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Remy Ma

Reminisce Smith (born May 30, 1981), better known by her stage name Remy Ma, formerly known as Remy Martin, is a Grammy nominated American rapper and former member of Fat Joe's rap crew, Terror Squad.

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Remy Ma just murdered her,. Remy Ma , has the top diss track in the planet going back from James rule and 50.
I cant wait for Minaj to destroy ol ugly *** Remy Ma wack *** (Rhonda Rousey of rap) looking like a TransGender
vs OMG Remy Ma is like Rhonda Rousey in her prime.
I'm so out of the loop on current music. Everyone is talking about Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma and I'm just over here like, "wut?"
Since Nicki Minaj taking too long with this Remy Ma diss track, lemme help her out...
Nicki Minaj responds back to rapper Remy Ma's diss track with a new four minute song. .
I was never a Nicki Minaj fan & Remy Ma captures why in Young black girls looking to Nicki as an example b/c bu…
Don't let united winning a trophy distract you from the fact that Nicki Minaj has not replied Remy Ma . Stay woke
Crazy how the beef is between Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj but somehow The Game still found a way for Meek Mill to take an L.
Remy Ma is dropping a new Nicki Minaj diss called "Childs Play" on Monday
With the amount of information that Remy Ma put into her diss about Nicki Minaj , I feel like I know Nicki Minaj personally
DC Youngfly says Remy Ma diss to Nicki Minaj was FLAMES
Remy Ma dropped her Nicki Minaj diss track "ShEther" and threw some more shade in concert. She's so disrespectful.
Nicki Minaj after the Remy Ma diss track
How Meek Mill showed up to meet Remy Ma to spill all Nicki Minaj tea for Shether
Remy Ma = Boogie down Bronx. Nicki Minaj = South Jamaica Queens. I think this battle between Nicki Minaj and Remy...
Will fight you, shoot you, out rap you & cook a fire *** meal for her family all before 7:30. Remy Ma winning so far. http…
Y'all too young to remember Remy Ma dropping one of the hottest verses of 2004 before there even was a Nicki Minaj http…
Knowing Nicki, she's gonna rap her Remy Ma diss over "Bad & Boujee". I can hear her already... . "You know... young rich b*…
I'm just tryna rock Remy Ma's mug shot on a black tee
If Nicki should understand 2 things its dat. 1.Remy Ma has served jail time. 2. The person who made her serve jail time ha…
Remy Ma should've went at Nicki Minaj like Phara Funeral's gun bars! " I bear arms, my 40 is my OE " lawd my favori…
Nicki Minaj coming for Trey Songz instead of Remy Ma because she doesn't want anymore of that work...
Instead of talking feminism, how bout you be happy that Remy Ma just raised the standard in male dominated industry.
Hip Hop is truly dead if we let Nicki Minaj survive a RAP BEEF by posting memes on Instagram. Stop it. Remy Ma violated h…
Remy Ma told Nicki that she can try Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus but won't try her.
Remy Ma - Shether 🔥🔥🔥 . Nicki is outta here after that one. There's no coming back from this
I can't believe Remy Ma said Desiigner should've won Best rap performance over Chance.
YOOO Remy Ma has always been everything. Now she's activistbae too?! 😍😍. End private prisons, Remy Ma said it, *** https:…
"I don't shade I say names you don't want me to shout you" -Remy Ma
Remy Ma addresses alleged Nicki Minaj disses on with Fat Joe
Remy Ma speaks on revealing her miscarriage on Love & Hip Hop.
This Fat Joe and Remy ma album finna be a situation
Remy Ma said y'all WILL see me shining on tonight.
i will be wearing my timbs to work on Friday in honor of Fat Joe & Remy Ma's joint album. my 2002 self would be so proud. deadass.
Remy Ma was just rapping Nicki's verse on IG Live
Remy Ma to her career after NM4 drops
can we acknowledge how beautiful Remy Ma looks tonight omg
Remy Ma talks with The Breakfast Club about people comparing her to Nicki Minaj and other female artist... do you a…
Man I can't wait til this Fat Joe and remy ma album drop this Friday
Remy Ma wanna go back to jail so bad lmfao
I be feeling like L&HH is for the washed but hey look at Remy Ma & Cardi B
Friday about to be lit! Future dropping his new project and Remy ma and Fat Joe 🔥🔥🔥
Oh my god @ this new Remy Ma verse that Flex is playing right now. Why is she so MAD?!
