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Republican Senators

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. . We need 3 Republican Senators to kill the . Susan Collins ME. John McCain A…
Here are the next Republican Senators to publicly come out against Donald Trump. Possibly:…
The meeting with Republican Senators yesterday, outside of Flake and Corker, was a love fest with standing ovations an…
So nice to get multiple standing ovations today, although perhaps they were just Republican Senators getting up to lea…
Neal Cavuto says Donald Trump is losing his friends, the only thing Trump is losing is a couple phony Republican Senators.
So if only 20% of Americans like the new health care bill but 94% of Republican Senators would vote YES 4 it, what does…
Republican Senators Vow to 'Press On' With Health Care Bill at Debate - by RO Water Filter…
You're lying again Donnie. 4 republican senators were going to vote no. Does anyone believe this…
Breaking: Sen. Collins is the third Republican to oppose health-care bill, leaving it without enough support to pass
It's time to elect some new Republican Senators and Representatives next year, ones that will actually get somethin…
, Sean , there were 7 Republican Senators who voted , to cut the pension of U.S. Vetrerans. One was John McCain.
Yep! That's been their agenda for many years! Looks like Dems are influencing some Republican Senators!
So grateful to the brave Republican senators who refused to buckle, despite all manner of goodies offered to their…
Republican senators were served a skywriter decorates the one a view of rattlesnake ledge, in june.
Thanks to the three republican senators who actually have principles and a conscience.
When Republican Senators went from 30s in the 1970s to 40s/50s thereafter, Democrats we…
I mean it's obvious the normal Republican senators are getting infuriated that this crazy faction i…
UGH! What decade is this again? Some of the Republican female senators can run circles around this clo…
Plenty of Republican Senators would have voted NO but the deciding votes fell on senators NOT facing reelection.
Do some of these Republican Senators look at next year and just decide to retire just like you saw happen in Tennessee ?
So far, it appears the only real men on the Republican side are Senators Colli…
Plus lots of Republican Senators leaving announcing their departure.
One thing to remember is Strange was appointed by a scandal plagued governor. Republican senators actually elected sta…
There will be more Republican Senators sent home in next election because of their belief vo…
Should Republican voters repeal and replace their GOP Leaders, Senators and Representatives?
Will 2018 election bring new republican senators who repeal obamacare? We can only pray.
After watching Republican senators make total fools of themselves on health reform for 8 months, tax reform is in trouble.
Hopefully, Republican senators will support the bill and won't follow Trump's shameful response.…
Republican Senators now having hearings on DACA. Nothing done in legislation at all and they are talking about DACA.
Dangerous ObamaCare as the Dems legacy, the Republican Senators concerning healthcare. They MUST keep their promise to America!
Democrats/Republicans who want to preserve our Democracy, Civil Rights, Free Speech vote out Republican Senators who stand by Trump!
Are any of these senators republican?
"We don't have the votes." Republican Senators' last-ditch effort to repeal and replace Obamacare has failed
The 52 Republican Senators better realize that too
Republican & Democratic senators on Tuesday, said that they would remain vigilant to protect special counsel Robert Mueller from being fired
The Republican senators who have opposed the many bills to repeal the Affordable Care Act
Establishment Republican senators have sentenced Americans to Obamacare for life.
Republican and Democratic Senators say they'll protect Mueller if Trump's Russia ire heats up
The Democratic Save My Care PAC is out with a new ad targeting Republican senators wavering on Graham-Cassidy.
Republican Senators need to get their act together or we will elect more Trump's to take thei…
Except our Brexiteers had a lot longer to prepare. And know even less about trade than Republican senators know abo…
Congrats to Judge Moore, Breitbart and Steve Bannon! Only 45 more liberal/moderate republican senators to go!! :) :)
I hope Republican Senators will vote for Graham-Cassidy and fulfill their promise to Repeal & Replace ObamaCare. Money…
Donald Trump spent the last hour on the phone with Republican senators getting told no on his repeal bill. . Look out, world.
2 out of 2 Republican senators agree: . "Bernie is the most honest person in the senate."
We should help then SUCCEED in crossing back over the southern border. 😑. .
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this bill is an attack. GOP senators unveil new ‘Dreamers’ bill via
It would be a wonderful thing for Ted Cruz and John Cornyn to round up the rest of the Republican Senators and visit Mitch RINO McConnell.
Mitch McConnell, who has done a terrible candidate. 52 Republican Senators! QUESTION THAT did take place, and in peace.
