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Red Skull

The Red Skull is a name shared by several fictional characters, all supervillains from the Marvel Comics universe.

Captain America Hugo Weaving Alexander Pierce Nick Fury Winter Soldier Arnim Zola Steve Rogers Baron Zemo Tony Stark Marvel Cinematic Universe Doctor Octopus Bucky Barnes Spider Man Powers Boothe Scarlet Witch Stan Lee Charles Xavier

Love the red white and blue skull picture! Lol
red skull could have been a major villian for other avengers movie aside Loki...Maybe for ³rd movie
Is it me or does look like the red skull, stiff.
Y mike pence look like the red skull
The perks of being a grown-up. Jelly beans for breakfast, red wine for dinner. Total anarchy lol
Is Donald Trump secretly the Red Skull in disguise 😯😯?
Bought some deep cleansing facial products. If I don't look like Red Skull after this I want my money back.
Wow. It's like seeing the Red Skull and the Joker fighting. There is no good guy in this situation, just a load of…
I can't believe steals quotes from Red Skull
TentMaster showing us the skull & beak of a Red Hornbill. Enormous eyes~larger than the brain~Keratin…
James showing us a Red billed hornbill skull on drive
So cool! First time I've seen the red billed hornbill skull!
.cap memories were altered by a cosmic cube and red skull's new psychic powers via professor X's brain. Never was Hydra.
here's my attempt, from today, coincidentally enough. I call it "Red Skull in Hairpiece".
Re-watched Captain America 1. Red Skull is one of the few good Marvel villains, need him back. No explanation on how Cap learns how to fight
W-Why can't I do it already?! D-Do it!! Come on!! *Red said historically crying as a wide grin grew across his skull, hol…
Silver Skull charm Red and black by via inspired
When someone gives you a red skull but you think it's a Parma violet x
~ All of the guards nodded feverishly, except one. The Red Skull noticed and stared at the young man. The youngster stopped shaking his ~
Silver Skull charm Red and black by via 20
tough one. That's been a weak point for me in their movies. I'd say. 1. Loki. 2. Red Skull. 3. Alexander Pierce
Too bad we'll never see Hugo Weaving as Red Skull again.
"Red Skull has Charles Xavier brain and he must be stopped."
is the Republican Party secretly Hydra? And Paul Ryan is the Red Skull?
To look like Red Skull this man has his nose removed. Now he looks like➙
Me: *Asleep*. Brain: Pst. Me: . Brain: A lot of villains don't have noses; Voldemort, Red Skull, Skeletor, Davy…
I just pictured him doing the Hans Landa smile in Red Skull prosthetics and it's AMAZING
Like Cap with his broken shield - nice, quick piece. But I wouldn't want an essay likening T to Red Skull.
hey, to be fair that was his Uncle, his parents died fighting the Red Skull as spies for Nick Fury
Who knew the Red Skull was a Transformers fan and loved combiners? Sadly I am nearing the end of Earths Mightiest Heroes.
hot tip for anyone just getting into comics Red Skull is alway the worst person in the room. Victor Von Doom and Magneto >>
[--to him finally being released and meeting with his creator Red Skull. The next memory flashes to him laughing maniacally--
But isn't Baron Zemo's thing right now that the Red Skull's HYDRA isn't "what HYDRA should be?"
Ok you guys know that Hydra isn't Nazis right? Strucker teamed up with the Japanese to form a world conquering empire. Red Skull/2
The original returns—if his allies can stop the Red Skull first!
Red Skull could be a disguised Jean Raspail, author of 1973 French apocalyptic novel, The Camp of The Saints.
but I mean the Red Skull was trained to be more extreme than Hitler, they are the specter from james bond with more teeth
the Red Skull kills him once in the negative zone, Al Queda killed him in 2011/12, and one other time I don't remember though
Hey when people said I'm pretty sure they didn't mean Red Skull.
"HYDRA's records ended with the Red Skull. The only active files are after his return."
That moment when you realize the battle of Dol Guldur is Magneto, Red Skull, and Hela teaming up with Count Dracula to b…
BREAKING: Red Skull confirmed for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II. Rocket: “what the *** are you? some kinda space nazi?”. Skull: “Ja.”
