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Reed Dance

Umhlanga, or Reed Dance ceremony, is an annual Swazi and Zulu tradition held in August or September. Tens of thousands of unmarried and childless Swazi/Zulu girls and women travel from their villages to participate in the eight-day event.

King Mswati Saharan Africa

Tonight! Come watch me dance to Lou Reed, go-go to noise and *gasp* make something that can…
Did you miss ADF's Intimate Encounters? Here are some shots from the event by Nina Reed Photography!. Don't miss...
6 klipa airtime with 2 gig almost untouched like a swati girl at reed dance. Life is great! 😭
Would be fun to visit Swaziland, small but Beautiful country, though your early for the Royal Cultural Reed Dance ceremony!
Congratulations to Austin for being named Artist of the Week by the Orange County Register's Varsity Arts section!... ht…
Taking a break from Rise of the Silver Surfer (Reed's dance scene just started) to watch Deadpool trailer again.
Bungee has to be the funniest-looking aerial dance. photo by Nina Reed
Aerial Dance Festival day 2. I've always thought the Cyr wheel looked so cool/hard. Photo by Nina Reed.
Some pictures from the Aerial Dance Festival by Nina Reed Photography!
An article from Dance Magazine. Reed Tankersley was one of the participants of last year summer workshop and now...
"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only once." --Jojen Reed in A Dance with Dragons
Bajans show how it's done. Reed dance? What reed dance, I'm going to Barbados.
You don't see this stuff every day. Inside the classrooms at the Aerial Dance Fest. Photos by Nina Reed.
This basically sums up the Aerial Dance Festival this year. Photo by Nina Reed.
A glimpse inside the ropes class at the Aerial Dance Festival day 1. Photo by Nina Reed.
Sometimes I can't control my body when I hit the dance floor
Daesung: I was shocked by TOP's dance. Seungri: Please dance for us. TOP: Right now???
Planning a trip to this month for the reed dance ceremony, where thousand of girls...
Happy birthday Cam!! Thanks for being an awesome dance partner and always a friendly hug on a bad day 🎉💃
"Back once again like a renegade master". Or a bunch of 40 somethings who still like a dance...
Swaziland: The dates of the Reed Dance 2015 have been announced!
God morning Swaziland! It is an amazing day in the Kingdom as preparations for the annual Reed dance r underway! We love culture!
It's cute when a boy can dance or sing
5'8 white boy in need of HC date. Has nice hair and has a verse on a mixtape. He can dance off Rhythm like a pro
lol that's wassup tho I would've thought you was on the dance team or something
If I could sing and dance it'd lowkey make up for my ugliness i feel
love! The Awards honored us with the Reed Dance award! http:…
All they keep telling me is "Reed, I ain't know you could dance like that"
"Babe get dressed I'm coming over to dance in the rain with you". I'm so happy everyone else didn't work out becuase he's perfect.
This one never attended the reed dance
When is the Zulus reed dance kante? Some of us want to get a young, fresh Zulu maiden.
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I would either look back to this day with some derision or with the kind of excitement that inhabits Mswati during the Reed Dance gathering.
Iyerrr, Zulus will always be bragging about the Common Wealth games like King Mswati having got attended Reed Dance!
Yall seen Reed so the Shmoney dance? Yup might could get em
“Beyond ready to dance on Friday nights 🙌😍”
When you requested the DJ to play crank dat soulja boy at your middle school dance and you heard "YOOOUUL"
Dance on richard farrell reed regard technician at kuala lumpur: vlrq
You can dance 😳"but i hate dancing in heels all night but they look so sexy and cute, ugh Nic…
Norwich's Leroy Fer was married yesterday and the first dance with his wife is brilliant. You wouldn't expect this!
I wish I could dance but then I remember I suck at it😂
I love it when you dance like there's nobody's there❤️
Bayview dance foundation...picnic in the park..we love our girls
At the reed dance women walk around bare chested and exposed. Middle aged kings can choose teenage girls at such cultural activities.
Looking forward to this Sat's TSDS dance w/ Philadelphia's Chelsea Reed & the Fair Weather Five!
Give the heavens above more than just a passing glance, and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance; I hope you da…
Me and sandwiched a fat girl on the dance floor.. She probably will be telling her grandkids about that one…
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S/o to them Swazi and Zulu girls doing that Reed Dance every year!
