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Rex Murphy

Rex Murphy (born March 1947) is a Canadian commentator and author, primarily on Canadian political and social matters.

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A friend shared an article called "I stand with Neil," talking about prominent people backing Neil Young's stand on the oil sands. There are some suggestions at the bottom of the posting for more of them being a mind-numbing rant by Ezra Levant. Can people tell me how it got there? I don't mind hearing other opinions--such as Rex Murphy's counter to Young' s comments--but Sun Media?...who is choosing this drivel for me!
Rex Murphy's editorial regarding Neil Young's cheap shot at Alberta oil sands was right on the money. Don't you agree.
I read a Conrad Black piece in the 'National Post' today as I often read Rex Murphy's pieces. I thoroughly enjoy an article from a writer that uses facts.
Rex Murphy, CBC's climate-change-denier and former Liberal candidate, advocated for Pierre Trudeau as the greatest ever Canadian.
Rex Murphy disses National Geographic and Greenpeace in getting paid to tell pipeline builders to build pipelines
Rick Mercer, Rex Murphy and David Suzuki are probably the only Canadians whom I don't find embarrassing.
150 years later, Rex Murphy explains the power of the Gettysburg Address
by Rex Murphy: A perfect miracle of public utterance via
Postmedia columnist says Rex Murphy hates Trudeau because he's too ugly to "get laid" like him
Gettysburg 150 years on - Rex Murphy: A perfect miracle of public utterance
Here's new link to Rex's rant Watching Rex Murphy: The "Unbearable" Lightness of Justin Trudeau
Great start listening to Amazing. Then great sessions-brain is exploding. Rex Murphy tonight! Yup, Science …
“Rex Murphy: A perfect miracle of public utterance
Did pull Rex Murphy video ripping apart Trudeau?
Thank you for this powerful, articulate, well-informed response piece to Rex Murphy:
Watched Rex Murphy at Amazing speaker. Wish I had a tenth of his wit, intelligence and... vocabulary!
“Rex Murphy 's best editorialist about when politicians were honourable
Great piece, as always, by Rex Murphy on Gettysburg
From Rex Murphy: A perfect miracle of public utterance
Rex Murphy: A perfect miracle of public utterance
Finally Rex Murphy said something I can agree with.Trudeau is not Prime ministerial and Tom Mulcair is a step up.
Just enjoyed a great dinner followed by a inspiring talk by Rex Murphy. Conference is really impressing me so far!
Why I've long felt should be privatized. MT Did CBC pull Rex Murphy video ripping Trudeau?
Rex Murphy: The Rob Ford Scandal: Rex thinks it’s time for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to resign.
Rex Murphy is the best speaker I've ever heard! Wow.
Rex Murphy-it was a great honour.Humbled by your skill, wit and intelligence. For the record, the 2nd law of thermodynamics is sexy.
This is Postmedia journo Katherine Monk who said Rex Murphy was too ugly to get laid
State broadcaster is at it again. Rex Murphy, the only voice of sanity in their midst, muzzled!! JT video pulled. *** Smacks of
Rex Murphy hits another one OUT OF THE BALLPARK on
Postmedia's tells Rex Murphy not to be jealous just because Trudeau can "get laid"
hope you're all over the Rex Murphy commentary on Justin and it's removal from CBC website
Clever, bitter, almost as if he's mesmerised by his own words I hope isn't another Rex Murphy in 20 years.
I'd rather a Rob Ford get my back than a wimpy Rex Murphy , Peter Mansbridge or Ian Hannamansing
and don't forget, use lots of words only Conrad Black and Rex Murphy would know.
Rex Murphy: An early, bitter Christmas for the Ford-haters
WATCH IT NOW: Rex Murphy on the "mingled fates" of Sen. Duffy and Prime Minister Harper
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has gone to court over the Conservative supression of police and court evidence of rape, abuse and torture of children at St. Annes residential school. Too bad Evan Solomon (CBC) thought the story was about me not being nice for saying these crimes were the work of sadists and pedophiles. "Too emotional", he said. Maybe he should ask Rex Murphy what he thinks.
