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Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan (born December 13, 1962) is an American football head coach for the New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL).

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Rex Ryan has run out of tomorrows with the Jets
Rex Ryan protege doin masterful coachin job in
Rex Ryan out of miracles, five weeks from a pink slip - ESPN (blog)
Its a must that the Chicago Bears go out and hire Rex Ryan this off season as the new Defensive Coordinator!
''That was a horrible performance. We didn't block, we didn't tackle, we didn't do ANYTHING.'' ~Rex Ryan
Rex Ryan *** at developing QB's and Chip Kelly is good at covering up their flaws = the story of Mark Sanchez.
Woody's Coaching hires; Belicheck (one day) Al Groh, Herm Edwards, Eric Mangini, Rex Ryan. Not one "A" Coach. Woody is cheap.
Jay Cutler as a Jet with Rex Ryan staying is just too perfect not to happen.
Jimbo Fisher is the type of coach you run through a wall for. Similar to Rex Ryan his first year with the Jets.
Rex Ryan was fined $100,000 for swearing after a win. That's how the NFL finds the money for these big *** contract extensions.
Doug, Doug, Doug, heard you say today that you would be hard pressed to find another colleague in the league that would have gone for it on 4th down. Exactly our point dummy! Old school stupid should be an NFL term. If Rex Ryan jumped off a bridge would you Dougie. If you don't understand the math hire someone. If you don't hire someone quit because you're too dumb for the job.
I bet you can't read Rex Ryan's lips.
Rex Ryan fined $100,000 for profanity toward referee
Rex Ryan has endured shutouts and last-second comebacks but never has he been as livid after a loss as he was Thurs
Jets coach Rex Ryan fined $100,00 by NFL for profanities picked up by video
“Rex Ryan fined $100,000 for his post-game profanity vs Steelers. 3 time offender, per sources” gotta watch those swears
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Seems kind of excessive just for being potty mouth.
They say talk is cheap, but New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan might beg to differ. Ryan was fined $100,000 for this obscenity he yelled...
When Jets coach Rex Ryan was walking off the field at the end of last week’s victory over the Steelers last weekend, cameras caught him sharing a piece of his mind with someone who wasn’t on the screen. One of the words Ryan chose to express his thoughts has reportedly gotten him in hot water…
VIDEO: Rex Ryan Was just Fined BIG $$$ by the NFL! - Find out How Much and Why!
Rex Ryan has reportedly been fined $100,000 for using profanity after the Steelers game.
The Jets don't even have a game this week but they suffered a significant loss today
Rex Ryan curses at referees, opposing players and his own players.
Rex Ryan will be emptying his pockets quite a bit: The coach was fined $100,000 for his use of profanity following the Jets' win against the Steelers in Week 10. Why was Ryan levied such a steep sum?
WHAT ARE THE CRITICS SAYING…. "Grandpa knows how to get attention..He's the one who dared me to balance a champagne glass on my backside"-Kim Kardashian "Grandpa is one.. funny guy! Can I get fined for that? -New York Jets coach Rex Ryan "Grandpa Cracks me up!…And that's the ONLY thing I'll ever admit to."-Lois Lerner
New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has always been one to wear his emotions on his sleeve, and that intense personality has lightened his wallet...
Coach Rex Ryan of the New York Jets has been fined $100k for his use of profanity after the win against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. Not a stranger to being fined, Ryan has personally been fined $225k over the last 6 seasons.
there are plenty of examples of defensive minded coaches having terrible drafts for offense. Rex Ryan for ex. Lovie smith etc
. I think Mike Smith is gone and I think Arthur Blank should have Rex Ryan's agent on speed dial. Rex would be great there.
Rex Ryan got fined for using profanity & Mike Smith didn't??? Smitty said *** & *** twice in post press after the lions game
Well if they keep Mike Smith can they at least get Rex Ryan as the DC?! Lol
Rex Ryan is the player's coach version of Jeff Fisher, widely praised but is mainly a 500 or below coach.
I'm all for hiring Kyle Shanahan for coaching the bears next year and getting Rex Ryan as a coord.
don't think Rex Ryan to the Chicago Bears as a Defensive Coordinator could happen?
Wouldn't it be something if the Jets fired Rex Ryan and the Giants fire Perry Fewell and the Giants hire Rex to be their DC?
