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Rest In Peace

Rest in peace (Latin: Requiescat in pace) is a short epitaph or idiomatic expression wishing eternal rest and peace to someone who has died.

Happy Birthday Florence Henderson David Bowie Brandon Lee Dale Evans Delta Zeta Brady Bunch Jose Fernandez Carol Brady

Rest In Peace, George Michael. . Thank you for your great music.
God dammit 2016 distracted us with Carrie fisher and then stole may he Rest In Peace such an icon.
Rest In Peace, Craig Sager. Truly one of the greats and will be sorely missed.
There are no words for how sad this is. What an honor to have been able to work with him. Rest In Peace, Alan. ❤️😥 https…
Peter Vaughan who played Maester Aemon has sadly passed away at the age of 93. And now his watch is ended. Rest In Peace ❤️ h…
Eternal rest may eternal rest shine upon you, may your soul & the souls of the faithful departed, Rest In Peace. Amen.
I am deeply saddened by the demise of our CM.. May GOD bless her soul and her name will live for ever.. Rest In Peace "…
My heart is so heavy. May God bless Taylor's beautiful soul. Rest In Peace 💜
Rest In Peace, Howard Bingham. He was a long time friend of Muhammad, talented photographer & a friend to the Ali Center. He…
Can't believe it's been 5 years.. Miss you Pops! May you Rest In Peace
Rest In Peace to a man who truly lived a life of excellence, Delta Tau Delta Alumnus Craig Sager. Thoughts and condolences from UF ΔΤΔ
Rest In Peace to the 26 beautiful angels who senselessly lost their lives 4 years ago today at Sandy Hook💚
13: Applause all round for courageous Jack Howard, whose image fills the big screens. Rest In Peace young Ha…
Rest In Peace: Robin Thicke’s Father, Alan Thicke Passes Away At 69 Follow and get the latest!!
This one hurt . Rest In Peace bruce . I know all eastern alumn will miss you . Save me a spot up there big dog . 👼🏾 . Easterns…
Rest In Peace to one and only Christina Grimmie
36 years ago today he was taken from us. He was 40 years old. Rest In Peace working class hero...John Lennon
Rest In Peace dear Aunt Joyce. . Pictured here with my cousin John and my mom and sister, Penny, as a wee one.
Who knew that Rachel Phelps was a Yankees season ticket holder? Rest In Peace.
South African gospel singer Sfiso Ncwane has died. May his soul Rest In Peace.
Why do the greatest people always go to soon💔😭😭 Rest In Peace aunt Cindy👼🏼
Rest In Peace, the most Powerful lady from South India J Jayalalitha
Happy Birthday to my boy but also Rest In Peace rock legend Frank Zappa, He passed away 23 years ago today at…
Today marks the 3rd year anniversary of Paul Walker's death . Rest In Peace
So sad to hear of the death of Andrew Sachs. Will forever be remembered from Barcelona. Rest In Peace, Manuel.
Rest In Peace to my bro Joe McKnight...this is unbelievable. Fly with the angels bro and rest in paradise. Heaven gained a…
It's been 3 years since the loss of my dog Jake may he Rest In Peace forever and enjoy where ever he is out in the world
Below are the arrangements for the funeral of deceased Local 754 brother John Lewis. May he Rest In Peace. He...
*** ?! *** Life is so short. May he Rest In Peace.
Before 21 savage there was Slim Dunkin, may he Rest In Peace
One this date in 2007, Redskins S Sean Taylor was killed. Rest In Peace, Sean.
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Wow so historic, Rest In Peace sweet prince 😢
Ron Glass was the kind of actor you always took for granted because he was always so good. Rest In Peace.
Rest In Peace, Fidel Castro. Along with Che Guevara and your Cuban brothers and sisters, you fought the good fight and ins…
Rest In Peace to Florence Henderson, also known as Carol Brady from the Brady Bunch! She was a not only a Delta Zeta but an ins…
Picasso baby ; the last track we rapped together with my young bro . Rest In Peace
I just got the news from Larry King that Florence Henderson died yesterday. May her soul Rest In Peace.