Just heard more on fracking!!! All this media coverage is great, on "Q" CBC1 , Jian Ghomeshi was talking about Rex Murphy's version of the fracking debate in NB. Seems to me that he thinks Rex is wrong too! But i only heard his intro. So Listen in if u can!
Kudos to Rex Murphy for his informed and insightful commentary concerning end of life decision-making.
Rex Murphy on The National tonight got me to see Donald Low's video. Been avoiding it;glad I've now seen it.
Rex Murphy on the dying with dignity debate - eloquent as usual.
Rex Murphy on Dr. Donald Low and the controversial debate he left us to ponder.
The only hope at CBC is Rex Murphy.
The comments section exacerbates the worst tendencies in a yappy, histrionic minority. Sort of like Rex Murphy.
Just an unexpected difference of opinion a couple nights in a row. He's turning into Vancouver's Rex Murphy!
Rex Murphy articulately + gratefully thanks Ab 4 hiring so many from the East when Greenpeace destroyed their fish ind.
Greenpeace just can’t get a break; from Putin, from Rex or from the commenters.
is the "We go there" tag line weird? - no weirder than showcasing Rex Murphy as sage . Is that where they go?
Listening to the final preso today with Rex Murphy
Rex Murphy: Greenpeace’s mid-life crisis Thank you Russia for giving exactly what they deserve
.Well Rex Murphy is a hold-over from a bygone era. He's very appealing to the surly White, male, boomer audience.
it's been over six minutes of Rex Murphy talking. I'm dying here...
I hope he prepared for Rex Murphy by watching Sam the Eagle,
Rex Murphy you are so conservative it hurts
Could Rex Murphy be possible in any country but Canada?
Today on Rex Murphy, a well-fed boomer with a lucrative pension and six figure income, argues that unpaid internships are a-ok.
That was textbook patronizing by Rex Murphy on Invite a woman on, interrupt her, ignore her points, verbally pat on head. Wow.
Did I just hear Rex Murphy burp on live CBC Cross Country Checkup radio show ;-)(Subject: murky world of CDN Internships)
The question for Cross Country Checkup w/ Rex Murphy is "are unpaid internships a good way of getting job experience?" CC:
I'll be on shortly after 5:00 p.m. speaking with Rex Murphy about unpaid internships. Tune in.
I'll be on Cross Country Checkup with Rex Murphy between 5-5:30 PM EST talking unpaid internships.
I came across this and thought it was a unique perspective. We really do need to appreciate our prosperity.
fav hate reads : Rex Murphy, Wente, Toronto Sun, and do many more...
Including responses suggesting that Rex Murphy should not be moderator?
Wow. CAPP needs to hire Rex Murphy as the spokesperson for our energy industry: telling the crowd why we should be proud…
Keep Rex Murphy on the show. He is articulate, personable & even, occasionally, insightful. But 2 partisan to be moderator
But Rex Murphy is too much of a partisan advocate for the Conservative government to be the moderator.
I like Rex Murphy. I like anybody who can mangle a sentence like that & still have it miraculously come out right
Rex Murphy's role on should be as occasional (or regular) pro-government commentator; he should not be moderator.
Are unpaid internships a good way to get a start in the job market? | Cross Country Checkup with Rex Murphy
Rex Murphy reveals what he thinks about Quebec's proposed Charter of Values.
Rex Murphy thanks for saving after decline of NL fishery @ gala
this was a particularly brilliant Rex Murphy column
I hate Harper bc of his policies & the non-democratic way in which he enforces them. Why do you h…
Rex Murphy: In reference to Neil Young and Robert Redford comments. "Must be an IV drip of idiocy out there this week"
Rex Murphy challenges AB to stop apologizing for the NRG sector;that it's not just an economic story, but a Pan Cdn one benef…
Rex Murphy sees Greenpeace on way down; possibly true but we have nvtheless entered Age of Green partly b/c of them.
Rex Murphy hoping for a senate appointment, perhaps? Or just lacks critical thinking skills?
I think Rex Murphy has pretty much admitted in the past that he is a Harper supporter, so I'm not surprised.
