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Regina Hall

Regina Hall (born December 12, 1970) is an American film and television actress known for her lead role of Brenda Meeks in the Scary Movie films and as Corretta Lipp in the FOX comedy-drama Ally McBeal.

Kevin Hart Sanaa Lathan Nia Long Tracee Ellis Ross Jill Scott Scary Movie Jessica Williams Regina King Girls Trip Tiffany Haddish Gabrielle Union Queen Latifah Lupita Nyong Laura Taylor Jemaine Clement Jada Pinkett Smith Morris Chestnut

😂😂😂😂. With a cast that includes hot women like Regina Hall and Jada Pinkett-Smith, I can believe that!
Regina Hall on new film Girls Trip, The Weeknd and holidays
Hey Regina Hall starting in Girls Trip? I think Regina King is a completely different actress 🙊
I'd probably fall in love and end up marrying Regina hall fine *** 🤤 can't just hit and quit
Regina Hall has always been my favorite actress ! I aspire to be as great as her in my acting career hopefully one day
You havent played Regina lately... maybe when they finish the Darke Hall rebuild. Infinite sun Sum…
That's not the point. Our women are idolizing a white woman over Megan Good, Gabby Union, Regina Hall Taraji P, shi…
We're 😍 too!. : We're loving Regina Hall's red carpet look in at the  L…
Highlight of the week: Seeing tomorrow starring my favorite actress Regina Hall !
Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Queen Latifah, and Sanaa Lathan at the premiere of ‘Girls Trip
I'm not gonna pull a Kodak and start @ folks, but Regina Hall and SZA are my favorites.
Carpool Karaoke with Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, Regina Hall and Tiffany Haddish! Girls Trip is hitting...
I grew up watching Gabrielle Union , Nia Love, Regina Hall ,Vivica Fox, Regina King, Janet etc there were so many black actress 2 look up 2
Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall, Tiffany Haddish on stage for "Girls Trip" "Women really do let loose'…
Didn't notice that Regina Hall plays Sanaa Lathan's sister on Love & Basketball. They literally still look so alike, they're my favvvs ✨
You put Alfre Woodard, Debbi Morgan, Regina Hall, Sanaa Lathan and Gabrielle Union in the same movie and I'll probably rewatch. A lot.
Sanaa Lathan is the serious version of Regina Hall
I've always loved shows like '48 Hours' and 'Dateline,' and I've alw...
the Tiffany Haddish episode was so perfect. Also I love Chelsea Handler and anytime Regina Hall comes on, it's "Good Times".
when I was a small with aunty Regina (hall) and Khari
Regina Hall is one of the most beautiful women, all time.
Waddap Djavarave 😂👌 (with Regina and Resha at The Venue Concert Hall - Eldorado) [pic] —
Can't wait for Regina. Is stage time available yet? Thank you.
what time will Regina be on stage tonight guys?
I've got a spare Regina Spektor ticket for tonight at Colston Hall due to my poor planning ability. Let me know if you're after one :)
hi, just wondering what stage times were for Regina Spektor tonight please?
One of the most unique voices on the scene, is performing at tonight…
Silly Eye Colour Generalisations - Regina Spektor - Manchester Albert Hall - at the request of the audience. BABE
We did "Original Sin" in one take and Daryl Hall from Hall and Oates is singing backgrounds with the guys. It was a very s…
Regina hall & Kevin Hart soo cute in this movie 😭😭
Catching up on Watching the one with Lupita Nyong'o and Regina Hall. I am obsessed with dress 😍😍
Hamilton Collection
Brilliant review of last nights magic with by the it's like someone read my thoughts! 5/5
Black chick looks like Regina hall that works at rowdy. They is signed to the long term contract
Regina was perfection last night, so much talent yet so humble at the same time 🎼 @ Albert Hall
We today at city hall (100 Regina St S) . 10am: parade form-up. 10:15: march off. 10:30: cenotaph service and memorial unveiling
.was excellent at last night. A set I'll remember for a long time 😊
Review: Regina Spektor at Albert Hall, Manchester Coy, captivating, and overwhelmingly
Review: gets FIVE stars for her show from
Join us as we tomorrow morning at the Waterloo Cenotaph. Ceremony starts at 10am at Regina St parking lot o…
in the sink. She then makes her wall down the hall and to Regina's room. Where Regina is already laied back in bed>
It was last night, but it was Lupita Nyong'o and Regina Hall
Lupita Nyong'o's "Whatta Man" vs. Regina Hall's "Earned It... Wow Lupi...😳😳 Never seen this side of her before. 👀
Aw man, from an outsider looking in, Taraji Henson and Regina Hall were BOTH aesthetically pleasing with Hill Harper.
