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Red Sox World Series

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Yeah I know imagine if we had a good bullpen we might’ve been able to win 101 games and beat the Red…
Remember how the Red Sox had won the World Series in 86? Yeah me neither. But I do remember the announce…
all i got to say is this Boston is the greatest city in the world when it comes to sports and that’s facts ! My Cel…
You’ll never believe it, we all have Maxwell Smart shoe-phones that are also video cam…
On this day in 2004, the Boston Red Sox won the World Series. If today is not a holy day of obligation for you, we cann…
Don the biggest mistake the Red Sox ever made was letting you go. Class a…
How can the yankees beat the Red Sox to win the World Series?
// It wasn't a World Series if Yankees or Red Sox were not in it. Now, Patriots must be in SB... so it is, dude; so it is...
The Yankees to sweep the season against the Red Sox and to win the World Series
75 days until Opening Day so throwback to the 1975 World Series between the Red Sox and Reds. Arguably one of the b…
That , my dear Red Sox fans, is a 1986 World Series ring.
Like a Yankees Red Sox World Series, coupled with a Tigers Indians playoff run; all day every day
Watching Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. Say what you will about Bill Buckner, but the bullpen of the Boston Red S…
Too bad you’re wrong. the best is clearly - World Series MVP, 3x RBI Leader, 10x Al…
Did you notice you didn’t name a closer for the Red Sox or Gia…
1918 & 1919 Ruth lead baseball n Home Runs as a pitcher & led the Red Sox to the Wor…
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I wanted the Red Sox to win the World Series so bad the year Texas had Cliff Lee ...
I must have missed those Red Sox v Yankee World Series or the Patr…
They’ll say Ortiz had a bigger impact due to the Red Sox World Series. Edgar and Griffey SAVED Sea…
10/8/1912: The Boston Red Sox take batting practice prior to Game 1 of the World Series at the Polo Grounds, New York.…
7:11am and I’m just thinking about how good the World Series really was and I miss baseball and the Red Sox need to DO SOMETHING
In case you missed it Mazz...while you were playing *** Clown to Felger...the Astros are the World…
Would you rather the Red Sox lose the next 10 World Series titles or win 1 title and finish last in MLB the other 9 years…
Last time I did this with a team I followed was when Bobby Valentine was the manager of the Red Sox. They fired him…
A World Series favorite? Come on, how can you objectively say that. Astros, Yankees…
Sportsman's Park, St Louis 10/6/46 - First game of 1946 World Series and Cardinals have the shift on for Red Sox great…
Astros:. - win World Series. - odds on favorite to win again in 2018 as is. - have one of the most exciting young team…
Since my daughter was born in 1993, she has seen:. Five Patriots Super Bowl wins. Three Red Sox World Series wins. A…
Granite State Baseball dinner will be a mini reunion for '75 Red Sox World Series team via
Knight was the MVP of the 1986 Mets-Red Sox World Series.
Red Sox World Series win this year or number 6 for Tom, which one? Can only have 1
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The Cubs | Red Sox World Series in 2017 is going to be an absolute thriller.
Hey ! The Red Sox World Series trophies are coming to Maine ! Sox fans can get a Free photo with the…
2004 Boston Red Sox World Series Championship ring 11s solid back for Anderson
Greenie is crazy, as a die hard Red Sox fan the 3-0 comeback would be meaningless if we did not win the Wo…
David Ortiz is 41 today. Boston Red Sox World Series hero and superstar.
I guess it's fitting that the year the Red Sox finally won the World Series was also the year the Expos left Montreal.
The Red Sox are sitting pretty! MLB teams most likely to win the 2017 World Series. .
[Go Local Worcester]In his first year with the Sox, the team won its second World Series in four…
Let's see. Mets make the Wild Card only to blow it. Red Sox collapse. Cubs win World Series. Trump elected... Need I go on?
I'm just glad I got to witness the Red Sox win three World Series titles before the world ended. Thankful for that.
We need a Red Sox vs Cubs World Series
Yikes, I remember when the biggest problem was the Red Sox winning the World Series. These are crazy times!
ohh the Red Sox won the World Series? I was unaware
tons of stolen bases... If Trout was on the Red Sox there winning the World Series. Thats the difference between them!
It's amazing that the most unbelievable thing to Jack about this whole scenario is that the Red Sox won the World Series.
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If Red Sox had gone to World Series, Theo would have built both WS teams.
Rick Porcello will win the Cy Young. Mookie Betts will win MVP. And the Red Sox will the World Series. Just watch.
Slot it right between the Red Sox 04 World Series win and my wedding day.
last time I looked the Nationals and Red Sox were not in the World Series with Scherzer or Porcello on their staff.
First the Red Sox and Cubs won the World Series then this...
no, you're right. Red Sox fans shouldn't celebrate Porcello winning the Cy Young because they didn't win the World Series.
From the Babe to the Beards: The Boston Red Sox in the World Series [ Bill Nowli...
Throwback to when the Summit News covered the Red Sox winning the World Series in…
Henry Kissinger back in the news. Photo I took 1975 Red Sox vs Reds World Series 41 years ago.
Joe Buck is an admitted Sox hater. He was more excited about the World Series win than the Sox in 2004.
So if the Red Sox score more runs in the World Series than their opponents, BUT opponents win more games. Who wins?
Looking forward to seeing you dominate for the Red Sox next season & lead them to the World Series. Stay positive!
maybe Sweeney thought he was signing Red Sox World Series hero Kevin Millar?
Got asked why I'm a fan I said 2004 Red Sox World Series run he proceeds to call me a band wagoner it was my first baseball memory
Going through boxes and found the time magazine from after the Red Sox 's won the World Series in '04
ICYMI: Are the Boston Red Sox overrated? Find out in our latest World Series futures:.
The Boston Red Sox have no chance in *** to win the World Series this year
Yesterday I got hit with a: 2004 Red Sox - Yankees ALCS Series, down 3-0 comeback win to go to the World Series, Pedro Martinez CURVE!
Are the Boston Red Sox overrated? See where they land in our latest MLB futures rankings:.
Red Sox used moneyball strategy and won the World Series few years ago. Price contract is rare over last few seasons.
Hey when the Red Sox win the World Series, can I hold Astro up in the air like Simba on the duckboat? ht…
I think if the Boston Red Sox win the World Series this year under Dave Dombrowski, Mike Illitch might just keel over.
