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Rest In Peace

Rest in peace (Latin: Requiescat in pace) is a short epitaph or idiomatic expression wishing eternal rest and peace to someone who has died.

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Emotional day today for many Forest and Liverpool fans, no victims will ever be forgotten 💐 Rest In Peace 💕
Happy birthday oscar stealoe Vega 25r , still remember when they gave us the call , Rest In Peace
Hayley it amazes me the strength & positive attitude that gets shown when a young person is faced with a very difficult situation. I only met you a handful of times, always in the hospital but you always seemed to be planning where you life was going next & couldn't wait to complete treatment & move on with your life. Thanks for coming to Nicks funeral I know that would have been hard for you & your mum, I've been thinking of you over the last 6 or 7 months & watching this page, it has been great to see everything you got to achieve and see the obviously strong support from your friends. Rest In Peace beautiful girl. Judy, stay strong & surround yourself with those that can help you get through this most difficult of times. We cannot make Hayley's service as we are now overseas having left recently, however we send our love & strength to you & your family. Best wishes from the Linney Family.
I've just left the most unique but fitting memorial service for an amazing man, John Michael Irwin. He brought more than sexy back. What a way to remember him & celebrate his life. Rest In Peace & thanks for the laughs and being so awesome to my family.
If you're lucky enough to have a Science high school teacher that is just like Bill Nye, the Science Guy, then you were lucky enough to be assigned to the classroom of Mr. Craig Stearns. I was excited to walk into his class EVERYDAY cuz I knew he would make me laugh or encourage blowing up something so that I could learn from my mistakes. Somehow I memorized that *** table of elements cuz he believed in me. The halls of DECATUR will forever miss your laughter, Mr. Stearns. Thank you for your smile, your appetite for Science but mostly the laughter. I'll keep an eye on Emma for you. I know how proud she made you. Rest In Peace, Mr. Stearns. May your spirit constantly remind me to take time to laugh with my students and encourage them to learn from their experiments. Sending prayers to Nancy, EMma and the rest of the SDHS family. (Love, "Urick", class of 92)
Rest In Peace "Warrior!" You were my favorite WWF Superstar as a kid and the best motivational speaker I've ever heard! I had the hair and even wore the tassles around my arms, so my veins would bulge out during my high school varsity soccer games to intimidate the other Hall of Fame, Bruther!!!
Sad day in the city forreal ! Rest in peace to one of the best basketball players , father brother, uncle and friend 👼Derrick Knighton👼 !!! I'm looking at my timeline like nah not D this can't be real ! 👼Rest In Peace 👼
BREAKING: Former President & Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Arthur NR Robinson has died. He died early this morning at St.Clair Medical where he was being treated. May his soul Rest In Peace
Rest In Peace, INS VIKRANT... so Sorry.. Our Government Couldn't Do Anything.. We couldn't Do anything to Preserve you.. Being the First AirCraft Carrier Ship of Our Navy, You Won Us a Bangla War.. You were there, Dominating the Bengal Sea and Indian Ocean.. As a Power of India.. And Now.. you will be cut to Junk.. When Other Countries make things Last for centuries.. Make Victory Monuments.. We couldnt gather enough Money to Preserve You, when Our Own Politions are Trippling the Assets in Two Three Years... Nothing New.. We cant preserve our own Nature.. our Own Forts... You are just another thing for them.. You will last forever in my heart.. And i am Proud, that i have had the moment to step up on ur deck.. As an NCC Cadet... Hats off... Love you INS Vikrant...
Rest In Peace.. Ultimate Warrior you made your way through WWE and you've accomplished many things that others cant do...
My heart is heavy tonight with the loss of my friend and chorus brother, Keith Leavell. He will be missed so much by all of us from Circle City Sound!!! Keith's infectious enthusiasm and amazing spirit was always encouraging to me and the entire chorus. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and I hope God gives them peace and understanding in their time of rememberance. We will not be the same without you!! Rest In Peace my friend.
Just looking at my old house & thinking about the memories we had hurts so bad. This still seems so unreal. The best memory was when me, you, ash, ash & trev were at the park & we seen a snake & you soccer kicked it & it killed it. Lmfao. Damnnn... I miss you Court. Cant believe your gone, Rest In Peace. I Love You babygirl.
Today at 3pm if your Michael Barnes BKA Uncle MIKE Family ... Please Show your face at Memorial Hospital to Let our uncle Rest In Peace 🙏💙
Rest In Peace - Malama - Thank you for being a great friend at work. Yesterday I couldn't believe it, that I have lost an incredible and a very humble friend. I know you always happy when I talked to you whenever I saw you and when you finished work you came with ur trolley and I would always say to you, to leave it for me to tidy up, and you always smiled and say, Thank you, Alisi and have a goodnite. But last nite I didn't have a goodnite I was crying at work and just thinking about you. Now ur gone to a beautiful place and I will miss you was an honour to call you my friend. My condolences to your family. Ofa atu -:)
Rest In Peace to the fallen police officers that died on this day five years ago.
Rest In Peace, Margo MacDonald. You're at peace now and Scotland will always remember you. Thank you.
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Heather Ledger would have turned 34 today. Rest In Peace to the man who played The Joker, the greatest…
family as Late Nite Deep we would like to send our Condolences to the Family, Friends & the entire House Music Family for the loss of of the godfather of House Music King Frankie Knuckles.may his soul Rest In Peace.. we shall continue his legacy with passion & with respect. do tune in tonight for a special tribute to King Frankie Knuckles on LND with Bobo, Myself & M.X.O. *LND
I wanna take a second to wish my homie Lil Jay a happy bday. Rest In Peace, young ninja, we'll all meet up in Shangri-La eventually and then it'll be like we was never apart. This J is for you Family! 2whoops
Rest In Peace to a Great Legend! The "Godfather of House" has passed away. Legendary DJ and music producer Frankie Knuckles passed away Monday at the age of 59. As a well-known producer, he formed Def Mix Productions and worked with stars such as Diana Ross, Chaka Khan and Michael Jackson. Several DJ's payed respect via social media including DJ and "The Roots" drummer, QuestLove stating, "jesus man. Frankie Knuckles was so under-appreciated. he was the dj that dj's aspired to be. true dance pioneer."
Tonight and every 1st Tuesday of the month Upstairs Lounge with Derrty DJ AJ & DJ Dirty Redd in the Mixx!!! Soulful House / Disco/ that Feel Good Music.. We dedicate our 1st Tuesday Night to the Godfather of House Music Frankie Knuckles may he Rest In Peace. 10p-3a / NO COVER / 3131 S. Grand Ave.
