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Republican Party

The Republican Party is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States, along with the Democratic Party.

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4. The Susan Rice hysteria also reveals the deeper problems with the Republican Party that extend far beyond Trump
"It is absolute suicide for the Republican Party to follow the course that they're embarking on right now..."
Without the House Freedom Caucus, Trump’s Republican Party would be worthless
Lead Democrat Mitch McConnell of the Republican Party ready to fight for Marxist values!
In 2013, Rob Schneider switched political parties from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party, explaining...
NO. No he does not work for the president! Is there any rational person left in the Republican Party?
Going for that David Byrne look. Hey, "Stop making sense" is the official movie of the Republican Party.
Republican Party are like the blind leading the blind. How can it be legal for Nunes to still be the chairman of the investigation?
🐌God put the Republican Party on earth to cut taxes. If they don’t do that, they have no useful function.…
Joe Scarborough:. Republican Party should remove Rep. Devin Nunes as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.
Time for you to go!!! You have done nothing good for the Republican party
The Republican Party is very diverse(I hate that word) and a lot of factions hate eachother
President Trump and the Republican Party very weak. Yes we can go on the offensive medicare for all.
Nunes is Anti Chist Trump eyes sees in Republican Party that is about to seat AC Trumps Protection in the highest courts in our land stop it
Trump and the rest of the Republican party are turning their backs on working and rural Americans and seniors.
The Republican party couldn't even figure out how not to screw up healthcare and nearly killed 27 million people. Just…
Do your homework. That Democrat Party (from southern States) is your Republican Party of today.
The Trumpcare debacle exposed how the Republican Party really thinks
The battle in the Republican Party will always be and has always been Establishment moderates against the conservatives.…
Blame whomever but it's colossal failure of the Republican Party/leadership. Putting healthcare off compounds it.
It's time for the Republican Party to realize that health care is a right not a privilege
I'm not "Republican", Republican party is full of Israeli sell outs, den of liars and bro…
You are shuffling deck chairs on The Titanic. Did you even notice that a Republican iceberg just sank you and the party?
I don't understand what happened to the Republican did they get to be so stupid...
There's a lesson here for Republicans that we learned long ago. Silence = Death. via
Paul Ryan is a shallow opportunist who pretends to be a policy wonk and sharp political leader, but is neither.
Dear You said on "The Congress flipped from Democrat to Republican." Please say "Democratic." .
Beginning to look like Russians have infiltrated the entire Republican Party. Patriotic Americans is NOT!
The investigation on Russian hacking and Trump Campaign is about American National Security: Republican's drop the party protection dung.
.has changed the Republican Party forever. just does not fit in anymore. Time for a Trump…
Boehner was more conservative than an average House GOP'er. But the Freedom Caucus thought he compromised too much. ht…
She believes that the Democratic Party is a better place for tolerance and inclusion
I’m so disappointed in both the Republican Party & the Democratic Party.
The Republican Party has forgotten who they work for, as evidenced by their behaviors during town hall meetings.
Unless the Republican Party is completely unaware of what was on their platform,they are complicit on the collusion when…
The problem is the Party is NOT a Party. . The Big RINOS are in charge
We have no president. We have a Republican Party with a crazy uncle that they put up with as long as he signs the chec…
you have to go! You and are embarrassments to the Republican Party and America.
Voter suppression is alive and vigorous in the Republican party
Conservatives didn't screw up anything last week. A Republican Party that lost its way and lost its balls screwed up eve…
200 years from now students will study the Republican Party as a case of mental illness
The Republican Party of "no" for Obama's eight years struggling to get to "yes" in the early Trump era. ht…
The Republican party has no idea how to Govern...they were 'gerrymandered' for the sole purpose of protecting interests of c…
John Oliver absolutely unloads on conspiracy theories 'embarrassing' the Republican party
KING: Democrats should oppose Trump and Republican Party — but also present better ideas - New York Daily News
Pretty good summary of the Republican Party since the Inauguration...
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This Healthcare debacle is absolute proof, that these republican rubes. Know Nothing about governing, they are simply an opposi…
Hawaii lawmaker resigns from Republican Party to join Democrats
keep going till the Republican party dies completely thanks
If they put this through it's just another thing spelling the end of the filthy disgusting Republican Party
The cover of the 2017 Lincoln Day Dinner program for Republican Party of Palm Beach County tonight at Mar-a-Lago.
