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Reefer Madness

Reefer Madness (originally released as Tell Your Children and sometimes titled as The Burning Question, Dope Addict, Doped Youth and Love Madness) is a well-known 1936 American propaganda exploitation film revolving around the melodramatic events that ensue when high school students are lured by pushers to try marijuana — from a hit and run accident, to manslaughter, suicide, attempted rape, and descent into madness.

Michael Brown Thyroid Disease

Reefer madness sheep are rampaging through Wales. really!
Another movie poster from the 1936 film Reefer Madness
stoker is a sick indie flick, that I guarantee you'd love. And reefer madness is a musical about weed in the 50's. Super campy 😂👌🏻
I'm watching the legendary reefer madness, the warning at the start is fukkin great
Reefer Madness June 4th and 11th at Midnight!
The Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act: ... reefer madness beliefs that cannabis causes violence and will increase ... https…
you forgot about Reefer's also mind blowing...just in a different way.
Refer Madness to your psycologist... Reefer Madness was a silly anti-pot propaganda film from 1936.
Welsh sheep in reefer madness rampage - and if it's in the Daily Mail it must be true.
Reefer Madness is a horrible interim leader!
Some thoughts on John Tory's recent case of Reefer Madness
Help help, it's reefer madness run amuck turning us all into potheads and junkies. The End is nigh.
MassRoots Denied Listing Approval by NASDAQ - Another Case of reefer madness?
this happened in Wales? SHEEP HAVE SUCCUMBED TO REEFER MADNESS IN WALES?!?!? Oh no! What a joke of a story.
People who think they don't know anyone who uses cannabis need to quit following the government's "reefer madness" scare tactics.
Suddenly Reefer Madness doesn't seem quite that bad. Through it all we never stopped saying we're FREE & BRAVE. SMH
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
It's Reefer Madness all over again... great to see you keep on educating people and defending a noble cause!
San Jose Mercury News has had a stick up its butt re medical cannabis since day 1. I think they watch Reefer Madness at least once a week.1/
This is the guy who's still spouting Reefer Madness propaganda so I'm not really surprised to hear him say this...
THE MOMENT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR... you can now buy your tickets for 'Reefer Madness'! So...
Bill Blair will lead marijuana legalization down the over-legislated reefer madness corporate path.
What a week for Bratton. Questions prosecution of cops in Baltimore, rages reefer madness and now calls copwatching an…
Imagine that. Someone actually got arrested for breaking a law in California. Will miracles ever cease? It's reefer madness.
. Reefer Madness. I saw the film when I was young and it saved me. Poor llamas.
All the best to for Reefer Madness at The Bridewell Theatre, Blackfriars 17-21 May. Get tickets at
Heaven forfend. Is she going to link Reefer Madness next?
This Way to the Egress to play soundtrack
The JCCP are so ready to do the Reefer! Reefer Madness, The Movie Musical, that is! April 23rd, 10pm. We'll get you high on life!
Listening to Rep Matt Baker rail about reefer madness.
. Reefer madness just looks like madness in hindsight. It is, but the embarrassment is now overcoming the shame.
Why did Senate bother going on a "fact finding" trip to CO, when they could have come to same conclusions by watching Reefer Madness featured in NBC s Science of Love
I'm having reefer madness even thought I need to practice some sobriety but you keep supplying me blunts so pass it right of me
4got u r in South Africa you may not know of reefer madness, its a 30s propaganda drug war movie might be on utube complete
and is he also a teetotaler who thinks a beer turns into a murder scene from reefer madness? What year is it?
Research indicates that anti-drug propaganda may do more harm than good, which is why Reefer Madness plays so...
Can you imagine the waste of tax dollars prosecuting this nonsense? Reminds me of the War on Reefer (madness!).
That Reefer will drive you to Madness! Reefer Madness, The Movie Musical 4/23 10pm. JCCP has the only Reefer around!
Kentucky hemp was king before steamships, free trade and reefer madness
They should have been upfront about it being a Reefer Madness sale.
Will of the People Millennials madness alert.
Reefer Madness, The Movie Musical on April 23rd. Don't miss our 5 and Dime! .
Don't make us twist your.!. See Reefer Madness, The Movie Musical on April 23, 10pm ..