I have my Husbands Father on my mind this morning, I never had a chance to meet Him, but I do know he was a Good Husband to his wife Delia, and a good father to his 13 children. I know this from what my Husband has told me. I have heard many stories of his days farming in Texas . Pervy Victoria Bigham 4/01/1908 - 10/11/1953 . I would have loved the pleasure of having him as a father in law. I wish he could have lived to see all his wonderful Grand Children and Great Grandchildren. I married into a wonderful Bigham Family. Happy Birthday Pervy Bigham, and Rest In Peace.
Rest In Peace uncle Ronnie, no more pain. You will truly be missed.
To our beautiful nieces Sarah Bamford and Laura Bell, to their amazing father Jim Bell and bothers Wilson Finnie and George Finnie and sister Elizabeth Finnie, a bright light has been extinguished from your lives yesterday but rest assured that this bright light is now shining alongside the two other shining stars in the sky up above. My wonderful sister-in-law is now at peace and in the arms on her loving mum and dad, watching over us and protecting us. Rest In Peace sweet Angel. We miss you so much. My heartfelt condolences to The Bell's, Bamford's and Finnie's.
A picture of all three generations of Maggard boys as a somber Rest In Peace to my Grandfather, who…
This day has been one for the records. First off, HUGE birthday shout out to my one and only nephew, Reem! Auntie adores you. Second, Happy birthday to my beloved cousin, Corey, may he continue to Rest In Peace. Next, THANK YOU to everyone who came out and celebrated my grandmother's 90th celebration. I am a HUGE family person, absolutely love the fact that we all were able to come together to celebrate life instead of mourn. To see the smile on my grandmother's face meant the entire world to me. May God continue to bless everyone!
Service for Aunt Cheryl is Over, now its time to enjoy and embrace myLovely family. Love being with them all. But its so sad that this is the occassion. Rest In Peace. We will always Love yu...
20 days ago I lost my Mom. 2 years ago on this day I lost my cousin Brenda...and 3 years ago on this day I lost my Aunt Jean. May they all Rest In Peace!
Last words he said to me were how he never had time to fill out a March Madness bracket. He was so dedicated to his family, his exercise, his family, and his students, helping us in every way he possible could. If it wasn't for him is be failing school. He was a great man and a role model and impacted my life so much. Prayers to your family, and Rest In Peace
We idolized and memorialized Whitney Houston, yet looked the other way concerning her well-known substance abuse and tumultuous life with singer Bobby Brown. Charlie Sheen is 45 and his story is all over the news because he is a substance abuser, an adulterer, sexually promiscuous and obnoxious Lindsay Lohan is 24 and her story is all over the news because she is a celebrity drug addict and thief. Something as frivolous as Kim Kardashian's stupid wedding (and short-lived marriage) was shoved down our throats, while. Justin Allen 23 Brett Linley 29 Matthew Weikert 29 Justus Bartett 27 Dave Santos 21 Jesse Reed 26 Matthew Johnson 21 Zachary Fisher 24 Brandon King 23 Christopher Goeke 23 and Sheldon Tate 27... ...are all Marines who gave their lives last month for you. There is no media for them; not even a mention of their names. They were young men who most likely came from rural America seeking a chance to better themselves and to serve this country. Honor THEM by sending this on. Rest In Peace, and GOD B ...
This is/was my father in law,Don Hammond today is/was his birthday,,You are missed dearly you have been gone now fer 22 years,,I know yer in good company you an my Dad are probably riding round on his three wheeler checkin things out ,you had another grandson Cody Lee he is 21 now with a kid of his own like you he has learned ta play thee gituar i wish he could have met you an my Dad ya both would be proud of him.i drew these pixs like 30 years ago,HAPPY BIRTHDAY we love an miss ya,,May ya Rest In Peace
Very sad. A huge piece of my teenage years are gone. Rest In Peace, Chris Hill. Heaven is a place where all the walls are smooth and white, where pink paint is easy to find and where all the angels are down with street art. I expect, right now, it's getting a graffiti makeover.
What other of my quotes are your favorite... Besides... Rest In Peace?
So sad to have just learned of my mom's cousin Doreen Mulman passing. We hadn't met, but chatted often. I'd been meaning to get out to California to get together and see a new side of my family. I missed my chance. She was the ultimate fan girl, running many sites for voice actors (Twilight Sparkle, Fred from Scooby Doo etc), a survivor of Necrotizing Fasciitis, a great advocate for increased patient safety amongst other things. I would have really liked to meet her. Rest In Peace, cousin!
...So, one of my fellow Patriots from "05 has passed away... Rest In Peace in cheerleader heaven Sada Shiloh... I cannot believe this... My condolences to her family and all the little girls she loved like her own...
Bless all of you that's listening* this! Rest In Peace to all Native Americans: Sioux, Blackfoot, Iroquois, Apache, Navajo, Klamath, Aztec, Maya, Comanche, C...
Feeling for those lost on May their souls Rest In Peace and may The good Lord comfort their grieving families.
Malaysian prime minister tells families that evidence shows plane went down in Indian Ocean and that all lives were lost. Rest In Peace :( God at times is Cruel!!!
"Missing malaysian flight MH 370 Boeing777 crashed into South Indian Ocean west of Australia, Perth" confirmed by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak !!! May the soul of 239 departed bodies Rest In Peace and may their families gain power to overcome this huge disaster.
Chris Love, where do I start... Wow. Rest In Peace. I'm so saddened to hear the news. We had a lot of fun times in Arizona and Cali! I'll never forget you sensei. One love, Danielle.. ='(
Praying for the family and friends of 15 y/o Niokoa Johnson who died after a racing accident, may she Rest In Peace http:…
Also extremely honored to even be in this group including Ryan Fischer who should be here with us today. Rest In Peace
Good morning FB Family...I made it!!! Thanking GOD for yet another...The streak continues...Unfortunately, the streak has ended for someone who I have truly loved from day 1...My Oldest sister Angie passed away last night, and it was so sudden, that I haven't been myself ever since it was announced to me last night. Angie was a fun loving, business woman & party animal, and loved money!! Always thinking of how she could think of a way to make it happen!!! She help raised me to be the person that I am today, and for that, I will forever be grateful.Rest In Peace, my sister, and always be my big sister angel watching over love for you will NEVER DIE!!!
