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Regina King

Regina King (born January 15, 1971) is an American film and television actress.

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And Regina king be having me dead. She crazy.
American Crime is transcendental. Regina King is a human anomaly.
Y'all ain't know that. The Government was also sued and found guilty by MLK family for his death.
"Me too actually," Regina states; "I would never have had to marry the king then or I at least hope no…
I added a video to a playlist Regina King play as Riley and Huey
Regina King is a Cheerleading Coach with Jimmy Fallon: via
Taraji P. Henson. Regina King. Jada. Gabrielle. Keri Hilson. Nia Long. I don't have enough characters for this list
This black king needs that kinda experience from an ultimate queen of spades like u ♠️♠️. bisogno dei r…
Charlize Theron, Regina King, Bill Paxton and big *** gorilla!!! What else could you ask for? Mighty Joe Young is the perfect film
I've got to disagree with you there. It would be incest yes if regina's marriage to the king was valid but it's not, by saying +
"King of the enchanted forest Robin Hood"
“Comfort zones are where dreams go to die.” -- Regina King
Amy Brennaman, Liv Tyler, Regina King, Ann Dowd, Janel Moloney, Paterson's a lot of people.
the ice king. "In fact, that's what happened to Regina."
i saw regina king in real life once and now watching her on The Leftovers is even more amazing
I love some BET Awards, but I can't for the life of me figure out how Uzo Aduba and Regina King are winning Emmy's…
All purpose parts banner
In case you didn't know, actress, director and producer, Regina King, rocks. When she's not serving red carpet...
Leftovers season 3 is an exploration of just how much Michael should have picked Regina King in the divorce
I grew up watching Gabrielle Union , Nia Love, Regina Hall ,Vivica Fox, Regina King, Janet etc there were so many black actress 2 look up 2
Bridgeport, from King to Regina, is bidirectional!
Hit the Road Jack - un1no, Jamie Foxx, Kurt Fuller and Regina King on Global HipHop FM the home of (http:
Very. It was confusing at 1st cuz I jumped in on the 2nd season when Regina King joined but it's really good.
I know and it's crazy to think there's only 3 eps left. and there needs to be more of Regina King!
Regina King & Jackée Get Drunk on Watch What Happens Live | WWHL.. this is still hilarious
I've been trying to figure out who your mom looks like for the longest and it's Regina King 😂
Not enough Regina king this season, gotta say
Nia Long...Regina king...Lisa bonet...taraji p henson...😍 ima throw out a name people been sleeping on...ESSENCE ATKINS ❤️
Regina King's acting and versatility is superb 🙌🙌🙌.
American Crime season 3 catch up time . So good . I'd watch anything with Regina King in . Bring back southland as…
The King is 21 now, we love you Happy Birthday to the best MAN in the world! ➕✖️
Beginning Monday, Bridgeport Road in Waterloo will have lanes reduced from King to Regina streets for road reconstruction.
So, did you know if you go to Argentina you'll get free Burger King? Also, super happy Regina is confirmed for the next OUAT
Conflict can make a good tale but a sad heart, "Make peace with your past so it won't screw up the present." Regina Brett
Any scene with Regina King is great TV.
In a better world ABC asks John Ridley to spin off Regina King & Sandra Oh's characters from this season's American Crime into a procedural.
Amazing Felicity Huffman and Regina King representing American Crime for ANC Studios with…
Regina King as usual, just being a queen. Connor Jessup's almost unrecognizable with that beard, and... hello, Sandra Oh!
Regina King has more range than Felicity Huffman
A season with Janel Moloney, Sandra Oh, Regina King and Felicity Huffman is exactly what I need and deserve, thank you
Felicity Huffman, Regina King, Sandra Oh...tryna sweep the Emmys this year. Connor Jessup ain't no one to play with either.
Happy Birthday to film and television actress Regina King (born January 15, 1971).
I'm watching the second season of American Crime (so good) and *** Regina King and Andre Benjamin make a hot couple 🔥🔥🔥
9. & cursing me with Regina King looks.
Regina King in This Christmas when she ran Malcolm's car off the cliff in the rain 🙃 •me as of now•
Imagine Emma sleeping and moaning loudly, moaning Regina's name, screaming so loud and sweating that the guards alerted King David.
I've tried to be flexible in my career by doing a little bit of every...
When you see all the suits in the room, everybody in the room has on...