THE MADNESS STARTS TODAY!!!. Come and audition for Reefer Madness either today or tomorrow evening - we cannot...
Auditions for our Edinburgh Fringe show 'Reefer Madness' are THIS WEEK! . This spectacle tracking the tragic... http…
We're the only annual Reefer Madness shadow cast! See the event April 23rd Hollywood Theater
"Even if one takes every reefer madness...
lmfao I've done that before too... Reefer madness man
Reefer Madness 2. After 2 years of a marijuana-free life, Bill Harper must ...
The Case Against Cannabis "I can't w8 until the REEFER MADNESS contingent dries up and goes away!!"
Keep a close eye on all our social media for special Reefer Madness trailer & dress rehearsal pictures! Reefer Madness, April 23, 10pm.
Apr 16: This Way to the Egress at SteelStacks PA Soundtracks Come Alive in Reefer Madness. INFO:...
Yay someone invited me to Reefer Madness on 4/20
SATURDAY! Soundtrack Comes Alive: This Way to the plays in front of Reefer Madness
Can't wait to read the ending? We can't either! Reefer Madness, The Movie Musical 4/23 10pm .
Its legal where i live and its GREAT.Get off your Reefer Madness 1930's prejudice Jeb...Im glad repub dinosaurs are dying off.
Good to see bust out that old school reefer madness material. Classy.
Really! Marijuana is extremely dangerous and causes brain damage. I think watched Reefer Madness before coming on
LOL. Conservatives' only knowledge of what weed is/does comes from REEFER MADNESS from the 30s. Alcohol is 100x more dangerous.
And now Jeb! Is going all Reefer Madness on us.
preaching reefer madness. "We would have a more loving & tolerant society without marijuana" he SURE he used to smoke it?
Watching Jeb Bush talk about Reefer Madness in South Carolina reminds me of just how different Canada is!
An unsurprising 'reefer madness' slant in this piece; interesting to note how the 'opposition' thinks ... ;)...
"Have you seen this movie 'Reefer Madness'? I'm scared to death." -Gov. Bush
Conservatives need to chill out on the Reefer Madness.
The early awkward moments before the "Reefer Madness"!
Inspired by reefer madness and some art a friend did ages ago. The beer is named after it actually.
Menopause has made me kind of a pervert. Or maybe it's just the reefer madness. 😈
REEFER MADNESS, part of the reason society has been paralyzed on this issue since the 30's.
I hardly ever see anyone post the actual movie.REEFER MADNESS, the reason society has been paralyzed since the 30's.
Get a copy of the classic Reefer Madness poster
Thanks for being there. Glad to help combat the reefer madness lies.
REEFER MADNESS Arizona Chamber of Commerce to Offer Anti-Cannabis Class to "Sound the Alarm" Against Legalization
"We'll watch Reefer Madness in here so I can scare you guys away from smoking marijuana. It makes you jump out of windows." -my history prof
Reefer madness too bad they don't realize all that marijuana on the streets right now and no madness. Only if legal madness?
Nonsense. We went through all that garbage back in the days of Reefer Madness. Oh these are University studies? Should have known
If I can get Rob *** in the studio, yall could get a reefer madness 2.
Update your maps at Navteq
It's all reefer madness, I agree with the host of the show 100%. Cannabis is a lot more beneficial than alcohol
Meet the proto-prohibitionist who unleashed Reefer Madness on the world.
Some vintage ads from the era of Reefer Madness!
I enjoyed it tremendously, just like I do every time I watch Reefer Madness. 😆
reefer madness man. Used to have posters that would say mj makes black men rape white women. Edward bernays my friend
People can be so closed minded about ganja. This is the 20s. Ain't no "reefer madness."
Top story: Pack Up Your Pipeline: Reefer Madness & Recruiting - Fistful of Tale… see more
puts us at Defcon2 Pack Up Your Pipeline: Reefer Madness & Recruiting
Tired of the old-school Reefer Madness? We've got a new and improved version!
Totally agree those reporters are buffoons. Reefer Madness reprised!
Pack Up Your Pipeline: Reefer Madness & Recruiting - There are few topics more taboo in the strange sweater-...