The Red Sox starting rotation is good enough to win the 2016 World Series (New Post)
Very similar to the Red Sox formula. World Series, last place, World Series, last place, last place
Works for me, tbh: Reyes suspended for 80 games, Chapman for 40 : 10 bold MLB predictions via
Boston 7 time World Series new with tags
. It took my Red Sox 86 years to win a World Series and became winners of 3 in 10 years. Please don’t make those of us in
.bold predictions for 2016? Strasburg leaves and Trout makes MLB history.
Have you seen what said about the Braves, Reds will be worse than Braves .
10 bold MLB predictions for 2016, from Strasburg to Trout
Best comeback would be a terrific Boston Red Sox year and an chance at one more World Series WIN!!
or the Keene, NH pumpkin fest riots of the Boston Red Sox World Series riots..etc etc
Just spent an hour watching Red Sox World Series highlights and I've never been more hype for baseball
When you realize it's the same year that the Red Sox are gonna win the World Series.
Tom can be happy that the Boston Red Sox will win the World Series again. In another 80 years. DowntonAbbey
The Red Sox had to finally get past the Yankees to win a World Series. Maybe the Bengals need to beat PIT to break the curse.
r those pics from the Red Sox winning the World Series?
of the bottom of the 10th inning in Game 6 of the World Series for the Boston Red Sox
Now the NFL is after us and the Red Sox win the World Series every few years.
Fondly remember Shank being booed at 04 screening at Wang Center of Red Sox World Series DVD.
There was a man watching the World Series, nearby the stadium where they played. There he watched the Red and White Sox go at it on
Sandoval received his World Series ring at the Red Sox team hotel in Oakland
Giants present Sandoval with third World Series ring
Astros = 2015 World Series Champs bc we actually have a bullpen unlike the Red Sox. Hanley is lost in LF
lame argument. Out of context. You chowds are cheats. Red Sox World Series teams were on roids in 03 and 04
Boston David Ortiz White with 2013 World Series patch NWT
coming from the kid who pick the Red Sox to finish in first and win the World Series
Trotz: If Red Sox can win World Series, Caps can win Stanley Cup
It's been around before, but always good to see. MASSACHUSETTS FOLKS WILL UNDERSTAND ! 1. The Red Sox World Series win was, and will always be, one of the greatest moments in your life. 2. The guy driving in front of you is going 70 mph and you're swearing at him for going too slow. 3. When ordering a tonic, you mean a Coke. 4. You went to Canobie Lake Park or Whalom Park as a kid. 5. You actually enjoy driving around rotaries. 6. You do not recognize the letter 'R' as a part of the English language. 7. Your social security number starts with a zero. 8. You can actually find your way around the streets of Boston .. 9. You know what a 'regular' coffee is. 10. You keep an ice scraper in your car year-round. 11. You can tell the difference between a Revere accent and a Dorchester accent. 12. Springfield is located 'way out west'. 13. You almost feel disappointed if someone doesn't flip you the bird when you cut them off or steal their parking space. 14. You know how to pronounce the names of towns like Bill ...
A long line of fans at Centennial Field Sunday to check out the last 3 Red Sox World Series trophies PLUS a rare appearance by the 1912 Sox championship trophy.
Baseball fans old enough to remember the '86 Mets-Red Sox World Series, I found this quote ... VERY CREEPY: "The dreams are that you're gonna have a great series and win. The nightmares are that you're gonna let the winning run score on a ground ball through your legs. Those things happen, you know. I think a lot of it is just fate." --Bill Buckner in an October 6, 1986 interview on Boston's WBZ-TV, nineteen days before Game Six.
Try on the Red Sox World Series rings at Fenway on Saturday, May 31
I have a bittersweet announcement this morning. This is my last day at WPRI. I'm moving to Philadelphia to be with my fiancée. I've had an amazing time here in southern New England over the past two years. I've covered incredible stories like the Boston Marathon bombing, the Red Sox World Series title, and the Aaron Hernandez murder case. Thanks to all for the support. I'll update you guys when the next step in my journey happens. Thanks!
Red Sox World Series championship parade with my breast friend meggatron89. Waking up at 3:30am…
The Boston Red Sox World Series trophy will be coming to Beverly HS on May 18 from 2:45-4:30 on the BHS baseball field…
In the days before radio,fans crowded Newspaper Row(a section of Washington Street downtown)to follow big game's on the Globe's scoreboard.Hundreds "watched" the Red Sox beat the New York Giants four games to three in the 1912 World Series.(photo dated Oct 18 1912) The storefront even offered streaming multimedia of a kind:telegraph dispatches of boxing matches and baseball games were shouted out play by play through a pair of loud speakers.For the Red Sox World Series appearances a scaffold was built.Sport desk hacks to chalk up the scores for bowler-hatted crowds that numbered in the hundreds.The signs even contained advertising.
First ball game of the year no clue who's playing, scouting the Red Sox World Series opponent
The Red Sox received their World Series rings Friday afternoon and Spinners fans will have the chance to do the same at LeLacheur Park July 26, thanks to Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union. The first 1,000 fans through the gate will receive a replica Red Sox World Series ring! Get your tickets today to ring…
Photos: Red Sox World Series championship rings: Take a look at Boston’s championship ring that was pr...
Group trip to the state house to see the Red Sox World Series trophy and MVP trophy! 12-2pm! Be jealous!
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We can now say for certain that the defense of the Red Sox World Series title will begin with Daniel Nava.
Gave in and shaved my six-month beard that I grew during the Red Sox World Series run. New season, fresh start. Superstition was kicking in over the last week.
The trophies from the Boston Red Sox World Series wins in 2004, 2007, and 2013 will be on display at the Waterville Valley ski area base lodge from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. and a photo booth will be set-up for photo ops with the trophies.
Great turnout for the Red Sox World Series trophies in Wtby-headed to Htfd and the XL Center at 2:30
Idolo. Jonny Gomes has an enormous Red Sox World Series tattoo
Truck Day is tomorrow at Fenway Park! Get your photos taken with the three Boston Red Sox World Series trophies!
