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Reproductive Justice

A term originally coined in the United States by organizations that promote the rights of Native women and women of color, reproductive justice is a concept that links Reproductive Rights with social justice.

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Sexual and Reproductive Health is far more than just access to services and care. It is about rights, empowerment, equali…
Save the date, everyone! Bay Area for Reproductive Justice, Jan 27 in SF
Thoughtful blog by updated. And we will keep updating as long as administration continues to…
"I could not cut ‘Black Lives Matter’ from my talk, since the foundation of the talk was how the Movement for Black Lives and…
I just binge-watched "Call the Midwife" over the past two weeks. Bernie's failure to unde…
SiX is committed to helping state legislators change the conversation and change course in order to protect and adv…
Are you super organized and have a passion for numbers and Reproductive Justice? Well, we have a job for you!!! The…
Thread: This is a great! Even for those of us who have traditionally identified as pro-choice, I think many of us f…
"The largest risk to those using abortion pills is legal, not medical, & information about minimizing this risk is…
What to connect with us and learn more about what you can do for reproductive justice in Indiana? . Join us for...
Legal and policy barriers too often render the legal right to abortion meaningless, especially for those...
The international organization has launched an initiative to provide support to people who self-induce abort…
👄 Can you invent reproductive justice faster than an invisible cat? An augmented reality virtual reality game.
Reproductive justice for everyone, everywhere, without conditions, without borders
PopDev - Elevated Risk: Injectable Contraceptives and HIV - a Reproductive Justice Perspective from South Africa…
Honoring Psychologist Jeanne Marecek "Despite the disquieting news, I’m convinced that movements for gender & racia…
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Immigration is a reproductive justice issue. Everyone should be allowed to live in freedom and without fear.
The other major problem is everything in our country - from women's Reproductive Rights and health to immigrations rights…
If you're having a rough day, here's some news reproductive justice advocates are celebrating:
This is what happens when u remove access to safe, affordable & accessible abortion. Women take matters into their…
Proud to be part of a network of over 200 state legislators endorsing the Vision and... https:/…
In the U.S., the self-managed abortion service SASS helps women negotiate the legal risks so they don't get...
Ladies- FYI, to be a real feminist you need to make male access to sperm banks a central issue re: Reproductive Rights.…
Rejecting the framing of self-managed abortion with pills as an act of desperation: the largest risk to people using abort…
Thank u. 🖤 I should have had a doctor who understands reproductive justice. My children’s pediatrician app…
Powerful statement from Migrants and Ethnic-minorities for Reproductive Justice (MERJ) on the Malak Thawley case. . Malak…
Celebrating today? Check out my episode of Get It Right – Hip Hop’s History of Reproductive Justice https:…
Let's go to Joan Walsh on how caving on Reproductive Justice is actually on fleek
Lauren Mitchell and Loretta Ross talking about the Reproductive Justice movement and the Radical Doula Project.
A new NYC initiative seeks to educate residents about a new term: sexual and reproductive justice.
.'s open letter says it all. Shame on & who are still silent.
Yes. I am very disappointed in the national election & what it means for civil rights & reproductive justice.
now with "Bearing Light and Time: reproductive justice and the abject maternal in prison photography" 2016ASA
Want to get involved in Reproductive Rights and justice organizing in North Texas?
Next week, the Reproductive Justice docket within the Human Rights and Gender Justice clinic will be presenting on…
Been reading a lot about adoption lately. Didn't know its not all good. - Meet the New Anti-Adoption Movement
What is your stand on Reproductive Justice? Do you support a woman's right to the privacy to choose safe abortion services?
Meet fellow Leah highlights that racial justice is central to advancing reproductive freedom.
Join us for another day of promoting reproductive justice and protesting the anti-choice/pro-life presence from 11-1pm
Women's reproductive justice is so important
This thread. Reproductive justice is so much wider than just abortion
Fatphobic weight limits for abortion, emergency birth control, adoption-. When will feminism care about fat people?. https:/…
As white activists, can't just use language of "reproductive justice" if still centering whiteness and not talking about all of RJ.
You've been quoted in "What do the results mean and what's next for Reproductive Justice?"
Anusha, our rockstar Young Leaders Institute Fellow, blogs about her gender & reproductive justice work here:…
Have you seen our new video on Watch it now:
I'm building a toolkit! Read more about it on my blog and tell me what should be included:
also Saga, Star Wars, Margaret Atwood, and going on tears about Reproductive Justice.
Conceivable Future: Testifying for Climate and Reproductive Justice - Upcoming Chicago house party in...
I'm here for economic, racial, environmental, health, and reproductive justice.
Fighting for reproductive justice goes beyond holding onto the legal right to an abortion https:/…
Partners with Groups to Fight for Black Women via
"Black women are agents of change in our own communities." Monica Simpson . ht…
"Safe drinking water. The right to breathe. The right to exist." Enviro justice is reproductive justice
Choice means just that: looks beyond abortion in the fight for reproductive justice:
Large majority of subject to unjust CalWORKs rule are &
Freedom from violence and coercion is reproductive justice.
LAST DAY to register for RJLI! This is a reproductive justice workshop put on by at Sign up here:
TONIGHT at 7pm in CMU 215! Come eat snacks and learn about a great way to support reproductive justice!
