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Rest In Peace

Rest in peace (Latin: Requiescat in pace) is a short epitaph or idiomatic expression wishing eternal rest and peace to someone who has died.

Joe Franklin Paul Walker May Allah

Rest In Peace to Paul Walker. .. greatest role model for all us car enthusiasts. .. I can’t stop mourning. 😔😪
Rest in peace beautiful. We love and miss you xo
Wow! Rest in peace Allison Vaughn. Such a contagious smile. My heart goes out to her friends and family.
Heaven gained one beautiful angel today as our floor mate lost her battle with cancer. Rest in peace 💖
Rest in peace to my brother smh tonight its on !!!
The last enemy that should be destroyed is death! Rest in peace my friend ❤️
i hope everybody just let him rest in peace will you ? He's gone , just dont talk about nonsense
Rest in Peace Mosley, you were always the homie 👼
I feel numb to hear the bad news so suddenly. May he rest in peace. Thank you for loving LOST ASH.
rest in peace to my beautiful aunt. We love you so much and you will forever be missed ❤️💗👼
Rest in peace dad, i am so greatful to have spent the past 16 years of my life with you. I love you so much😔👼💔
Rest in peace to this beautiful woman 🌹
May d souls of those who lost their lives to d insurgency of d past government rest in peace,U did not die for nothing,NIGERI…
Rest in peace lor bro u still going get on live threw me woe love u shorday 🅰1⃣
Rest in peace to the Queen of Tejano. 🌹👑❤️
I'm tired of all these rest in peace shirts 😒
One last ride..Paul.then may you rest in peace.. :'(
“Rest in peace Alhaji Dr Ado Bayero... The people of Kano have surely done what you would want them to do.” Ameen Ameen
I hope Borno remains last . So d people of Borno will. Do d last upper cut. Mortal kombat. Rest in peace to those who lost…
Late President Umaru Musa Yaradua, May your gentle soul continue to rest in peace.
I don't care what gang or hood you from or claim, rest in peace to everybody that lost they life in these streets 💯
Today we remember the original Selena, may she rest in peace.
Legend! !! "We are there now. Finally. Rest in peace, sir.
“Rest in peace to the Queen of Tejano. 🌹👑❤️
Rest in Peace to the beautifully, stunningly, gorgeous Selena Quintanilla-Pérez. 20 years later, we still miss you. 😇 htt…
OMW!!! Senyaka passed on?I just so him on Khanyi Mbau's show about a week ago. May his soul Rest In Peace.
I liked a video from Rest In Peace - James Marsters
Thank you Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, thank you for everything that we have today. (23 March 2015) Rest In Peace 😔
Dear Lee Kuan Yew,founder of Singapore,May your soul Rest In Peace.
This scene of Osita Iheme reminds me of something Sam Loco would do.. Rest In Peace 🌹🌹
Those who have put signs on your Lazarus saying 'Rest In Peace' were mistaken. God is changing your name to Resurrected In Power! (John 11)
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Rivalries aside, Rest In Peace to a Kenyan diehard Manchester United fan who committed suicide, because of the defeat …
Bill Cosby. Reputation Rehab. I think not. Rest In Peace to his career.
My most sincere condolences to his family and friends. Rest In Peace,Mr. Leonard Simon Nimoy.
Before the day is over once more Happy Heavenly Birthday 🎂 Big Bro continue to Rest In Peace 👼 Loddie
We're sad to hear about the passing of Daniel Von Bargen, best known as "Seinfeld's" Mr. Kruger. Rest In Peace.
Rest In Peace to Chief Justice Ajuyah, Senior Advocate Of Nigeria , who passed away today. Rest in peace dear Uncle. R.I.P
sir,Congress is dead. pl let it Rest In Peace.why bring ghosts of Manish Tiwari & Prakash Jha rptdly in ur channel? we will quit.
Feb. 20, 2005. A genius ends his pain and takes his own life. Its been 10 years. Rest in peace Hunter S. Thompson
Hater rest in peace rest in peace to the parking lot
Can't believe what i heard today.:"( Rest in peace, .You are gone for good, but your spirit for better Indonesia stays among us.
I had goosebumps the whole time at Mike's house tonight. Rest in peace Angel
Miss you paadhi. May your soul rest in peace... 😔
Rest in peace auntie baby, we will miss you 🙏
Til I rest in peace getting money the recipe
Rest in peace to my cousin Tom Hennigan. You were like a father to me. I'm going to miss you like *** but you're in a bett…
Im so sad to hear about this, We need to make Miley know about this. Rest in peace 😭😭😭
You will be missed by many Gary 🙏 One of the best security guards ever "Gary Reyes" may you rest in peace 💙
Very Sad news. sir is no more. Shameful n Black day for Rest In Peace sir. My condolences to…
Rest in peace Malcolm X. 50 years since one of the greatest men to have ever lived was assasinated.
laughed the hardest I have in weeks reading this. rest in peace, harris wittels. you're never without help
. Zander Nicholas Mahaffey. . Yet another Trans person takes their life and not an eyelid bats. May he rest in …
Rest In Peace, my brother. I love you
Rest in peace grandpa you put up a *** of a fight. i Can't wait for the day we all can be together's Only a matter of time.
Smt. Shanta Bhandarkar, mother of Madhur Bhandarkar, passes away. Rest in peace. Condolence meeting on 23 February.
We lost a Smiler today from cancer. Rest in peace 👼 You will never be forgotten!
Just received a shocking news of a friends passing. May you rest in peace my friend.