Boston Red Sox 2013 World Series trophy makes appearances in Holyoke Red Sox World Series trophy at Holyoke Soldiers Home The Boston Red Sox Championship Trophy made a visit to the Holyoke Soldiers home for the resident and staff fans who were on hand to have their photos taken with it.
my Red Sox World Series shirt fits perfectly
Going on James Matthew Nardo post. In the last 8 months seen a Blackhawk Stanley Cup victory a Red Sox World Series title, and a Seahawks Super Bowl win! Man I have been blessed!
Who's the best? Peyton's not! I called this TWO weeks ago. I called the Red Sox World Series win in March. Man, I have a knack for this!
2013 Red Sox World Series trophy will be at the Worcester Historical Museum on Monday, February 17 from 9:30am –...
It's hard to believe it's been 18 years tomorrow since my father passed away. My kids were only 4 and 2 years old . I know he would of been proud of his grandkids . I miss him everyday . He would of loved to see the Red Sox World Series
Krystyna, Hannah, and Jeffry with Boston Red Sox World Series trophies at UMO! Great day!
Boston Red Sox World Series trophies coming to Hadlock today!
One of the biggest factors in the Red Sox World Series run is ready to talk about a new deal
The Buzz: Jon Lester, a key part of two Red Sox World Series teams says he'd be willing to take less money to...
BANGOR, Maine — Members of the military who want to get up close and personal with the visiting Boston Red Sox World Series trophy should sign up now for a private showing 9-10 a.m. Sunday. “Stephen and Tabitha King and Operation Community Support have teamed up to sponsor all this,” [...]
The New York Yankees sure are responding to the Red Sox World Series win, they've spent $441 million so far this off-season, were these signings necessary for the evil empire?
Interesting note: the Cards-Red Sox World Series and SuperBowl 48 featured the top 2 regular season teams from each league
Sorry, folks. Our complete set of Red Sox World Series photos are now up. Did our cameras catch you!?
Just watched 2013 Boston Red Sox World Series video with my family!! I am so proud of where I come from! Boston Strong!
best part of Red Sox winning the World Series is Arod getting hit
Watching the 9 inning of the Red Sox clinching the World Series
I can't stand the Red Sox, but their story in 2004 was amazing. 96 years without a World Series...
don't even 😠 wanna come write this paper for me that has to do with Boston bombing and the Red Sox winning the World Series?
I don't care if Fever Pitch is about the Red Sox winning the World Series, it's a great movie in general
Red Sox win World Series. And this guy is sad. I'm happy.
shouldn't be it should be the World Series Champion Red Sox
I can't believe she been gone 7 years, it feels like yesterday I was standing by her bed watching the Red Sox win the World Series😔👼
Happy birthday to my favorite Red Sox player Have a good one Jon! Congrats on the World Series ring!
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Remember when the Red Sox beat the Rockies in the World Series...I do
Aww the Red Sox World Series parade. That was the day I set sail on the CT cruise and missed the celebration at home.
Did anyone happen to take home the wrong hat from our open house? Rick can't find his new Red Sox World Series hat that Jennifer got him for Christmas.
Trying to manage the Red Sox to a World Series Win!
Don't worry the Red Sox have not forgotten the World Series. This from the back of the press box.
Give your valentine a gift of giving. A ticket to this year's Hoedown for Hope returning to Kilohana! Headlining...Willy K! along with reunited Best of the West. Emceed by Kauai boy, Duane Shimogawa of Pacific Business News, formally Hawaii News Now. Western town games. Gourmet western fare. Bid on a 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend package in the Big Apple, local boy Boston Red Sox World Series hero Shane Victorino memorabilia and sooo much more! You never know who may end up with a shaved head;) Lets finish the fight!
First the Red Sox win the World Series, an now a Dot Rat is mayor? It's like Christmas in Dorchester
After helping the Red Sox clinch the World Series, David Ortiz finished third in the running for Boston mayor through …
Florio likens getting full day kindergarten for to the Boston Red Sox unexpected World Series victory.
I would rather watch tonight than game 7 of a Red Sox World Series. It's that good. 3 hrs 10 min
I knew the Red Sox were going to win the World Series when Wil Meyers dropped that pop-up
My brother keeps rewatching recorded World Series games how many times can I watch the Red Sox win idk but I guess I'll find out
It's been two months and a bit and still can't get over the fact that the Red Sox won the World Series
This is a MUST-SEE! Check out the 4th graders reaction when they heard that they will be seeing the Boston Red Sox World Series trophy tomorrow! Make sure you reach the 1:12 mark!
don't worry AJ - I'm always cheering the Red Sox on to get that 4th World Series win in a hundred years
Happy Birthday to Cancer Survivor and 2 time All-Star and World Series winner Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester!
Robert Andino, Red Sox killer, re-signs w/Pirates. Could make for a really riveting World Series next year...
the only good thing about the worms rant is the World Series Boston Red Sox cap.. That's all I got...
We now have headlines from the 2007 and 2013 Red Sox World Series wins.
Win or lose I'm a proud Cardinals fan and I love the STL. The Red Sox are a *** good team and they earned this World Series.
hmmm, which Red Sox World Series shirt to wear on podcast with today, hmmm
Well, this team I think you've heard of called the Red Sox won the '13 World Series. Please tell me you didn't grow a beard.
-_- I didn't get ANY Red Sox stuff for Christmas. Or after the World Series. Post a pic of it!
I do not understand SEC homers. Do people think Yankees fans were cheering for the Red Sox in the World Series?
Happy 30th Birthday to 2x All-Star and 2x World Series Champion, the ace of the Red Sox, ⚾️
In 2013 the brought the World Series title back to Boston! Join us in rooting for another win w/Hood® Red Sox Ice Cream!
Prospects and futures = Losing. Money spent = World Series. Remember the Red Sox...
Happy birthday to the man that dominated October and pitched the Red Sox to a World Series championship in 2013,
Weekly reminder that the Red Sox won the World Series 😊⚾🏆
to buy a Boston Red Sox hat a day after the World Series.
Order Miche Bag Online!
We have tons of balls from the 2013 World Series Red Sox. Come into our new store: 47 Newbury St. Peabody
The World Series Champion Boston Red Sox return to Spring Training in 39 days.
