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Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol, tobacco and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign observed annually in October in the United States.

If you want to have a say in the themes for Red Ribbon week, come to SADD on THURSDAY or forever hold your peace!
🚨 SADD MEETING THIS THURSDAY AT 7:50🚨 here is your chance to voice your ideas and opinions as we will be planning our red ribbon spirit week
We will be observing Red Ribbon Week on Oct. 23rd-31st. Here is a meaningful activity to do as a family!
Help us kick off Red Ribbon week in honor of Sicklecell awareness month meet us in the student union all week for 12:30-1:30
Red Ribbon Week starts Mon! . Take the pledge to be and stay Drug Free: .
I had a group of friends that usually got together for game night. That week we made red, white, and blue ribbon pins to wear
starts on Friday, help start the conversation – & be informed -
Red Ribbon Week is quickly approaching. Contact our foundation if you wish to schedule one of our team to come...
DONT VOTE C, we already have a twin day on red ribbon week!
For the next spirt week which is red ribbon week i think..we needa put in the themes we wanna do because spirit week for HC is straight🚮😴
chill it was like crazy day or something. Like be crazy don't do drugs or somethin for red ribbon week.
What are the themes for red ribbon week again?
Sooo who remembers red ribbon week at school?
WE HAVE TWIN DAY for red ribbon week :/
Are you getting ready for Red Ribbon Week? The TRUST program is ready!
When you don't listen to yo 4th grade teacher when she said "Say no to drugs" during Red Ribbon Week
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Group research to find dangers of alcohol abuse for Red Ribbon Week posters!
Red Ribbon Week will be observed Oct 23-31, 2016.
It's funny that "nerd day" is part of Red Ribbon week. What they're pretty much saying is "be a nerd, don't do drugs"
Fun little fact: During red ribbon week I would turn the wrist bands inside out and put your name with a star on each side
Free Ice Cream TODAY!!! ABHS will be having a ice cream social at 11:30am for Red Ribbon Week. Come on by to the ABHS prevention building.
This week visits & we prepare for The International Red Ribbon Movement 🔖
The dates for Red Ribbon Week are October 19th to 23rd 2015.
Red Ribbon Week letters are in the mail! We can't wait to see the schools' creativity with this year's theme!...
Hey Guys ! . red ribbon week is coming up. If you have any ideas on some activitys or anything DM & let m know !!
Make sure to read our latest newsletter on October's Red Ribbon Week!
Share this Red Ribbon Week video with all of our parents, students and community members.
Hey artists out there! Promote BY ENTERING THE ART CONTEST! Give submissions to Witt in 2121!
Remember when we were 8 and participated in red ribbon week and we said we'd never drink or do drugs
Lol did red ribbon week mean nothing to you people smh
Red Ribbon Week did a great job on me in school.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Oh my goodness! I had totally forgotten about D.A.R.E. It reminds me about Red Ribbon Week too.
Hello, Friends! Aspire is working with Winning the Fight to create LISD's Red Ribbon Week curriculum. This is a...
I remember red ribbon week in elementary school. All my friends use to say they'd never do drugs. Half are dead and half are brain dead.
Red ribbon week didn't help this generation lol
Red ribbon week & the just say no to drugs things was really enforced on the 90s babies..the kids in school now don't know nothing about it
We displayed a red ribbon a week ago to show our support and prayers…
lmfao life is out of control . It's red ribbon week . I can't
I know it's not much but the last time I won something was for red ribbon week in 3rd grade.
it's true. It doesn't have to be red ribbon week to say No to math, kids🚫🔢
What would yall's 4th grade selves during red ribbon week think if they saw y'all gettin belligerent every night
girl I was ready for red ribbon week 👹
Red Ribbon Week is just around corner! Get all your presentation materials
Did yall not have red ribbon week at school,
The chapter presented to over 15,000 students on Rx & OTC medicine safety during Red Ribbon Week!
Two Claysburgk-Kimmel sixth-graders will see their antidrug poster used across the country for Red Ribbon Week.
Centennial, Red Ribbon Week is this week! Show your support by dressing up!
