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Rex Hudler

Rex Allen Hudler (born September 2, 1960 in Tempe, Arizona, U.S.) is a radio broadcaster for the Kansas City Royals and a former Major League Baseball utility player.

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qotd: Be a fountain, not a drain. . Rex Hudler, quoted in 'Sports Illustrated' .
Perhaps the best thing about is you can choose your telecast which means I never have to listen to Rex Hudler again.
Happy to share I'll be hosting the Royal Roast of Rex Hudler on Monday night, August 21.
Hudler is different. He is following the advice Ryan gave him. Rex is more of a "Traditional" color analyst now.
Please Add: If you're going to be a successful failure, you must learn to stay positive whe…
I had to watch the FSKC feed because I live in Nebraska. Rex Hudler is awful. Give me McCarver any day!
Rex Hudler, know who you're announcing. Paul DeJong and Randal Grichuk are two COMPLETELY different players. 🙄
Hudler: Things are going good for Alex. The Result on the next pitch: Strikeout. Not so good Rex!
"It's Hammel time, and Pham, you got to go!" Rex "dad" Hudler
It's mildly annoying that I can't watch the feed, due to living in Nebraska. Rex Hudler is quite obnoxious.
"He's standing. That means he's good." - Rex Hudler M.D. after Lance Lynn takes a line drive to the head
LOL @ Rex Hudler. Did you not see Alex squat back down once the pitcher started?
Rex Hudler just made a chainsaw noise after a groundout 😂
I want to be friends with Rex Hudler
Pretty sure Rex Hudler is gonna send flowers to Matt Carpenter's room. Maybe his underwear.
More times than not, I have no idea what Rex Hudler is about...
Rex Hudler does...not...stop...talking
I don't get the crowd that hates on Rex Hudler.
Always great to have the man of God, Rex Hudler, back in St. Louis, even if just for a visit. Welcome back, brother.
Rex Hudler has mentioned it on air this year and they talk about it on 610 radio. He has refused to…
It's such a relief when we don't have to listen to Rex Hudler...
announcers actually make me miss Rex Hudler.
Tonight's at on FS1 means no Rex Hudler.
It was Rex Hudler. He makes my ears bleed!
The Royals. Rex Hudler, I believe. Somehow I recorded their broadcast and not ours.
Reds commentators are pretty bad. Not Rex Hudler bad, but still.bad. My sympathies.
"In this world you can be a fountain or a drain; St Louis is a drain" -Rex Hudler
who the *** doesn't like Rex Hudler?. point them to the line to the bottomless pit of self-loathing next time
Rex Hudler thinks it's a beautiful planet.
I enjoy Rex Hudler. Line for haters forms on the left.
"Where you put it makes a big difference" - Rex Hudler
My favorite thing about the Royals playing the Cardinals is seeing the best fans in baseball griping Rex Hudler.
Rex Hudler throwing out Bobby Grich & Frank Robinson as playing with the Orioles in 1979. Uh...,not even close.
Came to the game so I didn't have to listen to Rex Hudler.
It's time for my normal Cards Royals series complaint of my being blacked out & I'm forced to listen to Rex Hudler 😖
I dread Cardinals-Royals. Not because I don't like playing the Royals, but because I get stuck listening to Rex Hudler.
The one bad part about the I-70 series is having to listen to rex hudler's nonsense
the only thing worse than Rex Hudler on TV, it's Rex Hudler & Steve Physioc!
"I'm so happy the TV feed is blacked out, forcing me to listen to Rex Hudler on TV." ThingsIDidn…
Has anyone every seen Rex Hudler without a baseball in his hand?
Rex Hudler says "it's confusing to me, but made sense". Well...he's confusing to me, and makes NO SENSE!
"If you live in a neighborhood, you'll have neighbors who you know and they'll talk to you" - Rex Hudler without context
I would choose Rex hudler to narrate my life story
I saw that homer on Fox KC and Rex Hudler said exactly the same thing
"You have to get on base to score runs" -- Rex Hudler. Even Phys found that one weird
Rex Hudler makes me want to pour bleach in my ears
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"Zunino doing a nice job keeping his legs closed so he can't see how many fingers he has in there."---Rex Hudler
The only thing I dread about M’s-Royals series is hearing Rex Hudler, since the Seattle feed is blacked out here.
