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Remember The Titans

Riley Cooper Ryan Gosling Julio Jones Coach Carter

This guy has never seen Remember the Titans😱 that movie is like my life.
Eagles should watch Remember the Titans. If a high school team can prevail through something like this, why can't grown men who are "pros"?
Name a few movies you can watch over and over? — The notebook, space jam, remember the titans, and pretty much a...
No movie(s) will ever be better than: Glory Road, Varsity Blues, Remember the Titans, Coach Carter, and The Freedom Writers.
Remember the titans will never get old. Unreal.
This isn't remember the Titans, you can't be racist and play football anymore
Remember the titans is by far the best movie
haven't you seen remember the titans? Racial tension makes you a really good football team
I had a dream I was in Remember the Titans last night
I bet they make Riley Cooper watch Remember the Titans as part of his sensitivity counseling
the Eagles are gonna be like the team in remember the titans. All the racial slurs and such
Eagles locker room looking like Remember the Titans now lol
Chip Kelly should make the team watch Remember The Titans together
he obviously did not Remember the Titans. "Strong Side! Left Side!"
The eagles sensitivity training? Back to back showings of remember the titans
I don't need to watch Remember the Titans bc is giving a play by play of the whole movie😂
The Eagles just need to watch Remember The Titans
I watch Remember the Titans far too much and I know all the lines by heart but I don't even care I love it.
endless loop Remember the Titans for 5 days, bread and water
"Does the term cruel and unusual punishment mean anything to you?!" Funniest line in Remember the Titans 😂
Is Riley Cooper method acting for a role in Remember the Titans 2?
Chip just needs to sit the team down and watch Remember the Titans
to tear up during Remember the Titans. Happens every time.
“Boon sounds like a football jock not a principle lol” @ remember the titans
I feel like the eagles season is gonna be just like remember the titans
Sometimes...but not everything works itself out like the end of Remember the Titans
Somebody should just sit Riley Cooper down and have him watch Remember the Titans
Cheryl? like the little girl in remember the titans?!! what am i?
Do they show Remember the Titans in sensitivity class?
Can we go back and write Riley Cooper into the script of Remember the Titans? I bet Gary Bertier would give him a firm talking-to.
So basically forced to watch Remember the Titans over and over, right?
Just talked to an umpire who was at the real football game from Remember the Titans. He was 13 years old.
Listening to remember the titans soundtrack with daddy on the way to myrtle just makes me to excited for football 🏈
Remember the Titans >>>> I swear I know that movie word by wordy
The are providing Riley Cooper the resources, such as sensitivity training. Like what? Have him watch Remember the Titans DVD?
Coach Carter Love&Basketball and Remember the Titans are my favorite movies of all time
But seriously, if you don't love Remember The Titans, you have no soul.
Waters for cowards, water makes u weak, Waters for washing blood off my uniform and u don't get no blood on my uniforms …
Friday quote: "See man, that's the worst attitude I ever heard." "Attitude reflects leadership, captain." -Remember the Titans
If football games were like the ones on the movie "Remember the Titans", I would love cheering so much more. Oh well, I'm still excited.
Yeah I'm starting my birthday by watching Remember the Titans! Its going to be a good day.
They just need Cooper and McCoy to re-enact the "LEFT SIDE...STRONG SIDE" bit in Remember the Titans and they'd be good to go!
Hayden Panettiere was the little girl Sheryl from Remember the Titans. I'm so rattled.
Oh my God. Tupac, Julius from Remember the Titans, and Dareese from Cool Runnings are in this movie. ALL MY FAVORITE PEOPLE
The Eagles need a trip to Gettysburg. They need to go full Remember the Titans on Riley Cooper.
I have to say Remember The Titans is the best movie ever.
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I wish I had a dollar for every time somebody told me I remind them of the little girl from Remember the Titans 😳
I realy love the movie remember the titans.
Now the eagles locker room is gonna be like remember the titans. Black vs white
The Eagles should cancel practice and watch Remember The Titans as a team. Boom, racism and football fixed. Two birds, o…
Patriots got that play from remember the titans
Watching Remember The Titans. I love this movie it sends a message. Ryan Gosling looks young & really cute.