You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's…
There's a dance off, a party and a whole heap of telling it like it is. Don't miss tonight's
Why does look like he's just nailed the biggest dance routine of the 21st century?
Joey Reed ROCKS with his style and creativity!
I could've lived my entire life without see Kaifa dance to red nose... thank you
Dance Drawing (ballet). Done with a reed pen and black acrylic ink: htt…
Woke up with this really painful bruise on my knee, its either from dance yesterday or I was abducted by aliens
That awkward moment when you're supposed to be cleaning your room and you put on music and it turns into a dance party for…
We can dance . We can dance . Everybody look at your hands
My first dance at my wedding will be to Drunk in Love
When your dance on point, but you forget your choreography half way.
When you are busy being a *** with your white friends during the year and you forget you have to go to the reed dance in December! LOL
It's a corrupt little Monarchy where the King has an annual reed dance to choose a new virgin bride.
HAPPY NATIONAL DANCE DAY!!! && throwback in the studio last year w aaand
Sally Can't Dance is my new favourite Lou Reed album 😎
When is the 'Reed Dance Ceremony' for Zulu tradition?
Is it wrong that Tchaikovsky's dance of the reed flutes still makes me think Cadbury's fruit and nut? genius
Baby I'm a gangsta too and it takes two to tango you don't wanna dance with me
Kids at the Reed camp are practicing their routines for the dance-off later -JW
Men in high heels can dance better than me, let alone walk in them better than me
KZN, a lot of our money is being spend in this province, Zuma n his king enjoy the wealth of the land more, after royal wed reed dance folow
Swazi virgins performing reed dance for their king, im so going to Swaziland.
I hope his royal majesty will one day extend an invitation for me to join their reed dance celebrations one day.
I play softball but dance is where my heart is 😏
"That awkward moment when you and your sister are chosen to be dance partners in show choir..." 👊😎
>and Reed I think there were a couple of tables of guys sitting here watching the other girls dance. Krystal would take th…
If Obama is to check Swaziland, it will be for the reed dance. Lol
all dis shmoney in my pocket cuz I'm lit... I buss a shmoney dance now she on my *** ..
So how do i get booked to perform at the Reed Dance Virgin Festival in KZN or Swaziland? Cause uh.. Yeah..
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Part of the cutest dance family in the world aw 🙈☺️
My young friend Joey Reed is trying to represent in this competition. Can you please watch him dance & vote?
Please take a minute and vote for Joey Reed in the Vlado Showdown Dance Video Contest. Thank you!!!
I'm going to dance alike this at homecoming
Please vote for Joey Reed on the Vlado Showdown Dance Video contest! jr5960…
Dubstep Phenom Convulsic drops a must get dance track Love Space available on iTunes now
Michael and Casey killing it at the dance!
Attention Sudley Club: the dance will now be held in the back of Reed's car. Thank you.
SQUE! I just got my Proving Paul's Promise ARC! The Reed Brothers Book 5! Happy Dance :) Thank you Tammy Falkner!
TODAY!!. 8:45am with Carmelita Dance Fitness . 5:30pm with Tara Zumba . 6:45pm with Ashley and Tara Piloxing . The...
Happy Birthday Sway!!! We are having a PAR-taaay! And I'm doing the Mary J dance for you!!! xo
Happy Birthday to my fantastic dance partner! ☺️🎉
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Watchin So You Think You Can Dance so that I can learn some moves for when I battle King Ce tonight 😎💁
'Maia Mitchell shot to online fame after a 15 second video, shot by Crystal Reed, featuring her rad dance moves was uploaded'
wow ! its hot in Marlborough at the Wiltshire School Games ! I've met the inspirational Tom Reed GB judo athelete...
Planning your Thursday? Don't forget to fit in a great dance class taught by Dana Reed and accompanied by Rob...
This will be my first time at the reed dance. I'm sooo looking forward to it...
Will be doing workshops that form part of the pre-reed dance preparations this year.
I cried when Chuckie didn't have a mom to dance with
Now that's what I call sleep. Time to face this day with the contained enthusiasm of Jacob Zuma at a reed dance. Good morning
Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed. 'And dance by the light of the monnn...'
So Lou Reed had business savvy. The real surprise is: his biggest hit album was Sally Can't Dance?! via
Denver contributed, but i dont see how thls song and dance hеlps us any.
