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Rest In Peace

Rest in peace (Latin: Requiescat in pace) is a short epitaph or idiomatic expression wishing eternal rest and peace to someone who has died.

Adam Ward Alison Parker Uncle Phil Beau Biden John Nash Happy Birthday Chris Kyle

Col Santosh 'Santo' Mahadik 41 RR/ 21 Parachute Regiment (Special Forces) Rest In Peace. Time to avenge, time to go all out,…
Nohemi Gonzalez. 20 y/o Cal State, Long Beach student. Killed by ISIS in the Rest In Peace.
I promise I'm Gon Make It for you Deezy. Rest In Peace lil brother I love you just know me and trell got the fam set
Photos of some of the victims of Rest In Peace.
I hate to start a political argument but I think Die Hard 2 is the best Die Hard sequel. Rest In Peace, Fred Thompson.
Rest In Peace (1932-2015) Our tribute to Mark Murphy is now LIVE until 2pm on Pangaea w/
Rest In Peace, Officer Webster.we Honor your Supreme Sacrifice and pray for the comfort of your loved ones,...
A Hero has died. Jerry Parr of Washington, District of Columbia who saved Ronald Reagan, died Friday at the age of 85. Rest In Peace 🌹
Rest In Peace, Selena Quintanilla Perez. I think about you everyday. Forever missing and loving you. 😔💙
19 years ago on September 13, 1996. Tupac Shakur passed away... Rest In Peace, Tupac. The world misses you!
Condolence to the family of Our Highness Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. May His soul Rest In Peace.
Heaven received another angel, Rest In Peace to my Great Uncle Louie. He…
On Friday September. 18th we are having a. Rest In Peace fund. raising gathering for. Randall Robinson…
Paul Walker would have turned 42 today. Rest In Peace.👼🏻
Rest In Peace to our BEST TEACHER Ma'am Lorelie Ramos Jose wherever you are, you're always be in our heart. 👆🙏❤
Rest In Peace to the little child... Rest In Shame to the International Community...
10 Officers in 9 days. Rest In Peace brothers. We'll take it from here.
Sending love and prayers to the families of Adam Ward and Alison Parker. Such a terrible tragedy. Heartbreaking. Rest In Peace.
Can't believe I heard this on the news earlier. Rest in peace.
The father of Kaduna governor Mallam nasir el,rufai is death may his soul rest in peace.
Rest in peace to the two reporters who lost their lives in the field. I'm so sad. 🙏🏾
Rest in Peace to Alison Parker & Adam Ward. Thoughts and prayers to their families and those who had to witness their death.
Love story reminds me of mrs yusra, rest in peace my love❤️
If I did anything right in my life it was when I gave my heart to you
What is our world coming to... I'm apying to college in Virginia and now I feel so unsafe my heart is breaking rest in the sweetest peace ❤️
Two of the greatest actors of all time: Rest In Peace & Christopher Reeve.
Exactly,it does this legacy and injustice to have to be remembered in such a gruesome manner.May they rest in peace
My heart goes out to the families & friends of Alison Parker & Adam Ward who were shot and killed today in Virginia. May t…
Rest In Peace to civil rights activist Amelia Boyton.
If there was a God, he could do us all a favour and rapture the gun nuts so the rest of the US could live in peace.
Unbelievable.Truly Speechless.My heart goes to all in our news community.May they rest in peace.
Rest In Peace Alison Parker and Adam Ward, two journalists killed today while just doing their job. What a sad world we…
Rest in peace Dr Red Duke. Medical pioneer and Texas legend. Created life flight. Changed trauma care. Lead Texas seat bel…
What an unbelievable event that took place earlier this morning... Two TV journalists were gunned down live on air. May they rest in peace.
Aaliyah is all over the radio here, Rest in Peace Babygirl. 💙💚💛💜
my deepest sympathies. May she rest in peace.