Mark your calendars! The UC Law chapter of Law Students for Reproductive Justice will be hosting a…
Reproductive justice is an economic justice issue. And agrees.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Changing the language in reproductive justice activism.
addresses reproductive justice through advocacy. This is why:
Great panel with at MSFC on why reproductive justice doesn't end when you choose to continue a pregnancy
When you hear the term 'Reproductive Justice,' what comes to mind?
Reproductive justice for highlights the importance of universal access to abortion. Healthcare must not be criminalised/stigmatised.
Abyan, reproductive justice and human rights | Kate Galloway via
"Darling, read all you want. You are a man, so your opinions on reproductive justice just don't matter."
Which is sort of ok if he wants to bore me to tears about football, but this was a reproductive justice issue,
If your children cannot safely walk down the street, there cannot be reproductive justice.
THE National Board of SisterSong Women of Color for Reproductive Justice Collective. 2016, we ready.
How is pushback against anti-abortion activism, by and for Black women
has anybody done any work on reproductive justice incl pregnancy/birth in the locality? Keen to make connections
Sorry to bug you again, but this seems a great chance to secure a Reproductive Justice debate
Also: reproductive justice is not a "women's" issue!
Alissa Perrucci is laying down some awesome reproductive justice chatter. Sending thoughts your way!
Reproductive justice is never letting your own judgement eclipse the experiences of women.
Thrilled to be at MSFC's to talk about dignity across the spectrum of pregnancy experiences. Find me to talk reproductive justice!
New article: When you hear the term ‘Reproductive Justice,’ what comes to mind?
Abyan, reproductive justice and ping
Abyan, reproductive justice and human rights via
Will you please do more brilliant sketches on the ridiculously wretched state of reproductive justice?
Abyan, reproductive justice and human rights
Love this quad behind today's training on community organizing, reproductive justice & taking action.
Family planning is a primary component of reproductive justice, but CHOICE should never be set aside.
Reproductive justice will be attained when all ppl have the economic, social & political power to make decisions for the…
"Reproductive Justice focuses on building a movement and organizing our COMMUNITY"
Powerful Reproductive Health and Racial Justice panel at the w/
Liza reads the definition of reproductive justice.
Emerge alum Linda Roman - presenting on reproductive justice at the DPO Summit!
This is very good on state violence & women refugees' bodily vulnerability: Abyan,reproductive justice & humanrights
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It's a good morning to talk and learn about reproductive justice, y'all.
Love me some Dr. Willie Parker, who I had the pleasure of meeting in my Reproductive Justice class "In...
The Rogue Rose of Tralee alternative pageant; Roses compete based on reproductive justice available in their country!
Very strong support for women's reproductive justice. Local heavily campaigned for local abortion services in
We will be focusing on reproductive justice issues this semester.
Reproductive justice is not just the right to not have a child, but the right to have children in ways that work for all c…
Reproductive justice: the right to have children, to not have children, to parent in healthy & sustainable ways
Reproductive justice: the right to have a child or not; to raise a family in healthy environment. -
Executive Director Wendy Stark talks with on justice and reproductive …
Inadequate access to health care for women is fundamentally an economic justice issue for low-wage workers
The MacArthur Foundation phases out funding for juvenile justice, U.S. housing, Reproductive Health, and more.
ICYMI: We have our Reproductive Justice Leadership Institute coming to Ohio and Alabama in October. Apply now!
Abolishing the anti-Black police state is a reproductive justice issue.
My faith's social justice tradition leads me to support reproductive justice. . .
This Year’s Latina Week of Action for Reproductive Justice is Centered Around Its Intersection with Economic Justice http…
If you don't know and you should. She is a walking, talking Singing leader for Reproductive Justice
To save space I'm going to use RJ as short hand for reproductive justice.
Even if groups are connected through reproductive justice they don't work together, concerned about bringing on controversy
Texas is often a litmus test for reproductive justice laws that then get exported to other states.
Practical support needs for reproductive justice to people on transportation, logging, childcare can get overlooked.
We are tied together in reproductive justice as a community regardless of where people fall on LGBTQ+ spectrum fall.
Reproductive justice was about body autonomy, a holistic approach. Not just abortion, includes sterilization & child rearing
The reproductive justice movement was started by WOC and that is often erased. Tell it,
Reproductive justice IS about the economy, health care, education, etc. Having a baby affects them all.
there's reproductive justice already. The issue is whether u ought to have or want to have
Y'all, I'm part of a little giving circle over here for reproductive justice. Come join us!
Brilliant! You must see the Reproductive Justice billboards by in Memphis.
Check out this free training from Law Students for Reproductive Justice!. It's almost time for the mutli-city...
At Choice Celebration on behalf of Supporting reproductive justice work of an amazing organization.
Chills hearing and highlighting their work fighting for reproductive justice every day.
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The ink smear on this reproductive justice looks exactly like a uterus
Time for "word work"! Reproductive: act or process of reproducing. Justice: moral rightness.
Latest Post: Social work students fight for reproductive justice
Alex Stern says that her goal was to create an archive about coerced sterilization + contribute to reproductive justice
Two of our folks are headed to Atlanta to plan the Spark Reproductive Justice Now's IGNITE and Forward Together's...
