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Rex Murphy

Rex Murphy (born March 1947) is a Canadian commentator and author, primarily on Canadian political and social matters.

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screams like Janet Leigh in Psycho when she sees Rex Murphy.
Resolution for 2016: stop hate reading Margaret Wente and Rex Murphy articles
T.J. Murphy explains how he ditched his traditional running diet, lost weight, didn’t bonk. and felt better:
Also, NatPo and Rex Murphy need to seriously stop. They both stink.
Rex Murphy: Don Cherry for the Order of Canada via
"Canada is not the Liberal party, elected with 39%. Liberal party is, like Conservatives & NDP, a partisan vehicle."
Can we still call it unilateral when we’re trying to use all the laterals available? No. Stop it.
Rex gets it right again. " It is up to the voters to decide how they shall choose which party to give that power to"
Ignoramus Rex Murphy of the makes the grade.
I believe Rex Murphy is incorrect. As Canada's first dictator , I will change the electoral system to benefit me. .
Rex Murphy the only one calling-out Trudeau on this, rest of the media lapping it up
68% of Canadians voted in support of electoral reform in recent election, Rex Murphy.
Rex Murphy is a journalist and in "his opinion" ref is ethically required. The law says no such thing.
As usual Rex Murphy hits the mark with (unregistered) rifle precision.
FULL TIME: Brighton 0-1 Town. Big three points for thanks to Murphy's first-half strike!
I love Rex Murphy, hard to believe CBC has kept him around this whole time.
GOAALL!! Mistake from Dunk allowed Murphy to get in and he lashes the ball at goal, hitting the inside of the post on it…
Rex Murphy: The Liberal government does not have the right to unilaterally change our voting system
Now we're back to the Rex Murphy drop out speaking engagement for the Canadian Federation of Agriculture
Stephen Harper: fired. . Rex Murphy: has a cork in it. . Oh glory days!
nice graphic ,did Rex Murphy go on a blind date?
Rex Murphy: The high church of global warming.
CBC’s Rex Murphy: the anti-Christian dictatorship of Justin Trudeau
Rex Murphy, I disagree. I don't care what people wear for the citizenship ceremony. Zero impact on me as a Canadian. None.
THANK YOU Rex Murphy! Welcome to Canada friends. Please join us and don't divide us.
Hey, Rex Murphy u don't have 2 worry about stripping of his citizenship since, u do remember, he renounc…
Rex Murphy's POV tonite on was simplistic xenophobic pablum. Message: Don't become Cdn if you value your faith
Rex Murphy used a great gust of polysyllabic verbiage to say "this is how we do it and if you can't don't become a citizen." Classic Rex.
Perfect! takes apart 2 lazy opeds on the liberal arts by Heather Mallick and Rex Murphy.
Green Party guy: don't throw out the CBC because of a few rotten apples aka Rex Murphy
She might be the kind of overeducated, overopinionated, uber feminist many people love to hate, but she's not wrong.
He's a close-minded misogynist but he's not entirely wrong about our post-secondary classrooms.
Thank you for feeling that you needed to say this:
it was pretty obvious no one edited Rex Murphy's last one. Lots of typos. "Jane Austin" etc.
Rex Murphy: Institutes of lower education via
Auschwitz is covered in 1st year world history/western civ courses. Johnstone either didn't take one or forgot it.
Also, really, who needs to make fun of Rex Murphy, he does such a good job of making an *** of himself.
Rex Murphy = Don Cherry with a larger vocabulary. A "smart-sounding" pundit for stupid people.
Rex Murphy: In Justin Trudeau's world, Christians need not apply via
none of the above listed characteristics of a modern person are present in his author, Rex Murphy, "critic"
Open Letter to Rex Murphy & National Post "when a national newspaper chooses to publish openly misogynistic opinions"
"If she had been working on a master’s in furniture removal, perhaps it would make sense."
Does Rex Murphy rant as passionately when male politicians speak to all male audiences? So ridiculous.