Can't believe what happened to those reporters. May they rest in peace. ❤
Just saw video shot by suspect of VA journo murders. The most disturbing thing I've ever seen. Indescribable. May the slain rest in peace.
Priest: And so we say rest in peas. Me: Don't you mean peace?. Priest: No. [casket is lowered into a grave filled with…
Navy vet passed away from ALS, may he rest in peace and know we are all indebted to his ...
Two more names to add to the memorial wall...Rest in peace, fellow journalists
May she and Adam rest in peace and may you all have the strength to get through this. My deepest sympathy...
Rest in peace Alison Parker and Adam Ward. And may peace find their families and loved ones.
14 years ago the world lost an angel. Rest in peace Baby Girl.
May their souls rest in eternal peace. The killer has solved no problem. He has compounded it against himself. RIP.
Rest in peace greg. You will be missed
Yall take everything the wrong way. I'm done. rest in peace Alison and Adam
My heart breaks for the family and friends of Alison Parker and Adam Ward. May they rest in peace.
Murder is a senseless act; the evil is magnified when it happens on live TV. Prayers for all at May Alison and Adam r…
We live in a evil world. Rest in Peace to the victims
Authorities have identified the man and his licence plate... hope they catch this POS soon Rest in peace Alison Parker and…
very glad I didn't see it. May they rest in peace
Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Amelia Boynton Robinson. May she rest in peace.
God is greater than any problem I have. Rest in peace. Ukulele Atlanta Holly
Rest in peace to Alison and Adam. . Such a senseless abysmal crime.
may his soul rest in peace, dear God what a way to go.
Agreed! Do NOT make the shooter the star of this morning's tragedy. Rest in Peace Alison Parker and Adam Ward.
Rest In Peace, Officer Jones...Thank you for your many years of service as both a police officer and in the US...
James Gandolfini, Who played Tony Soprano has died of a heart attack at the age of 51. Rest In Peace!
Soulja Slim my favorite artist still till dis day✊🏼 Rest In Peace
Unafraid to speak his mind. Unmindful of his critics. Unmatched in calibre as a journalist and editor. Rest In Peace, Vinod…
Gone but not forgtten, Rest In Peace, Lesley " Slow Poison" Manyathela. Happy women's day!!
Rest In Peace auntie, today we lay you to rest, love you always 💜🙏🏽 @ aunt Betty
Thoughts and prayers go out to Stanley Johnson and his family on the passing of his mother. Rest In Peace
Rest In Peace to my pastor, Bishop Randy B. Royal! Until we meet again...
Watching Anne Meara in Zoolander makes me sad. Rest In Peace great funny lady!
"You have to dream before your dreams can come true." - APJ Abdul Kalam. . May his soul Rest In Peace.
"You will have bad days, but they will always wake you up to the stuff you weren't paying attention to." - Robin Williams, Rest In Peace ❤️
RIP Great Grandma, i love you so much. Rest In Peace.
A year ago today since we lost John Alder and Liam Sweeney. Gone but never forgotten. Rest In Peace 😥❤️
salute to Karl Ravech for that Stuart Scott sign. Rest In Peace, king.
10 years since those London Bombings and still the scum like that are making headlines every day. Rest In Peace.
Happy Birthday to Eiji Tsuburaya. Thank you for creating Ultraman and making my childhood full of imagination. Rest In Peace
When she died,was very young (only was 36 years). Rest In Peace,Mrs. Norma Jean Baker (was her real name).
I'll miss you dude. One of the best wrestlers i ever knew! Rest In Peace brother.
too young to gone. good people have a good place in heaven. you're gone but not gonna forgotten. Rest In Peace, bro.
~Steed and the Saint~. "Rest In Peace, Patrick Macnee. xx. (via robnitm)
Thinking of you today Granny!. Willie Mae Howard - Rest In Peace on this today, your Birthday! 󾌬
American Sniper made me cry so hard 😭 Chris Kyle will forever be a hero in my eyes 🙏 Rest In Peace soldier and God bless your family 🙏
Best mama I could wish for! Rest In Peace! I love you and miss you sooo much, mom! 💓
Thank you for your service. May you Rest In Peace.