Paul Ryan is quickly becoming the Hillary Clinton of the Republican Party. His greatest accomplishment is getting elected.
If Paul Ryan is the policy wonk of the Republican Party, then the Republican Party has no policy.
Rep. Ted Poe: The Freedom Caucus "continues to be the opposition caucus against anything in the Republican Party"
Gov.Rick Scott at the annual Republican Party of Palm Beach County's Lincoln Day Dinner on March…
Clear analysis of what happened on Capitol Hill yesterday. Can the Republican Party and President Trump deliver?.
"It’s hard to exaggerate what a setback this is for the Republican Party and for Donald Trump," says:
The bill dies in the Senate, Trump and House Republicans get off the hook, and the Republican Party avoids destruction
.“This leadership of this House for the Republican Party is setting a horrible example.”
going forward, ask every Republican you interview. Do you place country over party? They will be on record with their response.
Thanks to Devin Nunes, the Republican Party has begun throwing Donald Trump under the Russia bus
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. Is whole REPUBLICAN Party connected to RUSSIAN Corruption..Nunes giving Trump info on Investi…
All the horrible and inhuman things the Republican Party has wanted to do for decades are all coming to pass in the Tr…
The do nothing Republican Party has one agenda and that's to survive - Keep their jobs & donors in backpocket wait…
Steve Curtis, former head of Colorado’s Republican Party who said only Dems commit voter fraud, has been charged with…
Hawaii legislator quits Republican Party after Trump criticism |
AMERICA: We are seeing the Republican Party in its full glory. What an ugly spectacle. Enriching the rich, harming the weak.…
"Who knew that Lincoln was a Republican?". The entire GOP: "We are literally called "The Party of Lincoln."
Hawaii Republican resigns from party after criticizing Trump
The question of the century is how Trump managed to convince people he, and the Republican Party, were the party of blue colla…
Hawaii legislator quits Republican Party after Trump criticism
It should be obvious to any decent Scot that the SNP are now a pseudo Irish Republican Party who detest anything British…
[NPR News]In the U.S., Tea Party politics refers to a certain strain of Republican conservatism. But…
.was a leader in the GOP. Now because of Trump, she's becoming a Democrat.
Former chairman of Colorado Republican Party suspected of voter fraud, forgery via
BUSTED: Former Colorado Republican Party chairman charged with voter fraud in 2016 election
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40 years of disgusting, cheesy corruption, all brought back for another round of violating us by a morally bankrupt Republican pa…
I see plenty of internal divisions INSIDE the Republican Party, even though things are OK now
Forgery and voter fraud charges filed against the former chairman of the Colorado Republican Party
The Republican who quit the party because of Trump
GUEST COLUMN: The nightmare that is the Republican Party
Letter: Don’t confuse Republican Party of decades past with today’s GOP via
Hawaii legislator quits Republican Party after Trump criticism via the App
What has the Republican Party achieved in the last 10 years? They gave Obama everything then fought like *** to stop Tru…
Either status quo and Republican party gets eviscerated come 2018, or Trump is impeached and his…
Here's my letter of resignation from the Republican Party outlining my reasons for leaving.
State Rep. Beth Fukumoto resigns from "failing" Republican Party, seeks membership in Democratic Party.
If the Republican Party wants to do what is best for this country and its national security, they will remove Devin Nunes as In…
Obamacare is, in fact, not in a death spiral. But it looks like the Republican Party might be in the beginnings of one...
If the goal of this hearing is to make the entire Republican Party look complicit in treason, mission accomplished!
One would be forgiven for coming away from hearing believing Republican Party isn't concerned about Russian interferen…
Courtesy of the Republican Party and the Texas Voter ala district 36..
"he comes at a time when Republican Party doesn't know what it wants" & Mark Shields on Trump's week
When Old Abe went on tour for the Republican Party and the Grand Army of the Republic:
I love Meaghan McCain but I've had enough of her dad. John you have to leave the Republican Party an embarrassment to Senate
You couldn't sum up the current state of the Republican Party any better than this
Had a nice luncheon with Senator John Barrasso today. Great positivity for the Republican Party
But there wasn't a hack of the Democrat or Republican Party right after.
