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Reece Davis

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|| Kida. Reece. Kris. Sam. Kat. Davis. Those are the people I can remember by name.
Reece got me tickets for passing math & i've honestly never been happier ❤️
Leave it to Reece Davis to ask for a food processor for Christmas 😅
Just pals? Sam Reece hit the town with Love Island stunner Jessica Hayes at the Miss Swimsuit U…
yea he loved it, Allen is as Reece Davis said "a petulant child" about it
Reece Davis just called him a petulant child on ESPN.
Did anybody else just watch Williams Greenberg and Reece Davis completely destroy Grayson Allen. Whoa. Well deserve…
Jay Williams, Reece Davis and Seth Greenberg just annihilated Grayson Allen and Coach K! There is a God 🙏
Geez... grown men in Jay Williams and Reece Davis talking about Grayson Allen like that? And who is childish?
That bald dude just flat out put Reece Davis in his place! And rightfully so! Reece was making excuse for ...
Reece Davis just RIPPED into Greyson Allen. Called him a "petulant toddler" on ESPN. Well done, Reece.
Reece Davis was about to throw a tantrum when Greenburg started talking about only Dook getting away with that
Sorry not Fowler, it was Reece Davis. Someday I'll be able to tell those 2 apart.
Reece Davis and ESPN crew are ripping Grayson Allen & Coach K.
So you honestly think being a grad makes a source? Man you are better than this. Reece Davis is a grad.
Sam Reece smoulders as he displays his sculpted six pack
That pass from Davis for the second Southampton goal:
Which of the 2 last 4 AL Davis picks survive the cuts.I think Seabass and Condo stay.Reece and/or Jones?
Just received my official scholarship in the mail today from UC Davis
Showed up to the shoot today and saw al my boos! Kiki Baker Toya Nicole Bridney Davis Andie Reece JeDiva...
ah, I see. Has there been a drop off with Reece? . We're gonna face same thing w/ DL & RB. Knile Davis as a 4th RB won't stick
I'm convinced the only reason Marcel Reece is still on the team is because he hangs with Mark Davis
11 actresses who could play Angela Davis in her upcoming biopic
Steph Davis pregnant and single? Was it really worth that break up with sam reece over jeremy 🙄😅
He'd know about betrayal himself it appears. Give it a rest.
Stephen Bear's girlfriend to hook up with Stephanie Davis' ex after public CBB dumping?
Thank god for Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Viola Davis they were great
They like all four TE's... Reece probably gone. But he's Mark Davis' wingman, so he'll be all right
She cannot act. Compared to Margot Robbie & Viola Davis she looked like she had no acting experience at all.
Will Smith and Margot Robbie carried the Suicide Squad team. Viola Davis nailed Amanda
Sam Reece and Taylor Ward plan their first romantic getaway: Stephanie Davis is in the midst of a b...
no runs scored going to bottom 4th. Reece Davis has only allowed three LNC batters on base so far
So proud of and for playing their hearts out last night! Great season guys! Stand Proud
So proud of the CSD Lacrosse team! What an amazing group of young men!!
Missing person Reece Davis 23 has now been found. Thank you to everyone for your help and RT's
Police release new image of 'violent' hospital absconder: Reece Davis, 23, was last seen at abo...
BECKENHAM: Reece Davis (23) has absconded from detention for mental health issues. Has a violent offending history.
EB’s Davis and Lankford share county player of week: East Burke’s Reece Davis and Alexis Lankford are The New...
Police in reiterate appeals for absconder Reece Davis. Call 999 - do not approach
Sam Reece looks smitten with new model girlfriend (who has a reality star mum!)
I noticed that sam reece new girlfriend is the double image of stephannie davis I could never go for a fell that looked like my ex
Sam Reece's new girlfriend, Taylor Ward, is the spitting image of Stephanie Davis [Taylor Ward ... Shopping Gift C…
Did you notice THIS about Sam Reece's new girlfriend?
Sam Reece looks smitten with new girlfriend Taylor (after avoiding Stephanie Davis run-in)
Sam Reece whisks girlfriend to Mr Manchester after Stephanie Davis swerve...
Sam Reece and Taylor Ward put on a loving display at Miss Manchester via
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Sam Reece whisks new girlfriend to Mr Manchester after being swerved by Stephanie Davis: . The hunky model was all smiles after being...
