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BREAKING: Republican Rep. Joe Barton says he will not seek re-election after a nude photo & explicit text he sent were posted o…
RW: Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn, one of the bills co-sponsors, doubled down today on a vow to blow the lid off…
Thank you Senator Martin Heinrich , I would have hoped that Republican Rep. Steve Pearce would have done the same but…
Republican Rep. Joe Barton apologizes for a nude selfie, admitting in a statement that he "had sexual relationships with othe…
Republican Rep. Susan Martin will NOT run again in 2018. Her current district (8) covers parts of…
Three Democratic candidates who hope to challenge Republican Rep. Tom McClintock will be in South tonight. htt…
Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger: If Roy Moore wins, Senate should expel him
Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger on Roy Moore: " I think the Senate should say that they will refuse to seat him, or in fac…
Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger calls for Roy Moore to step aside immediately and says the Senate should expel Moore if he…
BREAKING, Republican Rep. Bob Goodlatte, the term-limited chairman of the powerful House Judiciary Committee Will Step do…
Texas Republican Rep. Jeb Hensarling says he will not seek re-election in 2018
Called my Republican rep today. Staff got a tad defensive. Shut up when I told him I plugged in my taxes from last year, wil…
Bernie was the amendment king during his time in a majority republican…
Then why can’t you be a Republican that is disgusted by an administration bringing our enemies into o…
I'm running against Tea Party Republican Rep. Mimi Walters in which Hillary won by 5.4%. Help me unseat her.
8. Diebold's other lobbyist in DC was REPUBLICAN DiStefano, former chief of staff to REPUBLICAN Rep. Ney.
Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: "One of the best decisions I made was not endorsing Trump."
Female lawmakers allege harassment by colleagues in House: . For years, Republican Rep. Mary Bono endured the incr…
Republican Rep. Paul Gosar calls CNN 'fake news' when questioned about conspiracy theories, then flees.
I don't understand what they're afraid of. If my Republican rep defied Trump, I would not only vote for…
The part of comment is how out of sync the Republican House of Rep. and Senate are with the Pres.'s agenda. Another…
Interesting remark. Republican Rep. Mark Meadows on Corker: "It's easy to be bold when you're not coming back.".
“We’re going to have insurance for everybody.” - The Republican Party doesn’t care about healthcar…
Republican breaks with Trump over health subsidies cut
Rep Blackburn bullying into spreading lies is right out of the anti-choice playbook.
Its not for not following him, its simply fighting back aga…
Old guard,new guard, Feinstein is the Ds avante guard. Collins must stay,a Rep.’s Republican.Makes us stronger in a…
Republican Rep. Perry is "Exhibit A" of why the GOP is so vile, so cruel, so heartless and so loathed! Screw him and his ilk!
Let M&M the *** be the singer rep. The democrats,you ensure the republican presidency ’ - via
Republican Turncoats Introduce Anti-Gun Law! . you can't trust rep not to infringe on your
In case anyone cares your REPUBLICAN HOUSE REP ROD BLUM voted against aid to the s…
Indiana Rep drafts bill to require journalists to be ‘licensed’ after Trump threatens NBC Licensed with state police
REP. Adam Kinzinger might be Republican but he can take me on date anytime 😛
Take Note: Republican Rep who knows who is to blame for making health care less affordable.
Or GOP congressmen about predatory GOP congressman. .
"State Rep. Jim Lucas, a Republican from Seymour, says professional journalists should need licenses to report in...
& what he has done w/ withdraw from UNESCO, Paris Accord-pretty typical DoD a republican administratio…
Pro-"life" Republican congressman urges his mistress to get an abortion. See, it's okay if "we" do it.
At least Republican Rep. Tim Murphy had the strength to resign. Unlike, the morally corrupt Democrat Sens. Menendez & Maria…
👉🏻So many Democrats criminals. They need to go to jail. Needs special prosecutor. A republican with 20 Rep lawyer htt…
Speaking of not being fit for office - this predator still "serving".
Hardworking families and American companies need tax reform that grows paychecks & the economy.
As he sticks it to a fair number of Republican voters. Sure Rep senators & representatives are…
I read, about 5 yrs, how *** poor organization of the Local Politi…
Investigators allege insider trading by Rep. Chris Collins Hallmark of a republican
GOP Rep brought Holocaust denier to Capitol meeting who claimed Auschwitz was just "swimming pools."