New Voices Pittsburgh: Women of Color for Reproductive Justice is hiring Integrated Voter Engagement canvassers!...
The Reproductive Justice Agenda team preparing to start the campaign.
Just read about Texas and their closing of 7 abortion clinics. From California, I support the reproductive justice fighters there!
access to is FUNDAMENTAL but reproductive justice model lets us talk bout underlying issues (patriarchy/capitalism)
.Weird. Some of us here can raise children AND care about reproductive justice.
Looking forward to my trip to SC Reproductive Justice Activism is rising everywhere
We really do need to raise more awareness, tho, that reproductive justice/healthcare shouldnt be framed in a way that excludes trans people.
So excited that I will be attending Reproductive Justice Leadership Training in just a few weeks! Can't wait to learn all I can!
This writer, Katie McDonough, writes about "reproductive justice." She is unintentionally hilarious. via
It's important to have awesome hair while one fights for reproductive justice.
"We can't win reproductive justice until we win it for all people, no matter where you live" -
Even though I should, I don't think I could ever work in Reproductive Rights justice. I'm afraid I'd be nauseous and angry all the time.
"You cannot talk about reproductive justice without talking about white supremacy." said Loretta Ross
"Why were barriers to Reproductive Health put up in the first place?" Reproductive Justice w/o Borders panel.
Winnovating Interview of Loretta Ross by Mwende Katwiwa on history of Reproductive Justice
Reproductive Justice & the Abortion Wars: Lecture by Loretta Ross October 8, 7 pm
Faith leads us to support reproductive justice.
Feeling like college again. Tabling for Law Students For Reproductive Justice
Next week Don't miss "Reproductive Justice and The Abortion Wars" with Loretta Ross
Resisting the "opioid baby" myth is a priority for reproductive justice
REPRODUCTION IS COMMENDABLE. But killing babies in the mother's womb is NOT REPRODUCTIVE JUSTICE !
Yes, but concerns about reproductive justice remain. Who pays to remove the devices? IUDs and Implants the New Pill
*** is Reproductive Justice? I am a guy so maybe I don't get it. Yet it does say FOR ALL
What is reproductive justice? . "The right to have kids. The right not to have kids. The right to parent your kids."
Because this is also a reproductive justice issue:.
Two student activists reflect on reproductive justice: via
Ross is here to speak about reproductive justice, a term that is celebrating its 20th anniversary.
Listening to the great speaking about reproductive justice.
Interview with Rev. Marvin Ellison on the Role of Faith Leaders in the Movement via
Pregnancy & birth are reproductive justice issues
Pastor Earl, a Reproductive Justice and Faith attendee says "men must stop inserting ourselves as experts on...
Did y'all know that the Ford Foundation provides grants specifically for Gender, Sexuality and Reproductive Justice?
Join us for Pittsburgh's second Repro Health Happy Hour (RHHH)- brought you by Pennsylvanians for Choice, New Voices Pittsburgh, Women's Law Project, and Allegheny Reproductive Health Center on Wednesday, May 21st at the Steel Cactus in Shadyside. RHHH PGH is a monthly networking event for Pittsburgh-based Sexual and Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice professionals, advocates, and allies. Join the statewide advocacy effort to pass the PA Agenda for Women's Health and connect to dynamic Reproductive Justice, Reproductive Health, and Reproductive Rights organizations in our region! There will be a suggested donation of $5-$10 at the door, and all proceeds will benefit the Pennsylvanians for Choice Coalition! Invite your networks and friends! Please come and help us make our second event a success! Where: Steel Cactus When: 5:00-8:00 pm, Wednesday, May 21st
Join us this evening for our monthly meeting! At 7pm at the Bag Lady, 1710 Kenilworth We will review our participation at HKonJ, One Billion Rising, Scott Shields Self Defense, Amnesty International Conference. We will view: Roe at Risk: Fighting fir Reproductive Justice.
Here are the top 3 issues our 17 member congregations of TXUUJM voted to focus on in the 2015 Legislative session. Do one of these speak to you? Please join us personally or partner with as a church. Donate to establish this ministry for bending justice in Tejas! We are still seeking donations on our $3,000 matching grant from UU Fund for Social Responsibility. Soulfully, Chuck 1. Women's Reproductive Justice 2.Affordable Care Act Implementation 3. Income Inequality
Stand for Reproductive Justice! Volunteer and learn how advocate for fair public policies and
FYI: an event titled, “Faith & Reproductive Justice: It’s Time to Talk,” will be held in Bismarck on Saturday, March 8. The event offers a faith-based approach to explore and practice new ways of engaging on complex issues with integrity and respect. The facilitator is Rev. Kelli Clement of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. The event is from 10 am – 3 pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 818 E. Divide Ave. in Bismarck. Lunch is provided and there is no registration fee. An RSVP is appreciated but not required. For questions or to RSVP, send an email to officeor call 701.223.6788.
