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Reggie Love

Reginald L. Love (born April 29, 1982) served as the special assistant and personal aide, commonly referred to as body man for taking care of the president's needs , to United States President Barack Obama.

Valerie Jarrett Bin Laden Kal Penn Barack Obama White House Al Qaeda President Obama Pacific Ocean First Family Middle East

Im gonna miss you too Reggie. Hope you enjoy ur summer. Love you!! ❤️❤️
"They love me up top, I'm important in the South. I could talk them into drinking and then talk them out of a blouse."…
OBOZO: can't. reggie love was there first!
if you come be sure to drop by Textiles and Surface Design, I'd love to neet you both! shame you can't bring Reggie
What's this with the anthems??? When the music stops, you stop singing guys! Love the passion though
What's up the names Reggie I have a 67 IQ and I love Rock climbing and collecting arrow heads
his 'body man' Reggie Love. No longer on staff
*** yeah man not a Rickey fan but love Reggie tier has put put some sweet looking cards this year
Just got Tomodachi Life, time to make all my female Miis love Reggie Fils-Aime
Awe... who doesn't love a good cuddle!! 40 and who just love to cuddle:
“Lol I love my dad. I'm an ultimate daddy's girl.” I used to want to change my husbands name to Reggie like my daddy's lol
[Reggie Fils-Aime talks about E3, industry change, and what Nintendo is do... [
So many people ungrateful, it's sickening. I just love the thrill.
Sit really still while i lick inside your ear...
When a President ignores what's going on there but played cards with his lover instead, Reggie Love, something's wrong.
I love working, but I also love Fridays! I'm pumped! Weekend here I the next 5 hours. :-)
It ain't gone happen just because, it's gone take passion and love !
there is no authority for that. Make obamy pay. Does Reggie love have a secret service agent too?
a month ago i gave birth to the love of my life , Kiyan Reggie Boyles 😍💙 . Times flying already 😩😥
A little journey to get Reggie a new harness 🐶
Reggie is horrible. I really love what CWebb's building. He could be like a player Hubie in the booth. His knowledge jumps out
And TNT finds the right guys...and Shaq. Chuck and Jet are splendid. I love Webber, Kerr, Anthony, etc. Reggie *** though.
Nope, probably telling Reggie Love Michelle HAD to go on the trip!
I used to love Reggie Bush so much. Like I was so obsessed.
“the girls love them some Reggie Reg”t
While Obama was napping or playing with Reggie Love or Michael Sam, Al Qaeda was making their next move
I pleading with Reggie love let Barack Obama put his big boy pants on and act like a president and take care of the Al Qaeda situation for once
Obama Policies Suck and so does this presidency and Reggie Love didn't tell me either...This nation needs you to freaking stand up!
he thinks so too! Soo much so that he likes to share PeePees w/ Larry Sinclair, Donald Young & Reggie Love
Take over Reggie Love's position in the next episodes of "BROKE BACK White House"
“Does / have video of Obama and Reggie Love playing Spades during the Bin Laden raid?”
Breaking news! The reason Ambassador Stevens died at Benghazi was that he and Barack Obama were lovers, Reggie Love got jealous and had got Barry to kill Stevens
Michelle Obama called Reggie Love a "tramp" to his face.
Definately will. Love Reggie too. And it was a beautiful drive today, well worth the 6 hrs on it's own.
Love seeing this rule posted in the Reggie Lewis Center. No Book, No Ball
I added a video to a playlist Reggie Miles ~ A Mother's Love
. She isn't even touching his hands... Haven't seen her like she was with Reggie..when she was truly in love...
I swear this how reggie talk lol Chicago *** talk like this 😂😂 I love Chicago 😏
This kid found my keys that I lost in the snow Thursday night. Love him.
I love coming to visit my uncle and I miss him like crazy😔 it still hurts saying goodbye when we finish our visit
How about Reggie Love he said he was playing cards with Obama.
I will never understand the concept of wearing "I love my boyfriend" graphic tees.
