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Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol, tobacco and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign observed annually in October in the United States.

Duck Dynasty Twin Day

Don't forget that it is jersey day today for Red Ribbon Week!
Thank you to the one girl at the bus stop besides me that actually participated in red ribbon week.
Remember to wear RED tomorrow for Red Ribbon Week!!!
For red ribbon week today we're supposed to wear a band shirt and I'm wearing an 80's iron maiden shirt I feel like such a stan
Red Ribbon Week is a way for communities to come to together and take a visible stand against drugs. The idea of...
Picture make-ups today. Red Ribbon Week. Tuesday, October 21 "Hooked on Books, not drugs" ~...
What better way to be than drug free!!! Red Ribbon Week is coming up. Think about entering the essay contest. See me for information
Today for Red Ribbon Week - wear your Greenwood shirts to show school spirit and help spread the word to say NO to drugs!
Today is Twin Day for Red Ribbon Week. Dress alike with a friend:)
Red Ribbon Week: will be decked out in support of favorite teams today. It's Sports Apparel Day!.
Join in as National Red Ribbon Week kicks off this Saturday, October 25 from 7:30am-11:30am. See flyer for more info ht…
My elementary school was live nighas had helicopters a step team a pedafile principal that got arrested ahot *** red ribbon week & fruitopia
“Remember back in 5th grade, when everyone vowed not to ever do drugs” red ribbon week
Red Ribbon Week starts tomorrow! Here are the dress up days for this year:
K9 Jag, Sgt. Kocher, Officer Correa and Officer Kelly kicked off Red Ribbon week with Woodlake Elementary School...
Get a copy of our teen booklet & get more info about teen drinking (& you could win an Apple watch!)
FUHS FAM! . tomorrow is nerd day for red ribbon week so make sure you wear nerd clothes 👔
HATE lectures during Drug/Red Ribbon week about smoking Daughter: mom, teacher said we could go on Disney cruise if U quit w/ money u WASTE
Wow hopefully I can get through red ribbon week lmao
Red Ribbon Week celebrations all week! Check the school website for details:
bc red ribbon week idk I feel like he doesn't like me so I'm trying to get on his good side
TACKY TOURIST DAY TOMORROW😍 everybody dress up to support red ribbon week☺️
Asb is having fun with these rhyming red ribbon week posters aren't they
Tomorrow is the first day of Red Ribbon Week!! Wear a mustache to school!!
St Joe was well represented Tuesday at the Youth Summit held at Marshall. All our kids signed pledges not to use Drugs, Alcohol, or Tobacco. It was a great time and made plans for our Red Ribbon Week.
Dates to remember: October 3rd - End of the first 6 weeks October 6th- PTO Meeting! 630pm in the Library (we are reorganizing and looking for officers- please join us!!) October 7th- Picture day October 8th- Early Release at 12:35pm / Parent Teacher Conferences October 16th- First 6 weeks awards (time TBD) October 17th- NO SCHOOL October 27th -31st: Red Ribbon Week November 1- Fall Festival! 5-8pm
Don't forget today is the day that we finalize Red Ribbon Week! Please try & attend this meeting, if you can't come ask what we talked about
Here's the plan for Red Ribbon Week 2014! We have preliminary approval!
They got green and red ribbon in my local chairty shop oo I am so gonna get some next week I took all stickers that was good and some bits
Support National Red Ribbon Week,a time when millions of young people & adults show their support 4 healthy lifestyles …
We've got 1 more orange out this week, a pep rally, & a football game. . Let's go 4-0. . Plus red ribbon week, so let's get spirited dawgs!
October is gonna be so great for me bc. - m&g. - fall formal. - red ribbon week . - rally. - sweatshirts & beanies. - PRETTY LEAVES ON THE GROUND
any chance you would come to our middle school for Red Ribbon Week next month? San Diego LOVES you!! Telling kids
Fill out this form with any Red Ribbon Week Scavenger Hunt Facts
Got hippy day for red ribbon week in the bag yo ✌️
our red ribbon week slogan is love yourself stay off of drugs. I can still love myself and get high.😑. matter of fact that's why I do it
RED RIBBON WEEK 2014...back by popular demand, we welcome psychiatrist, Dr. Brian Fidlin to speak during Red...
HEY LONGHORNS. Do y'all have any ideas for Homecoming Spirit Week or for Red Ribbon Week? We want to know what y'all come up with!
Red Ribbon Week video contest! There will be cash prizes for the winners. You must be in grades K - 12 to...
In celebration of Red Ribbon Week, Hope House and Columbia County Community Connections are hosting the Red...
Think about D.A.R.E. programs and Red Ribbon Week - making privileged kids comfortable with police presence in ELEMENTARY scho…
should I even participate in red ribbon week tho? like.. caffein is a drug and I get starbucks like every other morning...
"Marijuanas for iguanas” . My drug prevention quote for red ribbon week in fifth grade. 😂
Mix up your patterns tmrw for red ribbon week
My mom really drew a piece sign w/sharpie on my brothers shirt for tomorrow's theme for his schools red ribbon week😂😂✋.. She is so ghetto
The Red Ribbon Campaign to keep local teens drug free will kick off next week.
Please help teach students how to Stand Up to Bullying
La Mariposa is looking for police, firefighters, & other first responders to visit during Red Ribbon Week:
Are you ready for Red Ribbon Week® (October 23-31st)?. RRW offers the perfect opportunity to promote the...
Red Ribbon Week posters are almost done!! Mixed media projects by Kevin and Venus.
WHAT IS RED RIBBON WEEK? It is an ideal way for people & communities to unite and take a visible stand against drugs.