Federal marijuana raid in legal state! They're coming for your pot. Kettle Falls family is not Reefer Madness.
Embracing my natural beauty every night in Chico State's production of "Reefer Madness." We open on…
Reefer Madness is the most important movie of the 20 century
The Studio Theatre presents it's season opener, Reefer Madness the Musical!
Tickets for Reefer Madness are now on sale at Show dates are October 22-25 and 29-31!
Pass it on: "Canada’s Madness': Propaganda, and 21st Century Hysteria"
listen to this clown. You sound like a Reefer Madness antique.
If you even needed another reason to see Reefer Madness, this should seal the deal.
Anyone else find it ironic that "Reefer Madness" / pot prohibition came from the generation that drank ACTUAL cocaine in t…
aside from Devil's Carnival I don't think so. HAVE YOU WATCHED REEFER MADNESS
ashdrake I gotta step in and say weed does not do this to a person! You sound like an actor in "Reefer Madness"
Turned into a redhead for Reefer Madness Opens 10/22! Tickets:
reefer madness. They did this to all POC and said marijuana made them murder their families and neighbors.
It's easier to have the Prohibition-era reefer madness ultra Christians positioned in power
It's about time. Although is Gov. and his nerd team still pretend madness is real truth
you wait until Nancy Grace blames this on Reefer Madness or Video Games.
just wait for some *** to connect the Oregon shooting and the state's legalization of weed. REEFER MADNESS!!!
Not my photo, just came across trains!! Walking with the line! Reefer madness
Now we watching a black and white movie from 1936 called "Reefer Madness" 😂 Saying weed causes you to become violent and go insane 😂
Blame the marijuana. Reefer madness has hit due to
In light of Oregon's recreational sales of weed this morning, remember the dangers of reefer madness! 😂
Here's my new episode of my podcast
‘Reefer Madness’ to in Oregon, KU prof takes historical look .
all sane ppl in America: legalize weed, it's fine, no one dies from it . Carly Fiorina: REEFER MADNESS KILLED MY CHILD . pls
good piece...where can I buy one? I collect reefer madness type items
So tired, really shouldn't have stayed up late for the midnight showing of Reefer Madness.
The Latest: Midnight pot sales go smoothly in Oregon (from Maybe they were expecting reefer madness?
In lighter news in last 24hrs, Trudeau's Reefer Madness T-shirt at now more applicable than ever!!
That soundtrack on that reefer madness sounded like a Tom and Jerry cartoon.
Hmm...and on the first day of legal recreational pot...reefer madness?😉
ur non sense worked in the pre-internet era Not anymore. Reefer Madness is inherently racist, move on
Throwback Thursday: 5 times when marijuana gave Oregon full-blown reefer madness -
the lovely podcast 99% Invisible by has a great episode on shipping containers >
Midnight reefer madness in Oregon as pot sales now legal
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
so I'm in Reefer Madness at Rollins College. Think you, and want to come? I'll set aside comp tickets. 😉
.suddenly your gory graphic sexy drug laced images might as well be Reefer Madness but for MRAs rather than John Birchers
wow, really? This is great news. I had no idea. Everyone I know thinks of it like the movie "Reefer Madness"!
Look out, it's the Joe Camel of craft brew. Seriously, this is the Reefer Madness of beer.
Governor Terry the sky is falling Branstad watched Reefer Madness as a child and thought it was a documentary.
Defiant DC mayor to legalize pot, despite threats of arrest from Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Reefer Madness)
Federal lawmakers believe the time has come to put an end to the Reefer Madness that led to the criminalization of American hemp production nearly 80 years ago. Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley of Oregon, along with Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky recently filed a piece of legislation on Capitol Hi…
I should tell everyone that on 08-30-2008 I wrecked my harley on SWAN lake, Montana highway. It still is the worst wreck to live through with no helmet on. Yes I know "STUPID". It killed me 3 times in life flight, I flipped the bike crushing my chest, putting ribs into both lungs & braking my pelvic bone in 7 places requiring a brace be bolted on with 4 bolts. I was in an 87 day coma waking with a registered 5.5 brain injury requiring me to go through rehabs relearning life. Once I did return home I had no memory of what I did for a living. Then a friend asked me to get a medical card and try "cannabis". I was amazed because my thought process started working again. Then my memories started returning. I was interviewed about my wreck, I told them how THC was healing my brain, but they told me that the "investers" do not want that aired so never will be. That is when a memory returned about a theory I had learned. I made some yellow brass turn into 9 k gold and had it tested. I called the news station and ...
funnily enough I was familiar with the musical of Reefer Madness but completely unaware of the actual OG Reefer Madness
Marijuana is a racist made up term used as propaganda against people of color.The book Reefer Madness has some info in it.
there is a movie called Reefer Madness. That's it. That's the explanation ahahha.
