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Republican Senate

The Senate Republican Conference is the formal organization of the Republican Senators in the United States Senate, who currently number 47. Over the last century, the mission of the Conference has expanded and been shaped as a means of informing the media of the opinions and activities of Senate Republicans.

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Republican Senate campaign committee says Roy Moore should be expelled from the Senate if he runs and wins:
Republican Senate reminds me of the Treachery & Betrayal in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, "Et tu, Brute? Then fall,…
US President Donald Trump says Republican Senate hopeful Roy Moore should “step aside” and withdraw from his race...
Trump, Jeff Sessions and a bought out Republican Senate and Congress by Robert Me…
Mitt Romney coming out and joining in the left's smears of a Republican Senate candidate is disqualifying. The peop…
Daily Beast: Senate Democrats on the Foreign Relations Committee have been privately investigating Russian meddling in Ea…
Nobody does a fast, thorough, intensive tax bill explainer like
Stocks fell sharply on Thursday after the Washington Post reported that the Senate Republican tax plan would delay the cut…
Not only is there room in the Republican tent for a serial sexual assaulter (but there also appears to r…
Dials 1-800-Tip-Mont. "I'd like to report a poacher, he's at the Republican Senate Debate, the Californian. Yeah, Downin…
Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore accused of sexually assaulting teen girl
A fake a$$ Republican doesn’t belong in the Senate.Retire already Snowflake
Predictable, McConnell calls on Judge Roy Moore to step aside. Roy Moore's win was a blow to Mitch McConnell whose allies…
"Hi guys, it's me, Roy Moore! I'm running for U.S. Senate, but that's ok, because in the grand scheme of things, it…
Do you believe the Republican Party deserves to keep its majorities in the House and the Senate?
Prior to the scandal, Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate in Alabama, was leading in the polls by just 6%. In a stat…
It's 2017 and the fate of the US Senate depends on whether Republicans are willing to put a child molester in office jus…
Mitch McConnell calls on Roy Moore to exit Alabama Senate race ‘if these allegations are true’.
Senator McCain, there is only one Senator that has a proven record that indicates they need to step down…
Republican Roy Moore is a PEDOPHILE! He needs to drop out of the Alabama Senate Race and go to prison.
Only disqualifying if true; and no way to prove it. Step aside on an allegation? That's so wrong. Wa…
So, so confused by the GOP approach to taxes. Neither the Senate or House bills are remotely close to passable under the Byrd…
Roy Moore has proven himself to be homophobic, islamophobic, a denier of basic science, & ignorant of the laws governing our…
Trump, his whole cabinet and the entire Republican senate caucus could all be found dead from heroin overdoses in a Russian…
What's in the Senate Republicans' tax bill via
Mitch McConnell and chorus of Republican senators call on Roy Moore to step aside in Alabama Senate race
The Republican Party can remove Roy Moore from this Senate race. If they decide not to, the GOP is explicitly condoning the ac…
Important to understand that this Senate Republican line — “If it’s true, Roy Moore should step aside” — is total B.S. He’s…
Alabama Republicans electing Moore to the Senate and Republicans there and elsewhere defending his molestation of a 14 ye…
Republicans will be destined to lose significantly, if this Roy Moore gets elected to the Senate in…
Republican candidate Roy Moore (now accused of serial sexual assault and pedophilia) was hoping the Democrats would take…
Breast Cancer Awareness
1/2. "Bannon’s current obsession is to blow up Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Republican Senate incumbents . whom he regards
Extraordinary: Bob Corker says nearly every Republican Senate colleague agrees that Trump is unstable, dangerous, and unf…
Nothing this Republican Senate has done is anywhere near as bad as the time Democrats used the Cornhusker Kickback to defeat Robert Bork.
"I thank Democratic and Republican leaders from the House and Senate who have worked hard to get this budget done." —President Obama
nbd just the White House trashing the Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Come on creating a 51 vote NOW! It was my great Republican Senate Democrats ever with an uproar in years, wages raising,
The Republican Party continues to spiral out of control.
