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Redistribution of Wealth

Redistribution of wealth is the transfer of income, wealth or property from some individuals to others caused by a social mechanism such as taxation, monetary policies, welfare, charity, divorce or tort law.

Pope Francis Bernie Sanders Climate Change

Not debating the skills of these great men. Govt's must relook income, wealth & corporate tax & redistribution.
yes, which backs up the claim that giving away/redistribution of wealth can be good for all. Not just poor.
I'm no math wizard, but those figures make such an easy and clean case for the redistribution of wealth...
is the key challenge of our times.. Eight billionaires 'as rich as world's poorest half'
Good deed!? Who do you think paid for the bad loans. This is redistribution of wealth to liberal students who will…
The most serious problem ahead is the redistribution of wealth complicated by
Redistribution of wealth is not the way to prosperity.
Calling for massive redistribution of wealth is conservative
So all the sudden you support redistribution of wealth?
you know one thing I learned about communists is whenever they get into power there is ALWAYS redistribution of wealth thr tax
Just not in the class-centric redistribution of wealth thru govt.
I am unequivocally a supporter of wealth redistribution.
"There is a different way of doing markets, w solidarity, cooperation, with redistribution of wealth."
So, with your ignorance, how is that fair redistribution of wealth coming?…
Goodnight all. Here's to a massive redistribution of the worlds wealth overnight so we don't *have* to go work tomo…
Something the Liberals never say. Anyways it is not about climate, it is about the redistribution of wealth.
The climate scaremongers' SCAM is a major disgrace. All about "wealth redistribution". AND putting our money in the p…
how brave of you. And all the other outrageous taxes associated with the redistribution of wealth aka / ACA
In DW's America, there is no redistribution of food wealth.
ACA is not health care. It is a mass redistribution of wealth. And is negatively impacting millions of Americans!
I promise to watch tonight. There will always be the need for some redistribution of wealth unless we want 2b cold & heartless.
I'm all for redistribution of wealth. Spend it all!
just answering your question, fam. forced redistribution of wealth is the basis of Communism. . it…
The truth Is that a minority of Americans pay for the cost of HC. ACA is simply redistribution of wealth.
Jooish redistribution of wealth paying off for those Turdworlders.
Forget the redistribution of wealth: let's redestribute neighborhoods by
"unmeltable Rock of social justice" Is that the one that's made them implement all that wealth redi…
I get the redistribution of wealth because governments do not create wealth. They merely spread it around.
said to mull redistribution of $2bn portfolio Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund Mubadala is considering re-distributing some of its…
It amazes me how clueless progressives advocate for increased wealth redistribution in Canada. Look at % of income earned vs % taxes paid
Just like you won't have a response when the upper class is upended and the redistribution of wealth is complete.
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Look where he is getting some help from too...
"The benefit of wealth redistribution at solving un-adressed multipole problems outweighs 'theft is bad'."
Obama continues with his redistribution of wealth ideology.
Advocating for markets & forced wealth redistribution is hilarious b/c of your ridiculous ignorance
I've seen you describe yourself as a libertarian. How is the state stifling economic competition not another form o…
We will never make a dent in poverty via wealth redistribution. If anything will help it is across-the-board growth of the economy.
I am so glad I left BofA. I want my bank to stay out of leftist, globalist wealt…
Redistribution of wealth in this country is necessary. The upper class cannot be given the same treatment as the missing mi…
Obama puts americans on the back burner as usual in his UN speech.. His vision is Globalism, redistribution of wealth, power and sovereignty
The redistribution of wealth use to be called Communism. Same old, same old, presented by a smooth talking con-artist of Marx.
Global redistribution of wealth is EXACTLY what Obama means. You work, he gives the proceeds to others.
It isn't a fee! It's a just a very slow and small redistribution of the wealth!
Do you believe in state imposed 'equality' of outcomes via regulation, taxation and wealth redistribution?
