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Rest In Peace

Rest in peace (Latin: Requiescat in pace) is a short epitaph or idiomatic expression wishing eternal rest and peace to someone who has died.

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Am heart broken to hear the news about the demise of Ashok Kumar, Legendary Cinematographer and Father of my dearest friend Akash. May his soul Rest In Peace. My Condolence to the Family members, may they have courage to face this situation. Akash, really sorry da... Be strong and take care of Mom...
One of the veteran cinematographer of Tamil Cinema Ashok Kumar passed away. May his soul Rest In Peace
Rest In Peace "Raphael Ravenscroft" saxofonist of Baker Street solo, he was my mentor, gave me lot of inspiration :(.
Rest In Peace (R.I.P.) Gough Whitlam 98 years old 1916-2014 not long after his wife Joan?! He was Prime Minister 1972-1975 for Labor & only P.M. To be sacked by Governer General John Kerr in 1975 the year future wife Kristen & Moi were born that year..
At Prince Miller Entertainment we saay Rest In Peace to a Legend john holt
Today would be your 20th birthday ... Rest In Peace brothers 💕👼👼 Jose y Luis Alvarez Mendoza
Gary Moore - Rest In Peace that is my hometown ..
Rest In Peace, Jan Hooks.I always thought you were one of the funniest pretty ladies of Saturday Night Live. I just saw you the other day in Pee Wee's Big sad.
KICKS! "Paul Revere from Paul Revere and the Raiders had died at the age of 76. Rest In Peace. . ~ Tiff http:/…
A very sad day in the Political World Longtime Friend and Colleague from Bell Gardens Mayor Daniel Crespo was taken from us. Being part of the Political World you become a family of brothers and sisters who are elected. As you go to events and conferences you say hi and catch up with each other since you last seen each other at Contract Cities, ICA, NALEO and ICSC. Bell Gardens is a great city and better off since Daniel has served them. My heart goes out to the Crespo family as well as to Priscilla, Jennifer, Pedro and Jose during this difficult time for the City of Bell Gardens. These great leaders there will bring this City together. Daniel my brother as a Mayor and Probation Officer you will be missed, Rest In Peace
My thoughts & prayers go out to the family and friends of Beverly Carter 🙏 Rest In Peace!…
Sending hugs and kisses all the way to heaven Happy Birthday ti Grandama Minnie Lee Anderson! Love you and continue to Rest In Peace
Thinking about you Lilly.. Miss you baby girl.. Rest In Peace..
Rest In Peace and enjoy playing with your brothers and sisters in the celestial jazz orchestra!
My outfit is deceased, Alexander rest in peace...
Rest in peace Reeva Steenkamp! May God grant your family enough strenght to carry on
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R.I.P Math grades. Rest in peace and never come back!
You used to be thirsty for me and now you wanna be set free. This is the web, the web that you weave ooh baby now rest in peace
Happy Birthday Paul Walker, you were an Amazing actor Rest In Peace
Patrick KANYAMIBWA laid to rest. May his soul REST IN PEACE!
Leeteuk winning speech for adorable hoobae (junior) Rise and EunBi rest in peace and others members hope …
Leeteuk: and our lovely hoobae, Ladies Code's Rise and EunB..I hope the deceased rest in peace.
Leeteuk also mentioned in his winning speech that may Ladies Code Rise rest in peace and the rest of LC's members recover…
“Suicide at Woodlands just now. RIP dear lady, may u rest in peace. 😢 *** Seriously still post
My heart goes out to everyone who has passed or to anyone who's loved one has passed on this date. Rest in peace 9/11 …
Condolences to Salcedo Family..Rest in peace pader gong..;-(
Our thoughts and prayers go to the animals and their carers in the aftermath of last nights tragedy at Manchester Dogs Home. Working in animal rescue day after day is heart breaking enough, without the large loss of lives in such horrific circumstances. The blood of those poor dogs is not only on the hands of the arsonist, but on the breeders who sold or passed them on, and the owners who relinquished them to the rescue centre for whatever excuse they came up with. Rest in peace angels, at least you are safe now and can no longer be let down or harmed by humans x x x
Papa tating died today at 1pm in the afternoon...plz let us pray 4 hs soul dot he may rest in peace...
Been and put u some flowers down rest in peace beautfull life so cruel tock well before ur time x
Two tears ago today we finally moved back home 14 day trip on the road it was the best one I will always treasure still talk about it now and then little did we know with in a year and a half things would change which was out of our control it hits us like a ton of bricks you are no longer here with us but, but you are always in my heart,think of you in alot of ways a song ,a song that you sang but always used your own words at times missed you more then anything in this world so much has change its never good bye rest in peace hugs xo love you
TODAYS post: Friday, 12 September, 2014 Good morning to all of our Hibiscus friends. Thank you for the many post and remarks. Today is a another sad day in the Hibiscus world we will lay to rest one of long time member, Zelma Neef, we send our condolence to our good friend Walley Neef. Zelma was our miss Hibiscus lady, she was always there for advise and knowledge, Zelma was a past President of The American Hibiscus Society, and served in other important position. May, Zelma Neef rest in peace, God Bless her in her journey. I hope you have a great day, enjoy all of your blooms and plants, our thanks to you. Jim
My grandma 16 day prayer decoration fnsh...hardwork frm we all in peace..
Goodbye to my husband of 5 and a half years. We had lots of good times and some tough times as well. He will be greatly missed by me, his family and his friends. He was such a kind and generous person in life. He would give the shirt of his back to help anyone in need. His humor lifted people up and he always had such positive energy that it was contageous to anyone who spent time with him. He was such a special person. But heaven has gained another angel. May he rest in peace. I love you baby.
It's been 9 months today since I lost my dad. It doesn't seem to get easier. Everywhere I go, everywhere I look, no matter what I do he comes to mind and I talk about him like he's still here. Rest in peace dad. Love and miss you always. I know I will see you again someday.
How to put in words what Mike Anderson meant to me, an incredible person, resilient, caring, passionate, a rock, who always stood tall, inspired us, motivated us, his mindset was always "we can do it", "we can make everything happen"!! He always showed us the right path, he made us strong, he give us spirit! We are all better because of you! Will miss you and never forget you, may you rest in peace. Please watch over us and keep guiding us to be the best we can be! As you always said "See You At The Top!!! Indo Pride!"
Rest in peace my beloved father, we loves you but Allah loves you more,may Allah forgives his short comings and grant him Aljanna firdaus,Ameen.
Remember the almost invincible villain character in James Bond's "Moonraker" and also the previous one? He died today at age 74...Rest In Peace...