Geno Smith / Rex Ryan says Geno Smith will play, but woncommit to this year
Geno Smith a Sith Lord bruh. *** boutta choke Rex Ryan and Mike Vick out with the force
Coaches gonna get fired after this year. Rex Ryan. Mike Smith. Gus bradley. Marc Trestman
Rex Ryan says he expects Geno Smith to play again, but not necessarily this year
PFT Rex Ryan says Geno Smith will play, but won’t commit to this year
'Game of Thrones' author thinks Rex Ryan should have benched Geno Smith ...
NY Jets coach Rex Ryan unsure about playing Geno Smith again this season
NYJ NY Daily News: Jets Insider: Rex Ryan unsure about playing Geno Smith again
As a NFL Football fan I have ZERO clue why the Jets front office keep letting good players go. They let go all good WR's, Revis, and , Mark Sanchez! I never thought they should've released Revis or Sanchez. I'm glad to see that Mark Sanchez stepped up and is playing for the Eagles and got them a big win this weekend. 300+ yard and two touchdowns shows why he took the Jets to the championship game his first two years with the team. I personally think Rex Ryan is one *** of a coach but they actually have to give him players to coach to be able to win games. This upcoming week is there bye week and I certainly hope they fire the general manager and most of the upper office staff. They need to keep Rex Ryan who is a proven good coach and clean house from the inner office. I almost feel sorry for the Jets fans being that I was born and raised a Bengals fan. The Jets and the Bengals are my favorite two teams. I guess that tells you I clearly root for the underdog's. Way to go Mark! It is just more proof on how ...
likelihood both Rex Ryan and Dean Pees find themselves unemployed this offseason and Rex ends up back in Baltimore?
Rex Ryan can be 'disappointed' in Steelers safety Mike Mitchell, it doesn't cover up what Jason Babin did
do you remember coming to my freshman football game with Rex Ryan to watch Seth at Johnson HS in Clark, NJ
I said to Rex Ryan won with Eric Mangini's players, and he failed with them since he did not win a championship
Who was/is a more incompetent head coach, Joe Paterno or Rex Ryan?
It's official: Rex Ryan can't coach an offense. (Yes yes it's one game but these are my initial thoughts.)
Ted Phillips, Phil emery just aremore business minded, look at Broncos with Elway, if Rex Ryan and Harbaugh are available GET EM!
Rex Ryan & Co. blew their season by starting Michael Vick all along.
From the vantage of the victory formation, New York Jets center Nick Mangold saw Mike Mitchell coming. The Pittsburgh Steelers' 6-foot, 210-pound safety got a running start and leaped over the offensive line, but not before Mangold reached up and flipped the soaring Mitchell over. "I think it's a dirty play, and that's what it is," Mangold said. He wasn't the only Jet to think the officials let the Steelers get away with a lot. Jets coach Rex Ryan got a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty for something he said to officials after a fourth-quarter running play by New York quarterback Michael Vick. Then, when the 20-13 score became final, Ryan was caught by broadcast cameras yelling what looked like "F--- you" as he walked toward officials and Steelers players in the postgame scrum. "I got a little upset," Ryan said in reference to the unsportsmanlike call. "In this league, they put a huge emphasis on protecting the quarterback and all players, as they should. I'm not so sure our quarterback was protected the sa ...
Rex Ryan has never seen this side of Ben Roethlisberger
Rex Ryan started sucking when Darelle Revis left -
Rex Ryan, Mike Smith, possibly Tom Coughlin “Which NFL coaches do you believe is on the hot seat?”
"Rex Ryan would love to wash some $5 Beef Nachos down with a few $2 Bud Lights. Too bad he has a big game to lose! yikes
Hey Patrick Willis, I'll get that toe ready. S / Rex Ryan.
Raiders need to sign Rex Ryan in the offseason and draft either Gurley or Cooper and let themselves be great.
Rex Ryan says Michael Vick will start next week against the Pittsburgh Steelers
That's it!!! We need to get rid of Rex Ryan and Geno Smith!!! God I MISS Mark Sanchez!
New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan tortures a reflexive verb, and makes it a transitive one.
ESPN ranks Rex Ryan as the 7th best head coach in the NFL? Too high? Too low? TOJ will weigh in tonight
This is a great opportunity for the Jets Players to insure head coach Rex Ryan's future with the team.
