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Rex Murphy

Rex Murphy (born March 1947) is a Canadian commentator and author, primarily on Canadian political and social matters.

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CBC quite often only presents one perspective - for how long has Rex Murphy been blathering?
I’d be up for it. A shame I couldn’t fire peter mansbrisge. But Rex Murphy would be gone so fast he’d get the vapours.
Soon to be the host of Cross Canada Check up? Hey, they gave the job to Rex Murphy, so anything is possible.
proud Boys was just straight reporting- for real outrage, CBC let's Rex Murphy out of his hamster cage.
Oh, I get it. gave Gavin McInnes a spot on as a trial run to take over from Rex Murphy. He's young, hip and edgy.
...with a wrap by Rex Murphy. And they wonder why viewership is tanking. Sorry, tanked.
And a snoozy interview with Pastor Mansbridge... and a flattering opinion piece by Rex Murphy extol…
Never forget scumbags like Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn, Rex Murphy were *MADE* as political figures by corporate, mains…
You have the raw sexual charisma of Rex Murphy.
The CBC commentator Rex Murphy has advanced questionable propositions about Muslims. He is free to express his...
Rex Murphy is right. "Diversity is our strength" sounds a lot like Frank Costanza's "serenity now" mantra
Why did Rex Murphy get weekly national TV appearances, 3 hours on radio per weekend, multiple newspaper columns?
A good read on what truly is the strength of this great nation - Unity! Happy Canada Day 🇨🇦 !
Canada reaches 150 years only to discover the one thing that's missing: a national identity.
Like Rex Murphy, Christie Blatchford has a way of saying what I'm thinking but in a far more articulate way.
On the same day Rex Murphy whines about how much diversity gives him a tummy ache.
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We all love you Peter ~ you are truly the best ANCHOR! With your pal Rex Murphy being the BRAINS…
Celebrating ‘diversity’ will only divide us, but celebrating Canada’s unity keeps us strong
"Trudeau is fond of the aphorism that diversity is our strength. That’s far too much to claim." https:/…
That photo of looking at me while I vote?!? Can we skip that next election? Maybe get Rex Murphy?…
Rex Murphy nails it - the brainlessness and absolute absurdity of the "NEB modernization" recommendations.
Rex Murphy: Liberal recommendation to change the National Energy Board is political dynamite
Rex Murphy safely re-enters Ontario after snapping turtle hunt permanently banned.
.(Also Rex Murphy, but I may be asking too much.)
Rex Murphy: Of tofu compost and David Suzuki’s bus — why is no one ever held to account for eco-fiascos?
"Some things are so stupid that only an intellectual could believe them...".
Time to get rid of left-wing schools and go back to stone tablets.
Opinion: "Yes, Rex Tillerson, U.S. taxpayers should care about Ukraine. Here’s why."
Its been more than two years since Rex Murphy wrote this.
Tillerson's stock rises in the White House via
Easy to get into Stanford U. “A young overachiever dazzled the Admissions Department of Stanford University by...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Awesome...Rex Murphy: witchcraft is a pretty good explanation for all that’s happening in Ontario v…
Daniel Murphy walks-off on Daniel Murphy bobblehead night!. (We promise we did not rig this)
Rex Murphy: Memory loss is the most common illness affecting politicians, especially when they enter government:…
Rex Murphy: Our Prime Minister was busy this week, with feminism.
Rex Murphy: There are fascists on campus. Protesters don’t realize it’s them, not Milo Yiannopoulos via
Yes. In this case Althea Raj made assertion about pot legislation that wasn't true and Rex Murphy said tha…
shameful SJW play victim when real victims don't get help they need & deserve
Its time the got rid of Rex Murphy.