I want to make a trip up there this summer... I love mischief 🙏😁
Two ways to jam "I Wanna Love You" (feat. this weekend: Spotify or Soundcloud
I know I love Reggie, I be smoking good all day but I know what I had when I was 12💀💀 never change on you Reggie bush😂😂
Reggie Love would never allow it anyway.
I blow it every now and then but I love my Reggie that good be having me paranoid😬👀
I wish Reggie call me so we can be bidding '😩
I love going to caddying.. Lol Reggie, Kyle, Caleb, Cecil, navan, they all kill me..
Happy birthday to the best nephew ever and I habe been blessed with a few of them. Love Reggie…
Go Reggie! Love love love the 'Happy' parody. xoxoxo
Today is the day! I am excited for the. newlife bremerton launch party!!! I'd love to see you there. Who is...
Rest easy Reggie baby.. Gone in the physical but the love in our hearts is still alive.. Keep smiling down like we know you are lil bro 😇
I need to attend this festival next year ..or after I finish uni !!!the Reggie Reggie life!
I think should turn him into a body man like with US I think its an outdated concept is Reggie love still obama Bman
I love girls who can keep a conversation going, no matter how stupid or random it is.
Awww.. tnx... :$ I'm very honoured. ;) Lol. U were even the first person I followed. Now u should be honoured! :). Love ya :P
Hey your music is inspiring , your my idol, and your always in my heart, thank for always caring about
Reggie you were and always will be my Fav housemate! Hopefully I can put Darwin on the map! ❤
Love ya too bro. Already see you there and you know it!!
love ya bro! Will be there Tuesday supporting y'all! Let's keep it going as long as possible   10% Off
Love watching and supporting my bro when he plays! Best soccer player in Texas in my opinion
lol because I get excited I love girls and when they talk but why this you off one hit of the reggie
. Love Messi but manny is right Ronaldo is better international wise.
I know you love me 😈 but my heart won't let me let you in again ✋ I'm sorry boy 😔
Reggie leg messed up so he can't run but bae still be comin tah just about every meet to support his bae 🙈👀👏😘 love tht dude bruh
Obama rejects Mozilla's demands for him to resign; followed by Reggie Love's rebuttal
“Riding all da way to baymeadows just to get my charger” omg bring me some Wendy's! I'll love you again!!! 🙏😘😘
Never say goodbye when you still want to try, Never give up, say you don't love them when you can't let go.
You don't understand how much I love American horror story
My heart broke at the thought of Reggie changing his DNA to human. Real love means NOT telling the other person to change!
not sure who is trying harder to end KD's streak...Joey C or Reggie J. Neither giving him much love.
I love Reggie Jackson. Great ability to change the pace of that offense. Exactly what they need right now.
I live blowin money . I hated being broke. I love smoking and Reggie what I hate tha most
Day 90 - these two Reggie almost attacked Molly to get my sandwich. Creep. . But I love him.…
I love it out here, I have my moms whole family up here
Tbh I love talking about my future with my mom I wanna get my PhD in psychology and it's super hard to get but she always motivates me🙌
Reggie Love assists with White House push on health care: Former Duke basketball star and former aide to...
Love: Obama’s personal trainer Reggie Love, a former Duke basketball and football player and unsuccessful National Basketball hopeful, currently serves as Obama’s personal trainer and White House “special assistant” — he has been called Obama’s “body man” — who receives a salary of $104,000 a year. Love is also reportedly one of Obama’s regular *** sex partners. Love joined Obama’s Senate staff in a senior staff position in 2006. Media General’s tabloid, the National Enquirer, proffered a story last year about Michelle Obama being furious about the relationship between her husband and his “body man.” TheEnquirer’s sister tabloid, The Globe, later floated a story about Obama having a relationship with a Democratic campaign official named Vera Baker. WMR has been told that this relationship was a clever ruse to throw off speculation about Obama’s actual past sex partners. Baker has apparently left the United States for relatively more obscurity in Martinique. Media General’ ...
