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Reunion Tower

Reunion Tower is a observation tower and one of the most recognizable landmarks in Dallas, Texas. Located at 300 Reunion Blvd.

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Did anyone in Arlington notice where this was hosted? Rangers host Play Ball event for kids under Reunion Tower
City Pass: Visit the Dallas "Reunion Tower GeO-Deck" and 3 other attractions at a savings of…
6•23•2014 . See you in two weeks, Dallas. @ Reunion Tower
this is me playing the Mortal Kombat 4 tower klassic reunion matches
Reunion Tower from down under! It was my first time going up in about 20 years! The GeoDeck was…
Last night's sunset up in Reunion Tower. Was my first time being up there in probably 20 years!…
The Reunion Tower ball needs to be replaced with a light up Dirk statue. A regular statue is not enough.
Just got back frim the reunion, it's weird how everything seems so small now, and now I tower over all my old teachers 😂😂😂
Reunion Tower is a must see for visitors. Have dinner in Wolfgang Puck's revolving restaurant, Five Sixty. .
Get to enjoy the experience of eating at the Reunion Tower. # excited
reunion disaster contemplation . Six of Cups. Tower. Four of Cups
There's just something about the Dallas skyline & that iconic Reunion Tower.
I'm gonna get a tattoo of Reunion Tower like Drake got one of CN Tower
Thank you, Omni, for taking up the slack for Reunion Tower.
Omni and Reunion Tower are feeling that Stars win. 💚
They put this man on the reunion tower 😭😭😭😭
I'm about to photoshop my self on top of the reunion tower
View from the revolving restaurant at top of Reunion Tower. Celebrating Kathy and my 24th anniversary.
Time-lapse of my cocktail set last night at the rotating Reunion tower in Dallas. @ Reunion Tower
Oh and go to the Reunion Tower its beautiful😄
A little fun on stage last night at Reunion Tower!
I'm so jealous of and that she got to go to the reunion tower.
Why was our prom not at the reunion tower.
Hi so can we get the Reunion Tower lit to look like a yellow lemon please
Dinner at the top of Reunion Tower in
Can finally say I've been up to the top of Reunion Tower. And yes, the view is perfect.
Mom took me to reunion tower for early birthday lunch.❤️😇😊
Clocks at the Hyatt Regency Dallas and Reunion Tower observation tower...
As I've visited the Dallas area, I loved the Botanical Garden in Fort Worth, the Stockyards, Reunion Tower and Southfork Ranch.
Celebrating 52 years of marriage at Five Sixty on the top of reunion tower. We are always…
Me: uh when did the reunion tower start lighting up different colors and symbols?. Trey: uh like 10 years ago...
It was either me or Reunion Tower. I chose me. @ Tailwaters Fly Fishing Co.
Unlike Knoxville, the Reunion Tower sphere is not a Wig Outlet 🌐🏙🎇 @ Cloud Nine Cafe At Reunion…
One Trip EVERY Month Challenge: Reunion Tower, Dallas Marianne, over at East of Malaga, came u RT
With this is mind .. When you come to Texas you better know who our Governor is and what the Reunion Tower is ... See how that sounds silly
Reunion Tower tomorrow night Omg it's going to be lit!
Top of the Reunion Tower for our fourth Valentine's Day together ❤️
Reunion Tower showing Dallas some LOVE last night for V-Day!
My view of building in showing us some Valentines LOVE❤ @ Reunion Tower
Dinner at an Italian restaurant, train to the reunion tower with an amazing view and she's still the best part
In Dallas with the and Reunion Tower is pink & red for Valentine's Day! 😉
Just ready to go eat good at the Reunion tower for my birthday!
MLK parade in Fair Park, then lunch in Deep Ellum, then up the Reunion Tower, then a trip to the movies. Yesterday was awesome ☺️
I miss the city lights... Reunion Tower, Fountain Place, the Shell gas station off Fox by my house, everything tbh...
Here's a shot of Smailholm Tower in the Scottish Borders. Captured this last weekend on route to my school reunion.