I'll remember you for ever maggie. Rest in peace ⭐️
"let them RIP can they rest in peace when Arap massacre is alive.The *** and his cahoots are alive
Happy bday 2 Charlene ... May she rest in peace ❤️🙏🙇
Rest In Peace, Loved u as Catwoman's moll in
dnt grow any hope.92 captain was imran.He turns the tables over. Now no capacity of turning tables.Just Rest in Peace "PakiCricket"
106years ! I thought she was old but not this old .May her Soul Rest In Peace
This is so sad. Kid doesn't know how to drive and ends up taking life of 5 yr old. Rest in peace, sry for the family http:/…
Happy birthday Kurt Cobain. Rest in peace. You are forever loved. You are forever remembered.
Hate seeing my brother cryyy. Were still thinking about you dad , rest in peace 😩💕
I ain't tripping let them rest in peace
He was such a nice guy probably one of the funniest people I've ever met too . May he rest in peace
Suzzy Williams was our Yvonne Nelson and Juliet Ibrahim those days. May she Rest In Peace.
The Pastor Emeritus of The Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church here in Atlanta has gone on to glory. Rest In Peace...
Carlos Llaguno Morales. A terrific French chef. from Mexico. . Rest In Peace my brother.
Rest In Peace to my Great Aunt Martha. I will miss you.
Rest in peace. David Carr, a Journalist at the Center of the Sweet Spot
Rest in Peace John McCabe, a fantastic composer who was also a support to us during our time at the Academy. We loved perfo…
On this blessed Jummuâ. I ask U.. Ô my Allah to keep their soul rest in peace n to send the greatest Sabbar on their respective family
The victims of the . Rest in Peace.
Thanks for sharing that. Was lovely to hear. Rest in peace lovely guy x
Said goodbye to a wonderful man today, may you rest in peace Dennis god bless you x
I can't hug you to sleep anymore... Rest in peace, baby... you won't mind if I cry, right?
Our prayers go out to the families of the people who lost their lives today in - may the deceased rest in eternal peace. Ameen.
kidnapped and killed 21 Coptic Egyptians in calling them "crusaders of Rest in peace, martyrs.
Rest in peace and in our hearts live forever ❤️
laughed. I will really miss him. Such a great journalist and more than that a great citizen of this country. Rest in pea…
I ain't trippin' let 'em rest in peace
Funeral procession of the victims of the Rest In Peace..
Nik Aziz was part of a rare breed. He truly believed what he said and practiced what he preached. Rest in peace Tok Guru.
my heart is heavy. . rest in peace to these two Angels. i pray justice is served. subhanallah.
May the souls who passed away on Friday the 13th rest in peace.
I ain't trippin let em rest in peace
May your beautiful souls rest in peace 💔. . .
Whitney Houston & Selena Quintanilla w/ their awards at the 1994 Grammys. Rest in Peace, angels.
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He was a grandfather and a second father to us . may you rest in peace uncle ☁
She was a very beautiful woman. May her soul rest in peace. Hugs and kisses.
Not in the same religion, but by looking at this picture, he has so much respect and loved ones, may he rest in peace ht…
And there they go, may they rest in peace and god will take the rest from here. Inshallah Jannah for them all ❤️👼
Rest In Peace to a very strong and beautiful young lady you will be missed ❤️
Rest In Peace to one of the greatest coaches and men in basketball history, Coach Dean Smith!
Prayers to John O'Neal and his family. Patrick was a great person and always so kind to everyone. Rest In Peace.
Rest In Peace to Charles Sifford. The first African American on the PGA Tour.
My philosophy is: If you can't have fun, there's no sense in doing it. Rest In Peace, Paul Walker.
"Rest In Peace to a fellow Daler , you were too young to leave this world, but you're never forgotten" http…
Rest in peace our beloved king Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz :(
I Pray that you've found the peace you were in desperate search of. Rest In Paradise, Woodrow. Sweetest Guy in the World...😢
to the 26 PNP-SAF personnel killed by the BIFF, thank you for your service and may you rest in peace.
In a life , life has a beautiful day but the day of January 26th is a shock in my memory which I will not forget in hurry . my twin for the sack of those who wish you well , we said rest in peace till depart to meet again
My father & mother-in-law when they were with us in Geneva, remembering my father-in-law's his 11th death anniversary. Always miss him & my love for him remains special in my heart, may he's soul rest in peace.
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- My heart hurts. I'm so sorry for Ms Lamia's pain. May she rest in peace. So much senseless hate.
if he didn't travel to deathville he would of been home with his family.. Still "rest in peace Yukawa"
Mrs Gloria Acheampong rest in peace may God keep you in a better place. You'll always be in our hearts 4ever. We loves you 😢😢😢😢
At 3:43 am a Angel gained his wings. Rest in peace poppa Emmett
The man up above took my grandma from us this morning. Prayers & comfort are much appreciated as my family gets through this difficult time. May you rest in peace grandma 💔
Literally read things about him and just :( Rest In Peace little guy, never met you but I'm happy you had your life
Explosions in Maiduguri...less than 24 hours after Goodluck's visit BBC says it makes a mockery of GEJ's statement yesterday in Maiduguri to deal with Boko Haram.there are suggestions that his comments yesterday might have instigated the attacks. A case of irresponsibility in speech where you recklessly make promises you are clueless about fulfilling Does this Government really care about the people? It is looking more and more like it is the votes that these guys give a *** about May the dead rest in peace and may succor come to the bereaved, the injured and the entire Nation Na only God go fit help us while we are still running on goodluck...