How many of y'all participated in Red Ribbon Week but now, smoke weed. 🙋😂 I didn't know any better back then! 😂
Hope knows we're going all out for red ribbon week this year.
*** right, Cyn. Red Ribbon Week can teach them lmao
Will you be donor to help these hokki stills come to our classroom?
Mustache-related goodies for Red Ribbon Week! Will you support kids saying NO?!
I'm definitely dressing like the younger Carrie Bradshaw for watching Netflix Wednesday on Red Ribbon Week
“If you don't smoke weed favorite this” never in my life. RED RIBBON WEEK IS MY FAV WEEK.
lmfao we be having crazy sock day, like *** ??? Is this red ribbon week ???
If u missed the guys dressing up like the coaches for Red Ribbon week, u indeed, missed something epic! Here ya go:
inspired my Gifted and Talented students to write a skit for the Red Ribbon Week assembly called "Drugs are Eww!" Thank you!
Little Giant Ladders
Can we just talk about how the only spirit day for red ribbon week is "red out" day?
Red Ribbon Week is fast approaching everyone! We are running a special so if you want 2 get involved let us know.
We are so excited to announce our dates for Red Ribbon Week this year! Red Ribbon Week 2014 will be October 27-31.
Red Ribbon Week is celebrated October 23rd to 31st...find out more:
Whitley road is one of the places we went for red ribbon week, I have no idea what she wants us to do
other than the first week, theres like the first day of red ribbon week and thats it. Its like 3 early days total
I made a pledge in 4th grade during Red Ribbon Week to stay drug free. Having second thoughts ,,,
My favorite week is red ribbon week
Member the Drug Free Red Ribbon Week. What happened to that man?
Who's ready for week 4 training? We are looking forward to the Red Ribbon 5k & AIDS Walk on September 20th...
When it's crazy hair day for red ribbon week lmfao 😂
lol, yea people are like "thats week" but considering this is sorta Luffy at Red Ribbon that's impressive
I plan on signing up for Red Ribbon week for film this year. Anyone interested?
This is where Mr. Hamilton smoked his cigarettes and then came back to school saying " I support red ribbon week"
Confirmed you for Red Ribbon Week! Can't wait to see you. Hope you loved Boston.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I remember during red ribbon week. I would wear those drug free wristbands proudly. But jokes on me because that didn't last long lol.
What ever happened to red ribbon week and say no to drugs
Jackie and Krystal create a poster for Red Ribbon Week
I don't even think sms had red ribbon week to say no to drugs
Looks like someone didn't learn from red ribbon week 😂
Whoever may be in charge of picking Homecoming/Red Ribbon week dress days, I would like to put in a motion for a 50s themed day.
Lmao "drugs are bad for you" what are you a middle school flyer during red ribbon week? 😂😂
When my school will have a jersey day for homecoming or red ribbon week, I wear his.
Check out our new Red Ribbon Week products in our new flip book at:
Red Ribbon Week is a month-long event for Colorado schools and members of the Colorado National Guard's Joint Counterdrug Task Force. If you see a military helicopter landing at your local school this month, stop by, say "hi" and help us spread the message that living a life free of alcohol, tobacco, and drug addiction will keep more than just helicopter doors open. A world of opportunity awaits!
Danny Trejo discusses his life from San Quentin to Hollywood. - As part of Red Ribbon Week, actor Danny Trejo Tuesday, Oct. 25, appeared at California High ...
Red Ribbon Week! Use your head, wear red! Crazy hair, red ribbons in your hair or wear a red hat.
Red Ribbon Week at RMMS. The New Mexico State Police give presentation on dangers & consequences on drinking & driving to students.
We are collecting unopened jars of peanut butter at DME this week to help ATEC with their Red Ribbon Week service project! Please donate!!
We are supporting ATEC this week in their peanut butter drive for Red Ribbon Week! Just bring in a jar of unopened peanut butter this week to support our sister school's great service project! Love helping our other KCSD schools.we are one district!
Red Ribbon Week activities, classroom activities, and drug facts and information compliments of Prevention Partners, along with links to Red Ribbon Week celebration products and supplies.
You want your teens to have fun, but it's your priority to keep them safe. Here's a Parent's Guide to Teen Parties:
Red Ribbon Week: Tuesday's theme is "I'm too bright for drugs!" Wear bright colors!
Six likes in one night..that is very exciting! Do not forget tomorrow is Twin Day for red ribbon week.
New post: Red Ribbon week in memory of fallen Marine
Ben Hulse Elementary students learn about the history of Red Ribbon Week
Its Red Ribbon Week @ school this week & this is the shirt I made for Mama Love last year, Red Bull will be wearing it this year, now I need to make a new one for Mama Love but I'm having a hard time coming up with a slogan or quote to write on her shirt
Red ribbon week cause half the kids at RHS do drugs
Today has been wonderful got Brooklynn ready dressed in a red shirt for red shirt day, tomorrow well todays pj day for red ribbon week, then pink shirt day, Aunt Jeans giving Brooklynn a barbie cheer leading outfit for thurs at school wear a costume day plus she will use it on her bday in a couple weeks and friday is mohawk day. I got to see Aaron Page and spend time with him thank you for bringing the pumpkins, we helped the girls decorate their little ones first with finger paint and glitter Myla i did a foot print and dipped her fingers in the paint and let her touch the pumpkin, then i put all four girls initials on them and then we had a great ham and bean, fried potatoes and onions and cornbread dinner dad made, then the girls did their big pumpkins got the guts out, then gathered pumpkin for paw paw then carved and put eyes in they all did great dad and me did Mylas its a baby vampire with binky got pics of all of it posting pics tomorrow Its been a great day with the girls and my family and Aaron. ...