Remy Ma says you'll know if she's coming at Nicki Minaj (or any other rapper) in her verses..…
NM4 will end the Remy Ma hype once & for all.
I love everything about Remy Ma. She can class it up and shoot it up.
Remy Ma says she's tired of people thinking she's always coming at Nicki Minaj.
Here is part two of our extended intended interview with Stick around to the end to see Remy Ma and Papi rap "Lea…
.& were on talking about Big Pun, DJ Khaled +more [WATCH]
Nicki Minaj is discussed more in a Remy Ma interview than Remy Ma. I don't get it.
I like remy ma i really want her and nicki collab so everyone can see Nicki wash her i still like remy tho
I'm ready for this Remy Ma Fat Joe album
Hey, New Orleans! Win suite tickets to the game on 2/19. Celebrate as VIPs w/Fat Joe & Remy Ma!!
"Love & Hip Hop" star Remy Ma suffered a tragic miscarriage but reveals her plans for more kids
Fat Joe and Remy Ma album boutta be fuego, Big Sean album too
my heart really goes out to Remy Ma & Papoose; he really wanted that baby 😔
So sad for Remy Ma. I hope it all will work out for them
I feel so bad for remy ma .. but God will make a way for her . ☹️🙏🏾
Remy Ma & Pap the only relationship that has & knows respect
Our thoughts go out to Remy and Pap 🙏
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Remy ma and her husband relationship is so cute to me man 😍
Praying for Remy Ma 🙏🏾 i swear i know the feeling all to well .. an ectopic pregnancy is a painful one 😭 it hurts emotionally & physically
Remy Ma had a miscarriage and my heart is broken 😩. God bless her and Papoose.
I feel so bad for Remy Ma and Papoose
Remy Ma got outta prison and did not come to play with these folks
Remy Ma is really blessed to have a man like Pap
Pray for Remy Ma and Papoose. Remy opened up about her recent miscarriage
Remy Ma speaks out about suffering a miscarriage
Yes for Stephanie Mills being featured on Remy Ma & Fat Joe's album.
👀 So.. Remy Ma comin' for Nicki now or...
Remy Ma > Nicki Minaj, Young MA, and whatever other female rapper that's out rn
Remy Ma and Fat Joe got another hit and she dissed nicki lls
: Fat Joe and Remy Ma feat French Montana - All The Way on
True 💯 she was born in the Castle hill Bronx NY tha same with Remy Ma
A Nicki Minaj & Remy Ma collab might be in the works
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Where do Remy Ma get her hair from ? She be slayingg
Remy Ma's video about the good you on one shoulder 😇 & the bad one on the other 😈 >
"The system is designed for you to fail.”
FAB. by JoJo, Remy Ma from the album FAB.
Fat Joe and Remy Ma - All The Way Up on - Download and rate the FREE app for apple and android!
Remy Ma explains how incarcerated black women are routinely "forgotten" via
Just googled "remy ma gifs" and now I can sleep knowing I did my part in this world today.
If it's to chill with - Claudia Jordan (Right), to marry - LisaRaye (left), but to throw hands for me it's Remy Ma (middle)!
Telling people my name then having to hear "Remy boyzz"or"Remy Ma"or the alcohol"Remy Martin"
They tried to come for Remy Ma, 1st off crazy called her Remy Martin, lol!
Love was the air at the 2016 BET Awards! Remy Ma & Papoose, Fat Joe & Lorena, Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys, Eva...
Remy Ma Is a straight dancer that farts cuts
yeah I know which is why I said Nevermind about Rapsody but they still should have mention Remy Ma. 🤔
Remy Ma was in jail about that long 🤔
Remy Ma looked amazing at the BET AWARD SHOW 2016... Her flow her swag she stoled it back!
maybe Remy Ma or Lil Kim .. I guess but not every female artist.
Omg I didn't know Remy ma was performing 😩😍😜😍
Me thinks Remy Ma can give Nicki Minaj a run for her money!
I already can see and hear Remy ma future album becoming a hit shaking the coast
but remy Ma didn't do anything good lmao . One wack verse and she deserves it ? Nothing topped down in the dm remix
Y'all better put some RESPEK on Remy Ma name. She's still one of the hottest rapper in the game, don't get it twisted.
Remy ma shall win that award next year
Like I ain't see no nominations for best female rapper but Nicki just got it handed to her like Remy Ma and Rapsody don't exist .. 🙄
No matter the category was the real winner tonight cus Remy ma out here looking like a trophy
unreleased naughty by nature albums, Remy Ma nudes, and Lil Kims medical records.
uhhh Remy Ma. she look that different ??