RIP Kamal Thapa. May his departed soul rest in peace in heaven... We will miss you Vanja. — feeling sad
Today is Frank Kearney's 10th Anniversary of passing into the Heavens. There isn't a day goes by that we don't think of him. I know he would be enjoying his three grandchildren if he were with us. + Rest In Peace, Frank +
My favorite angel and dear friend has left this world Rest In Peace June Hammond and all our love to her family and friends. One of the sweetest kindest buddies, We will all miss you, You were always there to comfort and lift us up, we had so much fun thru the years, Going ahead of us to make a special place for us in heaven. Take care and love you
Dreamt about a wonderful Doctor who I worked with at Bayonne Hospital, Dr. Prakash, who recently passed away. He looked wonderful! He was happy! I know he is always with his friends and family, watching over them. He always was smiling, always happy, such a talented doctor who I was beyond privileged to work with. So compassionate. Rest in peace Dr. Prakash, see you again some day. ❤️😊
No words left to say. They can cut all the flowers, but they can't stop the spring from coming. May your soul rest in p…
I'm beyond torn ! Lost my nephew ! Benaiah Lee Ransom Rest In Peace and tell Grandma and Grandpa I said what's up for me.
If I'm not mistaken, it's the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi Concentration Camps. Thanks, Discovery Channel. Rest in peace to the millions of victims who were unabashedly killed in the most inhumane ways. 🙏
Dear great lebanese amazing people, i have to comment even if i know it wont matter at all, but at least i do it for the records, my archives, and for history itself. So; After Jacky chamoun, Aline lahoud, Mia khalifeh, (with my respect to them), comes NOW miss Hiba tawaji (an unknown but nice singer) who will jump lets say from 15 fans to 150 fans. From 7 followers to 70 followers. Emotional Lebanese people as usual will be there to support her, with her family, her career, and her cause if she has any, and they will make her a celebrity in seconds.(lucky u Hiba). All that because she mixed some french and lebanese in her song nicely performed, the jury of the Voice was astonished and amazed and taken away by the magic.And? So what? Where is the story? NO BIG DEAL, things like that do happen on our planet daily... HOWEVER; The ugly part is the poor pitiful lebanese (MAJORITY), who as usual, always run to share and dramatize and support anything and anyone who pops up from anywhere, whether a cause, a wed ...
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😔👼🙏 may she rest in peace. Keep your head up beautiful 😘
dimaisip: We tell dead people to Rest in Peace. Isn’t that too late? Shouldn’t we have told them while they...
Rest in peace to a legend, a year already passed but we all know your spirit is still with us all
"rest in peace me,rip me, i'm died, dead". omg how perfect,. nice job Lauren, again 😍❤.
I hurts to know that someone like you died in a very young age.!! May your souls rest in peace.!♡♡
I'm really struggling right now! I just found out that one of my TRUE friends from Knoxville was stabbed to death. In the world I lived in there there was no such thing as a true friend. But, God sent me one. When Darryl went to Texas the first time. I was left alone with people who were waiting to hurt me. TIMOTHY LITTLEJOHN stepped up and protected me. You are and forever will be missed. Rest in peace my friend. I LOVE YOU
Rest in Peace Mr Jackie Selebi thank u for all the sacrifices for our Political freedom now we march forward to Economic freedom
At the years end we could say "rest in peace" to all *** who attacked us personally. and will…
Why this?So sad my siz lost her newborn child.May his soul rest in peace n grant her n her husbad joy n peace.this is so painful n hurting.God remeber her family
Had my first roadkill today, rest in peace little squirrel I'm sorry xo
Rest in Peace, Paul Needell. I will never forget how you welcomed a very green baseball beat writer to the Daily News in 1992.
It hurts losing you. Rest in peace sya'arunnizal. You're always in our heart bro. 12years of friendship means alot to us.
Guide us waking, O Lord, and guard us sleeping; that awake we may watch with Christ, and asleep we may rest in peace.
All matches off today due to the passing of the Carlow league Secretary John Coughlan, may he rest in peace.
And to my Father.May You Continue to Rest in Peace.I Miss you Daily.and I know U keep watching Over Me..
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Asking for prayer for my family as we lay to rest my Uncle Delmas today. May he rest in peace.
Sue ... My deepest condolence for the lost of yr beloved mum. We are all with you Sue. Be strong n brg yrself closer to God each day n save prayers for her. May she rest in peace ... Ameen
Ina lilahi waina ilayhi raji'un. May Allah have mercy on his soul. He passed away last night. May he rest in peace. I pray he is in a good place. Ameen. Prayers to Mze Masome
Arab and Muslim nations grieve loss of HM King Abdullah. Our condolences to the Saudi people for HM's sad passing. May he r…
Spending quiet time with God will bring quiet rest.When we are intentional in spending time with Him, he is faithful to bless with His peace
Wat a world we live in we r d one today, tomorrow we r no more,you left us on 23rd of dis month we all love u bt God luv u most, rest in peace(Daddy)we miss u.
I like to think that when Joe Franklin got to the great beyond, Morris Katz was there to show him a new painting. Rest in peace, Joe.
January 2015 My Dear friend Joe Franklin passed away last night. So far this month I have lost 5 people that have touched my life in many ways. With my 59th birthday only a week away I'm finding it just a little frighting. This is my reality and it *** I'm gonna miss my phone calls and visits with Joe in his office. He was a class act and a true friend. Rest in Peace Joe.
Sad news from Namibia. Salatiel Ailonga has passed away. May he rest in peace. Our thoughts are with Anita Ailonga and the rest of the family.
With . mom's funeral. May her soul rest in perfect peace till we all see her again.
I can't put this sadness into words. For all i know, you are in a better place. With allah you return and belong. Rest in peace.
Some pictures of The Janazah Prayer of Mr. Arafat Rahman Koko (The Youngest Son of former President & Nation Leader Ziaur Rahman and former Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia) after Zuhr Prayer today in National Mosque of Malaysia (Mosjid Negara). We pray for his departed soul to rest in peace and heaven.
Please keep my cousin, Tom Mattee, and his family in your prayers. He was fighting the tough battle of cancer, but never stopped asking about Alicia. Not a selfish bone in his body. Anyone who had the opportunity to be around him knew how much fun he was and how he could lift anyone's spirit. I will miss the chat sessions and corny jokes when you passed the time in the chemo castle. You will be missed, buddy. Rest in peace.