What's with all these crazy activities the schools have going on for "Red Ribbon Week"? Different shoe day, crazy hair day etc. When I was a kid they use to make us smoke crack rocks and shoot heroin for red ribbon week! Then we would go trick or treating. :)
proud to be giving back to the community by helping Santa Rosa ISD kick off red ribbon week and perform for the kids and encourage them to follow their dreams. my first chance to help change someones life by sharing music and what it can lead to.
This week is red ribbon week and I'm saying to smoke 😂😂😂
So apparently we are suppose to wear RED tomorrow for red ribbon week!
So sad that everyday you read about people killing r hurting one another..I think its pretty *** sad!! They need to remove the trash from the streets for good.. I will never understand people who do drugs!!! It ruins your life... wonder what they tell their kids for red ribbon week..just say no???
Tomorrow starts Red Ribbon Week! Tomorrow is Team Up Against Drugs, students are encouraged to wear their favorite teams jersey with jeans.
Was going to enjoy a Manzanita Brewing Co. "Witches Hair" Pumpkin Ale tonight, but got so busy fixing my Red Ribbon Week powerpoint that I forgot.. Ironic?
Long week too the kids have to dress to impress tomorrow for red ribbon week then they have dress in the class color then Halloween on Tuesday and somewhere in all of this I have to clip and bath dogs and carve my pumpkins lol crazy week! Hope it calms down by Friday because by then we will be heading to Deming New Mexico for the weekend I'm already tired just thinking of all the busy lol
If u actually participate in the red ribbon week smh bye
So glad that I was able to help kick off Red Ribbon week today at Rocky Creek Elementary School in…
What's tomorrow for red ribbon week ??
has anyone ever stopped drugs because of red ribbon week? No? Okay, waste of money.
All the white people at my school be so fake talking bout they supporting red ribbon week but be the main ones on that meth
Remember that tomorrow,Tuesday is another fun Red Ribbon Week dress up day. Be hero, tomorrow dress up like your favorite super hero.
Didn't wear pajamas for red ribbon week. Now addicted to heroin and living out of a McDonald's dumpster.
Red ribbon week.? I just took like 7 hits with my boy. 🙊🌀
Red ribbon week na can't participate 😂
Red ribbon week and I'm listening to a song called cigarettes in the theatre lol life
It is Red Ribbon week! Students will be receiving anti bullying, anti drug information all week... Thank you Jenelle for making sure our King Cubs can proudly participate in Red Ribbon Week!
going to cutler school for red ribbon week with this guy was HILARIOUS 😂
Spirit Week was prettymuch just a lead up to the main event: Red Ribbon Week.
Enough with the red ribbon week stuff, what happened to crazy hat and sock day??
STUCO assembly on Red Ribbon Week then yearbook, and then went to the Tuttle Nursing home to sing with…
What's the theme tomorrow at school for red ribbon week
This week is" Red Ribbon Week" at school and tomorrow were supposed to wear pajamas, but i couldn't find my slippers so i got mad but i finally found them but then i couldn't find my shirt,but i found it!
I remember as a kid during red ribbon week we all swore we would never do drugs... Now ill never do any hardcore drugs lmao
what I just bought is perfect for red ribbon week! 👟👟 so excited
Why is wearing jeans even a part of red ribbon week?
Dont forgot to wear your pajamas tomorrow for red ribbon week!
If you go to BHS wear sweats tomorrow. Red ribbon week🌟
I wish people went all out on Red Ribbon Week in my school
Since your future is bright, wear NEON tomorrow for Red Ribbon Week 💥💚
Students nationwide kicked off Mon. Read how one OC elementary school is celebrating a drug-free life:
"Red ribbon week more like red eyes week"
Need wacky ideas lol tomorrow is wacky day at Alex pre-k for red ribbon week lol
This week at work its Red Ribbon Week and we talked to the kiddos about what is your natural high. Teaching is my natural high :) Lead by example!
Morrison moms, what day is tomorrow for red ribbon week!?!? Like what are the kids supposed to wear?? search of a Clemson jersey for my son for Red Ribbon Week, we went to Once Upon a Child. there we found a brand new pair of Jordans for 8 bucks and a pair of nike shoks for 10. Yep, We win.
I cant wait for tomarrow, its camo day at school for red ribbon week and imma be wearing the cutest thing. Ill take a picture and post it on both here and instagram. Btw follow me on imstagram :)
Red Ribbon Week! Tuesday-dress as your favorite teacher! Hmmm. No question-I will will dress as ME!!! Ha ha! ; ). Can't wait to see what the reality show of the SOC will bring this week!!!
It's Red Ribbon Week at Galileo! Tomorrow's theme is, "You won't see me doing drugs!" So, wear camoflauge tomorrow and JUST SAY NO!
I could use everyone's help. I am having no luck finding someone to speak to the kids at Fossil Ridge on Friday. It is Empowerment/Red Ribbon Week and I need someone who can talk to the kids about saying no to drugs and help, encourage, respect and treat others good. Any suggestions?
It's Red Ribbon Week! OCTOBER 28TH - NOVEMBER 1st Our Bulldogs will be dressing up each day to a theme to show our commitment to a drug free lifestyle. • Monday (10/28)- RED-y to be Drug Free! Wear as much red as possible. Teachers will pass out special red ribbons to the students. The ribbons may be worn throughout the week. • Tuesday (10/29)- Put a Cap on and Shade Out Drugs. Wear hats and sunglasses. • Wednesday (10/30)- Band Together Against Drugs. Wear headbands and/or bandanas. • Thursday (10/31)- Say “BOO” to Drugs. Wear Halloween Costume. (Please remember to bring tennis shoes for P.E.) • Friday (11/1)- Sock it to Drugs. Wear crazy socks or red socks. Sorry this is a bit late! Please help your bulldog participate and show their support... Have a great week!!