Rest in peace to my grandmother anastacia de guzman francisco.. mamimiss po namin kayo ng sobra.we love u so much...
I wish i could see you at least one last time and have a good chat like we use to. It's a shame that i did not see you recently before you passed away. i will always have memories of the times we shared and the humor you brought to my life. Rest In Peace pop. love from your grandson Shane.
My ever first Boss in Ms Addison & co When I joined in May 1974 Mr T.R Gopalakrishnan Passed away on Wednesday, the 10th September 2014 . I just got the information through source . He is a very soft person with a profound knowledge in English Who wrote a very best Article in Indian Express about American President Nixans Water Gate Scandal and was published in the columns. A true worshiper of Lord Guruvayurappan, who will stood up from his seat sharp 12 noon saying Uchi kala Poojai now at Guruvayur. Praying to Lord Guruvayurappan, may the departed soul Rest in Peace . Nagarajan Lakshmanan, Shanti Subramanian, Jaganathan Marimuthu
I will punish myself and regret till the day I die for leaving you my sweet, charismatic Chloe and not bringing you with me. It was wrong and I'll never forgive myself. You didn't deserve that. I miss you terribly and will cherish the moments that you were apart of my life. May you REST IN PEACE and May God have mercy on me.
thinking of you brother Adam Smith we would be staying up late playing games wile mum n dad are out :) eating all cereal lol love you lots batman sleep peacefully rest in peace
Still shocked , Another innocent soul has stolen . Rest in peace home boy
I learned earlier this evening that a close friend of mine has been called to eternal rest. I still haven't been able to wrap my head around it. You have been such an amazing friend to me and I will miss the times we used to sit under the trees on campus and talk about Life and all its mysterious wonders. You touched the lives of everyone you met and the words you wrote spoke volumes to those who understood the depth of your art. I will always think of you when I wear your grey wooly cap that you gave me. You have inspired me in many aspects of my Life and I will always be grateful to you. Rest in peace Mark Baldosa. Till the day we shall meet again my dear dear friend ='(
Serious question, why do we say "rest in peace"? I mean, this isn't an episode of Supernatural; we're not really worried the dead might come back as tortured zombies/ghosts/poltergeists etc. They're absolutely going to rest in peace because, well, they're dead. Resting and peace are basically predicates of not being alive, unless you think someone might be headed for eternal damnation. But who are we saying it to? To those that died? They're dead, they can't hear us. And if you believe they can in an afterlife, is saying a phrase really going to provide them with peace and save them from some kind of unrest? Most beliefs in an afterlife place the individual suffering or happiness a person experiences in the hands of a higher being, such as God, so what we do or even feel doesn't matter. The literal meaning suggests that we're hoping they'll find peace in death, saying it to them in an abstract way. But again, words and platitudes don't alter the fundamental states of life and death. And besides, what kind ...
Sad sad & very sad to lose such an icon Mr Dungare, ladies & gentleman to us as members of Mzilikazi High School Old Students we send condolence message to Dungare`s family & friends. Let his soul rest in peace life will never be the same without him & we will live to remember him through his good job he done to Mzilikazi students of his time. He was a father, a leader & a vital person in society. U made us great fathers & mothers. We thank u. Rest in Peace in honourable Mr Dungare
3 days since you left us to make your way to the angels... Its so painful to have lose you but I know you were in pain and it was the best way for you to get some relief...Thank you so much for your love, your advices and we are all proud to be o your grandchildren.You shall be our role model.We love you Papa mootoo and we miss you so much...May your soul rest in peace Papa Mootoo...:((
Another soldier down,Death be not proud may ur soul rest in peace Nhlanhla
you may be out of our sight, but never out of our mind .. REST IN PEACE sau lola TERESITA TILA-ON :(( will miss u nay :((
It is Haram and Kufr to say RIP [rest in peace] for a non Muslim. As Muslims it is our fundamental belief that those who die as disbelievers will be punished in their graves and in the fire of *** This is due to rejecting Allah and the beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). For this reason, it is not permissible to seek forgiveness for them or to say rest in peace for them as there is no forgiveness and peace for such people after death. In fact the Ulemaa have regarded it as Kufr to seek forgiveness and peace for them as they have earned the anger and wrath of Allah. People please be aware of this and repent in the court of Allah if you'll have done it and the ones who have not done pls save other brothers and sisters from this Kufr by spreading this message. -Mufti Zahid Husain Qibla [Preston-UK]
Throug d jungle and rough road my dad survive,through d odd my dad make it.nw it time to make a better life.i will not say my dad is one in a billion but i will say he is one dat care dan d world could explain.i will say his one in a life time.MAY UR SOUL REST IN PEACE. Inshallah.amen
May your gentle soul continue to rest in peace! Your legacy lives on! Your memory in my heart is daily & fresh! Your seeds have germinated and doing are one in millions. Your departure birthed strong ministries and gave womanhood unusual platform. Sleep on beloved!!!
It's with a sad and heavy heart that my dear sweet flo is now resting in a forever sleep with the angels she will be dearly missed by all who loved her and by all that she loved rest in peace my dear sweet princess x
Rest In Peace Reeva Steenkemp. There is no reasonable doubt that the court has failed you.
Respect for DON DA. Ur soul may rest in peace. RIP.we love u all..
LAST RESPECT TO A MAN OF THE PEOPLE He was a great man, a man everyone cherished in our community, true elder of our society, the old n young, ladies and gentelmen, boys n girls, every person respected him. He was a church leader, a God's servant, the congregation loved his summons always, unfortunately am not a member of his church but in my life I had 2 opportunities to listen to him n his teaching style was awesome. A man who once called me in 2010 n told me "son, if u really want to represent us in any political position, go ahead n do so n I will personally support you because we want young n visionary leadership in our modern society but remember being humble to the people will take u far" N sure this man was a living example of humbleness. Today we rest in peace a man whom we will miss most. Our real African son, a husband, a father, a brother, a grandpa, a pastor, a neighbor, a mentor, etc, who will be fondly missed forever . Rest in peace Pastor David Mwebia M'Itinyai.
Rest in peace Nanna. Give Grandad a hug from me. I love you x
Dam death aint playing rest in peace homie silence
Hard day today can not belive 6 years has gone by still miss u every day bro love u always rest in peace x
Today I am with mixed feelings! Today is the birthday of my darling Kiana Paul (Happy Birthday boboo); Today, my son Robert is supposed to land in Canada (I will miss u bad way Roboski) and Today I learnt that one of our life long family friends and Uncle, David Freeman, is dead (Rest in peace cousin David)
In my previous post I had mentioned that I have a deep connection with the river beas . my mom passed away in 1993 and her last wish on her death bed was that her ashes be immersed in the beas river. ( she was a devout naam dhaari of Radhaswamiji ...Beas ) I had personally immersed her ashes in the beas river in 1993 . Since then I have always had a deep connection and a sense of attachment with this holy river. May her soul rest in peace. ( if u look careful there are pyres of dead persons burning all over the river bed . ) Beas is known as one of the holiest rivers in India.