R.I.P Aunt Anna. You were the best great aunt there was. you opened your home and your heart to so many. Rest In Peace
Rest In Peace to one of my childhood heroes "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes. You will be missed brother
*** Rest In Peace to one of my childhood heros. Dusty Rhodes.THE American Dream is…
Rest In Peace to my Brother... He was suppose to graduate from Norcom today 😪 we miss you everyday bro 🎓
Rest In Peace, John Nash, hero of the movie 'A Beautiful Mind' and of many an economics student…
First thing's first rest in peace Uncle Phil
Rest in peace to my lil brother. I done took so many l's it's sick ain't no telling what you woulda been.
"REST IN PEACE". Our heart goes out to all the soldiers who lost their life in ambush!. Seven Himachali...
Happy 30th anniversary to me & the rest of the crew. Rest in Peace John Hughes.
One of my TaiChi teachers Master C K Chu may he rest in peace in the everlasting Tao.
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16 climbers in kinabalu mount still missing and 2 were killed. Rest in peace :(
My little Woody used his ninth life today. I had him since I was 5. I'll always love you baby boy. Rest in Peace. http:…
And God got another amazing angle tonight. God your very luck to not only have one but another one. Rest in peace auntie I love you❤️
may Chris Kyle rest in peace and may God bless his family.
Rest in peace to this platter, I never knew Greek food was this popping
THE LIBRARY IS NOT FOR CHIRPSING repeat this daily get it tattooed drill it into your head let the res…
Rest in Peace the great singer and songwriter Nick Marsh.
Rest in peace my Tony Bologna. I don't understand why this happened but I love you so much and our…
rest in peace Jim, your were an amazing guy I'll miss coming into work and not seeing your smiley face 👼❤️
Rest in Peace, Indian Army Warriors. India should chase all terrorists who martyred our bravehearts in Manipur.
Former All Blacks captain Jerry Collins and his wife have died in a car crash in France. Rest in peace.
I'm so speechless, rest in peace Aunt Donna. You are so forever in my heart. I cannot belive you're gone. I love you
I see you in a better place now. Thank you for everything. I love you so much, so do the others. Rest in peace, kelv.
Rest in peace uso. One of the hardest hitters ever seen. Tough on the field, humble off it. Proud of his Samoan...
11 years ago today we lost a great president, a great American and a great man, rest in peace mr president
too sad, Rest in Peace. Perhaps he is needed to sort a few tasks out in Heaven
Attention The Courage Award belongs to Miss Lauren Hill. May she rest in peace & may wake the *** up & …
Lost my claws today. Rest in peace.
11 years ago today we lost a Great Man. Rest in Peace, Mr. President. 🇺🇸
Rest in peace Dide. I'll never stop thinking of you, and I'll love you forever. ❤️
Rest in peace to our fellow graduate micheal 👼🏼 you are one of a kind & words cannot explain how heartbroken I am
Rest in peace our hero Robbi Sapinggi.
I'm tired of all these Rest In Peace shirts.
11 years ago today we lost one of the best. Rest in peace Mr. President. 🇺🇸
May Jerry Collins and his wife rest in peace. One of the toughest AB's to have played against
Another one, 😩 Rest in peace to all of the Hornets who were called home this year and in years past. Continuing …
Tomorrow is not promised to us, but Heaven is. Rest in the presence of our Savior, rest in peace my sister. 😔 Love you & see you again.
Felt good giving my grandad a hug after I walked that stage, Rest in peace to my other grandparents watchin down on me, …
I really miss my friend, rest in peace deeded. It seems like yesterday that I got the call... Rip
My deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of those who lost their lives. May they Rest In Peace.
