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Rep. Jason Chaffetz's announcement that he won't seek re-election in 2018, rewritten:
Utah's Rep. Jason Chaffetz may have been laid up, but that doesn't mean he wasn't going to help defeat Obamacare.
Rep. Jason Chaffetz is not running for re-election because he just betrayed the people who sent him to congress
The thing is even if they do believe like him, they STILL don't. I'm a Mormon.…
“Maybe rather than getting that new iPhone” Americans “should invest in their own healthcare” - Rep. Jason Chaffetz
Rep. Jason Chaffetz's secret—covers for Taliban in Seal Team 6 murders via
Last week Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) announced he won't be running in 2018. He was a champion for supplements...
.you complete hypocrite. U r want to screw over millions of Americans. What a complete tool u r.
Rep. Jason sudden decision to quit left his supporters in wondering what was going on.
Utahns Puzzled by Chaffetz Decision to Quit Congress - Rep. Jason Chaffetz's sudden decision to quit Congress l...
Rep. Jason Chaffetz's sudden decision to quit Congress left even his supporters in Utah…
Perhaps "he couldn't look his 15-year-old daughter in the eye and talk about" Trump.…
>>>Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) looked happy as a clam as he came back to the Capitol from a recent foot surgery...
Rep Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) accepted $12600 from Comcast Corp. He votes with own party 97.44% of the time.
Jason Chaffetz limps back to Congress, invents two phony Obama scandals to distract from Trump-Russia - Palmer Rep.
Rep. Jason Chaffetz has one last Obama-bashing trick up his sleeve before he leaves Congress
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Rep.Jason Chaffetz received surgery on his preexisting foot condition under Obama Care th…
Rep. Jason Chaffetz moves to impose limits on presidential pensions, citing "Obama hypocrisy"
The same Chaffetz who was reported to the FBI for using a potential illegal private email server?…
Jason Chaffetz is a pos as well as any rep who voted yes. Hope his surgery gets infected, because he…
(POS) Chaffetz returns from surgery for pre-existing condition to vote away your coverage
What did Senator Orrin Hatch do to Rep Jason Chaffetz? Quickest exit from politics ever. .
Rep. Jason Chaffetz 19 days ago DISGUSTED by Donald Trump can't look his "daughter in the eyes" if he endorsed him.…
Utah Rep.Jason Chaffetz, who said he couldn't look his daughter in the eye if he votes for Trump, is voting for Trump. Quite the hypocrite!
Rep Jason Chaffetz must be forced to resign for misconduct/collusion along w/ Comey. made the letter public w/…
Just a reminder that Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who is driving the Clinton email non-story, uses a private (non-government) email ser…
Let’s congratulate Rep. Jason Chaffetz — he made news twice in one day
This breathless coverage is **exactly** what GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz wanted
What does his conscience say about cutting security funding for Bengazi. . No scruples. No test…
PATHETIC CLOWN: Rep. Jason Chaffetz changes his mind AGAIN, will vote for Trump after all via
Rep. Jason Chaffetz announces he's voting for Trump again
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Jason Chaffetz just set some sort of modern record for flip-floppery
After withdrawing support over 'lewd' comments, Utah's GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz now says he will vote for Trump.
The GOP’s “Walking Dead”: Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz is the latest proof the Republicans are a zombie party
And it is nice to know Rep Chaffetz uses gmail and of course Congress immune to FOIA
Rep. Jason Chaffetz says the FBI is re-opening the Clinton email investigation
Please sign this petition to investigate Rep Jason Chaffetz from Utah - he loves to accuse HRC but is guilty himself
This is how Rep Jason Chaffetz spends taxpayers money. House to Consider I.R.S. Commissioner’s Impeachment
I liked a video from Rep Jason Chaffetz to Gruber I don't want to talk to your counsel, I
Rep. Jason Chaffetz says the EPA's work environment is "toxic" -
U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz on the EPA's toxic environment.
GOP Rep Jason Chaffetz, who oversees Secret Service, applied to work at the SS... and was rejected:
Rep Jason Chaffetz uses gmail on bus card, jeb bush & powell used private's not just hillary
Chaffetz: Secret Service crash is latest incident in a culture of problems: Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, says ...
Rep. Jason Chaffetz argues the NFL should not be a tax-exempt entity -
When Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz says "I’d rather not have to subpoena" Hillary Clinton he means "where do I sign?".
US Rep Jason Chaffetz reintroduced the Restoration of America's Wire Act, thus renewing another bid to ban online poker in the US.
Rep Jason Chaffetz, who's been all over the Secret Service scandal, sent this to WH CoS Denis McDonough on 10/3.
“There was no running to the sound of guns — they were putting out press releases.” ---Rep Jason Chaffetz, after the questioning of retired USAF Brigadier General Robert Lovell, who testified that the military could have done more, but was waiting for orders from the Pentagon. Sums up the White House response to Benghazi perfectly.