Woody Johnson just confirmed: Rex Ryan will be back as Jets head coach next season. Great decision.
Rex Ryan is forever swaggerlicious: "Do I think that I'm a great coach? I absolutely know I'm a great coach."
If John Idzik took anything from tonight, it's that Rex Ryan should be his head coach next year. Gutsy play, great coach…
Jets signed Rex Ryan to multi-year extension this year and Jason Garrett will get an extension. I could see Giants maybe.
New York Post - msancheznyp - KANSAS CITY — Now what, Rex? Jets quarterback Rex Ryan switched quarterbacks this we...
It sounds like Rex Ryan's trying to recruite Mad Bum ... Lol Art Neet
[Honolulu Advertiser]Bum and Wade Phillips, Buddy and Rex Ryan, Jim and Jim Mora, *** and Mike...
Rex Ryan starts off press conference by naming Madison Bumgarner the Jets starter
BREAKING NEWS: Rex Ryan says Michael Vick will start for the New York in Week 9 loss to the Kansas City ht…
not entirely sure but obviously not Rex Ryan. I know he's had an up and down year but Hue Jackson maybe.
Phenomenal press conference answer from Rex Ryan saying that he will start Madison Bumgarner at QB on Sunday. Well played.
Apologies in advance to Rex Ryan, Skip Bayless and Jose Canseco.
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Jets coach Rex Ryan on DC Bob Sutton landing a head coaching job: “Hopefully he’ll get one this year; I hope it’s not mine.”
Jets coach Rex Ryan said on conference call with us he’s surprised DC Bob Sutton didn't get a head coaching job last year.
Can we strike a Rex Ryan for John Pagano trade before the deadline?
EAST HANOVER, NJ – In the wake of a disastrous 43-23 home loss to the Buffalo Bills, in which starter Geno Smith and backup Michael Vick combined for six total turnovers, Jets coach Rex Ryan drove to a nearby Home Depot earlier today to ask several day laborers outside the hardware superstore if any…
THIS JUST IN: Rex Ryan announces Michael Vick will start at QB for Jets Sunday against Chiefs.
Rex Ryan announced that Mike Vick will start at interception-thrower this week against the Chiefs.
JUST IN: Rex Ryan announced Michael Vick will start on Sunday against the Chiefs.
Rex Ryan announces that Mike Vick will start at QB for the Jets.
Rex Ryan would be a nice head coach for the Falcons. I'd want him to keep Koetter & Nolan thou. I'm done with Mike Smith
and then hire Rex Ryan in Green Bay Rodgers deserve a defense, perfect timing for bye …
“Rex Ryan on who will be the QB next week: "I have no idea." Matt Leinart
Rex Ryan on next week's QB: "I have no idea." And we've all just crossed over into (cue Rod Serling voice) The Rich Kotite Zone.
To save a season and Rex Ryan the Jets look to Percy Harvin!. Full story:
The desperate push to ignite the dying embers of a season that would be reduced to ashes with a loss Sunday to the Bills, and very possibly to save Rex Ryan, falls now on the shoulders of Percy Harvin. Geno Smith and the Jets are looking for Harvin to provide a spark on the field rather than a five-…
Rex Ryan makes fun of Tom Brady for flop vs. Jets, compares him to Bill Laimbeer
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Rex Ryan knows defense, can't draft secondary.
He's thinking of that Troy guy from Steelers. Older now but...Rex Ryan says Calvin Pryor 'hasn't had impact' expected
Rex Ryan on No. 1 pick Calvin Pryor: "He hasn't had the impact necessarily that all of us expected." Wonder why.
Fire This *** Is there anything more exciting than a coach losing his job? All year long, we'll keep track of which coaches will almost certainly get fired at year's end or sooner. And now, your potential 2014 chopping block: Rex Ryan* Jeff Fisher Marc Trestman Marvin Lewis Mike Tomlin Mike Smith Ron Rivera Lovie Smith Dennis Allen-FIRED!! Joe Philbin Roger Goodell Gus Bradley (*potential midseason firing) Hi, Marc Trestman! Boy, he seems so calm and reserved under those creepy glasses. Meanwhile, the Bears are clawing each other’s eyes out in the locker room. How much would you pay for a full transcript of Jay Cutler’s career? Everything he’s ever said in a huddle or a locker room? I’d pay at least five bucks. I just wanna know how many times he’s said, “Man, whatever” to a teammate.