Rest In Peace to tv mom Florence Henderson but she will be true television moms icon
Rest In Peace to my Aunt Betty, we will all miss you 😪❤️😇
You will never be forgotten. Rest In Peace to my older brother "Moo". You are a big…
Rest In Peace to the children who lost their lives in Chattanooga. My heart goes out to the families affected by this d…
Happy Birthday to my Grandfather In heaven ! Love you and miss you more then you could understand. Rest In Peace ❤️
Rest In Peace to the beautiful black queen Sharon Jones
Another great one gone. Rest In Peace. We'll never forget seeing you from the front row at the Basie - a thrill...
Holly Dunn passes away at age 59. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family at this time. May she Rest In Peace. htt…
Rest In Peace, Nick. I'll never forget you big bro. I'll see you later someday. Love you. 🙏🏼❤️
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Rest In Peace to my great aunt Helen. Thanks for being one of the most influential people in my life. I swear it's one thing after another 😞
It is with great sadness that today we say goodbye to the great Victor Bailey. May he Rest In Peace. (March 27, 1960 – N…
As of the week could get any worse. Thank you Leonard Cohen, for all the things. Rest In Peace
Rest In Peace to the gentle giant. Once of the nicest, funniest, coolest men I've ever met in this business who had a…
Rest In Peace, Walter Crenshaw, Jr. at the age of 106.
May his soul Rest In Peace. This is the supreme sacrifice. Some lazy *** bones will stay in the creeks and wil…
God love him. may he Rest In Peace.
Today we gave thanks to God for the life of Maria Elena Mullane. May she Rest In Peace.
All Souls Day Mass this morning at Holy Cross Cemetery in Pensacola. May they Rest In Peace. Amen.
My favorite quote by Natalie Babbitt, "Readers will never be lonely as long as they have a book." Rest In Peace.
Rest In Peace, Lily and James Potter. 💙 35 years ago today. ⚡️
Happy Birthday to Bob Ross, the greatest man to ever live. Rest In Peace sweet prince
Rest In Peace to the nicest man I knew, and by far the best teacher😞 Watchung Hills won't be the same without you👼🏻
Heavy hearts today. Our beagle of 13 years passed away quietly last night. Rest In Peace, Maverick. We will miss you. https…
Tryna eat, Tryna get a slice, chicken wings wit the dirty rice Rest In Peace 👼🏽 he cranked any song he di…
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Visited Bruce and Brandon Lee's gravesite today. May the GOAT Rest In Peace. 🙏🏾
Rest In Peace, the actor who accidentally shot and killed Brandon Lee, Michael Massee.
Minutes applause in memory of Ryan Baird . Rest In Peace
Thank you for leading the path toward justice and equality, Rest In Peace.
Gurnam Singh sud Rest In Peace knowing gang will keep batting for soft power or Porkistani state thru…
Today I sat in my car sung along to Luis Miguel in honor of Paco and had a good cry. Rest In Peace my friend.
One of the most important TV shows of my childhood. 😔 You will never be forgotten Tommy 🙏🏽 and may you Rest In Peace!
I grew up watching this man on Martin😢. You made being jobless look COOL💯. Rest In Peace, Power, & Laughter Tommy💔. https:…
Rest In Peace! Thomas "Tommy" Ford gave us all joy and laugher through his work! He will he missed!
🔌 Actor Tommy Ford has passed away at age 52. Rest In Peace and sending our best wishes to his family and friends https…
Rest In Peace champ. My condolences to the friends and family of Aaron Pryor. . Thanks for the memories
How I Adore General G Patton! May he Rest In Peace never to see the bunch of 😺this country he loved so much, become! http…
Deep water horizon was definitely one of the best movies I've seen .. Rest In Peace to all the people who lost they're lives on that rig 🙏🏼
A tribute to fast Eddie on the Williamsburg bridge Rest In Peace
Rest In Peace to legendary songwriter and producer Rod Temperton; the star of a story we'll always tell.
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Being a Prince fan means you are a fan of great songwriters. So it's only right that we say Rest In Peace to the legendary R…
Two grandparents on one week, Rest In Peace grandpa Jim
Always part of igwe high council. May he Rest In Peace
Rest In Peace, 'Iron' Mike Towell. Thoughts are with his family, friends, loved ones, Dale Evans and Gary Lockett. 💔 htt…
Rest In Peace, Jose Fernandez. 🙏🏻 His jersey will be sold for $35, ALL profits will be donated to charity. ▶️
Rest In Peace to all the navy Job titles and the chances of me earning the corpsman name
Rest In Peace soldiers ... even though you belong to an enemy country.