George Donaldson in Jinty Irish Bar McGuintys in Nov 2011 Going to the River Danube to place some white roses in the name of the Hungarian fans, George. Rest In Peace. You will always be remembered. " ...His soul's been blessed, he's laid to rest..."
We lost a great woman, Rachel Ford. The backbone of the Theater and Band in Boron, and at Boron High School for many years. God Bless you Rachel, Rest In Peace.
Rest In Peace you have represented the Navy On Active Duty and in Special Ops as the Kissing Sailor. May the Good Lord bless the family of this Hero.
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how about them wonderful Ohio State Buckeyes in their hopes for just 1 more game may you Rest In Peace
Today we lay a close pal to rest, may his soul Rest In Peace, Eric Mbugua aka Boss
Due to my grievous error of never having befriended Nora Salisbury sooner, I only just now learned that a dear friend has passed away earlier in the week. Thank you to Tara Strong for sharing the news, otherwise I don't know when I would have known about her death. Too late, that is for sure. Rest In Peace, Doreen Mulman, I am so very, very sorry to hear of your passing. I am beyond shocked and saddened to hear of this; this news is just as devastating when I learned about Harold Ramis' passing. You can now join your brother and parents, your high school friend, as well as the lovely and equally missed Mary-Kay Bergman, the real life Dr. Egon Spengler--Mr. Harold Ramis, and many others. Doreen and I never met in person, but connected back in the early 2000's on Yahoo, and later on MySpace. We shared a love of animated television, the voice acting community, Disney's Gargoyles, Scooby Doo, (Halloween in general),and of course Ghostbusters. Speaking of which, I never truly thanked Doreen enough for shar ...
Hate cancer; fullest respect to those fighting it. Rest In Peace to those who are in heaven now
Rest In Peace to my Pastor that baptized me when I was young in Cali, you will be missed.
Rest In Peace comedian David Brenner, who succumbed to cancer this weekend.
Life goes on got aye *** in his feeling my big bro Keith TinyxTurdle Hall is on my mind heavy I wish yhu was still here with meeh bro but I kno that yhu n aye better place all I as is keep watching ova meeh as I walk these scanless street that we call earth bro i be seeing yo son he looking more n more like yhu every day bro man that shyt still hurt meeh to this day I think it's because I was n jail when I got the news I didn't n still dont know how to handle it but let meeh end this here love yhu bro keep watching ova meeh Rest In Peace bro
Rest In Peace mom, we love and miss you! It's been a year already, but it feels like you are still with us in spirit.
***I'M SEEKING YOUR HELP*** (I'd Appreciate your feedback concerning My FREEDOM) I've recently learned that a lot of people believed that I got shot & killed (Thank God that's Not True) ~ However, What is True: I was shot at & in protecting myself I returned fire and in the crossfire a man that stepped out of his house was shot & died in his mother's front yard (May he Rest In Peace) and another young man was shot & injured. So, What I'm asking for is all who reads this to please answer a few questions with your unbiased answer from the information provided. The information is removed from my discovery & Trial Transcripts which are now public information. So, if you choose to do so, you may go to the Denver County Clerk's office & request to view any part of the files on this case Facts of the Case: (I'd like to establish a timeline within the details) On May 24th, 1993 I left my grandmother's home on 21st & Wiilliams St about 5pm going to the Far East Restaurant located at 26th & High St to pick up some ...
Although i do not believe your dead Speaker Knockerz you still deserve a real Rest In Peace picture
What an amazing final call for an amazing man. Jim Dwiggins will never be forgotten for his years of service to The Lord,our beautiful country, his community, and his family. I pray God comfort the family and friends as this is an extremely tough loss. Rest In Peace brother you've reached the too floor.
If you read Band Of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose, you know “Wild Bill” Guarnere. He has passed away. . Rest In Peace.
Rest In Peace and Thank You for your service to our Country. William "Wild Bill" Guarnere. A original solider of the Band Of Brothers! He was in HBO Band of Brothers show. Died today at age of 90
March 7, the day an angel returned home. Unexpected to the world but she is home know. So on this 6 year anniversary I say I LOVE U MOM AND I MISS U EVERYDAY. Rest In Peace momma. I hope u read this momma. ANGEL RETURNED HOME (tribute to Veena Bhan) Like Schwarzenegger my momma was the last action hero The sacrifices u made makes u my superhero You lost two before I came into the picture But that pain u never let destroy ur structure For your foundation was firmly planted in Christ Wanting the same in me so u taught me he payed the price But u overcame the physical and emotional abuse from my so called father Gathered all ur strength and took ur two children out of that home of slaughter Raised me to respect people and the good lord But when u passed it had me floored So I remember all I learned from u like how to treat women like queens And to stay away from all those fiends Ur memories and smile are never forgotten Many times it feels like ur presence was stolen But the truth is an Angel has returned ** ...
Rest In Peace, fallen Soldier and Canine Companions puppy, Private 1st Class Laredo, at JBLM. You have changed many.
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Frank Mata... May he Rest In Peace and may the Edgewood School Board see the error of their ways and KEEP his name on the football stadium in the heart of the Edgewood School District which he led as Athletic Director for many years. Please share!
We adopted Mya from orphanage in Vietnam was she was 3 1/2 yrs. old. She was half Afro American and half Vietnamese. She weighed 20 Lbs. when we got her and was very sick. She grow up to be a gorgeous young lady, got pregnant at 21 and had girl named Kelauni Be' Sanders on May, 15th, 1998. She now lives with her dad in Oakland CA. Mya passed away from Lupus when she was 38 yrs. old. She is missed and loved by many!!! ~ Rest In Peace ~
Rest In Peace, John Candy. 20 years gone and still miss you
couldn't have been a better or more profound Joker. A loss of a great and awesome talent. May he rest in peac…
All my thoughts and prayers go out to Brooke's family, friends and KD sisters today. Heaven gained a beautiful angel. Rest in peace Brooke💜
with deep pain i have to anounce the passing away of my anty dorcas yusuf musa,i love u,but God love u most. may your soul rest in peace amen!
May he rest in peace, Allah yer7amo
Luongo.. may your career rest in peace
Brings a tear to my eye knowing that my 85 year old grandma still carries this. Rest in peace uncle Jimmy ❤️
Celebrated Tia Cucas life today. It was such a beautiful service.. Rest in peace Tia.. 💛💚💗
You are one amazing guy, Rest in peace jay ❤️
May your soul rest in peace senior manager ntombi ka kgaphiya you was my inspiration forever jekelele
Rest in peace 422nd pair of headphones. You will be missed 😭
She thought she could trust her friends, but she misplaced her trust. May she rest in peace.