Hill dated Taraji P Henson and Regina Hall ... how ironic that they played best friends in think like a man 😂
John and Laura Taylor (Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall) are a young, professional couple who desperately want a...
Hoping life blesses me with a Elise Neal or Regina Hall.
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Sage Steele is fine bruh like in that class of fine that Tracee Ellis Ross and Regina Hall are in
Bravo. Tichina Arnold or Regina Hall would've made better choices. Both are beautiful and funny.
Regina Hall wearing a Cuff by Charles Albert on Live with Kelly & Michael. She looks stunning.…
Prepare to gasp at Regina Hall and Morris Chestnut's new Movie, 'When the Bough Breaks':
It's one of my favorite roles that Regina Hall's taken on. I think she portrayed Lena + her layers so beautifully in a short amount of time.
Tracee Ellis Ross and Regina Hall rapping "Jumpman" is too funny not to watch # via
Watch Tracee Ellis Ross and Regina Hall's rendition of 'Jumpman' by Drake and Future.
Tracee Ellis Ross & Regina Hall breaking down the ultimate trust factor, which is
Hip Hop News. Tracee Ellis Ross aka T Murda linked up with Regina Hall to spit Drake an...
Tracee Ellis Ross and Regina Hall rap along to Jumpman
T-Murda and Regina Hall hilariously break down the lyrics to 'Jumpman'
That was a fantastic episode of I hope to see more of Regina Hall in future episodes, she was outstanding.
I really need my boo Regina Hall to be on future episodes, too.
Can Shawn Wayans, and Regina Hall get together for another Scary Movie please!?!
NEXT, see where Jimmy & Catherine's relationship is headed. Regina Hall guest stars on
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Really enjoying Regina Hall & Michael Trucco on Hope they stay a while. Although Sara & Jimmy are great too.
I think Regina Hall's character is really Robin Givens from Boomerang. That was literally a scene right from the movie.
I wish I was born earlier. As an actress I so wanna be in the bestie crew of Sanaa Lathan, Regina Hall & Gabrielle Union. 😍😍😍
Regina hall the finest woman on earth
Back in 2012 I was peaking drug recovery. I saw a fake funeral with Regina Hall and, my friend from CUNE. I think it was espionage.
Next up: Servicing Agreement Fees exemption for new Pacer Park land. I wrote about that here:
Nothing ever moves fast in the bureaucracy of Regina City Hall!!!
Regina Hall lowkey been booed longer than alladem
You ladies looked incredible on the & Regina Hall ;)
Wow, Tommie Williams speaking in opposition to "There are those in this hall who don't like brown people."
Only White guy I know being able to pull Regina Hall
Students can sign up for the fan bus to Wednesday's ECAC Semifinal against Salve Regina Tuesday btwn 11-2 in he lobby of the dining hall
LOL Regina Hall accepting Regina King's award. love it!
I'm telling yooou ... Like Regina hall n Nicki . Laawd both are my babies !!!
Stomach flu at the UofR has closed the fitness facilities
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There is literally nothing Margot Robbie does that Regina Hall or Meagan Good can't do better.
I don't know who sexier Regina Hall or Regina King. Both of them Beautiful Black Queens👑👑 shout out to my Moma 👑
BET got some kind of awards show on. And Regina King just won an award but Regina Hall came out to accept it. 😂
I was finna say ain't that Regina Hall lmao
Regina hall will forever be my favorite actress simply because Brenda
I would watch and Regina Hall argue all day.
Bowlegged Lou/Full Force>1 of my dearest friends in the world. Regina Hall> Over 20 years of…
Toni Braxton Regina hall and foxy brown were my first woman crushes . Then I saw remy ma eve and sanaa.
Do Sanaa or Regina Hall got a snapchat? I need to shoot my shot
Regina Hall is so dope man. Glad she's getting opportunities to do different roles and not just "Brenda" roles. So underrated tho.
Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, and Regina Hall really the holy trinity 😍😍 lol
Show Time!!! (with zard, Regina, and 2 others at Gor Padjajaran Indoor Hall B) —
Never realized Regina hall played Monica's sister in love & basketball 🤔😳
Saw your show at Royce hall last night. really enjoyed it. What was the song about hurricane Katrina called? Loved it!