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Rest In Peace Matt, fat or thin, you still looked really cute 😢
Happy Birthday to Mr Salman Taseer. Pace Group would have been in a different league today if u were here. May u rest in peace
Thank you for making the forgotten people seen. Rest in peace Mary Ellen Mark
Unbroken really touched my heart, God bless Louis Zamperini may you rest in peace.
May the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace.
Sending love, prayers, & hugs to you (((& family))) for the loss of your son, Beau. May he rest in peace...
I didn't know the young man but I can see he was loved and has a family he leaves behind 😩rest in peace 🙏🏽 praying for the family
Rest in peace Caity and Muriel. Cause of death: Troy Bolton in HSM3
sad to hear of Biden son's passing. He has gone to a better place, may his soul rest in peace.
Heaven gained a great angel tonight. Rest in peace buddy. We love you Taylor Ishee.
““First things first rest in peace Uncle Phil
I just want to leave. Rest in peace. To finally be finished with everything
Rest in peace sweet little Micky. So sad I couldn't be home with you when you left us
Oh you are my favorite! I am broken-hearted for you. May your boy rest in peace & may perpetual light shine upon him
May you now rest in peace your war is over.
May soul of my Muslim brodas praying in d masjid rest in perfect peace!!! Gov shettima r u still asking 4 amnesty?
My heart is breaking. I have many fond memories of Beau from the 2008 Presidential campaign. Rest in peace my friend
Rest in peace, Aeric. I will miss you dearly. 😞
I'm done. :D. I'm done :,D. I can finally rest in peace for the best thing has happened. Goodbye, crazy world. :"D
We never found that video, rest in peace.
Praying for Beau Biden's family and loved ones. No one deserves to die. May he rest in peace.
Rest in Peace, sBranville. Forever cursed to roam the world as Ghosts.
Nephew watched this go down Rest In Peace baby boi saw the vision. ✌️🏆💯
I was privileged to introduce Beau Biden @ 2008 DNC. He was a patriot & public servant. Rest in Peace Soldier
May their Innocent souls rest in peace as we continue to seek Justice. We must support government to defeat this evil.
Rest in peace Beau Biden, love and strength to our VP, how much pain can one man take in a lifetime?
Thoughts and prayers to the Biden family. America mourns with you. Rest in Peace Beau
I'm already done suffering, let me rest in peace. 😭
But Right now she dead for me Rest in peace My only Lovely BFF Rory she is was the bff in my life i know it
Geez man thats that's so sad, may his soul rest in peace "So Oomfs younger brother passes away yesterday 😕"
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Steer Nation lost a great man and coach tonight. Rest in Peace Coach Dearen. He definitely fought the good fight and k…
To lose one child is horrific, but two? Vice President Joe Biden is a strong man indeed. Rest in peace, Beau Biden. http:/…
Me rompe el corazón.😭 been 1 year since floyd passed away. Rest in Peace, you'll forever be missed😞💔
Heaven gained another angel today. Rest in peace L. Tom Perry.
May she rest in peace more suffer baby 😘😘😘😘
My thoughts are with the Biden family tonight. Rest in peace.
Today I found out that my brother passed may he rest in peace. Please appreciate those who love you because you never know …
RIP Louis Johnson . May The Lord grant the family comfort, peace and rest during their time of mourning. Joy cometh in the morning.
Rest in Peace John & Alicia Nash who passed away May 23, 2015 after a car accident.
Hearing about my cousin dying really made me realize tomorrow isn't promised . Rest in peace kj
Beautiful, inside and out. Rest in peace dear lady...and thank you for lending us your gift of laughter.
REST IN PEACE, JAKE!! The BEST I'll love and miss him forever! 😥❤️❤️
Rest in sweetest peace to my sons great grandmother xo Mercedes
rest in peace grandma 👼🏾 I swear I miss you more everyday ... 💔
I can't help the tears falling from my eyes when I think about Albina and Renford Carby . Rest in peace
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Rest in peace always in my heart :')
I have loved her, for a long time. They were a great comedic family. Rest in peace, Funny Lady.