Edison Parents- what is tomorrow's focus for red ribbon week? I misplaced my list :(
Last days of Red Ribbon Week. Wear your neon colors tomorrow and be your brightest!
It's Red Ribbon Week at my school and Hannah's. Tomorrow is Jersey Day for her, super easy. It's Crazy Sock and boots day at my school. I've determined that I'm not riskay at ALL!
Red Ribbon Week Celebrate Red Ribbon Week At Wilson Elementary Help us celebrate Red Ribbon Week from Monday, October 28th - Friday, November 1st! We are encouraging students to participate in the following theme days: Monday - "It's great to be drug free" - Wear RED Tuesday - "Turn your back on drugs"- wear shirt backwards Wednesday - "Don't let drugs give you the blues" - wear BLUE Thursday - "Put a cap on drugs"- wear favorite cap - wear a hat Friday - "Team up against drugs"- wear favorite sports team
Does anyone know if for red ribbon week tomorrow it is the day u can wear ur favorite team sport?
Tomorrow is Crazy Sock day for Red Ribbon Week, Wednesday is Pajama day, Thursday is Jersey day & Friday is Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness.
Tomorrow is wear red day at Salem Schools for red ribbon week ! Samantha said thats what she has to have for tomorrow clothes lol! OK
Red Ribbon Week is the Cause of the Day. Visit and take the The Red Ribbon Campaign Pledge on the homepage.
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Kane made it into the Red Ribbon week photo of Camo day. Let's see how many people can find him. It's like Where's Waldo!
To:anyone who goes to Barnett For red ribbon week tomorrow(10/29/13) do we wear red socks or what..?cause I'm pretty sure it's socks tomorrow but I just want to
I now notice how much we influence our little kids. My siblings notice how busy I am. Red Ribbon Week for example has been and continues to be an extremely important week for us FNLers. My siblings notice what I do without me even realizing it, my sister who just started 7th grade has become involved in many clubs already and has already started community service and is involve in cross country and does all her homework and is a kind person to everyone no matter who they are:) She makes me so happy:) and my other little sister in 4th grade...4th, is creating a skit with her friend to show to other classes in her school about staying drug free on her own account:) She also makes me proud:) for me specifically I never would have had the guts to do such in 4th grade. I'm a proud older sister, I really am. Be an example guys:)
Red Ribbon Week for Tuesday...crazy sock day!! We can't wait to see them Sweeny learners! :)
We have a BUSY week this week! Benchmark tests are this week (reading, phonics & math) - we'll be done on Thursday at the latest. Red Ribbon Week :) Tuesday come dressed as your favorite super hero since "super heroes don't do drugs." We'll also be studying pumpkins this week! If your family has a favorite pumpkin dish that you'd like to send to school this Friday - please let me know. We'll be broadening our horizons with trying new foods made from pumpkin! Friday is our Pup Party too!! Busy but fun week ahead!! :)
Does anyone know what the thing is for Red Ribbon week tomorrow, Tuesday?
This week is Red Ribbon Week. Here are the events planned. Tuesday - Silly Sock day - Don't be silly - Don't do drugs - Wear silly socks to school Wednesday - Sports day - Better things to do than do drugs! Wear your favorite sports jersey. Thursday - Crazy Hair day - You would be crazy to do drugs! Friday - Red Day - Wear red in support of Red Ribbon Week!
Crazy Sock day for tomorrow for Red Ribbon Week. "Sock it to Drugs!"
Red Ribbon Week continues tomorrow. Tuesday’s theme is “Bright Colors for a Bright Future,” students are encouraged to wear bright colors. Pull out the 80's neon colors and get your kids dressed as you did when you were a kid!! :)
It's red ribbon week at Elm Tree Elementary! Tomorrow is 'moustache' day. Mikayla and I took a few permanent markers to a school shirt...and Walla!
Needing a beard for Duck Dynasty/camo day at school for Red Ribbon Week. Wal Mart is out! Anybody have one I can use?
Tomorrow is crazy hat or hair day for red ribbon week!!! Don't forget!!!
Hey Rams! Don't forget this week is red ribbon week. Tomorrow is Tie or dye so make sure to wear a fancy tie or wear something tie dye. Also make sure you find Waldo for a chance at a free Starbucks gift card!
That moment when they have red ribbon week at school...and your son comes home and asks u to quit smoking because he doesn't want u to die of cancer:(
Red Ribbon Week continues tomorrow with Crazy Sock Day!!! Wear your craziest socks!!
What's tomorrow dress for red ribbon week?
Any Hancock North Elementary parents out there in FB land tonight?? Do you know what the kids are doing tomorrow for Red Ribbon Week? Mason stayed home sick and missed pajama day :(
Picked Parker up after work tonight.. 1st thing out of his mouth was not I ❤️you or I missed you.. It was " do you wanna die" I didn't think so you better stop drinking beer!! Geez hope we survive red ribbon week at school󾌳
Tomorrow is dress like a Rockstar for our Red Ribbon Week!
Red Ribbon Week Monday: Wear socks to...Sock it to drugs! Tuesday: Wear red in honor of Red Ribbon Week Wednesday: Wear a cap to...Put a Cap on drugs! Thursday: Wear orange because...Orange you glad you are drug free! Friday: Wear your SES T-shirt to show that SES is proud to be drug free!
