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Reggie Love

Reginald L. Love (born April 29, 1982) served as the special assistant and personal aide, commonly referred to as body man for taking care of the president's needs , to United States President Barack Obama.

White House

Just realized I'd love to hear a voice note of you saying your alias 😅
Maybe it's photo shopped because Michelle and Barack haven't been in the same room together since J…
The and feud is real! Jk, we coo. The boys at the premiere. Much love http…
As much as I hate I love Tipungwuti. What a player.
Thank you for making SJC proud, Thanks to all of for 122 years of support, memories and love.…
ashleigh: i'm so excited, there's going to be a possible love interest between josie and--. me: cheryl cheryl CHERYL. ashleigh: reggie. me: oh
I'll never get tired saying this. I LOVE YOU IkawNga IkawNaRegine
I can't believe we've been watching him since a kid! But his acting is subpar I love Reggie whic…
I love my team man. We grind and hustle together.
Black Baylor's Beyonce and Jay Z are getting married, God bless their love✨
I don't think ever had or ever will have the love of the game that had. I'd take Reggie's 0 rin…
Her name ain John but I been in love since I Cena 👅💙
white people really love the pacers man every time I wear my Reggie jersey they always talk to me 🙄💀
Man I know but I love Reggie's character more. 😭
You should know me better bro. I love reggie
idk like I'd love the relationship between Sam and Reggie but does it have to start like this? It's kind of a bummer
Obama bent over all the time for Reggie Love
Bending comes natural to Obama.just ask Reggie Love
In episode 7 when Sam and Reggie were making passionate black love. I want it❤️
Bye Reggie... you were quite an unlucky which made me love you more. Welcome Arturo!.
Girls love to say "get off your phone" after they've been on theirs for half an hour and now want your attention
HOW DARE THEY MISS THE BEST PART: Will: "You ever made love to a man before?"😏. Reggie: "No sir..."😰. Will:…
When you think ur falling in love but lowkey been getting played the whole time
Too much fake love, will make you hate love.
How beautiful are Reggie and Aneesa!! This was taken at their pre-wedding photoshoot last weekend.
Hey happy birthday love ya, hope you have a great day!
Bindi and Reggie love rock climbing
Reggie Miller was also from Cali and he made Indy his town just like you have, PLEASE resign with the Pacers, we love u here.
Do you think the Muslim countries knew Obama was *** when they met him? Was his concubine Reg…
Well of course they're staying in the "Little *** Village", Borgo Finocchieto. What room does Reggie Love have?
Excited to see you in 7 hours lol, Thanks Reg, love ya
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Reggie Love is the only living *** lover of Barack Obama. Their affair was the talk of the White House. No one knows w…
Classy as a crackhead going to *** Chicago Bath Houses with his *** friends Rahm Emmanuel, Reggie Love & Larry Sinclair!
dude has the size of a linebacker. Reggie and Jack sure love them physical beasts
I love my dad so much I can't thank him enough for always working hard to better my life
To my seniors: you are the definition of excellence. You built something from nothing and did it graciously. I love you f…
I know I didn't. I love OKC a lot. Beside their shade to Reggie lol but I M glad they seemed to have figured it out
I love the TNT halftime show, but the fact we won't have to hear clueless Reggie Miller in the Finals is a win for everyone.
I love Steph but Reggie millers gotta stop making excuses for him. He's out there playing, the great ones find a way
and that's why i love you cause you not a dirty *** that wants to smoke Reggie with my girl
I love how the commentators are saying the Warriors are not the same team and making excuse. At least Reggie keeps it real and gives credit!
gotta love Reggie. I actually enjoy him. He just makes me laugh sometimes.
“The Warriors are not the same team we saw all season.” Reggie Miller: “That’s not the Thunder’s fault!” I love Reggie Miller!
They've been running him around like Rip Hamilton & . Reggie Miller's love child tonight.
Is it reggie or chris who's so anti-TryObjectivity. Chris, how abt some N.Cali love?! No worries-
Love the "who wants it more cliche" Reggie just dropped. Reggie is right. The Warriors don't want to win.