Trump said, during the Republican campaign the Constitution was obsolete go f…
Pro-life Republican Rep. Tim Murphy allegedly urged the woman he was having an affair with to get an abortion.
Republican Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) uses audio from the congressional baseball practice shooting in a new campaign ad for hi…
Dahl previously served as an assistant to former Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota. Say no more...
Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz proposes $2,500 housing stipend for members of Congress
Republican Rep. Steve Scalise has been released from the intensive care unit
Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz: On transparency, there's not much difference between Trump and Obama administrations
Republican Rep. Mark Sanford on Morning Joe: Trump is "at least partially to blame" for "demons that have have been unleashed"
Republican Rep. Mark Sanford says President Trump is partly to blame for the division in this country
Republican Rep. Ron Desantis of Florida was in the phone with Fox and Friends and told them HE was approached & asked.
Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy is tapped to lead the House oversight committee
Some strong words from Republican Rep. Walter Jones (N.C.) in this story re: funding for Afghanistan…
Republican Rep. Dave Brat was met with boos from the crowd at a town hall over health care, Comey and Russia
Republican Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers explains her support for Trumpcare, even though she has a son with a...
Republican Rep. Collins (R-NY) admits he didn't read health care bill he voted for & was unaware it decimated coverage for…
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
"Republican Rep. Warren Davidson of Ohio, the tea partier who replaced former House Speaker John Boehner,...
CO Republican Rep. Coffman pummeled at town hall over GOP Obamacare repeal makes national news
And in Missouri, the Republican Rep's are refusing to meet with us. The Dem has town halls scheduled all over the state.
Republican Rep. Scott Wagner of Pa. is science stupid
Republican Rep. Bradley Byrne speaks with reporters after the House GOP health care bill is pulled
Republican Rep. Nunes shows everybody that he is Trump's inside man (Stoolie) Chairman of investigative Committee, rat of the House
I just heard former Republican Rep. David Jolly. You should hear him also so you can learn something.
BREAKING: Senate confirms Republican Rep. *** Mulvaney of South Carolina as director of White House budget office.
"Do your job!": Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz was met with boos and chants at a town hall in Salt Lake City
Republican Rep. Darryl Issa said yesterday we all must make the President he helped Obama, right? Hypocrite ***
Will Trump back new effort to grant residency to immigrants who join the military?: Republican Rep. Jeff Denham of…
Colorado's Republican Rep, Mike Coffman, came out against the amendment. Kudos!!
Republican Rep. Sam Johnson leads charge to overhaul Social Security by way of cuts and a higher retirement age. . https…
Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock of Virginia urges Trump to drop out of race - The Washington Post
"I’m going to vote for the Libertarian candidate.” - Republican Rep. Scott Rigell
Nat'l Democrats are running a tough new ad linking Republican Rep. Erik Paulsen to Donald Trump. But is it true? |
Republican Rep. Scott Rigell is voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson for president over his party's nominee, Trump.
GOP Rep:concerns over Clinton, grave concerns over Trump: Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger
- HB 2537 sponsor Republican Rep. J.D. Mesnard admitted his idea would not be nearly as appealing if a Democrat were governor.
National Republican Sen Comm said Rep Tammy Duckworth who lost both legs in Iraq "has a sad record of not standing up for our Veterans" SMFH
Rep. leader admits he altered documents to frame Hillary Clinton on Benghazi via PUT GOWDY IN JAIL
Republican government like Nero with his fiddle on roads, lead in pipes, and now Detroit public schools.
Trump becomes Rep nominee then, only DNC is able to define the Republican Party
& Kev those are your supporters Rep & Hillary followers.You would be a better Reporter for the Republican TeaParty Times!
Finally a voice of reason from the Republican party. And is what every Rep should fear.
In other words a true Conservative REPUBLICAN! shld not B On the ticket!
Rep. Romrell (Republican-District 35) and Hillary Clinton agree, government should be able to limit your magazine...
.Correction needed. Rep. Witt is not a Republican.
