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Red Solo Cup

Red Solo Cup is the title of a song recorded by American country music singer Toby Keith.

Toby Keith

This is also gazing longingly into my eyes while holding a red solo cup in his hands. I see you, dreamboa…
Just watched an old lady try to catch a bird in a red solo cup..
Creator of the Red Solo Cup dies at 84 πŸ‘€ 2016 is taking everyone 😩
Her , you actually know the writers of Red Solo Cup...
My dr gave me codeine to to help with strep and said "I better not see you with this and a red solo cup like lil wayne" . No. just no.
Drinking soup out of a red Solo cup kinda looks like you're drinking vomit.
I liked a video from Our Red Solo Cup Challenge - Who will we find under these Red Cups
I've never seen a red solo cup with a lid on it.
Toby Keith: Red solo cup, I fill you up... Me: Lets have a party!
Totally didn't plan on taking jamie macaroni & cheese in a red solo cup today
...ugh, I wish he would smoke pot, but he apparently just likes drinking out of a red Solo cup
Coach K is as red as a solo cup right now.
St. Paddy's day: the Trilogy starring me, a red solo cup, and several nutty Irishmen
A brief history of the Red Solo Cup, everyone's favorite party staple:
I live in an apartment & my toilet clogged so I had the plumber come out so I scooped my stool out with a red solo cup
Red solo cup,I'll fill you up,let's have a party
My mom bought some wine so I asked if we even had wine glasses and she says "yeah, a red solo cup" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ okay
Last night I threw up into a red solo cup wobbling around barely alive and didn't miss
Where's the red solo cup emoji when you need one
My mom wants to go on a walk and hands everyone a red solo cup.
The Yeti tumbler is the new red Solo cup. Now you're wondering about thy old lady at your job.
At the park with the whole family, Faeren is totally committed to that red solo cup, and there…
The Life of a Red Solo Cup:. I am a help you forget/please keep me with my…
Miami Ken accessories are: shades, red solo cup, and a watermelon slice.
When everyone's drunk at a party and you're walking around with a red solo cup full of bean dip...πŸ€—
. Did you drink from a red solo cup?
Red solo cup is playing at frizzys and I called out for 911 because this is a crime
Of all Han Solo defining moments, his invention of the red keg party cup stands out.
I find my sanity at the bottom of a red solo cup
I see that you are holding a red solo cup so how ca... β€” Still missing the part on how I'm thirsty... so if ...
Shocker... she found a red solo cup backstage. Thanks for the hubs' perfect show shirt
Red Solo Cup Lights- So easy to make!! Cut an X in the bottom of the cup and…
It's all about the journey... to the red solo cup🀘
I'm going to have to have another glass of wine to finish this episode , Toby Keith style , red Solo cup.
Pretty much ready for the big move! Key features: wine in a red solo cup and
The biggest red solo cup I'm with your over 50 fan club
Solo red cup to be rebranded in Pakistan to multi red cup due to big families and many wives! Ooh
I put my pinky finger up when I sip from that red solo cup
I bought a bottle of moscato and am drinking some out of a red solo cup
. LeBron playin 2nite so I know U got ur red solo sippy cup ready & UR ready 2 ride LeBrons jock all nite
Interesting fact: the creator of the Red Solo cup recently passed away.Robert Leo Hulseman...12/21/16
Red solo cup, you fill me up , let's have a party,
It is FEBRUARY and I just passed a squad of frat boys in colorful shorts and bro tanks, each holding a red solo cup
I have been in the car for over 6 hours now, and over 1/2 a red solo cup of blood has came out of my mouth. can't be good.
Penalities galore being handed out toward the end of this one as Toby Keith's "Red Solo Cup" plays over the sound system.
Congrats on the Follow of the week on this week's Looking forward to raising a Red Solo Cup with you on 4/3!
Sitting at an intersections in Oakland and a red solo cup falls from the sky onto the hood of my car. I think god is giving me a sign.
Nothing for the Seahawks in the 4th. And, the Red Solo cup wins the race. Poor Yellow.
