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Err what info please? Am confused - that’s easily done though. Is the info re Rev…
For all those fans who were disappointed when he had to withdraw from the 2017 Literary Festival…
Coles to Newcastle . Starting at different costal locations each week Rev Richard Coles make…
Awaiting the joyous day that is invited and accepts being a guest on Saturday Live with Rev. Richard Coles.
And my husband wonders why I think the Rev Richard Coles is so brilliant.
It’s near Wicksteed Park and the parish of Rev Richard Coles. And if Peep Show is to b…
And it's that £13 per month that gets up my nose. Paying into Portill…
What's bad about Saturday mornings? Waking up to 'Saturday Live' on Radio 4, with the Rev. Richard Coles and co.…
Was the Rev. Richard Coles on keys back in the day?
When I see Portillo (a rejected Tory) and the Rev Richard Coles on BBC I just want to kick my TV around the room.…
Today's throwback is Rev Richard Coles and Dianne Buswell's Paso Doble to "Flash's Theme" from 2017 week 3 (Movie W…
Hi, wondering if there are minutes available of Lady Hale's Q&A with Rev Richard Coles from Nov 2017…
Derren Brown giving Rev Richard Coles technical advice. Definitely time for bed now I think
Rev Richard Coles and customers enjoyed Launceston singing at the store
something I never thought I’d see... Rev Richard Coles interviewing Lady Hale in for
Rev Richard Coles sent home after Strictly Come Dancing dance-off via
Rev Richard Coles is the second celeb to leave Strictly
So the Rev Richard Coles leaves Strictly, not a shock . I am however in serious shock to find out he was...
Rev Richard Coles made it long before Strictly
Rev Richard Coles .. he was massive even before so sad he had to go..
Rev Richard Coles didn't have his prayers answered & yes it would take a miracle for the Rev to dance reasonably
Wrong! Rev Richard Coles was a gift from the heavens!
Rev Richard Coles. The one who did Flash Gordon routine
Just noticed, Rev Richard Coles does look like Gru from doesn't he? .
Strictly's Rev Richard Coles paid an emotional visit to dying friend to perform a dance and renew wedding vows
If everyone was a bit more like Rev Richard Coles the world would be a better place.
Goodbye to Rev Richard Coles. Hard to believe he was The Communards pianist. Jimmy Summerville must be turning in his grave.
Rev Richard Coles says he 'can't quibble' as he gets the boot from Strictly
Rev Richard Coles the second contestant to leave Strictly
Rev Richard Coles is voted out, but his final song wasn't Don't Leave Me This Way, or Never Can Say Goodbye??? MISSED OPPO…
Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Movie Week results: Rev Richard Coles sent home after dance-off with Simon Rimmer -…
Rev Richard Coles joins line-up. Surely the "Yonder, the Deacon in misguided trousers" write themselves
Rev Richard Coles is the fifth celebrity contestant confirmed for Strictly Come Dancing 2017
Rev Richard Coles - the wonderfully entertaining erudite and engaging BBC Radio4…
Congratulations to Institute of Export on their Dinner last night with Rev Richard Coles speaking. So many World Traders are members
If you took philosophy, instead of theology.would you have remained an atheist? ⭐⭐⭐Article
TODAY! Saturday Live's discusses his career from pop to pulpit at Stratford Artshouse Tues 15 Nov…
Our Rev. Richard Coles compering Finedon's Got Talent, and in this photo paying tribute to John…
A day to remember with Comunards Rev Richard Coles.
On stage now Rev Richard Coles about to present ASUC Awards 2016 for
Soon be good to go for AGM & Awards with Rev Richard Coles presenting
TUESDAY! discusses his book Bringing in the Sheaves at Stratford Artshouse 15 Nov >…
01:30 Good in Vestments: The Rev Richard Coles explores the surprising history of church vestments.
The beautiful church of St Mary the Virgin, Finedon (with the Rev Richard Coles in attendance)
no doubt Fat Sam’s well dodge, but really, who, with anything about them, would take the job? Rev Richard Coles, perhaps?
Get tickets to hear the Rev. Richard Coles talk about equal marriage and the CofE
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
.What was that? Rev. Richard Coles AND Ronan Keating, you say? Time for the orf-switch, methinks.
09:00 Saturday Live: The singer-songwriter and actor Ronan Keating joins Aasmah Mir and the Rev Richard Coles.
Love so much that Rev Richard Coles is at (cc
The Secret Life of JS Bach Rev Richard Coles returns to his childhood musical hero, with some un...
The excellent Rev. Richard Coles who even gave a shout out to my Mum in the audience. Thank you Rev C. 😀
Yesterday Rev Richard Coles asked me to take a photo of him and Nicola Sturgeon. Surreal moment.
Just out of after an evening with the interesting inspiring & uplifting Revd Richard Coles
"Our ambition was to bring down Thatcher with Pop Music. And where is she now..?" Rev Richard Coles of the Communards
"HIV and Aids felt like a medieval plague. I got religious twinges after that " Rev Richard Coles
Rev Richard Coles on the journey from pop to the pulpit, Tuesday 29 Sept.
Rev Richard Coles on Weds talking about his 'immensely readable' 'worldly-wise' & 'charming' memoir FATHOMLESS RICHES
The Rev Richard Coles just used the plural "Encyclopaedias Britannica" on Radio 4. Am suddenly overcome with love for the BBC.
as much as I despise religion I really like Rev. Richard Coles.