Rep. Pingree has lost touch with our district
Republican ad blasts Pingree for Cuba trip
Republican Rep. Chris Gibson says he won't be in the 2018 New York governor's race.
Never said PBP are republican I haven't met 1 rep voting for them wish SF had as much venom for the Brits, STAY FOCUSED
if i was a republican i would tell bernie supporters to vote Rep. Because hillary stole primary /superdeligates
"We urge MO Republicans to support who will be our Republican nominee for -https:/…
BREAKING: Expect announcement from Republican State Rep. that she's dropping her bid for Congress in
is making a mockery of the Republican party. wants to be Rep. Cruz, appears to want out.
Rep. Charles McCall was elected Monday as the House Republican Caucus’ speaker-designate for the 2017-18...
Republican Rep. Chris Gibson says he won't run for governor in 2018
WNYT Rep. Gibson will not run for NY governor in 2018 Washington Times ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - Republican Rep. Chris…
Rep. Chris Gibson rules out 2018 gubernatorial run: Republican Congressman Chris Gibson has ruled…
Cruz, has his facts all wrong, the Republican establishment created the economy fall out, Bush admin, Rep controlled Senate blocked Obama.
Rep. Gibson Won't For Governor: New York Congressman Chris Gibson, a Republican from the 19th district who is…
Congratulations to the next Speaker of the Oklahoma House - Rep. Charles McCall! The Republican Caucus met this...
A less generous Cruz might have responded, "No, Chuck - Republican voters are rejecting NBC"
Republican Rep. concerned that bill lets operators work during vetting process by state agency.
NAACP political forum about to start at senior center. District 54 state rep republican candidates up first.
"Only 1 Republican in the MN Legislature has said on record that they believe climate change is real and impacted by humans." Rep. Hortman
Trump against the rep party...hmmm...perhaps because Trump is not republican. Certainly not conservative.
Wisconsin Republican Presidential Primary WI voters sick & tired of politics as usual
Rep. Don Young speaking to Capital City Republicans and Capital City Republican Women at t…
I hope the VP pick at the hung convention is like some Republican state rep who gives a good speech to the delegates after 40 ballots
Rep. Is the proper abbreviation for Representative, rep is short for republican
✅ US Rep. Charlie Dent has stayed out of the mud fight
One week after becoming a Republican, Rep. Karen MacBeth says she's running for Congress against David Cicilline:
Ohioan: Republican for over 30 years, will vote Dem if Ryan tries to rob Rep party voters. Trump/Cruz only for Rep party. GOP corrupt.
State Rep. Karen McBeth became a Republican last week, and is now challenging career politician
Nope, THE latest show TRUMP in the lead.
Rep. Karen MacBeth officially announces she will run against She switched last week to Republican party
Survey is for Likely Republican Primary voters, Poll source is
Trump up by 10 in this poll. Wisconsin Republican Presidential Primary   10% Off
Ryan as nominee -"He's the most conservative, least establishment member of the establishment," the Rep source said.
.was my rep when I lived in Texas. I wish I could pretend to be shocked.
Met this morning with Alex Englen. Another great field rep. For the Republican Party. Thank you for your help
mr trump. Why are you letting the REP talk about kicking you out. They made take an oath to stay in the Republican Party
Republican former Rep. Dan Miller says Hillary Clinton will be next president: via
If lowlife Republican hacks try stealing nom from may as well run 3rd party cause that would b end of Rep party
Welcome to the Republican party Rep Karen MacBeth! We're glad to have you aboard.
(But no prob with Saudi executions of *** Corps Grow Nervous About Participating in Rep Convention
Blogger Susan Price, a life long republican, would like to see Paul Ryan be the Rep. nominee for Pres. in 2016!!!
The only knowledge they (women) need is the one we men allow them to have -Tx Rep Gohmert .
A Republican I can get behind. Rep. Tim Murphy: "We treat mental illness like a choice and a crime." via
State Rep Dan Carter of Bethel announcing his candidacy for Republican nomination for US Senate to run against US Sen Richard Blumenthal
She may be a republican, but I trust her. VOTE EMILY FOR JUNIOR REP!!!
That would be very unfortunate!! for the republican party, most of those voters will not vote Rep again!