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Kevin Love compared LeBron & Kyrie to Reggie Bush & LenDale White, they reacted mostly with laughter
hey I love you and I got good news, dm me.
😂😂😂 I love Reggie Miller! Legend...horrible commentator, but legend nonetheless 🙈
Warriors FINALLY play a healthy elite team in the playoffs and this is how they show up lmao, yall love em though.
Reggie love talking down on steph lmao
crowd wasn't givin you the love you deserved. You and we're crazy good tonight. Congrats on your debut bro!!
Gotta love Reggie praising the D while the video shows 247 fouls on Curry.
Reggie miller, cwebb, and Joe buck the WOAT in commentating
Anybody know what Reggie Miller meant when he said Klay and steph got the purple light?
I love how Reggie just nonchalantly talks about a rigged NBA. He may or may not know a thing or two
I love Reggie Miller. He was a sports hero of mine since I was around 8 years old, but he's a terrible commentator.
I love seeing Chris Webber and Reggie killer without any championship rings 👌🏼
sabonis did love the one handed pass! Reggie isn't wrong
Reggie Miller and Chris Webber saying that Serge Ibaka is the Thunder's most important player lol, they deserve to be rin…
Reggie is so crazy in love with Ibaka. Bet he has "Reggie 💘 Serge" written and drawn all over the back of the stat sheets they are given.
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Why did Reggie Miller's parents show more love and attention to Cheryl? If only young Reggie had felt more loved, maybe he'd be better.
I'd love to hear Reggie Miller's thoughts on which lineup is best for OKC. I just wish he'd tell us already
That was an awesome pass by Adams. Gotta love the Arvydas Sabonis reference by Reggie Miller.
Love Reggie miller bringing up Adams looking like Arvydas Sabonis on that last play. Both very underrated players.
I hate Reggie Miller on the mic, but boy did I love that Arvydas Sabonis comparison on Adams’ pass.
Reggie Miller on Westbrook's leg kick after his 3: "I love that leg kick"
Of course you love that kick by Westbrook Reggie Miller
Reggie: When you bop the ball up in the air, I think it can go into the hoop. C-Webb: I don't know but I can see that. Reggie: I love it
Wow, I love I just won this for free, 1993, Mickey Mantle & Reggie Jackson, Upper Deck B.A.T.
Reggie Miller "I think Draymond should have been suspended." *5 min later when Westbrook kicks on his 3* "I LOVE THE KICK!!"
Reggie Miller is the worst commentator of ALL TIME. Love him as a player and person but he needs to shut the *** up
I love Reggie Miller describing someone kicking their leg out on a foul call as a suspendible act.
I love listening to Reggie Miller because he tells it how it is and how he was. Love it
I love the kick. Love it! - Reggie Miller . LOL. He was the king of the leg kick back in his day
I love Reggie Miller and CWebb on commentary
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Reggie you love the kick? You just said Draymond should have been suspended for it.
You can love the kick all you want, Reggie, but it’s illegal (or should be—at least).
love Marv, but he's been awful in this series. A few steps behind Reggie and C-Webb, which might be saying a lot.
please for the love of Pete, tell Reggie to STOP rambling. He makes watching this game less interesting
would really almost rather listen to jaylen rose than Reggie miller. and I love Reggie! just stop talking fam
I love Reggie but he's a terrible analyst.
On everything I love Chris Webber and Reggie Miller gotta be the worst commentators to ever put they mouth to a microphone
I love how Reggie is saying he should of been suspended when he was the guy who invented the leg kick on the shot.
Not sure. I hear there may be an special starring Michael Sam as Reggie Love for all the hardcore action.
Raiders pick up Reggie Nelson too. Love it baby
*** that Charles Woodson retired I would have love to seen him and Reggie back there together
"What's the difference between real love and fake love, the same difference between real titties and fake ones, you can feel the difference"
I swear I love my Uncle Reggie to death man.👏👏👏
Love the getting Reggie Nelson defense is full of playmakers can be very dangerous hope it all comes together
But watching be a dad showed me that my ex could not possibly love kid as much as he claimed.
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I absolutely love when Reggie Jackson is in attack mode.