Adieu Grandma bt stil dont believe that u ar gone. It's obvious dat Death is inevitable, bt I had never expected you to go without saying Goodbye. May ur soul rest in peace... Dats all I av to say.
Jada Michelle Kumera ❤️ Rest in Peace little sis, I love you and I will always carry you with me 💕
May this Queen, Rest in Peace Forever remembered and Loved!!! Salute to the…
100% believe in psychics after tonight mind. My eyes have been well and truly opened. 🔮 rest in peace Jamie x
How many brothas fell victim to tha streetz Rest in peace young *** there's a Heaven for a 'G' be a lie, If I told ya that I never thought of death my *** we tha last ones left but life goes on.
Rest in peace grandma.. We love you and will miss you so much.
Im so ready to turn up for Rena Thompson rest in peace
One sweet world. Around this star is spinning. One sweet world. In her breath Im swimming. And here we will rest in peace htt…
Seriously, never miss an opportunity to tell someone you care about them. Rest in Peace, Amy. I will never forget you or our friendship.
To ninang and mommy Lydia Abad Rueda may u rest in peace. We will ms u
My big brother Allen passed away peacefully this morning. We will miss him but never forget him. No more pain, no more tons of med's. Rest in peace brother...
Brian Crockett rest in peace brotha, you will be missed.
ever since free! ended nitori has really grown on me but he's ssSOOOSOOSs annoying rest in peace.
Rest in peace to all my bookers...meaning rest well...
We Expats r Shocked horrified disgusted at deaths of 3 more brave policemen & send condolences to their families Allah r…
Because Jasper County Sheriff's Office never gave up Steve, Melisa and their mothers Thelma and Ida can rest…
love them like they have always loved u make them feel wanted to because if u don't and they end up leaving u ur gonna wish u spent every single minute and second wishing u never gave up on them because they sure as *** never gave up on u so love them like they loved u from the beginning because once their heart stops yours will stop to rest in peace mommy and uncle gary I love u
Latinos still turning their cars into Rest in peace shirts??
The. Powerstroke puffed its last cloud today. Now she is dead. Rest in peace
Sorry i had to repost this video again cause it didnt want to play the video. R.N.P To Lill Woodie Lokote, Peewee, Pino, Sasha, Shyboy And All The Other Fallen Soldiers/Friends. REST IN PEACE.
I. III. I. A dedication to Shannon's pyramid, may it rest in peace and.hopefully.forgive me
Day 63-365 I would like to dedicate this to Old Nan, who we sadly lost today; rest in peace. It was lovely to see that she was picked up by her husband, so they are happily reunited! It was her time and she was ready to move on, her last few days were with loved ones and she had a long happy life. God bless her♥ Love you Old Nan.x
Rest in Peace My furry friend Jasmine Crocker. Go run with Dusty now. Remember him nipping at your legs! Hehe
What a lovely send off for chris! I've never seen so many people wanting to pay respects! He was an awesome, amazing person and will be dearly missed! Rest in peace! Xxx
Rest in peace will be missed..and may God bless u Pat..we all love you!
my grandfather has passed away Rest in peace papa, I'll make you proud.
That grape juice just made my soul rest in peace . If that make sense
Rest in peace, Mike Parker, Godfather of 50-year career:
Save us, O Lord, while waking, . and guard us while sleeping, . that awake we may watch with Christ . and asleep may rest in peace.
Paul , we miss you so much. rest in peace. they will never forget you. Love you. ❤️❤️
Trust me u dont want that beef its bodies on that heat and the last *** that tried they made his soul rest in peace
B. J. Gupta~ Mahatma is one whose soul doesnt rest in peace while there are tears even in a single eye.|
Christopher Craig Menke departed this life on 28 February 2014. His Requiem will be on Thursday, 6 March 2014, at 6:00 PM. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace and may light perpetual shine upon them.
I'm my brothers keeper until I'm where he at✊💯Rest in peace trell🙏👼.
Said goodbye to a furry pal but thankful for the years we had together.. Rest in Peace Bear 🐾🐶💗
Six years ago I never would have guessed that I would see my aunt and uncle for the last time. Life is far too precious to waste it. Although they are gone now, even the smallest moments mean the world to me. I miss you both like crazy, but I will never forget all the fun we shared! I love you, Uncle Ed and Aunt Liz!! Rest in peace and continue to watch over all of us!
One of my friends sadly passed away. She was really happy lately and I'll remember that. Such a shame, so young. Rest in peace Megan :(
I miss my dad n remover the good memories. May he rest in peace. Thank you everyone for your prayers n…
Time to listen to queen 'Aaliyah' .. Rest In Peace honey ♥★
Lmao go 2sleep en let my stomch rest in peace tu lol"Lol nna gake tseba,, Hollard"
Mam and aunty Irene the small of too .rest in peace Rene.
My muslim friend zoraida...passed this to disgusting and gross can people do such inhumane thing.may he rest in peace.
I love my MOM. Rest in peace . I miss u so much
So so sad God y them may there soul rest in peace{AMEN}
In honor of the fallen Phoenix police officer, rest in peace Officer Hobbs
Love my mummy. She's so strong . Rest in peace taylor💞🍼
Sad... . Two of the children I pray for earned their angel wings today. Fly high sweet angels. Rest... in peace.
Rest In Peace Amber, you will not be forgotten! My prayers are with Paige and your whole family!
Only if my biological father was not addicted to alcohol nje. May his soul rest in peace
Imma withdraw to the only place i imma rest in peace
To tio Juan & Tia Martha Mendez so sad for your loss.May you rest in peace my primo Roy Mendez,gone but not forgotten, will always be in our hearts.Love you all.
This *** plane is Fuego. Get me outta here so I can enjoy the rest of the nye show in peace…btw does anyone know if it was stolen?
Rest in peace Ron Ward. My prayers go out to you and your family...Corn
May there souls rest in peace amen.
You gotta be a good girl up there Su,. Rest in peace my best friend.
Rest in Peace Brother and may GOD watch over your family.
I'm tired of all these rest in peace shirts
May they Rest in peace, God bless their families!
Rest in Peace Tony Lucketta, you will be missed.
Man to all my fast cars on GTA 5 online... Rest in peace Paul Walker..
Courtney you are not alone The passion of love bursting into flame is more powerful than death, stronger than the grave. Love cannot be drowned by oceans or floods; it cannot be bought, no matter what is offered. Song of Solomon 8:6-7 Rest in Peace De'Ondra, you're home now.