Jay Williams just called Michigan State 'Michigan' twice in the same sentence. Reece Davis then had to correct him.
Reece Davis, Doris Burke, Jay Bilas, Hubie Brown and Mike Breen should handle as much of ESPN's NBA broadcasting dutie…
Reece Davis says to RICHT "let's get Miami, back in this college football playoff mix" AMEN!
Reece Davis just went all John Sterling on the Duke TD!
Wow. Head Ball Coach retires. Agree with Reece Davis, not surprised it was this season, but timing seems off. Didn’t he do this with Wash.?
Reece Davis is like the Trey Wingo of College football on ESPN
Tuscaloosa AL, Bama/Ole Miss, Reece Davis homecoming, No Katy Perry, "Where are they now?" story on Bo Wallace
ESPN's College Football Final just isn't the same without Reece Davis, Mark May and Lou Holtz. Not liking the new format.
» Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis on a PDA-filled lunch date with Sam Reece
Joe Tessitore on Thursday Night football is great news. Perfect replacement to Reece Davis.
Reece Davis to take over for Chris Fowler on College Gameday:
...I know this sounds like a job for Chris Fowler or Reece Davis, but I would prefer neither of them are involved.
Man maybe its the lag but it seems like Reece Davis has Jeff Long struggling for answers
"I'm really mad, cause I know the answer to one of them but I don't know how to spell it" -Taylor Davis
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
“Women crush Wednesday goes to our very own, Brooke Davis. She is absolute perfection.
Really Reece Davis? You feel worse about FSU after they beat Notre Dame but feel better about Notre Dame than you did before the game?
y is that your ESPN colleagues expect FSU to dominate every team? Reece Davis more impressed w/my Irish now than the
Reece Davis responding to Lou Holtz is the same way I respond to my 18 month old.. Yup, huh.. Uh huh.. Yup
if he can get ten and deandre Hopkins can get 10 and Vernon Davis gets shut down I'll be gucci👌
Congrats to who has been cast in Are you excited for the new movies?
Watching that drive shows you why Austin Davis broke so many of 's records at Southern Mississippi
I've seen more in Austin Davis these first 7 weeks than I've ever seen in Sam Bradford
Austin Davis should get a chance to start next year, even if the Rams draft a QB
I hope so. I heard ESPN heard about the possible protest this time and Reece Davis made a peace offering w/ the crowd before
I wonder if Reece Davis got us confused with Being part of Virginia again???
Running ESPN joke: Reece Davis feeds Lou huge spoonful of peanut butter just before going back on air.
Why couldn't I have a dad as cool as Jonathan Davis man, such a great guy 😭
Hokie fans are disgusted and tired of poor coaching and recruiting Reece Davis.
Isnt hilarious that Reece Davis talked about their "Home field advantage" when they showed all those empty yellow seats.
I have always wonder about Reece Davis since he covered auto racing.
Pitt is most definitely not playing WVU tonight Reece Davis!
How you gom call me havin side conversations ReeCe Outofugk Davis
Boris Johnson has been to the Claude Davis school of defending... NO PRISONERS!
Rams third string quarterback yes THIRD STRING QUARTERBACK Austin Davis is a better qb that geno smith and its not even c…
Rashard Higgins getting some love from Reece Davis!
Reece Davis is a much better anouncer than Fowler. Fowler should stick to the studio.
Reece Davis actin like we lost already
Reece Davis is the only reason to watch college football final. Mark May is a DB, & Lou Holtz is OLD!
Reece Davis says that this is only the second time in the AP poll history that 4 of top 6 lose on same day.
a Even when Reece Davis tried to correct him he did it again! When are they going to fire that guy?
Lolol at lou for calling Ameer Muhammad like 4 times after Reece Davis corrected him.
dude did it twice, even after being corrected by Reece Davis
Twice! What an *** And Reece Davis corrected him both times.
Lou Holtz called Abdullah "Ameer Muhammad" twice now even after Reece Davis corrected him. Cmon man
Reece Davis: "There is not a rich and storied history in Starksville." Ouch
Reece Davis just shut up. Sorry you don't have any prepared for Zona winning
Oh please Reece Davis. That unsportsmanlike won't cost Oregon any national title. just aren't good enough to run the table.