Reggie Bullock making things happen and I love it
Y'all love to make a woman also be responsible for a dad's failure to parent.
Nelson good sign and love the 2 years .. Reggie always gets his way at the end :)
Happy birthday to one of the best men in my life . You're so crazy you keep me sane . I love you so so so much bff💕😻 htt…
Love the Reggie bar and the Marathon bar. My two all time favorites!
Cavs / Pistons is gonna be a FUN Series in RD 1. Love Reggie Jackson and A Drummond.
LOVE the Reggie Nelson signing for Raiders. Oakland continues to win free agency
Fo sho REGGIE NELSON , physical and experience player. Would love to say 2 years is what he has left of good football
I love the moves by Reggie, but You also have to give Del Rio credit. Im sure he's a huge factor!
while Reggie McKenzie is making us fall more in love with the raiders!
Love that Reggie Nelson move for the Woodson was tough last year, but Nelson is an improvement.
funny things happen when a good GM is in place. Love what Reggie has done. Carr and Mack are franchise changing players
I loved this issue! Love the Veronica/Archie romance. Reggie got what he had coming. Archie is such a klutz.
Happy birthday to Reggie for keeping it real, gotta pull up the original photos for the 18th, love you bro!x
Reggie and Monty in their beautiful forever home. How cute are their coats 😆
All these Lebum jerseys in and he's not playing. Haven't seen any other Cavs jersey. I love breaking the news to them.
I made a hat and a commercial. You gotta love it.
I love the way Reggie makes himself at home! So relaxed!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY REGGIE 💙 I hope you get super turnt and have the best bday everrr 🎈 Love you 😊
I added a video to a playlist Detroit Pistons | Reggie Jackson
Love is a language i dont speak it i show it shawty
A black man: "I love black women BUT..." no you dont love black women...we already know what you about to say is some back han…
I would love to meet/see Reggie again.that would be awesome!!
How much do you love Netflix and Poptarts? — On a scale of one to Linus and his blanket, Reggie Mantle and himself
word! I love their chocolate chip skillet cookie too
Love Reggie's little piece in the latest Homer mag!
Say Reggie I love you if you ain't running game
this is beautiful! Love that you shared this. And wow! 49th grandchild! So amazing!🙏💕
I was in LOVE with Reggie Bush 5 years ago. IN. LOVE.
I like Reggie. I think some overrate him as a Knick-killer, but I love how he embraced the role.
same, but I have 2 black lab sisters already! Reggie is such a boss, can see why you love him. Glad he has a good home 😊
I watched avengers earth mightiest heros and fell in love with the Black Panther character. The Reggie Hudlin mini series was magical too
Happy 12th Birthday to a superb son George and great mate love you loads Dad, Mum, Charlie, Reggie & Coco X X
I love Reggie Ragland as a football player. Very fun to watch, good against the run. But as a fit in Atlanta, I don't like him.
I would love to have Reggie Ragland at 17 but somehow, someway. Some of you won't be happy with the pick
😒 love how ya like to put everybody in one category. You just going for the wrong ones
I love yal, but if you allow Reggie Nelson to get away you can say goodbye to a Super Bowl Ring.
Martin Says "Bad Boys 3" and "A Thin Line Between Love And Hate 2" might be on the way...
Another great and enlightening programme on Male body image from Reggie Yates, I love his shows
I love watching Reggie Yates documentaries, so interesting.
ugh. like I legit love that video of reggie dancing like a fool, but come on.
Love Reggie Yates' programs.. Ridiculous the amount of young people taking Steroids man! Absolutely crazy
Love Reggie Yates docs. Men are catching up with us women on the plastic fantastic! One day global warming will melt all our silicone. Sad.
I love Reggie Yates' documentaries, such an eye opener
man i love these Reggie Yates documenteries
I HAD to get these pronouns together because not only do I love my friend but because it is how they choose to identify.
ask him if he as any plans to making another good movies outside of documentary espn flix love affairs with Reggie Miller
Watch some *** this has nothing to do with slide in like, "but my love for big/hairy/tall/darkskin girls is real!!!" Li…
You do not need to be grateful that there's guys out there who love your unconventionally beautiful body. You need to exp…
Me and Reggie Damelo kickin it check out his new video show that love
Only when it is inside Reggie Love.