We need to seriously think about redistribution of wealth in this country because wealth/income inequality is massive
I know about systematic racism. I support wealth redistribution. I understand the cycle of poverty and how that reinforces
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They artificially close the gap considering anti poverty programs is simply redistribution of wealth.
Martin Luther King Jr. discussed a redistribution of wealth prior to his murder in Memphis, Tennessee on April 4,...
I wonder if anyone in Tennessee knows how much of the state's operating budget comes from federal handou--er, redistribution of wealth?
Because the 99% consume a higher % of their wealth, wouldn't redistribution grow the total carbon footprint?.
As Obama's last term winds down, it is becoming clear that his unannounced agenda was no borders & redistribution of wealth. HC will finish.
Like I said global redistribution of wealth is the plan of Obama
Of course. So would I. But we must consider the impact. If FMOL, think you need greater redistribution of wealth, house building
Redistribution of wealth by a fair, just n progressive income taxation is important for reduction of inequality.
Obama's philosophy of sharing the wealth in America to apply globally. Redistribution of America's wealth with the world's poor nations.
Mr. President,. By bridging the gap between rich and poor, you mean redistribution of wealth, right?. Higher taxes & more welfare?
redistribution of what? Wealth? that would be a good start since they've had it all their way for 35 years or more
EITC windfall payouts are redistribution of wealth. I, along with most Oklahomans, oppose redistribution.
simply put the GW agenda is about global redistribution of wealth and creating a border less world.
Communism is the redistribution of wealth. Knowledge is wealth. Science is better with communism. ;)
redistribution of wealth is the core principle of communism and how it was sold to the masses. Bern
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
is another example of an Obama attempt at wealth redistribution that will actually hurt the same people it's intended to help.
global redistribution of USA middle class wealth by taking their jobs away & giving to foreigners
I hope so. I can only think that it must begin with a forcible redistribution of a portion of the country's wealth.
there's no food in Venezuela because of "wealth redistribution".
.lift the cap on Social Security contributions etc, etc. Stop the obscene redistribution of wealth Reagan inflicted on us
Art's real reason for being Trump. Hillary represents redistribution of wealth. Trump won't he 's from the business world
"Redistribution-of-wealth" sector, Ari Fleischer's willing to hold his nose as long as his taxes don't go up.
erm, you know Bill Gates is all about the redistribution of his wealth? Biggest philanthropist world has seen
Dilution of the profile and prestige of clubs in the will make clubs unsustainable without wealth redistribution from PL.
irrespective of the 'inspiration' the rhetoric is clear. Redistribution thru legislation 2 reverse wealth accumulation of the few.
The societal redistribution of wealth inherent to the is humongous
Redistribution of wealth without financial literacy is a recipe for chaos.
These NBA conferences need a redistribution of wealth lol
Government debt often becomes a backhanded redistribution of wealth from the poor to the rich.
Full communism and forced redistribution of wealth. The only way to put an end to the disgusting inequality we see today.
They certainly are living examples of that "redistribution of wealth" thing otherwise known as comm…
I think can beat me on a massive redistribution of wealth in the PA, RI, CT, MD and DE:
Depending on your country, largely state redistribution of wealth.
some degree of redistribution likely necessary. Many ways to limit prop wealth ineq
redistribution of wealth by threat of force and violence isn't love. It's absolute hatred.
So are we giving her paycheck to me? I earn way less than her! Need some redistribution of wealth.
Under a banner of inequality & wealth redistribution the UN should move its HQ to 3rd world country - Somalia?
perpetual redistribution of wealth can really only end in a European superstate. The only way to avoid is to
Liberals are very focused on redistribution of wealth.America was founded on equal opportunity, not equal outcome. http…
but MLK was talking about more than just equal housing laws wasn't he? He was literally talking about redistribution of wealth
This redistribution of wealth is trickier than I thought... [
This redistribution of wealth is a lot trickier than I thought...[
It's more code for redistribution of wealth, which is code for money from producers given to non-producers.