Special ed: Teacher reflects on when he was a special ed student Republican American
Tomorrow a Rep from the Cleveland Republican Convention Host Committee will be addressing LELA Members. This is...
Wisconsin Janesville, the hometown of Republican Rep. Paul Ryan, passed an ordinance making it illegal to...
Rep. Karen MacBeth, Cumberland, announced [last] Mon she’s switched pol. affiliation from Democrat to Republican.
Rep. Karen MacBeth tells me she's leaving the Democratic party & becoming a Republican because the Dems "don't represent th…
"GOP rep from Wisconsin warns that discrimination is all but inevitable in November unless Congress acts"
Sounds like he's more DEMOCRAT than Republican, doesn't it? Don't let this DEM CON MAN in Rep clothes trick you!
Gear: Combat's Claymore bag is just the right fit, with an inspiring mission - Waterbury Republican American
✅ US Rep. Charlie Dent will bring change to Washington.
Huskies lose Samuelson to foot injury
Police body camera debate bogs down at Minnesota Capitol: Fellow Republican Rep. Tony Cornish, who is cha...
MN Republican Rep. Gruenhagen says *** and *** are unhealthy sex addicts -
WASHINGTON - Do you believe in magic? Republican Rep. of Texas does. Sessions is hoping that the House
Republican Rep. Joe Heck files to run for Harry Reid’s Senate seat
Republican Rep. Mike Coffman and Rep. Jared Polis, a Democrat, agree on this: Abolish the Selective Service.
Isn't this ILLEGAL ??. Thousands of inmates vote in PR Rep primary
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
I hope that "Rep" is a Republican. I hope no Dem would be that callous and unsensitive.
hillary just said. If any of the four republican candidates become the nominee. That tells me someone else rep nominee?
Its not a Republican vs Democrat election yet. It's Dem vs Dem. Rep vs Rep right now.
I’m a Republican rep from Louisiana—but I didn’t know I was speaking to the Honest I didn’t.
Donald Trump JR is right! Government both Dem&Rep R Quid Pro Quo. Look at the Republican party threatening to vote Hillary Clinton!!
Phone calls are underway in support of Republican Ken Sheffert for Hampton State Rep!
2"Why Florida and Ohio are the only states that matter in the Rep. presidential race, in 3 charts
Republican party will redefine but it's not reason to give lying the Whitehouse Any candidate better
Collierville businessman is latest Republican to seek U.S. Rep. Stephen Fincher's seat.
next republican debate is the springboard to the final rep. leader, to represent us in November. No dreamers, no hard heads, reality counts
The Tom-ald: For weeks, I have scratched my head at the nominating-season success enjoyed by Republican presid...
Hearts begin chase for third straight state title
URGENT ACTION ALERT: If you have a Republican state rep, please call him/her TODAY to urge support of HB 1337.
If those Republican Christians would stay out of Africa; Bedrooms of USA; ChurchTV maybe Jesus wouldn’t get bad Rep
Can Florida chose no one as its republican presidential nominee? "Florida press rep debate moderators for climate"
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Democratic Senate candidates Rep. Tammy Duckworth and Andrea Zopp have called on Sen. Mark Kirk to declare a stance on Republican
no Graham is Republican & thats the sad thing no other SC Rep will stand against him
I was also once a republican, that's a dumb argument, and so what if rep donated?! Most prolly changed their views like myself
Did you see that Texas state Rep. lost her seat in the Republican primary election last week? Amen!
Donald Hitler Rep.your their Republican Party because they know their going to lose with out all color peoples votes in (8/12)
...Well, Republican media would. I think a lot of Rep. voters already realize Trump is their best chance to beat Hillary.
ICYMI: Gov. Bruce Rauner will endorse U.S. Rep. John Shimkus, a Republican from Collinsville, for House re-election.
I think anyone who wants a Republican to win this should vote for Bernie that way he wins dem. Vote instead of Hillary and will lose to rep.
Go to the Republican primaries and vote for someone else. Many Dems are voting FOR Trump in the Rep primaries.
A cardiologist, physicist and DuPage County Board member are in the GOP primary to take on U.S. Rep. Bill Foster https:…
US Rep. Bucshon says he's not an "establishment Republican," but a "doctor who happens to be in Congress."