Rex Murphy on CBC suggesting that PBO "oversees the budget". PBO does nothing of sort. CBC in misinformation business…
Lord Black & Rex Murphy are slow witted mastodons mired in the tar sands tailing ponds.. & apologies to real mastodons
Rex Murphy: The only thing modern universities couldn't make worse is United Airlines' PR team via
Rex Murphy: The only thing modern universities couldn’t make worse is United Airlines’ PR team
Stephen Lewis, Rex Murphy and Peter Mark Roget walk into a bar.
Rex Murphy: Our PM was busy this week, with feminism and firepower. It was all, of course, very middle class.
Rex Murphy nails it again. He has pegged.
It was hard times to live through but Rex Murphy's opinion is as Canadian as it gets and I too agree.
Rex Murphy weighs in on the bowling controversy that has swept Newfoundland
Yeah, I suppose Don Cherry, Kevin O'Leary, Rex Murphy, Andrew Coyne, John Ibbiston & all the rest of the gang are figm…
Because they watch too much Rex Murphy! :)
Oh I don't know...Rex Murphy, Barbara Kay, Joe Warmington etc etc?
Rex Murphy: If Trudeau wants UN Security Council seat, he’ll have to answer questions about Israel
Rex Murphy: The ‘fake news’ theme is itself fake news. It can’t hide the truth of why Hillary Clinton really lost
Rex Murphy: Curb your climate change enthusiasm via
Rex Murphy: Curb your climate change enthusiasm - At the critical moment of every second-rate movie ever made, ... https:/…
It doesn't get more ridiculous than Rex Murphy saying there's no glass ceiling & using Margaret Thatcher (only fema…
AMPPE's Annual Fundraising Gala on November 4th will feature Rex Murphy! Get your tickets now
Oh, it is. Rex Murphy is past shark-jumping, to something like shark-fisting. . .
"The truly wretched of the Earth grow more wretched and the world, as they say, marches on." Rex Murphy
You could change places for a day with Rex Murphy to see who is the most gifted, yet vacuous pundit in Canada.
There's been a lot of discussion on this. Rex Murphy on Canadian values - CBC News | The National
Suspect the next Rex Murphy column in the National Post is gonna be especially stupid.
.I like Coronation Street on CBC and Peter Mansbridge is our friend. The rest of it can go though. Oh, except Rex Murphy.
Head Coach Rex Ryan joins us on the John Murphy Show now to discuss the win over the Patriots!
Rex Ryan shows off hat at press conference:
Murphy is right on this score: Things will get worse after the US finally votes in November in a split society across many divides.
Rex Murphy on "Outrageous" Liberal Expenses...and it's good...
Just remember the T-Rex got those *** in the end. stay strong, dude. Peace, love, and nachos... ✌
Rex Ryan puts a Clemson hat on the podium. "About a good of a weekend as you can get."
Time to get very vocal over & ideologues that strive to drag a great people down.
displayed an image of Teddy Roosevelt while Rex Murphy was speaking of FDR on "Point of View" (The 'Outlandish' Election) Sept. 30.
The position of the presidency is now a revenge tool. Rex Murphy is right, anger explodes after Nov 8th regardless…
Exactly. It's fake machismo. But that IS a Rex Ryan team.
“Unless there is a landslide victory, the process will be but an appetizer-prologue for the morning after the vote.”.
Rex Murphy doesn't know what he's talking about.
I'm pinning the Rex Murphy video. If you love this nation, watch it & share it (RT) Thanks.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
more left wing nut ball musings by Rex Murphy via
Rex Murphy: The environmental crowd knows no compromise
Election 2016 wisdom (and warning) from Canada's leading curmudgeon. HT .
The inimitable Rex Murphy on what happens when "social license" is allowed to trump the rule of law:
Rex Murphy: Horrors of U.S. presidential campaign will only be appetizers for morning after the vote…
Mr. POTATO...good thing they didnt throw Rotten Tomatos
Rex Murphy on the dangerous divisions that the U.S. election won't resolve.