World Series championship, the third by the Red Sox in a span of 10 seasons. This, after they went 86 years without winning it all
Fresh off title, Red Sox set sights on repeating. Sent with At Bat
I'm more happy that he Seminoles won last night than when the Red Sox won the World Series
Red Sox won the World Series, Florida a state won the national championship, I'm scared now both teams I hate the most
How about the Hall of Fame run on. Red Sox World Series 2013, FSU Champs 2013, Patriots Next?
I'm super blessed. First Game 6 of the World Series in Boston (Red Sox clincher) and now a classic BCS National Championship game
sure, talk about the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox if it makes you happier
Been a good few months of sports for me! Red Sox won the World Series. Noles winning the national championship. Too bad, FSU bball ***
Even though I'm not a die hard FSU fan it was still cool to see them win. And the Red Sox won the World Series. Good year for sports!
Red Sox won the World Series and Seminoles won national championship. God doesn't want me watching sports anymore.
For nore important news, the Red Sox are still World Series Champions...
Red Sox won the World Series & FSU just won the national championship. Id say its been a pretty good year! Now the Pats need to step it up!
Well the Red Sox won the World Series...
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I feel like there was some deal made with the devil without my knowledge. Its like I traded a Red Sox World Series title for an FSU national championship.
The taste of the Red Sox World Series victory is still sweet . . . Like last season, I am offering for purchase blocks of five games over the course of the season - two seats per game - one set in a left field loge box and another set in a right field box seat. If you would like to get a first shot at the block of your choice, act now!! Email me at lesliefineand I will send you the list of available tickets. First come, first served. GO Red Sox!!!
Broken hearted but still love my Packers. I guess a Red Sox World Series and Packer Superbowl is too much to ask for :-(
Pats vs Colts. Chargers vs Broncos. That is some good playoff football there kids! I wanted a Red Sox World Series shirt for Christmas. I think I want a Broncos Super Bowl shirt for my birthday.
2004 Boston Red Sox World Series 22kt Gold plated baseball cards (never opened) ! For more info, INBOX me. A very nice addition to a Red Sox collection. Total of 6 cards. BEST OFFER & Pick up at my location.
Happy New Year TO ALL OUR FANTASTIC CUSTOMERS!!! We still have new Red Sox World Series champs items coming. We now have mini trophies! Only $19.99!
Taken Halloween weekend at Triple Sevens Saloon at Isleta Resort & Casino. Bob in a Red Sox World Series Championship outfit (complete with no-shave season beard) - singing "Sweet Caroline". And the core of Bob Farrell & Brushfire.
I always buy something for the tree after Christmas. This year it's the Red Sox World Series Champions red ornament! Mom and Dad would be happy.
just watched the Red Sox World Series Dvd what an amazing season we had!!! can't wait for this season to start!!! Red Sox Forever!!!
Finally put my Red Sox World Series parade pics to music...
The Boston Red Sox World Series documentary DVD is a must see. Truly amazing.
Watching the 2013 Red Sox World Series DVD. Why do I still get all worked up? I know what the final result is!!
Holy! I haven't felt this happy since Big Papi parked that grand salami to beat the Tigers a few months ago. Red Sox World Series champs, OU wins the Sugar Bowl, Thunder do not dare let me down come summer.
Wow i dont think i have seen or heard so much urination in my life.. Between Amanda Jordan being pregnant and Arianna Jordan potty training and me being sick and pounding the water. There is more urin going thru this house than a bathroom at the Red Sox World Series game
Oh, I am such a creature of habit, until I'm not. I went to take Luna out for her evening walk, and could NOT find my scarf. The scarf I've loved since Jane Bright gave it to me for Christmas ten years ago. In the winter, I don't go outside without it - it's long and fuzzy and warm! -and it was nowhere to be found. I'd gone out to dinner with my folks, so I called the restaurant: nope. Called my parents to look in the back seat of their car: nope. My only conclusion was that it must be in the restaurant's parking lot, and with a storm due, I decided to pop in the car and drive over and look: nope. So, since I was there, and the restaurant wasn't still just closing down, I decided to take my own look at the booth in the restaurant: nope. Then I looked harder, and THERE IT WAS! Yay! The moral to this story? Find someplace that makes those name-tags my mother used to iron into my clothes at summer camp 50 years ago and start ironing them into my clothes again. (And you can bet that the FIRST one goes in m .. ...
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2013 was a new town, new apartment, and new job. It was Chicago Beatlefest and a Red Sox World Series win. It saw my continuing battle for a fit/healthy lifestyle, including my newfound love, veganism. It was the year Mammaw took down bladder cancer. Joshua Radin and *** Foley made appearances, as did many friends both new and old. Of course, a deer made an appearance on the front of the explorer and the clutch in the MINI gracefully bowed out, but who's counting? The real question is, what will 2014 bring?
Watching the Red Sox World Series film. The first 15 minutes is about the bombing. I still get chills thinking I was there & then went to the game that Saturday.
Part 2 of my sports trifecta is in the books. Red Sox World Series win Spartan Rose Bowl win ...and the Green Bay Packers...
2 naps. My hubby's awesome chili. A walk in the dark. Husker win. Topping it off with Red Sox World Series video with Joe cuz he missed the whole series while in Greece. Great way to start the new year!
The bad thing about the end of the year is the year-end in reviews and reading about the Red Sox World Series victory. While I emphasize with the whole situation surrounding the marathon bombings, the bottom line is that I am sick of the good folks of New England beating up on us poor Midwest bumpkins (the 2004 and the 2013 World Series and the 2001 Super Bowl). I want redemption!!
Highlights of 2013. 1. Singing don't stop believing with Long Shot at the kin caberet 2. Angie Jackson shower 3. Jamaica 4. Simon riding a bike 5. Brandon's 3rd Bday 6. Winning D3 Speak-off and Zone I Kinette of the year 7. Watrous Run for Boston 8. Summer - nuff said 9. Red Sox World Series Champs 10. Newfoundland 11. Running 12. Simon's 6th birthday 13. Simon learning to read 14. Rider Grey Cup Champs 15. Record breaking Harvest 16. Barn Dance at FLC 17. 9 years married to the man who is still my night in shining armor 2014...let's see what you got!!!
Okay so, as mentioned this gig is the RESCHEDULED date after we were postponed because of the Red Sox World Series game in October. Welp, just heard that due to the upcoming PATRIOTS playoff game, we won't be playing on January 11th either LOL!! So we're again pushing this out, we have a NEW new date, this event will now happen on March 1st. Who knows, maybe I can convince the Blues Brothers to come out for this one after all with the later date??