Holocaust: Night Will Fall contains truly the most shocking concentration camp footage I have ever ever seen. I hope all rest in peace.
・・・. I will always you, Xypher. Rest in peace. 😭😭😭
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Rest in Peace, Joe Franklin, at age 88, legendary schmaltzy TV talk show host and historian. "My show was often like a zoo"
Rest in Peace Ernie Banks, a baseball legend. Our prayers and thoughts go out to his family and those close.
I would like to thank all of my friends and family for all the heart felt prayers,I'ts a really hard time for us,dad was and still is a wonderful person so kind and loving and those big blue eyes melted my heart every time he looked at me he was the first man to ever steal my heart and he still has it now,rest in peace my beloved father till we meet again give mom a big hug and kiss for me.
Rest in peace beautiful, you're our new Nightingale 💛
traveling wit our money abi. May their soul rest in peace
It's with a heavy heart I write that Garry's dog, Ollie took a turn for the worse over the weekend and had to be put to sleep this morning. He had 17 good years with few health problems and liked nothing more than going out on long walks with all his doggy pals. Rest in Peace Ollie you will be missed :-(
I was told by the owner that Vixen fell to her death today. She must have climb up the mesh and fell. Very sorry for ur loss. Rest in peace baby
Rest in peace Asap Yams. So sad hearing about this. Love and condolences to his family n friends
Today is one of those days I think what would you have said about this? What would you have written? . Rest in peace friend.
Sending more thoughts to the Tavai sisters and their families. Rest in peace, Aunty's. I'll always…
i miss you lola. rest in peace Lola Emen~
You were taken too soon, but will never be forgotten - Rest in Peace Euan Coulthard, Rest in Peace x.
I didn't know you personal but I wish I did we could have been besties so rest in peace rose your in a safe and better place now :)
Two years ago today you left us for a better place filled with love, peace and happiness. We missed you every one of those days and will continue to until we meet again. Rest in Peace Mom.
It is a sad day for Saudi Arabia, rest in peace King Abdullah 😔💔
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A great man is remembered and loved, never forgotten. He's a person that constantly reminds us of greater things!! Rest In Peace Aron!! Miss you brother man!! A lot, more than ever this year!!
Best friend's mother died. May her soul rest in peace.May Allah give strength to bear this irreparable lose to her son and daughers :(
I will miss u mum,u was an epitome of peace,enigma of love,a charitable mother who will not harm even animal around her. 25th of jan 2015 has called 4 ur turn 2 d world beyond. It is d way of all mortal! Rest in peace.
NDTV Interview with King of Saudi Arabia Late King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud. May his soul Rest in PEACE (RIP).
May deir beautiful soul rest in peace
Prayers are needed! My mother in law, Brenda husband just passed away. Rest in peace Rick! You will be missed!
Today, January 25,2015 our beloved Tatay pass away. A very kind and loving tatay and lolo to our children. Salamat po tatay sa pagmamahal at pag aalala mo lagi sa amin. You had always been concern with every little thing about us. You will always have a special place in our heart. We will miss you. Rest in peace
Happy 5th Death anniversary TATAY we never forget u. May u rest in PEACE...
My late mother's birthday today. May her soul rest in peace. In heaven God hold the souls of faithful departed.
A man visiting his dying wife at a hospital Wife: Honey there is something that I want to tell you Husby: No darling its okay do not waste your breath on unimportant things Wife: No you don't understand,I have to tell you so that my soul can rest in peace Husby: Okay then if you insist,go on Wife: I slept with your 2 friends and the garden boy Husby: *smilling* I know that,that's why I put poison in your food. Just die sfebe sam.
To my beloved mom, Today you become a widow proper having mourned for your irriplacible husband (our dad) three months which ends today. I pray God to give you the strength you'd need to keep to this reality of life. We, my sisters; Magi, Dora, Domi, Jenny, Priscy, Delia and of course my only bro Greg and I, are here for you. We'd never leave your side. Daddy loves you, us and we all, him but God loves him most. Rest in peace and happy sunday dad, till we meet again!!!
My heart is heavy today with the loss of, yet another, prominent Titusville citizen, friend and business partner of 21 years. Rest in peace and thoughts and prayers to all of the family.
Sadly my wonderful Great Nanna passed away yesterday morning, Rest in peace. I love you ❤️
6 years gone but never forgotten. Rest in peace Richie!!!
PADASAL.14th death anniversary ni Inang!.may u rest in peace inang.we love u!
The Word says in all ur gettings .Get understanding.well I truly understand that birds of a feather flock together.I'm getting engaged to my Lord.n since Our father hates adultery I hv to divorce the world.may Monk , Bustacuda , The Twisther , Daddy , Poppy n what ever other stagenames i've been nicknamed.May Monk rest in peace.This is a suicide note bcuz Marvin can't peacefully live in the world nomore.I'm jumping out of the world n into Gods Buzum.bye won't b easy.but after what mine eyes hv seen it won't be that hard. So in my Mariah Carey voice.".I GOTTA SHAKE U OFF". Cu at the altar Bye world n once again RIP monk it's time for Marvin to live happily ever after.
what a painful death? may your innocent soul rest in were murdered cos of ur faith. rip Peter inusa.
R.I.P ELIZABETH DANI Mother-Wife 11/11/1942-24/01/2015 May she rest in peace and we shall meet in the next life.
Yaz for the first tym ever nje in my life after six years.i mic Miya our one and only friend :( :( ;( i dont know why...May her soul rest in peace...anyways death be not proud...
Condolence to sotomayor family Rico has passed away..Whatever problm moabot sa atoa life d lng pod unta nto potlon ato life oi sayang au bta pa!! May u rest in peace Do Rico we missed you!!!