20160930: Rex Murphy: Think the U.S. election campaign has been bad so far? Things will get worse after the vote
I added a video to a playlist Rex Murphy | The "Outlandish" Election
Rex Murphy: What do Rob Ford, the Brexit and Donald Trump have in common? via
is thrilled to welcome Rex Murphy as the keynote speaker at our Company Dinner in October.
Conservatives are quoting Rex Murphy in the House right now. My God. . They are running out of cards to play. Only jokers l…
Joe Oliver channeling his inner Rex Murphy for hyperbole & climate denial from Canada's oilyest paper.
Rex Murphy makes a lot of sense on changing the voting system. Canadians need a referendum.
Important words from Rex Murphy on the priority that must be helping Alberta right now | Fort McMurray Wildfire
At Issue w/ & on the impact of on Ottawa, and Rex Murphy's commentary on is special. Very.
. Senator Mike Duffy not guilty 31friggin times, tell that to Rex Murphy, and W5 , The guy was innocent all along,
This would be destroyed on any other Canadian sub. Rex Murphy's last piece on Rob Ford is terrific. via /…
Rex Murphy's point of view on what effect the Leap Manifesto has had on the NDP. https…
Rex Murphy: Alberta, unfortunately, has few friends. And Thomas Mulcair isn't one of them. https:/…
Rex Murphy: Thomas Mulcair is little more than a sideshow, but he’s still the best the NDP has to offer
Rex Murphy: Thomas Mulcair a sideshow, still the best NDP has to offer NDP ..LAZY..SAT ON FENCE
Rex Murphy is wearing a sweater & tie. Wonder if this style has any correlation on the tone of his rant. Is he thoughtful?More curmudgeonly?
letter to Rex Murphy ... . Rex. Regarding your essay "The general theory of Senate relativity", it was the media...
Rex Murphy: Before the election, the Senate was under a microscope. Now, it's insignificant https…
Beautiful piece, how media focus changes dependening on party: Rex Murphy- The general theory of Senate relativity
I liked a video 22 Minutes: Rex Murphy on Justin Trudeau
Behold as Justin Trudeau incurs the wrath of Rex Murphy's eyebrows. SKETCH:
CBC’s Rex Murphy: the anti-Christian dictatorship of Justin Trudeau | The Pulse | LifeSite
Rex Murphy: In Justin Trudeau's world, Christians need not apply via fullcomment
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Rex Murphy is one of the few media voices that challenges mainstream media narratives. A wonderful Canadian.
Will it be Paris or Calgary, Mr. Trudeau? Rex Murphy on Trudeau's conflicting agenda
Get that man a white stetson!. Rex Murphy on Calgary: 'Where are the city's allies?'
I guess Rex Murphy's had another stroke or something and forgot Fort McMurray is a lot closer to the economic abyss than Calgary.
Rex Murphy looks like Doc Brown if the Delorean caught his face on fire while he was working underneath it.
screams like Janet Leigh in Psycho when she sees Rex Murphy.
Resolution for 2016: stop hate reading Margaret Wente and Rex Murphy articles
T.J. Murphy explains how he ditched his traditional running diet, lost weight, didn’t bonk. and felt better:
Also, NatPo and Rex Murphy need to seriously stop. They both stink.
Rex Murphy: Don Cherry for the Order of Canada via
"Canada is not the Liberal party, elected with 39%. Liberal party is, like Conservatives & NDP, a partisan vehicle."
Can we still call it unilateral when we’re trying to use all the laterals available? No. Stop it.
Rex gets it right again. " It is up to the voters to decide how they shall choose which party to give that power to"
Ignoramus Rex Murphy of the makes the grade.
I believe Rex Murphy is incorrect. As Canada's first dictator , I will change the electoral system to benefit me. .
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Rex Murphy the only one calling-out Trudeau on this, rest of the media lapping it up
68% of Canadians voted in support of electoral reform in recent election, Rex Murphy.
Rex Murphy is a journalist and in "his opinion" ref is ethically required. The law says no such thing.