Looks like I had a pretty good year. Kids, camping, kids, Red Sox World Series champs and I even managed to squeeze in a round of golf.
2013 is a year I won't forget. It was marked by joy and sorrow, strength and helplessness, trauma and healing, worry and happiness, terrifying bombings and a surprising Red Sox World Series championship. It was a roller coaster ride of extreme highs and lows. I'm thankful for Benjamin, Tim, my amazing friends and family, and for good health (finally!). So…GOODBYE 2013 and hello 2014!
Happy New Year!! We all hope 2014 is filled with jut as many hookers, drug dealers, and Red Sox World Series as 2013!
2013 brought alot of big local and national news. Some bad (Boston Marathon bombing; Aaron Hernandez arrest; 3 day blizzard in February; government shutdown), but some good too (Red Sox World Series win after last place finish last year; Senator John Kerry becoming Secretary of State; the capture of James "Whitey" Bulger). Let's hope 2014 brings more good news than bad.
Well 2013 couldn't end without one of my sports teams losing in an agonizing way since this year was one of the worst (besides the Red Sox World Series win) but Duke football was so close to a bowl win!
In a year that was filled with many challenges, tonight I choose to remember all the wonderful things that happened in 2013. Clean and healthy living, another Red Sox World Series , and miracle of all miracles . Marrying my best friend Mary Beth McCarthy!
Hey, 2013. You can kiss my *** Well, that Red Sox World Series was pretty cool. Other than that, yeah buh-bye.
Not going to lie...I can't wait for 2013 to end. It was one *** of a year. 2014 will already start off with a new job, a new start, and new challenges. Looking back at 2013 here are some highlights: *Red Sox World Series champs *42 pounds/3 pant sizes lost *Ran my first 5k *New Apartment - New City *No ER stays for first time since 2005 The roller coaster of 2013 which had many more downs then ups, is finally over with! Can't wait to pick up the pieces and start 2014 on the right track!
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As I sit here on New Years eve I can only think about this past year...ASD the jerk, ATD the hero, Landon, my 4 girls, Cowboy nation, Boston Strong, Red Sox World Series, Phillies, NASCAR, The Dominican Republic, Mom, sis, and the rest of family, friends of old and friends of new, Fitchburg, ACN, Market Basket, Dr-regulation of energy, Mariano Rivera, selfies, phone addiction, what does the fox say, elimination of middle class, still miss the love ones lost to heaven, Dean college, Cheer comps, LNA, my dogs, Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, great shows, The Hobbit, Hunger Games, Just a few thoughts! Happy New Year everyone! I Hope 2014 brings you everything you ever wanted and nothing you never did. That is all!
is REFLECTING about this YEAR... the year (2013), the year i turned the BIG 4-0, THE YEAR that I learned more LESSONS that any SCHOOL could TEACH, This year I had BREAK-UPS, BREAKTHROUGHS and BENDING of my FAITH~ My CONFIDENCE sometimes became tested and my SELF ESTEEM went through the ROOF~ I gained HOLLYWOOD friends that are LASTING~ Said HELLO to many exciting PROJECTS and said GOOD-BYE to my dear UNCLE JEFF DAVIS, Another strong male who was like FATHER FIGURE to me and another one of my friend~ I left an OPEN mic and made peace with a CLOSED door~ I became Boston Strong and Red Sox World Series status~ ELAVATED through WORDS and DEACTIVATED by friends~ MOVED UP with a brand new PLACE, MOVED OUT from a 14 year journey and MOVED on from a HEARTACHE~ I have been ACCEPTED and I have been REJECTED~ I have made (LOVE), (LUST), (DISAPPOINTMENT), (MISTAKES), (CHOICES) AND (DECISIONS)~ I LOST materalistic things but GAINED better understanding~ I have been ACCUSED and I have been BRUISED~ I have been OVER we ...
Just saw a commercial for a 2013 Red Sox World Series book. I still can't believe they won it all. Pitchers and catchers report in 52 days.
So ends the greatest single year of my life (despite the loss of three really good friends and influences); it started with a great fundraising roast, a vacation on Siesta Key beach, Grant's first Communion, a fun AAU baseball season culminating in a great time in the playoffs in CT, getting funding approved for a beautiful new park at Powers Farm, coaching the in-house championship team on a walk-off by my son Jackson, qualifying for and hosting the 9-year old States and seeing our boys shine on the big stage, proud performances in travel baseball by both my boys, a fun two-week New Hampshire summer vacation on the lake, bringing fireworks back to Randolph on July 3rd, winning the 50/50 raffle at Fenway and buying a batting cage for the backyard with the winnings, coaching an awesome bunch of kids this football season, a Red Sox World Series championship which I got to see in person, a great trip to Charlotte for the ACC Championship with Jackson and Grant, getting approval for a new community center and ...
OK..another topic...the Pats!!! ya know...Im still pinchin myslef from the Red Sox World the Pats just gave us another un-freakin-believable season!! that was just amazing what we saw! to go 12-4? yah right!! Hernandez gone... Welker the best receiver in the league gone...multiple injuries again and again.and Brady having a few bad games..but the rest of the team stepped up quite a bit...what you just seen was of the best seasons in my opinion...I was reading the Boston Herald today..and man...they have such good sports write ups...especially Tuesdays (if the Pats play on sunday) Ron Borges has the New England Patriots Report card..that really rox!! great write ups on the last page and penultimate page. I read it and wonder how anybody could not read it..great writers for the news too..I am Howie Carr fan also.
Adios 2013. From indoor volleyball domination in January, to a massive snowstorm in February, to a rocking Pat Green concert and St Patty's Day in March, to a relaxing vacation in Puerto Rico and Boston Strong in April, to a great 35th birthday and whitewater rafting on the Penobscot in May, to volleyball trips to Newport and Pottstown in June, to epic Aldean and OAR concerts and a trip back to Cincy in July, to volleyballing in Lake George and an awesome Chesney/Church show in August, to a new roommate and a 90 degree beach day in Gloucester in September, to a two- week government shutdown and a Red Sox World Series in October, to costuming as the Jamaican bobsled team and an undefeated Buckeyes regular season in November, to a crazy Moontower holiday party and reuniting with the parents and grandparents in Florida in December ... whew, what a year!!! Hoping for more of the same experiences, as well as a few new ones, in 2014. Cheers!