Victor Davis Hanson said: People in the Middle East, people in Europe, they just don’t listen to what Obama says. When he gets on the podium, it’s embarrassing now, because it’s going to be a little braggadocio, a little macho stuff, and then he’s going to brag about something, trash George Bush, and then pronounce some grand initiative. And nobody’s going to take it seriously, because never once in the past has anything he said proved to be true. So they’re going to say this is the guy who gave the red lines to Syria, the deadlines to Iran, pulled out of Iraq, played Spades with Reggie Love on the night of the Bin Laden raid - come on! They don’t take him seriously anymore, and that’s really kind of sad. I’m worried, because it’s our country. We saw this before, with Jimmy Carter, in late 1979 and ’80. Suddenly there were communists in Central America, China invaded Vietnam, the Russians went into Afghanistan, the Shah fell, the Iranians took hostages. That was only a four year ter ...
so that house of cards threesome. Lets see... Barack, Reggie Love and ... we need a female. ahh Valerie Jarrett.
Al Qaeda has completely captured Fallujah and are currently fighting local militias over control of Ramadi. Where is the Iraqi Armed Forces? Not fighting Al Qaeda. Who still provides billions of dollars in aid to Iraq? The United States. Where is our rock star president and overly qualified Secretary of State? Well, one is probably playing around with Reggie Love in Hawaii and the other is offering up US troops to police Palestine. - JT III%
I'm the exact the same way. I used to love the holidays. Now. My 2nd Christmas without my best friend. My hero. My rock My dad
I love working when reggie is up at the golf course. This *** is funny as ***
JUST IN! Reggie Love was spied on a secluded Hawaiian beach reading "Being POTUS for Dummies" aloud to a confused-looking Barack Obama.
I'd love that, Dom acting all Reggie Kray, and getting twatted with a 28oz estwing
"Love Of Mine" by Reggie C comin soon for all da ladies.
It's the least we could do man. Much love & Merry Xmas! PS: We're in Boston this winter w/ Dads & Reggie And The Full Effect.
On some RS I want to show some love, cause he in school maintaining a 4.0 in college and doing his thing 💯 congrats bro
Reggie Miller said LaMarcus Aldridge can rebound as well as Kevin Love & D12.
ikr:D love that name it's so cute. Oh no...Vess.
and I love you Miss Wright. Thanks for the music and art!!!
Wishing everyone a peaceful time whatever your faith or beliefs, love and blessings to you all. x
Early Christmas present, named it Reggie the racket
Reggie, I'll miss you but your going to a good home and will be played with way more than I ever could. Love you bud
merry xmas Reggie love lady Sausage xx
R.I.P. to my CUZINS Brain & Reggie gone to soon miss y'all tell nanny I said hey and I love her y'all…
omg you're so precious, I love you, happy anniversary 💋💘
Good morning thank the lord and Reggie for blessings me with new day to love my family and friends and making ppl happy and enjoy life
1 year 10 months with my beautiful girlfriend today I love you baby 😍
good morning and I hope you have a wonderful day today beautiful Casey and u the best and I love you Casey
Even tho we argue and he get on my last nerves I still love his black ***
Reggie sniffing out all the prezzies
On the 5th day of Christmas my true love gave to me half a pound of Reggie
I'm on vacation this week why Kevin Mcintosh and Reggie Love King Mc think that I'm suppose to cook breakfast every morning.
Love blowing that loud that reggie what i hate the most
Love this little one with all my heart.. even if she grinds my gears.
Reggie u dk wat love is .. U too young !
calm and always willing to hang out :) Leo is 19 & Reggie is 8- both love to be brushed
Dwayne Allen and Reggie Wayne remained healthy. Would love to see the offense with a full compliment of receivers.
Singing tonight at pak Reggie's house for Christmas dinner. Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy your Christmas Eve! *much love* ❤️
who's Reggie? Lol I don't ever find that guy around. He gets no love
HAving fun with the fam and reggie s/o to for showing love!
Is it me or have you ever seen O'phuktard kiss Mooch. All I see is separate vacations, scowls and Reggie Love along with different flights. When have you ever seen them two look really in love with each other?