Zach Lowe's East: no Love, no Irvjng, no Wade, no Reggie Jackson
The most unrealistic part of romantic comedies, are the protagonist chasing the love interest in the airport and not gettin…
I love my barber shop. Everyone calls me reggie
Rest In Heaven Reggie, my hearts is out in michigan w. My sister love you
Reggie Yates is the new Ross Kemp. I love his documentaries on BBC3.
All 3 of my on campus classes are in the BLB and 2 of them are in the same room. I'm in love with my schedule
People who love winter or cold weather are terrorists and not to be trusted
The reason why I love white girl fights 😂😂😂
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Translation: Men feel entitled to sex from women who are known to be promiscuous. Men love when "classy" women make them "wor…
"Men hate *** who don't give it up. Men love women who don't give it up." . Congrats, you showed the flaw in male logic.
How do I look? ;) (get your own custom pic here: Member Pic: https:…
Mozgov and Kevin love moe Williams for Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson.
Game to watch: UOL vs FNC by Reggie ()
i'd probably have reggie jackson in over Derozan or Love at this point
I still love think Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs The New York Knicks is the best documentary for showing why sports are so entertaining.
The worst version of this is when you love a friend, but they're not emotionally safe enough for you to allow them into y…
Reggie miller love what he sees with reddick going off ... Shooters love seeing shooters
I have so much love for Reggie like I'll do anything for him.
Lmao I love when Reggie Miller commentates about his leg kick in today's game
I love watching games Reggie Miller announces
I love basketball more than just about anything. Hearing Reggie Miller call a basketball game almost takes all the joy out of it for me.
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Ersan Ilyasova, Stanley Johnson, and Reggie Bullock for Kevin Love. Who says no?
You might think it's cool to trade Wiggins for Love until 32 y.o Bron is chasing 27 y.o Russ & KD around in the 2016 Fi…
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Reggie Watts is a babe I love him a lot
obama's partner's name is Reggie Love. Biological father was probably Frank Marshall Davis (autobiography has been censored).
Love Reggie and Bollie! Vocals may not be the best but boy do they ROCK!
. I saw contrary pop as soon as Mo used swagger on Spinda. So it was at -2 instead of +2 attack. . Love the series btw!
Count it as a lesson learned. Should've never said I love you first, but I loved you first.
I love Reggie n Bollie check out the car air freshener my gf made me! Those smiles make anyone happy
Love this "Modesto - Make It Happen" spoken word video from Reggie Rucker:
Hey I love Reggie n Bollie so my gf made me an air freshener for my car! Those smiles cheer up any day!
I love Reggie too. You're living in the past, though.
For sure. Love the anecdote with Reggie Jackson!
Best band on late night, love you Reggie.
you support a bigoted candidate in Hillary But that's ok with you, you're Republican light.
don't know where to stare. Love ur feet
if you love when Reggie randomly snapchats you vids of his holy voice
you love them lob streaks with Reggie don't you ;)
The Lakers is like watching the love of your life fly away to start her new life away from you, only to have the plane explode at takeoff.
Love how Reggie Miller calls out the players for not doing anything & basically being fake tough guys
Happy Birthday to my Lil Bro just turned 22 still young buck lol! Love you bro!
I love Reggie Miller, but for whatever reason I really dislike his broadcasting.
Love how they translated that NoA trailer, hehe. Reggie and Damon are going to be the new Japanese sensation.
Paul George will be the greatest Pacer of all time. I've said it before and will say it again. Love Reggie, but this man's talent...🙌🏻
> like Reggie, I'm Mr. October (ok, not really) I love fall golf and tend to play well.
Reggie is too in love with VH1 PNUT
I love when my hawks are on tv but I hate Reggie Miller commentating .
lol o well, I find it comical some people just have nothing better to do :-) I'll always love you tho Reggie ❤️
the most heartwarming scene between two friends! Total acceptance! Just what we need more of in this world! Love the middle!💕
Love a black person today. Love them hard ,love them well . Even better if it's you
What needs to go viral are messages of love and support for the family of
hi Becca wish you came to sum con :c. Glad I met u Reggie and tiffae sorta. Chrispy is love
Watching videos to start the day right. ☺️ So much love for Reggie!!! So adorable
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can you do an apartment tour video? pretty please :). and a furry friend tag with reggie! I would love that !!!