Phylicia Rashad as Violet. Viola Davis as Barb. Regina King as Ivy. Rutina Wesley as Karen. Alfre Woodard as Mattie. Danny Glover as Bev. 💣
A1: Regina King and Taraji P. Henson embracing as King walked to the stage to get her award. Loved it!
Regina King in Marienbad at the Mary/Maxwell Concert last night
can you please have and Regina King as your guest again? That was literally the best ...
I watch ESPN all day. If you come into my trailer, ESPN is on. That'...
Regina King look like a golden prombat
Regina King on the Challenge of Working as a Director and an Actress
She quirks a single brow to 's mention as it was Cora's wish and intention to wed Regina to King Leopold to become the~
Down To Earth has a super sad ending, did so much work to get Regina King in the body of an old YT man, only to have to start all over again
Man i need to see a video of Regina King doing both Huey and Riley voice overs. I don't believe anyone is that good😭
Regina King would be the perfect actress for the Michelle Obama biopic.
Congratulations to Regina King for her win as Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or movie
Regina King winning Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie.
When you see another black girl winning. Love this moment between Regina King & Taraji P. Henson.
Regina King with the win for American Crime Story! 2nd win in a row 💪
Emmy for Supporting Actress in Limited Series or Movie goes to Regina King in American Crime
Regina King.and the whole cast of the OJ movie
Regina King is proud to "tell stories that provoke conversation"
When you recognize Regina King from Cinderella Story and Miss Congeniality 2 because that is what your life is.
Pretending this Emmy is for Regina King's underrated performance in Miss Congeniality 2
I've liked Regina King since Miss Congeniality 2 Armed & Fabulous, get on my level
Regina King wins Supporting Actress in a Limited Series for
I haven't been this excited for Regina King's career since Miss Congeniality 2 ended.
Okay, to be fair, I've only seen Regina King in Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous.
Regina King in Elizabeh Kennedy, . Tracee Ellis Ross in Ralph Lauren and. Anthony Anderson at…
Countdown to the 2016 Emmys! Mary J. Blige, Regina King, Ashley Madekwe, Laverne Cox & More Step out for Pre-...
Tall girl looks like Jemele Hill, the other like a young Regina King
No exaggeration but it is presently hotter than a Kelly Rowland, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, Angela Bassett & Regina King group…
Regina King is Set to Direct an Episode of 'Pitch' - The Series is Abt the First Female Major League Baseball Player https:/…
Justin Theroux, Carrie *** Regina King, and Damon Lindelof are the ones HBO should've been pushing.
Jamie Chung in Whitney Able e Samantha Soule in Samira Wiley in Regina King...
They probably will. High hopes its Regina King. Worse fears...Leslie Jones
Like I can't watch Regina King act again since Aaron McGruder without seeing Huey and Riley in my head.
Regina King & Anika Noni Rose.. Or so I've been told lol
Had a Great Time last at the American Crime Event supporting artists work, . Regina King, Felicity Huffman, Lili...
Had a great time tonight with Regina King, Felicity Huffman, Lili Taylor. Elvis Nolasco,Trevor Jackson. Regina King,
Regina King: "My mother was a single mom, and most of the women I know are strong."
Sometimes I wish Huey & Riley existed outside of the Boondocks, instead of Regina King.
Especially in this industry, women challenge men much more now because we'r...
Did anybody catch how Maya Angelou said that Regina King wasn't anymore married than a man been to the moon in the movie Poetic Justice?
Saw Regina King at work today and the homie really stalked her down and made me take they pic 😂
I'm watching the episode now and saw the pre show credits read "Directed by: Regina King." Congrats 👏👏👏
I ran that one stop sign by Regina lol
Hands down, You are the real KING. 👏🏼🙌🏼 . ©
Doesn't matter. I LOVE Regina King and even that's not enough for me to watch it.
.said when he developed she imagined Regina King as the lead & Taraji P. Henson as Maya
King we need a director and right now your the hottest female director going. How can we reach out to you?
this movie coming out w: Regina King and Morris Chestnut looks like it's going to be so good🙂🙂🙂
Regina Honu - CEO of Soronko Solutions is our third guest speaker
It's imperative we give back to the next generation- Regina Honu
Ladies! Speak up, Shout, You have a voice , let the world hear it- Regina Honu.
I swear she looks even better after that Emmy. Regina King winning outcheaaa!
I always had a little for Regina King too.
