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Remembrance Sunday

In the United Kingdom, Remembrance Sunday is held on the second Sunday in November, which is the Sunday nearest to 11 November Armistice Day, the anniversary of the end of hostilities in the First World War at 11 a.m.

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Will it be last Remembrance Sunday, next Monday sees formation of EU Defence Unit whereby German military will be s…
Giant poppy wreath made by WI to mark Remembrance Sunday (12 Nov). Parade in St Albans begins at 10.37am from outside…
Welcome all to a special service here on Remembrance Sunday, 12/11, 3pm. Duruflé’s Requiem plus w…
In the week before Remembrance Sunday we have a Field of Remembrance by the War Memorial Grove Park for wooden crosses and perso…
Busy time ahead for whoever new Def Sec is: Remembrance Sunday then NATO ministerial next week, and US Defence Sec Matti…
Leicester City have decorated the outside of their stadium with poppies ahead of Remembrance Sunday. Touch of class. 👏🏼
Queen STEPS DOWN from Royal duty as Prince Charles takes over We may have a King Regent soo…
'Queen asks Prince Charles to lay her wreath on Remembrance Sunday'
BREAKING NEWS; James McClean will not be laying a poppy wreath this Remembrance Sunday. erm I mean the Queen won't,…
Queen takes first step in retiring and naming Charles King Regent
Queen asks Prince Charles to lay wreath for her on Remembrance Sunday
On Remembrance Sunday it will be the first time, as head of state, that the Queen will observe the ceremony from a nearby…
BBC News - Queen will not lay Remembrance Sunday wreath
What lies will the media try about Corbyn this Remembrance Sunday?he didn’t bow low,he danced a jig,he moonwalked,it’s an…
Queen won't lay wreath at war memorial on Remembrance Sunday (Photo: Reuters)
The Queen asks Prince Charles to lay wreath on her behalf on Remembrance Sunday
The Queen's asked the Prince of Wales to lay her wreath at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday. She will still attend the c…
Royal officials say it was the Queen who asked her eldest son and heir to represent her on Remembrance Sunday.
On Remembrance Sunday the Queen won't lay a wreath at the Cenotaph. P Charles will do it on her behalf. The Queen will w…
The Queen is to watch from a balcony on Remembrance Sunday as the Prince of Wales lays her wreath at the Cenotaph
STEPS DOWN from duty as Prince takes over
Queen hands over Remembrance Sunday duties to Prince Charles . By
The Queen will not lay a wreath at the Cenotaph during this year's Remembrance Sunday ceremony . https…
The Queen will break with tradition and not lay a wreath on Remembrance Sunday this year
I added a video to a playlist The Queen WON'T lay wreath at Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday –
Poppy Appeal - can you help with a poppy collection in Register your details here
Queen to skip Cenotaph wreath laying on Remembrance Sunday
Queen to skip Cenotaph wreath laying
Queen will not lay Remembrance Sunday wreath
Our first concert as Sandbach Choral Society on Remembrance Sunday 12th Nov at St Mary’s, Sandbach
Former soldier with cancer was sanctioned & left cold & humiliated by welfare cuts - blames IDS "R…
Charles will lay wreath for Queen on Remembrance Sunday – HM to watch from balcony
Queen will NOT be laying a wreath at Remembrance Sunday service.
Saturday 14th October at 1 o'clock at frank gillen centre . Sunday 15th Assembling at davitts for march through area to garde…
FYI Big Ben will still 'bong' on important national occasions such as Remembrance Sunday and New Years Eve.
According to the chimes will only operate for Remembrance Sunday & New Year dur…
I can see why a man who had to claim £16.50 for a Remembrance Sunday wreath would think this...…
. None because he won't roll over for him - hence the constant ridicule & vilificaiton
The woman Andrew Marr interviewed on Remembrance Sunday - but his questions were nice!