“These jackleg ministers don’t have any standing in the Republican Party."
is the only one at Fox News with his eyes open. Everyone else is just a puppet for Sumner redstone and the Republican Party
Paul Ryan, intellectual leader of the Republican Party, doesn't know how insurance works
. Trump makes her look like the Whoopi Goldberg of the Republican Party.
REMINDER: Republican Party has passed ZERO (0) Jobs Bills during their last 908 days controlling both branches of Congre…
The republican party needs to change their name to the hypocrite party. It's more reflective of what they've become
Dinesh D'Souza: Trump is reshaping the Republican party
just another nutcase in the Republican party. Now go pick which tree limb u want to be beaten with
Future prediction: the Republican party is gonna start funding pull out method lessons for men
When you're the only black guy in the Oval Office and you're just like "man... why did I join the Republican Party…
Sadly, most of the Republican Party today is morally AWOL, preferring to sweep the Russian hacking under the carpet. ht…
I agree. But the Republican Party is so full of hypocrites that it deserves an entry in a dict…
What an inadvertently damning statement about the soul of the Republican party
Jan. 15, 1901 - Republican Booker T Washington protested the Alabama Democrat Party's refusal to permit voting by blacks.
your Republican Party failed 32 million Americans and those are 32 + family members who will vote in the next election lol
I swear to God, the whole *** Republican Party is now one big "What If The Government Were Run By Overstimulated 8-Year…
The republican party is out of touch with what the American people want...
If this Paul Ryan Obamacare replacement bill is passed, Trump will lose reelection and this will be the end of the Repub…
we need to start helping the Republican party on that side of the mountains to stand up! It's crazy over there
Do you believe failure to raise the debt ceiling would be disastrous for Republican Party that now controls the House, Senate…
A key problem Republicans face, as they try to reconcile what the various wings of the party want on health care:…
We'll have a good fight within the Republican Party over replacing Obamacare. Good, at least we HAVE A VOICE THIS TIME!
what does it matter. Republican party is attempting to get rid of EPA , land and water will be contaminated!
Russian urine stain is not the only thing wrong w/ Republican Party. Money corrupts abs…
MISSING: One spinal column. If found, please return to the Republican Party. Reward.
One of 479 men polled claims to have never heard of the Republican party, and one of 521 women hasn't heard of HRC
Obamacare was never a disaster. Another Trump lie. The Republican party refused to work for the American people to fix it
you're a liar the Republican party made it clear they wasn't going to help president Obama with health care
Worlds Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017: The Republican party has created a better satire of their own leader than we ever could.
New anthem for the Republican party?
Republican Party activists demand from the world to stop funding Pakistan,bcoz pak is killing baloch civilians.…
The Republican party is destroying this country it has no interest in the American people whatsoever only big busin…
The entire republican party needs to be dismantled, they are a threat to the survival of this country.
Wouldn't this just be the Republican Party?
Baloch Republican Party activists protest in today against atrocities and ethnic cleansing by in occup…
I guess if you are a member of the Republican Party you never get sick.
Ok im goin fishin, Ryancare will be the death of the Republican Party. Trump can start his Independent American Party now. is toast...😂
Neal Brennan makes a hypocritical fool of the Republican Party, Daily Show
Very nice to hear from Attorney General of Wisconsin at Republican Party of Sauk County's Lincoln Day…
Great to be in Richmond for the State Central Committee as we do the important work of the Republican Party.
Dear & , . If you think anyone is going to go War on your behalf , think again! . The whole *** Republican P…
What a joke! Donald Trump rescued a moribund Republican party. Without DT we'd be running to mute shrew
This is also about the Republican party values!
Putin's got the entire Republican party by the balls it seems like. Never seen such cowardice in all my life.
in the GOP. is the Republican Party's standard bearer. Definitely not the Party of Abe Lincoln
That Mommy kink is real and alive AF within the Republican Party. 👩‍👦
Seriously will NOT take the Republican party down without a serious fight.
What Republican lawmakers knew about President Trump and Russia all along via nytopinionMarch 04, 2017 at 03:00AM
I am growing the Republican Party has to be smart & strong if it wants to win in Iowa.
Senator Graham & Senator McCain are a disgrace to the Republican Party They are both weak leaders & bitter losers NO RESPECT…
"It’s Republicans who are making a mockery of Trump’s claim to speak for the forgotten millions by planning a tax...