I remember when Steve Tasker did color commentary for Don Criqui on the CBS 2% games
remember way back when chambys was predicting the titans game. Comes down to this
"That awkward moment when you realize one of the kids in Remember the Titans is Ryan Gosling."
i remember the Titans beat us 3 times that yr hole should have killed Steve that yr
I'm so happy Coach Carter is on Netflix! Now they just need to add Remember the Titans! :)
watching remember the titans in bed. What a movie. You still around? Haven't seen you for ages
I wanna watch Remember the Titans again
No I remember told you to stop talking about the raiders because you like the titans
Hey remember when u were givin me *** the whole week of the draft cause I was pleading and begging the titans take kapernick?
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🏈 W/ mom watching my movie 'Remember the Titans'
I'd have no reason to care about this shyt.. I would just say.. Remember in 20__.. When the Titans won the Superbowl b*tch? What now?
Friday night lights & remember the titans are the best football movies ever
This is like when I found out that Gary Burtier got paralyzed in Remember the Titans.
I dunno man we got to the NFC championship and y'all ended up starting sunshine from remember the titans over your convict
Ain't no mountain high enough. Love remember the titans gets better every time s watch it!
Like the coach I'm remember the titans says, "good season boys, good season"
LoL, all iCould think about was remember the Titans
Feel like the little girl from Remember the Titans
All this football makes me wanna watch Little Giants. Then Remember the Titans. My night is planned
I never even paid attention to the fact that Ryan Gosling was in Remember the Titans.
That dude kinda reminds me of the long haired guy on remember the titans lol
watching my favorite movie Remember the Titans..
Frank Gore look like Bertier from Remember the Titans
Julio look like that black DB off remember the titans forreal!!!
“mean remember the titans? San Fran giants are the baseball team. New York Giants are football
I'm telling our defense not another yard like coach Yolts (white dude on remember the titans) they better not gain another yard
So glad I recorded remember the titans (:
Clearly they took my advice and watched that Remember the Titans clip. I ain't mad.
reminds me of the little white girl on remember the titans screaming at every play!! Lol
Ryan Gosling singing Ain't no mountain high enough ♥_♥ OMG How I love Remember the Titans
Panthers fans always talking like They got Talent everywhere like Remember The Titans, like Yal ain't tied For *** last in Yal Division
Watching Remember the Titans for the second time this week
From a football players perspective. Friday Night lights is the greatest FOOTBALL movie. Remember the Titans is the better "story"
R.E at Parker consists of watching Remember the Titans.
Crabtree look like a player from back in the day. Like fam was on Remember the Titans
Let tht *** Collin runn on the outside..jus give em Davis as a lead blocker jus lik tht run on Remember the Titans
“'Remember The Titans' check out the sequels Clash Of The Titans and Wrath of the Titans.
Remember The Titans will forever be one of my favorite movies
I think a few people watched remember the titans without me and I feel left out.
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I'm so obsessed with Remember The Titans, this probably isn't healthy...
Time to pull a "Remember the Titans " and put Kaepernick, Davis and James in to play both ways
"If you drop my ball. I will kick my foot off in your John brown hind parts and then you will run a mile!" -Remember the Titans.
I've DVRed everything from Pocahontas, to Nightmare on Elm Street, to Divorce Court, to Remember the Titans. I don't wanna delete anything:(
Remember the titans makes me cry every time I watch it
Anyone on remember how the band that did the Teen Titans intro had their own animated show for a while?
tell me Julio Jones don't look just like Julius in Remember the Titans now that he cut the dreads
my favorite sports movies that i could watch al day : We Are Marshall, Remember the Titans, and Rudy.. never get tired of 'em..
The fact that I haven't met someone who loves Remember The Titans is so sad 😭
Nursing management and leadership is the worst class ever. At least I have to watch Remember the Titans as part of this assignment?
Before we reach for hate, always, always, we remember the Titans.
Just watched my favourite film Remember The Titans unreal how good it is and still makes me cry every time!
49ers need to be like the team on Remember the Titans... "Second half is our time!"
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