Red Ribbon Week, Brickie 411 & plenty more good news happening at writes Jessica
Red Ribbon Week activities begin Monday at TCE. Wear your favorite hat on Monday. no to drugs
HR gets their dunkin breakfast tomorrow from for their Red Ribbon Week involvement!
SHG celebrates Red Ribbon Week each year. But do you know why? Find out here!
Wrapping up Red Ribbon Week. . Friday, October 23rd: Join the “Spirit” of Being Drug Free! Wear your OES shirt and blue je…
Beautiful day to celebrate Red Ribbon Week at Saddleback College! We look forward to participating next year!
How can you dress up for red ribbon week but you're a pot head ?
CSD students showing they are Drug Free during Red Ribbon Week
A big thank you to Magician Oscar Munoz for visiting Dr. Mario Ramirez Elementary for Red Ribbon Week.
Finalizing Red Ribbon Week with our drug free mega pledge Middle School style.
End of Red Ribbon week celebration. ThanK you Mrs. Gibson and the HEMS National Jr. Honor Society!
Character Day helped us wrap up a fantastic WLMS Red Ribbon Week!
Red Ribbon Week. I have some creative students!
It's Decades Day! Thanks to Mrs. Heter for planning such fun Red Ribbon Week activities for us this week!
.telling the students about their fundraiser results during the Red Ribbon Week convocation!
Ready to end an awesome Red Ribbon Week with an assembly at Gladstone HS in Oregon-
SBISD Students & Staff Hosted Red, White and Back the Blue Rally for Red Ribbon Week
Red Ribbon Week was a great success! "Say Peace-Out to Drugs"!
Red Ribbon Week @ HEMS! Ended today with a school-wide costume parade. Awesome student and staff participation!
Next week is Red Ribbon Week. Monday is "Put a Cap on Drugs." Wear a hat.
Red Ribbon Week - Reminds us of the dangers of drugs and our children. Did you know that...Children of parents...
What a great Red Ribbon Week! Way to end it with some Snapchat fun with our the C&CC staff!
Go, Keokuk TSS!!! And YAY to schools for participating in Red Ribbon Week!! :)
Socorro High School participates at Red Ribbon Week Presentation at the EPIC Center!
ASB students will be painting the red ribbon week banners but hit da blunt after class
Coach Reitsma's Homebase supporting Red Ribbon Week with their Halloween best!
Check out our photos of all the Red Ribbon Week activities:
English teacher Dr. Daniel Harrold poses as Gandalf for the final day of Red Ribbon Week
Minion madness takes place in the office on the final day of Red Ribbon week
Superhero day with my student during Red Ribbon Week!!
Socorro High School celebrates Red Ribbon Week at the EPIC center.
We "capped off" Red Ribbon week with put a cap on drugs!
It's Red Ribbon Week! Yesterday our Grants Pass Club gathered on the field to show our support of a Drug Free...
TSS office in Keokuk has had the pleasure of working with local children durning Red Ribbon week, this is just an...
Awesome job this week @ AES with Red Ribbon Week. Thanks Ms Maynor our school counselor!
"Let's Show Good Character & Stay Drug Free!" Book character dress up day for red ribbon week.
Celebrating Red Ribbon Week with book character day
That moment you're teacher says red ribbon week was dumb...and you came up with it😁
When all the ppl I see at parties speaking in the red ribbon week assembly. 😂🐸☕️
Thanks to my alma mater Monroe-Woodbury for hosting 2015 Red Ribbon Week, a national drug-free awareness campaign!
It's Red Ribbon Week! You guys are supposed to be drug free!
Batman and Ms Frizzle are enjoying the Teen Challenge program. Great ending to Red Ribbon Week!
Check out our Oakview students during Red Ribbon Week: Use this link:
It's Red Ribbon Week sure to check out our trees today! They are wrapped in red ribbons to remind us to be a drug free community.
Little Giant Ladders
We had a great time celebrating red ribbon week in 4th grade.
Last year to do red ribbon week with this group:') I'm gonna miss this🎈
Monday is the last day for our Food Drive for Red Ribbon Week.