Mitch McConnell, get behind President Trump 100% lead the Republican Senators like the American Peopl…
Republican Senators were served a nice lunch at the White House today, but I'm pretty sure all they swallowed was their…
Republican Senators for their failure at a healthcare bill repeal and replace should be known as the "Not Ready for Prime Time Players"
These 11 GOP Senators came out in support of their elected, Republican leader! Camp for them!
Republican Senators need to get a grip. has enough followers to make or break any one of them.
Yeah, no doubt. If we have 62 Republican Senators then everything gets much easier!
Trump is better at burning bridges than building walls
"Republican senators...are on Team McConnell not Team Trump.this is not smart."
Thanks Obama, 50 democratic senators and 3 republican senators.
This was no time to elect this trigger happy fool, Trump. STUPID republican senators and voters. Now every1 might pay for your stupidity
They know something BIG is coming. One thing we heard coming is 4-6 Republican RINO Senators may be reveal…
Would love to hear comments from Republican reps and senators .
If Republican Senators are unable to pass milonist
The Republican senators and congressmen should be voted out if they go against our President Donald J. Trump!
Did you all the thuds from republican senators hitting their heads on tables since we're at war with two countries now?
Here's a list of all the Republican senators who sent out a pro-McConnell message after Trump attacked on him.
Republican Senators/Reps too scared to hold town halls to hear the truth. The only ones who want that terrible healthcare plan are Big $$$.
Republican Senators who are opposing the President, look at the great economic news: Americans Are Noticing!
All of these turncoat Republican Senators need to be voted out of office!
But right now are there just 49 republican senators?I thought that when they voted on the ACA repeal that there were 100 votes. I'm not sure
And wants Republican Senators to do right by the American people. We'll see who gets their way first.
Traitors & Useless must be Replaced with Good Republican Senators .
If Republican Senators are unable to pass what they are working on now, they should immediately REPEAL approdently
Seems Trump isn't happy unless he's at war w/ the world. Good to see GOP Senators standing behind Mitch McConnell. ht…
Oh good. State can join the many Republican senators who are "concerned" about secret meetings with Russians.
Republican senators are choosing sides in the Trump-McConnell spat via
Republican GOP Senators ALWAYS defend pathetic loser McConnell, no matter what he does! All of YOU are sorry *** …
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Republican senators are defending their Republican majority leader against the Republican president
The Republican Senators and Representatives need to grow a pair a…
GOP Senators learn the hard way that Trump is not a republican
You republican senators are failing to understand Americans voted for…
Republican senators are starting to defy Trump. How that could hurt him down the road
Good ole Mitch better produce and same for all the other Republican Senators.
Dear Republican senators; you suck. If you don't pass health and tax reforms, I'm going to register Independent...
Republican Senators who turn on have no chance of getting reelected! The people have spoken!
Republican senators are pushing back on Trump. Corker, Tillis, Hatch, Flake, Heller, and Cornyn have all come out support…
Unless the Republican Senators are total quitters, Repeal & Replace is not dead! Demand another vote before voting on…
I would like to join other Republican senators to express my continuing support for
Reap what you sow, Republican senators
What about all the republican senators defending Mitch? I may have a mutiny on your hands. At leas…
cratic and Republican Senators and Congressman like John McCain a Paul Ryan and 100 % of the Democrats are trying to screw all Americans,...
"Ya, zis is very exciting to watch Republican Senators." Hans, a German man.
We are watching you Republican Senators. - Achmadi, a goat herder.
Don't give up Republican Senators, the World is watching: Repeal & Replace...and go to 51 votes (nuke option), get Cro…
The night is dark and full of Republican Senators
Republican Senators who voted no are: . Collins. Corker. Cotton. Graham. Heller. Lee. Moran. Murkowski. Paul. All Senate Democra…
The pressure Republican Senators feel from the people they represent needs to be stronger than the pressure they get f…
John McCain has bought us some time. Keep calling as many Republican Senators as possible to let them know that...
If CNN likes you something is wrong. here's a list of Republican Senators that CNN likes:. Lindsey Graham . John McCain. Susan Collins. 😯
.Mike Pence is working *** HealthCare and getting our wonderful Republican Senators to do what is right for th…
After all of these years of suffering thru ObamaCare, Republican Senators must come through as they have promised!
The Immoral Minority: A number of Republican Senators are begging MajLdr Mitch McConnell to cancel the...