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Rest in peace Jordan, I didn't know you that much but we had great times at Dawsens. Rest in peace.
Rest in peace chris harper didnt know u that well but u were a good guy x:-( goodnight mate xx
Rest in peace Jordan, for the little time I knew you, you were a great friend! Rest in peace buddy!
Rest in peace mitch, we love you and miss you so much. ♥
I carried him to the was the least I could in peace ..
God just granted another Angel her wings! I love you and miss you Mommy! Rest In Peace!!! 11/29/57 - 3/4/14
Animals r the best but wen they pass they break yr heart. Rest in peace sweet little cilly u were a great companion to mum nd us all we will miss u xx
Rest in peace marvin. U in a beta place.
John Kellogg you will be missed by so many. It was an honor to know you and your HP family misses you terribly. Rest in Peace.
Rest in peace Aunt Anisa... You were such a sweet sweet woman ! Wish I could of gotten more time to get to know you..
May you rest in peace Uncle Abundio Alfon.. Find peace in Gods arms..
Just heard the sad news Rest in peace Darren Wilson , you was a top guy mate .
You fought the fight Keith. May you rest in peace.
SAD NEWS! WE HAVE LOST A SISTER Condolences to the family of our dear DCFA sisterand friend SUSAN FIGARO WILLIAMS who passed away yesterday morning. May her soul rest in peace.
just found out that a friend of ours passed away yesterday. him and his wife introduced me to Conny whom he worked with and they bought my piece of land out at Pinehill when I needed to sell it and move back to town. Have known them since 1997. Rest in peace fred vannier and Sissy you are in my prayers right along with Misty Beaushaw who was one of my adopted kids long before I knew Fred or Sissy. That is how God brings things into your life one step at a time! All down to the same family. Love you guys
Wow as I think about the summer I think about the fourth.of July weekend will never be the same for me .rest in peace mahlik
This world lost someone special, Kathy Wells Dodson. Rest in peace my dear friend. You will be missed.
My prayers are stronger than ever today for my EO Kappa Delta sisters. I hope you all lean on each other through this difficult time and know that you are stronger together. May your beautiful soul rest in peace Brooke. All my love in
Geraldine Bradley will be missed by so many. As a teacher, as a wife, as a mom, as a a grandma, and as a friend she touched so many lives. She was there if any one of us needed anything. Rest in peace, Geraldine. I'm thinking of all of her family. You will be in my thoughts and my prayers.
Rest in Peace jit look how time flys love u bra
Payed respects to one great man rest in peace Darryl Coots u will be missed by all
Bobbie passed away at 9:00am this morning. An avid accomplished equestrian, we have all been touched by her enthusiasm for life and her animals. She is survived by her beautiful daughter and beloved brother who will carry on her legacy. She probably has already found her Dad and they are saddled up and off on the next adventure. Rest in Peace Bobbie. Until we meet again. Until one is committed there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in ones favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. ...
I'm leaving work now. Going to spend the evening with my good friend/ older sister Jennifer Schoolden and the family to celebrate the life of the little bro. May you rest in peace William.
Oh Death! Same on you. You only have power over the body but not the Spirit. Farewell to a beloved Sister. We love you but God loves you most. Till we meet at the feat of Jesus, Rest In Peace.
It's true what they say. That you always miss your loved ones when they are gone. I miss my mom, and may God bless her. Rest in peace, your son, Rocky.
Lipsy lou lou, may you rest in peace. ..the house feels empty
The funeral went great. May his soul rest in peace!
Rest in peace Grandma, grandpa aunts, uncles, cousins, family and friends God bless your souls and spirits. Love and miss you
Frm u we com, to u we go bak. Inevitable death REST IN PEACE SIS ESTHER
No more pain mom now you are with dad my you rest in peace I love and miss you . You will always be in my heart.
Rest in peace..MARVIN B3..I know u ar n Gods hands now.
Rest in peace Amber! May you fly high sweet angel, your suffering is over!
To my cousin Joyce may ur soul rest in peace
R.I.P Darren Wilson top guy gonna be missed by myself and others. Thoughts to the family rest in peace pall
Rest in peace Aunty Cindy. All my love,strength and prayers sent to the family on this sad day. Xoxo
Tell my auntie I said hello and I miss her so much!! You don't have no worries so rest in peace Desma Sullivan-Mcphaul!! We love you n will forever be missed!!
today maRCH 4 2014 air class president class of 1984 told us that we lost a another class mate angel schiarelli she waS a very nice girl she was she will be miss very much these days my heart goes out to her familys and her two daughters so sad please rest in peace angel schiarelli you will be miss hugs davidkeyes
Rest in peace Copper. Though your time with us was short, we come to enjoy your greetings as we came home and good byes as we left. You are now with your puppies and I pray your getting plenty of belly rubs and getting to rest at someone's feet. ( copper was a stray who took up at the house, along with others. People if you can't or won't take care of your animals don't get them. Spade and nuder your dogs.) sry but I've buried 7 dogs in a week and it saddens me and I feel the guilt all because someone dumped a very loving dog off.
Sad day today. I just put my constant companion of 17 years , Ali Joy, down today. I have to look back on all the joy she gave me. REST in peace my sweet baby. I will always have you in my heart.
Heaven gained a beautiful angel this afternoon and now she's our guardian in peace mawmaw we love you ♡ Lacey ImDoingme
Rest in peace brothr Marvin... B3 wll nva be th same. We thank God for yo life on earth.
Find out your mates cat has died is awful rest in peace maddy cross you was a great cat!
Oh sweet daddy rest in peace til we meet again
Rest in Peace Oumi were. and always will be a legend...
I would like to wish my mother Alberta "Faye" Jeremiah a Happy B-Day! U will always b n my heart. no matter what. Luv u n miss u deeply n may u Rest In Peace! TEARS*
Rest in peace for my loving Lolo erning.
Friends, today is truly a sad day in the Driftwood family. Our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Frank Mello, whom left us on Monday evening. May he rest in peace. Cards, flowers and correspondence can be sent to: 399 County Rd. PO Box 471 Monument Beach, MA 02553
Inevitable Death .. Rest in peace my Good brother Orji buraimoh !