My dearest frnd Dunji it is 3yrs nw since u left dis world,i missed n luv u bt God luvs u more may ur soul rest in peace wit d lord. Rest on dear.
'Jaws' from 007 movies... He was the giant in Happy Gilmore, Richard Kiel was a gem. One we may never see emulated in our lifetime. Rest In Peace.
☆•°• Rest In Peace •°•☆ Christie Jones , I Love you just like a Sister & looked up to you like a Mother- figure. The years since I met you, your Mom Nancy Jones & your Children Stormi Dawn Miller, Casey Jones, & little Mikey, I will always love & cherish all those years & the memories that we always made.♡ Iam forever grateful that God gave me the opportunity to meet all of you! You were always there for me or just when I needed someone to talk to.. Christie, you are an amazing person, friend, & Mother! You were just like Family to me♡ Everyday waking up knowing that your not here, physically with all of us, is another day that is harder to deal with. I still can't find the words to say my goodbyes, but I'll say I'll see ya later, & maybe in another Life.. I will never forget you. I miss you, & I love you!!♡ Rest in peace Christie. ♡
Rest In Peace to Joan Rivers. Specializes in all things "comedy". Co-hosted the E! celebrity fashion show "Fashion Police". Died at aged 81.
I use to love me some Bishop Walter Hawkins!! May he continue to Rest In Peace! His music makes me feel so much better 🙏
Rest In Peace to one of my biggest inspirations, Joan Rivers
Rest In Peace to the amazing Joan Rivers. very very sad news
Rest In Peace, I hope I have your spunk and wit when I'm 81. We will miss you. 👼
Currently bringing attention to Megan's typo. “May he rest in piece. (Why I am just now seeing this?)”
The purpose for everything ... Rest in Peace to
Last *** dat tryed may his soul rest in peace
Alton Ellis would have been 76 today. May the King of Rocksteady rest in eternal peace. by michael_ne...
I don't know her much but I've met her last year.She's love to play guitar and joking around. She's too young to go. Rest in peace Nicole.:(
RIP Kelly, I do not have words, rest in peace our angel...:(
Rest in peace my dear hope those people understand that for what reason you gave your life for them
I was shocked for this news! Now she left us all. May God bless you Nicole. She's in a good hands now. Rest in peace. Amen.
Im so sorry, no words do describe how trully sorry Im. May she rest in God´s peace.
Rest in peace Mema, I love you so much ❤️👼
People keep asking me to grant them wishes. I'm dead, can I Rest In Peace or nah?. - Prismo
thats wht u heard .. he left the decision on YOU !!. Refrain from lying ... Rest in Peace Journalism !
Rest in peace my little mongguu I love you dear You must be happy in heaven Thank you so much for lovely time and the scratchs hmm saranghae mmuach
Always on my mind, hoping everything is okay, Rest in peace😿👼.
Even 1year come so fast. I've passed mydaily without my strongest hero. May you rest in peace, dad.
I can't believe we were the last class that graduated under Dr. Beverage. Rest in peace 👼😔 I'm glad c/o 2014 could make you proud
Mr. Kessler, as a teacher you touched my heart in music. such an old soul. may you rest in peace 😔🙏💕
Rest in Peace Mr. Knox. Our thoughts lie with his family at this difficult time
Rest in peace Chris we've been friends since elementary school and it's so hard to see you go
Rest in peace to my dawg since day 1
Your in a place of no suffering nor in pain. How do you say good bye to a great friend. I know we had our differences but we forgave each other. I will truely miss you my friend. May you rest in peace. You will always hold a special place in my heart Ginger.
Sad times. I lost my friend Pete. Thank you for 55 yrs of laughter & friendship. Rest in peace. Much love to his wife & b…
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gonna be weird to revisit my childhood tomorrow years after my nan passing. Something I've wanted to do for so long. Rest in peace ❤️✈️👼
so sorry to hear about your friend. May her soul rest in peace. No one deserves to feel worthless. So much prayers ❤️
Just found out about Stan Goldberg's demise. Rest in peace, dude.
Rest In Peace Uncle John. You will be missed. Leaving us with a memory of love and kindness, and also awesome food. May the good lord wrap his loving arms around you as you make your way back home. Love to your family in this moment of sorrow. Dear Lord an angel has come home.
Rest in peace Manny Rosa, you were an amazing man.
Rest in peace Todd Kindred. You will be dearly missed. .
Rest Easy Cousin, Watch Over Me Like You Always did when we was little "Rest In Peace Maceo Bell"
An Angel has gone today. Rest In Peace little brother, you haven't died in vain, you'll always be in my heart.
Rest in peace Aunt Nita, you will be missed
I lost a really good friend yesterday. We've know each other since we were 16. I actually wrote this to him but he never got a chance to see it. I decided to post it in case there are friends who don't know and modified it a bit. Andy We have known each since we were 16. We laughed. We cried. You told me things I wanted to hear and I told you things you wanted to hear. We also told each other things we did not want to hear. You were a true friend. Someone who wants the best for you and knows you well enough to know what that is. You shared in my joys. When Kendra was a year and a half you carried her in a Gerry pack so we could watch a friend run the Boston marathon. We stood almost right where the bomb went off. Gives me chills every time I see that footage. 28 years later you danced at her wedding. You were an involved friend. You were happy for the joyful things in my life and sad and compassionate about the things that weren't. You were a good. Kind.loving and generous person. I know you WILL rest in ...
Rest in peace dad happy 52nd birthday have a drink on me!xx
May whatever dignity I had left rest in peace as all my workout bottoms are in the wash and I'm forced to wear TNA booty shorts to the gym
I echo all the words of my brother Bob Olivier. Our cherished uncle Laurence was brilliant and kind, generous and thoughtful. I too wish I could have thanked him for all he did for us. This picture is a beautiful view of two brothers, in their increasing old age, having a quiet conversation together. We have good memories of him as our uncle from childhood holidays in the country to some of the most exciting days living in London in our early 20's. Thank you and may you rest in peace in one of the most wonderful spots in Norfolk, England. xxx
I liked a video from Rest In Peace Maceo Bell
Wow, this was such shocking news and I'm at loss for words. Rest in peace to my friend Chris Hymel, such a young life taken too soon.