Oh-oh Rex Murphy your misogyny is showing!
Rex Murphy Justin Trudeau the Johnny Depp of Canadian politics via
Here's incisive reply to Rex Murphy's misogynist, queerphobic, and anti-intellectual ed.
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On Hook and Eye, Erin Wunker takes Rex Murphy to task for his crappy National Post op-ed on higher ed
The descent of universities: from education to PC ignorance. Rex nails it again.
Was so glad to wake up to articulate response to Rex Murphy's embarrassing tirade
Generating low pop culture dissertation themes is my jam and Rex Murphy can go fly a kite.
"Institutes of lower education". Rex Murphy on the current sad state of "higher in both Canada & the US:
Rex Murphy, or Pompous *** with a Thesaurus Mansplaining the Purpose of My Degrees.
Bang on wake-up call - Rex Murphy: Institutes of lower education via
Way to openly publish misogynistic opinions. Shame on you. -->
Because using a photo of a rape victim 'nails' what you're trying to say, Rex. *sense the sarcasm*
The brilliant takes on Rex Murphy's recent NatPo vitriol in this open letter:
.responds to Rex Murphy's vile Ntl Post piece: An Open Letter to Rex Murphy and the National Post
.takes on Rex Murphy and his dismissal of gender inequity, violence against women, and higher ed http…
Shame on the for publishing “rape victim” in air quotes in ref to Emma Sulkowicz/any rape victim. See
A response to Rex Murphy's misogynist op-ed on why the humanities are failing, from
"Does anyone think Sulkowicz knows anything about the Holocaust, or that she could even spell Auschwitz?".
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And they weren't that good twenty years ago either : Rex Murphy: Institutes of lower education
"Any uni that awarded post-grad degree for that degrading performance ought to examine its institutional conscience". http:/…
Rex Murphy didn't even spell Jane Austen or John Milton's names correctly in his piece. Who's Jane Austin and Johns Milton?
OH Rex Murphy, you know I love you. But please, leave poor Martin out of this. He's been dead 500 years.
better than that day we were all Rex Murphy
Rex Murphy uses his vocabulary in the same way that Tammy Faye Bakker used her eyeshadow.
You can start by losing the guy in the picture. And throw Rex Murphy & Amanda Lang out a window.
Would Amanda Lang hurry up and go and take those two right wing little dogs, Peter Mansbridge & Rex Murphy too
Retire, Mansbridge - and take Rex Murphy with you. Want discernment in opinions, not CPC partisan
imagine teen Andrew c0yne's opinions. Imagine teen wente. Imagine teen Jon k, imagine teen Rex Murphy, imagine teen Conrad bla
Rex Murphy: Can a man who ignores his promise of open nominations credibly claim to be a great reformer?
Rex Murphy as he debunks Justin's last minute "Hail Gerry" (Butts) round of latest policy promises.
Rex Murphy on motivation: "How many of Mr. Trudeau’s mini-magna carta for Cdn democracy would survive his victory?"
So Rex Murphy lobbying for Big Oil companies at conference is NOT violating code of conduct ?
With the exception of Rex Murphy, there's no one in Cdn "serious news" TV who comments on the news.
Update your maps at Navteq
I remember admiring Rex Murphy's way with words once, too.
You know Rex Murphy is BSing when he masks hot takes with whining offense frothed up by mock eloquence
was there and Tyrantasaurus Rex Murphy too.
Got thru half that Rex Murphy column before I had to stop myself from losing more brain cells. What a deluded ***
tells FN not 2 hit racist button. Look at racist media coverage-esp in 2 wrong people. htt…
I've always been unsure about Rex Murphy, but no more. His latest NatPo piece is racist, ignorant, inaccurate rubbish.
A well deserved skewering of a racist, ignoramus;. What does Rex Murphy know about Aboriginals? Nothing.