Reece Davis's time to shine. He brought the boom with his references
Reece Davis just now: Scooby looks a little Shaggy right now.
"Look at Scooby. Looks a little shaggy there." - Reece Davis
Scooby looks shaggy, wow what a call by Reece Davis.
good grief Reece Davis tried to jinx the AZ kicker
Reece Davis is into announcing asphyxiation. Breathe, man!
'It'll be second down and ten' oh Reece Davis. 😂
Thank you Wade Davis. I now have no hair! I pulled it all out during the 8th inning!
Reece Davis made 0 deal of the punt the AZ QB had downed at the 1-yard line.
Reece Davis is better at calling games than Chris Fowler. Be honest
I turned it to football for 2 seconds and that was enough time to hear Reece Davis say the words "Arizona...showin that D"
Chris Fowler, Chris Berman, Reece Davis, and Ernie Johnson Jr. are great hosts. They can't do play-by-play.
The killers of Jordan Davis and Reneisha McBride are doing hard time. I'd call that progress.
“The Oregon Ducks unveil pink uniforms that they’ll wear to support breast cancer awareness
you can throw Reece Davis in that grouping as well. I tend to like Fowler a bit more. EJ is more like Reece in my mind
Hats for the game Friday. See me if you want one
"this pictures look like something that happens at SGC
ISS isn't that bad. Atleast I get to practice my paper basketball.
"...and Reece is just sitting there watching" -Davis
im not sure I believe that! I read that Davis is really displeased with the use if Marcel Reece & thats on Olson
thanks for having Reece Davis on today. It was telling how he kind of danced around your Clemson question. Golden
Davis and Crab was all he had. Not that much better than Bowe and Fasano
Davis has big problem with Reece not being used. Feels Reece is A plus player and not being used. Davis is very upset
Per Source: Marcel Reece personally spoke to Mark Davis about the situation. Davis relies on Reece for the vibe in locker room
And Reece Davis said Saturday night that Todd Gurley was in a league of his own.
ESPN's Reece Davis on Gurley, "they got the best running back in America, with all due respect to the others great one…
Reece Davis says Butch Jones could get his "long-awaited signature victory"? Uh... South Carolina? Number 11 in the nation??
Reece Davis said Abdullah won't win the heisman, but no one will have a better heisman moment... WHAT?!?
Reece Davis: "We all know Abdullah won't win the Heisman this year."
espn'a Reece Davis just said Amir Abdullah won't win the heisman? I did not know votin had closed already
Amir Abdullah is already counted out for the heisman by Reece Davis?
to quote Reece Davis "And that is why they are Iowa State."
Reece Davis: "Another MAC team taking on a power conference team, but I use the word power loosely because we're speaking of Purdue."
"I use Power-5 loosely when talking about Purdue" -Reece Davis making more enemies
tens across the board. What I want to know is where Reece Davis got the wine
"...the most most repressive anti-immigrant detention legislation in the US was drafted by private- prison companies". ~ …
Two changes for Stow tonight, Reece Ingram and Carl Widdowson come in for Remell Davis and Baden Holmes.
Why is Reece Davis calling football games
Reece Davis keep having to explain the rules to him also.
“Oh come on, you cant run against stacked lines.”-- Reece Davis trolls Duke like he has any hope with this play calling & OL play
I feel Reece Davis was just trolling us! Much more competitive tonight.
Reece Davis better watch his step. There was a lot of crap just unloaded in the booth.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Has Reece Davis aged a day in the last 20 years? I hope I look that good when I'm in my late 40's
Rece Davis calling his mom at the bottom 😂😂😂 luv yu Reece
Good thing this USA/Turkey game is being played in Spain, because what Anthony Davis is doing to Turkey right now is il…
"Something to be remember about Georgia, They have Todd Gurley and you don't" YES Reece Davis YES
ESPN's Reece Davis - "Dabo & Clemson fans are asking when is that guy going to go the NFL"?
Thanks Reece. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Reece Davis only has a tiny speech impediment in the way he says his L's but I still can't listen to him without mocking everything he says
Reece Davis of ESPN will be in Durham on a Thursday Night for the nationally televised UNC at Football game.