I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of the legendary Joe Franklin. He was one of a kind and a true gentleman who always tried to help everyone. GOD BLESS and Rest in Peace, friend!
Rest in Peace Jay Ryan Duran Reblora, We will surely miss you
When you lose a dog you lose a true and trust worthy friend some one who values. You for you and will die for you wah the space they leave hurts so much the last 10 days have seen my dog fight for its life even on it death bed it will wake up and come to with this look in the eye like man we fight this together and I lost the fight it died now here I am with this empty space crying and shedding tears for my dog my mum can't understand why I am in pain but all I can say there is a big space this dog has left titiana my pit cross rest in peace I tried the best I could but perhaps I could do more the only thing I admit perhaps I could have kept u to sleep earlier but I believe you would fight it and win thank you for the happiness you have given me and the family
We all will miss you Alok, May your soul rest in peace.
Hum so it is true,this world is vanity upon vanity all is vanity.This man is a father to me as such i will not use the word foster father.They pick me up together with my aunt when i was a kid nurtured me to adulthood,infact i didnt know he was not my biological father until i come of age.Death u are wicked why taken him now i needed him most,well i have a consolation that our father,bro,uncle,grandfather etc will rise again.Wipper Ogidi Nwaonyeigbo Anthony Mmaju may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace Amen.You are a kind man,no comparism for u carry the welfare of everybody at heart both ur children and others.May soul rest in peace Amen.
Haaay ...Rest in peace to all PNP SAF who died today. Di man lang kc kyo nakipag coordinate sa AFP.
Our Sunday ended with our brother in law Ben leaving us to join our creator. How ironic that he leaves us on our Father's birthday. Rest in peace our brother.
To my greatest and favorite Ninong ,The bravest politician in Cebu,The original bad boy of Cebu.Rest in Peace Ninong Ribomapil "Dodong"Holganza Sr.
Gabay nang kabataan. My elementary school principal. Rest in peace Mr. Florencio Ybanez. You will be remembered.
Friend and family today is sad day for me on this day my mom pass a way on 1-25-90 is been 25 year is been very hard for me she was the best mom in the word any way mom rest in peace always love you
Until I read Godfrey mwene Kalimugogo's work, I did not visualise Kabale as a setting for fiction. In his books I met Makanga, Kyocezo and other familiar places. I love his work. I relate to it. The Visitor Without A Mission has stayed with me to date. He is dead, according to his niece Angie Diamond. Rest in peace storyteller. Cc. D. Muhumuza, Duksey Flora, Nyana Kakoma.
We lost a great man at 6:15 this morning. My step farther Clifford Brown. Went peacefully this morning surrounded by family and my mother Dianne Fontaine Verrier Brown. What a true love she has shown. I love you Clifford. Amanda Verrier the children and I will miss you you so much. May you finally rest in peace!!
to my dear close friend Marques S. Morales you may rest in peace.thank you for the last time we talk on the phone last nite.I heared ur voice alive and smilling just this time around Rutth Marian Torralba informed me that you past around 6pm, rest well in the arms of our dear Lord Jesus friend I will miss you nobody can replace you as our funny and jolly friend...
Egyptian director Youssef Shahine. Today corresponds his 89th birthday. May he rest in peace.
One of my dearest aunt passed away yesterday. .may her aoul rest in peace
I know that God will be waiting there to fold you in his arms.your long life has been a blessing to all right up until the end.MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE AYANDA
It's like a dream to hear that Chaonekka is no more,Rest in peace my dear sr
M.S.Narayana garu _/\_ A Comedian who can roll tears from eyes too.This Scene from Bujjigadu makes you bit emotional. Rest in Peace sir. We miss You.
Condolence to the father of Tiletskee Estrella who passed away last Monday,January 19, 2015 and also to the father of Zeny Manaois yesterday, January 24,2015.May their souls rest in peace.
Elijah and Busisiwe Bucee Thamela It is with great sadness that my relationship with Busisiwe Thamela is over! I am not going to divulge on the details of the break-up, but I will say that the 3 weeks that Busisiwe and myself have been apart, has certainly been one of the most difficult moments of my life, indeed. There is no woman in this world that I have ever loved the way I loved Busisiwe Thamela. Me and her had a beautiful story - I have enjoyed every single moment I have shared with Busi - and nothing will ever make me regret that which we had and shared. May our relationship rest in peace Busi I will always have a soft sport for you hey its hard to accept that u are gone i know i messed up i cheated u and u were patient with it u forgave me several times ….will always love u hey …i don't hate u
In behalf of my family, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Salupan's Family, Romero's Family, Nakila's Family, SJIT faculty&staff, SJIT Kitchen Staff, Black Arrow Security Agency, Cubi-Cubi Fisherfolks, Relatives (Picorro Family), Friends, and all our neighbors who sympathizes us in our grief. God bless P.S. We will never forget u papa, you will always be in our heart. Rest in peace Papa freddie...
Rest in peace my amazing friend. I will meet you again. .
It's been a month today since uv passed on. I know u're in perfect peace wherever u r. Some have forgotten about u, but it aint easy for me to forget.. U may b gone, but ul neva b forgotten... Rest in Peace Mervy..
Part of childhood died Friday. Ernie Banks - Mr Cub - Hall of Fame - Ambassador to the City of Chicago. Double header in heaven tomorrow. "Let's play two" Rest In Peace.
Guys why is it that when someone die people say, "Rest In Peace" yet Christians and Muslims say there is life after death!? I hope boko haram, alqueda, tuareg, pagaad and ISIL will not bomb me for mentioning their religion!
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Brian Clemens - Rest In Peace (January It's with much regret that we make tribute to the…
Heroes Live Forever !!! Rest In Peace, Officer Chandler! You will never be forgotten! End of Watch: January 9, 2015 http:/…
Swedish actress best known for swimming in La Dolce Vita, has died at 83. Rest In Peace
Sadly we've lost another star as Anita Ekberg has passed away aged 83. Rest In Peace.