It reminded me of how, despite all their differences, at the end of the day Red Skull and Tip O'Neill had a close working relationship
I liked Loki... And actually Red Skull, but the problem is that all the Marvel film villains are basically the same.
Two red heads me and mom ❤️ before my hummingbird tattoo just above the skull kissing the…
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S/o Go DL his new mixtape Out The Mud, my single Kitchen on there. Out The Mud - DJ Kurupt, DJ Red Skull
Go up against with a Red Skull brooch
And then of course Red Skull was totally not thrilled with how few people Hitler was killing and wanted to challenge him
I'd forgotten them, but they'd fit right in. . Nazi Wrestling Fed sounds like a Red Skull plot: complicated & doomed to fail.
Richard Mille 52-01 Skull Tourbillon TZP bezel and case back, nano ceramic, carbon nanotubes, 18k red gold skull!
Cap goes undercover to stop Red Skull's Fuhrer-mania or whatever. Bernie, Cap's girlfriend from the early 80's, would've tipped him to it.
I feel like Lego want's to make this happen
Hydra vs. Hydra! The Red Skull vs. Zemo... but where's Strucker? the real and only leader of Hydra for me!
read several very early marvel Captain Americas last night. 116, 117, 118, 123, 126. lots of fun with the red skull and cosmic cube
Some1 was applying for a job, and i really, really needed to read his CV, so I entered the ADMIN-PWD and now there's only this red skull ...
O'Brien is the acquirer of the cube. I mean he's Red Skull so cubes duh.
Red Brick Laughing Skull Craft Lager (is on, replacing Founders Mango Magnifico con Calor (
yeah... apparently he wanted to look like Red Skull from Captain America
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Has anyone finished their Red Skull build a figure? We've got your right here!
I love that Steve Epting's Red Skull always makes this gesture when he talks.
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Even The Joker hates nazis like Red Skull: submitted by /u/cargaku22 [link] [comments]
Hugo Weaving's great as the Red Skull. It's too bad he's ruled out coming back.
I used to think he was like Doctor Doom or Norman Osborn. Now I'm thinking he's Red Skull.
« like asking if the Red Skull or Arnim Zola were saveable, when she knew that they weren't. They were both insane, and they »
He tried that in Marvel Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes... Cartoon, Winter Soldier episode. Red Skull is worst villain
Hang in' at the Peach Pit with Patrick O. - Drinking a Red Skull by at —
So, Trump cabinet is now: David Duke, Louis Farrakhan, Sarah Palin, Chris Christie, Paul LePage and the Red Skull.
Red Skull on my tl? . Gotta praise Hugo Weaving for being a fantastic and amazing actor. 💕💕💕
Mind that time the Red Skull trapped Hitler's disembodied consciousness in a cosmic cube? Good times, man.
flashback to when Grant Ward and the Red Skull were married
Arnim Zola was a German scientist who worked for the Red Skull. He's been dead for years.
I know right! Should be fun to walk around with characters such as Red Skull and Arnim Zola! :D featured in NBC s Science of Love
Do you think Christopher Waltz would be a good fit as Red Skull as a re-post?
. "They are an occult from Germany. Once led the Red Skull. Captain Rogers defeated them but once again last year, returned."
Here's 5 characters who would have made more likable roommates for Peter. Norman Osborn, Doc Ock, Doctor Doom, Red Skull and Poochie
All I want for Xmas from is for Powers Boothe to pull his face off to reveal he's been Red Skull all along.
[— Red Skull would rain terror. The faux distress call had been assembled easily enough; the remnants —
It'll be interesting to see how they do it since S.H.I.E.L.D isn't a thing anymore and Red Skull is dead (OR IS HE???)
Powers Boothe's character was named Malick in show. Hydra fears him because Malik was Red Skull's son in comics.
Shut up, Hugo Weaving, and get back in my Marvel movies as the Red Skull.
So the Red Skull has a cosmic cube and the best he can come up with is a bargain basement Vulture. bravo
Sam was introduced as a super-soldier recruited, brainwashed, & altered by the Red Skull who had a cosmic cube at the time.
Guess I should break out my toys as well. Red Skull will have his cosmic cube.
Check out Captain America Marvel Legends Agents of Hydra Figure Red Skull 6" in Action Toy via
I liked a video from RED SKULL VACILÃO
The Red Skull tie in started off cool but now it's just ok...