Rep Jason Chaffetz is suppose to be conducting one however he has been silent on the hearing!
that is great! Did you reach out to Rep Jason Chaffetz ?
well yes Fox are the only ones that have had the parents on and I believe Rep Jason Chaffetz too.
A little late to the party, but it's nice to know what pieces of garbage Rep Jason Chaffetz and Rep are.
Yes, accusations are "sickening and depressing and disgusting.". Get the FACTS:
PolitiFact: Jason Chaffetz gets it wrong on Benghazi:
Dear Richard, That's where the Republicans are going. Rep. Jason Chaffetz could barely keep from giggling at the...
The Campaign for America's Future is a strategy center for the progressive movement.
The Texas Observer is a progressive monthly magazine and daily website that covers issues ignored or underreported in the mainstream press.
The BUCK has never once STOPPED with any Republican Politician. Why would it start now?
Texas Insurance Commissioner Eleanor Kitzman is unlikely to win confirmation before the end of the session, a key senator said Thursday. That would end her nearly two-year tenure as head of that agency.
Rep. Jason Chaffetz doesn't rule out impeachment for Obama over Benghazi
Congressional Republicans press Pentagon for additional details following Obama administration release of 100 emails
Washington buzzing about Impeaching Obama: ‘I’m not willing to take it off the table’ Jason Chaffetz (R., Utah)
Big doc dump not so big, subpoenas may be happening.
PolitiFact | Jason Chaffetz says Americans ready to save men 'getting killed' in Benghazi were told to stand down
The White House release of some 100 pages of emails and notes about the deadly attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, last year has failed to satisfy congressional Republicans, who are demanding more information.
Obama Scandals vs. Watergate How does President Barack Obama compare to Richard Nixon who was nearly impeached in 1974 for corruption and egregious abuses of power? The short answer? Not well. Obama’s serial acts of malfeasance have cost hundreds of lives while Nixon’s caused no loss of life. Both attacked their political enemies using taxpayer resources and tried to rig the system to favor their side. But Nixon, unlike Obama, didn’t come from what bestselling author Michelle Malkin termed a “culture of corruption.” Nixon lost the 1960 presidential election to Democrat John F. Kennedy probably because Democrats committed massive vote fraud. In a move some consider noble or patriotic, he refused to put the country through a drawn out fight over the election result. Nixon was not a so-called people person. He was a political outsider who fought hard and bitterly for whatever political victories he achieved. He wasn’t regarded as much of a dirty trickster, at least he wasn’t until he ascended t ...
Rep Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) & House cut funds for embassy security, blames for
Rep. Jason Chaffetz is sure worse than Watergate, 9/11, and Weiner scandal combined.
Chaffetz: Release ALL the Emails: Rep. Jason Chaffetz questioned the release of a mere 100 emails out of 25,00...
Rep Jason Chaffetz says btw I said the 4 employees were NOT fired, at end of video!!
A great narrative that explains the Benghazi incident and the government's response. It is a little long, but clearly shows why this is a BIG DEAL and why you should be paying attention. AMERICAN citizens were allowed to die to prove a point and then lied about to protect an election. If you want to comment, I appreciate it, but let's try something novel...let's actually comment on this situation, don't try and dismiss this because things like this have supposedly happened in the past, or other sins of Republicans that may have happened, or somehow blaming Bush. I freely admit that Republicans have made mistakes, but you cannot dismiss this tragedy because something like this may have happened in the past. You cannot dismiss a crime because another crime may have happened at some point in the past.
Rep. Jason Chaffetz says that the impeachment of President Barack Obama is possible as the White House faces scrutiny over its role in responding to the terror attack on a U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya.
Rep. Jason Chaffetz says he’s not taking impeachment off the table when it comes to President Obama’s handling of the attacks in Benghazi. The Salt Lake Tribune reported Monday that the Utah Republican had called the handling of Benghazi an “impeachable offense,” and that he…
of Hope & Change's photo. Just sharing the facts, the subject will stay alive till 2016. Actually it's pathetic, we really have important issues on the table. How long do they think they can keep up this smokescreen before the people want Congress to do want they were elected to do. Here is Congressman Jason Chaffetz who is one of the leading Republicans driving the clearly politically motivated charge on Benghazi. These are the FACTS, like them or not. 1. My message to the Republicans is the blood is on your hands, because your party cut 500 million in security funds for our embassies,and consulates just days before this incident! From one of the top Republicans in Congress regarding int'l intelligence. Rep. Chaffetz says he "absolutely" voted to cut funding for embassy security - 2. If you really want to be logical from a starting point perspective it goes back to SECURITY/INTELLIGENCE funding = Jason Chaffetz Admits House GOP Cut Funding For Embassy Security: 'You Have To Prioritize Things' 3. Republic ...
