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Renzo Piano

Renzo Piano, Ufficiale OMRI (born 14 September 1937 in Genoa) is an Italian Pritzker Prize-winning architect.

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In they know a thing or two about sexy (by Renzo Piano)
Renzo Piano's first commercial gallery to be designed for David Zwirner
My dear chap, while you are a very funny and clever man it is a bit naughty to create fake news - Ren…
Renzo Piano did not invent the piano! That was a joke, right?!
"If you are missing the capacity to create emotion, then it doesn’t work, it’s not enough." – Renzo Piano…
David Zwirner is going to open his new in New York in 2020. It will be housed in the Renzo Piano-designed…
Renzo Piano Building Workshop releases new images for moviemaking centre In LA:
Mega-dealer plans a new gallery building by Renzo Piano -
Renzo Piano | my old boss has lost none of his wonder and charm
“Making good buildings is a civic gesture. It’s a gesture of peace.”, to in an intervie…
David Zwirner is looking forward to a new Renzo Piano-designed site on West 21st Street, and looking back, with an exhibit…
"Creativity is only possible when you share creativity" - renzo piano (architect)
"What keeps people alive is not what you’ve done, what you’ve been, but what you will be and what you will do." –a…
"Architecture is art, but art vastly contaminated by many other things. Contaminated in the best sense of the word?…
residents of renzo piano's New York tower will have access to BMW car sharing - .
• Archinect: Renzo Piano to design new $50M art gallery for mega-dealer David Zwirner: That…
Art News Update David Zwirner to expand again with another New York gallery opening in 2020 - Five storey Renzo Pia…
.is opening a new Chelsea gallery — a five-story, $50 million structure designed by Renzo Piano (via…
An Architecture Merit Award goes to University Lenfest Center for the Arts in NYC! Congratulations to Renzo Pi…
Why? Is the Renzo Piano Bubble about to burst in New York City? New York Times HQ, Morgan Library, Whit…
David Zwirner taps Renzo Piano to design new $50 million Chelsea gallery
.shines the "spotlight" on Italian architect Renzo Piano..
Magnum photographers capture the work of Italian architect Renzo Piano, who turns 80 today.
One of the great beauties of is that each time it is like life starting all over again. – Renzo Piano
Sculptures of Richard Rogers & Renzo Piano created by to be installed at
"..I didn't want to celebrate other people than architects, who I consider to be contemporary heroes."
The sculptures will be permanently installed across from the architects' iconic building
Well, we found Renzo Piano's studio within 6 hours of arriving in town, I think we win
Italian Renzo Piano's consideration for light, composition & space naturally chimes with
On the occasion of birthday, looks back at the
Paris’s iconic Centre Pompidou: 8 things you didn’t know via
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What a mess of a how did the driver not see the pillar coming?
Renzo Piano's Parliament in Malta lets a look on a traditional building
Echoes of Pompidou abound in RPBW’s new arts centre in Santander says Jan-Carlos Kucharek
Tadao Ando's in NYC. So much lighter when you move the columns inside. Renzo Piano does that a lot.
Richard Rogers on working with Renzo Piano: "His poet’s soul brought us through" Blog
Dear .standards have dropped under your management. TfL have literally become a danger to the public. https:…
Double-decker bus crashes into Renzo Piano building in Covent Garden
Renzo Piano's first residential building in New York City.
Renzo Piano designs top-heavy arts centre for Columbia University |
See Renzo Piano's new art gallery mimics the graphical layout of the grapevines in France:
Reader comment: "Looks a whole lot like the Whitney, not that that's a bad thing."