I just finished a great meeting with the Republican Senators concerning HealthCare. They really want to get it right,…
. I don't reckon the Republican Senators will be having beer in the Rose Garden tonight.
Would love to hear Republican Senators explain why they're voting for a bill that triples premiums for middle-class seniors. h…
I cannot imagine that these very fine Republican Senators would allow the American people to suffer a broken ObamaCare…
"Moderate" Republican Senators: this your chance to state that you are with the People, you will be marked otherwise
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The White House LOVES talking about the four Republican Senators who have said they might vote "no" on Obamacare repeal.
Groucho has the perfect song to help Chuck Schumer greet the Republican Senators' new health care bill.…
All we are asking for is three Republican Senators who will say "I won't vote for a bill without a public hearing."
There’s one reason, and one reason alone the Republican Senators don’t want us to know what’s in their health care bil…
I commend Marco Rubio & Ted Cruz for standing behind the President after a tough campaign unlike some of these weak Republican Senators!
Are there any Republican Senators left with the integrity of Lowell Weicker & Howard Baker?
I'm starting to get the sense that some Republican Senators don't want to get to the bottom of Russian influence on the 2…
John McCain rips into "stupid *** Republican Senators over Neil Gorsuch confirmation via
We're not done yet. Tell your Republican Senators: when you can't get 60 votes you change the nominee, not the rules h…
The President should have one or more Republican Senators and less House Republicans
(Breitbart) -Thirty-one Democratic and Republican Senators are asking the Department of Homeland Security to...
Republican Senators worried Donald Trump is mentally ill, says Al Franken Yes! we think so2 😲
Republican Senators stole former Senator Barack Obama's final Supreme Court seat from him.
Senator- expect all the Republican Senators to do all they can to thrwart the Dems obstruction- why are you in recess?
Here we go again. Call your Republican Senators, immediately! Especially if you are in Maine, Georgia, South Carolina, o…
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Harriet Miers withdrew because Republican Senators told President Bush they would not vote yes for her, so she was denied vote
Jeff Sessions confirmed as attorney general. A 52-47 vote, all Republican Senators & 1 Democrat voted in his favor:
If any of those Republican Senators or the Democrat Senator from WV quote MLK, remind them of the letter from Coretta.
What are these Republican Senators and 1 Democrat Senator thinking voting for Sessions. Do they think that all people shouldn't be treated e
What is EPA nominee Scott Pruitt trying to hide & why are Republican Senators enabling a cover-up?
Call! We need one more... Republican Senators on the Edu Committee:. Tim Scott SC. Lamar Alexander TN. Michael B...
Republican Senators now saying they will NOT vote Trump. . Collins. Sasse. Kirk. Graham. Heller. https:…
Correction: these Republican Senators voted for her, led by *Mitch McConnell*!:
Republican Senators are running scared. Nothing would make me happier than to DEMOTE Mitch McConnell. Thanks KY!
But they were Democrats helped us in Kobane and now while Republican Senators are stil with Turkey and so called Rebbels.
- And and the Republican senators too.
As funds dry up 4 Con, n McConnell telling Senators dont go, Seems Trump destroyed Emails too, 1000's
Donald Trump's downfall will be Latino vote claims Republican senator Lindsey Graham via
Where is the outrage from the Republican Senators about Comey's actions?
Where is the outrage from the Republican Senators with Comey's pardon of Hillary?
Where is the outrage from the Republican Senators?
I love watching republican senators selling their souls. Great job glad you are spineless & didn't disappoint.
Dr. Paul you and other republican Senators should demand his resignation
Just like majority of the republican senators lie, including Trump.
Comprehensive immigration reform is back as senators eye new effort to pass 'Gang of Eight' bill after presidential election : Republican…
Since the FBI, the political Generals, the Department of "Justice," our Republican Senators and Representatives...
What is the matter with the Republican Senators/ they want Hilliary to win...they better get behind our nominee.NOW
Couldn't that be said of the Republican senators who won't hold a confirmation hearing for the new Supreme Court Justice? 🤔
How was it that Republican Senators and Republican governors were able to stop all of the things from happening...
,If you like to my honur as a US freedom by both of Republican and Democrate senators!!!---But your's President Obama (2)
we are in this boat because republican Senators & Reps failed to carry out the mandate voters gave for last 6 yrs Broken Trust
Republican senators voted to acquit her though 🤔
dear sir we are asking that you and all Republican congressman and Senators call for the impeachment of Lynch and Comey now!