Hey friends, well I know it's red ribbon week at the schools . Madi said at Jr.high their going something different everyday does anyone know if Pine Forest is doing fun day things like crazy sock or hair days?
Participating in Red Ribbon Week just got even easier!
Today was "Duck Dynasty" day at school. I had two students dress like Willie! It was great! Thank goodness I didn't have any come in as Uncle Si...I'm not sure if I would have been able to get anything done!! Red Ribbon Week...just say NO to drugs people!!! :-)
I started the day as a judge for Red ribbon Week and ended the day being rear-ended by a hit and run driver. Thank goodness I have auto and health insurance. Maybe have whiplash, God is watching over me!
It is Red Ribbon Week and our students are pledging to live drug free and "naturally high". A natural high is an activity, art form or sport that you love to do and makes you feel good… inside and out. What’s yours?
It's Red Ribbon week but haven't heard any of the days for junior high. Anybody know?
It's Red Ribbon Week Tuesday - Be all you can be; be drug free! - wear camouflage Wednesday - Team up against drugs - wear team jerseys Thursday - The Drug Dog will be visiting our campus Friday - One school, one goal; bully and drug free - wear Whitehouse colors. (The drumline will be visiting at 10:30)
Tomorrow is Hugs not Drugs day of Red Ribbon week. Students can bring a stuffed animal to school. I reeeaaally think we should lay bets on how long it rakes before they're all confiscated and whether or not we do this one again, lol! I could be wrong but...;)
Hey Highlands people ... whats for red ribbon week manana?
As part of our Red Ribbon Week activities, students are reminded to wear red tomorrow.
Poor Ayla is super freaked and worried about drugs and whether or not she will know if someone is offering her drugs or if it's something that is ok . She is having nightmares about them and doesn't want to have to sing the song for red ribbon week because it scares her. I am not sure how a song can scare her but who knows. Love my little sensitive child. We had a nice long talk and hopefully she is better now :)
MY kiddos Thundered Up today for Red Ribbon week. They looked so cute! Although they would not let me get a good pic of both of them at the same time. How do other moms get such sweet pics of their kids?!
Neon day tomarrow for red ribbon week! :)
Red Ribbon Week continues with I'm a JEAN-ious Day Tuesday! Just in time for our Reading Benchmark Tests!
Check out some freebies for Red Ribbon Week!!
Anyone with a SADD tshirt can wear it to school tomorrow with uniform pants or skirt in honor of Red Ribbon Week! Also, SADD reps will be passing out red Twizzlers after school!
Can someone please tell me what wednesday and friday are for the red ribbon week i can find my note!!
Ok so totally weird request... (for my local Clovis peeps) ... does anyone own a Sombrero that I can borrow for a few hours? It is Red Ribbon Week and I have crossing guard duty tomorrow for "Hat Day" ... thought a Sombrero might liven up the kids who use the crosswalk in the morning ;) Let me know I'm willing to pick up and drop off. Thanks!!!
Tomorrow's motto for Red Ribbon week is "We are too bright for drugs". Wear neon or bright colors!
Tomorrow is Twin Day in support of Red Ribbon week!
Scholars can wear their favorite team or school jersey/shirt tomorrow for Red Ribbon Week. Also, tomorrow night is SPOOKY SCIENCE NIGHT from 5:30 - 6:30. Hope to see you all there in your costumes.
Our Red Ribbon Week kick off march was awesome!! Here are a few photos!!! =)
Tomorrow is tacky/wacky sock day for red ribbon week. All of me socks are tacky so Go Me!
Ok, I'm having a "discussion" with my hubby. Tomorrow is pajama day for red ribbon week.he doesn't understand why I am opposed to the girls wearing the same pj's to school that they slept in all night (yes they took their shower before bed, he made me add that) Any input???
Red Ribbon week. Just say no rally.
This week is red ribbon week at the kids school... Today was Pajama day, funny how the kids got up earlier than normal yet didn't have to do anything but brush teeth and hair... Tomorrow is tacky day... They're definitely gonna be tacky!! We're having a lot of fun together this week! After school today we cooked dinner together, did some kitchen dancing, and watched a couple movies together while picking out crazy stuff to wear tomorrow... Tomorrow we're making hand clay ornaments (I have to pick up some flour), making plates, and figuring out what the next day will call for... I love spending time with them just to be able to see their excitement and smiling faces. Its priceless. To listen to them put their own twist on their nightly prayers, now that's sincerely precious!!!
Tomorrow the dress up theme for Red Ribbon Week is "Sock It to Drugs". Students will wear crazy or mismatched socks!
To celebrate Red Ribbon Week, we're showing off our school spirit! Tomorrow is Sports Day!
Duck Dynasty / camo day tomorrow for red ribbon week. Everyone is happy, happy, happy about that! 󾍇
Red Ribbon Week! MKS PTO is also having their annual Halloween Carnival on Friday, 11/1 from 5pm - 8pm. Come and join the fun!
Red Ribbon Week. The theme today is "Be Naturally Crazy". Tomorrow is "Day of Play- Keep Drugs Away".
Don't forget to wear red for Red Ribbon Week tomorrow (Tuesday)!
Woohoo! We made it to 100 likes! Way to go! Let's keep it going! It's Red Ribbon week at Sam Houston! Tomorrow wear your shirts inside out!
