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Rest In Peace

Rest in peace (Latin: Requiescat in pace) is a short epitaph or idiomatic expression wishing eternal rest and peace to someone who has died.

Joan Rivers National War Memorial

Most people don't know who Bobby Keys is...but just about everyone has had the privilege of hearing his masterful playing of his saxophone with folks like John Lennon, Buddy Holly, and The Rolling Stones, the iconic sax solo in The Stones "Brown Sugar" was laid down by Bobby Keys, and he has toured with them many times up until just last year. You might not have known his name...but I bet you knew his sound...Bobby Keys died today, but his legendary sax sounds will live on for generations. Rest In Peace.
Philip Hughes memorial service at Adelaide Oval was incredibly touching. Rest In Peace you champion,…
DIEM BROWN- memorial video: Rest In Peace to Diem from The Challenge Rivals. Always had a smile upon her face! 👼
Friends, tonight before sleeping let's pray for the soul of Phil Hughes - a budding Australian cricketer, who lost the battle against death. May his soul Rest In Peace.
Vanity? - So I have truly lost my most caring in- law, Chief Joe Ndu from Ogbe Ahiara. He was appointed in 2001 as a federal commissioner of the NPC by the former president Olusegun Obasanjo. His death at the prime of his life has once again exposed the emptiness of this life. And I will certainly refuse to pay tribute to him because it appears doing that always gives death a sense of glory and victory over the rest of us. My in - law seemed to have known this while he was alive. So his life was in itself a living testimony. What else can I say than this. Rest In Peace.
Rest In Peace: Original twerk team member "Betty Butt" shot & killed in Atlanta
Rest In Peace: Warren Clarke ("Dalziel" of Dalziel and Pascoe, Blackadder, Masada, Bleak House, MANY others) died this past Wednesday at 67.
Rest In Peace: MTV star Diem Brown loses her battle with cancer
Rest In Peace: Big Bank Hank of Sugarhill gang dead at 57
Photo & Status Update by Ronan Parke:. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but Rest In Peace my beautiful baby...
One of the last of The Greatest Generation! A true hero. Thank you, Sir and Rest In Peace knowing a grateful nation …
Please find arrangements for Helen Warren Reposing at home both Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 7pm. Funeral on Monday after 11am Mass in Church of the Immaculate Conception, Ashbourne, to St. Declan's Cemetery. Family flowers only please, donations in lieu to Cancer Research. May she Rest In Peace
I'm gonna see you real soon grandma. Rest in peace & I'll be close to you once again ❤️
Rest in peace Twts, lovely cat. Il find out who poisoned you. At least you're not in any pain anymore xc
Rest in peace to my hairy sister. I love you and I hope they have air conditioning in heaven.. ❤️
"Rest in peace uncle sal, I wish you could have understood your not alone I love you" 😢😩😭
Rest in peace big man, we love you & miss you so much 👍.
Rest In Peace to the best dog in the world🐶 I love you so much Maddy❤️ I'll miss you princess😔
“Rest in perfect peace to all the dead & may God relieve the sick ameen!” Ameen
rest in peace auntie Brenda, you're in a better place now 😔💖
Just found out ny great aunt gussy past. Rest in peace. Love you.
Perry man. It's been 2 years. Rest In Peace bud. You are missed by everyone.❤
3 family friends died today. May they rest in peace
Happy birthday to my little brother, forever you live in my memories & in my heart. Rest in Peace & Live forever as one of gods Angels ❤
Amazing service for amazing people. Rest in peace Musgroves ❤️
Everyone please pray for Paul hes like a bro to me and a great guy rest in peace love u dude
Rest in peace Dillion I know he sending his boy down blessing 💪
Rest in Peace ReRe and Pistol P, the top is lonely!
Rest in peace Uncle Richie. I'll miss you so much💜
Rest in Peace Dr Clem Price. Newark lost a legend today.
Rest in peace to the best dog a girl could have ever asked for. I will never forget how much you loved…
Happy 60th Kelly Gilkyson. May you "rest in peace"
May we always remember Rest in peace.much love.May God wrap his loving arms ar…
Rest in peace uncle jack, Gone but not forgotten.
Like *** that was my bro as young *** foo. We hooped together and everything bro, may he rest in peace tho.
heavy heart tonight. . rest in peace to Russ and Karen Musgrove
Whelp.. Rest in Peace country music! You had a good run!
Many of us are attending the vigil for Mason Minder this evening. We wish his friends & family comfort. May he rest in peace.
Rest in Peace Pistol P, can't believe the Bullet hit him!
Last night we lost someone I couldn't have imagined losing, rest in peace grandpop
Rest in peace Gram, I'll miss you a ton😔
I Done Got Another Tat Tonight. REST IN PEACE KYRSTEN VEAL. And thanks to Deon Perkins for my tat
We lost an angel today. Banana died at 397,469 miles. She went peacefully in a Fred Meyers parking lot. Rest in peace
May he Rest in Peace. . Arnett Hartsfield Jr. dies at 96; helped integrate L.A. Fire Department
May her dear soul rest in peace sadly missed
Heart broken. Rest in peace Chaylena ❤️ love you so much cute girl. Gonna miss seeing you and your sassy self everyday. 😢
Rest in peace to our fellow falcon Mike Vaughn. You had such a big heart and you will always be remembered. Foothill gained…
Didn't know cole personally but it's always awful losing a member of the hockey family. Rest in peace cole
If i catch ya, imma wet cha, address ya as rest in peace
Such a young beautiful lady was taken tonight to be with God. May you Rest in Peace Beth. 👼💕
A tribute to president Sata. share with every Zambian You know around the world.
I'm not really a religious person, but my Grandmother needs all the prayers she can get. Her husband died today. I hope that she can get through this alright. He's been sick for quite a while now. May he rest in peace. R.I.P Grandpa Harry. ♡ If you can include my Grandma in your prayers tonight, that would be great.
It is with great sadness that I found out today that we lost a great friend. Donny Powell passed away today. Tuesday nights will not be the same. I am grateful that I knew Donny and had the opportunity to fish with him. He was very dedicated to his family, friends and of course, his fishing. It is comforting to know that he spent so much of his time this summer doing what he loved.kicking our butts! Our sincerest sympathies to Donny's family. I will post information on calling hours and the arrangements as soon as I find out. Rest in peace friend.
Lilly made it home! Now Sonia will be quiet and our neighbors will be able to rest in peace!
This beer is for my two fellow line brothers that lost there life this week rest in peace brothers may you never be forgotten cheers
Rest in Peace, Elizabeth Francis i will always miss you screaming my name to the top of your lungs "GIDDDY!" To look for your lighter that always was so close. I love you so much, never thought it would come so quickly!
The legacy left to me was death, disease, and enemies. Left to bleed, I rest in peace with no effigy. My poetry set me free, mentally sending me adventuring, ascending me to heavenly memories extensively etched in me like entities. Eventually, the end of me was meant to be my destiny, so I enter these hellish dreams, while exiting ecstasy. - Dallas Courchene (Photo Credit: N.C Winters)
Today I buried my mom. It was the hardest thing that I have ever done. She was my best friend and partner in crime/shopping buddy. God blessed me with the BEST mom ever. She will be truly missed. I would like to send a big thank you to everyone that attended the visitation, the church services, sent flowers, thoughts and prayers. It meant the world to me and my family. Rest In Peace Sandra Gail Moody!!!
