
Woody's Coaching hires; Belicheck (one day) Al Groh, Herm Edwards, Eric Mangini, Rex Ryan. Not one "A" Coach. Woody is cheap.
Jay Cutler as a Jet with Rex Ryan staying is just too perfect not to happen.
Jimbo Fisher is the type of coach you run through a wall for. Similar to Rex Ryan his first year with the Jets.
Rex Ryan was fined $100,000 for swearing after a win. That's how the NFL finds the money for these big *** contract extensions.
Doug, Doug, Doug, heard you say today that you would be hard pressed to find another colleague in the league that would have gone for it on 4th down. Exactly our point dummy! Old school stupid should be an NFL term. If Rex Ryan jumped off a bridge would you Dougie. If you don't understand the math hire someone. If you don't hire someone quit because you're too dumb for the job.
I bet you can't read Rex Ryan's lips.
Rex Ryan fined $100,000 for profanity toward referee
Rex Ryan has endured shutouts and last-second comebacks but never has he been as livid after a loss as he was Thurs
Jets coach Rex Ryan fined $100,00 by NFL for profanities picked up by video
“Rex Ryan fined $100,000 for his post-game profanity vs Steelers. 3 time offender, per sources” gotta watch those swears
Seems kind of excessive just for being potty mouth.
When Jets coach Rex Ryan was walking off the field at the end of last week’s victory over the Steelers last weekend, cameras caught him sharing a piece of his mind with someone who wasn’t on the screen. One of the words Ryan chose to express his thoughts has reportedly gotten him in hot water…
VIDEO: Rex Ryan Was just Fined BIG $$$ by the NFL! - Find out How Much and Why!
Rex Ryan has reportedly been fined $100,000 for using profanity after the Steelers game.
The Jets don't even have a game this week but they suffered a significant loss today
Rex Ryan curses at referees, opposing players and his own players.
Rex Ryan will be emptying his pockets quite a bit: The coach was fined $100,000 for his use of profanity following the Jets' win against the Steelers in Week 10. Why was Ryan levied such a steep sum?
WHAT ARE THE CRITICS SAYING…. "Grandpa knows how to get attention..He's the one who dared me to balance a champagne glass on my backside"-Kim Kardashian "Grandpa is one.. funny guy! Can I get fined for that? -New York Jets coach Rex Ryan "Grandpa Cracks me up!…And that's the ONLY thing I'll ever admit to."-Lois Lerner
New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has always been one to wear his emotions on his sleeve, and that intense personality has lightened his wallet...
Coach Rex Ryan of the New York Jets has been fined $100k for his use of profanity after the win against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. Not a stranger to being fined, Ryan has personally been fined $225k over the last 6 seasons.
there are plenty of examples of defensive minded coaches having terrible drafts for offense. Rex Ryan for ex. Lovie smith etc
. I think Mike Smith is gone and I think Arthur Blank should have Rex Ryan's agent on speed dial. Rex would be great there.
Rex Ryan got fined for using profanity & Mike Smith didn't??? Smitty said *** & *** twice in post press after the lions game
Well if they keep Mike Smith can they at least get Rex Ryan as the DC?! Lol
Rex Ryan is the player's coach version of Jeff Fisher, widely praised but is mainly a 500 or below coach.
I'm all for hiring Kyle Shanahan for coaching the bears next year and getting Rex Ryan as a coord.
don't think Rex Ryan to the Chicago Bears as a Defensive Coordinator could happen?
Wouldn't it be something if the Jets fired Rex Ryan and the Giants fire Perry Fewell and the Giants hire Rex to be their DC?
Geno Smith / Rex Ryan says Geno Smith will play, but woncommit to this year
Geno Smith a Sith Lord bruh. *** boutta choke Rex Ryan and mike Vick out with the force
Coaches gonna get fired after this year. Rex Ryan. Mike Smith. Gus bradley. Marc Trestman
Rex Ryan says he expects Geno Smith to play again, but not necessarily this year
PFT Rex Ryan says Geno Smith will play, but won’t commit to this year
'Game of Thrones' author thinks Rex Ryan should have benched Geno Smith ...