Legendary & Marvel comic artist Stan Goldberg has passed away. . Rest in peace Stan.
Rest in peace, Charles Bowden. The world needs more history PhDs like you.
A great loss to the manyati family may his soul rest in peace we will alwayz miss u mwari aita kuda kwake
Dis is d accident dat hppen along Akwanga road yesterday pls if u watch d video pls pray 4 dem may gentle so rest in peace
We lost somebody very special Connahs Quay Cricket Club Arthur has helped mine and many other young players threw our cricket he was the life of any cricket match he was involved in with out him i know I wouldn't be the player I am today (not saying Iam any good now ha) but wouldn't be captain of the 3rds if it wasn't him persuading everyone I would be the right man and I thank him greatly for this And Iam trying my best , it won't be the same without him and his witty jokes that we all know very well thank you so much for what you have done for me and this club . Rest in peace arth ❤️
Who remember Big D rest in Peace on 57 :(
Day 4 1. I am thankful for freedom of speech. 2. I am thankful for clothing and shelter. 3. I am thankful that I knew my daddy. May his soul rest in peace
7 Years ago today we received an awful telephone call at about 3 or 4 in the morning from my sister. Her husband had been killed in a car accident that morning. It was so horrible. He was such an awesome, kind, loving person and a great dad to his three sons, daughter and a wonderful uncle (father figure) to my child. He is very missed. Every year we would spend the 4th of July and most of the holiday's all together. Each year since he has been gone is not the same during the holiday's without him. No one and let me say this again, No one will ever be able to replace him. My sister could marry again, but it won't be the same. Rest in Peace Daryl. Your family loves and misses you.
REST in PEACE . . . . ms. Allen Abecia. and condolence to the family.
Heartbreaking rest in peace isaac xx
Rip dad.. 3 sad years ,you depart this is ur earth strong and i miss celebrating with you. Rest in peace dad
Wow..Rest in Peace to Roger Hill (cyrus) from the warriors..Didnt know he past a few months ago..
rest in peace Donald kaiser former coworker metro
36 years ago today, John was born. My life was forever changed... 20 years later, he passed away. My life was forever changed. Happy Birthday and rest in peace, son.
I'm sad, just found out my cousin Denise Derasp Doucette, passed away. My condolences to the family. If anyone finds out about funeral arrangements, please let me know. My dear cousin Denise, may you rest in peace. Don't forget to keep playing guitar and singing from Above, love you, Xoxoxo
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Rest in peace uncle Bob you were a hardworking man all you're life you deserved a longer one youll always have a spot in my heart I'll always miss you and ill see you in heaven one day
You was a blessing on Earth, You finally completed your Journey on Earth Gardenia Render May your soul Rest In Peace! I Pray the Lord bless and comfort your Kids Family my Uncle during this time of grief. Your Fam have my Deepest Condolence. I Love You
Just read on here that there is now the 'Mrs Doubtfire' challenge to help raise charity for mental issues and depression and as I know people suffer this, why bring a celebrity name into it??? Let the poor bugger rest in peace, dont u think he deserves it??? Ffs gr
What a lovely send off you had today john... looking at all your pictures and of course your beautiful girls who are a credit to you and jenny... and we'll jenny what can I say you are amazing!! So strong and have 4 lovely children! You will never be forgotten John... The story's I have heard tonight you were loved by so many, rest in peace xx
Today they lay to rest one of the sweetest and most kind men that has ever walked the Earth. It was too soon for him to go and many will not understand why but he will be watching over all of us. I send many prayers, love, and hugs to his family, girlfriend, and anyone else Dane has blessed with his friendship and love in this life. Rest in Peace.
GONE YO GLORY..kumbe the 9th of august was supposed to be my last day seing u. REST IN PEACE nyanya
Oh my god ..the last minute of that really touches my heart...very very in peace..must watch this video
well me and my family need your prayers. I am all kinds of tour up. I was just informed this morning that my great Uncle Who raised me all those many many years has passed away yesterday. We don't yet know when the funeral is. He was 94 yrs old respectfully. I will miss him, he was like my dad you know. he taught me a lot, from riding my bike, catch, wood working, gardening, *** he even taught me right from wrong. I love him and will miss him so much. Rest in Peace Uncle.
One of my favorite students ever has passed away at age 31. Roy Green , Jr.. I had him back when he was in Kindergarten at Neale. Elementary . He brightened up many people's lives. Please say prayers for his wife, Jessica and son, Ryan. God Blessed your life. rest in Peace, Roy.
on th 15th October 1984 Mee Marian alfrinda Mee Nekulu was blessed with 2 son Tamba & shambekela.oh I miss my twin brother u went 2 soon Andrew rest in peace...kunda meme na tate Aakadhona oyeli nawa they 're all married.tears
Rest in peace Rita we are missing you much on this day in ever day . Art Lobe.
words will never describe how much you willl be missed! You were always laughing making other smile and making others happy.. It's unbelievable to lose someone like you. But you will always be in our hearts. We love you shay! Rest in peace ❤️
Rest in Peace Oliver Frascona. You were an amazing, talented man and I cannot express how much you will be missed. My prayers for his family, his girlfriend and her children's family and their pup. Tragic, horrific, unjust.
Mum, i was thinking that you will live longer. But, the cold hand of death has seperated us. May Your Soul Rest In Peace. Amen.
the amount of love and respect that was up there tonight was unbelievable it was so beautiful, so nice to see everyone coming together for such a lovely loved boy! Rest in peace cam you will be missed dearly x   10% Off
Last night my "son" and most loyal friend, Shadow (black lab mix with some dane), ended his time here. He was boarded, since I'm on temporary duty in Europe and the friend he's staying with is out of town. With no warning, his stomach flipped. The nearest vet hospital was just too far, and he didn't survive the trip. He was 11 & 1/2 years old. I got him as a surprise present when I got home from the invasion of Iraq in 2003, and he's been my companion ever since. He lived with me in Bakersfield, CA; Fredericksburg, VA; Sneads Ferry, NC; Sindelfingen, Germany; Carlsbad, CA; and finally for his last year in the SoCal high desert. He leaves behind his "mommy" Paula Giglio and his "sister" Kasey Butcher, both of whom he loved fiercely. I wish I could have been there for him at the end! Rest in peace Shadow; know you were loved deeply. Go chase those rabbits up in heaven, buddy. Best dog ever.
Thank you Stuart Wilson, you were a role model for many and an even better father figure. A family is like a tree, we may branch off into different directions , but our root remains the same. You made up the fundamental part of that root and that's why you will continue to grow in our thoughts and memories. I love you and will miss you always. Rest in peace.