Just laid to rest one of my best friends and possibly the sweetest PitBull you could ever meet. She had a very long and fun life and touched many peoples hearts. 7 years ago she came to me to escape her abusive owners and never left my side. I loved her with all my heart! She was my pretty little girl. Not many Pitts live to be 14 so I think she was happy. Rest in peace miss Maui, go run around and maybe even play with menace. I love you girl!!!
This song is in remembbrance of Don Guthrie. REST IN PEACE DON. we are going to miss you.
to our beloved Mutte..may your soul Rest In Peace,we will all miss you and Love you!!!
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Ever wonder how Matt came up with Static Steamworks? I'll tell you! Years ago, Matt used to spike his hair when going out. This was at the height of industrial metal band Static-X's popularity, so people quickly started calling Matt "Static" due to his resemblance to recently-departed frontman Wayne Static. Matt isn't called Static as much anymore, but he's been using the nickname to stamp his artwork since then, to keep it alive. Why am I sharing this? Because Wayne Static passed away on November 1st, and I felt like sharing this anecdotal tale as a way of sharing the impact this man (who we saw live thrice, and who Matt actually met once) had on us. Rest in peace, Wayne Static. (Now I just have to post an origin story for LFN soon...)
Your smiles, your laugh is infectious, your jolly personality will surely be missed. A friend, a teacher, collegue, and a mother and a fighter..we know that you'll be happy where you are right now, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU Dr. JUVY M. FERCOL, may your soul rest in peace. Dzann Chavez Rod Maceda Caryl Erma Sodsod-Deopante Ryan Morcozo Cora Birata
Rest in peace Papa we love you ... Landen singing to papa so precious...
Today I lost the person who was like a father to me Hi Skinner founder of Skinner & Damulis my employer for the last 40 plus years Rest in peace my friend !
Rest in peace cousin joe, now you are in a better place with your mom and dad and grma and grpa hendrickson and you will be missed
I lost my best Bud today.My sister dog Bear!I love Bear he was my best friend...It was just like I still had part of my sister Carrie with me..He would sit with me on that porch just like he was somebody..He always listen for my golf cart to go in reverse and he would run out and wait on me..If he got on the golfcart I had to but my arm around him while he sat flat on the seat and road right all with me...He would make me smile even if I didn't want to..I always think about Carrie ,you would just have to know she did not talk ugly atleast if anybody was around but Bear would make her mad and she would call him a black *** .lmbo..When Dave brought his girlfriend to her house the girl friend ask his name and I said Carrie calls him Black *** ..lmbo boy did I get in trouble.Well cried enough for this day so rest in peace my sweet friend...Loved my Bear!
Tonight the world lost such a wonderful woman in Jean Gray. I am honoured and proud to have been able to play Darts alongside her. She had nothing but pleasant advice and praise for me and has most certainly helped get me to where I am from where I was last year. This trophy now means so much to me and one I am proud to hold. Rest in Peace Jean Gray 🌹
Losing you is very hard inang. But your memories always remain in our hearts. We will miss you n we love you. May you rest in peace.
of Jerusalemites gathered out in a demonstration calling : "Abu Hamza Rest in Peace.. We will continue the struggle.." Aman Palestin-Malaysia Media Unit
Prayer warriors and MNRC team members Please pray for our friend Leslie Hoxsey. Leslie's beautiful 16 year old daughter just passed away from a car accident. My heart is breaking for her and I pray that God gives her the strength that she needs to get through this tragedy. Heaven has gained another young angel! Rest in Peace Sam.
Rest in peace pop❤️ I miss you so much grandpa, the house is so lonely & quiet without you. Now you can fish all you want in heaven & be with your favorite singer Johnny Cash🎤 I'll see you later when my time comes then the whole family can be together & happy again. I love you pop ❤️😔
I didn't have the privilege to know Pooja in school but my thoughts and prayers go out to her Family and Friends. May she Rest In Peace !
A great HiStory ends: retold forevermore. You're with the angels now, Dr. Price. Rest in peace.
I lost a very good friend , a buddy and a father today although you were my stepfather I was your son you helped me through life and was there when I needed you love you buddy rest in peace
Rip rest in peace momma.I always loved u no matter what
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Unfortunately our little lucky passed away yesterday morning;( but I'm so very grateful for having the wonderful experience of having a pet kangaroo for a bit! Rest in Peace little fella:)
In loving memory of Dorothy Cheek. A sweet wonderful lady! Rest in peace. Love Helen, Sandra and Debbie
Rest in peace sweet Mickey. You were a good kitty and we will miss you. I'm sorry there wasn't more we could do.
10 days until the day I gave birth to a baby who was really a angel👼. The day you Interned my life you broke my heart 💔 by leaving me behind with out you. I cherish that day everyday remembering how sweet & innocent you were. I wish I could have saved you, I wish everyday I can rewind to see you that one last time. Kiss you, hug you, see you, feel you move. Baby dre your mom & dad & big sister & lil brother love you so much💋 rest in peace baby boy.
Rest in Peace Romualdo Gonzaga. No more pains and you are now with our Savior! ( He died yesterday, diagnosed with Leukemia as per his relatives )
It has been 5 years today since the Lord called my mother home. For those of you who still have your mother living, cherish each moment for tomorrow is not promised. God picked a beautiful flower to adorn his garden. Miss you mama. May you rest in peace.
I would like to extend my heart felt gratitude to those people who had been there during my downfall moment. Thank you for ur presence, love, and sympathy to our family. Rest in peace Papa! We will miss you.
today is a very sad day, my daddy James Corn passed away this morning, he was one of the greatest men i've ever known. i will miss him so much! he will be in our hearts forever and i know he imprinted his love on many lives throughout the years. i love you daddy and may you rest in peace♥♥♥
I hope this works.. I made this video a few weeks ago and wanted to upload it today not only in memory of my brother, but also in hopes to raise awareness for mental illness of all kinds. Please if you have ten minutes spare today, watch the whole video and hopefully it may give you some more insight on a personal scale to depression and other mental illness. Waking up this morning and knowing my brother was still alive at this minute and only approximately an hour off doing the unthinkable tares me to pieces. The pain ripping through this family is more than anyone could imagine unless they have been through it themselves. I can only hope and pray this does not happen to anyone else, and that people will find eternal happiness and we as a human race can say goodbye to mental illness forever. Heaven feels even further away today. Rest In Peace to my baby brother, Shaye Darin-William Puckridge. To say I love you and I miss you is an understatement. I hope to feel you through the air, the breeze and the ray ...
first trailer has arrived! Trailer gave me the chills. Rest In Peace, Paul Walker. http:/…
Thinking of Senzo Meyiwa in that Coffin breaks My heart deep down The fans and the Bucks will always love u Rest In Peace
Man dies after dump truck collision in Cortland County By Anna Norris October 31, 2014 Updated Oct 31, 2014 at 2:46 PM EDT Homer, NY (WBNG Binghamton) New York State Police at Homer are investigating a fatal, head-on collision involving a dump truck. It happened at approximately 9:20 a.m. Friday on New York State Route 90 in Cortland County, state police said. WBNG E-News - Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Tyler Bloodgood, 27, of Moravia, was driving a dump truck owned by the Town of Sempronius, according to state police, when he crossed over into the eastbound lane and struck a 2011 Ford F350 pickup truck, killing driver Raymond Wamsley, 38, of Stamford. Bloodgood was taken to Cortland Regional Medical Center, treated and released. Wamsley was pronounced dead at the scene. His passenger, Herbert Roe, 50, of East Meredith, was taken to the hospital, treated and released. The investigation is continuing. May he Rest In Peace. Our deepest Sympathy to his family!!