Wen r you dancing at the Reed dance..gotta see you shake it
Chapter Nineteen: "Jose and Reed left as soon as they'd positioned the shelves where Teri wanted them. She'd...
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Someone I knew had the first dance at their wedding to "Perfect Day" by Lou Reed.
ah Lou Reed's 'Modern Dance'. hitting the spot.
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Falcor taught me how to dance like no one's watching.
Yes, you got me in the palm of your hand girl, 'cause I don't dance
I don't don't dance, but here I am spinning you round and round in circles 🎧🎶
"Zulu Reed Dance i think i need go there one year
i didnt notice Kaelyn Harris earlier 😳 she sooo pretty & can dance her ahh off 😍😁
I really wanna love somebody, I really wanna dance the night away
"Zwelethini's upgrading palace 4 Reed Dance will cost taxpayers R300-mill" Jennifer Anniston is coming! It'll be worth it.
"Life's too short to dance with ugly men" advice from mama reed
Let me get in ur pants no ants but i can make u dance
The NaeNae dance is one of those dances you don't really want to do until you go out somewhere and everybody start doin it.For me at least💃💃
nowplaying Dance of the Reed Flutes - Andr� Previn
"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain" - Ashleigh Reed
lol I will bring you something from here when I come to the Reed dance :)
Stop the murder and abuse of women and girls in Swaziland 18 February 2014 In the run-up to International Women’s Day, 8 March, the Communist Party of Swaziland is urging all Swazi pro-democracy organisations, NGOs and community organisations to denounce the recurrent murders of women and girls in our country, and to demand equal rights for women at all levels of society. Three more women were murdered in separate incidents last weekend (16-17 Feb). Every year, scores of women disappear mysteriously or are killed, and thousands suffer violent attacks, including rape, by men. A few years ago Swazi national David Simelane was convicted of killing 34 women in a reign of terror against women lasting many years. In 2011, an 11 year-old girl with albinism was shot and beheaded. Last year, the mutilated bodies of several women were found. Often the police do not investigate, or even cover up, cases of the disappearance or murder of women and girls. Some of the murders that have become known have probably been ...
Youre like a little Crystal Reed but you dance and dont care so ily
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As long as I get to swing dance & lindy hop, see Machito y sus Afro-Cubanos live, & meet Lou Reed when he's just starting out, I'm good.
I added a video to a playlist Zulu Reed Dance Ceremony
I was stuck taking my sister to dance instead!
we have to have like all of oir research, costume design, music for our solo dance and explanation in a folder for 5th March
Chapter Twenty-Seven: "The few seconds we were silent seemed more like hours. Jose, Teri and Reed seemed intent...
Slick had fun in dance just now. Props to Reliable Reed
Look virginity testing is nothing new e.g The reed dance but this guy who's awarding medals + cash to virgins, I don't know hey!
But let's not penalise him for his indiscretions, it's a good initiative.unlike the Reed Dance, its a great initiative! ☺
Don't crucify him too much, it's his own version of the "Reed dance" i.e. He's looking for a "mother in SA
Dude I mean there are people who check these things, like what do u think happens during the reed dance
Gabby's reaction to seeing the snow on the ground after a whole night of dance was priceless 😂
"I won't dance in a club like this, all the girls are slags and the beer tastes just like ***
So like who wants to watch dance moms with me tonight?
They don't make TV commercials like they used to: Lou Reed stumps for 'Sally Can’t Dance': Via Dangerous Minds...
Reed Dance Ceremony in the Kingdom of Swaziland held on September 2013. The Reed Dance Ceremony is a cultural event in the Kingdom of Swaziland that takes pl...
ANC led by Zuma would rather shelve politics in favour of the young ladies doing more traditional staff - the modern reed dance below. And the ZANC reed dance is supported 100% by the mothers and grandmothers in ZANCWL who're happy to serve men and now their girl children master the art. Gone is the ANCWL of Mama Bertha Gxowa, Ruth Mompati etc.
King Mswati lll GETS HIMSELF KA MOYE King Mswati III of Swaziland, sub-Saharan Africa's last absolute monarch, has chosen an 18-year-old beauty pageant contestant to be his 15th wife.Sindiswa Dlamini was spotted by the 45-year-old monarch as she and thousands of other Swazi maidens danced bare-breasted before him at the annual Reed Dance last month. She was presented, wearing the Swazi royal family's trademark red feathers in her hair, to the general public at an additional Reed Dance in the southern provincial capital, Nhlangano, which was set up to broaden the king's choice from his young female subjects.