I remember this one. Red Skull was Italian. Man I didn't know what was worse the Skull mask or Cap's ears?
Artist Rainier Beredo lets you in on the process of coloring RED SKULL in a new interview!
Handmade red crystal diamonds Skull Bling case for Apple iphone 6 plusvia eBay
Imagine. Game 1: Red Skull wins. Game 2: - Shield HQ is out of action.
"I WILL DRINK YOUR BLOOD FROM YOUR SKULL.". --Canadian Red Squirrel, from my back yard deck.
What is your favorite Berserk moment? — Skull Knight vs. Void during the Eclipse.
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he gets arrested at the end of civil war under SHIELD and while they arrest him, Crossbones a guy who works 4 red skull
Check out talking Red Skull, Birthright, and Batman with writer
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Why does the Red Skull always look so happy? I need to know his secret.
Comics? Doom. Movies? Nameless Hydra agents in Winter Soldier, and MAYBE Red Skull in Cap 1. Weak villains overall in the films
The Journal of the Red Skull (Pirates: The Lost Cove Book 1) by Alonna Williams This is the stor…
"Head's of Hydra who've died, Red Skull, Alexander Pierce, Daniel Whitehall and let's not forget the most annoying one, Baron Von Strucker."
I can bring peace to 8 billion by sacrificing 20 million lives!" -Well said by Alexander Pierce, best HYDRA leader since the Red Skull!
Sam the Eagle vs. the Red Skull sketch @ Memphis Con!
And then Red Skull had a brainwashed-as-a-sleeper-agent Sharon Carter kill him on the way to the courthouse
Hugo Weaving has stated that he is indifferent to the film and has little interest in reprising his role as the Red Skull
May be a bit too much ask but for me Maria Hill and Nick Fury and the return of Red Skull would just make this film
I wish we saw Hugo Weaving reprise his role as Red Skull.
70+ years after Captain America was frozen saving the World from Red Skull, after Tony Stark announced he was Iron Man,
Plus a Red Skull series, Angela 1602, Garth Ennis back at Marvel, with Faiza Hussein as Captain Britain...
Comic Vine: Josh Williamson Discusses the Hunt for Red Skull in SECRET WARS. During an interview at Emerald City...
Tommy Lee Jones said in Cap 1 (can't remember his characters name) that all Hydra agents worship Schmidt (AKA Red Skull) as a God.
Whats the reason for to have the two gals kiss? We never see Cap sucking face with Red Skull to best him. Because girls? Odd.
The Deep Red Nappa Leather/ 18kt. Gold Twin Skull Bracelet by is a perfect blend of style…
Mel Gibson would be a great Red Skull.
I really want Kevin Spacey and Christoph Waltz to be in a Marvel movie. Perhaps as Kang the Conquerer and a recast of Red Skull??
Someone come over and dye my hair red
Red Skull lowkey has the best car in the MCU so far
I'm still wondering what part of the World Tree Red Skull got sent to...
that one kid as Red Skull is just straight horrifying!
Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull is just straight fire.
Seeing the red skull logo on his leather coat reminds me of the time I saw it stuck to a car. That made me incredibly happy I might add.
I liked a video from MCU Timeline Explained - 1930s - Steve Rogers & Red Skull
Voldemort is a more attractive noseless person than Red Skull.
Man has facial tattoo and nose cut off to look like Marvel's Red Skull via
Cool, Hugo Weaving as the red skull made me laugh
dude gets surgery to look like Red Skull. Don't lose your lunch...
"They were founded in the 1940's so you're looking at during the Second World War by a man called Red Skull. He's German."
Is it me or does Dantonio look like Red Skull?
now you have to help me get a skull of dire ahamkara. And maybe red death and heart of the praxic fire while you're at it? ;D
A thing for redheads? Man chops nose to resemble Marvel villain Red Skull
When body modification gets really nuts
Louis' skull and cross bones tattoo looks incredible like the red ink stands out against his golden smooth tan skin so perfectly
So, Richard Sammel for Red Skull when they bring the character back to the MCU, right?
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the messed up thing about Red Skull inpersonator is that he doesn't even look like him. He looks like a devil.