Red Ribbon week began with a huge success today! Nerdy-tacky day went well! Tomorrow is the Monster Mash Dance til 5:00pm. Costume pictures will be posted! We are going to have a blast! :)
Red Ribbon Week is upon us! Here is the schedule for the rest of the week: 29th, Tuesday ~ Super Hero Day 30th, Wednesday ~ Crazy Tie Day 31st, Thursday ~ Watauga Spirit Shirt Day 1st, Friday ~ Dress for Success (School Picture Day!) Have fun participating in these silly days--and remember to talk to your kids about the importance of staying healthy and drug free!
2250 Elks Drug Awareness Book marks distributed today, along with some Elks Marvel Comic Books. Support drug awareness in your schools it's Red Ribbon Week!!!
This is RED RIBBON WEEK/NO BULLYING WEEK so we have 5 days of different things for kiddos to do and Wednesday is Twin Day DRESS LIKE A FRIEND.Okay so if a child doesnt have a friend or too shy to have friends or gets bullied at school how in the *** are they supposed to participate? Then get made fun of cuz they didnt participate! DOES BULLING RING A BELL HERE??? What happen to crazy hair day, or crazy sock day, or inside out backwards day.sorry for the vent but *** someone wasnt thinking on that one!
The students are having so much fun planting tulips for red ribbon week. We still need volunteers for Tues, Wed and Thurs. Please contact Rosie if you can help. rosiebetz
Left the house this morning and just now getting home got off work and made a mad dash to sugar land to mall and two stores and Halloween Express and of course cant go to mall without stopping a Lids and Game Stop all for what stuff for red ribbon week for jr high and middle school yes my kids are rotten just one thing some of the stuff they come up with isn't very friendly for boys
But its red ribbon week. That drug free thing And today, A kid sayd ' your going to die, even if you use drugs or dont. ' Lol. Lmao ~vanessa
What is tomorrow at green co primary for red ribbon week
This is Red Ribbon Week! Tomorrow, wear camo because we are "happy, happy, happy" to be drug free!
PJ day tomorrow for red ribbon week wear appropriate clothing, don't be that person -.-
Whose idea was Halloween, conferences, early out, Red Ribbon week, and Fiftieth day of school all in one week? I think our teachers should be getting combat pay this week. I am exhausted and I only have one excited kid to worry about.
Could someone tell me what the kids are suppose to wear tomorrow for red ribbon week my grandson lost his list.
Anyone know the dress up at PES tomorrow for red ribbon week?
Here's the rest of Red Ribbon Week: Tuesday: Be a Hero! Dress like your favorite super hero! Wednesday: Doing drugs is crazy! Dress in crazy clothes! Thursday: Being drug free Rocks! Dress like a rock star! Friday: Doing drugs gives you nightmares! Wear your pajamas!
Tomorrow is mismatched clothes day at RHS for Red Ribbon Week. I really do not think my anxiety will let me leave the house with my clothes not matching...
Anyone know what tomorows day is for red ribbon week i herscher i cant find bretts paper?
In honor of Red Ribbon week please wear denim to school tomorrow. Halloween parties on Thursday will be 10:30 and 2:30. Parents are more than welcome to attend the spooky good time!
Hey parents! Red ribbon week at hornsby! Tuesday-pajama day! Wednesday-western wear Thursday-BOOK PARADE! 8AM! students can dress as a character from their favorite book! Friday-black with Red Ribbons!
Celebrating Red Ribbon Week at WW! Tomorrow each student will tie a red ribbon to the fence as a pledge to be drug free! Proud to be a hornet! :)
so I have all my loves tucked away in bed they have had a great evening the kids get to dress up in camo and they r so excited im glad they are so happy sporting red ribbon week now as for me im going to cuddle up on the couch and watch the news and matlock then call it a night hope everyone has a great night:)
Red Ribbon Week.Kids should wear red Tomorrow!!! Team Jersey on Wednesday.Crazy socks on Thursday!!!
Don't forget! Tomorrow is Twin Day, Wednesday is Super Hero day, and Thursday is Hat day for 0.25 cents. Hope your student has the spirit of Red Ribbon Week!
Red Ribbon Week continues tomorrow with Too Cool for Drugs - wear your biggest, coolest shades to school.
Roper Red Ribbon Week Reminder for TUESDAY - "Put drugs to rest". Have your Roper Rocket wear their favorite school appropriate PAJAMAS. No slippers though because students will be participating in a Walk-a-Thon to benefit student wellness as well.
Heyyy whats tomorrows Red Ribbon week theme for HS?
Red Ribbon Week: Monday--"Too smart to do drugs!" (Smarties) Tuesday-- Red Ribbon Day (Wear ribbons) Wednesday-- Wear red day and tie ribbons on the fence at lunch Thursday-- "Happy to be drug free!" (stamp hand, to stamp out drugs)
Today we kicked off Red Ribbon week! The Red Ribbon Campaign was started when drug traffickers in Mexico City murdered Enrique Camarena, a DEA agent, in 1985. This began the continuing tradition of wearing and displaying red ribbons as a symbol of intolerance towards the use of drugs. The mission of the Red Ribbon Campaign is to present a unified and visible commitment toward the creation of a DRUG-FREE AMERICA. Our Leadership students have planned some activities for each day this week. All students received a red "Drug Free" bracelet today. They are encouraged to wear these bracelets each day this week. Tomorrow they can sign a banner in the cafeteria during lunch pledging themselves Drug Free. This Thursday we are having a “wear red and costume to school day” in addition to wearing their bracelet. Wearing red will be a statement of their commitment to being drug free!
Don't forget to celebrate Red Ribbon Week tomorrow with tutus and ties because we are "Tutu cool for drugs" (AKA men: Bow Tie Tuesday)! Also, we hope you are getting ready for the Vocabulary Parade on Thursday. We just found out today that the Lakeside Junior High Band will be playing for us as we parade through the school.