I love Regina Hall in this cute lil indie flick called
The celebs I love in order:. Tamar Braxton. Regina Hall. Cardi B. Nicki Minaj. Teairra Mari . * it might switch around over the years
BTHNY. Apparently Regina Hall will be playing John Stamos' love interest on Grandfathered?!!
Any movie with Regina Hall In it, is a movie for me. Shes dreamy
Regina tonight at Darke Hall. I'm on at 8pm.
More shows/films/literally anything with Regina Hall plz
TheVerge "weareWhitehorse drop by the Darke Hall in SK"
Ice Cube, Cedric The Entertainer, Common, Regina Hall and more star in Barbershop:The Next Cut...
Aw, he stole flowers to give to Regina Hall
She's been confused. Go back to Regina Hall.
it's really not a debate *** Regina Hall look better than Sanaa even tho they look similar bt LisaRaye is an angel
Regina Hall is a favorite of mine too. She needs a show just like Taraji
being the to the Darke Hall tonight. Tickets will be available at the doors.
Regina Hall to star in comedy pilot ‘Crushed’
Regina Hall (is cast as the lead of a new comedy series.
The first 4 Scary Movie films are absolutely hilarious, but part 5 is nothing without Anna Faris and Regina Hall. featured in NBC s Science of Love
The sub-plot in "People, places, things" between Jessica Williams and Regina Hall is the closest thing in existence to this IMO.
It's something I've noticed for a while, too; meanwhile, we got Tracee Ellis Ross, Regina Hall, etc., who are RIGHT here.
I watched About Last Night. With Regina Hall. I love her. But also I'm. In my feels now. Gotta keep affirming
dead *** but Regina Hall in this joint. I'm good lol
Taraji P. Henson, Regina Hall, Lauryn Hill, Janet Jackson. Women with more than just their bodies to offer. Women of substan…
WEEN is opening doors for the next generation of women in entertainment!
thanks for watching! Regina Hall and Jessica Williams are two of my favorites.
Regina Hall is actually a great actress. Glad this role is allowing me to see her as more than just the comedicly crazy black sister/mom
°Belle smiles wide as she pulls Regina into the side hall and kisses her deep°
°Belle runs into Regina in the hall and is knocked back. ° "Oh I'm so sorry" ° She looks up and smiles° "Oh my Queen"
is back with a bang baby!!! All thanks to I'm so loving Erica Ash and Regina Hall
°Amelia looks up to Regina. She had seen the stolen kisses in the hall and the longing looks to be alone between the queen~
I liked a video How Regina Hall Fell in Love with Her Dog
Nia Long and Regina Hall just get finer and finer and finer
About Last Night is one funny *** movie😂 i was literally in tears laughing. Kevin Heart and Regina Hall had me weak the entire movie
"To Gift or Not to Re-Gift?" & more weigh in on this pressing holiday question. WATCH:
-- on the opposite side of the door to Regina's Town Hall office now, raising a closed fist to knock on the solid wood. --
I swear we like Kevin Hart and Regina hall off about lastnight 😒😒😂
Ummm, the gate attendant for my flight just said, "Passenger Regina Hall to the gate podium" and I'm over here like
Kevin Hart and Regina Hall crack me up 😂..
Wassup my names GalaxyGod im from stl im 17 peep my music out
Hey guys so we're playing for New Year's Eve at panther pool hall in Regina. Here's the details hope to see you...
Today:. BBB takes on LaSalle Academy of RI at Salve Regina University at 6. Wrestling travels to Waterford at 3. Hockey at Lyman Hall at 6:15
Regina Hall doesn't get enough recognization imo
Ive been told i look like, regina hall, gabby union, laura winslow
Regina Hall as Professor Sprout just more flowery less dirt covered
the only celebrity you can tell me I resemble without me considering fading you is Regina hall, because she’s beautiful & awesome.
°Emma tightens her arms around Regina. She had gotten looks and some whispers as she walked down the hall°
Happy birthday to the beautiful Regina Hall
thought Christian Kane and Regina Hall as a couple was great idea and Ernie Hudson and Anthony Michael Hall should square up   10% Off
It's seriously impossible to sleep early on the 2nd floor of Regina Hall
-quarters she shares with before showing Regina the room across from the hall. "This is Henry's cabin." She -
Meanwhile back at the House of O'Sullivan...I start down the hall to my room, Beth Hogan has already gone to bed...
Ppl really been telling me I look like Regina hall allday I'm still not seeing it like oss...