S/O to one of the best clients in the whole world me and Reggie love u girly. U ROCK
THOUGHT FOR TODAY Each and every time you write, post and/or share anything that is critical of, hurtful or derogatory about Obama or his underperforming minions you are doing to Obama what Reggie Love usually does to him.think about it.
Or Odumbo when Reggie Love is in town!
Lon Dorsey recording a few Christmas tunes under production direction of Reggie Love this week... One of my friends and a manager of one of the biggest Wal-Mart stores in America will be sending a copy of this to their corporate office, to see what hap...
This is the correct pic I'm sure since the pres was playing cards with his buddy Reggie Love at the time the Seals were taking Bin Laden out.
Brom and any other "money-from-money" parasites, I like Duke -5 vs UCLA tonight, based on zero statistical analysis. Haven't looked at the NFL games this weekend yet, but am interested in any thoughts. I still say Reggie Love can suck a *** though. Maybe he should've gone to Ohio U!
Not only does he not have a spine, but no gonads either. I think Reggie Love has those.
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President Obama is taking a 17-day, taxpayer-funded Christmas vacation to Hawaii. You and I are footing the $73,500 bill for a rental home on Oahu with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. I really wished the president would've given me a call. I could've gotten the First Family a room at the Days Inn Maui for $89.95 per night - and that includes free wi-fi, a continental breakfast -- plus roll-away beds for Valerie Jarrett and Reggie Love. Todd Starnes..
12 Foreign Policy Disasters of the Obama Administration 1. Afghan War Over 74% of the 2266 U.S. casualties in the ongoing 11-year war have come on Obama's watch. 2. Syrian Genocide Despite drawing a "red line" over the alleged use of wmds by Syrian strongman Bashar Assad -- whom Hillary Clinton once called a "reformer" -- the Obama administration has mainly taken a reactive wait-and-see approach on the inhumane atrocities being carried out there. 3. Al Qaeda On the Rise President Obama ordered the killing of Osama Bin Laden, which was carried out by Navy SEALs while he played cards with assistant Reggie Love. Shortly after pronouncing Al Qaeda "on the run" during his re-election campaign, the terrorist group launched operations across the Middle East. 4. Russian 'Reset' Implodes After Hillary Clinton presented Putin with a mistranslated "reset" button (actually meaning "overload"), the Russians have gotten their way on ABM defense in Europe, drilling in the arctic, and U.S. nuclear disarmament. In return, ...
When will this irrational hate stop? The $102,000 figure can be traced back to Presidential aide Reggie Love, who was a personal assistant and not merely a “dog handler.”
What happened to Reggie Love after he told everyone Obama played Spades instead of running the country?
He can stick his Obamacare firmly up his cornhole, just as soon as Reggie Love dismounts.
The 102,000 was the salary of Reggie Love, personal aide from 2009 to 2011, who happened to be on the same flight as the dog for a family vacation, (along with other staff).
BOOM... president Bush didn't have a Reggie Love to spend time with or a Valerie Jarrett to delegate authority to either!! BOOM!!
Of course Kal Penn and Reggie Love support ObamaCare... they may need hospital treatment, considering who they have "shared."
God have bless me with someone that mean alot to me when I want to give up cause things so hard he step in and say I got this I just move into my new apartment didn't know how I was going to get my things in be move everything. Thank you Reggie love you
Obama should consider divorcing Michelle and marrying Reggie Love and Reggie could then become the First Man!
sittin here with my two sisters in fresno shareing memories bout our brother that just passed away RIP BIG BROTHER REGGIE LOVE U ALWAYS
My dad babysitting the kids tonight. Im here and they showing their so Lord knows how they gonna be when Im gone. Reggie love his grandchildren to the max.