Really nice to hear Raheel Raza sitting in for Rex Murphy, but I could do without all the Royal baby talk thank you
Is that Rex Murphy guy still the guy for that? If so, unsurprised.
Rex Murphy's lack of critical thinking skills is often out there for all to see, for ex:
Don't get me wrong. I like Rex Murphy. But to suggest he is anything even close to being impartial is a joke.
Rex Murphy should not be the moderator of Cross-Country Checkup. He should be the in-house government defender. Why pretend?
thank you Rex Murphy for putting Rolling Stones Mag & their ilk agenda & game plan into perspective &
As always summarizes how we all feel Rex Murphy: The terrorist as teen idol via
Rex Murphy: The terrorist as teen idol via Bashing America is a staple for the liberal left. bas
Canada's least relevant pundit has at that cover
"Tsarnaev’s photo is for Rolling Stone what boosted cleavage is for Cosmopolitan: something to stand out" - Rex
Boston terrorist makes it I'm cover of rolling stone magazine
put Tsarnaev on its cover to sell newspapers. Such is the 'analysis' of Rex Murphy.
my only other cbc radio friend screened calls for cross-country checkup and I was like omg is rex murphy a *** and she was like yeah
'[No] bravery was involved here. Bashing America is an old, predictable game, and all-too profitable.'
Rex Murphy is a good example on CCC. He challenges callers to get their opinion, without imposing his own.
Rex Murphy presents a good case on why the Rolling Stone Boston bomber cover is insensitive and tasteless:
I want to hear your Rex Murphy and when you get back.
even from within a pic taken decades ago, Rex Murphy is judging you from behind his skinny lips. Always judging
Also, I want to see his eyebrows on a commemorative quarter one day RT" Rex Murphy rocks. A legit national treasure."
this is his lil' bro Rex. Murphy stays with Maria!
“From Rex Murphy: The terrorist as teen idol thanks
"Rex Murphy: The terrorist as teen idol Insightful commentary, as always.
“From Rex Murphy: The terrorist as teen idol
Rex Murphy: The terrorist as teen idol via
Rex Murphy: The terrorist as teen idol
From Rex Murphy: The terrorist as teen idol
Tonight on Rex Murphy hosts Friday Night Rocks Titled Kilt 280 | 7pm | Awesome music, food, and drinks! Check it out!
And Ray, you can't complain CBC is leftist and then invoke Cherry and O'Leary (Rex Murphy too)
Every contestant on Amazing Race Canada should be named Gary, Gord or Rex Murphy.
I added a video to a playlist Rex Murphy - Canadian Science Minister (22 minutes)
In Defense of Vandals: It’s hard not to like Rex Murphy on his radio show, or to find his use of language refr...
Rex Murphy: Mulcair the invisible via do not see the NDP as a plausible option for gov't.
"Where there's a will there's a way; where there's a team, there's more than one way."Rex Murphy. Therefore; be wise and invest in a team as it almost guarantees a high return for the effort, much more than individuals
"Where there is a will there is a way; where there is a team, there is more than a way" Rex Murphy
My questions are sent for Rex Murphy. Lets hope he answers them! :)
am I the only on who sees the similarity between grumpy cat and Rex Murphy. Plus they both make me smile :)
Rex Murphy speaking at about economic development and how to engage people
Getting ready to listen to Rex Murphy close the final day of sessions at
We're taking YOUR questions for Rex Murphy. What have you always wanted to ask him?
▒ Your Questions for Rex Murphy: . Your Questions for Rex Murphy. We want your questions for Rex Murphy. S... ▒
Do you have a question that you've always wanted to ask Rex Murphy? Now is your chance!
Not to mention good old Rex Murphy. He'll have a nice retirement as a Conservative senator.
I tell ya, that there Rex Murphy should ashamed or whud uh?
Listening to the Cross Country Check Up podcast from Inuvik, finally! Yay rex Murphy!
Never esteem anything as of advantage to you that will make you break your word or lose your self-respect. - Aurelius.