Video Shows Drone in Controlled Dallas Airspace: A video shot from inside Reunion Tower on Friday shows a drone…
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Aw thanks Em! I miss you too ): Volleyball reunion needs to asap (especially now that we have an emoji) 💙🏐
Surprised her and took her to reunion tower for out one year. I would say…
Earlier today This was really neat to check out. The @ Reunion Tower
DBJ's CFO of the Year event @ the Hyatt Reunion Tower. With UTA's College of Business
Tonight is a great night to go to reunion tower
it's a great arena and it's near Dealey Plaza and Reunion Tower.
Blue lights on the elevator in Reunion Tower.
Longbottom family reunion on top of Olympic tower.
I googled it. It's called the reunion tower.
Pouring at the reunion in Sacramento many good memories at Tower on Broadway! ✨
First time at the in Great view of Reunion Tower
Prepping for another fun day of Tower Alumni Reunion activities!
When people call you the Dallas Ball, instead of Reunion Tower.
Five Sixty, Reunion Tower. Everything was delicious, from the appetizer to the dessert!…
Okay working at the reunion tower is actually the worst BUT being there while it's raining is super cool 🤗
Photoset: Photos from the Tower Records reunion event happening in Sacramento, CA, the original home of...
The Wayback Machine goes into full gear on this Tower Records Reunion Weekend in Sac. Roger Sheppard, Artist!
Too much fun at Homecoming after hours tonight at Heading to Top of the Tower for our Bonner Leader reunion!
Reunion Tower during a very cloudy and rainy day.
. This is my view out the window of reunion tower in Downtown Dallas.
Tower 2 on West End Avenue my old stomping ground!
Also dreading working at the reunion tower tonight
Another cool event not to be missed! Dallas VideoFest knocking it out of the park this year!
Eating dinner at the reunion tower. It is beautiful 😍
oh I thought we were posting pictures. Mine was of the reunion tower and the bank of America building in Dallas.
Staying in Reunion Tower (Spinny Green Ball Hotel) in Dallas until Tuesday if any of my Dallas homies wanna come say hi :)
Shot a corporate luncheon in downtown at the Hyatt Regency underneath reunion tower 😇
he sure is! We plan on going back to Reunion Tower some day.
Cool lights in Downtown Dallas last night. Thank you Reunion Tower and Omni Hotel.
Are you at Klyde Warren Park or the Reunion Tower festival?
And Dealey Plaza isn't really a visible feature, per se. Reunion Tower is about all we have in that regard. A full Trinity fits that bill.
I want to go to the reunion tower so bad to take a picture with the dallas skyline
We 'bout to see the beautiful view of Dallas Downtown @ Reunion Tower
Thank you, Unfortunately, the Reunion Tower fell victim to an adorable 3 year old little girl the 1st day of the exhibition.
You did an amazing job with your model in But where Reunion Tower?. It's not on the 2015 or 2040 side
Whether you live in Dallas or have yet to visit, EarthCam’s camera at Reunion Tower gives you the chance to see...
The Heroes Memorial Climb is coming soon at Reunion Tower in Dallas, TX on May 9th, 2015! This event is open to...
At Reunion Tower, you can use the scope to stare in people's rooms at the Omni. I'm not sure that's what that's for
How cool would it be to see Reunion Tower over the left field bleachers?
Skylines prom is at the reunion tower 😩
The Reunion Tower. Dallas has some of the most fascinating buildings I've ever seen.
My fiancé is amazing. Arranged for some dear friends to give me a birthday surprise at the top of Reunion Tower ❤️
I'm so sad bc we where going to go to the Reunion Tower but it's closed already😭
I am your contact. Meet me on the observation deck of Reunion Tower in 50 minutes. Bring the dossier and the jewel.
Celebrated 26 years of living at the @ Reunion Tower
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Saw them years ago at the Tower in on their first reunion tour. I was a few feet away from Debbie Harry...
One of my favorite places to take people is Reunion Tower in Dallas, TX.
So I decided to not spend tremendous amount of my money on the reunion tower 😔😔😔
reunion tower in Dallas! Dinner with a birds eye view of the city☺️
Take loco to prom:. Cost $10k. Stay at the best hotel. Pull up in a tesla so everyone knows u with loco. Lunch at reunion tower. Must be 18+
This was a fantastic use of my time... I got: Reunion Tower! Which Famous Building Are You?
how much would it be for two peoples tickets to go to reunion tower in May?