Depending on how you see it, Rex Ryan comparing Tom Brady to former Detroit Piston "bad boy," could be good or...
Rex Ryan and Geno Smith aren't worried about evaluations at quarterback. Brief article here.
Rex Ryan lives in the moon and Geno Smith is a Putty Patroller?
When Leslie Frazier and Pete Carroll can't make it work. NOBODY can. Rex Ryan now?!?!? lmao
Do you think Rex Ryan can handle and solve the problems of Percy Harvin?
Report: Rex Ryan punches wall after Jets' sixth loss: Rex Ryan's exasperation reached new levels Thursday after the…
And the Jets "Rex Ryan admits New York, Buffalo and Miami don't matter in division via
the problem for fans is they want coaches like Pete Carroll , Jim Harbaugh, and even Rex Ryan. They want a coach with passion.
The world should've known Rex Ryan was a terrible head coach when he got his wife tatted with a Sanchez Jersey and then cut the ***
Rex Ryan is going to annihilate the Bills OL this week. All Bills offensive practice should be vs Pettines playbook from last season.
I don’t know about being lucky, but kept them off balance and gave Pats all they could handle
.explains why the were lucky to escape the on Thursday
Patriots were lucky to escape the Jets - Boston Globe: Boston GlobePatrio... (212) 644-9494
What you think of Rex Ryan as D. coordinator? We would have to change to 3-4 maybe, but you need LB.
Rex Ryan to the next year. What do you think?
Jim Harbaugh as HC and Rex Ryan as DC next year? Amazing personality clash verging on Ditka/Ryan, but maybe it works?
Sports media: Rex Ryan will really take off after Jets
Oh wait, the Wi-Fi is broken. Thanks a lot, Rex Ryan.
Unless Geno Smith has truly turned himself around, the mouthy Percy Harvin will yap so hard that Rex Ryan will look back at Santonio Holmes’ last year here as the good old days.
Isn't Percy Harvin the bigger topic this morning? Wish NYG got him! He is going to save Rex Ryan's job.
Plus either Rex Ryan or Jim Harbaugh will be the next head coach so that's also a plus
Rex Ryan on Jets' season: 'It's been a big failure' - Updated October 17, 2014...
Chuck Pagano is a defensive mind in line with Rex Ryan. He's taken a team without their premiere pass rusher (Mathis) and still dominates
Rex Ryan: Current losing streak is low point of his...
when Rex Ryan's *** is in your mouth does he look you in the eye and call you baby?
Mike Smith can leave Atlanta and go to Florida. UGA can keep Pruitt. The Falcons can then hire Rex Ryan.
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Mehta: Jets GM John Idzik got Percy Harvin to possibly help inconsistent Geno Smith — not Rex Ryan: John Idzik forked over an additio...
"Harvin you need to respect Rex Ryan as a coach and Geno Smith as a quarterback" . *Harvin does *** motion for ete…
Rex Ryan is an *** Throws Mike Vick in the game for experimental trick plays and when they're getting humiliated. Vick …
I'm ready for Mike Smith to go, bring Rex Ryan in and let the offense coach itself 😂😂
John Clayton discusses Rex Ryan's future with the Jets. via
Percy has done the impossible, something Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith and Woody Johnson couldn't. Finally I feel sorry for Rex Ryan.
John Idzik placates Rex Ryan with new toy, but it's too late
With the Percy Harvin anger issue reports, he landed in the perfect spot with Geno Smith, Rex Ryan and CJ?K
New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is usually a happy, upbeat guy, but he let his frustrations show after his team's 27-25 loss to the New...
The Seahawks stunned the NFL world Friday by dealing wideout Percy Harvin, pairing him with Rex Ryan and the Jets. They realized a personnel mistake and decided to cut their losses. So why did it happen?
NEW YORK – After a surprise Friday trade that sent 6th year WR Percy Harvin from Seattle to New York for unspecified conditional draft picks, Jets head coach Rex Ryan wasted no time in moving Harvin immediately past veterans Geno Smith and Michael Vick to the top of the team’s depth chart at QB, tea…
Honestly tho when Rex gets fired these Packers need to do the same with Dom Capers and upgrade our Defensive Coordinator to Rex Ryan.