Wow! I just won this for free, Reefer Madness - disc only
I understand the political agenda of teachers' unions and their progressive allies to create a "testing" version of reefer madness+
Reefer madness, Phantom menace, I spit on your grave, Howard the Duck, Highlander 2. Batman and Robin.
... :/ that hasnt happen here in Colorado yet that i know of... i think they been watch reefer madness to much.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Hobo with a Shotgun. The Daddy of them all has got to be Reefer Madness though
Tbh I think Charts should do Reefer Madness for next year's musical
Watching Reefer Madness. The first symptom is uncontrollable laughter.
From smoking pot? Is your opinion based from watching Reefer Madness?
Perfect lazy Sunday to be high and watching reefer madness for the first time
You've seen all those "reefer madness" movies they made in the 1950s+? They legit made weed a horror theme!
How one Colorado ski town shut down its local Holiday Inn’s reefer madness
So what if it's Sunday? It's also the Friday's Pics finale. Yes-I-Cannabis: Half Baked, Saving Grace, Reefer Madness
Reefer Madness is on and here to warn us about the dangers of M A R I H U A N A
I find myself humming along to all the songs in reefer madness: the musical. I may have seen it a few times.
Christian Campbell & Dan Studney at Showtime Hosts the After Party for "Reefer Madness"
"I love it" --me about every part of Reefer Madness
I don't, but I couldn't help feeling, I was watching a remake of; "Reefer Madness".
I added a video to a playlist Nostalgia Critic: Reefer Madness
The young Boris Johnson in our review of REEFER MADNESS!
His Freedom Summit reminded me alot of "Reefer Madness".
You're more than allowed in fact encouraged to be prescribed heavy pharmaceuticals and drive to work but reefer madness still exists.
Californiality TV : California still has reefer madness in 2015
If you wanna laugh your *** off, then watch this short video called Reefer Madness-Little Mary Sunshine via
TIL of Reefer Madness, a 1936 propaganda film. It revolves around the events that ensue when high school student...
My headphones leak and ppl probably think I'm really classy for listening to jazz on public transport but actually it's from Reefer Madness.
This Burlesque Movie by the 'Reefer Madness' Director Is Totally Nuts - See on - Sex Positive an...
there's a whole industry built around this. Straight up "reefer madness".
You can still get T-Shirts, Stickers, Mugs, etc. by Christmas if you order now!
reefer madness screenings at the Nebraska state house?
It should've been legal from time ago but obviously the "reefer madness" scandal happened and lied to everyone.
more ridiculous propaganda funded by the pharmaceutical corporations. They might as well re-run Reefer Madness.
I think their broke, and are going to pull out everything thing they have, to continue their reefer madness.
Reefer madness was used as proper gander fear is the tool that they use to command us
Barry believes that the entire theory that marijuana is a gateway drug dates back to the “Reefer Madness” era of the 1930s, which
.Why not show Reefer Madness and call it a documentary
So I guess we can congratulate and for making the 1st forbidden film since "Reefer Madness"
An illustration of how out of touch this gov is. Canookie "Reefer Madness".
I wonder once they sent a rocket ship to Mars do the Space peeps get2invent Holidays? Like Reefer Madness Holiday lmao or St. Pizza Snarf
Reefer madness is a horrible movie, random thought. Idk.
When Jeb becomes president in 16, I see the feds doubling down on reefer madness. is a HUGE testing/lobby for
fool for the city or not fooled by the city? Will it be modern madness or reefer madness? see :
Reefer Madness (ie yelling at my bong for making me stupid)
But Reefer Madness is such a classic flick.