Will you step up and support veteran's lower extremity healthcare by co-sponsoring S2175? Your fellow Republican Senators have!
Will step up & support veteran's lower extremity healthcare by cosponsoring S2175 like other Democratic & Republican Senators?
supporters should work hard at defeating Paul Ryan & all Republican senators/congressmen who have worked against Trump!
where are our great Republican senators and congressmen free loaders , who are supposed to over see DOJ.
Complete tone-deafness of Republican senators is going to kill them at the ballot box, not candidate who plans to be tough on immigration.
Every Trump supporter should start pressing their Republican Congressmen and Senators to endorse TRUMP
Trump will meet with Republican Senators on July 7th. What do you expect will happen?
Charges??? For What?? Cause a couple of republican senators think that she acted incorrectly??? Without any proof!!!
Today in Holy $News: We've reached a point in time when Republican Senators are growing weary of Bernie.
have staged protests against vulnerable Republican senators who have opposed gun control.
A group of GOP senators is refusing to bow to the NRA
that's like Republican senators refusing to say what they like about Trump, but still supporting him anyway.
Republican senator Cruz did not vote for confirmation Loretta Lynch 4 AG Senators who did: McCain, Graham,McConnell & Hatc…
Supreme Court blockade could be another blow to vulnerable senators
Let's call all 50 republican senators that voted NO on ppl buying guns on no fly or terror lists https…
why don't the republican senators convict Hillary Clinton of perjury and treason against the United States? She lied!
Donald Trump can ultimately make the case for himself."
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I like all three but not good choices in my opinion for VP. Senator's Ernts and Cotton are first term senators...
Baiting the NRA, a Band of Republican Senators Is Refusing to Give Up on Their Terror Gap Fix
One of the most Liberal voting Republican Senators. His record makes Ernst look conservative.
Call your Governor over and over as well as any Republican Senators and demand to
Am I mistaken, or are you the only black republican in the FL House (no black republican senators either [FL])?
If repressed homosexuality were a fuel source, we could solve so many problems by fracking Republican senators.
Like most Republican senators, Ernst has done NOTHING during her tenure. Perhaps you should look at her record
Rand Paul among only 6 Republican Senators to vote Nay on a rider to expand Internet surveillance powers in reacti…
.hey you know those Republican Senators frequent the men's room and toe tap
Trump should say he'll appoint Ted Cruz to the Supreme court, that will make all Republican Senators support Trump. Lol
husband. Us men have made a mess. I like Elizabeth Dole, the Republican Senators from Maine. Would love to see what the
28 Republican Senators send letter demanding that John Kerry obey the law
Republican Senators up for re-election this November. Noteworthy: Ron Johnson Wisconsin
Republican Senators are as dated as the Roman Senate. Need to fire these Obstinate Fossils.
Republican Senators, including Sen. Steve Daines of Montana, have said they will not even meet with Garland.
Here are some names of Republican Senators who might run for LG. Mark Norris, Jack Johnson, Randy McNally and Bo Watson.
.quoting fmr OH Court of Appeals Judge Painter on the need for Republican Senators to
Kirk, Johnson, Toomey, Ayotte, Portman, Burr, McCain, Blunt, Paul. These are the most vulnerable Republican Senators in the 2016 race.
Today, Republican Senators (including squishes like McCain, Graham, and McConnell) came forward and said there...
This year, 7 Democrat and 21 Republican Senators are seeking re-election. 6 are retiring (3 and 3).
...despite history of Republican Senators dropping their pants and bending over for Democrat nominees. 2/2
If these Republican Senators delay President Obama's soon to be Nominee for the US Supreme Court.. It's a clear...
NEWS RELEASE: CBC Chairman Calls on Republican Senators to Support Emergency Relief for Michigan. Read Here: https…
Every Democrat supported the reauthorization of while 12 Republican Senators opposed it.
Senator Harry Reid is a sav. Calling out the Republican Senators, even John Cornyn, for advocating for allowing...
"First the republican senators pulled out...".
is responsible for St. Louis County going from four Republican pro business senators to one.
It's people in your party who call Republican Senators and Representatives "Uncle Toms"? The bigotry is from your party.