My pharmacist has a red solo cup for her water "look, I'm one of you too! I'm poor too!" . Cause we're peasants apparently πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Drink of the day..Margarita in a red solo cup..surprisingly good! @ Champions Center
The inventor of the Red Solo cup died today.2016 strikes again
I'd rather have my flesh devoured by a locust swarm than have to listen to. 01 seconds of the Red Solo Cup song
Cereal for a late breakfast and a second red solo cup of water.
Bluesfest will be at its max when Toby Keith starts playing red solo cup
What a waste of a Red Solo Cup, Clint
The worst part about my cut is when I first get up is drinking a red solo cup full of water
It's 7am and we haven't slept and daltons laying next to me singing Red Solo Cup lmao
If I drank what comes in your Friday night red solo cup I would pass out also. :)
Came home to realize there was a beer can and red solo cup next to my rosary on my desk... smh ☹️
. Relax you still got your meal service & your red solo cup & Shrimp Bayless.
My ghetto *** is drinking veuve cliqout out of a red solo cup. Only in Vegas
Freaking Eliseo got red solo cup in my head smh
Red Solo cup stay fill up good drank only tho
so my mom set individual ringtones of songs that remind her of each of her kids. So now whenever I call "red solo cup" goes off πŸ˜‚
I don't know what to laugh at more, Ignis' hair or his red solo cup
She took your heart and crushed it like a Red Solo cup at a Frat Party πŸ˜‚
I actually like Red Solo Cup. But that’s like the only song of his I’ve ever heard.
Red solo cup I fill you up. with let's have a party
Red Solo cup. I fill you up. Let's have a party! πŸ˜€
I've just had port. A good one. In a red solo cup. So tonight should be fun.
Mood: girl at the Bedford Ave stop drinking from a red solo cup at 8 pm.
Hearing "Red Solo Cup" on the radio in the isle while stalking the beer actually makes me want to burn down the nearest frat house
Unfortunately, they are familiar with the red solo cup instead.
Duke struggling offensively today. I'll put my life on it Thursday night they'll be able to throw a basketball into a red solo cup. πŸ˜πŸ™„
say you have a red solo cup. The top and the bottom of it are still on the..
Happy 17th AshπŸ’• I miss jamming out to red solo cup, and ppv-ing with you!!! We need to reunite soon, love youπŸ’‹
Beer bottle as little spoon. And the stickiness from the Red Solo Cup I'm guessing he kicked over passed out
Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the fact that the working title of the Han Solo movie is "Star Wars: Red Cup"?
So lucky to have friends like He made sure I could drink hazy beers without being able to see through…
Contrary to Toby Keith's assertion, a cis man can prefer a glass to a red Solo cup while retaining his ***
Can you heat up easy Mac in a red solo cup? Asking for a friend...
Just watched smoke a bowl from a red solo cup, on Toby Kieth's video. I applaud sir!!
I don't agree pal. "Cowboy Take Me Away" = one of the great songs ever. Red Solo Cup, Who's Your Daddy? Stays in Me…
This is how FAKE NEWS is created... by wise *** red solo cup ***
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Red Solo Cup in Spanish is a rager.
The picture of me looks like I'm holding a red solo cup but actually I'm just eating a bowl of noodles. An actual r…
he didn't take a red solo cup full of beer with him this time so I think we're good
is drinking 13 year old wine out of a red solo cup. How disrespectful
is headed to space! Catch talking and RIP to Sir John Hurt
Incase You Miss: Robert Leo Hulseman, the inventor of Red Solo Cup dies at 84 Via
The real question is... will Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith be played at Robert Hulseman's funeral? πŸ€”
The creator of the Red Solo Cup died. He touched the lives of every college student, BBQ attendee, and Toby Keith on this p…
Robert Hulseman, credited with with developing the Red Solo Cup and the Traveler coffee cup lid, dies.
can you play Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith and fishing in the dark by nitty grtty dirt band
Just saw a drunk girl trying to get into a church say "I need to pray right now" as she has a red solo cup in her hand πŸ˜‚
They had to run a commercial for a stupid *** red cup?. It ain't a solo cup with liquor in it, so who cares?
I somehow got red solo cup stuck in my head without hearing in over a month
has done more for the Red Solo cup than Toby Keith ever will. Hope it becomes a permanent thing.
If you see me with a red solo cup ever the contents will always be... Red Solo Cup = Red Wine🍷
ordered a water at a bar in NYC and was handed a red solo cup. I've never felt this disrespected in my life.