Lookn forward 2 August...jst to attend de reed dance 4 de last tym
Planning a Reed dance. Inbox your contacts I have saved enough for Lobola. Ladies only and please fools keep your comments to yourself only ladies who are interested and have the QUALITIES can inbox their contacts for a booking on the ritual.
ppl have had a mouthful of bad things to say about Boity Tulo's nude pic,well i think it's a nice pic with no sexual connotations in it but embraces d beauty of an African woman's body. dis is familiar with what u'd see in a reed dance &nobody calls it taboo! nice BUTT boity!
The Zulu Reed Dance is a highly anticipated annual event. The entire community gathers to support the young Zulu girls in this celebration of their culture. 
Reed custer dont wanna square dance with me
Omg. I don't miss PA... i miss the people. Case in point I'm watching a bunch of white folk country line dance...
listening to dance of the reed pipes and all I can think of is the units song
Why go to the dance when we can have chinese food?
It makes me so happy that some of the people I danced with in high school are now on their college dance teams 😌👯
Congrats to Harvard's dance team for placing 13th at the collegiate nationals in Florida!!! I love you Selena, you deserve it!! 👏👏👯🏆
If an Exeter student goes to church in the morning and then goes to the dance at night, do the two cancel each other out?
Skanking is probably the best form of dance
You can dance circles around everyone today, since you feel li... More for Gemini
The nae nae is the craziest and funnest dance ever
In a loo... With a reed. I see what you did there. Maybe Army On The Dance Floor could get Flula to open. I can't...
My brothers friends are playing Just Dance... This is gonna be good 😂
Am I the only one who does a little happy dance when a new video is out?
In the back seat watching Vince and John sing dance in the front seat to every song 😩
Because nothing brings in the young people like Richard Simmons.
Nae nae dance is for females not dudes
""Got punched in the face by a fat chick just for asking her to dance with me. I can never win"
Sally Cant Dance: Shop for music deals on CDs, MP3 songs and albums, and vinyl records by Lou Reed and more.
Dance of the Reed Pipes Danse des Mirlitons The Nutcracke.mp3
I'm doing a duet dance with a girl named Lucy. She's great, I adore her. Make sure you cheer for her too! Tell Reed not to get slapped.
Front row with my big "Harmony is number one." Sign. Reed want said he would drop me off, or scope out the dance moms.
2012 Umhlanga (Reed Dance) festival at the Royal Village of Ludzidzini, Swaziland
“Despite the amputation, you could dance to a rock ‘n’ roll station. It was all right, It was all right.” – Lou Reed
dont ya worry! Have fun at dance tonight and I'll get a good serving of fried ceiling tiles before my game👍
ON RFA STAGE — Josh Reed flips Dana Glantz around his back during one of the dance numbers they will be singing...
Yes, I am game.,.. Reed Dance, Swaziland this year?
Bill Dance Outdoors: Fishin' with the Stars: Synopsis: Jerry Reed, Mel Tillis, and Tanya Tucker probably didn'...
"It wasn't just empty dance music, it was real songs, and real artistic whole" - Richard Reed Parry describing LCD Soundsystem
Bafana climbing Fifa rankings. Mbaks press release imminent. Plenty of worried-looking adjectives milling around like Reed Dance debutantes.
I said this early this morning, I hope you dance
Is he the Only 1? For 5yrs now. Yet Obama & Democrats play Possum. At this point they R Complicit
Reed singing hit that nae nae dance I'm like is that a new song she say no I'm singing nae nae that song 💀💀💀
shoutout to reed for sticking up for me since Payton doesn't believe that I was at dance 😐
Anyone who thinks dance is easy can kiss my blistered feet
Waiting alone outside Reed Arena for when Teach me how to dougie comes on..really hard to resist the urge to dance right now
Meanwhile I keep dancing Lose yourself to dance
Stop in now for a dance with sexy Willow!.
Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed College after one semester, but audited classes including calligraphy and modern dance.
ATTENTION 💥 who wants to take a free hip hop class with me 2moro at Greathouse of Dance off of Auburn blvd?! It's free if I bring a friend!
“Blacklight dance is less than a week away! Who's ready?!”