Rex Murphy, a fellow of the Canadian Institute of Management F.CIM. Proud Nflder
Listening to The National: Rex Murphy Audio Podcast (Episode 26 - The State of the Senate)
Rex Murphy will be the closing keynote speaker at the Inuvik Petroleum Show on Wednesday:
Rex Murphy & Kevin OLeary? total conservatives. Maybe she's averse to intelligent views?
We got the Saturday night show on a Sunday at the bird tonight! Clunt and the Scrunts and Rex Murphy Days.
"How much does process become the end itself?" - Rex Murphy question on Discussing Northern development live in Inuvik, NWT.
Rex Murphy shilling 4 big oil & gas developement on Cross Country Chuckup. Must be an opening in the Senate.
Listening to Rex Murphy live from Inuvik today! One of the best reporters/radio hosts/journalists out there.
Inuvik Mayor Floyd Roland & Nellie Cournoyea IRC Chair, on stage now with Rex Murphy
Coming up on Checkup with host Rex Murphy: "Is Canada making the right moves in developing the north?"
NWT Premier Bob McLeod is scheduled to join Rex Murphy on to talk about northern development at 2:50 MDT.
Rex Murphy will talk northern development with Bob McLeod, Nellie Cournoyea, Ethel Blondin-Andrew and Floyd Roland on today.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
NWT Premier Bob McLeod will be talking northern development with Rex Murphy on Cross Country Checkup this afternoon.
Definitely going to need THIS: this week. Today w/ Rex Murphy, & starting Monday
My new play, Ottawa Audience: 1 on 1 vignettes of Harper in conversation w Duffy, Wallin & Wright. Rex Murphy deeply affecting as SH
That would be Uncle Ted to my Father and his siblings
LIVE today!! MT Rex Murphy's Cross Country Check-Up from Inuvik tomorrow. 2 to 4 pm MT.
Commentary by Rex Murphy, mentioning the courage of Ted Russell, who was born on Coley's Point in Bay Roberts.
Yes going to see on Friday. Yes, in Inuvik. The CBC definitely knows we're here; Rex Murphy is here tomorrow. :D
WEEKEND ROUNDUP Trouble for the Conservative brand L. Ian MacDonald, writing in the Ottawa Citizen, suggests that Nigel Wright would be the perfect guy to have around to manage the fallout from Nigel Wright’s disastrous decision to write a $90,000 cheque to Senator Mike Duffy. Postmedia’s Michael Den Tandt writes the speech that Stephen Harper should have given on May 26 to address Wright’s and Duffy’s behaviour, albeit “in a hypothetical, alternate universe in which the PM is capable of expressing personal contrition.” Back in the real world, as Rex Murphy observes in the National Post, the affair, and the Conservatives’ reaction to the affair, continues to “imprint a grim image of crony politics on a party, and on a leader, that once had created an appealing image as Ottawa outsiders,” and continues to “pulveriz[e the Conservatives'] long-standing claims to be in touch with the ‘average’ citizen,” for whom $90,000 cheques are rarely so forthcoming in moments of crisis. All road ...
"We have long passed the balance point where satire or mockery can keep pace with their targets. The great Gandalf of twentieth-century journalism, Malcolm Muggeridge, long ago noted that the age we live in has voided the power of satire to castigate it. Our reality is far more absurd than any satirist's imaginings. What Swift could invent Flavor Flav or Nancy Grace? Where is the Moliere who could draw from his mind's own store the daily councils of The View? Larry King probing Sean Penn on the geopolitics of Iraq? One void probing another." From the introduction to Rex Murphy's Canada and Other Matters of Opinion. Well worth the reread!
Rex Murphy has a go at Senator Mike Duffy... and he's one angry guy.
1. Mr Mayor why the private investigator. 2. If you where King what government departments would you do away with? 3. Water meters on the way... 4. Road tolls. Inevitable? 5. What government departments can we do without? 6. JT. audio clip Canada belongs to quebec? Really? Rex Murphy explains JT pretty well here. 7. The Mayor isn't interested in solving gridlock. Kettle island bridge. 8. Do you think deporting that terrorist will send a message? 9. Who should pay off Chris Hatfields telephone bill? 10.Anything else on your mind.