*Intro to Lit - Party foul awareness, official beer pong regulations, and the physics of a perfect red solo cup flip. . * - Core requirement
knew 2016 was going to suck from the moment i threw up in a red solo cup on New Years and i was correct
Having a glass (solo cupπŸ˜‰) of wine. Needed 2 relax bc of my life right now & bc of this Game. It's Wurrrkin' 😜🍷🍾 (need a red solo cup emoji)
Red Solo cup, you're more than just plastic.
You can't get classier than a Red Solo cup full of wine.
"Dani why do u have a red solo cup at formal?". Me: bc I'm frat
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Now a red solo cup is the best receptacle. For barbecues tailgates fairs and festivals
nothing says I'm an adult like boxing out my car and drinking vodka out of a red solo cup
"Green Starbucks Cup" (Red Solo Cup) parody in mind or will you be doing something else or nothing at all?
Day 5 of my 21 day shake challenge! Decided to put my shake in a red solo cup today!!…
Saturday night champagne out of a red solo cup.
My Grandma poured a glass of wine for me in a red solo cup and then proceeded to tell me to keep it classy 🍷✌
They're really blasting Red Solo Cup in this ghetto barber shop. πŸ˜‚
Hold the red solo cup closer to the camera cuz we didn't know you were drinking before
If Donald can admit 2 sexual assault & still run for president then I can post a picture w/ a red solo cup on my Instagram & still get a job
I added a video to a playlist Karaoke Red Solo Cup - Toby Keith *
Cheers to Saturday, y’all. Fill up your red solo cup and enjoy the weekend. 🍻
Went to join my running group forgetting it's race day for all of them so I pulled a Red Cup and went Solo. 4 in th…
Someone also threw up into a red solo cup...
The red Solo shot cup fits perfectly in the golf ball holder in my cart:
I could be drinking out of a red solo cup and still be classy with my pinkie up. -- me to πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
It's football time in Tennessee (thank god for grey goose for getting me through this... I'm still drinking out of a red solo cup go dawgs)
Needs a Red Solo Cup to be a legit party costume
*gif of man sipping from his red Solo cup and shaking his head disapprovingly*
No shave November's going good for me this year it's only the 5th day and people are already putting coins in my red solo cup. πŸ‘πŸΌ
Red solo cup... I lift you up... Proceed to party!
When the super wasted guy at the club is drinking out of a red Solo cup and you realize the club doesn't serve red Solo cups...
Yes, I do shots of fireball out of red a solo cup shot glass...cause classy af!
all I can think about is the baby red solo cup she had hidden behind her desk.
And did I fail to mention the soup is in a red solo cup?
This ugly red solo cup shaped mf turned around as i was loading my L-truck and smiled at me. I'm like
Great meeting you too! Impressed by your award winning red solo cup tower building skills.
*dresses as the dad in Adidas pants holding a red solo cup for the 6th consecutive Halloween
Red solo cup at a ms dance seems a bit out of place.
My aunt just said her red solo cup is classy
Walking through NYC with my personal wine glass because I refuse to drink wine from a red solo cup.
Someone asked me on campus if my life was a Red solo cup, would I want it filled with power, success, love, or passion?...I…
imagine me folding laundry screaming Macy gray with a solo cup of red wine
Red Cup edition? I thought Kingston meant the Solo Red cups you use when out on a rip.
Why does beer taste better out of a red solo cup
That guy seems to always be holding a red solo cup too.
I ride around with a red solo cup full of chocolate milk
Laphroaig out of a red solo cup. This is how we party.
Who knew red solo cup could have so much heart πŸ”₯🎀
- U think UR cool champange in a tall glass but U ain't nuthin but warm *** is a plastic cup (red solo cup). Lmao!
Red cup of lean, don't approach me like a junkie πŸ€’
"Nothing says I graduated from college physically--but not emotionally--like a Red Solo Cup Wine Glass." --
Well I ate stale lucky charms with expired milk out of a red solo cup for all three meals
I use a red solo cup lol it's in the front seat cup holder in my car. comes in handy at the drive thru all the time πŸ˜‚
Just made my best cup of coffee in a red solo cup.