Read more about Victoria Newhouse Measures Renzo Piano’s Architectural Footprint in Introspective on
Plate (folio 29) from PANTAGRUEL. Kayserzinn Workshop, Renzo Piano Building Workshop. Lithographs and plastic
The roof! Never before had it occurred to architects (in this case Richard Rogers & Renzo Piano) to leave…
The “Renzo Piano Building Workshop: Piece by Piece” exhibition opens its doors to the public tonight at the
Our latest piece on Renzo: A new book on Athens' center explores its contradictions https:…
Renzo Piano Building Workshop completes sail-roofed art gallery in the heart of grapevines of France:…
is currently designing a children's hospice in Discover the project here:. via
Renzo Piano's Menil Collection: our daylighting icon for May/June Do you have a project yo…
by Renzo Piano "Art is the ability to awaken something that we already have inside"
Always a pleasure to revisit perfect fusion of wine, art, architecture. Love new Renzo Piano galle…
First glimpse of Spain, after 28 hours at sea: Renzo Piano's flickering away. Properly impressive
Renzo Piano was recently interviewed by BLUE magazine!.
.a contemporary art gallery in Spain designed by architect Renzo Piano is now open
Love this design of beam framing. Renzo Piano completes extension to Louis Kahn's Kimbell Art Museum via
Frank Gehry and Renzo Piano on shortlist for Barbican's new concert hall
Redevelopment of a Hydroelectric Power Station in Moscow by Renzo Piano.
Cavalleri’s developer Pacific Eagle is making waves along the West Coast w/ new details on its Renzo Piano hotel…
The Austin’s developer, Pacific Eagle, has big news about their next SF project w/ renowned architect Renzo Piano.…
Reader comment: "I get the feel of the Shard in all of his new proposals"
Details emerge of new 36-storey Renzo Piano hotel in San Francisco
A beautiful glass-sheathed rectilinear building for San Francisco!
Property: Renzo Piano joins roster of st .. Link -
In you should live for 150 years, because u learn in first 75. Renzo Piano
Reader comment: "I miss the Piano that designed Centre Georges Pompidou"
Renzo Piano joins roster of starchitects adding... via
Plans for Renzo Piano's Paddington Cube put on hold:
An inside look at the offices of Zaha Hadid, Renzo Piano, and more
Designs released for 36-story Renzo Piano hotel in Transbay.
Renzo Piano joins roster of starchitects adding to San Francisco's skyline. via
This rendering of the new Renzo Piano buildings at 555 Howard is called:. “Mmm..Freeway Dust…Let’s Breathe it!”…
The MuSe Museum by Italian architect Renzo Piano has opened to the public in Trento, Italy, and feat
It was good to see Renzo Piano & Richard Rogers interviewed together on the BBC news to mark the fantastic Pompidou Centre's 40th birthday.
It's great looking back at these archive photo's from Richard Rogers & Renzo Piano for the 40th…
Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers share photographs on 40th anniversary via
Update your maps at Navteq
Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers share Centre Pompidou photographs on 40th anniversary
Green living roof of California Academy of Sciences designed by Renzo Piano.
Fantastic afternoon with enthusiastic, students from yr3, thanks Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano for the…
USED (VG) Making of the Morgan from Charles McKim to Renzo Piano by Paul S. Byar
I don't remember a single thing in my childhood that was not related in some way to building.
In a way I spend my entire life stealing from everything - from the past, from cities I love, fr
Maranello Live: an aerial view of the Renzo Piano-designed wind tunnel.
Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers's Centre Georges Pompidou of 1971-1977 - the true prototype of
Renzo Piano was just always trying to get you to listen to his mixtape
Renzo Piano designs a convent/spa for some couture nuns in one of the Stinky Stories. He gets his comeuppance.
Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center designed by Renzo Piano for Athens, is a complex in the bay of...
Architect of Gasan skyscraper had objected strongly to Renzo Piano designs for Valletta...
When you design a building, you start from a general philosophy, and you come down, and you sta
The highest skyscraper in western countries; The Shard(designed by Renzo Piano)
A new entrance for Valletta. Are you keen on Renzo Piano’s makeover?