Rex will resign/be canned by wk13 ProFootballTalk: Rex Ryan was so frustrated he was punching the walls
If Todd Bowles does leave (god forbid) Rex Ryan next coach of our talented defense?
For what it's worth, I love Rex Ryan. What he's accomplished with the lack of talent handed to him during his run in NY …
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Rex Ryan can always get a job from Nick Saban or Jerry Jones!
Have you noticed how Rex Ryan looks like a combo of Bill Parcells circa 2000, Brenda Warner circa 1999, and Ma'am from Webster?
Rex Ryan's name reminds me of a T.rex which is my favorite dinosaur. Could you imagine dinosaurs playing football. Man tha…
From the side Rex Ryan looks a lot like Bill Parcells. Might have something to do with "my team *** yelling.
Rex Ryan was hoping Darrelle Revis would be a Jet for life. Now, Revis plays for Ryan's most hated rival. The thought of Revis in a Patriots jersey has Ryan feeling a little physical discomfort.
Steelers need new Defensive Coordinator, should eye Rex Ry
Will fans be rid of HC Rex Ryan? Tomorrow may be his list visit to Gillette as HC: (via
Craig you see your boy latest masterpiece? No an 8th grader didn't write this
I wish Rex and Ryan could broadcast this game. Imagine that.
Red Raiders in the NFL 10.15.14 Is Amaro half a Gronkowski? Rex Ryan's thoughts on the rookie TE
if that happens I'll let Rex Ryan lick my feet...
.bringing walls in again at Citi Field, inspiring Rex Ryan to ask whether it's possible to just move the endzone closer to Geno Smith.
What does Rex Ryan and have in common? They both love a good in their thanks
Jets-NE preview: Big talk backfires ... Can Revis finish off Jets and Rex Ryan? ... The plan for Brady.
Rex Ryan says seeing Revis with the Patriots "makes him sick". Hey Rex every time you open your fat mouth you make us all sick too.
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A brief history of Rex Ryan antagonizing Bill Belichick:
John Idzik and Rex Ryan might be gone after this season anyway, but my Jets better make *** sure that we stay away from this phony that calls himself a leader!
News: Patriots vs. Jets, TNF Week 7: Five most important stats you should know -
Is Rex Ryan a famous enough coach if the Jets let him go?
Francesa hanging up on a caller wanting to talk about Rex Ryan had me in TEARS lol
Remember when Wes Welker made all those jokes about Rex Ryan's foot fetish at a press conference and Bill benched him and we lost
Who do you think would win in a fist fight between Rex Ryan and Sean Payton?
rex Ryan is gonna be the's the GM who is on the hot seat for some reason
Number of fullbacks drafted by Jets under Rex Ryan- 2
Number of WR's drafted in first 3 rounds under Rex Ryan: 1
So I’m such an *** that when I want to tell a father I’m in love with his daughter, I’ll show up at his house with a live Spanish monkey and tell him that I want to do to his daughter what Rex Ryan did to the New York Jets
Darrelle Revis in a Patriots uniform makes Rex Ryan sick to his stomach (via
“Who's gonna throw him the ball if he does?” Rex Ryan
about as dumb of an idea as Rex putting Sheldon on offense.
How does Revis in Patriots colors make Rex Ryan feel? (Hint: Not great)
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Rex Ryan joked Tuesday he feels “a little sick to my stomach” seeing Darrelle Revis in a Patriots uniform. Just wait until Thursday night. This was always the nightmare scenario when the Jets decid...
Rex Ryan has become scared of his own offense, knows they can't score when he punts instead of going for it. QB proven he can't score.
Darrelle Revis gets dissed by Rex Ryan via
Next NFL Coach to be fired? New York coach Rex Ryan the current favorite at 3/2 ($100 pays $150). Tom Coughlin the longshot at 15-1.
Rex Ryan sick to his stomach over Revis being on the pats. Didn't bother him though when he stabbed him in the back.
New York Jets front office is giving Rex Ryan a bad resume... Woody Johnson and John Idzik want to be cheap and don't wanna invest money
Rex Ryan bracing for shock of seeing Darrelle Revis in Patriots jersey
see, rex Ryan talks too much vs marshawn lynch deserves a fine for not talking enough
Coaches Hot Seat Rankings. Rex Ryan, Mike Smith, Joe Philib and other coaches up against it to keep their jobs
Who will be the next NFL coach to be fired? (via Bovada). Rex Ryan +150. Doug Marrone +400. Joe Philbin +400. Jeff Fisher
I didn't know Rex Ryan had a second job.