Rex Murphy must be frothing at the racist mouth at the sight of all these 'ungrateful' NDNs on
Wow how can anyone take you seriously when you clearly did 0 research on systemic white privilege?htt…
"White Privilege" racist movement led by Ivory Tower apologetic ouroboros + echoes Mao's purges (Rex at his best)
So according to Rex Murphy, Canada is the PERFECT meritocracy & if you question it with ideas of negative racial stere…
Check your bigotry (Searching for the White Privilege Gene) Could there be a better definition…
It's really, really sexist and racist to assume there's nothing relatable about an Asian woman, Rex Murphy.
Murphy tonight you sounded more like a racist sir. Your so called "worthless mobs" only want their v…
Remember that paying Rex Murphy to write today's hogwash is par for their course. The National Post has a racist, misogynist agen…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The USA has Jon Stewart. Acknowledging white privilege: Canada has Rex Murphy. .
Seriously, that drivel isn't even new. How does Rex Murphy get paid to recycle that same tired old racist BS and call it anal…
Rex Murphy: yada yada poor whites yada yada noticing race is racist yada yada we're all human beings. *word count* Yep, that …
So Rex Murphy says the term 'white privilege' is racist. Also uses 'hysteria' to describe rape culture. Am I missing anythin…
If you talk about white privilege you're a racist, according to an old white guy
Rex Murphy, a racist old toad that fails to understand that the ultimate privilege is not knowing you're privileged. http:/…
Meanwhile in Canada: Rex Murphy (respected Canadian journalist) denies white deeming it "racist".
Super curious to hear more from Mother Canada Honourary Patrons Rex Murphy
CBC has canned my two fav hosts in the last year... Who's next, Rex Murphy?
Great Interview Mr.Murphy. Cyrus seems much more relaxed during this interview. Rex's positive influence is very apparent!!
Rex Murphy at a "Anti-Tax" conservative event "there are things so stupid that only a government could do it!"(would that gov be Rex?)
"You are the extroverted cousins of accountants" says Rex Murphy of
Oh look Rex Murphy is racking up speakers fees again on the public dime
of course, although when Rex Murphy isn't the keynote speaker my heart isn't really in it.
Our favorite prehistoric friend just wants to see
No tire is indestructible when a tyrannosaurus rex flips your vehicle and chomps on them!
ha ha Rex Murphy looks like he fell asleep on stage.
Rex Murphy never disappoints - acerbic, thoughtful, provocative and witty, as always.
When it starts thundering I think it's a T-Rex
You're in an industry... you should be proud of. Continue to secure the fortune & future of NL- Rex Murphy closes
Rex Murphy speaking at Noia. So, I guess he's still doing that sort of gig...
As the sea dealt NL a blow with the loss of the fishery, it then rescued w/ - Rex Murphy on the imp & value of the industry
If you can't fix your hair with $9 billion, I don't want you in the White House - Rex Murphy on Donald Trump,
"Where there's a will there's a way; where there's a team, there's more than one way." ~ Rex Murphy
Rex Murphy addresses Chiefs of Police, thanks profession for bringing calm and returning life to normal during chaos.
Interesting analysis by Rex Murphy - he is right - the population are not going to tolerate complacency and the...
Rex Murphy: A message for Mr. Harper — Conservative voters are feeling let down
No fan of Rex Murphy but this article is worth reading - maybe b/c it gives me hope will be gone
Caught a few seconds of tired, old Rex Murphy opining on Completely off the mark; not every cultural influence comes in a book.
A magnificent Rex Murphy takedown of the half-baked notion of "white privilege".
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Rex Murphy: ‘White privilege’ on the march Fatuousness personified.
Rex Murphy takes the stage and is roasting Crosbie and the other guest speakers.
If thinks Newfoundlanders want more Rex Murphy (as per we Newfies need to put forward better alternatives.
Rex Murphy entertaining the crowd at the Manning Networking Conference in Ottawa.
Rex Murphy dropping science at Manning Networking conference!