No politician slags off e.g. advocacy of wealth redistribution then is immediately forced to backtrack and say how legitimate it is.
well maybe if this society came up with a stable form of ACTUAL redistribution of wealth, they wouldn't have to
bit of sarcasm..I'm all about wealth redistribution..a big increase in minimum to a Living Wage on the wish list..:)
Inequality is Killing Capitalism by Robert Skidelsky via via
This type of wealth redistribution is what passes for conservatism these days. The big 3 parties should just merge.
of wealth toward robust families is good. But the would complain at the supposed
NWO Cultural Marxist Jackals promo redistribution of the wealth & to race mix all (weakening us) so we’d be easier to control!
we already have a border he wants to tighten security on it. Not nearly as bad of an idea as the redistribution of wealth
lol but you're fine when redistribution of wealth goes to the top? Get your priorities straight.
MLK getting to the root. . Income Inequality and Redistribution of Wealth.
E is for Efficient redistribution of wealth.
on "in the last 30 yrs there's been a mass redistribution of wealth ..From middle class to top 1/10th of 1%.
I inderstand how hard it will be but I don't believe in the redistribution of wealth it's not my neighbors job to pay for me
I'd love to see what would say about the massive wealth redistribution of the massively subsidized auto & highway industry.
by giving out refundable credits which is redistribution of wealth. Not fiscally conservative.
John Kasich - moral opposition to the redistribution of wealth is un-American? Really.
and don't even get me started on the redistribution of wealth...I'm all fired up
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Equal opportunity and the american dream are ideals that are lost but still attainable if there is a redistribution of wealth.
If you believe in the redistribution of wealth scheme, it is YOU that hates poor men and women.
The massive redistribution of wealth was orchestrated by Reagan and his legacy, it will be undone by Obama and his legacy
That thing where 90% of the L train gets off at Bedford Ave so you can actually breathe is called the Redistribution Of Wealth.
At least some get health care out of this scam. I argue GW is greatest wealth redistribution invention.
it's coming down to the UN's influence on GOP/ DNC for that One World Order/ Climate Change/ Redistribution of wealth agenda.
Please tell me which Democrat values you consider Christian. Same sex marriage, abortion, forced redistribution of wealth?
Redistribution of wealth does not = more $ in Government hands. Technology allows for immediate redistribution, no intermediary.
What will happen when machines can do most of our jobs and make us obsolete? Will wealth redistribution still be...
Its the redistribution of wealth by the govt. In Obamas tenure, the rich are richer. So?
why do taxes in other towns fund daycare for those only in Elizabeth. Redistribution of wealth is a wrong.
School vouchers are redistribution of wealth - to the wealthy. Via &
Wealth redistribution plan is what it really is.. and this on top of the sky-high hydro rates you're already paying?! Fabulous!
Wealth redistribution is designed to keep people victims so they'll vote for Dems. Europeans find it leads to lack of incentive
Taxes are the crime. Redistribution of wealth by force is not what this Republic was founded upon.
Again what do you mean by wealth redistribution? Handing people lump sums of money doesn't work.
Protectionism is not the answer, redistribution of wealth is! Everyone gains from free trade, which is what we want! Promote it!
My U of Chicago dissertation "Wealth Redistribution in Mario Kart item blocks and Latin American Instability" is 99¢ on Nook.
We need constitutional redistribution of wealth! Huh?!?!?
Redistribution of wealth does not work. Money does not fall from the sky, someone, some corporation, or country is funding.
Probably not as much as redistribution of wealth via taxation.
your behalf. Not good. As for Bernie, he believes in redistribution of wealth, all the while skimming off the
Facts are there is a redistribution of wealth thats been going on for decades & middle class is shrinkin. Are you in denial?
You say you want a revolution? You say want a fair redistribution of wealth. You say principles over pragmatism?.
Isn it counterintuitive/paradoxical for the spoiled to seek redistribution of (their own) wealth?