Received a return from Rex Hudler. Her signed 2/2 in 85 days.
Greg Holland met with Bud Black this morning. They did not talk about an injured finger. They were planning a Rex Hudler pra…
Probably so. Bo Hart could be his bench coach. Rex Hudler could be hitting coach.
You can expect to see a bit more of Royals broadcasters Ryan Lefebvre and Rex Hudler during tonight's game.
Mozeliak close to re-signing Todd Zeile, Felix Jose, Ozzie Canseco & Rex Hudler to make it feel even more like early 90s baseball
Rex Hudler just claimed that Mike Ilitch invented the pizza oven and I cannot stop laughing
We are being blessed with optimum Rex Hudler today. Firing on all cylinders.
What the *** did I do to deserve Rex Hudler as my announcer
Stuck watch the Royals broadcast. Rex Hudler sounds like he is going to, well you know, all over himself.
Living in Nebraska I get the pain of having to listen to Rex Hudler announce the game. Such an anno…
Can you imagine how off his rocker Hud will be towards the end of the 2nd game? Could be a banner day for and his Rex Hudler list
Brisk sales for "Hark"! 30 World-Class Musicians from across USA, and Rex Hudler. Great night. Join us!
Homerism prevails on FSKC too.Moved from mn to Omaha last yr. Rex hudler loves him some royals.
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Thanks Rex Hudler for jinxing the game..we better win in extra innings!
"I wouldn't want to bring the winning run to the plate...". "Well why not?!" . Signs Rex Hudler may not actually understand baseball..
Listening to ARod call the royals game is so much better than listening to Rex Hudler
I'd much rather listen to Rex Hudler over A-Rod anyday.just sayin
On the national broadcast A-Rod just referred to the Yankees as "our system".. I miss Rex Hudler already
If Rex Hudler was still a broadcaster for the Angels, he would absolutely refer to him as The Iron Fister.
Misc: I transcribed the Rex Hudler soliloquy about Soler "learning the game" after the Gardner triple. That's 15 tr…
I hope when the Cards play the Royals we can get one or two innings of just Rex Hudler and Tim McCarver. I will be so confused and ROFL.
Rex Hudler: another banner decision by media mogul Dan Glass. Only team president that NO other team would consider hiring.
A nationally televised debate on whether the moon is in fact a planet.
Drive team charter to the airport with Rex Hudler as your only passenger. "Hey, look who's driving the bus!"
"This is the first time I've ever seen Chris Carter play."---Rex Hudler, who has been broadcasting Royals games since 2012.
I think it's entirely possible the goofy guy in the Sonic commercials was inspired by Rex Hudler. Could be wrong but seems plausible to me,
I'm also pretty sure most people value Rex Hudler as a better baseball voice than you are but that's none of my bus…
Nah, if Rex Hudler taught me anything it's that Pujols just needed to eat an extra pancake at breakfast this mornin…
Not a bad time to get Woody in there... ah Rex Hudler.
I don't want to listen to his music, but Clay Walker (in the Royals booth) seems like one heck of a cat. Kinda how I feel about Rex Hudler.
"Let's see how he handles this 0-2 curve ball." Pitcher throws a high and tight fastball. Shut up Rex Hudler.
830am - we're joined by broadcaster Rex Hudler (following their sweep of the Orioles plus the Yankees are in town
Be a foundation, not a drain. Rex Hudler.
The argument between Ryan Lefebvre and Rex Hudler over Buck Showalter's quote is better than any Showtime drama.
Rex Hudler is the funniest person in sports broadcasting
"You gotta be able to see the ball to hit 'em out of the ballpark." -Rex Hudler
I've now seen a Bip Roberts and a Bill Hall reference this week. JAG utility players for $200. Rex Hudler.
Rex Hudler is going to make Poppy's bday memorable.
If it was Yankee or Red Sox hat, they should be forced to travel length of Trans-Taig…
Dammit. That Rex Hudler Salty Iguana radio ad for mother's day really punched me in the gut
Signed by Rex Hudler and *possibly* one of the following- Daniel Castro, Darnell Coles, David Cone, Deivi Cruz
my instant reaction was wondering why Rex Hudler was at your house with a bird in his mouth.
"Rex Hudler, Uncut with a long overhang and a lot of skin." 
Stand up comedy by at fundraiser. Alex Gordon, Rex Hudler on deck.