Listening to Rex Murphy speak at the Manning Centre Conference
Rex Murphy, Conrad Black and other CPC sycophants against C-51... Stephen Harper does not care:
VIDEO: Rex Murphy calls on Canada to go to war against Stephen Harper's terror bill
Last week agreed with Rex Murphy now & his opinion on Ont. new sex ed. curriculum. What is going on?
Maybe CBC can step up. I'd love to hear Rex Murphy commentating on four rounds between Killer Jason Kenney and Tom "The Explainer" Mulcair
Rex Murphy's Point of View: The world rallied for Paris following the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Why isn't it rallying against Boko Haram?
Rex Murphy asks why people care more about 17 murders in France than 2,000 in Nigeria
Canadian pundit community in shock after both Rex Murphy and Margaret Wente fail the Turing Test.
Rex Murphy lost his Rhodes scholarship because he lost his debating skills after getting his mouth caught in a vacuum cleaner
Here's Rex Murphy dressed like an angel in 1974.
domain names
This MUST have inspired Kevin MacDonald's Sir Simon. MT Rex Murphy dressed like an angel in 1974.
I liked a video from Rex Murphy's P.O.V on Jian Ghomeshi
Rex Murphy likens Harper to Darth Vader. I think I've seen that before LOL
1st Jian Ghomeshi, now we hear that Peter Mansbridge & Rex Murphy got paid huge sums to speak at Pro Tar Sands Events in Al…
Weird that Peter Mansbridge and Rex Murphy haven't taken Jian Ghomeshi out behind the wood shed.
If it's not Ghomeshi, then it's Peter Mansbridge and Rex Murphy getting paid huge sums to speak at Alberta TarSands Conferences.
Rex Murphy, your "tribute" / to Cpl. Nathan Cirillo this evening could not have been worded more beautifully
Peter Mansbridge, Laura Lynch, I bet Rex Murphy has some stories that would make a guy blush.
So, Jian Ghomeshi is out at the CBC and Rex Murphy is still there? Just put a bullet in my brain, please.
Rex Murphy's speech on Ottawa will make every Canadian proud
Rex Murphy on the mark. Honour the Heroes. Let the perpetrator go un-named.
Dear why do you keep giving Rex Murphy a platform? He comes across as a grumpy old kook. Hey you kids, get off my…
VIDEO: Rex Murphy weighs in on how the three party leaders are performing in the debate. h…
Rex Murphy on common man's Rob Ford. Vitriol is like "oilsands fuelling his campaign"
Austin & Murphy have had too many chances. Been weak minded for ages. Hock talks sense, team need to do it on pitch.
For you language and satire geeks, here's a beautifully polysyllabic piece from Rex Murphy via
Sex, history and politics with Rex Murphy
"Blueberry picking on the Newfoundland Barrens. The horror!"
Decided on Franklin & Bash, where Pindar is afraid of what the court will find in his search history. Probably not Rex Murphy.
"In an editorial that stands with the work of Zola (J’accuse) defending Dreyfus."Fun read see PT
LOVE IT! Rex Murphy, as always, hits it home.
A must read: RexMurphy's account of a child's summer labour in Newfoundland!
Rex Murphy-"When Israel is in conflict, all other wars are relegated to the sideshow tents" by protesters on the left http…
"De-escalation is a spurious concept espoused by hippies and anarchists." - Next weeks Rex Murphy column probably
For clarity I'm the second blob at the podium from the left in the last pic. We really paxked them in. Never follow Rex Murphy.
Sex, history and politics with Rex Murphy via
Sex, history and politics with Rex Murphy [CBA National Magazine]
Blurry picture- not sure if I just met Rex Murphy or in character
Screech-Ins and now Rex Murphy, secondary embarrassment for the CBA.
Rex Murphy made me laugh, reflect on the meaning of being Canadian ...and forget that it's 3h30 earlier in
Update your maps at Navteq
Incoming Pres thanks Rex Murphy for his "mix of sex & history & politics & law - perfect way to start the day."