"Thank you Rep Trey Gowdy and Rep Jason Chaffetz! Keep up the heat!! Get to the truth…"
Video: Republican Congressman Darrell Issa, chairman of the GOP's Benghazi Oversight Committee, gives an articulate explanation on why this is the worst scandal ever in American history.
Republicans are having Benghazi-gasms over the attack, in fact, going as far as to call for Obama's impeachment while zeroing in on Hillary Clinton. A few days ago, Rep. Jason Chaffetz called for ...
WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—A deep divide has emerged within the Republican Party over whether to waste Congress’ time investigating Benghazi talking points or repealing Obamacare, G.O.P. lawmakers confirmed today. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Virginia), sounded the first discordant...
For ten years the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has been dropping off bags of money for Afghan president Hamid Karzai, who is grateful for the monthly cash deliveries. The revelation sparked a protest from Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah, who told the New York Times“I thought we were trying to clean…
Benghazi eyewitness, was only 632 miles away, in Tripoli. He saw it all. LMAO
What were Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton thinking? Why did they keep pitching the line that the 9/11/12 Benghazi attack that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans started as a spontaneous protest against an anti-Muslim video?
She's the one who told Mr. Hicks to NOT talk with Rep. Jason Chaffetz in Libya without the "minder" being present at all times. This woman needs to be hauled in front of Congress.
And -- here's the tough part -- he wants the Republican Party to agree with him.
The race for state Republican chairman is shaping up to be a duel between establishment Republicans and tea party activists, with the specter of the right-wing political action committee FreedomWorks hanging over this week's GOP convention like a thu...
ESTABLISHED CONTINGENCY PLANS CAN BE CHANGED ONLY BY THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF by Sharon Rondeau Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens was one of four
Appropriate and would have loved to have this uttered during the hearings this past week. (This was from Hillary's hearing January 24, 2013)
Oh, the difference it makes when a democrat is president. These people (republicans) want to RULE.WITH BLOOD AND IRON. If they don't rule, they destroy.
A look at the Benghazi hearings with Congressman Jason Chaffetz of Utah
Gregory Hicks, who became the top diplomat in Libya after Ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed during an attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya, Sept. 11, 2012, told a congressional committee today that the attack left him scrambling for help that failed to arrive in time.
Can I get an AMEN, and standing ovation for Rep Jason Chaffetz
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Keep up the good work, Rep Jason Chaffetz. Great job!
I would like to thank Rep Jason Chaffetz and Dana Perino for following me. You all are the best!
I don't know, but we sure would like to find out. I know Rep Jason Chaffetz has been asking about the survivors.
Rep Jason Chaffetz has been asking this. He can't get a list of names or talk to the people. Last I heard.
Rep Jason Chaffetz (R- UT) told Breitbart News on Wednesday that he has been “thwarted” by the State Department
GOP Rep Jason Chaffetz expected to glide to easy win for third term over …The RepublicSALT LAKE CITY — GOP...
Rep Jason Chaffetz (spoke about the need for in Washington.
Rep Jason Chaffetz joins us NEXT to discuss fact-finding mission in & upcoming House hearing:
Sen. Marco Rubio was our surprise breakfast speaker in addition to Norm Coleman, Matt Kibbe, and Rep Jason Chaffetz.
"Our nation isn’t just one good tax increase away from prosperity." - Rep Jason Chaffetz
Rep Jason Chaffetz is a slow learner. He couldn't C that U were both agreeing on the same thing.
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Rep Jason Chaffetz (UT) will arrive in Colorado Springs tomorrow aboard the Romney bus. Stops include the Peak Grill, Acacia Park, Book Automotive, and GOP HQ. I'm betting the bus stops will draw larger crowds than Obama's speech at CC :-)
Slap Oreilly on the wrist for his meltdown with Rep Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) on Gun Control. Oreilly got it all wrong,everything!
I've extremely disappointed you didn't make mention of your error or treatment of Rep Jason Chaffetz (NG!
Rep Jason Chaffetz on today's vote to repeal Obamacare at 7:45 on KSL.
Utah Rep Jason Chaffetz thanks Big Pharma 4 $$$ by supporting (new bill.
is back and Utah Rep Jason Chaffetz is on board.
Interview w/ Rep Jason Chaffetz out of Utah on op F&F and upcoming developments... I like this guy and you can...
INVITATION: State of the Net West Town Hall with Rep Jason Chaffetz: Thursday May 24th Palo Alto, CA
Rep Jason Chaffetz/Fox News Sunday appears whining again about not being able to do his job in Congress--time for Jason Chaffetz to go home.
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