A special screening of "Young Lakota" in celebration of International Women's Day 6pm • Friday, March 7 Ka Ni Kanichihk • 455 McDermot Avenue Admission is Free and Refreshments will be served before the film. “We have to know who we are and we have to know where we’re from. And once you fully accept yourself, you realize what you want.” ~ Sunny Clifford, Lakota activist, South Dakota Join us at Ka Ni Kanichihk to celebrate International Women’s Day with a focus on women's activism for social change. The Manitoba premiere of 'Young Lakota' will share the inspiring story of fLakota activists in South Dakota. Following the film, there will be a panel discussion on Indigenous Youth Leadership and Reproductive Justice. The panel will be led by Jessica Danforth of the Native Youth Sexual Health Network. Speakers featured will be Alexa Lesperance from the Native Youth Sexual Health Network, Melissa Brown, an Aboriginal Midwifery Student, and a special guest from Teen Talk. The event will take place a ...
Roe at Risk: The Fight for Reproductive Justice Tuesday, February 25, 6 to 8 pm, room 2201, GGU Law Narrated by actress and activist Amy Brenneman, Roe at Risk: Fighting for Reproductive Justice describes the dramatic impact of nationwide attacks on women’s constitutional rights. By sharing the stories of women’s day-to-day struggles in Mississippi and Texas, the film shows the wrenching consequences of radical anti-abortion legislation. At the same time, it documents how women and their allies are fighting back, standing up bravely against politicians who propose laws that threaten the right to reproductive freedom and justice. Following the film, an expert panel will discuss how and why California is bucking the national trend to restrict access to abortions, what lessons California can offer to advocates in other states, and how advocates for reproductive justice are expanding the conversation beyond abortion. This is an Alliance for Justice event hosted and co-sponsored by the GGU Chapter of the N ...
"Typographic Circumcision and the Reproductive Justice" is the name for my new indie band
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What does it mean to be a man working for reproductive justice? It’s been particularly on my mind this week because I’ve been asked to participate in a webinar panel spearheaded by the UUA called “Reproductive Justice Ministry with Men” this Monday. While I work at the Religious Coalition for Reprod...
We're talking about the ways LGBTQ movement issues intersect with reproductive justice. Trying to capture all but TONS of intersection
The music video ?Won?t Go Back? promotes reproductive justice and rights, inspires activism, and is a call to action for the ?Walk in My Shoes, Hear Our Voice?
Next up: workshop on queering reproductive justice, w the awesome &
Men were quoted six times as much as women were on Reproductive Health issues by media outlets during 2012 elections. http:…
Yes Reproductive justice including abortion rights for all, esp poor women.
"Immigration reform, reproductive justice, gender equality, criminal justice reform, are all LGBTQ issues!"
on immigration reform, reproductive justice, federal minimum wage - they are LGBT issues
.Immigration reform, reproductive justice, gender justice, fair pay, racial justice, these are all issues.
Talking about female anatomy is crucial in fighting for reproductive justice. -
Reproductive justice movement must address concerns/needs of trans men and women.
Reproductive justice movement can't leave concerns/needs of trans men and women behind!
Both movements seek to define, build, and celebrate a diversity of families (on queering reproductive justice)
Seeking the intersections between *** activism and reproductive justice.
From RCRC Dear Friends, “God loves women who have abortions, just as God loves women who choose not to have abortions, and is with them at times of decision.” With the launch of our new It’s Time Campaign a few hours ago, we hope that that statement of love won’t someday be as provocative as it is now. When I said it at the press conference we just held at the National Press Club here in DC, I could see people’s faces perking up. It’s incredibly rare that the words “God” and “abortion” are used in a sentence together when it’s not being used to condemn or intimidate. For too long, the public debate on the issues of religion, abortion, sexuality and justice have been dominated by strident voices who want a monopoly on religion. Just yesterday, the House passed draconian restrictions on abortion access, and the President chose to say nothing about it in his State of the Union. OK, then faith leaders will begin to speak out. We will make the prophetic call for reproductive justice until ...
AFJ's 2013 First Monday documentary on the threats to reproductive justice - and how to fight back. More at
There is still time to register for Take Root: Red State Perspectives on Reproductive Justice! Join us!
Running for gender equality and reproductive justice -with my
TONIGHT! Law Students for Reproductive Justice descend on Plan B for a rousing game of SEX Trivia with all...
We thank Congressman Waxman for his decades of hard work and commitment to important issues including reproductive justice
My body my choice extends to other areas besides reproductive justice. Betches
Beyond Single-Issue Politics on the 41st Anniversary of Roe v. Wade: Young Reproductive Rig... via
Great conference in Feb on Reproductive Justice get info on blog -
Bringing red state perspectives to reproductive justice advocacy.
We're excited to be attending Take Root: Red State Perspectives on Reproductive Justice! Our ED Julie Burkhart will be speaking. We'd love to see you there!
Life support is a reproductive justice issue, too via Abortion Gang - The story of Marlise Muñoz is...
Tonight @ Tulane: Roe v. Wade and the New Jane Crow: Reproductive Justice in the Age of Mass Incarceration
Nothing wrong w focusing only on reproductive justice unless you believe that's all feminism is.
but reproductive justice means choice to have or not have children not BC as ecological imperative
.- c u at screening tonight. There's still time to join us!
New post: The River Runs Yellow: The Elk River Spill and the Intersection of Environmental & Reproductive Justice
attacks in the states threaten Roe & women's rights. Check out 4more.