Remy Ma got out of jail and got on a TV show, got married and now has a hit song. Shoutout to her!
y'all need to quit it and let Remy Ma and Nicki make us a fire track in 2016.
French Montana & Fat Joe get the to their feet with wild performance
I love remy ma's voice . It's so cute
Remy Ma looking real nice not gone lie
Niki Minaj is no where near Remy Ma level
Probably sound like you stirring cole slaw when you hittin Remy Ma.
Session @ Cheesman Park, Colorado - All the way up by Fat Joe, Remy Ma, French Montana: via
Hip Hop News. While Nicki Minaj’s been getting all the attention and Remy Ma all the ...
Remy Ma snapped on the All The Way Up remix
Jay Z sampling lines from a Gang Starr Featuring Nice & Smooth song in a song that features Remy Ma and Fat Joe, what year we livin in?
I found this 'Fat Joe x Remy Ma x Jay Z - Al...' in the DJ Funk Flex App
Word to the elderly: stop staring in traffic.. It's French & Remy Ma. What, since I'm in a Jeep you expect some Kenney Chesney?!
me too! May 30th! Remy Ma, Wynonna Judd and Cee lo too!
All The Way Up by Fat Joe, Remy Ma, French Montana - "Nothing Can Stop Me, I am all the way up..."
Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Nicki Minaj, and Remy Ma are all better rappers than Drakes.
Fat Joe & Remy Ma have the song of the summer
Is Jay Z about to hop on Fat Joe and Remy Ma's "All the Way Up" remix?
"Nothing can stop me, I'm all the way up!". Phat Joe Feat. French Montana & Remy Ma - All The Way Up
Ima be realistic n have Remy Ma& Papoose wit ogs like Gomez & Morticia you ain't never seen love like the The Addams Family
okay Michelle is hot not like Remy Ma me ma can sing Remy Martin not saying she has lost that
This Fat Joe ft Remy Ma and French Montana song All The Way Up is fire well to me
I was a fan of Remy Ma when she was Remy Martin!
Swizz Beatz & Wife Alica Keys spend Some quality time as they rap the lyrics to Remy Ma & Fat…
the four people i have to see play this year: Chaka Khan, Remy Ma, Willow Smith and Brian Mcknight .. i would LIVE
Remy Ma and Fat Joe interview with prawn noodles. 👌🏾
Keep it locked on We'll be talking w/ & Remy Ma on at 11AM CST
"No one crosses me once" Remy Ma beat up Foxy Brown, & shot her best friend. Rah Ali should've known better
Jennifer Hudson , Chrisette Michele , Erica from BGC , Remy Ma , freakin Michelle Obama like *** 😂 I look like none of these people !
Remy Ma : "Yo son,can you get me a hot rag and roll the backwood fam?" Papoose: "Aight my succulent exuber
Not gonna lie, I am loving Remy Ma. She's so chill and I love her relationship with Papoose
I listen to the others later. Only Remy Ma and Banks were on Spotify. 😒
Papoose held Remy Ma down for 6 YEARS . Most of y'all can't hold your girl down for 6 HOURS ❕
Reading up on this Remy Ma/Papoose wedding. True love truly exists and it. is. beautiful.
Girls with braces that can move they're lips all types of ways are😍💦
Anybody that know me knows how I feel about Remy Ma 😍😍😍 Jan 9th…
Bra I bought ah Remy today just fa ma bday Wednesday👌
Remy Ma is so New York and I love it🙌🏾😂
Remy Ma is everything I love her skin & complexion 😍😍😍😍
I liked a video Fabolous brings out Meth & Red, Lil Kim, Fat Joe, Remy Ma and more at Summer Jam
Remy ma really be spazzing on every freestyle yo lol !!
Fat Joe & Remy Ma in the studio with Fred The Godson
Remy Ma & Papoose relationship is the definition of a bond that could never be broken
Remy Ma making the best of those prison backdrops.
My VA friends said I sound like Remy Ma😞
now playing on Hot107.9 fm Carolina - - - - Papoose - Whats My Name (w/ Remy Ma) - - - click to tunein >
"A little *** with a so-called friend." - Remy Ma on shooting her friend in the stomach.
I want that Remy ma and Papoose kinda love . . . that man is so in love with her . . . she went off to prison for...