I fell in love with this beer when it was introduced to me at the Indy 500 2 years ago!
it's ok Reggie I love you for you ill carry u in cs go. Curry doe. Go to curry house
Sleeping? He was with "Body Man" Reggie Love. Ain't nobody got no time for no terrorist attacks when you're with your BF.
The greatest gift we can give our kids is the stability of knowing whatever happens, our unconditional love won’t change. Reggie Joiner
It is not racist to say "Black" with love. But they would have us scrub "Black" from our speech to appease their discomfort.
Just walked in on my dog chewing slaves album mate it's a good job I love u reggie
That's a constant...the only thing he's ever been firm on is Reggie Love!
Good morning and Happy Tuesday from REGGIE! Please share me for my Furever home or a Foster Home. I'd love to... htt…
nah imagine how happy you'd be if you spent time with Cheryl, Reggie and Bollie together, I love them
I would love to be a background Dancer for that Reggie N Bollie!! 😂🎉💃🏽
Awesome, love seeing the Note represented all over the world!
Reggie Love (Former President's aide) is the Sports Editor at Large for Vice Media... Dope
I dislike Tanner McEvoy.. Why not put a real WR like Reggie Love in the game.
Obama knew he won primary after watching Hillary unraveled lies a/b his faith & drug use in secret says Reggie Love.
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So fans shouldn't have to choose. Music is about sharing and lifting eachother up. I love music for what it can do for us…
I love Reggie from he's about to make me cry omg!
Reggie's my monkey and i'm his bunny 🐰🐵💖
Reggie Northrup! i'm gonna miss that robot when he is gone. i hope he gets so many big hits this year cause i love seeing it.
Reggie are you going to be able to make it to the Man 4 Man Ministries golf outing this year? BOB Blume would love to see you!
It hurt ME 2 hear both U&Reggie's personal stories that U experienced in your lives. My heart&love go out 2 U.
Too much Flossing, Too much Sam Rothstein (I love hookah on the low 😩😏)
Tears rolling down my face for Reggie right now love him !
I love Reggie's heart. He seems to be such a sweet man.
The 1970's Yankees I love and miss That decade was fun to watch. Munson and Reggie were my favorite.
I hope you can join myself and Reggie for an up close and private conversation about how to: How To Balance Love...
and are the funnest boys to be with tbh. I love them💓
Love you ... ... God bless you and continue the good work you are doing .. 21 Gun Salute ..
I love that I'm gaining a good relationship with them
Massive amount of love for Reggie Yates for doing this documentary and bringing to light the disgusting views and ideol…
Reggie Yates' Extreme Russia: Far Right and Proud --> What can happen when you love your country to…
I think you will fall in love with Reggie when you hear he is part of the family!
Old cottages shed. I love the old style doors!
why would they offer that injury prone man some money? I love Reggie bt gotta think about cap space
I'd love to see the birds go back to the kelly green. Harken back to the days of Seth, Randall, Reggie and Clyde.
Most people choose money over love.
I'm a Colts fan. Love what we have done this offseason with the signings of Johnson and Gore. Hated seeing Reggie go.
I'd love to get my health care work done and go to uni but...
No, he bends ova and takes a Stiff one from Reggie Love and Michael.
love it. Have a nice weekend lifting things.
Promise to love youu and obey💙...and hit it more than once a day 😏
Wow! I love Reggie anyway but this scene broke my heart for him. So sad they lost their baby too!
Reggie 😫😫😫 I love you too!!! 💜💜💜 Thank you so much for being a blessing to me as well! Love you guys lots and lots!! ❤❤
I love you Reggie! Miss you like crazy! Remember...only YOU can prevent forest fires...!
sending you love & hugs. Prayers for you, Reggie & the family. Many of us have been thru this & we are praying for you
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LOL did the 'are you more like EssieButton or Amelia Liana' quiz and got myself 😉that's a shocker!