It's critical to work for economic & racial justice as part of the broader reproductive autonomy conversation.
For us, the call to reproductive justice is a moral one, grounded in centuries of spiritual teachings and sacred texts.
Our Network Manager, Alison Lin is at where she'll join conversations around racial and reproductive justice. http:…
Its weird to not be at the branch meeting, knowing y'all are all happy in that cold room talking about Fishman, delegates, and reproductive justice. Miss you! Hope you guys are having fun!
It's not about Reproductive Rights, it's about reproductive justice.
Law Students for Reproductive Justice hosted its west regional conf Jan. 25 with panelist Prof. Julie Nice.
.as an atheist, I say for secular people to stand in solidarity with people of faith on reproductive…
I just started laughing at idea that advocating for trans-inclusive reproductive justice was compared to Huckabee and…
Someone should sit Rand Paul down with a reproductive justice advocate.
I’ve taken to saying, reproductive justice isn’t a destination like the Land of Oz, it’s a framework you incorporate in your…
As I'll fight for social justice including reproductive freedom. Proud host of 'Men for Choice'
TODAY, 1/29 at 1:00 pm, GW Law Students for Reproductive Justice will host a lunchtime talk with Miriam Zoll. The author will discuss her book Cracked Open: Liberty, Fertility and the Pursuit of High Tech Babies (addressing the hidden side of infertility treatments. Tasher Reading Room, GW Law Library. Lunch served at 1:00, talk begins 1:15.
Reproductive justice includes the right to control the timing and spacing of children, if one wants to have them at all, but the issue of starting families and the right to have children is often o...
. says "I'm wondering when reproductive justice will get a shout out by POTUS." Me too. on the
Who's watching the state of the union? Listen for the words reproductive justice; the new word for abortion!
Hey DC RHHH - please join Law Students for Reproductive Justice this Friday, January 31st at 7pm at Mackeys Public House for networking happy hour! Please email Keely at keelyif you have any questions
We are happy to announce some rad community artists involved in the evening: Erin Konsmo, a Métis/Cree artist from Innisfail, Alberta, will be displaying artwork. Erin focuses on art forms that incorporate Indigenous knowledge while telling stories of struggle, resistance, self-determination, land, identity and sexual and reproductive justice. More info on Erin here: by members of Undercurrent Theatre. Undercurrent Theatre is an artist-run company dedicated to the critical exploration of society through through a) the development of new theatrical works and b) community-engaged artistic projects More info on the collective here: announcements to come!
When you make a contribution to SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW, you are helping to shift the political landscape in Georgia and the South. Our...
Planned Parenthood is organizing for reproductive justice in our state, and they need our help. Please contact Tamya if you can make it to PP in Tulsa to phone bank this coming Thursday evening!
LA Friends! Interested in how the ACA (Obamacare) impacts you, your family, and community? Check out this community forum hosted by California Latinas for Reproductive Justice in East LA! RSVP today!
The Importance of Language Choices in the Reproductive Justice Movement By Marcella Kocolatos, Staff Editor “No one is pro-abortion.” This is a common refrain in the reproductive justice movement. ...
Activist and attorney Sandra Fluke speaks to the National Council of Jewish Women as one of its "New Leaders for Reproductive Justice" at Washington Institut...
"Spurred on by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops these organizations are attempting to hold hostage all women by refusing insurance to them for contraceptives. NCAN strongly supports Reproductive Justice which includes a woman’s right to choose what is best for her body including cont...
Today was an insane day from beginning to end, and FYI, if you are a reproductive justice community organizer and thinking about stealing wifi in the Chick-Fil-A parking lot, they block anything with the word "abortion", which means, basically, you're just sending emails with lots of f-bombs in them. Literally 95% of the websites I visit don't meet the high standards of the Hate-Fil-A filters.
For the ones who attended the Reproductive Justice panel: I was not convinced that the slogan "Indigenous Feminists are sexy" is not problematic. Saying that you have reclaimed a word and that you are using it in a different sense does not mean that you were able to change how it's being perceived in the society. From my point, this slogan seems like a renunciation, a compromise to be heard from the general population. I'm not saying that you shouldn't do that. You can. This can be a step for you. But at least acknowledge the fact that you are using a problematic discourse for only a stage of a slow, gradual progress. That's what I think, and I'd be glad to hear what you think about this. I did not want to tag anyone because I did not want to make anyone feel like they are obliged to respond, but I hope people will see this and share their opinions.
are Pitt's only campus organization devoted primarily to feminism and issues of sex and gender equality in all areas of life. We have weekly meetings Tuesday evenings at 8:45 in the William Pitt Union, as well as special events such as Take Back The Night and The *** Monologues throughout the year. The Campus Women's Organization of the University of Pittsburgh aims to represent the women of the University of Pittsburgh and their interests, namely: education, empowerment, full representation, reproductive justice, and expression of all their identities. By increasing awareness of discrimination and harassment on the basis of physical sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, race, class, size, religion, political views, and ability, we wish to provide a support network to individuals and forums for confidential and public discussion. We intend to serve as a progessive voice and resource on reproductive issues for the community and to provide support for women and members of both our ...