At reunion tower in Downtown Dallas with special friends
At the reunion tower in Downtown Dallas. Everything seems so big!😮
Dinner at Dallas, TX's most exclusive spot for last night in town! Wolf Gang Puck's Five Sixty on the top of Reunion Tower!!
So cool to see Reunion Tower and The Omni Hotel rep OU
OU on the Reunion Tower and Omni Hotel tonight. 😍
The Omni hotel and the Reunion Tower are flashing red and white OU tonight
I wanna go explore Downtown Dallas. Go eat, go down Deep Elm, go to a museum, go to the Reunion Tower. Just explore.
Laura Moore-Robbins is looking for the name of the restaurant in Reunion Tower in Dallas ... who knows the name of it?
We had the best weekend---John and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and had an amazing dinner at Reunion Tower , Saturday we got to see the precious Bell boys, Sunday Zach Thiele was invited to participate in the robing ceremony at First Baptist Church, and then Sunday night was baccalaureate and also the Lord blessed us with much needed rain. Thank you Lord for giving us so much more than we deserve.
Plexus spoils us! I am so ready to join with THOUSANDS of other Plexus peeps from all over for 4 days here in Dallas at the Plexus Convention, it was supposed to be at the Omni Hotel but there is NO waaay EVERYONE would fit so we will be at the Dallas Convention Center!!! I'm sooo EXCITED to see if the Omni and Reunion Tower change to pink!!! (What am I thinking, they have too, right!! There will be more people here for our Plexus Convention then there is for any basketball or hockey game!!!) Eeekkk!!! For anyone that will be in Downtown Dallas Wednesday-Sunday, you have been warned- PLEXUS PEEPS WILL BE TAKING DALLAS OVER AND PAINTING THE TOWN PINK!!! If you see the Omni or ball in pink or says Plexus, tag me in pics of it please!!! Guess I should get packing for it... I can't wait! We're staying at the Omni, and to top it off we get a private concert from Leann Rimes! WHOOP WHOOP!! Now's the time to get on board peeps, we're still in ground level and I PROMISE you will be seeing and hearing about our A ...
Leaving I noticed that Bank of America Plaza, Omni Hotel & Reunion Tower are lit up in red, white & blue. I LOVE my city.
Did you notice the that Reunion Tower, Omni and the Green Building Purple this morning. That is to bring awareness to dom…
Just booked us a night at Hyatt Regency Dallas! Looking forward to staying at this amazing hotel and dinner at Five-Sixty Wolfgang Puck in Reunion Tower!!
Reunion Tower is a tower very high and provides a view of the city of DAWALS, TEXAS.
Reunion Tower, Dallas , Texas. One of the best places to eat! That and capital grill! Hubby's good f
The X is the Kennedy Assassination Historical Marker. Behind is the Reunion Tower.
The No. 6 Ford Mustang looked sweet yesterday as it greeted guests who visited Reunion Tower!
Hyatt Regency Dallas is a luxury business hotel located in Downtown Dallas adjacent to Reunion Tower, near the West End district and walking distance to the city train.
What a fun and busy day with my sweet Aidyn! Donuts, movie, lunch, Klyde Warren Park, the trolley, milk shake, Reunion Tower, Chinese food for dinner and now movies at home. I am exhausted, but totes worth it!!!
I had so much fun working with the Wolfgang Puck team at Union Station and Reunion Tower yesterday. Thanks Jack...
Dallas Conv. Ctr. Arena on Reunion Tower light show at night.
Dallas Conv. Ctr. Arena on Reunion Tower - great for a drink at the top in the rotating bar!
The jack-o-lantern is the lights from Reunion Tower & the mask is from the lights off the Dallas Omni hotel.
I have peed off of the Grand Canyon and Niagra Falls. Not at the same time. (next up, Reunion Tower)
In news, Reunion Tower is pink tonight for Mary Kay!
This is seriously still one of my fave vids of the Reunion Tower ball.
this cutie surprised me with a birthday dinner at Reunion Tower 😊💖
On top of reunion tower rotating around Downtown Dallas!