As usual Rex Murphy hits the mark with (unregistered) rifle precision.
FULL TIME: Brighton 0-1 Town. Big three points for thanks to Murphy's first-half strike!
I love Rex Murphy, hard to believe CBC has kept him around this whole time.
GOAALL!! Mistake from Dunk allowed Murphy to get in and he lashes the ball at goal, hitting the inside of the post on it…
Rex Murphy: The Liberal government does not have the right to unilaterally change our voting system
Now we're back to the Rex Murphy drop out speaking engagement for the Canadian Federation of Agriculture
Stephen Harper: fired. . Rex Murphy: has a cork in it. . Oh glory days!
nice graphic ,did Rex Murphy go on a blind date?
Rex Murphy: The high church of global warming.
Rex Murphy, I disagree. I don't care what people wear for the citizenship ceremony. Zero impact on me as a Canadian. None.
THANK YOU Rex Murphy! Welcome to Canada friends. Please join us and don't divide us.
Hey, Rex Murphy u don't have 2 worry about stripping of his citizenship since, u do remember, he renounc…
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Rex Murphy's POV tonite on was simplistic xenophobic pablum. Message: Don't become Cdn if you value your faith
Rex Murphy used a great gust of polysyllabic verbiage to say "this is how we do it and if you can't don't become a citizen." Classic Rex.
Perfect! takes apart 2 lazy opeds on the liberal arts by Heather Mallick and Rex Murphy.
Green Party guy: don't throw out the CBC because of a few rotten apples aka Rex Murphy
She might be the kind of overeducated, overopinionated, uber feminist many people love to hate, but she's not wrong.
He's a close-minded misogynist but he's not entirely wrong about our post-secondary classrooms.
Thank you for feeling that you needed to say this:
it was pretty obvious no one edited Rex Murphy's last one. Lots of typos. "Jane Austin" etc.
Rex Murphy: Institutes of lower education via
Auschwitz is covered in 1st year world history/western civ courses. Johnstone either didn't take one or forgot it.
Also, really, who needs to make fun of Rex Murphy, he does such a good job of making an *** of himself.
Rex Murphy = Don Cherry with a larger vocabulary. A "smart-sounding" pundit for stupid people.
none of the above listed characteristics of a modern person are present in his author, Rex Murphy, "critic"
Open Letter to Rex Murphy & National Post "when a national newspaper chooses to publish openly misogynistic opinions"
"If she had been working on a master’s in furniture removal, perhaps it would make sense."
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Does Rex Murphy rant as passionately when male politicians speak to all male audiences? So ridiculous.
Oh-oh Rex Murphy your misogyny is showing!
Rex Murphy Justin Trudeau the Johnny Depp of Canadian politics via
Here's incisive reply to Rex Murphy's misogynist, queerphobic, and anti-intellectual ed.
On Hook and Eye, Erin Wunker takes Rex Murphy to task for his crappy National Post op-ed on higher ed
The descent of universities: from education to PC ignorance. Rex nails it again.
Was so glad to wake up to articulate response to Rex Murphy's embarrassing tirade
Generating low pop culture dissertation themes is my jam and Rex Murphy can go fly a kite.
"Institutes of lower education". Rex Murphy on the current sad state of "higher in both Canada & the US:
Rex Murphy, or Pompous *** with a Thesaurus Mansplaining the Purpose of My Degrees.
Bang on wake-up call - Rex Murphy: Institutes of lower education via
Way to openly publish misogynistic opinions. Shame on you. -->
Because using a photo of a rape victim 'nails' what you're trying to say, Rex. *sense the sarcasm*
The brilliant takes on Rex Murphy's recent NatPo vitriol in this open letter:
.responds to Rex Murphy's vile Ntl Post piece: An Open Letter to Rex Murphy and the National Post
.takes on Rex Murphy and his dismissal of gender inequity, violence against women, and higher ed http…
Shame on the for publishing “rape victim” in air quotes in ref to Emma Sulkowicz/any rape victim. See
A response to Rex Murphy's misogynist op-ed on why the humanities are failing, from
"Does anyone think Sulkowicz knows anything about the Holocaust, or that she could even spell Auschwitz?".