Just listened and laughed with Rex Murphy
Great speech this morning by Rex Murphy in St. John's, NL!
Rex Murphy: the "civil code" of our morality is the true foundation to the rule of law in Canada
Rule of law rests on social and moral codes developed by generations before us: Rex Murphy
Rex Murphy: altruism, part of the core of Canadian social fabric, played out in Newfoundland after 9/11
Enjoying Rex Murphy's keynote at CBA conference in St John's NL.
Rex Murphy: doing the right thing is a pleasure at
Newfoundland is a lonely place - and we have some spectacular sheep: Rex Murphy has some fun at
"I'm not going to be informative, it's too early in the morning for that," Rex Murphy tells
Rex Murphy: I grew up in Newfoundland thinking we had the most ridiculous politics... and then I went to Toronto
"A triumph of hope over experience" Rex Murphy on being asked to address CBA for a second time.
"By the way I'm digressing. And I haven't begun yet," says Rex Murphy. "How can you leave the path when you're not on it?"
Rex Murphy re: Rob Ford re: God has given up on Toronto
God himself has given up on the city of Toronto: Rex Murphy
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Listening to Rex Murphy at the Canadian Bar Association conference in St John's, NL.
Rex Murphy: god himself has given up on Toronto
Rex Murphy: The mighty combustion of small events, and other lessons from the First World War via
Rex Murphy is Canada's William F. Buckley Jr. A writer with acumen who is now flailing in the wake of a world that ha…
Rex Murphy on Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Universities have become factories for reinforcing opinion via
Looking for Mansbridge's and Rex Murphy's. Pretty sure I see Kevin O'Leary in the back there.
Rex Murphy on Rob Ford "In Toronto, even the pot holes are embarrassed".
Rex Murphy... Well said man, well said. I wouldn't have been so eloquent.
Hat tip to Mr. Murphy, this is just about perfect - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford - Rex Murphy
"In Toronto, even the potholes are embarrassed.". OK, Rex Murphy, that's a pretty good line.
Rex Murphy, the common sence for the commonman. Thank you
Rex Murphy has captured what almost everyone is thinking about Rob Ford
Friday A.M. editorial: Rex Murphy got it right on The National last night. Rob Ford's mayoralty is finally done.
you enjoyed watching Rex Murphy suck Doug Ford's ***
"In Toronto, even the potholes are embarrassed" - Rex Murphy on the Fordpocalypse
Rex Murphy has more than a few words to say about Here's his Point of View:
"At this stage Mayor Rob Ford is the Starship Enterprise of public buffoonishness. He has gone crudely, foolishly, offensively, where no human mayor has gone before." - Rex Murphy
"Education should be the transmission of the best of the best that has been thought or said by all mankind" - Rex Murphy
"Education is the most fundamental act of civilization" says keynote speaker Rex Murphy
I want to know why .disagrees with Rex Murphy and so many others:
Wise words from Rex Murphy. Why Rob Fords needs to resign - in triplicate. "Here's your Rex fix
I LOVED Rex Murphy's Ford rant on last night
Rex Murphy: Resign, Resign again, and then just to make sure, resign a third time.”
"In Toronto even the are embarrassed".Well said!
Check out Rex Murphy's on last night's spectacular.
Rex Murphy, who once said Rob Ford "represents the majority of people" now wants him gone.
Rex Murphy describes all what he
Rex murphy calls on Rob Ford to "Resign, resign again and just to make sure resign a 3rd time. nothing else will do"
When Rex Murphy isn't promoting human killing tarsands, he can do a great opinion piece. Watch his Rob Ford one
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is back at it. He self-checked himself into rehab today... after yet another series of revelations of Ford on a loose-lipped tear, where he was again smoking crack, dissin' Italians, Jews, women and really, really scathing talk about *** ... This might finally be the straw that breaks conservative Toronto voters' backs... Commentator Rex Murphy sums up the insult of it all rather well. Ford's days are, or at least should be, done.