Rest in peace Nick Kirk, you'll be missed by many 👼🏼☁️
Family mourns UTA student who died on graduation day Rest In Peace Sister Amina
Rest in peace. Thank you for your service. ~D
Make sure you click this link and listen to it this one is for you PopCorn❕❗❕ on
Lord, may we now rest safe in your peace, and rise again refreshed and joyful, to praise you throughout another day.
Rest in peace Paul. Man you are one the greatest bassists this world had to offer. All of us maggots miss you. Rock the heavens my man.
As tragic as losing a family member! His family told me Asif was a v passionate PMLN supporter. Rest in peace Asif 😥 htt…
Keaton Smith please rest in peace. We will miss you ! Keaton and Riley taught us so much and will be looking over everyone.…
One of the best things I learned in college was , may you rest in peace John Nash!
Actress Anne Meara, Mom of Ben Stiller, Dies via - Rest in peace Anne and thanks 4 the laughs!!
Rest in peace my brother and sister warriors
First things first, rest in peace Uncle Phil.
It indeed a shocking news to me that John Nash, Nobel Prize winner and his wife Alicia killed in car crash. May their soul rest in peace.
NOo! This is awful news! :( and I was actually watching the movie in psych not too long ago. So sad. Rest in Peace .
you and Jerry made me laugh so much! rest in peace!
Rest in peace to my car. Only had you for a year. And now your gone.
Rip the math genius and the man behind May you and your wife's soul rest in peace. From
rest in peace John Nash, this reminds of Economic classes in Varsity with Nash Equilibrium.
Can't believe it's already been a year since I attended the saddest funeral I've ever been to. Rest in peace, Troy.
I LOVED Anne Meara. Excellent comedienne. Also, a good dramatic actress (watch her in Fame; she's quite good). May she rest in peace.
It didn't hit me til now. rest in peace bro.
Rest in Peace, John and Alicia Nash. Their incredible story has inspired millions, including myself.
Msgr. Rowsome, longtime priest in Diocese of Corpus Christi, dies in car accident May Ms…
I will never understand why God works the way he does... Rest in peace ❤️
Rest in peace John and Alicia Nash. The world understood itself a little better because of you two.
Rest in peace. You will not be forgotten
Just in case yall thought it was funny , rest in peace to the man who lost his life
may her perfect soul Rest In Peace 'Amen'
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Rest peace to the parking lot, phantom so big can't even fit in the parking spot !
Rest in peace Meli. Heaven has gained a new angel. She was a fighter. 💭💜 A few years ago I met this…
May you rest in peace with the hands of God Tatay Pompeng:(
I couldn't agree more. REst in His peace, Amb Doy. . with…
Go go go lets take back home early to rest in peace
May ur soul rest in peace nd jannah be ur final abode senator💔 my condolences goes to the FAF of the sen. Nd the entire pple ov borno state😢
When I bought the Rolls Royce they thought it was leased then I bought that new Ferrari, hater rest in peace.
Some Sunday afternoon FUN!!! TOP Gigs in Norfolk rest of the best on our website xx Peace & Sun xx. The Lee...
Rest in peace to a legend. Thank you for making blues guitar feel so good. Thank you for the BB box. Thank you for inspiring.…
4 members of a same family died due to land sliding in Chitral. May Allah rest their souls in peace n save more from any accident.
An intimate relationship with Jesus creates stability and peace, enabling us to rise above difficulties and rest contented in all things.
The thrill is gone but never-to-be forgotten. Rest in peace B.B. King😓
I've heard so many beautiful things about him but never had the chance to hear his music. May the legends soul rest in p…
Rest in peace uncle Alexius. God loves you more and I know you're in a better place now.