And they weren't that good twenty years ago either : Rex Murphy: Institutes of lower education
"Any uni that awarded post-grad degree for that degrading performance ought to examine its institutional conscience". http:/…
Rex Murphy didn't even spell Jane Austen or John Milton's names correctly in his piece. Who's Jane Austin and Johns Milton?
OH Rex Murphy, you know I love you. But please, leave poor Martin out of this. He's been dead 500 years.
better than that day we were all Rex Murphy
Rex Murphy uses his vocabulary in the same way that Tammy Faye Bakker used her eyeshadow.
You can start by losing the guy in the picture. And throw Rex Murphy & Amanda Lang out a window.
Would Amanda Lang hurry up and go and take those two right wing little dogs, Peter Mansbridge & Rex Murphy too
Retire, Mansbridge - and take Rex Murphy with you. Want discernment in opinions, not CPC partisan
imagine teen Andrew c0yne's opinions. Imagine teen wente. Imagine teen Jon k, imagine teen Rex Murphy, imagine teen Conrad bla
Rex Murphy: Can a man who ignores his promise of open nominations credibly claim to be a great reformer?
Rex Murphy as he debunks Justin's last minute "Hail Gerry" (Butts) round of latest policy promises.
Rex Murphy on motivation: "How many of Mr. Trudeau’s mini-magna carta for Cdn democracy would survive his victory?"
So Rex Murphy lobbying for Big Oil companies at conference is NOT violating code of conduct ?
With the exception of Rex Murphy, there's no one in Cdn "serious news" TV who comments on the news.
I remember admiring Rex Murphy's way with words once, too.
You know Rex Murphy is BSing when he masks hot takes with whining offense frothed up by mock eloquence
was there and Tyrantasaurus Rex Murphy too.
Got thru half that Rex Murphy column before I had to stop myself from losing more brain cells. What a deluded ***
tells FN not 2 hit racist button. Look at racist media coverage-esp in 2 wrong people. htt…
I've always been unsure about Rex Murphy, but no more. His latest NatPo piece is racist, ignorant, inaccurate rubbish.
A well deserved skewering of a racist, ignoramus;. What does Rex Murphy know about Aboriginals? Nothing.
Rex Murphy must be frothing at the racist mouth at the sight of all these 'ungrateful' NDNs on
Wow how can anyone take you seriously when you clearly did 0 research on systemic white privilege?htt…
"White Privilege" racist movement led by Ivory Tower apologetic ouroboros + echoes Mao's purges (Rex at his best)
So according to Rex Murphy, Canada is the PERFECT meritocracy & if you question it with ideas of negative racial stere…
domain names
Check your bigotry (Searching for the White Privilege Gene) Could there be a better definition…
It's really, really sexist and racist to assume there's nothing relatable about an Asian woman, Rex Murphy.
Murphy tonight you sounded more like a racist sir. Your so called "worthless mobs" only want their v…
Remember that paying Rex Murphy to write today's hogwash is par for their course. The National Post has a racist, misogynist agen…
The USA has Jon Stewart. Acknowledging white privilege: Canada has Rex Murphy. .
Seriously, that drivel isn't even new. How does Rex Murphy get paid to recycle that same tired old racist BS and call it anal…
Rex Murphy: yada yada poor whites yada yada noticing race is racist yada yada we're all human beings. *word count* Yep, that …
So Rex Murphy says the term 'white privilege' is racist. Also uses 'hysteria' to describe rape culture. Am I missing anythin…
If you talk about white privilege you're a racist, according to an old white guy
Rex Murphy, a racist old toad that fails to understand that the ultimate privilege is not knowing you're privileged. http:/…
Meanwhile in Canada: Rex Murphy (respected Canadian journalist) denies white deeming it "racist".