@ Rex Murphy. Fords opposition made him bigger than your people allover US &CA said they feel sorry for him
Rex Murphy just killed Rob Ford, is second guessing for sure
Credit to Rex Murphy who says all that needs to be said on Ford in 3mins unlike rest of wasting entire day on it
Bravo! "Murphy shares his thoughts on the latest revelations.
Rex Murphy puts everything that needs to be said about Rob Ford into perspective, succinctly - Nothing more to be said. Yay!
When Rex Murphy from CBC tells you to resign, consider it a papel bull..
Point of View: Rex Murphy shares his thoughts on the latest revelations.
Not sure if anyone outside Canada knows Rex Murphy... When he said tonight .."even the Toronto Pot Holes are ashamed of our Mayor"... I got it.
OK I'll admit it... Rex Murphy made me laugh today. RoFo made DoFo cry.😣 .
Total truth: "Resign, resign again, and just to be sure resign a third time. Nothing else will do" - Rex Murphy
I'm going to throw this out... I think that Rob Ford should be given a pisses me off for the likes of REX MURPHY to no less than call him a sub-human.people are so quick to MY opinion at least he's getting help...bottom line is if one looks at FACTS ..THIS GUY HAS POLITICAL SAVVY ! This guy has done so much for Toronto regarding jobs ///debt reduction/so much more.everyone has problems.i know that the "smoking crack ? thing is not cool.but finally he has admitted to getting help.AS IF ...he's the only one across NL. AND CANADA MP'S .TO NOT BE DRUGGED UP . i'll keep this short...THIS GUY DOES HIS JOB ! Just look at his record .
If you haven't seen Rex Murphy's take on the Rob Ford saga tonight, this is a good watch.
Are you kidding me Rex Murphy? We're supposed to feel sorry for the biggest enabler & bully DOUG FORD? …
Rex Murphy to Rob Ford - Resign, resign again and resign one more time. Good advice, thanks Rex.
I liked a video from Rex Murphy: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
As Rex said, " in Toronto now even the potholes are embarrassed". Well said Rex Murphy.
I was so blown away to see Rex Murphy commenting on Rob Ford. Rex Murphy is alive? People watch Rex Murphy?
(Rex Murphy: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford) has been published on Loonie Politics -
Bravo to Rex Murphy (The National) for his honest assessment of the Rob Ford saga..if you get a chance go CBC -The National to hear his intelligent synopsis -no more excuses - he nailed it for who Ford really is and the impact Ford's ignorance has had on so many Canadians.Thank you Rex!
Point of View: Rex Murphy's take on the new Rob Ford revelations.
Oh Rex Murphy. you say it so well: In Toronto even the potholes are embarrassed. Brilliant!
"Resign, resign again, and then just for clarity, resign a third time" - you gotta love Rex Murphy.
"Rob Ford is the Star Trek of politics. He has gone where no human mayors have gone before." Rex Murphy
Rex Murphy on the patio tonight starting at 6. Come join us for the Fun.
Gene Roddent Chuck Berry Blackadder to the future. Stop in at Westview Centennial Secondary School Visit the caretakers. Sweep the gym.'s Not Rex Murphy Contest jesus was a big strappingg man. Jest so long as I don't wind up lak hym. Send the teens who murdered a cat/kitten in a microwave to jail.
Rex Murphy is steamed over Tim Horton's decision to start offering lattes and cappuccinos along the lines of Starbucks.
"Quote 'we are one through the institution of education' unquote Rex Murphy
of Ed Guest speaker Rex Murphy education has had an impact
Radioland: Former Ont premier Bob Rae is talking to CBC Radio's Rex Murphy about Jim Flaherty.
Rex Murphy: Candid Interview with Alice Munro and read 18 short stories free online via Open Culture
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Hah, there are 4 things on CBC radio I don't like: Stuart Maclean (Mclean?), The Irrelevant Show, DNTO, and Rex Murphy.