US Rep. Michael Burgess of Texas is holding a town hall on Saturday. This is how the local Republican Party is promoting i…
I guess lying under oath on a bible has become meaningless to the Republican party hypocrites
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It's natural to direct your fury at Donald Trump. But he's not the only villain in this story. My column
Just chilling with the Democratic Party squad, blasting music and talking trash about the Republican Party lmao
From this morning to Reno Nevada to speak at Washoe County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner with my 92 yea…
.and I are guest speakers for Lincoln Day Dinner for Washoe County Republican Party in Reno Nevada! Nav…
I get that all Republicans aren't outright evil, but can we at least admit that the Republican party is the gateway drug…
Trump lied about doing Kremlin's bidding in changing the Republican party platform. Why?
This would bring the Republican Administration and Republican Party to ruins. Let it come.
you do not need them I would welcome you to the Republican Party GOD bless you and have a wonderful night
If Donald Trump's administration of billionaires and the Republican Party count as standing up for working people, God help…
.You are, of course, right. But neither the Republican party, nor its pallid base, gives a tinker's ***
this is a deceptive headline on many levels. Dems want justice. Party over truth, party over country is now the Republican way.
honestly couldn't tell ya, apart from a unionism with a bruised ego and Republican party with a stroked one. Current status now
Really excellent article. What is to be done though?
Donald Trump claims to have grown the Republican Party by millions. He didn't. - via
Treason has been committed by the POTUS, his administration, & the Republican party. Don't forget that when people ask…
a great interview bill!!feel for the senator obviously a good man, but this soils the Republican Party! Go bill!
Bongmaster is exactly right about Fox. They are a joke. They are part of the…
The Republican Party is no longer a party. It's a straight-up organized crime syndicate.
Donald Trump isn't the only villain – the Republican party shares the blame - The Guardian
CoreCivic - co-founded in Nashville by Thomas W. Beasley, Chairman of the state Re…
Good article on the culpability of the right in the USA:
“The US president’s links to Russia reflect the depth of the political crisis. This is a scandal of the entire Ame…”
This scumbag has been hanging his hat on his POW status for 43 years. Time and time again he sells out the Republican p…
Gauging support for Trump will help test working hypothesis that to support Republican party today requires either stupidity…
I am totally shocked and blown away by the upside-down Republican Party my own father was a central committee leader, campaign chair for.
there is so much corruption including and others in the Republican Party who looked the…
Sheila Jackson Lee always gets under the skin of Republican Party filth. She's good at that!. ☺☺.
My father's Democrat Party no longer exists, and my mother's Republican Party isn't too far behind
52 Repubs in US Senate. Lee, Paul and Cruz, muscle Republican Party to pay up on campaign promise to repeal Obamacare
Why is no one talking about this breach of trust by the Republican Party??.
Reminder that the Republican Party is the Rape Party.
George W Bush is currently the voice of reason for the Republican Party. Let that sink in...
Jim Shoemaker, an *** from San Joaquin county, displays his support for President Trump at the CA Republican Party convention.
I do not see John McCain as an effective Senator. He's basically the Hillary Clinton of the Republican Party. The noise wi…
GOP state Sen. Janet Nguyen gets a standing O at the CA Republican Party convention after Dems targeted her days ago https:…
Winfoff has falsely delayed sales-creditwoman's business -- and was proposed by the Republican Party and the North Carolina senator.
has brought together the Republican Party and the conservative movement, and now he's focused on implementing his…
And secede Texas from the Union! The hypocrisy of the Republican Party and its sheep is truly jaw dropping!
400+ electoral votes, Texas going blue... the Republican Party fractured, perhaps beyond repair... but it was her turn so
La Guardia, Norris, Stassen, Willkie, Landon, Thomas E. Dewey, all would be ousted from this current Republican Party
On this day in 1856 Republican Party opens its 1st convention. 124 yrs later it becomes 1st party to put a pro-life plank in platform
wanted to reply w a Republican Party platform 2020 joke but they're way too anti-science for brain harvesting.
Trump has been implementing the Republican Party platform - he's just doing it in a way some of them find vulgar
Really?Ya see 2016 Republican Party of Texas platform?Anti-Reality sums it up,including and it's anti-science?
some time. This from Texas to Florida and now seeing in NY. Again I tell you, Democrats were the Slave Owners, Republican Party (cont)
I am from Alabama. I understand conservatism. I respect it, but I don't recognize the Republican Party anymore.