If you liked that, you need to watch more Royals games with Rex Hudler and Ryan Lefevre.
People love Bill Walton for the same reasons they hate Rex Hudler.
What percentage of Rex Hudler is required to ensure Ben Gamel remains the Eric Byrnesiest of Dave Hollinses?
I don't know what's more impressing. You meeting Rex Hudler or you being at a gym
Just ran into Rex Hudler at lifetime. Break made.
Guys, join us for Rex Hudler at Everyman Friday, 6:15-7:30 this week! This is a can't miss opportunity!
The Yankees selected Rex Hudler in the first round of the '78 draft as compensation -- the first compensation pick…
I want to spend my whole life as happy as Rex Hudler is when Ryan Lefebvre answers a trivia question.
"Pilot to bombardier, pilot to bombardier"-Rex Hudler on that Paulo Orlando blast
I believe Hazelbaker will be riding in the truck with Stubby Clapp, Joe McEwing, Rex Hudler and Bo Hart
People don't like a guy giving a thumbs up throughout telecast, but willingly listen to Rex Hudler talk
I say we have a media bubble soccer game. I'd love to see you bowl Rex Hudler halfway across the pitch.
I'm so glad Rex Hudler is so witty and entertaining 🙄🙄🙄
Rex Hudler's face is as red as it can possibly get.
I know there's not many but I'm a fan of Rex Hudler 😂
Rex Hudler on cosplay: "I'm not from that planet. Or that moon."
"I'm not from that planet...or that moon." --Rex Hudler making fun of himself
"I'm not from that planet...or that moon." Yes. Rex Hudler is my favorite.
"He tommy hawked that one to the wrong guy.". -Rex Hudler
"If the women weren't attractive, that was a fine." - Rex Hudler
God bless Rex Hudler. It's incredible to think that at one point, many of you guys didn't like this man.
"That's right on the edge of too much information." --Ryan Lefebvre to Rex Hudler, today and probably many other occasions as well.
Rex Hudler wearing Zubaz for pajamas surprises nobody, right?
You better hack or they'll send ya back - Rex Hudler
Potentially, a more talented version of Rex "The Wonder Dog" Hudler!
"The main thing is, he's got experience." -- Rex Hudler. "And also no grasp of the strike zone." -- Jon Morse
Even when the are winning, Rex Hudler is still very annoying..
Rex Hudler is the greatest thing to ever happen to the game of baseball
"If you're playing the Royals and you're not air tight then you're probably going to lose"- Rex Hudler
I really did miss the royals these last few months. However, I did not miss Rex Hudler
Rex Hudler had to be the voice of reason. Yeesh
I swear I feel my A1C numbers rising from just listening to Rex Hudler on games. How sugary can a guy get? Waiter, hold the syrup.
Ryan Lefebvre and Rex Hudler's relationship resembles what I imagine the President/Vice President interactions go.
baseball is really just the Rex Hudler show to me. Also... I would love a documentary and/or reality show.
you get these Rex Hudler complements off my timeline RIGHT NOW
Rex Hudler just described his own action in accepting a gift as "gracious." I don't think you're allowed to say that about yourself
Rex Hudler always be going off topic 😂😂😂😂 love the guy tho
The little kids behind me have better commentary than Rex Hudler.
Rex Hudler has been with the Royals broadcasting team since 2012 and I am yet to warm up to him.
"Moose could of hit that home run out of any ballpark even Yellowstone" gotta love Rex Hudler 😂
"Pilot to bombardier, open up the doors!" -Rex Hudler
Are offense hasn't heated up yet but rex hudler is in midseason form.
It's 2016 and Rex Hudler is still one of the most annoying announcers ever.
"Cheese at the knees. Joe, you got to go!" - Our Lord and Savior, Rex Hudler
"That'll just go to tell you. Spring is spring." -Rex Hudler. He's back folks. Whether we like it or not. (We don't)
Rex Hudler says he talked to LoCain today. He (Rex) did most of the talking.
I've missed Rex Hudler during the off season.
There is a local singer from Emporia Ks that would like Rex Hudler autograph on a card today at the game in KC April. Now that would B 😎
Everytime Rex Hudler says "You can't sneak a piece of cheese around a hungry rat" makes me think of for some reason? 🧀
Plus, your boy Rex Hudler even gave a soliloquy about Asian MLBers bat flipping
"The Royals are due for a comeback win." - Rex Hudler, Game 3, 2016.