On Wed February 26, 2014 the Fauquier Chamber of Commerce lost a long time member and friend. Mr Tim Pegler of The Pegler Pension Group passed away at his home. There will be a memorial service in June and will keep you posted as we get more details. Tim was a vibrant part of our Chamber community actively participating in our Tuesday Leadshare group and always to be seen at After 5 events and membership luncheons. Our most recent memory of Tim’s active participation was his wonderful portrayal of Anna from The King and I as he and the Leadshare Leading Ladies performed at our November membership luncheon. We will miss you dear friend. Rest in Peace. Address for sentiments: Robin Pegler 8266 Springs Road Warrenton, VA 20186
Heather and Eden are tucked in and H is waiting for me, asleep on the couch. Going to bed now, but before I do. (becoming a familiar refrain. Might start doing this regularly). A couple days ago, I posted some Ronnie James Dio lyrics from a song called "Rainbow in the Dark". HH actually asked me if I had had a nightmare about some things. While the answer was no (It's got to do with the inner demons you know, etc. I've had that one a few times in the last 2 years), I find that metal lyrics are often appropriate to my thoughts. In this case it was just one of my top 3 favorite songs ever. That said, I have a not so recent favorite band called Rebellion. As the metal never lies and HH asked me the question, it got me thinking. They have a song called "Rest In Peace", which isn't really as bad as you would think. I have come to the realization that I can't change certain events, and I can't change the outcomes of other peoples actions. What I can do, though, is rely on family (which also never lies) and the ...
It is with Ultimate Sadness that I announce the the passing of my Father Ben Franklin Wilder Sunday March 2nd at 6:30 am. He was the man who raised 4 boys after my Mom Joan passed when I was 13. He was the man who taught me everything about Compassion, Unconditional Love, Kindness, Acceptance, Generosity, How to drive Stick shift, Cook, Clean, and what it means to be a decent Human Being. He was a Father to those who didn't have one. His house was always open to all. He was the Life of the Party. I would talk to him everyday and he would answer the phone with a different name or accent. He made me listen to the Classics like Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Henny Youngman, Mel Brooks, and what it meant to have a sense of Humor. We could quote Young Frankenstein for hours. I will write more about him in the future. He always said I was his best friend later in life. After raising 4 Boys named WILDER, May he truly Rest In Peace.
~Rest In Peace...Jim Lange and I do remember this TV Show~
Rest In Peace, Jim Lange (of The Dating Game fame). Just saw Jerry Mathers mention his passing and that he (Jerry) was once on the show.
Another death in the family and going back to Edna,Tx . Oh how you will be missed Alfred Molina. Oh how he would spoil me when I was little. May you Rest In Peace primo
Thanks to WXFM for allowing me to reminisce about the years I spent working with Bob Murray this morning. When you work so closely with someone, it's like an arranged marriage, and if you are lucky, you have a good work partner. It was like that working with Bob. As Randy Janes said, "He was larger than life." For a man who worked so much he never slept, Rest In Peace, my friend.
They say the good die young, that's. My *** floatiing up in heaven now, that's the proof. I aint make it to the funeral but home Rest In Peace. If this World get to cold, I hope one day you rescue me. *** may be we can fly together one day but until then Rest In Paradise Kobi.
my dude John Dillinger in that grave, Rest In Peace
Rest In Peace: TV weather man Bob Murray, of the Springfield-Decatur IL area, has died at age 66. Remember him well during my high school years.
Remembering Trayvon Martin died on this day in 2012. May he Rest In Peace.
Rest In Peace and Power Brother Chokwe Lumumba! "Chokwe Lumumba, legendary Black Liberation activist and recently elected Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi has passed away. He was 66. There will be much to say about Chokwe and his immense contributions in the coming days, but for now we wish to extend our deepest sympathies to his family and comrades. Chokwe Lumumba, presente!" (h/t Sonja Ebron and Farah Jasmine Griffin)
Can you guys believe it- Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker are going to headline Wrestlemania against each other. It'll be the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar vs the immortal streak of 21-0 at the grandest stage of them all held of course by the Phenom, The Undertaker. I was horrified and had GOOSEBUMPS as I saw the Dead Man's apperance. It is going to be one of the most heavily anticipated matches in WWE history. It will surely be the Clash Of The Titans. We will witness history. May be the UFC Heavyweight Champion, Lesnar has what it takes to beat The Dead Man. If Lesnar does what no other person could do, he is going to live on in the memoirs of everyone for years to come. When these Super Humans collide, it is going to be total carnage. We'll have to wait and witness what happens - does the 21-0 streak end after an F-5 or Lesnar goes to Rest In Peace after Taker hits his Signature Maneuver, Tombstone Piledriver, planting him head first on the mat. This epic collision will be remembered for ages to come. So ...
Rest In Peace: Joel Mark Holmes I love you so much and I won't be sad because you have returned home to your Heavenly Father were I no you are alright. You will be greatly missed by me. I love you so much.
So sad 2 hear bout Harold Ramis! I grew up with his movies, Ghostbusters, CaddyShack, groundhog Day and Stripes hes a Rest In Peace
Uncle Sam Pierce may you Rest In Peace now and forever. You will be welcomed by Grandma and Grandpa with open arms at the Golden gates of heaven. Thank you for serving our country and being a part of our life. You will be missed and always deep in our hearts.funeral will be wednesday time to be determined but she thinks it will be probably around 10 or 1030am at Harvey funeral home in plattsmouth 306 N 7th street
"How do you solve a problem like Maria?" Rest In Peace, Maria Von Trapp (the real one-not Julie Andrews). In Vermont at 99.
Maximum Respect for the Roman Catholic Church; total respect for other faiths, traditional values and practices. Rest In Peace, Komla Afeke Dumor.
You're smile could brighten the darkest days! I'm sad to see you go But I know you're entering into a better place. We'll never forget you! Rest In Peace we love you Baby Lawrence
This song and I go back to the very beginning. Song was written in 1937 by Jimmy Kennedy and made popular by many greats such as Marty Robbins, The Platters and many more. It was actually written for Hawaiian Steel Guitar and Ukelele but I chose to perform it at a recital back in 1961 sponsored by Oahu Music Co. out of Toledo, Oh. and Pruitt Music Studios in Ponca City, the judge for the recital was Big Joe Talbot a representative of Oahu music who later became a country music ambassador to the Japanese markets and a big name in Nashville loved by all those who knew him. I recorded this pretty much the same as the way I played it back in 1961, nothing fancy just a beautiful hawaiian melody, hope you hear the waves slapping on the beach and the gentle sea breezes. Thank you Big Joe for your words of encouragement so many years ago. May you Rest In Peace. Hope you enjoy.