BREAKING NEWS . Bernie Sanders believed in redistribution of wealth until it came to his delegates. Welcome to the Republi…
If they were serious about all this,we have a huge clean energy fuel, nuclear But not about that,about redistribution of wealth
I'm frightened by the people who even listen to Bernie Sanders. Talk about redistribution of wealth!
misery loves company so how about some radical redistribution of wealth/sadness? Integrate the wealthy!
all this means is redistribution of all that "grotesque wealth" Life is NOT about equal stuff!
Wanna talk redistribution of wealth... It starts with this list.
Well said. Glad you agree in raising tax. Or do you not want redistribution of wealth? Being a Tory
why won't SNP use their tax powers to improve life for all if they believe in redistribution of wealth?
I saw enough on the debate redistribution of wealth is not something I agree with an…
For the past 40 years there's been a redistribution of wealth going on.working poor & middle class have had their monies given to rich
"We we demand a redistribution of wealth & decreasing income inequality"
War is a legitimate function of government, redistributi…
. 1) Republican = redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the millionaires and billionaires
to enhance the redistribution of wealth from the impatient to the patient. An ultimate vetting, if u will.
Climate Change is a Hoax.. Democrats agenda for redistribution of wealth.
But don't be fooled. Any taxation is a redistribution of wealth either directly or indirectly.
Reagan, & the like LOVE any ..isms that allows redistribution of wealth upward.
A redistribution of wealth to fuel the creation of wealth and value.
Redistribution of wealth is new world order and they decieve ..See UN OPENLY DISCUSSING WEATHER MODIFICATION YOUTUBE
Solutions: 1. improve distribution of wealth through ^ role of labour. 2. Increase gov't role in redistribution
"Everyone talks of redistribution of wealth. A burglar goes out and does it."The intrusion of Jimmy. P.G.W
.argued that the Democratic tax plan is simply a redistribution of wealth.
We are working together now and have been for over 300 years. Has it worked? Huge redistribution of wealth going on right now.
We've already had wealth redistribution for the last 40 years. The wealth of the bottom 99% was redistribut…
"Wealth redistribution" . "entitlement". How much of my extremely hard earned cash is somebody who hasn't worked for it entitled to?
( Most Dems R Communists b/c that's their plan 2rule Gov't by redistribution of wealth & CONTROL.)
like I said thought redistribution of wealth is stupid and his ideas wouldn't flow well with a republican dominated house
Reagan opposed redistribution of wealth. He created wealth in his term
Redistribution of middleclass wealth up 2 the 1% is why fund the movement
would you agree that "trickle down" theory of wealth redistribution simply doesn't work? That it needs government intervention?
When you're 15 minutes into redistribution of wealth and chill.
Yes, it is class warfare. Redistribution of wealth, job creation, equitable tax & corp tax reform!. No, it isn't envy, it's pity.
Redistribution of wealth comes disguised in many different forms.
Not a saint. He's a philanthropist. What he's doing is really a form of wealth redistribution to the Third World.
I added a video to a playlist Minimum Wage Increase and Redistribution Of Wealth
I added a video to a playlist Redistribution Of Wealth
Aid is not an instrument for the propagating ideological systems. Not coercive redistribution of wealth to im…
"We must stand for something, or we'll fall for anything." -- old saying, especially true regarding & the redistribution of wealth
All the dems who like redistribution of wealth should have to give away 35% of their contributions
The best remedy for income inequality is more jobs, not redistribution of wealth. Trump is the answer!
It's called Redistribution of America's Power & Wealth on a local and global scale.
Centralized control & redistribution of wealth. The keys to Marxism. Enlist -> Join us.
Is this the 1st time a candidate excited ppl using class envy and redistribution of wealth?
U ever notice that rich liberals love being liberal as long as redistribution of wealth is just talk?
Isn't it just... fascinating... how Pope Francis advocates for redistribution of wealth while the Vatican sits on billions in cash/property?