If you have total freedom,then you are in trouble. It's much better when you have some obligation, some discipline, some rules. -Renzo Piano
I don't like the idea that the first preparation when you start to design your building has to p
Renzo Piano Unveils His Latest Design for the Paddington Cube in London via
Renzo Piano: how to build the perfect sandcastle
Renzo Piano has famous structures from New York to Italy.
A piazza is not a plaza. The plaza is the theme park of the piazza; the plaza is the commercial
Take your seat my dear, we are into a Renzo Piano's project
Renzo Piano: (looking at LACMA "renderings"). Zumthor: So?. RP: (chuckles in Italian) All your museum are belong to us htt…
TIL the Nemo Science Centre building was designed by Renzo Piano
“Enjoying art is a personal matter. It's made up by contemplation, silence, abstraction.“. Renzo Piano.
Happy to be featured in AIT newsletter with our project for Piazza Faber in Sardinia! . (Thanks to Renzo Piano...
New item from the Haas Arts Library at Yale Piece by piece / Renzo Piano Building Workshop. from see more...
Pills of modern architecture 03 - NEMO by Renzo Piano Building Workshop
A shot of Renzo Piano’s Zentrum Paul Klee by John Cetra in !
This week, Renzo Piano teased images of his NY tower and sliced the height of the Paddingto…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
NY Times Building by Renzo Piano with Shildan ranks on world's coolest architecture list
The New York Times building by Renzo Piano featuring ceramic by is
In architecture you should live for 150 years, because you have to learn in the first 75 years.
The day I went to see my father to say I wanted to become an architect, he was a bit surprised,
As an architect, you have to provide a shelter to enjoy art. And you have to love art. It's like
Trump Tower climber is giving Renzo Piano flashbacks right now.
New cultural center in Athens, designed by Renzo Piano, brings Greek arts and culture to life. via
Dezeen Mail issue 315 features this week's best stories and discussions |
Architecture is a very dangerous job. If a writer makes a bad book, eh, people don't read it. B
The difference between a builder and an architect is that an architect also cares about desire,
Renzo Piano joins the list of international architects that designed for Beirut. . Beirut City Museum to be build... https:…
A colorful flag installation in highlights the beauty of small towns: via
Renzo Piano slashes height of controversial Paddington Pole
Renzo Piano's newest plan is an all-glass-building that appears to levitate:
"Int'l Museum Day." Harvard Art Museum free today. see new addition by Renzo Piano.
of features Renzo Piano vs. Richard Meier. Vote here:
Visited Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum today, after an invigorating conference. Renzo Piano addition: A+
A Paris infill project by Renzo Piano Building Workshop unwittingly adopts the...
A luxury apartment in Renzo Piano’s Miami condo building could be yours...for $3 million:
Controversial proposal for a skyscraper in London has been withdrawn
We have always been a fan of Renzo Piano, here are 9 buildings you should see:
Renzo Piano: how to build the perfect...
One more new remarkable ugly building in New York. First now this Shame on Renzo Piano & Marcel Breuer!
Bishop Ranch's new retail center readies for ground breaking - San Francisco Business Times
Happy 78th birthday to Renzo Piano! Discover his projects on profile on AL: htt…
Coming soon to Bishop Ranch: 10 movie screens, 18 restaurants, 1 acre of public park:
Russia: Renzo Piano to convert Moscow power station into art gallery | Industrial Heritage
I added a video to a playlist Renzo Piano -Centre Georges Pompidou | 05/23
Director Nick at the Renzo Piano extension on our fair road trip
A builder is like a little god - somebody who does things, doesn't just dra...
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So now we're talking? "The cancellation of a major tower by Renzo Piano has sparked a discourse on urban form."
Renzo Piano is a finalist for the Barack Obama Presidential Center in Chicago!
Museums & Galleries: “A Museum is a place where one should lose one’s head.” -Renzo Piano
East Bay's Bishop Ranch sees new retail center readying for ground breaking
A canceled tower project has London debating the merits of skyscrapers vs. low-rise housing
Similar debate happening in London: Latest Height Debate Pits Skyscrapers Against 'Short and Fat'
Renzo Piano's Whitney Museum. Masterpiece, just OK, or not that great?