Mayor Tom Menino passed away today at the age of 71. Thanks for making Boston great. Rest In Peace
may he Rest In Peace ,as South Africans and Orlando pirates fans,we lost a captain, its SAD how it happened
Rest In Peace to those people saying that Kathryn Bernardo did her Nose Job! Back Off Haters :)
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The procession for Corp Nathan Cirillo just came by our house on way to the funeral home Rest In Peace. He will...
In Your fullness I will rest, I find Your peace beneath the cross, Knowing You my one desire, Take me now to where You are!
Rest in peace Jack on your 45th anniversary!
Been waiting for MI since let all these inexperienced rappers rest in peace
Thoughts are with the families directly affected by this, Rest in Peace to the Canadian Soldier who lost his life today…
Rest in peace JVon and Lil Dirty man then boys right there was soldiers 😡
My heart goes out to the family of the solder. May he Rest In Peace❤️
Now my brother can rest in peace now 👏
Rest in peace nephew , love you Ju 😇😫❤
GUYSSS! My life's complete now. I can die and rest in peace. Thank you hottie 👅🔥😍
A Canadian soldier lost his life today in a senseless act against this nation, may he rest in peace 🍁
We just lost one of the most important people in rock music history. Rest in peace Tommy Ramone
Than you for the Follow. May the Peace of God envelop you in His Strong Ample Arms and rest you upon His All Breasted Favor.
You're dead to me, go on and rest in peace.
Hoping there are no more shootings in Ottawa and everyone stays safe🙏 Rest in peace to the men who have passed away❤️
Got some sad news today, another friend and classmate went to be with the Lord, Rest In Peace Dan Ledesma. :'(
Feeling griefstricken & enraged over coldblooded murder of our valiant, righteous Hindu brother Rest in peace brave man.
Skateboarding lost another great skater today. Rest in peace, Matt Reason.
My friend we cannot excuse to post this pic. Rest in peace, Lilli.
CTV reporting solider standing guard @ the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier has died. May he rest in htt…
Another soldier is dead tonight after another attack. May he rest in peace and thoughts and prayers for his family
Take care bro we always remember you brother my full respect for you My good friend his gone In real life Rest in peace bro
My thoughts are with the soldier and his family. You served our country with honour and bravery. Thank you for your ser…
Rest In Peace to the soldier who was killed this morning. He gave his life for his country.
The war is real... and it is coming to our cities!! . Rest in Peace, Tomb Guard!! .
*** hearing news of a fallen Netherspawn, especially like this. Jim and I weren't super close, but he was a really good dude and we shared some great laughs over the past few years. Rest in peace, man.
Rest in peace ,She is and will forever be a Smiler . New Angel in The Sky :c. Force to all your family and friends!
Sad over hearing about the death of the soldier who was shot earlier today in Ottawa, may he rest in peace 😔
Rest in Peace to the only man I know to survive falling from a two story building, a car accident, and…
My deepest condolences & prayers are with the fallen soldier, their family, and everyone affected by this heinous situation. Rest In Peace 🌹 featured in NBC s Science of Love
No one should lose their life at 14, you will be missed by so many. Rest in peace Karlysle, heavens gained an angel👼💙 ht…
This is tremendously tragic day in and throughout Canada. Rest in peace to the brave soldier who lost his life t…
I've been missing you more than usual lately. rest in peace babygirl , Emily Rose 💜
We lost an today. I once wore an Argyll uniform. Rest in peace brave soldier.
Rest in peace to the two Canadian soldiers who died in the line of duty this week. 🙏❤️
Praying for our fallen soldiers. May they rest in peace.
..Rest in peace to the soldier that was on guard, who sacrificed his life to ensure the safety of others. Condolences to famil…
Rest in peace gossip girl. you will NOT be missed
Thoughts and prayers with everyone today. I can't believe it's been a year. Rest in peace Ms. Ritzer 😇🎀💕
Rest in peace Aunt Janie, take good care of princess Madden up there. 👼
Rest in peace to the soldier who passed away in the shooting today, thankful for those who protect and serve our countr…
What will the world of fashion be without My condolences to his friends and family. May he rest in peace.
Rest in peace papa. Missing you more and more everyday
Rest In Peace black converses, you will be sorely missed
'"I did my duty, I paid the supreme price, I pray you'll remember my sacrifice, My life was short, I did my best, God grant me peace in my eternal rest" Rest in Peace, young Argyll Sutherlander .. ..
Rest in peace to the lead singer of scary kids scaring kids 😔
The fashion world mourns and will misses you, but your touch will live forever. Rest in peace...To…
It was such a blessing getting to know you big dog. You will always be our brother. Watch over us and Rest in Peace.
"Allah sarki fateee :(.. May you continue to rest in perfect peace."Aameen Aameen
When K. West Said "Live in peace before you rest in it”
Thinking about getting a bottle for my *** Tman TheBoss.continue to rest in peace bro.
My heart goes out to the deceased soldier. May you rest in peace 😔❤️
Rest in Peace, Tomb Guard! You are now with your fallen Unknown brothers and sisters that you honored in this life!
1 year ago today i lost my mom to cancer. We love you mom and may you rest in peace 💜🙌👼
Just brought Kawhee home, she was in complete liver failure and was not going to get better. I feel the need to let my other furkids have closer as to why she left and so do I. She went peacefully and am grateful of having had her as long as I did, the vet told me that last years bout of her liver failure was a precursor to total failure and that I did get another to spend with her and now she has joined Rick, Paul E. Larry and Walker and many others in heaven. Rest in peace Kawhee of The Northland. Nov. 25 2001 - Oct. 22 2014
14 months ago I was at CCCO (Canadian Capital Cities Organization) Meetings in Ottawa. They took place right across the street from the Cenotaph where the soldier was murdered! May he rest in peace.
Today i recieved something very special from my grandmother. My mothers journal. Rest in peace mom.
Happy kukur tihar Lonely, Husky, Lazy and Chuchi. Missing you all Moody, Brandy and Whisky, rest in peace.
Eva I'm so sorry you have cancer. Its been ten years since we first brought you home. I like to think you had a good life with us. Chasing horses, sharing your dinner with the kittens, letting all the little puppies chase you in circles... You were always a great big sister. Rest in peace big girl. We love you.