Let's show our respect to Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis. No justice on both cases. Rest In Peace 🙏
Oyster Bay, L.I., Feb.18. -- Theodore Roosevelt, former President of the United States, died this morning between 4 and 4:15 o'clock while asleep in his bed at his home on Sagamore Hill, in this place. May he Rest In Peace!!
Mary Grace Canfield died of lung cancer she was 89, She played Ralph to Alf sister brother team of daffy construction workers,Alf was comedic actor Sid Melvin. of Green Acres fame. Rest In Peace
Rest In Peace to Australian actor James Condon who died a few days ago at the age of 90. He appeared in Neighbours in the 1980's as Douglas Blake and then again in 1995 as Reuben White and also appeared in the programmes Sons and Daughters, The Flying Doctors and Prisoner Cell Block H. He was married in real life to the late actress Anne Haddy aka Helen Daniels in Neighbours.
I am so sad that my friend the legend Jimmy Murakami has died. Thank you for all the lovely work you have left us to enjoy for future generations. May he Rest In Peace. xxx
*** Andrew Robert Crawford. Thanks everyone for your prayers and remembering my Beautiful son on his Birthday on Valentine's Day. Rest In Peace my Beautiful Son. I Love You. You will never be forgotten.
Rest In Peace to one of the employees who works with my dad & was killed by a train in the steel mill today
Shirley Temple, Sid Ceasar, now the third Ralph waite age 85 Rest In Peace, thanks for the memories
To one of the sweetest men that ever walked this planet a year today you were taking from us Mike Morgan you are gone but will never ever be forgotten.Rest In Peace precious angel till we meet again.Thinking of Rebecca your mum and all your family today much love hugs and more X
I had a collection of her movies when I lived in El Paso Texas! I love Shirley Temple! Very sad!!! Rest In Peace!
17 months ago today.. September 11, 2012.. 4 amazing men were killed. Clinton and Obama don't care.. and have never cared. They put the blame on their deaths on everyone else and spew crap. Imagine if someone said "what difference does it make" if God forbid something happened to Clinton's daughter?! Or like Jay Carney saying "Benghazi happened a long time ago".. that coming from the guy who stills blames Bush. Or liberals who say "it was only 4 people" but make a HUGE deal about the death of 1 thug Trayvon Martin. It's all disgusting and 17 months later.. nobody's been held accountable. Well today we remember the 4 men who's lives were taken: Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. May they forever Rest In Peace ~L
Gm fb familia and blessed and I mean truly blessed to see another day I lost 2 friends over the weekend Keith Hughes and Donald Vargas. They were good men and God blessed me with getting to know both of them. Rest In Peace my brothers.
Senzo ''Kelly Khumalo'' Meyiwa dnt come back to my lovely Bhakaniyo...u did ur job recently we thank u but HLOMPO kekane kutsi akwete lisaka kanje!..Rest In Peace
I can't believe what I found out today, a friend of mine pasted away.I hate it for the friends and family Rest In Peace, Timothy Lee Via. we all love you and will remember you..
James Holman Oct. 10, 1948 - Jan. 27, 2014 ... “Life flows on riverlike, and one must learn as best one can to navigate the shallows, run the treacherous rapids and plumb the deceptive pools,” James wrote in a forward to a book he finished days before he died. The book is based on the couple’s three years of teaching English in Romania. Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in August, James told a friend that he “decided to skip anger and denial and go straight to acceptance – not the acceptance of oh, whatever-the acceptance of the probable, and a turning of my resources toward how to face it gracefully.” As he reassured family and friends, he had lived a full life and could be present in the moment and grateful for each day he was blessed to wake up to and enjoy. Rest In Peace
Our support and prayers go out to the fallen brothers from the University of South Florida. These 4 men had there lives taken by a careless driver. You will be missed and never forgotten. Rest In Peace.
Rest In Peace to a great friend and an inspiration ♡ Roy Williams ♡ You will be dearly missed!
Dankie Hlompo Kekana, Dankie Mamelodi Sundowns.I can now Rest In Peace my team won!
May you rest in peace, Mamay. You will forever be remembered.. :'(=)
Rest in peace Dressed you are loved
Rest in peace, fellow traveler. Rest in peace. Hope you are free now.
Dear fever, when are you planning to leave my body so i can rest in peace
Only the good die young. Gone but never forgotten. Rest in peace Vinny, fly high ❤️
Long hard day...but glad my toko can finally rest in peace
In my feelings tonight 💖 but rest in peace to all the innocent babies that were taken to early💭
Allah eill always be with you, Rest in peace...
May you rest in peace,Tado!You are a legend, and you will always be a pride of those simple activists that fight for their rights.
Rest In Peace to my good friend/mother. God has relieved you of your pain and suffering.
'and if something good can come from bad, the past can rest in peace' ~ Smash Finale.
R.I.P to Peter Gudland. Such a funny/ great guy. Ate the most mcnuggets iv ever seen. Rest in peace bud. Godamn taken too soon
I had a conversation with you. I can now rest in peace. Thank you for coming and for being so nice, we miss you guys already!
Rest in peace to my First Born. I miss you son!
Let Trayvon Martin rest in peace. Let his killer know no peace.
I'm sorry for your lost may he rest in peace 🙏
Rest in peace Grandpa. You know I'm going places in life... Thanks for believing in me.
Never met her before but from all the stories and words going around lately she seemes to be dang strong. Rest in Peace Gabby Jones.
Rest in peace Grandpa. Say hello to grandma for me. I love you❤️
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Happy Birthday to one of the best friends I could've asked for. Missing you always. Rest In Peace, Dustin.
Rest in peace Patrick Locsin... you were a great and smart person. I hope you're in a better place now 👼
But unfortunately, someone I was good friends with took their life. Rest in peace Dillon.
Happy birthday and thank you for all that you shared. May you rest in peace.
Last *** that tried , may his soul rest in peace
hehe rest in peace Allah Bless both of u;"3
Raising a glass for Liz, who could out drink even me, Audrey Hepburn reincarnated, a real life Holly Golightly, Rest in Peace.
Rest In Peace, Tado and the other victims of the bus crash 🙏🙏🙏
Sometimes the most unthinkable things happen, rest in peace Ida! Thoughts go out to family and close ones!