The Centre Pompidou in Paris designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers under construction (1971-1977) https:…
Renzo Piano releases more images of Paddington Pole
Renzo Piano designs luxury condo for North Beach, Miami -
Thnx David Adjaye, Renzo Piano and Snøhetta among seven-strong shortlist for Obam...
“Also killed was a German man who worked at the Paris office of the Italian architect Renzo Piano”
A German man working for Renzo Piano, famed Italian architect behind London's Shard, killed at restaurant in company told me.
Architect working at Renzo Piano killed in .
Definitely eye-catching! Located in London, Renzo Piano in collaboration with Fletcher Priest Arc
Renzo Piano's new bizarre work. Read about it here:
"It took 15 years after Bilbao to make another building and in that time my friend Renzo Piano made 24."
Eighty Seven Park by Renzo Piano New New Oceanfront Investment! via For more info:
"Bold design by a star architect, luxury over density, and incorporating its environment." via
Renzo Piano's "fitting" design for its historical and environmental context in
According to office lore, this superglue is straight from the Renzo Piano Building Workshop. As the story goes, whe…
Architects spend an entire life with this unreasonable idea that you can fight against gravity.Renzo Piano
Artnews. Architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff said of Renzo Piano: “(the) serenity of his best buildings can...
Stunning design, for new skyscraper in Lomdon.
Fondazione Renzo Piano - Workshop visit by the FIU Architecture Genoa Study Abroad students. . Serving as his...
An exhibition dedicated to the Pritzker Prize-winning architect Renzo Piano at
What kind of structural architect is called 'Renzo Piano Building Workshop'?!
"You can put down a bad book, you can avoid listening to bad music; but you cannot miss the ugly tower block opposite …
"Only the theoretical architect believes that you can make the concept and then sometime somebody will come to build it.” Renzo Piano
This week, homes for the super rich and Renzo's luxury Miami tower hit the headlines:
Renzo Piano unveils plans for glass tower on Miami Beach via
Renzo Piano's 'genius' new cultural centre is taking shape
Renzo Piano to convert a Moscow power station into a solar-powered arts center
Renzo Piano invests his senator salary in jong Italian architects with outstanding urban projects 😊
This week, Sagrada Família reached a milestone and Nike launched Back to the Future shoes:
If you're in Boston area, go to the Harvard Art Musuem. Renzo Piano's skylight dome over the courtyard is breathtaking. h/t
Renzo Piano has unveiled a 224m cylindrical tower which will be one of London’s tallest structures
Italian 'starchitect' Renzo Piano to transform former Moscow power plant into cultural center -
The $300M Academy Museum of Motion Pictures will be designed by architect Renzo Piano and is slated to open in 2017.
Renzo Piano-designed Academy Awards museum on backlot gets thumbs up from LA's politicians (LA Times)
Today, in 1998, The Pritzker Architecture Prize was awarded to Italian architect Renzo Piano
Renzo Piano's new building for the Whitney set to open via
And now the great parlor game begins: Who's the architect for the Obama library? Early favorites: David Adjaye, Jeanne Gang, Renzo Piano.
New Whitney by Renzo Piano gives art its space, an understated beauty
At OCMA, a history of wanting to build (including a scrapped design by Renzo Piano) -- but at what cost?
The New Whitney Museum of American Art in New York designed by Renzo Piano:
The future of NYC's starts with an Italian design by star architect Renzo Piano
Renzo Piano - the Menil Collection and Michael Heizer - "Isolated Mass/Circumflex (
VH NY - New York welcomes the stunning new Whitney Museum to the High Line. Designed by Renzo Piano.
Whitney Museum designed by Renzo Piano,forces its budget with the new design:
"The galleries are immense, the Renzo Piano design is arresting and the views of the Hudson River are expansive."