Students delivered "thank you" letters to PPD yesterday for Red Ribbon Week. Watch the video -
Celebrating Red Ribbon Week with Miss Brown ... Thanks for reading to us!
Red Ribbon week concludes this week with Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle! Prizes handed out next week! free
Planning for Red Ribbon Week at West Allis Central around the theme Better Things To Do Than Drugs
Thank you 7Lakes High School Cheerleaders and Lucky for leading our Celebrate of Red Ribbon Week!
Reminder: Red Ribbon Week - Peace Out to Drugs and Bullying (wear tie dye items or show off your "hippie" style)...
Queen Creek's MCSO deputies were at for Red Ribbon Week today.
It's Red Ribbon Week at Independence High School. The STAND club members are encouraging students to sign their...
Red Ribbon Week decorating starts tonight. Get involved in the themed days as we address substance abuse prevention. h…
Thxs, Mrs. Atkinson, 4 all the great work U have done this week w/ Junior Optimist Club &Red Ribbon Week
Faculty and staff dress in their College SWAG during Red Ribbon Week.
Gov. is kicking off Red Ribbon Week, which will raise awareness about substance abuse and addiction.
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Red Ribbon Week - October 19-23. Check out the Daily Announcements on the district's home page (Quick Link) to...
Sandoval County's Red Ribbon Week calls attention to drug and alcohol abuse
StuCo preparing for Red Ribbon Week! Our School has SWAG (students who achieve goals drug free)
Red Ribbon Week comes to CES! It will be here soon, so start planning your outfits.
Red Ribbon Week is Oct. 23-31Highland County Commissioners proclaimed the week of Oct. 23-31 as Red Ribbon Week during their meeting on Wed…
Mrs. Alban rocking crazy sock day during Red Ribbon Week! Remember, hat day tomorrow and jerseys Friday!
VOLUNTEERS are also needed to help decorate STMS for Red Ribbon Week! Please arrange to come on Sunday, Oct 18th...
Red Ribbon Week: PJ day; Thu is Fancy Day (dress for success-we have bright futures that don't include drugs!) Also, PICTURE DAY!
Red Ribbon Week. Wear your favorite sports team.
I love Red Ribbon Week! Today was mismatch day and the kiddos looked cuh-razy! PeteE may or may not be wearing one of my shoes 😳😂
Commissioners sign proclamation for Red Ribbon Week in Cordele
If your interested in things like hosting Red Ribbon Week and campaigning against drunk driving, come join!
I'm gonna cover that song for red ribbon week. Worth 10 hrs that one 😂
Fav part about homeschool is not having to see all those kids dressin for red ribbon week knowin *** well they was lightin up the night b4
Join us on Friday, October 23rd as we kick off Red Ribbon Week to raise awareness about drug and alcohol prevention.
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With Red Ribbon Week coming soon, order your supplies today and get FREE SHIPPING!. CICK HERE:...
With Red Ribbon Week just around the corner, get FREE SHIPPING by acting today!.
for red ribbon week we were oozmakappa &my slogan was we're 🆗 w/out drugs & that's the most clever thing I've said✨
I wonder if the D.A.R.E or red ribbon week thing actually work on anyone
Hi Party People. This week's balloons promotions are 3 Balloon Bouquets complete with ribbon and weights starting...
have school spirit. dress up for red ribbon week, homecoming week, football games. WHATEVER. It's fun.
Portland! I'm coming!! See you all Thursday!! So excited for my 2 week trip - Red Ribbon Show, Embers Portland,...
So this week's episode shows Serena has a red ribbon all along. but she still chose to wear Ash's blue ribbon to her redesign :3
Let me tell you I came up with the best red ribbon week theme today and everybody else vetoed it
Been eating straight up Jollibee and Red Ribbon for a week.
Red Ribbon week will start on October 23rd. Red Ribbon week is about drug awareness and prevention. This year the...
Last red ribbon for the week. Happy Sabbath!
Does anyone know where one can get wide red ribbon? I need it for red ribbon week, but if anyone knows that'd be great
I am beyond excited to return to Portland next week for another year of co-hosting The Red Ribbon Show in the...