The GOP field has been messy since Rep. John Kline announced his retirement, but it may narrow soon: by
State tourney teams: Who is playing today?
Republican primary won't be over 'til MAY - at the earliest - says top party official : The Rep...
New post Dennis Ross to announce re-election bid - U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross, a Lakeland Republican, is announcing ...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
3 Republicans battle to take on Democratic Rep. Bill Foster in 11th Congressional District:
Republican Rep. Don Gosen of Chesterfield submitted his resignation Wednesday.
Republican Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan explains why upcoming fights of GOP a problem:The public isnt behind us, that’s a real problem 4 us
Mike Bloomberg would be right to pursue Republican nomination,no existing Rep candidate can beat Clinton/Sanders!
Its easy to become a Republican just sign a piece of paper! Then say things to sound Rep to get elected w/o verifying!
Gov Malloy proposes to open budget negotiations with the legislature's Democratic and Republican leaders now.
College debt relief could be the next big workplace perk Republican American -
Rep. said rape is awful but a child coming from it is "beautiful". Who votes for these a-holes?
Medicinal America . . "This is a victory for so many," said the measure's coauthor, Republican Rep. D...
House Republican leaders today named Rep.Smith to a special regulatory burden taskforce
GOP Rep. Chris Gibson, climate champion, explores run for NY governor in '18.
State Representative Republican Candidate forum February 16 at our monthly meeting. Golden Corral in Rogers. We…
Rep. Chris Gibson (R) "said he plans to create a committee to prepare for a potential run for governor in 2018."...
Watching Weekly Republican Address Rep John Katko (R-NY) We need to strengthen our VISA waiver program so criminals do not get in
I'm sorry to Hear these Miserable Criminals are continuing to Harm & Censor REPUBLICAN Patriots. REP WH will Dealw/ them 1-20-17
I appreciate your views. But after 28+ yrs in Republican policy, I know of good. Trump et al don't rep me.
But it is amazing how good I feel after opening up a dialogue like when Republican State Rep asked for more energy info
Rep. Chris Gibson to file paperwork for 2018 NY GOV bid today, per -
Geno on importance of game at South Carolina
Geno on advice for freshmen ahead of big game
Geno on tough matchup in post at South Carolina
IRS phone service has callers on hold - Waterbury Republican American: Waterbury Republican AmericanIRS phone ...
Congressman Chris Gibson is officially "exploring" a 2018 run for Likely won't have GOP field to himself.
The painful truth: Prescription drug abuse on the rise at work - Waterbury Republican American
Front pages for Monday, February 8, 2016: See photos from the Republican-American's archives every week in th...
Deprivation can motivate just as well as discourage - Waterbury Republican American
I live in a democrat district but I have helped elect a republican Mayor and two Rep counsel man
Many of my Republican friends fear where he can take them: Rep. John Lewis.
Abortion proving pivotal in three-way Republican race for 1st Congressional District: As U.S. Rep. Tim Huelskamp…
'Marcobot' hits a glitch in Republican debate: Marco Rubio stumbles badly and is mocked as a "robot" as he rep...
RealPokiesOz Jackpot winner sues over rigged lottery Republican American
Rep. Chris Gibson, a Republican, explores run for New York governor in ’18 by
Jackpot winner sues over rigged lottery Republican American
Grover Norquist, Republican Rep and NRA spokesperson has signature control on Republicans in Congress
Attn Paul Jacques, Democrat of Rehoboth, is running against incumbent Republican Rep - read:
Republican Rep. Peter King of New York, of the Flat Bush Neo NAZI Kings. If this guys district turned Democrat...
Republican Rep. Steve Russell of Oklahoma laid into his party for its stance on Syrian refugees, saying that...
Republican Rep. Paul Ryan wins enough votes to be elected as speaker of US House, replaces retiring John Boehner
Republican Rep. Paul Ryan succeeded retiring John Boehner as House speaker on Thursday, appealing for unity and "understa…
On this day in 2014 Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy defeated Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu denying her a fourth term as US Senator.
Hypocrisy of Christian conservatives stooping to lie & cheat to win, then demonize any Republican leading with honesty as NY Rep. Hanna.