“Kelly is the only thing saving America right now,” a Senate Republican aide says
Cole quips to an attendee: “Any House member, Democrat or Republican, can agree with you if you want to criticize the United States Senate.”
Trump again bashes the Republican leaders in Congress he needs to pass his agenda: Senate…
"Applying the historical averages to [2018] would result — drumroll please — in a net party change of…zero seats." https:…
I totally agree. The Republican Senate caucus betrayed their promises to the American people.
I mean even Jeb! Could have pushed SOMETHING through a Republican house and senate by now.
Trump berated multiple Republican senators in phone calls, mostly about Russian sanctions & the probes
Crystal Ball: Full Senate update and ratings changes
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
AL Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore has said he doesn't believe Obama is a natural-born citizen.
Politico: Trump chewed out Republican senators over their Mueller protection bill and Russia sanctions bill.
is taking Dean Heller in Nevada. Heller (like every other Republican in the Sen…
If Republican Senate doesn't get rid of the Filibuster Rule & go to a simple majority, which the Dems would do, they a…
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says there's 'zero chance, no chance, we won’t raise the debt ceiling.'
Republican Senate hopeful in Alabama says "you could say that" re: America being the center of evil in the world.
If only the Republican Senate was not all hot air, the American people and conservative…
Mitch McConnell is a failed leader of the Republican Senate, & needs to be replaced if he cannot get Obamacare repealed. He's had 8 years!
THIS is what the Republican Senate wants for Louisiana.
Kathleen Sebelius and the Republican Senate's Obamacare repeal bill took centerstage at
The whole Republican Senate has been called to the White House at 4pm today. Take ur jackets off we're getting this thing do…
The fight's not over. Let's give the Republican Senate a whole weekend of watching their House counterparts get eaten th…
The Republican President is threatening the Republican House & the Republican Senate with a govt shutdown.
Lindsey Graham is a Democrat hiding behind a badge of a Republican Senate seat. He needs to be impeached
Earl Warren was the only Supreme Court Justice nominated by a Republican President & confirmed by a Republican Senate be…
America did listen to Corretta Scott King regarding Sessions but the Republican Senate members did not
US Senator Marco Rubio is doing re. Russia what his Republican Senate colleague Ted Cruz did re. Chinese embassy in…
VP-elect has entered the Republican Senate caucus lunch in the
Utah, join the rest of the new Republican Senate majority!
Only 8 Republican Senate seats are up for election in 2018, compared to 25 Democrat seats
Also -- there wasn't even a Republican Senate candidate in California -- another disincentive for Reps not to even…
The 114th Congress has been BAD. Republican Senate leadership is trying to rig the federal courts. Period. Time to
A former Louisiana Democrat is expected to be the next Republican Senate hellraiser via
1. I don't think y'all get this. Republican President, Republican House, Republican Senate. What will be a conservativ…
But not if you're Democratic President asking for "consent" for a Supreme Court justice from a Republican Senate.
Toomey is now ahead in PA-SEN. My God, it could be that the only Republican Senate incumbent to lose tonight is Mark Kirk
If Trump wins, he will have a Republican House and a Republican Senate.
A Republican Senate looking more likely, especially after Evan Bayh's loss in Indiana
In a Hillary Presidency with Republican Senate, when is the next SCOTUS floor vote?
Is he Republican or Democrat? We desperately need to keep the house and senate controlled by the Republican conserv…
Yes, and I've said before that Obama outfoxed them with that I'm not a Senate Republican so that's no help
NB: Republican James Comey has pursued Clinton since he was deputy special counsel to the Senate Whitewater C…
Video Lesson re shameful obstructionist & As the Muslim Gold...
If she lose, she loses. If she wins, there's not a republican in the house or senate that going to work with her on ANYTHING
We need to keep that senate seat a Republican seat. Let Evan go back to his 2 Multi million dollar Homes in DC
Paul, Gray clash over Supreme Court in US Senate debate: Republican U.S. Sen. Rand Paul says he "can't imagin...
We need the WH, Senate and House. Vote straight Republican.