There's gonna be an observation deck on Reunion Tower, that's so awesome.
I think I've done all of those except the reunion tower!!
Earlier today. Me and at the Reunion Tower. Dallas bound. ✌
I always wanted to go to reunion tower.
reservations made! Can't wait to go to 560 in Reunion Tower!!!
The reunion tower is that big ball that over looks Downtown Dallas
Yesterday he was like my birthdays coming up... Are you going to go out to eat with me at the reunion tower?
Will you go on a date to reunion tower with me — I've already been last week, thanks though!
Dinner at reunion tower with the best parents and the best boyfriend was the Best way to spend my 16th…
the restaurant in the Reunion Tower ball.
Birthday dinner at reunion tower with the baby tonight can't wait😍😍
"Which one is the reunion tower, the one in Canada?" -
Spinning on the top floor of Reunion Tower with
UGH the observation deck in the reunion tower downtown is closed for renovations 😩💔
So we are thinking about taking my dad to the reunion tower for his birthday. And then on Saturday to either Benihanas, or Kobe's. Hmmm.
at the bottom of Reunion Tower in Dallas!
if I could take JFK out for dinner, it'd be in Reunion Tower in Downtown Dallas. Oh, wait...
Reunion Tower and the Omni Hotel are ice at night
Reunion Tower and the Omni Hotel makes my city light up the sky
Going to Dallas this week. Any foodie recommendations? Last time I went, didn't seem to be any farm-to-table places. But we did make a reservation for Wolfgang Puck's restaurant at the top of the Reunion Tower! Woot!
Hooray! Getting to see the images from Kelly Coleman Spears' wedding! Thanks to Andrea Polito Photography, Inc for the great images, as well as Royal Lane Baptist Church, Wolfgang Puck Catering at Union Station and Reunion Tower, The Garden Gate, Absolute Entertainment, Signed Sealed Delivered, and Panini Bakery & Cakes for making the day so fabulous!!
BREAKING: Boston bombers planned to hit Times Square, then DisneyWorld, the Gateway Arch, Reunion Tower, the Space Needle, and Hoover Dam
Platinum Dinner at the Top of Reunion Tower -Wolfgang Puck private dining
Coming through Dallas and they've got Reunion Tower and Omni hotel lit up as the American Flag
Reunion Tower marks 35 years as Dallas landmark
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Reunion Tower is lit royal blue with a big white and red 'T' tonight. Go Rangers.
Well finally go a hold of Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck after waiting on hold 25 minutes and they do have a reservation available! He's gonna be so excited cause every time we pass Reunion Tower he always tells me he wants to go up there. Makin memories! :)
What a day--saw the Southfork Ranch, drove by White Rock Lake, did some shopping at NorthPark, went to lunch at Mia's on Lemmon, drove downtown and saw the AAC, Reunion Tower, the Old Red Court House, Reunion Tower, the Margaret Hill Hunt Bridge, the Sixth Floor Museum, the Kennedy Memorial, where I go to jury duty (hehehe), the West End, Uptown, Fair Park and the Texas Star, down Swiss Avenue, then off to Shepler's to buy Gail a Cowgirl hat, so she can be a Cowboy's Sweetheart, then to DSW for shoes for Tammy Pennington until we called it a day...see how much fun I can cram in less than 10 hours time. Come one, come all---I will paint the town for you and I just may get you a cupcake, too! :-D
eat at Wolfgang Puck's Five Sixty restaurant in Reunion Tower! I've always wanted to!!
The Omni and Reunion Tower are both flashing the Texas A&M logo to celebrate the Aggies' victory in the Cotton Bowl Classic!
Here are some things to do tonight and for the remainder of the week: Shen Yun: Dances, songs and music will take audience members from the creation of Chinese culture more than 5,000 years ago to the story of Falun Dafa, a spiritual discipline, in China today. The show’s being presented by the Southern USA Falun Dafa Association at the Winspear on Wednesday and Thursday. “Dallas CityScape”: More than 2.5 million building blocks make up this display, which features mini versions of local landmarks, such as Victory Plaza, Old Red Museum and Reunion Tower. It’s at Galleria Dallas (and there’s even a mini Galleria on view). “The Trains at NorthPark”: The elaborate train exhibit at NorthPark Center features tiny versions of scenes from across the country. There’s even a mini Big Tex in the State Fair of Texas area. Here’s Guide writer Joy Tipping’s take on the exhibit. Chinese Lantern Festival: Giant illuminated lanterns illuminate Fair Park’s lagoon. Attractions include longhorns, a dra ...
Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck is throwing an awesome party in their private event space in Reunion Tower! Expect...
Thx! It was generic stock art... Was either going to be that or Reunion Tower. Lol
Had too much fun w/ jrchoice hooplife2012 Rod, Keke & Toya this weekend at Reunion Tower..
I cannot believe Thanksgiving is already over! What a Thanksgiving it has been. Leslie and I picked our brother Bobby and his wife Kim up in Dallas Wednesday. We toured Downtown Dallas and had a blast! (Dallas Aquarium, Kennedy exhibit, Reunion Tower, underground towers and restaurants). Thursday we started building our Mom a 10 x 20 screened in porch. It was a family affair! Kind of reminded me of stories of old barn raising's! Worked on it for 2 days non stop. Well Bobby worked non stop! We all ate Thanksgiving supper outside! It was amazing! Saturday we went to Kipi's to watch Alabama/Auburn massacre! Afterwards went to the Christmas light park in the back of the truck! Loved it! Turned my sister in law on the Pinterest and she went wild! Love all the cool stuff she made me while she was here! That all being said - they left today and my heart is sad!
One of the many things of love about the rise on the train is when u get to Union Station all the pretty lights on the reunion tower and on the convention center hotel they are so pretty year round
As much as I hate the hour long commute I do like seeing the reunion tower ball & the omni hotel do their thing in the morning
Best birthday dinner ever with my sister on top of Dallas in Reunion Tower thanks to Glen!
Our fancy dinner at the reunion tower dallas texas :D
Reunion Tower lit up in honor of SMU tonight. Tight.
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Why does the reunion tower light up saying SMU?
is bowl-eligible and Reunion Tower goes wild! @ Reunion Tower
Snuck into cowboy stadium, rangers ball park and reunion tower.
Finally got the reunion tower in the background!
Aw, the Reunion Tower in downtown says SMU.
the Reunion Tower in Downtown Dallas is lit up red white and blue with SMU across it 🐎
Reunion Tower is lit up tonight to say via
Reunion Tower says SMU and the Omni has Peruna. Love this when Tech and Baylor are in town.
We can half of Reunion Tower from our room.
Dallas people, why is reunion tower showing "SMU" and red and blue?
So they finally gave color to the reunion tower downtown (:
If you feel old then how's this. On the sofa with a beer, Tower of London Documentary, 4 kids upstairs & wife at school reunion
dallasobserver: Reunion Tower’s shiny balls are ready for the holidays. (Photo by Justin Terveen) (via)
One of these days I'll go on a date in reunion tower . ONE DAY
of fun? Or Reunion Tower? Because I like that they are glamming up the ball with some color every now and again. 10pts Dallas
I've never been up to reunion tower. But I've always wanted to
First of all: hope you had a great Turkey Day. Secondly: this photo, by the formidable Justin Terveen,...
I literally this week moved to Chippenham. It is wayy to long!! we need a reunion. To tower over me even more ;) you ok?
Reunion Tower's Shiny Balls are Ready for the Holidays (amazing photo by Justin Terveen)
seriously one of my favorite sceneries. I love love love reunion tower
At Dallas Reunion tower :D ready for the Youth Convention "I Am Revolution"
Reunion Tower, Dallas, with a set of Christmas balls
Arrived for the East Tower reunion drinks, in Bar Soho. I'm upstairs near the bar. Happy Hour til 7pm, so get here soon!
Someone wasn't thinking clearly when they placed these large ornaments in front of Dallas' Reunion Tower.
Why was I up at 8:15 after the Tower Reunion?
Reunion Tower in Dallas.with a bit of extra ornamentation.
anartinsorcery: so in Dallas we have the Reunion Tower someone took this picture on my fb feed
Reunion Tower is flashing Go Mavs right now.. Beautiful.