I love Rex Hudler but I don't think the Royals are "due" to have a come from behind win considering it's only the 3rd game of the season.
How does Rex Hudler still have a job...
Oh yeah, I also was on the Rex Hudler train before like everyone else
Rex Hudler, "Anything under a 3 nowadays is a good ERA."
I've began to like him less and less...and I didn't like him much in the first place. Worst guy though, Rex Hudler.
I say this while watching the Royals. You deserve better than Rex Hudler, KC.
my sister was laughing at something Hudler said and I said “it’s Rex!” and her first response was “Burkhead?”
Rex Hudler: still making ears bleed.
WOW... Rex Hudler didn't waste any time to be amazingly annoying!
It only took me three pitches to remember how much I hate listening to Rex Hudler.
of all the lame Rex Hudler jokes, this is Top 10.
I have to mute my TV when watching the Royals on FS1, because Rex Hudler is clueless.
People who don't like Rex Hudler or Bortolo Colon must have vapid, miserable lives. It's the only possible explanation.
Rex Hudler is signing autographs on 6/29. For details click on via
I wish Rex Hudler announced the Lexington games, just to hear him say Fukofuka every night
We practice with who is truly so humble, kind and FUNNY! Today he brought...
So Rex Hudler did a Reddit AMA yesterday. . "Physioc, my mentor" . "If you're scared get a dog."
Guys, Rex Hudler is doing an AMA on Reddit. THIS IS NOT A DRILL
If you haven’t yet, read and watch on why Rex Hudler is the way he is:
she was just "ok". Better than Rex Hudler. Not great. Better than Beth Mowins. Low bar to clear. She's...meh
My interview with ESPN's Karl Ravech about the 2016 Royals, Rex Hudler, and more
Pete Rose. Mike Scioscia. David Price. Honorable mention, since they wore it for a year, Ned Yost and Rex Hudler.
Better comp. would be Rex Hudler or Randy "Macho Man" Savage.
Vitale is Rex Hudler levels of blacked out right now
*** Vital is much like Rex Hudler to me. Seems like the nicest guy in the world but not good at calling a game.
You can't tell me Rex Hudler wasn't available.
I may or may not have just said "Waiter, check please" at IHOP. For the record I still don't like Rex Hudler
All you need in your life is Rex Hudler dancing to "Friends In Low Places."
Just imagine Bill Walton and Rex Hudler calling a game. It would be glorious
Rex Hudler Be a fountain not a drain. Ha
Rex Hudler driving the bus with energetic keynote speech at St. Joseph Youth Alliance Superstars awards.
We're having a great night with Rex Hudler and a room full of STARS!
Rex Hudler Be a fountain not a drain. ok
I get to listen to Rex Hudler speak tonight at Missouri Western.
Rex Reed, Rex Hudler and Wreckx N Effect have a better chance of taking Bills to playoffs than Rex Ryan.
Cheese, Pizza, Rex Hudler just off the top of my head.
Rex Hudler Be a fountain not a drain. :-o
JEFF THANK YOU FOR NOT INVITING REX HUDLER ON YOUR SHOW AFTER THE WS! As promised all my future sons will be named Jeff.
Rex Hudler Be a fountain not a drain. yes
Still my favorite Alex Gordon Vine this season. Rex Hudler's reaction was perfect.
Can we get rid of Rex Hudler now that the Royals won the Series again?
Rex Hudler doing his thing at fan rally. You should read on Hud if you haven't:
Rex Hudler joins your shirtless bikram yoga class.
Super Moon = pretty cool. Cooler than Jackie Moon, Warren Moon, Keith Moon or Moon Unit Zappa? IDK. Rex Hudler finds it an incredible planet
Positive: I get to watch the Sox tonight! Negative: I have to listen to Rex Hudler 😩
My red-haired seven week old granddaughter will be at her first major league game tonight hoping to meet Rex Hudler.
Got to have a conversation with Rex Hudler tonight and I had no shame telling him I was his biggest fan and watched every night💙⚾️
Rex Hudler confuses the crap out of me sometimes.
"Eaton is a dead White Sock." - Rex Hudler. The best kind of White Sock. Metaphorically, of course.