May all of them Rest In Peace. Praying that their families find the strenght to cope with this senseless tragedy.
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may bunbun rest in peace. All animals go to heaven. 🐰🐰🐰
fine. Rest in peace in your territory eonni :))
Her name was in peace.HOPE GOD GIVES ME ONE MORE SAM
she was a mum to all of us,its so sad that we lost a soul very important to in peace dear.God loves you more
Can't believe it's 13 years half my life now! Gone but never forgotten rest in peace Dad ❤️ Miss you always love you forever 😔
The thrill is gone. Rest in peace, BB King.
B B King was a national treasure. He showed all of us how to do it. with integrity and class. Rest in. peace B B We'll never fo…
i hav jux been told grandpa is u noe best.may his soul rest in peace
God knows the best time for a man to be born and when a man should die. Rest in peace Senator Zannah Khalifa of Borno Central District.
May your pseudo-intellect and extended vocabulary rest in peace.
The true heroes of the world are those we never notice. Rest in peace, you brave soul
“Thanks, man, for all the early lessons you gave me.” Rest in peace
Condolences to the family,friends &colleagues of the fallen firefighters. Rest in peace
Set de fotos: a-lost-narnian: rest in peace, icon of simple beauty. all hail the new label of darkness,...
Happy Birthday to my angel peter hagan, may you continue to rest in perfect peace, always love and miss you 😘❤️
In honor of B.B. King’s memory, we released our latest One World poster early. Get it here: http:…
Rest in peace B.B. King. We'll miss you. . Photo: Herb Ritts
Rest in peace, We owe you and your guitar more than we'll likely ever know. A great light has gone out.
Executed this day 1536 on Tower Hill: George Boleyn, Henry Norris, Mark Smeaton, Francis Weston and William Brereton May they rest in peace.
The last *** that tried may his soul rest in peace
Advisor of wing Noorudin Bhai and (Munna bhai) is no more with us. May his soul rest in peace.
I still can't believe she's gone. Rest in peace, Colleen.
Rest in Peace for 's mun. Hope you have a great place beside God.
Rest in peace my homie spencer hope everything is better for you where your at bro love and miss you…
Rest in peace Flight Lieutenant Mustafa. You were a great human, a great friend n a born fighter pilot. 3 years today ht…
Rest in peace, Officers Benjamin Deen and LiquorI Tate. Murdered in cold blood in Hattiesburg, Mississippi last night htt…
"A cat is more than a pet, they enrich our lives and touch our hearts". Rest In Peace to my little…
what a lost too bad but GOD know's d reason y take heart KISS DANIEL my ur dad soul rest in peace.
this has killed me. Rest in peace Melinda 💀😂
So upset to hear the news about May God rest his soul in peace!
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Rest in peace Menashe Kadishman. You brighten our lives every day.
Today got so heavy. No words. He passed with his passion, Rest in Peace Mr. L You will be missed many, you will never be forgotten ❤
Rest in peace, Andrew... thank you for the inspiration. You will be missed!
Rest in peace Leo. You were the funniest person. And could light up a room. ❤️
Rest in peace to the young girl that pasted away today. Rip Terri Bird
Heartbreaking. guys please do NOT drink and drive, we can't lose beautiful people to that.. rest in peace.
I believe Cara will be in it and by then I can happily rest my body in peace.
Just a little collage of with Cory Monteith. Happy Birthday Cory may you rest in peace, you are missed. http:…
"Unexpected Moments of Change" Rest in peace. Hearing of any loss of life always hits me hard.
Photo: Benson from Oakland, California. Rest in peace you handsome hound.
Rest in peace George Louca. Hope you find peace and forgiveness where ever you are..
Tragic news about Errol Brown. A truly talented man. May he rest in peace.
We had to say goodbye to miss Lady Angel Marie today may she rest in peace!! We are gonna miss that…
Happy Birthday Cory. Rest in peace honey
Can't believe it's been a year. Rest In Peace to the best god *** pup I could have ever been raised by.