Point of View: Rex Murphy compares Vladimir Putin to Barack Obama and wonders whether either leader measures up? http:/…
I'm tall and strong. I pushed my way up close. "Quit it!" Peter Mansbridge said. "Down in front!" opined Rex Murphy.
Rex Murphy not alone. Peter Mansbridge spoke at CAPP event.
It's not just Rex Murphy, Peter Mansbridge spoke at CAPP event too --
CBC reviews Rex Murphy oil conference speech but ignored when Peter Mansbridge did his
— based on attn to this item I'd say 1000x more Canadians care about Claire Martin than Rex Murphy via
Yes EZ, I know I promised but off to vet & got busy, no no word from any of the Eagle band members, no CBC s Peter Mansbridge must of got panicked & now blocked from contact, & Rex Murphy picks up & listens & says nothing but I see, I see, is this Neil Young, is this a prank call. I will keep trying dear, worry not, until some nibbles keep Igore your 37 yr old massage & male nurse banded from the Olympics years ago for roids, no not Mayor Fords personal gym assistant, he is just a felon banned for roid dealing in the USA, silly girl. More soon, hugs & talk later I promise.
So, in short, if Rex Murphy gets kicked off CBC/forced to disclose, the same has to apply equally to Peter Mansbridge. Good riddance to both
n/n Focusing only on Rex Murphy is textbook discrimination. Peter Mansbridge has given speeches to industry (incl oil) as well. Fair is fair
Enviro-groups are so naive. Calling on Peter Mansbridge to police Rex Murphy et al. is like asking fox to guard henhouse. Wake up enviros!
Hmm ... perhaps we see that Peter Mansbridge isn't an objective judge re Rex Murphy's ties, given Mansbridge's connections, too.
Autosaurus Rex: A story of dinosaurs Should a CBC radio and television commentator be accepting speaking fees for pro-Tar Sands speeches on the side without publicly disclosing the financial conflict of interest to viewers? Should a national newspaper consider--let alone sign--a strategic partnership with the oil industry (a.k.a. Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers) to produce content? Would such a move render the paper a non-news organization? Should it? These two stories emerged over the last week and received almost no attention in the media. There has to be a better explanation than Olympic coverage eating up air time. We’re all familiar with the National Post’s ‘tendencies’ (sorry Terrence) so I wasn’t overly shocked with the latter. But I have to say I was taken aback by the news about Rex Murphy. This week, iPolitics revealed CBC’s Rex Murphy, a commentator on The National and host of CBC Radio’s Cross Country Checkup, has been accepting money from the oil industry in the form ...
Stephen Harper, REX MURPHY, ET AL I will occasionally read Harper hating posts for a morning laugh. At times, I find it entertaining to read hatred from hateful minds. Lately, however, the laughs are subsiding. It's one thing to be critical of one's politicians, but another to wish harm or destruction to another human being simply because you are of an opposing political opinion. To wish them ill displays such a puerile mind that my only explanation to it is human intellectual atrophy. What of his accomplishments? Don't tell me there are none. I have no problem with the citizenry expressing concern, even anger, but when I read people writing that he, Rex Murphy and others should not only be unemployed, but further harmed or dismissed from the world, I know immediately that I'm dealing with minor, vengeful minds. Jari
Rex Murphy's conflict of interest: htt…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Doc Emmett Brown and Rex Murphy have never been photographed together. Coincidence?
A friend shared an article called "I stand with Neil," talking about prominent people backing Neil Young's stand on the oil sands. There are some suggestions at the bottom of the posting for more of them being a mind-numbing rant by Ezra Levant. Can people tell me how it got there? I don't mind hearing other opinions--such as Rex Murphy's counter to Young' s comments--but Sun Media?...who is choosing this drivel for me!
Rex Murphy's editorial regarding Neil Young's cheap shot at Alberta oil sands was right on the money. Don't you agree.