The jury is still out on this years team. Cut to Reece Davis on leadership and it's effect of success. Cut is on the David
Tim Howard wouldn't let this happen, just sayin
Following Was the best thing i have ever done omfg 😂😂
lol I'm just now waking up to this but I guess I'm going skating lol
lol naww not unless boss man is down in skating which I've never seen that happen lol so y'all are good
I think I can get y'all in unless boss man is up there
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I'll make amber do a couple laps lol
yay(: hehe I go in at two and we close at 8 tonight
I could eat Taco Bell for the rest of my life.
"I don't play butt darts, I'm into the ladies."
you know yall have to come see me. Lol
Negative emotions are more contagious than positive ones.
If I had a dollar for everytime I looked at booty
"What seems to be the officer, problem?"
"Is it nasty that I'm eating without washing my hands" -Me "Katlyn, you have a dread.." -Reece
I don't have to work today and I'm still up at 8?
Bruh I hate not being able to stay out late..
I love you so much mo. Shelley Reece Davis
"Is your refrigerator running? So is Wendy Davis." -Reece Leonard campaigning for Wendy Davis.
""Come with us" They said. "It'll be fun" They said. this is me when I'm with
no it went like this. . Davis: that's d-i-x. Reece- oh *starts erasing* . You weren't even there get it right 😂
"What do you do when you're faced with adversity?" Overcome it and become stronger.
Ambition leads to success. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just close minded.
Being negative gets you no where and does nothing but hurt yourself.
Reece Davis, Derrick Brooks, Tiki Barber, *** Enberg among those at the Academic Hall of Fame Ceremony.
Tim's to your spider
If u fart with headphones on...did it make a sound?
Goal:155 lbs. When school starts back.
where do I buy steroids since you do them?
That's true but it's still better than arm day😼
There is always the one that got away.
:" I hate when people don't answer the phone" me too
I hate when people don't answer the phone.
well you better be throwing them up or something because I need my hot wings.
Things you are unable to do after Leg Day. 1. Walk. 2. Sit down on in the toilet. 3. Sit down in general. 4. Stand up. 5. Mo…
because we both like OF, that means we are destined to be together.
that was before I clocked in turd hush
Anthony Davis has made $10,520,040 in the last 2 years. For real.
Well...hope my fellow race runners got more sleep than I did.Marcos Gonzalez.Alejandro Cruz...Carla ...Tim Davis Fredy Solorzano
I was supposed to die last night...and I'm not even sure if I'm happy to be here today..
Aaron Hernandez bout to be released from prison before Manziel gets drafted smh
Facing your demons will only make you a better person.
I haven't gotten in bed at a decent time at all this week. 😣
I don't know why it said Davis but I'm back on in I'm a Reece from Fresno California but if you want to see my next fight I
Mark Davis asked if Raiders have foundational players. 'That's hard to say,' he replies before citing Marcel Reece. htt…
Me and Raquan talking.. Me: bro omg . Raq: what?. Me: my nose bleeding . Raq: aww you probably got the Ernie Davis thing going on. smh
I swear this show makes me want to light myself on fire!
he just picked up a gun & on the previews he was pointing it at his mom!?¿!!!
Take care has got me messed up right now..
I dropped a big bucket of water in the middle of the kitchen..
I like rap and hate pickles. And my thoughts are "I want to go to sleep." My favorite thing to do is eat and sleep.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
I heard they got a free crack give away in jackson
get a job... You'll never be bored then...
idk specifically. But there were a lot of cars at the school
I can either be the nicest or meanest person you will ever meet.
Sorry it had to end that way but honesty would have saved the day.
Tried to be nice but I don't care. No skin off my knuckles.
ESPN College Game Day with Reece Davis, Jay Bilas, Donny Prater and the infamous Digger Phelps!!!
ESPN's Reece Davis just conducted a one of a kind interview with Coach Boeheim and Coach K. 1,914 combined wins. Catch it on ESPN GameDay
Reece Davis looks like a man who CANNOT be trusted..
Me and Reece Davis! Cool guy. We had a conversation about the MS winter storm lol
Reece Davis must've took Florida with that last comment.. Lol
Bobby Knight and Reece Davis are just repeating everything from the last game. Need new announcers for their next game please
I normally like Reece Davis but he keeps leading Knight along with his boring *** stories.