Since Natalie Griffin felt the need to comment on how encouraged she felt by all the positive statuses today I feel compelled to post something negative... 2013 continued the downward spiral of suck. There was a terrorist bombing in Boston, a government shutdown, a Red Sox World Series Championship, Robinson Cano showed us he was all about the money, and a train wreck that destroyed a whole town in Canada just to name a few. On the personal front it wasn't much better. After long-term subbing at a certain Connecticut high school (and recieving a glowing letter of recommendation from the department head) I did not get an interview for a full time job opening they had over the summer. I also didn't get an interview in a district I've not only worked in for 2+ years, but it was also the same district where I did my training. As I reflect now I cannot recall any moments from this year that really stand out as extrordinary, life-changing, or worth remembering. Despite my best efforts, 2013 was not my year, but ...
Hoping for a happy and healthy New Year for us all. And another Red Sox World Series Championship wouldn't hurt either.
Random thoughts, reflecting on 2013: trip to belize, a few extra days in the warmth in Florida due to a blizzard, smelting with kel and with Liz, patriots having another successful season, frozen four trip, maine fishing vacation, kel taking hunter safety, taking a friend fly fishing for the first time, bruins make it to the Stanley cup finals, my nephews winning the Maine state championship in hockey, promotion, moose hunting adventures, many great times at camp, Red Sox World Series and being there to see them win it all, house purchase, amazing weekend in ogunquit and many other little moments sprinkled in. What a year! Excited for 2014! Happy New Year everyone!
2013 has been so bittersweet. It started well until the Boston Marathon Bombing hit my city. That was an extremely scary time, especially living so close with all my Northeastern classmates. On top of that, I turned 21 the night authorities caught the bomber. I can't even count how many police officers Kristin and I drunkenly hugged that night with tears in our eyes. A few days later, my family was blessed with another beautiful baby boy! My third adorable nephew Landon. Fast forward a few months to May, when my apartment was burglarized twice in a six week period. (I think I'm on my 4th MacBook now?) Shortly after, I started an amazing internship at The MathWorks, best Co-op by far. Now we end the year with a Red Sox World Series win, and an unforgettable vacation here at home. Ending on the right note, I cannot wait to celebrate the New Year with Alexa, Kristin, and Valerie in Pasadena! I've been incredibly blessed this year and I can't wait to start 2014. To kick it off right, I am honored to witness m ...
I'm feeling very blessed as I look back on 2013: great family, friends, trips, Red Sox World Series. Blessings on all of you as we finish up this year and start 2014.
So my clipper attachment fell off while I was cleaning up my goatee tonight. Before I noticed, I took a swipe straight up my chin, effectively carving in a nice stripe. No choice but to cut the whole thing back down to scruff. Quite a change considering that two months ago, I was sporting a full beard in support of the Red Sox World Series.
Havin a few beers with my roommates Watchin the Red Sox World Series DVD.
Well the has come to say goodbye to the beard. We had a nice run together. I will miss getting food stuck in it, I miss being called a Jedi, Santa, a bum and people asking if I am amish. I will remember the time it kept me warm during the bronco vs patriot game. The time we celebrated the Red Sox World Series victory. But all good thing must come to an end. Maybe one day I will see it again
A very special thank you to my son Alex and my future daughter-in-law, Alicia. Thank you so very much for my Christmas surprises.. I love the Red Sox World Series shirts and hat. The different sauces will come in handy here for sure. Alex can relate know what he knows about military DFACs.. lol.. And finally, are you seriously trying to kill me with a HUGE box of Hot Tamales??? My teeth started hurting when I just looked at the box. (Which by the way is 1.5 lbs of candy.. Thank you both. Love ya..
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Now that went by fast. Another year and more memories. Here are my random thoughts from 2013. I wish there was a way I could share my "Year in Review" videos on my iPad because you'd all see I should've worked for NFL Films. 2013 I pray to God will be a transforming year for the Marcello's of Pine Point. My beautiful wife in just 8 months is making a name for herself on the Maine Real Estate scene. Not a shocker-she's working her *** off and just being Laurie and winning! Hope is amazing. A combination of Laurie and me. If you're around her for two minutes you'll see it, more importantly she has Laurie's love and compassion for people. Nothing made me prouder this year than seeing Dianne present our little girl for communion and confirmation-that was a big day. Pompano Beach became one of my favorite spots on the planet. Harwichport was a lot of fun. Columbus Day weekend in Boston with the Rose's was a blast. The Anchorage got us through a February weekend. Thursday night fireworks, 4th of July ...
Watching "Unthinkable dream is reality" in Red Sox World Series win. Thanks to Google Chromecast I am watching this You Tube video on the Red Sox 2013 World Series win on my Flat Screen. This is fun. Also watched various music groups and the Harry Agganis story earlier. Thanks Michael.
What a wonderful yet busy year! The birth of Weston by far was the best part of this year which coincided with the busiest fall opening Resident Dining had seen at UVM and My team continues everyday to serve more meals on campus than any other. Jack and Megan bought their house bringing my 2 daughters within spitting distance of each other. Ryan got home in the fall after 15 long months ang got a new job then too. But the surprise of 2013 was the Red Sox World Series win after the horrific 2012 season. Being blessed with a wonderful family and 4 "furry" children is all I need as I look to what 2014 has in store. Here's hoping everyone has a Happy New Year!
OMG!! you are not going to believe what my Nephew Brian and my Niece in law Amy Got me For Christmas They Got me an Android tablet With case For a Christmas Present And to boot it up My Niece Gave me a 50 dollar Market Basket Gift card and my brother gave me the 2013 Red Sox World Series DVD I was shocked I was expecting a gift card and the DVD but I wasn't expecting an Android tablet Man someone was looking out for me now I know not to Bad mouth anyone ever again First my mom got me a SodaStream Now I got an Android tablet from my nephew This is the best Christmas so far Love my gifts
It's a casino type of day!!! Sporting my new Red Sox World Series sweatshirt!
Top story in Boston sports this year: Marathon Bombing, Hernandez murder charges or Red Sox World Series win?