– Each Sunday we will share a story of Remembrance. Today - Building The Vimy Memorial:…
In Remembrance Ministries 10 a.m. Sunday. 1900 N Broadway . We'll make space for YOU!. "The Year of Courage"
In the 50s the fire station had a cannon that fired on Remembrance Sunday.
"Are you talking about all time low or what?" . "No nicole. I said Remembrance Sunday not remembering Sunday"
It is "Paws for Remembrance" at the National Memirial Arboretum on Sunday 12 February.bring your dog
After this Sunday's open house, head over to the Shadow Serenity Remembrance Walk for some fun for a great cause!
it's Easter week for us and Remembrance Sunday ☹️
Journey of Remembrance. Every Service, Every Sunday in February 7:30am, 11:00am and 6pm CST.
A service to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Fall of Singapore at 3.30pm on Sunday Feb 12th.
Jeff Sessions So, Muslim ban on Holocaust Remembrance day, and racist attorney general of the US in Black History Month. Nic…
Just remembered last time I saw white supremacist I saw today on Waterside. It was at the war memorial on Remembrance Sunday
We're offering those going to a Remembrance Service on Sunday 13 Nov a free single journey when wearing a poppy: https:…
it sickens me to see BLiar,Major,Cameron,Clegg etc standing there on Remembrance Sunday
Israelis observe Yom HaShoah or Holocaust Remembrance Day, this year on Sunday, April 23rd. At 10 a.m.,...
Memorial to Herbert Whitley (23) placed at the Memorial by friends or family, Remembrance Sunday 2016 is now in our…
We'll be at the Paws for Remembrance event on Sunday, why don't you come along and say hello! 🐶💕👋🏼
Great piece Fab to have had 11 of your schools perform with us.
Please take your 'car off now in February and buy a new one for Sunday 12th November 2017
Blind veteran from Stone to march on Remembrance Sunday with Blind #
Its a truly sad, wicked and corrupt country that we live in. Who put the 'Great' into Great Britain?.
I liked a video from Elgar's Enigma Variations Nimrod Remembrance Sunday 2008
And so thoughtful on remembrance Sunday. Touching.
Remembrance Sunday in Parliament Square, London, right under Big Ben. Filmed by Michael-all the ways from Kilkenny.
The second Sunday in May has been proposed as the Great Famine remembrance day
I didn't realise you were going, Sarah. (We met on Remembrance Sunday in Hadley) I do hope you are well. xx
Me doing Remembrance Sunday 2014 can you see me
Although they'll claim otherwise, none of those "donkey jacket privy council remembrance sunday dance" critiqued him over this
I know. Media is sad. Sunday is Bowling Green remembrance day.
[Nicola is going to Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph]. Helen: Knock 'em dead! ...In a silent but respectful manner.
Queen leads UK in honoring war dead on Remembrance Sunday
Newtownards Town Hall in poppy red for Remembrance Sunday & statue of Lt Col Blair 'Paddy' Mayne SAS
of all the policy issues, Tories care most about Remembrance Sunday?!? Go figure.
It's big for Remembrance Sunday. And there is a new "Armed Forces Day" but nope. As an ally, thanks for you're service.
Latest newsletter features resources for & Day ht…
"This cup is the new covenant in my blood. Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of me." 1Cor11:25
Super Bowl Sunday is time of remembrance for all the chickens who sacrificed their wings to be…
In this week's newsletter: Remembrance Sunday, Circle sign up begins, and take the bus with us to the Women's March!
The centenary of the First World War must not be Remembrance Sunday writ large ... If it…
We Are Number One but every one is replaced with Jeremy Corbyn dancing on Remembrance Sunday
Clothing worn on Remembrance Sunday in 2015 and the same style of John Boyd's hat worn in 2016 was repeated, black…
move to US? Lack of patriotism. Wasn't here for Remembrance Sunday was he? Perhaps that's a clue.
Jeremy Corbyn attends Remembrance Sunday and breaks into a dance - showing no respect for the event what so ever - disgr…
Would any other party leader get away with not wearing a poppy on Remembrance Sunday?