If it wasn't for Scream we'd never have Scary Movie and Regina Hall 😔
Somebody told me I look like Regina hall on that picture..😂
Regina Hall's well-ordered life|'Scary Movie' star became an actor, not a nun: When you're in your 20s, actre...
I honestly thought Regina Hall was like 29/30
Regina Hall in About Last Night pretty much is my future wife in a nutshell
Regina walks out of her office and down the hall. She stops midway, waiting for the blonde to catch up.
Can't understand how Regina Hall can act and fit into many characters
"About last night" with Joy Bryant, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall and Kevin Hart. A beautiful movie
Bouta try my struggle luck with Regina Hall like you did with Zoe. 😂😫
Unrelated (kinda): This season of Key & Peele featured Tatyana Ali and Regina Hall. Oh and the jokes were funny I guess
Apparently the daughter of our city's commissioner, Regina Hall, has passed away. My condolences to the family!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Big shout out to my friend & Regina classmate Andy Gahan( ) on his induction into the RHS Hall of Fame!
Why am not surprised that "Costco Food Court" is one of the top rated restaurants in Regina?
I had no idea Regina had a hall of fame. Where is it?
Kennedy head baseball coach Bret Hoyer being inducted into Regina Athletics Hall of Fame.
Regina Hall: 'It's a Wonderful Time to Be a Woman' in Hollywood
Regina Hall and Jemaine Clement star in the sweet indie comedy, PEOPLE PLACES THINGS. Tix:
His best movie to me is About Last Night!!! I watch it every weekend. Whole cast funny especially Regina Hall!
Regina Hall is aging perfectly, she's sooo beautiful ♥
oil painting 30x40 of Taraji. Went back to adjust a few things
Regina Hall gon let me love her one day.
I just fell in love with Regina Hall all over again.
I hope there are strong black women like Regina Hall, and Sanna Lathan when I get older😍
Regina Hall as Brenda will always be my favorite character of hers😂😂
Everyone keeps saying that I look like Regina Hall 😂
Regina Hall might just be the best actress you don’t know
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I wanna know what the chick from 'Blaze a 50' look like.. Nas made her sound like she was sexier than Regina Hall..
LMAO @ Kevin hitting Regina Hall with that car and her weave flying over the windshield
The Buskers...are back! Check em out starting 2nite. Head to Regina & William in the parking lot behind city hall
Weirdly, in the past an ex has said Taraji P.Henson could play me. & a friend seems to think I look like Regina Hall
...can we discuss Regina Hall playing the mother of Jessica Williams?
s/o to my girl Regina Hall for putting on the live broadcast of Tony noms during first period today.
Teko Modise's ex wife looks like Regina Hall, the American actress.
Outrageous behaviour. You can always catch up online though Karen :)
What does Anne do to make Henry furious in episode three of Wolf Hall?
Kerri Washington, Viola Davis, and now Regina Hall on abc... I see what they're doing
Is Jackee about to show up in this episode? If not, can I get Regina Hall to offer some steely eyed seriousness up in here?
Gab & Regina Hall might just be the coldest*
Seeing Regina Hall again today made my day
Sanaa Lathan & Regina Hall were in a few films together back in the day. Love & Basketball. Disappearing Acts. The Best Man.
I always forget that Regina Hall and Sanaa Lathan were in this movie together! I love them both. Regina is my fav though.
Celebs are diff lol ... I do thrist for RiRi ,Kelly Rowland , Beyoncé , Lisa Raye, Jessica Alba and Regina Hall
I love all three of you ladies in your new movie. u r a amazing singer but ur acting A1
Regina hall, Eve, and Jill Scott badd af lol
Regina Hall should be a comedian. She's hilarious!
anybody ever tell you that you remind them of Regina Hall? You both have similar features!
I think we get beautiful and expensive mixed up nowadays. She look expensive so u lustin na playa Give me Regina Hall Keep Amber
I used to think Sanaa Lathan and Regina Hall were the same person too lol
Man, I was hoping for Kaitlin Olson or Regina Hall for that Ghostbusters movie.
was pretty good. I swear Kevin Hart and Regina Hall are a mess lol 😩😂
Regina Hall is the funniest female on Real Husbands Of Hollywood!
ooo what did you think? Regina hall was funny, you think Jill had on a waist shaper? Lol. Why would gab ever read Eve like that?
I liked a video Regina Hall's Crotch-Based Relationship Advice - CONAN on TBS
she just directed "With This Ring" on Lifetime with Regina hall and Jill Scott!