Progressive Eco-Economist Who Lectures the 1% on Redistribution of Wealth Purchases $6.25 million Manhattan Condo:
"The concentration of wealth is natural and inevitable, and is periodically alleviated by violent or peaceable partial redistribution"
The only way communism & redistribution of wealth will work is if the Govt prints money to fund it
A specter is haunting Benin,the specter of capitalism where they will be no redistribution of wealth among the citizen of this small country
but the redistribution of wealth allows us to own 3 homes. Keeping demand > supply
I'm still proud I got my Reaganite father ONCE to admit wealth redistribution would be a Good Thing
Trickle-down economics was a myth! The only redistribution of wealth has been to the wealthiest!
They Billionaires & Corps have been the BIGGEST TAKERS in our society stop the 'redistribution of wealth' 2 the TOP!
As they point out, most of the money donated comes from women, so it's not at all wealth redistribution between genders.
Brought to you by Jim "the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution" Wallis and the rest of the race-baiting...
Trickle down redistribution of the wealth...
Redistribution of wealth should start with the
There must be wealth redistribution in 9ja. PMB should recover stolen funds and use part to pay stipends promised unemployed youths of 9ja.
Stealing a book? I say redistribution of knowledge... Share the wealth
What's so great about 'redistribution of wealth' anyway?. Sounds like an idlers' charter.
If you look closely, you see the miracle of redistribution of wealth achieved by
Breaking News: The Rich Discover Inequality- wow- what a shock- redistribution of wealth- who knew?!!
Dark Knight Rises: Pro-militarized police force, Great Crime is redistribution of wealth, trial by jury is demonized, Bane is for the people
WAR is THE BIGGEST 'Redistribution of Wealth' program in the U.S. Trillions goes 2 RICH/Corps & is Added to OUR DEBT
The confiscation of one's hard-earned income for the purpose of giving it to a liberal voter. LIBERAL EUPHEMISM:. Redi…
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Mulcair is the king of wealth redistribution; from wealth creators to wealth takers, even if your job & life styled is destroy
Come back when SNP have policy on redistribution of wealth, nationalisation,collectivism
Agree on redistribution of wealth.employees must be paid 4 work they do...not "trophy for all"
These 100 left-wing supporters of wealth redistribution made millions and even billions off the free
Wealth redistribution from the middle class and working poor UPWARD to the 1% is a direct result of Reagan & his political heirs.
SM: Politicians shouldn't dictate to the electorate. We should ask the people. We cannot have equality but redistribution of wealth good
With Madrhiggs... there will be a natural of so that, like the water of a river bathes all his even
He has worked out there and has seen aid money put to good use. Also, he believes redistribution of wealth will eliminate poverty in the UK.
If the distribution of wealth is not done fairly, how can we expect the redistribution of wealth to be done fairly?
Eye opening statistics if true. Anyway, redistribution of wealth is vital to creating and maintaining equality...
Subtitle: Redistribution of wealth has only begun...
Obama's New UN Deal: Massive redistribution of USA wealth to 3rd world and massive new energy regs at home
. Redistribution of income and wealth. .
Holiday pay is one of the best examples of redistribution of wealth from rich to poor, and it should be protected.
. I have no kids. So why do I pay more taxes to educate kids than people with kids? Sounds like redistribution of wealth. featured in NBC s Science of Love
. We don't need a redistribution of wealth. We need a redistribution of oppurtunity. George
of course. It is the government’s job to determine parameters of wealth redistribution. It’s progressive, and they’re experts.
Giving illegals $$$ they didn't pay in the 1st place is redistribution of wealth just like Communism
Ezra we cud yell 4ever about the lack of connection to man and Climate Change but the fix is in.Begin the wealth redistribution.