Rex Murphy on the CBC. "The Toronto Maple Leafs - the Jamaican Bobsled team of professional sports..."
Rex Murphy just called the Maple Leafs the "Jamaican Bobsled team of professional hockey." Only not as cool.
The reason Colin Brown' insurance ads on are a guilty pleasure? The man sounds like the CBC's Rex Murphy!
Playing at the tilt and kilt tonight in the singer songwriter contest with great artist like Rex Murphy,Cheyloe Christina Martin,Kitty armistead and many more so please come out to support your local artist and I would love to see old and new friends come out to enjoy great music! :-)
"The Liberals squeezed by with a minority win last time, but they will not be shielded much longer": Rex Murphy
'Ontario has a dead government walking: Rex Murphy;'
Rex Murphy. I hear you. But I'm by no means certain what you are telling me.
At Issue on our new interview with Tom Mulcair tonight, and Rex on ..wait for it, PASTA. Mr Murphy is the pasta king.
Jesse and I are over the moon to announce the arrival of Rex Rayne Wood born on the 21.2.13 ❤❤ beyond in love
I may be King Of New York, but tonight, Rex is King of the WORLD.
Is it just me, or are all of Rex Murphy's rants take-downs? (That is, they don't say anything positive about anyone or anything?)
"The real Anne (of Green Gables) would chase him (Mike Duffy) out." — Rex Murphy throws Duffy to the matt, and...
Picked up a collection of essays by Rex Murphy today. He's spot on concerning freedom of speech and the Muslim cartoon controversy
My favourite Canadian dinosaur is the T. Rex Murphy. I'm guessing this joke has been made before but let it go.
Rex Murphy does it again! Horses and Seals: The other red meats via
Rex Murphy gives a lovely and powerful tribute to Pope Benedict.
Rex Murphy's poignant reflection on the Pope's resignation, and the response of the world. A must-listen.
Gbagaun detected "Pls why are people say edding murphy die again? U people can killed star wit gossip. His alive o"
[blog - affiliate] The Sixth Estate: The Stupidity of Rex Murphy and the Impending Extinction of Humani...
Rex Murphy is prominent AGM-denier and he promotes those views on The Natl
Rex Murphy for the Senate would be fine with most Canadians. An intelligent other. Jim Allen
Rex Murphy's CBC Sunday perch is one of the best gifts that CBC has ever given to this country. His Senate program today, a winner
Dozed off during C-Country Checkup. Again. While Rex Murphy rambled on about Senate reform. Again. Real Q: why is this show still on air?
Why can't I rid the CBC radio player of Rex Murphy? No matter what city tuned in, it will not change programs! it's me&rex in Twilight Zone
Description of Cdn Senate 'a standing affront to the notion of progress'. Rex Murphy CBC cross. Canada.
Very nice (via Rex Murphy on the Pope's resignation
Horses and seals: The other red meats
Horses and seals: The other red meats via
Rex Murphy: Arun Smith is a creature of his environment via
So Rex Murphy demands respect for Ratzinger because he took the job & the Church is historic? Stfu Rex.
Rex Murphy never misses an opportunity to club a baby seal over the head & semi-literately recommend you do the same:
Draft Rex Murphy as surprise candidate. Book it. Done.
Loving your blog lately! You might like this short video reflection as well, from the CBC's Rex Murphy.
Better reason to not read Rex Murphy.
Only in Europe can you ride a horse and eat it too :P Murphy: Horses and seals: The other red meats
Rex Murphy: "Lay aside the dubious pork, that maybe-it’s-beef, for a while. Britain and Europe have an easy way...
Rex Murphy: Horses and seals: The other red meats
Draw at I got Gary thewhore Doer to win Rex thevocab Murphy to lose
REX MURPHY is just right on - do yourself a favour and watch this - Viva il Papa
Pope Benedict deserves respect, not a "tide of third rate snark." -Rex Murphy
Rex Murphy took the safe root. No mention of all the strife the Church caused and is suffering through as a result.