Nigel Farage branded 'poppy-less popinjay' for skipping Remembrance Sunday to visit Donald Trump
"Remembrance Sunday is held as a day "to commemorate the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and c..."
PROPAGANDA: When a newspaper crops out a veteran on Remembrance Sunday so they can accuse an opponent of disrespect… https:…
If right wing newspapers truly loved Britain then they would not use Remembrance Sunday to peddle cheap dirty political lie…
Just a few of the Remembrance Sunday wreaths laid in West Bridgford. We will remember them.
Le Pen on on Remembrance Sunday as if the media didn't already learn this week the dangers of normalising fascism.…
No and your £580,000 a year at BBC. You DON'T have to show Le Pen interview on Remembrance Sunday!. Fara…
BBC criticised for Marine Le Pen interview on Remembrance Sunday
The beautiful Kelpies. A time for reflection on Remembrance Sunday . 📷 FB/John Muirhead Photography http…   10% Off
Visiting the Warsaw uprising museum especially poignant on Remembrance Sunday
Remembrance Sunday: Bill Drummond writes on the life, death and legacy of Pete Burns
Remembrance Sunday ceremony at 12 noon at British War Memorial in Line Wall Road then at American War Memorial. We will remember them.
Remembrance Sunday. The National Service of Remembrance will also be shown on BBC 1 starting at 10:20.
Join us tomorrow at 10am for our Parish Eucharist on Remembrance Sunday and at 5pm when we will be celebrating our Patron…
Congratulations to pupil Frankie - what an honour to lead Remembrance Sunday parade. http…
Remembrance Sunday commemorations start at 10.55am. Sloane Square led by the Mayor. War Memorial, Kensington High Street led by Dep…
Please join us this Sunday for Remembrance at the Hertford War Memorial at 11 am
Tomorrow on Remembrance Sunday will be interviewing a fascist while wreaths are laid at the cenotaph .
Guide to Remembrance Sunday ceremonies taking place across Scotland
Prince Harry lays wreath ahead of Autumn International match at Twickenham Stadium..
Marine Le Pen on On Remembrance Sunday. I had stopped watching it before due to its establishment sycophancy. Now I'm…
On the eve of Remembrance Sunday. Please read. 💔💔😥
Remembrance Sunday falls on us again with yet more attacks on the innocent. A year on and the barbarians have learned nothing. Freedom 4 all
Nite all. It is now Remembrance Sunday. What happened puts recent political events into perspective. A reminder of…
Better still call 03700 100 222 to complain about fascists being given a platform on Remembrance Sunday h…
Offended by interviewing a fascist on Remembrance Sunday? Yes, complain but they'll ignore it. Want to hurt them? Then d…
On Remembrance Sunday, Andrew Marr has fascist Marie Le Pen on his show. BBC should be ashamed.
Having Marine Le Pen on during Remembrance Sunday is disgusting. Our soldiers fought for freedom & democracy, not…
Some phrases never cease to make their mark. This is one of them. On this Remembrance Sunday give a thought to those we hav…
Tomorrow is Remembrance Sunday, to remember all those who died for our country https:…
he should be wearing a poppy, No? On the world stage. Day before Remembrance Sunday.
On eve of Remembrance Sunday, an article I've written about some of people from Leeds who lost their lives in WW1: https…
Remembering those that fought for our country on Remembrance Sunday.
Remembrance Sunday. Remembering the animals by raising funds for via my stall today
Celebrate Remembrance Sunday by remembering courageous British soldiers who defeated fascists, like Marine Le Pen, who'll…
On Remembrance Sunday BBC will interview fascist - "So Mme Fascist, what have you come to tell us today?"…
It is wholly inappropriate and completely offensive and disrespectful to have a fascist on this show on Remembrance Sunday. http…
Watch our 'we’re here because we’re here' film ahead of the brand new BBC4 documentary from Jeremy Deller on Remembrance Sunda…
At the Kinkaiseki site for Remembrance Sunday. Found Gunner Thomas Buckton listed as a former POW.