Rest In Peace, Officer Chandler...we Honor your Supreme Sacrifice and we Pray for your loved ones, Both Blood and...
Martin's funeral is today! Rest In Peace bro! We stand UNITED with you and your family!!!
Antonio Martin's funeral is at 1pm today. Rest In Peace, Antonio. You deserved a better world.
Black Grandmas never get to really Rest In Peace bc they got that one grandson who always lying on they grave 😂💀💯
Everyone stop and take a moment to say a prayer🙏 for my family. Rest In Peace nana Teresa. I love you.💙
Lisa Russell was some kind of loved. The students of LBMS lined the streets as the funeral procession drove Lisa past one final time. God bless you kids and teachers. My prayers are with you. LBMS will not be the same with out her. What a beautiful service. Rest in peace my sweet friend.
Rest in Peace Stuart Scott. I'll miss beeping as we drove by each other in West Hartford center. My heart and prayers go out to his family--especially his two daughters.
It's so crazy how big of an impact somebody can have on your life. Botty.. you've been like my big brother for about 5 years now, you've always been there for me no matter what I needed, always making me laugh and picking me back up when I needed it. We could talk all day everyday and you would always look out for me. From a problem with one of my friends or in my family to something to do with a boy, you always knew the right thing to say and had me laughing in no time. From the times you'd get me crazy drunk, our matching anklets, when you'd let me paint your nails or when you'd sing for me, I won't ever forget one single moment I was lucky enough to spend with you. I literally couldn't even put into words how heartbroken I am right now and I would give my whole world to bring you back. It's so hard to think that if this were to have happened to somebody else, you would have been the person to talk to, you would have been there to bring me back up.. now what? I love you so, so much and I could never tha ...
My dear love went to be home to see his brother dad and grandma rest in peace my hubby me and the kids will be taken care of please continue to surround is with your love come to me in my dreams and let me know your with me. Rip David LaRoy Schauer
Rest in peace uncle Segle. I'm sure dad is happy to see you, ya old koot. Zoe and I love you and we will miss you!
So... my dad's mom just passed away on Ia de Reyes eve. bye bye Grandma, may you rest in peace...
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Well we lost Brother David Andrews CSC today. My brother. The fifth of ten children of Emery Andrews and Elizabeth Bernier. A great guy. May he find peace and suffer no more. I love you Bud. Rest in peace.
From Sonny Talley and I... To all our family and friends who know and have sent condolences, we appreciate it so very much. Sonny and I are still in a state of shock and disbelief. Benson found us about a year and a half ago and has had us wrapped around his tail ever since.. Benson, we are in total disbelief that you're not really here! Thank you for being the best friend we could have ever asked for, thank you for all the joy you brought to our lives! You are missed by all. REST IN PEACE LIL BEN... Momma and Daddy Love you so much!
Rest in Peace Brother David! Please join in a prayer for Brother David Andrews, he is no longer suffering. God has given him his wings. Services will be in Valatie, NY
Sad news: Frank D'Amico passed away today. He was always a pleasure to have around. Made a lot of us laugh all the time. May you rest in peace Frank, you will be missed by all who knew and loved you.
Rest In Peace. May your legacy live on.
And the last *** that tried me his soul rest in peace 🙏☝️
My grandmother just passed away, I would just like to say some of my best memories were with her. She was more than a mother figure to me, I'm still trying to comprehend the my actual feelings at the moment because I can't truly accept that she gone yet. I know that my pain can't compare to my aunts and uncles at the moment and lastly my father ... God knows ... . Rest in Peace Grandma ❤️ I love you .
when I put my kids to bed at night I'm gonna tell em "rest in peace" and when they go to funerals they'll be so confused
Birthday KO nga pero wala namn na si Lola.;(wala pakong tulog ..what I did is to cry cry cry and yet still crying...We love you Lola..may you rest in peace
Prayers go out for the Genova family God bless and Rest in peace Mrs. Genova
My prayers and thoughts are with all of David's friends and family. May he rest in peace. 👼
Rest in Peace Stewart... Our blessings go out to the Taylor & Sydney! Boooya dude!
Rest in peace Eric Wilkins! You will be missed by many! Thank you everyone for praying for him.
Rest in peace my hero You redefined courage by standing up to beasts and saving ur school mates. Proud. h…
Rest in Peace to one of my favorite sports analyst Stuart Scott🙏
To one of my favourite people I knew growing up, rest in peace Mr. Manos. 😞
Hoping we as a nation turn out to be as brave as Aitzaz Hassan was. You are a true hero brother. Respect for you always. Rest in peace kiddo
Rest in Peace were an amazing kid, and an amazing teammate. I'm beyond lucky to say I knew you.
You should rest in peace if you're nafs is dead. Shaykh Muhammad Al Yaqoobi Hafid'ha'hullah
Rest in peace Papa Dude. My sis posted this one. Such a great photo!!
This man right here was such a wonderful, amazing, kindhearted plus (Grumpy) granpi we all love u words can't even describe...May u Rest In Peace gramps. Boweevils is missing u like crazies already but know ur in a much better place glad u were at least here on this earth with us for the last month or so. Love all u Villanueva's. N all of the rest of our extended families connected to this Old man. P.s glad I was able to crash ur 75th birthday This picture was giving to me from my mom. Hope u Don't be to mean to great uncle Razor..Hehe.
Last goodbyes, rest in peace kyle brady 💕👼
May you rest in peace Prof. Robert Baldago 🙏
One of our translator/subber has passed away yesterday. May she rest in peace.
RIP Igneel! Rest in peace, Silver! They’ll be greatly missed, great dads who were very proud of their sons…http:/…
Stewart Scott mann rest in peace to you
Everyday I walk alone I know your walking right beside me. Rest in peace Kyle.