Remy ma been gaining buzz since she touched down and papoose still right where he was 6 years ago
"Nic is cold at what she does and I commend her, she doing her thing and no1 can say otherwise" -Remy Ma
I see your Remy Ma and raise you a Rah Digga
Remy Ma's Jheri Curl wig is very inappropriate. She clearly has no friends. Who would let her go out like that?
Remy Ma and Rah Digga could body double as any two WWE stars right now
Remy ma's on the new season of love and Hip Hop 😭😭😭
mee tooo I love Remy Ma ... I use to like Cardi B can't get with her right now she be doing too much 😂😂
I really had the chance to meet remy ma today.
Love & Hip Hop new season start dec 14, wit remy ma, Yandy, tara, Amina & some other new girls
Remy ma still wack y'all, she just naked
Remy Ma looks god in this Fox 5 interview.
Papoose and Remy Ma are on the news right now
Nobody can't tell me Remy Ma don't look good. Idc idc idc
Hakeem is super wack right now.. Where's Remy Ma when you need her for battle rap?? 😂😂😂
She sound like Remy Ma with a hint of Future
Yea... Fantasia Meek Loaf Remy Mill Ma is about to merk Hakeem
This is Remy Ma vs. Lady Luck all over again.
How are we more interested in a battle between fake Remy Ma vs Tyga than we would be in anything the real ones did? Lol
idk what kinda hoodrat I turn into when I listen to Nicki and Remy Ma but I'm here for every second of the alter ego
me either, lmao. But her and remy ma in Dec. I have to! 😭
Fully wanted to throw in . Monie love. Ladybug Mecca. Remy ma. Lady Luck
Thought that was a bus driver for the high school but glad she's getting it together...
yeah I'm about to block tasha remy ma no chill.
I ❤me so Remy ma she been slaying lately
Got the word that Remy Ma tryna try my food!
So many people hyped Remy Ma release from jail.
Recently remembered that Remy Ma exists and had that song, Conceited
Remy Ma looking good and thick since she got out.. Like a sexy candy 🍫 bar
Papoose and Remy Ma are joining the sixth season of Love & Hip-Hop
Everybody that knows me .. Knows that Remy ma made "conceited" specifically for it to be my theme song !
iTunes best selling album: Im Around - Remy Ma
What if I was really related to remy ma ? She from the Bronx too. I would care if she had more money
"When I See Her" by Remy Ma from Remy on the Rocks ♫
"Chubb Rock" by Remy Ma from Remy on the Rocks ♫
Yall don't still rooting for remy ma..cuz she's gangsta.and like i said before i live for a throwback hood gal
Yo i think nicki remy ma Lil Kim eve and teyana taylor( just for a lil r&b groove) on one track will make me nut..i lowkey gave up on trina
"Blasremy" by Remy Ma from Remy on the Rocks . 🙌🏽🙌🏽 ♫
My sister: "You know how Remy Ma's name is Reminisce? Her sister's names are RaeMonique and Remeesha.". Cont.
Remember everybody was feening for remy ma to come home. She's been home. Now what ? 😭😂😭
Ma in here cooking steak i just want some soup, Remy & ***
This is so bad. Tasia Loaf is letting Remy Ma down.
I wonder if siya auditioned for this thug girl rapper on She woulda lost. I like this remy ma type chik.
💜💖Remy Ma emotional.. time she lost, jail is NOT cool & not hearing from TS
These Rap Girls are always trying to come for TRINA! Now Remy Ma is playing, like literally. Just Kidding I Love Remy Ma so She can Play!
Satan scott young got Papoose and Remy Ma on love and Hip Hop. I hope they don't play themselves out. lol
Remy ma's part on lean back was mean tho 😈
Remy Ma was looking down at her like why did I come here with this butch
Remy ma in my ear. Cause you know I look way to good to be lovin you.. I'm conceited I gotta reason
I'm his Remy Ma and he's my Papoose..
I know it's not just Nicki tho. She picked a fight with Eve, Foxy, Remy Ma, Nicki then it was K Michelle.
Am I the only one who likes Papoose and Remy Ma's relationship more than Meek and Nicki's?
Remy waited, feeling the words bubble up his throat like bile. “Ma brother’s dead…”. The weight of them hit him like a ~
Remy Ma has just announced that she will be joining the cast of Love and Hip Hop NY. . http:/…
Remy ma and Papoose are so cute they really love each other
Aw Remy Ma and Papoose really did a song about how much they love each other 😪
Fetty WAP ate up Remy Ma on the Ice Cream joint
What's going on by remy ma is really my life story right now ..