My obsession with Reunion Tower takes a twilight turn. Thank you, Daylight Savings.
Had a lovely Sunday Brunch at Wolfgang Pucks atop the Reunion tower
Final reminder for those that were once based in the East Tower - 'reunion' drinks, upstairs in Bar Soho, from 6pm. Happy Hour til 7pm
On the road to Austin. I momentarily mistook reunion tower for the moon and thought to myself for a slight second: "Wow, it'd be cool if the moon glowed in the dark..." ...glad I'm just riding!
I really wanna go to the reunion tower
About to take my baby to the reunion tower for her birthday dinner :)
Who has eaten at the reunion tower in Dallas?
Coming into Dallas at night and there's a hypnotizing vortex on the Omni Hotel & a flashing Reunion tower. That's not distracting at all
Dining at the reunion tower for the first time, tonight!
I've only been to reunion tower once but their food was so good!
I swear to you water tower by Jason Aldean is White House High School's C/O '13 when we all come back for a reunion in 10 years.
Annoyed to the point of flinging myself off the reunion tower.
Looks like I am doubly Dallas bound in 2013. Sales Kickoff meeting in January at Hyatt Reunion Tower, then annual customer conference in October at the ***
My silhouette and the reunion tower
So we were supposed to eat dinner at the reunion tower aka the ball in Downtown Dallas but we ain't 21 fck y'all
If she thinks Olive Garden is a nice restaurant, wife that girl. Or take her to Reunion Tower and show her a real restaurant.
Naruto fanart I've done last vacation after watching the lost tower movie. title: Reunion
Eating here tonight. Thank you Mama and Keith for a @ Reunion Tower
Got our table at the Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck at Reunion tower :)
...and here you can see the Reunion Tower building I was talking about in ...the
Cowboys star on the reunion tower :)
5 hours later and I are back in Dallas! Great driving into Dallas with the Cowboys logo on reunion tower
Hardy Boyz reunion soon? Will drop his tower of tapes? Both answers are yes but heres the hilarious proof:
No more cinnamon roll French toast at HR Dallas Reunion Tower. Sadness. But updated rooms are very nice.
I just wanna dress up and have dinner at the reunion tower 😍
Let me go fling myself off of reunion tower now
Photo: Sweet view of Reunion Tower from the Aloft Hotel in Downtown Dallas.
Tried to buy a Red Bull on the way in to work. They wanted me to sign a contract to BASE jump off of Reunion Tower...
Dinner at Mellow Mushroom, $35; parking at Reunion Tower, $10; tickets, center stage, almost front row to Cirque de Soleil's Kooza, expensive; look on Maggie's face when she realized THAT'S where we were going, PRICELESS. When she was 3 or 4, she'd dress up and pretend to be a performer while we watched it on TV - has always wanted to go. Best, most magical night ever!
Beau surprised me by taking me to dinner at the Reunion Tower... What a sweetheart!!
"Our thoughts & prayers go out to Ms. Big Tex.I'm gonna try to set her up w/ Reunion Tower"
It's sad to hear that Big Tex is gone but I have a feeling that they're gonna build another..they would have to he's just as much apart of the state fair as the reunion tower is to Downtown Dallas...
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Reunion Tower & Bobs Steak House are at the top of our list!! :)
First Big Tex... Then they announce Dirk won't be playing the first 6 weeks of the season... If anything happens to Reunion Tower today...
reunion tower is also a big part. i got lost as a child, didnt know where the circle ended or started. Lol. dumb I know.
yes!! And we ate at the reunion tower restaurant Five Sixty!
Losing the Texas Chute Out and Big Tex in the same year. I'm canceling dinner reservations at Reunion Tower just in case.
I thought it ended with him climbing Reunion Tower and using the ball to play field hockey down 75. Not like this, Tex.
Tomorrow night I will be looking over Dallas from the reunion tower & Saturday night I will be at the stars game. I love my boyfriend 😊❤💏
Reunion tower for dinner was a great idea for a anniversary dinner
Speech class +Three hour lecture + Bad mood = my incessant need to jump off Reunion Tower
Finally headed back to my kick *** room after partyin my *** off, my window view is looking at the Omni Hotel, Reunion Tower and over looking Union Station
One of my Sooner friends pointed this out.