Rev Richard Coles: 'I've spent more on drugs than a vicar should': The BBC Radio 4 presenter and former Commun...
I think I'm a little bit in love with Grayson Perry. And the Rev Richard Coles, obviously. Everyone's in love with him though, surely.
Good to hear tangling with Rev Richard Coles (and later, Reginald D. hunter) right NOW on R4.
Rev Richard Coles is in Walsall tonight at the Broadway United Reformed Church 7.30pm.
What is a Moral Society?. An evening with Angela Eagle MP and the Rev Richard Coles 18 June
The lovely Richard the Hare, named after Rev Richard Coles who was speaking at Hay Festival yesterday can be found...
Another great interview on by Fern Britton. This time with Rev Richard Coles and his journey from exCommunard to to…
Rev Richard Coles on r regular correspondents of his.
My favourite book: Rev Richard Coles on A Month in the Country
RB not the only one -- Rev Richard Coles and colleagues plug books and pat each others' backs. Tax-funded!
Rev Richard Coles will probably take you somewhere appropriate for tuxedo wearing (on the proceeds from his brilliant book?). 😉
Fathomless Riches from Rev. Richard Coles .. half way through; really enjoyable :)
Once again, a big thank you to the lovely Rev Richard Coles who came in to visit us today. If you missed Richard,...
To me from thanks Ruth I really appreciated the piece.” Read it here
The most obviously Christian piece "on sex, celibacy & more importantly, faith" via
I'm reading Rev Richard Coles memoir and liking him less with every page I turn.
I am at a clergy chapter meeting. They are currently debating whether or not the Rev Richard Coles called one of them a "bag" in his memoirs
Get your debauchery in while you're young according to the Rev Richard Coles! You can repent at leisure!
The most explicitly Christian of the pieces, unsurprisngly, from in
Important FAO and the Rev. Richard Coles has a new dachshund and it is outrageous
REV RICHARD COLES will be with us today, signing copies of his new book. 2:30!!!
It was Rev Richard Coles formerly of Communards talking about HIV
Great to see given the chance to talk about faith instead of - or at least as well as - sex:
Rev Richard Coles is still a star. If there were more priests like him more people would go to church.
From pop star to priest Richard Coles joins Lorraine to reveal why he swapped a rock 'n' roll lifestyle for God:
Odd interview with Richard Coles in the 'Guardian'. Who fakes having HIV? And why does he insist on being called the Rev by BBC announcers?
Been to see the Rev Richard Coles interviewed by Kevin Jackson at the V & A. All about sex and religion. Highly amusing.
Rev Richard Coles: from pop-star to preacher. "I’m not the first Christian to have come from a fruity background."
Richard Coles on sex, celibacy and, more importantly, faith
Stark final para about Rev Richard Coles faking HIV. Church needs more people being so honest about their dishonesty:
One of UKs coolest vicars, ex Communard Rev Richard Coles preaching evensong at Lincoln tonight at 6pm.
There's also the question of validity of Rev Richard Coles's orders.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Have you bought the Rev Richard Coles autobiography? An insightful views of the 80s *** and pop scenes, very good reading
Please send the Rev Richard Coles to Mars, they'll need someone to marry them!
I notice that it's a (Tony Livesey) vs (Rev Richard Coles) Celebrity Mastermind tonight at 7pm on
I thought he was . Turkish? Where's Rev Richard Coles when you need him??
"Has anything amusing every happened to you in connection with spoons?" Next Week: The Rev Richard Coles: "Me and my coals"
Finale at Finedon: guess the date of the strainer arch with Radio 4's own Rev Richard Coles
. Rev Richard Coles suggestion for new Archbishop - Clare Balding. An interesting thought.
Claire Balding in convo with Rev Richard Coles at two Amazing people!!
Claire Balding having convo with Rev Richard Coles at Church Times stand and talking She is great..
Am at Grandstand listening to Claire Balding and Rev Richard Coles...
Sarah Millican, Rev Richard Coles, Eliza Carthy, David Tennant and David Walliams. That's who I'd like to see in our mob.
on a similar note, for some stupid reason I was rude to the Rev Richard Coles last year. I want to apologise ...
Well I guess that I RTed Rev Richard Coles so I'm awake. Good morning... I think?
Merry Christmas from the Rev Richard Coles appreciation page!
Ha! Rev Richard Coles unable to contain his giggles after the guillotine in the Poulenc of Fiona Shaw's Inheritance Tracks. Lovely.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
SatLive: 1 Dec 2012. Sian Williams and Rev Richard Coles with broadcaster Richard Madeley, and a man who's spent...
Already being hailed as 'joyful' Rev Richard Coles's long-awaited 'Lives of Improbable Saints' is published today by Jubilate!
Rev Richard Coles - Is there something destructive in our facination with celebrities?
Sat Live: 6 Oct 2012. Rev Richard Coles and Sian Williams with performer Jackie Clune, Rob Manuel who turned...
Sunday Worship live from tomorrow with Paula Gooder, Brian Draper and Rev Richard Coles. 0730 in Gold Cup.
Pauline Black (of The Selecter) is on Radio 4 with Rev Richard Coles at 9:00!
Joan Collins has just told off Rev Richard Coles. "I was never at the Rank charm school. You must stop getting your information online!"
Today is the Feast of St Vivian, patron saint of hangovers. Keep it down, love... (via Rev Richard Coles)
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