Thokazi Mountain Views Self Catering Charlets/ TimeShares for Sale.Up for Grabs! Best Investment and Opportunity never to be missed! Selling like Hot cakes. Only 10 charlets left before construction takes on next month. Price starts from R390 000 with 70 percent ownership. 15 km from Enyokeni Royal Reed Dance and 17 km from Nongoma Town. Inbox me for details .Resort have Wedding Area, Park and picnic area for Eventing and Private Venue Hire, Team Building and Games Centre, Complex for Simplexes etc.Inbox for more info
Is it weird I might have daydreamed about sick dance moves and loled (laughed out loud) in class? If weird means magical, yes.
And if ya need something for the Sadie Hawkins dance, just let me know (:
Fun night of music and dancing! Includes dance instruction session Nov22
Footloose dance kompany looking great on ITV news! So proud to of been apart of the school and had the opportunity to dance in America!
my son used to like them when he was 2 and dance. He's grown out of them now he's 8 though ;) x
"Bayberry kept blowing the pipe for all he was worth. The evil dragon continued dance, squirming and writhing." -the golden reed pipe
As an African, I refuse to justify polygamy without admitting that fornication is prerequisite. Not every man organise reed dance
. Let's go to the reed dance this year, bring a calculator and I bring a pen.
has gone to the Reed Dance in Swaziland to find a wife cc
Representing the culture of Maiden getting ready for the Zulu Reed Dance!
Breaking news - SA President to Marry Indian Bride * It is reported in the New Page Newspaper and the Yellow Pimple Magazine that the South African president is to marry again. It is said that he held a reed dance that was attended by Indians, Africans , Rastafarians an...
Pittsburgh this week. New commission for Reed Dance. Artistic Director- Greer Reed
The annual Royal Zulu Reed Dance opens with the arrival of the Zulu Maidens.
New Development KwaNongoma: Thokazi Mountain Views Wedding Area and Self Catering Charlets. To those who come from Nongoma, Ulundi, Vryheid, Phongola, there's no need to get married in far areas. There is a new wedding area being developed not far away from Thokazi Royal Lodge. The place will be devine with the look of things. It will cater for garden weddings, lapor weddings,mountain chapel wedding n hv entertainment area. It also have self catering chalets. The development has started n bookings will be taken as from August 2014.if you want to book your space for Reed Dance, Weddings/Private Parties etc inbox me. Its 18 km from Nongoma Town
"Zulu King is a great advocate of celibacy before marriage," etv Reed Dance documentary.
Happy Reed Dance ceremony [to all from the Kingdom of Swaziland.
You coming down next week for the Reed dance?
hey, did u find out whn the reed dance is? Bathi 9 days frm now
I haven't attended the reed dance in Nongoma in a while. Glad to be attending this year.
The Zulu Reed Dance, also known as uMkhosi Womhlanga, takes place nine days from now at Nyokeni Royal Palace in Nongoma, KZN.
Me and my Mini Me! The faculty of Reed Dance Intensive calls Imara "Little Crystal" 😃 u_kno_its_me…
IN THE NEWS: Getting ready for annual reed dance.
Nine days to go to the annual Reed Dance festival, also known as uMkhosi Womhlanga. Tourists love this traditional festival.
I wanna go to the reed dance in Swaziland :-(
His Majesty, the King, . Cordially invites MR (AUTHOR ) SABELO to attend an annual Reed Dance Ceremony. (Great...
Maybe. I'm sure there's a sesotho word also. Zulus have the reed dance. There must be a word for virgin in their vocab.
Are you ready for Swaziland Rally & reed dance?. Surprisingly my head spins when I think about the ride. . Born to Ride!. Uno Para EL Paseo!
African Tribes Hidden Secret Life Reed Dance Ceremony video virgin girls from Swaziland
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African Tribes Hidden Secret Life 2013 Umhlanga or Reed dance Ceramony at the Queens village
Think ill skip the reed dance, that place has bad memories
I thought my machine will be ready today. Next week is Swaziland Rally and reed dance, and bikers know what does that mean!
I've seen chris reed dance with a japanese businessman. Life is complete
Iv never been so just this once. Reed dance
White people have no business commenting on the Reed dance!!! Shut up nje
Thank you to all the dancers from Reed Dance Intensive for making my 2 weeks in Pittsburgh a blast! From teaching...