- took out the Nazi Party — Red Skull, Hitler. Try this one.” . Steve found himself secluded in the break room, the -
Fashion flashback! We can't get over these Grammys throwback looks:
Taylor Swift reveals her Grammys date in the CUTEST way possible:
Seriously, removed part of HIS NOSE - Gent removes his nose to look like Red Skull comic book villain via
New Podcast is up.. We break down the Super Bowl Shark, HIV Smartphone testers and the Red Skull guy.. all this...
This guy will do anything to look like the Red Skull. Except, apparently, shave.
One fan went to some serious extremes to become ‘Captain America’ villain Red Skull:
Captain America fan has part of nose CHOPPED OFF to look like Red Skull | Daily Mail Online
Tour & Pirates: The Lost Cove Journal of the Red Skull by Host…
Anyone else realize that the Red Skull in Captain America was based totally on Jim Carrey's The Mask?…
The next generation of Captain America engages in a battle with the next generation of Red Skull. Will Hydra finally come out victorious, or will Captain America succeed like always. Hit the jump to check it out!
Okay Avengers Assemble cartoon on Netflix. You expect me to believe that Red Skull could just steal Iron Mans armor and it would still work?
'“Agent Ward is Red Skull? Ah, *** no!” Nick Fury bellowed, firing his gun at Red Skull, but Skull dodged, cackling madly.'
Barron von Strucker could make the Red Skull look like a left wig liberal. He was far more Nazi than the Skull was.
An unlikely alliance takes on Red Skull in by & on sale now
All the Avengers and a couple X-men against Loki, Red Skull, and the green goblin.
Marvel’s highly anticipated AXIS event begins this Wednesday in AVENGERS / X-MEN: AXIS it comes, Third Eye Faithful, the biggest, most exciting MARVEL event since AVENGERS VS. X-MEN first kicked off two years ago! BLACK SCIENCE, LOW, UNCANNY X-FORCE: THE DARK ANGEL SAGA and DEADLY CLASS writer RICK REMENDER, brings the world of AXIS to life alongside superstar comic artist ADAM KUBERT in this must-read new limited series that will literally shake the Marvel Universe to it’s core! In AXIS the Red Skull has exploited the gifts of the world’s greatest telepath to broadcast pure hatred across the globe. Now, born of the murder of Charles Xavier, World War Hate has begun. Tony Stark discovers a secret truth that will upend not only his life, but also the lives of everyone he’s ever cared for. Can the Avengers and X-Men finally united? Would their combined strength be enough to hold back the darkness of the Red Onslaught? Magneto murdered the wrong man, releasing the greatest evil the Marvel Universe ha ...
. Sip slow, or you'll go from Cap face to the Red Skull in less than 30 minutes
I guess Hugo Weaving can wear one that says something like "Say what? I'm Agent Smith, King Elron, V, Red Skull and Megatron"
bb are you doing anything with Red Skull and Shaw both actually being named Schmidt? Like, handwave they're the same person?
lol. If it's Avengers Assemble ... lemmie guess ... Red Skull was beating on Steve? Or trying to at least, lol.
So when does Bill Gross go full Red Skull?
a espionage mission in Wakanda, Red Skull or Baron Zemo making an attempt to steal Vibranium in the 2nd act. I could see it
I finally saw "The Amazing Spider Man 2." I liked it. I didn't love it, but I did LIKE it. I thought the interaction with Gwen and Peter, two people who can't be with each other because they actually love each other, was heart rending and well done. Besides Electro and the 2nd Green Goblin, we see glimpses of future appearances of both The Vulture and Doctor Octopus, and we do see The Rhino, though to be completely honest, he is such a departure from his comic book counterpart that I didn't recognize him, until he announced himself! The story of Richard and Mary Parker is based on the Spider Man Annual from the late 1960's written by Stan Lee and illustrated by his brother Larry Lieber, which gave the background story on Peter's parents as spies during World War 2, but updated for this movie as scientists working on genetic engineering. (Interestingly, that Spider Man annual has the Red Skull as the villain!) As for Gwen Stacy, since I'm late in the day for watching this movie, I won't spoil it, but t ...