Like if you support the red ribbon week :3 Be drug
Red Ribbon Week continues at WAMS. Tuesday: Be a Superhero. Have the Power to Say No All are encouraged to wear their superhero shirts.
Reminder: tomorrow (Tuesday 10/29) is picture retake day at Spalding Park! It is also "sweats" day for Red Ribbon Week, however please feel free to send your shirt of choice for your child to wear in his or her picture!
This week is Red Ribbon Week...tomorrow is Neon Day...wear bright colors. Wednesday favorite sports team. Thursday is Fall Festival. Students can dress as their favorite imaginary character or wear their class t-shirt. No school Friday...Teacher PDC day. Next Tuesday is our field trip to Faust Park. Be sure to check our class website daily.
Red Ribbon Week- dress like a studious student tomorrow. Neon on Wednesday and in camo on Thursday.
Does anyone know what the kids at McNair are doing for Red Ribbon week tomorrow? Cheyenne can't remember... Gina Liberto Zlotorzynski Melissa Sharp Gauvin.. Naomi Mimi Orenczak Howard ?
Anyone know what tomorrow's day is for red ribbon week
Don't forget it's Red Ribbon week, so make sure your child wears WILD socks tomorrow!!
Worked 8 hours, came home and cleaned the entire house, took out the trash, did laundry, made dinner, carved a pumpkin, helped with homework, got Chambree in the bed after picking out clothes for red ribbon week and am now watching tv with my husband and fur baby! Productive Monday!
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To my friends in Lamesa, I'll be out tomorrow for our annual Red Ribbon week I Beat Pete challenge 1pm at softball field wearing the fatal vision goggles. If we can save 1 life, man it's worth it!
Thank you Rancho Cordova Fire Department on Folsom Blvd. and FF Graff for a GREAT presentation during RCE Red Ribbon Week! You Rock!
Love my school... 500+ Creekside Cubs created a display for Red Ribbon Week holding red cards, and then flipped them to pink for breast cancer awareness. Our theme this year is “It Starts With Me” The goal is for students to see a blow up of the photo and recognize that even a small decision they make against drugs or for a cure is important for everyone. Thank you to our wonderful Teachers, PTA and Central Zone Facilities team for helping make a memory to last a lifetime!
Today i got to announce that we only need 19 more readers to make it to 300 total. Then it's only 100 more to reach our goal of 400. I am really getting excited about this. I wonder what the celebration will be. Tomorrow's the last day of our Red Ribbon Week celebrations. Other than Monday I've been ok with what we've been wearing this week. Yesterday was favorite sports team day and I had my Iowa State T-shirt on and today was wear blue day and my service vest is blue so I had that one made in the shade. Tomorrow though is wear green or yellow and I'm not sure I have anything to wear in either of those colors. Mom's going to have to look around and find something, even if it's only a ribbon to tie to my vest. I heard one of my teacher friends telling Mom her cat is really sick. They're meeting with the vet to decide what to do. I know she'll make the right decision for her family and I'll be here to help if she needs me.
This week is Red Ribbon Week at my sons' high school. Everyday is a different dress up theme. Bling Day, Sports Jersey Day and yesterday was Super Hero Day. You had your Batmans, Captain America and so on. My son, Sam, said the best one was a student dressed in an Army uniform!! How cool that some of our young people recognize our troops for what they truly are.
RED RIBBON WEEK IS HERE – October 21 to 25 Red Ribbon Week events continue this week. Remind your children to, “Stay Strong. Make Healthy Choices.” · Wed 10/23 – Students sign the Healthy Choice banner at lunch. Help your children think of either a healthy choice they can make for their bodies (exercise, eat right, wash their hands, etc.) OR smart, fun things to do instead of drugs (read a book, ride your bike, listen to music, etc.). Help your child pick one to write on the banner. After signing, students will receive a red ribbon bracelet to use on discounts at local businesses through the end of the month (see list below). · Thu 10/24 – Free toothbrushes for every student donated by Moulton dad, Dr. Bill Nguyen. Keep those teeth clean and healthy! · Fri 10/25 – Sheriff’s deputy to speak at the Friday Flag Ceremony. Take your kids for a special treat to end the week at one of the businesses offering incentives to kids with Red Ribbon Week wristbands (see list below). LOCAL BUSINES ...
Knob Noster students show they are Red-y to live a drug-free life by wearing red to kick off Red Ribbon Week.
Red Ribbon Week continues into the night at Spin City... “GLOW” Night – 6-8 pm $2 for entry
Citrus County Schools are celebrating Red Ribbon Week this week! Each day each school has a different "theme."...
The Aliso Viejo Library is hosting a special event on Wednesday, October 23 for Red Ribbon Week. The public is invited to the celebration that takes place from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the library's community room at 1 Journey.
Monday - Red Ribbon Week. 9 & 12…Nothing due!. 9…if you have not already, bring Animal Farm book!
Remember, We are out of school tomorrow! See everyone Tuesday! Red Ribbon Week dress up days: Tuesday: Pajama Day Wednesday: Career Day (dress up like what you want be) Thursday: Boot Day Friday: Favorite Team Spirit Day
NHS has big things planned for this year, including Red Ribbon Week!
My mom wants to do red ribbon week for us in high school. Stop mom
I'm so happy Xavier is having a red ribbon week
We are learning new ideas for Red Ribbon week at the Red Ribbon Conference and were honored to meet Mrs.Geneva...
I know it seems childish but I wish we had RED RIBBON WEEK in college
RED RIBBON WEEK is coming up in October!! Contact your local TSS office for ideas on how to encourage prevention...