TBT to Red Ribbon Week 2 years ago with my Kwis Kids in ASES ☺ just a…
"I wanna live a drug free lifestyle Red Ribbon week... The kids all AGREE.
I kept my pledge made during red ribbon week. What about u fools??
Just wanna apologize to Red Ribbon week 🙎🏼
Schools across Texas have begun to secure their Anti-Drug Assembly Programs for Red Ribbon Week. Teachers and...
Now Booking Drug Prevention Assembly Programs for Red Ribbon Week! Due to the high demand of requests and...
Kudos to Checkers, Inc. in Sidney, Montana for organizing an exciting Red Ribbon Week event featuring Kat Perkins...
This week's Red Star specials - craft ribbon and framed artwork 25% off:. Check out our Craigslist items too.
do you think she kept her red ribbon week promise ?? I think she's mad...
Your school can promote Red Ribbon Week from October 23-31, 2015...
When your friends all smoke weed, but you take your Red Ribbon Week pledge seriously
I feel like DARE Red Ribbon Week 2015 needs to focus on keeping kids off White Privilege.
Then we'll give you strong bones and a proper, big body this week~♥ *proceeds to take off her red ribbon*
Another new Red Ribbon Week product: the "Live Free! Drug Free" silicone wristband. Kids love getting & wearing these
I added a video to a playlist Red Ribbon Week: JLine Dance Crew
Why did some of yall even wear the red ribbons for red ribbon week when we were in school, because now yall are crackheads & alcoholics..😐😂
I wouldn't know I'm as sober as I was during red ribbon week like 8 yrs ago
Fourth wedding cake of the week, 4 tiers round and square with red ribbon bows and diamond buttons.…
I did the same thing every year in elementary for red ribbon week
We launched our 2015 Red Ribbon Week campaign at Why do you choose to be drug free?
Nearing the end of week 2 of our incredible Red Ribbon Awards on Tour! It has been amazing.
No thirstbusters at the Bahamas with a typewriter and no red ribbon.. For almost a week 😣
& you get to be with West! He's my sweet kid. Just remember to help a girl out on red ribbon week.
Are you ready for Red Ribbon Week? Bring Corey the Dribbler to your school!...
I thought about red ribbon week when I read this 😂
Does your school celebrate Red Ribbon Week? We've got you covered.
Leadership kids telling people to pledge for red ribbon week but have instagram photos like
A little shot from a box we shipped out to Victoria this week! We've been loving our dark red ribbon…
I remember when it was red ribbon week in elementary & I would get all excited cause of all the game we'd play if I said "no to drugs"💀
I remember being younger and having red ribbon week and thinking who is stupid enough to do drugs
Now we all know who didn't take red ribbon week seriously
Keller ISD during red ribbon week: Superheros don't do drugs!. me: ahem what did they give Captain America to make him have muscles
My mom and I literally cried together over graduation for the 1st time bc she realized I'd never need shirts for red ribbon week again
Do you like drugs? — I may be the only Red Ribbon Week member still 😂
to Be-ing Red in 2013. Only 11 days until we unveil our 2015 Red Ribbon Week campaign at
"Hi is this the president? Yes Mr. Obama I'd like my Red Ribbon Week pledge annulled, thank u in advance."
Red Ribbon Week - posting for a friend - I’m posting this for my friend Tabby who needs some ideas and...
I've pledged not to do drugs since the beginning of my red ribbon week days back in the 4th grade.
Did we do red ribbon week where we talked about drug usage. Cause ahh..
Just gonna show this during red ribbon week 😂
Boy this would be the greatest twinday red ribbon week threesome in history
someone just asked me if we're doing Red Ribbon Week again...
When you do drugs but still participate in red ribbon week 😛
as you can see I abide by the goals of red ribbon week
Most of the people they featured for dressing up for red ribbon week do drugs now 😂😂
please buy the red ribbon as soon as possible. The guards will give leeway in the first week, but will be strict thereafter.
😂 boy, I support red ribbon week to the fullest dude
when it's Red Ribbon week but you come to school lit af
Expo week is the same thing as red ribbon weak just a different name
Halloween dance, red Ribbon week, spirit days, the hallway or some kind of event with any student council member in it, we want it to put
I remember we had red ribbon week in elementary.