They are not coming to Canada they are here being watched are around 114 possible isis member how about u stop watching and go arrest them and do the right thing the time for the peace loveing Canada is now gone what is next the streets locked down ppl being held hostage in there own home... yes its only been a few days two service men have died.. they have already won with every Canadian with just a bit of fear... our government needs to stand up and solve the problem i feel for the families of our now fallen soldiers may u rest in peace
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Sad news about Laura Benson passing away. A lovely lady Thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends. Rest in Peace Laura .
Going to make sure my nana has a amazing send off in the morning.. going to be hard but we will all get there and make you proud! Rest in peace gorgeous. Me and grandad are going to miss you! Love you! Xxxx
Awe! love you Sr. Bertha! You will be out gatekeeper in Heaven for a whole lot of us! :D Thank You!! Rest in Peace
Bad week at our house. Rest in peace sweet keata. :) love you.
My guardian angels fly free and easy rest in peace my brothers
Rest in peace, Kyle Baker. You were the sweetest boy I ever met.
Just let him rest in peace life goes on
Rest in peace t ray gone but never forgotten my n* since little kids. You left to a better place see you at the crossroads my n*
Rest in peace Ben. We were great pals, and I'm sorry to see you go. You're in a better place now. 9/26/98-10/21/14
Very sad day :( one of my very best friends son was shot and killed during a home invasion. He was my daughters best friend someone she could always count on. They went to home coming together..please pray for the family and friends who are devistated from this horrific tragedy. Rest in Peace Blake. Gone but NEVER forgotten
Another sad day in my life - the loss of a loyal friend and companion - always there for me always had a smile - never complained and a big loss. Words cannot express the deep emotions I am feeling and I hope she is at peace. Thank you Bella for being such a loyal friend - until the next life rest in peace
Please pray for the repose of the soul of Reverend John Edward Fitzgerald, Principal from '70 - '75. May he rest in peace!!
I just love my sisters!!! Connie, (rest in peace), Darlene Carroll Benton, Tina Childers, and Marie Hall.
I guess all we can hope for at this point is that this is an isolated incident and over with. Once again we mourn the loss of another Canadian dedicated to keeping us safe. Poignantly, while guarding a monument to peace and those who gave their lives for our safety. Rest In Peace unknown soldier.
Today we lost the greatest man I've ever known. Grandpa Charlie passed away peacefully with family by his side after 85 years of a rich life. He is a proud and admired brother, father, grandpa, war veteran, and fire chief. I will never forget The Man Behind the Glasses - rest in peace Grandpa.
If half of yall grandma's was alive (may they rest in peace)I'm sure yall would be gettin the switch for ya ratchetness.
Rest in peace, Uncle Michael. Many good memories of a loving uncle. I love my family!
Hard to believe it's been 3 years and still hard to believe you are gone. Remembering you always, we miss and love you...Rest in Peace Danielle Rowe 1988 - 2011.
I must remind myself not to mourn someone's death but to celebrate their life. And life is what this woman lived. Thank you Nana for always being there for Me, Susan & helping to raise our daughters Lashawna & Tierra. Thank you for being the loving caring kind woman that you were. As I'm writing this I'm remembering the 40 plus years that I've known you. Tears are in my eyes but joy is in my heart for I know that you are resting with your friends Richard, Dolores, Gert & Jake. I know that one day I'll see you again but until then job well done.I KNOW you've earned your wings. Keep watch over us as you always have & may you rest in peace with our God.
Canada has finally moved on from the epoch of feeling safe from religious ideology. Wow...may the Soldier who was shot today on Parliament Hill and the Soldiers who were run down in Quebec yesterday resulting in one fatality Rest in Peace and please be safe fellow Canadians.
Rest in peace Ivette Tovar you were an amazing friend ... :/
I hope everyone who was in downtown at the time of the shooting is alright. I am sorry for loss of life of the soldier who was standing guard infront of the war memorial in downtown, may he rest in peace and my thoughts are with his family.
The admins of Fire Fighters of Nova Scotia send their thoughts and prayers to all those involved in the shootings today in our nations capital, especially to the the friends and family of the soldier who was killed while guarding the National War Memorial. May he Rest In Peace. - Staff of FFNS.
Esh uThixo izinto uzenza ngendlela yakhe yedwa,as ba my son was born on this day we were suppose to say happy bdy to him,bt we said RIP to our uncle last year 22 october Mzukisi 'Dzobho'Dyonase frm Sunbaai Hermanus namhlanje gqiba unyaka engasekho phakathi kwethu ntondo wako mama,he ws like our brother cz ebelingana nathi,u Dlomo,Sophitsho,Madiba,Zondwa may his soul rest in peace uzohlala uhleli entliziywen zethu
Rest in peace lil homie Willy Coker
Our Senge Bot Kimabwai (1926-2014) was a compassionate gentle soul who loved all equally.she had an uplifting smile and a warm hug... We love you but God loved you more. Rest in peace
Today it was my great privilege to dedicate my 5 mile ruck with 50lbs to honor 1LT Ashley White, who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country on 22 October 2011, when she died from wounds suffered during an IED attack on her unit. For your service to this great nation we salute you. Rest In Peace Sister! want to thank Operation Enduring Warrior for sharing Lt White's story, click the link to find Lt White's HERO WOD
Happy birthday to our little Brotha Edoa Baker, may u continue to rest in peace and love, miss you everyday. Also happy birthday to our aunty Puavasa Ahhoi, love always
Happy birthday jimmy, hope your having fun up there mate, rest in peace
This is all the photo Ive'd taken monutes ago on the Scene.. Kararating lang namin galing doon. Infront lang sa Militarry Barracks sa may Rutland Gate and Residences. 2 minutes walk Harvey Nichols 5 minutes walk to Harrods. To Ate Tessie Rest in Peace and full sympathy and Prayers to Kuya Bert their family.
4 years ago today the lord took my beautiful little Daughter Harmony LeAnn Rodarte home to be with him in his kingdom, until its time for me to join them. Harmony mommy loves you and i cant wait til the day comes when its my time to join you. theres not a day that goes by that momma doesnt have you on her mind. i love you always my little guardian angel and may you always rest in peace. forever momma
They say you never really know what you have until its gone.Rest in Peace to my brother in law Rajesh Pal. August 8th 1973 - October 21st 2014 May your spirit soar in freedom From the fears that gripped you tight. May you find the peace you searched for As you wandered, lost, in the night. May your mind be clear and calm And your tender heart be warm. May you have no need for strength now. May there never be another storm. May the music of the angels Be the sweet sounds that you hear. As you're rocked in Heaven's cradle May you never shed another tear. We will wear your memory proudly, Our brother..Our friend. May our love for you reach Heaven above Until we meet again. Rest In Peace Bhai...