NY Jets coach Rex Ryan unsure about playing Geno Smith again this season
NYJ NY Daily News: Jets Insider: Rex Ryan unsure about playing Geno Smith again
As a NFL Football fan I have ZERO clue why the Jets front office keep letting good players go. They let go all good WR's, Revis, and , Mark Sanchez! I never thought they should've released Revis or Sanchez. I'm glad to see that Mark Sanchez stepped up and is playing for the Eagles and got them a big win this weekend. 300+ yard and two touchdowns shows why he took the Jets to the championship game his first two years with the team. I personally think Rex Ryan is one *** of a coach but they actually have to give him players to coach to be able to win games. This upcoming week is there bye week and I certainly hope they fire the general manager and most of the upper office staff. They need to keep Rex Ryan who is a proven good coach and clean house from the inner office. I almost feel sorry for the Jets fans being that I was born and raised a Bengals fan. The Jets and the Bengals are my favorite two teams. I guess that tells you I clearly root for the underdog's. Way to go Mark! It is just more proof on how ...
likelihood both Rex Ryan and Dean Pees find themselves unemployed this offseason and Rex ends up back in Baltimore?
Rex Ryan can be 'disappointed' in Steelers safety Mike Mitchell, it doesn't cover up what Jason Babin did
do you remember coming to my freshman football game with Rex Ryan to watch Seth at Johnson HS in Clark, NJ
I said to Rex Ryan won with Eric Mangini's players, and he failed with them since he did not win a championship
Who was/is a more incompetent head coach, Joe Paterno or Rex Ryan?
It's official: Rex Ryan can't coach an offense. (Yes yes it's one game but these are my initial thoughts.)
Ted Phillips, Phil emery just aremore business minded, look at Broncos with Elway, if Rex Ryan and Harbaugh are available GET EM!
Rex Ryan & Co. blew their season by starting Michael Vick all along.
From the vantage of the victory formation, New York Jets center Nick Mangold saw Mike Mitchell coming. The Pittsburgh Steelers' 6-foot, 210-pound safety got a running start and leaped over the offensive line, but not before Mangold reached up and flipped the soaring Mitchell over. "I think it's a dirty play, and that's what it is," Mangold said. He wasn't the only Jet to think the officials let the Steelers get away with a lot. Jets coach Rex Ryan got a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty for something he said to officials after a fourth-quarter running play by New York quarterback Michael Vick. Then, when the 20-13 score became final, Ryan was caught by broadcast cameras yelling what looked like "F--- you" as he walked toward officials and Steelers players in the postgame scrum. "I got a little upset," Ryan said in reference to the unsportsmanlike call. "In this league, they put a huge emphasis on protecting the quarterback and all players, as they should. I'm not so sure our quarterback was protected the sa ...
Rex Ryan has never seen this side of Ben Roethlisberger
Rex Ryan started sucking when Darelle Revis left -
Rex Ryan, Mike Smith, possibly Tom Coughlin “Which NFL coaches do you believe is on the hot seat?”
"Rex Ryan would love to wash some $5 Beef Nachos down with a few $2 Bud Lights. Too bad he has a big game to lose! yikes
Hey Patrick Willis, I'll get that toe ready. S / Rex Ryan.
Raiders need to sign Rex Ryan in the offseason and draft either Gurley or Cooper and let themselves be great.
Rex Ryan says Michael Vick will start next week against the Pittsburgh Steelers
New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan tortures a reflexive verb, and makes it a transitive one.
ESPN ranks Rex Ryan as the 7th best head coach in the NFL? Too high? Too low? TOJ will weigh in tonight
This is a great opportunity for the Jets Players to insure head coach Rex Ryan's future with the team.
Woody Johnson just confirmed: Rex Ryan will be back as Jets head coach next season. Great decision.
Rex Ryan is forever swaggerlicious: "Do I think that I'm a great coach? I absolutely know I'm a great coach."
If John Idzik took anything from tonight, it's that Rex Ryan should be his head coach next year. Gutsy play, great coach…
Jets signed Rex Ryan to multi-year extension this year and Jason Garrett will get an extension. I could see Giants maybe.
New York Post - msancheznyp - KANSAS CITY — Now what, Rex? Jets quarterback Rex Ryan switched quarterbacks this we...
It sounds like Rex Ryan's trying to recruite Mad Bum ... Lol Art Neet
[Honolulu Advertiser]Bum and Wade Phillips, Buddy and Rex Ryan, Jim and Jim Mora, *** and Mike...
Rex Ryan starts off press conference by naming Madison Bumgarner the Jets starter
BREAKING NEWS: Rex Ryan says Michael Vick will start for the New York in Week 9 loss to the Kansas City ht…
not entirely sure but obviously not Rex Ryan. I know he's had an up and down year but Hue Jackson maybe.
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