Not a day goes by where I don't quote reefer madness
Watching the ridiculous teen exploitation film Reefer Madness.
I've never understood it. But you're a rational thinker. The masses accepted Reefer Madness as fact
You know one of the main ways the US made marijuana look bad was by telling ppl it made white woman get "Reefer Madness" AKA "Jungle fever"
Sex workers say the fight against trafficking is becoming the 'new reefer madness'
Was he talking that Reefer Madness nonsense again?
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
"People are conflating the legitimate problem of sexual exploitation w/ those in the consensual adult sex industry"
watch out for the reefer madness, I heard you get that after munchies have fried your brain
Sex workers say the fight against trafficking has become the 'new reefer madness'...
I start my mornings listening to reefer madness
my grandpa has asked me what "reefer madness" is and honestly I have more questions rn than i do answers
Reefer Madness along with the stock markets now dealing in cannabis, is at an all time high! . I will try to post...
As I research the laws of the early 20th century that regulated the pharmaceutical industry, trying to find out about why effective and powerful Ozone and Oxygen/Peroxide Therapies are dismissed by the medical establishment at large, I keep coming across references to the "Marihuana Tax Act of 1937"... and it seems to have an inseparable association. That's interesting. Mind you... I have never smoked a hit of marijuana (actually, properly called Cannabis) in my life, literally. NO, not like "I was there but didn't inhale"... NO - I have never done any kind of drugs. BTW, the name 'marijuana' came in as part of the Reefer Madness (1936) propaganda campaign (look it up)... At the time of that bill's very controversial passing (did the Senate even actually PASS it? or was it just signed into law), the then head of the AMA, Dr. William Woodward, stated they had found no adverse effects to humans by this medicinal plant which was grown in abundance in America at that time, and whose oil was in every medicine ...
American history: mariyuana was ilegal in many states. 1930-1935 *1937 a federal tax was introduced. *Reefer Madness a movie in 1936. *Later in war those countries had no taxes, so solders smoked it to relax, at downtime, & to get away.
True story. Reefer Madness and that mentality have finally been taken over. Times are a changing...
Has anyone gone to see Reefer Madness the musical? How was it? Got a coupon code you want to share?
recreates documentary Reefer Madness with tales of negroes taking advantage of white women on the devil's weed- five stars!
The nice people over at have done a marvelous job bringing us Reefer Madness 2014 edition.
Here I am interviewing the great niece of Henry Anslinger (the godfather of "Reefer Madness") -- thanks Mary!
Having your film compared to "Reefer Madness" is never a good sign. 'Men, Women & Children' Reviews .
The Reefer Madness just never ends. But remember, the police are good people--heroes in their own minds--who are...
Hey you it's a must. If you are a true u can't not own "Madness"
Going to the Reefer Madness Musical🍃 fosho with that *** 😂
I could either burn, or cut off my pride and buy some time...
Eew! The internet is bad. It's the source of so many of our problems. At least that's the way critics are...
People are stupid. Can we please kick out all those old Reefer Madness morons and put free-thinking citizens in their place?
My feed is all Reefer Madness. What will become of Adam?
Ah I thought you meant the reefer madness ;v
The way the public perceives the dangers of cyclists in NYC is the new Reefer Madness.
Houston's own marijuana theater courts controversy: Limited run of Reefer Madness makes for one wild trip
There's reefer, & there’s madness, but the connection between the two is a little half-baked
Yeah. Florida also, and I think we both know it wont pass. Too many seniors with reefer madness mentality.
Cool Fact: If you lay the soundtrack of 'Reefer Madness' over the Amanda Bynes: True Hollywood Story it syncs up perfectly.
Reefer Madness 1938 Black & White DVD Sealed brand new in box marijuana cult
This Republican Congressman Is Trying to Keep the War on Weed Alive | VICE United States via
'The time for reefer madness is over' Jack Herer
we are the answers the truths and the voice of the voiceless an 80yr Old LIE isn't reefer madness its a Dream
We spent all july just getting high, we were all just tryna get by- reefer madness how i think it goes
For nearly three-quarters of a century, the government has been espousing reefer madness rhetoric, associating the myth with everything from rape to heroin to brain damage.