I read a Conrad Black piece in the 'National Post' today as I often read Rex Murphy's pieces. I thoroughly enjoy an article from a writer that uses facts.
Rex Murphy, CBC's climate-change-denier and former Liberal candidate, advocated for Pierre Trudeau as the greatest ever Canadian.
Rex Murphy disses National Geographic and Greenpeace in getting paid to tell pipeline builders to build pipelines
Rick Mercer, Rex Murphy and David Suzuki are probably the only Canadians whom I don't find embarrassing.
150 years later, Rex Murphy explains the power of the Gettysburg Address
by Rex Murphy: A perfect miracle of public utterance via
Postmedia columnist says Rex Murphy hates Trudeau because he's too ugly to "get laid" like him
Gettysburg 150 years on - Rex Murphy: A perfect miracle of public utterance
Here's new link to Rex's rant Watching Rex Murphy: The "Unbearable" Lightness of Justin Trudeau
Great start listening to Amazing. Then great sessions-brain is exploding. Rex Murphy tonight! Yup, Science …
“Rex Murphy: A perfect miracle of public utterance
Did pull Rex Murphy video ripping apart Trudeau?
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Thank you for this powerful, articulate, well-informed response piece to Rex Murphy:
Watched Rex Murphy at Amazing speaker. Wish I had a tenth of his wit, intelligence and... vocabulary!
“Rex Murphy 's best editorialist about when politicians were honourable
Great piece, as always, by Rex Murphy on Gettysburg
From Rex Murphy: A perfect miracle of public utterance
Rex Murphy: A perfect miracle of public utterance
Finally Rex Murphy said something I can agree with.Trudeau is not Prime ministerial and Tom Mulcair is a step up.
Just enjoyed a great dinner followed by a inspiring talk by Rex Murphy. Conference is really impressing me so far!
Why I've long felt should be privatized. MT Did CBC pull Rex Murphy video ripping Trudeau?
Rex Murphy: The Rob Ford Scandal: Rex thinks it’s time for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to resign.
Rex Murphy is the best speaker I've ever heard! Wow.
Rex Murphy-it was a great honour.Humbled by your skill, wit and intelligence. For the record, the 2nd law of thermodynamics is sexy.
This is Postmedia journo Katherine Monk who said Rex Murphy was too ugly to get laid
State broadcaster is at it again. Rex Murphy, the only voice of sanity in their midst, muzzled!! JT video pulled. *** Smacks of
Rex Murphy hits another one OUT OF THE BALLPARK on
Postmedia's tells Rex Murphy not to be jealous just because Trudeau can "get laid"
hope you're all over the Rex Murphy commentary on Justin and it's removal from CBC website
Clever, bitter, almost as if he's mesmerised by his own words I hope isn't another Rex Murphy in 20 years.
I'd rather a Rob Ford get my back than a wimpy Rex Murphy , Peter Mansbridge or Ian Hannamansing
and don't forget, use lots of words only Conrad Black and Rex Murphy would know.
Rex Murphy: An early, bitter Christmas for the Ford-haters
WATCH IT NOW: Rex Murphy on the "mingled fates" of Sen. Duffy and Prime Minister Harper
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has gone to court over the Conservative supression of police and court evidence of rape, abuse and torture of children at St. Annes residential school. Too bad Evan Solomon (CBC) thought the story was about me not being nice for saying these crimes were the work of sadists and pedophiles. "Too emotional", he said. Maybe he should ask Rex Murphy what he thinks.
Just heard more on fracking!!! All this media coverage is great, on "Q" CBC1 , Jian Ghomeshi was talking about Rex Murphy's version of the fracking debate in NB. Seems to me that he thinks Rex is wrong too! But i only heard his intro. So Listen in if u can!
Kudos to Rex Murphy for his informed and insightful commentary concerning end of life decision-making.
Rex Murphy on The National tonight got me to see Donald Low's video. Been avoiding it;glad I've now seen it.
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