Samantha Bee explains why Paul Ryan is the Republican Party's Taylor Swift:
For those who do not know the history of the Republican Party in Texas and some who do not know any history of...
It's not just Trump - the Republican Party has been run by questionable characters for a while.
Also Trump and the rest of the Republican Party are neocons controlled a their big donors the Koch Bros. Also know that our
Koch Bros, who hate the poor and middle-class and won't like the Republican Party help us. So the things Trump promised are
Happy 150th Anniversary to the Republican Party of Texas!!
not really Trumpbot Tramp is making an *** out of the Republican Party and his self love…
Oof! unwavering moral compass gives me hope for the Republican Party & the Republic. Preach, John! https:/…
TX Senator smashes gavel into GLASS table in defiance - Republican Party is mature like that. LOL
it's not real and no, it wouldn't end the Republican Party in texas.
This would bring the end to the Republican Party in Texas.
true but the southern democrats switched to the Republican Party after the civil rights act was signed
Republican Party of Gregg County meeting with Texas Right to Life. — eating hanging out at Tele's
created by media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who hired former Republican Party media consultant a Roger Ailes as its founding CEO.
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Former SCGOP chairman to run for Congress - The former chairman of South Carolina’s Republican Party is the lat...
Sen John Cornyn, R-GOP, cannot be trusted. His only concern is his standing with the Republican Party not the people of Texas.
Senator Tim Scott South Carolina is a personal slave to the Republican Party his mind and body. He Love yes
Tax increases harm economic growth and opportunity. There's no room for a carbon tax in the Republican Party.
It's looks like we are in a second civil war as the Republican Party push to "rule" the country Russian style.
Todd Young represents what's WRONG with the Republican Party.
There is a Democratic/Republican Party office in all county then there is the national headquarters.
We don't need morons like this in the Republican Party.
actually he was the Democratic Republic they became the national Republicans which became Whigs which the Republican Party
Congratulations to Valentino DiGiorgio on his election to serve as the next Chairman of the Republican Party of...
It is a shame that Republican representatives cannot stand up for what's right for fear of being black-listed from the party.
is the Republican party openly fascist now?
REMEMBER, the Republican/Tea Party CRIMINALS opposed the USA government for the last 8 years. Today, Trump & his...
That basically encapsulates the Republican party in 2017.
Republican leaders must speak up & defend our nation's values. Patriotism knows no party -- we all must denounce this t…
Let's try this again they were Southern Democrats who's philosophy in Present day draws similarities to the Republi…
"The Republican Party" and "ethics" aren't really compatible. And now they don't care if you know it.
This guy should be FIRED. Dan Adamini, Secretary of the Marquette County Republican Party
dissent is not allowed in the Republican Party.
sorry, I woke up a year ago when I denounced my affiliation with the Republican Party and registered as a democrat.
In the past two election cycles alone, the DeVos family has donated $8.3 million to Republican Party super PACs.
no but in 60's the Republican Party became the party of segregation and they haven't exactly championed black people since
top work Arnie! Now, can you get the Republican Party to stand up to Trump too
It's called "fed-up" with decades of disgusting un American antics of the Republican Party!
this idea that Trump is somehow not of the Republican Party has to be buried
Another typo - it should have been Republican Party. So sad and devastating the typo's are a disaster.
The Rock is a registered Republican so I don't know if his party can support a half Black half Samoan brick wall of muscle.
Props to Nancy Pelosi to having bigger balls than pretty much the whole Republican Party
I wont call him a Republican. Hes a Tea Party coward: Party before country. Guns above all. Sen. John Barasso is a flat…
Hawaii House GOP ousted Rep. Fukumoto as minority leader for criticizing Trump. She may switch to Democratic Party. htt…
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the same can be said for most of the rallies of the President who led the Republican Party.
The secretary of the Marquette County Republican Party, folks. This is what we're up against. "apologized"…
Back then many were southern democrats. They went Republican when all the blacks joined their party.
Republican not a working man's party
I have to repeat myself Credo: Party over Country at all costs even if It screws the entire country
Day 12: is admirably clear - Trump administration is "a danger to the party and the nation".
Another reason why I support the Republican Party and not trump. You cannot talk about Arnold, I'm pretty sure that's in the Bible.
The Republican party is all about convincing poor white folk that rich white folk are out for their best interests.
the Republican Party sold their souls to the devil. No conscious.