Thats called Liberal redistribution of wealth
This isn't preparedness it's wealth redistribution. matrix? / Exercise Underway in Des Moines
"..changing structure of inequality..[has] largely been a force promoting conservatism, not..redistribution."-Luttig
RTB "..entails massive redistribution of wealth from state to low income families" Yet leftards oppose it.
So, it’s tax day. And you know what that means: it’s the day we celebrate the redistribution of wealth rath...
Isn't the ANC govt just throwing more cash at the Mpumalanga cadres calling it 'redistribution of wealth' an…
"I did not go into politics to tax people" is a very worrying statement from a party that's supposed to be about redistribution of wealth.
Today is If you are taking a personal home mortgage tax deduction, celebrate your government redistribution of wealth!
.In what way does FFA for Scot hinder fair redistribution of wealth in rUK anyway?
"WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION on the backs of the Middle Class. "Yippee Ya Hooray, Don't you love OBAMA?
I like to call April 15th redistribution of wealth day. Tax freedom day will be when the IRS is abolished.
The wealthy are giving more to their favorite but that doesn't always mean a redistribution of wealth.
. "Redistribution of income and wealth" .
Its gov redistribution of wealth day ie Gov sanctioned theft STAND with Ted Cruz to abolish the bloated corrupt unaccountable IRS
Redistribution of wealth at a scale unsurpassed by previous administrations. Data doesn't lie.
Apropos here's a new version of my paper on altruism and preferences for redistribution.
- also to complex for individuals and used as a welfare tool to hide the redistribution of wealth EIC
Yes because redistribution of wealth and all.
. O's redistribution of wealth . Hillary will be extension of O admin .
No they do NOT, Climate Change is Agenda 21, & that is global redistribution of wealth, an ENTIRELY Liberal Democrat thing.
Happy National Redistribution of Wealth Day? Did you lend the government $ this year and get it back in the form of a "refund"?
So Gov. Christie wants ppl making over 200k to contribute S.S. but not accept it. WOW redistribution of wealth??
More redistribution of wealth. If you pay into SS why should earning more than 80k prevent you from collecting?
Poor ppl buy their council house, sell it to landlords who rent it to poor ppl at huge profit = upward redistribution of…
In my opinion Inheritance tax has done more to aid redistribution of wealth than any other intervention
>. I believe in the redistribution of wealth and opportunity.
think radically constitutional change abolish the Monarchy, measured redistribution of wealth
"RTB entails a massive redistribution of wealth from the state to *some* low income families, chosen at random"
Redistribution of wealth using paper money. When government is the counterfeiter. Here's how it works
News flash -the redistribution of wealth tour continues! Trying to reach into our pockets fleecing social security. Talking us out of
Biggest redistribution of wealth President in HISTORY, put a half the country on entitlements
It is another plan for the of our country.
Redistribution of wealth isn't a negative concept. I'd debate anyone who disagrees with me on this point.
Redistribution of Wealth is government sponsored theft from it's citizenry.
Larry Summers: more people should share in success of economy. Economic liberalization to get wealth redis…
New Ice Cream Flavor NEW ICE CREAM FLAVOR In honor of the 44th President of the United States , Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream has introduced a new flavor: Barocky Road Barocky Road is a blend of half vanilla, half chocolate, and surrounded by nuts and flakes. The vanilla portion of the mix is not openly advertised and usually denied as an ingredient. The nuts and flakes are all plentiful. The cost is $92.84 per out of a hundred dollar bill you are at least promised some CHANGE..! When purchased it will be presented to you in a large beautiful cone, but after you pay for it, the ice cream is taken out of the cone and given to the person in line behind you at no charge. You are left with an almost empty wallet, staring at an empty cone and wondering what just happened. Then you realize this is what "redistribution of wealth" is all about. Aren't you just stimulated? =
It's more than tax cuts. It's redistribution of wealth to the rich and disempowerment of the disadvantaged. . A true dystopia.
this to Liberals, How could redistribution of wealth be fair if the money usually ends up going only to political contributors?