My babies turned 17 today--BOO HOO!!! They are in the middle of their Friday The 13th party. There are 12 sixteen/seventeen year old boys and girls watching Friday The 13th. Thought there would be more screaming but very little going on. I can count my blessings that my girls have such good friends. They are all behaving really well--so proud of them all! Guess it helps to keep food in front of them at all times, it gives them something to do and keeps them occupied. Happy Birthday Julie and Reggie Love You girls to pieces!
via WND A YouTube video featuring an interview with President Obama’s former personal aide Reggie Love was removed after his comments surfaced in news reports highlighting some private details of Obama’s life in the White House, according to the Washington Examiner. The video featured a July 18 inte...
Happy birthday to my son lil reggie love u always!!
Day off to do whatever, which means clean the house, visit Gma, and take Reggie Love to the vet. Beer drinking may still make it on the list.
Coking it up with his buddy Reggie love
So the guy who did the signing at the Mandela memorial now claims he was having a schizophrenic breakdown. now there's a comfort! Guy on stage signing, in effect, gibberish, while standing next to world leaders, was hearing voices while having a schizophrenic episode. Meanwhile Barry and helle thorning-schmidt, danish president, were enjoying each other's company so much that a glowering moochelle got up and made Barry change places, putting herself between the happy couple. No word on whether Barry's boyfriend, Reggie love, was also upset. Ah, Reggie, the old balls and chain. Almost lost in all the buffoonery was the fact that this was a memorial for a man many consider to be one of the most important people of the 20th century.
Got turned up with my uncle Reginald Reggie love you
I had a dream. In it, America finally woke up from it’s long nightmare, turned the corner, and started the long but possible road to becoming the Exceptional Nation we once were. Obama was impeached. Within two weeks, senior ProgLibs requested to meet him in the Oval Office. They requested his resignation and he gave it as soon as his teleprompters were set up. He and Michelle divorced and now Barack is living happily ever after with former body man, Reggie Love. Initially his speeches received top dollar but the numbers soon dwindled and he refused to speak to his remaining Bots in Library Conference Rooms. VP Joe Biden was prepared and excited to assume the ultimate Poo-Bah mantle when a House Janitor lady came forward writing a tell all book about a twenty year intimate relationship with Mr Biden that produced numerous offspring, some of which were working as lobbyists. He possibly could have weathered this embarrassment until a female member of the Muslim Brotherhood came forward in a manner t ...
Lol! “I promise 100% transparency in my administration.”. “I promise NO NEW TAXES on a family making less than $250K a year.”. “I will allow 5 days of public comment before I sign any bills.”. “I will remove earmarks before I sign any bill.”. “I will end Income Tax for seniors making less than $50K a year.”. “I’ll put the Health Care negotiations on CSPAN so everyone can see who is at the table!” “I’ll have no lobbyists in my administration." "I'll close Guantanamo Bay." "I'll resign if I don't cut the deficit in half by the end of four years." "I believe marriage is between one man and one woman." "I won't seek re-election unless unemployment falls below 5%." "I'll un"I will make our government open and transparent." "When I receive a bill from Congress, you the public will have five days to look online." "As the President, I will not allow Congress to snap any pork barrel project while no one is looking." "We will reduce our deficit by half by the end of my first term." "We ...
Drama! ROTFLMAO!!! I bet Obama is missing Reggie Love right about now!
Smoking crack right now with Reggie Love.
Just had priceless cuddles and big wet kisses all over my face thanks reggie love you to :-) x calls in bomb threat to get friend off of work. I wonder if it was Reggie Love.
Happy 1st birthday to our beautiful daughter Violet. Mummy, Daddy and Reggie love you to the moon and stars and to infinity and beyond xxx xxx
BIZARRE: White House releases statement on breakup of Barack Obama and his boyfriend Reggie Love
Obama went over to Africa trying to spread the *** marriage message and he left with Reggie Love in tow and no deal. They don't play that!