ICYMI: Rex Murphy weighs in on the Pope's surprise resignation
Rex Murphy talks about the surprise resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.
Rex Murphy weighs in on the state of civility in the House of Commons. (live-stream)
Check out the great new online format of Regent World - now featuring profiles of Rex Murphy & Preston Manning -
some guy on Cross Country Check up, who called Rex Murphy his idol, called Stephen Harper a communist, huh...
Tune into Rex Murphy...IdleNoMore is the topic
Ron James, Rick Mercer, Mary Walsh, & at times Rex Murphy are living proof that Canadian humor isn't an oxymoron!
Everyone had smiles on their faces at Smiley’s Mom’s house today in Vidor for the GTDG Sat. Mini. It was cold but the numerous trees stopped most of the wind on the wooded holes. The dangerous creek played part in 5 holes but that didn’t stop Neal Martinez from getting 8 birdies and winning by two strokes to take first place in the open division. Rex Murphy had a strong performance and shot a 56 to win the advanced division by 4 strokes. We had a tie in the Rec division as Blake and J. T. both shot a solid 59, but J.T. won on the second playoff hole to take the victory. In the junior division we also had a tie with R.J. and John both firing a 82, and Gabe was not too far behind with a 87. I counted up the “circles” and there were 34, so we went out of bounds or into the creek 34 times today. Wow. Congratulations to all our winners today, you earned it on this difficult but fun course. Thanks to all who brought temp baskets and thanks to Smiley for setting up “Camp Smiley”, cooking some delic ...   10% Off
Rex Murphy: The award for the worst politician of the year goes to …
Rex Murphy is an Rhodes Scholar who just doesn't seem to understand why ppl are passionate about hating harper. Wht an out of touch ***
Throwing in Mary Walsh and Rex Murphy wouldn't even be a deal breaker
Rex Murphy's Divided We Fall analysis of the US Election is now on YouTube and is worth watching. Rex is an...
Rex Murphy's review of is on YouT. What does it say RE our need to respect difference?
"Mockery and malice is the idiom of American politics, money is its fuel and tribal partisanship will be its undoing." Rex Murphy
I'm listening to CBC Radio 1 on my iPhone, but Cross Country Checkup with Rex Murphy is streaming. Any chance to listen live?
I'm gonna tell rex murphy your using his image. Really? Using a reporters picture when u are a reporter?
I'm pretty sure Peter Mansbridge knows how to pronounce 'arabica'. He even got my last name right on that Ask Rex Murphy segment.
When will the analysis of the US election end? Even Rex Murphy is doing it!
just heard Maestro on the Cross Country Check up mere hours after flying home. Wonderful chat he had with Rex Murphy.
Oops never mind. That's not actually Rex Murphy.
Rex Murphy, you do our nation proud. I am moved by your compassion, empathy and consideration for your callers.
Rex Murphy needs to stop talking over the callers on his show
I don't know which is more grating in the ears: the relentless sound of the landlords' clothes drier, or Rex Murphy.
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A huge campaign for president, but a small election: Rex Murphy: Barack Obama was re-elected, but without the ma...
Great commentary by Rex Murphy about a divided, hostile american political system
Here is a great Canadian perspective on the USA election - please share it:
Rex Murphy talks about the division that American political campaigning is resulting in.
Video: Not Rex Murphy on the Conservatives anti-union Bill 377. Why you should care. via
After the campaigning and politicking in the U.S., Rex Murphy says deep divides remain.
The right to offend the easily offended - Rex Murphy's book review of "Shakedown":
I feel a vague sadness that so expensive a campaign produced so small an election. ~ Rex Murphy
Obama and Romney both clung to their bases, and did their best to avoid discussing any matter of actual importance.
Rex Murphy: "A huge campaign but a small election."
Join Rex Murphy and Cross Country Checkup Sunday at 4pm EST for online chat about how you mark Remembrance Day and why.