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think celebrate wrong word, but LePen on BBC on Remembrance Sunday shows contempt to all who died & suffered!
Today I chat to a fascist on Remembrance Sunday, normalise her, ask soft questions then we review the papers, now the h…
Marine Le Pen speaking on Remembrance Sunday? Why not interview our veterans who fought fascists&lost so many comra…
800'000 Muslims fought for Britain during the 2 World Wars. Remember them. …
Oooo I shouldn't make rip jokes it's Remembrance Sunday. Bad Tails.
Marine Le Pen is a guest on tomorrow. Right wing extremism should never be given a platform - especially on Re…
Patrons Please note: Tomorrow, Sunday 13th is Remembrance Sunday, Trinity Street will be closed from 10:30am...
James McClean scores on the day between Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday. Surprised he didn't celebrate by defecatin…
The BBC has invited a neo-fascist - Marine Le Pen - to be a guest on the Andrew Marr show this Sunday. Remembrance Sunday.…
Remembrance Sunday - act of remembrance - 10.50 am at the war memorial - 10.00 am St Mary's Church, Charlton Mackrell for service
Remembrance Sunday at Holy Trinity Guildford: 9.30am Eucharist followed by 10.55am Civic Service of Remembrance.
Why do we wear a poppy, what is Armistice Day and when is Remembrance Sunday?
This Sunday is Remembrance Sunday. Juniors, Shells, company and seniors meet at Kempston East Methodist church...
Remembrance Sunday, 13th November. The band shall be playing at the Remembrance service in St Barnabas Church,...
A new carving of a poppy has been completed at Exeter Cathedral in time for Remembrance Sunday.
it was Remembrance Sunday. Couldn't imagine a more different day this year
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II listens to a prayer during the Remembrance Sunday service at The Cenota
Queen Elizabeth will use a lighter wreath on Remembrance Sunday to account for her advanced years.
Our next performance is later this month on Remembrance Sunday (13th November) at St Giles Church at 7pm.…
Ahead of Remembrance Sunday, look out for our train travelling across the network! ht…
This just days before Remembrance Sunday! Edwina Currie tried to help poppy thief who stole money for war heroes
Great film last night 'Bridge of Spies'. Our next presentation is on Remembrance Sunday. A Matter of Life & Death starr…
Evening Sorry it's late, mate. Claiming for a trip to a Remembrance Sunday service? Cutting ESA? Shameful h…
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I pray everyone has a blessed and joyous Resurrection Sunday in remembrance of our Lord and Savior Jesus'...
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I'm so excited! Family Communion day is tomorrow, Easter Sunday Join us for a great Day of Remembrance.
There is an Easter Sunday commemoration parade taking place tomorrow in remembrance of the Easter Rising. featured in NBC s Science of Love
yes..can't wait for Remembrance Sunday when wreaths are laid for German, Iraqi, Irish, Indian, etc etc soldiers
I'm discussing this story on at the moment; do you agree?
It's a day of remembrance, pretty much. but Happy Easter will work just fine on Sunday!!
Fair. Personally the Friday is a solemn day of remembrance and recollection and Sunday is a celebration
Remembrance Sunday service in the war cemetery in earlier today
Wonderful time of worship, remembrance, and communion with Church family tonight. Very much looking forward to Sunday.
Hmm this Sunday is significant all around Ireland but also in Dingle Ireland - Remembrance of the 1916 Rising .
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Today we grieve in remembrance, but Sunday is coming. John 19:30
"It's Friday, but Sunday's coming!" is shortsighted. We can't rush past Christ's death. Let Good Friday be a time of remembrance & sorrow.
say what you want. I remember this Sunday for remembrance of what Jesus did for me
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Would the yanks strike on 4 July or the french on 14 July or the Brits on remembrance Sunday?