Former Boston Red Sox World Series picture Bob Stanley came into the restaurant tonight who pitched against the mets in 1986
Something a bit different for me tonight.Shooting for ESPN.and my subjects.The 3 Red Sox World Series Trophies!
13 Sayings Only People From New England Can Understand Melia Robinson Dec. 2, 2013, 10:05 AM 727,752 347 in Share . 68 Email More Boston Red Sox World Series 2013 Jared Wickerham/Getty New England, the birthplace of the American Revolution and home to crazed sports fans. New Englanders have a certain way of saying things. In Yankee country, we call remote controls "clickers," traffic circles "rotaries," and subs "grinders." Mainers tack unnecessary "r"s onto words, like idear, while Bostonians drop 'em all together. It's wicked weeeahd. And don't even try pronouncing Worcester if you're "from away." Inspired by Business Insider's recent lists of Southern slang and Midwestern expressions the rest of America doesn't understand, here are 13 New England sayings that will inspire you to visit Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut*, and Rhode Island. Settle in with a cup of Dunk's and enjoy. 1. "Wicked." A dead giveaway that you're talking to a New Englander, "wicked" is a general intensi .. ...
TODAY! Nashua makes NH history has the first place in the state to host the 2013, 2007 and 2004 Red Sox World Series Trophies!! From 6 to 9 pm at Infiniti of Nashua - located at 105 DW Highway. $5 donation to Nashua PAL gets you some alone time and a pic w the trophies. Kids under 16 are free! See you there!!
Great job Anna Greenberg on Chuck Todd's The Daily Rundown esp. your comment highlights of the year " that's leadership: people who speak truth to power" re: Bill de Blasio and Wendy Davis... though I'm with Amy Walter that Boston Red Sox World Series victory maybe best part of 2013!
I learned this evening that the three Red Sox World Series trophies were at First Parish, Bedford, MA until 8 pm tonight (missed it). Does anyone know where they go next?
Why can't I find the Red Sox World Series Champions collector Blu-Ray at any stores??? We were in Best Buy and they said they never even heard of it.
Santa got me a Red Sox World Series champions shot glass. He knows me so well 🎅🎄
"About those beards—I give up." Roger Angell on the Red Sox World Series win
BOSTON (CBS) – The Emerson College students who created the “Boston Strong” t-shirt line have created a limited edition t-shirt in honor of the Red Sox World Series win. These new shirts feature the iconic Boston Strong design in red, white, and navy blue, inspired by the Red Sox uniforms. The back reads “2013 World Champions.” So far, more than 8,000 shirts have been sold. The shirts, up for sale through printing company “Ink To The People’s” website, cost $25 and all proceeds of the sales will be donated to the One Fund Boston.
Thanks to Councilor Steven Martins, the Red Sox World Series trophy is currently at City Hall and will be throughout the afternoon. Go stop by and take a picture. Go Sox!
Red Sox World Series trophy came to Fall River today !
God! The grandsons! The Red Sox World Series trophy! Mark Walberg thank you! They deserve some fun after they lost everything in the house fire!
Red Sox World Series win is finally setting in. This is no joke. The sox are my favorite team. Moment of clarity.
Highly recommend "Sport in America: Our Defining Stories" on HBO even if just for the story about the man visiting his fathers grave after the Red Sox World Series. You won't be able to stay dry eyed.
Turd Cruz is to Nelson Mandela's funeral as Derek Jeter is to Red Sox World Series champs.
I think I used up all my sports karma for the year on a Red Sox World Series win. So sorry, Sens/Pats.
my five year old has asked me to come home w/ a Red Sox World Series pennet. I'm so ashamed.
I liked a video Every little thing is gonna be alright! -2013 Red Sox World Series game 6
The Boston crowd will go crazy if you wear that Red Sox World Series shirt I got you. You can even cut the sleeves off. lol
Today, as always I am thankful for those who share my life's journey with me. My friends, my family, my daycare parents and kids, my church kids, my dog.I am grateful for the support, forgiveness, compassion and most of all the laughter you bring to my life. Through the good and bad you make my life "so good, so good, so good!" (Yes that's a Red Sox reference) because I am also very thankful to be wearing a Red Sox World Series sweatshirt at my Thanksgiving table!
Red Sox World Series trophy coming to Rhode Island today Red Sox owner John Henry carries the World Series trophy with him at the start of the parade at Fenway Park Saturday.
5 car parade for the Red Sox World Series win in my home town. FFS . Only Red Sox fans are that moronic
2007: the year I experienced a Red Sox World Series and a Roughriders Grey Cup. Thought that would be the last time that would happen...
Got a new magazine commemorating the Red Sox World Series win. I asked Lizzie who was on the cover and she quickly answered "Red Sox!" Then showed her a picture of David Ortiz and when asked who he was she said "Papi!" Love Daddy's girl!
that's because more quit their jobs to watch every pitch of the Red Sox World Series
WEEI is pumping this Red Sox World Series thing as redemption... Really? They sucked for a few years and then the front office did their job
Salem Democratic City Committee member and MA Rep. Keenan seen with the Boston Red Sox World Series 2013 trophy!
Reminder: Meet and greet with the Boston Red Sox World Series trophy on Wednesday at the Rhode Island Convention Center! 4-7 PM.
What have I been up to? Good question FB...sorry for the super long delay since my last post, (but I will say, going out on a Red Sox World Series win ain't too shabby!) For those of you who don't know, my brother, my husband and I spent most of the Nov 4 week up in Boston at Mass General Hospital where my Stepmom donated her kidney to my Dad. We've been waiting a really long time for the docs to approve everything, and the surgeries went off without a hitch! They are both doing really well and recovering perfectly. As you can imagine, baking has been on the back burner (pun intended), but my whole reason for even starting this post was simply to write that the cranberry season is way too short not to cook with them every single day! That said, I literally can't find enough recipes to make with them I love 'em so much. Bags of fresh crans are $.99 at ALDI and I wish I had a freezer the size of Texas to keep like a million bags in there! Cranberry Breads, Cranberry Cookies, fresh Cranberry sauce - ...
is it weird that im still letting the Red Sox World Series win sink in?
The car parade on Boylston street in Backbay on the day after Boston Red Sox World Series win.
Red Sox World Series trophy coming to Providence! Next Wednesday! Be there!