Bob Knight raving about Bailey Howell and Reece Davis says MSU has a very good basketball program.
Marcel Reece is a true Raider. Reppin the late Al Davis at the pro bowl
I miss Reece davis so much like no one even understands that little girl could easily put a smile on my face
because I was gone during most of the lessons and I don't understand it.
Guess who is failing the precal quiz tomorrow? Me..
Jimmy *** is a pretty darn good studio analyst. I'd like to see a studio crew of Greenberg, Jay Williams, *** and Reece Davis.
"ily7ever" please stop. You sound like tabitha.
"if you like OF it just makes you so much more attractive" AMEN
I don't want to graduate high school.
It amazes me how people are so materialistic.
"You're the only one I want, nobody else." 😘😉
Last week, Reece Davis said the Michigan state fans were doing the "Yes chant with arms up in the air."
The first season of Attack on Titan was Epic when is the second season coming out? Anyone know? Adam Neary, Mayo Ogundipe, Reece Davis, Darwin Nixon anyone?
If I save your number then consider yourself special.
Thot pages are irrelevant lol. I forgot they existed.
I know *** people, and I love them just as much as I love others. Do I believe what they do is right? No, but I love t…
Also during Reece Davis & his updates - TURN OFF THE CROWD NOISE in if there's to be one
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Thank you based god Oregon broke that 5 game losing streak!
I don't see what is so interesting about the grammys..
I love mixtapes. It's someone else's thought process on the same rhythm. It amazes me how people think differently.
and you have only heard the mainstream mac. I listen to more than mac too.
I listen to more than one direction?? It's not strictly them. and you've only heard their mainstream songs? Ffs
you listen to one direction. Atleast mac miller has meaning.
you know one artist that I listen to? You listen to Mac miller you can't talk
Paraphrasing Reece Davis "teams that can't score don't make it far in March" - Um thnx unless you have the best D in the nation...
That was the weirdest phone call I ever recieved.
Thanks to ESPN's Reece Davis I can't watch NCAA BB anymore.chucklehead just spent five minutes butchering basic meteorological concepts and terms explaining how the "Polar Vortex" is affecting the games today.
Awesome homecoming last night! Lots of work & great fun displayed! We are very blessed with a super group of kids & faculty, athletic boosters, young & old fans, scorekeepers, and a facility to hold a large crowd! Great job to our cheerleaders, ball teams, Reece Davis, and our little crown carriers:) Past & present queens & candidates, along with escorts, you all looked beautiful! I am proud to be a Walnut Grove Tiger Mom, and alumni!
Reece Davis your dinner is ready.. :)
Pleased to announce Micky Jefferson and Reece Davis will manage the Under 15s team next season.
Just heard Reece Davis call Louisville and Connecticut 2 long term conference rivals. I guess by AAC standards we are Lol!
Reece Davis just told the worst joke.asked if they sold horse.then says as the punch line...coz I could eat a reece :$
I got ReeCe Davis blanket and I'm not givin it up
I just walked walked through the press conference room, and Tom Rinaldi and Reece Davis were just sitting there talking. I love this place.
Reece Davis: " So Manziel spins, runs, jumps on the back of his lineman...gets out of that..what is that?" Jesse Palmer: " It's triangle button!!"
Who would like to see Reece Davis smack Jesse Palmer and put duct tape over his mouth?
Mr. DAVIS, D.A has not used talent he has or had. McFadden, ford, reece, palmer, pryor. ect. D.A killed the offense & D=awful
I could watch we're the millers a million times and it would never get old
we should bring them in when we come back to school and show Reece :'D
People need to answer their phones..
Ive been telling Reece for a few hours now that I'm on my way. -Procrastination
You know what's the worst part of Bowl Week? Not Lou "Elmer Fudd" Holtz or Reece Davis, but the Samuel Jackson commercials for Capital One.
Since reece davis was talkin bout todd graham im suprised he hasnt left for another job yet lol job might be open look out lol
Reece Davis just talked about CTG being the sheriff since Norvell is his deputy and he said "high octane law enforcement." GENIUS!
how good is Reece Davis is at his job, that he works with those two clowns and holds it together.
I feel bad for Reece Davis. Mark May and Lou Holtz are an incredible handicap for a studio host/show driver to overcome. Unwatchable.