The RJR community lost a man today who truly defined what it means to be a DEMON. Rest in Peace Stuart Scott.
Rest In Peace Mitch Kupchak's daughter, Alina Kupchak. She passed away this morning, only 15 years old. Thoughts and prayer to the Kupchak's
First things first rest in peace Uncle Phil 🙏
The binge watching comes to the end with a sudden cut to black. Rest in peace
Rest in peace Duda Rest in peace Tigga Rest in peace Charlie Rest all my *** 😔🙏
I can't believe Jay has passed. He was an inspiration to all Greylockers and will forever be missed. Rest In Peace Jay Forti…
You know as I sit here and reflect back at my past. There are always up and then downs. Some of my greatest memories are playing highschool sports. All the bonds with friends and all the people that inspired me along the way. Finding out that one of your hero's has past is a pretty hard blow. I'm flooded with so many emotions. But so many happy, funny memories:) To a man that is a hero in my eyes rest in peace Mr.Rux. I will carry on with all you have taught me:) and prayers for the family, love you all and wish you my condolences
"And I can't make it to the funeral but homie rest in peace"
"Daughter of Mitch Kupchak dies at age 15. Brutal. May she rest in peace."RIP =/
I know you can't read this or hear me but I like to believe you can. Gonna find a way to keep my promise to you big brother. Rest in peace.
Rest in peace my brother Robert you is one good friend
My handsome 90-year old father passed away this morning. I'm really going to miss him. Rest in peace Dad. You're in Gods hands now.
My mom just called and told me grandma just died and her birthday was tomorrow rest in peace mi reyna 👑 😢
Today I celebrate the life of my Grandpa Taylor and all of the great memories I had with him. I had the privilege to know him and spend time with him. Not everyone has the chance to live with they're grandparents. All the memories of working out back, rides in the big truck, lunch at the Texas-hot, and playing in the sand with Tonka trucks. He spoiled me and was a great influence on my childhood. He came to my baseball games, would always be there to make me smile by saying "hey, can you whistle?" He made things better. Seems like all the family reunions, Thanksgiving and Christmas parties are not the same without him. I miss him and will always have these memories. If you can see how your family has grown then hopefully you know that you were loved and we are grateful for everything you have done for us. Rest in peace grandpa.
Attended the funeral for NYPD Det. Weinjan Liu. Over 280 police motors from all over the Nation led the procession to Det. Liu's final resting place. Rest in peace, Brother.
We regret to inform you that Richard Burgess has died during a Rush Fit training session. May he rest in peace.
Rest in peace are loved and missed by everyone. :'(
Happy 100th Birthday to our beloved Mom in Heaven. It has been thirteen years, but not forgotten. Rest in Peace.
I'm deeply saddened tonight to learn of the passing of Mark Hodges. Mark was one of the bright spots during trying times not only for my teammates or myself but for the Wayne County basketball program as a whole. Very few individuals had the ability to lift your spirits or encourage you like Mark. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. May he rest in peace.
I want to take this time to say Rest in Peace to a friend of mines. On this day 7 years ago I had a son that was getting ready to come into this world at Wesley as another you were downstairs fighting for your life. I will never forget my dad coming to the delivery room in silence and tears. He didn't tell me what was going on until after my son was born. I still can't believe its been 7 years. Until we meet again please continue to watch over us. I've always felt that my son had a guardian angel from birth. Gone but never forgotten RIP Robert
Just had my best friend pass. We have known each other 43 years and never a harsh word. His wife was with me when I delivered my son. People like him and his wife are hard to come by. Rest in peace Chief Rigg. You are in a better place now. Give Joan a kiss. See you again.
Cody and Aaron were in the kitchen after school and Aaron asked Cody if he wanted to play checkers. His response, "Yeah, I'll play checkers with you after I get my homework done. I'd rather play checkers than video games." It was at that moment, Todd Carlson dropped dead. May he rest in peace.
My heart feels like it has been riped out of my chest a very special person and close friend of mine has passed away tonight she was a great person and card about everyone I wish I could have said buy but she is not in pain anymore I love you and always will you will never be forgotten Vickie Moon rest in peace my waffle house mom im praying for your whole family Kimberly Coats Tonya Moon Harvey I love yall let me know if yall need anything at all
In life you are blessed with friends but only a very few are close enough to be in that special circle of friends and today I lost one of those special friends. Mark Hodges was a childhood friend and we remained close as we got older. He was that guy you could depend on no matter what. He was the example of love that Christ teaches us about in his word. Rest in peace my friend cause I know where you are it's called Heaven.
HONOURABLE J.Z.U. TEMBO'S WIFE DIES Mrs Ruth Tembo, wife to retired veteran politician John Tembo has died. Ruth, who was denied the opportunity of becoming Malawi's first lady by the UDF's rigging team in 2004 died in Lilongwe on Tuesday morning. May her soul rest in peace.
Rest in Peace Dad! I didn't get to grow u with u Pop but we had definite similarities that let everyone know we were father & son. You are very Loved & will be missed everyday!
We are saddened to hear that our long time Vet from Chestertown Animal Hospital has passed away. Pictured here recently with Denver is Dr. Mike Forney, who has been our family vet for over 30 years and he has taken care of all our pets. He was incredibly gentle and so thorough in his work. Dedication was his middle name. Rest in peace my friend. You have left an amazing mark on our community and you will be missed dearly. God Speed!
Rest in Peace my sweet Baby Girl. You gave us 12 1/2 years of joy and pure unconditional love. We love you Molly.