You could be the king, but watch the queen conquer (8) ♫
The Fisher King is on in a loop in my car nestled between Regina Spector & Gemma Hayes. There's always room for more music!
meanwhile Prince John and King Richard have yet to stand up to Regina as well
Watching an episode of Scandal that Regina King directed.SHE bettuh.
Regina King as Rhonda in A Cinderella Story made me *** tbh
This supervisor look just like Regina King ima have to shoot my shot
... So. Regina George is the character on Mean Girls. Regina KING is the actress who plays in American Crime.
Lol Erin Andrews just referred to Regina George as Regina King when talking about Mean Girls
Erin Andrews just referred to the villain of "Mean Girls" as "Regina King"
This how I want my squad and my wife to be, I call Regina King ijs hand off
❤️ the look of this, still exciting. King William Road, Hyde Park LIZA EMANUELE BOUTIQUE Regina Sole Queen Open...
Far too much talent in one picture. Sarah Paulson, Holland Taylor and Regina King at event
I think that either Kerry Washington or Regina King would make a good Michelle ...
Please vote for me for Junior princess at prom!!! (AND Regina and Kevin for King and Queen ;)) .
ever had such a good hair day you don't even wanna lay down on it? I'm bout to sleep like Regina King in "Friday."
The role of Regina King was a kind of Claire Huxtable, whom not many black women relate to. But many relate to Cookie.
Regina King is the best part of Poetic Justice.
lmao I feel as if Viola Davis is black enough or Regina King even Gabrielle Union or Jennifer Hudson Kimberly Elise Regina Hall
LOL Regina Hall accepting Regina King's award. love it!
I don't know who sexier Regina Hall or Regina King. Both of them Beautiful Black Queens👑👑 shout out to my Moma 👑
shonda rhimes, Viola Davis, lupita, Regina King, Zoe Saldana the female lionesses of the big screen
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
. good question! I think having Tichina Arnold and Regina King on the show was amazing
Annalise (HTGAWM), Freddy from A different world, and Regina King
Andre Benjamin and Regina King are playing these roles to the max & Andre Benjamin
Another episode of American Crime, another episode of hating Regina King.
Andre Benjamin, Regina King and Director - Rachel Morrison. Amazing cast and crew! Peace!…
Regina King looking delicious on Jimmy Kimmel right now
Regina King is slaying in this dress on Jimmy Kimmel!
Regina King on Jimmy Kimmel right now & she look so good 😍
Regina King, Andre Benjamin, and Trevor Jackson are doing AMAZING on
AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY with Alfre Woodard and Regina King as Violet and Barbara.
Felicity Huffman, Lili Taylor and Regina King better get Emmy noms for this.
Makes up for Ann Dowd and Regina King not winning
Maura Tierney & Regina King both look stunning at the
Definitely rooting Ann Dowd for Emmy, although Regina King would be good too.
CONSTANCE ZIMMER over Ann Dowd, Regina King and Maura Tierney?! Are these critics insane??
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Regina King at the 2016 Golden Globes in sequins
Watching BET's 20 of 2015 and it is refreshing! Viola Davis, Regina King, and Uzo Aduba are fantastic
Will Smith, Regina King, Gene Hackman, Jon Voight, Jack Black... and I'd be completely fine with falling asleep before the end
S2 was top-to-bottom excellence: Theroux, Brenneman, Eccleston, Carrie *** Regina King, Kevin Carroll, Ann Dowd, and more.
it's such a better season especially w/ Regina King & Kevin Carroll!!
Let's go ahead and give out all of the awards to The Leftovers and Justin Theroux, Carrie *** Ann Dowd, Regina King and Kevin Carroll.
Name 10 Black VA that didn't do a One-Shot outside of Phil Lamarr, Regina King, John Witherspoon, and Will Smith. I'll wait.
I could go on. And I will. Chloe Bennet, Gabourey Sidibe, Regina King, Aisha Tyler . . . she's on FOUR shows right now!
Wow I didn't know Regina King is the voice actor for Huey Freeman & Riley Freeman on the Boondocks.
There are kids that could be our Regina King, Viola Davis and Uzo Aduba tomorrow. All they need is you. Join
Jill, Nora, Patti and Kevin give this show LIFE! Throw in Regina King, and you just can't lose. Btw, LOVING Jill&Nora together
I need to see King Amiyah, Regina My Queen, and Cynthia scissor kick Porsha.