Stay tuned for an announcement about March events in Winnipeg and Thompson featuring conversations about Reproductive Justice and Indigenous Youth Leadership! Enjoy your event Brock University and The Native Youth Sexual Health Network
I am pleased to announce that I have been selected as a member of the 2014 Faith and Reproductive Justice Leadership Institute. The Leadership Institute - a program of the CAP Faith and Progressive Policy Initiative - trains and provides resources to a diverse group of faith-based leaders and advoca...
Interested in being a part of Reproductive Justice of Oregon State University? What schedule works better for you this term to attend regular meetings? Thursdays @ 4-5pm or Fridays @ 2-3pm?
If you're in or around Wilmington and passionate about reproductive justice, PProvide Wilmington, a Planned Parenthood community advocacy group, is having it's first meeting Thursday January 30th, 6 PM at the SEACC building at 317 Castle St. Please come!
Women's Issues Now Conference hosted by Students United for Reproductive Justice - SURJ is a success. To our sister SURJ, your work sustains and empowers us. We are with you. Thank you for the work you do for our UNC and the greater community!
A call to the faithful on reproductive justice
When Martin Luther King Jr. shared his dream with the nation, he never envisioned an America where ”reproductive justice” would end 56 million innocent human lives. His dream never pictured a nation where black boys and black girls would never be able to join hands with white boys and white girls, as sisters and brothers, because “freedom of choice” determined some humans are simply not equal. I often wonder how he would feel about the fact that black kids are aborted at 5 TIMES the rate of the majority population. Thats not a 'Dream' in my opinion unless you're Hitler or Sanger.
Priorities this and next month: Doctor's appointments, taking care of the kids, yUUth group, continuing my pre and post natal education, and Reproductive Justice in Arkansas.
Sera Bonds, COHI CEO, will be speaking at 4th Annual Take Root: Red State Perspectives on Reproductive Justice Conference in Norman, OK Feb.21-22. "Meaningful and effective activism in the red states should be supported and nurtured and those activists will inspire the rest of the nation."
‘Young Lakota:’ Reproductive Justice and Coming of Age on the Rez
Want help enrolling in health insurance under the Affordable Care Act? We have a number of enrollment events going on in Philadelphia this weekend! Tomorrow, we will be at an event with Positive Women's Network and The Philly Collaborative for Reproductive Justice and Support from 12:30pm to 5pm helping people enroll. The event will take place at Metropolitan Community Church of Philadelphia (3637 Chestnut St., 2nd Floor). We'll also be at an event tomorrow with Enroll America from 12pm to 5pm at Holy Trinity Baptist Church (1818 Bainbridge Street). Then on Sunday we will be at R5 Productions' Punk Rock Flea Market from 10am-5pm.
New Adult Education and Small Group Ministry Program Guide for December with new classes: Coffee Conversations on Maps of The Soul, Daytime Conversations with Jim Grant, Reproductive Justice:
RE - Reproductive Justice! Milwaukee Assembly Rep, JoCasta Zamarripa, takes to the streets in Janesville by Congressman Paul Ryan office. Can you imagine the stress and strain of living on a daily basis with the possibility that you could be yanked from your home and deported without recourse after years, perhaps decades, of working hard daily in this country? Wondering if you will have to be separated from you children... How do you plan for your future and that of your family? How do you even sleep at night? Hope you are listening, Congressman Ryan!
Native American Law Student Association - GW Law will be hosting a special pre-screening of the film "Young Lakota" with the GW Law Students for Reproductive Justice on Tuesday, November 12 at 8:00 pm. "Young Lakota" is a documentary following the journey of several women during the former Oglala Sioux Tribal President Cecilia Fire Thunder's decision to defy a South Dakota ban on abortion by planning an abortion clinic on the Pine Ridge Reservation. For more information on the movie go to: We hope to see you Tuesday!
Road Rally for Reproductive Justice about to begin in Frankfort:
Elephant Circle is hosting Lynn Paltrow in Denver on October 25th at 10am! At Hope Tank, A Charitable Boutique 64 Broadway Denver, Co. 80203 Her talk is titled 40 years after Roe, Reproductive Justice in the Age of Mass Incarceration. Local Activists will also speak on a panel. Email me for more info: lusero.indra
US Supreme Court to hear abortion cases Since the retirement of moderate justice Sandra Day O'Connor, the court has been moving to the right, revising former precedents. New York times writes: The court has two cases concerning abortion on its docket. One of them, McCullen v. Coakley, No. 12-1168, is a challenge to a Massachusetts law that restricted protests near Reproductive Health care facilities. The court upheld a similar Colorado law in 2000 in Hill v. Colorado. “This is probably the most likely precedent to be overruled,” said Kannon K. Shanmugam, a lawyer with Williams & Connolly. The second one concerns whether states may limit the use of abortion-inducing drugs. The case, Cline v. Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice, No. 12-1094, has taken a detour to the Oklahoma Supreme Court, which has been asked for a clarification. When the case returns, the Supreme Court may well modify its understanding of one of Justice O’Connor’s central legacies, Planned Parenthood v. Casey in 1992. Th ...