Piano pieces: On the fifth floor of the Power Station of Art, some 27 projects by Italian architect Renzo Pian...
“Piece by Piece: Renzo Piano Building Workshop” is now open FOR FREE! Welcome to visit PSA!
Director Adam Weinberg & architect Renzo Piano in front of Robert Henri's iconic 1916 portrait of Gertrude...
So far, Zentrum Paul Klee by Renzo in still one of my favorite buildings. Organic&human-scale. Love it.
Renzo Piano is still Italy's largest architecture office, but for the 2nd year CRA is firmly ranked in the Top-50 firms ba…
thank you renzo for inspiration. renzo piano workshop Golden gate Park Science Bldg.
'Building' magazine claims Renzo Piano is close to being apptd to design major extn to
"The future of Europe's cities is in the suburbs. They are the places where energy is in the city"
"There's a kind of beauty in the suburbs" - Architect Renzo Piano who is working on the outskirts of cities.
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A few architectural details of the designed by Renzo Piano. [Photos by Nic Lehoux]
I liked a video from Sing By: Ed Sheeran Piano(cover) by: Renzo Nacino
And then there was light :: Renzo Piano unveils his Inspired Renovation at Harvard's Art Museums
Perhaps Renzo Piano had a point: Architects are suckers for the drama of cantilevers
This is Renzo Piano's Design for the Biltmore Terrace Site - Starchitecture Watch - Curbed Miami
Renzo Piano's answer to In "Walk 25-30 ft abv ground... A miracle...flying abv the city."
Inside the Renzo Piano art machine at
Centre georges pampidou by Richard roger and renzo piano distorted because i was using panoramic…
For the first time since 1966, shows it's prints & drawings by Edward Hopper, Ed Ruscha & more:
The New York Times Building, designed by the architect Renzo Piano, is a skyscraper that was completed in 2007.
.reopens with largest show yet at its new Renzo Piano designed space via
The Overlooked Performance: The ephemeral art beneath the face of Renzo Piano’s new Parliament for Valletta.
Director Adam D. Weinberg with architect Renzo Piano at the
The in Noumea: drawn by Renzo Piano and inhabited by the spirit of ancestors
A favorite shot from today's meet, capturing the Renzo Piano glass roof. ht…
Garden at City Gate ditch still possible but Renzo Piano's involvement is over - minister -
The Shard - The tallest skyscraper in London by Renzo Piano
: Renzo Piano's climbs among 10 most visited in
NEW in New York City 2015: Whitney Museum of American Art, by Renzo Piano Building by CLEMENCE.
We think Renzo Piano would be proud of this Italian dessert! Balsamic Fig & Mascarpone…
Reflections in the Fogg: the Renzo Piano Lecture h...
Love to see great photos around Fenway Park. Its not mine was just out on the Net. Another renzo piano building
Renzo Piano will have designed them to light up at dusk when the setting sun hits them full on. It…
I bet Carl and Loui are real hyped about the Renzo Piano-designed reno at the Harvard museum
Next completion of the new Whitney Museum of American Art by Renzo Piano.
BAC Students!! Renzo Piano will be speaking this Thursday at 6pm with Kenneth Frampton at Harvard Graduate School of Design!!! When: Thursday, November 06 06:00pm - 08:00pm add to calendar Where: Piper Auditorium, Gund Hall, 48 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA Audience: Free and open to the public Event Description: The Harvard Art Museums building, which opens November 16th, consolidates three museums in a single volume capped by an art study center and state-of-the-art conservation laboratory. Architect Renzo Piano will speak about the project, followed by a conversation moderated by historian and critic Kenneth Frampton, Ware Professor of Architecture at Columbia University, with Mr. Piano and Thomas W. Lentz, Elizabeth and John Moors Cabot Director. This event is open to the Harvard GSD and university community, and to the general public, on a first-come-first-served basis. Once the capacity of Piper Auditorium has been exceeded, viewing via simulcast will be available in Gund Hall. For accessibility acco ...