When Snow's dad died and they took back the kingdom from Regina, Snow and David were't the king and queen then?
Only on would you trust the Evil Queen and Hook before you trusted Peter Pan or King Arthur
From Fleetwood Mac to Carole King and now to Regina Spektor... My neighbor is officially my spirit animal.
It was an ep very Charming and King Arthur. Regina's few scenes but well... It wasn't bad. And there was a little OQ's kiss! *-*
Get into it! Regina King was excellent on it too.
I never trusted King Arthur, at least with Regina what you see is what you get.
Storybrooke is not Camelot king Arthur, it's not your kingdom. Regina is over Storybrooke.
Regina: I can be a far greater nightmare you could possibily imagine.
You forgot who I am. The evil queen
I love Regina. I wish I had her powers.
One of King Arthur's mates tried to kill Regina during the ball, but he failed
feel like we should *** up Kevin Carroll + Regina King for next (inevitable) Bway Macbeth; everyone catch up on The Leftovers & vet this
Maybe we should get Viola Davis, Regina King & Loretta Divine to give a intervention!
who the *** even knows him only by that lmao he fought with snow in the war with regina, he's "king George" son like ?
Our bed may be bigger than we need. While we're here it could also fit Regina King, Billie Jean King & Old King Cole, a merry old soul.
My dream black girl weekend is shoping with Taraji and Nia and Regina King. Nails. Salon. And cackling over gossip and drinks.
Watching ep1 of not impressed. I'm pleased to see Regina King, but otherwise I'm lost... and not in a good way.
is there a reference to Jackee, Regina King or Marla Gibbs?
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SO proud of Regina King! A long distance runner. “"The power and blessing of being a woman"
I really hate that the jerk King igorne of my queen Regina by alone, when he talks to Snow on Fruit otThe Poisonous Tree at ball scene.
Viola, Uzo, and Regina King, with Taraji basically stormed the entertainment industry with never-before wins and giant ratings.
Jamie Foxx and Regina King... and the remarkable story of Ray Charles. :) — watching Ray
Lisa McDowell still in that pantheon with Salli Richardson, Nia Long, Regina King, Lela Rochon and young Halle Berry IDC IDC IDC
Regina King talks about her experience playing a hearing impaired character
Also the show added Regina King to the cast! So happy, I can never get enough Regina King in anything. She is BRILLIANT.
Regina King a legend for playing Huey and Riley
and RQ this photo if you really love our Queen and King 💞🎉. |
With agnes, Regina, and 2 others at The Duck King —
Soccer star Jenny Wick is Homecoming Queen at Regina. Chris Rice is the King.
I am in the presence of Andre3k and Regina King. That is all.
YAS @ Miss Regina King snatchin all dem TV roles
Regina makes Zelena a very sincere promise in this sneak peek from Sunday's all-new
So Regina can't dress like an evil queen to go to King Arthur's ball but Hook can dress like a nasty pirate?
My interview with the mighty and talented
Support our awesome SGA reps, Zachary & Regina, as they seek the title of 2015 UNCG Homecoming King and Queen!
Regina King said some when she said that
Yall ever listen to Emotional by Carl Thomas and start swinging at the air like Cuba Gooding, Jr just waiting for your Regina King?
Regina King is the mom in every black movie 😂😂
U have the same braids as Regina King in Poetic Justice AND ur fat, fat ppl aren't allowed to have opinions. BLOCKED
sent him to run some errands. He didn't want to leave Regina alone but he knew that the King would probably kill him if +
like. For Asylum maybe but bot FreakShow Regina King deserved her Best Supporting Emmy bishes
Fine dining in before heading back to (@ Burger King in Regina, SK)
Huey Freeman (voiced by Regina King) is a young leftist radical black revolutionary and retired domestic terrorist.
Happy for Regina King who is long overdue for award recognition, especially for her stellar work in
Kerry Washington came a long way from Save the Last Dance and Regina King came a long way from Poetic Justice lol
to sum up the . Viola Davis, Regina King, and Uzo Aduba 🙌👑
Regina King makes her directorial debut with ‘Let the Church Say Amen’:
Regina King, Mo’Nique, Dee Rees, John Ridley, Angela Bassett were nominated as well, so a congrats to them too!
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Regina King should guest star, my dream to see my favorite actresses to share the screen!!
My mother looks like an exact mix of Regina King & Michelle Obama... it's so scary.