I know we have a do nothing Republican House and Senate your naming of these LG cities says alot abt you. The ppl in Kansas care.
Not even a single Republican running for US Senate this year in Klownifornia.
Darn it they're my Republican Senate and its hard for me to stay mad at em
you have your Republican Senate to blame for that. Think before you type.
Fallout from Kirk's comment weakens bid for 2nd Senate term: Republican U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois is entering…
Republican terrorist. He should pay for this with his Senate seat.
Comey is Republican. I'm sure he was pressured b/c the Senate & Supreme Court Justices are at stake & GOP will go as l…
This year showcases the worst group of Senate candidates ever
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not with a Republican house and senate
.flailing - because they’re failing the Trump test. Total lack of leadership from
O's accomplishments= turning over the House & Senate to Republican and the greatest gun salesman of all time.
Poll shows Republican Reps. unlikely to make Louisiana runoff
Let's not just vote for Hillary, but also provide her the opportunity to govern. Let's send this obst…
If Missourians, both Republican & Democrat & Independent want to CHANGE how WA works then you cannot send Roy Blunt back 2 the Senate
MORE: Kasich voted Republican down remainder of ballot, and Kasich for America made maximum contribution to all competitiv…
The Republican House and Senate has failed the American middle class and this country and should never be elected to office again
How about this Truth if Congress and Senate Republican control for 6years would Change the Tax laws the poor could do better
Ladies and gentleman, the Republican chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Senator Richard of North Carolina. Unfit to serve in United States Senate, but will he serve time for sedition?.
trump has already ruined the Republican Party. Thanks to him, dems might take back the senate. You sound ridiculous right now
More from Kasich spox: Kasich voted straight-ticket Republican after McCain write-in, maxed out in key Senate races. https…
"I assume Senate Democrats are peeing in their pants right now," the surrogate said. "The [Republican] ads are... https…
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If I were I would challenge in the Republican Senate primary. Chaffetz' vote for Trump shows he's unfit.
Why a Republican Senate would create a constitutional crisis if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency
A tumultuous day in the life of a Republican Senate candidate
GOP Senators bought by people that can't even vote for them. Here comes the Republican Senate super PAC blitz
Can't trust Republican Senate! NRSC Ad misleads in attack about Patrick Murphy in Florida via
Weekly address: Biden and federal judge blast Republican Senate for leaving SCOTUS vacancy open
he is one man not an army of 1. Smh Try looking at the Republican Senate's Sins.😑
Considering that a Republican Senate would confirm her, I think not. But I would love to see Ted Cruz question her in a hearing.
Wonder if American Police Associations will now begin lobbying their Republican Senate reps to stop accepting funding.
...these generals and admirals, this Republican Senate majority leader there's no way we would've won WWII. No Way.
Republican Senate candidate from North Carolina thinks Orlando massacre victims "deserved it".
Boulder County Democrats are in Shock over the Republican Senate to do anything about gun violence
What's going on? Republican Senate candidates advocate new ways to increase… Get found ->
"Republican Senate candidates advocate new ways to increase funding for Colorado ...
Republican Senate candidates to debate one week before election
Palm Beach Atlantic University to host Republican Senate debate in August | Post On Politics
Conservative isn't what we have in Republican Senate or Congress . BIG MONEY AND SPECIAL INTEREST. TIME FOR CHANGE. TAKE IT BACK.
A Republican Senate and House can't even get Hillary on emails and Benghazi. How are they going to impeach her...
declared winner of Republican Senate primary. RESULTS:
Who's going to stop him, the Republican House, or Republican Senate? Or the Supreme Court, whose vacant seat he gets to fill?
Discouraged over the Presidential race? Find your favorite vulnerable Republican Senate candidate and donate to them directly.
.wins the Republican Senate primary in Indiana
BREAKING: Former state Rep. Jon Keyser fails to qualify for the Republican Senate primary in Colorado (via
.526 days since the Republican takeover of Congress & Senate - Where are the JOBS???