Want to see Rex Hudler doing yoga shirtless? Here's a video.
SALVY.. That's why he wears the gold.. had to paraphrase Rex Hudler there
I love Lefebvre's thinly veiled contempt for Rex Hudler.
Oh, this is FP Santangelo.. the only analyst worse than Rex Hudler. And the only 2 worse than Tabler.
Rex Hudler just gave a shoutout on TV. whoa
" You gotta be aware cuz balls are flying! " - Rex Hudler
Happy birthday to my favorite commentator, Rex Hudler! Hope you had yourself a day and got a cookie!
Hey, remember that one time you got home from work and sat down to watch highlights and saw Rex Hudler get creepy lap syndrome on TV
I played it. It was a decent game. Had Jon Miller and Rex Hudler as broadcasters, which was an odd mix
Misc: Royals are now 4-0 on Rex Hudler's birthday since he joined the Royals commentary team.
Kruk and Kuip are horrible and only slightly more tolerable than Hawk or Rex Hudler. Surprised at Miller.
Happy birthday to the one and only Rex Hudler
I can't take scary Matt Williams seriously ever since I heard Rex Hudler's impression of him.
Died laughing tonight. Between the hamburger helper tag and Rex Hudler's, I'm worn out.
rex hudler is just the greatest guy ever. hope KC gets to celebrate many many more birthdays with you,
Rex Hudler just said he would want a washer rather than 1 million dollars, does he know how many washers you can buy with a …
I was a fan of Rex Hudler when he first came to the I've also done a lot of LSD in my life, not sure if it's related
people who hate Rex hudler are just the worst. Happy birthday to the wonderdog
Can every day be Rex Hudler's birthday?
Hamilton Collection
I love Rex Hudler so freaking much.
What a great trip through the Rex Hudler tag. Fun stuff.
After that how can you not like Rex Hudler?
Rex Hudler is one of the best people on this planet.
Rex Hudler is my absolute favorite.
you need to have a Rex Hudler bobble head day. Who do I need to talk to to make this happen?
Happy birthday to Rex Hudler, Rich Aurilia, Jason Hammel, Gaby Sanchez as well as tours truly (b. 1975).
"That ball hit him in the Latissimus Dorsi... 'The Hood of the Cobra'." - Rex Hudler. Oh man.
It's almost like I've waited my whole life for an Al Hrabosky/Rex Hudler rain delay exchange
Rex Hudler and Al Hrabosky in the same booth please find and kill me
And I'm pretty sure Rex Hudler just challenged Al Hrabosky to a wrestling match.
I either have the opportunity to listen to tonights game with either Al Hrabosky or Rex Hudler.. May I gouge my ears out
Ryan Lefebvre asks Rex Hudler what Randy Winn & Mike Aviles have in common. Rex: "Something about their last names...A & W?" Ryan: "WHAT?!"
Rex Hudler just asked if Saturn was a planet... Bring back Frank White!
"I'm not a bettin man, but I could feel Mous.." -Rex Hudler lastnight.. What does that even mean??!!
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
"That tastes about as good as a stale cupcake." Careful, you starting to sound like Rex Hudler...
we should also all agree that Rex Hudler is no
After today I don't have to hear Rex Hudler talk again until July. Thank God.
If you don't love Rex Hudler then I don't think I can love you.
Rex Hudler is like the creepy counselor at summer camp
“Keep it in before it comes out. Squeeze it down.” - Rex Hudler on defense, or lovemaking tips. I’m not sure.
Hudler is such a great sports name. I think of Rex Hudler on the Expos in the day.
Hudler it is cold and wet. Let's not over think the swing or fielding.
Who do I have to pay to get rex hudler out of the broadcasting booth?
"Let's throw him a slurve. A combination of a slider and a curve." - Rex Hudler everybody
Hudler just said "look at that freshly drugged infield"...better organize an intervention for either Rex or the infield...
Ryan Lefebvre has absolutely had it with Rex Hudler 😂
"Baseball's not a good sport to play when it's cold & rainy" -words of wisdom from Rex Hudler.
if you try to tag a runner and miss, he is out - Rex Hudler
Did Rex Hudler just say they gave Abreu smelling sauce and then correct himself and say smelling salsa? Classic Hud!