I am ashamed to say I let the passing of one of my idols slip pass me unnoticed... When I was a child my mother would sing "Take a Message to Marry" written by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant made popular by the Everly Brothers and "Que Sera Sera" made famous by Doris Day. On January 3rd of this year Phil Everly passed away. The harmonies that he and his brother sang have always touched me deeply and I believe their simple approach to song writing was the basis for so many who I have also come to idolize in the years since. If anyone would understand what I mean by SOAPBOX Music I believe it would be these beautiful souls who touch the world with their unique sound. As is explained in this part of the documentary on their early life they were brought up with music and their father and his father before him... They understood the great American tradition and the role that Blues played in their lives and the life of their music. As REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. continues it's Anti Solipsism pt. 1 Creatures Tour ...
Just heard that John Hudson ( former music teacher at LJ bell, Washington Street School, Scotland High School) was killed in an automobile accident on Friday evening! That guy loved his guitar and children! Rest in peace.
Tonight all my thoughts go to the family of Mr.Farid Raphael who passed away this morning . RIP Mr Raphael you were an amazing exemple to follow .You will be missed tremendously by your family , friends and employees in BLF,especially my husband Elie Aoun to whom you were a model,an inspiration and a master since he started working with you in the bank almost 35 years ago... May your soul rest in peace Amen
Music is my religion, and Michael Jackson is my JESUS. Rest In Peace to the GOD Mike Jack and Happy Birthday.
Aye but in other news, Rest In Peace to the Sergeant First Class who committed suicide today at fort lee.
Like, Rest In Peace is a prime example of that phenomenon: that it’s tragic if you keep trying but they keep saying no
Its really hard to believe.. May ur soul Rest In Peace.. :( Jagjit Singh ..
Today in History; Former Uganda military ruler Idi Amin Dada died in Saudi Arabia due heart failure. May he Rest In Peace via
3 years ago today, the Vancouver Canucks, Winnipeg Jets, and entire world lost a special person. Rest In Peace, Rick.
The man who made the nation move on 'Chahe Koi Mujhe Junglee Kahe;. DEATH ANNIVERSARY of SHAMMI KAPOOR. Rest In Peace..
Heaven gains an angel. Rest In Peace to my mother Carolyn Levvette Jones 🙏😇 ❤
I was only just watching his stand up comedy last night... who would've known he'd be dead the next day, Rest In Peace, Robin Williams
I’m so sad for the family of Robin Williams, and that this brilliant man is no longer with us. Rest In Peace.
20 years old footballer Mohammad al-Qatari who was shot dead by Israeli forces Friday. Rest In Peace !!
Rest In Peace dear Ruth Previa & baby Queen, we love you so much but God loves you more than we do.…
Summer Slam is on its way and as such I think it's about time to list my top ten favorite matches WWE matches of 2014 so far. This has been a fantastic year and as such I had to cut over 10 matches from the running already. Expect to see Summer Slam have a match or two slide in here before its all over. 1. The Shield Vs. Evolution (Payback 2014) 2. Bray Wyatt Vs. Daniel Bryan (Royal Rumble 2014) 3. The Wyatt Family Vs. The Shield (Elimination Chamber 2014) 4. Dean Ambrose Vs. Cesaro (Smackdown July 25) 5. John Cena Vs. Bray Wyatt (Payback 2014) 6. Daniel Bryan Vs. Randy Orton Vs. Batista (Wrestlemania XXX) 7. Cesaro Vs. Sami Zayn (NXT Arrival) 8. John Cena Vs. Cesaro (Raw Feb 17) 9. Daniel Bryan Vs. Triple H (Wrestlemania XXX) 10. Paige Vs. Emma (NXT Arrival) And finally an honorable mention goes to El Torito Vs. Hornswoggle at Extreme Rules 2014 which was somehow one of the best TLC matches of all time and a great last hurrah for 3MB. Rest In Peace.
May you Rest In Peace, James Garner.a gentleman, Korean War Veteran, darn fine actor, & we'll miss that smile!
Rest In Peace, James Brady. So sad that the leaders of the NRA cared more about the rights of John Hinkley than his.
Finally off!!! Wouldn't be right if I didn't stop to have a drink for Semajj Matthews 30th birthday. ...This long island is for you! Rest In Peace!!!...celebrating ur bday wit u.CHEERS!
May God embrace you James Baker and may you Rest In Peace.
Rest In Peace, Popo. Selamat jalan. We always love you.. :) (at Rumah duka carolus) [pic] —
Rest In Peace 👼 to the young lady Myka that attended Westlake High School 🙏 Safe Driving is Important
Rest In Peace: actress Skye McCole Bartusiak (best remembered as playing the youngest daughter of Mel Gibson's character in the film "The Patriot," but seen on TV in shows such as 24, Storm of the Century, JAG, Frasier, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, C.S.I, Lost, House, Judging Amy, and more) was found dead yesterday of an apparent seizure at age 21.
Loved James Garner as Jim Rockford, and what was that other thing? Oh, yeah, everything else he ever did. Rest In Peace.
How many brothers fell victims to the streets, Rest In Peace young *** theres a heaven for a G.
Rest In Peace to the two Newcastle fans who passed away in the Malaysia air disaster. On there way to a preseason frie…
Malaysian Airlines MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. . 295 souls on board, Rest In Peace ✞ .
Rest In Peace to Kristine a Angel City Pit Bulls volunteer who lost her life helping and injured dog. May her friends and family have peace in their hearts during this heartbreaking time. May you have a high place in Paradise In Sha Allah. Please keep her and family in your prayers and thoughts.
Little Giant Ladders
Pauls Club has lost a true family member today. Rest in Peace Roger. You will always hold a special seat at our bar and spot in our hearts.
There are a million ways to find peace but it all comes down to this - 'In the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest…
California rest in peace Simultaneous release California show your teeth She's my priestess, I'm your priest, yeah, yeah
Rest in Peace to y'all edges all that hair pulling
Rest in peace Mackinaw. You will be missed.
Deep condolences for all the lives lost and all the grieving families of passengers and crews, Rest In Peace &
Last night the liquor got the best of me . Poured some out for my nikkas that rest in peace
Our Fallen Heroes for July 15th. May they Rest in Peace with God's embrace. . SemperFidelis. ECasas. V1P107.
Here lies 's basketball career... May it rest in peace. still on the loose
Rest in peace to the rookie officer that was killed in jersey.
It's truly amazing to see how many lives such a young soul has touched. ❤️ Rest in peace beautiful
Rest in peace to the police officer cadet that was murdered in Johnstown.