On the Friday broadcast of HBO's Real Time, host Bill Maher was speaking with guest Anthony Weiner when he brought up the Red Sox World Series parade and the moment when the trophy -- or as he calls it statue -- was placed on the Boston Marathon finish line.
MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!! Specialty Response Solutions, Inc. presents our latest colloquium… "Plan for an Event…Be Prepared for an Incident" December 14, 2013 at 1:00 pm The world watched live as first responders reacted to the terrorist bombings at the 2013 Boston Marathon. Boston Fire District Chief Dennis Costin will describe how the response was successful because of the extensive planning that occurred before the event. He will also discuss the lessons learned from the response and how those lessons have been applied to other events such as the Boston Red Sox World Series games. This two hour event is a must for anybody responsible for event planning and emergency incident management. Details and course registration information will be available later this week.
Red Sox World Series run will be tough act to follow
Ex-Twin Eddie Bane is special assistant for Boston Red Sox World Series champions.
I'd trade my Blackhawks Stanley cup and Red Sox World Series for an Oregon national championship
I just watched the video of the fight after the Red Sox World Series parade and I am livid. Total human garbage would head stomp a defenseless person, 3 different people for that matter, numerous times. There were also cowards video taping and laughing. I won't even post it cause I believe it's that disturbing. I am so furious these people share the same title as human beings.
I'm still high off my Red Sox World Series title that this OU game doesn't even phase me.
There were 1-2 MILLION people in Boston for the Red Sox World Series parade, and NOT ONE arrest. Imagine that, Wildcat…
In The News: A reminder that Daylight Time ended this weekend. Or put another way, your microwave now has the right time on it again. A new brewery in Scotland makes the world’s strongest beer -- 67% alcohol. All part of the plan to make Scottish people even harder to understand. Kanye West rented a stadium to pop the big question to Kim Kardashian. They haven’t picked a site yet for the divorce. A Texas man survived two lightning strikes on the same weekend. Said he’s grateful, and credits his lucky metal hat. Good news for Kathleen Sebelius: ObamaCare will cover all of her injuries when Obama throws her under the bus soon. Boston was very excited over the Red Sox World Series win last Wednesday night. People in Boston hadn’t been that drunk since Tuesday night. A University of Oxford study says women with larger butts are smarter than women with smaller ones. So, guys, you know what to say the next time she asks if those pants make her butt look big: "You look really smart.”
Can't wait for my Red Sox World Series cap to come in 😌
All things Boston and/or harbor inspired! Gifts for him and her in celebration of the Red Sox World Series win and the many Boston Harbor weddings I'm planning the styling for right now.
To celebrate Epilepsy Awareness Month, Tara's FamilyPub in Matunuck will be hosting Tara's Turkey Trot on November 16th, 2013 from 4-7pm to benefit The Matty Fund! Come join us for an afternoon of fun at Tara's. There will be many raffle prizes between 4 and 7 pm including turkeys, hams and some great Red Sox World Series memorabilia. Music will be by The Cabana Boy Brian Cabral. Our last fundraiser at Tara's during Memorial Day weekend was a great success, and this fundraiser is going to be a fun way to kick off the Thanksgiving holiday. You don't want to miss out!
The Red Sox World Series parade stopped at the Boston Marathon finish line, where the trophy was placed, and God Bless America was sung. Chants of Boston Str...
New releases! Eminem's Marshall Mathers 2 is out, along with new M.I.A., Avril Lavigne, the Melvins, and more. Re-issues include an expanded version of David Bowie's latest cd and Jimi Hendrix. For dvds we have an extended version of the Hobbit, Mad Men Season 6, and White House Down. We also received the Red Sox World Series shirts! Stop by! - Jon & Andy
Boston couple Stephanie and Matt Cahill had their Big Day all planned out; they took photos at a hotel before the ceremony, and intended on taking a trolley to a Charlestown church to get hitched. What they didn't anticipate was the Red Sox World Series rally and about two million fans taking that s...
HERE IS A GREAT STORY ABOUT TAKING ACTION TO RIGHT A WRONG. Brookline resident raises money to help owner with expenses By Jasper Craven | GLOBE CORRESPONDENT NOVEMBER 01, 2013 They rolled his car over, but now Chad Duncan is rolling in cash. A day after Duncan learned that his car had been destroyed by riotous fans following the Red Sox World Series win, a crowdfunding campaign started by a sympathetic Brookline man had raised enough money to cover Duncan’s expenses and then some. “Since April, I’ve had enough of the destruction and enough of the negative stories, so I tried to turn that around,” said Bobby O’Neill, who launched a GoFundMe campaign titled “Boston’s Better Than That” after learning of Duncan’s plight. In one day, 234 people donated more than $3,400. But regardless of the total raised, Duncan won’t be swapping his Corolla for a flashier ride, at least not with these funds. O’Neill said he plans to give Duncan, a 28-year-old Oregon native who moved to Boston three year ...
Red Sox pitcher Jake Peavy enjoyed his ride in the Red Sox World Series parade so much that he bought one..
Novelist Gish Jen on the Red Sox World Series victory: It was like something out of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Some Puck went stealing among the Sox as they slept, and lo! They woke up greatly changed. Those who had been smooth of cheek now were strangely bearded. And a team that had hissed like v...
Robert Pinsky’s poem on the Red Sox World Series victory - The Boston Globe
NASCAR Raceday features segment about bond between fallen MIT Officer Sean Collier and brother: While Boston and much of the country celebrate the Boston Red Sox World Series championship this week, reflection simultaneously turns to the citys Boston Strong resiliency following the April 15 Boston Marathon bombing. Sean Collier was the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) police officer killed April 18 in the aftermath of the marathon tragedy. He was gunned down that evening while on duty in his patrol car -- allegedly by the bombing suspects. Seans brother, Andrew Collier, and his family recently sat down for their first in-depth, on-camera interview since the tragedy. Andrew Collier is a machinist in the engine department of 10-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champions Hendrick Motorsports. Narrated by actor/singer and Boston native Donnie Wahlberg, the feature premieres Sunday, Nov. 3 at 1:00pm/et on NASCAR Raceday on Fox Sports 1. Collier Strong re-airs Sunday night on Fox Sports Live on Fo ...
24.4 percent of Red Sox World Series runs in the past ten years were driven in by players who have tested positive for steroids
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
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