Lon does Tribute to Lou Rawls with Reggie Love Quartet in performance live at Buttons restaurant in Addison, Texas. Apr. 2011
Streaming real loud happy!!! birthday!!! to my big brother reggie love u Lil Sis toot
How crazy is life lost my man on the 1st of December & now my momma on the 7th I know they r in a better place but it hurts RIP momma & Reggie love u guy u may not b here with me but u will always be in my heart & watching over me & my babies love u always
Reggie Love you should be *** near rich by now go head in western union me some money lmfao know you was betting big on the game
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tbh I do but you love me mostest tbh.
tbh I do, but you love me more tbh.
*** now Reggie on that Hoein game 😂" I dont love em. I don't chase em I duck em
lol shutup and tell day I miss and love her
You have no choice but to love Reggie.
Reggie and ports basically the same thing
She can be the best girlfriend in the world💙💍, but she will trip😒,assume🙊, and cry😪, but she gone love you with all her HEART💯💏❤
Titanic Theme Song: Black Edition LMAO (Vine By: Reggie COUZ) loool love this vine
Everybody wanna tell my *** justin I love you I miss u I cant wait till u come home ima write u
I love the holidays...can't wait until Christmas. The ultimate holiday.😍
I wouldn't trade my girl for nothin in the world I love ya babe
coming up : deng snell reggie jackson love rubio dragic lillard geroge kemba walker anthony CP3 curry james wade irving gortat and many more
Order Miche Bag Online!
There is nothing I would love more right now than jamming to Thrift Shop with in reggie... :(
Happy Thanksgiving, Reggie. I hope you had a blessed day filled with love and laughter.
That moment when your boyfriends 3 year old sister says "I love you Reggie" :') I love her! 💕
“What if bud was half off on black friday? Some of yall still couldnt buy a dim” id force it get loud for reggie…
Reggie was calling me shakida last night all down the road lmao " shakida come here girl I love you! Shakida you my girl!"
Ladies the guy in the friend zone love you more than the guy you're dating...Who is cheating on you by the way.
And Reggie Love and Kal Penn are big Magic fans...
if you ain't smoke Reggie in bluntvilles id love you
I love when I get to see my uncle Reggie and aunt Madonna! 😂 It's always laughs when I go there! 😘
didnt have service before but .YAYYY REGGIE BUSH! ♥♥♥♥ I LOVE YOU!
My aunt is convinced that the picture of reggie bush on her fridge is why the lions won. She says theyre in love
Reggie was home all day by himself 😔 I love his cuddles when we get home though 💗💗💗
Got to see my family and Reggie Bush got me 22 points? Man I love thanksgiving
This is USC reggie bush and I love watching it
I'm so thankful for you. I enjoy everything about you. I love our relationship and I can't wait to marry you. I love you forever.
"If it aint bout a dollar I dont gave a *** bout it"
"Just a lil pound cake I whipped up today KILLT LOL
Thankful for Reggie Bush and Dez Bryant putting up some double digits on the board for me love you two.
Hope and Reggie had a great Thanksgiving! Missed you! Love you!
It doesn't take time to be an alcoholic, just dedication. Love my aunt reggie.
Had my first drink shot with my papa. Love me some Margarita!
I love my family. But finally they leaving my house 😂😂😂
Me and reggie talk about any and everything lol 😂😂😂😂 i swea i love my brother !
But Reggie, you also have Nick, so let me be able to love two people as well!
I love that Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie spent the first seven minutes of the second half eating cookies in the media dining …
“I'm thankful for my family who actually ACTS like a family to me, my friends, my love & my baby Reggie.♥ a…
I can see why the ladies love reggie
I guess we have to ask Reggie Love. . 😏.
to please a man Like Larry Sinclair and Reggie Love
He was playing Spades with Reggie Love when the OBL raid went down. NOT in the SIT room
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I thought that was Obama's signature move he used on Reggie Love
the only thing that slows his golf game is a romp in the sand trap with Reggie Love every 3rd hole. Love our 1st *** president
From what I heard,Obama a REAL teabagger,on his chin? Just a Rumor.Reggie Love? Michelle no BDay BJ
The only thing Obama should be allowed to do for the rest of his term is Reggie Love
That Tuesday nights are role playing night with Reggie Love
If Reggie Love is a top or a bottom
that Reggie Love has soft hands. Very, very soft hands...