Tammany Hall times are tough in New York @ Boston Pizza Regina North
Regina Hall has me dead , keep barking 😹😹😹 she said " shut up lassie "
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Wait Homegirl just called Regina hall "lassie" because of her nervous cry 😂😂😂😂
Regina Hall and Kevin Hart are hilarious together!!!
Real husbands of Hollywood with special guest Regina Hall hilarious super duper funny
I love this husbands of Hollywood episode with Regina hall lol
Watching Regina Hall of Real Husbands of Hollywood - pure hilarity.
Really? Leslie Jones as a Ghostbuster? What, you couldn't pay Regina Hall more than Scary Movie 19 was going to?
I loveee that black and white pants suit that Regina hall is rocking at work in It's sooo me😍😍I NEED it
Regina Hall's wardrobe in is phenomenal.
There's nothing in the world like a Regina Hall movie. Ohhh my lord, I love this woman.
Diverse cast in People Places Things was best part: Jemaine Clement, Jessica Williams, Stephanie Allynne and Regina Hall.…
WHAT TO WATCH TONIGHT 01/24/2015 On TV this Saturday: Black Sails walks the plank toward Season 2, Blake Shelton attempts a Saturday Night Live double act, Amazon offers a special Transparent deal and TLC teaches us All About Sex. Here are seven programs to keep on your radar. 12:00 am Amazon Transparent In celebration of the series’ Golden Globe wins, all 10 episodes are available for free until 11:59 pm PT (via the Amazon Instant Video app or at 08:00 pm Lifetime With This Ring After attending their friend’s wedding on New Year’s Eve, Trista (Regina Hall, Ally McBeal), Viviane (singer Jill Scott) and Amaya (singer Eve) make a pact to each get married within the year. 09:00 pm Starz Black Sails Season 2 premiere: While Vane enjoys his new position on the island, Flint and Silver face judgment before the crew. 09:00 pm BBC America The Musketeers King Louis demands to experience the life of his carefree subjects… but he and d’Artagnan are kidnapped during their night on . ...
So I just realized tht Regina Hall was Monica Wright's sister in Love & Basketball.
Regina Hall and Kevin Hart are just two naturally childish *** people 😂😂
LMAO ((hollering)) watching the scene with Mike Epps ,Kevin Hart & John Singleton and Regina Hall. HILARIOUS
Sometimes you think you're Regina Hall when you're really more Kimberly Elise.
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About last night deadass one of the most hilarious movies I ever watched . Kevin Hart and Regina Hall were great 😂
Regina Hall is so underrated. God that woman is fine.
Regina hall and Kevin Hart make a good couple
Excited to share promo for the movie based on our book with http…
The stars of the upcoming movie "With this Ring". They are our Jill Scott, Regina Hall, Eve...
Kevin Hart and Regina Hall in a movie are insane...
Aw Regina hall is so spiritually grounded
I've seen Regina Hall on my Instagram TL too many times this week
Richie Hall - stripped of DC title in Regina but not officially on the street - is free to look for work. He's got to be on list
44-year-old actress Regina Hall continues to slay! Here are her best red carpet hair moments:
No follow back?! Woman, if you don't push that *** follow button. PUSH IT! This ain't business, this personal.
“Regina Hall 44 yuna she is BUFF BLUD styl looking 20 una
I mean I know her real name , ( Regina hall) but her movie name is like always kandice .
“What is her name??? I always knew her as Brenda Regina Hall 😍
I also wants me a Jessica White, Sanah Lathan or Regina Hall…
I know I'm like thats not even a debatable question! but I'm rocking with Regina Hall right now over Nia
Regina Hall now but it's a win win either way. People sleep on Nia Long now
yea I'll definitely take Regina Hall over Nia Long...They're both nice but give me Regina
Regina hall. 44 never looked so good 👌
If I could look half as amazing as Regina Hall does at 44...
“Regina Hall. Because 44 and still looking hot af too gorgeous 😍
😂😃 One of the best moments of any season of 💗❤️💜 “Snow and Regina laughing at her outfit im dying 😂😂😂 we've come so far!”
YES REAL HUSBANDS..Regina Hall is like my older...long lost twin lmao
i know regina hall my wife and all but the things tatyana Ali does to my soul be having me going crazy
Regina Hall look what i found by accident you need to buy it
Jackeé Harry and Regina Hall will NEVER be topped on WWHL!
Can't c my bae in person so I gotta watch her on t.v Regina Hall
At 86, poet Donald Hall says he can no longer write poetry. His new book - "Essays After 80."