My favorite female MC's are Foxy Brown, Lil Kim and Remy Ma! 🎤
Papoose gotta song on his new album called Michael Jackson ft Remy Ma & Ty Dolla $ign prod. by Ron Browz. I no longer gott…
"Imagine if someone compared you to Papoose, Kanye. Well you're Barack's Papoose. And yes, Kim is my Remy Ma." -Michelle Obama . Lmfao
Oh and a met and greet with Dej Loaf, Remy Ma, Chrisette Michele, Jazmine Sullivan, Monica, and Alicia Keys
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I liked a video Remy Ma on The Wendy Williams Show
I just wish we had more female rappers, I love Nicki and all but I remember when we had Lil Kim, Trina, Foxy Brown, Remy Ma, and more.
Dying 2 B Me, a song from Im Around by Remy Ma on Beats Music
"Who's that looking in my window? Nobody cause I live in a penthouse. Baby, I'm sorry, but I'm sexy." Remy Ma doe
Shorty but a goody! Mandy interviews Kristin Davis on her way to prison + buds w Remy Ma. Crazy yall
Remy Ma is back with a vengeance. Since being released from prison the Bronx, New York emcee has kept busy. Today she drops off a remix of Bobby Shmurda's hi...
Man Smacks the Soul out of girl on NYC Train **FREE DOWNLOAD REMY MA NEW MIXTAPE***
i fckz wit Remy Ma! I fckz with Nicki too but i think Remy better
OFFICIAL MIXTAPE We are proud to present to you the long awaited mixtape from legendary New York MC Remy Ma! The mixtape entitled "I'm Around" features 12 re...
one last thought before I go to sleep..I wanna be front row at a Remy ma show.
Remy ma really spit on the try me remix on bloods
Remy ma better than Nicki Minaj on the rapping side
Remy ma need to shoot her stylist lol they be fishing her lmao
Rozay shut down the whole city: Papoose, Remy Ma, Raekwon, Jadakiss, Sheek Louch and more in the building for listening
Me and Remy Ma at the Rick Ross listening party👯! lol
omg remy ma, How could I forget. her newest mixtape is 🔥
will you do track with Remy Ma and Nicki?
Remy Ma cleared probation to come out, oh we going up. LETS GO!!
I think Remy Ma scares me more than Lil Kim
It came out two Friday's ago on DatPiff. Lyrically, you can see she's hungry.
Remy Ma don't never give no straight answers in her interviews. She like the female LeBron.
This Go in or Go off by Remy Ma . Like that! 💯
Remy Ma It was ok i expected better
Female rapper Remy Ma samples 'No Scrubs' in new song 'Always' - :
Remy Ma's mixtape is 🔥🔥🔥 ... It'll def hold me over until The Pinkprint is out
Remy Ma is back. Nicki Minaj you can go away now
next volume remy ma will be a ft... but Im still interested.. in you
New mixes available on the Mobile App. Track Got the new Remy Ma - Hot *** ..
I'ma pull on that wavy hair cause it's Indian Remy
I liked 'Remy Ma - Im Around' in the DJ Funk Flex App
So Papoose and Remy Ma the new standard for Black Relationships now? Smh. *** make sure yo chick can swing a bottle..
Lol in my Remy Ma voice oh you don't love me no more lol both pics had 4 hundred an something likes maybe that's what it was lol I guess! Red Robin love all no shade over here.
We talk Taylor Swift, Lil' Kim, Remy Ma + more! Listen The Show 13-Things I Learned on the Internet
Eventbrice, Rich Star, Yamil X and Big Ben has done it again!. The One. The Only. Remy Ma. LIVE THIS…
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Remy Ma she do look like Pam from Martin
Remy is back. 🙌 French Montana - MegaDeath ft. Remy Ma, Swizz Beatz & Jadakiss
Remy Ma is back with a vengeance. After guesting on a remix to DJ Khaled’s “They Don’t Love You No More,” the Bronx rapper joins French Montana and Jadakiss on “Megadeath.” Over a crushing beat produced by Swizz Beatz, the Ruler reps her clique and shuts down her haters with witty punchlines.
Remy ma tough! But u gotta really be into rap to dig her
"I would love to collab with remy ma"
Oh yeah...remy ma tickets on deck hit a ninja up!!!