Dear Rex Hudler seems like a genuinely good person, but he's a nightly embarrassment to the franchise and a detriment to your brand
S/O to Rex Hudler for pointing out that a FEMALE Royals fan didn't know what a quick pitch was... Females can understand baseball too..
Only Rex Hudler would refer to smelling salts as "smelling sauce" what the heck
Getting a rules lesson from Rex Hudler is a little confusing.
After hearing that, I'd like to hear Rex Hudler explain Bruce Jenner.
What the *** is Rex Hudler talking about right now? 😂
What the *** is Hudler talking about? If he doesn't tag him he doesn't tag him Rex. That was a bit confusing.
Rex Hudler should be fired for being a fool.
Rex Hudler is making new baseball rules
Rex Hudler would be fun to drink with. I only get what he's talking about half the time.
"Man they're giving him smelling sals... sauce... whatever it's called. ... Salsa." -Rex Hudler
As the great Rex Hudler stated "they are giving Aubreu the smelling salsa now"
Rex Hudler "they are giving him the smelling sauces err smelling sauce err smelling salsa"
"Smelling salts. Sauce. Whatever you call it. Salsa." - Oedipus Rex Hudler III
If only Rex Hudler would get the wind knocked out of him.
"They are giving him the smelling sauce, the smelling salsa" -Rex Hudler
"The smelling salsa". Rex Hudler has just outdone himself.
“They’re giving him the smelling salts. Or sauce. Whatever you call it. Salsa.” -Rex Hudler
'They're giving him the smelling sauce.' - Rex Hudler
"They're giving him the smelling sauce!" -Rex Hudler
Rex Hudler is kinda scaring me with all the deep breathing and separation on the rubber talk.
Choosing between Hawk Harrelson or Rex Hudler on a TV broadcast is like choosing whether to wash your face w/ sandpaper or a cheese grater.
No! I have to listen to Rex Hudler tonight to watch the sox game 😩😩😩
"The White Sox have been getting raped by the Royals" -Rex Hudler Cc:
Bruce Buffer replacing Rex Hudler as color commentator?
"I got to talk to uh Alex Hosmer" - kid in the press box with Rex Hudler
For the record, I'm taking Rex Hudler over Hawk Harrelson in a Royals-White Sox broadcaster fight.
i still can't believe that as a child i had the pick of either Vin Scully or Rex Hudler and i went with sexy rexy
Rex Hudler: “Ventura’s gonna have to learn how to carry himself like a professional pitcher and stay away from the childish …
[New York Times]TOKYO, Sept. 12— Rex Hudler hit a three-run home run and the Yakult Swallows…
easy enough to crucify Rex Hudler for being Rex Hudler--don't care who he isn't. But I'm a Tribe fan-got problems of my own.
What would happen if Phil Simms, John Gruden and Rex Hudler were the 3 broadcasters for a sports event?
This is a la Rex Hudler with John Brown. 4'00 left . Buchanan 35 Bullard 29. Bears with the ball
Rex Hudler announces the release of Billy Butler during postgame for game 6.
Joe Buck has done the impossible, he made Royals fans miss Rex Hudler.
Harold Reynolds makes Royals fans realize how lucky we are to have Rex Hudler.
Ron Darling makes me second guess my disgust for Rex Hudler's broadcasting skills. .
Rex Hudler and Ryan Lefebvre need to announce this game
More Yankees top draft picks who at least played in majors: Rex Hudler, Carl Everett, Eric Milton, Mark Prior, Pat Tabler
Sounds like Rex Hudler and Joel Goldberg wants the Royals to be tougher. I agree.
Rex Hudler basically said he knows A's fans better than Ray Fosse
I wonder if Rex Hudler would put Jeremy Giambi into the "Cheaters Wing" of the Hall of Fame?
Last time Shields faced Sam Fuld, Fuld hit Shields' left asscheek. Today, Fuld promised to Rex Hudler that he'll hit his right asscheek
Rex Hudler is an early favorite for the baseball broadcaster Gold Glove.
Listening to Rex Hudler announce Royals games instead of Frank White is just painful
Guys, just imagine if they had Rex Hudler and Steve Physioc do the broadcast on the same night! Oh...
To be fair, Rex Hudler may not even know who Billy Wagner and Greg Vaughn are either.
Rex Hudler and Steve Physioc were together in Kansas City doing their TV last year.
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