Rep. Gowdy rips Republican for 'unfortunate' Benghazi remark . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
State's first wind farm celebrated in Colebrook - Waterbury Republican American
Rep. Gowdy rips Republican for 'unfortunate' Benghazi remark hang her by her balls
Drip Drip news Flash a othere Republican Rep.Richard Hanna came out and said openly that the Benghazi Committee wascreated takedouwnHillary
Republican: Going after Clinton was ‘big part’ of Benghazi probe: WASHINGTON — Rep. Richard Hanna, a moderate,...
Rep. Richard Hanna (R-NY), said: . “Sometimes the biggest sin you can commit in D.C. is to tell the truth. This...
Another Republican traitor Rep.Richard Hanna says Benghazi committee was set up to get Hillary. .
Crime wave: Here at the Republican-American, we’ve often shaken our heads about a mentality at The New York Ti...
Richard Hanna said Benghazi committee was set up to get Hillary Clinton: Another Republican, Rep. Richard Hann...
Conservation and the Future of the Rep. Party-of writes:
Republican Rep Gowdy “.. this investigation that was designed to go after people — an individual: Hillary Clinton."
Check out Chicago Ticket Giveaway from Waterbury Republican-American - I just entered here!
the latest on Benghazi: another GOP rep says House committee “out to get”
Cathy McMorris-Rodgers: First Female GOP Speaker of the House?: Rep. Kevin McCarthy is out as House of Represe...
The Republican case against Planned Parenthood has collapsed: Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Chair of the House Oversight...
GOP Rep. Agrees: Benghazi Committee Aimed At Clinton: One Republican lawmaker agrees with Democrats that the H...
Zeldin, PAC Raises A Combined $601K: Freshman Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin’s re-election campaign on Thursday an...
I am a Republican but they are the evil racist Rep’s that if you disagree they think ur stupid and spend all day on FB arguing with people
AL Rep: Gee, I'm supposed to support veterans, but.. Decisions, decisions!
Republicans apologize Thursday: WATERBURY - The head of the local Republican Party is apologizing today for co...
Smell that? Yep, the Duggars, again. Turns out Daniel Webster has ties to the Duggars and wants to be Speaker. .
Deaton wins economics prize for work on poverty - Waterbury Republican American
Republican Rep. Bob Ballinger aims to nix state contract with Arkansas AFL CIO
Republican Rep. Matt Salmon of Arizona says he respects the Speaker's decision to resign.
Will GOP push shutdown showdown over Planned Parenthood?: Republican Rep. Mark Meadows weighs in
NRCC releases five new polls of Republican-held House districts: . Republican Rep. Martha McSally (AZ-02), a to...
NPR's Robert Siegel talks to Republican Rep. Mimi…: NPR's Robert Siegel talks to Republica... Follow me for
Republican Rep. Steve Scalise told a reporter that he was David Duke without the baggage. David Duke is KKK.
Republican Rep. John Kline will NOT seek re-election in 2016. More to come.
TX Rep speaking at the TX Young Republican convention.
1920s Louis Beckman, Republican, Illinois House of Rep, campaign PC not mailed
.He wants to win AS a Republican. He's building SO much support SO fast the Rep party will have no choice but to back him!
Agree. Obama wasn't vetted, look what that got us. I'm republican and always vote rep. I didn't vote for O. Just saying
Shameful Michigan Republican sex cover-up. Cindy Gamrat, R-Plainwell, Rep Todd Courser, R-Lapeer. Vote the liars out!
Steve Rose: Rep. Kevin Yoder is firmly in step with the GOP party line:
Will U support Republican nominee if is . ?? bash not our Rep Candidate (s)
This is from a conservative Republican who wants to replace Rep. Duckworth.
I agree with Rep. Gwen Moore: "This Republican-led war against the poor gets more extreme with every passing...
Wolfe: looking for an original cosponsor who is a Democrat, since sponsor Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is a Republican.
Adjuncts add value to college Republican American Higher ed *** VALUE out of adjunct fac!
Cindy Gamrat breaks down in tears at press conference saying she won't resign over affair: Republican Rep. Cin...
Republican rep: Congress 'fully committed' to ObamaCare repeal
comment from an rep. Would you pose same question to daughter?