Wish one critic group would cite Regina Hall for Best Supporting Actress in About Last Night or Channing Tatum in 22 Jump Street/Foxcatcher.
Regina Hall on real husbands of Hollywood is hilarious mayne
Wish Salma Hayek, Meagan Good,Regina Hall and Sofia Vergara were my age 😍
If Regina Hall don't win an award for her role in About Last Night andiyazi hey
Watching love & basketball and Regina hall still looks just as fine as she did back then
😩😩 I love Regina Hall you know too beautiful
Anyone know why the flags in front of city hall are at half mast?
No one gives Regina Hall credit for how sexy she is and she's almost 44.
why I just realized that Regina Hall played Sanaa Lathan big sister on Love&Basketball! 😐
“done mentioned my baby's name.Regina Hall she sooo talented!!
done mentioned my baby's name.Regina Hall
Dude Regina Hall RULES in this and all other movies in which she appears
I know I'm not the only one who always mixes up Taraji P. Henson and Regina Hall
Triple B is excited about With This Ring staring Jill Scott, Regina Hall and Eve! It airs on…
Regina Hall "Amber rose "KIM K"a celeb you still want to have sex with
Nia Long & Regina Hall are the two baddest women alive !
Regina Hall & Morris Chestnut to star in new Thriller ‘When The Bough Breaks’
"I want my braids already" you bout to be lookin like regina hall.
-A cold shiver runs down Regina’s spine at the all too familiar popping sound that echoes through the hall.+
I woulda liked to see Regina HaLl play that role to
REGINA HALL doesn't age ,she's been the same since I was 6
It could include you Jada Pinkett Smith taraji p.henson vivica regina hall sounds like a classic to me
They say I'm Regina Hall in About Last Night. Mxm. "That movie that describe you best?
Take more pictures with beautiful brown queens like Taraji, Meagan, Regina Hall & Regina King!
Regina Hall and Tisha Campbell wearing Byron Lars Beauty Mark on an "arresting" episode of the Real Husbands of...
Regina Hall and Sanaa Lathan are so gorgeous.
Kevin Hart and Regina Hall are the perfect comedic balance. And Sanaa Lathan is on this episode!
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three... — Lmao Jessica Alba, Regina Hall, and probably Paul ...
Real Husbands of Hollywood -   On the last episode of Real Husbands of Hollywood, we saw Kevin and Regina Hall pla...
"Regina Hall and Kevin Hart crack me up 😂😂😂"
"Kevin Hart and Regina Hall are too funny"
This episode is hilarious !! I love Regina Hall & Sanaa Lathan ! Kevin & Regina are too much together.. I love it!
Kevin Hart and Regina Hall are too funny
Regina Hall & Kevin Hart need to get together in real life! Lol I love them together
Regina Hall and Kevin Hart crack me up 😂😂😂
New on now! Already starting off stupid with the hilarious Regina Hall and Kevin Hart! OMG! XD The silly monologue, etc.
Regina in a neckbrace? Kevin and Sanaa in lip-lock?! NEW Real Husbands of Hollywood with Regina Hall and tonight at 10pm on BET!
phattygirls: HALLOWEEN PRANK! I loved Regina Hall in Scary Movie!! Funny as *** …
I was looking like this has to be a first I thought regina hall was on that show from that 1 episode...well TG she's not
Regina Hall been FOINE since day one.
listening to Regina Spektor is never a good idea
Kevin Hart and Regina Hall could be a great relationship
About last night is silly. But a little funny cause of Regina hall. Love her
I'm watching on channel n also went to see at movies everyone was funny Regina Hall Michael n Joy
is on this TUES 10P|9c: getmybuzzup getmybuzzup - For All the latest in Hip Hop, News, Gossip,…
Regina hall always reminded me of Lil Kim
Regina Hall needs to be in more things.
Regina Hall is the sexiest black actress...Loretta Divine a strong second for reasons unknown
Kevin Hart & Regina Hall's relationship in About Lastnight was the cutest ever.
Lmbo..Regina Hall has me dying over here
I found out earlier that Regina Hall is my cousin.
I heard him perform it at the Royal Albert Hall, Unforgettable. Obviously.
nah, I'm more of a ride our bikes around the hall type gal. XD
Regina Hall is one of my fav actresses.
We are hanging out with Regina Hall
Regina Hall and Kevin Hart have great chemistry
Mustang Rides will pick students up in front of Regina Hall at NOON to go to the Collins Road Theatre!
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