Chessie ?1999 - 10-22-14. Said goodbye to my oldest cat, Chessie, today. She was 15 but I never did know her exact birthday. She was one of the prettiest cats I have ever known but also one of the oddest. I wasn't sure she'd survive the move to Ohio but she did (after living for 2 weeks behind my dryer), I was really doubtful she'd survive the move to the current house, but she did. Even became almost "normal" for a bit. But, alas, she returned to her neurotic, skittish, freaky self. ;-) If she taught me one thing it is that neurotic, skittish kittens grow into neurotic, skittish cats. You can improve the self confidence of puppies but I don't know that kittens/cats ever change. She was afraid of life from the moment I met her. She was pretty and had a sweet meow but I could rarely touch her and she lived her life in my bedroom. I worried about whether I was doing the right thing as I drove to the vet today but the cat who hated for me to hold her or touch her laid calmly, cuddled up against me ...
We'll really miss you Madam Modupeola Sofunwa...Rest in Peace till we meet to part no more.We the children and grand children loves you but the Lord Almighty loves you most!!!
My heart is broken today after hearing we lost a Canadian Soldier in our Capital City while he stood guard over the war monument. Thank you for your service fellow Canadian, may you rest in peace.
Its so painful loosing a woman who raised me like her own daughter...anutie sarah i wil always treasure those beautiful moments and thanx 4 bringing me up may soul rest in peace til we meet again
My deepest condolences to my aunts, uncles and all my cousins who lost a gran and mom this evening. May the Good Lord be urls strength in this time of grief. And may she rest in peace. My thoughts n prayers are with u all.
Another horrible day... Heaven welcomed another special angel- rest in peace to my amazing, loving, wonderful Uncle Steve. Words can't express how heartbroken I am.
So...back to the old dayz.. 2002...Where I really have to thank Tomas Bobrovniczky, the drummer who introduced me to blues and helped me so much! Next...also Vlado Urbanovsky who played a lot with me back then (It wasn't easy In this video, I'm jamming with Juraj Turtev, Rado Spicka, Vlado Urbanovsky, Miroslav Gazdík, Boris Čiampor (Rest In Peace). I'm glad that I had the chance to meet these guys and learn from them. Thank you! DH.
Can't believe it's officially been half a year without you. There were so many things I would have loved to be with you for, but I can honestly say I'm happier that you're out of pain, rather than living with the excruciating unknown pain you had. God took you to grant you with a healthier and better life above. Now you can freestyle all you want without worry of further injury. I'll forever celebrate your life, because you came here to bring life to others. You've accomplished more than most people on Earth, which is why God chose you to be his angel. Rest in peace and live again in happiness, Sam.
World truly is a beautiful place, full of good people, who only desire a happy, peaceful existence.. I could go on about the stupidity of organized religion and evilness of many governments that are ruining it for us all, but now is not the time.. Rest in peace to the soldiers killed in Canada, and to all the innocent human beings killed needlessly around the world daily.
Nothing hurts than losing sam1 so dear 2me, mum u wer nd will owez b da best mum nd gift 2me eva...I feel its a dream, cnt bliv...I still hop its a in peace so finished, I feel useless
Wake up to c all the pics of my baby like *** I never woke up from this nightmare man emotions everywhere like a *** bowta go krazi I know she appreciate all the love everyone has for her my angel my A1steak sauce u was put in my life for a reason I enjoyed every step of the way just don't know how to finish this path without u I watched u fight and manage to keep a smile on your face with little to no complaints u did that baby girl I know u up there with Ja'Lon being the best mommy u strived to be if only I was as strong as u love u drea Dree Midcalf may yo soul Rest In Peace u the ish wit yo thick *** (insider)
We always wish people the best in death..."Rest in Peace"...but instead...can't we wish each other a chance to "Live in Peace"...and work towards it.
Rest in peace, Sky. You were an incredible pup. Someday we'll sing together again. ❤️
It is with much sadness that I need to share that Don Crapps died this morning at TRMC. Please do keep the family in your prayers. May Don rest in peace and rise with the saints in glory everlasting.
Granny u neva told me dt is gonna be diz way,u wher waitin 4 me 2 home and see u,so dt u will leave me,,mama,i was callin u at d hospital bed,u did nt answer me,talkless of calling me ijele,or okwy-nwa,,mama who will call me those luvly names dt u,use 2 call me,mama d luv is too much betwen us,,u should av use b/cos dt luv and still stay a little longer 4 me,,,though i watched u as ustruggle wit life,bt God said dt it is time...i was makin arrangement on hw 2 bring down ur grand chilldren,so dt u will carry dem and bless dem,rather use choose 2 call me on fone,and ask after dem,,,den i thought it was mere call ,neva knew dt u av prepared 4 a journey,,granny i will miss u so much,,chai we ur chilldren luvs u,bt God luv u most,.rest in peace, enwelu nne,.till we meet 2 part no more..nnem jee nke oma,,
Rest in peace Senzo we will always love you!
Irresistibly, last 3 days were like a bad dream came true and broke all my expectations. The tears of her eyes were dried and her heartbeats were slowing down, it was the Sunday morning when that last sunshine fell on her living face through a window at her place. The news that her heart went silent, squeezed my brain from inside. Rest in peace naani ma. *tears*
There comes a time in your life that you have to put aside all the problems in your life to pay respect were respect is due, that time is now I would like to pay respect for Lorraine's dad and our children's grandfather Sonny Citera who passed away last night and let everyone in the family know my thoughts and prayers are with you all, losing a husband, father & grandfather is definitely not easy and it's hard as *** trust me, but we all know he is not suffering any longer and he is at peace. It is extremely difficult for Danielle & Anthony who were close to him, especially Anthony he was his little buddy who always talked baseball with him, and listened to him play the violin any chance he could, don't worry he is listening right now and will always be in your heart and he will watch you play the game he loved. Danielle I know it's hard but remember he will be watching over you and helping you succeed in every way possible. Rest in peace Sonny and keep picking those horses and playing those cards and ...
Proud to have had the honour of being the great grandchild of my grandma lynch, at 90 years old she had a long life which has unfortunately now ended. Rest in peace grandma, love to all my family. X
Rest In Peace my friend! You are/will allways be one of the great drummers of all time! I allready miss you, your humor and great wit, and your great ride cymbal!
Look at my daughter pictures seeing how beautiful she really is and how one time she was so chunky this reason my baby is like she is she's like her mother they look like twins as well. Oh how I miss you Rox seem like it was seeing you walk in the back door of the house with that beautiful smile rest in peace daughter me and but but miss you and Lee.
Rest in peace to my late Grandmother Virginia "Ginny" Randall who passed on from this world earlier this day.May she have everlasting life and tranquility with G-D in his paradise.Love you so much Grandma.always will!
May you Rest in peace Aunt Shirley. You will forever be loved and missed deeply. Much needed prayers for my Mom Judy Richards Websterand Sissy Judy Salmon through the loss of a Wonderul Sister and Wonderful Mother. Love you both so much!
Very sorry for all those affected by the terrible events in Ottawa this morning. And may the fallen soldier Rest in Peace. :(
Death ! Yes thats the name of the pill everyone must swallow big small fat thin long short big head small head ugly pretty young old rich poor . No antidote . Hmmm death ! May the soul of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Mercy o Lord Mercy ...forgiveness of sins we seek. Hmmm!