I don't blame them the way senate and house are run budget Obama care nothing to write home about no more republican
Then we vote against every republican running for Senate or the House. They won't have a majority & maybe they will hear us
Republican and senate will not survive or have a future depending on the outcome of nomination, not a threat the truth.
The US Republican Congress & Senate(?) have the Grover Norqvist 'pledge' to follow...
This Republican U.S. Senate/SOS candidate forum last night sounds like a good time:
in order for him to do that we need to keep the senate. We need every Republican to come out and vote. Remember Romney?
Long time ago. And the voters decided in 2014 to send a Republican majority to the Senate to check Obama
. Republican obstructionists need to go home!. Democrats will win back Senate and more... They caused all of this?
Mike Lee provokes leadership showdown: The Utah Republican isn't backing away from his challenge for ...
The Senate can advise and consent but that requires the whole Senate to have a say. Not just the Republican Leadership
Senate Republican members in Executive committee asking about numbers behind education funding reform proposal. Numbers not yet available.
UT Sen. Mike Lee says he wants to run for chair of the Senate Republican Policy Committee
Why would the Republican Senate confirm a Supreme Court nomination from Obama before his term ends?
Since 1977, Congress has used 173 temporary spending bills to fund. govt. for 1/2 the year.
WASHINGTON - Republican leaders are lauding an aviation policy bill before the Senate as the most passenger friendly
Fiorina endorses Stutzman for Senate - Former Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina has endorsed the U.
"FreedomWorks, a Koch spinoff, and Heritage Action are thrilled at the idea of Lee in leadership." .
Thank you & for calling out on their blatant attack.
Merrick Garland is hitting a brick wall with Senate Republicans | AP
.Republican strife and disarray rears its head in the Senate
Senate Democrats want changes to House Republican bill on Puerto Rico
Republican Senate candidate says that Earthquakes are caused by
Is the gun lobby running the Republican Senate?
Gov. Walker to lawmakers: We need a new tax this year: Walker's letter comes after Republican Senate leaders r...
Newspapers: Republican Senate is obligated to get to work on ➜
The possible GOP presidential nominee is trying to damage the Republican Senate candidate in Kentucky.
Exactly. Now it's Republican Senate leadership talking for their entire caucus. Not the same as one guy saying something once.
“We’re just going to have to come to terms with it,” Trent Lott, the former Republican Senate majority leader
Scalia was confirmed 98-0, by a Republican Senate. Democrats on the Judiciary Committee did not oppose him. Judiciary Chair? Joe Biden.
Add you all with McConnell, Ryan, a majority of the Republican Senate& House have all sided with Obama.
Republican Senate caucus elects Sen. Collamore as new minority whip after Sen. McAllister reluctantly steps down
The Leader of the Republican Senate is a typical lib! .
67 Federal judgeships open. Republican Senate refusing to confirm, waiting until 2017 to stack the bench.
Read about the latest Republican Senate hopeful in Colorado: a sheriff with a grassroots following
How Heidi Heitkamp could save the Republican Senate majority -
NRA using to intro bill that would give easy access to guns for seriously mentally ill? Really?
The Republican Disagreement About What Governing Means: The idea that the Senate Republicans have accepted is ...
Another bill in the Senate: Here's one prominent Republican's plan to curb mass shootings
Chairman Eric Holcomb, new Republican candidate for Senate in Indiana:.
Changes to IL workers comp laws proposed by the state Senate may not be enough for Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner:
Why won't republican leaders in the House and Senate vote on rising the minimum wage in Congress, Is 7.25 reasonable?
First up is state Rep. Marsha Haefner, an Oakville Republican who burst onto the Missouri political scene in 2010...
GOP senator stands out as truly undecided lawmaker on Iran deal: Jeff Flake is the sole Senate Republican stil...
Commonsense policy like the EPMA moves America toward a cleaner energy future without breaking the family budgets -
Flake stands out as truly undecided Republican on backing Obama on Iran nuclear deal
Update: Rename of court in Helena advances: John Boozman, a Republican from Rogers, spoke on the Senate...