This time next week we will be performing Red Ribbon Live, get your tickets now! We cant wait! 0161 232 6089
Coyote Creek Elem celebrates red ribbon week with Blackhawk landing on playground! Thank you for your service!
I didn't know we had red ribbon week. -jakob 😂
to Red Ribbon Week 2014, when the staff The Exceptional Foundation helped us tie over 100 bows to display in...
Planning ahead for Red Ribbon Week? We have to remind students to stay drug free. . Unlike ribbons...
Do we still have red ribbon week or do they know everyone does drugs so it doesn't matter?
Reminder! Wear Red tomorrow in honor of Red Ribbon Week! And come watch a Blackhawk helicopter land on our field!
RED RIBBON WEEK. wow times have changed guys : -)
"Where the druggies write their names in big writing on the "drug free" board during red ribbon week" - SPX
Thank you for supporting Red Ribbon Week. Mustache day tomorrow, Twin day on Thursday and Pima Spirit day on Friday!
Beginning May 8th Roasthouse Pub will be celebrating American Beer Week by featuring 'Red Ribbon Taps'. Order...
Ok. Then do the ones that we did for homecoming and red ribbon week ☺️
Fruit pops for Red Ribbon Week fun today! Love our Soleado parents!
The final dress up day for Yellow Ribbon Week is United We Stand- get as patriotic as possible by wearing red, white and blue
Never took Red Ribbon Week serious. Knew from jump what was up lol
Red ribbon week is just Dr.Gero's way of trying to take over the world
Red Silk Ribbon Yangge Dance. . Students at last week were learning Chinese song while dancing with red silk...
Y'all all liars cause y'all went against Red Ribbon Week 😂
Drugzz... Yall went to school you should already know bout them. Remember red ribbon week 😂 everyone said eff that
I swore on red ribbon week I wouldn't do drugs & stay drug free. Lol
Fun run excitement at today as we launched our ribbon week activities
Only our guidance counselor would plan Red Ribbon week starting on 4/20...Mrs Mottes boosting drug "awareness"
Do the states that have legalized marijuana still have red ribbon week or are they just over that now
"Red ribbon week is bad for business"
Who remembers red ribbon week where we all pledged to be drug free
"Is Marie back on Guam yet? One week without her is too long already .." LMAO stop acting. You just want your red ribbon.
"PfISD students celebrate Red Ribbon Week, pledge to be drug free. …
We have a new blog post on the Montauk School Greenhouse blog. Read about CCOM's Red Ribbon Week project with...
This week we're asking you to help raise awareness about drinking and driving by displaying a red ribbon in a...
Today is Jersey Day at Suamico Elem! Help celebrate Red Ribbon Week and support the message of "Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible"
Buy your Red Ribbon for AIDS Awareness Week and Word AIDS Day at the Shepparton Marketplace tomorrow 26th November
I have all these pictures of me tipsy while wearing my red ribbon week wristband I'm ridiculous
Former students returning to CMS for "Red Ribbon Week"
AIDS/HIV AWARENESS WEEK IS THIS WEEK! (NOV 24-DEC 1)34 million people around the world have HIV. Put on your red ribbon!
MLA raised the red-ribbon flag today, Nov. 24, at Province House in support of NS AIDS Awareness Week.
Wear a red ribbon this week to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, with World AIDS Day observed on Dec. 1:
Students wearing red last Friday in support of Red Ribbon Week.
I'm guessing the 9 year old at Jumpstreet wearing weed socks doesn't participate in Red ribbon week at his elementary school
I knew this crip in elementary school that had perfect attendance but missed red ribbon week that's dedication...
HIV and AIDS Awareness Week and World AIDS Day was recognized at by raising the red-ribbon flag this morning.
The red-ribbon flag was raised today, Nov. 24, in support of HIV/AIDS Awareness Week. More info here:
It's only a week away!! Hope to see you at the Red Ribbon Monologues ‼️
In honor of Red Ribbon Week at her school E.R. Dickson, Isabel Mayo initiated a project called, "I will change...