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May you all have an enjoyable weekend and Easter Sunday filled with family, friends and remembrance.
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bit like they do with Remembrance Sunday, as it's not always on 11th
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- Crying students who never turn out at their local cenotaphs on Remembrance Sunday
Tomorrow, in remembrance of the events of Good Friday, I'll go quiet across all my social media channels. But don't worry, Sunday's coming.
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Morning Why did you claim £16.50 for a Remembrance Sunday wreath? That's tight.
Lovely end of week treat watching present a beautiful piece of dance in development for remembrance sunday
Join Pastor Frank for prophetic Communion Service Good Friday Evening at 7 PM "Do This in Remembrance of Me. "...
We've just seen Associate Artist work in progress on a beautiful dance project for Remembrance Sunday
Flags across the district will fly at half-staff till Sunday in remembrance of the victims of the terror attacks.…
This Sunday, try & do your best Cruyff turn in remembrance of the legend himself. Some say the defender is still looking …
I believe Prince William wore the color at Remembrance Sunday, right?
James Wharton at Remembrance Sunday parade busy texting.?
The 'saddest day of the year'? A random Monday after Christmas. Vs Sunday. Dying for a freedom we now abuse.
Good morning!! I keep feeling like today is Sunday because we are off today in remembrance of MLK Jr.
Bringing Them Home is a loving remembrance of Sunday dinner, a collection of family recipes taught to an Italian...
RESPECTS WERE PAID ON REMEMBRANCE DAY. Stonehouse and it’s surrounding parishes came. out on Sunday 8th November...
Riding around listening to Sunday night slow jams wit in remembrance of FLY HIGH ANGEL!!
Remembrance Sunday was two months. Why do you still have a poppy in your photo?
Please join us for our Remembrance Service on Sunday, January 31st at 2:00 PM:
maybe on Remembrance Sunday he should honour all German soldiers that died in both world wars
CT, tech & remembrance in my Sunday Musings: https:/…
A Pixel Picture Sunday in remembrance of Bowie. retro
Join us tomorrow, Sunday, Jan 17, 5pm for MLK remembrance and a time of worship.
This drone jamming technology is going to start being implemented at major events. What are your thoughts?
On Remembrance Sunday it is fitting to remember Nevin Spence at his corner at Rodney Parade
gets his own lightening bolt constellation! remembrance- on Sunday 10am & 6pm
On Sunday, January 17th at 5:00 pm, the Animal Welfare League will host "PET REMEMBRANCE DAY" on the shelter...
In remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr. tomorrow (Sunday January 17, 2016) will be a free fee day. Come and...
Tix now available for the Dr. MLK, Jr. Remembrance w/keynote speaker Sunday, 3pm at
*** oku‘ikahi: Day of Remembrance: ANAHOLA — Sunday is the birthday of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.
It's good to be back me and rob Laying a wreath on remembrance Sunday On behalf of the Royal British Legion
Join us on Sunday 17 January, 12pm for the 2/22 Battalion Lark Force Association ceremony.
Beloved: please join us on Sunday morning at 10:00 am for a remembrance of the life of the Reverend Doctor Martin...
Top of great gable on remembrance Sunday,
Jakarta War Cemetery staff with Col. Adrian Campbell-Black (DA) and British soldiers on Remembrance Sunday.
Attending the Tana Baru Remembrance Day event on Sunday. Stiek uit!
Join us on Sunday 17 January at 10am for the 2/29 Battalion AIF Association ceremony.
This Sunday, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church will host the NAACP as they offer a worship service in remembrance and...
no problem. I enjoy your services on remembrance Sunday, I secretly look around your church. The old flags are my favourite.
April 24, known as Red Sunday, is commemorated as Genocide Remembrance Day by Armenians around the world.