*thinkin' must have the reefer madness to be askin' Sookie ta kill him*
People who lurk behind elementary schools doing a live performance of Reefer Madness w/ kids near're a special breed of skeezy, aren't they?
I've been watching clips from the Reefer Madness musical movie all day. It's been a good day.
UPDATED: Exposing the Reefer Madness of the Parliament of Canada 3of10
I think Barbara's heart is in the right place, but she sounds like she's watched Reefer Madness one too many times.
Welcome to Reefer Madness ladies and gents. Get your pipes packed, bongs loaded, blunts twisted, and dabs a dabbin' she's going to b smokey
You've got to be kidding me... Is this 1938? Reefer madness?. Anti-Marijuana Ad Position Marijuana as a Date Rape Drug
Our cover of Get Off by The Dandy Warhols cut to Reefer Madness. Let us know what you think!
Freddie Pargetter in the grip of reefer madness. PC Burns busting Fallon's dad. What's happened to the Archers?
Figured out how I'm going to split up the Reefer Madness episode into two parts.
Reefer Madness panic on The Archers!! What is this, 1953? Teenager shouts "This is so unfair!" No cliche untouched.
Ooh, reefer madness on the Archers. Everybody's despairing.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
reefer madness! Poor Freddie, so out of touch with modern youth
Rewriting part of the Reefer Madness script. Working a decent plot into a review-centered episode in a convincing manner is hard work.
Shadowbox live for reefer madness. Happy birthday Syd.
Reefer Madness Is Useless Propaganda fear is a tool they use to command us
😂😂😂 yeah and the movie REEFER MADNESS was "based on true events" too!
When my granddad came to Clt to help me move my whole lil kit fell out my bag he probably thinks ima *** . now this reefer madness smh
mostly just that I think it's way less "Reefer Madness" than people were freaking out about.
I'm just mad about reefer. And reefer's mad about me.
UPDATED: Exposing the 'Reefer Madness' of the Parliament of Canada 8of10
Well, it appears I can't type today. deleted that. Anyway. Reefer Madness coming sometime this week. Might be a two-parter. Stay tuned!
Reefer Madness, yeah, that's the ticket! That's why Michael Brown is dead. He was injecting reefers and they...
Got stoned and watched Reefer Madness 10/10 would do it again.
ALSO reefer madness the musical is HYSTERICAL
*International orientees mention how emerson is on the Princeton Review's Reefer Madness list* *scent of weed takes over environment*
I added a video to a playlist SPLIFF - Reefer Madness (2014) FULL ALBUM
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Yay for Noah Lindquist (who played jimmy in reefer madness)- winner of the Renna for outstanding actor in a studio series!
Kevin Sabet's first Reefer Madness tour stop has been cancelled since it was improperly using federal tax dollars...
Finally, "Reefer Madness" to "Reefer Gladness" - Washington state is cool in more ways than one
20% of baby boomers think 'Reefer Madness' is objective reality
.its astonishing you'd sully your good, ambitious name w/nonsense reefer madness, you had a future. Now we're gonna Bob Barr you
From the Devil’s Lettuce to the Dropout Drug: The Evolution of Reefer Madness Propaganda by Sabrina Fendrick, National NORML...
Reefer Madness, or a Promising Treatment for Thyroid Disease? -
Fox News reports that Michael Brown had marijuana in his system. Related: Fox News thinks "Reefer Madness" is a documentary.
The opening speech of Mary Jane Holland is taken from Reefer Madness, a cult film about the dangers of cannabis use.
On FRESH AIR WEEKEND, Dave Davies talks with journalist Eric Schlosser - author of the bestsellers Fast Food Nation and Reefer Madness. His most recent book is about how close we came during the Cold War to accidental or unintended nuclear explosions. Also, Jack Amiel & Michael Begler talk about writing for the new Cinemax series The Knick about a New York City hospital circa 1900. Medical historian Stanley Burns - a consultant for the show – joins in. And rock critic Ken Tucker reviews the new album from the band Spoon. FRESH AIR WEEKEND is on RADIO IQ today at 12 Noon and on WVTF Sunday evening at 6pm.
Drug talks and Reefer Madness in Criminal Justice class. Interesting.