Rest in peace to the raccoon that I just ran over 😵
Rest in peace to Newport Beach lifeguard and skilled surfer Ben Carlson. His paddle out was held last weekend and attended by thousands of friends, family, and well-wishers. The first Newport Beach lifeguard to pass in the line of duty, he will be greatly missed.
It doesn't matter how wrong a person is no one deserves that fate rest in peace if you're gone you weren't all bad
Rest in peace boy. and I love you so much..
Oh abuelito, today you left us to rest in peace. This picture goes back to the spring break i spent in…
Why the rest of us who don't believe in their vengeful God have to fear a world war because idiotic religions
Can't believe it's been 10 years, rest in peace Cate 💕
Dov,37,Died from Hamas mortar fire while volunteering to come and bring food to soldiers. May he Rest In Peace.
It has been a year, but your message remains loud and clear. STOP BULLYING! Rest In Peace Carlos.
Prayers needed for my family. Rest in peace Nanny, you'll be missed dearly. 💔
Rest in peace to the beat ... shiddd it was hotter than me
no, but I know ppl who knew her, may she rest in peace. 🙏😇💕
The two most realest females ever ! Rest in peace Yamma & Keta , can't wait till we meet again 👼😢💔
Prayers ascending with these balloons for the Likens and O'Briens. Rest in peace.
the man deserves to rest in peace--I will never understand families who can't let it go when someone dies. So sad
Light a million candles for Dan Lugo. That kid was one of the greatest guys to ever walk the planet. Rest in peace buddy.
Rest In Peace Holiday, I still need you so bad and I'll miss you so much.
I am so hurt about my childhood bff and cuz Janice, may she rest in peace!! 💔
Rest in Peace Dan, gonna miss seeing you buddy
REST IN PEACE . Great drummer of all times. AGUANTE EL PUNK'
Those who walk uprightly enter into peace,they find rest as they lie in death.
The rugby community lost another great. Rest in peace you will be missed.
I just wanna make it, so I can watch my Fam rest in peace while they still alive.
Be in peace, you have the world's GREATEST bodyguard standing the wall! The battle belongs to The Lord, rest in it!💫 ht…
In Japan, Yahoo has now got you covered even after death.
The late actor Lewis Collins was a member of the Mojos. May he rest in peace.
just wanna rest in peace while I'm still alive.
And don't have a Rest In Peace extravaganza at some musty *** club in my memory. Be promoting on FB, "We going in tonight for my *** "
May you rest in peace Nathan,Kathryn &Alvin. 💚
5 years since Teoh Beng Hock's passing and lawyers still sit through inquest after inquest with no real answers. Rest i…
It's hard to say goodbye to this sweet boy. Rest in peace Sport. I'll miss you
Well it's been lovely spending time with you but it's time to part ways. Tomorrow you'll be in a better place. Rest in peace lump.
Joshy pull up In that aldi rest in peace to the scene 🙏
it has gone through all business cycle stages. Now the time for FB to rest in peace
Today God called another angel home, my Aunt Jenny Littleton. She fought a hard battle. She was always so full of life and always into some project. She was so loved by many and will greatly missed. Please pray for her children, husband and our whole family in the days ahead. May you find comfort in precious memories, Tamantha Hirsch and Anthony Littleton. Rest in peace Aunt Gail, I love you!
Rest in peace, Seville Classics oscillating fan from Costco. Your Chinese-made components served us well for the past couple years. At least you weren't cheap. I love you.
Rest in peace Grandma, we love you so much and you will be missed! Please look over all of us. You will be in our Hearts forever
Rest in peace angels. You will be forever missed.
I just got the news that a former colleague from GPC and good friend passed away unexpectedly today. Gregory S Monroe you were such a joy to work with.I don't remember you ever being in a bad mood. I enjoyed our conversations very much. After I left GPC, I feel fortunate that you made the effort to stay in were always a great friend to me. Rest in Peace my friend.I will always remember you with much fondness in my heart. Love you Greg.
We don't have balloons but wearing our looms in peace oxoxo
We didn't have balloons but wearing our loom rings Our prayers and sympathy for the in peace oxoxo
1320 is 10-42. Rest in peace. Good job to the dispatcher who sounded like she barely made it through this. I copied this video from a friend.
I can still hear your laugh and feel you smiling in my direction. I miss your jokes and the way you used to scream my name. I miss you papa! Ty for teaching me to be selfless and how to love. Rest in peace. God was really bored in heaven to take you away from me. Keep Him entertained till we meet again. Love you always!
He was a friend, a dad, a brand new grandpa, an encourager, a soldier in the Army, and most importantly, a soldier for God. Your life ended on this Earth ended so abruptly but you will live an eternity in the arms of Jesus. Until we meet again in Heaven my friend. Rest in peace. PS no one could make a pizza like you could!
tonight my father who is my best friend passed away at age 92. what a great man I will miss him so much may he rest in peace.
In memory of William (Bill) Braswell. Bill left us July 16th 1999. Thank you Bill for coming into our lives and being a great husband to my Mom and a great grandpa to my boys. May you rest in Peace.
2day was hard but I'm vry grateful 2 God 2 pay my respects 2 Robert aka Robbie Lee Richards. A very close n dear friend of mine. U will live on in my heart n memories. I miss da good old days. Rest In Peace my friend n u will always share a big space in my heart.
the departed soul rest in eternal peace... will pass away into years and well think about those with Silent tears. He will be sincerely missed by all... in Peace Lovely Fren ' Brader Boy... the load with u always...
Going thru my moms stuff. May u rest in peace mom ❤️you!!!
I'm so lost for words right now I just heard that my lil cousin Tray Williams was killed in a car accident, lord please with our family during this time we need yu... Rest in peace my baby I love yu and will miss yu so much he was more then a cousin he was like my brother we came up in school together everyone please pray for the Williams family thanks 😪😪😪
Lord I ask that u cover the family in this painful time in the death of a lovely schoolmate of my may he soul rest in peace
Tonight our family lost a great man an heaven gained another angel. I know you an grandma are smiling down on us right now rest in peace grandpa I love you an will miss you..
We'll it's 2 years today since you left us. Not a day goes by that your not on my mine. Love and miss you so much mom. May you rest in peace always
Today would have been my sister Fay's 70th Birthday. Rest in Peace...
This is my sweet boy Toby. Yesterday we had to say goodbye. Rest in peace my sweet boy. There's no more pain, no more thunder and lightning or fireworks! I will never walk are forever in my heart.