From Rex Murphy on decision 2012: A huge campaign, but a small election
Hi Bill as a Canadian really enjoy your show you should have your staff watch the CBC reporter Rex Murphy The Divide
Rachel Maddow drops a nuclear truth-bomb on the losers, Has the Last Word on Election Night 2012: Conservative 'Humiliation' Good for This Country
you seen rex murphy on that station? He makes you look like ralph nader. Sat night people want hockey not Don
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4. We are from left:Murphy, Goldie & Bear with Rex on top! (:-) Murphy=dachshund,Goldie=dingo mix
We embarrassed as mom puts sweater on but glad we warmer. Just Rex & Murphy wear em. Goldie & Bear no need.
Only 2 things I turn off for - & Rex Murphy. Enough for me to withhold support for public broadcasting. Quick fix!
Tune into CBC Radio this Sunday 4pm ET with Rex Murphy, for a special Remembrance Day broadcast and online chat.
It's official, says Rex Murphy, the campaign is now longer than the term for a U.S. president. He shares his thoughts on how divisive U.S. politics is.
OK, a little over the top, but on target nonetheless: RT: "Not Rex Murphy" explains Bill 377
Did you see this on CBC TV? Rex Murphy on American politics, A House Divided
In politics, victory is the only currency that counts - Rex Murphy Nov. 7th 2012
Gotta lovewatchin a the wings in 97 win tha cup last night.. And then Murphy, just sits down @ tha table this morning..
Whenever I watch Rex Murphy, I miss the thoughtful nuance and intellectualism of Ezra Levant.
At Issue and Rex Murphy were both fantastic tonight. Worth watching.
Rex Murphy's bite about US politics on The National tonight couldn't be more on point.
Every day Rex Murphy looks more and more like a parakeet
I love Rex Murphy. I love his accent. Makes me homesick.
Rex Murphy, whether you like him or not is always fun to listen to.
Hope in the City is an annual event, highlighting the work of The Salvation Army in Ottawa. This breakfast kicks off an important season of raising funds for less fortunate children and families. As a leadership event, it brings together prominent business leaders, influential community members, f...
Rex has a few thoughts ahead of next week's U.S. presidential election. He calls the politics harsh and sterile.
i am listening to Rex Murphy Cross Country Checkup discussing the American Election.Obama rules and will prevail...
Sat at dinner table between Rex Murphy and Preston Manning tonight. I even tricked them into thinking I'm not an incomprehensible ***
Hey Nathanael Homewood. Preston Manning is one of the respondents tonight for the Laing Lecture featuring Rex Murphy.
Scott LeBlanc shared the following link and had this to say about it: Jim Perry can't believe you would say such a thing about the LEAFS! Rex Murphy has hockey on his mind this week and he has some choice words for the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Rex Murphy slammed Tory MP Rob Anders on "The National" Thursday night for suggesting NDP leader Thomas Mulcair helped "hasten" Jack Layton's death. Murphy is just the latest to call for Anders' resignation this week after a series of gaffes which have badly damaged the the Calgary West MP's already...
Thank you Rex Murphy for your scathing condemnation of Rob Anders comments this week. Check it out on!
Peter Lougheed Tribute has concluded. Replay is available at Rex Murphy, Jim Dinning, Premier Redford and PM Harper.
Listening to Rex Murphy "Cross Country Check-Up", the focus is the late Peter Lougheed, one of Canada's greatest statesmen.
"Rex Murphy: What’s wrong Mr. Mulcair, cat got your tongue?" I wonder what Jack would do?
I'm just not sure whether to be impressed with myself or annoyed that we had dinner tonight two tables away from Rex Murphy and Conrad Black
Rex Murphy: In the battle of the vice-presidents, Ryan wins by a knockout via
Rex Murphy seriously suggests Sarah Palin is a 'miracle of articulation (and) achievement' compared to Joe Biden.
Rex Murphy: I am convinced that B.C. premier Christy Clark is right: Ixnay any pipeline to take Alberta oil west to China.
The Post’s Rex Murphy is not nearly as smart as David Anderson on Enbridge
From Rex Murphy: Christy Clark is being a wily fox during the pipeline negotiations
Rex Murphy said 1st thing he would do to improve Parliament would be to allow no notes or talking points.Know ur stuff.
Just run into Rex Murphy at Cardero's , Coalharbour. One of the/my greatest Canadian literary minds.