Our deepest condolences to the family of Chief Michael J. Fahy and all the members of May he Rest In Peace. http…
RIP to the legend who made golf the sport it is today. Arnold Palmer, thank you for everything and Rest In Peace 🙏
Rest In Peace to the king of hearts Arnold Palmer
Sick to my stomach over this Jose Fernandez news. Rest In Peace
First things first: Rest In Peace uncle Phil...for real
Ah, Rest In Peace, Mr Albee...I will never forget "who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?"
W.P. Kinsella, Author. "Shoeless Joe" and the movie based on the book, "Field of Dreams" are all-time favourites of mine. Rest In Peace.
Rest In Peace the mighty king of ska, Prince Buster, Voice of the People: an inspiration, a legend and a great man. http…
Rest In Peace, Mr. John William Vessey . Thanks for serving our country!🇺🇸
Universal honors the pulse victims that worked at the park with a window in Hollywood. So heartfelt, Rest In Peace.
Just found out. Rest In Peace to one of my favorite actors, and a face behind one of the most well-known movies...
Rest In Peace, Jack Riley! You will be missed but never forgotten...
Happy August 13th Birthday to one of our beloved founders, Patricia A. Jacobs-Haydu. Rest In Peace.
Rest in peace, MPC Cairo. Please keep Cairo's handler and family in your thoughts!
Rest in Peace we've been through it all.
Shocked to hear about the passing away of Na Muthukumar. Strength and love to his family. May he rest in peace.
A go-to TV character actor back in the day. Rest in peace.
Rest in Peace Kenny Baker. You were awesome! We will never forget you.
Now you can dance with Nana in heaven. Love you Papa, rest in peace 💕
Biggie, Aaliyah, Big L, nobody can take that spotlight✍🏾 rest in peace baby.
may it soul rest in peace. We are Biafrans and we are determined to restore the Great Nation Biafra.
Bruh let me let y'all watch the rest of this episode in peace 😊😁😭
to sir... May his soul rest in peace... 😢😢
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Rest in Peace Khaled...bless you and all
Rest in peace my Lady girl. We love you.
May their souls rest in peace,. My so heart broken...
A fitting end. have been avenged. May you rest in peace now.
Paulie's checked into BB Hospice. Rest in peace, pool peer.
To the greatest man to ever live, may you rest in peace now
Rest in peace DJ Official!. You are now in the presence of perfect beauty!
May you rest in peace in Heaven. The legend has gone. Muhammad Ali
Rest In Peace Hero! Forest Service firefighter killed when hit by tree while battling a wildfire in Nevada.
Rest in peace Robin Williams only one that could make Harambe laugh. 😪
It is with extreme sadness to share that recent grade 12+ student Hussein Da Silva has died. May he rest in peace.🌹
May they rest in peace but what about the senseless murder of Seth Rich?
Rest in peace Judy Hart. I will remember you always. Strongest person I ever met.
I understand you pain. My sympathies to you congress people. Rest in peace.
Bert is dead and I've never been so sad. Rest in peace little friend😢
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Rest in peace, Kenny Baker, the heart and soul of R2-D2.
Heart broken to hear the dismiss of Na. Muthukumar sir, so young to leave us all. May his soul Rest in peace & poetry.
Bey once I cut you off , You dead in my books . Rest in peace .
Rest in peace Momma, don't worry about your son. Someday, I'm gonna make you proud because I know I am the one
I'm going to sound very old, right now:. They just don't make 'em like that, anymore. :'(. Rest In Peace
Rest in peace Christopher Barry. Our thoughts are with his family at this time.
Rest in Peace son Sept 15th 1977 - July 20th 2016 Mom&Dad loved you so much,gone but never forgotten.EVER
Versace Versace rest in peace to my *** Harambe
Beloved character actor has passed at 93. A wonderful talent & very kind man. A mensch! Rest in Peace. htt…
We will forever remember you Mrs.Hnatiw and your endless devotion to NorthPark We love you and may you Rest In Peace
I said goodbye to my mother-in-law Shirley today, may she rest in peace!