Hat off to Republican Rep of Jefferson Davis--for her moving speech to remove the Confed flag
At least they kept it within the "family". GOP'er (Republican Rep. Cindy Gamrat, 42, of Plainwell, Michigan)...
Rep. Guthrie: 'Grave Concerns' Surround Iran Deal. The Republican-controlled House has made a great deal of...
Hey have you heard about Martina White a young Republican woman who won a state rep seat in NE ?
Gadgets: 6-in-1 charging device with safety features - Waterbury Republican American: Wat...
My response to the article, 'Yes, A Clear and Simple Reason Why Blacks Shun the Rep
Special agent has fought Medicare fraud for decades - Waterbury Republican American
RR and the Bush family held Republican Conservative values and policys and they failed so you must say Rep/Con policys failed
During a House Foreign Affairs hearing on the Iran nuclear deal, Secretary of State John Kerry had a war of words with Republican Rep.
CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Republican Rep. Joe Heck on Monday entered the race for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Ne…
Collin County will have an open seat in the State Legislature up for grabs as Republican Rep. Scott Turner...
Business: Texas congressman re-introduces bill to legalize online poker: Republican Rep. Joe Barton re-introdu...
Re-homing adopted children Republican Rep. Justin Harris will NOT seek re-election.
GOP, Obama on cusp of fast-track trade victory - Republican Rep. Paul Ryan, the leading proponent of President Oba...
In today's IL House Millionaire's Tax debate, Republican Rep says, "It's easy to pick on millionaires."
Republican Rep. Aaron Schock resign: Illinois Republican Rep. Aaron Schock abruptly announced his re...
What is it with Illinois?! . Republican Rep. Schock resigning amid ethics questions via the Android app
On DHS bill, GOP's Costello, Dent and Fitzpatrick, plus Cartwright (D) voted "yes." Republican Rep. Lou Barletta was only regional "no."
President Obama says his is based on "middle class economics", Republican Rep. Paul Ryan calls it "envy economics."
Some Civics for everyone's edification: As anyone who passed 10th-grade history knows, if the president dies or is removed from office, he’s succeeded by the vice president, followed by the speaker of the house (currently Republican Rep. John Boehner) and then the president pro tempore of the Senate (Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch). But thanks to the Presidential Succession Act of 1947, there’s a much more extensive contingency plan. If the president, vice president, speaker and Senate president pro tempore all die, the line of succession is as follows: the secretaries of State, Treasury and Defense, the attorney general, then the secretaries of the Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, Labor, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Energy, Education, Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security.
IMPD Chief Rick Hite is going to Tuesday's State of the Union speech with Republican Rep. Susan Brooks
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Republican Rep. Dwight Kiefert or Valley City re-introduced a bill that would allow anyone with a Class 1...
News Local: Paul Ryan says he is not running for president in 2016: Republican Rep. Paul Ryan announced Monday...
An articulate statement on the Keystone XL pipeline vote from Republican Rep. Justin Amash.
Call your Republican Rep. in DC tomorrow at: 1 (855) 398-4323, tell them 2 vote 4 either Rep. Yoho or Rep. Gohmert for S…
Yoho offers himself as potential candidate for speaker of the House: Just days before the election, Republican Rep.…
Republican Rep. Michael Grimm is to resign his House seat after pleading guilty to felony tax evasion,...
Buh-bye: Last week, Republican Rep. Michael Grimm plead guilty to tax fraud, but refused to resign from his Staten Island seat. The House Republican leadership wasn't putting much public pressure on the congressman to depart, and it looked like he would be able to stay put. However, that seems to have changed. On Monday night, both The New York Daily News and Politico reported that Grimm will resign either Tuesday or Wednesday. House Speaker John Boehner's camp is not denying the story, which they almost certainly would do if it weren't true.
Republican Rep. Jeff Duncan says that Dianne Feinstein is a traitor for releasing the report on the CIA’s interroga…
Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), as the head of the Benghazi Select Committee, has a serious job. But that doesn’t mean he can’t tell a joke. Here he is in Maryland, where he had the audience howling with laughter telling a joke about Heaven, John Boehner, Lindsey Graham and local Republican Rep. Andy Harris…
Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana loses reelection bid to Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy
Senate Republicans expanded their majority in the upcoming Congress on Saturday when Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy defeated Democratic Sen. Mary...
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