And drinking wine out of a red solo cup.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
A4: I wave to the neighbors. Michiganders as a whole don't seem to socialize much outside of the red solo cup crowd.
Carson puts a red solo cup over his mouth to shave his beard, like a bowl haircut.
Anyone have songs that they regret buying? Mine would be "red solo cup".πŸ™„
me and my room mates still listen to the song Red Solo Cup when we party
For some weird reason Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith makes me super duper happy
Red solo cup song πŸ˜‚ got to be one of the funniest things ace ever heard X
Feeling like a red solo cup full of vegetables
me: drinks my wine out of a red solo cup rather than straight from the bottle like the usual drunk *** I am
Remember when Red Solo Cup was one of the most popular songs
I rewrote red solo cup as Pampers Pull Ups (where is the potty) and Hot blooded as Hot biscuits. Never recorded them though
Can Red Solo Cup escape and make it to Saturday night?!
One time I was so lazy, instead of making another dish... I ate my cereal out of a red solo cup. .
Why the judge got a red solo cup and sippin like its liquor in his cup
I just had a bowl of cereal with out of a red solo cup
My grandma turns 75 today, she's throwing herself a red solo cup party :-)
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Holy crap. Red Solo cup, is there anything you can't do?
Lex & I showed up to school with coffee in a red solo cup, how's your morning
[at a college party next year]. Me: *fills a red solo cup with milk and starts to dunk double stuf oreos*
I'm sure this game is a lot more safe if played with a red solo cup.…
Attempting to describe her in 140 characters or less would be like attempting to pour the Atlantic Ocean in a red Solo cup.
ok .. i got this... ahem* Red Solo Cup ... I fill you up! Lets play some Barbies.. Lets play some Barbies... Red Solo Cup...
Toby Keith - Red Solo Cup. After the Starbucks outcry, does this song offend you now?
Whether you drink from a Red cup or a Red Solo Cup - one thing remains, through the blood of Love Ran R…
City Councilor Frank Baker has a red solo cup during a hearing on broadband. I have no idea what is in it...
I'm getting the dirtiest looks bc I'm walking on campus w a red solo cup in the am but really it's just OJ bc I'm sick
nothing more depressing than Red Solo Cup coming on shuffle during a rainy October morning
About to walk into class with a red solo cup filled with raspberry lemonade.and wine.
Little Ahmend brought a red Solo cup to school today
"I'm not angry...I'm just having a good time.". Here's why some of us see red with our SOLO cup.
She had a sip out of my red solo cupπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
karaoke at Inwood Tavern! Drinks here come in a red solo cup!
Team Red Solo Cup now has a Discord! Come chat and post dank memes.
Apparently Nala belongs in our house because she only drinks water out of a red solo cup
Meadows is eating cereal and milk out of a red solo cup
Breakfast with Barney.Red Solo Cup rollers.ready for bed!
Those little red solo cup shot glasses are still the devil in my eyes
I'll be going as the guy at the end of the driveway holding a red solo cup for Halloween again this year.
$30 bucks gets you in the door and a Red Solo Cup.
Jim Webb: The guy who puts on 'Red Solo Cup' at barbers twice every night.
Hey - I’m drinking from my reusable red solo cup :)
Word of advice:. If she has a picture with a red solo cup anywhere on her Instagram she's not a keeper.
I guess bringing a red solo cup to school is being a party animal lol
The lines on your Red Solo Cup have a meaning
People who question my standards, I have a tattoo of a red solo cup, so that should answer everything for you.
happy happy birthday !!! ur American boxers and red solo cup was hilarious and I hope u had a day as great as you!!πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰
Today I made eye contact with a hot stranger on the street as I shoveled ramen into my mouth from the red solo cup I was carrying it in. . πŸ‘
Spending my Tuesday night w/ my comedy notebook, a plate of bacon, & a solo cup of red wine because that's what makes me happy
if you were wondering we were singing "red solo cup" and we wrote Red on the cups πŸ˜„
drinks chocolate milk from a red solo cup like the real ADULT I am..
The is good but for the same price I can get a cheap bottle of & drink from a red solo cup
It's Red Solo Cup Night!. Join us for great country music provided by our country DJ. Line Dancing Lessons, $3.00...
Was sent LinkedIn request where photo was of them holding a red Solo cup. I assume it was their professional red Solo cup.