Getting started early at Red Ribbon Week training !
How do I become a representative for Red Ribbon Week?
Ppl still do drugs even during red ribbon week wow
you still have red ribbon week. I remember thatt.
Really loving my internship. Got to research guest speakers for red ribbon week today..hope I found a good one!
Making phone calls to the schools asking what they're doing for red ribbon week. Trying my hardest not to get tongue tied.
Oh what Red Ribbon Week is coming up!
I was smoking heinous amounts when you were still reppin, Red Ribbon Week.
Need a speaker for Red Ribbon week? Keith Davis gives students an unforgettable drug and alcohol program.
I remember when everyone pledged to never do drugs during red ribbon week when we were younger
that's why I love red ribbon week because its an excuse to dress like an *** :
I think its time for an intervention bc drugs are bad for u. Did u not participate in red ribbon week back in elementary???
If schools really want to discourage students from using drugs they should get rid of Red Ribbon Week & start reading Go Ask Alice in class.
“What are the themes for the days of Red Ribbon week?” It's not red ribbon week yet 😂
Remember Red ribbon week from elementary/middle school? . I'm sure it left a profound mark on what are now adult minds...
“Didn't you guys learn anything in red ribbon week??” kris
When is Red Ribbon week for Wylie East? Everyday that week gonna be live cause we dont have to wear uniform
I've turned into the kid red ribbon week warned you about
Yay it's Friday!! Hosting red ribbon week end of October drug free. Go Red Ribbon!!!
Bought this book as part of our Red Ribbon Week curriculum (we combine bully free and drug free) for the DK-2...
Got into the committee for red ribbon week?
NIMCO wishes everyone a safe weekend. Don't forget Red Ribbon Week is on it's way Oct. 23-31st. Check us out at
In middle school organized apart of red ribbon week
I know school JUST started but I think we need to make new suggestions on themes for spirit week and red ribbon week.
Only 15,000 Boy and Girl Scouts can earn the patch for Red Ribbon week, Oct. 23-31. All Scouts are eligible to...
I already have an idea of what I'm gonna dress up as during red ribbon week >:D if we do the cosplay thing again
Ms Rusinger just walked up and asked me to make a song for red ribbon week . Fml
C4W explosive wrestling will be celebrating Red Ribbon week in Horry county this year with assemblies with school...
So for red ribbon week guess how many girls at my school will wear red pants and striped shirts for dress like a celebrity day.
Imma be representing Red Ribbon Week catch me wearing Red when that week comes
Red Ribbon Week (23-31 Oct) is a perfect time to teach youth about the dangers of drugs & encourage them to take a stand against drug use!
This is to let you know that we had a great first afternoon of outreach with the Flores family and Project Deborah, spending time with several families with special needs children and got to experience a very moving time of prayer and fellowship, giving thanks together with all members of our group…
I remember they gave us stickers for Red Ribbon Week in HIGH SCHOOL. You KNOW most of these kids BEEN broke the pledge to be drug free.
Smh, think of all the kids that were into Red Ribbon Week. Whea y'all at now? Lol.
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I forgot to add, if you would like to see Collars for Causes and check out our collars, we will be at the Hopewell Animal Shelter Open House June 30th. If you are looking for a certain collar-- message me so it can be ready. The Great Dane ribbon and the Nascar ribbon will be in this week, so key fobs and collars will be available-- message me if you want either of those patterns.
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FB Friends...WE ARE IN NEED OF YOUR HELP! Our Fine Arts participants are raising money to go to Nationals in Orlando, FL. in August. We have some Fundraisers that we are doing that will help us raise those funds and we are in need of the following items to be donated...: Two (50) count WHITE Lunch Bags, (300) Rubber Bands, One (3) Pack Scotch Tape (clear), (100) Black BIC Pens, Two Rolls WHITE Yarn (acrylic), Assorted Rolls of COLORED Electrical Tape, Assorted Rolls of Ribbon (any kind), Assorted Rolls of BRIGHT COLOR Yarn (yellow, lime green, hot pink, purple, orange or aqua), WHITE Toole (6 yards) and RED Toole (2 yards). If you can help with any of these items please bring them to the church on Sunday (this weekend June 23rd), as we are working on these projects this week and need to have the supplies ready to go. SORRY FOR THE SHORT NOTICE.Was out of town for a week and then VBS:-) You can also message me to let me know if you can donate any of the above items or if you have any questions. THANKS. ...
So my neighbor decided to not sell his house and not move. DANG IT!! Every dang weekend he is out there with that stupid leaf blower. vrrm, pause, vrm, pause, vrmmm, pause. If it just stayed one noise that would be fine. I am counting. 10 seconds on, 2 seconds off, five one, 3 off, 11 on, one off, 25 on. I HATE IT!
Anti-drug initiative loses funding GREENVILLE, MISS. — Washington County has lost funding for its community anti-drug program that has operated for 25 years. Audine Haynes, executive director of the Anti-Drug Community Partnership RADAR Center, tells the Delta Democrat Times (that the Mississippi Department of Mental Health chose to shut it by the end of summer due to budget cuts. Haynes said the RADAR Center began as a 12-person task force comprised of Hayes, law enforcement officials, business professionals and school administrators who chose to take a proactive approach in changing the lives of youth in the Delta. That 12-person group eventually expanded to more than 150. "It was a valuable asset to the community," said Mildred Barnett, the center's community outreach director. "It wasn't just about a paycheck. We were very fortunate to have been in the community." One of the group's earliest initiatives was to combat gang activity. "Certain officials didn't want to admit we had a gang problem," Hayn ...
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