I really see Miami getting Harbaugh or Rex Ryan next year as head coach . which means new QB.
Rex Ryan is 15-25 over his last 40 games, with 10 losses by 20 points or more (per
Latest article up. Is Rex Ryan to blame for the 2014 NY Jets troubles? Give it a read Jets fans!
What is the problem with mopping feet. - Rex Ryan
NY Jets coach Rex Ryan, in a season where he's been set up to fail, needs ... - New York Daily News
Column: Rex Ryan said Geno Smith was "a great pick" by John Idzik. With great picks like that, who needs busts?
Rex Ryan, admitting this is lowpt of coaching career, paraphrases John Paul Jones: "We've just begun to fight." http:/…
Jets-Patriots Preview (The Associated Press): As embattled coach Rex Ryan and the New York Jets try to end the...
Looking at the question that must be asked about the John Idzik and Rex Ryan
Rex Ryan, you, John Idzik, you, the next guy the jets hire because let's face it he'll prally need to be.
The questions that must be asked about John Idzik, Rex Ryan, Woody Johnson and the
John Idzik, not Rex Ryan, to blame for Jets mess - New York Daily News
Mehta: Rex Ryan, in futile attempt to save job with NY Jets, praises inept GM John Idzik
Plus Evander Kane is hurt. Luckily they still have Ladd, Little, and Wheeler but Rex Ryan lol
NFL Players Are Different From You And Me New York Jets coach, Rex Ryan stated that, he did not have any idea whether players are working out or not, but he is very confident that his team players will be ready till that date. This is not the first time that Belichick has missed the coaches' breakfast, since several years he was not attending for the complete NFL meetings. The Oakland Raiders coach, Hue Jackson feels that a NFL player know what his duties and how to prepare himself to play. He added most of the players are making their bodies to get ready for the next season. Several NFL players are banned from the team workout facilities and gyms due to league lockout. The NFL and NFL Players Association discussed the policy before the union decertified March 11 and league owners imposed a lockout March 12, but no details were provided regarding where things stood. The Wonderlic score of a player is useful but not the only decisive factor. Even though the Wonderlic test is administered to every prospect ...
If/when Joe Philbin gets fired I want Rex Ryan as Head Coach. If the are going to keep losing forever at least get me entertained
Predictions for what current N.Y.Jets will be doing this time next year... 1) Mike Vick...working at Pet Smart under an assumed name. 2) Rex Ryan...Life Coach in North Korea. 3) Geno Smith...Selling time shares to Snowshoe Ski area in West Virginia. You heard it here first.
Rex Ryan.. Your days are numbered buddy
Leaving the and QB Peyton Manning wasn't easy for Eric Decker.
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Jets coach Rex Ryan said Eric Decker (hamstring) is "tentatively expected" to play in Week 6 against the Broncos.
Rex Ryan is proud of his player that publicly said that he was not prepared for the game last week. So I read this as Rex is proud of his player for manning up and letting everyone know the coaching staff is not doing their job!
Rex Ryan fears blowout this Sunday against
Rex Ryan(message to the fans).we blow.both our quarterbacks can't make plays and we are just awful. We succck.
sorry brother,maybe Vick can catch a pass or two if Rex Ryan won't start him at quar…
Rex Ryan said it was written it the stars and needs to be
My dog has her a little Rex Ryan foot thing going on. She loves her some dirty socks man.
yall are notorious for chirping. 1st year w the Giants before the Super Bowl Antrelle Rolle "Id love to play for Rex Ryan"
New York Jets coach Rex Ryan praises Michael Vick for his honesty in admitting that he could have worked harder in practice last week.
rex ryan the next head coach at Georgia?
Time to cut ties with Rex Ryan and this circus. Does anyone have Coach Cowher's telephone number?