- lol!!. Viola Davis, Regina King, Kerry, Nia Long-they would have NEVER allowed those sketches
Regina King's spoken word voice is Riley Freeman
& Regina King guest on tonight's Watch What Happens Live with Cohen
Yes. Regina King, actress/director. 227, Jerry Maguire, Enemy of the State etc.
Regina King is such a versatile actress, frm Boyz n Da Hood, Jerry McGuire, Ray, America Crime she never played the same role
Pause. Did they darken Regina King's eyes?? A Muslim sister can't have hazel eyes?? lol
Great show with some great actresses: Felicity Huffman, Penelope Ann Miller, Lili Taylor, Regina King. — watching American Crime
Regina King to co-host "BLACK GIRLS ROCK!" April 5 honoring trailblazing black women
oh really? you'd be a brilliant'd definitely put Regina King, Vivica Fox, and Viola Davis out of business!
Jennifer Coolidge en Regina King in blijven the best things ever.
Regina King is playing a Black Muslim woman in American Crime. I gotta watch just for her.
Regina King's mom is the leader of her team. I know that is real and right!
Cora Manipulating af. Manipulating Regina to marry the King; and to Ana: "My own daughter was a disappointment",
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Regina king is king for voicing Riley and Huey
I've always been cheering for regina... she and robin are queen and king T .TT
I used to live in Regina. We have it here but it's worse out West, first nations aren't hidden as much there
But why she got on that technicolor dream coat Nana made her for her first school play? "Congrats to Regina King!"
*** Regina King and Jaheim were a thing...
Regina King has been acting for like 30 years
Regina King is gonna show out on American Crime. I just know it.
That's too bad Regina King and Jaheim didn't work. I liked them together and "Finding My Way Back" STILL jams! Nice video directed by her.
I really enjoyed Regina King - it's an excellent movie... so how is your show going?
I lost me love along time ago when we went to wonderland she fell for the king there and its not Regina who took it but her mum
I love Regina King I can't wait to see that episode😍😍
I also think that you and Regina King should be in a movie as sisters, you both look alike
When I need some motivation, all I need is my KING ❤
so when you say Regina King you mean the actress from with
Essence luncheon honors 'Orange' cast, Regina King, others as ...
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Fitness model Yoo Seung Ok to return to 'Star King' as a panelist for 10 weeks.
so very proud of my friend Regina King!!! So happy to see…
to freeze Lily before Regina married the king the. Send her to our world presumably after the curse was enacted? Plus she had
if you look like Regina King in Friday
Regina King in Son Jung Wan Spring 2015 & House of CB at the 8th Annual ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Luncheon
Oh, I did love Jerry Maguire, but not for Tom Cruise and Renee's relationship. I thought Cuba Gooding Jr. and Regina King's marriage made
Pam Grier and Regina King had my affinity too.
Regina King hinted to Us Weekly that her ex-boyfriend Malcolm-Jamal Warner dumped her on Valentine's Day back in 2013 -- read her quotes about the nasty breakup here
Wait, did Regina King's ex Malcolm-Jamal Warner dump her on Valentine's Day? She tells Us the story:
*Not only has Regina King booked another recurring role on a television series, but it’s the long anticipated new drama from Oscar winning “12 Years a Slave” screenwriter John Ridley. ABC’s “American Crime” is an anthology that explores race, class and gender through the lens of a racially charged murder and its subsequent trial. The series will explore the case through multiple viewpoints, including the victim’s parents played by Felicity Huffman and Timothy Hutton, and the character played by King – a Muslim woman named Aliyah Shadeed. [ 252 more words. ]
Fact of the Day The Margherita pizza was named for Margherita of Savoy, Queen consort of Italy from 1878-1900, during the reign of her husband, King Umberto I. Today in History January 15, 2009 Capt Chelsey Sullenberger guided a jetliner disabled by a bird strike just after takeoff from LaGuardia Airport to a safe landing in the Hudson River. Today's Birthdays January 15 1981 - Pitbull 1971 - Regina King (1929-1968) - Martin Luther King Jr.
I was a preemie & u know what Janet Jackson & Regina King said about us preemie dudes..
Regina King Vs Regina Hall. Who you with? Don't just like the post, choose 1!