Nov 30th next week is Show your support by wearing a red ribbon or donating at
Toadily Against Drugs... RES celebrates Red Ribbon Week! Look inside, see what we've learned | …
Apple Launches Two-Week RED Campaign to Help Fight HIV/AIDsA red ribbon is put on the sleeves of a man by his…
Just kidding guys. The pic is photoshopped😏 I promised I would never do drugs during red ribbon week in second grade lmao
sh... I signed something for red ribbon week once and I'm keeping that promise
Red Ribbon Week this week at Suamico Elementary! Wear red on Monday! Red Ribbon Message: be safe, be respectful, be responsible.
I added a video to a playlist roundtable reading red ribbon week!
RWC administrators totally rocking out Red Ribbon Week!
My mom found the duck they gave out for red ribbon week & she thought that's what you put weed in & hide it 😂
It is Red Ribbon Week! Students have pledged to be drug free. Today's theme is "team up against drugs".
It's red ribbon week every week for me:-)
GJs in Shepparton's got the goods!! Please grab your red ribbon merchandise this AIDS Awareness Week/World AIDS...
Did Red Ribbon week in elementary school not influence anybody? 80% of the 12 year olds here got dem cigs
White Ribbon Day is next week. . We'd love your support to get the word out & help end violence against women.
Elks brought Red Ribbon Week to Plant City schools, and many students took a no-drugs pledge.
Red ribbon week...seems like forever ago
Now save the date for HIV/AIDS Awareness week! . We will be hosting one of the events during red ribbon on...
Frank Sinatra Students take pledges against substance abuse: Read about our Red Ribbon Week by clicking the link
We dressed up for Red Ribbon Week last month
Hope Euroleague will decide that next week all Euroleague teams wear black ribbon on memory of Red Star fan who was killed...
What does red ribbon, iPad, tablets and hashtags have in common? Watch this space next week,
Nerd Day was so fun for Red Ribbon week, it was awesome bein 1 of the only ones from school that went all out lol xD
We swore to god we'll never smoke or drink , especially on red ribbon week ..
Thank you to all of the students and faculty who participated in Red Ribbon Week! ❤️
Remember in elementary school when we all pledged to be drug free during red ribbon week lol
Red Ribbon Week had "funny socks" day, crazy hat day, twinky day, wear red day. No education on the effects of drug use.
As a teacher, I've watched Red Ribbon week turn into something like a celebration of drugs rather than a barrage pictures like
A sea of red celebrating Red Ribbon Week and healthy choices at Pt V!
Congratulations to Red Ribbon Week Winners for Officer Kiser's Question of the Day Contest, Lexi, Jordan & Hunter.
Bertie High School celebrates Red Ribbon Week...striving to be a bully free school!
7 years ago. I still wear the red shirt during red ribbon week.
It's more than Red Ribbon week for me, it's Red Ribbon life
Students (& the principal) at Hughes MS wore mismatched and crazy socks to Sock it to Drugs during Red Ribbon Week.
lunch bags in the shape of an owl for a good cause! Very nice!
Teens waiting to hear about The Needs Based Method by Michael S. Oden for Red Ribbon Week at Bishop Amat
Red Ribbon Week: Calvert County Public Schools celebrated Red Ribbon Week to remind students to make healthy c...
Students and staff of Gladden Elementary school paid money towards the United Way campaign and were able to wear a hat to school on Oct. 23. Staff also participated, but in a slightly different way. When they donated, staff members then wore a crown in support of the Kansas City Royals’ chase for the World Series crown. Total, students and staff raised about $134 for the cause. The fundraiser coincided with this year’s Red Ribbon Week spirit days.
It's Red Ribbon Week and the students at The Madeleine Choir School have been interacting with volunteers from the University of Utah Brain Institute, The Salt Lake City Police Department and several parent volunteers exploring the dangers of alcohol and drugs use. Our photos show the students learning about the finer details of how brain synapses work and how information is processed differently from one neuron to another when altered by alcohol or drugs. Other photos show them dissecting actual human brains and experiencing the alteration in performance by testing their motor skills while wearing "special" goggles. A big thanks to our these great volunteers for making Red Ribbon Week a fun learning opportunity every year!