Republican leaders in the House and Senate on Tuesday signaled they would move forward together in September with resolutions to
Senate blocks Republican bill to cut aid for abortion provider, setting ...
Leading GOP senator offers NRA-backed bill on guns and treating mental illness
The Week in Review: Sen. Sanders calls for Medicare-for-all & rebukes Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood http:…
📝 Republican Senate kicks off 2016 with a vote to defund . http:…
GOP lawmakers to launch first strike targeting Planned Parenthood funding
I know that sounds like a put down, it's not. We've been shafted by the new Republican Senate, SCOTUS, & even fellow Conservatives. Trust?
Ted Cruz Goes to Senate Floor to Call GOP Leader a Liar - ABC News
GOP effort to defund Planned Parenthood stalls
She'll face Joe Sestak for the right to challenge Republican incumbent Pat Toomey.
Republican effort to strip Planned Parenthood funding stalls in Senate
selling out gun owners again. You need to join the The only national no compromise gun lobby.
Republicans who voted “nay” are Illinois Republican Mark Kirk and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.
No. 2 Senate Republican proposing gun background check bill; backed by the .
Senate Dems just blocked a Republican bill to defund Planned Parenthood. Why do they want to defund it? These videos
No. 2 Senate Republican to offer bill on gun background checks:
Senate to exit Washington for summer break: WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Senate's top Republican has pulled the plug...
Santorum is right. He was the Senate's 3rd ranking republican and finished 2nd to Romney last time. …
No Support for Taxes: The Alabama Senate remains divided over the issue of taxes.  Republican Senate leader Del…
“And your Republican Senate just confirmed Loretta Lynch, ensuring that the Clintons will not be prosecuted, in...
One goes through the news of the day; We have the Republican Senate majority leader saying there will be no...
Can Eric Holcomb, the classic GOP insider, win the Republican Senate nomination in Indiana?.
“This needs to get done,” Obama says, urging Republican Senate leaders to pass USA Freedom Act
We may end up with a filibuster-proof Republican Senate at loggerheads with Hillary in the White House. That may be best available scenario.
6 times the new Republican Senate showed it's putting extreme politics ahead of working families:
A Republican senator female stood up in front of the Senate and explained how women shouldn't have power.. How were you elected😂
Republican John McCain threw our next Attorney General Loretta Lynch under the bus after previously defending her.
Bernie Sanders Rips The Republican Rich-Get-Richer Budget Go get them, Bernie, we're with you. http:…
Federal Budget is About Our VALUES Thanks for standing up to Republican ideologues htt…
Republican Budgets in Both House and the Senate Add to Military Spending
Republican Budgets in Both House & Senate Add to Military Spending An e.g of & governing style
(BLEEPing) Republican Gangster Thugs straight from the bowels of *** (BLEEPING Mutha BLEEPERS) GET EM OUT OF HERE!
Sign a petition to Senate Democrats, demanding they reject Republican efforts to blow up diplomacy.
Trillion Dollar Fraudsters. Proposed Republican budgets in the House & Senate have trillion-dollar magic asterisks~
Hey did you ask Cornyn, Graham, et al. how they plan to pay for this additional spending?
Re last RT: Look at all the copyright infringement by the (Republican-controlled) Senate Judiciary Committee!
Two months into the Republican majority, the new Senate looks an awful lot like the old Senate:
We did NOT elect a Republican majority to the Senate to give Obama everything he wants! Boehner works for the Dems! PULL HIM OUT of there!
WATCH: Why the Senate Republican Budget is “a roadmap towards greater inequality:”
if you think new rule will further restrict American production.
With Loretta Lynch’s confirmation still stalled in the Senate, former New York Mayor and one-time Republican...
Between Putin and Obama, The enemy of your enemy is your enemy which is Netanyahu who betrayed Morsy & John McCain too in Republican Senate.