I'm not positive but I think the locker thing is a don't look don't tell like a red solo cup in the grove.
Crushed your heart like a red solo cup at a frat party
eating spaghettios out of the can with a plastic spoon and a red solo cup of Hawaiian Punch. Is this what college tastes like?
One of the most annoying kinds of people: those, who upon hearing the phrase "red solo cup", burst out in Toby Keith's song. Stop it.
Rocking back and forth. Boxed Merlot in a red solo cup. The bitter feeling of a life gone astray flowing through the *** €¦
Can't even count the amount of looks I get when I carry my red solo cup with COFFEE around campus πŸ˜…πŸ˜³
I just ate cereal out of a red Solo cup. 'Cause I'm classy.
Just made top ramen in a red solo cup because I don't have bowls. I college good
I'm one red solo cup away from feeling better about today.
I'm about to walk from UP to Campus with a waffle and a red solo cup of coffee in my hand... .
Dude is really carrying a red solo cup on the bus.
*** i wanna party now that Red Solo Cup came on
~ Red Solo Cup . . we aint never lost a PARTY!
Red Solo Cup, I'll fill you up with string lights, and have a party!
Wine in a red solo cup...high class. so the neighbors don't know i'm saucin' it up.
For breakfast this morning I had cereal out of a red solo cup in class
Doesn't everyone take communion out of red solo cup shot glasses?
I thought "Red Solo Cup" meant one red cup. I didn't know the brand was "Solo" .
I also felt really sentimental about the song Red Solo Cup so yeah
I want to bring attention to the fact that Trandon was eating uncooked rice by the handful out of a red solo cup last night.
Red Solo Cup.. I fill you up, proceed to party.
If you tell me you think this is the dumbest song ever featured on "2or3lines," I won't argue with you.
NOW red solo cup is the best receptacle
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
You don't make a double cup with red solo cups... Lol
Something about raspberry ginger ale that just makes it taste so much better out of a red solo cup
All of my problems are at the bottom of my red solo cup
Beautiful dinner. And a Red Solo Cup. Let the good times rollπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
Currently drinking green tea from a red solo cup. I live the conflicted life tho.
it's for pregame and its like half a red solo cup. It's not actually a small shot
same! I had a red solo cup half filled with fire ball sigh
β€œwe can karaoke Red Solo Cup round 2 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€ yaaasss
Red solo cup, you're... My.. M... My friend! Yeah!
we can karaoke Red Solo Cup round 2 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I'm about as solo as a red solo cup
in a red solo cup I hope. Toby Keith is a modern day Shakespeare.
TK said "Now Red solo cup is the best receptacle." I wonder if those at sperm banks would agree.
I would really like an explanation for why red solo cup is stuck in my head
β™« Red SOLO cup,. I fill you up,. I have a problem!. A drinking problem... β™«
Convinced my mom to be a red solo cup for Purim and told her to serve cheap vodka and coke along with
Eating apple sauce out of a red solo cup.. This is what my life has come to
Apple needs to create a red solo cup emoji .
I bet he's THAT guy who loves Toby Keith's "Red Solo Cup"
If you put your ear up to a red Solo cup,
Dylan's making a cake & just used a red solo cup to measure out 1 cup. Lol. πŸ˜‚
Red solo cup, you are more than just plastic. You're more than amazing. You are more than fantastic
More to the red solo cup than we thought. Guess it's true for all the other colors of Solo cups.
So, someone came into a red solo cup.
They really need a red solo cup emoji
" I am a Sailor" and something about a questionable liquid in his red solo cup... lol
Red solo cup. Someone filled you up. and had a party. & probably got drunk & littered or passed out on the sidewalk.
oh I see. Well yeah I just focused on my red solo cup during that time period. Wasn't long tho.
Red solo cup just came on the radio 😍
Red solo cup you're more than just plastic, you're more than amazing, you're more than fantastic
You know your parents got turnt when they are drinking coffee out of a red solo cupπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Red solo cup in your purse on Sunday morning means successful girls weekend πŸ‘
"I think that within 100 years we will be electing inanimate objects to be president, for example a red solo cup" - My brother
I just want to let everyone know that I had water in my red solo cup last night
Jungle juice is the devil & my bff all packed into a red solo cup
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