Rex Ryan is looking for suggestions to improve the Jets, and we're here to help via
There are too many mistakes and not enough improvement to have Rex Ryan continue as an NFL coach.  Things are tight in the AFC East. After losing to the Miami Dolphins in Week 1, the New England Patriots seem to be vulnerable this season. They are in a tie with the Buffalo Bills at 3-2, with the afo…
NYJ Star Ledger: Braylon Edwards rips into Geno Smith, Rex Ryan because he's an expert on leadership
is and has always been a better QB than Geno Smith and if you think otherwise your as stupid as Rex Ryan
Rex salutes Vick Unprepared talk took guts via what a joke, players should be prepared to play
Rex Ryan is definitely a player's coach. If I'm on that team I'd be playing and practicing a little bit harder this week for him.
Rex Ryan admits NY Jets could have tough time handling Broncos QB Peyton ...
chances Rex Ryan is the browns dc next year?
Braylon Edwards: Rex Ryan "does not know how to dial it back and simplify." |
Braylon Edwards: Rex Ryan "wants things to work his way so that he can get the credit for it." |
Who Believes when Head Coach Rex Ryan Says him and GM John Idzik are working as a team ?
When it comes to Rex Ryan and feet, "out the door" is not how he prefers them.
3-Wide is a weekly feature in which theScore's NFL editors debate the hot topics around the league. Grab a cold towel and brace for hot takes.Is it time for Rex Ryan to start Michael Vick over Geno Smith?Michael Amato: It's not an ideal choice for Ryan by any means given that his job is on the line,…
As if Rex Ryan didn't already have one foot out the door lol
Or at least the ones that are left, as Rex Ryan would say.
New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan took a few moments to recite what he believes awaits his struggling defense Sunday.
Video: Rex Ryan supportive of his quarterbacks via
Apparently Rex Ryan's do more speech promoted Vick to admit he didn't practice like he should
Rex Ryan has Cowboys DC written all over him. Good call on Patriots too, though.
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Smh missed a team meeting because he was at the movies. Please Rex Ryan, bench him for good.
“Rex Ryan Praises Mike Vick For Being Unprepared ?! - would have been prepared
Rex Ryan hoping for a 50 mph cross wind to stop Peyton
Rex Ryan with an .800 winning pct. in press conferences and a .500 one where it matters.
If Rex Ryan gets fired, can you see him as Defensive Coordinator with Browns next year?
My favorite Rex Ryan quote is: . "I guarantee we'll win a Super Bowl."
3-Wide: Is it time for Rex Ryan to bench Geno Smith?.
"Rex Ryan would be a great fit for The U" on Sports Brothers Radio … Click Listen Live !!
With Rex Ryan as their coach, the New York Jets will always be a joke - FanSided: FanSidedWi...
Rex Ryan said the need to be like to beat the Broncos. No seriously, he did
Rex Ryan applauds Vick for his honesty, says admitting to being unprepared "took guts." Reminds me a lot of this
Rex Ryan expects David Harris to play Sunday. Hard to get a full read on Harris's shoulder condition based on walk-through. All half speed.
His job on the line, Rex Ryan prepares for Peyton Manning & Co. - The Denver Post (blog)
Rex Ryan is sticking with Geno Smith and I'm sticking with adding extra cheese to everything! Thanks for the inspiration Rex
Rex Ryan sticking with Gino Smith he says.that's great..I'm ecstatic.
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Rex Ryan is shooting himself in the foot by keeping Geno Smith as the starter. *** start my boy Vick!
Beuerlein: "Rex Ryan is trying to take blame + deflect everything, but it is a lot deeper than just Geno Smith. There are a lot of problems"
Geno Smith Missed Team Meeting.: He was allowed to play b/c Rex Ryan says so. . . Also, Geno is a bust, an...
EXCLUSIVE: Transcript of Geno Smith's FB messages to Rex Ryan this weekend.
Rex Ryan will be asked later today why he let Smith play. Right now, looks like he gave Geno a free pass. Sends a questiona…
Rex Ryan didn't share what the discipline would be for Geno Smith, but said "He'll be treated no differently than any other player."
Rex Ryan will stick with Geno Smith after benching
Rex Ryan says Geno Smith will start at QB next week despite benching.
forget Geno Smith, forget John Idzik. I am done with Rex Ryan
Hopping on a conference call with the Geno Smith is among the players to address reporters, Rex Ryan later.
"coach Rex Ryan said Geno Smith will start vs. the a game after being benched for the second half"
Rex Ryan might lose his job because of Sunday's collapse, but it's far from the coach's fault
QOTD: who did a worse job coaching yesterday: Rex Ryan or Ken Wisenhunt?.