Republican Senate now rushing to confirm Loretta Lynch they are scared AG Eric Holder will just arrest them like he should.…
Utah's Republican-controlled Senate has rejected a bill…
Iran Foreign Minister suprised Senate Republicans are "not fully cognizant of the nuances of their own Constitution" http:…
Am I crazy, or are Senate Republicans? Has this kind of undermining ever been done by Democrats to a Republican president?
“When a treaty to which Senate has advised & consented is returned" to POTUS he may “simply decide not to ratify".
foreign minister schools the treasonous 47 Senate on international law:
How is that Senate lunch going to go tomorrow at the Senate Foreign Ministry, I mean Republican Conference
Senate Republicans' letter to Iran draws furious response from White House, Democrats:
Website Builder 728x90
Republican Senators are basically savaging the US body-politic.
Are you trucking kidding me. Can the Republican Party get in lower?. How in the world are these Senate...
Senate GOPers are so ridiculous & propagandistic that they've managed to give Iran the high ground. http:…
life-long republican here. But I'm done voting for you. You're liars & failures.
47 sabotage talks with Iran, move closer to midnight
US Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has rebuked Republican senators for embarrassing President
responds to the letter with a lesson on International law and the U.S. constitution.
Incredible. Republican senators write to Iran behind Obam's back in attempt to kill nuclear deal. via
In translation, Senate Republicans will fight hard to keep war with Iran from being taken off the table.
every member of Republican senate leadership *signed* the letter
Iran Foreign Minister: Senate Republicans "do not understand international law"
To Cotton-sticking Senate GOP: If Ds had done under a Republican POTUS what you did today, you would have been the first…
Vice President Biden, veteran of the Senate, out with a blistering rebuke of Republican letter to advising against a nu…
So now that the Republican House has funded abortion 2011-2015 & the Republican Senate has funded abortion in 2015, how do I vote pro-life?
and some parts of China, among others. And now, under our Republican-dominated House and Senate, anything perceived as opening our land to
Sen. Rand Paul speaks at Alabama Republican Party dinner in Montgomery
Republican run House & Senate...who cares? Obama and his agencies run the government.
Please remember that most of us are not *** or didn't you see that memo? Senate turns Republican?
About the climate cover-up Koch World,Republican Senate,Congressman committed to blowing up U.S.,but die rich
Under the current Republican leadership in the US House and Senate, Statehood for Puerto Rico is Dead. Its time for other options..
(Vote for more women politicians!) Women in Congress found to be better at bipartisan agreements -
.the 4th ranking member in the Senate Republican leadership, is in the Hall of Fame!
In a surprise announcement, the Republican leader of the state Senate says he will schedule a vote for next week...
The Republican Senate passed more bills in its first month than the Democratic Senate did in two years under Harry Rieds leadership.
Agreed. Focus needs to be on a conservative republican for President and retaining the Senate.
Watch and pay close attention, then know that Members voted 8-4 to pass Senate Bill 262 Republican Sens. Doug...
Alabama Republican State Senate Leader turns back on Religious Freedom Restoration Act SB129 & votes it down against Republican supporters!
"Well, you know God created man first," the South Carolina Republican told the only woman in the state Senate.
Has the Republican wing of the Democratic Party captured Florida Democrats? Can Alan Grayson save the party?
ICD10 is not a partisan issue. Doesn't matter if u r republican or democrat.
And our other winnable choices are. (with the House and Senate in Republican control, I'm a bit risk averse)
Republican Lawmakers are Introducing a Bill to Make Wis. a Right-to-work State.: The debate over whether to ma...
Republican leaders look for escape plan on immigration
Rick Brinkley is a Republican politician from Oklahoma who is serving as a member of the Oklahoma Senate.
6 Republican and 4 Democratic senators write to on the need to arm more sanctions on
Senator Kelvin Atkinson said to his republican colleagues on the senate floor today "we won't be bullied, we...
Why Democrats Fear Compromise on the DHS Funding Fight: The Republican Senate majority is due in part to the d...
Chair on draft regs 4 energy activities in Chukchi & Beaufort Seas...
Fresno Republican Estrada says he’ll seek Boxer’s U.S. Senate seat: John Estrada is no stranger to politics, or the…
Happy birthday to the leader of the new Republican Senate, Mitch McConnell.
is setting up the American people for a turbulent tax season.