The redistribution of wealth is great but I refuse to let go of my beloved Grammar School system
There has to be equitable redistribution of wealth...only 1 percent of Nigerians are in the upperclass while the middleclass is nonexistent
Obama deliberately divides racial classes with the bitter politics of wealth envy and the promise of income redistribution.   10% Off
Pope Francis said what about the redistribution of wealth ! | Catholic World Report - Global Church news and views:
unless US Plans redistribution of some wealth we will soon be dictatorial $ leadership soon enough.
take this country, we have redistribution of wealth in many ramifications- NHS, free school, Benefit system, security
all we need is a strong and independent judiciary like we have here. Social reengineering- redistribution of wealth
What does Pope Francis mean by 'legitimate' redistribution of wealth???.
just finished a class where the professor was fond of the idea that Hue Long had concerning redistribution of wealth, so i suggested to him, that all the students that worked hard & were worthy of an A, would share their grade average with those who didn't put out the effort, so every one would receive an A! guess which of my classmates thought it was a GREAT idea!
The Ant and the Grasshopper: A Case Study in Income Inequality and the Need for Government Confiscation and Redistribution of Wealth.
A mansion tax? Economist Thomas Piketty proposes a set of revolutionary ideas for wealth redistribution that will...
Hear's a graph explaining REAL REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH. Not the feared future redistribution that might go to the undeserving ordinary or poor. This redistribution has already commenced starting around 1980.But!.This FACT doesn't stop me from sleepless nights worried silly that a 'commie plot' will play Robin Hood with our economy and cause this chart to turn yellow, green & blue.
Pope Francis calls for legitimate redistribution of wealth to the poor (updated: full transcript) via
Akwa Ibom is reputed to be one of the fastest growing states in Nigeria with anticipation of an imminent industrial revolution and going by the IYANAM'S determination to make Akwa Ibom State an industrial hub in the Gulf of Guinea and her huge economic potentials, there is an urgent need for equitable redistribution of wealth and power for sustainable development of the relatively young oil rich state. This can be achieved when we equip the state with the requisite tools to cope with our future or fore-seable challenges... OKON IYANAM is a leader with idealism, a Man with standards and convictions, a Man who will empower citizens through cooperative teamwork, making them feel strong, capable, and committed, challenging them to innovate, experiment, take risks and grow in confidence. This is the kind of leader Akwa Ibom people needs in time like this... Happy days lie ahead! Akwa Ibom belongs to us all!! Freedom 2015, support OKON IYANAM for Governor. contact us: campaignor
Awon Ode, Okponu gbogbo, wasted havard, wasted world bank experience . Invited the whole world to come and invest in Nigeria. You Decorated hotels and deceived the world instead of putting your house in order. You stole the funding for the military gave it to your cronies to buy GWagon and range rover autobiography. If we ask, you say it is ordinary stealing or redistribution of wealth so that not only the dangotes can buy private jets .The whole world was wondering how your daughters can be missing and you will be spending weeks serving tea to visitors instead of looking for your daughters. Now you haven't found your daughters, pipelines are blowing up , markets are blowing up. When will you become responsible? When will you put your house in order?
Redistribution of wealth...From our pockets to his...
$100 Trillion dollars wasted on a fairy tale for starters...or as Kerry would say, a moderate redistribution of wealth.
You know better than to talk redistribution of wealth
"Rand believes in government with a police, military & a judiciary but no redistribution of wealth & no regulations"
Redistribution of wealth and equal opportunity for all! The same level of Universal Health care also available!
I wish Miliband was as strong on Climate Change, redistribution of wealth, bank regulation, tax avoidance, being kind to benefits claimants, anti-immigrant-bashing, anti-austerity, anti-workfare, etc, etc, etc, etc. Vote Green - the only party with sensible, workable policies.
Whatever happened to communal property and redistribution of wealth? This is just too capitalist a stance for Ed.
Taxation has always been about redistribution of wealth. "Wilmot Robertson" The Dispossessed Majority. 1972.