Super curious to hear more from Mother Canada Honourary Patrons Rex Murphy
CBC has canned my two fav hosts in the last year... Who's next, Rex Murphy?
Great Interview Mr.Murphy. Cyrus seems much more relaxed during this interview. Rex's positive influence is very apparent!!
Rex Murphy at a "Anti-Tax" conservative event "there are things so stupid that only a government could do it!"(would that gov be Rex?)
"You are the extroverted cousins of accountants" says Rex Murphy of
Oh look Rex Murphy is racking up speakers fees again on the public dime
of course, although when Rex Murphy isn't the keynote speaker my heart isn't really in it.
Our favorite prehistoric friend just wants to see
No tire is indestructible when a tyrannosaurus rex flips your vehicle and chomps on them!
ha ha Rex Murphy looks like he fell asleep on stage.
Rex Murphy never disappoints - acerbic, thoughtful, provocative and witty, as always.
When it starts thundering I think it's a T-Rex
You're in an industry... you should be proud of. Continue to secure the fortune & future of NL- Rex Murphy closes
Rex Murphy speaking at Noia. So, I guess he's still doing that sort of gig...
As the sea dealt NL a blow with the loss of the fishery, it then rescued w/ - Rex Murphy on the imp & value of the industry
If you can't fix your hair with $9 billion, I don't want you in the White House - Rex Murphy on Donald Trump,
"Where there's a will there's a way; where there's a team, there's more than one way." ~ Rex Murphy
Rex Murphy addresses Chiefs of Police, thanks profession for bringing calm and returning life to normal during chaos.
Interesting analysis by Rex Murphy - he is right - the population are not going to tolerate complacency and the...
Rex Murphy: A message for Mr. Harper — Conservative voters are feeling let down
No fan of Rex Murphy but this article is worth reading - maybe b/c it gives me hope will be gone
Caught a few seconds of tired, old Rex Murphy opining on Completely off the mark; not every cultural influence comes in a book.
A magnificent Rex Murphy takedown of the half-baked notion of "white privilege".
Rex Murphy: ‘White privilege’ on the march Fatuousness personified.
Rex Murphy takes the stage and is roasting Crosbie and the other guest speakers.
If thinks Newfoundlanders want more Rex Murphy (as per we Newfies need to put forward better alternatives.
Rex Murphy entertaining the crowd at the Manning Networking Conference in Ottawa.
Rex Murphy dropping science at Manning Networking conference!
Listening to Rex Murphy speak at the Manning Centre Conference
Rex Murphy, Conrad Black and other CPC sycophants against C-51... Stephen Harper does not care:
VIDEO: Rex Murphy calls on Canada to go to war against Stephen Harper's terror bill
Last week agreed with Rex Murphy now & his opinion on Ont. new sex ed. curriculum. What is going on?
Maybe CBC can step up. I'd love to hear Rex Murphy commentating on four rounds between Killer Jason Kenney and Tom "The Explainer" Mulcair
Rex Murphy's Point of View: The world rallied for Paris following the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Why isn't it rallying against Boko Haram?
Little Giant Ladders
Rex Murphy asks why people care more about 17 murders in France than 2,000 in Nigeria
Canadian pundit community in shock after both Rex Murphy and Margaret Wente fail the Turing Test.
Rex Murphy lost his Rhodes scholarship because he lost his debating skills after getting his mouth caught in a vacuum cleaner
Here's Rex Murphy dressed like an angel in 1974.
This MUST have inspired Kevin MacDonald's Sir Simon. MT Rex Murphy dressed like an angel in 1974.
I liked a video from Rex Murphy's P.O.V on Jian Ghomeshi
Rex Murphy likens Harper to Darth Vader. I think I've seen that before LOL
1st Jian Ghomeshi, now we hear that Peter Mansbridge & Rex Murphy got paid huge sums to speak at Pro Tar Sands Events in Al…
Weird that Peter Mansbridge and Rex Murphy haven't taken Jian Ghomeshi out behind the wood shed.