Lily Collins, Benicio del Toro and Richard Gere are some of the stars that are taking part of the ninth edition of the International Film Festival of Rome. The event is being held at the Auditorium Parco della Musica. The complex of Renzo Piano will again this year be at the heart of the Festival, the screenings will take place and the red carpet: measuring 1300 square meters which becomes biggest runway in the world.
Renzo Piano defends his design for 1000 seat theater planned for Museum in interview with
Let there be light Architecture of high level using light as bounding intangible material by Renzo Piano
A museum is a place where one should lose one's head.-Renzo Piano
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The Pathé Foundation's new building by Renzo Piano is absolutely stunning
A blockbuster renovation for Harvard Fogg Museum set for a first look
‘It’s the only place in London where you can see all of London, all at once.’ A view w/ no affordable rooms.
Going to BIMForum? Join our tour of We're checking out Renzo Piano addition & more!
Only one word to describe the new Pathé Foundation -WOW!It's a snug fit outside, but filled with light & space inside.
“The get a blockbuster transformation from Renzo Piano.
The get a blockbuster transformation from Renzo Piano.
Sketching, has the quality of imperfection. It gives you freedom.
CURIOUS why publishes images of Renzo Piano and his original design (defunct). Esp given what went down.
740-foot tower proposed for downtown has suave Renzo Piano lines
Renzo Piano can design a lovely building... but can't tie a necktie.
.hints at why Renzo Piano quit. UNTOLD STORY lends insight how architecture is failing to honor Boston.
This is a project by Renzo Piano, in Trento. A green complex with houses, and shops, theatres and much more...
Still uncertain if I like it or not but the interiors are awesome. The new Piano's building: htt…
A very cool structure by Renzo Piano, hidden behind a swath of stately buildings in Paris.
Pathé Foundation HQ Building, Paris by Renzo Piano. Curved transparent volume with greenhouse appearance:
A beautiful new headquarters for a foundation inserted into a historical city block in Paris:
Nice interiors by Renzo Piano but the building looks like a worm…
Beautiful and sensitive project by Renzo Piano in Paris.
Original renzo piano lighting design sketches at design labs
Giant silver slug? robot armadillo? - what else does Renzo Piano's latest building look like?
Renzo Piano utilised daylight when designing the renovations for Harvard Art Museums -
Beauty or beast? Renzo Piano's latest building, the Fondation Pathé in Paris
Effortless elegance of New York architecture even when, as here, by non-US architect: Renzo Piano, Morgan Library.
2013: nominated for Carbuncle Cup 2014: Shard odds on favourite for Stirling Prize
Fort Worth's newest Renzo by Joan Carroll - Prints for Sale
I’m excited about the progress. . "Starchitect Renzo Piano unveils initial designs for Jurassica. (…) „.
Starchitect Renzo Piano unveils initial designs for Jurassica, his new dinosaur museum (via
Beautiful Spencer Finch installation at Morgan Library in Renzo Piano addition.
Library of Birmingham in the six buildings of the:. 2014 RIBA Stirling Prize shortlist – in pictures
Early rush on Shard to win Stirling Prize: The odds have aleady been cut on Renzo Piano’s Shard to win this ye...
RIBA shortlist for the UK's best new building includes designs by Renzo Piano and Zaha Hadid (my wire via
We’re thrilled that the shortlist has so many familiar (concrete) projects!
"The six buildings shortlisted for this year's Stirling Prize have been announced, including The Shard by Renzo Piano, Zaha Hadid's...