Getting rid of McConnell as leader would be the equivalent of two more Republican Senators. Without Boehner and...
he Gang of Eight are four Democratic senators and four Republican senators:. Lindsey Graham,. John McCain, . Marco Rubio,
California senators advance new goals for cleaner energy
Boehner has done nothing. He is a shameful guy. We elected Republican Senators and Representatives and they caved on everything
Have Republican senators begun their palace coup against useless Time to replace him with
41 Republican Senators voted agains a landmark veterans funding bill in February, today they blame the VA
Pro-Obama states in 2012 have just 19% of GOP senators, but half of delegates to Republican convention. .
Boehner has a friend, it's not the republican senators, it is the President, what class!
Republican Senators aren't worth much either. They'rejust as corrupt and racist.MSM spin on speaker's resignation
Republican senators said they would support Donald Trump in a general election, because while Trump may be an authoritarian…
Establishment Republican senators aren't often good for much says Rand Paul.
Rand Paul was 1 of only 8 republican senators who voted no on defunding planned parenthood! May have to reevaluate my opinion on him 💖
I'm a Republican in New Jersey. Only my congressman who's been in office since before I could vote is a R. My senators are democrats
This is a victory, but the battle will continue because there are 47 senators who will continue the Republican's...
“….Republican senators plan new legislation this fall requiring Congressional oversight for GCF funding.”
Low key hella mad my cousins wedding is in SoCal but I high key love her fiancé because he's a republican working for the senators in Kansas
FBI, Clinton aides not cooperating with Republican Senator’s investigation
It's a *** shame that several Republican Senators are Campaigning as we pay them to Represent us ! Cruz, Paul, and More !
Republican Senators fail to get enough votes to advance a bill to defund Planned Parenthood. 53-46; needed 60 to advance.
Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wi) one of 24 Republican Senators to vote yes import export bank bill. One of the members of the Washington cartel.
Hey college grads stuck with ridiculous student loan payments: I present you. your US Republican Senators.
What the *** is the matter with you BAGGAS Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican Senators ? YA"LL TRYING...
So, Karl Rove has a new Super PAC that is concerned about Republican Senators in swing/blue states.
Republican Senators lead the way to give Obama fast-track authority on anti-worker "free trade" agreement
Excited to have endorsement of conservative Republican Senators & Richard Stuart!
United States infrastructure falling apart but Republican Senators say NO to fixing it but they say yes to tax cuts for the rich.
-- of course, you defend the 47 Republican Senators.. You defended, Richard Nixon, too !!!
Senator Thad Cochran repaid one of his IOUs for his reelection in Mississippi by not signing with his fellow Republican Senators
I'm glad the raid to kill Osama Bin Laden was secret, so no Republican Senators could send him a letter about it first.
Republicans threaten that nuclear deal may not survive Obama presidency | US news | The Guardian
Any nuclear program agreement that is not approved by Congress is nothing more than an executive agreement.
Republicans threaten that Iran nuclear deal may not survive Obama presidency
Little Giant Ladders
It is pure Treason! "Republican senators’ letter to Iran highly misleading: Biden
I hope that all 47 Republican senators that signed off on letter to Iran violating The Logan Act are brought up on charges!
That awkward moment when people from another country understand your history better than you.
l even thought these Americans are wise. Did you hear the Republican senators? African legislators seem even better off
You Had One Job:. Today, 47 Republican Senators sent a letter to Iran trying to explain how the U.S. government works, but go…
US: Biden denounces Republican senators letter to Iran -
THE NEWS SAYS: These 47 Republican U.S. senators have engaged in treachery.
so tell me, how can Iran be sincere in implementing any deal reached, looking at this sell out by the Republican senators?
How sad is it that Iranian FM knows more about US law then 47 republican senators do.
Watch as President Obama accuses Republican senators of "interfering" over Iran
Republican senators warn Iran: Nuclear deal may be revoked after Obama …
BREAKING Iran's Foreign Minister responds to the letter from 47 Republican Senators http:…
While we were arguing about Ghostbusters, 47 Republican Senators committed actual treason, so there's that.
Did 47 Republican Senators just commit treason with Iran letter? (by
did you hear what Republican senators just said? America now divided? They just sold good knowledge of American weakness to Iran
Democrats claim that Iran will be provoked into a war over a letter? Iran sounds stable. Let's give them nukes.
Letter by Republican Senators to Iran is ‘unusual’ and ‘dangerous,’ Obama, Biden and other Democrats say
WAR MONGERING Republican senators try to undermine nuclear talks with letter to Iranian leaders …
Did 47 Republican senators just commit treason?
Republican senators warned leaders that any deal needs congressional approval to last beyond Obama:
Outrageous behavior from Republican senators who can't find Iran on a map: White House Faults G.O.P. Letter to Iran http:…
Orientalism is still alive and well. Check out the Republican Senators' letter to Iran. .