Rest In Peace to the most important character of the Universe. KENNY BAKER. R2-D2. Goodnight to you, and may…
International cat day. Rest In Peace to the greatest kitty on the planet.
Guess heaven just couldn't wait to gain another angel. I'll miss seeing her bright smile at the end of the hallway. Rest In Peace, Kamrey❤️
Rest In Peace, Chris Amon. Our thoughts are with all of his friends and family.
S/o to South Bend for erecting this memorial to Harambe downtown. Rest In Peace
Rest In Peace to Gary Marshall. He'll forever be missed. 😥
GARRY MARSHALL Rest In Peace .. Thank you for my professional life. Thank you for your loyalty , friendship and generosi…
Rest In Peace to Nate Thurmond, one of the best that's ever played in the NBA. My prayers and best wishes go out to his f…
God has granted an angel tonight Love you so much Uncle Pete you were so amazing & you reminded me of my grandpa Rest In Peace i love you ❤️
Rest In Peace to Mr. Joe Tarby the person who taught me everything I know about football
Rest In Peace to Alton Sterling, a black man that was gunned down by the BRPD. Your name will not soon be forgotten. http…
Comedian Caroline Aherne, who wrote & appeared i The Royle Family, has died. Rest In Peace, thanks for the laughs xx ht…
Rest In Peace to the best coach ever in Women's College Basketball. 🏀👼🏼 🔶
Rest In Peace to the legend Michael- who will always live on. I love you😇💜
Rest In Peace to the Linus Media Group bank account
Rest In Peace, But also Respect. . Westboro Baptist Church, you shouldn't be targeted innocent people, because...
17/ May Bridget Patience rest in peace, and may her family find justice, one day.
Another bad accident.may their souls rest in peace. :(
Rest in peace Our thoughts and prayers go out to your friends, family, and teammates!
So happy melissa McCarthy is coming back for gilmore girls. I can rest in peace now! . 😢😢😍😂 tears of happiness
Jacob you never failed to make me laugh or smile. I'm gonna miss you much. Rest in peace wild child, I love you. 💙 https:…
I burned the rice and i'm preparing myself for ''chhitaars'' Mom is here to kill me. May my soul rest in peace.
Turns out the man who died yesterday saving those kids at the river was an old family friend that my dad grew up with. Rest in peace friend.
2 years ago today the world lost a comedy god, and a masterful actor! ❤️. Rest in peace Rik✌🏼️.
Kerry Butters .. May you rest in peace# the greatest lives are those that help others to be better# You lived one.
Nigerian football will not be the same without Stephen Keshi. He gave this country his all. May his soul rest in peace.
It's been 10 years... Rest in peace, my love💝
Dhudi Yusuf, our Mudug Regional Women Coordinator was killed tonight. May she rest in peace.
Rest in peace to the most laid back, sarcastic teacher Mr. Schwartz. You are so loved by many and will be missed.
was Indonesian but however still respect for all he has done. Rest In Peace Boss.
Today marks the second anniversary of Rik Mayall's unfortunate death. Rest in peace.
I Want To Rest In Peace, please i dont even have to be dead
He was once being mistaken as a girl. Best comrade, childhood friend of Eren & Mikasa. Rest in Peace, Armin Arlert. https:/…
In memory of the printer. Rest in peace.
He took it away. So, rest in peace my *** heart.
RiP Uncle Bobby I remember talking on the phone with you asking me who is your favorite Uncle , and i said you, and you said you knew becuz i don,t have another uncle Bobby Miss you so much, Tell every 1 in heaven that we all are okay down here.
Rest In Peace to my cousin SSGT Hector Lejia who was KIA in Iraq in 2007 during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
I am in tears and *** heartbroken. Rest In Peace, Dean. We love you 😞
Bates County rallies to show love for lost cowgirl and her family Rest In Peace little angel.
Rest In Peace! Principal at Miami Senior High for many years. Put me in CSI more times that I can remember. Always fair thou
Happy Birthday, Malcolm X. (May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965) He would have been 91 today. Rest In Peace. 🙏
Rest In Peace to the Beautiful Black woman Actor and Pioneer Lena Horn!🙏
David Miller, you were an amazing soul and you will truly be missed. Im so saddened by this news. Rest In Peace, buddy. Love you bro. ❤️
Rest In Peace my dear Grandma Mary C. Tyler and Aunt Linda...Gone but never forgotten. We had had great adventures...
