Republican Senator & Richard Mourdock

Richard E. Mourdock (born October 8, 1951) is an American politician. He is currently serving as the 53rd Treasurer of State of the U.S. 1.3/5

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Richard Mourdock is a Republican Senator from Indiana and for those who haven’t heard, he has made some very controversial statements about rape that not only call into question his ability to understand, or even care for, the rights, problems and issues of literally half the population he is attempting to govern, but also demonstrate a complete inability to think with any logic, reason or proper continuity you would expect and hope for from a public official. With those comments, he not only demeans, insults and disparages all women, but inadvertently reveals a major flaw in his line of thinking, showing he cannot possibly take his ‘sources’ (i.e. The Bible) seriously. Just for fun, I’m going to use a little thing called logic and attempt to think for myself on the subject. Mourdock, a pro-life supporter, is against abortions even in the case of rape. It’s bad enough Todd Akin (Republican, Missouri) believes a woman’s body will shut down the reproductive process in the advent of a “real rap ...
Republican Mitt Romney's campaign says he still supports Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock after Mourdock said "God intended" pregnancies that result from rape, but the campaign has not asked Mourdock to take down a TV ad featuring Romney.
Republican Sen. John McCain is again backing Indiana's Richard Mourdock after the Senate candidate explained his...
Republican Senator Marco Rubio on his friend, Richard Mourdock "I think the candidate, Treasurer Mourdock, was right to apologize to anyone who was offended and I think he was right to where he stood on it. It's unfortunate it happened." He thinks it was right where he stood on it??? An endorsement. These men must be stopped
During a a press conference today, U.S. Senate candidate Richard Mourdock (R-IN) apologized for the way his comment that pregnancies resulting from ra
thank you Indiana Republicans. You just made it easier for the Democrats to pick up a seat in the Senate because your 6 term Republican Senator wasn't Conservative enough. Your new Republican nominee says that Bi-partisanship should only work one way... Democrats following Republicans. Richard Mourdock clearly doesn't understand the meaning of the word bi-partisan which is fitting because Indiana Republicans clearly don't understand that you don't mess with something that isn't broken. Thanks for the seat Indiana. -Love, The Democratic Party
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