I forgot domestic violence is ok as long as it's Regina king whooping Laz Alonso *** for cheating..
are bad all the way up to Regina and beyond
Regina King and Common are now a couple..I approve 👍💖👄
A belated but welcome Christmas Card from Regina King @ NYC Comptrollers Office. I met her as a learner now she's teaching there
to the King and Queen of this town and
Regina King, too, throwing some absolutely exemplary shade throughout at Ice Cube and his fool self:
Regina King has the most alluring eyes.
Awwee, Donnie having Regina King sing for his mother 💧
Omg the real husbands of Hollywood episode with Regina King & Sanaa Lathan is so funny
I was here for a little TV movie with Eve, and Regina King but...Jill Scott and Lifetime. No can do. LMN will forever be the FU network.
I already told regina... I'm turnin up at stonefish lounge
I think my ideal woman is Regina King. She is so funny and so gorgeous... 😍😍😍😍
Vivica A.Fox,Regina King to name a few.Wow! Black Power is Beautiful!
his thirsty *** gone be there, I'm lowkey salty RN. Good luck Regina 😄
not even th great Regina King can get me watching that show.
Regina bows gracefully to the King and steps outside.
Everyone come see Regina Mundi production of the lion king on the 20th/21st Jan! Child ticket is €5 ,adults are €10! 🐯
bout to get it right now thanks! Enemy of the State is def up top 3 to me. Regina King is highly under appreciated
Need to plan a trip to Florida to see my *** Regina crazy ***
I just found out that Regina King was the voice of Huey and Riley 😳
"No matter how I try to please the king.." Seriously. I need more insight into Leopold/Regina's marriage.
Regina king was grinding something vicious in ths back.of that mail truck
I am listening to Baby Come To Me by Regina Belle on Throwback Radio via
Watching This Christmas on channel 5, so many good actors in it, Idris Elba, Regina King, Delroy Lindo...Chris Brown
in Enemy of the State, they seriously had Lisa Bonet as Will Smith's side chick & Regina King as his wife... 💀
Nothing will top Jackee Harry and Regina King being drunk on
Regina Askia celebrates 47th birthday with family Via
Umm I'm not sure who made him king but as Queen Regina I look forward to receiving the mock ups. Know your place.
Am I the only one who wants to see Regina and 3 year old Henry snuggling on the couch watching the lion king? Or.
Singing Happy Birthday to Princess Poot King!!! Regina you had me tripping!!!
Thought it was funny when Larry King asked, "Who's Joe Strummer?" ;) The kilt was a sweet tribute!
An open letter to the Principal of King’s College London, about the proposed rebranding of . http…
~sun-kissed legs over the edge of her King sized bed, Regina gracefully gets up and makes her way over to the en suite ~
Watching King's Ransom forgot how funny this movie is. Regina King is underrated.
You watched that movie when Regina king character came to herself about all that cheating it was a wrap-dont be a fool
Nah the best episode of was with and Regina King
Enbridge reports spill at Regina pump station | Canadian Business
Nothing has topped you and Regina King EPIC night in the Clubhouse. We need another visit
YAS! This episode is about to be the levels of the one Regina King & Jackée Harry was on.
I'm sure Regina King is side eyeing the *** out of him right now
Y'all Regina was really spilling the tea on White Police officers
the eps with Regina King are an attempt to poke fun but no, just really offensive
if Michael Jackson is the King of Pop
I don't. My mother kind of forced me in to it. I never wanted to marry the King. My heart is not his.
Standing up right looking at her in confusion. "Then why are you any of it if you don't want it? Do you not love your king?"
Please don't do that. I may be Queen but I am not royalty. Nor do I want to be Queen. Especially King Leopold's Queen.
King Leopold* Queen Regina. *I corrected myself but none too happily*
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Regina King in this movie in her role like she isn't Huey AND Riley Freeman. What a woman 🙌🙌🙌
Diamond looks like a mini Regina King
this Diamon girl looks like Regina King
the only she can spot is a carriage about to leave, the man rings a bell in her head: Regina's husband, the King. The +
+ from Regina and barely leaning into the King's half-embrace.
At the mention of a King, Regina blushes. Her eyes wander quickly, shyly, to a dapper young man across the room who ~
Regina King. Regina King, n*gga. She ain't even all that thick or nothing but she got that look like it tickle.
Congrats good friend prod. Philip Krupp noms for Lifetime film "Gabby Douglas Story" NAACP Image Awards: best movie, actress (Regina King)
I think Regina King may be directing an episode too. ABC is the ONLY network givin BW directorial work
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