I'm torn between getting a Cardinals Coffin or a Bacon Coffin when my time comes. What do you think? Please do not suggest a Royals Coffin, I want to rest in peace.
No wind warning!! I walk one block bust my umbrella!! Granted it was from the dollar store!! But had it for over two it rest in peace!
Sadly my baby has been taken out of this world 10-21-14 I know he's in a better place but I miss him so much thankfully my moms are here to keep me up I miss you my baby love aka buddy rest in peace
The guard that got shot at the war memorial has died, in Ottowa... May he rest in peace..
Rest in Peace Mr. Contreras, he will surely be missed and never forgotten
Last night my dear mum passed away. She is know at piece after suffering from dementia for the last few years. Rest in peace mum and say hi to dad and Kenny.
I can think of no greater honour for a Canadian soldier than to stand sentry at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the National War Memorial. These monuments symbolize the sacrifice of a generation, and this sacrifice is often cited as the price paid by Canada to have become a nation. To die in these circumstances while guarding these monuments is tragic, but while the rest of us were carrying on our regular, daily lives today, one young man was mindful of his moral responsibilities to those who died in our nation's wars. May that young man rest in peace. And may we all be mindful of the next young person who is posted to that sacred duty.
My father-in-law used to walk to the 7-11 at the foot of the hill near his office for morning coffee. Many a Sunday morning he would encounter a nice couple there that came for coffee as he did. They would chat and exchange pleasantries. This went on for some time. My father-in-law never caught their name that I know of, or at least never mentioned it. They were just friends who shared coffee early on Sunday morning. Yesterday, my father-in-law's friend passed away. And though the 7-11 is long gone, being friends will last forever. What a lesson for us all...when all is said and done, you still have your friends. Rest in peace, Benjamin Bradlee. Former editor of the Washington Post, where the post won 16 Pulitzer prizes under his leadership. 93 years old.
On behalf of Marikina Association of Southern California - Los Angeles, our deepest condolences to the De Guzman/Lopez Family for the death of Armando "Armin" De Guzman this morning in Los Angeles, CA. Viewing and funeral arrangements are to be announced soon. Let us pray for the eternal repose of his soul and may he rest in peace.
Who can tell me it's not true? May general Idiagbon soul rest in peace. We loss the best vice president Let us maitain the left best president. General Buhari APC 2015 Insha'Allah.
Thanking you for allowing me to be part of your family.For always there for me and treat me like im one of your daughters.Will cherish all those special times we've spend together,Nei. :-( :-( May your beautiful soul rest in peace. Till we meet again on that glorious beautiful morning!! :-( :-( ♥♥
R.I.P Bo. We picked Bo up from the shelter 2 years ago because someone didn't want him, all I can say is thank you. He was an incredible dog, absolutely loved to hunt ducks. He was a stud, didn't matter how cold it was or if there were ice chunks in the water, he loved to retrieve ducks. He was also a well behaved family dog. Not only our family, but every family on the block loved him,and would always have treats for him. 4 years old is to early to lose him but he caught some virus that even as tough as he was he couldn't beat. No more suffering Bo, as much as I wanted you to pull out of this, I'm glad your in a better place. I miss you already and duck hunting will never be the same. Rest in peace and know we loved you so much.
Rest in peace Tatay. You will always be in our hearts.
A soldier has been shot and killed in canada,rest in peace brave man our deepest thoughts and condolences are with you and your family. Here in the UK people need to take note of this vile act and realise how easily the enemy can strike! Once again R.I.P brave soldier and all others who have given their lives :( xx
A bad news to all vijay anna fans : A Die hard Vijay fan named UNNI age 23 Died in the occasion of Kaththi celebration after fans show in Vadakkenchery - Palakkad District Kerala :'( :'( May his soul rest in peace :( :'( Miss u brother :'( :'(
He was only 5 months old when he blessed our lives with his love. Today, 15 years later with broken hearts we had to say goodbye. Rest in peace baby...we will miss you.
It is day's like this that makes me just want to stay in bed and never get up!! Five years ago today we lost a very important person in our lives. My oldest son Jeremiah. It still hurts my heart today as much as it did on that day. His brother and sisters loved him so much, And it is awesome that they remember him, and yet it is so hard to read there post knowing that there hearts are also hurting and I cant fix them. the one thing that does comfort me is knowing how much we all love him and that one day we will see Jay Jay again. Still this day is so hard for me all the what ifs come back. Then I force my self to think of all the good times, his big heart, that smile on his face, the way he always looked out for his brother and his sisters and even me. He was the most loving caring person and always put others first. He is truly missed and loved and not one day goes by that I don't think of him. However it is this one day that is the hardest to get through. JayJay rest in peace baby I love you and miss y ...
Thank you all for your prayers, calls, love, and support during this time of grievement. May my Brother, Gregory Dobbs Sr., rest in peace. Today I had back surgery & everything went well. Resting & praying for a speedy recovery. Thank you for all your prayers & calls
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According to my research. Most of the NDF commanders who died the likes of Dimo Hamaambo are those who were the true fighters while those that are alive and still accupying high position oyo mba yali omakakunya. May the soul of all our Namibian hero rest in peace.
LIST of Gallant freedom fighters who sacrificed all to give birth to our independence. The 1.Godwin Mbikusita Lewanika, 2. Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula, 3.Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, 4.Kapasa Makasa, 5. Nalumino Mundia, 6.Lawrence Katilungu, 7.Humphrey Mulemba, 8.Mainza Chona, 9.Mama Julia Chikamoneka, 10. Munukayumbwa Sipalo 11.Dr. Peter Matoka, 12.Solomon Kalulu, 13. Mungoni Liso and many other gallant sons and daughters of mother Zambia, some alive like Mr. 14.Grey Zulu, 16.Samuel Mbilishi and 17. Dr. Kenneth Kaunda(First Founding President of Zambia 1964-1991). To these and others we owe our political freedom. REST IN PEACE and Thank you for sacrificing for the 50yrs of Freedom and Peace we still enjoy
Am heart broken to hear the news about the demise of Ashok Kumar, Legendary Cinematographer and Father of my dearest friend Akash. May his soul Rest In Peace. My Condolence to the Family members, may they have courage to face this situation. Akash, really sorry da... Be strong and take care of Mom...
One of the veteran cinematographer of Tamil Cinema Ashok Kumar passed away. May his soul Rest In Peace
Rest In Peace "Raphael Ravenscroft" saxofonist of Baker Street solo, he was my mentor, gave me lot of inspiration :(.
Rest In Peace (R.I.P.) Gough Whitlam 98 years old 1916-2014 not long after his wife Joan?! He was Prime Minister 1972-1975 for Labor & only P.M. To be sacked by Governer General John Kerr in 1975 the year future wife Kristen & Moi were born that year..
At Prince Miller Entertainment we saay Rest In Peace to a Legend john holt
Today would be your 20th birthday ... Rest In Peace brothers 💕👼👼 Jose y Luis Alvarez Mendoza
Gary Moore - Rest In Peace that is my hometown ..