Last day at the lake. Ready for Cali! Yo Bob Green great hang & still love the Badboy http…
How Obama's former "body man" Reggie Love made the most of a support role
I got "Essie Button". Are you more like Amelia Liana or Essie Button?
Obama disappears, abandons press corps . Maybe Barry had a getaway with Reggie Love.
Rumors? Donald Young, Nate Spencer, Larry Bland, Reggie Love? Unfortunately 3 of the 4 are too dead 2 question
As usual in his private room playing with himself or Reggie out
Walker, *** ask Reggie Love. Or Frank Marshall Davis, but he's dead. “Someone should ask Walker if Obama is *** ”
There was a former White House aide named Reggie Love? That sounds like the guy who sells bootleg stuff outta his trunk near my bar...
"This freak will conduct the O-hole interview from the White House hot tube while Reggie Love is draped over…" — ET
Obama really upset with the Nothing that a cocaine binge with Hunter Biden and *** from Reggie Love can't fix.
That was misdirected and meant for Reggie Love or Kal Penn.
I love Reggie, he forever gone keep it Real. 💯
The previous scenario ended up with and confessing their love to Reggie at the same time and he rejected both.
We love you Vin. Best eagles d lineman since Reggie. Keep up the hard work and you'll get the reps.
Not a great afternoon session for either QB. Joel Stave ended up staying after practice to throw with Alex Erickson & Reggie Love.
I swear mfs be tryna stunt on reggie
“I swear mfs be tryna stunt on reggie” 😂😂😂
"I swear mfs be tryna stunt on reggie" *** love that quiet. Lol
Reggie love said obamy likes excessive force
Gotta love Mr. October Reggie Jackson plaque at Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY
Is Obama going to White House this week-end without Michelle to swing with boy-toy Reggie Love?
i love you too. Now go play kim k game
“I would love it if my ear looked like this 💙 ` `
Reggie,I think i found a future mixtape cover for u. Could be ur Twin.Has 'CHIEF' tattooed on forehead due to his Ganja love.
I would love to see this account stay reggie but at some point you have to ask yourself if it is really worth the hassle
please check out my song man I'd really appreciate love the mixtape btw
The 2 women I love the most. My sister/shoota and my momma/backbone mama_richie…
Uh oh Bill. He is just like the Pres! I think he wants you to be his Reggie Love!
People only love you and support you when it's beneficial ...😒😒
I love my Prince he's the reason why I stay strong because his warm love protects me.
I love helping redo my Nanas house cause she gets so happy and it's so cute💗 she deserves it.
Ion see how people have kids & dont love or care for them. I dont have any but ik when i do, mine gone steal my heart …
.did you see where Reggie Bush ended up in 's love/hate column?
love it that brings back memories ..glory days and of course Reggie
Gettin’ sticky with it: With pen and Post-it, Reggie Black spreads the love via
Good morning love. I hope you have a wonderful day! 💚😬 (Follow me on IG: Its_Me_Jessika)
. If Obama had a son, he would look like Reggie Love.
A *** will only throw salt on my name if he got turn down or fell in love & couldn't handle it..
A special shout out to my man thanks for the love as always and the hook up! Love you!…
Dear local "AM" radio stations: I tried to show you guys some love this morning... But I just can't do it. If...
Much love to the lovely Cassandra Christie & Reggie Christie More to Come.
you know dem boi khal Reggie,de dad of hiplifeGH?AKA de selfieEverybody him.if u love gh
Im in love with Reggie and Kim's relationship they were so perfect and genuine
Females love to have the last word 😂
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lmfao she love to smoke Reggie love smoking Reggie too tho
get stoned & play this at high volumes, you will love me for it. God - C$$
Take it no more. I'm don't with the screamin. I'm done with all those silly love songs that keep on playin.
Never say goodbye when you still want to try. Never give up when you can still take it. Never say you don't love them when …
Barry Soetoro was probably doing a line if coke with boy toy Reggie Love.
❤️⚾️ you're my throwing partner.. And I know you love me cause you put up with me everyday. 💁
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