Rex Ryan announces next week's starting QB. Derek Jeter will lead them to the Super Bowl. .
Complete stats for NFL Week 6 for AFC East Analyst may be wrong on Billicheck and Brady. This has always been nicknamed the Patriot Division. New England Patriots back where they like it hot at the top with Buffalo Bills with Miami Dolphins in 3rd place with New York Jets at the bottom. Each year they say this is Coach Rex last year. I certainly want to hear the analyst always calling for Rex Ryan firing will the analyst do that heading towards week 6. I really like to know.
New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan said in previous weeks that he was going to stick by Geno Smith. But after a poor showing by the Jets in...
Geno Smith misses meeting, the Jets get destroyed and it's now only a matter of time before Rex Ryan pays:
Cimini: Despite mea culpa, Rex Ryan isn't totally at fault -- but that won't save his job
The way we played yesterday, Rex Ryan should get fired before the season ends and not when it's over. My Jets got destroyed in every way possible, and now we're on a 4 game losing streak. And I don't think it's over yet. We have the Denver Broncos next game then the Patriots at their place, meaning it's likely we'll end up with a 1-6 record by next Thursday night.
If NYJ HC Rex Ryan wanted to win now, he should've started Mike Vick at QB from the start. Dogs wouldn't approve, but still...
The .um. Well I think it's safe to say Rex Ryan won't be taking the team to Dairy Queen for them after the game.
Rex Ryan says the team has not “finalized” any decision/amount on Geno Smith fine for his f-bombs. Says there have been discussions.
Jets claim Rex Ryan doesn’t have to make the playoffs to keep his job: Jets owner Woody Johnson tol...
Woody Johnson says playoffs not a necessity for Rex Ryan to keep job: Could Rex Ryan really miss the playoffs ...
Woody Johnson could keep Rex Ryan around if fail to make playoffs -
Woody Johnson says Rex Ryan will be evaluated after season
Woody Johnson tellin' Rex Ryan what QB will play during games? *** shame!
Rex Ryan reacts to Jets owner Woody Johnson stopping short of a vote of confidence
Rex Ryan gots to be the worst coach ever. Geno Smith ***
Rex Ryan says Mike Vick was brought in to push Geno Smith, believes he’s done it thus far
Kind of wish I was hearing Ryan and Rex.. Also, I keep looking in the bottom left for the pitch count
Next coach to be fired could be Rex Ryan. are 1-3. Secondary *** Offense not good. Time for a change
Feels weird to watch such an important game for the without Rex & Ryan calling the game. Amazing to see that crowd, though.
If I'm Rex Ryan I'm hoping I get fired then I'm taking the job with the best roster and going to win a Super Bowl.
ye a Idzik has made it clear to me that they're trying to build around Rex's defensive ideologies
The reason Rob or Rex Ryan's defenses don't have any picks all based off scheme. Hard to intercept balls with back to QB in man all game.
No but seriously, Chris Johnson needs to start balling for my fantasy team. That's all that matters right?
Rob and Rex Ryan's defenses are the only teams in the NFL without an interception.
Rex Ryan to stick with Geno Smith as Jets starter
Mehta: If Rex Ryan continues to stick with Geno Smith over Mike Vick, it could cost him his job -
Rex Hudler and Ryan Lefebvre need to announce this game
time to give payback to the Jets and Rex Ryan for those playoff losses and laughs they provided SD can play him out of a job
Rex Ryan, upon learning he's not allowed to bench Geno Smith, because the GM drafted him .
wanted to look at Bill Cowher wasn't interested, Steve Spags took job, and Rex Ryan was like I'll come along.
The (1-3) are next for the (3-1). A scouting report on Rex Ryan's team:
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John Idzik wasn't 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice for I think same thing could be said for Rex Ryan wasn't GG 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice
I would be pretty excited if they got a proven coordinator like Rex Ryan next year. Defense is way too predictable this year
NYJ Newsday: Geno Smith, Rex Ryan not concerned with negativity from outside
agreed. The most disappointing thing about this is that they just spent two early picks on 4-3 DL and Rex Ryan is going to
Brian Baldinger "Philip Rivers has told us before that the toughest defense he's played is a Rex Ryan coached Defense."
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