Governments must be pressured to act quickly on redistribution of wealth before people get used to wide -. …
yes, there's enough PRIVATE money for it. But with politicians involved, we'll endup paying 4 most of it
Nozick envisages those who acquired their wealth unfairly should be taxed to bring about a redistribution of wealth and social assistance
God principle: wealth redistribution is the sin of coveting even for noble aims. It ruins the poor first
Budget: the redistribution of wealth upwards from poor people to rich people = class warfare
"is going to borrow money from China that sides with Russia to give to //redist…
Energy firms hand shareholders £6billion as millions struggle to pay bills more redistribution of wealth to wealthy
I was thinking about this governments schadenfreude - motivation for the vindictive policies we've seen this past 4 years that target the most vulnerable citizens most of all. Some people believe that the policies are a consequence of a redistribution of wealth from the poorest to the wealthy rather than being malicious acts. But the tories laughed on hearing the accounts of suffering of the poor because of the bedroom tax and the food banks in parliament,for all to see. But entertaining the idea for a moment that the inflicted suffering isn't a motivation but a consequence, well that would make the *** indifferent, callous and unremorseful, since they show a supreme lack of concern for the plight of those least able to defend themselves against injustice and inflicted poverty, Either way, I know evil when I see it, and this government ARE evil. The shock and anger at recognising that again just hit me afresh. All of those principles and beliefs we held dear - justice, fairness, democracy, freedom, ...
Bailout-a word used to describe corporate welfare and redistribution of wealth from the middle and lower class to the rich.
"Why is Pope Francis calling for government coerced redistribution of wealth? And why is he doing it now?" Find out here: - Mychal Massie
Pope Francis: Church Would Baptize Aliens (Is that before or after he’s redistributed the wealth?) 2014 05 17 What next?? From: Comment: So Pope Francis says that the church would baptize aliens? Ok, well is that after or before he has "redistributed the planet’s wealth"? Secondly, why would an Alien feel the need to be baptized by the Earth Pope anyway? It’s starting to sound like the Vatican is turning into a Star Trek New Age Cult. Related: ’Not to share wealth with poor is to steal’: Pope slams capitalism as ’new tyranny’ Pope Francis Calls For "Legitimate" (!?) Redistribution Of Wealth Vatican calls for ‘central world bank’ Hypocrite Pope Francis lashes out at world economic system for worshiping a ’god called money’ In a quirky morning Mass, the pope used a far-out example of little green Martians seeking Jesus to preach about the church’s inclusiveness. Is Pope Francis willing to go to extremes to fill the pews? Apparently so, if his latest outreach message ...
Free is not redistribution of wealth through taxation.
ODI research shows the higher the inequality in a country, the lower the support for redistribution of wealth, says Laura Rodriguez Takeuchi
The fear of REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH has already commenced and is still in effect.This is NOT about envy.This is about the VERY SURVIVAL OF (REAL) CAPITALISM.REAL CAPITALISM grows FROM THE MIDDLE CLASS.IT DOES NOT TRICKLE DOWN!.So please turn your head from looking at a commie plot to take from the rich and give to the poor.And instead look at the REALITY of the LAST 34 YEARS!
(17/n) All insurance is redistribution of wealth. The issue is what are the rules. I prefer community rating because it takes
So we agree that redistribution of wealth *** right? That would make you at least a conservative, if not libertarian.
30 years of redistribution of wealth, power and control; It is TIME that WE set the clock to Stop, reverse to LIBERTY!
Redistribution of wealth.. We work like fools to pay these people, that expect our money paid to them
I insist they don't give. I'm tired of Dems philosophy of redistribution of wealth.
"the fastest way to counter the redistribution of wealth upwards is to reduce access to assets for the top 1%. If they cannot use wealth..."
Don't need a degree in economics to figure out Obamacare is nothing more than redistribution of wealth,7 million enrolled,only 873k can pay.
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