Harry's friend, photographer Matt Irwin has passed away. Thoughts are with his family and friends. Rest In Peace. 💗 http…
Tears for his family..Rest In Peace and Help. The Arch Angels Fight the Devil at the Gates of Heaven. Tears 4 Family=
4 years ago today we lost the Legendary MCA. Rest In Peace to the King of the Ave🙏🏼
Arizona bred, and Alum, Pat Tillman, died 12 years ago today defending our country. Rest In Peace. https:…
No tears left. Oberon the crossed the rainbow bridge today. Already missing him. Rest In Peace little buddy.
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When the sun has set, no candle can replace it. Rest In Peace
Rest In Peace to the best ball handler I've ever seen in my lifetime, Dwayne "Pearl" Washington.
*Howls to the moon for the falling Wolf pack member* Rest In Peace my brother Joshua Simpson love you so much. 😭
Rest In Peace, amazing voice, can't ever be duplicated. Alice in Chains changed my life.
C/O 2016 🙏 I do it for mama rose Rest In Peace 👼
Chairman Jake, Rest In Peace may God keep u in his bosom. Hm
So sad to learn that Paul Daniels has passed away. Rest In Peace to a legend. 🙏
Rest In Peace, Special Agent OSO, your valuable service to the MI6 will never be forgotten. Here he was in Syria
Rest In Peace,Keith Emerson.Off to join the supergroup in the sky with Bowie,Lemmy,Brad,Glenn et al with George Martin Producing
Rest In Peace, Nancy Davis Reagan. Thank you for your service, and for sharing your life with America as you...
Saddened by the sudden demise of former speaker . Rest In Peace, the Titan of North East Indian politics...
Rest In Peace the ever smiling Purno Sangma, one of the tallest Leaders from North East. Indian Parliament will miss its cutest member.
Rest In Peace to a New York Ranger's legend, the original Andy Bathgate. Thoughts and prayers with his family and closest friends
Rest In Peace all 18 Passengers and 3 Crew MEmbers of Tara Air's 9N-AHH Twin Otter Plane which crashed today morning in Myagdi.:( :(
Still can't believe we lost two inspirational women,. Selena and Jenni Rivera. May they Rest In Peace!
Mother of Spokeperson Sri SameerMohanty ji left for heavenly abode today. May her soul Rest In Peace .Om Shanti !!
What an Insult to Utata Nelson Madela! May his soul Rest In Peace.
Literally like can't ever stop reading RIP as just.. rip. It should really translate as Rest In Peace or at the very least R-I-P 😶
What's your favorite Bob Marley song? 󾬔󾬕❤️ Happy Birthday to the one and only Legend! 󾬔󾬕❤️ Rest In Peace...
Happy Birthday Trayvon Martin. He would have been 21 today. Rest In Peace! 🙏
Rest In Peace: Bob Elliott (of "Bob & Ray," who's father of Chris & played his dad in Get A Life, host of Name's The Same…
the 'Godfather' and 'Barney Miller' actor, dies at 94. Rest In Peace! 🙏
Rest In Peace to my Olympic Downhill Gold Medalist hero: your legacy is one that will forever live. Sandy HS Alama Mater!!
Rest In Peace my friend Alice Bell from the Immaculate Mary Home. Died this date (January 21st) in 2007.
Happy Birthday Martin Luther King! Your message and dream will forever live on. 🙏 Rest In Peace!
David Bowie, what a man, may he Rest In Peace.
David Bowie's star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame 😭 Rest In Peace dear soul, your music will live on forever
the entire world lost one of its greats today. David Bowie will live on forever. Rest In Peace. XX
Rest In Peace. Condolence to the family of Kuya Germs. via gmanews
. My Uncle Carl is buried right next to my sister Patricia, . in Sabinal, Texas. May their souls, Rest In Peace~
Rest In Peace ~ We will miss you and Always LOVE YOU Natalie Cole... @ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Rest In Peace! Natalie Maria Cole we will miss your voice, beauty and grace. Both your father…
󾌹 what a year. So many Inspirational people gone, including Satoru Iwata and Monty Oum. May you Rest In Peace.
Rest In Peace to legend and 1978 Stockton Port Dave Henderson, you will be missed
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