Counting down the days till REMY MA drops a new track
*** y do I have to start this week off n the red zone it's cool doe better this week then the week of remy ma welcome home party
what now carry on chasing Remy who is NOT going to sign for us or is MA actually going to dip into the TV money & sign us a striker?
For all the people that doubting that Remy Ma will not be a problem here's a reminder. Remy Ma dissing Lil Kim
Remember when Nicki Minaj was friends with Lil Kim, Remy Ma and Iggy Azalea
Khalid say Remy Ma back at it and doing big tings. ... Glad to hear that. .
- Remy Ma coming to my school today ... to bad idgaf , ❗️
What's this I hear about Remy Ma and Papoose being on Love and Hip Hop Ny ?
Check out pics from and latest video shoot for "They Don't Love You No More" http…
Don’t ever try to step to me about Nicki, Lil Kim, Missy Elliott, Remy Ma, Eve, and all the other queens telling it how it is.
The a visual snippet to 'Anaconda' and discussing music with Beyonce and Remy Ma.just follow the link
Remy Ma did a Nicki Minaj diss track? 😐….somebody hit me with this link please lol
I'm going to say this and hope that I don't step on anyone's toes...however, here goes Remy Ma is the queen of NOTHING! Not saying that she isn't talented she's just not on Nicki's level. You may not care for Nicki Minaj but you can't deny that she's a lyrical genius nope she's no queen either Lil Kim, Queen Latifah and MC Lyte are thee queens *my opinion* this flawless remix has changed the world lmbo it was an epic collaboration. Nicki and Bey are living legends in my book. *Ok carry on*
Why are so many people hype to see Remy Ma ether Nicki Minaj? Why aren't people this hype to see them COLLABORATE? Y'all DO know that there can be more than one Black female rapper on the scene at a time, right? *** why aren't people hype to see her crush any of the male rappers in the game?
Remy's out... I smell a Nicki Minaj & Remy Ma heat in the kitchen!
Remy Ma is classic Hip Hop. Gotta pick her over any female rap artist today
Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj don't even make the same kind of music.. they both have they own lanes lol
Papoose gonna ask Remy Ma if it's cool if he can be the man tonight since it's a special occasion.
What's remy ma looking like now that she's out 👀
Whether Remy Ma is home or not, we think she should get in the booth with these emcees ASAP:
“Remy Ma has been released from prison after being charged with shooting a woman at Pizza Bar in 2007.”
Fox News cares about Remy Ma... . Wrap that up in a Swisher & smoke it.
I didnt know papoose and remy ma was married
The courts said to Remy Ma youve got to be quicker than that! *** gd her soul
False alarm on Remy Ma's release, find out what caused her July 31st date to be rescinded.
I feel the same way about Remy Ma getting out of prison as I do about Boosie getting out. IDGAF.
You can tell she's a non factor in my life. Everyone saying welcome back Remy Ma. Where tf she been?
I got told two times today that I look like Remy Ma with my hair like this. 😩
Like this girl so mad I said Remy Ma home & ready to rap 😂 tf?!
After serving a long 6 1/2 years at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in New York, Remy Ma was expected to go home to her husband, Papoose, today. However, her plans were suddenly delayed, du...
Can any one name any other songs but conceited and whatever from remy ma .don't worry I'll wait lmao
Reminisce Smith , better known by her stage name Remy Ma, formerly Rémy Martin, is a Grammy-nominated American rapper and former member of Big Pun's rap crew, Terror Squad. Ma was featured on the group's hit song "Lean Back" from their second album True Story and M.O.P.'s "Ante Up ." Her debut solo...
Nicki, stand down the real boss lady is back. Unfortunately I don't think she will rap welcome back Remy ma.
They Remy Ma didn't get released today? Oh..
If Remy Ma came to I would so watch it. Remy got bars.
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Yall hype af about remy ma getting out but her last hit was a middle school bop..she ain't pushing nicki off the charts tbh
i think it's some BULL how they trying to play remy ma. she need to get out and shut ish down in this rap game!
Me and arie really having a conversation about remy ma lmao
I saw a post about it but I doubt anyone cares. "Remy ma outta prison or nah"
Contrary to earlier posts, Remy Ma is still in custody due to a disciplinary infraction. There is no updates on when s…
Way before nicki y'all know wayne was gonna sign remy ma.. Y'all ain't know
Remy Ma is back ? Nicki Minaj finna take several seats
So y does remy ma have box braids with bangs 😳😳😳
Remy ma ain't even come home today ctfu
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