SAPD and Crime Dog McGruff will visit several schools for Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week is dedicated to the honor of a DEA agent that was murdered fighting the the war on drugs back in 1985. Today, San Antonio Police Officers along with McGruff, remind children of the danger of drugs and to remain crime free. In McGruff's words, "Take a Bite Out of Crime San Antonio!"
Dress like your fav movie character for Red Ribbon Week today. Kiddo chose Garth Algar. 🎸
The Germantown Bulldogs celebrate Color Me Drug Free Day in honor of Red Ribbon Week. The buddy classes dressed in the same color and made a rainbow on the parking lot to show their commitment to living a safe, healthy and drug-free lifestyle.
It's Red Ribbon Week in the Carroll County School District! Follow for more info! htt…
This is Red Ribbon Week at Saddle Ridge. Check out the site below to enter the Red Ribbon Week Photo Contest. You...
Greenville *** News for 24 October 2014 The fall calendar is full. Fall festivals are all around us with Hogansville having its largest Hummingbird Festival ever last weekend. The city ran out of ice and water due to the crowds-but that was a positive problem. Coming up in Woodbury on the 23rd is FRA’s Fall Festival; on October 26th is Greenville Baptist’s Festival followed that night by the Methodist’s Trunk or Treatin.’ FRA Senior Night is this Friday night the 24th because the last home game on the 31st will be for the region championship. The home crowd will have trunk or treatin’ at the ball game on Halloween along with a Costume Parade. FRA will be performing its One Act Play on November 3rd and having a dessert program for guests. Call the school for more information. Next week schools and groups nationwide will be observing Red Ribbon Week. Coming up November 7 and 8- the IPRA Southeastern Region Finals Rodeo at Quercus Farms. This past Thursday a group from the Methodist Church took in ...
California Highway Patrol officers will promote Red Ribbon Week by conducting different activities, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., this Saturday at the Antelope Valley Mall. Red Ribbon Week, from Oct. 23-31, encourages young people to commit to a healthy, d
Red Ribbon Week & National Bullying Prevention Month. We will be celebrating the week of October 27th – October...
Suisun City ATOD kicking off Red Ribbon Week. ASB students participated in this month's meeting.
Red Ribbon Week starts today. Did you know there is a significant and consistent relationship between marijuana...
Next week is Red Ribbon week representing Say No To Drugs! Stay tuned for how we will be showing our support for this week. We will post it here and on the website.
"Love Music Drug Free" - Rock Star hair day for Red Ribbon week at school. Thanks Jaime for the hair gel!!
PTA Volunteer Opportunities have been posted: Red Ribbon Week and the Craft Fair! Click on the volunteer tab.
Red Ribbon Week (Drug Awareness) is next week, October 27 - 31. Be on the look out for some information coming home about special activities during that time.
Next week we will celebrate Red Ribbon Week. On Tuesday, the 28th we will dress in our favortie outfits, eat at elegant tables and dance in the gym. Tuesday's theme is "A Happy Me is the Best I Can Be". This will kick off our Drug Free Red Ribbon Week!
Good afternoon Tryon Parents this is Mrs. Frady and Mrs. Heavner with some important announcements. The fundraiser items came back today. The office will be open until 4:00pm today for you to pick up your items. If you would like for us to send them home with your child please send in a note. Our Haunted School is Friday at 6:00pm. Don't forget about donating candy and cakes for the cake walk. Next week is Red Ribbon Week and our students will also have a chance to celebrate Mr. Dellinger for Principal's Appreciation Month. Click this link for more information newsletter (Mrs. Heavner's Scoop. October - and complete details. A link to this newsletter is on our Tryon Webpage. A paper copy of this newsletter will be sent home this month. To be added to Mrs. Heavner's email newsletter group, please send her your email address. Thank you and have a purfect afternoon.
Jude will be set up in the cafeteria with other participants of Red Ribbon Week at Selvidge Middle School on October 29 from 530 pm to 7 pm to discuss drug prevention with students and their parents! He will be selling "Suburban Junky" at this even for a special discount price of ONLY $10 and will be happy to sign each copy sold! Cash and Check only! We are excited and grateful to be apart of this great drug prevention event!