Rest In Peace, Jan Hooks.I always thought you were one of the funniest pretty ladies of Saturday Night Live. I just saw you the other day in Pee Wee's Big sad.
KICKS! "Paul Revere from Paul Revere and the Raiders had died at the age of 76. Rest In Peace. . ~ Tiff http:/…
A very sad day in the Political World Longtime Friend and Colleague from Bell Gardens Mayor Daniel Crespo was taken from us. Being part of the Political World you become a family of brothers and sisters who are elected. As you go to events and conferences you say hi and catch up with each other since you last seen each other at Contract Cities, ICA, NALEO and ICSC. Bell Gardens is a great city and better off since Daniel has served them. My heart goes out to the Crespo family as well as to Priscilla, Jennifer, Pedro and Jose during this difficult time for the City of Bell Gardens. These great leaders there will bring this City together. Daniel my brother as a Mayor and Probation Officer you will be missed, Rest In Peace
My thoughts & prayers go out to the family and friends of Beverly Carter 🙏 Rest In Peace!…
Sending hugs and kisses all the way to heaven Happy Birthday ti Grandama Minnie Lee Anderson! Love you and continue to Rest In Peace
Thinking about you Lilly.. Miss you baby girl.. Rest In Peace..
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Rest In Peace and enjoy playing with your brothers and sisters in the celestial jazz orchestra!
My outfit is deceased, Alexander rest in peace...
Rest in peace Reeva Steenkamp! May God grant your family enough strenght to carry on
R.I.P Math grades. Rest in peace and never come back!
You used to be thirsty for me and now you wanna be set free. This is the web, the web that you weave ooh baby now rest in peace
Happy Birthday Paul Walker, you were an Amazing actor Rest In Peace
Patrick KANYAMIBWA laid to rest. May his soul REST IN PEACE!
Leeteuk winning speech for adorable hoobae (junior) Rise and EunBi rest in peace and others members hope …
Leeteuk: and our lovely hoobae, Ladies Code's Rise and EunB..I hope the deceased rest in peace.
Leeteuk also mentioned in his winning speech that may Ladies Code Rise rest in peace and the rest of LC's members recover…
“Suicide at Woodlands just now. RIP dear lady, may u rest in peace. 😢 *** Seriously still post
My heart goes out to everyone who has passed or to anyone who's loved one has passed on this date. Rest in peace 9/11 …
Condolences to Salcedo Family..Rest in peace pader gong..;-(
Our thoughts and prayers go to the animals and their carers in the aftermath of last nights tragedy at Manchester Dogs Home. Working in animal rescue day after day is heart breaking enough, without the large loss of lives in such horrific circumstances. The blood of those poor dogs is not only on the hands of the arsonist, but on the breeders who sold or passed them on, and the owners who relinquished them to the rescue centre for whatever excuse they came up with. Rest in peace angels, at least you are safe now and can no longer be let down or harmed by humans x x x
Papa tating died today at 1pm in the afternoon...plz let us pray 4 hs soul dot he may rest in peace...
Been and put u some flowers down rest in peace beautfull life so cruel tock well before ur time x
Two tears ago today we finally moved back home 14 day trip on the road it was the best one I will always treasure still talk about it now and then little did we know with in a year and a half things would change which was out of our control it hits us like a ton of bricks you are no longer here with us but, but you are always in my heart,think of you in alot of ways a song ,a song that you sang but always used your own words at times missed you more then anything in this world so much has change its never good bye rest in peace hugs xo love you
TODAYS post: Friday, 12 September, 2014 Good morning to all of our Hibiscus friends. Thank you for the many post and remarks. Today is a another sad day in the Hibiscus world we will lay to rest one of long time member, Zelma Neef, we send our condolence to our good friend Walley Neef. Zelma was our miss Hibiscus lady, she was always there for advise and knowledge, Zelma was a past President of The American Hibiscus Society, and served in other important position. May, Zelma Neef rest in peace, God Bless her in her journey. I hope you have a great day, enjoy all of your blooms and plants, our thanks to you. Jim
My grandma 16 day prayer decoration fnsh...hardwork frm we all in peace..
Goodbye to my husband of 5 and a half years. We had lots of good times and some tough times as well. He will be greatly missed by me, his family and his friends. He was such a kind and generous person in life. He would give the shirt of his back to help anyone in need. His humor lifted people up and he always had such positive energy that it was contageous to anyone who spent time with him. He was such a special person. But heaven has gained another angel. May he rest in peace. I love you baby.
It's been 9 months today since I lost my dad. It doesn't seem to get easier. Everywhere I go, everywhere I look, no matter what I do he comes to mind and I talk about him like he's still here. Rest in peace dad. Love and miss you always. I know I will see you again someday.
How to put in words what Mike Anderson meant to me, an incredible person, resilient, caring, passionate, a rock, who always stood tall, inspired us, motivated us, his mindset was always "we can do it", "we can make everything happen"!! He always showed us the right path, he made us strong, he give us spirit! We are all better because of you! Will miss you and never forget you, may you rest in peace. Please watch over us and keep guiding us to be the best we can be! As you always said "See You At The Top!!! Indo Pride!"
Rest in peace my beloved father, we loves you but Allah loves you more,may Allah forgives his short comings and grant him Aljanna firdaus,Ameen.
Remember the almost invincible villain character in James Bond's "Moonraker" and also the previous one? He died today at age 74...Rest In Peace...
Rest in peace to my grandmother anastacia de guzman francisco.. mamimiss po namin kayo ng sobra.we love u so much...
I wish i could see you at least one last time and have a good chat like we use to. It's a shame that i did not see you recently before you passed away. i will always have memories of the times we shared and the humor you brought to my life. Rest In Peace pop. love from your grandson Shane.
My ever first Boss in Ms Addison & co When I joined in May 1974 Mr T.R Gopalakrishnan Passed away on Wednesday, the 10th September 2014 . I just got the information through source . He is a very soft person with a profound knowledge in English Who wrote a very best Article in Indian Express about American President Nixans Water Gate Scandal and was published in the columns. A true worshiper of Lord Guruvayurappan, who will stood up from his seat sharp 12 noon saying Uchi kala Poojai now at Guruvayur. Praying to Lord Guruvayurappan, may the departed soul Rest in Peace . Nagarajan Lakshmanan, Shanti Subramanian, Jaganathan Marimuthu
I will punish myself and regret till the day I die for leaving you my sweet, charismatic Chloe and not bringing you with me. It was wrong and I'll never forgive myself. You didn't deserve that. I miss you terribly and will cherish the moments that you were apart of my life. May you REST IN PEACE and may God have mercy on me.