Happy anniversary to the love of my life Brad Mason one of the most honest,caring,and loving persoons I know I love you also my grandmother's birthday may she rest in peace she was one of a kind they broke the mold when she was made miss and love u granny
PTL!PEOPLE! I have a Heart today, my wife and I woke up the door bell ringing 4:30 this morning, my wife's grandniece, Grandpa standing came bearing bad news. My friend & my wife's nephew Dana Red Bird had passed away about an hour and a half before they told us. They had just came from the Sheriff's office. Dana was my friend before he became an In-law. Rest In Peace my Friend/Brother Dana Red Bird
It is once again a sad time for our community we have lost two more of our wonderful rhodell family Rosie McKinney and Gracie bolen they where two of the sweetest lady's you could ever meet they where such friendly kind hearted ladies who always had a smile on there face and was a blessing to know they will surely be missed we love you Rosie and Gracie may you rest in peace.
Our condolences to our stepdad Mike Malave & Family who lost his daughter Felicia Malave may she Rest in Peace...Diaz Family.
Our hearts go out to Mark, daddy of the beloved Claude Dylan Bailey, who has gone to the Bridge. Claude has been a favorite of the pug community for several years, and was one of our first FB pug friends. Rest in peace, may your memory be a blessing, and may your daddy find healing.
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ATTENTION ALL RAYMONDS:: Randy's funeral will take place on 17 JANUARY 2015 at 1 pm at the church beside Halls Funeral Home in Waldoboro. It will be street parking only and there will be a lot of people there, so if you can please car pool. Just can not believe that I am posting this for my brother at his young age. Rest in peace Randy S. Raymond.
Lost another great friend today... Don't want to believe it. Rest in peace sweet Brion. Please pray they find the losers who did this to him. Keep the ones you love so close. You never know when their time is up.
I don't like Stuart Scott's style of sports broadcasting. The gratuitous "booyahs" and dopey "cool as the other side of the pillow" are trite and ironically take away from the beauty of the athleticism it's intended to punctuate. I have long since tired of such drivel and it is why I disregard any talk of "sports journalism" when describing the likes of *** Vitale, Boomer, and to much extent John Madden in his later years. In short, these guys are entertainers who take away from the games. That being said, I marvel at Stuart's fight to live despite knowing he would eventually lose the war no matter how many battles he won along the way. He fought relentlessly for seven years and did so with class and dignity and humility. He prepared his family for his departure both emotionally and spiritually. He inspired others in similar situations and is a hero to many. In short, he highlighted a perspective necessary to put life in context. May you rest in peace, sir. And may your courage continue to invigo ...
Well its not a good day for me, memories of my brother Vernon, he's been gone five long years today. I know he's with my mom, Paul, Jimmy, Sonny and Kenny. Rest In Peace my darling, I miss you lots.
“Knock-in On Heavens Door” Michael S. Grasso Sr. Born on: 10/05/1936 Died on: 01-02-2015 Time of Death: 11:00 A.M. Age: 78 years old Place of Death: Alamogordo, New Mexico After years of fighting with cancer my father stopped breathing and was reported dead the morning of 01/02/2015. Father, I know that we spent very little time together as a family or even as father and son, but the time that we had will live with me forever. Long after I am gone, as the stories will live on through your grandchildren and then through their children! Many say that love is proven in the time spent with those who you love, but as in many cases life dose not afford you that time. In our case time was little and no matter the distance, separation by states, oceans and time, you were and will always be my father. If I could turn back time and rethink what took place or change it, would I? No, because the lessons learned through our relationship have made me the man and father that I AM TODAY! I owe those lessons to yo ...
One of my major life goals is to positively affect the most people I can, whether with a helping hand, kind word, understanding smile or listening ear. Darrell Bradley was such a person and we will all feel his absence intensely in our community. I remember when Samantha Mcgraw and Halley Wilson played minor league ball. They were the only two girls on our little team at the time and Darrell nick named them both- Sam the Bam-Bam McGraw and Halley The Cat Wilson. I thought it was so great of him to encourage these two little girls competing with the boys. Such was Darrell's way. Rest in peace and love, Darrell.
sad news:(i lost my beloved Grandfather..lolo why did u not wait for me to be home!!(i will miss you!!!i hope i can go home now!!!thank u for the unconditional love u gave me!!its just so hard and im really i pain!!!but God wants you to be with him now!!Rest in Peace Lolo!!
For those of you whom knew Vickie Moon she left us today to go to heaven no more pain and she gets to finally be free in heaven. We will miss you forever but never forget you. You were an amazing women whom filled our lives with joy. Rest in peace we love you
May you rest in peace brother, another great soul lost. I still can't believe it, thoughts and prayers go out to your family and friends ❤️
Today a huge part of the dogworld will be mourning the loss of a truly beautiful sole. An inspiration to many with the fight you put up over the many years and always there to handout useful advice. Rest in Peace Cheryl, you will be missed by many especially Jon, Simon Briggs, Keith Brown and Robbie Gray to name a
"Today is d exact date whn I lossed my Childhood frn, my best friend.C n me were d sisters frm diff mothers. C attempted suicide for a guy who used her.Dat guy played with her true feeling.Frm dat day I Vowed to myself dat I ll do smthng for d peace of her soul. Just after 2 mnth of her death, I kept eye on her X.I tried my best to trap him.he got trapped too.I started my plan.My fake love, My fake care, My fake promises seemed to be true to him.Evry tym he came close to mee, I felt disgusted, I wanted to kill him Truly I wanted to see his death body lyk I hv once seen my best friend's. Tym passed away, He started to love me truly bt I was just FAKE as alwayz. N whn I realized Giving him a break means a lot more dat killing him so I gave him a break 1 week ago. He tried a lot to stop me Bt his those tears were vry less thn dose tears whchwere of my frn's parents.Because of hum c is nt around us today, Bcoz of him,All our past has became memory today. N just a day ago I got to knw dat, this guy has cut his ...
Rest in peace uncle John.. you'll be greatly missed! I love you Sheila and Christopher. I'm here if you need anything!
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