Buildings by Zaha Hadid, Renzo Piano and make shortlist
The Shard by Renzo Piano and other buildings shortlisted for RIBA Awards
London Bridge Tower by Renzo Piano has been shortlisted for 2014
The Shard by Renzo Piano shortlisted for this year's RIBA Stirling Prize:
Renzo Piano vs Zaha Hadid: the 2014 RIBA Stirling Prize shortlist – in pictures
This evening we experienced the first ever fashion show held at the majestic Renzo Piano steps which form part of the new Parliament complex at City Gate, Valletta. Caroline Hili's collection titled Desert Storm, demonstrates a distinct inspiration from nature, with art nouveau style floral and leafy embellishments flowing smoothly into tightly pleated skirts that fan out as if being windswept. Colours are based on natural greens, blues and creams. Her attention to detail and use of quality materials is unmistakably present in every piece on display. Thanks to FXB ( for their support in making this show possible. Also supported by Faberge by Vascas Jewellers. Hair by Clinton Chetchuti of Vigorous. Makeup by Mateja Camilleri and Christelle Lays using Eva Garden.
Renzo Piano is an italian architect with his name resonating all throughout the world of architecture. He has been distinguished with the renowned Pritzker Prize for Architecture for redefining modern and postmodern architectural styles. He is often times referred to as high-tech architect, and the majority of his designs focus on comfort for those inhabiting the building and an overall "serene" outlook of his structures. Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most prominent architects of the 20th century with his portfolio of creations exceeding well over 1000 projects, half of which resulted in completed works. He was a believer and promoter of organic architecture and developed the concept of Usonian house (an architectural style free of conventional details focused on landscaping as the main part of the project). His pallets of creations evoked an immense diversity of buildings, such as schools, churches, skyscrapers or offices. Tom Wright (born 1x september 1957) is a British architect. His most notable d ...
Zoltan Pali, the respected Los Angeles architect hired to work on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences’ future movie museum, has been forced out of the project amid growing tension with Renzo Piano, his internationally renowned counterpart, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. AMPAS declined…
Renzo Piano's Central St Giles looking pretty hot from my rooftop view on top of the old Central St Martin's building
On the newly opened Renzo Piano addition to the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas.
Renzo Piano pavilion across from the old Kimbell Museum. @ Kimbell Art Museum
Here's the Modern Wing, at the Art Institute of Chicago by Italian starchitect Renzo Piano. I admire his mastery of lightweight structures and transparency. Remarkably for a building of this size it looks almost filigree.
Yesterday: first time to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum since the 2011 renovation, concluding our visit with the installation in the new Renzo Piano addition by one of my favorite contemporary artists, Sophie Calle, with my mother, wife, and daughter. Gardner's exquisite and eclectic collection reaffirms for me once again that art is the highest human achievement.
"A boat is like a magic world, like a little island." - Renzo Piano
£85m prehistoric theme park planned for the south coast! Should be quite something with Renzo Piano creating initial sketches!
Sapevate che . ''In the last two decades, Salerno became one of the most important cities in the world for great contemporary architecture. In fact, there are operas designed by architects as Zaha Hadid (maritime terminal), Ricardo Bofill (Liberty Square and Crescent), Santiago Calatrava (Marina d'Arechi Port Village), David Chipperfield (judiciary citadel), Massimiliano Fuksas and Renzo Piano. The municipal theatre called Giuseppe Verdi has one of the best lyrical programming of Italy and the city of Salerno is the first city in Italy, for its range of population, for the cycle of rubbish and recycle. The luminous and artistic installations of Christmas period, called Luci d'Artista and prepared with collaboration of Turin, are famous in all Europe. In November 2011 the famous designer Massimo Vignelli, designed a turistic brand for the city of Salerno.'' Cit. Wikipedia
Renzo Piano's addition to Kimbell Art Museum by Louis I. Kahn - Texas - we are partners
Renzo Piano designed an extension to Louis Kahn's Kimbell Art Museum built in 1972:
New Kimbell Art Museum extension by Renzo Piano is nice complement to the original Kahn building:
Slide show: Early look at the Renzo Piano-designed addition to the Museum's 1972 Louis Kahn building
Renzo Piano's addition to Louis Kahn's celebrated museum is a study in careful deference.