This is the day the Legend departed may his dear soul rest in peace
boy finally got blessed with a 6. rest in peace my 5s which is now owned by Rohan.
Ytd, i see someone that idk who's dying in front of me, please rest in peace.
Rest in peace Sophie Neuman, heaven gained one beautiful angel today ❤️
You don't have to worry. Stay in peace. Enter into His rest. God has you in the palm of His hand.
Rest in peace nan, sorry you had to go on my grad day but I know you were there in spirit ❤️
Whoever is posting the neji pics why do you hate my poor fragile soul let me rest in peace
I may not known you that well and only met you a few times but you are a brother. Until we meet again Rest in Peace Warden. RIFFRI
Rest in peace my little buddy , I'll always love you! Que dios te deje un gran lugar para jugar y estar feliz
Rest in peace Ani Clarke, one of the best dogs ever 😞 11th July 2005 - 11th May 2015
This was hard to post but Happy Birthday Cory may you rest in peace we love you 😍😘😭
im gone kill this boy. everybody tell Vin Vin rest in peace.
Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Bradford fire, which took the lives of 56 fans. Rest in peace.
Lol I'll sleep ka 12"Lol no,I want you to rest, you work too hard"Lol you want to feba in peace?
Dam life is just too short man rest in peace 🙏
First things first rest in peace Uncle Phil! For real!
My thoughts and prayers also go out to the Epsosito family. Rest in peace Augie.
117 LEO's lost their lives in the line of duty in '14. May our brothers & sisters forever rest in peace.
Rest in peace man you will be truly missed
Prayers to the family who's son is no longer here. Rest in peace, Lyle. I have good memories of you
Happy Mothers Day to the wives of & their moms also. To Ralph Tresvant Mom Happy Mothers Day may she Rest In Peace.
Now:Memorial service of the late Nelson Rholihlahla Dalibhunga Madiba Mandela may his soul Rest In Peace
May Allah SWT forgive her shortcomings. May Aljannah Firdaus be her final abode.Ameen! Rest in perfect peace Zainab. 😪😪😪
As an artist from columbus Ohio ,. this most recent death really hit home.. rest in peace Desparado!!! The legend. h…
Grandma Esperanza and Father Killian Mooney. (May they rest in peace.)
Before Kenny Died I went to Visit him Nd I Asked him What He Love About Keia Nd he Said "EVERYTHING" . Rest in Peace Nephew 🙏😔
Rest In Peace Javon... 󾌹 Can this week get any more depressing.. I wish everything would just slow down and not...
ISA 32:17. Doing what is right will bring peace and rest. When my people do that, they will stay calm and trust in the Lord forever.
it's been 9 years without you Harlen 💖 rest in peace.
Throwback Thursday lol way way way back! Rest in Peace to the Beautiful Christina but we was all…
Rest in peace Whiskers. We will always love you. Hiss at the haters😽
The 6th Somali national, namely Abdi Geesey Tariish Killed in the cause of the week in Phillipi today.May his soul rest in eternal peace.
Rest in peace Dad, a life taken so soon but your in a better place now mate. No more suffering. You are at peace now mate. Lov…
Ya Allah, From you we come and to you we must return. May the souls of the departed rest In peace ❤️
You need to have a rest. You may now rest in peace. ✌
First things first rest in peace Uncle Phil.
Lovely send off. Rest in peace Barbara x
May your soul rest in eternal peace 😞🙏
This is terrible. Don't watch if your are at all sensitive. Pray for their souls, my they rest in peace
Im praying for jaeyong fans' soul. May you guys rest in peace
Rest In Peace Zainab,May God admit her into the garden,protect her from the punishment of the grave and the torment of the f…
Rest in peace to the guy who died on a motorcycle this morning on Lake mead and Marion, prayers go out to your family 🙏
Happy Birthday Gabby, rest in peace beautiful
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