“Our Republican leader of the Senate… starts looking at the jobs numbers, and says: ‘You know, it’s been better...
Under the Republican Senate, there have been more amendment votes in January than Reid allowed in all of 2014.
Obama hears about the Republican House calling out the Republican Senate: .
Racist Jesse Helms, Republican Senate from North Carolina. America do your research. Ted Cruz loves this man.
Liberals loving the "I won both of them" line. But a weird thing to say to a new Republican Senate and largest GOP House majo…
Despite President Obama’s intention to veto, the Republican House passed a bill on January 9th to approve the Keystone XL pipeline. 28 House Democrats voted with them. On January 12th, the Republican Senate followed suit—and 10 Democrats (plus independent Angus King) sided with Big Oil. The legislat…
DEMAND PRESIDENT OBAMA STOP THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE NOW !The new US Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnel has said: "The new Republican Senate will take up the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline as its first order of business"*The Senate and the House are prepared to vote on the Keystone Pipeline NOW…
What’s ahead from the Republican Senate? Pay no attention to their soothing rhetoric about "cooperation" and "compromise." Here are three concrete initiatives we’ve learned about so far: (1) Mitch McConnell says the Republican Senate will seek to strike elements of the Affordable Care Act, like its tax on medical devices, the mandate requiring individuals to buy insurance or pay a penalty, and the definition of full-time work as 30 hours a week. (2) South Dakota Sen. John Thune, expected to chair the Commerce Committee, says one of the first orders of business will be to approve the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. (3) Thune also says the Republican Senate will challenge the president’s executive actions on immigration by de-funding a portion of the Department of Homeland Security, which runs out of money in February. Obama will veto these, of course -- which will put a small handful of Democratic senators into the catbird seat, able to extract from the White House whatever they want to pre ...
The new Republican majority will make the Senate respectable again via
Sen. Mark Kirk said In January the has “a shot at” a “veto-proof majority” vote on increasing for
‘We’re Going to Get It Done,’ Romney Says of Immigration Action in Republican-Led Senate  
Hiram Rhodes Revels, Republican & 1st African American to serve in the U.S. Senate, & in the U.S. Congress overall.
The Republican congressman pushed out the incumbent senator, boosting the GOP majority in the Senate.
Mitch McConnell said approving Keystone XL will be at the of top house agenda in January
The president meets the leader of the forthcoming Republican-run Senate
AAN: If the Republican party line is to believed, the GOP took over the Senate in the...
In a few weeks, veteran Utah Republican Orrin Hatch will become chair of the Senate Finance Committee
Yes it was started during the Eisenhower admin. Opposed by Democrats until a Republican senate passed it in the 60's.
True, but CAN we? We voted an all Republican Congress and Senate and they already have sold us out, even before they are in office
First job for new Republican Senate is Keystone XL - Grand Forks Herald
Republican has two role models for Senate majority leader: both are Democrats.
Great values,the bible, but do not practice anything with UR brother & sister
I wish at least all the Republican members of the House and Senate would turn their backs on Obama like the NY cops have done to de Blasio!
The question that must be answered by Republican House & Senate members! Is your leadership in Obama's pocket?
Obama fiinished the year 2014 very well, stealing the thunder from Republican winning Senate: Cuba normalization.
Early signs the Republican Senate could embrace Sally Quillian Yates at DOJ -
.& on Will Senate Dems stand for diplomacy or w/ Republican war hawks?
US Senate will vote on Iran sanctions: Hawkish Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has announced that t...
women cheering for a Republican Senate majority makes my insides twitch.
Will the UFT's tax proposal pass the Republican Senate? Odds may not be in their favor
From a former Republican Senate majority leader to an incoming one, Trent Lott has this advice for Mitch McConnell:…
Good news. Chuck Hagel is out as Secretary of Defense, or will be as soon as a successor is nominated and confirmed. Let's hope that any effort by the Republican Senate to block the confirmation of...
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