Sunday, September 22 at 11:00am will be our Kick-Off Focus for Adult Religious Education class on Reproductive Justice. "A Regional Review of Reproductive Issues – Ruth Herbert, FNP, Guest Speaker Last May Vincent Lachina, a chaplain with Planned Parenthood, spoke to our fellowship about reproductive justice issues in America. We are pleased to have Ruth Herbert, FNP speak on local issues concerning this subject. Ms. Herbert has been a family nurse practitioner in Redmond since 1979, owned and operated Redmond Northside Health Care, and taught at OHSU. This topic has been a long-standing interest and passion of hers. She will share her unique insights into such questions as: What concerns do local women have and how have reproductive justice issues in Central Oregon changed over the years? The six-week Adult RE class on reproductive justice begins on Tuesday, September 24, 7:00 - 8:30pm in the Cottage (the small house off the parking lot at the Old Stone Church). Call the church office for more inform . ...
Sunday, June 9, 11 AM: What Do Unitarian Universalists Believe? The Rev. Dr. Sara Zimmerman will speak on some of the business to come before the 2013 General Assembly in Louisville later this month, including the current Congregational Study Action Issue (CS/AI) to be voted on this year: Immigration as a Moral Issue. She will also provide information about the 2012-2016 CS/AI, Reproductive Justice: Expanding Our Social Justice Calling and the Statements of Conscience (SOCs) approved at recent GAs: Ethical Eating, and Creating Peace. At 12:30 Rev. Sara and Board of Trustees Vice President Bill Blymiller will lead a Q & A on these issues. They will also discuss the structure of the CS/AIs and the various bylaws changes that are offered at this General Assembly. More here:
Liz writes: Hi! Just an FYI, education opportunity on Scarleteen, a progressive, feminist, teen sexual health and info site. It seems like reaching out to young people may be the most effective way to promote genital integrity. Status was - Status Update "By Scarleteen After all our posts today, you might think organizations doing interesting, positive work around teen pregnancy might be hard to find! Here are some for you to connect with, especially if you're frustrated by the buzz around certain prevention campaigns: Strong Families, California Latinas for Reproductive Justice, Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy, Young Women United . And some of our favorite blogs written by young parents themselves: Teen Mom NYC, Proud To Parent, The Young Mommy Life. What are your favorites?" I would tag, but don't want to do so without permission and you may be more effective commenting as your page anyway.
“Reproductive Justice is the complete physical, mental, spiritual, political, economic, and social well-being of women and girls, and will be achieved when women and girls have the economic, social, and political power and resources to make healthy decisions about our bodies, sexuality, and reproduction for ourselves, our families, and our communities in all areas of our lives.” 'A New Vision for Advancing Our Movement for Reproductive Health, Reproductive Rights, and Reproductive Justice'. Oakland: Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice, 2005
This week at BBUUC…. May 26: Mark Yount will present: “Philosophical Thoughts on Spirituality" As a legally recognized religion not based on creed, Unitarian Universalism invites as many perspectives on spirituality as it has members, friends, and perhaps even enemies. More (I think) than most congregations, BBUUC has not only tolerated but long celebrated the diverse spiritualities we bring. How about this, then: let us explore the spiritual friction we can generate by coming together- not as a problem to be solved, but as a source of energy. Led by: Jeremy Ritzmann • Accompanied by Gary Smart What’s Happening at Church this week? Sunday, May 26 • 9am Steering Committee Meeting Tuesday, May 28 • 7pm Reproductive Justice: Expanding our Social Calling • 7pm Board Meeting • 7pm BBUUYA Wednesday, May 29 • 7pm BEACON We are looking forward to seeing you this week!
Reproductive Workshop Session 6: Moving Forward May 26, 12:30-2:30 The issue of reproductive justice impacts us all. The final session for Reproductive Justice deals with how to process all that we have discussed in the previous sessions. We will be identifying goals, methods and strategies for reproductive justice advocacy. We will be affirming the theological and personal sharing within the group and we will inspire and solidify relationships of accountability within the group and outside groups. The session will be facilitated by Jesse St. John and Ellen Taylor. A light lunch will be served. 125 S Second St, Sierra Vista AZ For more information and readings to be shared: e-mail: UUCSEA.admin
It means cigarette & Margaret Sanger is one of HRC & BOs heroes, a true champion of Reproductive Justice if u will
.- reproductive justice right now. STATS ON HOW MANY "JEWISH" BABIES ARE ABORTED PLEASE.
I support abortion, *** rights, womens rights, and reproductive justice. Please judge me!
Take Root which is about reproductive justice in the red states
peeps: I present our new reproductive-y justice-y slightly feminist-y icon: the Black Bear:
"We didn't design reproductive justice to replace pro-choice. Pro-choice is a very good word."
It's important to connect LGBT and reproductive justice
"To be called Reproductive Justice it must be based on human rights... That's the end game." -Loretta Ross
Meet Lynn Jackson, intake director for the & our national case manager: Say hi to her at
My ability to physically cary a child should not determine my place in the feminist and reproductive justice movements.
Qs of reproductive justice can help the trans community but the trans community can speak to reproductive justice Toby Beauchamp
Need to detach the "woman" framework from reproductive justice movement. Not just women get pregnant. And not all women can get pregnant.