Preorder NOw! MARVEL CHESS FIG COLL MAG, on sale Sept Aug 2014 EAGLEMOSS PUBLICATIONS LTD The Marvel Chess Collection is a new bi-weekly series offering the comic fan and chess lover alike the chance to collect a unique chess set, featuring some of the greatest and most loved Marvel characters. The first set in the Marvel Chess Collection consists of the greatest heroes and villains from across the Marvel Universe. Will Spider-Man survive against Venom? Can Captain America overcome the villainous Red Skull? Or will the forces of evil defeat the assembled heroes? With the Marvel Chess Collection the battle is in your hands... Absorbing Man - (Black Pawn) Doctor Octopus - (Black Knight)
Red Skull must be played by David Hasselhoff. Falcon to be Theo Huxtable off the Cosby Show. Paula Abdul to play herself.
Perry White is being hunted by the Red Skull, and his only hope is John Constantine in the sci-fi smash The Matrix!
Do you think we could see a version of Marvel Dark Reign adapted into the MCU with a disguised Red Skull instead of Osborn
Denver Comic Con, Day 1: What a Day! Learned a ton from panels about Carl Barks (Daffy Duck creator), Joe Hill (NOS4A2), and an outstanding, passionate talk by Charles Hatfield on the history of comics + the current state of its scholarship. Met the Blue Ranger (geeked out). Bought action figures (lots! A couple of Joes, a Spider Man, the USS Vengeance, Nightcrawler, Red Skull, et many al.). Saw Edward James Olmos and Michael Dorn in my hotel lobby. Told Tracy Bealer that I was just going to walk up to them and say "Hi." Here's how that went. ME (to Tracy): I'm just gonna go say hi. TRACY (as if sending her son off to war): Okay... (I walk up to Worf and Admiral Adama) ME: Uh, hi, just...uh, wanted to say? Big fan. Really love your work. OLMOS (on his phone, probably dealing with *** like me all day): ...bless your heart, your very kind... DORN (totally not noticing me, which is cool, because Worf wouldn't notice me, either, if we were on the Enterprise): ... ME: Okay, thanks, I'll, uh, le ...
that is a problematic title. Red Skull looks like a space marine
The First Avenger' I was asked to create an imposing yet classic car for Red Skull...
Characters I want to see in the. Marvel Cinematic Universe . Moon Knight . Red Hulk. Sentry. Baron Zemo . Red Skull . The Manderin . Captain Britain
Almost forgot. They mentioned that the idea of Alexander Pierce being the Red Skull was considered, but it never made it into the script.
So how long until the Red Skull reemerges in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
I'm not saying Roger Ailes is Hitler. Nazi comparisons are absurd. I'm saying he's the Red Skull, and FOX News is HYDRA.
So I watched Captain America: The first Avenger over the weekend hoping to see the second one tomorrow. Never noticed before that the Red Skull got transported somewhere when he was on the plane fighting Captain America. Huh.
Okay here is what I want in my tattoo it must contain Captain America and a combination of Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier the Falcon or the Red Skull with cap I I want it in a comic book style and Captain America shield must be visible help me out here artists
I saw Captain America: Winter Solider. You can add me to the list of people who loved it, It's easily the best Marvel and perhaps best superhero movie to date. One of the tightest scripts I've seen in years. Excellent direction that gives not one false note. Yes, I liked it more than the Avengers. The humor here was less, but more on point and less snarky, Moreover it was a more believable story grounded in real issues so it made me care more about what happened. My only disappointment was when Gary Shandling was revealed to be the Red Skull ;) The two ending scenes in the credits were also very solid. I am nervous about Gardians of the Galaxy now because it seems campy and Marvel has been on a winning streak so far, We'll see. Go see this. It's excellent. Also, loved all the Easter Eggs. Especially the Pulp Fiction reference.
And I liked all the villains and side characters he used. Serpent Society, Crossbones, Red Skull's Skeleton Crew, 1/2
Captain America is Back with a Bigger Bite and full of Fight K. Gerard Thomas Captain America returns after a suspended animation slumber lasting 70 years as was witnessed in the first Marvel produced Captain America motion picture titled Captain America the First Avenger released in 2011 and was the last prelude to the multibillion dollar successful Marvels the Avengers. In the original comic strip Captain America fought Nazis and communism as well as some home grown evil but his number one foe was the Red Skull who after many fights finally accomplished his goal of allegedly killing both Captain America and his young partner Bucky Barnes ( Changed in the film as his best friend and protector before Steve Rogers was transformed into Captain America) In 1964 Marvel Comics reintroduced Captain America to comic book readers across the nation, and using their number one hero franchise and comic book the Avengers to bring him back into the mainstream was well played. Captain America led the Avengers roster of ...