So Putter is his nickname for Reggie Love?
>> the there was a Slaughter going on in He was sleeping with Reggie Love at the Time
how Reggie Love looks in the morning
Apparently, don't know jack about anything except chooming and Reggie Love.
to Reggie Love. "sorry not to tonight my pants is in fire."
And he likes to play as Princess Peach! Reggie love!
Who made the first move, Barry... you or Reggie Love?.
yeah, Obama can golf and drink and rub Reggie Love's thigh at the same time.
Reggie Love (at least, not in the Biblical sense).
. I modified the Resolute desk fit Reggie Love underneath it.
Why Reggie Love's pants were down when all he was doing was helping him over a fence.
go ahead. Doesn't change the fact that it happened .
If Reggie Love wasn't enough, I don't think the plan will work.
My money is on Valerie Jarrett. Obama was too busy "playing cards" with Reggie Love.
Obama didn't know he was playing cards with Reggie Love until he heard about it in the news.
.Guys and gals - I thought it was Reggie Love that was his partner in such activities!
What's sad is Reggie love may be out if commission
even Reggie Love knows what is going on.but 0bama doesn't?
Its OK if he gets a blister Reggie Love will suck his ***
Every time I listen to Lil Snupe's tribute I think about Reggie 🙏 love you bruh
He could be doing Reggie Love in Macy's window after the Thanksgiving Day Parade and not lose a single dem vote
He doesn't have balls to be Pres. Played footsie with Reggie Love during Bin Laden raid.Valerie can you give him back his balls
Obama must have been thinking on 9/11/12, "I'm bored by this Benghazi attack. I'll see if Reggie Love will play spades."
How much is KGB file on Obama's *** lover Reggie Love worth on black market to European leaders?.
When was that? Oh yea when Seal Team 6 whacked Bin Laden and he was cuddling with Reggie Love.
Snorting blow with his body man, Reggie love.
The Halfrican is pissy cuzz he wasn't allowed to go play golf and have his 10th hole with Reggie Love.
ohh OK. Reggie love was a walk on at duke and somehow became prominently involved w the obama administration
rtrs great as usual. U were thinking of ex-dukie Reggie love who was Obamas chief of staff or something.
I heard Reggie Love is quite the friend.
He goes looking 4 Reggie Love that he missed so much.
So Channing Tatum (I hope I spelled that wrong) is the bodyguard to the Barry worshiper in White House Down. Reggie Love must be jealous lol
Given his history with Reggie Love, I honestly feel he'd be more comfortable with a Queens Cheer.
I bet his finger smells like Reggie Love
At Reggie's crib a while ago, celebrating her 12th birthday. Happy Birthday again, Reggie! Love you! 
Do we REALLY want a record of all his *** texts with Reggie Love???
Naw, no nuts in THAT building! Ask Reggie Love. Nothing but ManJina, Mooch too!
While he fiddled and diddled with Reggie Love?
domain names
Obama is the He is the total puppet of Valarie Jarrett and only wants Reggie Love & Golf time away from .
Oh wait we forgot how while he was playing cards with Reggie Love he single handedly got Bin Laden and parted the seas
But...but...didn't he kill Bin Laden? I mean when he wasn't playing cards with Reggie Love?
Reggie Love: "Obama was playing Spades w/ me, Pete Souza, and Marvin during the Bin Laden raid" (at the 50'' mark).
Depends...has Reggie Love or Kal Penn been seen at the WH recently?
What a laugh! Barry has "bent over backwards" for the GOP? The only bending over he has done has been for Reggie Love and Kal…
He saves the forefinger for Kal Penn and Reggie Love.
9/11/12 Obama was on the with Reggie Love & Jay-Z while Americans were being slaughtered in .
For his birthdays, Obama makes Reggie Love dress like Marilyn Monroe and sing 'Happy Birthday' to him
“Rather be high, y'all keep that Reggie love”
Rather be high, y'all keep that Reggie love
Me too. Obama is such a slacker Reggie Love lights his cigarettes for him.