My sister and I ( Dana Choate ) are about to enjoy KOOZA, Cirque du Solieli, in Dallas...following a great dinner at the top of Reunion Tower, a Wolfgang Puck restaurant. It was a great meal with my Sis.
Reunion Tower? Is that like a citywide meet up spot for lost children and their families? What a bad name for a Space Needle.
Interview at the Reunion Hyatt Regency in downtown! YES, that is correct, THE Reunion Tower/adjoining building. For those of you that aren't from here, but have seen pictures of downtown, that is the building with the big lit up ball on top! Can you say half off at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant? YES PLEASE.
French Fry Shots anyone? By Wolfgang Puck Catering Union Station and Reunion Tower. What do you think? Love it,...
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For my FB friends in DFW who haven't eaten at the Reunion Tower restaurant lately, I highly recommend that you go. The name has changed to Five Sixty and now has a five star rating due to the its recent purchase to Wolfgang Puck, "chef to the stars." Last night I had a marvelous time there with my daughter Haylee and her best friend. The good news is that the food was delicious, the service was great, the atmosphere was delightful and the view of Downtown Dallas was breathtaking. The bad news is that after I paid the check I will be eating Tuna Helper for the next two weeks.
Sophisticated craft cocktails and dazzling desserts punctuate dinners at the 3½ year-old landmark restaurant revolving atop Reunion Tower
I had a lovely lunch today at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant, "Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck", which is in the Reunion Tower. My friends from Churchill and I went as a group. I really enjoyed every moment of it!
I love that the Reunion Tower lights are the American flag today!
Please tell me what woman wouldn't like dinner in North Park and drinks at Reunion Tower
Experience the best of Big D. Some venues, such as Reunion Tower and Neiman Marcus, make both lists!
Five Sixty, Wolfgang Puck's new Asian fusion restaurant atop Reunion Tower, brings to mind a movie whose huge budget makes the studio nervous, but when it opens it's a huge hit - and every penny's right up there on the screen.
So if Robocop takes place in Detroit, why does the OCP building look a lot like Dallas City Hall, and why is the Reunion Tower in the cityscape?
Installment of 10 more reasons why I hate Dallas. 1. Mavericks. I love you. I mean -- I blead blue and all of that. But what the *** happned in the draft last night? Seriously. Really? But oh yeah -- you're the guys who hired L.O. And yes, I am praying for the Clippers. God bless 'em. They'll need it. 2. The Dallas Zoo. You should close immediately. It's not fair to the animals. FW has a much better facilty. 3. Brookhaven College -- it's a great school -- but it's in the middle of nowhere. I am a HUGE fan of community colleges -- but put them where they are more accessible. 4. City Hall -- say no more. 5. DISD -- my thoughts and prayers go out to parents who have no other option. 6. Reunion Tower -- over priced drinks and crappy valet parking. 7. All things Inwood. 8. The Arts District and trying to get on the freeway. 9. Commerce Street -- and lack of police enforcement across from the jail. 10. Eatsy's. You've had the same food there since my son was in diapers. Come up ...
Dallas loves America and those that fought and died for her FREEDOM! Reunion Tower lit up in red white and blue.
Looking forward to spending the day with Jillian and Alan. They planned a fantastic outing for me!! Lunch at Wolfgang Puck's atop Reunion Tower in Downtown Dallas, and then to the Sixth Floor Museum for JFK nostalgia. Perfect!!
Reunion Tower in Downtown Dallas is green, white, and red tonight!
Say... Like I said last year... Oklahomians... National monument for National Monument. We put up the Reunion Tower, y'all put up Winstar.
I am now on the path to my dream job, in my dream location. I just got hired as Concierge/ Host at Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck in Reunion Tower!!
Reunion Tower and City Skyline at Dusk in Dallas, Texas Photographic Poster Print by Richard Nowitz,...
Hamilton Collection
PICS: Dallas' Reunion Tower and Omni Hotel lighted in green tonight for St. Patrick's Day.
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