If we end up in a war with Iran, thank 47 Republican Senators via
Hillary wrote to State Dept employees. Republican Senators wrote to ayatollahs.
US: Biden denounces Republican senators letter to Iran
Durbin: "Republican Senators should think twice about whether their political stunt is worth the threat of another war in th…
Democrats in the White House and Congress accused 47 Republican senators of undermining Obama in int'l talks to curb Iran's nuclear program.
Republican senators’ letter to Iran highly misleading: Biden
if you are outraged that 47 Republican Senators are trying to sabotage nuclear peace talks with …
Republican Senators are basically savaging the US body-politic.
The 47 Republican Senators who sent the letter to Iran are in direct violation of the Logan Act of 1799
Republican Senators and Republican Congressmen Are on a Collision Course via
Republican Senators, John Katko of New York, Bruce Poliquin of Maine and Robert Dold of Illinois. Don't vote to rid of
1-President Obama Meeting with Aff.. | 2-Republican Senators on Homeland S.. | 3-House Minority Leader Pelosi on t..
Senator Marco Rubio on Jon Stewart and CNBC in the same week? Is there a full moon? Major changes are about to happen for the Republican Senators
A handful of key Republican Senators are side-eying the plan House Republicans put forth on Friday in yet another effort to kill President Obama's immigration executive actions, worried that the House Republicans defunding action may lead to a shutdown of government including the Department of Homel…
72% of Republican senators are climate deniers.
Republican senators wanting to raise taxes on gasoline.? Any wonder why millions of us want to leave the...
a quick fix reality show for Republican Senators wives who are in denial.
"72% of Republican senators are climate deniers." But hey, 3% of climate scientists on their side.
“Raise the gas tax? Some leading Republican senators say it is on the table for the new Congress.
there can't have been very many Republican state senators from the UP in the last three decades
By calling Senators, Reps. Our Governor is Republican tho. He's been trying to clean up! .
" If the Senate doesn’t take action on the House bill, the Department of Homeland Security will be unfunded as of...
Tbh that seems low. “72 percent of Republican senators are climate deniers
Key Republican senators will join Obama in Tennessee
our senators Republican and democrat, Bush, Clinton , Obama are all seeded power . THE POPULATION IS brainwashed
“72 percent of Republican senators are climate deniers Ughhh…
All those Republican Senators that got "unvoted" into office have at least 6 years to do
3 Senators who will destroy freedom:
Ten Cruel and Stupid New Republican Senators on Their Way to Washington Thanks to Democrats’ Refusal to Back…
by the time I'm done with braces my teeth better be so white & straight they become republican senators
and by questionable i mean having republican senators sentenced to camps in our quest for a Utopian society
We think that people who literally were Republican Senators who said that nothing happened w/
The latest global warming bill and the Republican conundrum: Senators Sheldon Whitehouse…
Why are republican senators and politicians on the time's person of the year poll?
in 1924 the Republican Conference disciplined 3 senators who failed to support Coolidge for president
They are republican senators, duh (there is a *** wedding between 2 of the main ppl in the second season, spoiler alert)
You just took a list of Republican Senators... and marked 'no vote' on the ones who didn't vote.
Republican senators seek to block funds to combat   10% Off
GOP bill would impose travel ban via
Republican Representatives and Senators are not hearing you.
My last evidence of 98% georgia set up Republican Senators' & I to blame on Recession, coming soon!!! georiga!!
Republican senators seek to block funds to combat Ebola
Unless you want to believe Republican Senators'/Gov't did it for Me but It's Murders graphic
May be not tonight, but later in weekend will share some shocking reports of Republican senators/Mosas ppl supporting
Again, Republican Senators are the ones blocking comm'l crew in favor of SLS pork for FL, UT, TX.
Well on Tues Nov 4 we gave Republican senators their jobs back. BWAAAHA!!
... Stick a big ole turkey drumstick in a Republican Senators mouth and He Will SHUT UP for a minute.
for fascist subversion of justice - their kangaroo court convicts on NO EVIDENCE
Our income tax goes to republican senators orgies-in-Asia fund
Both of Mississippi's Republican senators endorsed the judge who shredded the MS marriage amendment.
Translation: Read letter to on Iran nuclear negotiations by 43 Republican Senators
naw it's solved, Fox News said the new Republican Senators cured it.
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