A toast in remembrance of Jan. 13, 1991-Bloody Sunday-and to the who lost their lives for freedom.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
NEWS: Hundreds gather in Sheffiled on Remembrance Sunday to pay respects
Paris, Sunday, January 10. A day of remembrance and mourning. The streets are quiet, but Fra...
get sinn fein to go to remembrance Sunday see how fast they turn that down !!
Imagine 'Little Wonder' being pumped out at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday...
Glad to be *** by Tom Robinson. Would be great to see politicians like Michael Fallon sing it lustily on Remembrance Sunday
GSTQ should be just the UK anthem for when Team GB compete, Remembrance Sunday etc.
Advent Sunday, Remembrance Sunday, Patronal festivals, Holy week, Yorkshire churches we would love to hear from you
If Irish PM can go to Enniskillen on Remembrance Sunday FM should respect our neighbors . No Fresh Start
Come out to the Days of Remembrance Bridal/Quince Expo at the EP Convention Center this Sunday! See you there!
We were all given stars on Sunday in remembrance of Epiphany. Each…
no and no, the_no. She turned up as a stray on remembrance Sunday and ppl were crying over burning poppies so she is registered as>
Remembrance: I learned of some very sad new on Sunday - that my cousin, Lily, who was pregnant with twins, had...
This day as you step into the world... . I call to remembrance, every pending promises and favour due for you to...
SF mayor of Derry recently declined an invite to remembrance sunday.
. Here's my son marching on Remembrance Sunday last year!
A working sunday on Wall Street affords a wander in remembrance of my friend Oli Bennett
we didn't ALL wear masks & sing his name just like not ALL Celtic fans boo minutes silences on remembrance Sunday.
Please join us next Sunday, January 17th for Pet Remembrance Day, We will honor our pets both past and present.
It's Baptism Remembrance Sunday. Grant is so excited about it he…
Remembrance and nostalgia. Poetry from Max Reif for your quiet time this Sunday.
Sunday services! St. Jemima 5:14-16 "Drink this coffee and eat this pancakes in remembrance of me."
I got completely soaked on remembrance Sunday but I obviously failed to completely dry it out and it's now very mouldy 😭😣
isn't that what Kate and all the other non Military royals do every year at Remembrance Sunday?
—> 'Families for Safe Streets' to launch Sunday on national day of remembrance
Happy Sunday 👼. Philippians 1:3. I thank my God in all my remembrance…
Join us this Sunday for Remembrance, our familiar worship experience, will refresh your spirit all over again.
A Tree of Remembrance Service is on Sunday at 11am in the Sanctuary, 5th floor, B Block at UHW, for the much loved babies who have died.
Why Remembrance Sunday should be about remembering everyone who fought in the ... -
Delectate quadragesima sunday remembrance ideas on account of yours lothario: XIXtBdgv
Rydal Penrhos thanked by Colwyn Bay mayor for Remembrance Sunday contribution:.
Lighting of the Tree of Remembrance this Sunday 29 November in remembrance of loved ones that have passed on
A lovely from Kilgetty Pharmacy to commemorate Remembrance Sunday
A special one-off service ahead of Remembrance Sunday run by Southeastern’s high speed poppy train has so far...
Soldier gets covered in projectile VOMIT after colleague throws up ...
'DISGUSTING': Asda bows to pressure to remove Poppy Appeal ...
Bells rung half-muffled for Remembrance Sunday this morning.
Remembrance Day Parade 2015: On Sunday Cadets from 148 (Barnsley) Squadron took part in the 2015 Remembrance D...
I was in Britain for Remembrance Sunday. I didn’t wear a poppy but did observe the 2 minute silence.
Sunday 6 December a remembrance service will take place for those lost to AIDS related illnesses, this is an...
because he shunned VIP's to talk to veterans on Remembrance Sunday
Someone missing this Christmas? Join us in a service of remembrance and reflection this Sunday 6.30pm
Now an iconic image...but what became of 18-year-old hero of Helmand?
Making political capital out of Remembrance Sunday. We criticised the Sun for doing that, didn't we?