& cowards. Vote party line > Stand-up 4 what's right. BTW I'm a registered Republican
I'd like to see headline - Regular citizen Zarov takes on Trump, immigration, entire Republican Party in epic takedown.
What the f*** people are we all stupid Thr republican party is the party of Russia what would Reagan think he wuold clean washtion out
I'm not a Republican but I ❤️ you, Sen. Graham. Thank you for standing up for America. Wish more of your party would follow
"The DeVos family has long been embedded in the firmament of Republican Party politics." h/t
The Republican Party is a White Supremacist Party that will betray the country and imprison dissent to protect white privile…
If the riots were carried out by the Tea Party, every Republican would be asked by media to denounce. Democrats…
Paid protesters? Really DT? The Republican party needs to grow some balls to stop your false tyrannical rants on Twi…
It's so sad that the Republican Party relies on an old, outdated system that barely any…
What has happened to Republican Party? They have no moral standard. They lie cheat change senate rules just for power.they will destroy all.
How 2 "Nasty Women" in DC for the March infiltrated a Republican Inauguration party.
make no mistake: it's not just T***p. Basically the entire Republican Party has got to go. They are pointless in 2017.
The Republican party is no longer the party of Lincoln. They are the party of suppression, shame, embarrassment & sellin…
out of 1100 leaders in the south 3 or 4 switched from Republican to Democrat party. Dems of yesteryear same as Dems of today
Even if you're a Republican how can you read this and not be very angry? This blind party loyalty is baffling & so destru…
Would like to see the REPUBLICANS condemning this Republican Party official
But we need one more Republican who genuinely cares about education more than Party.
There is no low the Republican party won't sink to.
.calls the Trump administration "a danger to the party and the nation in its existential nature".
Join us this upcoming Monday as Mac Stipanovich will discuss the future of the Republican Party with Donald Trump a…
Milo said in one of his speeches that he's against the Republican party but only supporting because of Trump.
Liberals are crying again tonight ... because Trump has united the Republican Party behind SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch!…
It must be hard to live Republican right now, when the "I Told You So" party turned out to be right
The Republican Party is now all but declaring itself to be not so much a political party as a giant scheme to grab cash for…
9/ But the day after they nominated Trump—so manifestly unfit to be President—to stand in the general, I left the Republican…
And the taint of that shame will carry forward for them and theirs. The Republican Party as we've known it, will…
-never cause Putin/White House/Koch Brothers/Big Oil, and Republican Party are all in cahoots-Leadership of US has been taken over..
Republican Party was born with sole purpose: Abolish slavery. 1957 Civil
Does the Republican Party even represent US citizens anymore or just the NRA, banking, oil and gas lobbies, Russia…
UNITED STATES: Beth Fukumoto, a member of Hawaii's House of Representatives, says she wants to leave Republican Party a…
The only option for you, Dem Party, is to join the Republican Party and let the people create a party that will repres…
is the Republican Party secretly Hydra? And Paul Ryan is the Red Skull?
the Republican Party must not rest on the recent past local, state, and national election successes.
Sen Lee "Winning back the people's trust must be the primary goal of the Republican Party as we assume unified control"
Use this. California, despite having a fair amount of Conservatives doesn't have a Republican Party because of the…
Trump's cabinet picks are being celebrated by the American Neo-Nazi Party, which is like the Republican Party, only mo…
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Jonathan Martin This message, if carried out, will detach conservatism from the Republican Party. Potentially epochal moment.
Been saying this for a while now. Racism in the 90s effectively ended the Republican Party in California. Hoping it…
…of the White House. The Republican Party becomes a laughingstock and is that much closer to falling apart. Then Hillary wins.
is a billionaire Republican Party mega-donor whose work in public ed consists mainly of efforts to priv…
Already have. Since I started voting, I've helped eradicate the Republican Party of California.
Donald Trump is the Todd Packer of the Republican Party.
Betsy DeVos, if you had not given $200 million to the Republican Party do you think you would be nominated to lead the Educ…
"John Lewis's district is drawn to keep him in power." Um, the Republican Party drew Georgia's congressional districts, moron.
Sir in America Arnold Shwarztennegar was a Republican Party governor of California but he was
if Republican Party didnt conduct Caucus Room Conspiracy (Google it) they might have noticed its Romneycare.
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