Hello world.. My baby for red ribbon week ... Sunday best!!!
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Red Ribbon Week Details: OCE Red Ribbon Spirit Days October 27th – 31st Monday: Red OUT for Red Ribbon Week – everybody wears red and pledges to never take drugs Tuesday: Team up Against Drugs – everybody wears their favorite sports team shirt Wednesday: Our Dreams are TOO Big for Drugs – everybody wears appropriate sleepwear (no tight or see through pajamas and no spaghetti straps). Students who wear inappropriate pajamas will be sent to the office to wait for their parents to drop off appropriate school clothes. :) Thursday: We have too much CLASS SPIRIT for drugs!! Every homeroom class plans a color – or their individual theme for the day – pictures will be taken for the yearbook! Friday: We are WAY TOO smart for drugs! Vocabulary Parade and College T-Shirt Day
Me when they mention red ribbon week.. lol.
I love the unique way each of my schools celebrate Red Ribbon Week. At my school du jour it with Inside Out Day. At Carr Elementary School music is our "drug" of choice.
Red ribbon week. Straight edge kids favorite time of year
School Talk October 20, 2014 IDAHO HILL ELEMENTARY Idaho Hill will be celebrating Red Ribbon week October 27th through October 30th. On Monday we are asking students to wear read – “To Take a Stand Against Drugs”, Tuesday, bring a stuffed animal for “Hugs Not Drugs”, Wednesday, wear sunglasses to “Shade out Drugs”, and Thursday, please wear Halloween costumes for “Hocus, Pocus, No Focus on Drugs”. We will also have a visit from Winnie the bulldog on Wednesday, October 29th. Leo’s photography will be here on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 to take student pictures. Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, every student in our school will receive one 8”x10” photo and 16 exchanges free of charge. Parents may purchase additional pictures if they wish. Picture envelopes will go home on Friday, October 24th. Again, thank you to all those who donated to our child sponsorship program. We continue to be grateful for all you do for our children. PRIEST LAKE ELEMENTARY Priest Lake Elementary would ...
Red Ribbon Week is the nation’s oldest and largest drug prevention awareness event in the nation reaching millions of Americans during the last week of October every year. By wearing red ribbons and participating in community drug prevention events, young people pledge to live a drug-free life and p…
Help SADD kick off Red Ribbon Week Friday by wearing red to school and to the West Catholic game in support of Students Against Destructive Decisions! Stop by the SADD table at lunch to enter a drawing for a prize. SADD will sell red drug -free bracelets Friday at lunch and at the game for $1.00.
Dates to remember: Thursday 10/23/14 Picture retakes and progress reports. Friday 10/24/14 Movie Night 6-8pm and all orders are due for Pie Fundraiser Tuesday 10/28/14 Blood Drive from 7:30am-3:30pm Thursday 10/30/14 cookie dough pick up after school and choir concert in MVE at 6pm Oct. 27th - Oct. 31st is Red Ribbon week
Teachers and students decorate classroom doors to celebrate Red Ribbon Week. Don't forget - tomorrow is "wear red" day.
Get excited, next week Goddard will be celebrating Red Ribbon and Safety week! Each day students and staff will have an opportunity to demonstrate to our community and fellow Vikings that we are Drug Free and committed to making Safe Choices. Monday October October 27th: Red Ribbon Week and…
Orlando Devil Dogs receiving a Red Ribbon Week Proclamation and the Honorable Mayor Theresa Jacobs surprised us by presenting us with a plaque for our Drug Demand Reduction efforts. It is nice that your local government recognizes the efforts of the Young Marines in action.
Just so everyone knows here are the dress up days for red ribbon week. Monday- Boot Day (Stomp out drugs) Tuesday- Crazy Hat Day (Keep a lid on drugs) Wednesday- Wear Red Thursday- Hero Day (Be a hero, not a bully) Friday- Purple Halloween (Wear purple and Halloween gear)
Keira made a pledge to be responsible and help her friends do the same. All the kids tied red ribbons up of red ribbon week. Hope this inspires others.
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