thinking of you brother Adam Smith we would be staying up late playing games wile mum n dad are out :) eating all cereal lol love you lots batman sleep peacefully rest in peace
Still shocked , Another innocent soul has stolen . Rest in peace home boy
I learned earlier this evening that a close friend of mine has been called to eternal rest. I still haven't been able to wrap my head around it. You have been such an amazing friend to me and I will miss the times we used to sit under the trees on campus and talk about Life and all its mysterious wonders. You touched the lives of everyone you met and the words you wrote spoke volumes to those who understood the depth of your art. I will always think of you when I wear your grey wooly cap that you gave me. You have inspired me in many aspects of my Life and I will always be grateful to you. Rest in peace Mark Baldosa. Till the day we shall meet again my dear dear friend ='(
Serious question, why do we say "rest in peace"? I mean, this isn't an episode of Supernatural; we're not really worried the dead might come back as tortured zombies/ghosts/poltergeists etc. They're absolutely going to rest in peace because, well, they're dead. Resting and peace are basically predicates of not being alive, unless you think someone might be headed for eternal damnation. But who are we saying it to? To those that died? They're dead, they can't hear us. And if you believe they can in an afterlife, is saying a phrase really going to provide them with peace and save them from some kind of unrest? Most beliefs in an afterlife place the individual suffering or happiness a person experiences in the hands of a higher being, such as God, so what we do or even feel doesn't matter. The literal meaning suggests that we're hoping they'll find peace in death, saying it to them in an abstract way. But again, words and platitudes don't alter the fundamental states of life and death. And besides, what kind ...
Sad sad & very sad to lose such an icon Mr Dungare, ladies & gentleman to us as members of Mzilikazi High School Old Students we send condolence message to Dungare`s family & friends. Let his soul rest in peace life will never be the same without him & we will live to remember him through his good job he done to Mzilikazi students of his time. He was a father, a leader & a vital person in society. U made us great fathers & mothers. We thank u. Rest in Peace in honourable Mr Dungare
3 days since you left us to make your way to the angels... Its so painful to have lose you but I know you were in pain and it was the best way for you to get some relief...Thank you so much for your love, your advices and we are all proud to be o your grandchildren.You shall be our role model.We love you Papa mootoo and we miss you so much...May your soul rest in peace Papa Mootoo...:((
Another soldier down,Death be not proud may ur soul rest in peace Nhlanhla
you may be out of our sight, but never out of our mind .. REST IN PEACE sau lola TERESITA TILA-ON :(( will miss u nay :((
It is Haram and Kufr to say RIP [rest in peace] for a non Muslim. As Muslims it is our fundamental belief that those who die as disbelievers will be punished in their graves and in the fire of *** This is due to rejecting Allah and the beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). For this reason, it is not permissible to seek forgiveness for them or to say rest in peace for them as there is no forgiveness and peace for such people after death. In fact the Ulemaa have regarded it as Kufr to seek forgiveness and peace for them as they have earned the anger and wrath of Allah. People please be aware of this and repent in the court of Allah if you'll have done it and the ones who have not done pls save other brothers and sisters from this Kufr by spreading this message. -Mufti Zahid Husain Qibla [Preston-UK]
Throug d jungle and rough road my dad survive,through d odd my dad make it.nw it time to make a better life.i will not say my dad is one in a billion but i will say he is one dat care dan d world could explain.i will say his one in a life time.MAY UR SOUL REST IN PEACE. Inshallah.amen
May your gentle soul continue to rest in peace! Your legacy lives on! Your memory in my heart is daily & fresh! Your seeds have germinated and doing are one in millions. Your departure birthed strong ministries and gave womanhood unusual platform. Sleep on beloved!!!
It's with a sad and heavy heart that my dear sweet flo is now resting in a forever sleep with the angels she will be dearly missed by all who loved her and by all that she loved rest in peace my dear sweet princess x
Rest In Peace Reeva Steenkemp. There is no reasonable doubt that the court has failed you.
Respect for DON DA. Ur soul may rest in peace. RIP.we love u all..
LAST RESPECT TO A MAN OF THE PEOPLE He was a great man, a man everyone cherished in our community, true elder of our society, the old n young, ladies and gentelmen, boys n girls, every person respected him. He was a church leader, a God's servant, the congregation loved his summons always, unfortunately am not a member of his church but in my life I had 2 opportunities to listen to him n his teaching style was awesome. A man who once called me in 2010 n told me "son, if u really want to represent us in any political position, go ahead n do so n I will personally support you because we want young n visionary leadership in our modern society but remember being humble to the people will take u far" N sure this man was a living example of humbleness. Today we rest in peace a man whom we will miss most. Our real African son, a husband, a father, a brother, a grandpa, a pastor, a neighbor, a mentor, etc, who will be fondly missed forever . Rest in peace Pastor David Mwebia M'Itinyai.
Rest in peace Nanna. Give Grandad a hug from me. I love you x
Dam death aint playing rest in peace homie silence
Hard day today can not belive 6 years has gone by still miss u every day bro love u always rest in peace x
Today I am with mixed feelings! Today is the birthday of my darling Kiana Paul (Happy Birthday boboo); Today, my son Robert is supposed to land in Canada (I will miss u bad way Roboski) and Today I learnt that one of our life long family friends and Uncle, David Freeman, is dead (Rest in peace cousin David)
In my previous post I had mentioned that I have a deep connection with the river beas . my mom passed away in 1993 and her last wish on her death bed was that her ashes be immersed in the beas river. ( she was a devout naam dhaari of Radhaswamiji ...Beas ) I had personally immersed her ashes in the beas river in 1993 . Since then I have always had a deep connection and a sense of attachment with this holy river. May her soul rest in peace. ( if u look careful there are pyres of dead persons burning all over the river bed . ) Beas is known as one of the holiest rivers in India.
My dearest frnd Dunji it is 3yrs nw since u left dis world,i missed n luv u bt God luvs u more may ur soul rest in peace wit d lord. Rest on dear.
'Jaws' from 007 movies... He was the giant in Happy Gilmore, Richard Kiel was a gem. One we may never see emulated in our lifetime. Rest In Peace.
☆•°• Rest In Peace •°•☆ Christie Jones , I Love you just like a Sister & looked up to you like a Mother- figure. The years since I met you, your Mom Nancy Jones & your Children Stormi Dawn Miller, Casey Jones, & little Mikey, I will always love & cherish all those years & the memories that we always made.♡ Iam forever grateful that God gave me the opportunity to meet all of you! You were always there for me or just when I needed someone to talk to.. Christie, you are an amazing person, friend, & Mother! You were just like Family to me♡ Everyday waking up knowing that your not here, physically with all of us, is another day that is harder to deal with. I still can't find the words to say my goodbyes, but I'll say I'll see ya later, & maybe in another Life.. I will never forget you. I miss you, & I love you!!♡ Rest in peace Christie. ♡
Rest In Peace to Joan Rivers. Specializes in all things "comedy". Co-hosted the E! celebrity fashion show "Fashion Police". Died at aged 81.
I use to love me some Bishop Walter Hawkins!! May he continue to Rest In Peace! His music makes me feel so much better 🙏
Rest In Peace to one of my biggest inspirations, Joan Rivers
Rest In Peace to the amazing Joan Rivers. very very sad news
Rest In Peace, I hope I have your spunk and wit when I'm 81. We will miss you. 👼
Currently bringing attention to Megan's typo. “May he rest in piece. (Why I am just now seeing this?)”
The purpose for everything ... Rest in Peace to
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