Reed dance weekend special: Free Entrance to the first 50 guests in traditional attire for Sibebe Friday Night...
Swaziland: The dates of the Reed Dance 2013 have been announced
Reed Dance Intensive performance is starting now!
More comrade, I'm going to Swaziland on the 30th tot die 1st! Biker Rally and Reed dance!
Now I can get to attend the Zulu reed dance and stand a chance to be chosen as Zwelithini's 45th wife...
We will see u at the Zulu reed dance in KZN...
next time man come to Nongoma to rock after party of the Reed dance!!!
I liked a video Reed Dance Ceremony_slide_1 (720p_6M)
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Had lots of friends in KZN who did the Reed Dance,they had anal with their partners.Till today,as sexually active ladies,they…
That is sad. But let's also talk about great things in StoRox like Greer Reed Dance on Sunday! We're moving forward...
I ask Group 2 why should people come see Reed Dance Intensive performance on Sunday!
It's settled!!! I'm going to the next Reed Dance in Swaziland!!! All those who don't get chosen by the *** Mswati!!!
Swaziland - The Reed Dance - where the king choses a new 'wife' every year. Volunteer in Swaziland.
, 1.Are you ready for 50 questions? oml help me 2.Do you miss your last relationship?Not really 3.Have you ever been cheated on?Yesh 4.Who do you usually goof around with in chats? Reed & Paige 5.What's your favouriye number?2 6.Do you have any celebritys that lnspire you?Yeah 7.Do you feel not pretty at times?Defwnetly yea 8.who do you help most when they're feeling down? Madison 9.What's your favourite show? Dance moms and Teen wolf.. 10.Do you have any scars?ldk 11.Who has most swag? Jordyn 12.What's your favourite type of dance?Lyrical l guess 13.If you can meet 3 people who would lt be? Mackenzie Ziegler, Reed,& Paige 14.Did you enjoy your last day of school? Kind of 15.who laughs a lot? Poohbaer 16.So you do drugs?NO!! 17.Are you lazy?lt depends.. 18.Have you ever felt violated?ldrk 19.What's your dream job? Actress and lf not ,dance teacher and lf not then a nurse.. 20.Any birthdays today?Uh yeah.My granfathers 21.Had you ever cheated on any of your bf/gf?Nope 22.what's your favourite face? :* 23. ...
The 2010 edition of Umkhosi woMhlanga (Reed Dance) took place on Saturday 11 September 2010.More than 26 000 Zulu maidens turned out for Saturday’s dance held at King Goodwill Zwelithini?s eNyokeni Palace at KwaNongoma. The maidens, led by Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini’s daughters, came from various parts of South Africa and beyond its borders for the Umkhosi woMhlanga . The colourful event was attended? by President Jacob Zuma, Zulu prime-minister and IFP leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi, Premier Zweli Mkhize, Zululand municipality’s Blessed Gwala, traditionalists and a number of celebrities, including Siyabonga Thwala who plays Paul Mashaba in the Generations soapie. WONDERS SHALL NEVER END.
All that's left is to dance my way to the top.
Photo: Maidens at the traditional reed dance celebrations in southern Africa. These look like zulu maidens...
I just used to tag The Nutcracker: Dance Of The Reed Pipes by Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra & Gennady Rozhdestvensky.
O raya nna ke shapa reed dance nyana? I'm cool. That man doesn't deserve the good things he's got.
my friend just played "I want to dance with somebody" and I don't think it's fair to play it without you around!
Mazembe has also lined up the sexiest of prostitutes 2 frequent Pirates' hotel rooms with the enthusiasm of Mswati at a Reed dance gathering
in our own way yes...but if I throw a dance party I get more friends
Supposedly dance parties get you more friends!
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it is the worst thing I have seen since I watched Rasheed dance
"lool Guy you dey dance oo moves soore
Ha ha ha ha ha the funniest thing I've ever done neg: there's a fat girl me: let's go dance with her ha ha ha ha funniest dance off EVER
"Reed what was going through your mind on that dance floor"- Daniel "Idk man I think it was the power of Satan"-
When normal people hear the song Teach me how to Dougie, they think of the dance. Yea well when I hear it I think of Dougie Hamilton.