So lmao discomfort. I'm at a conference for reproductive justice. And Margaret Sanger was just praised. So I called that out.
Toby Beauchamp works on trans rights. Trans rights are a part of Reproductive Justice.
Immigration reform is a reproductive justice issue.
brought about that thought btw. Great reproductive justice convo going on.
"We are trying to normalize the conversation around reproductive justice. We've broadened ourselves beyond just abortion."
"If you're interested in reproductive justice you must understand the War on Drugs, incarceration, & see the connection."
yes It is not reproductive justice if you defeat but lose voting rights - Pamela Merritt
We need reproductive justice so we can keep fighting on multiple issues rather than just abortion rights.
Take Root attendees listening to Loretta Ross talk about reproductive justice @ Boomer Outreach…
We all have the right to have or not have a child & raise them safe & healthy. That's reproductive justice - Loretta Ross
Reproductive justice term is a way of embedding Reproductive Rights in social justice
If you're not already, follow to hear badass red state activists talk about their experience w/reproductive justice activism.
This year, we are stepping up our action for Reproductive Justice, focusing on women's reproductive choice. All are invited to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade on Sunday, 1/27, 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. at Birmingham Unitarian Church, 38651 Woodward Avenue, Bloomfield Hills. See Dorothy Fadiman's film "From the Back Alleys to the Supreme Court and Beyond" (tells the history of Reproductice Rights in the U.S.) and hear former State Rep. Lisa Brown, who will discuss the recent dangerous, sweeping attacks on women's health in the state legislature. Sponsored by Planned Parenthood of Michigan, National Council of Jewish Women, the ACLU - Michigan, and Macomb-Oakland NOW.
."Moody-Patterson Award for Leadership in Reproductive Justice" is presented to Dr. Willie J. Parker, a legend in the movement.
Harvard Law Students for Reproductive Justice? Oh *** yes, that's the coolest group at that school
Terribly disapointed at the Westin Hotels & Resorts for hosting an anti-women, anti-choice gala at their Halifax location last night. Shame on you. Pan-Canadian Day of Action for Reproductive Justice: Equal Access Now!, Equality Now, Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada
October 10th: Sex Drugs and Crime trivia night at Guava Bar and Grill. Hosted by SSDP, Center for Reproductive Justice, and the Criminal Law Society. Come, have a drink, be supportive, maybe win a prize!
Reproductive Justice group responds to Indiana RTL accusations of Lafayette PP clinic for medical abortion
Reproductive Justice group responds to accusations of IN Right to Life against Lafayette PP.
I just saw Healthcare Hustle on CNBC, it was about the $80 billion in Medi fraud each year. Obamacare, will be even worse because of the shear volume of new patients brought into a system already strained. The Beast will offer the 'Chip' as the Solution for our protection against fraud, identity theft, for dietary observation (swipe the healthcare card/chip to see if you can have a Big Gulp). The 'nudge' the Georgetown *** demanded that others pay for her 'reproductive security a (play on her former position as President of Law Students for Reproductive Justice), was a precursor for what Christians will tolerate from Marxist Obamacare.
Come join the celebration and learn more about Reproductive Justice in Memphis!
With a mix of sadness, excitement, and tremendous gratitude, we announce Jill Adams's departure as Executive Director of Law Students for Reproductive Justice. Although we will miss her terribly, we are incredibly proud of her accomplishments, which leave LSRJ well-positioned to fulfill its mission ...
On Saturday, hundreds and hundreds of Unitarian Universalist congregational delegates held up their yellow voting cards to support Reproductive Justice as their next congregational action and study issue.
Valerie Jarrett, Elena Kagan,pelosIRthe high sisters who put together new Reproductive Justice ideology: determines new liberal strategies
UUs: "GA Reproductive Justice - more than choice - why?" on Unitarian Universalist Church of:
Body Ecology: Ring Shout for Reproductive Justice... is a human rights issue
To effectively combat the current war on women's bodies, UU advocates and congregations can learn from each other and from UU leaders in the field. Please join us for a webinar, "Reproductive Justice: Congregational and Legislative Best Practices."
Hamilton Collection
In commemoration of May 28, International Day of Action for Women’s Health, Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights is launching its Call for Action 2012: “Full Recognition of Young People’s Sexual and Reproductive Rights! Recognise Reproductive Rights! Mobilise for Reproductive Justice!”
Sandra Fluke: I Was Having Sex When President Obama Called Me By Mark Donahue Just a week ago Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke was a normal thirty year-old law student grappling with the daily troubles of being a young woman in today’s complicated world. Sandra was pulling all-nighters cramming for exams, attending meetings for Law Students for Reproductive Justice, going to movies, partying with friends and somehow, finding the time to donate plasma at a blood center for the $25 stipend that enabled her to purchase enough birth control to get her through the weekend. But in the past week Sandra has testified at a Democratic-sponsored congressional hearing alongside House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, was called a *** by conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh, has appeared on dozens of national talk shows and to top it all off, she received a telephone call from President Obama. On Friday Sandra was interviewed by Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC where she was asked about her personal call from ...
Timeline of Reproductive Justice on Pinterest: 1312 Thomas Aquinas says early abortion is not murder but a mortal sin.
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