My dad passed away almost three hours ago. I'm kinda sad. I hope he rests in peace. It's hard holding bad feelings towards people. So I let that all go. Regardless of what happened in the past. I still love you dad rest in peace
8:07am Albany W.A. She passes peacefully in the company of her daughter to reunite with her husband, may she rest in peace, free from pain, free from age, free from these earthly confines. Thankyou Kersti for our time together, I Love you RIP xxx
God has taken a very close friend of mine. She lost her battle with cancer today. A loving mother of 4 she will always be remembered in our hearts. Oralia Blanco may you rest in peace.
Lost a dear friend today. Rest in Peace Bill Recknor. Our family will greatly miss him. Praying comforting prayers for his family.
This is not the place to do this but idk how else to reach everyone. Please wait to call I'm not in a good state. My sister angel Marie carder passed away today and despite her ongoing struggle she was my love, my sister, my best friend. I will follow with details. She is with our mom and in no more pain. Rest in peace my love. I Love You.
We are so sad to learn of Frank's death. The AZ branch of Corgi Nation will never be the same without him. Frank had a huge heart and was always there for anyone. He helped make our meetups fun, and was my contact out in the world during times I was away from FB. He was a huge support during Amos' cancer treatment and when Amos passed away, and was there for me through my dad 's illness. He was a gitte neshama (a good soul) and a mensch. Rest in peace, dear friend, and say hi to Amos and all the Corgis on the other side for us.
It is with sadness that I announce the passing of my dear father, Martin Dale Fox, otherwise know as Marty or Marrrll! This was a sudden loss for our family and we are so sad to have lost such a wonderful person, we were truly looking forward to many more years of his wonderful presence as a father and grand-father. I am so grateful to have really taken the time to get to know my father and spend lots of time with him over the years. As I got older my father became a friend, a travel partner, and a soul-buddy. I cherish the walks, tennis games, traveling adventures, tv chillen time, and even the ridiculous family arguments "Don't touch my stuff!!". Going through all these pictures, thinking back on all of our conversations, and hearing the outpouring of loving messages/words from family and friends- I am convinced my father was a truly special man. A math and engineering genius and inventor, a teacher, a tennis buff, a comedian, and an artiste with a flair for sci-fi.. Later in life I got to experie ...
I love you Grandmother. Thank you for instantly welcoming me into your family and loving me. We honor your life. Rest in peace.
July 15, 2014 One year ago today I posted about the passing of my mother. It is hard to believe a whole year has gone by. Her house next door was sold this month and the new owners are busy making changes prior to moving in. They truly care for the house, so that makes me feel good about the transfer of that big piece of my mom's life - she really enjoyed her house and living in Florida! Much happened in this past year since she went on her new journey - I finished my treatments, one of her great-grandchildren joined her with the angels, the hubby and I retired, and her grand-daughter who lost that child is "blessed eventing" again. I have missed her every day, but it take comfort that she is no longer in any pain and thoroughly enjoying her eternal life in heaven. And I can still envision my parents dancing together very happy and pleased with their legacy!! = July 15, 2013 "With great sorrow I must post that my mother, Helen Coriale, passed today before noon. Her family with her at the hospice. ...
Nelson Mandela said it best" When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace". We believe you have made that effort and that is, therefore, why you will sleep for the eternity. Roger Palmer you are loved, you are missed, you are cherished and you are forever in our lives may you R.I.P
"And wherever you go, may the bright sun follow you." To the one person I knew who could always light up a room. You we're truly beautiful inside and out. I'm so lucky to have gotten to know you over the years. Rest in peace Carlee, I love and miss you already.
..For always you will remain my sweetest memory. Happy Birthday in Heaven. Rest in Peace Mom.🙏✨
If I'm to learn anything from today is never take tomorrow fir granted I've just lost one of my most gentile uncles and also one of my best friend from hight school Daniel Diaz I apologize to you bro so much I've done but never took the time to go to NJ to hang out and now I cant all I have are the memories that laughs ... Rest in peace bro cubano you will be missed
Heaven gained another angel this evening. Rest in peace Aunt Jean.
Today heaven gained another angel. We are so sad that Big Chief has left us behind, but we are so grateful for the love and laughter she shared with us while she was here. We are beyond blessed that she got to meet Jace and share her love and laughter with him as well. We will miss you Big Chief. Rest in peace. Please keep Chris and his family in your prayers.
I am sure heaven is rejoicing Granny received her wings.Rest in peace. I miss u already!!! Please keep our family in your prayers during this difficult time.
A good man was lost today. The many road trips and laughs we shared on the road and around the campfire will never be forgotten. You were a mentor to so many people in so many ways the lessons taught were like no other. As we traveled to Oklahoma , Indiana , Ohio , Pennsylvania and the numerous states that we did many memories were made and can never be taken away. You were like a second father to me. So... For that SONNY I say thank you for your guidance, advice, frank conversations, laughs and the memories.You will be sorely missed. May you Rest in Peace. PS: Please tell Carol Ann hi and someday we will once again sit around that campfire sharing stories and eating our hotdogs in paper towels only we know what that's about.
We said goodbye to my baby today. She was 15 and lived a long, wonderful life. Rest in peace Patchie-poo. ❤️
My heart is heavy right now the lord has taken one of his angles home Eddie Lee Banks Sr. My granddaddy I love you with all my heart u are home now tell everybody hi and rest in peace gone but never will be forgotten I LOVE YOU see you later..
May God bless my Aunt Georgie and she rest in peace. She was an amazing Wife, Mother, Aunt and friend to all not to mention a very faithful person. Feeling wonderful about reconnecting with many distant family members that I hadn't seen in years! XOX
So, I went to Caroline's wake tonight, because I can not go to the funeral, sadly. Caroline, in those few months we knew each other, you became more than a close friend.. And I'd like to call you a best friend. ❤️ I cannot emphasize enough how sweet you were. You were so caring, and I went to you if I was upset, and you would come to me for advice and what not. You were absolutely gorgeous, and you were just perfect. When your mother asked who I was, she knew me right then. She said "Oh, Caroline would always get excited when you and her were texting, and all the silly things you guys would talk about." And the time you came over to my house, she said you wanted to come over so badly but even though there was a storm, ya did anyways. (: and you met my cat, which you LOVED. 😂😂💕 You even made an album of pictures of my cat on your iPod. But when your mother walked me over to your casket, and I saw you, I just started bawling my eyes out. You were the happiest person ever and you were so positiv ...