Five stories that have North Texas talking: No more 'X' in Dealey Plaza, architect Renzo Piano is in town, the Dallas Museum of Art gets two African works, and more.
Aldo Rossi was an Italian architect, one of the most influent of the twentieth century; he was the first Italian to win the Pritzker Prize, followed years later by Renzo Piano. He created A.R. 2 sideboard of the Limited edition Intarsia Collection by Laurameroni. Born in Milan on May 3, 1931, in 1949 he joins the faculty of Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan. During these years he begins his militancy in the Italian Communist Party and writes a few articles relating to architecture and industrial design for the newspaper "Communist Voice". Called by Ernesto N. Rogers, in 1955 he starts his collaboration with "Casabella-Continuity": from 1950 to 1960 he is among the members of the Research Center of the magazine and in 1961 he becomes editor, up to the removal of Rogers from the direction in 1964. In 1956 he begins an apprenticeship as an assistant designer in the studies of Ignazio Gardella and Marco Zanuso. He graduates in 1959 and the same year he begins to collaborate with the magazine "Society" ...
... So please do not merely call it the Eternal City. Today there is real “work in progress” in Rome; a city gauging its identity to the new millennium, while simultaneously firmly preserving its historical and traditional ties. There is a future with stunning buildings arising among the ancient ruins lying in store for the Capital. The top names in architecture are all here: Richard Meier, Renzo Piano, Massimiliano Fuksas … for you to discover the spectacular structural designs of an “alternative city”. Standing at the foot of the Parioli district and alongside the Olympic Village is the Auditorium “Parco della Musica”, a major focal point for music lovers in Rome. A stone’s throw away in the Flaminio district, the Iraqi-British Architect Zaha Hadid, who in 2004 became the first woman to be awarded the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize, has designed the MAXXI, the National Museum of 21st-Century Arts, formerly the Montello military barracks. Our journey through ultra-modern Rome ...
Q. Who won the 2013 Pritzker Architecture Prize which is considered to be the Nobel Prize in architecture, announced in March 2013 in Los Angeles? 1 Renzo Piano 2 Tadao Ando 3 Toyo Ito 4 Wang Su
Great weekend in Boston. Loved the Renzo Piano addition at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum!
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Heading into sixth year of renovation for Renzo Piano's redesign of Fogg Museum
Here's an early view of Renzo Piano's addition to the Kimbell Art Gallery:
Logan Paul President Trump North Korea South Korea Golden Globes Donald Trump New Year White House Meghan Markle Prince Harry President Donald Trump Michael Douglas Michael Wolff Harvey Weinstein James Franco Serena Williams Wall Street Mayor Bill Black Panther Southern California New Jersey Woody Allen Greta Gerwig Ricky Martin Arsene Wenger Middle East Julian Assange Carabao Cup Australian Open Steve Bannon Joe Arpaio Stan Lee Ritz Hotel Theresa May Darrell Issa Catherine Deneuve Super Bowl North Carolina Everything You Need Oprah Winfrey Las Vegas Winter Olympics Georgina Chapman North Korean West Wing Republican Rep Mutual Fund Black Widow Jo Whiley Charlie Campbell Golden Globe Jon Snow Korean Peninsula Kim Jong Un Real Estate Willie Nelson Richard Branson Matt Lauer Olivia Attwood Hurricane Maria Lana Del Rey Megan Markle Black Mirror Rose Mcgowan Moss Bros Vic Fangio Coast Guard British Airways State Department Jeff Flake Dolly Parton Matt Nagy Star Wars West London Lady Bird Kim Jong Arthur Miller Christmas Day Mark Wahlberg South Carolina Manchester United Los Angeles Ed Contributor Richard Panik Michelle Williams Daily Mail Jay Bruce Liam Gallagher Ivy League Nigel Farage David Zwirner Renzo Piano Passion Pit Michel Barnier Dallas Mavericks Dave Robicheaux Piers Morgan Donald Tusk Jada Pinkett Smith Jamie Dimon

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