NOTE: MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD! Overall I was not quite as thrilled as I was with the first movie, which had more of Cap in costume, plus the WWII setting and the Red Skull. But it's hard to fault the new movie on any level, except perhaps that we don't see Cap in costume as much as I would have liked. I loved the Falcon, all the Black Widow scenes (they make a great team), the intro of Agent 13, the Stephen Strange mention (yay!), the quick view of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, and the Stan Lee cameo (he is finally looking his age!). And seeing an actor of the stature of Robert Redford say "Hail Hydra" brought a big smile to my face. Whoda thunk??? Winter Soldier seemed to be almost an afterthought but was well played (Ed Brubaker must be THRILLED, and I hope he made some money from his contribution to this story), and I'd like to see his story continue, as it apparently will, in the next movie. I sure do wonder what effect the storyline will have on the SHIELD TV show tho! It will have to change it dramat ...
Cap goes under deep freeze again. Red Skull returns with Baron Zemo and Arnim Zola in cyborg form. Winter Soldier turns out to be a Life Model Decoy. Scarlet has a sex scene with Maria Hill. Nick Fury dies the same way Coulson did in the Avengers movie. Hugh Jackman and Andrew Garfield make cameos. Cap meets Sir Ian McKellan. Hawkeye leaves to form West Coast Avengers with Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Wonder Man, and Spider-Woman. The end. (By the way, I didn't see it yet, so don't spoil it)
What villain will be the Epic Boss in SPEC OP 17? Is it Red Skull?
If we analyze MCU Phase One movies they all have the same idea. The villain pretends that something the superhero has does belong to him (the villain) and that the superhero is not worthy of it. Specifically, both Obadiah Stane and Ivan Vanko (and even Hammer) thought that they deserved to have the Arc Reactor, and that Tony Stark was not worthy of it. Both Ross and Blonsky (from different positions) thought that Banner/Hulk didn't deserve the power obtained by the Gamma Rays. They pretended that they were the only ones worthy of it. Loki thought that he was worthy to be King of Asgard and not Thor. Johann Schmidt/Red Skull thought Steve Rogers was not worthy to be given the Erskine formula. He thought that he (Schmidt) was worthy of it. What do you thing of this analysis? :)
Red Skull: What makes you so special? Steve Rogers: Nothing. I'm just a kid from Brooklyn. 4 days until Cap 2
How do I make Red Skull sieg heil in Lego Marvel Superheroes?
I'm pretty sure Hugo Weaving will return to Captain America 3. Cap is nothing without the Red Skull
Of course the Red Skull is on Top 10 list of Captain America villains. But he's NOT number one!
Today's villain is the Great White Shark. While in Arkham, he was locked in a refrigerator, where he got excessive frost bite that caused his hideous deformities. (I personally think he looks an awful lot like Red Skull or Lord Voldemort...) [Mad Hatter]
Had a great time yesterday at the Lexington Comic Convention with Raichal Gladman, Frank Donald Raynor, and Chris Metzger !!! Great road trip.with fantastic food at Waffle House on the way there and The Cheese Cake Factory on the way home! Ran into some very good friends down there including Dustin Carson, Brian Carson, Chad Lambert, Victor Dandridge Jr, Scott D M Simmons, Chuck Moore, and John Wilson. Met Jim Steranko ("it's Agent X time!") hung out a little with Bob McLeod, and had a really cool conversation with Bob Hall. (Denny O' Neil did cancel which was a little disappointment). REALLY enjoyed the Steranko panel!!! Helped Frank find some choice books ( I DIDN'T BUT ONE BOOK-ALREADY LOVING RETIREMENT!!) Got a few books signed (could only get one signed by Steranko because he wasn't signing for free- I usually don't pay for autographs at all but he was the main reason I went and he was on the Bucket List). Frank talked me into to it and I'm very glad he did. Also got to wrestle with the Red Skull for ...
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