Here's a look behind the scenes as the prepares for Sunday.
Remembrance Sunday, please remember & honour those who have sacrificed themselves to secure and protect our freedom
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and Chamberlain had their annual Remembrance Ceremony on Sunday November 15th. The program is designed...
Julie Rhode of The Names Project shares history of this powerful reminder of the AIDS Pandemic. Sunday: ht…
and minutes silence on Remembrance Sunday
Remembrance Sunday. We will remember. Lets not forget.
To mark International Remembrance Day for Lost Species we're casting a bell outside gallery this Sunday
Letter of thanks for our attendance at the Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day Services.
JC passes on his condolences for death of Chris Martin, who he says PM visited on remembrance Sunday. Sombre start to
He was at the Remembrance Sunday event in Cardiff, but that got him on TV. Priorities etc
I liked a video Cath requests a video blog / Remembrance Sunday
The month of November means remembrance so on Sunday's remembers the greats of Canadian music
Sorry for putting this up so late, Wreath laid at Barham Park, Wembley on Remembrance Sunday.
Service of Remembrance this Sunday at 9 & 11. Submit names to Jacqui.
Queen Elizabeth II leads nation on Remembrance Sunday, in pictures
I'd love to see them in England booing Remembrance Sunday at Millwall.
A friend of mine was joking about Archdukes. Less than a month after Remembrance Sunday - nice, isn't it?
it's nice to hear of those Good Egg mentions. I got one re: Remembrance Sunday.
Remembrance Sunday: Queen leads nation in tribute to the fallen
These are lovely, so attractive. Royal British Legion sells poppy-covered Muslim hijab after initial stocks sell out ht…
Remember the German invasion being repelled? Xenophobic Sun on Remembrance Sunday.
I just uploaded "Remembrance Sunday 22:11:2015 by Jacqui Rivas" to
it was good yeah! I went to a trans day of remembrance event on Friday and a *** film making workshop on Sunday :-)
please help spread the word of our free charity carol service taking place on 6 December!
Lovely photos & article from on Manchester's event on Sunday
Join Bramcote Crematorium for a Christmas Service of Remembrance on Sunday 6 December.
Last Remembrance Sunday. They were vilified by local press and politicos.
Also, I've been a big critic of SF but when you have them turning up to Remembrance Sunday, that has to be reciprocated
Aden army hero Bobby Bogan from County Durham has died - on Remembrance Sunday
Blind veteran lays wreath on Remembrance Sunday: A special wreath was laid to commemorate Remembrance Sunday b...
A family affair in the Remembrance Sunday parade
It was moving meeting veterans and others at the Remembrance Sunday service this morning
Just an alternative take on Jeremy Corbyn's attitude to Remembrance Sunday.
How trampled on the fallen by turning Remembrance Sunday into a “gotcha” headline and political pantomime.
Remembrance Sunday: Jeremy Corbyn 'skipped VIP lunch' to stay behind after ceremony and applaud WWII veterans.
Remembrance Sunday. 'For The Fallen.' Composed on Cornwall cliffs about 1hr from north west side of Dartmoor:
See photos from yesterday's Remembrance Sunday event in Douglas here
Remembrance Sunday: Thousands assemble outside St George's Hall to remember the fallen
X Factor 2015: Viewers reacted badly to the choice of song for Remembrance Sunday
heres 2 dead certs for next seasons fixtures: tims will be at home Easter weekend and away Remembrance Sunday 😀
The Duchess of Cambridge with Queen Maxima of the Netherlands at Remembrance Sunday service http…
Pictures: Thousands mark Remembrance Sunday across south Bucks: Thousands of people fell silent across ...
Labour Leader criticised for not bowing at Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday.
We have been BANNED from laying Cenotaph wreath on Remembrance Sunday. We won more votes than the SNP & DUP combined htt…
Kate Middleton looks dignified as she joins the Queen to pay respects on Remembrance Sunday: Duchess of Cambridge watches the event ...
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