Are medals more important than good sportsmanship? | Cross Country Checkup with Rex Murphy | CBC Rad
Rex Murphy: Watching the outports of Newfoundland vanish via
I am in the same room as Rex Murphy.
I would be thrilled if it could somehow happen (on my mind because just started Rome again w/ who hasn't seen)
Rex Murphy once called Pierre Trudeau the "greatest Canadian ever," but he has some choice words about the recent musings of his eldest son, Justin.
couldn't tell ya. Like actually no clue
You are an exceptionally talented and funny man. Especially love your Danny Williams and Rex Murphy. Good Luck on Republic.
Tower Heist was pretty decent and had some good laughs! Gotta love Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy
You just need to believe in yourself. -Rex (toy story)
Arkham Horror: Investigators: Rex Murphy: Bring your Arkham Horror game to life with premium Arkham Horror Inves...
Rex Murphy on Nelson Mandela: Where have all the leaders gone? via
You know it is bad when even National Post yearns for Trudeau.
Rex, no national leadership from Premiers? Harper's showing the way gives. What Canada needs is a Trudeau!
Rex Murphy's leaders? Some of them still at desks after 5pm on a summer Friday...
Rex Murphy bewails the lack of national leadership, never says "Stephen Harper".
I reiterate the lack of leadership in this country is disheartening and disappointing. via
Reminds me of how great an actor Eddie Murphy was and always will be
Rex Murphy must be too young to have followed the energy/constitutional wars of the late 70s/80s
Liked this article by Rex Murphy on the ideal for Premiers to be Canadians first. Hope Christy Clark reads it.
Rex Murphy: Leading a province should be a national endeavour for premiers - Nationa...
re: our cats' fave shows...we make fun of Nub Nub for loving Rex Murphy. Pip likes Tapestry, she's quite spiritual.
Where the *** is Peter Mansbridge and Rex Murphy. I'll watch cnn instead !!
"For a ploy of this magnitude, Dalton McGuinty and his energy minister should resign" -Rex Murphy
Busy Weekend AM show today: we reflect on -20 years tomorrow-with Rex Murphy, Chris Brookes & fisherman, Todd Chafe
Rex Murphy has an uncanny space zombie likeness to David Letterman, No?
Canada's tells it like it is once more on as Celebrity is no
Rex Murphy is a study in pathetic schadenfreude.
Rex Murphy on Obama: America's celebrity president: When you are in vogue, the editor of Vogue pleads for your a...
Oh man. Just came up w/ next year's celebrity boxing match: Ezra Levant vs. Rex Murphy.
In the words of my friends Derrick Hastings : "This is another example of government subsidized manure. It doesn't facilitate discussion it just satisfies the views of the comfortably numb. The abuse of the planet and most of its citizens by an ultra privileged wealthy class should never be challenged. We should sit and wait to be beaten and handcuffed for being homeless and unemployed. That would appease the likes of Rex Murphy but then what would he have to discuss. He rarely if ever comes up with solutions. His commentary resorts to imprisonment for all that question the safety net he is paid to defend. We as canadians should not pay for this mans mouth trash." I couldn't agree more Derrick!
Tonight at Cajun Steamer Trussville the one and only Tony Kurre from 5pm to 8pm.Tony will be giving away a pair of tickets to see Ringo Starr. Can't win if ya not here so come out sit on our famous patio listen to the sounds of Rex Murphy, drink a cold Bud Light and maybe win some cool concert tickets.
I'm a firm believer that Hollywood should move away from the Eddie Murphy "Doctor Dolittle" and towards the Rex Harrison "Doctor Dolittle".
From time to time Peter Mansbridge mentions things on-air such as the "Ask Rex Murphy" feature - and yet I can never ...
A better name for Rex Murphy's column would be "The Fulminational."
We speak with political commentator Rex Murphy about Canada's politics, and whether Canadians are justified in their ennui.
Have you ever noticed that Chantal Hebert is actually Rex Murphy in drag?
Most people usually need a thesaurus to get through Rex's articles lol. He makes a strong case though.
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