Off to my friends funeral don't know how I feel today rest in peace Don
Rest in Peace to the man who taught me how to do a crossover lol Been down since those Renfro and Webster days. Miss you bro
Today I lost my best friend. I love you Petey ❤️ rest in peace baby boy. Love, mama 😺💋
This song reminds me so much of you..I miss you my friend you were a great guy. Rest In Peace
Wearing yayank's tshirt today...miss you so much my dear spups...may you rest in peace... :')
think my laptop died Was watching a dvd and everything froze Rest in peace
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Rest in peace to the late great uncle Phil
Rest in peace to the kid who died on West Lane tonight
I'm in the building and I'm feeling myself. Rest in peace Mac Dre
Rest in peace daddy wish you was still here with us . 😞 😥
"Try Jah Love"... thank you Third World, Stevie Wonder and Rest in Peace WIlliam "Bunny Rugs" Clarke.
Rest in Peace Pete. Heaven now has another angel 🙏
Rest In Peace one of the greatest though. J Dilla
may soul rest in external peace. Aameen
Why cry when someone dies, why not be happy they won't have to suffer life's pain in fact they can rest in peace. We should be happy instead
today 8 years ago I lost one of my most favorite people ever to suicide. man, I miss him so much. rest in peace Uncle Manny. I love you.😭💕
seeing this just made my night Rest In Peace Rita. BBO 💜
I gots to say Rest In Peace to Hanifah Allen who passed 13 years ago this month. And also Randy Spencer who passed 6 years ago this month.
My deepest condolence to the family of Prof. Kofi Awoonor, his loved ones and all Ghanaians. May his soul Rest In Peace
Pittsburg great hall famer Ralph Kiner died yesterday, he was 91yrs. He was great outfielder and homerun hitter also baseball announcer, well loved by all that knew him. Rest In Peace.
Major League Baseball Hall of Fame slugger, and New York Mets icon, Ralph Kiner, dies at 91 years of age. Kiner joined the Mets as their broadcast journalist for their inaugural season in 1962 (The Mets set a MLB franchise record for most losses in a single season with 120 during that particular year/season) and remained in their booth for more than 50 years. Rest In Peace, Ralph Kiner!
A brilliant and heartfelt tribute for a true one-of-a-kind, Richard Hayman. Written by my friend, Sal Viviano. I'm so fortunate to have had the chance to work with Richard and perform his arrangements. May he Rest In Peace.
Rest In Peace to former Pittsburgh Pirates HOFer Ralph Kiner. Kiner passed away today at 91. Great career as a slugger as well as being a fantastic broadcaster for the NY Mets
I still remember when the first time i met Mr Joop Ave, gently he greet us with his big smile " good morning guys" ... It was my first image about a father of Tourism :) Sir..thank you for bringing Indonesia Tourism Hospitality standard at International level... good bye and Rest In Peace...
There are many memorable soccer moments of the late Dennis Lota. The most memorable one for me however was AFCON 1996 Quarter Finals against Egypt. The Egyptians as usual were playing a rough game and harassing our boys much to our frustration. In particular young Dennis Lota was almost ruffed-up by the Egyptian goalkeeper then later young Lota got his revenge by scoring a ka sweeet "pomo" against the keeper regarded as one of the best at the tournament totally embarrassing him, LOL! and they kept on replaying the goal. Rest In Peace ba Lota in my books you were truly one of Zambia's all-time greats.
Croskill ends hour with a beautiful tribute to Bunny Rugs of . Rest In Peace and Par…
I don't remember one day of my childhood where I didn't "go see auntie" I guess I really never imagined that there would come a day where I couldn't go visit you and you tell me one of your stories and even if I heard it a million times I'd still listen. I will miss you so much , Rest in Peace auntie I love you💜
Mary Rebecca Polly Rest in Peace with those who have gone before you Your journey here is done Love and prayers to her daughters and their families
Rest in peace Larry. We will all miss seeing your smiling face at all the ball games. Your children will be in all our prayers.
How I wish Rest In Peace ( RIP) was Just Return If Possible. :-( :-\ :-[ We all Dont kn0w the Cause of the death but please, my Fellow LADIES, lets not depend on mens for money, they can be heartless at time like what happened. To my MANS lets not work for women's but our FAMILIES . RIP GIRL :-\ :-\
this is normally where I would be buying you a give that has Green Bay Packers on it. but instead I'm reminiscing on the past and hoping that you rest in peace.
To our beloved Uncle Wenceslao (islao) Guevarra may your soul be rest in no more pain and suffering cause you are now with our heavenly Father..we gonna miss you!..we love our cousins and the rest of the family I'm praying for our comforts ...God bless us all.
said goodbye to a lovely man today rest in peace ernie Williams your lovely Maureen and your family did you very proud today goodnite godbless x
Happy Birthday Buddy. Still missing you for sure. This years Super Bowl sucked so you didn't miss anything. Michael Strahan made it into the NFL Hall of Fame so thats a plus for us Giants fans. Continue to Rest in Peace my friend. See you when I get to the other side.
Happy birthday to one of my biggest inspirations my Pop, I miss you every single day and I hope I'm making you proud, rest in peace. 👌
Missing my daddy so much rest in peace
Rest in peace dad. Gone but not forgotten.
Rest in peace Hadley... You will be missed... 😢💜
And also with my aunt Linda (may she rest in peace), and my friend Chris Schultz. Happy birthday!
i just wanna say rest in peace to my dear friend and brother Houston Dwayne Brown you will be greatly missed and forever loved!!!
Today, 4th February, 2014, is the 10th Death Anniversary of Rev Paul Sira. He was born 2nd March, 1970; Ordained Deacon, 1st January, 2000 and died, 4th Fed. 2004. May his soul rest in peace.
her I wouldn't have half the things I do! May you rest in peace Ama youll forever be in my heart.
Na so ds chiker wan prove say im love me, carry my pix do im dp around 11pm, omo! Na so i just dey reason say ds guy fit dey serious oh, i no know say na because im babe don sleep. Morning come reach, network bad, dp no gree change, im babe don wake, kasala com burst! Na so ds guy just update im status sharp sharp. . . Rest in peace sister Ginika! Wetin i go do ds guy my pipo?
Anderson Windows, there is a dead farm girl in Abilene only 5 years old. Rest in Peace. Do you care? The swan lake came and said wise potato
Just found out about Philip Seymour Hoffman. He was one of my favorites. I'm so sad I'll never see him in another film.…
On behalf of myself nd the Tiger Titans family wud like to send our condolences to Vuyolwethu Sontsonga nd his family for the lose of His Father Yesterday, May his soul rest in peace... Remember we are here for u nd we are crying with u, U nt alone, u hv the titans family with u.
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