REEFER MADNESS (1936): Cautionary advocacy film makes the case that "kind bud" is in actuality not very "trill."
Found out today that reefer madness still exist in Colorado. All my coworkers and boss do not support legalization, hate that they smell the dispensaries, and think smoking pot makes you dumb and not good for you...I found my calling ;) Time to end Reefer Madness at the Marriott!
when they turn the ganja plant into an evil weed It's reefer madness
No worries, people still do it all the time, she can still get the reefer madness. It's probably healthier than alcohol.
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Congratulations, state of Washington! Yesterday, you become the second state to completely shirk Reefer Madness...
You guys...Reefer Madness just makes "marihuana" use look really get the giggles and feel good? Find me some marihuana stat!
Your report demonized hookah smoking the same way the old movie, "Reefer Madness" tried to demonize weed.
i honestly want to make a music video for every song on the Reefer Madness 2 album ! i would love to see how that would turn out
people who think marijuana should be kept illegal also probably think that "Reefer Madness" is accurate
What impact has the legal sale of marijuana had on Colorado?
As Washington legalises sale of recreational marijuana, look back at Colorado case study
Reefer Madness is obvi about meth. Ohhh meth. Mmmm meth...
Watching "Reefer Madness" and this dude said pot was worse than opium, pills, and heroin. FOH
Dude, I just ate . a whole bag of chips. ¤REEFER MADNESS¤
my dad is making me watch Reefer Madness with him while we're high. oh god.
The classic is now in for the 1st time w/ FIENDS DVD
. I will NEVER TRUST anything you report after this STUPID stunt. Reefer Madness??... really?... .
legalize it. Most of the nation is relaxing marijuana laws while Fresno is stuck in 1930's reefer madness propaganda.
Reefer Madness: coming soon for your women and children
I learned all I needed to know about marijuana from "Reefer Madness"
people are still believing reefer madness?! Ugh. I live in NJ where MMJ is legal but extremely hard to get. Thanks Christie.
Hawkwind Reefer Madness (HQ): marijuana monster he's stalkin the streets you know what he's after.
So is Reefer Madness...actually Reefer Madness is just plain stupid 😂
When I'm feeling sick and having trouble getting access to medical marijuana, it's a very bad time to give me your reefer madness speech.
Watching "Reefer Madness" on Netflix. A 1936 movie about the "deadly drug marihuana" lol. Their idea of marijuana makes me giggle.
One of the best. I think the one from the 60's here in U.S. was awesome. Reefer Madness, from our guvmint.
Old white men, same type who pushed Reefer Madness.
I added a video to a playlist Reefer Madness (1936) Full Movie
quick question actually not to spam, whats the beat from reefer madness, the song you did from? It sounds so familiar.
thanks man I almost redid it for Reefer Madness 2!
Have you watched reefer madness yet?
better ban alcohol then, and yeah zero brain damage linked to pot. Did you write reefer madness 2 electric boogaloo
Well...this just turned into a super preachy Reefer Madness scare tactic. That's too bad.
is Kennedy going to do the whole final monologue from Reefer Madness? What a propagandist. Did he get his data from 1920?
and once again you sound like a reject from "Reefer Madness"
there goes Patrick Kennedy getting all "Reefer Madness" on our butts just because HE had a problem. Gateway, what a crock!
To stop arresting minorities for profit, you Reefer Madness-addled shill.
Reefer madness as Bellingham pot shops open for business (with video)
Honestly mate. Republicans are stupid. What carcinogens are in Marijuana? Bruv, you're facts are outdated. Sounds like reefer madness mate.
Weed stores are open as of a couple hours ago, so of course now people are walking around my city as if REEFER MADNESS was a documentary.
It appears the story is over. That was quite interesting... Like, that 50's movie, Reefer Madness. But, with cartoons.
Reefer madness: joint and toy gun draw 8 rounds and 0 charges from Santa Rosa police. Boy "was high" when fatally shot
Luiz Gustavo looks like he'd get caught up in some reefer madness.
reports: the modern day Reefer Madness.
Just saw "Reefer Madness" by it was perfect!! If in Columbus before the end of run, be sure to go see it.
The word on the street is that and are collaborating with on a Reefer Madness sequel
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