If it's not Ghomeshi, then it's Peter Mansbridge and Rex Murphy getting paid huge sums to speak at Alberta TarSands Conferences.
Rex Murphy, your "tribute" / to Cpl. Nathan Cirillo this evening could not have been worded more beautifully
Peter Mansbridge, Laura Lynch, I bet Rex Murphy has some stories that would make a guy blush.
So, Jian Ghomeshi is out at the CBC and Rex Murphy is still there? Just put a bullet in my brain, please.
Rex Murphy's speech on Ottawa will make every Canadian proud
Rex Murphy on the mark. Honour the Heroes. Let the perpetrator go un-named.
Dear why do you keep giving Rex Murphy a platform? He comes across as a grumpy old kook. Hey you kids, get off my…
VIDEO: Rex Murphy weighs in on how the three party leaders are performing in the debate. h…
Rex Murphy on common man's Rob Ford. Vitriol is like "oilsands fuelling his campaign"
Austin & Murphy have had too many chances. Been weak minded for ages. Hock talks sense, team need to do it on pitch.
For you language and satire geeks, here's a beautifully polysyllabic piece from Rex Murphy via
Sex, history and politics with Rex Murphy
"Blueberry picking on the Newfoundland Barrens. The horror!"
Decided on Franklin & Bash, where Pindar is afraid of what the court will find in his search history. Probably not Rex Murphy.
"In an editorial that stands with the work of Zola (J’accuse) defending Dreyfus."Fun read see PT
LOVE IT! Rex Murphy, as always, hits it home.
A must read: RexMurphy's account of a child's summer labour in Newfoundland!
Rex Murphy-"When Israel is in conflict, all other wars are relegated to the sideshow tents" by protesters on the left http…
"De-escalation is a spurious concept espoused by hippies and anarchists." - Next weeks Rex Murphy column probably
For clarity I'm the second blob at the podium from the left in the last pic. We really paxked them in. Never follow Rex Murphy.
Sex, history and politics with Rex Murphy via
Sex, history and politics with Rex Murphy [CBA National Magazine]
Blurry picture- not sure if I just met Rex Murphy or in character
Screech-Ins and now Rex Murphy, secondary embarrassment for the CBA.
Rex Murphy made me laugh, reflect on the meaning of being Canadian ...and forget that it's 3h30 earlier in
Incoming Pres thanks Rex Murphy for his "mix of sex & history & politics & law - perfect way to start the day."
Just listened and laughed with Rex Murphy
Great speech this morning by Rex Murphy in St. John's, NL!
Rex Murphy: the "civil code" of our morality is the true foundation to the rule of law in Canada
Rule of law rests on social and moral codes developed by generations before us: Rex Murphy
Rex Murphy: altruism, part of the core of Canadian social fabric, played out in Newfoundland after 9/11
Enjoying Rex Murphy's keynote at CBA conference in St John's NL.
Rex Murphy: doing the right thing is a pleasure at
Newfoundland is a lonely place - and we have some spectacular sheep: Rex Murphy has some fun at
"I'm not going to be informative, it's too early in the morning for that," Rex Murphy tells
Rex Murphy: I grew up in Newfoundland thinking we had the most ridiculous politics... and then I went to Toronto
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
"A triumph of hope over experience" Rex Murphy on being asked to address CBA for a second time.
"By the way I'm digressing. And I haven't begun yet," says Rex Murphy. "How can you leave the path when you're not on it?"
Rex Murphy re: Rob Ford re: God has given up on Toronto
God himself has given up on the city of Toronto: Rex Murphy
Listening to Rex Murphy at the Canadian Bar Association conference in St John's, NL.
Rex Murphy: god himself has given up on Toronto
Rex Murphy: The mighty combustion of small events, and other lessons from the First World War via
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