True. The words rarely dance off the page, in the little I've read by him. (Lost my copy of Prayer when halfway through…)
Sent 'Coming Down' to John Reed who si putting together Scared To Dance boxset. He was interested in using it - but had no contact
Barb Kibler + Butch Reed's music equal a great Dance Eclectic Can't wait to see the whole show tonight!
your Gangnam Style dance skills are impeccable.
"Food for thought - R33 million for Mswati's 45th birthday Soon he will eat sushi at the reed dance#
You make me wanna dance you make me wanna sing you make me wanna let it all out and let the world see who I am - who I am by Erin reed (:
OOoh if Reed's giving me attitude she can walk to dance class.
Inspired by I've had the best dance partners this year also with him, and
Lets just dance, watch my feet, follow me.
just wana be drunk n dance and flirt and cry at seana baby and grind on everyone fml I'm cryin
I favorited a video from Tchaikovsky - Nutcracker: Dance Of The Mirlitons (Reed Flutes)
Bri shut up ill school you in dance.
The African reed dance is a way of displaying suitable brides to royalty in some cultures. How do u feel about this?
"Bout to hit the club and dance like a stripa" lol that song get any female hype
O batla go ea "Whens the Swaziland reed dance taking place?
Whens the Swaziland reed dance taking place?
Memorized Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy! ^_^ Need to work on The Reed Pipes next! ♥
" Goodbye & good reed dance." ~ King Mswati to the maidens after the ceremony.
These were the 4 questions posed to me by a journalist last Tuesday and underneath are my answers. Hope it clears what my feelings are on this subject 1. What are your thoughts and feelings about girls being arrested for wearing short skirts? 2. According to Namibian Police Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga, wearing shorts and mini skirts is considered unAfrican. In light of African cultures like the San, the Himba and ceremonies like the Reed Dance and Olufuko, which feature women scantily dressed, do you think women wearing revealing clothing can be considered unAfrican? 3. Wearing revealing clothing has been linked to being an encouragement for rape. What are you thoughts on this? 4. Lastly, have Namibian women become too revealing in our clothing choices, and is this the reason for the response from the police, which comes, seemingly out of the blue. If so, what should be done about this issue - besides arrests and public pressure? 1. Police have a responsibility to enforce the law which in this c ...
Wrecked the replay on MASSIVE new unsigned hit Dance Druggie! Thx to his manager
So why they in the club and do my dance on ya d*** and instantly thought about jasmine reed lol
Please keep staring at me haters, I love. TO DANCE
Grinding goes down as one of the most awkward dance moves ever
Today I was a 'distinguished guest' at Walter Reed.
Doing our old cheering routines on the dance floor! 😂😂
Dayum, those new songs are so sexy and make me wanna dance! Ayo and Sing for me, great!
hey I'm just fine with reed but I'll dance just as much for woodson...u can keep him of we get reed lol
Got good seats for Dead Can Dance. And pretty good seats for Lou Reed.
Aj is playing bandz make her dance. why
Lets think about this. Edmodo,Grhs Exposed, & a bomb threat. Barely no punishment. Organizing an inncocent dance mob, all *** breaks loose.
Bosco dance was from 6 to 11 :30 it was tun up .
The grey goose is calling my name "Reed dance on a table this weekend. Get crazy." Well if you say so. :)
Those Harlem shake videos aren't really of the dance that came out a long time ago.
and I sharing an awkward pose before the 8th grade Spring Dance
you think i have time? No i work part time and have school work plus ballet, track cross country dance cheerleading. And i ...
There are just some songs you can't help but dance to.
Lol Dance is from 6 to 11:30 it going to be tun up .
Gonna play just dance and then I will bake that cake for Cara! Ok bye!! I hope you all had a great valentines day!!
Perfect Day - Lou Reed, first dance song at my wedding
But if we are going to have a Valentines day then we should have a 'reed dance' a week or two before. To choose our partners
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Life's a dance you learn as you go sometimes you lead sometimes you follow
Please be a delay. Everyone sleep w ur pajamas inside out, put the spoon under ur pillow, and do the snow dance thingy.
I respect all women sports expect dance team, that's just a bunch of girls trying to look hot, I can get the same experience on brazzers
...and then there's this Saturday night. Let's Dance!!! Nick Reed, Chad Attak Smith, Nathan Haws, James...
A very BIG thanks to Rachel Kuczynski and Alvon Reed for an outstanding performance last night. You guys are amazing!
Still love Neil's Americano dance want to learn it for our wedding
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