Reece Davis: "sounds like all that's left is the official announcement." What do you mean?
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Reece Davis says Notre Dame looked very good against Rutgers. Louisville won by nearly the same score and "struggled.
Except for Reece Davis. He also corrected Lou Holton which area has the better recruiting base.
Surely can find a better pregame crew than Mark May, Lou Holtz and Reece Davis.
Sorry.ESPN's Reece Davis said SCHEDULE was horrific.and it gives you pause how Louisville will play tonight.
Sounds like Reece Davis is the only one who knows what he’s talking about.
Reece Davis seems dumbfounded at May and Holtz right now.
Wow... Lou Holtz.. Reece Davis is the only sane one. I feel bad for him
Reece Davis do you understand yet that Dook is 0and2 vs top 25 and when we are watching UNC football no one cares
Why is Reece Davis sitting on the right and Mark May on the left?
I am trying to understand y during the UNC bowl game I just got attacked by Reece Davis about Jabari Parker beating E Mich
Sorry, but Reece Davis didn't say anything untrue.
Reece Davis just mentioned our terrible schedule. Drink!
Yep. and Reece Davis is outstanding, too.
Reece Davis was talking about my family before the pinstripe bowl! I'm famous
ESPN's Reece Davis blew off last night saying we had the worst schedule of all AQ teams.
I hate it when the top play on ESPN is hockey.. like who watches hockey around here.
Most of the time I think is the only person who truly understands me.
The most underrated rapper is papoose.
That's the best Reece Davis has sounded in years.
Had the best dream ever this morning! Kept hitting snooze to get back to it. Was sitting down with Chris Fowler and Reece Davis talking college football. It was intense!
Wendy Davis Just how special is Reece for the Raiders?, Conference Ca. Watch Hot Girls at
hey I'm in Jackson... Thanks for the compliment
Did anyone else not sleep last night because of leg cramps?
I know. Image how funny halo would be
They need to make delusional Thomas music videos
“Who in their right mind eats chocolate and peanut butter together 😆😷” that's called a Reece's.
No, Bammer gives them the "15" helmet, and Reece Davis is a UAT graduate. Done yet?
"Listening to Rap God while wrapping presents."
Sounds like Levy mediating b/tw Dr. Lou and May Day. Reece Davis on injured reserve??
I hope you're proud of me, of who I grew to be.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I hate how when I laugh my eyes make me look like a Chinese person
forget the Bacon lol go buy microwave bacon at Walmart
it is when you hit up the dollar menu :P
I'll die before I let that happen...Wendy's not cheap
I will just steal your food and drop you off in the middle of no where.
35 year anniversary impressions are priceless. Seth Greenberg, Bruce Pearl and Reece Davis nail it Congrats Baby!
And now Reece Davis is saying about Robert and Itavius should be ejected. These commentators couldn't be more *** to us right now
So what's worse: 1. Watching a nationally televised game and listening to the commentator's discuss a new Illinois coach; 2. At halftime Reece Davis calls Illinois football "historically awful", 3. Catching yourself in the second half actually yelling at the TV when Hyde continues to run through holes as big as my waist...(ie "HUGE"); 4. With 5 minutes left in the game still hoping that the score can be close enough that Ohio State loses enough votes to let either Stanford, Baylor or both pass them; or 5. Almost an hour later still dreaming about a Beckman vs. Cubit cage match!!! Yeah it might be all of the above but the last is the only reason to watch the last two games...this just might be me but I think Beckman is starting to look like a older Rowdy Roddy Piper and maybe its the camo hat but Cubit looks like Sgt. Slaughter. Guess that means that Thomas would have to be the Big Boss Man and come in to break things up, or be Eric Bischoff or Jimmy Hart and promote the fight to see if they could draw mor ...
It would behoove Reece Davis, Jesse Palmer, and David *** to watch the Stanford/Utah game. Utes manhandled the Cardinal for 3 quarters.
yeah, Reece Davis is pretty good analysis. Jesse and David give good players views.
ok well lets send it back to Reece Davis, Reece?
Misery of a season. Thanks Reece Davis, you are absolutely right!!
I really thought Reece Davis was going to deadpan that Miami touchdown to take the lead.
Reece Davis sounds like he was just informed that his dog and Mother were killed...ITS GREAT! TO BE!
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