Obama is *** they didn't make that up. Ever heard of Reggie Love? The bath houses he used to go to?
big deal he talked to jason collins and reggie love on the phone too. That's his foreign policy at it's finest
Fewest career pts by a player named captain under K: 2 by Ford. 21 by Simpson 2000-01, 42 by Reggie Love 04-05, 50 by Bryan 84-85
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Reggie love talking like Young Jeezy a new *** or something lol
PAAARTY TIIME in the WH tonight with Reggie Love and the newly created post "Cocaine Czar". Theme, Screwed Em Again.
conservatives already know! It's liberals who haven't figured out that Obama and Reggie Love did coke then played cards & sodomy
Taylor Curse @ The Cucuy are roommate's so be afraid. God bless reggie love.
.fake situation room photo, when BO was really playing cards w Reggie Love + throw OBL in ocean ASAP bc "consistent w Islam" etc
.she was with her girlfriend, he was with Reggie Love-priorities!
Barry asks that same question of Reggie love before every fundraising trip mooch doesn't go on
Jay Carney on Cruz: "No, the President did not watch, but he had Valerie Jarrett play a few hands of Slap-Jack with Reggie Love that night.
Buck is Obama's nic name for Reggie Love >_>
What's this I hear about Hillary eating kittens? What will those wacko bird conservatives dream up next? That Reggie Love can't play B-Ball?
Library will have a nice furnished closet that Obama and Reggie Love can hide away in on weekends.
Obama is too busy playing golf and spades with Reggie Love to have a clear agenda on anything.
Right from the git-go the Ace of SPADES reminds me of Reggie Love, and then the TWO of them saving water by showering 2gether.
Barack loves to feel Reggie Love's butt sir.
Samuel L. Jackson wants Obama to be f* presidential. Interestingly enough, Reggie Love has been taking this advice literally for years.
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there's no chauffeur for Reggie Love to visit the White House.
Barry,. Please admit your homosexual love affair with Reggie Love.
Tell em Gunnary Sargeant! ! Cut his salary so he can't buy his Tampax Super Flows or Reggie Love's sex change
Reggie Love forced to fly commercial
Really???...Didn't know that...but now Sleezy Preezy...everyone knows about him and Reggie Love
Reggie Love said Obama's birth certificate just showed up when Trump raised interest in birtherism. Unbelievable.
Reggie Love won't be able to come over for "play dates" any more.
Obama wasnt In the situation room. Wasn't he playing queens with Reggie Love?
he gets Reggie Love to hold his. cue cards
Obama and his *** boyfriend from college and his other boyfriend Reggie Love
Can Obama do anything right?I don't see it.Maybe we should ask Reggie Love or any of his other"golfing" buds.I bet they're his biggest fans.
If Corey Booker, Reggie Love, and Obama checked into a hotel, they wouldn't come up for air for a week.
He was otherwise occupied with lover boy Reggie Love his tax payer funded consort!
Obama teabags Reggie Love? You be messin with big daddy like GOP do?
Reggie love, please pick up the courtesy phone, reggie love.
“😁😁 hey sis”hey Reggie , love you have a good day 😊✨
Had to share! Rosie n Reggie love tummy tickles! Please help them find a home together? Thank you xxx
Since Ted Cruz took the floor, Obama has ALSO : issued 35 Executive Ordrers, played 4 rounds of golf and had sex with Reggie…
or 5 more games of "spades" on the DL with Reggie Love, while bulldog Valerie Jarrett watches over the Oval Office
That or ask Valerie Jarrett! She runs the country when Obama is playing with Reggie Love!
Offense goes three-and-out on Curt Phillips' first series, as Phillips throws low to Reggie Love
Reggie Love: President Barack Obama Was Playing Cards With Me ...: So what was President Barack Obama doing as...
words can't describe how much I'm gonna miss Reggie.😭💔 love you long time
Reggie Love says he &Obama played 16 games of Spades during Bin Laden raid ... Is that a racist term?
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