I would like to say rest in peace to my great grandfather Anthony Mendoza who passed today, but was fortunate enough to live to an amazing age of 103 yrs old
My best friend in the world died today, truly my guardian angel.I'm so sad. I just keep crying and I can't pull myself together. I wish I was next to you, I know I could have saved you one more time... and still could never equal every time you saved me. Only a handful of beings on this planet will ever have the affect you had on me, and none of them will live to be half as loyal. I'm so sorry I left you years ago and came to New York, I wish now I came home to you every day for the past 5 years…. I'd trade what little I have to run through the redwoods and throw your ball into the river one more time… to feel you lick my face in the morning… I can't stop replaying memories of you… I thought I lost you one time before, the night i came home to your lifeless body, chest cut wide open from belly button to neck. I could literally see your heart. I had this same feeling that night as i jumped onto your body, wailing… I noticed your heart beating and took off my shirt and sweatshirt and wrapped you i ...
So sad. Today we lost our best friend of 14 years. She has been our hiking buddy, constant companion and foot warmer for all these wonderful years. Rest in peace sweet Millie.
My moms neighbor of 20 years , Vicki Cardell , was bitten by a rattlesnake yesterday and passed away. Rest in peace Vicki
Rest in peace , Eric van Vlake , you will be missed old friend.
Well we only learn when we ask questions. Its been 18 months that I've been in fear, embarrassed, and discouraged that because I'm a single mother I wouldn't be able to baptize my daughter in the Catholic Church. Monday I worked up the nerve to ask permission from the Father. Of course the answer was yes!!! Following by we will see you in church ;)... This evening!!! Finally!!! I took the class!!! I made the promise to teach my daughter to walk by faith with no fear, no embarrassment and or discouragement !!! I can now baptize my girl, honor her grandparents in the process, and have peace of mind that there is no limits when it comes to being a single parent. But only open doors in all aspects. Rest in peace Mommy. You can now stop yelling at me in my dreams. In September Ayanna will be baptized. :)
Found out services for Heather Jeffery. There will be a Wake on Thursday at 6:30 at Martinez Funeral Home on Dixie. Funeral services are Friday at 11:00 at Living Vision Church in Odessa. Burial will be at Crane Cemetery. Food will be served following burial at Crane School Cafeteria. May u rest in peace friend..
Rest in peace Uncle Buck.. Losing to many family members to close together. This is crazy... smh
Got some sad news today that the woman I have cleaned for for the past two years passed away. She would have been 90 years old this Friday. I will miss you dearly Marion Sheppard. You always put a smile on my face and I will never forget you. Rest in Peace my dear friend.
May the Souls of the Faithful departed Rest In Peace . for us who r left behind If u wanna ,REST With Your PIECE .
Rest In Peace my brother Castro. Ur legacy will forever live on... 😭😭😭
Mumbai : In an unfortunate accident , Avinash Kaskar, an Inspector of Preventive Customs, died after falling into the sea from Madwa jetty on Tuesday Morning. The Officers were on Sea Patrolling Duty. Indian coast guard station Murud-Janjira received information from the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Customs around 8 AM on Tuesday, requesting assistance to locate the officer. "The coast guard helicopter was diverted for search and rescue operations. After a brief search, coast guard located his body on the beach near Mandwa jetty," said a coast guard release. "Authorities are requested to take adequate safety measures to protect their personnel from rough seas that are prevalent during monsoon weather,'' it added. May his soul Rest In Peace.
Rest In Peace to a great director and writer, my friend and collaborator Paul Mazursky. I’ll always remember the hours of belly laughs we shared when we were working on the score to 'Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice' and I’m so glad he talked me into doing it. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife Betsy and his daughter Jill, who is “keepin’ on” the Mazursky filmmaking tradition.
Very sad. He was from Marietta and went to Lassiter HS "Rest In Peace, Philip Lutzenkirchen
My brother is the most important person in the world to me, so this hit home. Rest In Peace, Philip Lutzenkirchen.
Rest In Peace to the jheri curl Mike Jack
at what point does "Rest In Peace" turn into "get your lazy *** out of your cloud bed and go see Hendrix play a set at the Memorial Arena"?
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I am really saddened by the tragic passing of Mr Eddie Zondie, may he Rest In Peace and Rise In Glory Zipho from PE
Rest In Peace, Gerry of the most prolific lyricists of the 60's...more than 50 Top Ten Hits written with his former wife, Carole King "Ain't it good to know that you've got a friend People can be so cold They'll hurt you and desert you They'll take your soul if you let them Don't you let them You just call out my name And you know wherever I am I'll come runnin' To see you again Winter, spring, summer or fall All you've got to do is call Hey I'll be there You've got a friend."-- Gerry Goffin
I was walking down Broadway earlier today and I wondered why the Brill Building was crying. Rest In Peace, Gerry Goffin.
In the memory of the great Gregory Isaacs (1951-2010). Rest In Peace.
Listening to MetroFM and can't help it but think back in the days when I first discovered what choice of music I wanted to do. It was through the guy called Eddie Makhosonke Zondi that many of us fell in love with soulful music. My sundays were mostly dedicated to his radio show. What a legend we lost this week, death has no shame at all... But let's all think of him as living in the hearts of all those he touched, for nothing loved is ever lost and Eddie was loved so much.. May his soul Rest In Peace...
I would like to take this opportunity to say Rest In Peace to Eddie Zondi. I will always miss your Poetry sessions on Sundays...
Rest In Peace to the most legendary voice of South African radio, Rest In Peace Eddie Zondi.
Happy Father's Day to My Dad Johnny Lee Wilcox. May he Rest In Peace. I lost my dad in September 2011…
Gone but never forgotten ... Rest In Peace baby ❤️
Rest In Peace to Steelers Legend Chuck Noll, he was one of the best coaches in The NFL and led The Steelers to numerous Super Bowls, did coach legends like Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, and Mean Joe Greene, and was a part in The Immaculate Reception, his legacy was great.
Thank you great grandma for visiting me in my dream last night and bringing memories of daddy with you. I love you so much, rest in peace. 😇
Here's another picture of the Bmore Bull. May he rest in peace.
Rest in peace Kefee! Farewell dear... we'll really miss u.
Rest in Peace sweet Kefee... sing with the angels
Rest in Peace to the amazing Ruby Dee.
Rest in peace uncle jim you will be missed !!!
Rest in peace Rodriquis 'Driq' Smith. I love you boy.
Can we just appreciate this picture of the old and new joker, rest in peace Heath Ledger
Wow! RIP chef, what horrible news to wake up to.cold/scary world we live in😰May he rest his soul in peace with God for…
Rest in peace my Coco, 12/31/2002-6/10/14. I will miss coming home to you,your wagging tail, sitting…
". May the Lord bless you and keep you, Captain. . Rest in peace brother.…
I didn't own her but I loved this dog. Rest in peace Oreo
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